10 Methods to (Finally) Accept The Body



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8. Move your body in ways that leave you feeling strong, exhilarated, flexible and centered, and do it regularly. 9. Learn to tune in to your body: Eat when you are hungry. Rest when you are tired.

Get out and move when your body needs it. 10. Stop reading fashion magazines and following movie stars, thinking they’ve got perfect lives.

How to (Finally) Accept Your Body. “One of the prime ways that mindfulness can be used to improve positive body mindset is to notice how you speak to yourself,” said Gerst. Create a list of all the things your body lets you do. Read it and add to it often.

Appreciate it for the great machine that it is. Wear comfortable clothes that you like, that express who you are, and that feel good to your body. Make sure to wear clothes that fit you.

Create a list of 10 positive things about yourself. Read it often and always add to the list. As a 30 something-year-old female who has had body image issues I get the accepting your body dilemma. I have never been super skinny, but I did have a body that I would get compliments on. In my teen years and early adulthood, I could literally eat whatever I wanted to eat and still maintain my shape.

Do movement that connects instead of dissociates you from your body. Finding movement that connects you to your body will be different for everyone. Running helps connect me to my body.

Yoga really helps me connect to my body. And Barre3 and pilates also help me connect to my body. Accepting Your Body at Any Size. By Robyn Abree.

If a family member or roommate makes you feel bad about the way you look, talk to them directly and establish a. Toss your traditional body weight scale. As I’ve ranted about endlessly, pay attention to your body fat, not just body weight.

Aim for a body fat percentage in the 20s, with 25% as a great goal. If you’re over 50, you can extend to 32 percent. Then whip a tape measure around your belly button and strive to get below 35 inches.

I can’t help but feel a strange apathy about my body sometimes, even though I know that loving and accepting myself unconditionally is integral to my own personal happiness and spiritual growth. And yet, after so many years of being conditioned by images of femininity in our society, I’ve often struggled to accept the appearance of my body. Not loving your body and accepting it for what it is could be costing you, as body image negativity can result in anxiety, nervousness, and other problems, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. Take charge of your happiness by learning how to enjoy your body, using these eight easy ways for better body acceptance.

That’s because a huge part of accepting my body is respecting it as an instrument instead of an object. We’ve discussed the value of self-compassion over self-esteem plenty, and it’s rooted in this same idea. Treating my body with care in mind is an expression of that.

Forcing myself to think nice thoughts.

List of related literature:

The best part of becoming a body lover is gaining the power to turn your inner selftalk from hate to love when you notice something about your body you don’t like.

“Madly in Love with Me: The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend” by Christine Arylo
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Third: now that you have filled your body with Vril, concentrate on your feet and feel the energy within.

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21 Who shall change our vile body, that it

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Three: Can you ever get over hating your body?

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Coming from a place of love changed my body and my life!

“Healthy Is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love in a Picture Perfect World” by Katie H. Willcox
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Learning to love my body rather than just asking it to perform has certainly been a journey.

“Try Softer: A Fresh Approach to Move Us Out of Anxiety, Stress, and Survival Mode-And Into a Life of Connection and Joy” by Aundi Kolber
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The second suggestion, to “write poems describing your feelings about your body, or keep a journal of the feelings you sometimes cover up by eating,”amounts to the exercise of a confessional journal.

“Bodylore” by Katharine Young
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Step 6: Respect your body!

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2 This is accomplished very simply, as you instruct yourself that you are not a body.

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Step 4: Learn to project your consciousness away from the body to any perspective you choose.

“Leaving the Body” by D. Scott Rogo
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  • Check out the Cana Girls for a frank discussion about body image, surgery and dealing with fatphobia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjFVCom0z6c

  • Really enjoyed this one and the science, the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and how he explained it was excellent. I agree with the thoughts process, that everything we do begins with that thought, so training ourselves to examine those thoughts and to be mindful of them to create our lives is so important, creating thoughts that empower you! Thank you Evan and the team. Ahmed you appear to be the new comment responder. I appreciate you, let’s go. #Believe #BTA642 #inspirationnation #IN

  • i recently weighed myself bc the last time i did i was happy and surprised how low it was and i did it again and i hate what i saw… it broke me a little bit. i really do try to love myself. i hate it though. i hate my body. i can’t look in the mirror.

  • am gonna be honest i tried so hard but now i am breakingdown like i have pimples, i have depigmentation,dark underms knees elbows and neck i recently gained a lot of weight,i lack confidence,i have been leftout,people say that iam shy,and iam having a bad hair da everyday i am litterly in exisinstencial crises and am telling y i tried but its hard to see people being perfect me struggiling sorry for the spelling mistakes my eyes are trarey up and keybord is blury.

  • Thank you so much for making this video, I’ve been struggling quite a bit with body image lately but this video helped me gain a little bit of confidence. ❤️

  • If you’re reading this ik your probably crying rn or are sad know that you are worth it and are pretty the way you are everyone has insecurities. I really hate my body too i’m so skinny, i’m tired of people calling me a stick i hope to come back here after 2 years feeling more confidence about my body ❤️

  • I wish I could feel amazing about my self but I grow up to not liking about who I am and it sucks because when I look at other people I feel even worse about and and I think this has helped me a lot!

  • I dead ass was crying on the floor in the beginning of the video because I dknt like the way I look. At the end I was brushing my hair to get ready for work

  • Hey person looking through the comments. Just know that everyone is different your body was made for you it’s perfect for you it fits you. You are beautiful loving and kind. Don’t let yourself or others tell you otherwise. Because you can do anything. ❤️

  • Ik I’m 1 year late but I really did need this it’s hard loving myself bc I don’t, I get bullied bc of my body bc I’m “fat” and I’m just going through depression I’m actually getting much better and ik it’s going to get better.

  • When u have been crying for the past hour then u see this and want to watch it because I really do hate my body and she is so pretty and makes me want to cry more

  • I honestly have gotten insecure and self conscious about a lot of things for over 4 years now. I’m tired of being so tall and I just feel so insecure. Everyday I always feel like I’m ugly from my face down to my legs. So then I started dressing not really showing my feet or legs. I also feel bad about my hair when I cut it a year ago and I just feel so uglier now. My friends or other random people will always tell me “wow you look bad today” or “you look like a man“ or “your so tall, like a giant”, I would laugh about it, then I start to think about it deeply, and I’ll start to compare myself to other girls and will always try to be like them and fit in. I started my 2nd year of middle school and it’s gotten worse for me. I can’t look at myself in the mirror when people are around, I’ve deleted a lot of photos and videos on my phone and Instagram posts of myself. It’s to the point where I feel like Im not worthy for nothing. People are so much prettier then me and have several guys fall in love with them, and say they are sad because their ugly, so then it will just get me even more insecure. I can’t tell people how I’m feeling about myself and my self hate because they would think I’m jealous or faking or trying to get attention. I really hope that I can start loving myself.

  • I wouldn’t say that I don’t love my body, my problem is feeling uncomfortable in my body ( and like not because I don’t look a certain way, I just feel uncomfortable, especially wearing tighter clothes..)

  • Its it only me watching this in quarantine? But anyways I look in the mirror and compare my self to other youtubers or how there thighs look I dont feel comfortable with my thighs at all and always wished I has small ones to look good and I even try to so excesses and I forse my self too i sometimes cry the hell out when I go somewhere with my friends no offence but the first thing I see is there thighs sometimes this even cause me too have brain damage or making fun of my body I try so hard too be thankful I even have one but it’s hard too have a body that u dont love and try so hard the way u want it too be like but remember love who u are know I understand and I stop making fun of my body I’m even thankful to have one!!! (:

  • I’m actually pretty average for my age but.. I still have issues.. and I’ve stopped eating most of the time and just wait until I desperately need food or water..

  • i hate my waist its litterallly like a fridge and i hate it eveyrone else has normal snatched waists and mine is just box and I hate it and I just wanna cut off the extra stuff there sometimes

  • #Believe. Hey Evan, thank you so much for this video and all the great content you put in. Ever since I discovered your channel I got to learn a lot, change my beliefs and boost my energy, thanks to your work I got the chance to know great minds and leaders of the new world. By the way the idea of creating a new channel dedicated to top 10 rules is great. I’ve already subscribed.

  • When I hang out with my friends and when sometimes we laugh my body don’t laugh like I have nothing on my body or when someone comes to my home for sleepover i get sad and like I have nothing on my body

  • i thought i was perfect and super beautiful (besides for my stomach) until my bf drew me and im like that nose is to big and someone looks at me and goes ” thats what ur nose looks like”. Then i started relizing everything that was “imperfect” about me, or at least what societty thought.

  • I’m pretty sure I have tinnitus but meditating helped a lot! Now I’m getting used to it while also doing massages that help. It will get better for any of you who are stressed about tinnitus ☺️

  • I have only just stumbled across your videos, and have literally binge-watched them all! Thank you so so much for sharing all of the information and experience. By far the best videos/info on HA I have found, and you deliver it so well exactly what I need right now. Thank you <3

  • Okay I know I’m feeling bad about myself rn but I want everyone in the comments to put ONE thing they like about there self pls����❤❤❤

  • Thank you ����❤️ I’m looking at things from a better perspective,and I’m sure I’ll slowly,but surely be more positive about myself.����

  • I had a tattoo cover up about 5 years ago and the old one stating to show through. It’s large on my arm but recently lost a lot of weight to the point I feel compftable taking my shirt off. But I’m very conscious of my tattoo and it gives me extreme anxiety. Really don’t know what todo. It’s making me not want to go to the gym to get in shape.

  • It’s not the 90s anymore, men like women with extra weight now and being there are more men than women until women get into their 60s women have their pick more than men do anyway. Obviously if your blood pressure is high or you are prediabetic, than that is a different story, but even in that case strength training is often more useful than weight loss unless the person is morbidly obese or has a fast food diet.

  • I started to cry bc I needed to hear this in this world I feel like I need to lose weight and be skinny all the time but this helped me thank you so much��������❤❤

  • I’ve been suffering big time health issues 4 yrs now because of this. It’s an addiction hard to break. I’ve been isolated always sick I never go out it’s exhausting & depressing

  • I’m an inverted triangle and every time I look in the mirror I cry and I listen to those sub things to get a pear or an hourglass body shape and it makes me feel so suicidal and I’m only 13

  • I swear you help me so much, with every one of your advice videos! You are SUCH a big help to my life, I just want to say thank you so much.

  • The thing is I just started getting self confidence, and then I weighed myself and now I’m hating myself, I just looked in the mirror and saw how fat my face was

  • I hate my body
    It’s just not fair
    All these girls with their confidence
    How do they not care
    How can I be happy
    With the way I look
    When everyone else comes out of a story book!
    With their long shiny hair
    And their perfect white smiles
    Their small waist and big eyes
    Their amazing style!
    Complaining to me
    Saying they just aren’t “pretty enough”
    They’re all I want to be
    They’re just trying to bluff
    Try to hide the fact
    Convince us they aren’t pretty
    Why are they doing that?
    Just for some pity.
    I’m sick of all the attention seekers
    Walking around
    Chanting in the loudspeakers
    That they aren’t good enough
    I look in the mirror everyday
    And ask god why she made me this way
    I’m fat I’m disgusting
    I look like a cow
    “Try to keep a positive mindset”
    I ask how!
    There’s nothing wrong with you
    There is I just don’t let you see it
    Your fine they say
    I see right through it
    Ladies and gents
    This poem comes to an end
    It gets better I promise
    Just don’t pretend
    Don’t be a fake bitch
    Don’t tear others down
    Don’t build them up to much either
    For fear that they’ll feel like they wear a crown
    Goodbye and goodnight I say from my heart
    Don’t be a fake bitch
    Cause this is just the start

  • hey random person scrolling through the comments����just wanted to let you know that your body is perfect the way it is!!��you look absolutely gorgeous��your body is so beautiful and unique��-look at your feet,they have walked you to the most amazing places and walked you way from the bad ones❤️,look at your tummy-they have been filled with your favourite food��,look at your hands-they have pet so many cute lil animals and dried so many tears��look at your mouth-it has told so many people you love them and told so many jokes that made people happy and laugh��,look at them gorgeous eyes of yours��-they have seen so many beautiful things and so many beautiful people��,look at your legs-they’ve held you up when you thought you weren’t strong enough to stand��your body has been with you since day one✨and it loves you so much❤️and so do i so keep your head up princess and don’t let anyone’s words bring you down!!��you are stunning and perfect no matter how many insecurities you have bc your insecurities are beautiful��go out and enjoy your life and show your body to the world and tell them that you are strong and beautiful��i love you and i hope you have the best life ever and i wish good things come you way����xxxxxx

  • It’s sad to know that me as a 11 year old has insecurities. I hate how my legs are there curvey and thicc. I like to have them slimmer and a gap between them.

  • I rlly hate myself. And my body.ive been bullied b4 abt being underweight..I feel so insecure when ion have a sweat shirt on..����..cuz my arms are toothpicks..and ppl call me toothpick.it sux.im flat and guys want girl who are..thicc and have boobs�� it hurts

  • People keep telling me ism not fat. But i dont see it that way. And all the people that say it are skinier than me so in my brain it sounds like them trying to ben nice

  • I hate myself and my body. I feel fat and ugly everyday and I hate to see or hear myself. I hate my hair, my face, and my body. And honestly I’m very thankful for finding this. I still don’t feel great about myself but this did make me feel a little better.☺️ I still have a lot of issues with how I view my body but hopefully I can work on it, maybe lose weight and try to wear things that make me confident and maybe I can work on positivity. Thank you so so much.❤️

  • the sad thing is i learned to hate my body by watching my mom. my mom always talked about how she hated her body and the extra on her stomach and i started to notice that on me and felt the same. it’s only gotten worst.

  • I am crying life has been hard the past few months and as a teenager I started questioning my confidence and body shape as well as my style it’s just hard when everyone is judging you but thanks ������

  • I have a small appitite,low/slow metabolism,Ice cold hands and feet,and Insomnia,my friends said that my hands are so cold that they held an ice cube and said:”I can’t tell the difference” they’ve also found out that I sleep once a week,so everything is pretty much Fine for me…but they get really worried since I only eat once or twice a day

  • By the first grade, I weighed 99 lbs and was put on a strict diet 8. My body images issues started so young and crippled me in that way for most of my life. However, I am totally free of that now. I would love to share with you what I have learned to help break free from that pain. Maybe it can help you too https://anchor.fm/malia-wofford/episodes/Love-Your-Fat-Belly-e9v26s

  • My mom is allways saying “your not stressed your fine” I have most maybe all of these symptoms, what do I do about my stress! ��������

  • I love this video. I began crying immediately, you’re so powerful with words. The only thing is that for me, I’m more insecure about how flat I am. Although you spoke mostly about weight and things I don’t relate to much, I still love this.

  • You just made me feel a little better about myself❤ I’m going to swim in 2weeka and i was literally about to overeat and do Sport at night again and diet and just get sick,we need to accept, we’ll always complain even if we were different i guess

  • I will never stop wearing baggy stuff because I am short and skinnyfat I cry almost every night because I compare myself to everyone the only thing that I like about myself is that I am nice to people and that is the only reason people like me is because of this reason

  • I’ve tried starving myself because I think I’m fat, but then I’d binge because I was so fucking starving. I tried to purge, but I was shaking and I can’t do it. My family would also hear me. I’m trying to make me like myself. Thanks for this video!

  • I tried treating myself like i would treat a person that i love. I tried this over a month it never became easier. It doesn’t work for me because i don’t believe it in my very core. I can’t lie, not even to myself.. i don’t have the money for the teraphy i know i need.. so what should i do, kinda getting desprate here. I have no friends no family, mental issues because of the family..

  • My insecurity is that I have lip lines at age 12 and it has gone all the way to the end of my lip. Let’s just say I no more do duck faces. ����

  • I was about to buy from amazon a butty lift up ��cuz I am Flat af. I hate it
    U make me stop looking at my self that way.
    I love you btw��☺️

  • I feel that, and I’m not sure how to change my mental thinking, I’m 5’7 and 115 pounds and I still think I’m not good enough and I keep on wanting to lose more and it’s so hard to change that kinda thinking. And if I say I love my body or compliment my body then I feel like a selfish person or that I have a high ego or I feel guilty or something idk.

  • Well I just have eaten ANYTHING while I was little, untill 6th year. Then, my appetite falls..and also mood changing. And all else from it.

  • Sometimes I cry in bathroom and many People told me I’m not fat but I really can’t help it… It really hurts me when I look at myself im the mirror… It’s really hard and I’m ruinning my childhood but I really can’t help it…

  • #Believe Great video as always Evan! How about a cross-atlantic chat on my podcast Evan? It would be an honour! Let me know and we can discuss more!

  • I have depression and I do hurt myself a little but I don’t cut….I scratch myself with my nails and I can NEVER fall asleep……

  • Me and Ariana grande have the same body type and I used to be insecure of how small I am and having curls and having a stomach and my legs have strawberries ( if you get it) but now I think I’m super beautiful, and if you are the one reading this you are beautiful! No one is like you beautiful Queen be you!!♥️♥️

  • Hey girl I know this video is older but your amazing. Also can friends on YouTube? Sorry if I’m weird about this I am learning how to understand YouTube.

  • I needed this a lot..thank you so muchh.I hope that I will not be insecure I have many insecurities and this helped so much.You are like a big sista to me.����

  • I am overweight tho and I am bigger than most teenagers my age. I want to have a thinner body type and I don’t want fricken rolls and huge thighs. I have tried so hard to change myself but it won’t work it’s just so unfair I have friends who will eat 5 chocolate bars in their lunch and have a bikini body and then there’s me who fancies a treat so I’ll have a bag of crisps or a cookie and suddenly put on a load. I have tried exercising and I eat as least treats as I can but nothing works. It’s as if I meant to be a fatty and that’s that and I can’t change that. And I cant. I want to but nothing will work. I’ve always been this way and I don’t understand how it’s fair that others have beautiful body’s and eat whatever they want even if they haven’t had surgery. I’m sorry I am who I am. And I’m sorry that I disgust people because of my fat. But honestly don’t worry, I disgust myself too.

  • I’m small and I just can’t learn to love myself. I wonder how much my friends whose small yet still confident, I’m not confident, this video helps me.

  • Don’t be beautiful for the others but for you… someone told me that it helped a little but people judges me and my smile…..and all….so I don’t feel good in my body….but thanks for this video����❤️��

  • You see I like my face I guess but my body I’m struggling with I’ve worked out and it got so much better but it sucks I think it’s because of social media��

  • Does anybody else tell others they love themselves but in reality you don’t, but you know you should but you just can’t no matter what you do?

  • I have always been a pretty skinny girl and even now I’m 16 and still skinny and it’s not because I exercise or anything it’s because I don’t eat very often me and my family doesn’t have alot of money so we don’t always have food at home so I’ve never really worried about self image untill a few days I’ve been looking in the mirror and thinking about how i want to look and the friends I wanna have the life I wanna live I’ve got such high goals for myself and get really down because I just feel like I’ll NEVER get to where I wanna be or who I wanna be and how i wanna look

    This video did make me feel a little better though so thanks

  • I’m a tall and skinny girl anytime I wear clothes I look down at myself and im like “damn I look good” but when I look in a full body mirror I’m like a tall stick and I lose confidence just like that. Please I don’t know what to do? I’m trying.

  • Ur a good person. You’re confident, cool, kind, sweet, and loyal. I’m saying those things and I have never even met u in person. I look up to u

  • Earlier this morning I went out to buy something and my neighbor smiles sweetly at me then She said ” You are so fat right now, unlike before”. It totally ruined my day, made me feel more depressed. That’s why I don’t want to go outside coz I’m afraid I’ll meet that lady again, she never missed to say those hurtful words at me.

  • It’s really hard to have confidence in my petite body when on a daily basis my close family and friends comment on my body. Like my boobs, how skinny I am, how short I am, saying I look 12. I’m a sophomore and people think I’m in MIDDLE SCHOOL. ive always loved myself but it gets harder and harder everyday.

  • Im glad i found ur video. Was feeling really really especially down n hateful towards myself n my body because of certain stuff that happened today. Im grateful i don’t have to worry about any diseases or food restrictions due to allergies. I just didn’t realised how lucky n fortunate i am. Thanks ❤️

  • I just don’t understand why all my friends eat what they want and look like models and I lick a cucumber and I’m an oompalumpa m. I can’t look at myself ��

  • I hate it when the woman tell you to love your body are the ones that have a nice body to begin with. so of course they gonna tell you to love your body cause they love theirs and they have the trend body type.

  • Today I returned home to my family and the first thing they said is “oh… Wow you gained some weight…” First time seeing them in months.

  • I’ve watched countless of videos like this and this video is the one that truly spoke to me, it really helped. I even cried during it

  • I feel insecure about my body I know people say OMG you have a great body your so beautiful like tbh I feel that but it’s clothing I out a tangtop on I look at myself In the mirror 2 sec later im in a sweater it’s just I want me to feel better about wearing Tang tops,shorts, crop tops cause that’s what makes me look good but I really need to stop me feeling like this
    :Tell me why you feel insecure

  • Thanks for this Video!

    I have been doing workouts on repeat and omg I feel like I am slowly dying so I really need talks like this because yes I’m going to still work out but because of how much I hate my body I do way too many workouts and skip way to many meals so thank you for this!!!!!!

  • One of my friends told me she wished she had my voice. I’ve always thought my voice was too low cause everyone used to say I sounded depressed.

    But then she said that my voice was really nice and smooth and she wished she had such a nice voice

  • #believe!

    I listen to you every day and talk about your videos almost every day on my daily morning Facebook lives, but I normally can’t comment, because I watch you through my website (as I block the distraction of YouTube until after I’ve finished my morning routine!!)

  • Hi Evan, Ur vdos are highly informative and motivational. I personally thank U and ur team for this gr8 efforts.

    Can U take something like this from Dr. Zakir Naik (internationally controversial figure).

  • i hate my body so so so much, it’s not even my actual body shape anymore it’s just that i’m so tall it makes my body look different n i HATE it

  • I love Joe! He is one of my favourite teachers! His teachings have helped me write my sales book and start my marketing business! “Emotional block have to be removed like weeds”

  • Evanyou rock! I’ve been watching your videos for years! Since the quarantine, my coworkers and I watch your videos for telework and it’s been great to share my favorite videos with them! Keep it up!

  • I feel so terrible right now, I have fat thighs, no ass, BAD hip dips, fat rolls on my stomach, no boobs and wide shoulders, I’m literally the opposite of a nice body and I can’t find anyone with a “body type” like that. I don’t know what to do�� And social media is not my problem, ALL of my friends are literally perfect…

  • I know this is super weird but I’m so insicure about my ribcage, it’s so huge and dosent fit the rest of my body. I have skinny legs and a skinny waist but my ribcage is huge and I don’t feel confident wearing any type of tight top cause my ribcage just looks round and ugly and I hate it so much. That’s why I just wear hoodies all the time cause I’ll get judged and I’ll feel more insicure about myself then I already am.

  • You are the best Evan. Have downloaded to listen to much later because this resonates with me and my past experience.
    Keep it up.


  • Let’s understand “you” and “your mind” as separate with the help of one example. Understanding this difference is so fundamental for hacking your mind, but it is entirely missing in our everyday lives. Sir John Hargrave, an entrepreneur, comedian, and author of the book Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Life in 21 Days, compares your mind with a movie. Assume you are watching a movie—a very engaging one—and you are completely immersed in the movie. It might happen that for few moments you will feel as if you are part of the movie. Maybe you’ll find yourself crying watching some sad scene in the movie or maybe you get spooked by watching some gory scenes there. But in reality, it’s you who is watching the movie being displayed only on the screen.

  • Thank you for this. This is what has been happening to me. I need to control my emotions so that I can focus on what’s really important. Making more money & taking care of my son. Who cares that I got dumped and replaced by a younger woman. My ex is living his best life why I’m still replaying the betrayals that happened. I’m not the only one but I can spend my time doing things that are beneficial to me and my son. Thank you for this. Perfect timing. ����

  • They are not pay are they give it or escape in every moment so far six years service over they are fail not only this time but also Somany times minimum they canot pay unable to pay part of my gift.yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  • Bright Side: if there’s a ring around your iris, you have an increased risk of a heart attack! But it okie if you’re 50 years old!
    Me: below 50
    Me: dashes to closest mirror
    Also me:… I guess I’ll just die now

  • Now this is just scaring me because I trust Bright Side. I have brown around my blue irises. I thought it was normal because my dad has brown eyes.

  • Omg thank you so much, you have no idea how much this helped me. I have serious body dysmorphia and don’t get therapy, because my family is in a tough financial spot. I’ve never had anybody say such beautiful and kind words directed towards me. I remember waking up every day and just putting on so much makeup to try and make myself look different and then be dissatisfied when I didn’t look like all of the models, but what you said is absolutely right, I’m my own kind of beautiful and so is everyone else. I know I sound ridiculous and preachy right now, but seriously this helped so much. It made me want to stop being bulimic and negative towards myself. You’re so amazing, thank you for your kind words! <3 (sorry I kind of ranted right there)

  • I like what you told us thanks for supporting us
    The problem is
    You are freaking beautiful
    I am sorry it have to came out
    PS: sorry for my bad English

  • Exactly! We’re actually having this topic in our series now… Thank you for sharing this message. We all need to love who we are!

  • This video is irresponsible, making everyone including little kids on here think theres something wrong with them, when theres absolutely nothing wrong with having a limbal ring AKA a ring around your iris. “A limbal ring is a dark ring around the iris of the eye. It is a dark-colored manifestation of the corneal limbus resulting from optical properties of the region. It has been suggested that limbal ring thickness may correlate with health or youthfulness and may contribute to facial attractiveness.”

  • I was slim thick and I stress about my body alot alot like I restrict myself from food and it’s just hard mentally im like skinny now but I want to gain kmt

  • … it’s hard to love myself when the voices just keep saying “you’re not good enough” or “you’re fat” or “you’ll never find love because they won’t be able to bare looking at your face”. I can’t stand how I look and the fact that my parents don’t let me express myself. I hate myself and I can’t get it to stop. The voices of the devil inside of my brain just get louder and louder until I do it… I self harm… I cut… It helps but at the same time makes it worse… It stops the pain even while causing physical pain… I hate myself for cutting… I hate myself for ever letting them get out of control… I can’t get rid of them… I need help but nobody is there… I feel so alone even while everyone is here for me… Never start cutting… It ruins so much good.

  • Guys better help is a scam and at the time nobody knew that. Please don’t use their services. They took so much money from me and people I know who have serious mental health issues

  • Hating your body really ruins your summer. People ask me to go to the pool with them and I say no every time because I’m too insecure to wear a bathing suit����

  • I think you should make me videos about the long slow it will happen like really bad please come in so far do you know that there is spinning

  • I whant to say you are the best and the smartes persen i now intelagent,awsome and much more i can’t thank you enof for teaching me so much a baut evrithing.☺<-me i am now smart. Thank you

  • I thought my body was okay until I was told I was obese for my height and that I should be 120 pounds. So yeah, I’m honestly feel like starving myself sometimes and every time I look in the mirror I just wanna be thin and have a flat stomach. All day I’ve been looking at ppl and how much they weigh. I try not to eat too much but I get worried that my body will start to hurt.

  • I’m stressed about a test that is 5 to 6 hours long that I have to do some one had there test be 8 hours long!!!!! I don’t want my test to be that long!!!! And I have the nail thing my nails break and peel all the time and they grow at a fast rate do you know the case of them growing at a fast rate? Please tell my I want to know

  • I do get ringing in my ears when stressed, sweating on my hands when playing a type of PvP game but is the ring around the iris darker thanthe eye color? Because my boyfriend seems to have a darker ring on the outside of the iris.
    Edit(not ‘the iris’ I mean ‘his iris’)

  • My natural weight set point has my body with thunder thighs and a “quarter horse butt”. I’m in the beginning stages of recovery and the grieving my tiny body and fear if what I think I will end up at.
    Flattering clothes for thunder thighs and big butt?? Ughh

  • if you’re reading this, this is coming from a girl who has an hourglass body type and trust me even if you have an hourglass figure or not, all that matters is your happiness cause ask me, i do not wish to look like BOOM BOOM BOOM, i dont wanna look this way, but im not stopping myself, my world does not stop revolving cause of my body, your happiness has zero limits, do whatever you love to make urself truly happy.

  • Thanks so much! This video really resonated with me, and it personally helped me more than any other on YouTube about this topic. Gained a new subscriber today and you deserve many more��

  • 6:48 Uh oh rn my hand and feet are sweating and also my hands gets cold when it’s cold and my feet as well even my nose gets cold literally and BTW IT HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE DAY but my parents said it happens since l was a baby! Mah mind is confused should l tell my mom? I told her but she told me to be queit bc it’s 10:00. �� lm going to ignore it then! ��

  • Your channel is incredible! Thank you for inspiring other girls to love themselves and their bodies. You are wonderful and great things are coming your way! ����

  • Aww omg, I need led to hear this, you are such an amazing person to follow and your ideas actually worked for me ☺️���� thank you!!