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Compliments can be genuine, thoughtful and have absolutely nothing to do with someone’s body. Individuals’ relationships with their bodies are complex enough. Here are some quick tips for when we want to give compliments that help to elevate women (or anyone) as a whole: Focus on abilities and what a body can do, not what it looks like. The relationship people have with their bodies is more complex than their Instagram caption or photo.

When it comes to giving compliments, try this radical idea: Don’t talk about the body. Say, ‘you look beautiful’ instead of ‘You look so much thinner. You look beautiful.’”. And if you’re on the receiving end of these types of comments, hang in there.

Know that the person giving them likely isn’t coming from a bad place, and do your best to redirect the conversation. Sure, it’s nice to tell someone they have great style. Or to tell someone they look nice when you think they look nice, whether they’re dressed up or dressed down.

But when one’s appearance, especially their body, is the only thing they get compliments on, it’s hard for that not to get wrapped up in. The compliments you make to a woman that you want to make horny must be arousing and sexually stimulating. They must be sexually suggestive. They must make the girl feel that you find her sexually attractive. And to compliment a girl in such a way, you can use compliments such as the ones.

Thin, in a pretty or elegant kind of way. Slim A positive word for “thin.” You can use this to compliment people: “Hey, you’re looking slim these days. Have you been working out?” Lanky Tall and thin. But in an awkward kind of way. Link your compliment to something you genuinely feel.

To give a compliment that really resonates, Liben suggests a three-step process, which starts by identifying an action or quality that you truly respect or appreciate. If someone does a favor for you, they are likely to rationalize that you must have been worth doing the favor for, and decide that therefore they must like you. Put these and hundreds of other tricks to nefarious use with the help of Mastering Conversational Hypnosis: Psychology Tricks to Influence People Easily and Get Exactly What You Want at. A compliment is meant to make someone feel good about themselves.

On the other hand, sexual harassment is often used to gain power over the other person or. When you first start talking, it really can be the best way to figure out how they feel, and knowing how someone texts when they like you is a good skill to have — especially knowing what to.

List of related literature:

A receptive body is one of its major goals.

“Movement for Actors” by Nicole Potter
from Movement for Actors
by Nicole Potter
Allworth, 2002

on the body of another woman, either to compliment or disparage her.

“Roman Honor: The Fire in the Bones” by Carlin A. Barton
from Roman Honor: The Fire in the Bones
by Carlin A. Barton
University of California Press, 2001

Compliment yourself for what you admire about your body.

“Self-Esteem For Dummies” by S. Renee Smith, Vivian Harte
from Self-Esteem For Dummies
by S. Renee Smith, Vivian Harte
Wiley, 2015

For example, you can say, “I help people look great naked” or “I build muscles.”

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
from Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies
by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
Wiley, 2004

Get feedback from your own body, and if you are helping another, from that person.

“Language Your Body Speaks: Self-Healing with Energy Medicine” by Ellen Meredith, Donna Eden
from Language Your Body Speaks: Self-Healing with Energy Medicine
by Ellen Meredith, Donna Eden
New World Library, 2020

SELF: I am willing and able to acknowledge that you have a body, and that I have a body, and that yours is good, and mine.

“Something That May Shock and Discredit You” by Daniel Mallory Ortberg
from Something That May Shock and Discredit You
by Daniel Mallory Ortberg
Atria Books, 2020

As soon as we begin the bodywork process, my clients begin to expand their notion of their bodies.

“Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body” by Tami Lynn Kent
from Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body
by Tami Lynn Kent
Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2011

I provide them with a simple outline of a human body, and they begin their awareness of feelings and needs by first

“The Empathy Factor: Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, and Business Success” by Marie R. Miyashiro, Jerry Colonna
from The Empathy Factor: Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, and Business Success
by Marie R. Miyashiro, Jerry Colonna
PuddleDancer Press, 2011

“You are nice and curvy, calves” is perfectly fine.

“Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings by Letting Yourself Have Them” by Tina Gilbertson
from Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings by Letting Yourself Have Them
by Tina Gilbertson
Viva Editions, 2014

By repeating the words until they have been imbedded and imprinted in the brain and body, the client has created a body image that becomes their identity (see Johnston, Chapter 26).

“Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research-practice Gap” by Margo Maine, Beth Hartman McGilley, Douglas Bunnell
from Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research-practice Gap
by Margo Maine, Beth Hartman McGilley, Douglas Bunnell
Elsevier Science, 2010

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • You’re fav for what to describe how to built your vocabulary as well as communication skills…. you’ve doing a right job and i have got incredible knowledge about how to being a confident without any hesitate and without worries how could we elaborate what we really want to….eventually i want to thank you for such a great videos..and we’re always eager to have a new videos to make our life much better than ever ��

  • let me appreciate your slow speaking speed in this video that means you are taking it seriously and not for fun and you are working on improving your self

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  • Thanks for the tip. I took in some these advice when I designed and recorded my new weekly challenge; I have to give two genuine compliments to two different persons for five days monday to friday! Watch my video and do the challenge as well:)!

  • The color of that brick wall behind you, has edges surrounding each brick, does not go exactly with your outfit. Don’t panic now, just reflect and admit such.

  • Thank you so much to teach this very important lesson to appreciate or give compliment with a good manner, its really help us, at end I will not forget to tell you and your team that all of you are very good.
    Keep it up help us.
    Thank you

  • yeah i do too, i like how Michelle speaks and i like her videos a lot, my favorite teachers are Michelle and Niharika I am a big fan of them

  • Micheal… I complain you… my complain is that you always shows and look like more beatiful every video so you break my heart. (:

  • Please keep doing the work that you do. It is very important. I am Autistic and things that come naturally to others are not so obvious to me. I can use your rules to not look like a weirdo. THANK YOU. You are a blessing to everyone like me.

  • I’m from India. From my personal experience I can say that people in India compliment back to the person they are receiving compliment from

  • skillopedia has always been interesting and informative.
    but damn Michelle you make skillopedia look cute…when ever your is on its cuteopedia for me… �� you get captivated everytime specially that smile of yours

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  • I just kinda pushed compliments away today when ppl praising my art by trying to give some reflective compliment to them (I was too embarrassed by being complimented) and ended the conversation in a super awkward situation. =( Thank you for the advice, they are helpful!

  • My female cousin told me that if you tell a girl “you’re not fat” will make them really happy and confident, I told my girl ( who’s super insecure about her body ) that she’s not fat ( she’s actually not fat ) she started yelling at me, calling me a liar and she started talking to me for a week ��

  • My friend once stopped in the middle of her talking to tell me “wow hold on a sec but you have like.. really gorgeous eyes. Just thought you should know.” And then carried on talking…

    Ive always been jealous of people with blue or green eyes bc mine are hazel, but ive come to realize that they are pretty. Friggin made my week and im still riding that high.

  • The smile thing is true.. I struggled with my smile throughout highschool, my front teeth were really bad.. I became very anti social.. My teeth are pretty cool now, but my social skills still trash ��..

  • Compliments from this video:
    1) “I like your outfit.”
    2) “You are a great friend.”
    3) “You smell incredible.”
    4) “Have you been working out? You look great.”
    5) “That colour looks great on you”
    6) “You’ve got a great smile.”
    7) “You are one of the best people I know.”
    8) “Your hair looks great today.”
    9) “You should be proud of yourself.”
    10) “I like your _”

  • I love ur outfit
    U r such a Gr8 friend
    U smell incredible
    U work out look gr8
    Thts colo looks
    U hv a gr8 smile
    U r the best ppl I knw
    Ur hair looks awesome today
    I like ur….

  • I like gaming phone and Your speaking style is very funny. A lot of unknown information is known from here.Thanks so much for reading the comment.

  • you could try the mustache method if she has a long hair
    go there and just say nice mustache probably she s gonna say whaaat?
    then you grab her hair and do the haur mustache joke it worked for me
    (comment how it worked for you)

  • You are such a great friend
    U smell incredible.
    That color looks fantastic on you
    U got a great smile
    Have u been working out? U look great

  • Melanie you are very poised and sit so comfortably in that chair.

    Personally not one to approach women
    If they are interested they will approach you.

    Having someone respond to your charm in a group goes a long way to attracked a woman I am intested

    Women are so into looks and especially height it’s pathetic

  • ” I just heard Lous say you was Russian, that’s crazy cause I’m Russian too…..yh I’m rushing to get you home and take them clothes off ” my favorite ����

  • just say: you have realy nice eyes. or compliment her by saying: i realy like your accent where are you from. try telling her/Him that they Look Good/Nice/pretty today. etc ��

  • random dude who walked up to a girl: I love that ur name is Katy and ur 16 and ur a cheerleader and ur parents are divorcing and u have 12 dollars in your pocket and that u have the same blood as mine

    girl: WTF

  • Hey man I don’t even have my actual name on this account of mine. But seriously your videos have such a great vibe and aside from a lot of your tips being useful and incredibly helpful for me, your videos are great and I appreciate the work that you do to put out the content that you put out.

  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but I would laugh my ass off if someone used that hand compliment on me. I think it’s funny, not creepy.

  • How about this:
    2:09 Melanie, I have new workout sheet. What do you think about the routine for the triceps and the biceps?

    Yeah… She’s passionate about this topic.

    All these videos are about dating older women. Why does Melanie keep referring to everyone as girls?

  • Women like compliments that were done based from what they “modified” such as French Manicure Nails or lightened/darkened their Hair.

  • I think the biggest problem with compliments is that they are given out so often that women come to expect them. It’s not too original to call everyone woman “hot.”

  • HI Melanie, I love your Dress. It looks really Elegant on you….But I also would like to tell you that you have the 3 Great qualities…I think that your Intelligent; Attractive ; and Feminine…. You would be my First Choice. Is there a Type of fun Food that you like…Michael

  • Lady teaches you how to get something you want by complimenting. Teaches how to sound sincere, rather than being sincere and implies you have something to gain by this dishonesty. Basically, running the whole premise and credibility of complimenting. Cool ��

  • They bubble lights and lemonade

    BY SUDS..

    petals in the souls of freaks,

    they break the boring sanity,

    in the sound that never speaks,

    watching on with vanity,

    a star that shines in lost reprise,

    and idea in the thoughts of those,

    it follows on a falling leaf,

    contrary as the mind explodes,

    the perspective in a contact made,

    as input from the fragrant past,

    they bubble lights and lemonade,

    pausing in lost shadows cast,

    I lost the love of my sweet beans,

    she walks in dreams that make me cry,

    as Warsaw passes in vague extremes,

    and cars they pass like butterflies,

    twas my intention to hold you close,

    but in lost lips you slipped away,

    the day in reels and is marked Closed,

    like silent steps in Mandalay,

    an effective way to live a dream,

    is attract ideas from mundane tasks,

    and challenge all that never seems,

    then love will come and sometimes last…

  • Melanie has some serious guns.

    1:21 Lazy and lacking creativity. “My, you have a wonderful lazy eye”.
    3:07 Hello. Da. Da. Da.. That doesn’t sound quite right…
    3:32 This means bringing a rolodex on dates, so you can keep track of everything. One sec let me just look up something…

  • I told a woman she looked just like Veronica Lake, she said who?? I told her to look her up. Saw her a few days later, she gave me the biggest hug ever!!!!

  • You can always say something like Hey I love your tits to shoulder ratio it really makes your ass stand out!! Or something less obvious you could say Hey you’re really funny I love your sense of humor, it really brings attention to your creamy thighs!!

  • You are extremely captivating with your vice inflection and conviction! Da da da.. funny,, Have you ever done any Motivational Seminars Live with your Team?, Thanks Stephen

  • If I guy can’t get past hello with a girl. How the fuck do you figure we can get to know you. How about thank you for the compliment or how about thanks for paying for everything. How about dam it must be ruff to be a guy dealing with our dumbasses.

  • Patrice O’Neal said its best. “Women giving advice to men on dating is like a fish giving a fisherman advice on how to catch them.”

  • Does it just seem like this girl wants all this type of attention? because I’m sitting next to a friend of mine who is a girl and she is laughing at this chick.

  • Ask her about her relationship with her father, anything positive, move on. You want to be the mistake she made at the bar Glenn Quagmire

  • Physical characteristics, eyes-bust-butt, are things we get for free, at birth. A lot of us really don’t like things that others compliment about us. Her clothes, music, decor on the other hand, are all taste that she developed by choice. The fancy dinner she made you is a hard won skill ( I know, that’s one of my go-to’s cause I like to eat good food)….as is driving skill, the kind of thing she probly doesn’t often hear….
    So, nice shoes!!
    ( and avoid terms of endearment until a basis formed, or it comes across sexist and condescending)…
    At least, that’s what I’ve learned….
    Btw, context is relevant as well, I’ve know a couple ladies that liked compliments on their breast augmentation….both exotic dancers ( no private dancing). Made them a lot more money so it a compliment that is a recognition of their business acumen??)

  • Hi Melanie… your videos are great. The video production is superb and of course I find the content absolutely incredible! Thank you.

  • Ask the girl if alone is want some company. She will say yes or make an excuse for not. Just tell her to have a nice evening. Move on.

  • Is this video a satire? What does it say about a person when they get to pick and choose what compliments they accept. My God, how full of yourself do you have to be to put your nose up in the air when someone gives you a genuine compliment? RELAX, YOU’RE NOT ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE.

  • I try to use compliments like these, girls just look at me like I’m an idiot and say “uh, thanks”, but these have worked well on guys, now I have more than like, 2 friends, so that’s cool.

  • Real woman want a man to get to know her the best way is looking at her the way she walk and talking to you at the times. I love attractive women with a beautiful personality and her great sense of humor and her attractive to a real men like her..

  • There’s more about physical attraction to even get your foot in the door. My buddy would walk out with a girl EVERY night we went out together. He only had one line, “You wanna fuck or what?” It didn’t obviously work with every girl, but needless to say, it worked for HIM.

  • “Hey, I really like (insert X here) about you. Would you mind signing this contract which will prohibit you from saying I assaulted or harassed you when I’m just trying to get to know you better?”

  • I’ve had my ass handed to every time by a good woman. And this after helping her and being responsible. Most times there is no sex as a reward. So… stick with the bad girls when you need them boys. You get what you want at a cheaper price and you know what you are dealing with. Make money and save it. Be the best man you can be.

  • The best compliment I’ve ever given was in the produce section when a girl was looking at watermelons. I said ”Wow. Those melons are almost as big as yours.” Worked like a charm.

  • Stop chasing Unicorns Hot girls that are actually worth having? �� Get a average girl or below average girl or a butter face. These girls are the girls you want if you’re serious about having a real relationship. #1 they are real and don’t usually play games. #2 they usually are not looking for something better like hot women. #3 she’s more likely to be faithful. #4 you probably have more in common with her and will keep her happy with less showering of gifts to show affection. #5 if she’s healthy or thick she may like to cook if she doesn’t mind cleaning and treats you like a King make her your Queen and treat her with respect and never do things to compromise the relationship, you just found a real woman!

  • This is the biggest joke of a video holy shit. Is this how woman operate? You tell them they have beautiful eyes and they basically say fuck you n won’t even give you the time of day? This lady is an airhead. This is why guys are so hesitant on going up to attractive girls

  • Oh my god the way you phrase these answers is exactly how a woman at work compliments me especially the “I love how” or “You have a great” and “The way you.”,….this was scary accurate.

  • You will never ever lose with this one: You have to talk to the girl for at least 15 minutes to get to know her somewhat, and try to build some rapport with her if possible. When you feel a kind of “connection”, just say: “It’s hard to explain, but you have this wonderful energy, it feels good to be near you.” You will never ever crash and burn with a compliment like that. Always compliment their lovely “energy”. Women are totally crazy about “energies”, I promise.

  • For all those busy people out there:
    1) I love your cooking
    2) Great Work
    3) U have a way with words
    4) You look gorgeous
    5) You have a great taste
    6) You have a great sense of humour
    7) Your resume is impressive
    8) You make me want to be a better person
    9) You are an awesome friend
    10) This is delicious

    P.s Who just randomly got this recommended when you already know English ����

  • Hi dear Alicia! You are fantastic! Could you make a video with the expressions we should or could use when we talk or write to important person like our boss or celebrities etc? A huge hug from Trentino Südtyrol in Italy ���� Alfonso Moser

  • Most compliments goes to you Alisha.
    •Great Job
    •You have a good Sense of humour Alisha (the way you deliver the video )
    》 I didn’t taste your food but for you i would say Ohh Alisha you cook soo delicious

  • I am feeling very happy to find your channel and watch your valuable videos.
    You are going to be a tremendous teacher to me in Youtube Channels.
    thanks a lot.
    don’t stop your teaching………………plzzzz

  • Hello.. You are one the best teachers for me… with you i wanna to talk in english more and more… i’m from Azerbaijan… i know grammar (not so good but it’s better than my “speaking”) but for a long time i haven’t speak in English so i forgot something and these videos help me to learn some new things and also to speak English again…. For these reasons and others thank you a lot, dear ALISHA❤️❤please don’t stop to teach us new things… ️you are an awesome teacher ��

  • I feel like gorgeous after watching your video you have more impressive power for people make attract front of u because Ur sound is beautiful clearly great impressible… you have great job keep it continues. I love you

  • Thank you, you are amazing. In part of the video, you said not to complain on physical appearance, that was a new & good lesson for me.

  • Sincerely i just want to say all of the compliments to all of you guys who work on this channel��…, except This one (i love your cooking) in case i’ve never taste alisha’s cooking….. thanks guys
    This channel really helpful to me….. greating from Indonesia ����

  • I also noticed in real life native speakers answer with a nonchalant “ Uh huh”. I don’t know if its just me,I still find the response insensitive and rude.

  • hi. Commonly in Mexico people say something minimizing the recived compliment. In addition they try to say something negative about our statement.

  • i think that handling compliment is a tough job. the way Annemarie taught in the video is a very good way to handle it. just say thank you and simply accept it rather than reject it roughly. i like the way to handle an unexpected compliment.

  • in my country compliment answers……. thanks, your good looking…… or… thanks, I hope God will give you better than mine…you look beautifiul, because you like me… thanks,I hope we can use properly all our belongings…… or thanks they are gift from God… I wish everyone can get such a good things from God… thanks my sister/bro

  • Respected Ma’am, I am very curious to learn new phrase for a common question or answer. I am very glad that you teaches in such a dedicated manner so that everyone can understand and able to learn… At last, thank you Ma’am. Keep making such video forever.

  • I hope to see my comment I live in Canada, iam Egyptian and I feel confused when I speak English, what I should do? Plz respond me

  • Okay. I’m just try to be politely say that I appreciate it and like so lucky as well. so like this, I just enjoy saying in general. and also usually I love it. but at the same time try to be humble more and more. grateful that watching your vedio. so nice!! have a great day.

  • Your video on 1) 10 Traits of Successful Professionals and 2) How to Disagree Politely are such a big help as I prepare for a one-on-one conversation with my Immediate Supervisor for performance review. Kudos to you and your team.

  • Hi Ann, I’m so glad to see all of your videos and I learn so much. In Vitoria, Brazil there are no good schools for learn english and are very spensives. You have a psycologistc away to teacher english and I’ve been learnd much better. Thank you.

  • In my country, unless you are not asked, you don’t say anything to a stranger about his or her spesific stuff or situation. Just in case he or she has bad memory of the thing.Due to the fact that I was raised there, when someone tell me something like you talked about, I meant to answer it negatively.

  • Mostly in Arab countries ppl would thank you for the compliment and add a compliment as an answer.. for example: wow beautiful dress.. answer: Thanks your eyes are beautiful.. (means it can find beauty..)

  • In Malaysia as one of the South East Asian country,we put politeness is number one always when dealing in conversation.For compliment somebody,it is a good start for conversation and normally the receiver of compliments feel happy to hear that and they would just say thank you.But if they feel embarrass they would say there is somebody is better than them(regards what compliment about).So we might say that the receiver of compliment really humble and not taking the compliment as it is.For example if somebody compliment like”hey,u really have a beautiful color of green scarf/hijab!The receiver of compliment would say as simple as “ Thank You” or “really?I thought it’s not fit with my cloth.Normally in Malaysia culture,the conversation will not go further if the one who compliment not keep asking the thing that they compliment about.For the example above,regardless the one who compliment got feedback as above,still they need to ask again like” where do you get the scarf? etc.. so here to say that the one who compliment need to make conversation keep going to make it an interesting conversation and the one who receive a compliment also would give a compliment for something else.Normally Malaysian people feel happy and rarely to push the compliment.They would also reply with other compliment as well.

  • I don’t understand how this video that is a jewel has so many views and no like. Please leave your like in this video. It is the most respectful way to support the teacher who makes these videos to help so many people

  • Thanks Anne Marie, this one is an eye-opener! I shall accept compliments graciously before they stop coming -lol
    I’m guilty of giving negative responses because I don’t accept compliments very well.
    Once my cousin who met me after a year complimented me on my skin and I just brushed off saying it’s the makeup to which she replied “I don’t think so “
    If someone compliments my home then I go “oh it’s the previous homeowners who chose the finishes “but it’s the decor they are referring to which I totally miss it:-(

    In my Indian culture people either smile and say nothing or give excitedly a history of where & how they bought that item.

  • Hi Ann Mary, You are a wonderful and super English teacher and you’re beautiful woman. Your shirt has a beautiful color. Thank for your teaching and my English is improving. God bless you.

  • I have another request would you plz help me about interaction with other people in their different moods to feel them comfortable…

  • Hi I am from Pakistan and people here give and take compliments very warmly. when someone give me compliment I usally say thank you for the compliment. I appreciate your way of teaching its really helpful��

  • How to response to a “thank you” after giving someone a compliment? I feel that “You’re welcome” is weird in this situation because saying “you’re welcome” kind of give me the vibe that “the complimented subject/object isn’t actually cool or pretty, but ima go out of my way to give it a compliment”. Please advise.

  • 4:41 I remember giving that compliment in 5th grade and it made the girl cry and the teacher called me out in front of the class, DO NOT add the TODAY at the end��

  • For my point of view, here in Brazil, it is unusual to be polite. How could I say, honestly? I’m polite and nobody takes it from me and my behaviour Portuguese is the same in English, I love it and for me, it is what matters. I appreciate very much your commitment with your students, I so glad to find your Chanel, But the people I knowing and respond the compliment with “Namaste” or “gratitude” this words is up now.

  • Ann I’m following your lesson every day and now I feel great confident in myself thank you so much you are great teacher your way to teach the english language is great

  • hi Anne i from spain i live in England. do you can teach by whatsapp or video conference or google duo or facetime? I need to improve my english.Thanks.

  • I am from Mexico and we respond with a simple thank you. I have the tendency though of turn a compliment onto
    something negative, simply because I get nervous or embarrassed in the moment.

  • Dear Ann Marie, I found your lessons a while ago! Really like them! Instead of saying a good teacher, I would like to say better that you are a wonderful psychologist!! Both above you are!!������You are so great!! ( Accept it! ��)

  • Thank you so much for the information!!! Always it is good to know about how to giving/receiving compliments in English, and of course do it in a properly way.
    Now I am living in Calgary Canada but I from Colombia. For that reason, I think this explanations is so helpful to me because, not only native speakers in English but also speakers of other languages feel strange and embarrassing about the situation.

  • I really appreciate that you choose the useful topic and organize the course in an interesting way. Not every English teacher is so responsible and dedicate.
    Is that the new pair of glasses? The frame really suits your face shape.
    Look at these photos. I really like how creative you are. Everyone can use a camera, but not everyone can find interesting photos like these.

  • Good morning. What I really want for me and my son

    pronunciation + All syllable Rules + English Spelling Rules + All alphabet in reading

    Could it help?

    So we can read advanced >> And learn to pronounce the accent of the British and American so as not to mix them

  • This was so helpful except one thing. When you people were commenting each other, you didn’t keep eye contact. You were talking to each other but looking somewhere else.

  • I like complimenting to someone for their good works, this lesson really improved me that complimenting to someone in new ways so this lesson was great for me I loved and enjoyed this lesson! Thank you so much sir.Olivier, ma’am.Gina and all staff of Oxford Online English for making and hard working for this great lesson!

  • I also think that Olivier should try a clearer microphone please check the quality of voice and recording… I am so sorry mentioning this.

  • Thanks a lot for uploading this video but please if it is possible enhance the voice quality of the man who is represent half part of the video.

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