Meal Planning

Many people feel they would do better if they just had the right meal plan to follow.

Sure, maybe they would. For a while…

But seriously, how many meals of boiled chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes can you really eat until you are just so over it all?

How many days can you completely avoid 3 food groups before you start dreaming of strawberries… or pasta… or cheese?

How long can you ignore your culture, your preferences, and walk past your favorite foods before you have just had enough?

Then what? Back to the usual unhealthy choices?

Don’t blame yourself. Place the blame where it belongs – with the meal plan that someone else designed without knowing anything about YOU.

If you want different results, try a different approach.

NMC knows that people do better long-term with a meal plan that they help build as it will then include their food preferences and cultural foods, meal timing preferences, and meet their level of cooking skills and available time.

Completing this Meal Planning Package gives you the skills, resources, and strategy to make your own meal plans! We partner with you to teach you how to build your personal meal plan so you can tweak it and adjust it as your life changes – and still reach your goals for the long-term!

The Meal Planning Packages includes:

  • Initial session to review health and nutrition goals, food and meal timing preferences, cooking skills, and food tracking preferences. During this session, we will begin to build your basic weekly meal plan ($125 value).
  • Follow up session to complete your basic weekly meal plan ($75.00 value).
  • Follow up session to find recipes that meet your nutrition plan targets and learn how to adjust recipes to fit your meal plan targets ($75.00 value).
  • “Food Package Detective” Course to learn to really decipher what those food packages are – and are not – telling you so you know how to fit foods into your meal plan. Online course available in early 2018 – will be done via video-chat or in-person prior to course release. ($35.00 value)
  • One food journal review using Lose It, My Fitness Pal, or SparkPeople trackers with feedback from coach on how to adjust choices to better fit into meal plan ($35 value).
  • Final follow up session to assess progress, adjust plan, and answer questions ($75.00 value).

Recommended schedule is to complete all sessions within two weeks; must be completed within six weeks from date of first session. Sessions for our Meal Planning Packages are held virtually and we must be able to screen share so we can work together on building your meal plan. Value of package components purchased separately: $420. Package Price: $297.00.


  • Local clients can book a personal nutrition tour at a local grocery store to review food choices and find alternatives that fit your plan $127.00.
  • Additional food journal reviews can be added on. $10 discount if purchased when purchasing Package.

In development:

We are working on online course option for those of you who are more DIY and a membership option – stay tuned!