The Ten Best Yoga Moves for Inflexible People


Beginners Yoga Full Body Stretch For Posture & Flexibility DAY 10 Yoga For Inflexible People

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BEGINNER FLEXIBILITY ROUTINE (Stretches for the Inflexible)

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10 Minute Yoga For Inflexible People | Beginner Yoga

Video taken from the channel: Yoga With Bird

The 10 Best Yoga Moves for Inflexible People 1. Upper Chest and Back Opener Do this move anywhere, standing or sitting. And definitely bust it out at the end of a 2. Chest and Shoulder Opener Here’s a move to get those chest and shoulders to open up. It’s the antidote to long stints 3. Seated. The 10 Best Yoga Moves for Inflexible People #yoga #stretching #fitness #exercise #fit. Before doing all these yoga poses keep these general principles in mind: 1. You should always be able to breathe evenly, so find your edge but don’t go past it!

Allow your body to open up and adjust over the space of about five or six breaths in each pose. 2. Vinyasa yoga, likewise called flow yoga, is one of the very best types to help with weight reduction. There are a number of various yoga styles even within the Vinyasa group. Power yoga is Vinyasa.

Start on hands and knees, with knees directly below hips and hands slightly in front of shoulders. Exhale and lift knees away from the floor, keeping your arms straight and lifting your tailbone toward the ceiling. Press chest down while lifting hips up, creating an upside-down “V” shape with your. This Gentle Yoga practice is appropriate for people who are new to yoga or who are less flexible.

Please check out our other Yoga for Bigger Bodies videos! M. Yoga for inflexible people should focus on these asanas. konasana, trikonasana, kamarchakrasana, hanuman asana, baddha konasana, janushirasana, padmasana, paschimotanasana and dhanurasana Whenever possible in the day, sit on your yoga mat in sukhasana, padmasana or vajrasana. Make sure you have accessibility to blocks and other yoga accessories, so that you can modify the poses and stretch yourself to do a bit more.

10 Easy Yoga Poses For Women Above 60. If you are a woman over 60, you can try these yoga poses: 1. Tadasana – Mountain Pos. This is a 10 minute yoga flow for inflexible bodies. perfect beginner yoga for anyone who does not have a very flexible body, someone who can’t quite touch their toes or sit cross legged who would. The 10 Best Yoga Poses for Inflexible People.

Yoga Restaurativa Yoga Moves Yoga Meditation Yoga Exercises Yoga Pad Breathing Meditation Yoga Beginners Beginner Yoga Yoga For Beginners Flexibility. Sport Tank Yoga Mind & Body. Viralstyle Is The 100% Free Way To. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga, although it certainly helps for some poses.

But there are plenty of moves you can do even if you have the world’s tightest hamstrings. We love this.

List of related literature:

The beauty of repeating this yoga flow is that it provides multiple opportunities for branching into frontextension postures, such as Sphinx, Cobra, and Kneeling Forward Lunge, or into the crawling postures from Table pose, or into the seated postures, such as Pinwheel, Seated Forward Bend, or Spinal Twist.

“Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body's Own Wisdom” by Don Stapleton
from Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body’s Own Wisdom
by Don Stapleton
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2004

In a restorative or gentle yoga class, the warm-up often starts with pranayama or meditation and then continues with gentle limbering movements such as seated sun breaths, seated side bends, and cat tilts and dog tilts on hands and knees.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

Kundalini and ashtanga yoga both emphasize vigorous movement as well as difficult poses.

“Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health” by Andrew Weil
from Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health
by Andrew Weil
Houghton Mifflin, 2004

Without a doubt, hatha yoga improves flexibility.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Wellbeing” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Wellbeing
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

Disciplined practice of a particular movement pattern or spinal alignment is a characteristic of many forms of mind–body exercise such as hatha yoga, Alexander technique, Pilates, and taichi.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults
by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
Human Kinetics, 2005

What appears to be a series of simple flexibility exercises that work the lower legs, lower back, neck, shoulders, and arms is really a progression of conscious movements, in combination with one’s breath, to discipline the mind and ego.

“Essentials of Managing Stress” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Essentials of Managing Stress
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

Yoga is probably the most popular of these movement-based mind-body disciplines that we’ve encountered.

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
from Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints
by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
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This style of yoga is ideal for people who are looking for gentle movement and stretching.

“Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits” by Candace Moore
from Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits
by Candace Moore
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Bikram yoga goes through a series of 26 poses in a very hot room so beware.

“Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening” by J.A.H. Diouck
from Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening
by J.A.H. Diouck,

More than simple flexibility exercises, hatha yoga is a progression of conscious movements in combination with one’s breath designed to discipline the mind and ego.

“Essentials of Managing Stress” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Essentials of Managing Stress
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2016

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  • Oh this is great finally some yoga I can do with a collection of great exercises that feel achievable:) Thanks a lot for making

  • I just did this. First time doing yoga ever! I did almost all of it with just a few modifications (like bent knees) and that surprised me. I’m 230 pounds and nearly sixty years old. If I can do this anyone can. Thank you, Brett!

  • What can I do to help with my kneecaps slipping out during the frog pose? My knees were so out of place haha. Had to push them back to their place.

  • I love that you reply to comments, it means the world! I am a 6’1” 20y/o girl and I’ve always been struggling with inflexibility and bad spine. These poses were extremely painful and made me dizzy, but I am eager to keep trying! It’s quite frustrating and I was wondering how long does it usualy take (and with what intensity) to see results? This is probably my 10th yoga practice and I see no results:(

  • This video was fabulous! I like your other stretch videos, but even an older inflexible runner like me can do this one. Great job! I love the tip for getting back on the sit bones, it helps me a ton!

  • This was great! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and had my right shoulder replaced a year ago. I am still recovering but this was a great intro back into my practice! Do you have a class for modifications for shoulder replacement? I can no longer do weight bearing on the right arm. Namaste ��

  • Me thinking oh yes a strech that will be good…
    During workout: knees pop, legs break, I die… why why why?! Why are you trying to kill me ����‍♀️
    But thanks for this hopefully I can work on my flexibility.
    I love your workouts thank you so much for making them. ��

  • Hey, could you do more 30 min stretch routine? I love this video… I’ve been trying to strech every day since quarantine started and your videos are really helpfull

  • Just found this video! I am crazy stiff, and have been searching for a routine that isn’t painful and this is it! Thank you! ��I wish you all the best! ☀️

  • Loved it although it made me realize that I am not as flexible as I thought but it doesn’t matter because with practice anyone can get there.

    How often should we do this? What do you recommend? 3x/week? More?

  • I cannot say enough how this session has helped me… from being completely inflexible to seeing massive improvement in less than two weeks… wow… what’s the next step or video you recommend after mastering this… I have flat feet, anterior pelvic tilt, and knee Valgus ������

  • I really like your video. I am very limited in mobility, but I think I can most of this with your modifications. The one thing I can’t do is get down on my knees, they hurt so badly after just a few seconds on them. Is there a modification I can do for that part?

  • thanks for this class, it is sooo good, doing it in the morning and my body is so much happier for the rest of the day. My lower back and shoulder pain are nearly gone. Also thanks for not including downward dog, which seems to be favorit pose in other inflexible people classes but is hard to do with aching shoulder

  • Thank you for creating this yoga video for inflexible people. I found you through searching those very words and appreciate your consideration, use of props and guidance, for this. It was enjoyable and achievable, yet nicely challenging (& adjustable). Thank you!

  • This was great thanks! I still struggled to do everything you suggested but this has been the best beginners video I’ve seen so far. Besides the obvious hamstring inflexibility. I also really struggle with bending my hips and keeping my back long. I think in particular the back issue is due to me not being good at knowing what my body is doing and making it do more precice movements this also causes me not to be able to roll my shoulders back when doing the stretch with the table or wall.

  • I just purchased two yoga super blocks! They are three times larger than normal yoga blocks and are incredible for newbies. Amazon.

  • Thank you very much. I like this even better than the first version. I was wondering could you consider doing an intermediate stretching tutorial?

  • This was great the only point I really struggled was doing the forward fold with the chair but I just kept my back up instead of folding forward all the way. Hopefully once I get a bit more flexibility in my hips and legs I can add in the upper body.

  • I do this stretch like every other day because it’s my favourite one and the results I have seen are AMAZING! could barely forward fold and touch my knees and now I can touch the ground!

  • Maddie you are SO loved on here!! Can you please do a stretch routine for people who sit a lot for their work? Your stretch routines are amazing!

  • I wanted to give up a few times because there are some stretches I’m not good at… but then I thought: you need to push through it to BECOME good at those tricky stretches! Now I’m proud of myself:) maddy I love your workouts! Thank you ����

  • Been a life saver during lock down. So glad I found these! Am now introducing this to my friends �� thank you so much. It’s a very kind thing to do

  • Brett: My neck hurt with the chair shoulder stretch, just like yesterday, but it released a bit after a minute. YAY. That was hard. So I suppose once my shoulders loosen, my neck will loosen, too. I paused some of your shorter stretches so I could do 4 minutes. Legs came a little more loose. But I could not flex my toes up. I was stretching too hard and the burn was too much.:)

    I am coming along.

  • I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I am super inflexible. It was impossible to reach my toes while sitting down with one foot pointing to one side. And the first time i did this session it felt like i wricked my neck, it hurted so much. But now. Only three days later i’m one cm away from reaching my toes while sitting down. ONLY three days. This is magic and the best thing ive done. I will continuing do this every day and i know i will be able to reach my toes within one week. YOU ARE AWESOME. THANK YOU.

  • Very good session!! I think I picked the right level for my first time doing yoga. Anymore difficult would not have been possible for me. I feel like I should do this same routine daily for at least a week. Thank you for helping me get started!!

  • Oh and at work, we stretch before we start work and I always reach up, clasp my hands and stretch up, then spread my arms out and lean back to bend the back and open the chest. When I would come out of that, I ALWAYS had a few seconds of light-headedness. Since last Thursday, I can do this without getting lightheaded. That is exciting to me.

  • Thank you for these great videos. You are inspiring. I am motivated to get more flexible and help my muscles get back into shape, These are really helping me.

  • Yoga room is decorated and the carpet is down! Just need to get it set up and get a couple of bits of furniture, crystals etc
    It’ll be so good to have a nice space just to escape to. Loved this practice very soothing ������

  • I’m from Brazil and I came here to thank you for this video, I’m trying to get back on my flexibility and i’m gonna use your videos for it! Thank you again, I love it ��

  • Ok, it is February 2019, and I have just tried your exercise. Challenging for me, but exciting too, as I have some sciatica problems..and two horses to ride. At 60 thinks tak longer to get longer, but will see how this works out for us!

  • Thank you so much. I often, when doing the poses, feel tension on the inside of my thighs and up towards my grointhat is even though yoga instructors rarely mention that part of the body, but still its where I feel most discomfort. Namaste.:)

  • Thanks this is the first class I’ve been able to get all the way through. My body is riddled with osteoarthritis at 55 after living a very active life due to the pain I’m trying to find something I can continue to maintain my mobility. I will definitely be doing this again. Namaste ��

  • Hi Maddie, I love the stretch videos! Can you do more stretch videos focusing on the neck, traps and back? Thank you for motivating me!

  • Thank you for this video. This was the first one I found that truly was for the SUPER inflexible. Many other similarly titled videos underestimated just how inflexible I am. Going to try to do this routine and work my way up!

  • I started stretching a few months ago inconsistently because I was in pain due to stiffness. Till I found this womens channel I did NOT like yoga, I just tried videos and would quit and go back to my highschool wrestling strectches. Ive found myself very stiff and ego aside im doing beginner videos. Brett Larkins style made yoga mentally and physically tolerable for me to do it consistantly(she always has good modifications and encouragement ). I started a 30 minute minimum a day challenge for myself yesterday. If you’re iffy on yoga or in a rut. I recommend exploring her channel. I do not believe I would challenge myself to be consistent if I did not like her channel so much. Good times.

  • Very nice workout, The first stretch is basically the same stretch I do when done showering in the morning while my muscles are still warm and the water is hitting my lower back. Even the weight shifting of the hips during the same movement.

  • I have been doing these for two weeks, but not every day. I do them at night during the week and twice a day on weekends. When I am not busy at my warehouse job, I stretch as I can where I am working. My neck was getting sore in the beginning, but now seems fine for the last few days. Also, my right shoulder has loosened enough to do the twist on my knees. I am hoping my left one will follow soon. I will keep on going as I want my back and shoulders to improve.

  • It is night time and I rotated my shoulders and they creaked and cracked. So I locked my fingers together in front of me, turned my hands inside out and reached up hard. I swayed and twisted my waist. Then I did the same behind me. Then I rotated my shoulders and silence. The stretches I did really felt good, too. For my shoulders and my back. I think I am getting creative with stretching ideas.

  • 23:40 i am not able to “open my arm” i cant even put my shoulders on the ground. Is there a solution to strech my shoulders without pain? A video would be great for people like me, who work all day in front of the computer and have “stiff upper back and limited shoulder movement”..:)

  • I can’t thank you enough for this video. I’ve been interested in doing yoga for years now due to back and shoulder issues, but even the beginner classes and videos are too challenging for me. I really need to start at a remedial level and am ecstatic to have found you. I’m a piano instructor and we call pre-beginner music “primer level.” I’m happy to begin my yoga journey at a primer level, where I don’t feel as awkward and can build a solid foundation. So far I’ve done this routine 4 times and can already feel my muscles stretch and loosen. Thank you so so very much!

  • Hi, Thank you for the routine. It is really helpful. Can you please show us some routine for leg, hip and back stretches for beginners? Many thanks

  • Hi Brett. I just started Yoga and am perhaps one of the most inflexible men around at 75 years old. Your course is just wonderful for me and already I see wonderful improvements to my body and feel better. Thanks so much.

  • Thank you! I just found you and you are amazing! I tried a so called beginner class at a studio and I was so embarrassed of how inflexible I am! I am 55 and have been mostly sedentary and trying to find something to begin getting more active and fit. This class was perfect for me!

  • thanks for the video ������ this is really good and encouraging. most videos I’d seen weren’t really helpful as they assume you can do the poses

  • Likes, Comments, Shares & Donations help keep this channel thriving and help keep yoga free and accessible to all worldwide! I am so grateful for this platform and you all for joining me here, allowing me to join you in your journey.
    Lets keep shining!! -Bird <3

  • thank you for this easy to follow stretching video. I’ve been working out for years but really not putting much effort into stretching. I’m adding this one to my rotation.

  • this video really deserves its caption. it is really for inflexible people like me. I regret why I hadn’t done it before as I had this video in my playlist for years but BCS of disbelieving in these kinda videos (captioning this is for beginners but you see you should have taken courses to reach that beginner level ):/ Do you have exactly like this other videos? I truly loved it and
    I’m working with it every day at least for 3 weeks and I see the progression. I would love to continue this road with you. and I hope one day I could take classes from you for my intermediate yoga. Lots of love:)

  • 31:25 “and the goal is to have your hips flat on the floor” You gotta be joking me! Goal, as in life goal for an inflexible guy like me? I’m sitting in this posture, trying my froggiest, hurting, yet I’m still several kilometres and lightyears away from the floor. This is a great routine, but you should really show some alternatives, as several postures are currently not available to most (I’d guess) clicking this video.

  • At 13.40 I was almost crying of thay stretch omg, But I pulled through! I have very tight hamstrings and such lve started to exercise on daily so I’d also like to improve on flexibility! I feel the difference

  • I want to thank you so much for making this available. I used to be so athletic and flexible and now i am so not those two things. After being hospitalized a couple times combined with knee and elbow injuries i’ve sustained over the years, its so difficult to find a routine that i can do and especially hard to keep up with the speed at which a lot of routines go. This routing was challenging but doable. Again thank you, and once more thank you!!!!

  • Hi there I am having issues with my lower back and hips. Could bearly stand up before I tried this clip. Now am moving freely with minamal pain. Been so long like this am so inflexible on account, this was a big help thank you:-D

  • Really good clear instructions, from base up! With the half splits, another good reason to keep the hips level, and not let the left hip pop up if stretching l/s leg, is that twist in the hips put undue strain on the Sacro-iliac joint. Eventually this can make it become misaligned and hypermobile.

  • I am 60 years old and have fought flexibility issues all my life. I had back surgery in my mid 30s. Nothing has released my back like the stretch where you drop your foot to the ground at the end of the video. Will be doing this stretch and sequence a lot. Thanks soooo much

  • Maddie, I love your stretching routines! Thanks so much! Troubleshooting question: I can’t sit in straddle stretch without my outer hips cramping instantly, what can I do to fix/improve that?

  • I have been away from this, but I am back. A FB group Dr has me sleeping in the floor with no pillow and doing ustrasand yoga. Three weeks still convinced me I need to stretch in other ways. What Iam doing is starting to straighten my spine as now I cn put head on floor when stretching hips. So I will work out with you daily now.

    My neck needs to let loose yet. Tho head is on floor, chin is pointed up. I can’t relax my neck.

  • Thank You. Happy New Year. I used to do yoga daily before I was struck down with fibromyalgia thru my spine hips and feet.
    6 months ago I started my new life style and went vegan. Within 2 months I was back to working 6 days a week at a computer desk. That itself was a huge accomplishment. But I’m still up to 10 hrs a day so I wanted to start yoga again. Your ham and hip stretches are everything. I’m onto day 2 of this video and I’ve already seen an improvement thanks to muscle memory.
    I have 35 kgs to lose to get healthy and this video is the beginning

  • hello..i have just started the stretching exercise and the morning yoga( of ur channel)..per week how many days you recommend to practice this stretching exercise?i have a baby boy of 7 months old n have normal delivery n lost almost 15 kgs already.i only have some stubborn belly please suggest..

  • I finally see I was doing that very last move wrong. Now I understand it. Having trouble using muscle to do a stretch and not body weight. Will have to try to do those end moves another way using body weight to force a stretch.

  • Brett, this is great, I have been doing it about twice a week for the last 3-4 months and am able to stretch further and for longer than I have for about 30 years! Well done a very optimistic and bright style that is so encouraging thanks very much.

  • The most productive yoga routine ever! (That’s a lot coming from a yoga hayet) I think you’re my favorite instructor…thanks for being understanding and helpful to the nflexible…I hope I didn’t put my back out, ha ha! Cheers:)

  • Hey, there! I hope you enjoy today’s video for inflexible people or people who struggle with mobility and flexibility! Let me know how the class went for you in the comments below!!

  • Nice video Bird. I’ve learned so many Yoga poses over the last 3 years & I’ve learned many new poses & variations of poses from watching all your videos but I still revisit & practice all the basic beginning poses that I started with when I was pretty much inflexible. I’ve come a long way in 3 years of Yoga thanks for the video Bird!

  • I am so tight and stiff the forward fold with chair was extremly painful. I thought we are not supposed to feel pain when stretching.

  • my first comment on a youtube video! You’re saving me from going crazy during this pandemic! thank you so much for all of your time and efforts.

  • My body felt stiff and painful when I woke up this morning, so I wanted to find a yoga class just for that. And lo and behold here it was! As simple and basic as this practice seemed, it was still quite challenging to hold the poses for this long. I feel a lot better now, so totally worth the effort! Thank you!:-)

  • Amazing way to start the morning! My body is becoming more flexible, thanks to your routines. I’m motivated to see how flexible I can get.

  • My left hamstring is super inflexible, and when I was trying to point my left toes up, it was painful and I felt my foot going numb. What you said about holding the stretch for 2-5 minutes goes against what I’ve been told about stretching (30 seconds max). I think I should’ve done a warm up before this. Otherwise, I really enjoyed and needed this. Thank you!

  • Finally! A yoga class that’s suitable for actual beginners who may not have the flexibility or balance to many moves yet. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much Maddie �� With that exercises I became happier and healthier. I greatly appreciate that you explain everything distinctly and really care that we wouldn’t damage ourselves!

  • Thank you so much for this video. There are so many videos out there saying it is for beginners and it is never at my level of yoga and inflexibility. That is the most frustrating because I know that I need yoga but I had not found an instructor or video that could help me until now. You understand exactly what I need. Thank you so much again.

  • Wonderfully relaxing��

    I used blocks, a foam roller, and a blanket in place of pillows since I used this video as a cool down from a workout.
    Followed up with a short leg focused video for the purpose of cooling down, since there was very little leg stretching in this one.

    Thanks so much for your content!

  • Do you have any series on people who can’t bend their toes 90 degrees due to toe surgery? Seems like a LOT off poses need to bend toes ��

  • This was a super helpful video. I will say I ran into issues with the chair exercise, I’m wondering if its because I’m pretty tall and maybe the chair I chose was a little shorter as well. I’m pretty new to yoga, taking a few restorative/ relaxation classes. I used to be a horse back rider so my hamstrings and hips were trained to be tight. I really saw a difference from beginning to end, all of my muscles felt hot after releasing all of that tension. My muscles were fighting it for a bit, but after holding certain positions it got easier. I couldn’t help but notice that during the session my hips/legs were offset and I was feeling stretches in different places. Does anyone have thoughts on this?

  • You should explain the stretch before telling people to do it, About the time your done explaining how to actually do it your done with the move and on to another before anyone fully finish because you dragged out a half of stretch

  • Well, all I need to say that most of the floor poses are not for inflexible people, especially the hip stretching with twisting leg to the side with foot on the floor. Would be great to see on your next video to this pose by real inflexible person.

  • Brett you are the best! It has been one month for me with your lessons and i start to feel different and better! I want to continue every day with your lessons even if it should be 10 min when Iam busy thank you so much for what you do

  • I’ve never done yoga and have terrible flexibility, this video tbh changed my perspective on yoga because this was so relaxing though painful I was able to somehow push though it and forget about the pain

  • This is not suitable for beginners. If you are inflexible the majority of these stretches will be unachievable. It’s disappointing no alternatives are suggested.

  • I have been doing the yoga for beginners and the 30 min stretch for a few days and I can see that slowly, very slowly, my flexibility is getting a bit better. I am still long ways away but will keep working on this.. thanks Maddie!

  • Thank you so much for making this video! I have been trying to find videos to help my brother increase his flexibility and now I have found the perfect Youtuber!

  • Hope you guys enjoyed version 2 of the beginner stretch series! It feels so good to take a few minutes out of the day to stretch and pay close attention to your body ❤️ Sending you all love! XxMaddie

  • I have suffered with Piriformis syndrome for close to two years. I have been doing this beginner course on repeat about 5 times & my body feels like it did prior to the injury that caused the syndrome in the first place. Thank you for this. I think the secret is doing the stretches longer, because I have done these same stretches with Physical Therapy—but not for the duration they are done on this video.

  • Wonderful stretch routine. My body is really stiff, and i found this routine great for me, since i also recently started yoga. Very helpful, thank you ��

  • 5:12 I struggle to keep my head upright and facing forward like you are. Also my left leg isn’t straight like yours, it’s completely bent. Does this mean I’m even less flexible than your target audience for this video?

  • I am green at Yoga. I’ve straightened out my curved back with an acupressure mat 1-2.5 hrs each night but I found out a week ago that Yoga is what I need to get my stooped shoulders back.I’ve been watching videos for a week and decided I needed to gain some flexibility in order to do any yoga. So I just finished yours. Interesting to me when you said to hold stretches for 2 mins. I also thought holding a stretch long allowed the body to release that muscle, but I did not ever think of going more than a minute. I could see a couple small improvements after holding each stretch so long. Thank you for saying breathe and relax so much. It helped me. I do think I will gain flexibility. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • “Get on your hands and knees” ok, that’s the very first thing I can’t do �� I think I need a “yoga for inflexible people with dodgy wrists and zero upper body strength”!

  • I am a chronic patient of osteomyelitis, has gone through 17 surgeries on my legs in last 8 yrs. I lost great level of flexibility. I just tried 1 set of all. They do work. It’s simply invaluable what you are sharing.

  • First time to do this today and i was cracking the whole time!!!! Amazing feeling afterward! Thank you so much Maddie! Much love ��

  • Wonderful morning routine. It’s so nice to be able to be mindful after some stretches. Thank you for making the working from home day so much better!

  • Thankyou for this! I’m overweight, inflexible and have let myself become inactive. This morning I woke up and decided enough is enough! This class felt GOOD.

  • Brilliant for me. I wanted to start yoga to help me be able to bend to get my socks on again, but most videos I have watched for inflexible people, I can’t even get into the first position. I could do all of this, very pleased

  • I’ve just discovered your video! Thank you! I needed this this morning as some active recovery.
    Shall definitely be incorporating this into my exercise schedule a couple of times a week going forward.

  • At the beginning of a new fitness journey this finally looks like an inflexible beginners class that I could actually do. I’ve wanted to do yoga for years but even the most beginners videos look too hard. Excited to get some props and get started

  • thank you for this! finally a video for people for are truly not flexible yet and that i can use to work my way up instead of being discouraged by so called “beginner” videos where i can’t do half the poses. this really motivated me and made me feel great!

  • I feel extremely relaxed after doing these stretches! Do you think it’s okay to stretch to much hips? I like this posture. However, I would feel uncomfortable when I hold too long. Is it normal? Who else has this problem ��

  • Since resuming this, I have been sleeping better. I am coupling this with other back stretching tools that I have used for 3 wks. I wonder now if a happy back helps sleep.

  • AWESOME! I love stretching. Feel so good. I feel leaner after I stretch. I can’t believe how inflexible I have become. Getting old is not fun. Lol thanks for these stretching videos!

  • This was really great! Living in such a fast paced day-in-age I sometimes loose sight of the importance of simplicity and simply existing! Thank you for this!

  • Loved it!!! It was good challenged me enough but still very enjoyabkle i didnt realize i was so tense definitly want to do this daily!

  • Thank you so much Birdie
    This is what I was looking forward too…
    I love your sessions
    They are exactly what I need to feel “homeostasis” for the day

  • I love your workouts and dance ones i do like yoga too how ever this is defiantly not for a inflexible beginner as your legs are fully straight, and your going so low and close to the body i really struggled haha

  • Thank you for looking out for all the people who cannot twist their bodies into pretzels and wrap their legs around their necks! I was a cheerleader 40 years ago (i repeat, 40 YEARS AGO) and I can’t do the things I used to! This is perfect. You just got a new subscriber!

  • Many thanks for your class✨✨✨. I combine it with your other 30 min stretch class. 4 days in a raw and I could touch the knees and the floor. And it is phenomenal for me! I could do it 5 years ago after 1 year regular yoga practice. Amazing practice! Thank you ❤️��

  • WOW, this is only day 10 and the changes in my flexibility and body already has been amazing!! I’m so excited to see where I am by day 30! Thank you so much, Bird! ��❤️ This is immensely encouraging.