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The Dark Side of Social Media Fitness Culture. Mental Wellness. 2018-06-08 |By: Snap Fitness.

Social media is a powerful tool, especially for the fitness world. Instagram offers the opportunity to keep yourself accountable onyour fitness journey, a variety of workout options to fit your lifestyle, a chance to build a community for support, and more. Instagram’s fitness culture does have a dark side — and experts in nutrition, weight loss, and disordered eating told INSIDER that the social network’s endless stream of fitness imagery has the potential to be harmful. Instagram’s fitness culture seems to promote healthy living.

Preliminary research says it might be backfiring. The Dark Side of Social Media: Psychological, Managerial, and Societal Perspectives empowers readers to have a more holistic understanding of the consequences of utilizing social media. The “Dark Side” Of Bodybuilding Social Media (Body Dysmorphia) Is fitness social media truly a source of useful information and motivation for you, or is scrolling through picture after picture of. Fitspiration: Social Media’s Fitness Culture and its Effect on Body Image 4. Abstract. Social media’s largest platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, has revolutionized the average American’s accessibility to new subcultures, usurping the societal influence of traditional media forms while retaining many of their marketing methods.

With the expression “dark side,” we highlight that social media like many phenomena, including fast food (Schlosser, 2002), entrepreneurship (Beaver & Jennings, 2005), capital markets (Scharfstein & Stein, 2000), crowdsourcing (Kietzmann, 2017; Wilson, Robson, & Botha, 2017), and the sharing economy (Malhotra & van Alstyne, 2014), can have. Social media is having an impact. Sadly, not all of these impacts are positive. There is a dark side to this technology that involves reputation blackmail and extortion.

The focal point of this problem is online reviews and the impact of online review sites. Culture Film Books Music Art & design TV & radio The dark side of wellness: behind a Netflix series on a murky industry That, and the weight of social media. Social media is notorious for wreaking havoc with users’ body image. There is a widely documented history of people, especially young women, feeling ashamed and disgusted when they compare their own bodies to images of highly airbrushed models.

These days, social media is doing more harm than good with young men and women becoming increasingly insecure due to unrealistic beauty ideals.

List of related literature:

Much like the Healthy Lifestyle Network, which was discussed in chapter 4, participants in this fitness community were embedded within online social networks.

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Three social-media supported fitness trends to try.

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Nowadays, a growing number of people publicly share information about their fitness activities on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

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Reports have shown that social networks can help people stay on the path to physical fitness.

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Although previous studies on traditional media identified information and entertainment as the main motivations for CE, our study reveals that the interactive and collaborative nature of social media can reinforce new, specific and more “social” motivations such as integration and social interaction and empowerment.

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And the fitness brand could post it across every social platform they’re on (adjusting where necessary for each individual platform), and doing this will help to establish the fitness brand as an authority and increase their social influence.

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These studies suggest that maintaining user engagement and retention with social-media-based components in a weight loss intervention is a particular challenge.

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Like any new concept, “cognitive fitness” has its proponents and detractors.

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Some critics of physical fitness have analysed it as a ‘technology’ of social discipline.”

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  • 1990: “In the future we will have flying cars.”

    2019: Teenage girls getting kidnapped because of social media apps.


  • Way to make motivation and inspiration to better oneself yet another piece of the patriarchy.. Zyzz inspires young men and boys to work towards their goals physically and mentally. He’s never urged anyone to practice mysogyny or sexism of any kind, yet your video presents a stain on his past reputation and everything he stood for.

  • I stumbled across your channel a couple of weeks ago when I was at a low in my fitness journey and talking myself down because I wasn’t as “skinny” or “tight” as I wanted to be. Thanks for keeping it real and serving up the FACTS despite all of the misinformation of certain products or sensationalized ideals of the health and fitness world.

  • Very good insight on fitness -health life style! I use to be at the gym for hours like an addiction!!! Balance, spiritual physical….yes sometimes over exercising can fill a void at a price! Thank you…please talk about this again! ��������

  • This is probably the most ill-informed attempt at trying to cover an industry you have never been part of. no coverage of male physique or how the sport of bodybuilding actually progressed or started. you chalk Arnold up to some muscle dummy movie star then quickly redirect your attention back to some myspace model. and then you go on to give some weird Illuminati rep. I would highly encourage you to:

    First, delete this video (just look at your like to dislike ratio)

    Second, spend just a month immersed in any aspect of the sport; bodybuilding, physique, fitness, bikini…ect (yes, sadly that means training too)

    Lastly, once your month is complete start a new video about your experience. but please for the love of all that is good….. don’t mislead due to your lack of research/ care.

  • Hey! I was wondering if you know anything about the effects of nutrition on mental health and emotional stability. Is this something you need to have a specialty in or can this be addressed by any nutritionist?

  • Thank you again, I needed this, I’ve Been losing weight in a long term and its Been exhausted because everytime is harder as a non scale oriented person. And you lose track or motivation. This is normal. And embrace yourself completely. Thank you Christine always With a great video ����

  • Can’t believe you watched seanthompson. Thats a through back. Sean’s grandmother passed away a few years back and his mental health spiralled because of it.

  • Sure some people take it to extreme but achieving that body u idealiz is extremely hard to get from diet to exercise to cardio to supplements to motivation to discipline. It’s easy to rub this off as a obsession or trend but healthy fit body and mind is important in today’s day and age where most youth are eating junk and playing games and being depressed.

  • Yes… The closer I get to my ‘ideal look’ the more critical I get off myself! Even slightly terrified to have another child bc of the idea of losing my progress n shape (which I am aware is a bit silly)…but the struggle is real! Thanks for talking about this.

  • Thank you so much! I love how real you are and how well you put your points across without demotivating those who might be struggling with the very things you mentioned. My current fitness goals are a bit practical: to be able to lift that 42 lb bag of cat litter into & out of the trolley/car without asking a random man for help… and to help my granny up/down the stairs, in/out of the car, etc. I’m 4’10”, about 100 lbs (training to gain) and at 38 I’m more concerned with self-sufficiency than aesthetics. Recently I’ve been considering doing a 5k when I’m 40, so next year I’m going start looking into that.