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Mushroom Coffee Benefits | How and Why to Use

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Wait, What’s Mushroom Coffee? My Review

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Four Sigmatic: The Incredible Health Benefits Of Mushrooms

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What Is Mushroom Coffee And Should You Drink It?

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The Truth About Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

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We tried the mushroom coffee that claims to increase productivity without giving you the jitters

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Most mushroom coffee incorporates wild mushrooms that aren’t easily found in your grocery store — usually a combination of reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms. All claim to have different associated benefits, which is why they typically undergo a spray-dried extraction to produce a concentrated, optimal blend. Mushroom coffee starts with high-quality Arabica coffee the same coffee you know and love. However, it also includes medicinal mushroom extracts. These aren’t your standard white.

Origins Of Mushroom Coffee Coffee Dorks – Gave me a history lesson on mushroom coffee. “For thousands of years, mushrooms have been used by the Chinese and Japanese in. Please do not try to recreate this beverage on your own. Leave it to the professionals to add in medicinal mushroom extract vs. culinary mushrooms. Mushroom coffee is a drink that is.

While medicinal mushrooms have gained momentum, mushroom coffee is said to be rich in antioxidants and is beneficial to the health in a number of ways. The extract powder of mushrooms, which are blended with organic instant coffee, comes from a variety of mushrooms which are known to be effective in diabetes and in cutting down the risk of cancer. “Mushroom coffee is regular coffee blended with medicinal mushroom extracts,” says Jessica Ivey, R.D.N. “The extract is made by spray-drying key components of the mushrooms. Adding mushroom powders to your smoothies or swapping your regular coffee for mushroom coffee, he says, are “ways of diversifying your diet.” At a most basic level, mushrooms.

Mushrooms’ earthy flavor complements bold, roasted coffee beans, providing a smoother flavor as well as high levels of antioxidants and other compounds that may enhance your focus and thinking capabilities. The term applies to certain types of mushrooms that are used for their medicinal benefits in a variety of food and health products, from bottled drinks, coffee, and smoothies to soups, desserts, and even skin and hair products. Medicinal mushrooms are powerful, if you know how to use them.

Mushrooms affect everyone differently, and you have to work with a well-trained and competent professional to know how.

List of related literature:

This mushroom can also be consumed as instant coffee, instant tea spore powder, or pill.

“Minimally Processed Refrigerated Fruits and Vegetables” by Fatih Yildiz, Robert C. Wiley
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Once a strain is thriving on coffee, make a tissue culture from a mushroom that fruited from coffee, and expand it on coffee-laced or coffee-based media.

“DIY Mushroom Cultivation: Growing Mushrooms at Home for Food, Medicine, and Soil” by Willoughby Arevalo
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They should share their experience and knowledge in order to enlarge and promote mushroom cultivation.

“Mushrooms: Cultivation, Nutritional Value, Medicinal Effect, and Environmental Impact” by Philip G. Miles, Shu-Ting Chang
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In 1990, Prof. Shuting Chang, whom we introduced earlier, demonstrated that coffee is an ideal substrate for cultivating mushrooms, especially oyster and shiitake.

“The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs” by Gunter A. Pauli
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During a class at UC Berkley, Arora and Velez learned that mushrooms could grow in discarded coffee grounds.

“Small Business Management: Launching & Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures” by Justin G. Longenecker, J. William Petty, Leslie E. Palich, Frank Hoy
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enjoyed a mellow experience, bookmarked the possibilities, but moved on to La Chorrera with no expectation of finding cows—and the coprophagic fungi—in such a backwater.52 With no sense of dosage, the crew immediately started munching pairs of mushrooms.

“High Weirdness: Drugs, Esoterica, and Visionary Experience in the Seventies” by Erik Davis
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Considering all the aforementioned questions and difficulties in using coffee as substrate for mushroom cultivation, we will describe next some experiences about the preparation of coffee-husk-based substrates including those treated with lime.

“Handbook of Coffee Processing By-Products: Sustainable Applications” by Charis M. Galanakis
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They make mushroom sauce reductions so mushroomy, it’s like mushroom espresso—but without the jitters or sleeplessness.

“Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States: A Field-to-Kitchen Guide” by Joe McFarland, Gregory M. Mueller
from Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States: A Field-to-Kitchen Guide
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Berkeley college grads were on the corporate career track when a professor mentioned that mushrooms could grow in coffee grounds.

“Good Food, Great Business: How to Take Your Artisan Food Idea from Concept to Marketplace” by Susie Wyshak
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There’s a growing community of amateur mycologists around the globe who are unearthing the secrets of mushrooms and coming together to share what they know.

“Fantastic Fungi” by Paul Stamets
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  • WARNING WARNING Dumb video and misleading title. Do not watch! This only talks briefly as in one sentence, that on the website of Four Sigmatic it mentions that it can improve brain function, and literally the rest of the video is some goofy guy trying to be cool and his co workers talking about the taste of it.

  • It’s coffee. Just coffee.

    Maybe there are some benefits with the mushrooms but it sounds very hokey to me and overstated. I’ve been listening to these types of claims, for different products, for decades and they almost always turn out to be nonsense marketing.

  • So I guess the answer was “no, it does not increase productivity but does increase silliness and also it tastes terrible and costs too much….”

  • I think this might be one of the worst “reviews” I’ve ever seen. I appreciate the fact that it is not actually a review, but you fail to factor in the only reason people would ever buy this coffee. For it’s effects, not the taste.

  • So no mention of how it affected productivity?
    ‘Hey I bought this pill that is supposed to give me super powers and I think it tasted pretty good.’

  • its not many times I’m surprized but this video certainly made me say wow but have you looked at the site called gregs mushroom grower look for it on google

  • I actually like the taste of the coffee so much so I didn’t have to add anything to it. Aside from that it works, I found myself more alert and ready for my day without the jitters. Keep in mind I just had a baby 3months ago so I’m waking up multiple times during the night.

  • What the hell is this bullshit? The fucking coffee is made for cognitive effects only. You think people buying it are drinking it for the taste? You mention Tim Ferris and yet you’re oblivious to why he uses it, do you know who he is? Are you dumb? Is this the level intelligence needed to be a journalist these days?

  • I tried it. Definitely works to make you think a bit faster and more clearly. I noticed (as did my hubby) that colors were more “saturated.” We put Lion’s Mane tincture in our coffee every day now. The taste of the foursigmatic is obviously not the big draw, but it’s not bad. Try it, you might like it!

  • I’ve been using their product for a number of years and am quite happy with it. I’m a huge believer in the health benefits of mushrooms and find that I stay quite healthy using these products. I also make my own mushroom tinctures. Worth trying.

  • If i drink reishi at night i sometimes sleep well n dont always know till i wake up n sometimes i dont sleep well or ling. Oh well it is whatever it is. Cheers!!!

  • Four sigmatic rules not all storwz have it or all priducts n bummer some stores want sky friggin high prices for it. I live it!!!!

  • all I want to say is, I haven’t tried the Four Sigmatic thing myself, was just looking for a review not a list of “Google Search” on the ingredients they have in their coffee and a 20 minute “sh*talk* about something you have given a go yourself. It seemed like you’ve made up your mind even before making this video or doing any real research like actually contacting a lab or something like that. Thank you.

  • I bought this coffee and as expensive as it was, the blend tasted like coffee, not like mushroom. The energy I get from the morning blend is super for starting up in the mornings. I’m a daily coffee drinker and above all, your criticisms just demonstrate that you haven’t had the coffee. I made it half way through and didn’t hear anything about four sigmatic putting nutritionists and doctors at the forefront of specializing these recipes to optimize user benefits. I think you could get more information from talking with someone at the company and address these questions you have directly, you won’t be disappointed and may come to the mushroom side after all. Do it for your health! You deserve it.

  • I know people who go to a certain coffee shop daily… So in that case, the $3.80/$114 a month for two cups of coffee daily would be a deal 😉

  • Truth is most of the shit we do is not really backed by evidence because most trial runs are all estimating the results. So if you think it works for you do it. If not then don’t. Everyone is different.

  • I noticed that your coffee video isn’t up anymore. I’m guessing because there were some inaccuracies. Is there any chance you can update the video and add like regular vs decaf and/or coffee vs tea?

  • Leading mycologist Paul Stamets is the authority here and he says they’re medicinal. I’m gonna side with him over some youtube bint, however, Four Sigmatic do appear to be capitalists, not scientists and are just riding the trend, likely with lower doses and inferior quality/less researched ingredients.

  • They say “support” because the FDA does not allow supplement companies to state anything other than supporting the structure and function of the body. It is illegal to talk about a supplement improving, curing, healing, or preventing anything. Look into DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) of 1994 if you want more info.

  • Her biased review is futile wow. I Don’t recommend taking her word for it reviews should be unbiased and thorough not just your opinions based on reference of their description and info. At least try it if you want to provide a good review. Smh

  • Literally all they need to do is brew a cup of coffee and stick a pH stick in it to substantiate that claim, but speculation is much more convenient

  • I’m so amazed by Lion’s Mane so here’s my bit: Lion’s Mane really is very powerful when it comes to increasing memory function ETC. and has the potential to help aid in Alzheimer’s prevention in a revolutionary way. Lion’s Mane helps reopen & strengthen memory pathways thus helping one retain, store and easily access memories. It’s pretty incredible actually. LM also rebuilds neural pathways and can repair nerves and there has yet to be anything else discovered that is able to do that. There are some crazy legit and in-depth videos about lions mane here on Youtube. I have indeed studied them ON MY OWN so these claims are true…HOWEVER, I feel like they’re really lacking in the information department. They really don’t talk about WHY these mushrooms are beneficial and it makes me wonder why they’re doing so much work to promote their product the way they are. You’d think they’d back up their claims with legit scientific research…because it’s out there! I’m not even sure how much of these mushrooms they put in their coffee. It’s important to know though, however, that it’s actually illegal to officially claim that anything in nature has the ability to “cure or improve” specifically that nature “cured your patient” is that not crazy? You’re at serious risk of losing your license if you do so. This is mostly because of the fact that nature cannot be patented AS EASILY by pharmaceutical companies and not as much money will be made (unless you’re Monsanto, but that’s another thing) this is why many companies refrain from saying things “improve memory” etc. Thank you for making this video, I appreciate you actually diving in and analyzing something that is so “popular”!! We all need to do this more! Cheers:) also, all of this information can be verified via some research of one’s own via primary literature/research.

  • We just grow our own mushrooms Reishi, cordyceps, and lions mane. And we dehydrate and grind them up ourselves. Much cheaper and works just as well.

  • Search “Mushroom References” on google and you will find hundreds of studies on most medicinal mushrooms. These mushrooms are known and used for hundreds or thousands of years in multiple cultures. Universities studying these things is a fairly new thing in the long history between fungi and us. I find Lion’s Mane especially potent in improving my abilities in playing music and doing sports.

  • Using the verbage: “supports memory and…” simply means that the vaguer the wording, the more defensible such will be should the company be sued! That is all.

  • I take a combo with Reshi. It totally kicks my butt. Helps to recover and get my immunity up. I did not know everything so thank you for the overview

  • This is all very well and good, but what about the super freaking warning on the label of this coffee? That’s what I want info on! Anyone? Am I the only one freaked out by that label?? ��

  • Stopped after 5mins. I’m convinced she (Unnatural Vegan) is a skeptic. The product is Fabulous and Mushrooms are beneficial to the human species.

  • Sun Potion is terrible. It’s mostly grain. Put some powder on your counter. It looks/tastes like flour! How did you come to the conclusion they were good?

  • Overpriced. You can by lions mane mushroom for less than $10 from amazon or local stores in capsule form. These guys are pricing this crap at $45. Its insane. FACT IS…… Four Sigmatic are ADVERTISERS. They market crap and sell crap. Well done for creating a good video that is honest and gives people REAL FACTS

  • When they say support it means helps the immune system as a preventative.. everybody’s physiology is different so everybody needs to try and test themselves and see what works best for them.

  • Can’t drink coffee of any kind, gives me palpitations due to my anxiety so I just avoid caffeine and go for decaf Tulsi or other forms of tea just for relaxation but otherwise no other “health” reason.

    I stick to my doctors’ and nutritionists’ advices when it comes to health issues and its helped me tremendously.

    The only thing that really makes me feel good is a good old glass of water with ice cubes:)

    And besides will I trust a dubious actress/youtubers such as Fully raw Kristina/Medicalmedium with no degree in science or medicine promoting goop (alternative medicine) and these coffees, celery juice, etc or a well qualified medical professional who has studied for 10-15 years and keeps studying and working in a practical place seeing 100’s if not 1000’s of patients for longer than that?

    If you ask me I’ll go to the doc or the hospital.

    I think they have their best interest for humans because atleast medical vaccines was what eradicated small pox and recently polio (except for I think 3 countries, every country has been eradicated of polio through the WHO). And they are the humans working in hospitals for nonsensical work hours and I just trust them a whole lot more.

  • thanks for providing absolutely zero information about the actual effects you dumb fucks, you should all be fired for this shit you call your job

  • a while back I had to unfollow a vegan foodie instagram account that i really liked because they were constantly posting about and endorsing (edible?) mushroom extracts, the claims they made about what the effect was on them and the inaccessibly expensive quantity they advocated for consuming daily was just bad overall

  • Coffee isn’t a trigger for heartburn because it introduces acid to your stomach (your gut is pretty goddamn acidic, adding smth with a pH of 5 would actually dilute your stomach content a bit, marginally raising the pH), instead, it triggers your stomach to produce more acid.

    Also: I’m concerned about how alkaline the coffee will have to be, to neutralize your stomach acid. Most antacids are tablets that dissolve in acid or a suspension of basically the same stuff. A hypothetical best case scenario where you’re trying to bring your stomach from pH 3.5 (which is kinda the least-acidic your stomach can get) even just to pH 4.0, the coffee would have to be around pH 8.9, which is near the extreme end of alkaline waters can ‘safely’ be (assuming your stomach holds 75ml in rest and there’s 150ml in your cup). People who’ve been experiencing heartburn can have damaged esophagi, which you Would Not be Helping by adding a base. And that’s assuming your stomach’s relatively neutral to begin with. If your stomach’s more acidic, a cup of pH 9 coffee wouldn’t as we say in NL put a dent in a stick of butter.

  • Thank you so much for talking about the bs that is four stigmatic mushrooms drinks. So many people on youtube are promoting this and…

  • I’m so humble and I’m definitely not marketing… but you should totally use my promo code. Lol

    This video is such a paid advert.

    Guys look for brands that work for you and not for whatever you’re told. Especially when it’s like this. Medicinal mushrooms are good but shame that the industry is becoming so commercial and selling out.

  • Just to nitpick, a lower pH corresponds to a greater acidity, so you’d hope the four sigmatic would have a higher pH! Alkaline means high pH

  • “Asians have been doing it for many years”

    Yeah well Chinese women used to bind their feet for many years. You can’t use that as an argument.

  • Hey! Late to the party but just chiming in regarding acidity and heartburn it’s probably not going to be a significant factor. The stomach is very good at regulating pH, because the enzymes in the stomach need quite specific conditions to function in. Between the stomachs ability to regulate pH and the fact that stomach acid is a way stronger acid than most of the food/drink you consume, it is unlikely to significantly effect the pH of your stomach and as such does not contribute to heartburn.

    Coffee is a trigger for heartburn because it effects the muscle connecting the stomach to the oesophagus. When you drink a lot of coffee, the muscle relaxes and stomach contents can irritate your oesophagus. It’s not that the contents is more acidic; it’s that it now reaches an area that is not able to cope with the acid at all. With that in mind, reduced caffeine content might well mean this product is less of a trigger for heartburn. But it has nothing to do with the acidity!

  • I’m Chinese and I remember being fed cordyceps, mainly in soups (which are slow cooked for hours). I never knew exactly what they were until I discovered Four Sigmatic and heard cordyceps have become trendy in western alt med. What cordyceps are sounds gross but I must’ve developed a taste for them because I’ve always like them ����‍♀️ They probably won’t give you wings but if y’all ever get a chance to try it, and you can get over yourselves, it might be a palatable new thing to try.

  • Highly recommend going to Paul Stamets, the world leading mycologist, for the science behind these mushrooms rather than Four Sigmatic. He has his own brand Host Defense where you can get this stuff for a lot cheaper and he grows all his mushrooms in WA state so none of it comes frlm China who is dealing with lots of pollution problems. I’ve found Lions Mane to be very helpful for me, personally.

  • Actually, if it were less acidic, the pH would be higher, not lower. A higher pH is more alkaline, but too alkaline is as harmful as too acidic.

  • I actually do get physically ill from caffeinated coffee. Even just one cup of it. I feel dizzy, weak and slightly nauseated. My sister does too. Even my mother can’t drink caffeine now because of past stomach illness she suspects was partly caused by coffee and diet. So, something with less caffeine can be very important.

  • It is ironic how sceptically vegans react to a perfectly good product, that just has big marketing words, and then you guys go on to praise essential oils.

  • This is a terrible video and I regret watching a few minutes of it before realizing what it actually is. Also, it’s very bad taste to see a vegan of all people talk about ‘the truth’ about anything. Rolling my eyes. Get some cholesterol girl and stop being so angry.

  • This is a “review”?.. you haven’t tried it and say you won’t because you don’t want to buy it… breaking down the verbiage on the box doesn’t qualify as a review of the actual product

  • I don’t know how universal this is in the growing of cordyceps, but I have toured a mushroom farm and was told that the process for growing cordyceps at their location is not vegan-most cultivatable mushrooms can be cultivated completely vegan on straw, but the cordyceps had to have some kind of animal protein in the growing medium (cannot remember the exact one used but they specifically said it was not vegan) to mimic the animal the fungus naturally grows in. They did say they were working on making the process vegan, so perhaps it can be done, but it is something to consider if purchasing cordyceps as a vegan. Loved your video, people always ask me to steam those things into their coffee at my work and I had no idea if they actually did a damn thing or not.

  • I just bought it for its taste, it’s a good tasting coffee especially when used for espresso. All the micro-dosing benefits aside, it tastes great.

  • I’m a little late to find this video! I noticed about the same time that all of the podcasters I follow seemed to be talking about four sigmatic. I couldn’t afford the cost of it, but I did find Thrive 6 on Amazon, that has very similar mushroom content; although, it’s just a powder that you add to whatever coffee/tea/soup/smoothie you want. Using the daily serving size the bag lasts me almost 2 months at just over $20 for the bag. While my memory is still pretty poor and I have no way of testing most of the claims on either, I have noticed that I get sick less frequently than in the past (I have two small children that are always bringing everything home). Does it help? Can’t say for sure, because I’m not a doctor/nutritionist/scientist, but I’ve been taking it for almost a year now and I will keep doing so. It gives my coffee kind of a mocha flavor, it’s not bad.

  • Thanks for providing critical viewpoints in an area plagued by unsubstantiated information and potential danger. What are your favorite sources of scientific articles?

  • Do your research before you speak about a topic please. A product cannot make a claim to diagnose or treat a disease without FDA approval hence the wording such as ” supports”. Otherwise great video.

  • I just used it today vs my regular coffee and I feel calmer and I dont have heart burn!

    So works for me!

    I love coffee but occasionally suffer from GERD and this really helped me.

    Came out $1 a cup and doesn’t even taste like mushrooms.

  • Most water if tested for the PH you would find it was more acidic then it is neutral so therefore if you do not use water it is neutral or more alkaline then no matter what you’re drinking coffee mushroom coffee whatever it won’t all taste acidic check it out it’s not a joke

  • I actually tried their products when I was pregnant. I wanted a beverage with less caffeine than a normal cup of coffee so for that purpose it worked fine. I didn’t care at all about the mushroom claims. As far as the taste goes, though i really didn’t care for it. There are half caf blends of coffee you can get that are much cheaper and taste better if you’re just looking for less caffeine. I ended up using those instead for basically my whole pregnancy.

  • I know this video is a few months old now but I believe the pH of the coffee for 4-sigma-whatever coffee should actually be higher than regular pH coffee because it would be more alkaline. Basicity increases as pH increases. Around 3:05 or so.

  • I think you look so much like Jennifer Garner here! Just had to tell you, (20 months after the fact and when you’ll likely never ever see this?)������‍♀️������‍♀️

  • Hey! I know this video is a little older but I just wanted to pop in and say that companies generally use the words “support” because as a supplement, they’re legally not allowed to make any specific structure/function or disease claims (with a very small number of exceptions) so using words like that helps keep them legally compliant

  • Four sigmatic is measuring extracts and the studies you are comparing are using standard dried fruiting bodies which is not as potent as extract.

  • You should actually try the product before posting anything about the product. Almost all products that humans use have been only scientifically tested on animals. Mushrooms have incredible health benefits and I know this from experience. They do balance your pH. I am not speaking just about this brand I am speaking on mushrooms.

  • informative and detailed video about what is mushroom coffee ��. It sounds interesting upon watching this video,thanks for sharing it

  • An interesting video, I think I might consider taking, but I would like to know if it has any side effects in its prolonged consumption. Thank you for your video, I await your response.

  • I’m also a big mushroom lover, and I think I’d like to drink such coffee. I think people have become saturated with the effects of caffeine in large quantities, and this would be a tasty and healthy alternative.

  • It’s really superb and very amazing video about what Is mushroom coffee, very interesting and useful, thank you very much sharing with us. Good job

  • I’ve been using Mushrooms, from another brand, but I’ve been loving how they’ve been healing me on a very subtle level. It’s been about 2 1/2 weeks.

  • I made the mistake of letting my Calm evening blend run out. Now I can’t sleep again. I’ve ordered a month’s worth, this time and some added treats. I have issues falling asleep with over-active nerves. I tried this and it is so tasty and I feel so relaxed to slip off to sleep; and, I stay asleep. It’s my new routine in the evening.

  • I forage for and use these mushrooms for health. Having said that I would add, do you take a handfull of medicine from your cabinet every day? Then why would you consume something you think is a medicine everyday or as a “boost” for energy or cognitive enhancment. These combo mushroom products are yuppie feel good products and are probably a waste of this valuable resource. I take chaga as a tea 3-4 time a week and as tincture about once a week. I’m 60 now and ingesting as a cancer preventitive. I will use reishi tincture when feeling under the weather or coming down with something. I have lionsmane tincture and never used it. Nutrisionalists state you can NOT “boost your immune system. Mushrooms can (and do), improve an under preforming immune and calm an over active immune system. This is the adaptagenic aspect. To me that’s what boost means, but whatever. Warning: if you have covid19 beware of using chaga. There is some debate whether chaga can ad to to the cytocane storm that chaga causes. I’m no expert but I would still use chaga as an immune inhancing medicine but not use it if infected with covid. I would turn to reishi and gano appalanatum if infected. Again I am NOT a healer. I’m the guy who finds these mushroom not the guy who sells them at a 1000% mark up and advise everyone to take them like coffee every day.

  • Wow! I cant believe I’m just now finding out the array of mushrooms and their health benefits! I don’t know why I assumed these were teas…they’re made into coffee! I’ve got to try these out.

  • Greetings SuperFriends! What ‘shrooms do you want to try?

    Remember you can get 15% off on all Four Sigmatic Products by using the coupon code “SUPERHUMAN” at checkout:)

  • So what regimen would be recommended? Drinking a serving of each throughout the day? Is there a benefit to using the coffee through the day? Me, personally, I’d like to increase my energy and focus throughout the day for better mental and physical performance, as well as get a great nights sleep. I am not a fan of coffees by the way lol. ��

  • Just want to point out that just because she has a coupon code does not necessarily equate with the company giving her any remuneration. She seems like a very sincere person to me. Just sayin’ 😉

  • Check out HostDefense. Made in the USA and owned by Paul Stamets. If you dont know who that is and enjoy mushrooms then do yourself a favor and watch youtube videos on him. Specifically any of the podcasts he has been on such as Joe ROgans. Your welcome

  • Make sure they are tested for heavy metals.same with kratom and fish oils. Funny mushrooms kratom and fish oil are my favorite supplements but they can have a lot of impurities

  • I didnt try the one shes talking about but a product along the same line, I tried mudwtr (a teaspoon instead of tablespoon) and within an hour was so drowsy and heavy and sluggish i felt like i was high or had taken several benedryl i had to go lay down for about 6 hours, in fact it kind of ruined my day. Has anyone else had this awful effect? P.s. Coffee doesnt make me feel jittery but i wanted the “health effects” and “mental focus benefits” of the mushrooms but this made me more foggy than ive felt from when i used to smoke pot in highschool. Anyone else had this experience too?

  • THANK YOU lol I was almost ready to order some but that price…I just wanted a coffee substitute lol. I guess I’ll just get some decaf.

  • I ground my dried mushrooms to powder!

    Why does the Bible say…..

    “Whoever falls on that stone shall be turned to powder?”

    “Have you ever noticed how a mushroom looks like the genitals of MEN?”

    It’s a good thing that I grounded the mushrooms up into powder!

    The END!

    ME: “Hysterically laughing at stupid humans”

  • The best medicinal mushroom I’ve ever used was called Golden Teacher. Changed my entire life, quit smoking & drinking because I realised I was becoming an alcoholic just like my mom. The mushroom had such an impact on me that I started reading books, taking online classes etc & now I grow it too

  • So, a fun thing about cordyceps mushrooms are that they are parasitic and the majority of them (including cordyceps militaris) use insects to reproduce. A concern with cordyceps would be if it is actually vegan depending on how it is grown/ harvested.

  • Thank you for the information!!! I fell in love with mushrooms recently thanks to “Fantastic Fungi” and I am excited to give these guys a try and see what its about.

  • I know of one, you forgot to mention: Psilocybe cubensis, health benefits: makes you joyful to embrace the world, connects you to (and with) nature, helps overcome anxiety, makes you think like a philosopher, opens the doors to new worlds and gives sounds, colors and shapes a different meaning. Oh, and it teches you to dance freely.

    Haha, but seriously thank you for your informative and pleasant video! Some mushrooms are truly amazing, including the ones you talked about, and the one I jokingly mentioned. Medical sudies are beeing done, and it seems to be a true wonderdrug.
    My own experiance of a long lasting after-effect was, that I could speak much more fluent and better english (I am german/hungarian and was traveling in Canada back then), just two h after the effect was over. And even better: it made me more confident, positive about myself and others, and more connected to our world.


  • If you had to pick one of these to recommend to someone getting started with mushrooms, which would it be?
    The one you feel is the most important, best side effects etc

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  • I just want to suggest that people try each new mushroom type individually for a week or so. I had a reaction to reishi mushrooms giving me headaches.

  • I noticed you are not responding to comments here… that said… you recommend Root and Bones brand cordyceps and I went to their site and their product states it is “cordyceps sinensis ” which is outlandishly high priced if it is actually real. But they are selling theirs for 200 dollars per pound. Were you aware that cordyceps militarist has all the same benefit for a much lower price? And you do not need to eat a Caterpillar casing… which is not exactly vegan… fyi

  • I only trust ‘Host Defense’

    Paul Stamets makes them and goes through tons of trails to make sure they are pure mushrooms and safe. He also is on Joe Rogan’s podcast talking about the benefits of mushrooms!

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    Gracias Alyssa ����

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  • Thanks so much iv just started on lions main in capsules and it’s only been a week allso started on cordyceps and I was blown away it works so well and fast for me any way the products come from a good organic tessted source.I’m wanting to try reshi soon as I have sleep problems ��❤��

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  • I love medicinal mushrooms, there’s a powder I get by Mistyday with chaga, lion’s mane fungi, and gotu kola, which has noticeably reduced my stress and helped me focus a lot more. They’re also delicious in a smoothie with cacao <3

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  • This is too expensive for a single serving I’m better off eating 20 ounce of spinach leaves daily which has way more nutrients and I drink herbal tea and decaf coffee unless this mushroom coffee has some concrete proof that the difference you get is night and day then I will get it and right now it is just over hyped for the lazy people that don’t wish to take the extra effort in researching what natural food is beneficial to us.