Love Yourself Healthy Plan

Do you feel like you keep failing at dieting?

Maybe those diets are failing you…

Aren’t you sick and tired of “hating yourself healthy?”

You know the drill. Trying diet after diet to find the right one. Feeling hungry all the time or choking down foods you don’t like? Aren’t you ready to finally ditch the diets?

The Love Yourself Healthy Plan is not another diet in disguise. It is the opposite. It is a non-diet plan. This is a sustainable and unique plan that is flexible and realistic enough to work in your crazy-busy life.

Coach Alexia will guide you one step at a time through a positive approach to health and weight by focusing on nourishing and positive choices for your body and mind to improve nutrition and activity and to build self-esteem.

Picture of Coach Alexia

I can help you change your mindset and find your lifetime plan to reach your weight and health goals. – Coach Alexia

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What You Get

  • 16 Modules covering the three-tiers of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle strategies from a legitimate health and wellness expert delivered in a no-nonsense way – see the list of modules here
  • Done-for-you notes pages and worksheets for goal-setting and reflections to take you from information to action
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community with others who are currently going through or who have completed the Plan – and you get to stay in this group after the Plan ends
  • Access to Coach Alexia within the Facebook Community at least once a week while Plans are in progress. But she usually shows up more often as she loves interacting with her clients
  • Permission to enjoy delicious food, be active in the way that fits your lifestyle, and decide on what is best for you to reach your goals (with guidance from your coach of course!)

I have a very busy lifestyle that requires a lot of plan B’s and a lot of flexibility. It was great to not have the standard nutrition jargon all the time. I liked trying a different approach… (read more) -Tracey W.

What You Don’t Get

  • Unrealistic Meal Plans that make you count and track everything
  • Long exercise plans that make you sweat to earn every calorie you eat
  • Having to cram yourself into a one-size-fits-all plan based on someone else’s idea of how to be healthy
  • Shakes, pills, supplements, or any other products to buy
  • Hours of hunger to suffer through
  • Disappointment from not meeting unrealistic goals
  • Guilt and shame from eating food

No more hating yourself healthy

Focusing on your weight will not get you where you want to go. When you shift your focus to what is going on inside your head first and your health second, the weight will follow.

I am 47 years old and I have found over the last several years I have steadily been gaining weight no matter what I’ve tried – exercise, watching what I’m eating – nothing seemed to work for me. I’ve consciously have thought back to the coursework and it’s made a difference (read more) — Renee C.

How It Works

We have a robust curriculum based in the science of nutrition, physical activity, and behavior change theory that has been researched and arranged in a way to baby-step you into long-lasting lifetime healthy choices and actions. There are 16 modules with information that will walk you through making realistic, flexible choices and teach you how to let go of food/exercise perfectionism so you can stick with it and never fail again.

We use a 5-step coaching process that sets you up to be successful, to be flexible and realistic along your journey, and to stay focused for the long-term.

Check It Out at No Cost

Take a look at the very first part of the Plan. You can see what the modules are like and get two worksheets that clients complete before beginning the modules. This gives you a feel for the program and will let you know if this is the right fit for you – or not!

  • Video – Before We Begin
  • Worksheet – Wheel of Wellness
  • Worksheet – My Why
  • Video Module Topics and Descriptions
  • Agreements to join the Plan

There’s no such thing as an easy fix with weight loss. The pills, the diet, they all come back but this is something that you learn that you carry for the rest of your life to not only lose weight but live a better and happier life (read more) — Tevy D.

Let’s Get Started

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