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Qigong Shaking for Stress Relief Lee Holden Qi Gong in Relaxing Yosemite Valley

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Does shaking heal trauma?

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How To Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous

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Try this Shake to Release Stress Exercise with Dr. Anna Baranowsky and Frank Pasquill

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Bioenergetic Stress Relief Tip 1 Shaking

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Bioenergetic stress relief Shaking and Grounding

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Meditation is known to relieve stress, and shaking meditation is a technique that’s on the rise. Shaking Meditation: The New Way to Relieve Stress chevron_left PREV: Types of Carbs. In fact, now it can be easier to meditate than ever before as there are apps on your phone that can help. Meditation is known to relax the body and relieve stress.

You might feel some physical symptoms abating with frequent meditation. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Meditation originally was meant to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life.

These days, meditation is commonly used for relaxation and stress reduction. Meditation. By clarifying what’s most important, you can focus less on the unimportant things and eliminate stress.

Connect to the world. The more you feel you have a purpose in the world, the less solitary you may feel — even when you’re alone. This can lead to a valuable inner peace during difficult times. Release control. This shaking allows it to release the build-up of stress hormones that occurred during the “anxiety attack”. (Animals don’t need therapy, they just need to have a good shake to adjust back to life.).

3 Ways Meditation Can Calm Essential Tremor. categories: aside even a brief daily period to develop a practice can condition the body so it “turns the volume down” on stress. 3 benefits that help manage tremors Research suggests that it takes an average of 88 days ii to develop a new habit, so remember to give meditation. A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. “Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain ’s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress,” says psychologist.

Calming meditation music to help with stress and anxiety. Meditation advice for calming chaos: 1 Chaos often causes physical stress, a common side effect of anxiety. As you meditate, breathe in to invite space into your entire body, then breathe out to release tension. 2 Meditation techniques.

Roll your shoulders forward and backward several times. Let all of your muscles completely relax. Recall a pleasant thought for a few seconds.

Take another deep breath and exhale slowly.

List of related literature:

You can even evoke and tap in your resources as a kind of regular meditation to help calm you and give your nervous system a rest.

“Tapping In: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources Through Bilateral Stimulation” by Laurel Parnell
from Tapping In: A Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your Healing Resources Through Bilateral Stimulation
by Laurel Parnell
Sounds True, 2008

Regardless of the approach (use of meditation, yoga, muscle and breathing exercises, hypnosis, prayer, and other forms of stress management), the end result of the relaxation response is a movement of the person toward calmness, balance, and healing.

“Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life” by Marianne LaPorte M. Matzo, Phd, APRN, GNP-BC, FAAN, Deborah Witt Witt Sherman, Phd, APRN, ANP-BC, FAAN, Gary Martin, PhD
from Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life
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Yoga also does wonders for helping us manage our stress levels, which is a key component of managing our body’s response to stress and keeping those stress chemicals at bay.

“Quantum Love: Use Your Body's Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire” by Laura Berman, Ph.D.
from Quantum Love: Use Your Body’s Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire
by Laura Berman, Ph.D.
Hay House, 2016

Apply Shaking the Body, patting, or Tri-Line Relaxation Sequence to relax the body physically and mentally.

“Chinese Medical Qigong” by Tianjuan Liu, Tianjun Liu, Kevin Chen
from Chinese Medical Qigong
by Tianjuan Liu, Tianjun Liu, Kevin Chen
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Like any other technique that enhances relaxation, biofeedback can backfire.

“Coping With Trauma: Hope Through Understanding” by Jon G. Allen
from Coping With Trauma: Hope Through Understanding
by Jon G. Allen
American Psychiatric Publishing, 2008

A host of relaxation techniques exist; none has been proven to be more therapeutic than any other for stress reduction.

“Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry E-Book” by Theodore A. Stern, Gregory L. Fricchione, Jerrold F. Rosenbaum
from Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry E-Book
by Theodore A. Stern, Gregory L. Fricchione, Jerrold F. Rosenbaum
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Developing a daily meditation practice is another great stress reducer.

“Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview: 15 Insider Secrets from a Top-Level Recruiter” by Evan Pellett
from Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview: 15 Insider Secrets from a Top-Level Recruiter
by Evan Pellett
Blackstone Publishing, 2016

One of the best ways to de-stress if you’re highly sensitive is to practice mindful meditation.

“Success as an Introvert For Dummies” by Joan Pastor
from Success as an Introvert For Dummies
by Joan Pastor
Wiley, 2013

It looks a little unusual, but many scientific studies show that it’s amazingly effective at reducing stress, trauma, and compulsion.

“I Can Make You Sleep” by Paul McKenna, Ph.D.
from I Can Make You Sleep
by Paul McKenna, Ph.D.
Hay House, 2016

Qigong, an ancient Chinese energy healing practice that combines the elements of relaxation, breathing work, guided imagery, biofeedback (Chapters 9–11, this volume), mindfulness meditation (Chapter 15, this volume), mind manipulation, and mind–body integration, is a very effective option for stress management.

“Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition” by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, Wesley E. Sime, David H. Barlow
from Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition
by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, et. al.
Guilford Publications, 2007

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  • Haha! That is great! I found this accidentally, and I love it!
    I thought that I was the only person in the world who does that. Lol! Yes, I always do that every time I am cold and I warm up right away and get a great energy! And that shaking accompanied with that contagious laughter is fantastic! Thank you to both of you!

  • Whenever I meditate, I feel high heart beat and bit motivated

    But at the same time some weird sensation like my energy gets drained

    And this happen with me many times
    When I tried something to develop or improve. Immediately I feel exhausted, my vision turn blur, some tingling sensation start happening in my head around ears area specicially. I feel itchy sensation inside my head and feel like to sleep or lay down and do nothing

    This is Vicious circle I’m stuck now a days

    Plz throw some insight on this

  • Hi I have question what is the difference between tre exercise release trauma and edmr
    and can we do tre release trauma at our house
    Please answers me soon

  • I’ve decided there nothing more attractive than a fully relaxed “heightened” woman. For real, that smile that came over your face might as well have been the sun itself.

    Also these exercises are invaluable. I feel some great just doing them for a short bit every morning

  • Whenever I get asked to say something I say it so quietly but when the teacher asks me to speak louder I get so nervous that my voice eventually starts to shake and I mean stutter.

  • Ha, I was doing this the other day in front of the mirror. Had already seen tre vids but not this variation. Feels good. Then I turned on some fast music and made it a lot more fun

  • I’ve been having a lot of trouble meditating lately with racing thoughts and whatnot and something about the idea of the cloud put me in a deep state.. thank you so much….

  • I love this video! I’ve watched it a couple of times already… and also did the exercise. I embedded your video on my website for integral health information ( The website is in German language, but I think the video is a really good example to show people how they can help themselves. Thank YOU!

  • Can I post this video with portuguese subtitles. It´s great! I’m studing bioenergetics here in Brazil and I loved you vid, people would benefit very much with it.

  • Is this similar to how astral travel is done? It was really soothing and enlightening by the way. Great job.. thank you ‘the honest guys’ ��

  • Hey, just started exploring this whole bioenergetics world.Bought the Alexander Lowen  book,”The way to vibrant health” looking forward to getting stuck in.Thanks for these vids they’re a great introduction and great to do,love this shaking one.Think i’d have to live in a remote log cabin in some wilderness to truly let rip with the vocal sounds though haha.More please!

  • This is very similar to the Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) as developed by David Berceli. TRE invokes the innate tremoring mechanism that occurs during trauma. There is indeed something about tremoring/shaking that releases the effect of trauma and stress.

  • What an amazing job you guys are doing. Don’t forget to see to yourselfs first. I bet there is some digging to do in you aswell. Don’t settle for less. Love and light.

  • My hands dont shake but my legs do and i feel it in my arms top anybody know how to calm it down? Could it be lack of sleep? Anxiety? I dont drink alcohol or coffee ao im wondering what could it be and how to stop it or control it

  • It has to be an organic unwinding…You cannot just follow a rote pattern to unwind your trauma. I see each person’s trauma as a unique origami. The way it is unfolded looks different for every single person. It’s good to know all the “options” though, and validate them all. Many of the ways people unfold their trauma looks weird and abnormal. Sometimes it feels like a completion to do really weird things with my mouth and tongue, or to drool and spit! Sometimes I need to push on things, sometimes twitch and shake. Sometimes cry while talking like a baby. Sometimes yell “fuck you!!” Yet none of these can be scripted.

  • you engage several muscles to control your body to the calculated movements you desire to express dance. i think this is about remaining loose and relaxed while incorporating slight impact to kinetically send vibrations throughout your body like an internal massage loosening tension and restriction

  • I’m very Greatful to The Honest guys for providing the world class meditation experience. Your meditation motivate me a lot. You teach me power of imagination. And still I am learning from your meditation.
    You guys are amazing and wonderful….
    Thank you very much.

  • I had to perform in a band with a trumpet in front of a large crowd, my hand was clearly shaking the instrument, I was embarrassed which made me more stressed, I was panicking and still shaking afterwards

  • I have an interview in a couple hours. It’s 8:30 am and I haven’t been able to sleep at all. I’ve spent the entire night shaking uncontrollably. I’m still shaking uncontrollably while typing this. I can’t stop. It’s been nonstop for hours.

  • Ok woah. This rocked my world. I was actually looking for a video on how to do the SOMATIC shaking technique and found your video instead.

    While doing the movement I started to get mad…AT MYSELF. Like RAGE MAD. Felt like I wasn’t doing it right, legs started to feel tired, my clothes were in the way, my hair kept falling down.


    You know the one….where you scream with no noise but it’s so powerful that your face feels like its going to explode in all directions at once.

    Yeah THAT one.

    And I did it 4 times. I ended up crying and after realizing through my crying that I am MASSIVE TRUST ISSUES WITH WOMEN because of my childhood with my step sister, step mom and biological mom.


    Thank you for this…was going to do part 2 but roommates are here and sleeping.


  • Greetings Irene, this is my 3rd video with you, as I have been warming up to your talks.
    Bear example did not sit well with me without a clear warning. Some people argue ‘such is life’s, I say No.

    I appreciate getting to know you and to listen to your talks.

    Are there other videos you have with “examples” such as this? If I had a choice to ‘skip’ seeing the bear segment (for being previously notified) I would ask to have that choice up front.

    There’s a sort of irony in what your saying about it being an ‘organic release process’, then featuring a super traumatic event for an animal be it under surveillance or not for hunt and capture. If you read this, thanks for considering the paradox in question for the presentation.

  • This actually works. I had come up with a shiver sort of thing on my own but have incorporated your approach as an update. The concept is valid it seems. It’s a very efficient way to tone down quickly. Not sure how popular this exercise would ever be, but it certainly should be.

  • Deepika, I’ve been watching and doing the Shaking and Grounding Biogenetic exercises since the last 4 days. I think them very good, because you explain them very simply and sensitively. They can easily be fitted into one’s routine. Thank you very much.

  • I heard wolves howling while I was walking in the forest. I ran for my life, and didn’t need to stop until I got home, which was about 3 km of running. I am certain that my muscles got overclocked.

  • what happened a Couple hours ago. now if you’re a person that laughs easily idk you might laugh, if you aren’t, ya you’re not gonna laugh. But umm������ please read!:
    me: *staring at a wall in church just being bored because I don’t understand anything*
    me: *stomachs starts hurting*
    keep in mind it was really hot, my hair was like all wet-
    me: *trying not to cry*
    me: *CRiEs LiKe a MoNkeY*
    me AGAIN: *Tells my dad that my stomach hurts while crying like a monkey*
    me: “Dad my stomach hurts, it’s so hot and I feel like puking! then i started shaking
    my dad: *TaKes Me oUtsiDe*
    me: *Legit freaking out barely breathing sitting on the floor crying saying “I don’t know what h-happened to mEe” and my dad just trying to calm me down*
    me: *sTaRts sHaKiNg*
    some guy that works at a church: *Gets me water thinking it’ll help to calm me down and stop crying like a monkey*
    My dumb ass: *trying to breathe*
    my dad: *Keeps me outside*
    me: *crying like a monkey almost choking on the water with my bangs all over my face*
    my dad: *gets me more water*
    me: *crying*
    my dad: *Gives it to me*
    me: *Grabs it and nearly falls off the chair but I saved myself lol*
    my dad: “iTs gOnnA be oKaY sWeeTy” *puts my bangs to the side so I can FINALLY see*
    my dad: “I’m gonna go tell your brother to come over here to”
    now this is the kind of embarrassing part-
    my brother: *Comes* “You look like such a baby right now”
    me: “sHuT uP yOu aSshOLe”
    my brother: *Legit hits my stomach with his foot*
    me: *throws up on my skirt and floor*
    me: ��
    my brother: ��
    my dad: ��
    and we went home early ��
    welp. I haven’t talked to my brother. and he’s in his room, he locked himself. And ummmlittle update on my bangs because they are SPECIAL�� anyway, my special bangs..

    ya I just put on a headband, a tight one to get them away from my face, but I look ridiculousbut likethat’s probably the most unexpected and awkward thing that’s ever happened to me..-

  • this happened to me taking a test today. I finished my exam and turned it in and didn’t know my results till I got to the front desk and I was trying to pick up my things from my table and almost dropped my stuff cause I was shaking so bad. I passed though lol.

  • Why do I feel nervous and shaky out of no wear? I’m litteraly just at home and I feel nervous and shaky and this happens to me quit a bit

  • Hey, to all of you who have loved and used this video, I want to invite you to try out the latest, higher quality version. You can see the video at and it’s the same exercise, just with better audio & video quality, and slightly different guidance. Lemme know what you think!!! ENJOY:-)

  • Does anyone! Anyone please I hope anyone relates to this! But when you get a text from someone you liked/ hurt you. And you immediately start to feel cold and shake?? Just me??? I need someone to understand because I don’t understand:(

  • Oh, guys, you are dear to me! This cloud will be returned to daily. Guys, you have such calming voices. I can only wish that you will continue to help millions.

  • I call this yukihira soma technique, all you have to do is put your hands together and ask someone to slap them hard or slap your hands from above one by one and it will calm the nerves.

  • I’ll have to make sure that I only do this at home because if I do this at the park people will think that I am have a seizure either that or I am a crazy person. ����

  • My head started shaking while my ortho was doing something in my braces because I was kinda nervous. It was embarrassing bc my ortho noticed it and asked me if I was shaking, I just said nO bc again i was embarrassed:(( HOW DO I FCKN STOP THISS HELP.

  • this is amazing. i was so stressed out because of my anxiety, school and everything, and this helped so much. for the first time in a long time i feel actually relaxed and calm. thank you so much

  • Wow! That was amazing. I feel stressed every day because of my relationship with a cousin and felt that I really need some help to overcome this especially today. You guys helped me so much. I ended up in tears. Thanks a lot for your work. It’s one of the best meditations I’ve tried��

  • I have severe stress issues that trigger my anxiety and depression. I finally want to make time for myself and work on reducing it. And so far this is my favorite to listen to. Thank you so so much for making your videos.

  • I love you Guys! ��
    When the world learns we are all just chasing THIS FEELING through consumerism and social media……that we don’t actually Need these things…….then the world will know peace. XxxxxX

  • After my Parkinson diagnosis, I was introduced to HERBAL HEALTH POINT and their effective PD treatment protocol in February last year. I immediately started on the herbal treatment, it relieved my symptoms significantly. Go to ww w. herbalhealthpoint. c om. First month on the treatment, my tremors and muscle spasm mysterious stopped. Since treatment, I have been symptom free and life is really good

  • I worked with an SE professional for 2 years and experienced down regulation for up to 48 hours typically. This wasn’t enough healing for me to maintain employment so I had to leave SE because I could no longer afford it. A year later, I found TRE and after 3 months I had profound, long lasting down regulation that continues to this day. Being free of this neurological hijack has opened up a space for me to excavate and address the many layers of arrested development that I was left with after so many years of unresolved trauma. This was nothing short of a miracle for me after decades of debilitating C-PTSD due to developmental trauma. It was very important for me to work with a trained professional that helped me with containment, self and co-regulation and titration. I do the practice on my own now, but it was essential for me to work with someone in the early stages or I would have over done it and increased my anxiety. I think an individual can use the technique to try to force solutions, trauma survivors do that with many approaches because they long to feel better quickly. Gentle, slow and steady works best. I am glad we live in a time where there is greater understanding of how trauma impacts the nervous system and that we have many more functional approaches to ease suffering.

  • My brain cells become completely empty out of thoughts when in oublic speaking….no matter how good ive prepared and practiced, i become blank n dumb…well thats worst..i just need a space where i can cry my eyee out after that������

  • Why is there nothing on Google about adrenaline in regards to excitement/high pressure? Does anyone know if it’s normal to never ever shake when you have it? Whether angry, excited, nervous.. my heart pounds but my hands and body remain entirely still. I can’t find anything about i. I’ve been told I would be a good surgeon lol

  • That meditation made me feel the happiest I’ve felt in years! I am now subscribed and would like to say thanks for the wonderful meditation.

  • I’ve had a psychosis due to marijuana ‘overdose’ and during the psychosis I had the very strong feeling that my body was opening up trauma and ‘peeling it open layer by layer’, it was a very real feeling(I didn’t see any traumatic events that I remember at all) and I’m very sure it wasn’t made up, because I never think about my trauma or even saw any therapist ever. In fact I never cared at all. After that I started shaking vigorously like 4-5 times a day(while being fully awake) for 10 days. It eventually stopped but I developed very bad schizophrenia in the days after, stayed in the psychatry, took anti-psychotics and I’m almost completely fine now. Except that I still get very paranoid at night easier than before and the shaking comes sometimes. I just let it happen and don’t do the TRE anymore, but I certainly think that the TRE made my body ‘normalize’ this kind of shaking? I don’t think it’s weird anymore but I’m afraid it triggered those random moments when I shake still (like twice a week maybe). I wonder if they will ever stop..

  • Please watch a response from a TRE Provider on some of the points Irene made Everyone chooses their own modality or modalities for healing and TRE is just one that can be used. I used many tools and TRE was an important one for me.

  • I am shaking my leg while seating…. I deep breathe 5 times, and change my seating position in “Padmasana”. It’s normal people, you don’t have to worry about it. Just Breathe ����️
    along with your work ��
    Exercise, yoga, meditation, eating homemade fresh food, going out, create hobbies,,, & that’s the life!

  • I have had bad anxiety for 2 years now and I haven’t told my parents because I’m scared. I have to think about everything I do I feel as if I make a decision it will harm my family friends etc.

  • I tend to react physically to stress. At the moment I’m just coming out of a period of anxiety/ derealisation.
    I can remember 2 times in my life having uncontrollable shaking in response to two events. One was because a crazy woman was throwing stones at my window and the other was after finding out about infidelity, I wanted to think before confronting partner. I literally couldn’t stop shaking, even my teeth where chattering in my head.
    Love your channel, really interesting content, learnt a lot about trauma and anxiety from you.

  • Thank you. I don’t know why I didn’t do this alot sooner. It feels like a huge heavy weight has been lifted off my chest. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

  • I wanted to use it to stress out before my my exam to a driving licence. I played the video ang the first what i’ve seen was the motorway… ��

  • Méthode découverte dans le magazine esprit yoga. Je voulais en savoir plus et connaitre le mouvement. Merci pour la vidéo! Je vais m’y mettre, ça me plait!!

  • You need to get on board with wearable technology from Germany that delivers Bioenergetic frequencies to the body and you can use it daily to analyze what you need every day and also change the lives of your clients.
    [email protected]

  • Thank you! I love sharing these videos with as many people as possible. I will be adding a bunch more videos with heart meditations and bio-energetic exercises in the next few weeks, so stay posted!
    If you want to be informed each time I upload something new, you can subscribe to my Living Love newsletter on my website. Thanks for sharing!

  • fellin love with you at the 4 min mark bcuz,of all the self healing courses and watching the other video’s on this you seemed so real and actual totally human. Well, an obvious Spirit with the ability to finally help our human body to shake off the old memories. THANKS FOR THE PERSONABLE VIDEO.and especially teaching me how to feel okay about this new process.even at 6:40 you bring it thru the neck and voice box and head without being rediculous. thx for being so loving about it. thx.

  • Wow I’m 14 and this is the first time I’ve ever meditated. I feel almost different in a way. Thank you very much and keep up the good work

  • I actually know this by Indian neurosurgeon who was explaining of the meditation and was explaining of the same, ooh men this is a plus for me thanx D news

  • I listen to this every single night before bed, sometimes more than once.
    It is the only meditation I have found that works for me but in all honesty I stopped looking a few months ago after finding this one. The guys voice is so calming.

    PS. Goodnight YouTube!

  • I’m stressed cause my discord gf left me for another guy on discord. She don’t even say good morning/night to me anymore bro. My heart shattered when I found out about her dating him. I couldn’t sleep for days. I couldn’t eat. I felt depressed and uninterested in anything. I was barely able to work. But watchin ur video has freed me from any heart ache and stressed she has caused me.

  • I really liked it what I did. I have never done such thing before. I just performed this while sitting on my bed early morning. I closed my eyes and rested my hands on my knees. I followed the video all the way to the end. I don’t know if my physical attempt was right or wrong, any idea plz??

  • I get nervous and unable to think when I’m next to my dad. I’m trying to stop myself but when I force myself to stop it gets worse.

  • I’m struggling with self love and I just feel like I have no time to focus on myself and it’s always studying, I just got into meditation, this is everything��

  • as a licensed therapist & a TRE provider & instructor, I do practice TRE in my office, (and on Skype) but also go beyond that with other alternative modalities… Everyone is different, some incest survivors do the TRE individually in bed before sleep at home, after a mere two sessions. Some clients need the safety of a provider to experience the tremors & memories it evokes… As for myself a survivor of all types of abuse, some brutal… I can shake anytime I desire. I prefer to lay down, and yes even after five years my tremors are wild & significant. (David Berceli once asked me if I had been electrocuted.) So if you are safe, have a safe person or a professional I would definitely say try this, but not alone. AND I didn’t hardly tremor until the fifth try… and then the floodgates of my own control finally broke. I might look uncomfortable but it is a wonderfully joyous release.

  • Thank you man for making this video always starts shaking when I am angry that’s usually before the start of a fight or an argument while I am unable to control both my emotions and this shivering. I will be trying this out to see if it works or not.

  • This was perfect. My cloud was over Colombia for 9 minutes. The sea in Arrecifes was so beautiful, perfect lines (in the ocean��‍♀️) ��and waves ��and barrels, people surfing, Santa Marta and Cartagena and Barranquilla were reaching my ears with the music����, and even though my trip was more energetic than relaxing, all the stress was gone when i landed back home in Cyprus. I opened my eyes with a smile on my face. I guess i let go way too much lol but it worked miracles. Thanks a million ����

  • I hadn’t listened to this one in a while. It’s still one of my favorites. So well done and the prose is so beautiful. I really like these 5-10 minutes ones. Thank you.

  • When you say that trauma needs to come naturally, what do you mean by that? How does that look like and specifically how does it occur?

    You said multiple times in your videos and other interviews that you did trauma does not heal itself, it doesn’t resolve itself with time as we grow older.

    Maybe it’s just wording, but I see a lack of cohesion between these statements.

    Also to say that to work on the trauma in the right way is important, because otherwise you might create psychosis, and the second after to say that you can teach people how to do it right, that is really fear inducing manipulation that I wouldn’t expect from professional practitioner.

    Nothing wrong with promoting your service, otherwise you’d not start this channel at all. It’s more about the ways you do that.

  • Thank you for this great video, it made me forget the stress of being stuck in the house with two younger siblings (one’s a toddler) during the quarantine due to Covid19

  • I am not sure anyone really understands the resolution of trauma…in my experience practitioners who hold strong views on the process are the least helpful to sufferers. From personal experience,“ I know how to heal you” approach is ineffective compared to,“ I am prepared to share a space in which you can start to gently heal yourself” is what to look for on this journey back to experiencing wholeness again.TRE and EMDR are often very blunt tools as they can start a trauma release that is out of sequence and can cause overwhelm and simply drive the trapped energy deeper or to another more inaccessible location in the system. Irene is at least bringing trauma resolution more into the public domain.

  • You guys need fo make a longer version of this video. Seems like a lot of people want to stay on the cloud for perhaps 10 mins longer, including me!

  • Hello sir that’s what should I happening this time in my body you know can I get a cantact number so I can call you and get a better idea to feel better please. Right now suddenly I feel nurvose and my leg �� and hand �� are spasm and my hand �� and leg looks like a dark and blood �� feelings like a blood is not serculatoin in my body and my body is shaking and feeling cold �� then I’m feeling so scared �� like I’m going to passaway you know. But I never been happen like this before sir. So I’m really scared �� about it right now please can you help me about it please. I already went to the emergency �� room in hospital �� but they did my blood �� test and they checked up me and they told me yours report is everything normal they told me like that and they give me a discharge from hospital �� you know. But I still feel scared �� about it sir can you please help me about it to get batter please please please sir. Thanks if able to help me can you please give a call in my contacts—+17013065707 please sir I waiting for your response hopefully you help me out about thanks �� or let me know how can i cantact you I can call you thanks �� sir you have a wonderful day!

  • I had something on my mind before, which I just could not shake. I was starting to become depressed over it. I had never tried meditation before this video. Didn’t expect it to provide a millionth of what it did, I just thought it would help me to relax for five minutes. When it had finished, I could not believe the difference. I had a hard time associating with the worry I had ten minutes prior and couldn’t justify the amount I was worrying about it. I felt that different that I actually lay in bed smiling… I haven’t genuinely smiled to myself in weeks. Bizarre feeling and genuinely shell shocked at how well this worked for me. Thanks a lot. Subscribed. I’m off back to my cloud.

  • Thanks for all your comments, I am so glad this video has been so helpful to you!!! Make sure to visit the NEW version, with better sound quality and video.

  • when i 1v1 my friend i get extremely shaky hands and torso
    idk why but I’m like extremely pissed because i lose because of that reason

  • My mom got me into meditation. I love it! It’s so amazing and I wish more people my age would do this! I have a lot of stress sometimes and meditation is my way of releasing it ����. Thank you ��

  • Well how do we do this? What do we do? How do you start and find out what your body needs in order to release? Just by listening to my body?

  • This is so an important Issue, thanks so much for explaining it. Two years ago i was a part of the TRE seminar in Bremen,Germany to hear it from David bercelli himself and was curios to know how it affects me during the session. There were people who were in serious health conditions and thought that this shaking stuff will bring them release from their suffering. I heard some of them telling me”…and it is so easy, you can do it by your own and everytime and everywhere you want.” Nothing from this event seemed to me to be organically developed and that was quite scary. What if i trigger something from deep down which i cannot integrate??? Alone? I had than a clarification hour with my SE Practitioner to get assurance that my doubt was exact the right guidance for my system. We need more edukation about these essential topics and you do it for so long so beautifully! I have learned so much from your videos and i like your way of speaking and your art of being. Thank you!

  • I love that you’re using this video and getting the healing effects of moving energy thru your body. This exercise is indeed similar to the TRE trauma release exercises, they are both based on the same bio-energetic principles. 
    For those who are having sore calves or knees the key is to be LOOSE about it. Imagine you have springs in your knees, ankles and hips. Shake out your legs every once in a while, and let your legs be as loose and soft as possible. Change the degree you’re bending the knees to be comfortable, and to not strain your legs… 
    AND, the more often you do this exercise, the easier it gets. It often feels stiff at first, since your muscles are habitually tight. DO it for a week and you’ll notice how much easier and more flowing it becomes! 

  • Hi, i am interested in the topic. I am a yoga teacher and i find a lot of connections between this art and the art of hatha yoga.

  • I have done for many years ‘Le Mouvement Regenerateur’ (conceveid by a great soul: Haruchika Noguchi) and to make voluntary movements was TOTALLY no good!

  • Thank you for this. I’m learning the many ways my body regulates and how to find safety to let my body naturally release. Tremoring is only one way that occurs. I love the mindset of building capacity in the nervous system. I definitely got caught up with “having a release ” when healing, then realized not all regulation looks the same and have discovered heat, cold, stomach pit, neck tension, shivers, tremoring, sweating, crying, laughing, burping, yawning, throat closing, chest tightness… and that’s alot!!! I keep an open heart and mind and trust my body knows.

  • Now im afraid that ive gone too soon..:( Ive did a Psoas trauma release yesterday where I was shaking in my whole body and had a very bad night.. Só much thoughts and shitty feelings at once. The only thing I could do was surrender, for the first time with my anxiety disorder. It felt kinda good to surrender but its a lot to process.. Now I get afraid because I see this video, had I gone too fast?

  • As a Certified TRE Provider I have gone very slowly and self soothed and learned embodiment and using shaking (jerking, emotional release, vibration, heat, jerking) releasing I have healed lots of my trauma shock and developmental. Although in TRE we use exercises with some people, we don’t use them with everyone, as some people can evoke the release without exercises. We do an Intake with each individual and work with what that person needs. It sounds like Irene is judging TRE based on some people’s use of TRE and not on those TRE Providers using it in an embodied grounded titrated and pendulated way.

  • Wow! Thanks so much for this. I’ve been looking for meditation exercises that trigger my imagination like this for a long time now. It’s like a mindful fairytale.

  • You guys are magicians!
    This is my first ever medication and the is a awesome
    Experience for me! Im going to subsxribe because of how much this helped me!

  • i get nervous and my hands are shaky whenever someone look at me while im doing something like.. flipping through pages of a book, taking money from my wallet to pay for something or attaching a sticker, etc..:(

  • I’m looking because I got extremely anxious flight response from thinking of going to college, so I just wanna know how to calm down

  • While I appreciate many of your points, I beg to differ with your implication that tremoring is only sometimes useful in cases of “shock” trauma and is useless with developmental trauma. The entire reason I became certified in TRE was because of the experience of TRE practitioners who had gently and skillfully used tremoring with children with developmental trauma with great success. There is no forcing of the tremor instinct in TRE and all the providers I know are sensitive to the need to create a safe space where healing is welcomed. In other words, they’re not simply going through a bunch of exercises and telling people to shake for a while to heal their trauma. As you know so well, this is complex, intricate work that hopefully allows each person to undertake their own healing. And just as SE or Feldenkrais isn’t “the thing” for some folks, TRE or any number of other modalities isn’t “the thing” for others. But surely (sadly) there is plenty of trauma to go around without mischaracterizing a modality that even Peter Levine recognizes as legitimate.

  • Deepika thank you for this!! I cannot tell you how incredibly effective this is! Please please please make more videos like this! It’s just so fantastic.

  • Hi there I just found your channel and I love it! I experienced severe shaking in the shower after a birthed my daughter however I don’t see my labour as traumatic. Is there other explanation for all that shaking?

  • just done this… makes me feel so relaxed! I am a postgrad student and I always meditate but this has helped me a lot! thank you!

  • this all speaks to me. I did trauma release exercises a couple times initially in a very gentle way its almost like it jump started my body. So now i shake at random times (it happens like all the time). But i was careful with the TRE because i know it can re-traumatize if your not careful. I like the idea of letting it come out naturally.
    I also have the other type of trauma…. that doesnt show up as shaking. I have a mix of the 2 i guess