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Toxic Gym Thoughts and How to Overcome Them. Mental Wellness. 2017-05-05 | By: Snap Fitness We’re going to fill you in on a little secret. You know those nagging thoughts when you’re at the gym that you’re not as impressive as the sculpted runner to your right or ripped lifter to your left?

Toxic Gym Thoughts and How to Overcome Them. Mental Wellness. 2020-06-17 | By: Snap Fitness We’re going to fill you in on a little secret. You know those nagging thoughts when you’re at the gym that you’re not as impressive as the sculpted runner to your right or ripped lifter to your left?

Have you ever had toxic thoughts when your at the gym and wonder how to overcome them? We have a few tips and tricks on how to overcome these thoughts in Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

Press alt + / to open this menu. Snap fitness is a comfortable and safe environment for anyone to work towards their health and. Thoughts matter.

Even little ones that sneak in unaware. You must nurture healthy thoughts and be ever-vigilant to take the toxic ones captive and expel them. Toxic thoughts become limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs will guide you to make unhealthy choices. Inhale for 1-2-3-4-5 and exhale for 1-2-3-4-5.

Slowly. Getting some head-space can help to get rid of negative thoughts and leave space for happy thoughts.” 6. Intrusive thoughts can be unexpected and upsetting. Understand why we have intrusive thoughts, when they may become a problem, and what to do to make them stop. Sometimes intrusive thoughts can be.

Stuck thoughts the brick walls that form a prison around your mind. The harder you try to get rid of them, the more powerful they become. I’ve been wrestling with stuck thoughts ever since I.

Negativity that wells up inside of you or in the world around you can quickly become toxic and hold you back from living the life you want. So in this week’s post I want to share 12 tips and habits that have helped me – and still help me – to prevent and to overcome my own negative thoughts but also the negativity that’s sometimes. 4 Ways to Overcome a Toxic Relationship Join a gym, participate in a hiking or book club, start a new hobby, meet friends to exercise, eat with different acquaintances. These people have a.

Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. Either way, they create unnecessary complexity, strife, and worst of all stress.

List of related literature:

Remember that you’re joining a gym to improve your health, not destroy it.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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You need to disconnect your mind from all the distracting thoughts around you—be it the blasting music being played at the gym or the new gym enthusiasts trying to out­train each other.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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Furthermore, a large, busy gym may trigger agoraphobic avoidance.

“Lifestyle Psychiatry” by Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.
from Lifestyle Psychiatry
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But I wrote down in my journal, “I acknowledge myself for beginning the process of choosing a gym by opening the Yellow Pages.”

“Fearless Living” by Rhonda Britten
from Fearless Living
by Rhonda Britten
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Gyms often focus on physical appearance, but if you want a programme to help you feel less depressed, explain to an instructor that you have Asperger’s syndrome and want to overcome anxiety.

“Been There. Done That. Try This!: An Aspie's Guide to Life on Earth” by Debbie Denenburg, Paul Isaacs, Henny Kupferstein, Ruth Elaine Joyner Hane, Karen Krejcha, Temple Grandin, Stephen M. Shore, Richard Stirling Maguire, Larry Moody, Lisa Morgan, Liane Holliday Willey, Qazi Fazli Azeem, Garry Burge, John Makin, Yenn Purkis, Mary Robison, Steve Selpal, Charlene Devnet, Lars Perner, Patrick V. Suglia, Alexis Wineman, Craig Evans, Anita Lesko, Mitchell Christian, Bob Castleman, Tony Attwood, James Buzon
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You’ll work on those thoughts alone for a couple of weeks before you add exposure exercises related to your most troubling problem area.

“Feeling Good about the Way You Look: A Program for Overcoming Body Image Problems” by Sabine Wilhelm
from Feeling Good about the Way You Look: A Program for Overcoming Body Image Problems
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Many top athletes and athletic trainers talk about noticing form and letting go of extraneous thoughts during training as the road to better and safer gains.

“Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life: How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Put You in Control” by Scott E. Spradlin
from Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life: How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Put You in Control
by Scott E. Spradlin, Limited, 2010

Please keep in mind that it is extremely likely that your client may never have considered just noticing thoughts, never have done a defusion exercise, and never have learned that going toward certain scary things is a better way to deal with them than running away from them.

“ACT in Practice: Case Conceptualization in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy” by Patricia A. Bach, Daniel J. Moran
from ACT in Practice: Case Conceptualization in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
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They wereaddressing a well­known barrier: going tothe gym regularly.

“Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy” by Phil P. Barden
from Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy
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Now you feel as if the gym has been plunged into darkness and a brilliant column of light illuminates your every awkward move as you step to the line, alone.

“The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams” by Darcy Frey
from The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams
by Darcy Frey
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  • I’m definitely trying it. This is how I quit smoking and drinking. But now I want to make it a method in my life. Thank you for this video.

  • This migraine practice always bring me to tears. Thank you for creating a space of relief, gentleness, and self-care. -chronic migraine sufferer

  • hello, sorry my English isn’t very good, your video really hepl me,
    my life is not easy but i’m trying to be positive,grateful,
    i’m trying to not fall into a depression
    my mother she’s very domineering she makes my life so hard,
    i forgive her but i still live with her how can i stay with her
    I have an upset stomach beacause of it
    thank you bye

  • My ex wanted me to leave my dad who has cancer behind and when I told her no she sent me a video of her sucking another man off I’m hurting beyond any words and I just wanna curl up in a ball and never wake up

  • Fuck bro,I literally sacrifices my heart for my best friend,he had feelings for this girl that I also had feelings for and he told me to not hit on her,she flirted and I didnt flirt back,for my bro,idk if I can make up for it,I’ve had hard times in my life,but he never had smth truly hard to go through,I have this feeling that he wants the girl for just fun,and her body and shit,he can’t even see her perfect personality and the angel she truly is,I just want a girl,to tell my problems to,have someone to hug when I’m sad and to have all those cute romantic moments,I fucking blew it for a friend,idk if I can get back on track with her,now they are flirting and shit,so its over,this is probably the most amount of pain I ever felt,pls help

  • I refused the radiation and was put on a med for a while which was then withdrawn and it shocked the thyroid into a remissive state. That was 2 decades ago and tho every so often it borders hyper again it usually goes away after a couple months. I was feeling it linger and I started carnivore elimination diet and it went away almost instantly…along with my anemia and a load of other issues…I still have lingering problems but for the first time ever EVER I have HOPES of becoming fully healthy!

  • I too have been abused as a child. I have been in many many abusive relationships as well. I have been scared from my past due to the abuse. I was diagnosed in 2001 with clinical depression and anxiety. Over a year ago I tried to commit suicide again. January of this year I was filled with the holy ghost and baptized. Up till February of this year I was in a abusive relationship. I left him and thought love was not for me. I am now in a relationship with a man who is nothing like my ex’s. I have learned to forgive others and myself but it’s hard to leave the past on the past. I am still scorned from past relationships.

  • I love all your videos. I have just done this as I have pain behind my eyes they feel very heavy. Hope it goes soon. I was wondering if you have the natural remedies to share also? x

  • Thank you so much for this video. ����
    I’ve been having more migraine attacks lately [maybe because of the pandemic and the stress of going back to classes (online) as a first-time college student] and because of this, I’ve been feeling more paranoid, hopeless, and just downright miserable. My last migraine was July 31 and just six days later, on August 6, another attack came (the closest gap ever since I started getting migraines at 17 years old, last November 2019).

    Perhaps the shock of having a migraine so close to each other made me, in turn, more scared and anxious. Lately, I’ve been so jittery and afraid of another attack. However, your video made me feel unbelievably calmer! ��❤

    I’ll definitely do more yoga videos from you–not just because I want to see if yoga really does de-stress me effectively but also to calm my always-anxious nerves. ����

    You just made my day. Thank you, again. ����

  • Meri mom ko Thyroid tha humne sab kuch try kiya fark nahi pada, sab kuch try karna ka baad, Our Ayurveda company ki Ayurvedic medicine le, sirf 4months me purri tarha theek ho gaya abhi 1 saal hona ko aya medicine shood kar

  • Hi Drew!!! Thanks for this video… i so need this in my life right now… just trying to get think back in order in my life…. I will be trying every thing that you mentioned in this Video!!! starting to CHANGE THE WAY I THINK and FEEL… Thanks again SO READY TO LIVE LIFE

  • Hi Adriene, thanks you so much for this relaxing and calming video. I know it’s been a while since you’ve posted it but I love it.
    I’ve been suffering from chronic migraine for years. This is the first time I’m trying yoga while having migraine and my body feel so relaxed.
    Thanks you so much for this relaxing and easy practice.

  • Thank you so much for your video. I’ve been having tension headaches and thia helps me to divert my attention to the present. Thank you and more power.

  • My gf admitted she cheated on me. Hurts like a mother fucker and haven’t been myself these couple days. I lost my Dad, my uncle and now her all within 12 months. I need help �� This comment section is like my new family I never knew I needed. Thank you all and together we can get through this piece by piece ❤️

  • Hi! Nice video.. My TSH Ultrasensitive, Serum is 0.06, Male, Age 30. what thyroid is it, Is it ok, what I have to do.. Pl explain in detail..

  • Thank you Adrien for this remedy. I’ve been suffering from chronic migraine with classic symptoms since my teens and have found no remedy. Some pranayamas helped me to some extent but l still get them atleast once in a fortnight. These exercises helped me a lot. Thank you ��

  • I’ve had a migraine for last 3 days easing and worsening and this morning it was at its worst and this video helped so much. Thank you, Adriene, I’m so grateful for all your videos!:)

  • Is it possible with something you want to do aswell? Like I need to draw 1 hour a day? Instead of giving ip a bad habit? Start a new one

  • We all will conquer and over come, we are all Kings, and what doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger! Grind my friends, make the better relationships! Make the self sacrifice! Become the person you are destined to be!

  • Stop feeling sad or crying over girls as time passes by u will realize they only pretends to be in love as long u giving her something constantly. More bullshit and drama u tolerate more hard is to let her go, I’ve been experienced same stuffs when she didn’t even realize in the end what I’ve been doing for her each, Stop feeling sorry for you,you are the one with good heart and there’s no place of hate in it. Enjoy your company and hope u find truly someone who understands u and be there with u. Have a great day!!!

  • I was having a bad migrane today and this video is a saviour. Thank you so much. But i couldn’t do the alternate nostril breathing properly because my right nostril is blocked.

    Relieved from the headache and I don’t know why i cried at last.

  • She lied and lied and lied. She manipulated and faked being kind and nice and caring for 2 years. She slept with my own friend/enemy and they both sent me pictures naked in bed when I was crying. I wanted to die, I couldn’t eat or sleep. I couldn’t breath or believe the reality. I went to die but something stopped me. Not fear. I lost my belief in God. My time had been wasted. I went into depression. I looked ugly. She was partying and getting lean and more beautiful. Many guys I knew were fucking her. One day,my mother said if you have nothing left to live for, if it’s too much now, why don’t you live for me? Do I deserve that?
    I ordered cheap running shoes just kept running. Had no friends. No sex. No nothing. I ran. I did pushups. Didn’t have money for gym….then j looked so much better after 7 months. I became god. I became positive. Kinder. Time passed and it’s still a shock for me. However, I have gone beyond the typical human level…. remember one thing…the amount of shock and level of pain and suffering you go through the misery and greif will make you special. There IS a god and time WILL heal. I promise this. Don’t change.


  • I’m trying to come off my preventative migraine medications for chronic migraine right now (side effects suck) and 1 week in I’ve had near-constant low-grade headaches and woke up with a killer migraine today. While it isn’t 100% gone now, I don’t feel like I’m going to have to take my usual 1-4 days to recover or meds that will knock me out to get over it now! The pain went down from an 8 to about a 3. I can definitely manage that <3 Thank you for this! Most yoga poses I've tried before were useless once a migraine had started. I'll be saving this video for sure! #ThankYou

  • I’ve only recently started trying yoga and have been using your videos almost every day for about 4 weeks now. They’ve helped me feel calmer through this crazy time but also just tried this practice out as I have suffered from migraines for so many years. I used fresh lavender from my garden, crushed into some paper towel and tucked into a scarf over my eyes. I feel so calm now and much lighter and hope that in time, yoga will help relieve and prevent these migraine attacks. Thank you Adriene x

  • Hello, I have a question (I don’t know if you already have made a video about this).

    I only have a dumbbell to to exercise my biceps and forearms. How can I use my body instead to work those muscles? Unfortunately I can’t install a pull-up bar in my place.

    Thanks and solid video, cheers!

  • Oh my God. This is exactly how I became vegetarian… and I didnt even know what I was doing, it was just a subconscious thing.

    If you wanna know:
    Ever since I was a kid I can remember having a bit of a problem eating meat. It was always at the back of my head, “oh this was once alive” kinda thing. When I was a teen, I tried many times to give up meat but i grew to like the taste so i failed many times.
    It was until I was 18 that I said “okay I now have a huge problem eating meat that still looks like the animal. So I only ate meats that were either chopped, crushed, nuggets, burger patties, de-boned etc. This went on for a year and a half.
    But the feeling kept weighing on me until I couldn’t take it any longer and so I gave up meat except for take out. I’d still eat McDonald’s, Burger King etc. But I couldn’t stand minced meat or cut up meat from home anymore. This went on for an additional 1 year.
    After that, I decided hey I’m gonna choose vegetables for this meal instead of meat. I figured that focusing on what I’m cutting out wasnt good for me, I should focus on what I’m choosing. So I did that. Unknowing to me, I did that for most meals. Yeah I had the odd craving and meal for meat here and there but I always felt terrible and ashamed with myself after eating it.
    This is like 3 years later and my family started asking questions “are you vegetarian?” And I’d always say “no, I’m not committing to that word because what if I want meat one day? Let’s just say I’m not choosing meat right now but the option is there”… I’d say this all the time. But I realised having the option there made it difficult for me to actually nof eat meat. And I would now feel guilt everytime I ate it. One day I decided to commit, and say “yes, I’m vegetarian”. Oh life has been so much easier. Now I look at the menu and I know I dont even look at the meat stuff. Its who I am, I’m vegetarian and it just makes my actions and lifestyle easier. I dont have to think anything through, I dont have to consider anything. It’s just it.

    So yeah took me about 3 years of actively trying to stop meat until I’m now successful at it.

  • thankyou adriene! I’m wondering if you did link any other supplements/ideas you would recommend for migraine/headaches somewhere in the description that I cant see? thanks

  • Thank you so much for this video, I suffer from episodic migraine (for 10+ years), and no matter what I do or take, they usually last 2 days. I’m on day two now and suffering so much I can’t believe how much this video helped I have some relief!! You’re wonderful!!!

  • This is kind of personal, but since I’ve come to respect you and the knowledge that you share, I’m going to ask for your opinion. Also it is kind of weird how this video showed up right when I needed it. I’m doing my internship currently, and there are negative, hateful people. This is not the first time I have encountered negativity, but since I work all day with them it is hard to just brush it off for me. Small things like people cutting in front of me in traffic never bother me, but thi

  • Thank you so much for your amazing videos. I don’t like to reply on medicines, but I used to take pain killer if my headache didn’t go away before leaving for work. This video magically got rid of my headache!! I’ve tried your neck& shoulder pain relief and it worked too. I’m Japanese and it makes me want to spread your amazing yoga videos in Japan!!! ������������

  • Habits Effect Your Mental, Physical & Emotional Health

    When it comes to bad habits in your life, they can have an adverse effect on your mental, physical, and emotional health.

    check this out guys ebook can help to stop the bad habit.

  • Hello Adrienne. I was have been having such bad migraines this week. I finally decided I need a lifestyle change as I do not want to go back to medication. I tried out this routine today and I kid you not, but I seriously felt so much better by the end of it. I felt less pain and pressure in my head. This is amazing. I am definitely going to try to add this to my daily routine. Or do you have shorter videos?

  • Why is criticism bad? Logical reasoning is based on criticism. Perhaps we as human beings, or the average human being, are very emotional, but criticism is not synonymous with negativity! If I, as a man, are unable to muster criticisms, positive or negative, and reflect on them in an amoral, rational and objective way, then why do we have a prefrontal cortex responsible for logical reasoning, why?

    Sometimes it seems to me that humans resent what makes them superior, to all other animals!

    For me it is very sad to see realize how emotional and irrational we are. Criticism comes from a place of ignorance, but praise comes from understanding? This really didn’t make much sense to me… but it must be because I didn’t understand! I must be ignorant. Otherwise, I would agree!

  • Hey guys I think I lost the love of my life she needed a break for her mentality but I feel like it’s the end she says she still got strong feelings for me and loves me I’m hurt to the bone I got hurt so much like it feels like it

  • Im Sorry I can’t help to notice PETCO PARK & the Coronado Bridge behind you. Pretty rad another Local i hope. Would love to actually meet & have a conversation.

  • Thanks for this video. I’ve never thought yoga to try before for a migrane. Just wondered where the ‘other info&advice for managing migraines’ would be that Adriane talks about at the end? Keen to holistically take this further. Many thanks x

  • My girlfriend broke up with me Yesterday.. over a phone call. Best and last 7 months in my life. Ive never been more broken in my life.
    I’ve been trying my best. My absolutely best. I have witnessed my own mother die.. that flipped my whole life upside down, and then she (my ex) came into my life and help me find happiness again. And now. I’m even more broken than before.

  • right now something im doing to help me overcome the bad habit of mindless eating is keeping a daily food log. every meal, every piece of food/drink is logged. Makes it so much easier to control and maintain a normal eating pattern.

  • I have been having migraines since I was 13 years old, but have been able to manage to not get many through exercise and diet. However, now that I just turned 53, I have been getting cluster migraines where I lose my eyesight (horrible lines and aura’s in either eye). Doc says that it’s my hormone levels out of balance, but I don’t want to go on hormones and I don’t do well with over the counter and/or or migraine prescriptions. I have been doing yoga for migraines from you, Adriene, and it TRULY helps! I have my eyesight about 10-15 minutes into your video. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • All I’ve wanted today is to sleep off my migraine but am too tense to be able to sleep. This relaxed me and relieved the nausea, thank you so much:)

  • Hi adriene. I just wanna say thank you for this video. It’s been 2 days and I’ve tried this in 4 sessions already and no amount of analgesics have given me more (or even longer) relief than doing this yoga with you.
    I’ve had migraines since i was a teen and triggered only by stress. So you can imagine how often I’ve had it since I’m already a resident doctor. These 2 days had been rough since I’m in self-isolation for suspected covid. The anxiety had been giving me splitting migraines. But this video proved to me that self-care also comes in the form of self-love. So I’ll have have to stay calm and positive that everything will be alright while I finish my weeks of quarantine. Keep up the good work and continue changing people’s live for the better. ☺️

  • This is amazing. It has really helped soften my migraine and make me feel relaxed and better. I’m new to yoga so I followed this video not expecting to feel much better afterwards, but am amazed and blown away as to how much it actually helped. I feel so bad for Adrienne watching this. I could see she was in but she probably thought it was a gud time to make a video for this in the moment when she actually had a migraine.

  • 20 years ago I watched as my aunt, a chronic migraine sufferer, injected herself with prescription chemical pain killers in the top of her thigh to relieve migraine symptoms. You don’t know what you don’t know. We are so unbelievably fortunate to have access to resources such as this. What enlightenment. Thank you so much.

  • I am late on this, don’t let those who treat you badly influence your life. I recently tore away from a relationship that caused me nothing but pain and anger. I had gotten heavy into drinking, sometimes getting so drunk by myself that I wouldn’t remember the night. I hated that I loved that woman. I was scared to break off what we had, scared I wouldn’t wake up next to someone ever again. What was even harder, is that I live about 100ft down the street from her. The day came though, where I finally broke out of those chains, the alcoholic habits, the hating myself. I was able to re-commit myself to the gym. Now I am going to the gym 5 times a week, running 5 times a week. I am looking for work and doing well in my classes. Every day when I drive by her house and shes outside doing what she always does, I smile because I know she will never control me again, and she will never catch up to me. Thank you, girl down my street, for showing me what I can do on my own.

  • I’ve been lifting for years in hope to impress girls and gain confidence. After getting the girl and losing her… I’ve realized the gym is not for girls but for me. Every rep, I tear up. That’s how much it hurts

  • My aunt was suffering from hyperthyroidism and was having high B.P, restlessness and weakness. She tried so many allopathic medicines but no permanent relief was there. One day she was surfing for the internet and got to know about Planet Ayurveda. She opened the site, online ordered ‘Hyperthyroid care pack’ and used it for 5 months. She is absolutely fine now and is not taking any medicine.

  • I started out having lots of issues with my heart like high hr, pressures, palpitations, went to the ER, I was fine, went to the cardiologists, even wore a monitor for a month, my heart is fine, I’ve also been having symptoms like restlessness and weight loss, I’m a skinny teen so I never loose weight, I lost 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks which is a lot for me, I finally got some bloodwork done and my thyroid levels were in fact high, now I have to wait a month for my endocrinologist appointment because of stupid corona, the last two months have been hell for me

  • I must admit, I went in to this fairly unconvinced but willing to try! I’m so glad I did. I had a migraine last night and while it wasn’t a terribly bad one itself, today was horrendous with the after pains and the tenseness. This flow seriously helped relieve my head & my body feels more at ease.
    Thank you so much!

  • I came to this video when I was dumped and my ex became a whore. Life goes on and i met an amazing girl now. It will get better let time heal you. And soon you will get what you are truly looking for, if you keep working hard for what u want. If anyone need to talk about your breakup and need some advice, shoot me a DM on insta. Jose_edlt

  • Been together for 7 years, she left me for her co-worker.
    Had to sell my house and move to a small 1 room room with shared kitchen etc.
    That was 1 year ago on this day and still am struggling to keep going.
    These comments are keeping me up and going.
    Thank you all����

  • I am so grateful for having come across your videos. Thank you for putting out such great content. You have really helped me physically and mentally ❤❤❤❤

  • It’s hard being with a girl for 2 years and she just dumps you like if all those memories you made with her didn’t matter to her and it hurts because you literally pour your soul and think shit that I shouldn’t be thinking and I’ll make it seeing all this comments give me hope

  • Thank you so much for posting this and guiding us through these horrible headaches. If anything it definitely eased the anxiety they often bring me. As someone who is newly suffering from chronic migraines I will definitely be doing this practice daily. Thank you!

  • Thanks again coach. Just starting to watch but can’t resist potentially writing the first comment, since it’s a thing. Would love the chance to book some online training and get some personalized tips. Also, will you consider setting up a Patreon account? I suspect you’ll get a bunch of support.

  • I just ended my 2 year relationship with my girl 20mins ago, the only girl i ever loved and still love. The last 2 weeks she was putting in less energy in the relationship, showed less interest etc. That shit hurted me a lot as i was thinking she doesnt like me anymore. So i started going to the gym 2 weeks ago, 7/7, during those 2 weeks i realised it’s better to let her go because she hurts me emotionally and mentally. Now I’m completely out of her life, and start focussing on myself. I’ve already lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, and i will keep going. I’m feeling better in my skin and keep caring less and less about my ex. I will get over her soon. So if you read this, it’s not easy, but you will get over it. Fitness is the best therapy!

  • Great video. Anyone reading this, do you know, if you are aware of your bad habits and want to break them, do check this book

  • I’ve been here before, about a year and a half ago. Back to it, except it doesn’t sting as much this time. Alone. Let’s get this bread.

  • I was diagnose with graves diseases last week.. am so worry now… will i die from this diseases? Will i need to suffer for the rest of my life?

  • Honestly thank you for this video. Since rona started my head has been hurting and I dont know why and I realized its migraines and they hurt so bad. This video really helped me calm down. Thank you ❣

  • She hurt me…but I will not let her take my progress in this life…I am now clean survived 4 overdoses…I’ve died twice in my life…they brought me back…but I was never the same…but I live with the fact that she did not care at all…now I’m 130 days clean..I’m in college for nursing I’m doing well 2 I got an A average…I got a new car…I got braces..I got jaw correctional surgery…I look better then I have ever been…I’m gonna be moving to LA to pursue my career…I have to let her go..its helping me anyway…she was the only thing I was clinging onto to this pathetic townn… I’m strong ik I am i can do this u watch

  • I’m going thru lots of shit atm, I’m trying to find reasons to keep moving on. Leave me some positive messages please �� I pray for the best for everyone

  • People who sacrifice their behaviour and start buying green products are less likely to be kind in real world…what kind of bs is that? Does that include any other behaviour as well?…so if I start gym 1st time in my whole life, id be tired af then later/afterwards I´d be less kind to people around me? Won´t I feel better physically (and emotionally) if I train n eat more green?

  • I finally forgave my dad at age 29 for his abuse and torture towards me. To visit him in prison, time has tempered him but the snide condescending remarks about my appearance still manifest. Most people manifest that way to me. It is like an unending supply of people who want to tell me that I am fat and ugly and will never amount to anything. Being a Christ follower has transformed this vision of myself, and also your encouragement, sir. A prophet’s prophet. I am so thankful for you.

  • Thank you so very much for your yoga videos. I get dreadful migraines but with your help I can get relaxed enough to try to sleep it off.

  • My ex left me when I was sick, he just abandoned me.
    But after my sickness is gone, I became someone who stronger and wiser
    I hit the gym everyday
    Gym is my love right now
    I mean I’m okay now, I mean thank-you for hurting me but I’m the best version of myself now.!!

  • Maybe I should show this to doctors since every time I go to one I they push towards some other stupid ****ing procedure that doesn’t work. Like leading a horse to water and they just want make money.

  • Hi Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had a migraine yesterday for the 2nd consecutive day I found your video and I was able to go back to sleep. Most important I did not need my medication. Mahalo nui loa������

  • I’d like to know, for you guys who had succeeded survive from hyperthyroidism, how long it’s take for the treatment/medication? fyi I took ptu as the anti-thyroid drug and propranolol for helping my high blood pressure and heart rate. My doc said the treatment could be done in 1-2 years.

  • I got dumped 2 days ago and i wanted to start lifting but worst part is i started lifting to impress her and it worked now i can’t get her out of my head especially while doing it it’s hurts more then lifting itself.

  • İ’m 18 and I got a surgery for this.I’m mean I don’t have a thyroid right now. And I’m so fine and feeling great. So don’t be afraid guys

  • Thank you so mush this video very informative for me, i have one doubt here hyperthyroidism with graves disease condition, patient need for multivitamin tablet? if possible to taken then how many days recommend?

  • This takes a lot of weight off my shoulders. Really, it is so inspiring to know that there is amateur level mentality and expert level mentality. You do not need to be an expert at everything. Take your time to become an expert at things that are important to you. Keyw part is take your time. Thank you so much for this video.

  • So engulf with so much joy to be herpes virus Negative. A herbal medicine from Madida herbal center did the magic by curing me of this virus. You can visit their website or WhatsApp them +234(807)-1333-188…

  • The negative points regarding the iso-chain are more about the cost and not the function! With respect constructive criticism is not always a bad thing and in principle I agree with isometrics and the iso chain. Sell it for $200 or less which allows profit and people to afford a relatively simple tool. This is not personal, big fan of the show though agreeing when you do not, is not always a great thing. It is not always ignorance when people disagree!

  • Okay, I’m 22. From a Muslim family. However I’m in no way a devout Muslim but then I’ve never had any alcohol and pork in my life. It’s just that I grew up in an environment, where all this was despised. Obviously now, I can easily have alcohol but I just don’t feel the urge or need to consume it. Progressive extremism indeed helps!

  • We have tons of programs running in the background. It’s actually very easy and fast to change a behavior. With I managed to see incredible changes in my life.

  • You’re a life savior. I am suffering from chronic migraines since 2010. I did this technique in 2018 and I got so much relief i can’t tell you. Since then i didn’t got a single migraine attack. Recently 2 days before I was watching a reality show of an Indian Yoga Guru, there he was telling to cure migraines by acupressure. I tried that and you don’t believe it triggered my migraine again. I was very disturbed since then. Today i watched your video again and did your technique again. I got good relief. I will do this again till my migraine doesn’t get cured. Thanks a lot Adriene.

  • Bad habits just hanging around the corner and tempting you, make sure fill your life up with good habits so bad ones will never have time to hang around with you

  • Was just starting my 2nd 30 day program via you when I was hit with a killer headache ��, made it 2 days without yoga (&you) before I felt my body start to stiffen up & me missing the movement. This was simple & beautiful and really helped not only with my headache but also with my lack of movement over the last couple of days. Thank you. ����

  • I’ve been a Personal Trainer for over 20 years and this guy is spot on. If you are 20 pounds over weight and trying workout like a professional fitness model (these are the people writing articles) you will fail.

  • I had been having symptoms and went for a check up. only to discover that I had thyroid, having constipation and adding too much of weight, I was always lazy and my body was so pale and dry…the doctor said I had to do an operation because it also resulted to my problem of being infertile…tried to conceive for 3 years but to no avail…I was scared and refused the surgery..not until a friend of my husband gave me a contact of a traditional herbalist who deals on native medication. So I talked to him and he said that it was a small issue and there are some medication he will get for me and after some days he sent me the medication..then I remembered taking the medication for about 3 weeks and I felt completely I decided to do a check up again and to my greatest suprise my thyroid test came out negative…why I am Happy is that am now 7 months is best if your having any signs of thyroid you should try reaching out to him so probably he can help is his contact +2348129605087.. I actually reached him on Whatsapp…

  • I did this with Soda/pop about 20 years ago. I don’t know why? I just decided I wasn’t drinking pop anymore. Haven’t ever since. And I have no desire to. Now beer on the other hand…

  • Drew, sometime i felt ashame, for some reason I watched many motivation video just to keep myself ready for the day, am I weak?*chuckle* oh well doesn’t matter as long as it help to keep my mood good. Thanks for making video like this, peace!

  • I’ve been doing this for a while now, and while the process is slow, it’s been going well. Not a perfect process, but it is making a difference nonetheless.

  • What a coincidence, I just finished reading the book “I Can Do It” by Louise Hay. I absolutely loved it and I see the changes in y life. I also see the huge results of juicing. I’ve been juicing for over 3 months and i feel fantastic. Its all thanks to you and your team Drew. Keep it up.

  • Hey!!! Will you please guide me how to handle week mindset, I’m actually hard worker and each and every task in a day today life I took more time to complete and also im not fully satisfied what I done.before going to do every work i having more panic -ve thoughts to explore myself.

  • here are some things I found that I use, saying they are very helpful is a groos understatment. #1) ‘s clearings of old subconscious stuff/baggage,negative,limiting ‘stuff’ and the Personal rejuvenizer’s.Indoor rejuvenizer’s,ect.amazingly uplifting and positive. #2) vibratory healing/clearing/upliftment.energizing Powder/gel/panels. #3) program: Overcoming Fear,Guilt and Shame( Includs deep forgiveness of and for self and others) Positive attitude and so much more. all of these are game changers/life changers. Peace,Light and Goodwill. Drew’s Vids are so uplifting!

  • Maybe my anxiety caused me a hyperthyroidism or i don’t know, i just felt my neck on the lower part of my adam’s apple swelling and feel pain when i yawn.

  • My lady ( ex ) left me 2 days ago… after 4 and a hald years she said she wanted time to herself, but she didn’t know how long is what she said. I don’t know why but I still keep her log in info and the next day she unblocked all her exs, told them she was sorry and why she didn’t choose them over me… I mean this hits hard she basically is my first love and my family provided everything for her… 4 years over starting from my high-school till now. She helped me graduate and get over the loss of my grandpa last year…. this honestly hurts but I just keep thinking ” maybe their’s a chance, maybe we can try again ” but its best I don’t feel this hurt again and go on.. this pain is unbearable tbh. I hope one day I can go on and asap

  • I have never practiced yoga before and I would imagine I wasn’t doing it correctly. I needed some relief because I have had chronic daily migraines since May. I would like to try this a few times because I have some relief.

  • i dont know if i am suffering from hyperthyroidism but most of my symptoms like excessive sweating (even when the weather’s not too hot), stress, anxiety, fatigue, puffy eyes except for weight loss actually make me think that i am suffering from it….is that true? i really wanna know.

  • Me after going through all the comments:-
    “You guys had a girlfriend?”
    Yeah breakups do hurt, but what hurts more is not being accepted at first place. It’s better to have loved and then lost, rather than never have yourself loved.

  • in a nutshell

    considering the desired aspect that u wanna see in ur life as a part of u.


    “i wanna live without candy” -> “eating candy is simply something i dont do for reason xy”

    (its not ‘i can not have candy, but candy is so tasty’ but ‘i simply dont eat candy cause this is simply the way i am / the way i define myself because of reason xy’)

  • My girl left me after 4 years of relationship.The main reason is her mother,she never liked me.I don t know why and I will never know.Before the pandemic we were at university together being really happy.But in 3 months of staying home she became another person,influenced by her mother.And believe me guys,this is my first experience and it really hearts.When the person that you loved the most left you is awful.Stay strong people.Even if I am now destroyed,I will recover and I will be stronger and better…

  • Just got broken up yesterday and to say I’m devastated is an understatement. I don’t know what to do or how it’s going to be moving forward. Watching this did help a little bit but this pain is unbearable….

  • REALIZE what your bad habits are AND SUSTAIN EFFORT to transform them. Let go and Be Effective! This video has lots of good advice that helped me!

  • She broke my heart because I was taking responsibility of a broken family.

    She left me to a dude who gave her weekly money and a car to ride with.
    I was that bus pass nigga working 2 shifts and studying online.

    1 year later i own my own house and driving a Benz cls55 and working full time.

    I cried, begged, she was my strength.
    She left front of me with another nigga.

    Today she living on hand to mouth, I ain’t the nigga I used to be.

    She made me a monster, never will I love again.

  • This inspire me my ex left me the second time put all the blame on me and I almost ended my life because she put a burden on me and made me regret myself heartbreaks are the worse

  • Here I am, agaaain!:D Today I woke up with this headache and this pain behind my eyes. I had tried out this video before and it worked so I came here again. Although I had a headache and it sucks, I was looking forward to doing this video simply because it just feels so good! To take this time to take care of myself and be gentle with myself, listen and really feel my body, calming my mind, connecting to the Earth… After this practice I feel so calm, so present in the moment, so loving, so… myself! I don’t even have enough words to describe what this practice makes me feel and how beneficial it has been for me. Thank you again, Yoga With Adriene, for sharing all of this magic with us for free! You rock!

  • Drew, you’re such an inspiration. I love everything you do! FitLifeTV tackles so much more than just physical health and I really appreciate that incredible well rounded approach. Thanks to you and your team for being out there and making life a better place.:)


  • Oh good God is sooo helpful. Thanks for explaining all that i need to hear as i’ve been hyperthyroid/grave’s disease since 2016 and it was so hard.. Thanks for enlightening me from this very knowledgeable video..

  • Thank you so much Adrienne it’s been a month I started this yoga session and it’s great I am a migraine sufferer from last 5 6 years I tried everything but thanks to you I almost got reliefed thank you once again love you.. Lots of love from India

  • Hi Adrienne, thank you for this video, it’s been transformative for me. You say at the end that you will list ideas for daily practice to prevent migraine, but I don’t see that in the description. Could you please give us some ideas for migraine prevention?

  • Hi Adriene just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this video. I have suffered with chronic migraines for years and have recently decided to come off my medication in favour of mindfulness practice. Your videos have me cope so much better with the migraines. I tried this particular video for the first time tonight and my symptoms have drastically reduced. Thank you x

  • You think you won’t ever recover from heartbreak, but you will.
    May this comment serve as little encouragement for you to keep going. You got this. You got you! Stay strong! ��
    ‎▶‎▶‎▶ 7 ways to deal with the first weeks of the break-up: if you need more resources. ‎▶‎▶‎▶‎▶ Remember to smile today! xxSevenToTen

  • I am diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and graves disease after i experienced a “thyroid storm”. I thought i was gonna die due to palpitations, tremors, swelling in my legs and insomia. I am now on meds and hopefully will be able to bounce back to life. Thank you for this video i will share it to people that doesn’t understand what hyperthyroid is. Bless your heart.

  • Extreme progress progress is not for everybody the mind is always wandering we need to control the mind instead of forcing ourselves for something you need to give yourself out of the daily routine relationships everything Sanskrit sorry space space Vineet looking flight we need to look inside ourselves limit to train. To train the subconscious

  • Thank you. After several days of migraine for the first time in several years, it was so consoling when you said “I am so sorry that you have a headache.” It gave me temporary relief and I will be able to sleep. Thank you.

  • so when my team goes 0/40 but dont surr and opponent team is just too bad to end the game but i cant 1v5 because im too bad and we sit in game for 50 minutes just to lose then instead of surr at 20 how the fuck do i keep calm i cant forgive that so fast

  • Mr. Drew you have no idea how much your video is impacting my life now…. I was deeply hurt on so many levels and after listening to you i am deciding not to let anger nor grudges control my life any longer i am tired and its time to let go so I CAN FINALLY LIVE AGAIN

  • I woke up with headache for a couple of days in a row and had to take a pill in order to function normally (and it didn’t even helped me anyways) Eventually I decided to try it, and although it didn’t relieved the pain fully it helped me to feel better, so I trusted in this practice and repeated it for a few days. I must say I was really surprised that after two weeks of daily headache now I wake up without pain and stress. So grateful to have you Adrienne <3

  • He said he “isn’t happy anymore.” Im about to have a newborn and its his. He started telling me I’m going to lose out because he’s going do great. All this over asking him to provide for us. I mean, I guess. I told him to chase his real happiness then. Time to grind soon.

  • Hello migraine warriors
    You can obtain reliable information and become more educated about migraine by visiting Migraine World Summit website:
    This conference hosts headache experts from around the world every year.
    Now, the summit is free for everyone until June 19th.
    @Adriene I would appreciate if you share the link or pin it so it shows up first.

    I would also like to thank you for teaching me how to heal my pain by my body and the breath. This yoga has become part of my daily routine.

  • Hi Adriene, this really helped with my recovery from a head injury and for the first time in days, I relaxed and felt like I was healing. Thank you. X

  • Adriene I don’t know if you will ever read this but just wanted to say thank you. I get horrible migraines to the point that it makes me feel nauseous. I had one for hours this evening and could not get rid of it even with pain killers. I looked to see if you had made a video for migraines and decide to follow this one. I just finished it and my headache is gone. It normally hurts so much that even putting my head against my pillow hurts. I’m so happy this has worked I could cry. I will now get in bed and follow one your meditations. Thank you ����

  • I began blending food and eating more organic since I watched the documentary “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” and I have seen phenomenal results. I gave up eating foods high in sugar & fat, and have decided to eat more plant-based foods. I have so much more energy and am stronger than I’ve ever been! I haven’t been able to use a juicer yet because I haven’t been able to afford one, but I look forward to getting one someday so I can juice the Kale, Ginger, Lemons, and other foods I’ve been buying.

  • I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease by my primary physician through my blood test months ago and he transferred me to a thyroid specialist (Endocrinologist). The symptoms are scary, especially of the tremors, anxiety, insomnia, rapid heart beat and losing a tons of weight (45 lbs.) in a short period of time. I had simple symptoms and decided to ignore it since i have been feeling those things throughout my life, but when one of my close friend mentioned something about losing some of my weight, i kind of started to worry but not entirely because it is my body and i thought it was just because i was being active (Outdoors, Hiking, Hula dancing, Gym and i was doing intermittent fasting). Months passed and that’s when some of my symptoms got worse. Tremors and unexplained rapid heartbeat was affecting my everyday life so i decided to consult my primary physician and he asked me to take different kind of test such as electrocardiogram, blood, urine and feces test. Everything was perfect and healthy except for my metabolic profile, hemoglobin, T4 Hormones, Alkaline Phosphatase, Sedimentation Rate, and Glucose is waaay to high and my Thyroid Stimulating Hormones(TSH) is waaaay to low. He was eager and helped me to look for a Endocrinologist as long as possible. Fortunately, i was able to find that specialist despite of 1-2 months wait list on any other Endocrinologist. He asked me to do a thyroid scan to make it sure it is a thyroid problem and it is positive. He enlighten me about the disease and told me everything i need to know. It was mind opening but that was day darkest day i have ever felt in my life and it went darker when my i found out more cons about the disease… I had no idea about thyroid and what it does to our body until the day i was diagnosed with this disease. It is far more important than i thought…. but now i am about to attend my Radioactive Iodine Treatment this coming Wednesday and when i decided to agree to do that, i am fully aware of the changes and that my life will never be the same again. I may be sound so dramatic right now but you’ll never know the feeling until you experience a health problem that will give something that you will be responsible and carry for the rest of your lives. Take a really great care of yourselves guys, life is short. God Bless you.

  • I have actually had the radioactive Iodine treatment. It killed off the thyroid. But will tell you if you don’t take levothyroxin everyday it messes with your eyesight.

  • In Ayurveda, migraine can be treated successfully. #PlanetAyurveda offers Medhya Churan and Gotukola Capsules for the effective management of migraine.

  • The first real long term relationship I’ve had, just ended. We met in high school and we were inseparable. I cannot express the pain that comes from truely believing that that person was it for the rest of your life.

  • I deal with hyperthyroidism on a regular basis I can’t sleep legs feel like their going out on me I just hope the medication works an help me improve my life I’m struggling..��

  • Here Doctors Share 15 Habits to Start Now to Avoid a Broken Hip Later

  • 11yrs married 3 beautiful boys, i lost sight of what i had i pushed her away instead of opening up to her. I did her wrong and now i finally see what i lost what a wonderful person i had by my side it hurts i have never felt so weak so lost so alone. Today my brother sent me this while i tried getting a workout after months of just sitting in my room just putting my self down. I can honestly say it helped me a little. Stay strong yall

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  • I don’t know whether I am suffering from migraine or not but from last 10-15 days i am trying to change myself from inside out quiting all the bad things which I use to do so from last one week I am having continuous headache so Ive tried this out and ya it works I swear and believe me or not it feels so soothing that I do this twice a day and ya I am feeling quite normal and happy so thank u Adrienne I don’t know how to thank u but u truly is a blessed soul and hope u always make such NYC videos ��

  • Wow this is the most honest and candid I have ever seen you and weirdly again! Strangely timed. I have just split up with my girlfriend and gone from a house with 3 kids 2 pets and hustle and bustle to my flat on my own! I am finding it very tough, so I know exactly how you feel. When this happened I was actually on a D-Load week. Not sure if that has been a good thing. The self aware negative monkey’s do creep in quickly!!!

    Today was the my first day back and done a heavy leg day which was fun. One of the only thing I seem to be able to focus on is Calisthenics. Still struggling with getting the results I want due to diet not being as good as it should be. But over 2 years in I am still very much enjoying it which is the main thing. You do an incredible job Matt. Never doubt yourself as you’re one of the best channels regarding this topic on the whole of Youtube!!!

  • Thank you so much. I almost cried cause it’s been a while since I’ve felt this relaxed, it was a bit uncomfortable too since I’m used to being alert during this time. My migraine is almost completely gone and the tension has drastically subsided. You’re an angel ��

  • Hi everyone
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  • A 5 year relationship where this girl who worshiped me, birthed me a baby boy. all while I neglected and hurt her repeatedly for 5 years she still put up with me and loved me, now it’s at the point where she can’t cope with anymore hurt, and moved on. Even when this storm passes I’ll still carry this with me for the rest of my life, tables have turned and now I feel 5 years worth of pain right now. Please guys, you don’t know what you have until its truly gone.

  • I can’t even start to tell you how lucky I feel for finding this channel! I was never into moving my body, always either chubby and out of shape, or slim and out of shape, and during covid I decided to start taking care of my body and started with your “yoga for complete beginners” vid for a week just like you said, transitioned to 30 days of yoga challenge and haven’t missed a single day of practice for the first time in my life! today I woke up with a terrible migraine, suffered through work and thought I might skip a practice for today…. I don’t know if it was the weird feeling of disappointing you (lol!) or just feeling something was missing, but I felt I need the mat and your soothing voice today more than ever! and then I found this video… this was an amazing half hour and I feel so healthy and refreshed! thank you so much <3

  • Day 1: I was suffering from severe migraine attack which wouldnt go away with simple OTC meds. The stabbing pain in my head and the throbbing sensation when I laid down on my bed or stood up was too much to bear. Thank you for this video. It helped me lower the pain to quite a tolerable state. ��

  • This is the kind of pain I wish on nobody, it cripples so bad. These videos help me move forward idk what I would do without this stuff

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  • Got my heart broken today. I literally gave my life for her and she just left me. She had a relationship before me with a guy who treated her like trash and she still had feelings for him a year later. And she just left me from one day to another… It’s hurts so bad. It was my first big love. I hope i get through this…

  • My love of 3 years and I broke up today. I’m broken and I feel like there’s no way out, no hope. We’ve done everything together. I can’t do anything or go anywhere without thinking of her. I’m not even safe in my own house. We always talked about marriage, and we always talked about being together forever. I thought it was real. The bond we had, the connection we had, it was amazing. I feel like there’s no point to life without her. I don’t know what to do or where to go. I have no aspirations in life, she helped me get through everything. I honestly, truthfully don’t see me living in a few months from now.

  • I listened to the Binaural link. I had never heard of it before. I really actually enjoyed it. I repeated after him and closed my eyes and really just focused on everything he said. I feel a different energy now. Thank you for sharing

  • This was what I needed today. Past emotion was coming into my head. I keep telling my family that they were toxic and I never thought that I could be that is toxic too. I will be listening to more Binaurals. Thanks this was medicine to my soul and did the deep ugly cry. lol

  • It’s not easy to rebound from an abusive past particularly as a child at an age where you’re the most impressionable and your subconscious programs begin.  GOOD FOR YOU DREW.

  • I’m so grateful for this video but I wish you didn’t put an ad 2/3 into the video (usually too loud for someone with a migraine) ❤️

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  • Warning do not lower your standards too much!!
    Thats bullshit he is talking there is nothing as progressive willpower
    He might be right

  • I also have hyperthyroidism overactive thyroid (not cancer no tumor )I had operation 4 days ago And I lost my voice I can’t even communicate to my doctor, anyone having problem like mine?

  • This came out awhile ago so I know No one is gonna see this plus it goes to the bottom but I need to get this off my chest no matter what you only got one life you got one shot to make it like a game winning field goal or scoring the game winning goal in the soccer game but realize you gonna miss opportunity’s in life if you play life safe because that isn’t living it’s existing I know I am currently suffering from depression and sucidial thoughts as well the world isn’t fair trust me life isn’t a fairytale and you only got one shot to do something with your life make something of yourself don’t live a life full of excuses if people judge you for what you do fuck them they weren’t worth it anyway be the person you wanna be don’t let people judge you because they aren’t you they don’t run your life they don’t own you own yourself get up and make something of yourself don’t sit there thinking of reasons you can’t think of the reasons you can I know no one is gonna see this but just wanted to get it off my chest and I hoped I saved one of y’all

  • just referred to the specialist, been having shaky legs and hands. particularly when i use force (push ups, open a jar, write) pretty frustrating. this video is concise and clear.

  • I just diagnosed Hypertyroidism last week. I currently taking med for 15days and need to go back to my doctor. I am scared because we don’t have a Specialized doctor for this here in my province. And even don’t have proper Hospital here. I was positive for Autoimmune disease last year, but I don’t know the specific disease because I went back to province for my work and didn’t got a chance for follow up check up. I would love to go to Manila for this but this covid is really sucks.

  • Couldn’t agree more with Girya Girl. I still remember how my old teacher when I was 10 years old told me imagination is a form of intelligence. Me having always been told I have good imagination went to tell my mom about it. She laughed at me saying it’s not. At the time I couldn’t question her, but now some thirty years later I’ve come to realize imagination is what broadens your horizon and opens up all kinds of possibilities in life.

  • Grateful to return to this video today. It really gave me a physical and emotional feeling of relief and acknowledging how I felt.

  • She left me yesterday because she has fallen in love with her ex again we have talked on phone last night I am heartbroken her ex was on conference we shared a happy moment but it really makes me feel bad that she has lost a gem coz I have loved her so much no one could ever loved someone as I loved her

  • How the fuck do you get over someone you’d literally give your life for? Then one day she just leaves. Talk about crushing. I gave this women my heart and truly care about her more then any of my ex’s. It was a three year relationship and it’s been nine months now and when I see things that remind me of her it’s a trigger. Hopefully I’ll get over this. Yes grown men cry behind close doors.

  • I’d like to know if anyone that has Hyperthyroid and Graves if you also have Thyroid Bone Disease? I’ve been reading that it can cause Bone Disease and death, heart attacks, fractures and its freaking me out. Can I stay on meds or do I have to remove thyroid? I do not want to remove my thyroid at all. I want to figure out the root cause. And is the Medication a immune suppressant? What have your Dr’s told you? This is all so confusing. Thanks for your help.

  • Thank you for your gentle practice. The kindness you radiate reminds me that I should give that same energy to myself and those around me <3

  • Thank you Adriene for this video. �� It’s my first time trying joga to reduce headache. Seems that nastral breathing was exactly what I needed today to feel better. ❤

  • I wasn’t eating because I had mental health problems and I got skinny and I wanst the same body as I was when me and her met and my 4 year girlfriend left me because she went and with my friend and apparently she said I was too skinny so now I’m going to build my muscle back up from now

  • I have been suicidal for the past weeks and the person I thought would care the most ended up not even believing me… Bad times show peoples true colors

  • yes I was diagnosed with both today I received my results, hypothyroidism and graves disease. But I have suffered with heart problems, severe blood disorders, severe fatigue, I was once labeled disabled, is hard to find thyroids because they have to be active for it to be positive, so I was never diagnosed but my organs were crazy, now we know the problem. Is scary man.

  • Mention beta-blockers without warning people of the side effects.. You’re just like my doctor, telling me all the great things about beta blockers and prescribing me them. Since I’m no idiot, I decide to research this drug further and come to find out, beta-blocker common side effects are: Depleted energy, depression, HAIRY-LOSS, ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Pisses me off how they’ll throw a drug at me like a sales pitch. I’m 22 YO male, Imagine if i took this. My youth would be stripped from me entirely.

  • I had severe hyperthyroidism/graves. A couple times I felt like I was going to have a heart attack I was so sick. It was recommended I do radioactive iodine. I never went that route. I did take pills but only for a month. I went completely gluten free, then completely grain free, no rice or corn or even oats. It was pretty much just fish, fruits and veggies for me, a very strict anti-inflammatory diet. Wormwood and oregano oil were supplements I would take. You will need to do several cleanses/take anti candida supplements. It does take at least a good year healing this issue with diet alone but it’s now two years later and tests have confirmed my thyroid is completely back to normal. Read/research as much as you can. Hyperthyroidism can go away on it’s own with diet changes. It doesn’t go away overnight, it’s a long process, but it does go away.

  • After the love of my life and i broke up a year ago i still think about him and i feel lile i can’t love anybody else. It’s been more than a year and i still think about him. I know that he does too,but how can forgive all the time,right? I hope God had prepared a good men for me.

  • My thyroid was removed in 2007. Now 2020, I have insomnia, tremors, leg cramps almost every night. On synthetic hormones since 2017. Change to bio thyroxin 100 GM 3 months ago and getting all sweating again.

  • This is really great advice. It’s also pretty hard to do, to forgive someone if they negative or annoying and there isn’t a way to confront them because they are co-workers. You can try to change the subject, go 180 on them and redirect their rant or negativity. You could also use humor. I had a jerk of a boss once and it took me months to get over it after leaving that job. I decided to write a funny story about them making that person out to be completely ridiculous. It was amusing and it took the edge off. I started writing about other toxic folks that I’ve met on jobs and it snowballed into a creative project, enough to publish as a book. It also helped me recognize when I’ve been negative or annoying as well.  Now when I see these challenging people (some are relatives and co-workers) and they start to piss me off, I just think of them in that funny scenario and I don’t react as badly. It’s worth a try because there aren’t that many options. You could do a drawing or make a video or something that would redirect your own frustration or anger, because that other person will not change. You can only change your reaction to them.

  • I can’t thank you enough for doing these sort of videos/podcasts about mental fitness as well as physical. For the past year or so I’ve really been trying to delve deep within my psyche to understand myself better and kill the demons within me. Your perspective brings a great clarity and understanding to me, and hearing your own stories about your struggles with mental health are both inspiring and assuring.

  • Thank you for this video! I am working on forgiving myself for not completing my goals when I wanted to and holding on to the past. Trying to let go of the negative!

  • It’s awesome it’s right time I got the advice I am a procrastinator and lazy…. What else am everything negative… But I will progress as he said… Thank u

  • 99% of these chicks in modern times are straight up gonna leave you with no warning. They’ve been plotting to leave you for the next guy/girl since they day they started dating you.

  • thank u so much. ive had a head ache for a few days now non stop and this was the first 20 min in a long time with minimal to zero pain. Thank u thank u thank. Ur kind words too throughout the practice help so much.

  • Thanks Adriene as usual your video was therapeutic. I have gone back to work and wear a visor most of the day I find at the end of the day it feels like I have still got it on and I have a tension headache it hasn’t totally gone but it definitely helped.

  • I just don’t get why they thought of radioactive iodine. Like ok, thyroid solved, now have some cancer. I mean they even say it makes you radioactive for 3 weeks! Just surgery sounds reasonable, the other seem like they are gonna kill other organs too…:(

  • Awesome video! Thank you for the inspiration Drew… I will surely pass it on to others:-) I think looking at yourself outside of yourself interacting with others will most definitely help ppl step bk and reevaluate how to act, what to say, pay attention to their own body language… etc. Thanks a bunch! WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER!

  • Download for free “Thyropedia: An Encyclopedia of Thyroidology” from the following link and get answers to all of your quarries on any thyroid disorder.

  • i have confidence issues. i have problems with my parents; i love them very much and they love more, but they are always angry and negative and i can’t talk with them for 2 seconds without getting into a fight. what are your advices? i know NLP i know EI but its not working. thank you.

  • Routine Scans May Cause Thyroid Problems

    Google above…..i suspect get from that…..coz need inject those stuff ct scan…..

    I killed by those
    So called Modern tech…..

  • My girlfriend of a year and a half left me. But she claims to still love me and that’s making it harder because I don’t know what that means from her view. We broke up because we were arguing to much. A d her saying she still loves me hurts because it might be aie to ease the pain. It makes me wonder if she ever meant it before the breakup.

  • Thank you, I started my day with what feels like a migraine again, decided to check your videos for help. Still feel the pain but it did help release some tension.
    Love your videos!

  • Excellent subject. While it seems that negative comment are more powerful they have no power in themselves. Like a spoon or a knife, negative criticisms is an object. It is useful when used in a useful manner and detrimental when used in a detrimental manner.
    The suffering it to teach us how to not use it. Like a compass.
    I hope it makes sens.
    Thanks to negative criticisms, we can hear the thought people have in there head. (Sorrow, sorry) It was given to them like a knot, a puzzle and now it is passed it to you because we trust you can do it. (Thank you)
    I choose to set them free, all that lineage, past present and futur, all that conditioning. (Forgiveness)
    Then you see yourself in others. I know you. (I love you)
    Great subject. Thank you so much for your time. Take care brother.

  • You know I have been watching so many videos lately on self love, letting go and positive change but everything you talk about just really hits home for me and is so easy to understand and apply to my life in a really simple and practical way. Thank you ❤️

  • Its been years and I still get sick to my stomach,my heart starts beating faster, and feel physically weak whenever I think about it. It messed me up��

  • Matt thats a pretty heavy issue you made some great points, i think everyone that watches this video should take something away from it. Everyone is on either side of the spectrum with criticism and we all could use improvement. Thanks brother, also i caught that little stuart smalley shout out that was funny!

  • If you don’t let go of the of the pain and suffering you feel in your life, it will rob you of your vitality and beauty. I learned this 30 years ago and have managed to truly eliminate all suffering in my life and experience maximum joy.

  • Stay strong brothers, we are all suffering heart break use these times to become the best version of yourself. We are here for each other!

    Stay safe,stay shredded, stay motivated if you are feeling down use that negative energy and anger towards something positive!

    Love you all my brother’s

  • 25 years old, thought i’d never love anyone, but finally found someone i fell in love with. We broke up and it ruined me. You feel so alone, but it does happen to everybody. This is the worse pain i’ve ever felt in my life. I guess I start my new journey from here.

  • Drew I appreciate this advice but the reality of life is that in certain cases it is easier said than done. I am living this now with some pretty negative stuff going on with my neighbor. My problem was that when I first moved here about 3 yrs ago I did not put up clear boundaries, and she is stepping all over them, over and over and over…

  • I was in tears last night from a migraine I woke up with at 2.30am as a side effect from some medication that’s been prescribed to me by the doctor, this helped me so amazingly and I was finally able to get back to sleep thanks to the massively reduced pain. It was challenging doing the alternate nostril breathing while I was still sobbing furiously!:D

  • I just had my serious break up few days ago. I dont know what to do because all i have is just hurt inside me. He decided to leave me after 5 years relay. I cant be mad at him and I forgive him but i dont know how to do for now. It hurts so much but I keep telling myself ‘ you are strong and just let him go. Both of you will get happiness in life ‘.

  • Embrace, Forgive, Let Go and always truly be grateful for all of the aspects of your life that has taught you wisdom,  taught you better and has helped you to help those who are traveling down the same path. That is my cycle of living in a positive state.

  • Forgiveness is a gift. It’s like musical talent or something. Some people just have it. I don’t think I do. I always try but anger and grudges can just stay with me for ages whether I like it or not. I think the only way to deal with it is to accept that and just hope it will eventually melt away one day.

  • I would like to know after hyperthyroid surgery, will the eye bulging return to normal. My eye balls are bigger than the way they were and also how long does it take for the eye balls to return to normal

  • I just don’t smoke anymore. I just don’t do it. It’s no longer a part of who I am. Since last Friday �� today will be day 5 without �� This video is a huge part of my current success. ��������

  • Ohhg boy that shit happenin to will smith it happenin to all of us brothers and sisters we feelin al o you and even tho it seems we alone,we in this shot together every god damn second. There is someone out there feelin you but yall gotta get up,life is more so get out there and dive into it instead of sinking deeper into the ground

  • So not trying to be funny, but the binaurals did make me feel very scared like something bad was about to happen. Why do you think this is happening to me and is this normal?????????

  • I work in a very toxic negative environment each day so this is something I struggle with daily. Any suggestions on just staying positive all day?? it’s easier said than done

  • I swear to god I will become the best version of myself, she left me, I need to move on. I will sacrifice everything to get where I need to be. Mark my words world I will change or influence or inspire someone. It will be my life’s goal

  • I want to quit weed and ciggretes.
    I’m not able to buy weed from last 7 days because of lockdown so it’s ok for me but I’m able to buy ciggretes at a very high rate but I’m managing to buy it.
    I want to quit but after 1 or 2 days I arrange money and buy it and then smoke it all.
    I wanna quit but something inside me happens and then I can’t control myself.

  • I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your videos, sweet Adriene. I have suffered from migraines since childhood and much too reliant on the ‘triptans. This video helped, and I don’t know why I didn’t think to lower the brightness on my computer screen!! Thanks for the tip:-)

  • I’ve been suffering from more headaches and migraines than ever in the past year. I actually discovered your channel from finding this particular video. I return to this video periodically when I do have a migraine, and I am often brought to tears by the end of it because the improvement is so significant, and I am so grateful for the relief. You are an angel, Adriene!

  • I’ve????????s I have hyperthyroidism active thyroid……surgry on left side so is gone…..put on levothyroxine turned out I was highly allergic to so switch to synthroid….turns out am allergic to that to so got go back have ultrasound on right side to see if has to be surgically removed…… (1)…are there any other meds that will help with all my symptoms….(2) could thyriod make you have graves as well as hashimoto’s?????(3) also vitamin b12 was low put on vitamins..that’s not helping…..(4) symptoms with or with out meds are……sleeplessness nights,muscle cramping everywhere in my muscle lose of sight,my brain feels funky an eyes,I on action get hypothermia that last for 2 hrs or more… heart rate an pulsation……get blowed an gassy… now I’ve six month wait go in july I stoped take med dont make me feel any better on or of…… guess my????? Is if they have take all thyriod will I improve or stay the same or get [email protected] please help thank you

  • Drew Canoli…you are awesome…I’m actually cling to my pass with my parents…I ahvent forgive them for neglecting me has a Child…My mom never fought for me and my dad did has he pleased with me…growing upni was a depress child..and with low self-esteem..still to this day…I don’t know the real meaning of LOVE cause I never experience it from my parents…I’m learning it now that in 24..and still can’t forgiveness….I know is not healthy…but I can’t seem to let go…and is killing me

  • kind of stuff does. It seems where ever I go to a new job, class, etc. without even knowing me, people are automatically hateful and negative. I tend to have a scowl on my face or just become very tense. My personality is normally very happy and bright, but it does take a toll especially because it is this toxic, negative energy on a daily basis. Should I just change my profession because this is not the first time I have had to deal with these kinds of people.

  • If u think we should make a group and help heal these broken hearts comment your snap and you’ll be added I just went through a breakup we have to move on create a new journey

  • I watch this everyday. The change is real… The change is on and is happening! Respect to anyone going through hard times… Stay strong you got this ��

  • U do deserve something tastey after a workout, but make sure it tastes good without negatively affecting your body, u burn 300, u drink 15 or 30 or 50, not 600, try a V8 or dont n slowly get fatter

  • Hi my tsh is 0.226. Doi need to take medication?? Report says its abnormal.. But my dr refused to give me tablets. She told me to take retest after three months.. She is not endocrinologist.. I losing weight drastically.. And very bad body pain and indigestion acid reflux etc..

  • It is when we place our goals too far away from where we are, that we fall in the gap. The tiny subtle changes are the most powerful as it gives one momentum to continue with the small steps. Tale of the man who lifted a runt of a calf over the fence every day until one day was able to lift the grown animal over the fence. Or the man who sold rock, every day slowly let a bucket of water pour over the rock, drip by drip and eventually it split…… had he poured the whole bucket would not have the desired result.

  • Thank you so much! You are so inspirational, I often forget about my emotional and inner self and just focus on the outside but I will definitely be using these steps to become a better me all around!

  • Hi, thank you for your video it’s really good information for everybody, recently I came to know I hv hyperthyroidism, I really shock, anyway from 5 days itself my heart beat is high, when I taking medicine by 3 days now heart beat is normal, but hair falling is very High that’s y check with doctor, but I hv no other thing like eye problem, anxiety, skin yellow Coloring nothing, it will be cure?��

  • I just wanted to say that I had a migraine yesterday, searched for You Tube Videos, found this one, and a few others for Adriene. I couldn’t believe that my migraine was gone, gone, gone…… Thank you soooo much

  • Omg Drew you are so right…my emotions can get out of control sometimes and they can make me sick. I decided I can’t let my emotion have control of me. What I think has a lot to with it. And what I tell myself is ” I’m not going to let that person’s thoughts be my reality, or let that person take my peace or my power. It’s helped.