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The Dark Side of Social Media Fitness Culture. Mental Wellness. 2018-06-08 |By: Snap Fitness.

Social media is a powerful tool, especially for the fitness world. Instagram offers the opportunity to keep yourself accountable onyour fitness journey, a variety of workout options to fit your lifestyle, a chance to build a community for support, and more. Instagram’s fitness culture does have a dark side — and experts in nutrition, weight loss, and disordered eating told INSIDER that the social network’s endless stream of fitness imagery has the potential to be harmful. Instagram’s fitness culture seems to promote healthy living.

Preliminary research says it might be backfiring. The Dark Side of Social Media: Psychological, Managerial, and Societal Perspectives empowers readers to have a more holistic understanding of the consequences of utilizing social media. The “Dark Side” Of Bodybuilding Social Media (Body Dysmorphia) Is fitness social media truly a source of useful information and motivation for you, or is scrolling through picture after picture of. Fitspiration: Social Media’s Fitness Culture and its Effect on Body Image 4. Abstract. Social media’s largest platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, has revolutionized the average American’s accessibility to new subcultures, usurping the societal influence of traditional media forms while retaining many of their marketing methods.

With the expression “dark side,” we highlight that social media like many phenomena, including fast food (Schlosser, 2002), entrepreneurship (Beaver & Jennings, 2005), capital markets (Scharfstein & Stein, 2000), crowdsourcing (Kietzmann, 2017; Wilson, Robson, & Botha, 2017), and the sharing economy (Malhotra & van Alstyne, 2014), can have. Social media is having an impact. Sadly, not all of these impacts are positive. There is a dark side to this technology that involves reputation blackmail and extortion.

The focal point of this problem is online reviews and the impact of online review sites. Culture Film Books Music Art & design TV & radio The dark side of wellness: behind a Netflix series on a murky industry That, and the weight of social media. Social media is notorious for wreaking havoc with users’ body image. There is a widely documented history of people, especially young women, feeling ashamed and disgusted when they compare their own bodies to images of highly airbrushed models.

These days, social media is doing more harm than good with young men and women becoming increasingly insecure due to unrealistic beauty ideals.

List of related literature:

Much like the Healthy Lifestyle Network, which was discussed in chapter 4, participants in this fitness community were embedded within online social networks.

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Three social-media supported fitness trends to try.

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Nowadays, a growing number of people publicly share information about their fitness activities on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

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Reports have shown that social networks can help people stay on the path to physical fitness.

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Although previous studies on traditional media identified information and entertainment as the main motivations for CE, our study reveals that the interactive and collaborative nature of social media can reinforce new, specific and more “social” motivations such as integration and social interaction and empowerment.

“Marketing at the Confluence between Entertainment and Analytics: Proceedings of the 2016 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress” by Patricia Rossi
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And the fitness brand could post it across every social platform they’re on (adjusting where necessary for each individual platform), and doing this will help to establish the fitness brand as an authority and increase their social influence.

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These studies suggest that maintaining user engagement and retention with social-media-based components in a weight loss intervention is a particular challenge.

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Like any new concept, “cognitive fitness” has its proponents and detractors.

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Some critics of physical fitness have analysed it as a ‘technology’ of social discipline.”

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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • 1990: “In the future we will have flying cars.”

    2019: Teenage girls getting kidnapped because of social media apps.


  • Way to make motivation and inspiration to better oneself yet another piece of the patriarchy.. Zyzz inspires young men and boys to work towards their goals physically and mentally. He’s never urged anyone to practice mysogyny or sexism of any kind, yet your video presents a stain on his past reputation and everything he stood for.

  • I stumbled across your channel a couple of weeks ago when I was at a low in my fitness journey and talking myself down because I wasn’t as “skinny” or “tight” as I wanted to be. Thanks for keeping it real and serving up the FACTS despite all of the misinformation of certain products or sensationalized ideals of the health and fitness world.

  • Very good insight on fitness -health life style! I use to be at the gym for hours like an addiction!!! Balance, spiritual physical….yes sometimes over exercising can fill a void at a price! Thank you…please talk about this again! ��������

  • This is probably the most ill-informed attempt at trying to cover an industry you have never been part of. no coverage of male physique or how the sport of bodybuilding actually progressed or started. you chalk Arnold up to some muscle dummy movie star then quickly redirect your attention back to some myspace model. and then you go on to give some weird Illuminati rep. I would highly encourage you to:

    First, delete this video (just look at your like to dislike ratio)

    Second, spend just a month immersed in any aspect of the sport; bodybuilding, physique, fitness, bikini…ect (yes, sadly that means training too)

    Lastly, once your month is complete start a new video about your experience. but please for the love of all that is good….. don’t mislead due to your lack of research/ care.

  • Hey! I was wondering if you know anything about the effects of nutrition on mental health and emotional stability. Is this something you need to have a specialty in or can this be addressed by any nutritionist?

  • Thank you again, I needed this, I’ve Been losing weight in a long term and its Been exhausted because everytime is harder as a non scale oriented person. And you lose track or motivation. This is normal. And embrace yourself completely. Thank you Christine always With a great video ����

  • Can’t believe you watched seanthompson. Thats a through back. Sean’s grandmother passed away a few years back and his mental health spiralled because of it.

  • Sure some people take it to extreme but achieving that body u idealiz is extremely hard to get from diet to exercise to cardio to supplements to motivation to discipline. It’s easy to rub this off as a obsession or trend but healthy fit body and mind is important in today’s day and age where most youth are eating junk and playing games and being depressed.

  • Yes… The closer I get to my ‘ideal look’ the more critical I get off myself! Even slightly terrified to have another child bc of the idea of losing my progress n shape (which I am aware is a bit silly)…but the struggle is real! Thanks for talking about this.

  • Thank you so much! I love how real you are and how well you put your points across without demotivating those who might be struggling with the very things you mentioned. My current fitness goals are a bit practical: to be able to lift that 42 lb bag of cat litter into & out of the trolley/car without asking a random man for help… and to help my granny up/down the stairs, in/out of the car, etc. I’m 4’10”, about 100 lbs (training to gain) and at 38 I’m more concerned with self-sufficiency than aesthetics. Recently I’ve been considering doing a 5k when I’m 40, so next year I’m going start looking into that.

  • You know women can also be into fitness right? Like it’s a certain type of personality who’s into that sort of thing. If you want to argue that focusing too much on appearance is bad, I mean sure, but that isn’t newsworthy, and you don’t propose any solutions.

  • Lifting weights, esp strength training focuses on progression of strength rather than body transformation. It’s okey to want to get a good body; I just think it’s healthier to have it as a secondary goal and letting be stronger or faster be the primary one..

  • This is why I took a break in my social media accounts. I am drowning in sadness and felt lacking all the time. Its been 10days since then. ��

  • Oh god, ok this one actually thinks she has an online platform. Whatever that means. I Imagine she only survives by means of donations. Much like a phony charity, I’d love to see her tax returns for the past couple years that would great.

  • Interesting you mentioned that some get the implants… Cuz, we’re all here trying to reduce fat, yet on IG and all its “unrealistic” posts, show all these women with toned bodies, yet maintain boobs. They’re not transparent with us about the extent/risk they went through to get this body.

  • Great video!! This is a taboo topic that really should be talked about more. I appreciate you being transparent about things others are so hush-hush about.

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  • Great video as always!

    The worldwide average of daily time spent on social media is 2 hours and 24 minutes.

    Here are a couple of interesting complimentary videos that provide more details looking at different countries:
    Country Comparison: Daily time spent on social media
    Country comparison: Average number of social media accounts per person

  • That creepy sound was a fax machine they probably callled you from some small office cuz that’s a fax machine. When someone call you and you hear dead silence that’s a computer and their spoofing your number so that they can call other people with your number and leave weird message or whatever. This sounds like you were being stalked by a girl except for the bottles outside your house. Get text now app they give you a free number you can give out to people that way its not linked to your social accounts and you can change numbers when you get annoyed.

  • So this shit right here does not send Social Media Drug Addicts a message Just Shut it Down We are Americans and not dumb-shits you need celebrate the gutsy folks who dare to tell Social Media to FUCK OFF and then minister them to a better place Zuckerberg “looks” like a normal kid but is a purveyor of Porn, Human Trafficking, Child Molestation and more WATCH THIS GET CENSORED die Zuckerburg Helter Skelter that the shit you like right?

  • odio como estas perras que se han dedicado toda la vida a estudiar, y ha vivir como una nerda, critican a este hombre que inspiro y millones de personas al bien y a no ser del monton

  • i think it wouldve been interesting to analyze the rise in “bigorexia” or body dysmorphia in relation to this “ideology” as being destructive vs the ideology itself being destructive. When people start to use drugs and steroids this ideology becomes destructive. You can tell this is from the outside looking in vs someone from the inside explaining the phenomenon so a lot of what was said comes off as a bit aloof to veterans of the bodybuilding industry.

  • Social media is good if you use it properly. It is not meant to be used 10 hours a day. If so then get help. That is what you need to know addictive behaviour means something is wrong.

  • I usually enjoy your videos, but idk this one gives me a weird vibe. Your attitude towards this just seems like this is a joke to you, like you’re constantly on the verge of laughing..? I’m finding this hard to believe due to how cringe and naive you responded to everything. Idk I’m sorry if I’m wrong or misunderstood

  • Im a simple man. Complicated my mind and myself into this doesnt make me being me. I love freedom to myself which by my own self doing. I accept ozzy recommend to be here even tho i already notice this video before i notice ozzy.

    If you believe Zuckerberg was the one who created Facebook then I have a bridge to sell you. He’s just the face of of it. Facebook was created the same day a CIA surveillance Media program. (Can’t remember the name).

  • People are Like Moths Glued to Electronic Devices……….As Though Relationships Can Be Formed By Sitting at a Computer, or Fitness Can Be Achieved By watching Other People Lift.

  • Thank you for telling your story. I have been through that last year. When I had a personal trainer made me feel like I was not working hard and eating right. I just gave up on myself and didn’t think about how it effected the people around me. ��

  • Get Instant Access To 200 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips To Increase Your Followers, Build Credibility And Gain More Customers…

  • I left social media over two months ago after going to rehab for my drug addiction from depression. Social media was a huge part of it!

  • What a stupid video totally point less how come someone has problem with meal prep…..
    Alex jones has nothing to do with fitness
    And mens fitness has no relationship with incel community

  • Technology has ruined the way people think and communicate which is also the cause for a lot of relationships to end. social media is nothing more than a mouse trap.

  • Yeah. It can be depressing. If you don’t place limits on it, it can definitely harm you. For a while, I had hoped that it would be a way to reach a lot of people for positive change. That has not happened. Instead it is being tactically used by organizations to foment mobs, riots, murder, and destruction of property for their own twisted ends. So I constantly reevaluate where to place limits which sadly sometimes means not seeing content from even good people for the simple reason to get more done.

  • Really dope message.. I’ve watched your channel for going on 2 years and I love your transparency, directness, and how genuine you are.. Thanks for this message. It really spoke to me and I can relate to having similar feelings about my career ❤️❤️

  • The judicial system is SOLD disgrace to HUMANITY selling our privacy for profit and letting dictatorship media feed bullshit to sheeple

  • Yo up until now, I always thought you were mixed. like Half white half black idk why. Like you and your sister look nothing alike.

  • My mom uses fb too much. Everyday all day when shes off from work. Its frustrating cos I know that’s what makes her tired. Constantly scrolling and liking. I was on fb when I was only 13 and trust me it ruined my life cos I made bad choices and eventually I stopped using it. I only use WhatsApp and YouTube now..

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is controlled by some powerful people his eyes says a lot. He has created the world �� Dangerous DRUG �� that is deadly addicted and destroying lives on this Planet Earth�� now. He can’t control it anymore and he is lost. Many lives will destroyed Mentally and they will lose their Mental-Health.

  • What i think went wrong is trust. If you’re an influenser living a jet-set life and all that jet-settery is based on products your given to promote……….. then there’s nothing jet-set about it, is it?


  • A man is completely scanned by social media… Stealing his privacy.. When we have lost our privacy as well as have sold our minds

  • Thank you so much. I know about this world and still living it. It’s such a struggle and things have really changed. It’s so hard to attain these asthetics. You don’t like this all year long, it’s competition not to mention the ugly abuse of steroids in the Bodybuilding/ fitness world. I will maintain the best natural physique that I can achieve that is healthy!

  • My Suggestion….you are scared, so you are acting dumb…Just ignore them and do your thing…if any shit shows up fight back….if shit exceeds always call 911….Finally, find a boyfriend like rambo…

    Don’t be odd meet in person.
    Experts in interpersonal communication have estimated that nonverbal communication constitutes approximately 70 percent of what is involved in communication. In other words, only about 30 percent of communication involves the actual words that we use.
    That means ur missing over 70% of what that person is saying.
    Go out meet the world, ur world.
    Don’t be odd

  • Today I overate and I felt so terrible because I should know better by now. I went without eating for too many hours so when I finally got to eat I overdid it �� but then I started watching your motivational videos and you got me out of punishing myself with self hatred and body shaming. Tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning, a new opportunity to do things right. I took two steps back and delayed it my goal so now it would take more time but it’s ok because I am alive and I can start all over again. Even though I am eventually going to hire you in the mean time I am trying on my own. Mental heath is e important but faith in God is everything.

  • So you kept saying things like “I’m an extremist” “all or nothing” “black and white” and I was just like damn that sounds like me! Is she a Capricorn!?! And guess what I looked your bday up and sure enough you are!!! (I am too) crazaay �� great vid!

  • Not totally dark, but definately all about getting paid for posts and receiving free stuff from sponsors, ie stuff that everyday humans have to pay their hard earned cash for. Disagree? Tell that to the hospital cleaner on minimum wage.

  • Comparision, validation makes us less humans.

    Go for satisfying one’s soul not the greed of others.

    Everything on this planet has 2 sides, buy the good one.

  • what ive learned living on this planet is no matter how good you try to produce something in this world. people will always find flaws.

  • Every person should watch this video. I had 3 babies in 4 years, the youngest turns 1 this month. My belly is stretched out and I’m about 15lb more than what I’d like to be. After I gave birth my #1 goal was to appreciate and love my body NOW. So whatever stage I was at I just wanted to love it. When I look at pictures when I was 15-20 lb less I look great. But here is the thing, at that time I didn’t think so and I didn’t feel great. Not because I wasn’t healthy but because something in my head showed my eyes that what I was seeing was ‘fat’.
    I wasted so much time and energy on those stupid thoughts. So here I am now, 38 with 4 kids, lots of cellulite, stretch marks, and 15 extra lb. But that doesnt matter. My body has done amazing things and I refuse to allow myself to beat it down. If I can’t love it now I won’t love it when I weigh 130. But trust me when. I say it’s not always easy and it’s almost a daily struggle.

  • oh yeah and you should DEFINITELY report all of these accounts to the police, like i said it’s super easy to be stalked and so it’s sometimes just as easy for the police to find your stalker but stalkers are usually far too clever so don’t count on it, however the sooner you report this the more chance you have of saving your own and potentially others’ lives x

  • The correlation between being healthy and looking “good” is highly overrated. It is totally possible to be an absolutely healthy and fit individual and being able to enjoy physical activities, without looking even remotely like a fitness model. People always say “health and fitness”, but what they mean is “look good naked” with “good” being measures as looking as similar as possible to a pretty screwed ideal which is based on mostly photoshoped pictures on Instagram or in glossy magazines. It is okay if you want to look a certain way, and if for example you are obese and want to lose weight to look better, then taking steps in the direction of achieving that goal will very likely also make you healthier and fitter. But if you are in the “normal” range of bodyweight, whatever that might be, then becoming “healthier” and becoming more “beautiful” might be two totally different goals.

  • Interesting.. there is some examples thst show how social media affected our lifes.

  • grand scheme of things is that the bodybuilding industry is mainly focused around ego and physical appearance. with conor murphy ayahuasca woulda opened his eyes to the fact that theres more to life than just having a sick physique, taking a step back from socials and the attention it brings is a good thing sometimes. helps you figure out whats really important in life

  • Christine can you talk a little more about “non-scale goals”? I’m starting to think about 2018 goals and I’m really stuck, I want to get leaner and I want my goal to be measurable but I don’t want to “lose 20lbs” or “get a 6 pack” or whatever. Like if those things happen that’s great but I don’t want to be a complete failure because of the number on a scale…I want to be healthier and more consistent but those are fuzzy goals… help! Anyone reading the comments got any suggestions? Xxxxx

  • I love how you’re so young that you call it an ‘alarm noise’ when that’s the noise of an internet dial-up sound haha so it’s obviously a online service they use to call you/message you. Sorry you went through this though!

  • Social Media influencers are all out for themselves and I have a mind of my own to think for myself and stay away from those people.

  • since you asked, this is why twitter is absolutely atrocious. even pewdiepie hates it. tbh, using twitter is like reading writings on bathroom walls.

    1. censoring opinions. because of this, it is facing many lawsuits

    2. very, very biased at times. this can be from moderation, to politics, to controversial situations. you can get banned for simply disagreeing with them in controversial situations.

    3. character limit. it forces you to make a huge chain of tweets that no one likes to scroll through.

    4. you cant even edit your tweets

    5. can shadowban you (hide your posts) whenever they want

    6. terrible moderation. many people use this site to be an idiot. these trolls on the platform are rarely banned. one time they took 3 months to answer my tickets!

    7. creates a hivemind environment where opinions are based on others

    8. abuses a chemical called dopamaine. this means that you can easily get addicted

    9. useless trending tab, it’s just politics now

    10. suspended users for bad reasons (IHE, Pyrocynical, and more)

    11. removed followers of innocent users back in 2018

    12. cancel culture

    13. waste of time in general and can be terrible for your mental health

    ngl, at this point Twitter is full of people who measure how they sleep with a ruler. It’s full of people who get rewarded (social media points) for trying to look like what they are not. Especially the RTC (Roblox Twitter Community). at this point, you cannot deny that most of the RTC is a heck-hole. drama, call-outs, and more stuff not every month-not every week-but every day.

    And it’s not just me who thinks this. So yeah, thats a whole critique on the state of Twitter

    now this is why social media sucks in general

    1. very addictive, in fact so addictive that even people are having problems with their basic survival skills just by staring at their phones all day (running into poles, falling into lakes, etc.)

    2. place for people to envy others, it creates a loop of jealousy. you might see a post and be like “ohhh i wish my life was as good as his!!” and then you feel bas about urself and make ur profile epic and another person says the same thing ans creates a loop

    3. dumpster fire in general, people have been bullied to suicide on those platforms and even pewdiepie left it, and same with me. when pewds got robbed, every idiot on twitter was laughing and making fun of him, drama all the time and all sorts of crap happens

    4. very addictive 2, when someone likes ur post u get dopamaine (happy drug) so you get addicted as heck. at one point you literally RELY on social media to be happy and ironically, many people have said they felt depression while using facebook

    5. maaaaaaaany more reasons that i cant list all here

  • …”powerful illusion of control over their own bodies”…good grief, what’s the illusion to taking the reigns on your health and setting goals and achieving them? This whole video is just bad journalism, if you can even call it that.

  • Wow. I’m 33 years old and this is the first time I’ve ever had it set in, just how scary this world could be for women. Like you guys gotta think about this stuff all the time.

    I seriously feel for you. I walk around my entire life, not scared of shit, and I guess it just never occurred to me how women have to think and live.

    Sorry this happened to you. Damn.

  • Once again, great video. Thank you for being honest but most importantly thank you for sending a message of wholeness. I️ love when I️ hear young women such as yourself who are understanding that happiness comes within. Love your spirit. You are a beautiful soul. Bless you ��❤️

  • Other than a few Snapchat stories here n there, I am very separated from social media. Last Instagram post was 2017? Last Facebook post was 2018?
    I am glad where I am at.

  • I think the female hosts need to view this video by Bearing. They seem to be taking the angle that the girl was bullied by the hotel. NO SO! Watch.

  • Don’t reply to anyone on social media or open any link…plus you are not a dumb bitc’ you still young and learning from life…and ye call the cops or make sure to take their license number.

  • “”It’s not that deep, you should tag your friends, it’s fucked up””. C’mon sis can you hear the madness in that statement? You care way too much about social media, clout and tags, take back your real life.

  • These aren’t fucking influencers,Trump even though he is the anti christ is an influencer,Ozzy man is fucking hilarious and people like his videos but how is that making him an influencer,what the fuck is this shit. If these people are influencers than we’re all influencers. About endorsement that is fucking retarded,if a company likes ur shit than they will sponsor you,don’t be a greedy bastard,don’t be a prick,simple as that,do what you love,everybody’s needs to fuck off really. Go follow ozzy man. He is an amazing guy

  • Thank you so much. I know about this world and still living it. It’s such a struggle and things have really changed. It’s so hard to attain these asthetics. You don’t look like this all year long, it’s competition not to mention the ugly abuse of steroids in the Bodybuilding/ fitness world. I will maintain the best natural physique that I can achieve that is healthy!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I love your message! ���� One thing I want to add: I usually love the way your videos are done, but in the first half of the video the “special effects” were a little distracting… �� Love, Ingrid

  • Could you do a video on extreme dieting and the effects of it and how they relate to certain industries(Kpop, fashion, film, etc…)

  • Kinda sad how no one pointed out that claiming that your content is about empowerment IS about getting endorsements. It’s all about buzz words.

  • The only thing I have learned from this video is that you should never remove the mullet and/or the Hat! I love you man! (no homo) lmao

  • My left buttock is more in shape than both of you. Only thing that’s dark here is the dark hole in your stomach that keeps sucking in all the food

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  • I feel so positive after this video. Thank you so much Christine. You’re strong, smart and beautiful outside and inside.Big love to you.

  • Are you not old enough to realize that some random person claiming to be soulja boy is probably not actually soulja boy..? And then to add this person on Snapchat and give out your phone number… and now making a video about it while including information about your house. You really need to put your brain cells together holy shit

  • I seen nothing wrong in all of this for the dudes. Those forums can be super helpful and motivational. Put a goal in mind for you and gets dudes fit. It’s healthy and ok in my book

  • I am so glad you’ve made a video on this! I see in American society that the majority has been set to two extremes. Those two extremes are being overly “healthy” and then obesity. Coming to a happy medium of health does not seem to be a goal or popular view. It seems being at an extreme is the goal and I think that needs to change. Again, thank you for sharing this. You’ve come a long way and you deserve the success that you are receiving.

  • haha the content producers dont like the world being reduced into a hirachy:/ unfortunately that’s the reality and your feelings don’t change that

  • With the snap maps, you can choose who can see it, so maybe just have really close friends see your location if you ever wanted it on

  • I just deleted Snapchat and TikTok ive never felt so peaceful since it was distracting me and i was depressed so much from watching other people post random fun stuff on there and thinking they are living the best life except me i highly recommend taking time of all social media platforms

  • Calm down everyone roasting this poor girl, she literally said she can see it being dumb looking back…

    Also the stalker clearly already knows where she lives, probably already knows which side of the house her bedroom is on….

    All such pointless fucking comments ��

  • LMAO ive been to a video shoot with soulja a couple months ago at malibu but he didnt use his home he used an Air b n b. He also has his own legit female casting agents cause no artist will personally recruit you. I dont know if youve talked to an adult about it but I would, You mentioned your dad? TELL HIM! Install cameras around your house. My dad has cameras all over the house. I get dms from verified artist all the time. Snap is sketch dont allow strangers to snap you! As a damn female that block button your best friend. I also have a strange feeling he or she will probably will watch this video too. Stay private.

  • I reckon he had ego death google it. Can happen when you take very strong psychedelics like LSD DMT/Ayahuasca. Everyone has an ego and ego death affects people differently but has a more significant affect on people with big egos. When this perception of self is completely shattered and their ego is separated from their being for that trip. It can traumatise them as they can’t take the fact that their ego is truly in the grand scheme of things absolutely meaningless and unimportant. I’d suggest watching psychedsubstance’s video on it he explains it best. Some people never fully recover from ego death only learn to live with it. Others don’t really get affected by it in a negative way and instead have a positive enlightenment experience with it and draws from them a deeper appreciation for life.

  • Fake influencers are the last thing you’d want in your marketing strat. Avoid them at all costs, use auditing tools such as influencer auditor if need be to ensure you collaborate with only the legitimate ones

  • phone number is really bad. the second someone types your in your phone number to google your address and all your info will pop up. be safe girl!

  • Instagram person with 450,000 Instagram fololwers is not an influencer, it is a Instagram lazy no job with Instagram no job followers who bought at least half of them which are non existent accounts, or bots. With no job.

  • why she looks so happy about it?? i don’t get it, her vibe is so freaking strange…I would be so paranoid if this happens to me!! You should totally report this numbers and emails to the police and explain everything to them before you do an YouTube video..Girl after everything you told us I don’t think you’re safe…If this is real, please be careful next time

  • Awesome Christine Thank you xx more people need to understand the importance of being a real happy person on the inside not just about being fit on the outside especially if the reason for being fit is to please others instead of yourself thank you I have great respect for you

  • What is this crap, lift some wheigths and stop analyzing. People thats fat and have no discipline feel bad when youre doing what They know They should be doing

  • As always, thanks for the encouragement, Christine! If we don’t love our bodies until we hit a certain goal, we will waste a lot of time being sad and disappointed that we could have spent being grateful and happy. I am working on this mindset through my journey as well. ❤️

  • I really love you Christine. You are inspiring because you are so real. You are not intimidating at all. A successful woman but with balance. Really grounded. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  • sooo true. finally someone speaking up about it �� btw Im on a long fitness journey: Trying to eat healthier and going to the gym 5 times a week since 1 month. i always tell myself its about trying to become a better version of myself. and that happebs with every single time a go to the gym or I choose a healthy meal over an unealthy one. I find that mindset very motivating and it keeps me on track.

  • I believe there is something called a drive, that’s what matters. Academics or fitness, the purpose matters. Aesthetics, desire to be a “manly” and health all these are very different. Some people find it a way to channel their anger while some like me just enjoy it.

  • girl did you get hit over the head a few times? the amount of dumb in this video is alarming. you seriously just told the world where your OPEN bedroom window is. I legitimately hope that things are okay for you but all this is pretty scary and you seem way too nonchalant about it, if its true!

  • Thank you for this video, I’ve seen girls in my gym who compete & have wished I could look that ripped but I’ve come to realize most of them are cycling steroids so we really do need to live ourselves 1st.

  • Are we just gonna ignore the countless women who lift, go for gainz and aestethic, meal prep, and do everything else in the video? This isn’t male exclusive, a lot of women may go for lower weight higher rep exercises, but plenty go for straight up powerlifting too. People workout with different personal goals in mind, I really doubt there are many out there based on misogyny. Most focus primarily on self improvement, not on regaining some lost sense of power.

  • It was said long ago

    Or Technology we create will be our downfall and the world will be destroyednot an exact quote.

    Monday, June 29

    Take a good look at what’s happening in the world!

  • No wonder I have been suffering from depression for so many year obviously for 2 years and I’m actually suffering from depression right now

  • try not to be so hard on yourself, nobody wants to believe that someone would fuck with them like this and it’s really shitty that it happens ��‍♀️ but honestly just learn from this to be more aware of catfishes if you get an email and they have attached the supposed website they come from; go to the website and check if it’s real. if somebody is claiming to be someone from a verified platform message them on there and if they don’t respond it’s not them, unfortunately sometimes if something seems to be too good to be true then it probably is �� just don’t beat yourself up over it, it is soooo easy to be stalked nowadays i mean people can fully clone your phone and that’s like not your fault, some people are just super clever and you just have to get all the right security systems you possibly can and try to always be one step ahead! hope this helped you or anyone else in a stalker situation, please be carful and stay safe!

  • I used to know a girl who reads books, whenever she uploads a picture of herself on instagram she gets atleast 150 likes in under an hour(she has nearly 400 followers).But when she uploads a quote from a book or something thats not her face she gets barely 50-80 likes in total. Recently she deleted all those quotes from her posts (idk why she did it).

  • I haven’t actually met anybody online, in any context that makes for real friendship or companionship, or had anything make positive changes or influences in my life, with 10 years of using social networks heavily, and this YouTube profile is all I have, in terms of a social life now, but at least I don’t do all that unnecessary exercise anymore and I can honestly say that I have taken up smoking and drinking and I did sell a postcard once for a profit of 1cent.
    Thinking about commerce; if I cannot trust the net and those who control it, with something as simple as conversations, why would I even try to set up a business that is dependant on it?

  • I’ve struggled with body dysmorphic disorder for many years now. It’s very difficult to adopt a healthy lifestyle that isn’t extreme. I’m glad you shined some light on this very important topic.

  • Did they just compare a website about working out and getting healthy to one that promotes anorexia? That is just sick. This is a terrible video.

  • I’ve dealt with body dismorphia my whole life. It’s hard to overcome! I look back at pictures and I looked good! I thought I was huge! And now I feel like I’m huge but I’ve lost 20lbs. And when I was 20lbs heavier I really was huge. It’s crazy how confused I my mind gets about the way I look. I can honestly say I don’t know what I look like.

  • Billions of people socially conditioned to be aggressive, nasty and narcssitic and false and it happened without anyone realising it.
    Their algorithms encourage this, its criminal.

  • I left the most popular networks years ago except youtube. I liked google plus as it seemed on interest. Communication is great but it is better around ideas, not daily drama. Looking at going back to creating an online board on an idea and focus on that and that is what was amazing things about forums of interest. They try not to gobble everything up it is for focusing on particular top of interest. The downside that people don’t like is making new accounts all the time.

  • Its really fulfilling to hear this side of the journey for some people. I’m glad you’re addressing all sides of fitness and nutrition because to those like me who haven’t ventured that far I feel it gives us the experience to watch out for feeling that way during our personal journeys. I kind of already feel that way, I see that I am losing the weight with my new lifestyle change (joining gaugegirl and being consistent with my meal plan/training) but the other day I took a picture, compared it to the week before and I stared at it for 5 minutes looking to see if there was a difference. Although people on instagram says there was a difference for that moment in time I could NOT see it!! body dysmorphia is real and I am trying to do what you said in this video by focusing on how I feel. Its been 36 days that I have stayed consistent with my lifestyle change and its wonderful to be inspired by someone who gives us the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks for keeping it real!

  • I appreciate this video, thank you. I lost a lot of weight (not from a prep) but when I gained some back I was so upset. Now I’ve learned to focus on strength and what my body can do vs. what it looks like. Interestingly enough, focusing on performance and health more takes care of the rest of it too!

  • omg Annie this is so creepy! it’s definitely worse to give out your phone number than your snapchat. if any weird numbers send you a link, absolutely do not click it! there is a website that allows you to send any link you want but then when it’s clicked it sends them your location. also if any other “celebrities” add you on snapchat I’d recommend googling their actual snaps to see if it lines up. stay safe girl!!

  • I can totally understand being either all in or all out.. either I will follow the plan or eat whatever I want. I really need to be in the middle but it’s very difficult ��

  • I agree with everything you said. The be sexy thing is like a mantra now my aunt is in her 50s and she says she definitely wouldn’t want to be in 30s or 20s age range because the pressure to look sexy. The beauty standards right now are extremely high. (Impossible to obtain)

  • THANK YOU, CHRISTINE! At 19 I weighed 215 pounds. At 23 I weighed my lowest weight, 128 pounds. I did not see a small person in the mirror. I still saw an overweight person and I HATED her. I had what they called anorexia athletica where I was obsessed with burning off every calorie I ate. I made myself very sick. I am recovered now and I still see a bigger person in the mirror sometimes. The difference now is that I’ve learned to love her, too. Keep spreading the message, you lovely woman.

  • Totally agree, society has been focused on being attractive. That may never change in our lifetime, but celebrating a positive change is a great idea. I quit smoking 30 years ago. Compared to eating changes well, you have to eat. So for me planning, not buying junk food are huge contributors to success. The exercise portion is my challenge right now. Balance is key. When we’re young resilience compensates for many things. Cosmetic surgery, makeup, starving yourself, drugs and extremes ( behavior, exercise etc) are not the answer. We have to find our way and be happy with what we choose.

  • HIII I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! This video is so relevant and just something I and many people needed to hear. I love all your videos because I love hearing the science behind diets and nutrition. I myself am studying to be a sport’s nutritionist. I was wondering if you could make a video on the best nutrition books you recommend!!! THANK YOU

  • Poorly resesrched, ideologically packed and incoherently presented.

    The devil’s journalism trinity, best video for case study.

    Thanks for lending me this video for class.

  • Awlso the facebook instagram (Youtube) exatera is cousing climate change.
    Which is at the end awlso bad for us.
    Becouse the data center in the us are runnig on bad Energie.

  • If some dudes want to pop steroids like skittles and look like boulders with veins more power to them. It can be dangerous but I’m not gonna tell someone what to do with their body as long as they aren’t hurting others. If someone wants to drink a bottle of vodka every weekend that’s their choice and if someone wants to blow their money on coke that’s their choice too. People should be informed on the dangers of substances and how to use them as safely as possible because the use of dangerous substances will NEVER stop. If people want help to stop using them help should be given but the individual needs to WANT to stop.

  • I love this!

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    I think a lot of times we forget about the purpose of this life style. I absolutely agree with you that our mental health is really what matters. How we feel on the inside is what matters. That is true beauty and happiness is what’s on the inside. ❤❤

  • Thank you for being real in every video, for not painting everything as this grand picture everyone must be a part of, for speaking truthfully. I’ve subscribed a long time ago and I’m really glad I did. You’re beautiful, intelligent and honest and I love that.

  • As a millennial I spent my 18-29 on Facebook and then instagram as did every single one of my peers. The last 8 months have been really eye opening to me on how completely disconnected millennials are from reality in the sense of keeping up online appearances literally as the world is falling apart. It’s disgust me to so so many people I follow of all creed, completely refuse to acknowledge real world while posting selfies or trying to sell some shitty rag the call “fashion clothing” while America is unemployed. I deleted all my accounts and I wish I would’ve done it years ago.

  • I loved this video, but please be careful and try your best to stay safe!!! If the harassment continues, I’d recommend getting the police involved.

  • You know something I weigh 280 pounds about I am at an almost perfectly morbid obese. I had weighed 242 and dropped to 212 and I was praised for the weight loss I went from being a d cup to a b cup. A size 18 to a size 12. Everyone asked me what did I do I didn’t track anything what I knew was I ate what I liked and maybe substituted a few things for some other things. They say you want to lose weight, avoid trans fats like the plague. One thing high in trans fats I always enjoyed were french fries I also loved to eat donuts. This year I eat donuts more than usual and I have difficulty getting my hair to grow. Malnutrition is real. Dehydration also is real. I figured I would lose more fat when I go to the bathroom if I stopped drinking water. That was about the hugest misstep I could have taken. And then I craved beans and seeds and meat. It was all I wanted to eat. I just had some sunflower kernels just now. My face gets dry and my hair has trouble growing. I don’t eat donuts much now, or ice cream. I never really sugar my cherios. I talked to my doctor she asked me about the foods I like to eat, and I told her, she asked me if I like fish, I told her I love to eat fish and chicken. My diet isn’t very organized and I believe my body is confused, but I feel hungry a lot, but I don’t really see much I like to eat its almost as if my appetite is gone. I could tell I didn’t want to eat popeyes and I didn’t like my breakfast, capn crunch. I like my cherios. I love honey I have been considering nutrisystem for weight loss because it sounds simple enough…

  • Omg! I’m a boomer, and I don’t get it??? I watch YouTube videos to try to understand what is happening? I don’t get it? Who the hell cares what strangers think of you? I know, I am old! But I will never get it and I’m happy not being a part of the social media generation.

  • Thank you for putting a light on this I have always felt this is true when I really used to be into fitness it gets a little crazy.

  • So instead of using roids and all the hardcore stuff that’ll lead to body and mental health issues, just focus on growing and developing your body in your own pace. -frozendragon22 here brah. nice vid��

  • everyone saying she’s dumb like she didn’t say that multiple times in the video? she’s not dumb actually. she was always suspicious and just made the mistake of entertaining the problem. just watch the video and stfu.

  • i choked when the asian lady said she has a large presence online….yet i have not heard of any of these people lol. yeah what ever lady XD

  • Girl! Please be careful. There is no reason a 30 year old man needs to talk to someone your age. It’s bad enough it was a catfish stalking you, but please be cautious chatting with someone so much older than you.

  • Thank you for sharing this! I was over weight my entire life until my 40’s. I found weight lifting during my journey. I know there is some body dysmorphia going on with me and I have been working hard to be aware. Having a young healthy daughter I want her to learn the good side of fitness not the dark side. I appreciate your video as it shows me that I am not on a unique journey.

  • My opinion: it’s not about the social media, it’s all about you and your self-control! Like alcohol and cigarettes, i like these things too, but i never over take them, cause i can control myself from being addicted! It’s just like the social media, it’s all about how you use them for and how you control yourself while using them.

  • It’s hard when you look at yourself and don’t see in the mirror what you see on your camera, so you think no camera is lying mirror is telling the truth.

  • Thank you for this video. I can really relate to the idea of it but the extremism that you describe. It really opens your eyes to the reality.

  • Thank you for making this video! I’ve struggled with some body dysmorphia since childhood, but especially over the past few years. I’ve never had an eating disorder, but I look back on photos from a few years ago when I was 15 lbs lighter and think “wow, I was unhealthily skinny.” I see myself as fat or chubby most of the time, and have for years, even though to everyone I know I’ve always been the skinny girl. Since starting college I’ve been far more active and eaten differently, gained those freshman 15 but a good amount of that is muscle and the fat I’ve gained brings me up to the healthiest weight I’ve ever been! I’m working on making some appropriate fitness goals to parallel my mental and spiritual health goals. Balance is everything! I’ve got a long road ahead of me, wish me luck. ��

  • As you know in the past 2 years I’ve been going through a lot and I haven’t posted many videos, this is why I wanted to work on a topic that mattered to me. I hope this video will make you ponder about how you use social media.

  • Thats what happens when you cant handle a bit of juice brah (obvs cant help it due to genetics).. full of fake guys thinking they can handle tren, decca, test E and so on… YES it makes you look good and YES it makes your balls smaller and dick bigger from taking GH, but mentally it fucks you up. A lot of people forget the fact it has a huge impact on mental health, all they care about is looking good and attending festivals shredded for that weekend and then what? heavy comedown from pingers + juice side effects start to pop up and without realising boooom you are mentally fucked until you sort your self out… #juice4life

  • Great Video! Thanks for the motivation. I’ve allowed myself to gain 15 lbs. over my ideal weight and I love myself more because I am no longer basing all of my self worth on my physical appearance.