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The Unexpected Benefit of Being Bad at Yoga My First Mistake: Yoga Baptism By Fire. I signed up for the longest, hottest class—90 minutes in 110F heat. I was simply The (Totally Unexpected) Moment I Reached Nirvana. After being in the. The Unexpected Benefit of Being Bad at Yoga 05/02/2014 6:02am by Taylor Jenkins Reid The first time I stepped foot in a hot yoga studio, it was packed.

I took the only spot available, a sliver of space by the front mirror. I could barely breathe and I sweat through pores I didn’t even know I had, but when I looked up into that mirror, I saw a room full of peaceful people doing incredible. Many poses also help to develop core strength, further enhancing stability and balance. Many high-caliber athletes are known to use yoga for this reason.

The Unexpected Benefits. Heart health: It may come as a surprise that such a low-intensity exercise can benefit the heart, but yoga offers multitudinous coronary benefits. 5 Unexpected benefits of yoga. Posted November 1, 2019 by yoga breaks & filed under News.. There are many reasons why yoga has been (& continues to be) a big part of my life for over 20 years.Initially, like many newbies, I was focused more on trying to make my postures look like everyone else in the class (which of course is not important! ), but, as the postures began to feel a little easier.

The Surprising Benefit of Being Bad at Yoga. The (Totally Unexpected) Moment I Reached Nirvana. I’d love to say that by learning to forgive myself for being bad at yoga, I’ve actually become better at yoga, that while in standing bow pose I now look like a graceful swan. But that’s simply not true. Yoga is an ancient Hindu discipline, which has been around for over 5000 years.

It is the practice of body postures, meditation and breathing control. The word yoga means ‘union.’ There are up to 100 different types of yoga training that vary in intensity and method. Benefits of Yoga.

For 5,000 years, hardcore yoga practitioners have been touting yoga’s mental and physical powers. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert to reap the benefits – adding just a few poses to your daily routine can help your health in all kinds of unexpected ways. Then not exercising makes you feel worse.

The good news is even if you can’t drag yourself out for a brisk jog or a spin class, a little bit of yoga could go a long way toward lifting your spirits. In one study, people with clinical depression were asked to take up regular yoga. 4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Yoga. Why do you want to start yoga?

With roots in ancient Hinduism and Buddhism, the age-old practice of yoga is commonly known as a means of becoming more flexible, toning muscles and reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga’s focus on breathing can do amazing things for stress management. Stress often makes us breathe rapidly and unevenly which, in turn, leads to even more anxiety.

Using the diaphragm and full lung-capacity is a simple way to breathe more effectively and reduce stress!

List of related literature:

Letting go of expectations and self-criticism is essential to the practice of yoga.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
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If you are new to yoga, I highly recommend taking a few classes with an experienced teacher to ensure that you have the proper alignment.

“Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet” by John Douillard
from Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet
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Iyengar yoga concentrates on proper alignment in asanas, which are sustained, and attention is focused on alignment and breathing while sustaining the pose.

“Contemplative Practices in Action: Spirituality, Meditation, and Health” by Thomas G. Plante
from Contemplative Practices in Action: Spirituality, Meditation, and Health
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To derive the full benefits from Yoga, you have to apply yourself diligently, which also nicely strengthens your character.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
from Yoga For Dummies
by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
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Whether you practice in a class or in your own home, yoga creates a refuge where you can escape from the chaos of everyday life.

“The Women's Health Big Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness” by Kathryn Budig
from The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness
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There are many health benefits associated with a regular yoga practice, including reduced stress, increased flexibility of the joints, improved muscle tone, balanced hormones, lower blood pressure, a draining of the lymphatic system, weight loss, and improved respiration, energy, and vitality.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
from Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within
by Latham Thomas
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The effects of this Yoga are: loss or failure in undertakings, unexpected troubles, difficult situations and misery.

“Know about Predictive Techniques” by Shanker Adawal
from Know about Predictive Techniques
by Shanker Adawal
Sagar Publications,

This has also been the experience in my long-time hatha yoga teaching practice.

“Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2” by Yogani
from Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2
by Yogani
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Yoga nidra is an extremely receptive state of consciousness, and the sankalpa is a short mental statement that we create for ourselves to heal an imbalance or to achieve a greater purpose in our life.

“Yoga for Warriors: Basic Training in Strength, Resilience, and Peace of Mind” by Beryl Bender Birch
from Yoga for Warriors: Basic Training in Strength, Resilience, and Peace of Mind
by Beryl Bender Birch
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The skills practiced in Yoga Nidra lead to increased tolerance and acceptance of uncomfortable emotional experiences.

“Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep” by Kamini Desai
from Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep
by Kamini Desai
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  • Cada día me sorprendo de seres maravillosos que buscan esa paz interior y una Vida Saludable….busquenme en FB XAMPA Training para unirse al Group. Y ayudar a más personas…. Bendiciones infinitas para todos.

  • So, as someone who just uses yoga to get in some good stretching, and not because I think there’s validity to its teachings, I love yoga. The main focus from my perspective is yoga is about good form and breathing. Those are pretty important things to know about for any health purposes. So, that’s what I’ve always used yoga for-good form and breathing. I have a bad back and bad hips and yoga stretches everything out and forces me to be conscious of my movements and breathing. That’s good enough for me.

  • Yoga is not postures but feeling them
    I’m an Indian and am practicing it from childhood. We are taught to feel the postures not just practice them which is done by Western yogis. A yoga posture wouldn’t mean anything unless you feel it.
    That’s the reason OM is pronounced during many postures to vibrate cells of brain. And I haven’t found a posture that doesn’t benefit.
    For more check out Baba Ramdev Yoga

  • Yoga became ego driven once it arrived in the hands of the Westerners
    This arrogance and competitiveness was accentuated in the USA.
    Many yoga poses can cause injuries!

  • First time I have seen comment section filled with positivity.. This made my day❤❤ May you all be blessed and loved unconditionally.. ����

  • Trust yoga blindly. Don’t trust the pseudo yoga teachers in the west. Yoga is not just exercise, postures or stretches. Yoga is a way of life. Yoga includes every aspect of your life from the way you breathe, sit, walk, sleep, what you eat, what you think and more. Sadly pseudo teachers have made yoga a joke

  • Why go stuffing one’s gills with pharma drugs in discos, or spend your time and money on churches and bling when one can cur rouse home alone with Sister Mary Jane and ones Kundalini Shakti for free?

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    I will have Trump tried for manslaughter..

  • Yoga, Martial art, gym, repair garage, The list goes on where you can find People with amazing skills, but also you can find People just wanting to shine and /or earn money and ofc for alot of these things like yoga and gym instructors you can also find these Quick exam for your license, heck there are even online exam now to give you that license Quick..
    And that is the problem.

    And like with every exercises there are risks of damage if you do it wrong, and yoga is no exception.

  • Que tengas sanidad mundial, que esta lección nos sirva para ser mejores seres humanos, que nos perdonemos, nos aceptemos y nos queramos muchooo.

  • I Don’t Think Anyone should jump into a Practice like this. I was taught Yoga and Taekwondo in S. Korea from the age 13. Im an American. So now, I teach it in the U.S. This is 20+ years of practice. Yoga Is Nothing, without the Spirit. Yoga Means The Center, Yoke. Truly being yourself. UNITY. It is extremely Beneficial. Life saving and Changing. But You have to understand this is ancient and needs to be preserved. These postures that people do are half asses Vinyasa and Hatha poses that arent correct. My class, Meditation is the beginning and End. Then Stretching, Stretching Alot. After that I see if you really came for True Yoga. Oh and Yes! If you try this without training. You Will get Hurt. All exercises are like that. Thank You for the video ♡

  • Die sind nur falsche glauben, die sich selbst erfunden haben, die sind falsche mönchen, die haben nichts mit Gott zu tun, sie beleidigen den einzigen und wahrer Gott, Gott schrieb in der Bibel dass nur er ist Gott, der Schöpfer, auch sagte dass niemand soll statuen machen, dass die Götzerei verbot ist, diese Menschen werden nie glücklich sein weil sie wandern in den falschen weg, den satan hat sie belogen und reingelegt!!
    die Menschen suchen immer den falschen weg, etwas neues was nie wahr sein wird, der Herrr Jesuschristus ist der einziger Weg zum Vater und das ewiges Lebens.Hör auf an Lügen zu glauben, es bringt nur zerstörung, depressionen.
    Gott sagt auch dass die Menschen die statuen, tiere, natur, horoscop, das universum, die töten, die geisten und den teufel anbeten sind für die zertörung des geistes und sie werden in der Hölle gefoltert weil sie den wahren Gott weggestosen haben und nicht gelobt, nicht geglaubt und nicht akzeptiert.Der Herr ist so barmherzig das an guten und bösen Menschen segnet und hilft, jeden atg gibt er zum essen,bekleidung, wohnung, arbeit, etc.aber die menschen bedanken sich nicht bei ihm.

  • Genuinely curious. Are you suggesting that yoga instructors have a degree or doctorate in physiology or likewise? And do you have such a degree?

  • You would probably be interested in what Nadi Aguilar with Functional Patterns has to say and teach. He sees through the mystical hype as well.

  • Love this music!!
    I am a volunteer from a Buddist temple, and are helping the masters to edit some Dharma teaching videos. This is great music for that. How can I purchase this music and use it? ( it’s a youtube video not for commercial use.) thank you

  • I agree that most yoga teachers do not have enough scientific training in the body, the nervous system and movement to effectively guide students (200 hour ytt is just scratching the surface), but I am happy to see in recent years the practices of yoga are being called into question and are being updated with movement science. Students must exercise discretion in selecting a teacher & a school to study with and yoga teachers need to start upholding a higher educational standard

  • I mainly do simple moves to supplement my martial arts training. I find It helps me with flexibility and relaxation. I see it as a soft alternative to the hard martial arts training i do. Plus, it works as a calisthenic workout for me too.

  • I love the comment sections on these video’s, no trolls, no hate, just pure LOVE!! We are all part of the universe and connected to eachother ^^ Thanks you for this delightful video.

  • What is the big deal? Listen to your body and don’t do stupid stuff that it’s telling you is too extreme. I understand the concern for safety, but this constant harping on “science” deciding everything is a bit much. Science needn’t be applied to absolutely everything. Sometimes things are not about objective, repeatable observations but truly about the individual’s subjective experience. We don’t even know what just believing and practicing can do as it surely varies so much among people so a person should see for themselves sometimes. Not everything experienced in this way can be quantified and reduced to Western science.

  • This seems like a bit of unnecessary fear mongering tbh. At least half or maybe even up to 3/4 of my yoga teacher training was anatomy & modifications to adapt to different bodies to perform the asana safely.

  • I appreciate your candor with your journey. I too learned as the person taking classes not only yoga but other athletic activities, all who teach are not invested in continuous learning for the art and how that movement affects different participants. I learned through different physical therapists what movements are dangerous and what really helps the body. Like you mentioned most are wrong strong and solely about marketing and competition and quick fixes. Thank you for this video!

  • Look, you make a bold claim but don’t expand properly on it, which just makes this video click bait. So, that’s 8 mins of my life I’ll never get back!

  • There was a point in my life that needed pain to feel anything. Then came the light that was beautiful and peaceful. I am Devine Goddess Energy.

  • Yoga means union. When one in a state of experiencing the union, one is said to be in yoga. Yoga can only be transmitted in a committed environment. Mental and physical benefits from ‘doing’ yoga are only the side effects. Feel free to read a book called ‘Inner Engineering’ by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

  • Maybe “don’t trust yoga teachers blindly” might have been a better title (seeing as yoga is more than asana, and that even the asana aspect should be followed intuitively). But, world traveler that you are, you knew that. Just like you knew that title wouldn’t generate half as many clicks.:) if you truly want to link science to the asana part of yoga, try furthering your education with a kinesiology degree and cater your classes only to poses you believe aren’t detrimental to the body.

  • I don’t mean to offend you man but Yoga is not a flexibility training…Out of 196 sutras( aphorisms) which describes Yoga, only 2 sutras are about physical exercises. You should read the remaining 194.�� Its nothing but a spiritual process. These physical exercises are only done so the body remains healthy to achieve the higher goal of self realization. If you take spirituality out of it….then its just like making a cup of tea and not drinking it.��

  • In Patanjali’s yoga sutra, it is said that it only a person who has achieved the state of yoga could teach it. Indian masters who see the Western classes will tell us the disasters such practices could cause. At least here, they are very particular and it is said that wrong practice of yoga could cause even death. Yoga is neither for fitness not is it for health.. they may come as side effects. It is something entirely different.

  • Have you ever researched on Isha yoga center or sadhguru? Classical hatha yoga is COMPLETELY different from studio yoga. Classical hatha yoga is EXACTLY teached and passed down from the first yogi adiyogi Shiva himself. When you learnt this yoga is a completely transcendental experience and it is not teached in a way like in the studio. It is extremely precise and learned over a couple day course period and if you want to be a teacher its a 5month intensive course of 5am to 10pm learning everyday

  • That “nagging feeling” is your intuition speaking to you that there is something wrong with the practice.

    Yoga is a religious act, but if you tell this to the yoga teachers, they will deny it and get angry. The west has separated yoga as an exercise but it is not a physical exercise. Real yoga, you can not separate the religious philosophical teaching from the poses. They are all interconnected. Each pose is an offering or an invitation to their “deities” to unite with them in the physical.

    Unbeknownst to these people who are doing these poses, they are actually allowing demons to enter into their bodies. Many people who practice yoga have become demonically possessed. Google up their YT video testimonials warning people of the deception of yoga.

    Why do you think Allister Crowley, the man who is considered the father of Satanism and is considered “wickedness man alive” practiced Yoga, wrote a book on it and promoted it to his followers?

  • Yoga is better than sitting on the couch eating potato chips and jacking off
    But all the woo woo shit could be in any sport
    When I practice boxing it’s a mental meditation and an emotional state where I practice breathing and body movement
    Personally yoga was cool to mix up my work out but really it’s not the type off physical strength I’m interested in

    I dont think yoga is healing but it could be therapeutic
    But then again so is warming up your body before working out

  • So it’s like we need to understand that yoga should be thought by experienced and professionals and not jumping to every yoga channel you see in internet.

  • I prefer a sofa than yoga, or any other sports fads and eating fads of nowadays. If you really want some physical activity for the whole mind and body, simply SWIM!

  • If you keep allowing white people into your cultures this will be the result.
    This is colonaization and eraser.
    It was downhill when Adho Mukha Shvanasana became downward dog.

  • Yoga is a gift from the highest God’s of the universe. Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva both are Yogi’s. And so is Vivaswaan or Surya devta or the sun god. Yoga is legend…these idiots have no idea about. Practiced and created by the creators of the universe themselves to merge back into them.

  • Yoga is popular only the last hundrud years. In Pathanjali’s Yogashtra he doesnt explain any kind of position. In hathayoga Pradipika only seven as an as explained. All other yoga pose are came from different types of Martial arts,, jimnastics. It is only an exercise and no connection with spirituality. Nowadays it is a big buisines marketing by so called gurus and it has not any connection to the ancient Indian tradition

  • In theory, yoga seemed like a good idea to me. But I couldn’t bring myself to classes because it just felt so pretentious. I did eventually try a few classes. Although I liked the some of the imagery, the poses felt awkward. So I was very happy when my physical therapist explicitly told me NOT to do yoga. Instead she recommended Pilates. What I’ve concluded is that there is a definite value in embodying mindfulness while doing a physical activity, whether it’s walking, yoga, Pilates, martial arts. The thing is, many of us are sedentary most of the time, slouching in chair 40 hours a week, with a one hour break to go to gym or fitness class. As such, many of our bodies are out of alignment. So trying to do yoga poses without the support of a strong core, and/or a pelvic tilt can be dangerous.

  • Yes, I developed some serious carpel tunnel from doing yoga. And yes, it was from yoga, because I don’t spend much time writing, typing, or doing repetitive motion with my hands. But every time I’d do a down dog, plank, or one of the myriad arm balances, I’d have problems. Over the last few months, on days when I practiced yoga and put pressure on my wrists, even minimal pressure, I’d wake up throughout the night with numb hands. This stopped happening when I stopped doing the positions that involved weight on the hands. It’s really a bummer too, because I use yoga to supplement my mental health routine and I really enjoy the challenge and freedom of the arm balances and inversions. It really has been a drag to find out that they have negatively affected my wrists. Although I think I gained a little bit of hip and hamstring flexibility, which isn’t bad. Also, you have some video clips from the yoga studio that I go to. It’s not a chain, either. Wow!

  • I stopped yoga because I felt worse when I left the class rather than better. I as a breakdancer learned movements that took years to practice. Not something that took just a few months. Most yoga instructors should be certified personal trainers not just yogis.

  • Dude, you totally lost me when you said asanas are suspicious because they’re just various yogis discovering an asana and then passing it on to their students. Where do you think any technique in any field comes from?

  • Trust don’t trust yoga….? That’s like saying don’t trust drive…do you trust your car? I drive and do yoga (notalways atthesame time lol) I don’t trust or not trust either, how can you trust or not trust yoga?

  • I am not wasting my time reading something with this kind of title. This is fear mongering. Everything should be approached with caution. That is common sense. Yoga is a wonderful practice and I have used it on and off as a tool to get me well when nothing else could. Our body is a tool and if we don’t master it we are wasting our life here. Try it and kick this fear in the nuts.

  • I mean… that’s what happens when ANYTHING gets westernized. It gets watered down and exhausted until you have very little of the original left. That’s what western culture does. You people take everything from other countries and try to make it your own but studying for a couple of years doesn’t compare to living a life of that specific cultural practice. I think this is cultural appropriation and now of course someone is coming out stating that they really don’t know what their doing is not surprising at all from western people.

  • Ok yoga listen man to be very honest ppl come to gym for change theirs physical appearance want result just in 2 to 3 months that’s it.. No one have time to understand this long time procedure and why??

  • Yoga is particularly hazardous for someone who is hypermobile, yet they may be drawn to it because they are already naturally flexible and stretching feels good. Very few instructors in any field are familiar with hypermobility and how someone who is hypermoblie may be affected by the exercise, but when the exercised has a strong emphasis on flexibility that becomes dangerous. The greater the difference between someones flexibility (how far a joint can flex using gravity or using another limb to aid in the stretch) and their range of mobility (how far the person can control their limb using it’s own muscles through its range of motion) the greater the risk of injury. This is worse for those who are hypermobile because that difference tends to be much bigger to start with. Yoga encourages flexibility (static holds) over mobility, so anyone who is naturally flexible to start with (think can put their hands flat on the floor without bending knees, without training or warming up) should apply extreme caution from yoga (I talk from experience!) and focus most of their time on poses that build strength not flexibility. It’s worth noting that even people who have significant problems will not necessarily get diagnosed with hypermobility because it is not something that is well known or understood in the medical field. Even rhumatologists who’s filed it comes under will not know much about the issue, unless they specifically specialise in hypermobility spectrum disorders/hypermobility syndrome so it is very likely the individual will not be aware of their issue even if it is causing significant problems.

  • Regarding how Hatha yoga generates heat (ushna) and therefore should be done before 8:30am (in the cooler hours), and that Sadhguru’s Hatha yoga course is 21 weeks… however, in another video he mentions a yoga training they teach that takes 4 YEARS to complete, and only 22 out of 100 are qualified to teach afterwards. What yoga is that? Upa Yoga/Angamardana? Surya Kriya/Shakti, Yogasanas?

    What about mantras (simha kriya/Isha Kriya) that are intended to produce heat (samat prana).. can those be done in hot temperatures, or in saunas? Will that help the respiratory/prana vayu even more?

  • Always keep these words in mind and heart. “All is well. I am safe, secured, healthy, wealthy, happy and blessed wherever i am right now, whatever i do, wherever i go.”

  • I agree with this. I have severe ehlers-danlos and every time I’ve tried yoga the teachers have failed to listen to my limitations and pushed me to do postures that would sublux my shoulders. You shouldn’t have to say he something every session. I just carried on with tai chi. Same benefits, lower risk of injury because it’s upright.

  • As with anything, moderation is the key to avoiding exposure to risk of long term injury and staying within your means and safe limits.

  • Thanks for sharing, i believe this is your missing piece i hope this ex-yoga teacher may help you answer about the dark side.

  • Well done for opening a discussion on yoga. I have practiced yoga now for only 8 years and every time I hit the mat, I learn something new. For the last year I have taught yoga to a young man to help him with his anxiety levels. For me, yoga is more about tapping into that connection with that which is beyond our imperfect senses than just merely toning up the body. I was taught the principles of ahimsa to minimise injury. Like everything in life there are risks to be considered and at least partially mitigated.
    Your observations of yoga practice on a professional level rang true. Yoga is a connection between the material and the spiritual. All too often, the desire for material gain through yoga taints the true meaning of the practice. Thanks again.

  • Proof that yoga is a serious problem. You become physically fit, but spiritually destroyed if you don’t involve yourself to the worship of these spirits. Satan is very seductive and the ultimate professional deceiver. Seek the Kingdom of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and all things will fall into place.

  • Buddha taught us to be kind….n see how much kind frnds is here…..i really thankful my those frnds for their positive comments…… it’s really makes strong…. positive…thanx

  • I pray peace be everywhere n to all the wonderful beings I bless u with joy peace of mind abundance prosperity n the healing touch God Bless u

  • I got really injured from practicing hot yoga for 2 years. After asking the instructors many times about my posture and if I was doing it correctly so to not injure myself I come to find out after I had to stop that one instructor said people who are double jointed or really flexible like myself can get really injured. Wish I would have known this earlier and that she would have spoken this to me before. You live and you learn now I don’t practice at all and had to go through physical therapy and found that I’ve got curvage going down my spinal column now from twisting it out of place.

  • Yoga tends to be mostly benefits. Stretching, holding poses, and the standard practice will be beneficial.

    The common injuries people really need to be careful about are hip injuries. Yoga tends to put a lot of strain on the hips and sometimes people will over stretch. Hip surgeries in the US sky rocketed as yoga classes went up.

    Over stretching can be a real issue that isn’t often talked about.

  • It is quite interesting to hear a “Yogi” make such claims. As a Yogi I don’t need “science” to tell me it is okay to practice because my body does that for me. As I have had many yoga instructors they all say DO NOT FORCE your body if you force it it is when you can get hurt! People are too focused on getting the pose look “good” instead of allowing their body tell them when to take the pose deeper. I completely disagree with you video since I said before yoga speaks to your body in a way one cannot describe not even science and people trying to make their pose perfect are the ones that do not practice yoga for the right reason and in their failure to look perfect instead find themselves with injuries. On the spiritual level yoga will never be comprehended by science so do not ever look for answers there. Yoga is just beginning to be studied in the western world and I have learn people in the west tend to care more about how they look than what spiritual growth they can attain. The name of your video caught my attention but the content is for sure phony!

  • It’s normal to see lights even with the eyes closed? Or a pressure in it. And even a feeling of being too fast sometimes, even lying in bed

    Don’t say that it is “drugs”. Don’t have any joke here

    I’m just a begginner. A student.

  • Thank you for this. For a long time I thought yoga was purely physical and moving your body with breath. I was deceived by this and I will never practice like that again.

  • While this is good information, specifically stating the dangers and showing them would be the best use to all who watched. Thank you for the video.

  • I love this video, it sums up my feelings on Yoga very well. 6 months ago I was unable to walk due to conversion disorder from a decade of stress and threat. When I eventually got my diagnosis I saw Yoga was potentially a way to treat my condition as it engages the para sympathetic nervous system and quiets the sympathetic. I jumped in straight away and have gone from 3 5 minutes to 3 x 1 hours per day and am almost ready to get back to work. In short Yoga has been incredible however, I am sure it could be a lot better if its mechanisms and methods of action could be understood and enhanced based on evidence instead of mystical energy flows and chakra balancing which are obviously total rubbish based on fairytales told by gurus to explain why the things they have stumbled upon work. If we actually understood what was happening when we link breath to motion, when we imagine chakras, when we control wondering consciousness when we stretch muscles tendons and ligaments Yoga could go from what it is now to a medical revolution. All we need is research and the scientific method applied to ancient practices, as this is starting to happen I think the future is looking very good for Yoga indeed.

  • I need help I’m in deep depression my mind �� is very heavy even I can’t sleep, eat, or take breath please somebody help me I tried lot’s of things �� but I’m still in pain

  • Thank you such for this:13 years ago I started practicing Qigong…and then began to teach it after I obtained 3 certifications….then suddenly I stopped because of exactly the same reasons you mentioned…I was afraid to hurt people by my “pseudo knowledge”. Yoga and Qigong are extremely powerful disciplines and they must be studied very carefully in order to transmit them to others ssfely. Thank you again for this insight. I hope it leads to respect snd honoring of yoga…..

  • 3000 years yoga philosophy & practice VS 300 years scientific theory & research studies?… hmmmm. As a yoga teacher & practising also 10 years and studying to be a scientific researcher… One of the professors at my uni says Science can be decieving.. never trust science; 90% of the articles are perfected to how the outcome they want it to be, depending on the stakeholders interest and most scientifical articles reference from each other over and over again. Why? Research can be expensive to conduct. The reason why there isn’t much scientific evidence on this is because it isn’t the interest of pharmaceutical companies, health insurance etc… otherwise they would be out of business. Yoga is an individual journey, making mistakes is part of it in order to analyse ones self on how to come forward in ones self. There are lots of articles on yoga and it’s health benefits but it will never make headline news it has a stigmatized thinking attached to it because one thinks that one has to be flexible & spiritual which isn’t the case, so if you want to convince western society definitely scientific evidence might help them to do so.

  • I agree with you across the board.

    Thanks for applying some critical thinking to an often trendy and dangerously applied practice: if it’s the least bit worrisome, challenge the practice and idea.

    Yoga should be used with insightful caution, as you stated.


  • As a yoga teacher, also a massage therapist for 12 yrs, I can tell an example of a customer whom practiced yoga to get in shape. An actress who was a mess with numerous nearly debilitating issues who switched to pilates and had a complete turnaround in her alignment, pain, and overall physical issues she was having.
    Also yoga can bring up mental issues one may not be willing or ready to deal with.

  • Thank you each and everyone of you with positive thoughts and words. You’ve made a difference in someones life in this earth today. Wish more people like you were on this earth…

  • At first I thought yoga was a sport, so I pushed myself and overlooked the whole picture. I listen to my body now. I meditate throughout the day and just breathe. Yoga isn’t a race, it’s a journey for yourself. There are many books on kinesiology regarding yoga that really help.

  • I would have liked this video if you explained what to look out for as a student, and possibly recommended schools or things you do trust since you are so experienced. This video basically only told me that not all yoga teachers are good, but that is true of martial arts instructors and teachers in every trade.

  • You’ve said something like ‘I’ve been teaching ikido for twelve yers” or something like that,now ‘I’ve benn a yoga instructor for 10yers”…gee It’s sooo Steve Seagall!!

  • “…while many yogis proclaim yoga to be a completely safe and only beneficial practice, if practiced in the wrong way, which is, by the way, not difficult to do, can lead to extreme injuries which, it turns out, actually happened very often for the entire world.” Transcribed from the audio. I don’t argue that yoga cannot cause injury. But this guy is a moron.

  • At 67 after a lifetime of martial arts training and effective weight training I enjoy near perfect pain free & drug free health. Yoga, kung-fu, even Taekwondo stress the body in unusual and damaging ways. Kicks too high, back bends too far back, etc. Core is Key. Crunches, hanging on bar, ride your bike, run, eat right, stretch, sleep well, keep distance from narcissists.
    Rather than yoga my daily workout is 1000 crunches, 100 rows, 10 ab rollouts, 1 minute bar hang, speedbag, then finally heavybag. Daily for five decades. Count ’em up…

  • Please, don’t turn your eyes away! I’m exhausted and about to go insane, please read on.

    I have come to Netherlands last year, in November. I’m 24, from Poland, been living on my own since 17. I came here in order to change the environment, cut all of the outer influence over my mind and figure out who am I and what I truly want to pursue in life. Live become slow and meaningless, no passion, I couldn’t make any progress whatsoever, just reading books. On 26-th February, I had enough. I wanted to gain full control over my actions, yet it turned out I was nothing more than a sum of habits and patterns, I couldn’t grip myself from. On that day, I wrote down like 17-teen times, that I wish to die. I didn’t think of any particular action, yet meant it. I came home, sat on my bed, and thought to myself, that’s it. Now. My spine got straight, my whole body was squeezed, it was so tense.
    I had never had a panic attack before, nor had any medical condition. I was in the middle of Joe Dispenza book: Breaking the habit of being yourself.
    So, instead of being overwhelmed, the sentence from the book came to the surface of my mind, that the feeling is just the chemicals in my body, that it is actually desirable that I feel it.
    So I accepted the feeling of fear.
    Then I thought that I was loosing my mind.
    Again, I thought about the book, literally on the cover it’s written: „Lose your mind, and create a new one.”
    So I thought: isn’t that what I want? To lose my mind, so I can actually change?
    So I let go of the feeling of fear, and what happened next I am completely unable to describe, even to myself.
    The closest would be the explosion, visually I can only reconstruct my first interpretations about this experience not the memory itself. A small fragment. But it was enormous. I say it, because my sense of myself was lost.
    Like I was literally everything there is for eternity then:
    First thing I do remember, was walking around the room I was there for 4 months, but it all felt like I had been there for the first time. The feeling… I felt like this as child. I would touch everything, and marvel at it. Then I realised… first time in over 12 years, there were no thoughts in my head.Thoughts become small happenings, my whole perspective changed. I was no longer the body, I would look at my hands and see it as MY body. And I was no longer the mind, now it was MY mind.
    The next days, were blissful, I just was, for hours, in the simplest tasks, and the nature… everything was literally vibrating.
    I was fully conscious of my actions, all of the sudden I could do what I choose to do in a given moment, not what my emotional patterns conditioned me to do.
    Every little movement was intentional. Everything became possible.
    One could say I sat on the bed, and get up a moment later as a different man, as my actions changed in an unpreccetented way.
    The dream came true.
    Well, it didn’t last. Gradually, week after week, I was loosing this state, although Ive changed a dozen of habits and quit EVERY addiction since February, being: sugar, cigarettes, marihuana, and the worst of the all pornography; developed a clear vision of what I desire to pursue and decided to finish my solitude in the near future. Started exercising, cooking and taking greater care of myself than I have ever had. My attention span is getting longer, the way I move is different, I have vivid dreams every night. My imagination works different, I’m able to focus on seeing things right now, that are not there, or see multiple courses of action I could undertake.
    Fast forward today.
    I’ve never experienced such intense anxiety, as in last six weeks. Six weeks ago, I was hospitalised, I thought was getting a heart attack, it was a public place.
    I had about 8 panic attacks since, and was hospitalised once more in a public place.Last 6 weeks were a battle, feeling claustrophobic in my own body, fighting for breath. Even my sleep, got seriously deprived by now. Flashes of pain in the lungs, flashes of pain in the brain, mostly left side, sometimes right. Humming from inside-out in my head, getting stronger if I focus on it and straighten myself up my anxiety goes over the ruff if I do. Every time my mind get quiet, instead of bliss, I’m on the verge of a panic attack. It’s the 4th day now that I literally cannot relax even for a moment, I stand all the time, and have to focus on anything to survive. Nothing helps, even concuss breathing. I am afraid of meditation. Being alone is not helpful in this situation at all. I am scared of whatever is happening, today I am feeling like I am about to pass out all day long. I cannot go to work, I cannot do anything, and have no-one experienced to ask for advice, please, please help me, before I go completely insane.

  • Idiots talking on yoga. You have no idea what it really is.It is a gift from the gods themselves, only if you know what it’s real purpose is.


  • While Im sure there are bad yogis, i have to say Ive had exactly the opposite experience. I’ve been able to heal old injuries with yoga, especially a long time issue with my lower back and sciatic nerves. It’s helped my spine, along with strengthening my whole musculature structure. I do believe that one must always check their source, you made some blanket statements in theirs video i completely disagree with. Im sorry you’ve had poor yogi instructors. I’ve been a life long martial artest too. I don’t do the gentle art of Aikido. My current style, Jujitsu, is extremely hard on the body. Without yoga I wouldn’t even be able to do what I do. Before yoga, Jiu Jitsu made my body feel like I got hit by a freight train. After yoga my body is extremely limber, light, and I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I used to. So, bottom line is I completely disagree. with you.

    Also, the physical postures of yoga is just the beginning of the overall Yogi Journey. Maybe those Yogi’s that you think no less or equivalent than you may know more than you, you’re just blind to the teachings. Maybe you didn’t learn the lessons you were supposed to learn along your yoga Journey. In the Shaolin temples students have been removed for misinterpreting and internalizing the wrong lessons and not understanding the true deep philosophy meaning behind the things that they were shown. Maybe you should start over

    Good luck to you, I hope you find the light, Peace and love

  • Rochas! Sorry I am not sure how to spell your name! Why why why, do you feels a need to go on this Crusade? Debunking and exposing the Worlds inferior, Styles Techniques Practices Teachers and Systems! Please stop this ���� I promise you one thing eventually you will realise that everything you say is a reflection of yourself! You were a useless Aikido practitioner / teacher, therefore you blame aikido, even though you chose the most passive martial art there is! Then you complain that it’s not effective style for street fighting or ring/cage fighting! You obviously were a terrible Yoga practitioner/ instructor, from what you showed and what you said! Going to India for a month, your not going to be enlightened, my friend, and you have the cheek to make sweeping statements about Yoga! Only once you have personally truly Mastered something (Anything)! Then you can have an opinion! until then please shut your mouth������

  • Maybe it would be worth it going a bit deeper into this subject after the initial video. Are there any COMMONLY done postures that are dangerous?

  • I love the yoga I have experience with because it is centered around listening to your body, and adjusting as such. There is a personal responsibility to take care of yourself. If your shoulders hurt, perhaps take variations. This video felt like there was some yoga hierarchy involved meaning, if you haven’t been here or studied hereperhaps you shouldn’t be taking yoga, or don’t go to this studio, or take class from this person…. I feel like the spread of yoga is a positive direction for us all. I hope this video doesn’t turn people away from connecting to their bodies with breathe, and listening in. The students themselves are the best teachers. Science can help an understanding, but experience i find can’t be beat. Sometimes we get hurt, or push ourselves too far….. but those are moments to learn and grow from��‍♀️

  • I’m a 70 year old Indian American Internist. I started learning yoga about thirty years ago, went to various teachers and classes. I sustained various injuries like a bad shoulder sprain, torn hamstring, things like that. The standing forward bend that is really a potentially trouble making aasana, unless you have what I call mile long hamstrings!:)
    So: I quit traditional Iyengar yoga which I call constipated yoga. I love Vinyaasas, learning from books by A.G.Mohan, and Desikachar. I’ve learned to blend it with Chi Kung. Often I found my body going into poses nobody ever taught me, and sequences too. Our Spirit is infinite, and is the greatest teacher. It has taken me decades, to blend the understanding of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen. And blending Yoga and Chi Kung. I feel so good about my practice now. And above, all I do various warm-up routines FIRST. You can turn up the heat in the room, but unless the body is warmed up with the right moves, injuries can occur.
    Yes, points very well taken. Check into the credentials of the teacher, find out how experienced the teacher is. And above all, listen to your body and maintain a good presence. Your Inner Spirit, what Yoga calls the Aathma, will always guide you right.

  • Your skin isn’t paper, don’t cut it.
    Your face isn’t a mask, so don’t hide it.
    Your size isn’t a book, don’t judge it.
    Your heart isn’t glass, don’t let others shatter it.
    Your life isn’t a film, don’t end it.
    I just want to say to whoever happens to read this, I love you and wish you a peaceful sleep and a wonderful, beautiful day. You are not alone

  • I can only tell u didn’t got a good yoga teacher or u didn’t understand yoga doesn’t mean only means concentration, consciousness,alertness and a lot..try to explore..really u can enjoy your life..u can refer one YouTube video “this is why yoga isn’t working for you” by sadguru.. good luck

  • I just want to let you know, nomatter how negative you feel or even if you are unaware of your situation, I pray for you and just know that it’s going to be alright. You are not alone. It’s normal to have negative situation or thoughts.Raise your vibration to surpass all the negativity. The world is a wonderful place to live in.

  • So much gratitude for this sound of love, light, and peace. May it bring joy to all who hear it. You are loved, you are amazing, you are a miracle.

  • Hello it’s great what you do, without hesitation I subscribed to follow you and I put a Like to encourage you; on my side, I would be pleasantly touched by your support in return by subscribing too!!! See you soon I hope on my channel!

  • This is true of any physical discipline, not just yoga. There are good and bad teachers in all fields and injuries can occur when working to achieve a higher level in sport, martial art, ballet etc. You show a few clips of people falling out of postures but this is perfectly normal when practicing anything challenging and it’s misleading to suggest it should never happen.

  • They wasn’t scared. They just couldn’t breathe with full lungs. There was no much air. They just had to adjust to new world to new beginning. And be free again.

  • I’ve never done yoga. Besides the accidents and damaging health, my dad always told me never empty your mind because something comes in to fill it…

  • Thank you for creating and sharing this. It is very beautiful and soothing.
    2020 has been a challenge for all of us. I know, for some it’s been more challenging than others. But I hope, whoever is reading this, things are changing for the better for you and your loved ones. These circumstances aren’t permanent, they are temporary. Keep pushing forward, you will see the light soon. Always remind yourself in times of adversity that ‘This too shall pass’. Try to stay positive and take care of yourself first, in order to take care of your loved ones. A big virtual hug to you.

  • Thank for Cherri h so beautiful
    content.. keep placing nice videos to the plane.Lets be friend support each other peace on earth ��

  • To every single one of you who poste these comments with nice and positive words and energy and love, Thank you. May the universe receive all my good energy and love and let it touch you in this moment. Have strength, faith and peace will enter. Breath. The universe love you, we’re love and we love each other. Peace

  • As usual, you have created a peaceful atmosphere.
    If we want to move forward, we must move together.
    I bid you Health, I bid you Wealth, I bid you Wisdom…
    But most of all I bid you LOVE!

  • I like yoga, but I take the “woo” out of it. To me, it’s balancing and stretching exercises with a lot of eastern bullshit added. Many new agers in the U.S. embrace the woo, but you can remove that and it still works great without embracing anything on insufficient evidence.

  • I gave up on yoga after Yoga with Adrienne did a headstand in a beginner video…didn’t want to be paralysed, glad my brain knew when it didn’t make sense

  • i’ve been getting these types of videos in my recommended and i wanna
    try them and see if they work for me but i’m confused. what do i need to
    do, is it like a meditation, or can i use it as bacground sound? do i
    go trough the whole thing? i doubt i even have the attention span for
    that. any advice would be welcome

  • Most of the western world thinks yoga is postures.Yoga is discipline and what HATHA yoga u are talking is just set of exercises to make your physical body healthy if you do it wrong you would have injuries and its applicable in every filed.More over Hatha yoga is just a small part. The astanga of yoga classifies yoga broadly as

    Yama moral codes

    Niyama self-purification and study

    Asana posture

    Pranayama breath control

    Pratyahara withdrawing of the mind from the senses

    Dharana concentration

    Dhyana deep meditation

    Samadhi union with the object of meditation… Just walking with yoga mat and having flexible body dosent make yogis.

  • Asana is a preparation for sitting-meditation which most do not do but the Shivasana ending is also good. My experience with yoga: it was extremely beneficial to me, it left a permanent transformation in my core and spirit. BUT my instructors were great and the style which I did was right for me(more meditative). But of course it is diluted and misunderstood by especially is westerners. I am a yoga advocate. Try it! Go slow and take care not to injure yourself and try different instructors and styles till you find one that fits for you. AuM

  • Dentro de pronto haré un examen de admisión y siento cómo si esta musica alegara todo mal pensamiento y empoderara mas mi seguridad

  • I have got a vertebra shift by doing facing forward dog.I think some asanas are not healthy also when the yoga instructor is good.

  • I do not know anything about yoga,
    I fracture my shoulder and I did not get any benefits from chiropractors, phiciotherapy etc.
    In my frustration I got a video of yoga at Costco….. so I started my journey to learn to go with in, to my surprise it wasn’t about the movement that I was teaching my body to do rather I was found by a very powerful movement that wanted from me to go with it!!
    This powerful force started to teaching me how to do this for my own healing and today I’m healed and strong like never before and I can not wait to get on my mat every morning to let myself to be guide by this knowledge that comprehens my needs of that day better than myself or anyone.
    In my ignorance all I can say is that life to me today after this experience is a continual movement that want that you be part of it.
    Last but never the least. Not every pose is for everyone at every given moment.
    Thank you for your video also I wish that you faund the answer that your soul needs.
    Ps: I hope it makes sense. I’m not fluent in english.

  • Eu aqui procurando comentários português, pq sei que assim como eu os brasileiro acreditam em outras ideias vindo de outros paises☺pq queremos ir mais além

  • Yoga is a fun new gloss over the old indian wrestling, primitive gymnastics from denmark, and swedish calisthenics that british officers brought to India over a century ago. By the 1920s at YMCA’s in India the number 1 and 2 exercises in India were the swedish and danish exercises mentioned above. Just check out the “Yoga as Exercise” article on Wikipedia for the real history rather than the myths pushed by Indian marketing teams in the 1970s.


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