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The 10 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory

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Diet and brain health: You are what you eat?

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Mayo Clinic Minute: What to Eat for Brain Health

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Can the MIND diet improve brain health?

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Eating to Remember: Memory-Boosting Brain Food

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The MIND Diet

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This Is The Best Diet For Your Brain

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11 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory 1. Fatty Fish. When people talk about brain foods, fatty fish is often at the top of the list. This type of fish 2. Coffee.

If coffee is the highlight of your morning, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s. Nuts and seeds are a plant-based source of healthful fats and proteins. Eating more nuts and seeds may be good for the brain, as these foods contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. A 2014.

The 50 Best Foods for Your Brain. 1. Spinach. Shutterstock. Dark or leafy greens contain high levels of folate and vitamin B12, which may protect the brain against dementia 2. Raisins.

3. Turkey. 4. Blueberries. 5. Almonds.

Beans are a great source of fuel for the brain, proving a steady, lengthy energy supply. Additionally, beans are also good for stabilizing blood sugar levels, which help to prevent the dreaded mid-afternoon energy crash. Lentils, in particular, including black beans, might be the best option for realizing max benefits.

Walnuts are one of the top nuts for brain health, due to their large concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. A study published by The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging found that walnut consumption can actually boost mempry and cognitive function in. Wheat, Rice, oats, peas, beans, potato, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, quinoa and buckwheat.

By combining foods like these, it’s possible to get enough protein, but it takes a lot of planning and monitoring. Deep-water fish, such as salmon, are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are essential for brain function, says Kulze. Both she and Pratt recommend wild salmon for its “cleanliness” and. The best foods for your brain The MIND diet can slow cognitive decline and improve brain health.

It encourages eating leafy greens, vegetables, nuts and berries. Beans, whole grains, fish, poultry, olive oil and even wine are also part of this diet. Your brain is made of fat, and needs fat in order to function at its best. Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fats which promote healthy blood flow and oxygenation in the brain.

The fatty acids also help protect nerve cells in the brain. This superfood is a must for optimal brain health. “Good fats, such as olive oil, and vegetables (which include high folate and crucifers for detoxification) are brain-healthy components of the Mediterranean diet,” says Dr.

Bredesen. “Meanwhil.

List of related literature:

The utility of this strategy in designing clinical trials is illustrated by the MIND diet, based on the Mediterranean and DASH diets, which emphasizes 10 brain-healthy food groups, including green leafy vegetables, berries, nuts, and wine.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

The brain is made up of approximately 70 percent fatty acids, so having enough fat in the diet and good digestive health help ensure you can absorb these fat-soluble vitamins for good brain function.

“Real Food Keto: Applying Nutritional Therapy to Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet” by Jimmy Moore, Christine Moore, Maria Emmerich, Gray Graham
from Real Food Keto: Applying Nutritional Therapy to Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet
by Jimmy Moore, Christine Moore, et. al.
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

This diet provides an alternative source of fuel to the brain and enhances energy production in the brain when glucose utilization is impaired.

“Nutrition and Traumatic Brain Injury: Improving Acute and Subacute Health Outcomes in Military Personnel” by Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board, Committee on Nutrition, Trauma, and the Brain, Laura Pillsbury, Maria Oria, John Erdman
from Nutrition and Traumatic Brain Injury: Improving Acute and Subacute Health Outcomes in Military Personnel
by Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2011

Nutrients important for clear thinking and good brain health include omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep synapses flexible and plastic and may help protect against brain disorders like depression and dementia.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
Wiley, 2011

Strategies include mind your brain: keep challenging and using your brain; mind your diet: eat a healthy balanced diet with reduced saturated fats and protective foods such as unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant-rich food, folate, and vitamins E and B12 ; mind your body: exercise aerobically,

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, Lesley Seaton, Thomas Buckley
from Lewis’s Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems
by Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

This diet is high in fat where ketone bodies become the primary source of energy for the brain in the absence of adequate glucose.

“Learning Disabilities E-Book: Towards Inclusion” by Helen Atherton, Debbie Crickmore, Jonathan Evans, Eamon Shanley
from Learning Disabilities E-Book: Towards Inclusion
by Helen Atherton, Debbie Crickmore, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

discussed the importance of omega-3 fish oils for brain development and balance, as well as other minerals and vitamins that can be attained from healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens.

“Your Brain On Nature: The Science of Nature's Influence on Your Health, Happiness and Vitality” by Eva M. Selhub, MD, Alan C. Logan, ND
from Your Brain On Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness and Vitality
by Eva M. Selhub, MD, Alan C. Logan, ND
Wiley, 2012

And, research shows a low-carbohydrate diet may protect the brain.

“Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions About Stroke Recovery” by Mike Dow, Dr., David Dow, Megan Sutton, CCC-SLP
from Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions About Stroke Recovery
by Mike Dow, Dr., David Dow, Megan Sutton, CCC-SLP
Hay House, 2017

The omega-3s and the E and B complex contained in multivitamins promote healthy brain function and may even stave off Alzheimer’s disease and inflammatory ills (which can be the starting point for major killers like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer).

“HBR's 10 Must Reads Boxed Set with Bonus Emotional Intelligence (7 Books) (HBR's 10 Must Reads)” by Harvard Business Review, Peter F. Drucker, Clayton M. Christensen, Daniel Goleman, Michael E. Porter
from HBR’s 10 Must Reads Boxed Set with Bonus Emotional Intelligence (7 Books) (HBR’s 10 Must Reads)
by Harvard Business Review, Peter F. Drucker, et. al.
Harvard Business Review Press, 2017

Omega­3 fats are the ultimate brain food, and come from primarily two sources: fish, and certain seed oils, such as flaxseed oil.

“The Drummer and the Great Mountain a Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD / ADHD: Adult ADD / ADHD Holistic Support System” by Michael Joseph Ferguson
from The Drummer and the Great Mountain a Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD / ADHD: Adult ADD / ADHD Holistic Support System
by Michael Joseph Ferguson
Luminaia, 2015

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  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritional intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should check out Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Went 25% protein grass fed grass finished, 65% extra virgin olive oil/coconut oil, mackeral/herring/cod/”keto”, heavy leafy green salads, intermittent fasting regimen, hunger disappeared, 102 pounds disappeared, mood elevated, sleep like a rock, blood sugar normalized, blood pressure stabilized. Food’s a drug.

  • Ps I chewed gum in a classroom in high school & the teacher made me stick it to my earlobe like an earring. School teachers don’t like chewing-gum  =^_^=  I think I’m going to approach my daughters school principal & request that kids get a free pack of gum to chew to improve their educational performance.

  • All veggies you mentioned are more than vitamins! Gut bacterial likes them and makes complex chemicals that boost brain ��
    (For vitamins you may just take vitamins gummies)

  • Firstly the person who wrote this video does clearly not know anything about brain food or dieting.
    Advicing people to consume Carbs in the morning to Boost there memory is as stupid as it can get,eating carbs generally in the morning will give you a high insulin spike which will lead to a fall of it around noon,and will lead you feel hungry and iritated…
    secoundy consuimg HIGH FAT food in the morning will keep low insulin and high energy,and skipping breakast at all maybe the most optimal option aka Intermitted fasting…Next time do more research before you publish a topic.:)

  • Lets face it, injecting some essential nutrition’s in the morning to the brain will improve its productivity, however let’s not forget all the other Factors (sleep, reading etc..)

  • I love yalls channel but yall failled to go into important details. Heavy metals in most fish we eat, pesticides in industry sold foods (dirty dozen), ketones = brainfuel, Medium chain triglycerides, fiber, meditation increase hippocampus, fluoride is the biggest reason in pineal gland calcification leading to lower activation, our bodies absorb a lot in the shower and we absorb the flouride in our toothpaste too through your mouths membrane

  • I think the best way is, what i call the ( highlander method). Research a really clever person who knows about the subject your facing. Catch em, skin em, eat the brain.
    Be warned, it’s not yummy.

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  • I usually don’t eat anything in the morning and at school. I eat after school at 3pm. Even tough I don’t eat at school and in the morning, I score always 10 (10 = A) or if possible 10+ (A+) from maths tests and I can calculate easily in my head. One example: 372×112=41664 (easy. I am in secondary school. The first grade in secondary school.). Explain this if you think we need to eat breakfast at the morning so we get the energy to do things and for better brain function.

  • My brain feels so dry. It is not in relaxed state. When I was a child or teenager, my brain used to be so agile and chill. When I say my brain is not relaxed and feels dry, I mean it doesn’t feels agile. I broke my heart in love once. It affected me for very long time. It was painful being treated badly and feeling deceived by people who you think love you and care about you and your feelings. I cried my heart out almost everyday for years. Actually it lasted for about 7 years. It affected my brain. At times it was as if I could hear my brain crack causing wounds in my brain. Now its hard for me to organize my life, my time and everything. I don’t feel fresh. If you have cried a lot, you might know how brain feels after crying a lotso dry and void of relaxed and enthusiastic expression on your face• Your face is blank with no expression and seems to be lacking vitality because your brain is lacking vitality. You don’t feel lively. It feels like your brain is strained or constrained or bound in a rope so that it cannot move. Its like having ADHD or lack of ritalin in my brain. Please tell me what might have happened to me. How can I became normal again. You might have seen emotionally broken or shattered person in movies or traumatized person in movie or just blank expression on their face. Its just like that. Its like brain not being able to make any expressions or even think properly or make decisions properly. Its also like frontal lobe of your brain responsible for decision making, reasoning, arithmetic, logical thinking and organization being really hard to engage

  • If anyone has had a decent look into ketosis they could contest this idea with me, i know very well that each individual is different and ketosis may not work for them.. but its worth a shot because i havnt seen it fail yet, combine the ketosis with intermittent fasting and its perfect for weight loss, weight gain (if you boost human growth hormone in the morning by doing a workout), mental acuity and just a better overall stamina. I recommend this over eating a healthy high carb brekky any day, plus a black coffee will help kick your body into gear before the morning workout.

  • You Hate the old woman who took the last seat on the train… you would have taken the seat and made that old woman stand??
    You lost me at your attempt at funny. It just sounds mean.

  • Every single morning I eat a bowl of oat bran with a half spoon of peanut butter and a sliced banana. Perfect breakfast. It never lets me down.

  • All the people screaming ‘GO VEGAN’ or ‘vegterianism is gay’ are seriously daft! All you need is a good balance of meat and vegetables and some carbs. Balance is all that is necessary. An excess of either one of those things is bad for you especially considering the lifestyle one lives. I for instance cannot go vegan or vegeterian because I regularly go to the gym and lift and I need the protein for muscle repair or else my performance at the gym will suffer. I also want my vegetables and nuts so that my brain stays sound and sharp because I want to keep up my grades. 

  • Question: I have high-blood-pressure bananas, as my Doctor told me, are a “No… No…” because they contain potassium. Is there a brain-diet which is also blood-pressure friendly?  =^_^=

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  • Leaving aside mental health, because there still learning about that. this diet, ticks all the boxes your gut instinct tells you that

  • The beans must be sprouted I use peppermint oil 3 times aday
    I send kids to school oversea and hv them Rub coconut oil on feet everyday, they never sic I’m 77 and 10 yrs now I drink a pint of coconut oil a week

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  • I’m going to tell you straight up eating what Mother Nature gives us is all you need stop eating animals and you’ll avoid all deseases on top of that killing and eating animals is a sin the Bible says you shall not kill and if you don’t kill you won’t eat them animals are our friends neighbors and family Jesus payed the price for sins he was the last sacrifice so stop sacrificing animals we all need to be like Adam and Eve

  • Do autophagy every day, and when you eat, eat Samon or tuna, or certain beans, black coffee, and egg and nuts, herbal teas, grapefruit or tangerine, mageniusum, and spinach and dry fruit will do the trick. Take it from a writing genuis with impressive blood work �� Lima beans are a better bean. I do at least ten things a day with my left hand. I m naturally right handed.

  • This is a good list except for one major flaw: Reishi and lions mane mushrooms should have been #1 on the list!!!! It’s amazing how many people are not aware of these mushrooms’ affect on brain health. Reishi and lions mane both help the nervous system to create new neurons!!

  • This video has good information, but I’m confused about the best diet plan that I need to use, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I’ve noticed several people mention amazing things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  • Let’s see how he feels when he’s 55 years old, balding and lost $$$in his stocks. See if a fish filet slab would make him feel better. If, he could afford the filet.

  • In Ayurvedic system of medicine, memory can be increased naturally with herbs and herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers Medhya Churna which is quite effective for increasing memory.

  • Her voice is annoying and she’s rambling. Trace speaks just as fast but her pitch, tone, pace, intonation pattern, and voice inflection equals disaster. I missed half of what she said because my brain insists on focusing on the way she speaks instead of what she’s saying.:/

  • Yes, eat carbs for breakfast and go back to sleep. If you want mental clarity and optimal body composition consume a breakfast high in fats and moderate proteins. Consume your carbs around dinner time because it will put you to sleep. Thank me later!

  • Ah…not so fast!
    Yes, fish and vegetables and leafy greens are probably good for you but the occasional cheeseburger isn’t going to stunt your brain!
    There’s a lot of protein in that cheeseburger!
    And the body does require a certain amount of fat in the diet! It’s natural and the way humans have been eating for thousands of years!
    The ancient Greeks had a good approach to eating and to life in general: ‘Everything in moderation!’

  • Where do fish get Omega 3 from? From algae. So get yours from algae or plant sources as flax, chia or hemp seeds, walnuts. Fish have mercury etc… the whole commercial hype of animal & diary trip is bad news and an unhealthy ride.

  • Don’t eat any processed food. Its as simple as that. No bread, pasta, cereal, pancakes, processed meat, processed dairy, crackers, candy, cake, ice cream, etc.

  • Grapeseed extract with vitamin c and egg yolks are amazing at healing inflammation in the brain. It has given me crystal clarity of thought whereas before I was foggy and forgetful.

  • man if only companies did not mass praduce meat and insted make a sky scraper that mass prauce food that way insted of making a huge land farm 1 story high they could make skyscrapers that farm food using ither artaficial or natural light. (like in mine craft but with more relistic physics)

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  • Why do so many people not have a fucking clue how to take care of their own bodies Jesus people are worthless to themselves No Brainer you are what you eat & drink OMG

  • every time I look at mainstream science. its always the complete opposite to what we really now know. Breakfast is the worse thing you can do. I once once a day. 1700calories at 9pm. oily fish based diet. typically zero carb. 80% fat dinner. I sleep better, learn quicker and remember more and recall faster. my it has increased by 16 points at mensa. I no longer experience brain fog or afternoon energy loss. discovery Channel is bs

  • Whole food plant based is the way to go…no oil, sugar and minimal salt. No processed foods. Been whole food plant based for 6 months and have never felt so good, been so slim and just generally happy. Thanks to Dr. Michael Gregor, Dr. John Mcdougall and Dr. Joel Fuhrman, none of whom I know personally but learned all I know from them.

  • Chew on raw herbs like ginger root, garlic, Turmeric root, Beet root. Absorption of phytochemicals will take place via the PAROTID Gland directly into the bloodstream and directly cross the blood brain Barrier, fortifying nourishing and cleaning nerve cells and neurons in the brain. You’re welcome!

  • I have been using these Memory support capsules from Planet Ayurveda for around a month and it has helped me a lot in my memory and concentration power.

  • Food is important for good health. Also, prayer goes a long way with depression, but, you got to have the faith. After all, God made our brain s and our whole body for that matter. Use common sense in your diet and everything else you do, because stress is bad for us too.

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  • Our brain is one of the most important organ of our body and it needs to
    function well so it is extremely important to eat healthy foods and
    keep it in top shape.

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  • There is no such thing as “best meal”. Scientists come with new researches every day and these diets change every day. One time it will say that meat is bad for you the second time it will be this food is good for you. Such non sense. We as humans are easy to manipulate with marketing, and yes i am also talking about myself. Accept it.

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  • I guess i will forever being braindead for being forget everything in a split second because every food that mentioned here is impossible to get in 3rd world country. I lost 3 of my precious items in one go today thanks to my potato brain that forget where to put it even i hold it before for a second.

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  • They’re on the right track….. I prefer beef and other animal products to all those vegetables because they can be difficult to digest and their nutrients can be hard to absorb.

  • Omega 3 fatty fish such as salmon, various nuts and seeds such as Brazil nuts, walnuts, and other healthy fats are especially good for the brain

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  • Although fruits veggies beans nuts have been shown beneficial to heal and reverse most diseases (I refer you to, olive oil is a highly concentrated processed food and should be used sparingly if at all. The categories above place it as an equal to the other components which is misleading to people who have not done their research about what real Mediterranean diet looks like.

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  • Fish is way more toxic. PCB’s, Mercury, etc. Not to mention Fat and Cholesterol. Get your O’3’s from Flax, Chia, Walnuts, Greens.

  • This is utter trash. How do you think our ancestors survived: getting to eat breakfast every morning? Come on! They’d be lucky to get a meal a day..this is why modern food and medicine science is completely backwards and fucked up. We need to think about how we can feed more people effectively and not how to effectively overfeed already well fed people. Have a conscious people!

  • DNews: “Saturated Fats only help memory in men”
    Tumblr Feminist: “Wow, that’s so unfair and I feel so violated. We need to be equal so I vote that we completely remove all fats from our diets.”

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  • I think grapes can prevent alzheimer’s disease. As for mint, even if i wanted to start eating it, i’m 99% sure my local grocery store doesn’t sell leaves for people to eat. What the fudge am i suppose to do about putting mint in my diet if i don’t even know where to get it and how to properly consume it.

  • My mentor got Parkinson’s disease from eating raw oysters. When his symptoms worsened, he traveled to Switzerland to commit assisted suicide.:|

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  • Chewing gum also prohibits the fight or flight respond so stops you panicking. This is because when you start to salivate the brain realises there mustn’t be danger because you’re eating and so you relax.

  • I love oyster! Especially baby oyster. I think I need to feed my mom’s oyster. She’s a very moody and angry woman. Maybe eating oyster will calm her down. The point is eat everything proportion. Then, you’ll be fine.

  • When Michelle Obama said the exact same thing under the advice of top doctors and nutritionists, she was called a ‘radical’ who wanted to dictate our diets.

  • I bet the person who told you to eat a banana before you take a test was a fellow male enrolled at the same school/college/university who had a habit of always looking at what ever was behind you, in great detail ever time you would notice them.

  • I like how they lump all together red meat, cheese and butter with sweets! What a joke. Meat cheese and butter are all high nutrient dense foods that are good for you.

  • My brother, please know that Jesus loves you. He came, died on the cross to save us from our sins, and rose again. We deserve to die and go to hell forever to pay for our own sins but Jesus died for us.
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    Receive Jesus Christ’s gift of forgiveness.
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  • I’m glad this doctor is helping people understand nutrition…. but it’s just a shame that this is what it has come down to in this modern day and age in countries like America where people actually have to be taught what others used to know about food, real food, eating right and how it can affect you.
    For example I would never order a pizza from most American chain stores…. full of chemicals, preservatives… all kinds of junk…. most of them don’t even use real cheese but some non dairy product with GMO soy

  • The global love for avocados led to water emergency in certain countries where excessive avocado plantation rip off the local community its natural water supply. Local ecosystem collapses as river water is channeled to growing avocados for export! Not to forget the export of such fruits is causing fossil fuels!

  • Am I the only one who thinks the fruit sold in supermarket is nothing but pure crap. Cantaloupes from Peru, so hard and tasteless, sit waiting on my kitchen counter to ripen for weeks, and plums like rocks. Tomatoes taste like cardboard. So i buy mostly avocados, green lettuce and berries.

  • My go to test food is an apple. I either eat it just before my test. Water throughout the test as well. I usually have good results. I have a good breakfast of eggs, either veggies or hashbrowns.

  • Excess fat causes Alzheimer’s. Excess chronic insulin driven by fruit can also cause brain damage. Coconut oil is very high in saturated fat, very dangerous.

  • My go to test breakfast is an Omega-3 peanut butter banana sandwich. The Omega-3 peanut butter tastes a little weird, but I got used to it.

  • Hello, it’s now 2 weeks that I’m using this guide and I have really good results….If you want to know what I’m using visit

  • I’ve been keto and one meal a day for a year. No breakfast and I’m sure a very low blood glucose level, yet I’m top of all of my classes at college

  • WAIT! Just because he has 300K followers on IG means he’s suppose to be happy!?!?? Lol this clown said he wasn’t happy as his IG showed…. that’s everyone on social media…

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  • I love how Susan plays devils advocate all throughout the segment in defense of our “American” diets. I appreciated her asking about fruit loops. I’m with ya, sister….

  • 30% of depressed people get better in 3 months with no treatment. That’s a repeated finding in research. So 32% of those on this special diet get better? That’s not a significant difference. What’s making the people feel better? We don’t know yet for sure.
    Looking for the solid research. Nothing mentioned in this video fits that. Looking forward to the results of real clinical trials.

  • OMG! This is not new. Indian texts of ayurveda address how food and life style affect not just your brain but also your health in general, including emotional balance. These texts were written thousands of years ago.

  • they must shop every other day or weekly for Mediterranean diet… those food have short shelf life… healthy though but, not practical if weather/apocalyptic situation happen…

  • Or not eat…try fasting. Reset your metabolic clock that’s been running overtime with three meals a day and gallons of sugar drinks…swear off high fructose soda is your first step toward survival…..Oysters are high in toxic pollutants, depending on the source

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  • Good fats are so important for good brain and mental health. Stop lumping all fats the bad and the good ones into one category called “fat.”

  • I dont need science to tell me anything about a healthy diet when science is the main culprit contaminating the food supply with all the pestices and genitcally modify corn soy wheat that is causing alot of the health problems in the first place. and tomatoes peppers both sweet and hot beans berries are not meditterrenean diet this is mayan food like chocolate vanilla avocados. and squash potatoes sweet and normal quinoa spirulina also native american diets not meditterrenean diet.

  • Look. The right foods are in front of your face. Only you decide what to put in your mouth. If you dont work out or are large, as an adult, you can blame no one but yourself. You just need to retrain your brain.

  • i definitely agree 100% with this video! BBC TV tested that theory with a group of stressful people and made them eat a veggie/fruit/fish diet for a month or two and it worked! I myself have that experience too.

  • Eggs with bacon or sausage. As well as biscuits and gravy, or oatmeal with fruits. Have them all or combine to your liking. I usually go eggs, bacon, oatmeal with fruits, and a glass of orange juice.

  • They don’t seem to take into account that eating healthy is also more expensive and time consuming. That’s one of the reasons why many poor people have so many health problems. Healthier and fresher foods are not only more expensive but you have to take time to cook them, you can’t just pop them in the microwave.

  • Forks over knifes
    The game changers
    That is the videos to see for every one. Vegan is the choice. To be healthy. Meat saturated fat & oils blocking the brain & heart arteries. Help your self. No one will. Your health is in your diet & your hands.

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  • Memorization? Well at least you remembered that the brain is 2 thirds fat. You seemed to forget the other third however is cholesterol. Never mind, we can make that somehow. I guess we’ll get our B12 and a few other vitamins and minerals from a chemist.

  • Tell your patience to oxygenate learn to oxygenate learn to breathe your fabric is oxygen-starved that’s why you speak the way you do because you don’t know take the initiative it’s your responsibility Aloha from Hawaii

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  • Luvin’ it. Thankd Dr G. Be nice to see more in depth Food as Medicine Research in Medicine. “Science of Medicine is the noblest science that human beings have ever been able to develop.” Some Aspects of Health and Healing, Baha’i Faith

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  • What if I have factor IV luideins, blood disorder where my body forms Blood clots 24/7 on warfarin, plavix, vitamin E, Benicar, fish oil,,potassium, alpha lipic, men multi vitamn,energy and Metabolism, so vitamin k. thickens my blood, any suggestions how should follow this Mind Diet.

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  • All of these are plant-source foods. There are animal foods that also aid cognition and memory. One is clarified butter, known as ghee in India. Ghee promotes healthy skin, mental clarity, and good digestion.
    It provides essential fatty acids those that can’t be produced by the body and must come from food. Ghee is easily digested; it contains Vitamins A and E, and acts as an antioxidant.

    Ghee contains small fat molecules that pass through the lipid barrier and nourish the brain, which needs a higher proportion of this type of fat than the rest of the body to function properly. Ghee is said to nourish mental functioning and improve learning, retention, and recall.

  • Whole Foods Plants Based reverses diabetes 2, heart disease, obesity and a few auto-immune diseases. What makes people fat aren’t as much the sugars but the animal fats and processed foods. I take quite much brown sugar in the morning. Search here for Dr.Gregen’s Daily Dozen.

  • In Ayurveda, memory can be boosted with herbs and herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers Brahmi Chyawanprash which sharpens the memory naturally.

  • Always wonder who these tubers are if they hold any degrees or certifications because there are more tubers with hear say “suggestions” than you know

  • I eat all these foods except Quinoa, Yuk! I also cant eat Beets or Spinach which are high in oxaltes.
    Foods high in oxalates are bad for my recurring kidney stones! Who eats mint?

  • This is an excellent video, all this is soo true, what you put in your body not just goes through,it affects directly all the organism