Why and just how You Need To Nix an Noisy Alarms



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Why and How You Should Nix an Alarm Clock. by Jennifer Purdie. August 2, 2018. No Comments.

When you wake up to a loud alarm clock, your body releases cortisol — a reaction to the stress of being startled awake. Your heart beats faster and blood pressure rises, just like in a fight-or-flight response. In a study published in Industrial Health, researchers found self-awakening at a. The alarm will sound in the early morning hours and you’ll slap the snooze button at the very end of your sleep cycle. This is when your brain is actually going into REM sleep and where much of the mental restoration of your brain occurs.

Memory Hin. But the real you is probably someone who, like any normal human being, needs a good night’s sleep and who doesn’t always respond well to the blaring sound of an alarm clock. That’s OK. You.

Do You Need an Alarm Clock? Alarm clocks are a modern nuisance. We use them to get us up in the morning, and they are supremely effective.

Unfortunately, they will get us up regardless of how much sleep we have gotten, and whether or not we are fully rested. There are many situations when an alarm clock proves necessary to maintain a schedule. Without it, oversleeping may lead to serious consequences, including tardiness to school or work. If recurrent, this may threaten job security and lead to other professional and financial problems. If you need to use an alarm, you can still use it smarter.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, your alarm clock is going off while your temp is still in the deep-sleep range. The air in your bedroom feels punishingly cold; your bed feels cozier than ever. Why snoozing can be bad for you now: Like we said, the body needs some time to get you ready to wake up.

Why You Should Ditch the Alarm Clock App. Most people choose to use the alarm clock app built into their phone for convenience, but keeping your phone near you while you sleep can cause interrupted sleep and stress in the mornings. Picture this, you wake up before your alarm rings, and you’re wondering what time it is. The benefits of ditching your alarm clock before bed are well-documented.

As the Atlantic reported in 2015, the blue-tinged bright light of a smartphone screen signals to the brain that it’s. If you inadvertently set your phone to silent or vibrate mode, in order to prevent late night text messages, social media alerts or emails from waking you up, your smart phone’s alarm clock will fail to wake you up the morning. Whereas if you purchase a traditional alarm clock you’ll be able to set your smartphone to silent, without your morning alarm being affected. Instead, you should probably try something like the Philips Wake-Up alarm clock or something more aggressive that will shake the bed to wake you up like the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. The blue light keeps you up at night.

Studies have shown that using electronics and the dreaded blue light before bed can negatively impact our quality of sleep. For.

List of related literature:

For learning it is useful to have another alarm during the same night.

“Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines” by Duodecim Medical Publications, Ilkka Kunnamo
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This prompts the question, Why have an alarm at all?

“The Math of Life and Death: 7 Mathematical Principles That Shape Our Lives” by Kit Yates
from The Math of Life and Death: 7 Mathematical Principles That Shape Our Lives
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Many alarm clocks are necessary and always new ones.

“In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching” by Peter D. Ouspensky
from In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching
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I needed a mechanism to remind me, an alarm on my watch, or an alarm set on my palm computer.

“The Idea Generator: Quick and Easy Kaizen” by Bunji Tozawa, Norman Bodek
from The Idea Generator: Quick and Easy Kaizen
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It is an unnecessary complication that provides a bit of comfort at the expense of good alarm practices.

“Alarm Management for Process Control: A Best-practice Guide for Design, Implementation, and Use of Industrial Alarm Systems” by Douglas H. Rothenberg
from Alarm Management for Process Control: A Best-practice Guide for Design, Implementation, and Use of Industrial Alarm Systems
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A dilemma that most designers have not seemed to recognize is that users in different situations benefit from different alarm settings.

“Patient Safety in Surgery” by Philip F. Stahel, Cyril Mauffrey
from Patient Safety in Surgery
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It is essential that the user be able to test the alarm to ensure that it will produce the expected sound at the appropriate time.

“Anesthesia Equipment E-Book: Principles and Applications” by Jan Ehrenwerth, James B. Eisenkraft, James M Berry
from Anesthesia Equipment E-Book: Principles and Applications
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For example, it is not vital that we switch off the alarm before getting out of bed and we could just as easily swap the ordering of the first two actions.

“How to Think Like a Programmer: Problem Solving for the Bewildered” by Paul Vickers
from How to Think Like a Programmer: Problem Solving for the Bewildered
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Many systems provide scrolling lists to accommodate large numbers of alarms.

“Cybersecurity for SCADA Systems” by William T. Shaw
from Cybersecurity for SCADA Systems
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To reduce distractions, therefore, most clinical alarms offer the ability to pause the alarm before it sounds or silence (suspend or disable) the alarm when it does sound.

“The MGH Textbook of Anesthetic Equipment E-Book” by Warren Sandberg, Richard Urman, Jesse Ehrenfeld
from The MGH Textbook of Anesthetic Equipment E-Book
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