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That’s why discomfort can, and should, be used as a tool to prepare you for pain. Pain and discomfort both hurt, and they can be hard to endure. But while discomfort is within your control, pain teaches you the hard lessons — and how you use pain to learn those lessons is the key to.

It never disappears, rather, it transforms into something else. I want to convert my pain to a current that powers my abilities, and hopefully, the abilities of those around me. Pain will be a constant of the human experience, for better or worse. The true testament to our species is how we make use of our pain.

Choose wisely. Relaxation training: Pain generates discomfort that can progressively degrade your overall condition. By working on relieving stress, tension, and anxiety, relaxation training can improve the way your body responds to pain. How would you feel about learning a no BS way to use the pain in your life to propel you to a better place?

My video today explores the hidden messages of pain and how to use it to your advantage. Today I ask you to go within to find out what pain is trying to communicate to you. Pain is a personal experience but may be difficult to communicate. It is vital that nurses know how best to assess it to ensure the optimal treatment is given. You have read 1 of 1 free-access articles allowed for 30 days.

For further access please register or login. Subscribe for unlimited access. Changing beliefs is SUPER difficult. Language can be a reflection of your belief system.

By implementing the use of “discomfort” as an alternative to “pain” we can encourage one to reflect on whether a sensation might be less threatening. For example: Discomfort is. How Bad is Your Pain A Measurement Tool. Most referring physicians, regardless of their medical specialty, use a simple 1 to 10 point pain scale, so I stick with this to keep everyone on the same page.

Simply stated, think about where your pain level falls the majority of the time—unless you experience extreme pain fluctuations. No Pain. Pain & discomfort defined. I don’t recall if it was in a seminar or an article, but someone smarter than I once discussed pain vs discomfort.

I’ve stolen the idea and used it ever since. (If you made this description and you’re reading this then. Stay ahead of your pain. A common mistake people make, according to Fraifeld, is waiting too long to take pain medication. By the time you’re in pain, you’re starting from behind the eight. Also, we did not use a pain expert in the analysis of the concept.

Conclusions. Discomfort is a concept that is familiar to nurses and described in the nursing literature; however, many of the studies that investigate discomfort use the concept incorrectly. Discomfort can describe both physical and psychological states.

List of related literature:

• Use knowledge of biological variations of pain.

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There are several ways to handle pain and the specific sensation and experience of it.

“Healing and Recovery” by David R. Hawkins, M.D./Ph.D.
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Discuss pain as a broad concept that is not restricted to a severe and intolerable sensation.

“Pain Assessment and Pharmacologic Management E-Book” by Chris Pasero, Margo McCaffery
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• Use culturally relevant pain scales to assess pain in the client.

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Either modify these techniques or forgo using them if your client is unable to provide feedback regarding pain.

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Use simple words such as “pain” instead of “discomfort.”

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With pain, avoid adjectives and ask how it affects daily activities.

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I also want to describe some of the physiological mechanisms that cause pain as modern research describes them because I’ve found that understanding these helps me avoid making

“Living Well with Pain and Illness: The Mindful Way to Free Yourself from Suffering” by Vidyamala Burch
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In experimenting with their range of movement, for example, I encourage clients to “feel for” the differences between discomfort and pain.

“Constructive Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide” by Michael J. Mahoney
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Identify the universal aspects of the pain experience..

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  • Is there anyone who can direct me toward a community or mentors where I can get some direction in my life and create goals to stick to?

  • I’m really trying to understand this mans concept I’m dealing with A lot of extra bs currently but I really want understand myself to understand this guy

  • good talk..

    i just wrote an article about pain and suffering and how important and how much of an inevitable counterpart it is to pleasure and happiness. like two sides of a coin. this is one of the secrets in plain sight in shamanic metaphysics.

    i would’ve liked to hear bastian say at the end how a university graduation was the result of struggle and pain in studying; and how the love of one’s life was the result of the pain and suffering that went into building one’s character in order to to be able to meet love.

  • I’ve been severely depressed for most of my life but that was the wound where light could enter! Love the video and lots of love to everyone ❤️

  • It’s true from the other direction too: that when people are doing something physically demanding (like lifting something heavy) they naturally roar. They do an ferociousness expression.
    It’s like when we think we squintWHY?! You don’t need your eyes squinted to think. But there’s something in the Neuro connections. So when we need force we access anger and it should help. It’s instinct to roar when you need a turbo boost physically.
    Maybe. Just spewing initial reaction thoughts.

  • Nice Christmas Decoration… I m kidding > the topic is interesting, can be really helpful for many people on how to optimize and heal by the same way the pain through job s actions

  • I don’t understand how its acceptable to put trivial labels on chronic pain patients like that. Imagine the outrage if a patient of some other illness like cancer was given equivalent advice, being told they’re not healing because of their lack of resilience.

  • How can You say whether it is only 20% of the time? How do You measure it exactly? I am just thinking that.. if you exercise in beast mode, maybe you do first most important work stuff in beast mode motivated by pain as well and what if this 20% is not really 20, but more like..50%..maybe…?

  • I was induced and managed to deliver using only hypnobirthing as pain relief. The main thing to remember is that contractions are not stronger than you because they are you. Visualisation really helped me. Breath in for 20 counts right down into your abdomen so that it rises up (this helps separate the uterus from abdominal muscles and reduces the pain) and imagine something that goes up. I visualised red balloons floating up into the sky because me and my sister would dance to the song 99 Red Balloons as kids and that memory made me happy. Then breathing out for 20, keep your throat open and loose (a relaxed throat helps to relax the cervix) and visualise your baby moving down. I won’t lie and say that the transition contractions weren’t hard, they were really tough. But that just means you are really close to delivering. Giving birth is the most empowering thing I have ever done. I felt so charged up I could’ve taken on the world and won. I am woman, hear me roar!

  • Thank you for make my dreams come true.
    Want to learn tricks yo screw up royally your enemies?
    Let’s get the message viral

  • I’ll give you another secret.. receive your pain. In other words, don’t push it consciously or subconsciously away. Relax in it, let it “do its worst,” feel it. Suddenly, all that emotional energy you were spending “hating it” now becomes reserves for you to dip into. This revolutionized my life as a father.. all the extra demands my family/kids put on me suddenly weren’t a chore anymore. I found myself having energy to last the entire day. Nothing changed. Only my attitude and acceptance of the pain.

  • The pain attacking me never stops. It never stops so I can’t rally back. It has robbed me of the joy in life and as much as I have tried to turn it around and try to see some good in it. It doesn’t work like that.
    There are days when I can’t walk.
    Must be a different kind of pain they are talking about.

  • I wouldn’t agree that I need pain! Those feelings in which do not feel good on an emotional level. Physical pain, I get it. But emotional pain…I have never been in a relationship and wanted pain. When it comes to emotional pain, I choose to practice pleasure at all times. To experience emotional pain is a choice.

  • Took a nice HD screen shoot of the white board. �������������� time to start studying what each of them lines mean.. That’s including all the circles!! If you can follow all of his lines that’s when you can get yourself to the point of the life of your dreams!!!!!!

  • Very good, ´´How to Use the Pain In Your Life to Your Advantage´´ ´´Pain + reflection = progress´´ ´´20% of the time in darkness´´ ´´How do you get people to endure more pain? = let them express anger´´ ´´example: arm in a bucket of ice and express anger and keep going´´ ´´keep contrast´´

  • this is literally eye opening!! for most part I thought its always about being grateful & happy all the time but nooit’s the BALANCE!!

  • By all means use the Pain to grow….but to imagine his wife being attacked just to get the Adrenaline ie Energy to work out is going too far. Sorry Tom but you must not have had enough real pain in your life if you have to resort to this.
    Am speaking as a 55 year old who has been subjected to violence all my life and have a painful adrenal illness/ME for 41 years. Just successfully negotiated a reconciliation with my boyfriend after a painful 3 week break up during LockDown…seems my balance has been opposite to Tom”s. 80 % Pain and 20 % Pleasure. Whilst I am grateful for all the lessons learnt from my pain i am going to grab hold of all the happiness that comes my way.
    But hey, this is just my opinion based on my own experiences. Tom has brought us all a great deal of insight and useful information on his channel. So whilst I disagree if it doesn’t hurt anyone, Go Tom. And thank you for all the work you put into keeping us informed.

  • IMO, pain and darkness are like gasoline. Use a little to ignite the fire from the start, but dont ever count on it to maintain your fire indefinitely.

  • Not afraid of pain. I went through weeks of pancreatitis with only applied heat for relief, miscarriages with only meditation and breathing, migraines with only a nap etc. Thankfully now I can easily avoid damaging interventions:)))
    Your mind is stronger than you realise!

  • Hey Bridget, something I’ve been thinking about a lot is how handle if something goes wrong? Like what if my BP goes sky high? What if baby is breech? What if I suddenly need a C section? How can I mentally prepare for an emergency?

  • Tom, this makes great sense! I am a firm believer that your purpose is also rooted in those dark places of pain. Oftentimes the things that break our hearts, fuel us towards our destiny. #PURPOSE

  • Yeah your 3 miscarriages = having pain everyday for years, guys out of touch. Yeah we understand that resilience has to be exercised, infact people who are in chronic pain have to be stronger than anyone else and it’s being strong for too long that hurts us.

  • Pain, one of the most familiar constants in any ADHD diagnosed adult. Pain is good when used as a motivator, just make sure it doesn’t become the narrative of your life.

  • I have little time or patience for Happy Talk but I do know pain is here to show me what I do not understand yet…a gift if I’m strong enough to accept.

  • Not encouraged I know you are lying I’ve experienced birth and it was horrendous I was screaming in pure agony for days then my baby died and that was because I was so distressed from the pure none stop agony and torture I was in. Do not believe these midwives they are pure evil they enjoy your suffering even laugh at it.

  • I watched this video twice! It’s funny I’ve been doing this for multiple years I just didn’t know what it was called. I’m able to do this step by step process quite quick and flawlessly with most of my customers. I don’t feel I’m being non genuine at all, but at the same time I really understanding the situation of each customer. These steps feel natural without thinking twice about them. I didn’t learn this from anyone either, I had to figure out how to read people with their words and body language through trial and error so atleast I now know what all this is called. There is quite a lot more information than this. For example the person your calling or closing on, what is the time of the day? This is important, because you want to know if the person is on lunch break? Someone who may be on lunch break can represent themselves as too busy to call before or after work or who may want to keep that action threshold down as much as they can because some people are afraid of pain, they just want it done! Now also, Is it morning time and the person is calling around and getting ahead of day and checking prices, those are smart customers or is this person procrastinating and now it’s night time? Each of these different times of the day scenarios represent different customers minds and psychology. Even though I’m a seasoned closer I still like trying new strategies and styles and I’m always looking for videos like this to propel me further. Thanks Jordan for the knowledge and inspiration!

  • Notice at the end he starts to whisper and you start to listen more, and then he hits your pain threshold about making 2019 your year and he’s giving away access for free for 7 days. Dude lives by this method. Very persuasive.

  • He is speaking in a soothing, calm voice. Very nice to listen to. The talk is engaging, supported by scientific research and with elements of humour. Above all, it is true and to the point. I love it.

  • I had 8 hrs pain, and I enjoyed every bit,but it was little uncomfortable when contraction comes,i was like “ it’s coming,winter is here “ lol ��

  • My father was an orphan and practically raised on the streets but managed to be one of the most successful doctors in his field. When I complain about little things he always told me that adversity is the key to success.

  • It is this denial that people have towards their biggest pains that result in the majority of sheep going “Money doesn’t matter, Looks don’t matter”

  • Everything worth anything in life is about resolving peoples pain. Love this perspective. Selling gets such a bad rap because of stereotypes but a true salesman is there to help others.

  • I don’t even work in sales and this guys got me wanting to find a second job and sell my ass off now. I love this! super inspiring

  • Thank you Jordan for all your great work in helping people to solve other people’s problems elegantly. Happy New Year to you and your family! God bless!

  • Thank you so much for your videos. I watched the breathing video before my 2nd labor and it helped a lot. I focused only on breathing and visualisation. The result: we met our 2nd daughter after only 10min of pushing. Now she is 2 months old:) I only wish I saw your video two years ago, before my 1st birth (which was full of fear). My 2nd labor was like a dream. Thank you so much ��

  • Whatttt? Never knew this guy had a channel. Always seemed like cool dude in a few interviews I seen him in but I love this content I’m on YouTube so much more than anything else. Love the value and positivity ❤️����

  • So happy with your video’s! I am due in a little over a month and your videos are helping me a lot in preparing for the birth! Thank you!

  • He is speaking in a soothing, calm voice. Very nice to listen to. The talk is engaging, supported by scientific research and with elements of humour. Above all, it is true and to the point. I love it.

  • Perfect! As always, you’ve always been perfect. You deserve to be a BILLIONAIRE. If my dearest friend Jordan Belfort wants $1B to pay all the debts and pocket $900B or whatever is left after paying the debts, and then make another Billion and another… contact me anytime. Invest in Asia, leave the western world and today’s insanity and FAKE world behind permanently.

  • I had 1 delivery without any meds and 1 with epideral. I recommend the epideral. You still experience the birthing process without the trauma. I find it allows your body to do what it needs to do without you fighting it. She talks about the pain only being for short periods of time then u can rest. Well this is some of the worst pain anyone could endure and when it hits you every couple of minutes for hrs, positive thinking and breathing does not cut it. I am sorry, but telling first time moms that there is nothing to fear and you just need to think positive is wrong. They will get into labor and realize how bad it is then feel guilty because they couldn’t tough it out or feel anger that nobody told them the truth.

  • The tonality video really helped me last week, and I closed the same amount last week as I did in Nov, and Dec combined. HUGE!!!!! Thanks Wolf.

  • Being the happiest when you give birth, obviously has nothing to do with the pain, but having the new born baby, that you made, in your arms, does. Dads and grandparents, who did not go through any of that pain, also seem to be the happiest time for them too.

  • I live in the 21 century and I believe a woman should not experience any pain during labor and delivery, its prehistoric and barbaric

  • James T. Kirk: “Damn it Bones, you’re a doctor. You know that pain and guilt can’t be taken away with the wave of a magic wand. They’re the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. [to Sybok] I don’t want my pain taken away! I need my pain!”

  • Emotions are the spice of life. Shunning or rejecting them is essentially a fast road to feeling numb, and thus depression. Cherish every bit of anger, sadness or happiness. This way you know that you are alive, and in fact a warm blooded human.

  • Without pain, life wouldnt be hard. Everyone needs to feel pain. Pain strengthens us. Its like going to the gym. You may be sore for a couple days but you gain from it. Its the same with pain. You will get stronger once you defeat pain.

  • You are a stupid man. Pain during appendicitis is useful. Chronic pain is useless and disabling. Screaming against pain does not help people to keep a job. Painkillers do. Being able to walk and move can keep your mind able to focus, therefore function, it can enable you to escape a fire, to help someone else escape.

  • Thanks for this interesting ad inspiring talk. In fact is not a revolutionary idea as you say, Brock. It is an idea brought up by ancients and moderns philosophers, about the sensual pleasure and the emotional pleasure (happiness). Today the state of well-being in western civilization over all, produced an inversion of values that originated a moral degradation in good habits. Emotional pain should be accepted because it conncects us with reality, and then it originates emotional pleasure. Sensual pleasure is not happiness, is only a short moment of satisfaction, phisical and material only. Is not rational. Today our societies are not rational but passional and looking for evasion of reality in an hedonistic concept of life unprovided of humanity and goodness. This is an explanation about the end many great rich players and actors. Thanks.

  • I agree with what this guy said but at the same time when your heart is literally aching with emotional pain, you just wish it would go away. Even though we’re told to embrace it and just sit with it and let that feeling pass… it’s sooo hard!!

  • we need pain to completely appreciciate happiness. this pain include physical exhaustness after hard work, emotional pain etc which are necessary. but why do this world need carnivores and viruses which cause unwanted pain. what if every species was herbivores. there would not be any pain or unwanted death.

  • I have a question. I got stuck at 3 cm, but my contractions were 30 seconds apart for at least 30 seconds. I never got a break in between because they never fully dissipated. I’m at the beginning of my 3rd trimester with baby #2. How do I keep from becoming exhausted after a few hours? How do I deal with that intensity for so long? I tried using breathing and labored at home until contractions were 1:30 apart too.

  • Tom always does a good job when it comes to giving motivation to other people…I really like Impact Theory and all its past guests

  • Yesterday was my due date and I honestly feel so excited for the birth experience (and to meet my baby girl!). I have no fear, only confidence in myself. I know this is what my body was made for. Thank you so much for the videos you make, I have really enjoyed them through my pregnancy ��

  • Can you make a video about tips for vbac attempting momas? I want to attempt a VBA2C in my next pregnancy because I know my body is made to do this! I hope you see this comment!!!

  • Hey Tom I would like to say good job on what you are doing, all the best and congrats.

    You guys are spot on with this conversation.

    keep up the Great work.����

  • Pain is not necessary to create happiness. Millions of people are daily creating happiness without also creating pain. Yes pain is an aspect of life but is not at all always necessary to create happiness or joy. Many things in life, especially when we are younger we learn with great joy and it does not cause us pain to learn many of these things. Also when we grow up we can learn to create joy and happiness without having to go through a lot of pain.

  • Very thought provoking. I’d like to think that I am a resilient type person having overcome many adversities in my life. I recognize many people who fit in other categories as well (victim, catastophizer, go getters, yes people, etc…) all who suffer with some form of pain.
    Very insightful.

  • Pain and, dare I say it, suffering are necessary for contentment. We need not pursue suffering; it will find us. The question is really one of hope and the source of that hope.

  • There is nothing noble in the suffering we chronic pain patients are forced to endure, by an arrogant, indifferent medical establishment. Relieve our pain, with medication and/or treatment for our underlying conditions or grant us assisted death. Spare us your vapid psychobabble philosophizing.

  • He s so passionate with his actual job requiring his ” super sales” skills obviously, that shows, the job he put in a vertuous cycle, helpful advices, strategies.

  • Perhaps the best TEDx talk i’ve heard, among hundreds. Deep, insightful, clinical and addresses in a short space many different aspects of why we are in the state we are today despite, or because of, so much “progress” and “wellbeing”…

  • Purpose not pain. So helpful. Being induced currently and I started going through these videos a couple days ago. I’m 12 hours in have already used some of the breathing techniques and remembering these contractions are purposeful is so helpful!
    and remembering I am getting breaks helps too.

    Haven’t started pitocin yet though so we’ll see how close together they get! ����

  • After crying confused dunno what to do during the failure this far, betrayal,,broken-hearted, pains,then the creator leads me here,oh my tears fall down����, but i thankful this video gimme energy and i will hit back,,i will do crazy

  • And she is lying to you when your actually in labour you will be suffering, you will feel like you want to or are going to die, it starts off extremely painful then evolves into hell like torture that destroys you mind and soul. It is horrendous and highly traumatic, I found it worse than being beaten and gang-raped. Giving birth can be the worst experience of your life ladies and the agony is out of this world horrendous it doesn’t go away and everybody treats you like crap in labour

  • Your body is made to give birthyeah that to the women who end up with permanent life long injury, babies that die or are born disabled. Birth is dangerous and traumatic

  • Why have pain when Jesus Christ died and destroyed the sin of Eve cursing out the pain of child birth? I pray all women have wonderful pregnancies without complications and a fast painless, no ring of fire, no hemorrhaging, bleeding, or postpartum depression. In Jesus’s name. AMEN.

    Watch Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize

  • my due date is in a couple days on the 28th AND I’m so excited to get the show on the road. hopefully everything goes smoothly. thanks for your videos �� I’ve been binging your content for the past month!

  • Hi Bridget! Thank you very much for all the videos you provide. I expect twins in Norway. My due date is 25th of August. As I were very scared of pain with my first birth, my main concern with this second one was that it will be earlier than I get things ready. Now it changed in to this that there be so many experts around me with good reasons to give me epidural that I will not have much control over my experience. I would like to check if I can do it without epidural, does it feels different because I have different kind set and if I will feel different afterwards because I felt more plus save myself from tearing. It’s getting heavy to be pregnant and maybe I be induced in week 38 of pregnancy on 10th of August. Yesterday I heard another good reason for epidural then possible emergency C-section. One of the twins is 8% smaller (boy) than average now while other is 12% bigger (girl). If he comes first then it will harder to get her out and maybe hospital staff will need to adjust the position of second twin. Both are with their heads down. Could you make a video about twin birth and concerns that I have, please? Best regards, Anna ��

  • A balanced amount of pain, in just the right dosage helps, else its counter effective…when we aren’t taught emotional agility, we deny ourselves the complete experience of life…Why not start addressing pain as “pay attention inwards”.

  • I am so grateful for such a nice content of Tom bilyet�� btw, thank you for 2k views and a bunch of likes on my channel I really appreciate that

  • The pain of a heartbreak is stronger than any other pain. A heartbreak can happened with the death of someone beloved, or someone from the past, or in worst cases, betrayal.
    It’s something iam speaking about from my own personal experiences. Cherish the pain.

  • Hi!!! Bridget,I have been following your YT channel for a while.I learned so much during my studies on my quest to have a unmedicated birth.I had my son Friday at 11:49 am.I was induced with a low pit and my doctor did break my waters,because I had a few medical things against me,my surges started fast and I held it together untill 8 Centimeters. I was able to H.B and breathe.The end was not as graceful when they became back to back and it was soon time to push him out.I was still scared but I did it with no pain meds.Educating myself was the most important thing I did and I have channels like yours to thank.Thank You Bridget ❤

  • I love this video!!! Yes! Pain with a purpose!!! I always tell my Mama Bears to expect the kind of discomfort you’d expect from training for a Marathon, not the kind of pain you expect from fear and torture!

  • My baby is due in march 17 after 12 years and after 4 kids god is planning was set and I was definitely not expecting it although I know I’m new at all of this I’m glad I found your channel cuz ima need your wisdom to re do this �� but honestly I’m ready����‍♀��

  • I love all your videos! You have helped me so much and have taken the fear of giving birth by each video I watch, I am physically and mentally preparing for my babys birth. 7 more weeks to go! I feel great and excited!!��

  • The absolute best channel a pregnant woman can find ��
    I’m disappointed women in the comments are being rude. I wish I have found you with my first pregnancy I’d avoid unnecessary interventions.

  • This shouldn’t influence your medical decisions but it does for me. That is the price of C-sections, induced labor and epidurals in hospitals (here in the US). The more interventions you have, your bill goes up by thousands. Not hundreds but thousands of dollars. Even with insurance and plans of going natural, I anticipate that my bill will be a significant financial burden. Now if it comes to to your life or the life of your baby than certainly, no money can replace that. But I take the view that pain for a day, managed and understood, natural even, is worth it compared to years of paying for unnecessary or elective medical procedures that don’t always make your birth experience better. Not to mention the benefits of a natural birth. Now I know that this doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes you have that plan and it doesn’t happen, I’m not shaming. Yet, if I can have a healthy unmedicated birth, despite the discomfort, I think it is the only logical and sound thing to do.

  • I know I’m a better person because i went through painful situations, change never happens in a positive space, it’s the transition from negative to positive so its very necessary.

  • Im in a country that i dont speak the language and my dr only talks to my husband i feel very afread of hospital since i spent 4 yrs in and out im almost at the end of my pregnancy and im terrified about the hospital do you have any advice?? Your videos are amazing and really helpful thank you

  • I had my baby dec 16 and it was 3 hours and 45 min from start to finish… way more painful than 2 previous babies. All your videos I watched about coping methods went out the window ������

  • Oh damn you got interviewed by, Ed! Yes! You guys make for good YouTube! ✊�� Make it happen people! You are just one excuse away from success! Enjoy pain just like the Russians….

  • This guy obviously doesn’t live with chronicle pain. I appreciate what he said and agree with much of it, but there’s also a point to which pain needs to be mitigated before it causes severe damage.

  • Very profound words and illustrations from Dr. Ngo on how our philosophies and actions greatly affect our bodies and essentially our lives. Thank-You!

  • I’m sorry did she actually just say you can rest and relax between contractions? Clearly she hasn’t seen a back to back birth �� anyone who thinks natural birth is OK is completely insane and if I could give anyone advice if say go for a c section, no pain, no stress, no worries (I’m not talking about emergency c sections or high risk situations) people always told me birth wasn’t that bad because people do it more than once. I can tell you it was torture, so I only did it once. go for a c section, we don’t live in the dark ages anymore, torture is unnecessary.

  • Do consider this. pass it on to mother’s and husbands to be if you agree.

    ( I’m no doctor, though I’d always recommend natural birth instead of epidurals! )

    > The anesthetic used is very very strong! It’s freaking morphine. (Used to make cocaine.) Soldiers with their limbs blown off in war use morphine. Anything that’s that powerful…. is very TOXIC to the human body. Your body will struggle to remove it. That further strains your kidneys and liver. (All toxin is cleansed through these organs.)The drug is also injected directly into your spine! The spine is connected directly to your brain. No telling what it does!

    > There is also credible scientific evidence that the morphine… dulls the baby’s senses. It could reduce the baby’s heart rate/ heartbeat and ability to pass waste. Meaning it affects the baby’s health. A baby’s kidneys and liver aren’t well developed…. expelling such toxin is hard. That means… it stays in your baby for a very long time and might affect his health.There is also a possibility that it affects a baby’s memory. That’s a terrible thing.

    > Btw….. each epidural cost is $1139. A doctor recommends it you say. Heh…..What’s your doctor like? Remember that every epidural is money earned and less hardship for the doctor. But the effects on your baby…..could last Remember a baby’s waste removal (endocrine) and mental faculties aren’t developed. The toxin stays in the little fella for some time.

    Ladies n fathers to be….. I say go natural where you can. Get emotional support… mother, family friends, people you trust especially your husband. Be around to help you through the pain. The human is strong and can withstand anything with loved ones around.

    Ultimately though….. let the mom decide. If she can’t stand the pain n passes out… might have to do a C section. but so what…. at least the baby’s not exposed to any poison. N isn’t that what all mothers want?

  • This is so true I am a mother of 5. I have to say that when you have no fear the labor is soooooooooo much more easy. My first experience was a fearful one because I wasn’t prepared. As I continue to educate myself I feel even more empowered and in control as much as I can be. I’m not pregnant but I watch these things throughout the years to prepare myself just Incase. I love natural birth. I know The Creator made us more than capable to take on this blessed task of birthing our little ones naturally. No pain No gain����������

  • Just had my baby 6 days ago had an amazing birth experience……your videos helped a lot throughout labor and delivery.Thank you so much so such amazing information.����

  • “Look for the unconfortable to find confort.” “Bitter days are sweet to remember.” “The greatest pleasure is to despise pleasure” “Life begins at the end of your confort zone” “Life without suffering is not life” “if you want the rainbow you must put up with the rain”. The stoics and Diogenes knew what´s up. Great talk and topic. Thanks mate!

  • can you go into this on the weekly intensive about how to amplify and solve their pain, and also gather intellegince to find out their pain?

  • Thank you so much for this video! I am due tomorrow and have a low pain tolerance so I am kind of freaking out but this eased my mind a lot.

  • Of pain you could wish only one thing: that it should stop. Nothing in the world was so bad as physical pain. In the face of pain there are no heroes

  • Live and learn, we’re growing by the bunch which is why we only got our yourselves truly but not bad at all, just take it as being free half of your days to improve, love and work harder on yourself after you’ve fulfill your own desires and needs being self made. after realizing when your parents or someone you loved so just past away is upsetting seeing our elders passing away reflects on us like crazy how in any way we all going to die On some point of our life’s. it’s is why we gotta spreads love and being complimented felling worthy, contribute to everything you enjoy while it last to look back before your gonna pass to tell yourself “I’m proud and blessed I was able to enjoy life the ways I wanted it, no regrets”. been in loved for someone or with habits even luckier both. It’s all up to say if you care about yourself or don’t care about nothing.

  • Just had my little girl four days ago. Early labor lasted over 26 hours and it was honestly so painful. I am so happy I had an unmedicated and natural birth but I had a really long and hard labor. I would rather push baby out again then have to deal with the contractions just because mine were so close together and so long for 6 hours. I would say I was suffering but I am so glad I got to experience it.

  • yet again, more Explosive Testimony from NYC nurses claiming NYC Doctors are Murdering COVID patients >

  • What would you recommend eating/snacking on during early labor at home? I still have 9 weeks left but I know you aren’t allowed to eat when you’re admitted.

  • This video definitely put me more at ease as I’m about to go on maternity leave in a few days. I’m expecting my first bundle of joy December 26th and the closer I get to my due date the more nervous I was becoming about labor pains. So glad I watched this video and I may need to watch it a few more times as a nice reminder ��

  • It’s because of sadistic midwives like you that mothers end up with PSTD and feel suicidal after birth. Pain in not good the pain of labour is horrendous it’s worse than being burnt to death yet you force women to unnecessarily deny them pain relief

  • Thank you so much for this video, I’m expecting my first baby in January 2020 and have no idea what to expect during labor but your video has given me some confidence in myself…������������

  • Ive had someone say that thin women cannot bear a child naturally, that a c section would be required. Thats sounds crazy to me but is it true???

  • Thank you so much for doing this video. I’m 31 weeks today with my first baby(I’m 33 yo)and I’m planning to do a natural(possibly water) birth at our local FSBC. I’ve been watching videos and reading up on as much good information as I can find. I really want to be educated, prepared, and empowered going into this, and I’m feeling more confident every day. So again, thank you! ��

  • Take all the pain in your life bundle it to a huge ball of energy,

    and push this into positive energy to win your life. Negative in every form and way is always WRONG

  • I’m due in 7 weeks and this whole time I’ve thought exactly this way. I’m already a super anxious person and I know that if I go into labor being scared or anxious it will only make things harder for me so I’m telling myself that I can do it and to not be afraid because I know that it will be painful and uncomfortable but it’s for a reason and I won’t be in pain for nothing. Thank you for giving me more encouragement!

  • I’m a first time mama and got my cervix checked for the very first time last week and it was SO painful and uncomfortable I was almost in tears… Is that normal? Could it be because I have had intercourse since I got pregnant?

  • Going into my first labor I wanted to stay as natural as possible, unfortunately my water broke early on and my contractions were not progressing, I was barely uncomfortable actually. I dont remember what it was called, but they gave me a pill to increase contractions and it must have been too much because my contractions never went back down to zero, I had no time to recover from my big peaks. I really hope the second time around this doesnt happen and I can experience my natural contractions instead

  • please help us get the word out! They are passing or trying to pass a new bill called S2089! This is going to take away opioids for everyone including the patients that need them because their relabel the bottle. This is the bill that’s going to kill us please somebody talk about this this is not all right

  • LOVE this Tom, as entrepreneurs its so important to take care of our mental state.. even just 10 minutes of meditation make such a massive difference for me and gives me clarity. You can’t conquer the world if you aren’t in control of your state of mind, lets get it!! ��������

  • I can say from my experience, that not just from the perspective of pain but also addiction that getting to know your patient/client and trying to understand their OVER ALL life situation…mind, body, soul,…learning to take accountability for my actions was what saved my life…im kinda like Teresa…I had my colon removed still complications…j pouch, renal failure ect… went through domestic abuse…lost my kids, my home, my career, delt with addiction problems…n that’s just the surface, im still right in the middle of it…and I’ve experimented…trying to see if i got treated different playing the pleaser..and the go getter…or both…its so hard to find a happy balance cause it really depends on what area you apply these skills to, I looked this up cause im struggling with pain meds n dont want to take them and have beat them before but i had amazing support and i went back on them prepared and knkwing it would be temporary but it’s eating me aluve inside…i pushed everyone away this time cause i felt ashamed that in a sense I’ve failed by my own learned skills that changing my negative core beliefs and repeating the positive changes that completely changed my life for the better and it is not fitting to my current life circumstances and in a sense im being or playing the hypocryte and to top it off im too ashamed to get ahold if the one person ive ever truly been honest to about actually wanting to change, and asking for help openly to go to him now and openly tell him i failed my self i let my own negativity drive me away and right back into bad habbits…already knowing what i did and knowing what i need to change but cant see my self doing it with out a different environment…i feel like ive got a pretty good handle on my co-dependancy on people it would truly hurt the thought of never seeing some of the certain people again…but my fear is that now ive become fixated on my environment having to be a certain way in order for me to achieve in a sense what i consider my own self perfection of working on and strengthening my skils on a day to day basis to the point that not one bit of doubt fills me or my belief that i alone can achieve ny own sucess and happiness and attain what i need in order to share and lead my children towards the same skills and positive/ changes and foward moving lifestyle…my question is:
    am i now codependant on a certain enviroment or way of thinking or is it just as simple as missing certain people and parts of my life i want and do not know how to get.

  • I’m near my mid thirties. I think one of the reasons why my biological clock is not ticking is because I’m scared to death of giving birth and I’m okay being childless because of that. I’ve never heard or asked anyone the details about giving birth. So, I have a curios question. What is it that is so painful about giving birth? I heard your vagina rips during the process but you say that it’s because your muscle is working hard that’s why it hurts. So, which is it? I’ll be more open to having kids if it’s the latter, but I’ll stay as I am if my flesh is being ripped apart.

  • Meaningful=happiness
    The way pain creates something meaningful is by forcing us to be present and seeing thing’s from a new perspective, where feeling nothing (no pain) becomes something enjoyable and desirable..
    Doing something that takes effort and is painful creates even more meaning, because you constantly have to tell yourself that the effort you put in has meaning or else you will have no motivation and you will stop.
    If you don’t have any meaning to what your doing it’s never going to create happiness.
    Nothing has value or meaning it’s you that tell yourself that value and meaning actually exists, it’s you that created the concept of meaningful things so that you could have happiness in your life… something to live for, so that you don’t die. Meaningless=death
    This is why people do suicide, they can’t see anything meaning in their life.
    So it’s good to not realise that nothing really has meaning, if you fully understand it you may do suicide because without meaning there is no happiness.. But your brain is going to stop you from doing that. But it’s good to understand it to a point where you stop valuing unimportant stuff, even that is really hard, if you have social anxiety it would help you a lot. Because you can stop caring about what other people think about you.

    Ok just so know I’m only 15 years old, I’m not sure if anything I’m saying is true or even close to true. So don’t take me too seriously xd
    Writing down this stuff just helps me to stop thinking about it.

  • I’m a 40week 3days first time momma, during a pandemic lol. I haven’t been able to take any classes at all. Your videos have helped immensely! Thank you so much for your videos!

  • Too simplistic…until you’ve lived for years with incurable severe pain that never goes away, I don’t believe u can really understand…but hopefully others will hear something here that helps them.

  • This is all so true. Thanks to your videos and all the other research I’ve done to prepare myself, I had such an amazing birth. It came by surprise, but I remembered to remain calm and welcomed the pains. I gave birth to my son unmedicated on Nov 17th, 2019 with no complications because I believed in my body, I had confidence, and because it went so fast, I had no time to be afraid.

  • Really appreciate content like these as it helps us in getting the right amount of nudge to a specific area of our life that we are dealing at the moment. As this is compact we easily consume it if we are in a hurry. Thanks Tom

  • Brain Teaser: How can you sell someone who makes fast cash, gained fame and popularity fast into traveling to you and working with you for free?

    Quick Background: I’m a female amateur pornstar with my own production studio. I create my own content and sell the content on many sites in which I make a residual income from this.

    My Goal is to get BIG name pornstars, and NEW potentially BIG name pornstars entering the industry to come and shoot with me in exchange for shared rights to my videos that they star in, so they can post the collaborated videos on similar sites that I use and make residual income themselves.

    This situation is, these BIG names want fast cash NOW, and don’t want to invest any time away from spending the money and living their short lived success (a year or less on average) into making their own content, yet, by using their popularity at this time, they would make money and continue to make money especially when they are no longer getting the big shoots, big pay days and their fast popularity starts to dwindle. They then get dropped by their agent and have nothing to fall back on.

  • The part where he said “imagine you have a severe headache that never goes away and nobody believes you” I started crying… because I don’t have to imagine. I live that.

  • Make your pain point into your power point. Your pain is where your power comes from! Your pain will position you so well for success. Embrace that pain, as it is the source of your strength! Thank you Dr. Clarence for all the empowering you continue to do in our lives!