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The Weird Way to Boost Your Sad Mood. by Jenna Birch. April 23, 2014. 14 Comments. Share it: Have you ever wondered why you feel the urge to blast your “tearjerker” playlist when you’re down in the dumps? Maybe it’s because sad tracks can actually improve your dreary mood— if they also have one other characteristic, according to new.

The Weird Way Your Walk Boosts Your Mood; The Weirdest Way to Last Longer in Bed; The Website That Wrecks Your Mood; Sit Like This, Boost Your Mood; Game Your Way into Mensa; How Your. Put on a tiara. Read inspirational quotes.

Use a stress squeeze ball. List all the reasons you are awesome. Binge watch a Netflix series.

Smell lavender or orange. (proven to boost mood) Chew gum. Eat chocolate. Visualize your best self. 31 Ways to Boost Your Mood Naturally.

Feeling down? These strategies may help. 01 Day 1; 02 Day 2; 03 Day 3; 04 Day 4; 05 Day 5; 06 Day 6; 07 Day 7; 08 Day 8; 09 Day 9; 10 Day 10; 11 Day 11; 12. Psychologists Reveal One Of The Best Ways To Boost Your Mood.

19 Healthy Reasons To Help Others. 1 / 19. Helping Others Helps Your Heart. Pulling the plug on the stress cycle is good for your heart. “Having high levels of cortisol in an extended way is bad for the cardiovascular system,” says Post. “It’s a good predictor of heart problems.”.

The theory is that doing something you enjoy will improve your mood by reducing your stress and distracting you from the bad mood. [1] X Research source You know your own interests better than anyone, so think about what makes you feel happy. Practice a little self-compassion. Instead of worrying about your worthiness to have or be something or someone focus instead on self-compassion.

Endlessly criticizing yourself is enough to put anyone in a bad mood. Don’t let the pain of life turn you into a negative Ned or Nellie. So-called “healthy fats,” such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are finally emerging to scientists as viable candidates to improve your mood. If you can stomach it, a 2006 study found that cod liver oil consumption correlated negatively with depression in the general population, even after controlling for a bunch of factors, such as. OK, so paying bills might not sound like the best way to boost your mood, but research suggests otherwise.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Marketing Research, debt is. Eat for a positive mood. We are what we eat, so step away from the unhappy meal. Instead, try out these meals to boost your mood.

Up the happiness quotient by setting a nice place for yourself.

List of related literature:

A funny routine can decrease sad moods and enhance happy ones.

“Humor 101” by Mitch Earleywine, PhD
from Humor 101
by Mitch Earleywine, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2010

I know that there are things I can do (exercise, call a friend, work in the garden) to get myself out of this mood.”

“The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Edmund J. Bourne
from The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
by Edmund J. Bourne
New Harbinger Publications, 2011

I lie in my room and listen to music and get this weird dreamy feeling, thinking about going home [to his adoptive mother], seeing my dog and my friends and my girlfriend, then I get mad and start hurting myself.”

“Continuing Bonds: New Understandings of Grief” by Dennis Klass, Phyllis R. Silverman, Steven L. Nickman, Steven Nickman
from Continuing Bonds: New Understandings of Grief
by Dennis Klass, Phyllis R. Silverman, et. al.
Taylor & Francis, 1996

And if you’re feeling depressed or don’t even feel like smiling, try faking it.

“Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living” by Sonia Choquette
from Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living
by Sonia Choquette, Limited, 2010

I’ve read scientific studies that say if I pretend I’m in a good mood, or if I fake a smile, I can actually trick my brain into making me feel better.

“40 Days of Dating: An Experiment” by Timothy Goodman, Jessica Walsh
from 40 Days of Dating: An Experiment
by Timothy Goodman, Jessica Walsh
ABRAMS (Ignition), 2015

For example, teenagers who are asked to think about the “silver lining” benefits of a recent stressful event—such as having a traffic accident or losing a valued relationship—show increases in positive mood and decreases in negative mood (Rood et al., 2012).

“Psychology in Action” by Karen Huffman, Katherine Dowdell, Catherine A. Sanderson
from Psychology in Action
by Karen Huffman, Katherine Dowdell, Catherine A. Sanderson
Wiley, 2017

For example, if you’re feeling sadness or some other emotion that makes you feel low in energy or motivation, watch a show or movie that’s exciting (like a suspense movie) or funny.

“Freedom from Self-Harm: Overcoming Self-Injury with Skills from DBT and Other Treatments” by Alexander L. Chapman, Kim L. Gratz, Barent Walsh
from Freedom from Self-Harm: Overcoming Self-Injury with Skills from DBT and Other Treatments
by Alexander L. Chapman, Kim L. Gratz, Barent Walsh
New Harbinger Publications, 2009

I smile into the mirror and laugh even if I am sad.

“The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success” by Andy Andrews
from The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success
by Andy Andrews
Thomas Nelson, 2005

If you are sad, do something that makes you laugh or elevates your mood.

“You Can Make It Happen: A Nine-Step Plan for Success” by Stedman Graham
from You Can Make It Happen: A Nine-Step Plan for Success
by Stedman Graham
Free Press, 1998

When you laugh, you feel better and happier—it’s a good way to temporarily relieve some of the symptoms of depression and to keep your spirits up while you’re recovering.

“When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens” by Bev Cobain
from When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens
by Bev Cobain
Free Spirit Publishing, 2010

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • She is so pretty and makes me happy right away…I dunno how she is not viral yet!She seems like she is very happy and never gets sad…which is good but she is so helpful

  • I just found your channel and it makes me so happy and I feel like the color pale yellow now cause I’m relaxed and happy and just yaya

  • I am estrogen dominant. I am on progesterone pills. I cried in frustration a week before my period. 3 days before my period I ate excessively every night from feeling extra hungry. Now I feel so unmotivated and weak on my 3rd day of my period. I am old so I am also in perimenopause. I don’t feel like getting dressed today.

  • No matter what I do I always end up feeling guilty for not being productive, this is what gets me down the most. Whenever I procrastinate I end up feeling really shitty and worthless and that hitters my motivation even more. At the end of the day I get nothing done and it makes me feel completely useless

  • this video is very helpful THANKS �� I really enjoyed watching it ���� you’re videos are amazing ☺️ also i wanted to say that you’re plant is super cute ���� but i wouldn’t recommend having plants in the same room that you’re sleeping in

  • My periods are pure hell. Bleeding so bad it looks like a crime scene. I already have depression/anxiety/ptsd. I’m dizzy, weak, mad, sad, rude. I barely feel alive.

  • Wow. Watching this video and reading these comments make me feel so blessed my periods only last 4 days long and the only downside of it is the sudden blood-waterfall feeling that happens whenever I stand up.

  • Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!!!! I loved how the first thing you said, and I completely agree with it, is that the first thing I do to boost my mood is to pray!! Yes, I’m religious and I love thinking how good my life is and how lucky I am…Thank you (btw you’re gorgeous, slay on)

  • I’ve been feeling EXACTLY like this! Jenny, I can’t thank you enough for this. When you told us that it wasn’t our fault and to not be so hard on ourselves, I legit teared up. Thank you thank you thank you. This is what I needed.

  • Does anyone else ever feel really tired, emotional, paranoid, and anxious like the day or two before your period? Also my lower back and down will ache all day ����

  • I can just imagine being like a postman or something and coming to your house to deliver a package and you’re just there talking to plants, roaring opera, naked, sighing loudly and listening to disney channel hahaha

  • Imagine women going through a lot of this to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and men don’t won’t to use condom. How privileged are men actually. It makes me sad.

  • I use birth control for my pcos (only to hide the symptoms temporarily ofc) and never experienced any of this. Rly weird how differently everyone reacts to meds.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve had terrible pain the first day of menstruation for years. Going vegan (removing all dairy) is finally what worked: no more painful periods.

  • Your aesthetic and design in your videos is top notch. As a photographer and videographer it really inspires me to be more artsy with my presentation. Your videos make me realize I’ve been slacking.

  • I love your videos! You always change my mood and my day for the better! I also love your smile! Anyways are those your teeth or are they porcelain veneers because they look so perfect! Thanks for what you do for us!

  • Kaylaa, no way.. I almost cried when I started to play this video of yours. it appeared in my home feed and I was like: is this even real?! I used to be subscribed to your previous channel, we even e-mailed a couple of times and then it was silent, but I’m so so happy to see you again! Especially starting with this video. I really needed this right now. Your tips were great and very convenient, so thanks a lot! Keep on doing a great job with this channel (new subscriber is here! Can’t wait to find out what other kind of videos you upload here) and may God bless you loads! With love, Eline

  • I can sometimes have a brain fog during the end of my period were I tend to forget what’s going on around me or something I needed to do. Is that normal?

  • Thank you so much for your videos my wife and I love watching them. You are an awesome woman of God, keep doing what your doing you are encouraging and inspiring so many people. Wishing you many more Blessings to come.

  • Get the impression I’m the only one here who’s been to medical school so let me say it. No. Just NO! Absolutely nothing you have described here is medically accurate. If you’re watching this just know your experience is likely going to be completely different!

  • I am 48 couldn’t live without anticonceptional pills…..not in menopause either no symptoms, PMS sometimes before the period or after the period which is every now and then very uncomfortable sadness moodiness angry…. thanks for sharing you are a PHILANTROPHIST Kate ������������������������

  • I dont go through crazy mood swings but i am always drained on my monthly and dizzy at the same time its horrible and oh…dont forget the food cravings say goodbye diet ��

  • One week before my period, i being so hard to sleep, my thought gone wild, my hormon always Made me sad, angry, axienty. And now i just got period after 1 weeks of living like owl, IM so so so tired, everytime my body start to relax my mind just going to be crazily mood swing but the worse is how deppresed i am becomes IM not able to do my activitie properly, all i can thinks is sleep but when i closed my eyes my heart just going racing, OMG from 1 weeks i just only can Twice got full sleep, my body is so aching,but i really tryna hard to get off of this period hell

  • I feel so overwhelmed the three days before my period, I can’t leave the house…. it’s hard not to resent men who have no clue what we go through, and we have to act like everything’s fine. It feels pointless saying I’m in hell PMS when they have zero compassion.
    Girls, I send love xx

  • howdy love the advice, not a big drinker, thc n cbd is my choice of mood regulation n pain meds from gettin aged lol but sweets are my vice, i just usually try to eat a fr or veg or nuts when i sugar snack n we drink lots of water n our house. not to get too much on looks, ur adorable, eyebrows, no eyebrows, long hair or short n i hope u see the beauty despite how mean n ugg some ppl can be about looks when ur a utuber, a successful utuber! lov ur content n style! keep it up im sure ur subs will just keep increasin. nit i have ptsd n anx but im comin up on 50yrs yng, n taught myself live is too short to stay stressing. easier said then done, i kno, but some people like myself finally get to a place of peace, if u keep at it. yolo. xojodia, Gray’s mum, NE boston, mass, usa

  • I don’t understand. What’s the big deal about birth control pill? Like what is it and what does it does(doesn’t it just stop you from giving birth?) So why did the coworker say you can’t know who you are because you are using a birth control pill?

    Please can someone explain? I’m young so I don’t understand why people say birth control pills present you from revealing yourself or is evil?

  • I feel super anxious during my period, I feel stressed out for no reason and cry a lot… I’m like sensitive of everything… That’s what i’m feeling right now

  • Mia period tracker works great as well it gives you daily insight on what’s happening in your body you can also log symthoms also its great

  • I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 13 & started birth control. I was so depressed and manic at 17 they also diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. When i turned 20 I decided to stop birth control to see if my endometriosis was still as bad. It was still bad and even worse than I remembered. But i started using natural deodorant, body wash & pretty much ditched anything that could throw off my hormones. I drink beet juice often and i have never felt better. No depression or mania & i have a regular period that goes for 3 days instead of 8. Im a different person but i have to admit that i have to shower more often because natural deodorant doesnt work as well, haha.

  • I become rude af and cry every single minute, I want to do everything loud but when I can’t when people are sleepi

    Me: (`0`) silent screeeeeeech

  • I been severaly depressed sad anxiety up the roof for 2 months now so baddddd that I Missed my period second month comes by Wich Feb came I got my period for only for 4 to 5 days and in the same month of Feburary I got my period again for only 1 to 2 days in that same month now it’s march and i don’t no it haven’t come yet so I need to breath and meditate BC stress levels are really stressing my hormones big time ugh I need prayer

  • There is a great book called ‘Why zebras don’t get Ulcers’ by Robert Sapolsky that’s all about how our bodies react to stress in modern times. Highly recommend!

  • if i able to do these routins i dont have any bad feelings. The problem is, when you feel bad you’re not able to do any of these. Just wanna sleep in bed.

  • I did not feel i am beautiful last few days due to eating too much comfort food. Two days ago, I covered all mirrors and decided not to check myself until May. Also, i eat quality plant-base food did help a lot to make me feel light! Although it is hard for me to workout as normal days, i tried to stroll in the evening for 30-40min, which helps me to reduce my gulity. I hope i can continue doing this and find balance in my heart. Share this to people who have patient to read it. You are not alone! We are being stronger and stronger together!!

  • When I went for therapy a couple of years ago, I was so sure that I was Bipolar 2, but my therapist asked if my depression/mania might be caused by my cycle, and I was so insulted. lol But I’ve noticed a few days before it comes, I feel depressed if something significantly bad happens and the week after, I lose my motivation for things. Especially in the winter. In the summer, I’ve been able to go dancing and drinking on my period then go for a long walk the next day. The human body is weird, but it’s comforting to know that it’s normal to feel down/exhausted when it’s around your period.

  • I used to have terrible depression, joint pain, and poor circulation. This was baffling because I was young and “healthy.” After several doctor appointments and rounds of bloodwork, there were only slight indicators of an autoimmune disease. I took it upon myself to start eating better and exercising. As soon as a stopped eating dairy ALL OF MY ISSUES IMPROVED! I whole-heartedly think that diet is the number one cause AND solution to most of our difficult-to-decipher health problems. Love you both — thanks for all you do!

  • Please make videos related to biology, that would be so cool! I’m a med student so I’m super interested in that stuff! Great video ❤��

  • I feel this 100%. I’m like “how did I NOT clean up that room with the FOUR weeks I’ve been home?!” (the room where u put everything that doesn’t have a place anywhere else, lol) Then, I have to talk to myself and say “it’s OKAY, you’re staying healthy and being responsible and THATS ENOUGH” 😉

  • This is really unfortunate. I have been on my birth control combo pill for 10 years and haven’t had any side effects. I love having control over my period, I feel free. Without it I get horrible menstrual cramps and PMS.

    I hope woman out there liberate themselves too.

  • Thankfully, the pill is working out just fine for me. My periods are shorter, more regular and I don’t get sick from them anymore. The only bad side effect seems to be existential dread, but that could also be because of puberty or quarantine. Looking back, I’ve had a lot of mental breakdowns before I was on birth control so basically there are no big changes in that area. Sorry for my rambling, I just wanted to put in my two cents.

  • how can I explain my boy friend that I dont control my emotions especially on my PMS. he thinks that I should be able to control my body and Its so frustrating that he doesnt agree with me.

  • you are amazing and such an inspiration! You have inspired me to eat healthy and live my life better. Definitely my favourite role model!:)

  • Ive become a lot more detached after going on my birth control, a bit more apathetic than usual, the world as lost its luster. Which i suppose is good because i used to be so empathetic that anyone could say anything about anyone and i would just simply smile because who am i to try and change their opinions. I do miss how magical the world used to be, my rose tinted glasses over everything

  • Eileen, I’m in perimenopause, age 54, I notice that within about 15mn of going to bed at night, as I’m starting to drift off, I start getting 1body temperature changes, 2nervousness, 3-skin itchiness 4tingling in my extremities and sometimes palpitations -it takes sometimes up to 45min for all these (except the palpitations, they leave fast) to leave me then I can fall asleep-is there anything I can do to prevent/avoid these unwanted visitors and why does it always happen when I’m in bed trying to go to sleep?

  • Thanks for the video. I’ve been experiencing the imflammation for years and, I sort of got used to it. So instead of stressing myself from living without motivation, I try to find happiness from small things like looking at the white lillies (my favourite flower) behind you so that I can move forward with my life.

  • Since school, my biology teacher told us in class that birth control are not good. And in debate we concluded, abstinence xD. Now, is, talk with a good doctor, first, find a good doctor, a honest and caring doctor.

  • Background: I have a super irregular period. I could not have it for half a year, then have it for two weeks. Or, I could not have it for 3 months and have it for 1 week. And everything in between.

    Story: I’ve been paranoid for this whole week about getting my period because I’ve been getting PMS, cramps, back pain, increased headaches, etc. I want to get it ASAP so that I don’t get it during class. I’ve had something to tie around my waist all week, as well as a liner and tampon with me. One more day before the weekend. I had my period last month (about 30 days ago), so, logically, I should get my period soon. The problem is, it isn’t regular, so I never know when it’s coming. Helppppp

  • I start feeling very nauseous and dizzy about a week before my period. Then finally once I get it I go into random panic attacks I’m not sure if the way I am feeling makes me panic or if it’s just my hormones but it is the worst thing ever. Thank you for this video.

  • I always get so depressed before my period… I would often cry and get horrible mood swings…. but it all disappears with my period starting… I really hate it how anxious and angry I get during that time:”)

  • Day 1: period
    Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are sleeping.
    period ends
    Estrogen wakes up and starts getting to work. This place is gonna have to be nice and cozy for the baby!
    ovulation happens
    no frick happens
    Progesterone wakes up. “So no frick? No baby? Damn.” destroys all of estrogens work
    Testosterone: damnit lets give it oNe more shot before the bleeding starts again. WE NEEDD FRICCCCCCKKKKJAKSNAHDKAOFNE
    everyone falls back asleep
    period begins

  • Came across your page whilst doing some research, i have the Clue app on my tablet it’s great, new subscriber, i know that this video is few years old but it’s helpful ♥

  • Are you kidding me indeed. I got on the depo to help with period regulation and such at thirteen. When I attempted to get off of it, I had a period lasting over a year. There’s gotta be another way.

  • So her hormones caused anxiety and depression? I’m curious about the one for men too. I have certain issues and they wanted my uterus lining removed. I have a cyst and fibroids. I get my period about every 21-25 days with very heavy bleeding and it lasts for 10 days. It gets worse as I age.

  • One thing I don’t understand… Is she got on birth control for her period, not for protection. Then at the end, they try to make it an argument about male birth control… Men using birth control will not fix your inability to find a birth control method that agrees with your body, since you’re doing it for your period and endometriosis, not for avoiding-pregnancy.

  • I always beat myself for not being productive specially now I have “time” to do embroidery to start my shop but I don’t feel like it most of the time. I don’t have a space of mine, living in a studio with my sister, I long for a room for myself ��. I hope to be able to move when the lock down is over.

  • So having bad anxiety and depressive episodes I just realize that when my periods come I get fucked up. My anxiety shooots and I overthink everything. Also I make decisions and choices that I end up regretting which is confusing and painful at the same time

  • So I just discovered you on YouTube today and you have completely inspired me! You are such positive light energy I have been binge watching your videos �� you are such a beautiful person! Keep up the amazing work I am going to be going through this journey with you:)) I’ve been wanting to drink more water and cut out dairy so it’s crazy I found you today it was a sign for sure ☺ we kind of seem like we could be really good friends( not to be weird!) I just relate SO much to you videos!!!

  • PMDD is NOT mental health it ENDOCRINE!! If PMDD is stupidly classed as mental then that make PMS and MENOPAUSE mental. Having your ovaries out cures the problem therefore not mental health!!!!!

  • I’ve noticed that this cycle both in PMS and during my period my anxiety has been at an all time high, having anxiety attacks for almost 2 weeks, hopefully once my period ends I’ll feel myself again

  • Great video Jenny! Totally feel the same way sometimes… this unhealthy food circle is so true. At the beginning of confinement I was paying attention on eating healthy…but the days goes by and I’ve got lazy an reaching for “easier” choices of food. Great reminder on paying attention on ourselves especially on this crazy, anxious and unexpected situation. Thanks for the content and keep going because is very inspiring and useful ��

  • Today out of nowhere I just had cramps, I’ve been really sad, trying to cry not on purpose but like idk but my body wants me to cry please someone explain and I’m acting really tired so tell em when I’m having my period:(

  • This is such a timely topic Jenny. I have been dealing with inflammation for a couple of years now since I was diagnosed with IBS. I have had to alter my food habits quite significantly in order to keep my IBS in check so I am already doing a lot of the things you have suggested. It’s always good to revisit these types of recommendations though. I was made redundant at work recently so I have joined many others in the workforce looking for a job. That is my added stress. I had an interview last week and have another one next week. Fingers crossed! Take good care, Tiina xx

  • I was on birth control when I was with my ex. I had always been quite an emotionally stable person but god did that change. I would cry like nothing in the world mattered anymore hours on end. Now I’m off of it and I’m doing just fine.

  • My mood has been not bad as long as I am getting regular exercise and sun exposure and not constantly reading coronavirus articles. And the thought that eating vegetables helps reduce inflammation is distressing because I don’t enjoy eating vegetables. Healthy choices do sound good though because I am not eating a lot of fruits or vegetables at the moment. And I am feeling the effects of that in some ways.

  • Being mentally ill is terrible for me after my total hysterectomy all of my mental illnesses got worse & I’m on several meds to cope. I don’t understand why everything got worse but it did. This is hell because it never goes away, mental anguish constantly is torture.

  • Omg I‘m so happy I stopped taking the pill
    I have copper IUD and yes my already intense period got a bit more painful but I‘d rather deal with 4 days of pain and my real body than severe depression and suicidal thoughts

  • Omg your such an inspiring person�� thank you! I really want to be such an positive person like you�� i’m so grateful you made this video��

  • I have Bipolar and my period would give me bad mood swings. But I got a contraceptive called the Mirena. It’s an IUD which stops your period for 5 years (which is how long the IUD works) and this sounds crazy but your body still goes through the entire natural monthly menstrual process and hormonal changes, the only thing that’s different is that you don’t bleed. It has changed my life and my moods are far more stable than it used to be. The Mirena is also known to be the best contraceptive in the market and in our scientific discoveries so far.

  • Well, I’m feeling fine other than parents and if school and parents didn’t exist, quarantine would be ok. I dunno what’s up with my life �� the video was really helpful tho.

  • I lost my period I thought this video was going to help me understand what I’m going through. I’m young like I am old enough to have had a regular period and I did but I lost it and it’s been four months. I don’t know what’s going on in all honesty I’m anorexic but like I still have a BMI of like 18 so I’m healthy still. How much of a risk am I running?

  • Other people are getting to rest and enjoy their hobbies while I’m glued to my laptop studying and doing assignments all day every day. Being in college right now is the worst thing ever! I also no longer my partner, I want him to just disappear!

  • I am now learning about this in biology. British researchers have shown that glucose blocks the potassium ports of the orexin-producing neurons. This takes place in the brain. This decreases vigilance, so you have less energy.

  • Alright but Ive been this way for 13 years..cant even hold a job.. or even a hobby. I dont have energy to do yoga. or money and time for “healthy” food. So am I just fucked?

  • What with the eating up to 6 times day and your theory on not drinking water before, during or after meals I am finding it hard to know what the ” window ” of opportunity is for drinking water during the day is?. Currently if I stick to three meals a day then that give me possibly one hours window of opportunity to drink water before the next meal comes. I find I drink the most water before I go to bed and it does not interfere with other meal times. Also the drinking of much water interferes with the ongoing incontinence too. Therefore I have decided to to bother with the water plan,

  • I really love your content!!!!!!!! Has helped me grow a lot as a person. Hola from Panama��☀️. Ive been really moody, you described it perfectly. I started having salads for breakfast (I’ve never been a fan of eating breakfast I get very bloated/nauseous don’t know why) and it has make me feel sooooooo much better. I still need to work on some other aspects like being stuck in a work I don’t like but content creators like you make this situation more bearable:). Gratefulness also helps haha.


  • Thank you for this video, I love it! Could you do a video on time management, how you plan and show details? I did see the ones you did in the past but I figured it may have evolved over time. Thank you!!

  • The pill is carcinogenic aka causes cancer. But the doctor wont tell you that. They want to make you dependent on pharmaceutical companies to make more money.

  • Hmm! What green warm liquid are you drinking there?! Looks interesting, I’d love to try! Btw do you have your recipes posted somewhere or a link to recommendations? Love to know!:)

  • so i just started watching your videos and i love them! thanks for making a video like this, i’ll watch it again for sure when im feeling down. thanks!!!!

  • People who say “the pill doesnt work”. The first 3 i tried didnt either. But i eventually found one that did. Your gp should be going through all your symptoms with you, to choose one that is more appropriate. The pill im on now dont even contain esteogen or testosterone because my depression was to bad, and the mood swings were to much. Plus i still bled 14days a month. Now im on norethisterone and mestranol, something my body has never changed, and its fixed me! All because i finally found a doctor who actually asked me wtf was wrong with my body SPECIFICALLY.

  • I’ve recently started feeling so nauseous and faint just before my period and during. It triggers my anxiety attacks because i hate feeling sick. Is this normal?

  • Good afternoon Jenny! Thanks again for this new video. I do have a more technical question (sorry): what camera do you use? #staysafe

  • i’ve gotten my period somewhat recently and after 3 cycles, my ovulation came, and now I’ve been experiencing severe nausea for almost 2 months, every. single. day. and it’s been effecting the people around me too, I can’t do ANYTHING because I feel as if any second, i’m going to throw up. it sucks, I just started taking herbs that a doctor gave me, so we’ll se how I feel after, but, I hope it works

  • I’m easily irritated because I’m, as an introvert, locked in a house of my mother in law with a bunch of relatives, which include a little kid that screams all the time:( and there is always something that they want from me

  • i needed to hear this today! birthday is Monday 38 and I need to take stock so to speak of my own diet, it’s been baaaaad since quarantine in Seattle! everything is been shut down, no toilet paper for a month lol, school’s out for six months…but the farmer’s markets are opening this weekend:D and they are permitting those, so it is the perfect time to get back on the veg wagon. thanks jenny!!!

  • Wow. This was a great video. I was sitting here feeling so low. And all the things you said to do to get out of depression are all the things I stop myself from doing. Like you said get in the light. I’m sitting in a dark room isolating my self now. So now I’m going to try something now. I will get out the house and go into the light. Thank you:)

  • I’ve lived with a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disease since I was 10, and yes, diet really does have an impact! I have also found exercise, being well-rested, and taking care of your mental health to be so helpful:)

  • imysm! searched up minimalism again and you were on the sidebar options when i watched one vid. I remembered decluttering channels and unfollwed bcs u werent posting back then and now subscribed again bcs ure posting! ehhehe yay love uu

  • Thank you for the tip, I think there definitely is something to it. I think also making healthy food instead of buying a healthy but ready-made takeout does your mental health good. For some reason planning how to make a meal and then preparing it, is something that often helps me when Im feeling down. It’s weird but when I order Uber Eats, i only feel worse. Anyone that also observed this weird phenomenon?

  • Thank you so much for this video Jenny!! I didn’t know that stress could cause inflammation, this is mind-blowing and reassuring to know that we can directly act on our daily habits to make this betters. Baby step by baby step! I wish you a wonderful day!:)

  • I like to make crafty gifts for ppl too. It takes my mind off me. And I started a positive affirmation journal and I purchased books of stickers from Michael’s (craft store) with positive statements and pretty borders etc…and I journal my thoughts around the stickers i select for each page. Sort of a downscale scrapbooking idea. But I use that only for positive affirmation. I carry it with me just to look at if Im feeling a moment. I thank you for this video. It was great!

  • I had a d&c and oblastion done they end of June I am going to be 38 this year and for the past 2 months after i now get extreamly hot all over expacially in my arms and cold chills at the same time and I can sleep. This is now the 2nd month doing this before my memstral cycle. I feel like their is something wrong so my doctor did a hormonal test but is this normal? Can this be pre menopause symptoms? Has anyone gone threw this or habe this at all. I have cut out caffien which helps but I feel like I’m lossing my mind

  • I love your videos! You radiate so much joy and happiness through your videos that it makes me feel super joyful and happy too!! ❤️

  • I’m feeling good. I’m lucky that I have a 5 days a week job. A lot of people were lay off but I was able to get one of them back. I was soooo happy. I can’t wait to see more people come back. Thanks for the your inspiration video

  • I have been struggling with depression for multiple years and I can promise you that a vegan lifestyle can help you to feel better and give you more energy.

  • I also take birth controls because of my hormonal disease and my menstrual cycle which led to an external and internal hemorrhage….

  • …and so the ad before my vid started was for Sprint, and their family plans, no less. HIL-AR-IOUS. Ya know, YouTube…you reeeeeeeeally know how to break balls. ������������

  • I dream of vegetables. Hard to get atm. Omg that green stuff at the end. Last green thing I saw was the mini patch of plastic grass in my garden. Lack of veg is one of the most stressful things for me during lockdown.

  • I listen to music, listen to Bishop TD Jakes or Will Smith, Pray, speak victory in spite of my circumstances over my life. Thanks for sharing, and be blessed.��

  • Hey I know this is old but I wanted to comment. I was diagnosed with MDD. I am now depression free (TMS). I noticed crazy mood swings but didnt understand why because I had an IUD. I also had horrible acne suddenly. I found out I was low on progesterone. Make sure you differentiate between hormonal and psychological. It could be the difference between two different specialists.

  • Do you have an email I can email you on? I just kinda wanted to tell you something but PLEASE don’t worry about it if you don’t want people to email you because that’s totally fine! <333

  • You totally bring my spirit to a higher level! ���� �� you so remind me of a younger me! Haha
    Bless your little heart! ��❤️������������ Your an amazing person! This is when you Realize you neeeeed way more girlfriends like this in your life!!!
    Gamergirls for life! You PS4 or The X?

  • this is such an important topic. thank you jenny for making this video! i hope it reaches people who aren’t in the community yet…
    please make more vids revolving around biology��

  • A project that I have been working on for months was cancelled this week due to budget issues stemming from the shutdown. For the rest of the week I didn’t feel motivated to do anything, either for work or personally. Then I got my period too �� I’ve been trying to give myself permission to feel down and low energy, but still try to keep my routine of cooking and home workouts even when I have absolutely zero interest or energy. I did a workout yesterday and by the end I felt better! And then I ate pizza lol but hey, baby steps.

  • I’m a 17 year old boys and when I was on Isotretinoin (acne meds) I felt really bummed all the time and didn’t know why until I read the box and the side effects were depression ;-;

  • I do this thing which is really weird where I will try and not get emotional and I try and be emotionally strong then I’ll watch something and it will make me break down into tears literally. sometimes I don’t even know what I’m upset about

  • My implant legit made me an emotional wreck. Anxious beyond repair. I feared my period. Felt absolutely dull and desperate all the time. I’m getting out tomorrow and I’m never going back. I was a happy girl I think and now I cry every other day from frustration.

  • For years I’ve had almost instant relief from low moods by taking a multivitamin. It’s as close to magic as I’ve ever experienced. I never learned what element I was missing that the vitamin fulfilled, but it always did the trick. And thanks to you, I have (this past week) started taking a Magnesium supplement and also started growing sprouts. Thank you so much for all of the good advice.

  • This is super interesting as someone that deals with chronic inflammation due to having an IBD. Unfortunately, this isolation time has caused me to not eat enough. My anxiety presents as nausea so I’m never hungry. Anyone else dealing with not feeling hungry or wanting food?

  • I appreciate that the pill can really work for some women and is their preferred form of contraception (or for other reasons too).

    For me personally it gave me the worst mood swings and several health problems like migraines, swelling joints and weight problems.

    I just wish GPs would realise how badly the pill can effect some women. For some people the ‘losing yourself’ part is not worth it no matter the benefits.

    I was 17 when my doctor put me on the pill and she never told me a thing. I came off it last year and never been happier.
    If you think you are impacted by it I’d highly recommend thinking of taking a break even for a little while just to see. Positivity only ✌��

  • I didn’t have my period for 3 months. It’s back with a vengeance and it’s torturing me.
    I started crying earlier because my brother took my bowl of soup I left in the fridge:c

  • I thought this was going to be about 1 medication causing Dissociative Identity Disorder, but I understand how you feel like a different person, not yourself, “Pas dans ton assiette” en francais. The one that said, “I don’t know what you mean by ‘normal’.” sounded like (s)he was full of…you know. Thank goodness you spoke up when you had problems instead of staying silent about your depression.

  • I do not take birth control. And the reason for this is as follows, I went to see a new doctor as I had moved to a new area. I had been very lethargic and was having stomach cramps even when I was not on my period and when I was on my period my flow was heavy. He just asked “Are you on birth control?” I said no, he said “You need to take birth control, it will alleviate the stomach cramps and regulate you period.” I told him I was on an antidepressant. Even with this knowledge he prescribed Diane. Two weeks later I was in a mental health hospital because this birth control literally stopped my antidepressant from working and the packaging highlighted that special care needs to be taken with patients on antidepressants. He never told me this and I spiraled out of control and almost killed myself.

  • I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad for my PCOS. I haven’t had my period in a year and I’m only 17. Hope it never comes back

  • Gotta get a new jobmove out of my parents home and take control of my life… being stuck with them, and not being able to “escape” isn’t helping. It’s hard to find confidence to leave when you’re being treated and watched like a kid:/

  • I’ve been vegetarian for around 9 years and mostly vegan for about 2 years. And my whole life, even now, I feel tired 75% of the time.
    I guess it’s my genes? xD

  • Everything is dark and everyone is evil on the fourth day before my period. I read women r likely to break up with boyfriends week before the period too…?

  • My birth control pills make me severely mentally ill, but I’ll take that over debilitating periods, or pregnancy any day. I hope there’s a better way some day.

  • Wait a minute… Everyone else takes birth control… Even when they’re not like sexually active?

    (I sometimes throw up on my period because it’s painful but I don’t think I want to take birth control pills because of this video. I guess I’ll just take the first day of my period off every month.)

  • I had really heavy and long periods to the point that it made me anemic. Last year I was prescribed my first birth control, five days later I ended up at the hospital. The headaches were so bad I couldn’t think, I only cried and the light was blinding (I have chronic migraines, but the pills made it 10 times worse.
    Then my doctor prescribed Yaz, I was quite hesitant, I got the headaches in the first month, but now I’ve been taking it for 8 months and it’s been quite great, I haven’t bled for 4 months, I haven’t had horrible cramps and ovulation pain that made me skip school because I thought it was appendicitis, I used to have a lot of PMDD but now I feel so much better. The only downside is that if I stop for a while I know I’ll get headaches when I start taking it again, which happens when I have breakthrough bleeding. I managed to find my solution I guess, and I hope you all do as well, no one deserves to go through this

  • My periods are really bad but I’ve always been too afraid of side effects to try birth control. It’s the worst. Last month, I was just wishing for menopause. And I’m only in my 20s.

  • I’ve just gotten diagnosed with endometriosis. I’ve tried the copper IUD and the pill. I stopped taking the pill bc I felt horrible and sad. Then I got diagnosed with both depression, PTSD and an eating disorder. I feel hopeless in trying to find a contraceptive, staying happy and free of awful pain at the same time.

  • Could you do a video on your transition to vegan? I’m not sure if you went entirely vegan but, I’ve been thinking about itbut it seems really difficult…�� I love your videos though! Finding someone on YouTube who openly speaks about God……the best thing

  • When I was on birth control I was constantly paranoid about getting blood clots or other medical conditions. I kept touching my calves to check if they aren’t hot or swollen (even when I was out shopping etc) and I knew it was irrational but I just couldn’t get rid of the fear. I had to stop because it just made my life so much worse

  • This is actually so interesting I never knew that that over sensitive, painful feeling with flu is the inflammation. Makes sense then why I sometimes feel that way (like painful glands, throat etc) even when I’m not ill. And I’m always sensitive and sad lol actually feeling a bit better in quarantine lol.

  • Everytime i get my period im reminded how my first boyfriend was soo compassionate towards me during my periods. I miss that. The current boyfriend acts more like a person who has the flu while I’m having my period wtf!

  • I started birth control at 18 because of my period cramp, I switched to the depop shot after I became sexually active and had a miscarriage (not knowing I was pregnant), I was suicidal at the time…I hated my life and wanted to end it. Than I took the patch, I didn’t felt suicidal…I thought I found my match, I didn’t hate living but I had major acne, I felt nauseous, I felt anxious all the time and putting on my contact lenses was difficult…

    I always blame it on something else’s, I’m stressed at work, I didn’t ate well and it’s normal to have difficultly to put on your lenses.

    So I tried to improve on my diet, wore my glasses, and relax more…but it felt like nothing was working…overtime, I became depressed.

    My relationship ended so I figured there’s no reason to still be on birth control…So I stopped, my emotions was stable, my skin cleared up, and I didn’t felt nauseous so often. The only down side, is that the period cramps are unbearable but at least I’m not depressed or nausea for 20 or so days in the month…

  • I’m actually in a bad mood because I’m dreading going back to work. I work 50 hours a week with shifts that I’ll finish at 12am and be back in work at 11am the next morning. 11 hours in between them I’ll do a night shift finish at 6am and then be back in work at 5pm.
    Just to pay bills for my 1 bed flat in Northern England. I have no time, I see no family for months on end. And now I’ve been away from work, I’m dreading going back. For the skills I have, all jobs are part time, and of course for me to be able to pay bills, I need full time. So I’m stuck in this job.
    Currently extremely depressed and feel like I can’t have any life. Whilst working, I hadn’t worn my own clothes for 8 months, I always had to nip out for shopping in my uniform. I’m now on the 80% pay which is lucky.

    Don’t even know why I’m posting this here! Just letting off steam I suppose!

    But I’m looking forward for everyone else’s life to be back to normal!

  • I have a lot of work for university, and I do everything at the last minute, so for the laste 3 weeks I was in a rush of stress and hard work. I was in a very bad mood, and I started to lose a lot of hair, my stomach hurted. Now I have less work and I began to do sports again, I feel better physically but I am still in a really bad mood

  • I am trying to finish my 4th year at university and finding it really difficult especially since I am graduating in tourism studies. This video helped a lot as I keep beating myself up for not being healthy or active enough.

  • This video has saved me. I was crying 3 hours straight yesterday morning, about2 weeks after taking the first pill, when this video popped in my recommendations. Reading all those women’s storied and realizing the pills might be the reason I’ve been the saddest in my entire life, made me stop taking them, and even though it’s been only a day since then, I feel relieved and I’m getting better. Thank you so much for sharing, much love��

  • how are you feeling, is quarantine getting to you?
    be kind and not too hard on yourself, and go pamper yourself silly today <3
    lots of love from london x

  • Just release the men’s birth control! If it’s normal for us to experience these side effects, it’s okay for men to experience them too!

  • I think they stopped the male birth control because a bunch of guys killed them self’s (like, most of them) and it was harmful to their body, more so then women’s (I would like male birth control just like the next girl and guy, but if the symptoms are that bad they shouldn’t be released (the female ones probably shoulder have been released, but they were in a time when things were valued differently)

  • My paranoia issues become so bad during my period. I already have Paranoid Personality Disorder as it is, but it skyrockets during my period.

  • I’m an MD. There are BCPs with very low amounts of hormone. If you forget 2 you will not be protected. Anyone with “depression” should try pills of different formulations to make sure the pill is truly the problem. IUD insertion is not always painful, and IUDs with projesterone actually stop menstruation altogether. This video is misinformation.

  • literally spent the morning watching so many of your videos and you are just amazing and so easy to relate to �� love how you are so positive and happy in your videos

  • I wish I could meet you someday that’d be so awesome,truly a dream, I think your an amazing person, You know & I struggle with my mental health,I have very bad anxiety and depression, ( GAD/MDD/PTSD)
    I guess you can have more than one mental illness, I try to be positive but it’s hard, I even have my own YouTube channel I like to be able to express myself thru making videos and make videos about mental health,even storytimes,vlogs,mukbangs,Being a young mom since I was 16 and prego, I talk and express being a proud bi Latina & having a learning disability and �� LGBTQ+ included�� I want to inspire other’s, for the ones who are and felt different,an outcast,alone and i’m here to say that they are not alone. I’ll be they’re voice, a voice for the voiceless,my channel is like a safe space for all gender/race/sexuality/disabilityetc.

  • i have to do my diploma now and that’s very frustrating, especially because i have no idea how would we present it online ��
    thank you for this video

  • You saved my soul. My church is soo disrespectful and focuses not on spreading love and piece but just says what we can do and what we can’t, and that’s not what faith is about. Thank you, because you saved my faith.

  • this is such an accurate way of showing what birth control can do to you. i got diagnosed with endometriosis and i started birth control when i was 12, got my period for 4 months straight and was so depressed I cried literally every single day. it was awful and when i stopped it felt like a storm had been cleared from my brain. i switched to Lolo estrine which has been good for me but that first experience was quite traumatic.

  • Soo I have a hormone deficiency since 13 so I’ve been on hormone replacement (and I don’t get my period) but recently I went on a higher dose of estrogen and progesterone and I’m sooo emotional �� I’m basically going through puberty at 20 so Here I am lol

  • I have the arm implant thing and god that hurt to get. I will soon have to go into get it replaced and im really dreading it. I almost dont want to get it but i too have endometriosis and if i go through thag pain i will cry.

  • Um so i want to know if anyone is having like a bubble feeling in their head? And it sometimes happens to certain smells,sights and hearings. I think its only me tho:/

  • PMDD has been something I have dealing with since I was a senior in high school (around 10 years ago) along with low mood/ generalized anxiety. Something I have learned is to LISTEN TO MY BODY and MOOD!! I am so interested in this biological process and learning different medicinal methods to cope with my fluctuations. Reading the comments from this community of people really help when watching these videos…. thanks Kati for promoting positive content to the world!

  • She never tried a copper IUD or a progesterone only pill. I wonder if estrogen was the issue. Estrogen made me feel like someone I never want to meet againbut POP helped and didn’t have anywhere near the harmful side effects I felt with estrogen.

  • Hey Twin!! Great video. When Im blue.I like to take walks, listen to music, call my mom or treat myself to something nice. Could be a brownie sundae or a new shirt.:)

  • The first and only time I took oral contraceptives, I experienced an increased sense of disassociation and extreme paranoid anxiety. Since I was studying psychology at the time, I understood that my symptoms were being acutely onset and that they must have been because of the pill. I got off and it took 3 months to stop feeling debilitating anxiety, and 6 months to start feeling normal again. It didn’t work for me… And I highly recommend speaking to your doctor if you experience any acute symptoms of mood disorders.

  • Ancient Chinese physicians believed that health begins in the stomach and boy were they right! Just a couple of points from me: 1) Inflammation may also have an orthopaedic source, so exercise and working on one’s posture is crucial, especially when one sits on their butt all day (greetings to all fellow software engineers:D) 2) Bowel inflammation is often caused by food intolerances, so if one gets those too often it is better to act with caution when preparing meals, and that also applies to fruit and veg. Raw foods can actually worsen your state if you have IBS or diverticulitis. Go for cooked veggies and cereals in that case. 3) That tofu (?) thing served on kale looks delicious and now I’m hungry, even though I had a good lunch not so long time ago. Hope you stay safe & healthy, Jenny!

  • turning 30 this year. I’ve been taking the pill since I was 15 for my skin. I struggled with depression all my life, since I was 8 years old because of several life events.
    I’ve been in psychotherapie for 5 years now, including 2 years on antidepressants. I quit the pill and depressants 1.25 years ago, suffered through heavy acne and cramps, but I felt stronger. now its almost gone, and I think next week will be my last therapy appointment for a longer time.

    I feel more centered, in control of my emotions, and I dont get the bad lows anymore. I feel like an adult. My thoughts are organized. Also I have a calmer femininity, not so hotheaded. Also I don’t feel overwhelmed when I like a guy, i can control my urges and decisions realtime.

    recommend to every girl, stop that drug and learn to be in control of your sexuality. Your mind is your medicine.