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And this makes possible one of the least-discussed benefits of sleep — a small miracle really — and that’s the way it allows us, once we return from our night’s journey, to see the world anew with fresh eyes and a reinvigorated spirit. Sleep allows us to step out of time and come back to our lives restored. A Sleep Revolution Will Allow Us to Better Solve the World’s Problems So here’s the big idea I think will shape 2016: sleep. New research shows people actually might solve a problem better if they “sleep on it.” In fact, the researchers were able to improve problem solving upon waking.

Your Guide to Better Sleep It’s what we do in response to a bout of insomnia that determines whether we will end up with long-term sleep problems. “Good sleep habits don’t necessarily solve sleep problems, but they do create a foundation for improved sleep,” says Dr. Neubauer. Good habits include things such as keeping the bedroom cool and dark, using a fan or a white-noise machine to create a blanket of sound, and using the bed exclusively as a place for sleeping―and not for watching TV or working, for example.

The sleep group solved a greater number of difficult problems than did the other groups, but no difference was found for easy problems. We conclude that sleep facilitates problem solving, most. The sleep group solved a greater number of difficult problems than did the other groups, but no difference was found for easy problems.

We conclude that sleep facilitates problem solving, most likely via spreading activation, but this has its primary effect for harder problems. The authors conclude, “By demonstrating for the first time that targeted reactivation of puzzle memories during sleep improves problem-solving the. Dec. 23, 2004 The answer to your problems may be found in your dreams.During sleep, dreams may offer solutions to difficulties within a week after the. When it comes to problem solving, getting enough sleep may truly be the secret to success..

Take the case of Kate Miller, the owner of Charlie’s Playhouse, a maker of science education toys.

List of related literature:

Yes, we then help to keep the world-sleep.

“Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky” by Maurice Nicoll
from Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky
by Maurice Nicoll
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The world doesn’t sleep, but we need sleep to be able to conquer it.

“The Self-Discipline Handbook: Simple Ways to Cultivate Self-Discipline, Build Confidence, and Obtain Your Goals” by Natalie Wise
from The Self-Discipline Handbook: Simple Ways to Cultivate Self-Discipline, Build Confidence, and Obtain Your Goals
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They will not simply knock us out like sleeping pills, but change our ‘sleep architecture’ so that we enter deep sleep quicker.

“Queuing for Beginners: The Story of Daily Life From Breakfast to Bedtime” by Joe Moran
from Queuing for Beginners: The Story of Daily Life From Breakfast to Bedtime
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Improving the base of knowledge related to sleep is important in a world that appears to not be getting enough of it.

“Handbook of Health Psychology” by Tracey A. Revenson, Regan A. R. Gurung
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If we’re having a difficult time with an earthly problem, how does sleep help us come to a proper decision?

“Adventures of the Soul” by James Van Praagh
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How do we benefit from sleeping?

“Thinking About Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior” by Charles T. Blair-Broeker, Randal M. Ernst, David G. Myers
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If we want to face the world with the best chance of success, and especially if we hope to break free from the emotional instability of disconnection syndrome, better sleep must be part of the plan.

“Brain Wash: Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness” by Kristin Loberg, David Perlmutter, Austin Perlmutter
from Brain Wash: Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness
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For many leaders, going to bed is only part of the problem.

“The Mind of the Leader: How to Lead Yourself, Your People, and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results” by Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter
from The Mind of the Leader: How to Lead Yourself, Your People, and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results
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It wouldn’t be a bad idea if we got some sleep, too.

“In Dubious Battle” by John Steinbeck, Warren French
from In Dubious Battle
by John Steinbeck, Warren French
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But sleep is not just for keeping us safe and for repairing our brain.

“Psychology, Eighth Edition in Modules” by David G. Myers
from Psychology, Eighth Edition in Modules
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  • I’ve woken up in the middle of sleep and feel extremely cold and shake. I can’t get out bed except ask my husband to get my long pants and more blankets. This is real.

  • why does everything have to include money. Show me proper proof soo i can be bothered to fucking to put money on you. 10 minute video is not going to cut it

  • What helps me is telling myself that I’ve fallen asleep before successfully without anxiety, so I can do it tonight… I just affirm this each day

  • Well,to avoid shoulder pain I have to sleep on the back,but to avoid snoring I have to sleep on the side.I mean,what is the right position?

  • organicsleep.best is the best natural sleep herb formula I’ve used. Its been 3 months now and I’ve never looked back. My sleep quality has improved so much. I can’t thank my mom enough for finding a natural herbal remedy for me.

  • When i go to bed my brain overthinking so much and feel something that make me sad,stress and afraid.
    I always can’t sleep because of my fvcking anxiety And depression just because of thiss quarantinee.
    before, i always wanted to sleep.
    But now, i just wanted to sleep and not wake up anymoree……

  • I can’t sleep, this is the second night in a row that I haven’t been able to sleep.. it’s 4am, I feel like I’m just not getting tired enough…

  • You just need a comfy bed, comfy pillows, a comfy blanket and an airconditioner and put it on a cold stage thingy and be sure you have no lights on and before you sleep take a bath 1st

    Hop y’all got a good sleep with meh technique

  • This sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it) hasn`t only stopped me from purchasing different medications but also helped me attain a good night sleep after 3 months of nightly insomnia assault. In that time, I can only sleep Three to four hours each night. When I started out utilizing the plan, I was able to achieve 7 straight hours rest. After a year of utilizing it, my sleep became much better and longer than what I`ve attained in a long time.

  • For those who isn’t Expose to “ASMR Videos to cure Insomniacs and Sleeping Disorder, and Nightmare Cure. Go search “ASMR” in youtube. I listen to ASMR all the time to fall asleep. It’ helps me alot.

  • when you set your alarms they usually kick in in a month…I tryed and when my phone I dead I wake up by my self…good hack for your info

  • I just get panic attacks about college and how I will miss my mommy and my daddy (yes I still calm them that) but I am only 14 turning 15 in 2 months and I get scared that we are going to die one day and I just want to go back to my childhood ������

  • I`ve had mild sleep problems for many years getting out of bed around 4 am on several days. Nevertheless only these current months, my resting time are only two to four hours. It has gotten worse. This plan has helped me a lot in improving my getting to sleep trouble. This is aside from understanding the basics of sleeping. Good luck, you will get the results, research it on Google. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I’m only 9 years old and my parents tell me to go to bed at 8 and right now it is 256 but I don’t feel tired I drink sleep medicine to fall asleep but that doesn’t work

  • Given that I started out adulthood, I could not get enough proper sleep. I am on day 7 of this sleep cure and already feel greater. I thought there’s no cure to this situation I have. I assumed getting Eight hours of sleep is impossible to get. The treatment regarding how to treat sleeping disorder is without a doubt amazing. It reveals a few factors and also a treatment solution for various circumstances of sleeping disorders. I`ve obtained plenty of medication programs to pick from.. I researched this guide on Google.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I cant sleep because I kept waking up for 2 to 3 mins and I lose breath so I have to breathe when waking up please can someone give me a tip on how to prevent this:(

  • Very helpful info! We’ve featured your video in our stress reduction activities list: https://mindfulandpure.com/stress-management-activities-techniques/ thanks for your work!

  • Insomnia has it roots in fear, negativity and tension and being serius too much.

    What helped me with insomnia is be focused on something or someone else then me. because more i focus on me and my problem with falling asleep, then i have lower chance to fall asleep at night.

    Insomnia is very easy to get, but very hard to rid off. But it can be done, without any meds or anything.

    Its just you need to deal properly with your worries and fears. But how to do that? Well the best medicine in the world for stress, fear and worries is love, fun, laught, enjoy and bright sun:-) Its ridiculesly easy t understand, but very hard to apply to your life. If you start to be happy during the day, having more fun, being loved by others and id of too much responsibilities and goals, you will more likely to fall asleep easy.

    I suffering from insomnia like 10 months now. but it is getting better and better. I know it is hard do go meet your friends, when you feel like a shit. Nobody want to be that shitty person full of problems. but you can easily deal with that. Simply, dont bother anybody else with you problem to not be able to fall asleep and you tiredness. just go to meet some friend in some not very demanding place, like tenis quart or like that. go and plan with your friend some easy trip to nature. Go slow and enjoy th nature, sunshine and good air. GOD! what a relife…

    Be happy do somethings what your spouse love. focus on your partner a do what amke him happy, you will be happy of yourself, that you ca give happinest to others and being loved. Go with your partner to some dinner or meal and do something you both love, but dont do because your insomnia. that feel of love will heal you and you will be more liky to fall asleep at night.

    Happy person have never problem to fall asleep. So be happy as much as you can. Dont push you to your goals. Dont give yourself any more demand of yourself, just be. make a plan but dont depend on it. Delete I mustfrom you dictionary. Applie I can instead.

    Dont wach horror and action movies. Watch comedy or documentary instead
    Dont play horror on action games. Play more startegies or building games instead.
    Dont go to sleep if you are stressed, play some ambient instead.
    Dont think about your problems, think about the grace and gifts you have in your life
    Dont think and worry about your insomnia in bed. Imagine like some fantasy world where you are whatever you want to be or think about some stupid things like can hobbiits mate with elfs?:D
    Dont worry about money. enyoj your money. buy yout parents or your spouse some good gifts.
    Dont be bitter and hateful. Try to help people around you.
    Dont have people with bad influence on you in your life, kick them from your life insted.
    Dont worry about hobbies you cannot do because your lack of energy and tiredness. Do some hobbies which are not energy demanding instead.
    Do some arts! Fuck Do some arst! Be creative!

    You will see the result! Its enormous. Yeaahh, it will not cure you immediatly, but in time. It can be long time mont, two or three. but in that time, when you will feel as shit with no motiviation and etc, go back here and read these. Dont lose your fights in your mind. Lose your addiciton on things and people instead. You dont need to be friende with some people, you dont need to be numero uno, have big house, perfect car, sexy body and etc. You just dont need these things. What you need is only little improvement day by day. Try to be better at job, try to improve your relationship with friends, kids, partner, try to eat healthier, try to have better hobbies and do what you like. Try to be happier, but dont demand being happy form yourself! That is true love you can give your self. You dont must to bee happy, you simply can be happier. Thats the trick:-)

    Trust me, its working.

    I love you all my frineds and apology from me for my not best grammar. I am form Czech republic. Thank you and have a good day:-)

  • ffs, this video makes me even more anxious!:/

    btw, last night I went to bed at 22:30, but only fell asleep at 5AM.:( sucks on so many levels during the night, and then during the next day!

  • I have trouble sleeping. To a sever extent. It’s called insomnia�� but https://youtu.be/-8uemTIB17A these guys have helped me a lot maybe they can help u too. Surprising they are new.

  • I have recently been deprived of a great sleep from the time that I reached my adult life. I am on day 7 of this sleeping treatment and currently experience much better. I’d never assumed I can accomplish 8 hours of sleep all over again. This treatment program is without a doubt amazing. It states a number of explanations along with a solution for several instances of insomnia. I`ve received quite a lot of treatment programs to pick from.. I researched Google and found this guidebook on a website.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I suffered with sleeplessness for over two years and considered there seems to be no hope for me. I acquired this sleeping plan from the psychological behavioral specialist. It helped me learn more about sleep. And each night, I can now sleep at night pleasantly. Sleeping on the bed is a wonderful experience overnight. I got this guidebook on Google.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Yo fuck these people this did not help at all it just made me mad af. I’ve been up for a week.

    EditI’m back again in another sleepless night but in a better mood. I was frustrated and I’m sorry for the hurtful words I commented. There’s no excuse and it was not helpful. Hope everyone is staying strong, we’ll get through this!

  • This video made me feel worse to be honest, telling me what will happen if I don’t get to sleep causing my anxiety to get much worse because I’m thinking about what will happen if I don’t sleep and also the way this presenter is smiling and almost making out mental health in general to be a laughing matter is so frustrating. That’s how I personally feel, don’t know about anyone else

  • If you have Problems to fall asleep I can recommend you to listen to sounds of nature. It helps to reduce anxiety ans stress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC7YOv8hvgI

  • I was scared to sleep tonight because i had a memory and it reminded me of a night or two were i woke up and was scared and i couldn’t breath and i tried to scream for help but i was on my top bunk and i had strep throat and bronkidus don’t know how to spell and i couldn’t yell but finally my mom came and helped and tonight i felt like i couldn’t breath

  • It takes me forever to sleep, I always wake up every couple hours for no reason and I’m always dead exhausted but there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep in this environment

  • You can’t sleep at night!
    You sweat at night!
    Then take this medicine and everything will be fine.
    See More: https://nplink.net/z4ar3ob8

  • Talking about the poor health effects of insomnia and anxiety = not helping b***c. We are already stressed out enough! Negative shit.

  • M sorry but u guys know that people whi are affected will watch this so instead of saying the negative effects such heart disease this video made me feel more stressed! Thank you

  • There are many factors in treating anxiety naturally. One resource I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Aghy magic method (check it out on google) definately the best resource that I’ve heard of. Check out the extraordinary info.

  • I sleep kinda weird I go on my stomach with my hands next to my ears and my head is facing left but I always put my head under the pillow does anyone else do this?

  • Well I can sleep whole day & I do.. lockdown just took my nights shut eye..bad schedule..no routine neither discipline nor physical activity..I will love to get back my night rest,sleeping all day seems to me lyk skipping life..hope this pandemic passes very soon.

  • My insomnia was destroying every part of my life. It stole my hobbies, my health, my work, and now my manhood. Thank god I found this >>> 4InsomniaCure. Com

  • Hello My name is Winola I’m 8 y. O and ive been looking through myself on the past 2 days that I think I have anxiety because I freak out I feel something bothering me I don’t know what is it my body just starts to pain idk what’s happening to me right now

  • Onsite sleep studies a crock of bull…., unless you are 100 years old. Yeah, let’s just fall asleep at the hospital almost like I am home for a sleep study, I have had two of them unsuccessfully. Hospital sleep studies are a scam!! INSIST on an at home study, And the technology exists so that you do not need wires and cables all over you when you are attempting a normal(sarcasm) sleep. God bless everyone, this sleep disorder stuff is like a cancer equivalent.

  • It’s 4:24 and I haven’t been able to get to sleep at all I have been having less than an hours sleep a night and I have to do four days of gymnastics starting later today and I’m scared about it because I don’t think I can do it

  • I have got mild sleep problems for many years getting up around 4 am on many mornings. A couple of months ago, I began to have only two to 4 hours sleep every night, making me in a worse condition of insomnia. By looking at this plan, I was able to uncover a lot more about sleeping as well as find the ways to obtain a much better sleep.. I researched this guide on Google.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I have been lacking of a good sleep ever since I reached my adulthood. This sleep strategy has revealed me good results even on my first 7 days of usage. I believed there is no alternative to this disorder I have. I assumed having Eight hours of rest is extremely hard to get. This program is surely incredible. It tells some factors along with a cure for various conditions of insomnia. I`ve acquired quite a lot of medication programs out there.. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. It is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Doctor i have been diagnosed with kleine Levin syndrome after few sleep study and MSLT….i am in India can you help for medication… It is a part of my life since last 10 years. Please help

  • literally can’t sleep due to some sub-conscious anxiety that tells me to keep awake or something is gonna hurt me �� what is my brain trying to do man!

    Also based on the comments below I’m skipping this video!

  • Let me know if anyone feels this way … when I try to go to sleep I feel like I can’t breathe properly or something bad is going to happen

  • Your not alone a lot of us feel like this mines come and go right now I’m having chest tightness because of anxiety I wake up and my heart is racing so fast I feel like something bad if gong to happen I can’t rest at night i jump up feeling like I can’t catch my breath it sucks bad this virus really messed with a lot of us but we will get through this anxiety and depression sucks so bad����

  • So I didn’t sleep last night. It’s 11 now, not sleeping. I usually sleep around nine (because It’s what I’m comfortable with.) But now I’m not tired at all. My family and I are spending these times together due to the pandemic, and my mother said I passed out for four hours today. But I don’t remember it at all. What do I do? I don’t think I have anything to stress, worry, or be angry about. I also dont think I have any mental disorders other than anxiety, but It’s social anxiety, I’m completely alone at night so it shouldn’t be that. Im si confused… Help.

  • i’m 17 and my problem is that i’ll fall asleep at like 10:30/11 and then i’ll wake up at 2 or 3 for no reason. it’s the weirdest thing but i usually fall back asleep. but i really just want to sleep all the way through the night

  • I m 22,a month ago I’ve changed my sleeping schedule, i was awaking whole night n go to sleep in the morning, now m trying to sleep in night but m not getting sleep at all. Please lemme know what should I do.

  • Oh my god! If only I new that I should “just relax” my sleep would get fixed immediately!
    Does “just don’t feel pain” also works when I feel pain?

  • I have bean up for four hours trying to fall asleep and I was doing the insomnia position but at the same time I am 11 so can that even happen

  • I have this weird thing where I can’t sleep in my room I either have to sleep in the living room or my moms room I think it’s because of childhood stress but I’m over that now and I just can’t sleep in my room and wanting to know if anybody else has this problem

  • cool stuff but this has not fix my problem i just watched the video till the end =)

    WITE NOISE helps me to get god night sleep im like a baby on the picture when i put this sound on at night =)))) i just do it like the
    babies hehe


    no need to thank me i know it works

    =) but u can like a comment for no reason =))))))

  • This sleep treatment has not just prevented me from acquiring numerous treatments but additionally helped me enjoy a superb night sleep just after 3 months of nightly insomnia attack. Before all these, I could only acquire 3 to 4 hours of good sleep. When I started out applying the plan, I had been able to gain Seven straight hours of rest. 1 year had passed, I could tell you that in many years these recent good sleep are the best I have. Good luck, you will get the results, get it on Google. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • This sleeping plan has not just ceased me from obtaining a number of pills but also allowed me to gain a very good night sleep after 3-4 months of nightly insomnia attack. Before all these, I could solely obtain Three to four hours of excellent rest. Whenever I started off making use of the plan, I was able to gain 7 straight hours of sleep at night. Soon after 1 year of applying it, my own sleep became better and much longer than I have attained in several years.. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • It’s not common to Filipino teens to experience this. But why am I feeling this way, like when I’m about to fall asleep I will feel very scared and nervous and that’s why I can’t sleep properly.my sleep ranges to 2 hours only. What’s happening on me?

  • I felt hopeless for 2 years. I assumed that my sleeplessness will be never be resolved. Not until a psychological behavioral therapist advised this particular treatment. It assisted me know more about sleeping. I`m right now sleeping perfectly again every night. Relaxing on your mattress is a beautiful experience overnight. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • very good information shows in the video, Something I also found useful for insomnia treatment
    was Moorack Simple Sleep Miracle if anyone is interested search on google

  • Been having trouble sleeping or just finding a right posture to sleep. It’s annoying and no matter how early I sleep, I still wake up a couple hours later. One thing that gets annoying is when I wake up with my eyes so irritated or just tired. Then i end up having a bomb ass nap later

  • I’m from Turkey and we just had an earthquake in the other side of Turkey and I can’t sleep cuz of anxiety disorder ooof. It’s already 3.36 am:(

  • I have used sleeping tablets, not having my phone or blue screens, wearing myself out I have literally tried everything and still struggle to sleep. I feel so tired yet can’t sleep���� someone help me plssssss its 2:56 uugggghhhh

  • Acceler8 is a fast-acting all-natural supplement intended for:

    regulating body weight

    improving sleep

    normalizing digestion

    promoting mental and physical relaxation

    neutralizing the harmful effects of antibiotics

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  • Quarantine messed me up im active all day and night and at night my eyes are tired but my brain active, please help anyone recommend something

  • I struggled with sleep problems for over two years and considered there seems to be no cure for my situation. Not until a psychological behavioral therapist suggested this particular method. It helped me know more about sleep. And every night, I can now sleep at night pleasantly. Sleeping on your bed is a great experience overnight. Good luck, you will get the results, research it on Google. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • ok so were can i get help for this im a person thats on dothep witch is a antidepresant for anxiety i mainly found this drug cause i could go a week without sleeping and this medication helped to knock me out it changed my live 26 years ago but im still fucked with this drug plus sleeping medication just to sleep its been on going and has ruled my life please help me.

  • I didn`t take my sleeping disorders very seriously before as it just arises now and then. Not until Five years after where it has become the worst problem. I can only sleep for Three hours in almost all nights and I cannot also sleep through the entire night on most occasions. I tried this guide. Right on the spot, only just on that day solely, I encountered beneficial outcomes. After having a week of making use of the guidebook, I managed to accomplish Four to seven hours of great sleep. And it continues to enhance far better as I regularly utilize the program. Good luck, you will get the results, research it on Google. It is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • i’m scared if i want to sleep i’m thinking what i someone breaks in and kills me like where do i hide just overthinking and it’s driving me crazy i can’t sleep till i see sun so i feel safe

  • I dealt with with sleeplessness for more than 2 yrs and considered there seems to be no solution for my situation. I got this sleeping program from a psychological behavioral therapist. It really helped me find out about sleep. And each night, I can now sleep at night in comfort. I absolutely love resting in the mattress once more.. I researched this guide on Google.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • During quarantine, I’ve been getting less and less exercise and have been skipping at least 1 meal a day. I’m guessing that’s the culprit

  • I’m only 19 but I’m having neck and back pain I don’t know what’s causing it ☹️ ig I’ll try and sleep on my back and hope for the best

  • For me it was just one night in third grade that I couldn’t sleep and then it was almost every night for a couple months at a time, it gets better, then it gets worse. I’ve seen so many videos. Journal about problems. It’s not that I have problems, do all this, eat this, drink this. It doesn’t work. My dad gets super mad because when i can’t sleep I bother him, and he’s like “it’s every night! Don’t come down!” Or when I come downstairs and tell him I can’t sleep, he says “lay in your bed and go to sleep” I CANT ITS NOT THAT SIMPE I LAY THERE FOR HOURS AND I GET TIRED BUT I JUST CANT.

  • I can’t sleep more than 4 hours every day, and yesterday I slept for 1 hour weak up can’t back sleep in the same time taking a lot to can sleep again and it was 3 hours so as I said 4 hours every day ��

  • it takes me 7-8 hours to fall a sleep even without cp or any gadjets i also drink warm milk so hey wtf and some times i cant fall a sleep all night and day and if i fall a sleep i woked up early my sleep is just 2 or 3 hours

  • I always thought I had ADHD issues but it definitely seems to be related to not enough deep sleep. I have CFS which affects immunity, causes forgetfulness and brain fog, can cause anxiety and depression, and endocrine problems. (And poor sleep). Everything Dr Joseph said.

  • I haven’t been able to sleep for one week because I’m always active on social media at night and then at 8:00am6pm I’ll take my sleep and active again at night,, and then again and again and again and again

  • i struggle to sleep even if i avoid any activity like on electronics, playing games or even reading and i end up staying awake for hours bored ��

  • A disastrous interview and advice, she is only listing out the bad effects which will make the problem even worse. Next time please provide diagnosis or advice and that interviewer is a dumb doucebag

  • Can a doctor please help my girlfriend? I’ve slept with her every night the past 2 years and the past few months she stresses every single night about how she’s gonna fall asleep. She bought a $15 Uber home last night because she couldn’t sleep at my house. I gave her a ride home from the hotel before the night was over because she couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t stop stressing about how she’s gonna sleep. She’s always super super tired and anxious. It just won’t go away! Please help!

  • Honestly I wish I could live on melatonin without any consequences:/ I slept without waking up last night for the first in years it was like I closed my eyes for 30 seconds and BOOM it was morning ;—;

    give me melatoooniiinnn:(

  • My problem is i feel like im controlled and i cant go to sleep at any time. The only way i can sleep is Keeping my eyes open for as long as possible. Or crying myself to sleep. Cause i have severe depression too..

  • I am here because I am practicing my listening skills on English language and also because I cant sleep ��
    Well I can say that I understood 80% of the video ��

  • I have been deprived of a good rest from the time that I reached my adult life. This sleep strategy has revealed me great outcomes even on my first Seven days of usage. I’d never assumed I can obtain Eight hours of sleep once more. The plan regarding how to treat sleeping disorder is definitely wonderful. It shows several explanations and also a treatment solution for diverse conditions of sleep problems. I`ve received a lot of therapy programs out there.. I discovered Google and found this guidebook on a website.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I cant sleep I can only sleep sometimes like so.etimes at 8 30 and sometimes I could sleep at 1 am 2am wtf is happening this started since I started working 2 years ago

  • I can only sleep for about 4 hours each night. I find it difficult to sleep in the first place because of my anxiety but then I end up waking up from 3-4am.

  • Ever since the Coronavirus started to spread, I literally can’t sleep well anymore. I’m usually asleep by 9:30, but now I’d be up at around 10:30 to 12:00 A.M. Then I have to take Melatonin Gummies just for me to sleep.

  • I have the worst time sleeping, I take 2 magnesium, went to bed two hours earlier than usual, and still I stay wide awake after hours of trying to sleep

  • My sleep schedule is great I sleep at 9 and wake up at 7 or 8 or 9. Now suddenly for the past 2 days my brain is active all night, even when my eyes dry up and go to sleep my brain is fully awake ����

  • Warm temperature makes me sick. Cold temperature cure my sickness. The colder it is, the better i sleep, and faster. the warmer i get super tired but able to sleep after having my eyes closed for about 2-3 hours… My body is made to be able to walk outside with a t-shirt during winter. Not made for heat. And this planet is getting hotter…………….yaay……. ��������

  • I have been using sleep product from naturekindness .com for over a month now. I feel so much better now because of relaxed and good sleep. Definitely try it!

  • I struggled with sleeping disorders for more than 2 years and considered there was clearly no treatment for my situation. Not until a psychological behavioral therapist recommended this solution. It assist me to understand science how we sleep at night. I`m at this moment sleeping perfectly again every night. I love sleeping in the bed all over again.. I researched Google and found this tip on a website.. Name of the guidebook is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I feel so sleepy at daytime but everytime i close my eyes my brain just cant focus and get worse at night…i fall asleep but wake up every 1-2 hours then i try to fall asleep again but i still woke 1 2 hour later

    I watch my clock everytime i woke up..

  • What I’ve noticed is you need a sleep pattern go to bed at the same time each night and wake up around the same time each day. Having a job to go to really helps with this cause it forces you to be up so your not late for your job. And by the end of the week at your new job you’ve already trained your mind and body to sleep at this time wake up at this time. The human body usually only stays awake for 14-16 hours and the reaming 8 hours should be your sleep time that’s a 24 hour day roughly. You should not require any sort of naps during the day if you do need a nap that’s just a sign you haven’t got enough sleep or quality sleep. My body and mind are trained so good as soon as I get that tired feeling and my head hits that pillow I’m out until I wake up. If it’s hard for you too go to sleep first thing you gotta do is get your body and mind on a sleeping schedule

  • Anyone experience that feeling when you’re falling asleep and you get that falling down a skyscraper sensation but on your chest? that’s the best way i can describe the feeling and it’s only when I’m going to sleep. i also get super bad headache or tension or both. Help >.<

  • Anyone finds hope when you know there is life after death and I saw in a video a died child seems to confront her mother with a balloon, the family notices its the died child

  • Well hell there are days for me that I can’t even sleep and I have to stay up late and get some sleep In the night like for 2 hours

  • Irshaad-e-Bari Taala:
    Aur ham na tumharay leye neend ma sukoon or tawanai rakhi ha. To kon ha jo waqt pa sota or jagta ha? Beshak wohi to sachha/sachhi momin ha.

  • Timestamps-
    Shoulder pain 0:30

    Back pain 1:11

    Neck pain- 1:54

    Snoring- 2:30

    Leg cramps- 3:13

    Heartburn/Aching legs- 3:46

    You cant fall asleep- 4:19

    You cant stay asleep- 4:56

    You cant wake up- 5:20

  • For the reason that insomnia I had wasn`t truly serious, so I did not take it seriously. However about five years ago, my own condition became worse. It’s already the best sleep for me personally if I am able to sleep at night for Three hours. Most often, I could not get my own self to sleep all night. I taken this particular solution. I encountered good effect exactly on the day I began using it. In only a week I was asleep 4-7 hours every evening. And it carries on to improve much better as I continuously use the program. I researched Google and found this guidebook on a website.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • Ways to help improve SLEEP

    Weak kidneys can affect our sleep, so we can try to tap or rub the lower back to help improve the kidneys. Try to eat more black beans and black sesame seeds, they’re beneficial for the kidneys.

    Poor blood circulation can also affect our sleep, we can eat ginger in the morning to help improve blood circulation. Don’t eat ginger in the evening or at night because it makes us harder to sleep. We want to remain calm at night.

    Avoid light before sleeping, light makes the brain active. You can try to download a blue light filter for android, and use Night Shift on iOS. Too much blue light can affect our physical and mental health. You can also download a blue light filter for the computer as well.

    There is a hand gesture that can help improve sleep, it’s call ‘gyan mudra’. You can google the picture. Do it with both hands, this hand gesture can help relax the body and mind. I taught some people, most of them said it helped them sleep better.

    Meditation helps calm the mind and sharpen the brain. Meditation is not about sitting, but to make the mind more peaceful. So you can sit on a chair, and recite “one, two, three, one, two, three…” to help the mind stay focus. Wandering mind makes us unable to remain calm. Train your mind daily, and the more focused you are, the more energy you have. So, you will sleep better.

    Try to avoid music or songs that makes us hyperactive, hyperactive only makes our mind go crazy. Try to listen to music that makes us more calm.

    When the mind is calm and peaceful, the blood flow becomes better. When the mind is filled with depression, anxiety, fear, hatred…etc, these can create blockages in our body that affects our physical and mental health. Before we sleep, tell ourselves that”I love all beings, I forgive all beings, I am sorry for what I have done wrong, and thanks for everything.” We usually believe what we think, so stay positive, so our mind will become more positive. It’s better to be neutral, but being positive is easier for beginners. Saying these can stop our mind from creating more negative thoughts that prevent us from being healthy and happy. I am not denying that there are physical sufferings, but at least we can lessen our mental sufferings. “Thanks for everything” means to accept the fact, if our mind keeps fighting and avoiding suffering, then there will be more suffering. Once we accept it, and be loving and forgiving, the mental suffering will disappear or least there will be less pain. To forgive is basically stopping our mind to creating more sufferings for ourselves.

    Lack of sleep makes us weaker, look older, poor memory, physically and mentally weak. It affects the way we live. Good Luck!

  • Hi abby, this is sagar from India.. From past 3 months.. I’m sleeping only for 3 hours per day.. I’m not able to understand whats happening in me.. If I have alcohol also, I’m not getting sleep.. Can u please help me out to solve my problem.!

  • I didn`t take my sleeping disorders seriously before because it simply takes place sometimes. Not till Five years after in which it has become the worst issue. I`m able to only slumber for Three hrs in almost all nights and I cannot also rest through the entire night frequently. I used this guide. Right on the spot, merely on that day only, I encountered fantastic outcomes. After having a week of adopting the program, I was able to get 4-7 hours of excellent sleep. My sleep gets far better everyday.. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • Okay so my problem is that I can never get to sleep unless I physically exhaust myself by staying up till early hours or by continuously reading or watching films. I then in a morning struggle to wake up. I’ve had this problem for many years now and I’m always told by my GP that i just need to “try and sleep” but I just can’t. It takes me at least 1 hour to fall asleep on a good day. Can you please help me find out what’s wrong?