Love Yourself Healthy Package

Do you feel like you keep failing at dieting?

Maybe those diets are failing you…

Aren’t you sick and tired of “hating yourself healthy?” Yet, here you are again.

Trying diet after diet to find the right one and following unrealistic meal plans that make you count and track everything leaving you hungry all the time and choking down foods you don’t like…

Avoiding going out because there won’t be anything you can eat and you’ll have to spend all your time figuring out your nutrition choices or planning how to long you’ll have to sweat to burn off every calorie you ate…

Missing out on life and experiences because you don’t feel good enough, don’t have the energy, can’t make it work with your diet, have nothing to wear, and don’t want to see yourself in the pictures you know will get posted on social media by your friends…

Meet Your Health Strategy Coach

Alexia Lewis, MS, RD, LD/N, CHC, CPT helps women who are tired of dieting and confused about healthy habits to create their own unique strategy so they can feel confident about themselves and comfortable in their bodies.

She will guide you in “loving yourself healthy” with her 5-step coaching process which shifts you into a positive focus on nourishing your body and mind to improve lifestyle habits and to build self-esteem so you can reach your health and weight goals.

Coach Alexia believes life is better with science, humor, and delicious food. After surviving a heart attack in 2007 and battling with her weight for most of her adult life, she changed her career to spread the word about how food choices and activity can influence health.

The Love Yourself Healthy Approach is not another diet in disguise.

What if you could…

feel healthy, confident, and comfortable – just by having a conversation?

What if you could…

reach a healthy-for-you weight – without ever having to starve yourself or earn the right to eat foods you enjoy again?

What if you could…

know what health information is real and what is BS so you could make choices that actually get you to your goals?

Love Yourself Healthy is a non-diet plan. It is a sustainable and unique plan that is flexible and realistic enough to work in your crazy-busy life. No counting, tracking, or mental gymnastics required.

This Plan is Different.

I have a very busy lifestyle that requires a lot of plan B’s and a lot of flexibility. It was great to not have the standard nutrition jargon all the time. I liked trying a different approach… – Tracey W.

I am 47 years old and I have found over the last several years I have steadily been gaining weight no matter what I’ve tried – exercise, watching what I’m eating – nothing seemed to work for me. I’ve consciously have thought back to the coursework and it’s made a difference… – Renee C.

There’s no such thing as an easy fix with weight loss. The pills, the diet, they all come back but this is something that you learn that you carry for the rest of your life to not only lose weight but live a better and happier life… – Tevy D.

How It Works

Coach Alexia takes your though her 5-step coaching process. The process is based in the science of nutrition, physical activity, and behavior change theory and has been arranged in a way to baby-step you into long-lasting lifetime healthy choices and actions.

Step 1: Get Clear on What You Really Want.

Start by discussing what you want for your health and weight so we can set realistic and achievable goals. Then explore why you want to reach these goals to make sure you will get what you expect when you reach them. Finally, review what you been doing and how you feel about it so we can build on your healthy habits and know where to focus to get you what you want.

Step 2: Begin Small Steps Training.

The first goals you work towards are simple, small steps focused on making positive changes while building your confidence. Doing this keeps you focused and motivated and lets us address any challenges and fears that come up so you can learn how to work around them. You will see the simplicity of stacking small wins every day to reach your bigger goals.  

Step 3. Build a Positive Mindset.

Shift your negative self-talk into a positive mindset by creating your positive affirmations and healthy identity while challenging your negative self-talk about your health and weight with a 3-step process. The result is that you get out of your own way and start to love yourself healthy.

Step 4. Implement the Plan.

Your success is 100% related to the choices you make every day. This is where we define those choices. You do not get a one-size-fits-all meal or exercise plan. Instead, we work together to build your unique plan. You must have an open mind, be willing to experiment with different strategies and be honest about what works and what does not so we can find the best fit for you. Oh, and restrictive dieting is not an option – you will not be hungry, you can enjoy any food you want, and you will be encouraged be active in a way that doesn’t take over your life or make you exercise to earn the right to eat.

Step 5. Address the Long-Term.

The problem with new lifestyle and health habits is how to make them stick for the long-term. Many diets and exercise goals are only met for a short time before people go back to their old habits. During your coaching, you will learn the behavior change science behind lapses and how to adjust your goals  so you will never fail again. You will also be prepared to overcome the main obstacles that derail people so you can make a plan that you can stick with for the long-term.

No more hating yourself healthy

Focusing on your weight will not get you where you want to go. When you shift your focus to what is going on inside your head first and your health second, the weight will follow.

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