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35-Minute POWER NAP for Energy and Focus: The Best Binaural Beats

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How a Nap Can Boost Your Productivity (If You Do It Right)

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Theta Power Nap Music Increase Energy, Productivity & Memory Deep Relax

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Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone

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The POWER NAP: What You Need To Know

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What happens when we sleep? (S3) | The Power of Good Health

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The 20-minute power nap sometimes called the stage 2 nap is good for alertness and motor learning skills like typing and playing the piano. What happens if you nap for more than 20 minutes?A power nap improves learning and memory, prevents stress, boosts mood and creativity, helps jump start productivity and alertness, and even helps lower your risk for heart disease. However, we all know that not all power rests are created equally.

To get the most out of a nap, follow these tips: Keep naps short. Aim to nap for only 10 to 20 minutes. The longer you nap, the more likely you are to feel groggy afterward. However, young adults might be able to tolerate longer naps. Take naps in the early afternoon.

Napping after 3 p.m. can interfere with nighttime sleep. Napping, previously considered to be nothing more than a symbol of laziness or a waste of time, actually has some surprising scientific benefits. With increased alertness, improved memory, heightened creativity, and an overall boost of energy, naps can actually be one of the most beneficial parts of your day to day life. Taking a power nap has many benefits for your brain, heart, stress levels, and mood.

A short nap of 10 or 20 minutes in the middle of the day can do wonders for your productivity, alertness, and memory. A power nap will leave you feeling refreshed and increase your energy levels. The best time to power nap is either mid afternoon after lunch or just before dawn.

During these times you experience a natural dip in alertness due to your circadian rhythm, making it the most ideal time to power nap. Follow these three simple steps for successful power napping: Find somewhere comfortable to relax where you won’t be disturbed. Change your Life — says that naps at different durations result in different benefits. For example, a 10 to 20 minute nap will provide a quick boost of alertness while mitigating the onset of. Power Nap: 10 to 20 minutes Most sleep experts agree that if you want to have a quick jolt of alertness and vigor and/or decrease fatigue, take a 10to 20-minute nap.

So, for example, if you are taking a road trip and begin feeling drowsy with no Red Bull in sight, pull over to the side of the road and take a quick nap–it packs a big punch!Nap. A study in Behavioural Brain Research found an afternoon nap equated to a dose of caffeine when improving perpetual learning. In the experiment, people who napped got better scores on a word-recall task after waking up than people who took caffeine or a.

Increased Creativity: Power naps have been linked to increased right brain activity — the part of the brain associated with creativity. Naps can facilitate big-picture ideas and help with visualization — two things that can especially come in handy at work.

List of related literature:

Most research on napping has examined either alertness or specific cognitive benefits.

“The Neuroscience of Sleep” by Robert Stickgold, Matthew P. Walker
from The Neuroscience of Sleep
by Robert Stickgold, Matthew P. Walker
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And so the “power nap” was born.

“Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” by Matthew Walker
from Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
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strategic napping at work.

“Miller's Anesthesia, 2-Volume Set E-Book” by Michael A. Gropper, Ronald D. Miller, Lars I. Eriksson, Lee A Fleisher, Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, Neal H Cohen, Kate Leslie
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Winston Churchill, a daily napper, instinctively understood what scientists would eventually confirm about the value of naps.

“The Way We're Working Isn't Working” by Tony Schwartz, Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D., Jean Gomes
from The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working
by Tony Schwartz, Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D., Jean Gomes
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Power Napping.

“One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness” by Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter, Gillian Coutts
from One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness
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Although Edison took naps, Churchill took naps, and Einstein did, too, drowsy workers opt to caffeinate.

“The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another” by Ainissa Ramirez
from The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another
by Ainissa Ramirez
MIT Press, 2020

This is because a nap after half a day’s work serves to replenish our energy, maintain our body, and reestablish the balance between the body and the mind, especially the balance of hormones associated with the function of heart.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
from Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach
by Henry B. Lin
Llewellyn Publications, 2000

The power nap I’d taken while my mom was here had given me a burst of energy, and now sleep was even less likely than it normally was.

“Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It” by Jennifer Fulwiler
from Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It
by Jennifer Fulwiler
Ignatius Press, 2016

Mahatma Gandhi used to take a good nap to get refreshed during his travels.

“Time Management: 30 Principles for the Best Utilization of Your Time” by Dr Sudhir Dixit
from Time Management: 30 Principles for the Best Utilization of Your Time
by Dr Sudhir Dixit
Manjul Publishing,

Unfortunately, napping may be impossible when combat conditions become intense.

“Performance Under Stress” by Peter A. Hancock, James L. Szalma
from Performance Under Stress
by Peter A. Hancock, James L. Szalma
Ashgate Pub., 2008

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  • 35 mins works best for me.
    I’m glad I found the magic (power?) of Binaural Beats. Hats off to you for creating all the tracks. I’ve tried almost all and I always wake up feeling recharged.

  • My favourite seems te be 35min, although I tend to use them as cheats, during weekdays I tipically get 4h of sleep wake up to drive my girl to night shift and after arriving home and time being 4:30 am I can’t fall asleep right away, so I use a calming music for 45min folowing your 35min binaurals. Seems to work. I used your 90min sleep cycle but the result was not as good. Either is not optimal though. Any advice?

  • Tried this before, it didn’t work, went and bough an expensive pair of Bose head phone still doesn’t work. When I’m almost asleep, it time to wake up.

  • It all depends on energy output and what time one wakes… Plus if you want to be enlightened then Sol food is a bright idea ��������

  • apart from all the information in this video I am impressed by the sharp script. Not even a single word wasted and everything is sequenced perfectly

  • The 20-minute power nap has become the perfect power nap for me. The 25 minute PN is also good but can result in some grogginess upon waking. The 6 minute is a good, quick, re-boot -but usually does carry the same effect as the 20. Thank YOU for posting these. I listen to your 20-minute nap every single day now -between 3 pm and 4:30 pm. Wow!

  • Thank you so much for you explanatory videos. They are very helpful to understand the science of sleeping. One more question: What program do you use to create those wonderful videos? I would really appreciate the info

  • Naps have always been impossible for me, while simply sleeping is a chore. Most nights it takes 20 minutes to an hour to sleep with the worst being 2 hours or not sleeping at all.

    What I do notice is listening to a lecture while trying to sleep clonks me out in seconds. It also feels like a bad joke that I’ll be falling to sleep while trying to study, but the second I put my head down to nap I’m instantly wide awake again…

  • I was shit tired after school so i decided to try this out. It worked great, the only problem was i woke up 3 hours later instead of 30 mins.fml.

  • How important is to wear the correct side of the earphones? I mean R and L. Thanks for your videos! I bought some audios from Morry Zelcovich but I lost them. Yours are awesome!!

  • I was worried that I’d be sleepy at work, I cant get sleepy on a forklift. I only had 3 hours of sleep yesterday morning and had to do a 10 hr night shift later. I used this an hr before I had to leave for work and enough energy the whole night, it was the most productive shift I’ve had in months. My supervisor was impressed. Thank you!!

  • Didn’t seem to nap, but it was extremely relaxing and did have me feeling refreshed and energized for the rest of my afternoon. Ty for sharing.

  • You’ve suddenly gotten an influx of viewers, did you recently make a whole bunch of videos public? Cause I’ve been searching the same category of 15 min power nap music for half a year and suddenly yours pops up but it’s over two years old just 2 days back.

  • I didn’t sleep last night and today I tried it because I was really tired and had a lot of work to do. A cup of coffee and a 30min nap later i was more energetic. Although my brain function was slower given the fact that I didn’t sleep the night before, I felt more alert and I think I will start to practice that every day so it becomes a habit. I encourage anyone who sees this comment to try it. It’s awesome.

  • Even through the two drunk heavy thumpers upstairs and the new ‘party house’ next door I feel relaxed calm (not easy) and hope I can get through work without falling asleep or getting tetchy due to less than an hours sleep. �� Thank you �� hugs from UK ������

  • I always end up falling asleep around 4-5 pm and not waking even for an alarm until 5-6 am the next morning, how can i quit doing that?

  • my dear it s fantastic! this is is my first listen! l really neededed it!
    l m sending good vibres to u from Venice island ( italy)


  • This was so powerful that when I woke up I literally thought I slept a whole night, jumped out of my bed and crammed because its our finals and I haven’t studied a single subject yet. Indeed, a power nap��

  • I love 20-minute power napping because I’m a really vivid dreamer, so once I dip into that brief Theta state I have these little “dreams” that come between sleeping and waking.

  • ahhhhh! this is something ive been doing basically my whole life!!! on my off days, i drink coffee early in the AM and read a book and fall asleep, a bit and polish up my day! i thought i was nuts that i could nap after coffee….

  • I used to powernap to the point of where conking out for a few seconds could do the trick.
    I used to do it in a work canteen, where all the HR woman and dinner ladies would harp on as a gaggle of women do. The rhythm and randomness of several conversations at once became like whitenoise to me. Eventually I was pass out, only to wake at 2pm and back to work.

  • Naps are nice �� if a nap is helpful/beneficial it can increase your productivity and then in turn increase your chances of helping others! I understand what he is saying, but we know if you need a nap it’s perfectly healthy unless you are hiding or actually sick!

  • Thanks for the info!

    My husband used to take power naps, but he recently told me they didn’t really work. I’ll have to show him this.

    I’ve been wanting to start a regular biphasic sleep cycle. I have health issues that drain me physically & mentally. But I tend to crash on the couch when I get home, with a book or the TV. Sometimes I doze, sometimes not; sometimes I’m productive afterwards, sometimes I stay there all night. Do you have any recommended tips or tracks?

  • Heart rate is a little increased when you wake up. Suggest to do this when you’re exhausted but need to be alert for something.Drink warm coffee to make you sleepier and drink it some what fast. Go to bed RIGHT after you finish the cup and set an alarm for about 30 min after you go to bed, allowing you to have 10 min to fall asleep (if you’re exhausted this should work) I would never be able to fall asleep so fast if I wasn’t super tired. The nap doesn’t really feel like a regular nap, because you don’t go into a deep sleep. I’m thinking this has something to do with the coffee in your system not allowing you to hit a deep sleep.

  • Hi, first of all great work ��
    Can you please do a video on the difference between binaural sounds and Solfeggio sounds. Also, what are isochronic sounds?

    And yes, thank you for all your efforts. You could’ve kept it for yourself, but you didn’t. You chose to share. Thank you! I greatly appreciate your thought process.

  • listen guys i slept ar 12 am i woke up at 4am i worked my ass off and aeound 10am i felt the urge of sleepin my eyes started to close em selfes and my focus shifred away during the pomodoros now after taking a 20mn nao i feel damn energized i can complete my scheduele now

  • The noise of it remind me off been on a ferry (i always sleep well on them) and im surprised i have woken up in a fairly good mood usually after a nap i want to slap some fool �� ��

  • mostly it’s under 20min, but sometimes it’s 21,22,23… and I agree happened also 6minutes thx for your research also what happened is, in that even little bit dream state brain can detoxicate, and that is that miracle

  • Wtf it was like I was awake and asleep at the same time hand a dream I was going for a run and getting chased by a dog when it hit me and didn’t let go it felt so real

  • what about the effect on the body? Would plugging those caffeine instead of the adenosine stack some problems with the long night’s sleep and sleeping patterns?

  • Is nobody picking up on the potential link between denozine and adhd people being constantly tired. If brain activity causes denozine which is what makes you tired and people with adhd have an overactive brain that means they will be more groggy but then the brain over thinking with someone with adhd will stop them falling sleep too well….. like i have been trying to research why im so tired all the time but never heard of this before but this cycle would make perfect sense to me.

  • I’m always groggy, I’m always tired. In the morning, after a long or short afternoon nap. This has made me hate sleep, it’s lost time, and it doesn’t give you back the energy you lost. I usually have to wait about 2 hours to feel physically and psychologically awake, while drinking coffee.

  • Tip for everyone: Turn off ‘Mono Audio’ function for iPhone in Accessibility > Audio / Visual. So you hear two different frequencies.

    Not sure about samsung but be mindful of a similar function.

  • So being interested in neurology myself, I think this study is a waste of time and money considering it’s hypothesis and figuring out what’s actually going on in it’s implications. We hear about a lot of scientific studies, and I would appreciate it if more authors listed the authors/funders for the study. We are seeing a dramatic increase in scientific studies driven by capital. John Oliver actually did a report on it on Last Week Tonight, I believe.

  • Hello everyone! I’m wondering if the benefices of a nap can be felt as soon as the first nap or if we need to have her like an habit for feel the profits. Thank you to respond! 😉 (and sorry the english’s faults, I don’t speak english very well yet)

  • Cats ( Felis catus ) are responsible for inventing the “Cat Nap”. I have never seen a Cat drink coffee before a Cat Nap; perhaps they are doing it wrong.

  • Coffee naps are not a good idea as caffeine from any source (here coffee) can relax your LES muscle (the muscle that stops food from flowing back to your mouth) and can increase the risk of heartburn as you would be laying down making food to put pressure on your relaxed LES.

    And also after half awake half asleep i get frustrated instead of active

  • 2019 Comment: Who has actually done this and does it really work? I don’t drink coffee, unfortunately, and can’t test this hypothesis myself.

  • I took a super long Sunday afternoon nap that was so refreshing I couldn’t go to sleep that evening. I knew I needed to rest before work and this was absolutely perfect. I awoke feeling refreshed and ready to attack my day. I wish it wasn’t such a startling awakening, but it was still awesome.

  • Some countries/cultures maintain the afternoon break or “siesta” when they have their nap after lunch. Shops and most everything shuts down until 3 or 4, but then they stay open later into the night, like 9pm.

  • I drink coffee today and went down for a nap I slept for 2 hours forgot to set my alarm for 20 minutes is what they suggest but honestly I feel really good I feel like 2 hours after a coffee nap now I feel I can explain I felt a little light headed but after that went away for about 10 minutes actual more awake then whenever I did the 20 minute method I feel more alert am I the only one who notices this

  • What if I am deep asleep and you push the beats up gamma waves in a matter of seconds? Do I immediately wake up? Don’t know if it even makes sense

  • I’ve done this so many times but unknowningly. Sometimes I feel so sleepy at night and by the time I prepare the coffee my eyes can barely stay open and after consuming the coffee ( which I always thought works immediately ) doesn’t work and I fall asleep in no time.

  • This put me into a deeep sleep like my whole body fell asleep before my head which was like sleep paralysis but in a good way super relaxed

  • Hi jason. Thank you for your creations, number 1. Number 2, i hope you don’t mind but i posted my process here in a few places, as to how i am consciously going about listening to this now. I hope you don’t mind. Lastly, as Theta waves are at the very low end of the frequencies spectrum. I was wondering, why are 432hz and 528hz frequencies, i have seen, to be viewed as more along the lines of “God” frequencies? Does that make sense to you, or am i totally off in this consideration? I will have to view your channel more but also curious….Do you have such tracks for time frames of sleep in the 3, 4, 5, 6 hr ranges, as i never know how much sleep it comes down to, that i can have before awakening? I would just love if there was one of these for each time frame. Thank you again. You are truly a contemporary artist and healer ��

  • I don’t know why; but this motivates me while I’m listening. I just feel like initiating things I put off for weeks ��. I’m going to listen to it in a 4 hour loop while working lol.

  • There’s a wrong info given at 7:25, the name of the chemical is “melatonin” not “adenosine”.
    Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle (or) circadian rhythm, whereas adenosine is a base compound involved in metabolism.

  • So. Ich komme um ca 16u von der Arbeit nach Hause und bin richtig münden aber ich musste nach 16ukein powernap mehr machen? Ich hoffe es wurde mir noch ein Abend mit Familie bringen☹️

  • What if you don’t fall asleep? I was curious about a previous theory I heard so I further searched youtube and stumbled here. It’s weird how I stumble upon whatever vids i end up on. Like I was gently guided to it.

  • I am really glad that I have found this, I was finding it really hard to get to sleep and when I did and I’d wake up the next day I used feel horrible and very agitated.

    I have been using this track for the past three nights after using it just for a mid day nap and my sleep has really improved I am falling a sleep with no hassle and waking up in a much happier mood.

    Thank you so much for posting this you have saved my sanity

  • There is enough going on in my life with sleep care-and it is important to me to listen to my body. My body says, every day,….nap. And the research is right on in that the greatest need is somewhere around 2. I am ready to go prone and zonk out while watching a half hour TV show. Its always the commercial at the end that wakes they are always louder than the program. After that..I am up..finishing chores…cooking and getting things prepared for the next day. Now I will skip the television and make a conscious effort (if I am at home.).to plug in my headset and listen to your Power Nap video on my Iphone. Another step closer to having full control on my sleep needs and healthier lifestyle! I’ll ket you know where I land…If 20 works…cool. If I need more I will shoot for 30. Thanks again!

  • so, is it the buzzing feeling in most of my body (mostly hands) the result you hope for?. and it was a cool effect when they turned back up to beta, it was like daylight slowly returned again like a dial:P

  • When I have different projects to attend to. I usually just power nap 1-2 houres. And then when I wake up I feel energetic to get the work done.

  • was skeptical so decided to play it on speaker and just closed my eyes, was fully aware for like 5 minutes, next thing i know i was awake and it felt like i slept for hours, checked and it was only on the 25 minute mark. I’ve never felt such freshness when I woke up from my sleep, it’s like i drank coffee in my dreams and woke up when the caffeine kicked in

  • There is something about it, I can’t explain! I wouldn’t have believed. Earlier I thought even comments are “managed”. It worked first time, but I still thought, it wasn’t because of this. However, I tried it again today and I woke up pretty refreshed!

  • I needed a quick nap to top up my 7 hours sleep…set my Alexa alarm too to be in safe side…Woke up naturally and refreshed 1 min before alarm! Saw shimmery images as drifted off…it was wonderful…thank you! My brain feels clear now as though a wave of fresh air passed through it…incredible! ��

  • a last question if i listen to this music without sleeping but only relax i have the same effect?i mean i wake up refreshed as well?thank you for the answer

  • This works for me every time and I so I use it often for naps when I get the chance. It can take between 2 8 mins to fall to sleep and I ALWAYS wake up feeling refreshed, alert and in a much better mood. Anything more than 30 mins for a nap usually leaves me feeling groggy but this gives me just the right amount of rest and I know it is very good for my well being.
    Note: I don’t use this to sleep at night as the bit at the end is designed to wake you and prevent you from falling into the deeper state of sleep.

  • Hey Thomas. I am a senior in high school and I find your videos really helpful. I just wanted to suggest a video idea about “recovering from bad grades” because my first semester results were not great at all. Ever since then I am not as productive as I used to be when i should be more productive.
    Thank you for caring about us. All that research and preparation must have taken a lot of work.

  • For some reason my workplace despises this, but I feel alone because I feel like I am the only person to take a power nap on my breaks…while everyone else is chit chatting

    The crazy part is after my shift I am full of energy, while most of my co-workers are in a tired cranky mood… so they ask me what’s my secret.

    I tell them I power nap during my breaks, and then they say they couldn’t do that because they will be even more tired afterwards…that’s the part I am so confused about, can someone tell me why that is?

    I guess everyone’s body is different.

  • I think I have power blinks or something lmao. Because sometimes I’ll doze off for like 45 seconds and when I come back to a normal state I feel super energized

  • I’ve battled with ME/CFS for years. Now that I’m conscious on a regular basis, this absolutely helps me to get the rest I need, when I need.

  • Damn, felt like i was sleeping for 1,5h and the best thing is i didnt even need an alarm to wake up, but still set one just in case ��

  • This stuff is really strong. I wanted to take a quick nap but then slept from 3:30 pm to 9:45 pm �� I’m not complaining, that was some relaxing stuff. Even my sister said I look very zen in my sleep:)

  • I assumed this didn’t work for me. I laid down for a moment, awakened thinking it was 5 minutes later but there was only a minute left of the video. ��

  • This morning, I woke up too early-after going to bed too late! Argh! Thankfully, I had just enough time before getting up for work to give this a try-and it was great! My mind meandered and, when I did check in with my body, it was a pleasant, slightly buzzed sensation. Rather than sleep, it feels more like deep meditation or trance; which works better for me, because instead of ‘nap hangover’ from waking at an awkward point in a sleep cycle, I simply felt relaxed and in a positive mood. Well done! This is going on my list of favourites. Thanks, Jody!

  • Take as much sleep as your body needs. Everyone is made different way and everyone needs differnet amount of sleep depending on what they do. A person who is meditating almost 12 hours a day without doing anything will not feel the urge to sleep as much as a person who is standing under the sun supervising work all day long or someone cramming up for exams for hours

  • Fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the session thinking i had slept for hours. I dreamt people died and i had to accept that i was going to die some time and this time might be now. But it was not. Someone else died. Thank you. It worked falling asleep!

  • that’s the dummest thing i’ve heard! Just like your phone needs power, your body also needs renewed energy!! Those idiots sitting there clapping like morons.. what about THINKING FOR YOURSELF!

  • Today I had the 35-minute power nap between 2:20 and 2:55, and I did notice a few minutes of grogginess upon waking up. Last time I took the 20-minute nap around the same time, and as you describe, I didn’t feel any grogginess upon waking up but I also felt it was too short. So I’m gonna try the 30and 25-minute ones next and see if I can figure out which one’s best for me! I think this stuff is fun.

  • I like the coffee nap but once my tongue recognizes the coffee my brain has the placebo effect so my nap feels rushed. I prefer to
    Nap for 15 minutes but add a couple of mins to get comfy and relax.
    Take a walk out in the sun with your coffee or Protein shake or whatever you want to drink.
    So my whole 30 min break at work consists of a 17 minute nap followed by a 10 mins walk outside while drinking something I enjoy

  • I nap every single day. I started it 30 years ago just because it felt good and felt great afterwards. Looking at my non-napper friends from that era, you would tell that something huge called “aging” happened to them, but not so much to me. I do look older that I did three decades ago, but I don’t look like a train run over me.:-)

  • The first guy with the key and plate didn’t sound like he was power napping for creativity…sounds like he was tryna stay in some what of a lucid dream state before he fully went into sleep mode and forgot all his thoughts when he woke up.

  • Greetings from England. This appears well-researched (that felt rather freaky to say). Never liked coffee… however, found an idea of trying types of coffee such as tumeric latte in Really cold milk (love). So here goes. Subbed.


  • I’ve been taking 15-20 minute naps for 20 plus years and 99% of the time I do not doze off but, the benefit of clearing my head and relaxing my body gives me the boost I need to feel less tired until bedtime. Running a Small restaurant for 33 plus years is extremely Stressful and I couldn’t do it with out POWER NAPS.

  • I thought I took a coffee nap but I don’t think it counts if I chugged a whole Starbucks cup and then sleep for 2 hours and now I actually want to sleep and I can’t and really need the sleep I have a school trip tomorrow it is currently 3:37 a.m

  • 90 is way too much. 10 or less, and you pop right out, full speed ahead. With 90 you hit deeper stages.

    He even admitted that, if you were listening.

  • I understand the theory of binaural beats but sometimes, like today when I could really use a nap, my brain seems determined to stay active and awake despite the beats. Any suggestions? I am using an iPad with either the Apple earbuds or a pair of over the ear headphones and neither seem to work for me…:(

  • Just tried to do one of those naps… Here’s what happened: I set my phone alarm at 20 min but forgot to take the don’t disturb out so it didn’t go off… I also put a key in my hand and let my arm hang out of bed over a metallic thing I had laying around so it would make a louder sound. It didn’t fall out of my hand ���� only thing is that my elbow joint hurts a little… I kinda woke up after roughly 20 min by myself, but… Yeah �� anyone had similar experiences?

  • Muslims have known Nap for over 1400 years
    And that Muhammad is the prophet of Islam and the Muslims are so
    Islam is the religion of the right from God in which the guidance of mankind

  • As a Firefighter, we live on naps because our nights are so unpredictably busy. I’ll pass this on to the guys to see what they think.

  • If one is studying the whole dat but needs to still get allot of work done and feels one needs to revitalize is taking a nap in the evening advisable? Or unproductive?

  • Great video Thomas! Can you also recommend lunch habits that can work in combination with this to best optimise our afternoon hours?

  • Hi Jody. Just discovered your channel. Excellent condensed information! Great videos!! Thank you!! My question: for the power naps, study/work (and other activities) with binaural beats we need to wear headphones otherwise they won’t work?

  • I’m very happy to found you, after a very long search to find this exactly you share with us. Thank you very much for all your work. Wish you all the best to continue this excellent work. Thanks again

  • Just used this to take a quick nap in the library at school. Worked perfectly. After a while I noticed I was waking up, wondered if it didn’t work and I then realized the tones were going up and it actually HAD worked! The alarm tone and speaking at the end were especially helpful with waking up and now I feel refreshed and alert enough to get back to work!

  • A brain!! A brain!!And it’s actually working!! your bell sounded like my kitchen timer and the first thought was ; oh shit, my sourdough!!!��” Great stuff. The body didn’t sleep but the mind took a nap. perfect!!

  • So with these other videos are they putting some kind of spiritual crap into their sound waves? Sometimes I feel some weird sensations that are hard to explain with those. I’m okay if it’s doing something good…I just don’t want to be marinating in some kind of subliminal demonic ritual I don’t know about.

  • couldn’t sleep last night, was awake all night falling asleep in my 9am lecture
    went back to my car after at 10am, drank the coffee i had left which was still perfectly warm and rested for 15/20 minutes
    feel like i’ve just had an okay nights sleep hoping now i won’t fall asleep in the library as i go back to uni to work ��

  • I can’t fall into sleep����any advice. Am I doing something wrong.
    I don’t sleep but after 10 min it’s relax my mind but I WAS WONDERING HOW MUCH GOOD IT WOULD BE IF I CAN SLEEP ��

  • Woke up from this and normally after waking up from a nap I’d have a bit of lethargy, but got none of that, just woke up feeling pretty good, slept about 15 mins past the end of the video though

  • YAAAY!! ������ Always refreshing! Again I say,… THANK YOU Jason Lewis MIND AMEND! for creating & for sharing this reliable & always beneficial little “pick me up”! ����

  • Works in wonder!!!!! So I had around 7-8 hours of sleep last night and woke up with a heavy head and drowsiness… in the afternoon when I took the nap with the aid of this video, I woke up feeling well rested and a calm head!! Thank you so much for this boss❤️

  • I have messed up my sleep schedule really bad bro, and to fix it, I tried to go to sleep at ten so then I wake up at 2, couldn’t go back to sleep. what I did is I stayed up all the way to 7 am, got super tired and then I started listening to this, then all of a sudden I was about to board the plane of curiosity (literally) a person next to me said something about the plane of curiosity, its crazy bruh. but only 35 min made me feel refreshed again but not as refreshed as always, but enough for me lol. any tips on how to properly reset my sleep schedule? because I was just going to not let myself go to sleep before 10 and then hope to wake up at 10 am and keep going.

  • When I power nap, it’s best for me to do it in an inclined position (on hard lounger that has a wavey shape seen from the side) and I set my mind to make a nap, not sleep… then I feel when it’s the right time to get up… maybe now it’s around 20 minutes…
    Don’t take your videos down, Jody, they’re the only real deal without all the subliminals and music… thank you so much!!!!

  • Thanks for a short but hugely informative video. New to this concept. Question: The benefits of a longer nap last longer, so is this the same as effects? Say I’m finding it later in the afternoon when I need/can take a nap, would it be better to take a 6 or 10 minute nap so the ‘benefits’ don’t interfere with bedtime? (Like a Half-Life) Or is it more like you are a 20 minute nap person no matter if it’s noon, 2 or 4 p.m.? Thanks.

  • Hahaha I used to experience this after work when I’d drink coffee in an attempt to stay awake, get even sleepier and then wake up totally energised. In my case the coffee’s warmth made me drowsy, but it’s nice to know it actually is a thing to do this.

  • Hi Vox, I hope you read this. A majority of coffee drinkers don’t consume their coffee in less than a minute unless your doing espresso shots. So most likely you will see be consuming coffee by the 20 minutes it takes for the caffeine to take in. Most people are not willing to finish their coffee in 5-10 minutes to achieve a short nap period and instead would take there time enjoying it. This video should be called “Espresso shot naps” or even “Why you should snort cocaine then take a nap immediately afterwards.”.

  • Thanks for the vid! For the first time in my life I was able to stay fully conscious while in REM stage of sleep.
    I almost laughed having noticed that I’ve started making uncontrollable random eye movements.
    At first, small moving objects like animals came & went, along with their sounds and smells.
    Then things got more complex.
    Feeling well rested now.

  • I get benefits from all but the 20 min is my go to if I have the time to take; the 10 min one is my 2nd and 6 min never fails to jolt me and keep elevated for the next few hours
    The 20 min keeps me more even for longer, where the shorter ones are like little shots of energy!

  • 25 minutes works well for me. I bought your sleep package a while back and usually use one of the nap ones daily. I also like the delta tracks at night. Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to the polyphasic material too.

  • This gave me the craziest close eyed visual. Ive never had those before. I think i saw my future anf met people i never met before, its was weird.

  • So. I have this method to keep you up. I call it caffeine naps. When you’re super tired. Drink a ton of caffeine and immediately take a 15 min nap before the caffeine kicks in. When you wake up you’re amped for a long time. Probably not healthy but it’s extremely effective

  • My hearing aids sync to my iPad. I can hear music, talking, and just anything else. I can not hear any of the tones playing through my hearing aids. When I use my ear buds that came with iPod I have no problems. Why? Thank you

  • Well thought out and executed video. I appreciate the time line and frequency for each ear along the way with the resulting generated beats.
    This is a step above most other videos on YT. I will check out the other videos on your channel. Good work!

  • While not the channel i usually listen to this worked well.So it’s going into my rotation i find my brain adapts to certain tunes so i have to constantly change.Your tunes are now number 2 on my rotation

  • I am working as a waiter and my working shifts are long… I start at around 10AM and take break at 3PM and restart at 6PM till past midnight usually…
    Just working the morning shifts used to get me tired before but after I found your nap videos(that I use daily) I can make it through the second sift as well and also my cognition and performance has increased substantially.
    So I wanted to take some time and thank you for your contribution. Keep up the good work my friend✌��

  • I think this nap ist too long for me. Now I feel groggy. I think I’ll come back to the 20 minutes next time. Thank you very much for your videos! Like them because there isn’t some annoying music in in the background.

  • I purchased this and put it on loop. Slept very well. I checked my sleep tracking via my fitness watch, I had estimated 3 hrs of deep sleep out of 9hrs.
    Usually I didn’t sleep well, and the past sleep records showed that I only had 30mins 1 hr of deep sleep out of 9 hrs. Gosh, years of bad sleep, I tried melatonin, herbal supplements and those barely worked. Thank you!

  • For the texture discrimination graph, did caffeine improve it? Also, why was words recalled higher after 7hr than after 20 mins? Thanks!

  • Thank you Jody! Great videos. I just tried this one. Got a great, much needed nap in a few days ago. Question. Do you have any recommendations of videos or channels that have binaural beats for studying or focus?