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The Ultimate Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Guide — Tiger Fitness. Most television programs and magazines targeting males 30+ years old show advertisements for medications, supplements, and creams claiming to increase testosterone, enhance libido, build muscle, and reverse aging. Many of these claims are unsubstantiated and made without the United States Food and Drug Administration (.

TRT The Definitive Guide to Testosterone Replacement Therapy Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is On The Rise! Low testosterone in men over 50 is not a new thing really. Research shows that testosterone levels in men generally drops about 1%-2% per year after the age of 35. The American College of Physicians (ACP) released new guidelines regarding testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The advice is that.

When your testosterone levels are high you reap all of the benefits of TRT. You feel great. You have a lot of energy, your mood is elevated, sex drive is up, and overall life is good. Once the testosterone starts to wear off and your levels start to drop you will possibly start to feel like you did before taking testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) should be given based on symptoms instead of blood values.

If you have no energy, gain fat easily, have trouble putting on muscle, have a low libido, and suffer from depression, you may need TRT. You have the choice of injections, gel. Posted June 25, 2018 by Australian Steroids in Blog, Testosterone Replacement Therapy 802 The Ultimate TRT Guide for Aussies – Part 1 Within this multiple part series guide, I will explain for the lay person what one needs to know about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in Australia. The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life Kindle edition by Campbell, Jay. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life. What is TRT? TRT is an acronym for testosterone replacement therapy, sometimes called androgen replacement therapy. It’s primarily used to treat low testosterone (T) levels, which can occur. Testosterone replacement treatment (TRT) aims to boost those low levels back up.

But TRT has had its ups and downs in the past 2 decades. From 2001 to 2013, prescriptions rose by 300% following. Can testosterone replacement therapy make me feel more energetic?

If you have an abnormally low T, boosting your testosterone levels with TRT can help bring your energy levels back to normal. It.

List of related literature:

Using the natural androgen, testosterone, and a dose limited to one that maintains blood testosterone levels within the eugonadal range, the goal of androgen replacement therapy is to restore the full spectrum of androgen effects while replicating the efficacy and safety experience of eugonadal men of similar age.

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Antiandrogen Therapy The initial approach to treat men with prostate cancer is to reduce androgen levels with androgen deprivation therapies including antiandrogens and GnRH analogues.

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In addition, androgen deprivation therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer with GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone) agonists will lead to impairment of spermatogenesis.

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For brevity sake, we will not discuss in detail the benefits of T therapy in men with TD since this topic is comprehensively covered by Dr. F. Saad’s chapter in this book, entitled “Testosterone Therapy and Glucose Homeostasis in Men with Testosterone Deficiency (Hypogonadism).”

“Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis, Diabetes and Obesity” by Franck Mauvais-Jarvis
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The Food and Drug Administration has approved testosterone replacement therapy, using products such as the one Rick Duggan promotes, for patients like Nick Mancini, whose pituitary gland no longer can signal his testes to produce the hormone, or for men with inherited conditions like an extra X chromosome.

“How Doctors Think” by Jerome Groopman
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In a third study, 70 men ≥65 years were randomized to receive testosterone enanthate intramuscularly alone, testosterone enanthate plus finasteride, or placebo for 3 years [24].

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I’ll delve more deeply into testosterone support in both the recovery chapter and the supplements chapter.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
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It would seem obvious to use natural testosterone in the form it is secreted by the testes for substitution therapy.

“Andrology: Male Reproductive Health and Dysfunction” by Eberhard Nieschlag, Hermann M. Behre, Susan Nieschlag
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Appropriate use for this purpose is legitimate hormone replacement therapy (testosterone replacement therapy [TRT]), which maintains serum testosterone levels in the normal range.

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Other therapies that treat low testosterone like gonadotropins, clomiphene citrate, hCG, and aromatase inhibitors preserve the native physiology of the HPG axis and promote upregulation of endogenous intratesticular testosterone.

“Male Infertility: Contemporary Clinical Approaches, Andrology, ART and Antioxidants” by Sijo J. Parekattil, Sandro C. Esteves, Ashok Agarwal
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  • I’m an ectomorph and I struggle to put on size and weight, but I I don’t have any other symptoms of low testosterone, I have a very high sex drive. Is it possible that my testosterone levels are low? Or is it just a body type thing you know having long lanky skinny bones

  • To much emphasis on the sexual side of things. For me this is more about feeling mentally well and feeling better In general. Better body composition, more muscle, increased energy and more drive. Too many people think testosterone is just about sexual things.

  • Anybody know how i could get this prescribed off my doctor in the uk. What could i say to my gp to talk them into prescibing me some ��

  • I think I have low T my whole life just never knew to get tested, which probably aided in me getting bigger. Every symptom of low T I experienced and just thought that’s how I am. Finally got tested at 34 and I’m at 102ng. Now that I am a bigger guy Dr. thinks I have low T because I am a bigger guy. WTF man i wondered came first.

  • It’s not that complicated. You can feel the symptoms of estrogen. A product called DIM otc kills estrogen although it’s more expensive than arimidex. Get some. Try it. You’ll like it.

  • 43 years old,natural weight lifter,never took testosteron. It is normal for a guy at my age to have a good natural level of testosteron?I still train hard,medium to heavy weights, I feel positive and competitive most of the time,libido seem normal and full of energy most of the time, even when I don’t have a good night sleep.

  • people waking up to the reality that food is change who we are and how we live. I am 45 and i always tell my son about this problem. my believe is that 99% of man over 20 are already affected by this condition. Just like diabetes, and high blood pressure. low T is a problem and everybody is open to accepted now but what cause low T is what i want to know. I won’t settle for a treatment i want a cure. wake up guys.

  • Been on TRT for 2 years. Best decision I ever made. My total T level was llow-normal on two blood draws… but was feeling the common symptoms… I am in the high normal range (700-900). My energy level has drastically changed for the better. It also has helped me recover better from exercise. I am so happy with it and it is worth every penny (I pay out of pocket). But please understand…TRT is not some magic pill…its a lifestyle. A lifestyle that consists of cleaner eating, cardio, strength training combined with doctor monitored TRT. It will change your life for the better….definitely not some placebo effect for me.

  • My free test levels are at 118 so I’m having my bloods done again to confirm. I’ve been having symptoms of low T for quite a while but every time I went to see a doctor they ignored my pleas to get tested so I went through an direct lab test online here in Australia.I’m 54 & live a healthy lifestyle working out, a clean diet & no alcohol, I feel that trt is my only option

  • Your revolution is over. Condolences. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose. Do you hear me?

  • I’ve been on T. R. T. for three years and feel great! I’m 61 years old and I have the vigor of a healthy 30 year old. My 35 year old girlfriend just loves my high drive in the bedroom and my muscle mass has me almost in the freak zone!

  • I was very surprised any effort was put into men’s health by the medical community until they said “funded by industry” then it made sense. Make no mistake… if this was a female issue it would have been researched to death and resolved decades ago. This panel is full of half truths… MOST men can benefit from TRT. Dont listen to these people.

  • They throw testosterone at every woman who wants to transition into becoming a man, which is completely cosmetic reason and not for any drastic health reasons but when an actual man needs it, suddenly the doctor is indifferent. If you’re gonna prescribe it to a woman who wants to transition, which isn’t even a tangible thing genetically, you might as well prescribe to a man whose a bodybuilder or someone who just wants it for the sake of having increased levels, there’s literally no difference.

    They give woman who are transitioning upwards of 500mg of testosterone, literally bodybuilder levels if they were men but actual men struggle to get a prescription, unfucking real.

  • I’m 47 and I did my very first cycle of roids (Test & Deca) earlier this year. Before I got on it I did lab work and my natural T was at 725. Half way into my cycle my T shot up as high as 3000 +. After the 12 week cycle, I stayed off of it for a month and started the PCT. During my PCT I got lab work done again and my T dropped as low as 425 and my Estrogen was really low In the negative red. I started TRT (my own). I’m doing 1 ml of Sustanon weekly and a half of ml of an aromatase Inhibitor three days a week. After a month of being on TRT, again I got lab work done and my T was at 1535 and my Estrogen was high at 63. Since the the entire thing (the cycle and TRT) I went from 170 to 185. Feeling great overall w/ the exception that I seem to be breaking out a lot around the chest area. My question to you is am I doing everything pretty much according to protocol or is there something else I should add to the mix, etc…?? I appreciate your time! Thanks…

  • When I was 24 blood work showed I had testosterone level of 241 ng/dl. Only found out after to going to a wellness doctor. Primary doctor said all my symptoms was in my head and offered to put me on the little blue pill. This was when my levels were at 361. Told me it was within range. And I went a year thinking it was just me. Got to the point where it was unbareable. After receiving trt for the last few years it has completely changed my life!

  • I hope I reach at least one guy! Ignore these people! Keep researching. They have no proof of their claim that Test does not help a ‘normal’ guy. They should take down this video!

  • I’ve been on psychiatric drugs for over ten years. I had my levels tested and they were well below the low range (average). I’m only 33 too. It’s changed my life also. I have my energy back. I’m not always lethargic and tired. My mood has improved. All around happiness. If you’re watched carefully and it helps you feel better that’s what is important.

  • 5:32 What��!? If you take more testo than your normal level there’s no added benefit? So all the guys who gained 10lbs of muscle in 3 months: It was just in your head LOL ��

  • Thanks. Good video. I’m on TRT right now and it’s been good. The thing I’ve noticed the most is it somehow gives me a sense of well being, hard to describe because it’s very subtle. I intentionally take low dosage (100mg per week) because I don’t need my brain to feel like an 18 year old again (if you know what I mean) but it seems adequate. What seems a bit odd to me is I’m told chemically that testosterone cypionate is chemically identical to the testosterone found naturally in our bodies so why would there be any “risks” by taking TRT that wouldn’t be present if your testosterone were naturally higher? Hope that makes sense. I guess my thinking is that I’m not too worried about any risks.

  • My levels are 400 no/dL and my grandpa has more stamina when it comes to construction �� and he’s 70 and always happy and a long marriage so yea I’m guessing my grandpa �� has more t than me that’s sad because I’m 20 years old played many sports and till this day “body build “

  • Got my T tested, total T was 231 which is slightly under bottom limit, only age 34 and been having classic libido issues. Only thing scaring me is (potentially permanent) infertility and gynocomastia… Amazing that almost no one in the comments even mentions these awful side effects.

  • Thanks for all the great information! Our Doctor in Canada gave us way less info than this when we went for a consultation so it is great to hear such a balanced report from you. Think I would add that if your testosterone levels are low, it can take a while(like a year) to raise them up again through injections with healthy doses, also there are natural testosterone killers to avoid.  Thanks also for the link on natural sources!!! Great channel!

  • i’d say 100 150mg every 5 Days (0,5ml of 250mg/ml of Enanthate) does fine depends on your weight (if you wanna do without Dr and any monitoring) but this is the upper end of TRT.. and is already “borderline-ON” but health issues are nearly 0 in my opinion (if you live healthy), except you have shitty genes and are anyway kinda fragile

  • What’s the difference between TRT treatments and gels that were available 10 years ago but were later deemed to be too dangerous and rather ineffective?

  • This therapy directly replaces your own body’s need to produce testosterone. It does not compliment it, or ‘top it up’.
    The benefits are amazing but it should be known that your sperm count decreases to a point of becoming sterile, the longer you are on therapy. With that comes testicular atrophy (shrinkage).
    The longer you are on it, the harder it will be to bring back your own ability to produce testosterone, with no guarantee as to what level you could slowly regain.
    This is a decision for life, and experts advise to have children before you decide to begin therapy. Another option is to have your sperm frozen.

  • I’m 33 almost 34. Don’t know why. Guess just dealt with a bad deck of cards in life but after a bunch of blood work and tests doctor told me I must go on trt as I have early onset hypogonadism. Needless to say today is 12 weeks on and results are great. Energy and quality of sleep has been better. Strength and libido are through the roof. Also men if you’re feeling really depressed as I had no reason to be check your levels because as a man in his early 30s this is not normal. I feel like I’m 16 years old all over again energy wise but cognitive function has been escalating. My high blood pressure has stabilized and I’ve lost many pounds of fat off and it’s only been 12 weeks on trt. For my case I received testosterone c, hcg, and an estrogen blocker arimidex. Testosterone and estrogen blocker are taken 1x a week and hcg 2x a week. Please do yourself a favor and get checked out by your dr. I never thought it would happen to me and here I am saying go please and get your life back.

  • i’m 55 i eat right (at least now i do i didn’t always) i work out and lift with a trainer three days a week. ivost 20 pounds with 15 more to go.
    i don’t feel low energy but my body just isn’t responding to good diet and regular exercise including weightlifting. i’m not building anything and the remaining belly fat won’t budge.
    at 55 is my body not capable of responding to diet and exercise? will test help. my doctor who i see regularly said he would switch me from androgel to injections and that it might help. i’m 5’9 and 205
    with a goal of 187
    i want to get my waist from 40 to 34
    and my arms from 14 up to 16
    Will T help with any or is my chance at a nice body over and gone.
    ? it totally sucks really bad, being middle aged i don’t recommend it to anyone.meabwhile youtube is full of these 25 year old guys giving advice lol.

  • Im 37 and have literally every symptom of low t… Ive been on methadone for a long time and I know that kills it too. Im about to start down this road as the depression, skinnyness, and lack of drive is killing my life away. My question is, what is the biggest drawback? For a first timer getting into it, what is the REAL cost on you? Everything has a price… Is it that my body will produce even less when I stop? Do I just use a small amount forever? If so I guess I will cause Im so tired of living like this…. I used to do jiu jitsu and snowboard 30 times a season… I havent done either in 4 years now…. ��

  • 99% of men do have low T.
    Boston U did a study starting in 1987 which ran to 2007.
    They broke the study down into age groups. All age groups showed a 16 to 20 % drop in testosterone. This means that a 35 year old in 1897 had 18% more testosterone than a 35 year old in 2007.
    The testing labs keep lowering the normal range so we are not seeing a true indicator of the falling level.
    If you are 35 to 45 today, you have approximately 40% less testosterone than your grandfather had at your age. This is serious.

  • Instead of REPLACING the lost testosterone, why don’t scientists find away to STOP it from leaving our bodies? I don’t like the list of side effects that come with taking TRT. TRT has been around for awhile now, so I think they should’ve found a way to make it have fewer side effects by now.

  • Why in the world would he say that a standard dose off 200 iu with 50 iu hcg would be no better than a placebo pill, if someone’s T is in “normal” range? If that were the case, why would I go from 380ish to 1,000/1,200 from 200iu-T once weekly/(50iu-hcg,twice weekly)?

  • I am 36 years old and I think of marriage next year but I’m afraid to get married because I have no sexual desire for 2 years, can marriage be right for me in this case?
    I think I have 70 years old T…
    trt if I have children?
    I will be glad if you help me.

  • Testosterone level at basically 0. When receiving treatment it shot my PSA levels up but with no signs of cancer. Due to PSA doctor and I chose to quit therapy even though it was working well to stop all neg symptoms and restoring pos normal health. Now back to 0 testosterone. Does anyone know what to do. My physician holds out no help due to PSA level.

  • I feel tired and run down all the time. I am 55, suffer from poor sleep, poor energy, head pressure and dizziness. I have trained all my life. My diet has not altered and my training has not changed in years. Yet I have lost muscle while putting on a lot of fat. And endocrinologist looked at my labs and said I was “low normal” and would not Rx me. Normal does not mean “optimal”. And he never looked at estrogen levels to see where they are.

    I’m not some old time bodybuilder looking to compete in any competition. I just want to feel good.

  • It’s amazing I feel great relationship better no anxiety no depression. I had a 293 before trt. Family doc said that’s low average I said I want to have high optimal and had to find a new doc to prescribed

  • I just came off of a cycle of Deca & Test (Sustanol). I’m strongly considering taking the TRT route from here on out since I’m in my late 40’s. My question is is there a point in doing the PCT since I’m going to start the TRT (My own not a clinic)? If so, do I complete the PCT and then start the TRT and lastly, how much is the max amount of Sustanol I can take while on the TRT and as for the blood work, should that be done on a monthly basis to make sure my levels are right? Any help w/ this inquiry will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to discover

    non prescription testosterone

    try Mackorny Increase Testosterone Blueprint ( search on google )? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • Sorry Doc, when you say that there is no benefit from testosterone injections for males in the normal range, you are 100% incorrect and you should cease with spreading false information. I’m 60 have always been very active and had levels of 380. Been doing injections for a year now and it has changed my life for the better in so many ways (muscle mass, stamina, sex drive, mental clarity and more). I now feel better than when I was 35. It has changed my life dramatically for the better.

  • I suffered most of my youth with low T. I’m guessing it started when I was about 18? In the Army i was always sickly looking and weak. I sought help then, but the doctors in the Army did not seem interested in getting to the bottom of my problem coupled with the fact i did not know what was wrong with me either. Fast forward to 38 years old I was tested for low testosterone and found out the problem. This was in 2005 and I have been on TRT ever since. i feel MUCH better. I can actually work out and gain muscle. I finally feel like a MAN. All those years of thinking I was just dealt the beta man cards and weakness of body and spirit was my destiny.
    Listen up. Step 1 is tell your doctor you want your testosterone tested. You don’t have to ask or beg them…TELL them. You have this right..then go from there.

  • What’s the max dose that a doctor will write? 500 mg a week 750 mg a week 1000 mg a week???
    And if your testosterone is 230 how many milligrams does it take to get your natural testosterone back up to 900 where it should be??

  • Any correlation between testosterone and heart problems? one point of concern is that Test will thicken the blood thats why they recommend you to donate blood every 6 months. But i was wondering any new studies done on this correlation?

  • I was just prescribed by my doctor. Been, tired, depressed, etc for a while now. Just started Monday. Looking forward to feeling better

  • I’m 284 T. 42 and in perfect health. However, for the work I’m putting in I should be even better overall. My low T makes so much sense. My doctor gave me Clomid first, I tried it two weeks and didn’t notice anything. I’m starting a gel today. Wish me luck. I’m looking for a mood/energy enhancer

  • 4:00 damn doctors. Many are too damn arrogant. This is going to sound radical because you all have been living in the matrix for too long without using your brain.

    Doctor should analyze, diagnose, and RECOMMEND. ultimately your treatment should be YOUR DECISION.
    Now, who is gonna be the 1st idiot who responds with “well, if u do that then some people may abuse a drug.” And that is certainly possible. That is the 5th grade level response. Congratulations. Now put on your thinking caps and continue down that path just a little bit further.

  • Imagine finding this out when you’re 27. I was tested at 169 Ng/dcl at my lowest. I felt like death every single day. This combined with HCG has helped me feel much better.

  • No mention of using hcg? Doc, you’re fired. There’s literally ZERO reason not to use it for guys on trt. It acts as LH so your balls don’t permanently shut off. By using Hcg you can treat the younger population much more effectively.

    What do you tell a 20 year old with primary hypogonadism who wants to treat it, but still have kids in the future? You give them HCG because it acts as leutenizing hormone and keeps their boys pumping a bit. That way, if they need to come off, or want kids. You can just up the dosage on the hcg, and boom, she’s preggo.

    Seriously guys, if your doc tries to put you on trt without hcg. Find a new doctor!!!

  • Testosterone replacement therapy can change your life like you never imagined. If you suspect you have low testosterone, get tested and get treated if necessary. It will be one of the best moves you can make in your life.

  • I am 78 years old. My doctors just told me that my levels are below 10 so I should get the treatments. Don’t know how many years I have left so I might as well go whole hog as they say. I don’t want to be a bodybuilder just normal looking with a little vigor. Pellets seem to be the right avenue to go but I don’t know if they have it here in New Jersey. Next would be needles. Other than that I have ED 100 percent. They have to fix that as well. After all we are supposed to keep on going until we die. So, I’ll see if we can go that route.
    What says you.

  • I’m from the United kingdom and we have the forms of trt as what you have in the United States but I’m having to use the topical gel first before I use the injectable jabs in 6 months time cos a lot of men who go straight for the jabs b4 the gels run a high risk of getting blood clots to the legs or a stroke to the brain

  • TRT breathed life into my tired old body.
    I took a year before TRT and tried almost everything natural; stinging nettle, boron, Vit D, mucuna puriens etc…Total T went from 650 ng/dl to 715 ng/dl, however free T remained at the level of a dead man. It took a good six months to ‘dial in’ my correct dosage of exogenous T. So be patient.
    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) taken in conjunction with exogenous T will allow your testicles to continue to produce your normal T concentration, an added bonus. Also, HCG will prevent your nuts from shriveling into raisins.

  • That’s crap if your levels are normal it won’t be a benefit. So body builders don’t benefit from it? I’m on a low dose and it’s helped me.

  • at 5:31 you stated supplementing testosterone in men who are at or near normal limit provides no added value and just costs you expensive urine” ” or compared to placebo effect
    you were good until here… this is simply not the case, without getting into the endocrinology and side effects related to “time on” and that proven fact that “anabolism is directly associated with dosage” as are side effects increase with dosage, and diet effects the result of the overall hormone response.
    simply put your statement is inaccurate and I challenge you to retract your comment respectively.
    men who use testosterone already know increase your dosage increase the effect…. stop saying this isn’t true, everything else was to point.

  • My number was under 280 I’m 46 been working out for awhile. I have been thinking about doing this to see if it helps me doctor says i don’t need it but he is kinda old school. My research from this video and a bunch say that my level is to low and im a candidate. So I need to find a new doctor i guess

  • I am 30, checked my T level 3 months ago and it is 330 ng/dLalthough in the reference range but in lower base line. I have been experiencing poor sex drive and ED. So I started taking Testosterone Undecanoate. Is it safe for me to use?

  • Poor suckers stuck just above the bottom of the range lol. This is about as accurate/fair as using BMI for a life insurance physical.

  • Testasterone saves people from depression, fatigue, suicide and more. I started trt after low levels and I am back to normal… relieved. I could not function.. some men have low t at 40 but normal for their age. They can start T but isn’t that big of a treatment vs hypogadism where a 49 year old man has 90 year old levels.

  • Also taking T subQ works the same as IM. I’ve tested many times back and forth and the results are the same on average. This is with an insulin syringe.

  • Thanks for the vid, good info. I was prescribed Andro-Gel yesterday by my doctor, and have been trying to learn as much as possible before I start lathering it on. Don’t wanna turn into Fight Club Bob, but there are definitely some issues that need to be addressed. Hoping this is the correct path to take. Blood work and time will tell.

  • He forgot to say that you can boost your testosterone by lifting heavy especially with the big muscles found in your legs and butt. Try that and/or go hiking up a steep hill 2-3 times per week and you WILL feel a lot better. So easy. ��

  • Men produce about 50 to 70mg test per week, a kind of average. Free test is important when looking at your levels along with LH and so on. Even at 70mg per week naturally will produce different levels in different men. Personally as an average I’d say much more then150mg per week as a replacement dose is hitting the twilight zone between trt and performance enhancing doses. I’m on nebido evey 10 weeks and of the 1000mg about 650mg is available. That kind of average at 65mg per week (yes, I know there is a peak and a trough, feeling it every time and the low is shit). I’d love to be stable on 65-100mg per week but you can’t do it on the NHS in the UK. 200-250mg/week would blow my mind. Replacements is absolutely different to cycling. We need more good information about the differnces between these 2 things. My replacement despite it’s flaws has been fantastic and I think has given me some insight into how people can get caught up in the whole steroid game.

  • How long does it take to feel the effects to TRT? A week, a few weeks. I know its not a month, but you’ll feel the full effect after 3 months. Any idea…

  • I was tested the other day and my T number was 64. My understanding is that’s an extremely low number. My VA doctor thought I had early onset ALS for the last 5 years. Turns out it wasn’t the case but I have been feeling awful for a long time. Wondering how long it will take to feel normal again once I start receiving injections. Thank you.

  • Did he just say that extra test wont do anything for you if you started with normal levels? Then why is doping with test illegal in every sport???????

  • I was down to a T level of only 140 at age 41. After two years of tweaking my therapy plan with my urologist, my standing level is around 700. I cannot recommend DOCTOR-consulted TRT enough as long ad you make some lifestyle changes too workout moderately, drink more water, cut out unnecessary fats and over abundance of complex or empty carbs. I look and feel much better, and my wife is very pleased as well. Don’t get stuck under your pride or shame, it’s just life! Talk to your doctor and get a plan made and stick to it!

  • As far back as I can remember the biggest risk has been described as a greater risk of prostrate cancer. This had been argued by doctors that if you have or have history of prostate cancer or other cancers that TRT will increase the aggressiveness of ones cancer. But further research and discussion regarding cancer is that many if not most men in their late 40’s to mid to late 50’s have minuscule “pre-cancerous” cells grouping into tiny clumps that take 15-30 years to grow large enough to be seen or detected through bloodwork. So that with 65+ aged men it’s almost predictable that if you test and look for them you will find tiny tumors. Most men have prostrate tumors that they can get away with doing nothing about because they are likely to die of some other cause in their 80 or 90s.
    However T Therapy even with non body building protocols, will absolutely accelerate this growth as much as 200-400%. That means that the chances of a diagnosis of cancer by age 65-70 is 2 to 4 times higher.
    The other issue is that natural production of T will go down to almost nothing so that if you try to quit your libido will be gone for a very long time and may never fully recover depending on age. A huge dependency trap is created. T therapy is a very lucrative industry. Docs can be very low key but effective salesmen. Keep these things in mind when you go for a consultation and testing.

  • if when you are 32 and have a testosterone levels of 900 and you are healthy what would be the difference if you get your testosterone levels back up to 900 at age 65 as far a blood thickening and stroke. will your blood be thicker than the time you were 32

  • I had 5/ngl testosteron, and i had it for a long time, been witing for my doctor to give me trt for 8 months now. I been so depressed i feeling like taking my life, no motivation. So i have started my own trt, tog a dose of about 150 testosteron enchante. I had the gel for some days but they took it away becsuse my blood was thick. And now i been waiting, it looked good but anyway she wanted to wait and then my blood got thick again. I been taking one dose, im going to take a new blood test in 2 weeks, i think i will wait with taking another dose until after that test.

  • Weight gain and psychiatric medication have all contributed to my low testosterone. I’ve been prescribed testosterone gel I’m 36…in also on weight watchers I feel like I should also be hitting the weight lifting machines in the gym now. I start my testosterone tomorrow �� I’m hoping to get well on it.

  • My level when not on TRT was 23 total and 4.8 free. No those are not incorrect. Dr said lowest level he’s ever seen. I can really feel the difference With just 100-140mg a week. Night and day difference in energy, cognitive ability etc.

  • Well  hear my story. yes had low testosterone I was in my late 60’s when doctors said needed shots.   In 2018 I started walking 1.5 mile loop more for circulation and heart health. In 2019 I pushed up too 3 miles a day tuff at first but got used to it.I found out my sex drive went very high and  always hot and high sex drive. Was beating off late at night and slept like a log after sexual release. Just needed those terrific orgasms I used to get. Some ED sat in and not much help I do get but not like when I was young lad and went off with a crazyz blast off. I wish I could get those crazy boners like when I was teenager. So intense part of life and those tingles were super hot when I was newbie to jacking off Throbbed so hard and felt so good. Had my fun with pals in life. Enjoyed my friends and those super hot times. I do think my exercise is increasing my testosterone level. My doc said to old for testing testosterone levels. Some guys may be low but I would bet most would respond to just plan old getting off their duff and moving more.  I don’t like to be couch potato. I got heavy working behind in a desk work is not active enough. Lots of guys do it for a living. Then testosterone levels drop off because they just don’t circulate that blood and they get unbalanced and that is just the way mother nature works. Find out and the more success you have  then send them for workouts plain and simple but not  in your best interest if you want high numbers of visits. My weight is holding about 160 and I try to eat smart, low fat, low carbo’s and low sugar foods.

  • From my own experience: Clomid does NOT decrease estrogen, it increases it, along with testosterone. The longer the therapy, the higher the e2. Look it up, there are studies on this… Check your facts please

  • Great video, the average “normal” dosing should be no more than 200mg in a two week period, so 100mg a week. The most important labs that should be completed is hemoglobin and PSA, prostate specific antigen, to ensure there is no prostate cancer and the blood is not to “thick” to reduce risks of stroke and elevated BP. Testopel, inserted pellets give a more steady state level for long term, every 4-6 months. Ensure labs are always completed first for assessment. A medication Proscar can help with the baldness and also beneficial for the prostate/BPH. If you do take Testosterone replacement, the estrogen labs FSH and lutenizing hormone will be off.

  • I’m 19 the urologist said I’m fine I’m thinking about doing suicide what vitamin is safe that will help with my blow flow and sperm count please help

  • Hello. After a testosterone dose of 100mg every week, I had a result above the norm of 550nd / dL. However, I inject HCG 250 units into tesosterone every other day. Could the blood tesosterone result rise so high by HCG?

  • I’m one of these men who got a testosterone decline after having had testicular cancer twice so I’m on trt to keep it nicely balanced and boosted

  • I’m 41, the d doesn’t work like it used to, my energy level is low, my diet is fine, my exercise is fine, exhausted a lot. Going in Monday morning for blood work and going from there. Already had blood work done but it was later in the day and I’m low. Dr said he’ll recommend a shot every 3 months and we’ll from there. I need something to help me with my wife and my feeling as a man it’s getting depressing. Hope something helps.

  • At age 42 my testosterone was at 1250. I worked out 4/5 days a week, my sleep schedule was bad due to work, and I had been on keto for about 3 months. Idk what my free T levels were at that time though.

  • Wow. A lot of good information. Especially the natural T-boosters. My T-levels fluctuates between a low of 217 and 267, so clearly low. I finally have an endocrinologist who will prescribe me TRT but I wanted to do some more research before I take my first dose. I believe my starting dose is 200ml once a week.

    I did NOT know my body would quit producing testosterone so I’m now wishing I’d known about the natural boosters before. However, this video has only been available for less than a year and information good information is scarce! I’m with the VA and have been fighting to get testosterone for just about three years. I’ve had both physicians assistants refuse me (of course), but each of the three or four primary care doctors I’ve been through have fought me on it. My last one, when my T-level tested at 217(!) tried to tell me it had to be EIGHTY-NINE (89)!!!! before I could qualify for TRT!!!

    I told him that was the most RIDICULOUS THING I’D EVER HEARD! That loudly, too.

    He just stared at me. Then he told me only an endocrinologist could prescribe TRT for me. So I demanded a referral. He said he’s send it in AND THEN DIDN’T! I was going to fight it but needed to concentrate on getting my hip replaced. Which was a whole OTHER drama. I finally got that done this past October and received FANTASTIC CARE from the VA hospital in Las Vegas. But again, when I saw my primary in November, which is actually when he lied to me about needing an 89 T-level, he again said he’d send the referral but didn’t.

    So instead I went through the pharmacist who was monitoring my diabetes because of all the complaints I had which could be either diabetes or testosterone related. She sent the referral which had to be with a local civilian doctor. He didn’t take two minutes after talking to me and looking at my test results to prescribe testosterone cypionate for me. He asked me how I would have it administered. I said, “Hey! I’m a diabetic. I’ve been stabbing myself a couple times a day for nearly seven years. No biggie.” “Great,” he said.

    But still the VA slapped a delay on it, requiring copies of a bunch of his brand new records on me! So I took the script he gave me and had Walmart fill just two weeks worth. It costs me just $8.50 a dose, so no biggie!

    I’m planning on injecting it tomorrow. If anyone asks and I get a notification to remind me of this video, I’ll give an update. Fingers crossed.

  • My T was 42 6 weeks ago. Don’t know what is is now but I definitely feel better. Doing injections. 1ML every other week which seems low, especially at my 6’3 400# frame.

  • 5 years of Testosterone use ruined me! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t using the TRT dosage, but more like 300 -500mg a week…..but after a while few years it caused me to grow thick hair all over my shoulders, neck, chest, upper arms,…everywhere! And now I’ve stopped taking test, the hair has remained. It’s permanent. How many other men have had this horrible side effect? Shaving it causes me to be red n spotty and all ptickly and it grows back so fast! Why did I get this side effect, as most men I’ve seen don’t have this problem at all.? ���� Like I said, it’s ruined me. If not for that, I’d still be using it to this day. As the other effects are great. My doctor said I might qualify for prescribed trt as my test levels are low but he only offered me the gel. I’m reluctant to use it. I hear the gel makes you peak and drop in the same day. I’d prefer injection but it’s not an option.

  • LOL, SMH…another political pander in yet another gender focused area. The “expert’s” indifference when referring to the benefits and/or the necessity of male TRT is laughable. Its ok for women to take it, but not really for men. Mayo clinic should switch to spreading mayonnaise instead of spreading this type of medical advice.

  • Risks, you say you monitor PSA. Why is it that you do not discuss the underlying reasons? Prostate cancer? Risks, you did not mentioned anything about testicular atrophy? What about cardiovascular diseases?

  • To be fair I started taking test last week I’m on holiday for two weeks so did 500mg before so left, so 250mg a week for two weeks. I was gonna do a proper cycle of 300-500mg test a week but now I think when I come back I will only do trt 125-200mg a week get a blood test and see where that dose takes me and add Sarms on top. Sarms give me great results I’m sorry if it doesn’t work for some of you

  • Hi

    Just got home from the urologist after visiting many doctors since having extreme fatique since 2011.
    No one can help me. Had to almost get into a fight with the doc today to let him write me a testogel recipe.

    I have been told there is nothing wrong with me. Still I sleep about 14-17 hours a day, am despressed, have severe mood swings, lost my hair and sex does not interest me at all.

    I was allways a busy guy, loved extreme mtb and had loads of energy.
    Now I am a baldy 49 year old who doesn‘t have the libido nor energy to bang his wife, see his 8 year old son grow up and I basicly started thinking about suicide…

    My cholesterol is too high.
    MCV is too high.
    MCHC is too low.
    Both my granuloziten are high (I live in Germany hope this makes sense) Both my monozyten are high. Kreatinin levels are low. Tryglicerides are off the scale (4.00). Kalium too high. LDH high. Testosteron 8.89 SHBG 29.0 free testosteron 30.6. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?

  • Stallone has been juicing longer than I’ve been alive and is healthier than most men in they’re 40’s but TRT is only mildly affective for some men? Yeah ��

  • I dont really understand. I have super low energy. Im depressed. No drive. No ambition. All the mental symptoms. But never a problem with ED. Morning wood every day. Im very strong and quite lean even though i work out little and drink pretty heavily.

    I think its more my brain is tired from the drugs i did. Maybe a serotonin or dopamine deficiency.

  • You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways Dude. You don’t want to know about it, believe me. Hell, I can get you a toe by 3′ oclock this afternoon…with nail polish.

  • Going to a urologist for fertility purposes (not really on my end), and found my test is mid 200’s. They didn’t want to give me test exogenously yet while going through this, so I am on clomid. I jumped up to 1000 on clomid alone. Will I see a difference when I switch over to TRT, or is the result being the same (going to the 1000 range) going to give me the same feeling with TRT that I have with clomid

  • I’m 47 and still feel 25 naturally. Jesus… man up guys. TRT is just another patch instead of putting in the work and planning it actually takes to be fit and healthy. It’s the male equivalent of plastic surgery for women.
    What the hell happened to people? It all went to shit when John Wayne died, I tell ya.

  • I’m 54 and had a testosterone level of 270. I went on Axiron (topical applied under the arms) for 2 years and developed polycythemia vera (thick blood). I had to see a hematologist and be phlebotomized every 2-3 months. Finally my doctor took me off of Axiron all together and my testosterone level went below 50 but eventually rose to 84. The doctor has now put me on injections every 2 weeks in hopes to keep the polycythemia in check while giving me the testosterone I need.

  • If you really have super low Test like 40 % under baseline expected (by age), then you likely need to do trt. If it’s above that you can just do regular bodybuilder pct (not doctor scally’s power pct, that’s like overkill maybe if you blasted for a whole year, but I would GREATLY reduce the dosage of the hcg and clomid).

  • If you are on trt or balls will shut down for good. Trt is a descion for life. Go there if you want to be hooked to a needle the rest of your life ��

  • My Doctor just threw 200mg a week of TC at me. It was a little rough the first 3 weeks, however now I feel super normal, I feel good.
    I don’t have any side effects and it’s been 3 months.

  • The radio airwaves in my town are flooded with ads from TRT clinics all saying the same thing: If you are a man over 35, your testosterone is not what it should be, blah blah blah. So I thought, let’s see what the truth is because everyone knows you can’t believe ad spots on the radio. So comforting to hear the Mayo Clinic pushing “pills” to solve the problems in our lives. I am sure big pharma loves it too. Think I gonna go long whatever company is making this stuff.

  • I think a lot of men are going on Trt without trying to improve their life in other ways first.. They smoke or drink too much alcohol, they eat like shit and don’t sleep enough.. This leads them to feel shitty so they jump on Trt as a “quick fix” of sorts.

  • The info I’ve seen from another channel is that AIs (aromatase inhibitor) is not needed for most guys u should try different amounts of exo T to moderate DHT and estradiol, some is not bad. Re thick blood, platelets numbers is more important (it’s complicated)

  • Hello I got my blood work back and it came out at 468 ng/dL Total Testosterone I’m 42 yrs. old with tupe 2 diabetes, low sex drive and erection problems do you think my doctor will prescribe TRT?

  • right off the bat 1 in 10 guys find trt caused a huge impact to the upside in how you feel.. that was definitely the case for me although I wish I had tried the natural methods of increasing t first before I went down the trt rabbit hole.. No doubt I will continue on trt and need to find a good doctor to help me control estrogen properly. My current doctor has me on Tamoxifen and I am hearing different things on using Tamoxifen to control trt estrogen production?

  • You better have deep pockets or really good insurance. Cash price for 140 mg/week, needles, estrogen blocker, labs, and blood removal where I live is $2100/year, self administered. The irony is you can get 2 bottles(3 mo supply) of Test Cypionate at Walmart for $75(this is a verified fact), $10 for needles but most doctors wont do that. Ive found internet services that are reasonable but most of them wont write the vital phlebotomy scripts you need for blood removal(TRT thickens the blood so if not removed, older men can have stokes if blood not removed) You have to buy their overpriced stuff. If you have clean blood you can use the Red Cross as a possible phlebotomy option.
    Be aware that if you have an enlarged prostate, TRT ‘may’ make it larger. Lots to evaluate. Having said that it takes a long time to work. 3 mo just to start.

  • please help!! i am 28 years old my total tostastron is 370…my free tostastron is 7.5 pg/ml and its in the lower side of normal….. whats the reason of this…. is it normal for my age??? and my lh and tsh and Prolactin are normal…. whats wrong… why is it in the lower sid?

  • @Gary Simone He means that some men with normal testosterone levels when injected with testosteone develop 1. more energy 2. a stronger sex drive which helps their marriage. 3 Increased muscle mass which both prevents musculoskeletal injuries and helps old injuries heal (testosterone increases muscle repair and bone repair). 4 Clearer thinking. At very high testostrone levels some problems such as thick blood (polythaemia) and cardiac hypertrophy can occur and lead to a (very rarely) stroke so there is an optimal level for everyone. This is a young doctor who has a very superficial knowledge of testosterone. He was not around when all the studies in the 1960’s were being published showing the beneficial effects of testosterone.

  • this is the problem, these guys claim that other body builders use wayyyy too much juice but in hindsightt they use just as much, just blaming the next guy who uses testosterone. Every video I watch regarding trt this is brought up.

  • I started TRT 4 weeks ago, 100mg Test Cypo/wk, 3 pins MWF. I feel like crap. What really concerns me is after trimming some hedges for 30 mins or so… my left arm (the one holding the trimmer up) got REALLY weak, still weak day after… is this normal?
    Am I doing something wrong? My Free T has been around 5.2ng/dl for years… low libido/motivation and worried about cardiac and cancer risk for low T.
    Any advice? Am I starting too high?

  • I’m 24 years old, 377 ng/dl, average at my age being mid 600’s. I feel lethargic and generally like absolute shit. My test is not low enough to be treated however, but I dont want to wait anohter 40 of shittiness to get treatment. I’m thinking of doing self TRT, can anyone lead me in the right direction on how to get trustworthy stuff/their experience with it? I’ts hard to find information online since it’s so taboo.

  • Did he just switch nano and milli? Is it 600-1200mg? That’s an insane amount! 125-250mg should be max unless you want to die early.

  • I am 44 and was tested and was over 900 with around 56-59 free and side affects (swelling, bloating)(skin)(no energy) ( constipation) (little to no interest or drive )(no sex ability) at 400-700 I have everything back and am at a better place for everything and my body is driving me unlike at 900+ where my mind had to push my body so the right level for the person is everything you have to be in your sweet spot to be at your best and for info my clean test blood work came in at 96 after back surgery so I know the feeling of low to high personally

  • Here’s a cautionary tale, two years ago, I was taking DHEA (26-50mg) daily for about 60 days straight when I noticed my hair starting to thin. I came to find out that DHEA can be converted to DHT in certain individuals, so I stopped taking it immediately.

  • I feel great and I’m putting muscle on st 650 total t but my free t is high and estrogen lowmany many variables not just how much t

  • I think im going to do this, my levels are 270 ng/dl and im 21 years old. I have depression, no sex drive and no energy since i can remember. I have a question
    What is the safe range of testosterone? I read a research that said that more testosterone applied on trt was correlated with better well being, so i want to be as high as possible.

  • TRT Steroids are so easily accessible these days. I recommend if you want to buy it online. I wouldn’t doubt even the slightest that most athletes in the bodybuilding industry is using it.

  • Does splitting the dose stop hair loss to any degree? so would two shot pw of 100 be better than 1 shot of 200 (sustanon) asking for a friend

  • I’ve actually been on Clomid for about 7 years to improve my T level and it has been a life-saver! One piece of advice my Urologist put me on Clomid as opposed to a straight on TRT because Clomid basically tells your body to keep making Testosterone naturally and thereby you remain fertile. One of the significant side-effects of TRT (maybe not all?) are that they bottom-out your sperm count so if you’re planning on having kids ask your Dr. about Clomid as opposed to TRT to help with your levels!

  • the lack of longterm studies for bad side effects, physical and cognitive/behavioral, alongside a rocketing profit potential should be a huge caution signal for this therapy. but it isn’t! we don’t need to look back very far to see the tragic consequences of pharmaceutical firms & FDA approvals…. Dalkon Shield, Thalidomide, etc…. How many men would be much better of with nutritional and exercise therapy? Of course that approach assumes some self discipline, knowledge and effort.

  • I am currently on my 14th week of trt and I want to get my levels stable around 800.. What would you suggest as a good starting dosage.. I was currently taking 200mg every 2 weeks and I didn’t like how I felt. I was very unstable, and had extreme highs and lows. My Dr. has me now on 60mg 2x a week in hopes that this will work better for me but I have to stay within 800 on the high end, so I want to get as close to this as possible to maximize my gains in the gym. I want to be around 800 per week. Would you feel that this is a proper dosage to get to around 800 and be stable? I know it varies for the individual but I need to get a starting point. I don’t feel my Dr. is the most informed on current TRT protocol but he is willing to work with me.. Thanks.

  • I currently receive trt from a male clinic, which is the ONLY place you receive trt btw. When you self medicate with trt you obtain on your own this is nothing more than being “on gear” and you can get busted (no RX). Because so many have high estradiol levels when on trt manufacturers have added an estrogen blocker to test cyp, which is the ONLY ester trt comes in. So, you still have to have the estrogen levels tested, but you shouldn’t be off by much. Both low and high estrogen levels share most of the same negative effects, so check it. GO SEE A PROFESSIONAL or you may be the one busted for roids and pay the price. Great vid which I find 100% accurate.

  • TRT saved my life. 35 years old with thyroid issues and a Testosterone level of 195. 24 hours after I took my first shot my brain fog disappeared and I could start thinking clearly again. After a year one therapy I lost 65 lbs and I have my energy back and a second chance at life. The reason im telling my story is because all the doctors wanted to do for 2 years was to put me on ANTIDEPRESSANTS and I REFUSED. TRT SOLVED ALL MY PROBLEMS and ive never been happier. finding the ROOT CAUSE was my goal and I found it.

  • I was tested and was told that my T level was that of an 80 year old man, when I was in my 40’s, I went on T injections and was working out every day, was feeling great, my appetite came back, my energy came back, then I had two strokes and spend the following 2 years not knowing if I would make it through the night. I am still suffering the effects of the stroke damage and spend most of my days in bed, I am well over 8 years into the damages from the strokes caused from the T injections. BE CAREFUL, it’s not worth it

  • Was feeling low T symptoms, so I started doing everything to optimize. Supplements, diet, lifting, sleeping, etc… and after 6 months, my testosterone is maxed out… at 198… Wtf body, why you do this to me?

  • I use 200 mg per week. I only do 1 injection per week. I also use HCG and B12. 200 mg works well for me. No sides to report but all my symptoms are gone. My medical team wants me at 900 minimum. updateI experienced a nasty breakout on my back, shoulders and arms. If you develop bad acne buy Dr. Songs Medical Body Wash with 10% peroxide or Oxy 10 Acne Body Wash. I also use Hibiclens. At night after showering I use Clearasil zit cream 10% peroxide. It is all dried up and healing.

  • From what I understand, normal range for test output for that average man is between 4 11 mg per day. So let’s say 7.5 mg puts you in the middle of that range. That comes out to about 50 mg/week. This means that if you only took 100 mg/week for your TRT, you’d be about double the average level of a normal healthy male. So for a guy doing 200 mg/week, their test levels won’t be the weak link keeping them from making gains. I think way too many guys focus on making gains by upping the dosage while doing the same old workout.

  • I do 1cc per week (split into two doses) and it keeps me in the 900 1200 range. From what I understand, all of that testosterone floating around in your system will do no good if you don’t have plenty of androgen receptors for it to bind to. How about a video about ways to up-regulate andro receptors?

  • I thought most trt guys were on 100-250, never heard of 50, when the time comes that I need it I hope I can find a good Dr, most Dr’s even refuse to test for testosterone when I get a blood test, wtf

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  • is testosterone gel readily available on pharmacies or any drug stores? or does it require doctors prescription? tnks for the answer!

  • TRT has changed my life, i’m 46 and my T level was 100 points lower than a 95+ year old man. It got rid of ALL my depression, the muscle wasting I had is being reversed and I was misdiagnosed as bipolar for 7 years on TRT ALL my symptoms went away and i’m no longer on ANYTHING for mental illness.

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  • Thank you so much Dr. Larry,,,Great video! God bless you! I wish you good karma to you in the new year. this is the best video on testosterone for man! better to take testosterone than to waist away like vegetable in a old age home!