Why You Need To Stop Treating Yoga like a Recovery Workout


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“The reason why yoga has the reputation of being a rest day activity for those who perform other types of exercise is because yoga is thought to be particularly low impact,” explains Ali Owens, a yoga instructor for Yoga Wake Up. “It has the reputation of being for ‘flexible’ bodies and being all. Repetitive activity can cause muscles to shorten; sitting, for example, tightens the muscles on the fronts of your hips, while pushups do the same to those of the chest. Reduced joint mobility compromises alignment and joint mechanics, leading to decreased strength and performance and increased risk of injury. (There aren’t any specific anti-recovery poses that everyone should avoid as it’s individual. If your quads are very tight, even crescent lunge could be uncomfortable and therefore too much for recovery.) “Participants using yoga as a rest day need to ignore the cues to ‘go deeper’ or ‘find your edge,’” she says.

Bottom line: First, consider your experience with yoga. If you’re new to the practice, adding it to your. Boosting a self-control makes user more likely avoid drugs and other illicit substances.

Various Yoga poses and associated breathing exercises have an influential role in alleviating the symptoms of stress and mental disorders. Yoga can also raise levels of GABA – which is shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Whatever the reason, you’re sore and run down, and though you know it’s not a day for the gym, you want to do something to soothe your tight, exhausted muscles. Enter: Yoga for athletic recovery.

You may experience yoga as part of a larger exercise or wellness component to your treatment. You may be fortunate enough to be offered individualized sessions. As previously mentioned, a brand of yoga is linked with 12-step recovery (Y12SR), so that may be your introduction to yoga.

You have the right to ask about the credentials of your. “Yoga is filled with eccentric contractions that cause microscopic injuries to the muscle and fascial tissues,” says Erica Yeary, MPH, RYT, an exercise physiologist and a Yoga Medicine registered therapeutic specialist based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Yes, yoga. Each of the following poses are helpful in warding off the flu and colds, as well as managing the symptoms should you fall prey. They only take a few minutes, so try to do them right before bed three times a week, or every day should you feel something coming on.

When you rush out of the gym after a workout, you miss out on a really important part of the fitness process: recovery. “Working out involves breaking muscle down, with the intention to build it back up,” explains certified strength and conditioning specialist Austin Martinez, director of education for assisted-stretching franchise StretchLab. “If you don’t facilitate muscle recovery with. Studies show that the best time for athletes to do static stretching of the lower body is after the completion of training sessions. Recent research explains that static stretches before sports endeavors weaken the very muscles needed to power workouts.

Basketball, soccer, surfing, running, cycling, tennis and football for instance, all require strong fast leg work to generate the forces.

List of related literature:

from the Recovery 2.0 perspective, yoga and meditation are required elements of recovery.

“RECOVERY 2.0” by Tommy Rosen
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Dr. Carmichael: Yoga can have a positive role in recovery.

“Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions About Stroke Recovery” by Mike Dow, Dr., David Dow, Megan Sutton, CCC-SLP
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The minute you try to prove something to yourself or others, the yoga is gone and the chance for injury is real.

“The Women's Health Big Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness” by Kathryn Budig
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Say you strain a muscle while doing yoga for the first time in a long time—now your body has to dedicate part of its immune system’s precious reserves to repairing and healing the injury so inflammation reduces, even if it’s mild.

“Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys” by Anthony William
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Yoga Nidra works by consciously taking your attention to different parts of the body, which activates the nerves in those areas, this is why it’s so good to do after a SHE Flow movement practice because it helps to integrate the impact of the movement into your system.

“Love Your Lady Landscape: Trust Your Gut, Care for 'Down There' and Reclaim Your Fierce and Feminine SHE-Power” by Lisa Lister
from Love Your Lady Landscape: Trust Your Gut, Care for ‘Down There’ and Reclaim Your Fierce and Feminine SHE-Power
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I wasn’t unfamiliar with yoga, but this spontaneity was taking it a giant step further into a new realm of healing and integration.

“The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life” by Sue Morter, Jill Bolte Taylor
from The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life
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Yoga movement is healing because it reunites mind and body.

“Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain” by Timothy McCall, Kelly McGonigal
from Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain
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Yoga Nidra gives us the ability to withdraw from the habits and cravings that don’t serve us.

“Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep” by Kamini Desai
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Yoga is about healing, not curing.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Larry Payne, Georg Feuerstein
from Yoga For Dummies
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Further, yoga helps re-establish body balance after toxins and negative emotions are released.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
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  • I’m not fat, but I always come to this video when my path is too hard, and I’m too tired to listen words for give up, too remenber me that despite falling 1000 times, one day I will end this path with my dream acomplished.

  • Bro plz let me know i have gotten slipped dis two weeks ago…first few days it was too much pain but now a bit ok…just tell me is it possible to cure without surgery? Thanks a lot

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  • Depends on which direction your disc is bulging, anterior or posterior. This video is important for a posterior bulge.

    An inversion table is my go to for treatment. ( you could also try hanging from pull up bar, but this is hard for those that have weak grip strength) an inversion table offers more subtle decompression.

  • Because of front foot injury before 3 months I walked putting maximum pressure on my heel.After recovery of injury now I developed bad habit of putting pressure backward.I can walk upward comfortably on stairs but on flat surface there is painful pressure on my calf muscles & heel.So I can’t move forward easily on flat surface.What can I do now?Is there any exercise for this? Please help me..!!

  • hi i have a question on how many exercises should one with MS perform daily to stay fit or active. In the past i did a lot a lot of stretching and felt brilliant after it but then my motivation got lost and it seems that i cannot find new ways to stay active. Im also disturbed by every little noise. Should i perform every day the same exercises or should i switch them (legs one day, hands the other and so on)? thanks in advance:D:D:D

  • Here because I have quit smoking before, to enlist. And want to re-enlist. I have to quit. Vaping helped for a few months, but I don’t want to depend on anything again. I’m also a truck driver, so exercise is minimal out here.

  • Funny you say to avoid all these exercises as since I’ve joined the gym and actually am doing these exercise my back pain has gone ��

  • I had very sore legs and it was hard for me to move around. Then, I came across your video and it helps me a lot! I feel amazing now!

  • I have foot drop since 15 months ago
    Made a faradic since April 2017 until april 2018 and there is no positive result until now..
    We had spotted that the common pronoir nerve is injered
    Plz ı want the way to finish this ��

  • Avoid to bending forward/rounding spine? So sorry but it’s totally wrong. I suggest you to read what Dr. O’Sullivan or Dr.Sarno explain about Herniated Discs. Sometimes pathology is in the head, not in the spine

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  • I used to watch this video, tears streaming down my face, praying for something similar to happen for me, as after a spinal injury, I could barely walk and the weight had piled on. My prayers were answered and I met a trainer who was able to help me. I’m now able to walk easily, have done headstands and forward rolls, have taken up aikido, karate, sailing and returned to my medieval combat fighting. This video was such an inspiration for me. This, and my story show that nothing is impossible, if you believe.

  • 1. Remove all tightness from your muscles. 2. Start to CAREFULLY work those weak muscles groups to make them stronger. I healed my herniated disc with a long rest first, I stop sitting too much and then I start to open all my tight muscles, starting first from my front thighs with a foam roller, then a lot of stretching very carefully, too much stretching makes the disc bulb more. My back took 4 years to heal. Doctors won’t help you, they just lie and wants your money. About physiotherapist and osteopathic etc.. Yes, they will help you a little, but may not tell you what causes it and what to do with it, or they give wrong exercise programs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAeAmfD1v78

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  • I imagine the dislikes on this video are do to people like myself who have foot drop due to stroke which is much more common. Then MS, no offense to people with Ms but foot drop is very common among stroke victims. Stroke is much more common then MS. If you are experiencing Paralysis on one side of your body you may not be able to lift or rotate the foot like they said. I’m 3 years in my stroke recovery. Yet I cannot do the first exercises in this video. However I have found a way to lift my foot. By putting my leg with the foot drop over my good leg then holding it down and acting like I’m going to lift the leg will cause your foot to lift. These videos really need to find out who is the most affected by these issues and what they can and cannot do. Before they make these videos. Since the number one disabled or in the world is stroke. You would think they would keep that in mind more often.

  • is it ok to do push ups and gore & abs strengthening in plank stance? when i do these i do not feel any kind of pain in my herniated disc.

  • Wow! That’s truly inspiring, and amazing. When it comes to what you can accomplish, I find the medical professionals draw the line WAY before it should be drawn. I was able to recover from a debilitating battle with schizophrenia to where I don’t need medication today. I’m 100% cured. For 6 or 7 years they kept that door of possibility closed on me, but I knew there was a way through and I found it. The struggles, the determination, the falling and getting back up, all of which Arthur experienced physically, is what I had to endure mentally. Never give up! Never surrender. Keep your eyes forward and keep walking no matter how hard it gets, or how impossible the journey may seem. With the right attitude, and faith in what is possible, your desire will find you on your journey in search of it.

    Awesome video! This makes my day

  • This is Perfect for a rest day when you are sore and exhausted from a long week of exercise. This is also very therapeutic as well. My rest day is on a sunday, so its a great way to start your week.

  • All of these exercises made my bulging disc heal. I do the hamstirng stretch every morning, they have helped me a lot. Sit ups are also another must for me. And I do yoga which envolves more of these stretches. I highly disagree with your video

  • Oksy,so there’s chronic pain above my right upper glute area that extends to my thigh. It’s kind of like aching. My right knee also seems to not be able to hold when I walk. It constantly bends forward and my walk is kind of awkward. I feel like my right leg is just beans right now. I recently started working out…squats and leg stuff and I am hoping they could help fix this… bad idea?

  • Namaste ♥️ i have been doing this every night to calm me down since beginning social distancing. It gives my days closure in the best way��

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  • Is a herneated disc different from a slip disc? I was diagnosed with a slip disc and was recommended a few exercises by my doctor, one of which is the single leg raise.

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  • J’aimerais bien que vous me donner des conseils car j’ai des difficultés avec la marche et je suis en embonpoint
    Merci pour votre aide

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  • I am unable to lift my foot up because I have been dealing with foot drop for almost a year now my right foot just wants to lay to the right.I’m trying to do whatever I can to get better. Do you have any tips for me?

  • The content is great but the speech pattern is driving me nuts. I can’t get past 2mins worth of watching before I have to pause. Idk if you’re doing it on purpose but it’s annoying af

  • I am having joints pain in both hands inside and outside and muscle weakness due to multiple sclerosis (MS). I am falling a lot, I have headaches and lightheadedness. I cannot keep myself balanced, and walk with a tremor like I cannot control my steps. I had taken avonex for two years. Presently I am taking Mayaka Herbal Clinic MS HERBAL FORMULA TREATMENT (ww w. mayakaherbalclinic. c om). I take it twice daily morning and evening. I have experience a continual diminution of symptoms. it’s a powerful herbal formula, 10 out of 10 from me!

  • I injured my knee 7 weeks ago and apparently injured my peroneal nerve as well. I wasn’t able to move my foot or toes up at all. Not even a tiny bit. As of week 5, I can move my toes slightly. Very slightly, but it’s something. However, is it normal to be able to move my toes before my ankle? I still have no movement in my ankle. �� Again, my foot drop is not due to MS. It is due to a knee injury. Doctor says I will heal 100%, but it’s unnerving to not be able to control a part of your body….

  • This program kind of works with one’s brain chemistry to change it like you’ve never smoked before, kills your urge to even want a cigarette coulc.it/quitsmoke. I have never had such feelings before.

  • Hello, this video is very helpful. I am suffering from Foot drop. It was a acute pain in the right hip region which was followed by acute foot drop. Doctor diagnosed it as “Acute Polyneuropathy”, I have done with my MRI that is completely normal and Nerve Conduction Test in which doctor told me to continue with physiotherapy and medicine for 3 week. I am unable to move my feet upward. Please suggest me something how I can be fit fast. If you need I can mail you my medical documents. Waiting for your response. Thanks

  • I’m doing this after three surgeries on the same breast finally got that sucka!! Now I’m in 4 weeks Radiation this is perfect for me during this time.

  • I got a herniated disc. I can’t barbell squat or deadlift but I have no problem doing dumbbell squats and hyperextentions.
    Just keep in mind to avoid exercises which bring your torso forward. Dumbbell squats allow you to stay upright to a certain degree. Alternatively you can do front squats but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Who else is here cuz he got used to salt nicotine n can clean hes lungs n get back to vaping so u get to taste that sweet buzz in ur head again

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  • Avoid sitting, lying, standing, bending, lifting, breathing, moving, speaking, thinking…. you should be fine with my 3 secrets for only £75! Lol seriously??

  • Thanks! For helping all of us with the challenges we in the MS community deal with ever day. I have had MS for over 35 years and work every day to get better and stay out of a wheel chair and really appreciate your help and advice!

  • The heel lift exercise you are showing for foot drop works the gastrocnemius It will do NOTHING for foot drop. Foot drop is caused by weakness or damage of the anterior tibialis muscle which lifts / dorsiflexes the forefoot. A forefoot raising exercise, with the heel firmly planted on the ground, may improve foot drop. This is the exact opposite of the exercise you are promoting.

  • Ive been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease had three referral for surgery last year still no relief in sight iv got drop foot gait in both legs. Its gotten so bad I have a little movement in.my feet. I try to Exercise my feet seem like I do more damage to my body

  • the single leg lift is suggested by physiotherapist, get in sleep position and lift the single leg straight up. I also have diskbuldge

  • My problem���� ��
    1)Cervical vertebrae ;
    *Diffuse disk bulge at C3 C4 and C4 C5 level spinal canal narrowing and thecal sac indentation.[Disk desiccation seen]

    2) Lumbor spine ;
    Mild loss of lumbor lordosis.
    Mild diffuse disk bulge at L2 L3, L3 L4 & L4 L5 level.

  • This makes me cry every time I watch it. Haven’t run for three years, in physical therapy now and I look at these before and after photos for motivation. If he could do it, I can too! Thank you, Arthur. So grateful you showed the world that it is possible.

  • I’m going to try this. I have severe thorasic muscle spasms that feel as though there is trapped air behind my lungs. My pain was so severe this morning, I thought I needed to go to the hospital. I spend a lot amount of time at a computer with very bad posture, so hopefully this and correcting my posture will help.