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Yoga is one of those amazing practices that truly makes so many parts of our lives better. It’s a moving meditation we know is “good for us” but so many of us cannot commit to. I’ve heard every complaint in the book, and many I’ve felt myself — from I get bored in yoga, to it’s harder than I thought, to I’m not flexible, yoga isn’t for me (or my gender, or my body type) to it.

And if you can’t get into it, how much benefit are you really going to get out of forcing yourself into a yoga class? Certainly not any mental ones. “We tell ourselves that we should like yoga. From beginners who aren’t familiar with what yoga means to the most advanced yogis who say “Namaste” instead of “Good-bye,” yoga is an all-inclusive practice that can be beneficial to anyone. If you find that you are struggling with poses and feel like giving up, all you need to do is take a deep breath, calm down and relax.

There are so many people who get stuck behind the stereotype and can think that the practice isn’t for them, and it’s a real shame. Yoga has such a huge benefit for all men and allowing a perception of the practice to keep you off the mat is a disservice to your own wellbeing. 1. You’ve started saying you’re “practicing asana” instead of “doing yoga.” You now see that yoga is so much more than bending and flexing your body. You fully appreciate and respect the physical asana practice, but you know that it’s just one part of the whole. 2. You don’t have a home yoga studio — because your home is a studio.

14. I can’t do yoga if I have injury, pain, or illness. Let your common sense and your doctor be your guides as to whether or not you are healthy enough to exercise. If you feel up to it, and your doctor has given you the okay to get moving, a gentle/basic yoga class may be a great way to ease yourself back into. 7 Reasons Why People Who Do Yoga Are F**king Annoying Everyone knows someone who does Yoga.

They usually shop at Wholefoods drive a Prius and lecture everyone else on the benefits of doing Yoga. 25 Gifts For People Who Love Yoga. I never find the following day to have any creepy after taste left in the bottle leaching into the water.” — Jacky. Get it from Urban you can’t even.

Sure, they may have immediately “checked in” to their yoga studio upon arrival with a casual “Can’t wait to get my zen on! ;))” or “If you need me, I’ll be in savasana! LOL!” as courtesy heads up/disclaimer to the social media world on their whereabouts and/or why they’ll been idle on chat for at. In yoga practice, you can appreciate where another person is in their practice while accepting that your own practice is just as meaningful.

In life, you recognize the beauty in how others express themselves while honoring your own self-expression without judgment or comparison.

List of related literature:

If you think you’re not healthy enough or flexible enough to do yoga, he believes you’re focusing too much on what you can’t do, and not enough on what you can.

“Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing” by Yoga Journal, Timothy McCall
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Tell them that if something seems threatening they can change it to something that feels right, or they can stop the yoga nidra process, stretch, and open their eyes.

“Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief” by Julie Lusk
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Done with focus and presence, yoga is the perfect blend of mind, body, and soul or breath.

“The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life” by Sue Morter, Jill Bolte Taylor
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After talking with her about the whole scope of yoga practice, I suggested that she take a break from asana for a short time.

“Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby: Ayurveda and Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth” by Margo Shapiro Bachman, Vasant Lad
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One lady told me that I could not do yoga because I could not even get on the floor without some help.

“Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth” by Tonya Zavasta
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Having never engaged with yoga before, she decides to give it a go with the goal of exploring this practice by trying as many of the studio class offerings as possible.

“Pop Culture Yoga: A Communication Remix” by Kristen C Blinne
from Pop Culture Yoga: A Communication Remix
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I recommend to most of my students that they adopt a daily yoga practice for stress management and improved flexibility.

“Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy” by Acharya Shunya, David Frawley
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Yoga discourages anything unnatural, competitive, or hurtful.

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Of all the types of Yoga, it is the one most directly concerned with the physical body, though it has much that goes beyond it as well.

“Ayurveda, Nature's Medicine” by David Frawley, Subhash Ranade
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My teacher often said that Ashtanga Yoga is meant to teach students how to breathe and that the rest is really just bending.

“The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice That Will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace -Includes the complete Primary Series” by Kino MacGregor
from The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice That Will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace -Includes the complete Primary Series
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  • After only 3 weeks, I already lost ten pounds by simply adhering to this yoga guide “Yοmzοzο Kena” (Google it). The pictures are super helpful and a must for any yoga guide. This manual additionally tells you some poses, that are diverse enough to satisfy both beginners and help even more advanced yoga practitioners improve..

  • Just to make Halley happy I won’t be rude but this is not for beginners and I don’t care or want to hear about your hair and that squeaky nasal voice was a bit much for me

  • I feel like we learned so much from this video! Check out our goat yoga vlog, there’s a lot of benefits to this type of yoga as well ♡

  • Hi I found a spot where there are lot of new meditation tips available on the internet. Check out Google and type: “MindYoga4U”. It will be very useful for you.

  • YAY I’ve been waiting for you to post a video like this since you first mentioned getting into yoga! I need to start doing yoga and this is really helpful for me. thank you!

  • I tried yoga a few summers ago and trying so hard to relax actually stressed me out more… guess that means I’m exactly the kind of person who should be doing yoga! Time to try again!

  • Hey Adriene! I’ve been practising yoga with you and your videos for more then a year, maybe even two years now (but generally 8 years). Different videos, different lenght but always satisfied with positive energy flow in my body, happiness, awareness and mindfulness which yoga brings to my life! This video I love the most! It really helped me when my mind and body was stuck to much of things going not the way I would like around me. Also I like the way you lead the “classes”. I am a ceramicist, potter so when I do ceramics and sculptures my mind has to focus on the things I would like to create 100%, it feels similar like in yoga practise you need to focus on the position but also to relax and feel the position in the way your body lets you. Focus is very important in my work as an artist, and when my mind and body is relaxed I am fully prepared to create really good pieces! I just wanted to tell you how much I am happy that yoga “arrived” in my life, helped me to manage with difficult things in my life but also to understand the things and people that didn’t serve me. I am very thankful that I can practise yoga with your every day, choose what is good for me and what I am allowed to manage each day. Thank you Adriene:)

  • stopped practicing for two months now and as I was washing my dishes just now, I thought of you. so I thought 15 minutes? WHY NOT? Now I feel awesome. thank you, Adriene!

  • thank you so much meera I’ve been doing yoga for about 2 weeks know and honestly it really paid of my mood now is really calm and i feel so refreshed in the morning and its been way easier for me to fall asleep and I lost 3 kg in the 2 weeks and I’m only 10 so thank you so much meera

  • Loved this practice. The rocking on heaven’s door variation, the eagle pose, warrior II and the wide legged standing fold… Loved all that 15 precious minutes. Thank you Adriene ��

  • I gotta say…a coworker and I did this yoga video the other day after work. We’re trying to do something healthy for ourselves in the new year. And as soon as the instructor said that we may notice that her hair looks a little different this week and that we should tell her what we think of her hair in the comments, my coworker and I looked at each other and just started cracking up uncontrollably. I mean, we probably lost a good minute of the yoga because we couldn’t stop laughing. To be honest, we needed the laugh, and it probably helped us de-stress as much as the yoga did!

  • This whole coronavirus thing makes me feel stuck in my own mind and body. That felt good! I love when you give some piece of advice like on this one “the better way to feel unstuck is too be creative”

  • Gorgepus, v effective will come back foe moee latee ,anchor in hope,detox rinse are what come tp mind, Adriene,spirits revived, and the booty slap n‘dance got my giggles going.. and tingle feel goods rising ����✨ FWFG community rocks thaaaaank you Adriene et al ��

  • This is a great introduction to yoga. It was simple and covered a lot of good stretches. I would love to share this video on my blog. Thanks, Candice @

  • I am currently pissed at my husband and had no idea how to deal with it other than crying so I randomly found this video and although he said so many awesome things I’m still mad lol I guess I have a lot of work to do �� im a pretty miserable person at the moment lol

  • Inspiring! I’m going to try it once I get home! I started to do poses with you here at work but my boss spied me and gave me the evil boss eye! hahah

  • I always say this but I’m so grateful for you and this channel! I felt sluggish and lost all energy and whilst looking for your ‘yoga to feel new’ video, came across this by accident. Wow I didnt even know how stuck I was but feeling so much more alive now and like I’m back in my body thank you!!

  • Somehow I always find the right video at just the right time, a little while back it was your Yoga For Suffering which really helped me expel and process some of my negative energy and negative feelings, at a time that I really needed it, and today it was this video, while I was just putting around having a really hard time getting started doing anything of the things I need to do and even the things I wanted to do. This definitely helped me get my stagnant energy moving again, so for that and for all your videos and all the wonderful things you do to help people through yoga, thank you, thank you so much, Adriene. Namaste.

  • Wow I have officially prescribed 40 mins 1 hour of Yoga with Adriene for myself everyday, for the rest of my life. It’s just so miraculous how nurturing every one if your practices is. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart, Adriene ❤️

  • You are totally amazing. It doesn’t matter about the perfection of a pose.  It  matters that you try it. You’re incredibly inspiring! Keep going!

  • I have Parkinson’s and cannot get up and down off the floor. Can you recommend any other of your videos that are standing only? This was a really good one thank you!

  • thanks so much adriene!!this really helped because today i was sooo bored and had nothing to do soo thanks so much LOVE YOU ADRIENE BYEEE!!!

  • I used to get frustrated when you would instruct to be silly and creative within the practice. I thought it wasn’t productive to the practice. I stopped taking myself so seriously for a second and tried it. It’s incredible how much it changes the feel of all movements. You are part of my journey to finding happiness again. Thank you Adriene.

  • I was blindsided last night by a huge realization concerning a long held internal conflict, and boy oh boy today has been rough. There’s an emotional mountain to move that I didn’t even see before and it’s going to take a while to clear so I’m glad to get started through this practise. Something about slapping your own butt really does wake up the energy doesn’t it? ��❤

  • I love that you help us let go of so many negative thought and feelings. I would not cope so well with difficult situation if it wasn’t for your help. Thank you so much Adriene

  • Just what I needed today. Feeling really stuck in solo isolation with little motivation for the last few days. This really helped! Sending love to everyone across the world! <3

  • Thank you Adrienne. Soooo needed to find this one today. I’m so nervous about an appt I have this afternoon, along with the baseline level of anxiety we all have during this pandemic, I felt almost paralyzed. This session got all the good energy flowing from my finger tips all the way down to my toes. I think I’m going to repeat! So grateful for you in this crazy time and always!

  • I thought that I was already feeling ok this morning when I decided to put this video on, but doing some wild knocking on heavens door just as the sun was coming up outside my window put this giant smile on my face and made me so so happy. Thank you again Adriene for a wonderful practice, it seems each time I come back and do these it touches another part of me differently ������

  • I was reading the comments and many had bad reviews to the “hair” part which is actually normal especially that this video is not their first time.. and YES I can say that this is a FOR-BEGINNERS yoga, I just don’t know why people complain its difficult, but its your own initiative to adjust your position for you to be more comfortable. Don’t force yourself to imitate the video as depicted, slowly increase difficulty because there is no shortcut to a flexible body.

  • A practice that I revisit regularly, and everytime I am surprised to find something new, as it is the same practice but not exactly the same. One time is more grounding, another time is more fun. The fact that I go back to this practice, I realise how it is all temporary, the bad mood too, shall pass, like everytime.

  • These moves really helped get my energy moving forward and kicked my butt to move projects along. You’re the best Adriene, thanks.

  • I can’t believe it’s been a month since the start of the lockdown (here at least). It’s such a weird time… Today I heard that my great uncle (my grandmother’s brother in law) died of coronavirus yesterday. Meanwhile, we’re all afraid for my grandmother to get the virus, and my uncle (her son) is dying of cancer. And I’m far away, unable to be with the rest of the family… I’ve been so angry at the world all day, but this helped a little. Thank you Adriene.

  • I started doing Yoga with Adriene in January 2020 and so far have completed the 30 Days of Yoga (January), Yoga Camp (February), Revolution (March) and now I’m working on Yoga for Uncertain Times (April). This month I’m selecting the videos going on how I feel. And in this incredibly turbulent and uncertain time, I could not feel more thankful for Adriene! Thank you for helping me stay calm, positive and peaceful. You really have changed my life!

  • Come to think of it; what is so inspiring about all those exercise videos full of already “fit” people (at least presumably and by one limited measure) showing off how physically fit they are? Its much more nourishing and inspiring seeing people  trying (in a accepting, friendly, shameless way) to compassionately address (not “perfect”) just those parts of their lives that might be more neglected and denied… Its beautiful…Thanks for posting this!

  • I thank you for the bottom of my heart. Your yoga practices are a life saving for me, and for all of us at this terrible time of the year. Sending love and gratitude! Namaste

  • I`ve browse through other Yoga materials and this yoga guide “Yοmzοzο Kena” (Google it) stands out to me because of the illustrations that is included with the poses. They`re big and vibrant so it`s easy to imagine exactly what the pose is Meant to look like. Oh yes and I`m losing a few pounds at the same time..

  • I love this! A real person doing yoga. Yoga isn’t about how you look, but about how you feel. You’re a beautiful, wonderful person.

  • Just what my mind and body needed, a little jump-start, if you will!
    As these times upon us are extremely unpredictable, this 15 minutes walked me through my re-set button. I feel refocused,. Now I can get back to what I CAN do! I thank you!

  • Good morning Adriene I was so so stressed out not being able to go to the gym, yoga class, or leave my house and I found you…and ever since I have been hanging out with you everyday:D

    hehe thank you for sending lots of love and positive energy:D

    Hope you and your family are safe:D <3

  • Boy, did I need this! in this confusing, unsettling time, we are all trying to sort out what we need and want in order to stay healthy and positive. I’ve decided that mornings will be my time to nurture my inner self (you will be a key part of that!!!) and afternoons for reaching out. It’s been so challenging to find focus with the distraction and low level anxiety of Covid 19. Thank you for your videos!

  • Whoopee!!! I feel great!!! Thank you, Adriene! Full of moving energy and aliveness once more! I hadn’t realised it was lacking!! ����������

  • I really enjoyed the part where we were allowed to move around as we liked. Actually felt myself getting ‘unstuck’. Thank you Adriene!

  • Look online for the term “Yοmzοzο Kena” (Google it) to locate this yoga guidebook designed for anyone who would want to study more about yoga exercise. The manual could be applied by future new yogi or even the individual who has been doing yoga for several years by then. It`s detailed on the guide the proper breathing approach, good posture, meditating and the most excellent way to shed pounds..

  • Disagree. There are bad people. Some don’t isolate between the 2. There are some that function only in the bad. Without having I t there can’t be cold. Well, without bad, how can there be good.

  • That’s the beauty of Hinduism, it teaches the art of humble, silent, friendly, non reactive while bearing a peaceful mind and body. ♥️ frm ����

  • Nothing new here, in fact it’s a rehash of our programming for the past few decades. Just say yes! Lol, I am going to say No, no, no to psychopaths and narcissists. My life improved greatly when I started to say No to them!

  • There is ppl who can talk and they are millionaires and there are ppl who believe every world what that guru say and make work free.
    Me –

  • Part 4:27 as a super empath heyoke intfj sagittarius 9th house I bring stable energy to a room. My kids can’t explain y they love coming n my room but I taught them this. Everywhere I go the atmosphere comes alive aft seemingly dead. Aura right

  • Wherever you feel powerless anger pops up! Anger is weakness, when you vibrate high existence phase around you shouldn’t be a problem, if its a problem then you aren’t vibrating high ��!

  • Second practice of the day ❤️ I love knocking on heavens door, and I was laughing so much it felt amazing, plus when we freestyles I nearly knocked my light shade off the ceiling �� thank you needed this xx

  • I am compelled to watch not volountarily watching do half the people in this crowd even get this?

    Hopefully after they r compelled not volounteering lol

  • By no means were my moves as graceful or as pretty as theirs but today was my second day adding this video to my daily routine along with a few others and I feel great!

  • Don’t make me angry!
    If you are hungry you will be angry!
    If you are sick you will be angry!
    If you judge someone,this person will be angry.
    I can explained to you hard life.
    What about people who suffer,no food,no clean water?
    What about war,virus diseases?
    What about abusive violence people?
    You think you live in heaven.
    I can make you angry.
    Everyone can feel anger when is hurt,disappointed.

  • Lies,fakes,lies,lies,. Humans born to be angry by the time.
    Only robots are not angry.
    On life everything moves,breaths. Even baby,children get angry.
    What are you? Angel?
    You are miserable face.

  • Ahahahaha Not on this Planet.
    Pretending that in your life is everything perfect.
    You don’t get angry,but you love to judge others
    You can be bothered and angry by yourself,not only by the people.
    Where you live on Earth,that you never feel anger?
    This is life,even nature can feel angry and bothered by the people.

  • Sadhguru smiles if he doesnt know the answer. He will give a completely unrelated answer and yet the people are just overawed by him.

  • I can’t wait to try this. I’m 270lbs and trying my darnedest to lose weight. I’ve been using workout videos and have lost 20lbs so far. I’ve been wanting to do yoga for awhile now but until now couldn’t find a video I could follow. I think I can follow yours….maybe tough at first because I have the flexibility of a steel rod but this video is much better than the ones with people who stick their nose up their bum if they wanted. Now if only I could find a workout video that didn’t have an instructor that makes me gag on all the peppiness. They act like they’re teaching kindergarteners. Being happy and nice is one thing but goodness gracious. I watched some earlier with the same person and she had a grin so wide and her eyes were so open it kinda creeped me out. Anyways, lol I ramble, great job! You go girl!!

  • If you want to relax and feel good, have a beer and hug someone. If you want to do yoga, solving the fat/eating issue is the first step. Best of luck!

  • u’r awesome, finally an overweight person doing yoga and showing what is possible and how, instead of slim fitness insstructor types who has no idea of what kind of challenges it creates when the body is in the way:) nice going:)

  • Hi, I’m Lara and I practice yoga, too. My current weight is 290 and hasn’t budged in a while. No matter how much I practice, I still have terribly tight hamstrings. Do you have any tips for that? Also, kudos on your shoulder stand! I have never been able to do one. You are very inspiring and your humor tickles me!

  • I think the pose you mentioned might be the crane? or something similar…. I’ve seen it lots of times but haven’t dared attempted it since I’ve gained so much weight this last year until I watched your video. I think you’re amazing. thanks bunches

  • Great beginner video. It is now my personal best way to start the day. It really helps me release all the tension and look forward to the day ahead����

  • thank you so very much. This is what I have been looking for. I had always wanted to try yoga, but felt it was only for skinny people.  I never saw “me” in any of the videos. Thank you, thank you. And keep it coming, cause you are encouraging some of us. Please don’t listen to the Negative Nancy’s out there. Peace and Love be unto you.

  • You are absolutely beautiful. You just have this amazing glow radiating off of you. Also you’re a great inspiration. Thank you…

  • i was skinny 5 years ago. that changed. i used to be front row bikram devotée…but i would flat out faint if i went back to that heat. your video is JUSTIFIED, sis! i am sooo afraid to do plough again….my tummy gets in the way and i’m afraid of a hernia or something. you are a QUEEN! I will persevere…..and btw, you are the prettiest thing!

  • I loved this playful pracitse, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I moved my hands right to left. Adriene you’re the best, lots of love <3

  • I want to try calesthenics and was told I can’t because I’m too but, but I saw a man 275lbs succeed at it. I’m only 15lbs more than him. I think calesthenics would really compliment yoga and I really want to try it. You think we can do that?