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Turns out it’s the Dharma Yoga Wheel, and turns out it’s everywhere. So much so that even celebrities have been Instagraming their wheel-inclusive asana practices. And even if you’re not into Instagram (or late ’90s pop stars), you might have noticed a yoga wheel or two showing up at. The yoga wheel is a new yogi trend that has been popping up all over instagram and even into classes. It’s uses and functionality are not widely known so I’m here to shed some light on this new yoga accessory.

To start with the basics, the yoga wheel is a circular shaped prop that helps open up the body and helps in advanced yoga poses. There’s a new trend in the yoga world and it’s quickly become the must-have product of the year. It’s been seen in the hands of well-known yogis far and wide, and even celebrities have been sharing their love for it. So what is this new trend I speak of It’s the yoga wheel.

The yoga wheel is a hollow, circular shaped prop designed for aiding stretching, releasing tension and improving flexibility. According to Lucy Arnold, yoga instructor, personal trainer and founder. Gaiam’s yoga prop set comes equipped with three pieces: two yoga blocks and one strap.

The blocks are made out of durable foam and coated with a non-slip surface to ensure your stability. Dharma Yoga Wheels started popping up all over our Instagram, and we knew we had to check them out. We loved the possibilities of this yoga prop, and even with other wheels and props like it out there, this yoga wheel takes the cake. YogiWheel is slightly wider than other models allowing for. Like other yoga props, the wheel quite literally can help deepen a stretch or make certain poses more accessible to you.

A yoga wheel is especially great for stretching out your back and chest. While it isn’t one of the “classic” yoga props, it was crowned “the hottest yoga prop of 2018” so you aren’t going to be wasting your cash. Available through Yogikuti, or on Amazon.

Here at MyYogaWheels, we hand check every Yoga Wheel before sending out to our yogis to ensure each wheel is of the highest quality, and offer a money back guarantee on all our products if you are not 100% satisfied with the results. Find us on Instagram & Facebook and join 1000’s of happy MyYogaWheels customers showcasing their yoga ability!Maybe you’ve seen it at yoga events and festivals—a wooden or plastic wheel the size of a large pizza padded with yoga-mat material. Well, that is a Dharma Yoga Wheel, created by Dharma Yoga founder Sri Dharma Mittra and his son, and it is an amazing tool for warming up and moving safely into backbends, inversions, and other poses.

Plus, it is a boatload of fun to use!

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This yoga-performance-art creates some major media traction, especially after one of her videos featuring fire poi goes viral, pushing her to the “popular” page of Instagram, in addition to being featured by a range of news media.

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On a whim, I had chosen the Instagram handle @yoga_girl and started gearing my social media presence more toward yoga—taking photos of beautiful poses and pairing them with musings about life and love.

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A while back, I shared a snippet of my personal yoga practice on Instagram.

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lyengar yoga, which uses props to assist in maintaining postures, is very popular, as is Bikram yoga, done in heated rooms to make the muscles more elastic.

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Although yoga has been around for millennia, Lululemon has driven a trend that makes yoga practitioners feel they are a part of a community and a larger vision—and keeps consumers

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Remember, yoga is the yoking of the breath to the mind, not the stretching of the limbs for Instagram.

“Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief and Enlightened Self-Discovery” by Dee Dussault
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Postural yoga teachers who profess to teach “hatha yoga” will usually creatively combine postures, sometimes in flowing sequences, and invent poses of their own (a far less common occurrence in the “branded” forms like Iyengar).

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By giving plenty of time with these poses Yoga students can make wonderful strides in their capacity to do comfortable seated poses.

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Yoga is of the ages, not a temporary fad.

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Yoga Although yoga has been around for many years, it seems more and more people are jumping on the band-wagon.

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  • Thank you for the video! I notice you don’t roll out the back onto the lumbar spine. Do you think it’s not healthy to use the wheel there? I asked the wheel company and they said it was OK and I’m confused

  • Today was the first day using my yoga wheel. It hurt my back so much. By hurt I mean my back is tight. But I can already feel the difference.

  • I’ve yet to find a Video of someone using yoga blocks that didn’t suck. You can relax over the yoga blocks in so many different positions and it will compress one muscle group while stretching the other. You can lay across it with a new your lower back and it will compress the muscles of your lower back while stretching your entire psoas muscle group it’s amazing! She does nothing like this but it’s a yoga block 101 technique!! I feel bad for all the people who actually try to use videos like this crap to Learn how to use a yoga block end up thinking that it’s no good just because they’ve never been taught right!

  • Very informative to me! I just received my own Yoga Wheel (Lotus Brand), & I had no idea how to use it. I’ll be using your video as a reference! TY!

  • Ok this one was easier in that I could set up my body and wheel safely in time with you every step of the way because the wheel I have is the same size as this one! Thank you x

  • Hello and thank you for your calming and beautiful video. I realize you are not a doctor when I ask my question. I have DDD with myofascial back pain of the neck and back herniated discs in neck and lower back and piriformis syndrome which travels from my right lower back straight down my leg to right above my knee -similar to sciatia. I have been working very hard for the past 3 years with P/T, chiropractor and acupuncture. I am 45 but in my younger days I was very active and could do fabulous backbends from both standing and mat positions. I was no olympian but I was a gymnast, a diver and swimmer. I worked out 5 days a week for 2 hours a day. Then I woke up one day about 8 years ago with pain all over. It hurt to bend and tie my shoes. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my chiropractor to look at my most recent X-rays and I plan to ask her opinion on whether using a yoga wheel is a good idea. I truly believe it is and I am also quite ready to take the next step. I really want to be me again. My question is about the size of the yoga wheel. Here goes… I am 5 feet tall. Is a smaller diameter better for a beginner or larger? My first opinion was larger but now as I watch your video I am thinking a smaller diameter would be best. My logic is telling me that a larger diameter would put more of a strain on my spine as I slowly lean back. Any info you can share with me is greatly appreciated. I am going to show my chiropractor your video too when we have our talk.

  • i’ve had one of these for a few years, now and only used it for basic stretching. I think its about time I learn all it can do lol.

  • You do know how to push us and always motivate when the goal are still out of reach! Thank you for being an amazing teacher, i learn a lot and workout a lot with you❤️

  • That class was so much fun and very challenging! I will come back to it to practice some of the poses and drills. I would love more of these to open up my back and learn how to do kick overs!

  • Ashton please do a challenging lower body toning focused yoga workout ❤❤ ı really love you and i do your other videos all the time

  • Since I began practicing yoga, I have been gaining weight. People say I eat cookies, cakes and pies all day. I don’t. I try not to eat anything during the day.

  • Hey, Ashton. I just got myself a wheel, a ProSource model via Walmart, and I was looking for ideas on how to use it beyond what I got it for (opening my upper back in fish pose). Thanks for some ideas.

  • I got my favorite yoga wheel ‘VKTECH TPE Professional Yoga Wheel’ from here

  • with this quarantine stuff I miss the wheel from the gym. Watching you made me place an order… It looks so comfortable and re-leafing

  • I came across your video, because I never knew these even existed, and wanted to learn more about how to use it. Your video instruction is very attention to detail. Thanks for the lesson!!

  • So I brought one and it really opens me up but I also ordered a Chirp wheel because it has the grove for the spine. Does anyone have any experience with the Chirp wheel and what are your thoughts?

  • Dear Natasha,here is 1:30PM,and I practice with you it feels so great,thank you so much for sharing these beautiful drills,idol ideas to engaging with movements,love you girl and thank you so much ������

  • This video was very helpful! Thank you. Your personality is amazing, and I’ll be looking for more of your videos to further my practice.

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  • Idk, Im not as flexible as you, plus in general I think guys are less flexible. All I know it the video was kind of relaxing, haha.:)

    edit: but I do alot of music and video production so when you said it’ll massage me a bit, I could see that workin out!

  • Excellent video on using the Yoga Wheel. My daughter and I thank you for very clear and easy way to use the wheel without getting injured. Thank you…

  • So glad I found this. My wheel is arriving tomorrow, I need to start working out slowly due to chronic pain and bone issues, these tips look perfect for me. Thank you.

  • I was looking for reviews on the chirp wheel and stumbled across this video. Great instructional video. I’m not gonna lie, I had a little chub going.

  • This is not* for beginners, obviously. So everyone else would need to be easy on their back, support themselves rather than let the wheel break our backs, hah. Test out the wheel with your own back and forth movements, go VERY slowly, as your hands will not want to be stretched exactly like her’s or too legs even, too wide… VERY slowly, peeps.

  • Hi I found a place where you can find lot of new meditation tips available online. Go to Google and type: “MindYoga4U”. You will be a master with the ideas available.

  • good lordy. that was amazing, but super tough. i had to stop at 30 mins though cos i did your pilates class just before this, can’t wait to practice with my wheel, a new found love now. thank you so much natasha. namaste

  • I finally made it to one of your classes, yeah ��Thank you so much for being so inspiring. Being a teacher myself I find it hard to make time to take classes regularly but I‘ll try to come back to your channel. Absolutely loved it ❤️

  • Wow I didn’t even know the yoga wheel exists! Thanks for many different ways how to use yoga props such as using the yoga block, strap, and wheel. Namaste ��

  • This lady is so much stronger than me, I would end up tearing my muscles and hurting myself doing every single one of these exercises

  • what if your back already curves inwards a lot for example with flat feet people experience a lot of lower back pain because it arches more than usual. would this help?

  • You need to be careful with your knees you are taking them inwards when doing squat with one leg on the wheel. Great video tho thanks for sharing.

  • You’re Amazing! I just bought a yoga wheel today! Super scared but very determined to carefully meet my goals using this! Thank you soo much! I’m so happy i found your channel!
    ((Subbed & Liked))

  • Dear kaybbt��
    I am very impressed �� you are super great
    And all the yoga poses
    What will you recommend to a persons who would like learn from the beginning��
    xoxo ��