Your Gut Microbiome is much more Important Than You Believe


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Your Gut Microbiome is More Important Than You Think We’ve always been told you are what you eat. If that was the case I would have turned into pizza and sushi by now. Anyways, there’s some new research emerging that goes over our gut health.

The single most important factor for a healthy microbiome is diet, and a big part of a healthy diet is fiber. Not only is it filling, but it also feeds our good bacteria, and produces many of our B vitamins. It provides a vital detox pathway or route that toxins take to exit your body, what it needs—plenty of fiber to scoop out the heavy metals. Why the Gut Microbiome Is Crucial for Your Health Your body is full of trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

They are collectively known as the microbiome. While some bacteria are associated. Keeping Your Gut in Check is More Important Than You Think While bacteria are commonly associated with disease, most bacteria in the body are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Useful bacteria play a role in the heart functioning, weight of the body and many other aspects of your health. In rodent experiments, those implanted with an obesogenic microbiome gained more weight than those receiving bacteria from a lean person. This was true even when they ate the same diet.

This by no means an exhaustive list. Hopefully, it illustrates just how important the gut microbiome is. Summary: The gut microbiome is important for supporting a healthy immune system.

The exact mechanism by which it does so is unclear, but the SCFA butyrate (produced by microbial fermentation of fiber) plays an important role in turning on production of immune cells. The Gut-Brain Axis and the Gut Microbiome. Deep in your gut, 40 trillion chemists are hard at work helping you digest your meals, making essential nutrients you can’t produce on your own, protecting you from disease, and even shaping which parts of your DNA manifest and which remain dormant. These talented creatures are fungi, bacteria, and other single-celled organisms.

Think again. New research suggests the balance of microbes living in your gut influence everything from immune function to body weight. So how can you maintain a healthy balance? Picture a sea of 40 trillion bacteria weighing more than the human brain say hello to your microbiome – the personal blueprint of bacteria living in your body. Deep in your gut, 40 trillion chemists are hard at work helping you digest your meals, making essential nutrients you can’t produce on your own, protecting you from disease, and even shaping which parts of your DNA manifest and which remain dormant.

These talented creatures are fungi, bacteria, and other single-celled organisms. It has many benefits for your digestive health, but it also plays an important role protecting you from disease. Research indicates that the benefits of a healthy, diverse microbiome have an impact on every aspect of our wellbeing, including depression, anxiety and stress.

List of related literature:

It is becoming increasingly recognized that the presence of a healthy and diverse gut microbiome is important to cognitive and emotional well-being.

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Keeping your gut microbiome in proper balance is essential to your mental health.[219] The microbiome functions to protect your gut lining, digestion, and nutrient absorption.

“Memory Rescue: Supercharge Your Brain, Reverse Memory Loss, and Remember What Matters Most” by Dr. Daniel G. Amen
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The gut microbiome, which refers to the resident bacteria in the human gastrointestinal tract, has been recognized as an important mediator of individual’s health and is subject to extensive research.

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If the gut microbiome is involved in the proper development of our immune system, proper digestion and nutrient absorption, and also plays a role in proper brain functioning, it stands to reason that abnormal microbiomes can cause improper functioning.

“Visualizing Human Biology” by Kathleen A. Ireland
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The gut microbiome plays an important and as yet relatively unexplored role in the human.

“Conquering Lyme Disease: Science Bridges the Great Divide” by Brian A. Fallon, Jennifer Sotsky
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Emerging evidence suggests that the field of diet modifiable gut microbiome is a promising area of exploration for chronic disease control and prevention.

“Polyphenols in Human Health and Disease” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Sherma Zibadi
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Our gut microbiome even determines how well we absorb the nutrients from our food!

“Clean Cuisine Cookbook: 130+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Heal Your Gut, Treat Autoimmune Conditions, and Optimize Your Health” by Ivy Larson, Andy Larson
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Although we don’t know exactly how having a healthy gut microbiome might reduce the risk of each of these conditions, researchers are anxious to figure it out, because understanding it could lead to new treatment options.

“The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork, M.D.
from The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
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These aspects of life play a significant role in modulating the gut microbiome and helping to establish downstream health benefits.

“Integrative Gastroenterology” by Gerard E. Mullin, Marvin Singh
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Supporting an optimal gut microbiome may also prove beneficial in animal science as a means to manage stressful situations and to increase the productivity of farm animals.

“Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine” by Ramesh C. Gupta, Ajay Srivastava, Rajiv Lall
from Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine
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  • Ahhhh finally a young person who pronounces the word “important” correctly. I don’t know why but the weird new pronunciation “Im-por-int” grates on my nerves.

  • I suppose I could throw in a thing or two you might not know yet. Bacteria control everything, all life on the planet is orchestrated, directed, and evolved according to bacteria. Even the weather is, now there is one you might not know, do the research to know more, yes bacteria are in the air, the skies and effect the weather. The earth is essentially a living being by right of the parts of it that are alive and directing, evolving and controlling all life on planet earth. The earth is also the largest thinking brain on the planet given not only does all plant life above ground think and communicate with each other, but all the microbes in the earth, around the roots of all plants are all thinking and communicating with each other and with the plants as well, all the time. That is literally the largest thinking living brain given all a brain is is a group of living things working together and communicating with each other. Well I could say more but I did say I would throw in a thing or two:)

  • You are NOT what you EAT but what you DIGEST. Vegetablesfiber is digested poorly if digested at all and destroy your gut. Vegan propaganda. Animal products on the other hand digest very well especially raw and that is the ultimate food for a human being.

  • 3:40 an MIT grad who gets her metaphors mixed? Not sleeping is a reason you’d be counting sheep at night, not an inhibitor of it. Who wrote your speech?

    Otherwise, very informative.

  • I went anti biotics for a month and later stress in my office, later I been diagnosed with multiple vitamin deficiency. Now healing

  • So basically you are telling me that we have to eat healthy to stay healthy.
    Wow. Who would have thought that.
    Besides stop trying to be funny. You are not.

  • When someone talks to me about health whether they’re a doctor, nurse, or academic what I like to pay particular attention to is that person’s health. Do they look/seem healthy?
    This woman is 38 years old. She looks to me more like 28. She is fit, and she seems like a basically relatable, likable person (so, emotionally healthy as well). I can’t shake the feeling that she practices what she preaches. And to me, that’s a sign that she knows what she’s talking about.

  • awesome talk but I’ve been on this problem for years. I took many antibiotics for the times I had pneumonia and bronchitis. how do I know what my gut needs??!?!? blindly go vegan? then only meat diet? do I just try a bunch of trends until I find one? what can I do if it’s unfixable? I have Fibromyalgia, Reynodes syndrome, anxiety and IBS. Health shakes make me bloated like crazy, sometimes I eat a hamburger and feel fine and sometimes I don’t, same with broccoli. where’s the answer??

  • Ok this was informative about the types of chemicals we need to sustain our gut health…but is anyone else more curious about the mind gut connection?
    I follow my gut instinctively and can always feel when something is off.

  • The problem with these researchers who start a company to market their results is that they immediately lose all credibility. Now she has a financial stake in her scientific claims.

  • Nothing new. This is all known for times, yeah only some technicality is new…And we all need to simplify our lives, thoughts and karma. Rest will happen…but we r busy creating $millions, partying, gossiping, and investing time in jealousy, hatred, and insecurity…no microbiome can survive healthy within us! Stop the materialistic living and madness. You will find the peace within with a healthy gut. Good luck.

  • I learned about this microbiology when I learned how to maintain an aquarium clean. theyrr everything that’s keeps world clean, but we’ve been taught to believe to get rid micro organisms.

  • …Yah,..and listen to your feet and bones!…why the need for the unnatural, handicapping high heels ��???
    …Man,…some people!
    …I mean, You look through a microscope all day to see what your microbes are telling you,…but you can’t see or choose to ignore your feet…. ��

  • Does anyone here know the interaction between emotional numbness and tyrosine? My depression developed back in two years ago mainly because of suffering from tremendous stress that were not properly sorted out. The aftermath was emotional numbness which still carries on today. I wonder if there’s correlation between this symptom of depression and the lack of tyrosine, and how stress affects the concentration of tyrosine in our body. Thanks

  • Diatamatious Earth cleaned my gut and it fixed something in my head that was all jumbled up.Also Probiotics help bring good bacteria to the gut.

  • zach bush has some good info along these lines.. he is also very concerned with the effects of glyphosate (roundup etc) as it is apparently patented as an anti-biotic not a weed killer.

  • I am forever grateful to Dr. Umoru who cured me from Herpes with his effective herbal medicine which I ordered. You can get more information on Dr Umoru YouTube channel.

  • This just talks about increasing the diversity of the microbiome to decrease individual species influence over the body. In a situation of majority rules, gut flora can gang up on a person’s behavior influencing systems, if any one species is allowed to become too numerous. This isn’t because they have cooperative intelligence of some sort, but rather because our systems have cooperative intelligence and impose that on anything found inside us, to maintain homeostasis. I solved this problem by adding a security protocol for implementing cooperation protocols on newly detected units, preventing cooperation with foreign entities. They are still grouped by similarity, for increased understanding of the signals they provide, but there is no cooperative care involved. That, combined with some clean up procedures, solves the microbiome influence problem in every area that my systems are currently aware of.

  • Great talk

    Yes. Your second brain is your gut

    It is amazing how, when,where things happen

    Just like to share a message from my side

    This is a great scripture

    John 7:38

    38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
    This is from the OKJV Bible

    I hope you look at it and spot my message.
    The Father loves us so much
    And he knows all THINGS
    Well he designed us ����������

  • The comment that healthy gut microbiome is killed and may never recover (from the causes she lists and others)…,
    interesting newer studies that appear to show high promise that prolonged fasting (more than 3 -5 days) can empty your gut of bad biome. When you break fast, you select foods high in healthy probiotics and the result is they flourish and they’re calling it a “Reset” of your gut microbiome.
    Apparently a lot of natural Autophogy principles to which we can benefit as well

  • So, so many people tell us a good diet will help us but never go so far as to tell the listeners what that diet is. Shame on them.

  • Great talk. Lucky for me both my parents were food-wise.
    Force-fed cod liver oil, brewer’s yeast and wheat germ in the 1950s.
    Fast food is okay once in awhile, but not too often.

  • Why aren’t parents teaching kids this (at home)?? Oh wait… cause THEY can’t possibly bring themselves to admit that they too are addicted to bad food! ❤️������

  • Is an Indian Vegetarian diet with veggies, Rice, Milk products, nuts Turmeric,spices the right way to save your gut. I have gerd but the indian diet have worked well for me except milk. Yogurt is a medicine for me if taken in afternoon.

  • Looks like Audience has left the building before she even started the presentation. ��

    The entire microbiome makes total sense however I think our perspective about is still off.

    My gut tells me that the gut is just a reflection of our health which would include everything in our life, from diet, to the food we eat, the way it’s grown, our lifestyle…

    We started focusing so much on the bacteria now days, instead of just focusing on what we eat.
    It’s obvious that eating deep fried and sugary stuff, transfats mixed with sticky sugars with no nutrients will not give you vitality. And as side effects likely we won’t have any beneficial bacteria be able to live in there. Mix in there hormones and anti biotics. Makes you wonder how we even survive at all….

    I think it would make more sense to look into our environment and how everything around us affects our microbiome.
    From the way the food is grown, stored, packaged. To our diet, lifestyle…. identify the obvious things and things we wouldn’t think of, that all influence our gut.

    she said
    “When we loose the diversity cause certain bacteria has taken over, it’s hard to get it back”
    That’s exactly why I think bacteria is just a reflection of our healthy/lifestyle. Cause if we keep eating junk we can’t get the diversity of bacteria back. Just means we can’t just ad bacteria and take probiotics and expect to be able to eat junk food and be fine. Cause bacteria isn’t the problem. It’s the food we eat.

  • Teds Talk talk talk.

    Doctors like house doctors should more look at this.
    They are the first where people come with health problems isn’t it.

  • If you hadn’t heard the term ‘gut microbiome’ until this video was posted six months ago… you probably aren’t here learning about it now.

  • I believe diet plays a huge role in both mental and physical illnesses. Probably more then most people realise, I mean you put good oil in a car to make it run better and extended its life, humans are way more valuable then any car so why is it so hard for us to do the same with food? You are what you eat. There is a lot of information all over the internet on food and the brain gut and physiology. Still no solid evidence to back it up tho… call me a conspiracy theorists but I don’t think they really want us to know, I mean if a simple diet change can cure hereditary or even terminal illness doctors and pharmaceutical company’s can’t bank on it. What’s a doctor without patients? If no-one got sick billions of dollars and years of medical school are at stake is that something they really want to risk?

  • Great presentation. Most of the information about the gut is not new. She talked about why it’s important to maintain a healthy gut but would have appreciated some suggestions on how. The talk ended so abruptly!

  • oo…..fasting…and th body returns to health..cause…are encoded to work great…we just need stop interfering with our big ignorance and poor choices…free will and lack of discernment is bad for

  • Linsey McLean startednVita Royal, Inc. 40 years ago.
    She also was a Bio Chemist. She testified in front of Congress several times. Her company makes USP grade feed for horses. She was amazing. Thank you for bringing this to the public.

  • Too bad Dr. Fraudci dismisses the microbiome which puts this so called “COVID-19” to rest. Use food as medicine and your microbiome will defend off any bad virus! I’m talking about vegetables, fruits and herbs people not that Mcdonald’s Big Mac combo lmao.

  • Great introductory talk!
    Some audio problems… I corrected them, zoomed in and reposted the video here: