The Best Pillow Might be The Way To Go to higher Sleep


How To Choose A Pillow For Better Sleep

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Will these pillows help you sleep better?

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Do You Need a Contour Pillow? You May Be Surprised. Let’s Talk.

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Sleep Like This Your Neck Pain Will NEVER Go Away!

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The Secret to Better Sleep: Comfort Adjust Pillow

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What’s the Best Position to Sleep in? Do we even need a Pillow?

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The Best Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain Relief (PLUS Pillow Guide)

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A study in Manual Therapy also found a rubber or latex pillow is better than a foam or polyester option for side sleepers, whereas feather pillows should be avoided at all costs. Lastly, side sleepers should place a pillow between their knees to help maintain neutral spine alignment, Dr. Kirschner says.

The Right Pillow Could be Your Answer to Better Sleep My Fitness Pal featured HSS physiatrist Jonathan S. Kirschner, MD, RMSK, in an article about selecting the proper pillow to improve overall quality of sleep. You might also sleep with a pillow between your knees to better align your spine. P.S.Older pillows should be replaced every 18 months or so, because they can be packed with illness and allergy triggers such as mold, dead skin cells, and dust mites. Pillow protectors can help extend the life of your pillow. But no matter how tired you are, a pillow that’s too flat, hard or lumpy could really make or break your chance of getting a satisfying night’s sleep.

Whether you want something firm and supportive; a pillow that’s perfect for side-sleepers; or one that’s soft and cloud-like, there’s a perfect pillow out there for you — and we’ve. To get started, you take an online quiz that asks detailed questions, from the personal (height, weight, age) to the practical (what your current pillow is like, what position you sleep in). Your perfect pillow is then constructed based on your answers (there are currently over 25 variations). Pillow height, side sleeper position means you want a relatively tall pillow to match your spine height raised by virtue of sleeping on your shoulder. The pillow should be fairly firm.

Neutral spine alignment on your side is a straight spine. Stomach sleepers should stay close to the mattress and need a soft, thin pillow. For many adults, that’s side sleeping, which might happen curled up in the fetal position or straight with your arms at your sides, among other variations. It’s.

A pillow made from the latest materials simply gives you a better night’s sleep. And, one of the best parts about buying a high-quality pillow is that the good sleep will last longer. Cheap pillows break down more quickly, and should be replaced more often. If you have the right pillow for you, it can lead to a fabulous night’s sleep. The Sleep Right Pillow is a Patent Pending design that fits all the curves of your head and neck.

Say goodbye to all that pain, tossing and turning. Sleep Right Tonight!Latex: This is the firmest type of pillow, and it resists mold and dust mites, Breus says.

Latex pillows may also help with back and neck alignment, as they’re often contoured for neck support.

List of related literature:

A modified version is effective while you’re sleeping: Lie in the same position, but instead of having the pillow under your upper back and shoulders, make a small roll of a soft pillow and place it under your neck.

“Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness” by Aviva Jill Romm
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Moreover, most young people in the developing world have a sufficiently comfortable pillow.

“The Incredible Teenage Brain: Everything You Need to Know to Unlock Your Teen's Potential” by Bettina Hohnen, Jane Gilmour, Tara Murphy, Douglas Broadley, Sarah Jayne Blakemore
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E ye pillows are a must for me if I’m sleeping in a room where I can’t completely block out all light or if I’m napping during the day.

“Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 Homeade Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin & a Vibrant Self” by Stephanie L. Tourles
from Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 Homeade Herbal Formulas for Glowing Skin & a Vibrant Self
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I searched for years to find a pillow that worked for me.

“Healthy and Free: A Journey to Wellness for Your Body, Soul, and Spirit” by Beni Johnson, Jordan Rubin
from Healthy and Free: A Journey to Wellness for Your Body, Soul, and Spirit
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Pillow proposition: Make sure that your head isn’t propped up too high on pillows.

“Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success” by Shawn Stevenson
from Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success
by Shawn Stevenson
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Getting used to it, however, one recognizes that this pillow has its good points; the neck is kept free for the air to circulate beneath, and the head is kept cool.

“Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings” by Edward S. Morse
from Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings
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* Remove the pillow from the bed.

“Lippincott's Nursing Procedures” by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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A pillow is good but two so much better.

“Nigel: my family and other dogs” by Monty Don
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The key is to have real sleep … the drooling-on-the-pillow kind of sleep.

“Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose” by Gabrielle Bernstein
from Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose
by Gabrielle Bernstein
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Therefore the pillow must work in conjunction with the mattress to provide the correct support.

“How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive” by Neil Stanley
from How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive
by Neil Stanley
Wiley, 2018

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  • Hi, can you answer my qustion please, is sleeping on the ground (flat solid surface) with no pellow good for me?some say its great

  • When I was 8 my cousin told me I would get sleep paralysis if I slept on my back.
    Let’s just say I sleep on back all the time now, she was pretty annoying

  • Great advice guys! I would have to add, in addition to not enough pillow while laying on your side, that too many pillows while on your side is just as bad at bending your neck and taking it out of neutral position. That’s how my husband sleeps. This video came along right at the right time. Maybe he will listen to you guys about this, cuz he won’t listen to me!

    I have an extremely sensitive neck and the number one thing that affects it is how I slept the night before, no question! I often sleep with no pillow while on my back, and grab my pillow if I roll over onto my side. I took a MyPillow brand pillow and sewed it so that there’s no filling in the center (it’s all pushed out to the four edges). That way, if I do want a pillow while on my back, the back of my head goes in that depression I sewed and my neck has a little bit of cushion, but not too much. There’s a pillow you can buy called Tricore that are made that way and when I do need a new pillow, that’s probably what I’m going to buy.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why most pillows are made the way they’re made. Just look at a humans head and neck… why would you want a big puffy thing pushing your head towards your chest, especially when we’re all getting “tech neck” anyway!!

  • Washed my memory pillow. I destroyed it. My washer machine was moving all around making noice. Now have to buy another one. Hate wasting or buying same thing twice.

  • When you go to sleep you should be trying to line your ears up with your shoulders to give you proper neck support.

    If you sleep on your back you want a thin pillow that supports your neck (1 pillow). If you don’t it could cause your neck to be pushed forward in an unnatural way, causing pain after a period of time.

    If you sleep on your side your neck should be in the middle, not bent to the side. So you probably want about 2 pillows if you sleep this way. Every pillow and person varies in size so just make sure your neck is in the middle. (Don’t put your hand under your head, that can put unnecessary pressure on your wrist and arm, and also move your neck out of alignment.)

    When on your side your knees should be slightly and loosely bent and your arms should do the same as the knees (looks like fetal position). And you should also put a thin pillow in between your legs to keep your hips aligned. Sleeping on your sides can put a lot of pressure on the shoulder that you’re sleeping on, the best thing to do is switch which side you lay on every night (or weekly). If you do it on the same side every time you’re gonna start developing shoulder pain on top of your neck pain.

    If you need to fill the gap in your cervical spine when you lay down (this is to help with neck pain), you can use a rolled up towel or a cervical roll/cylinder (they sell these online) and put it inside your pillow where that gap is. (They do somewhat mention this in this video as well). To make sure the towel doesn’t unravel you can use something like rubber bands or tape. This can be used for either back or side sleeping.

  • Any suggestions for my wife who suffers from neck pain on the left side of her neck. She discovered that she has no natural curve in her neck due to whiplash. She has problems breathing out of her left nostril at night. She is currently seeing a chiro and gets the AO treatment. Is there a pillow we can purchase to support neck at night?

  • This is exactly what I needed today. I went to a physio regarding this today and she didn’t know much about sleeping and neck pain

  • What about buckwheat hulls or kapok? For 15+ years, my main pillow has been contour. (FYI, the cheap mem foam go flat FAST. Temper lasts 2 years. Latex lasts 40+). Kapok > feather down, because it can always be refluffed. I was gifted a buckwheat hull pillow. It was strange at first (makes noise which might bother some), but feels great on my neck. Silk case. It lived about 10 years.

  • I read an article once about how sleeping on the left side is better because your gas could leave your body better bcus your intestines are more aligned, have tested it after big bbq’s and i believe it works

  • In islam it is recommended to sleep on your right side of the body (sleeping on the side facing right). It is suppose to be better for your internal organs to… Do check that out…

  • everytime i sleep on my back i have a nightmare for some reason,, that is why i stopped sleeping on my back,, does anyone suffer the same?

  • Hi, i have been sleeping on wedge pillow for my sinusitis, now i am experiencing neck pain over the begining of throacic vertebrae region, should i continue using the wedge pillow?

  • Dear Michelle,
    I used to regularly do the exercises for my lower back, because i have IVDP.
    Last week I developed pain after extending my neck for sometime.
    The pain hasn’t gone away. It worries me and i feel really depressed, will it go away..or will i have disc prolapse there too.
    Will neck stretches and exercises fix my neck.

  • I sleep in a hammock when I go camping and I use a pillow and sleep on my back do you recommend sleeping in a hammock or should I sleep on a air mattress when I go camping

  • Ive always just used a blanket and my arm while usually sleeping on my side.i can wad up the blanket into any shape I want. I also hate the sound an average pillow makes.

  • I just got o e of these at Bed BAth and Beyond. There was one for 99.00 the one I bought was 35.00 less my 20% off coupon. Wasn’t sure it would work for my neck pain, but it does. ��������������

  • A day too late guys! I was in bed last night and I always like to think about what I did throughout the day and I was in that position and I feel asleep before I took off the pillows. boy did I wake up with neck pain!

  • Thanks for this video! I’ve been waking up with a lot of neck and shoulder discomfort. I’m a side sleeper and I think I’ve been using too thin of a pillow. After doubling my pillow I can tell my neck is a lot more supported. Can’t wait to see how my body feels tomorrow morning. Thanks again!

  • Thank you! I had just purchased a wedge and formed-foam pillow through my chiropractor. Two weeks of having tried to sleep this way has found me waking often with increased discomfort. Trying not to turn to OTC pain meds. I’m grateful.

  • Great video if you sleep for sometime on your back and then move on your sides how do you switch from a flat pillow to a double/ higher pillow?

  • Thank you Michelle for showing me the best way to sleep when you have neck pain.
    Your videos over the years have helped me immensely. Thank you ��
    Darcy did a good job helping you demonstrate the sleeping positions.
    I would like to thank him too. ��

  • Okay, but i’m curious about sleeping in a side position without pillow. Will it impact blood flow when pillow is made out of the arm and hands? Well, because the blood vessels will be compressed during sleep with the side position which can cause thrombosis if it is too long or even throughout the night for days..

  • Muhammad (pbuh) said, “Whenever you go to bed, perform ablution like that for the prayer, and lie on your right side” [SM 2710). In description of the sleep of the Prophet (pbuh), a Hadith states, “When the Prophet (pbuh) wants to go to sleep, he puts his right hand under his cheek” [SM 2713]. Modern scientific studies have suggested a beneficial effect of right lateral decubitus position on the heart. In particular, one study assessed the autonomic effect of three sleep positions (supine, left lateral decubitus, and right lateral decubitus) in healthy subjects using spectral heart rate variability analysis.[14] The results indicated that cardiac vagal activity was greatest when subjects were in the right lateral decubitus position. In addition, an animal study indicated that vagal stimulation has an antiarrhythmic effect.[15] Several studies have demonstrated that the recumbent position affects autonomic nervous system activity in patients with congestive heart failure, and that there is attenuation of the sympathetic tone when subjects are in the right lateral decubitus position.

  • Thank you so much. My pain reduced 70% using the right flat sleeping position. My left neck still hurts. Please could you advise more on side sleeping position.

  • I’ve always imagined having a bed that has holes in it where the head and arms go, so I can lie down, face down, comfortably. If someone would like to steal my idea and invent this I’ll happily give you my money to buy one from you.

  • YEAH
    My trapezius area is so painful when I put my neck backwards. Also my neck is grinding like sand when I nod No. How do I put my neck back into place?

  • Excellent explanation.
    I hav started getting pin n numbness or tinggling like sensation frm back of the neck n comming to my both arm n palm.this happnz wen i sit for long time on soft sofa n also wen i stand after watch mobile for more thn 30min. I feel as if some current passd frm my neck to my shoulders n reaching till my palm….this gets normal in 40 sec or 60 sec.i hav observd this in 2 mnts. Plz Plz tel me how to over come this… iam fat too.

  • My wife and I both use Tempurpedic contoured Neck pillows available on the Tempurpedic website after an orthopedic surgeon suggested it. Some mattress companies carry them, but for the small size you usually have to order it. My wife uses small, and I think mine is medium. The pillow keeps your neck aligned at night and allows it to heal. Of course pain that does not go away should be evaluated (by a physician). We both did that as well. My wife got physical therapy but the pillow was all I needed. I would be cautious about a chiropractor though as they sometimes manipulate without doing an MRI. Someone at work got an emergency neck decompression and fusion after a chiro manipulated her neck.

  • My mistake, actually it’s French. Vive is defined as French for live or long life. Pronounced like Veev. Vive is defined as French for live or long life. An example of vive is when a group yells out “Vive le tour!” during the Tour de France bike race.

  • Thanks for the video. What about sleeping positions without any pillows… using arm or nothing.. which would be the best.. and considering shoulder/rotators/scapula erector issues which position in general is preferred? Cheers:)

  • I have been suffering from neck pain for almost a year now. Doctors gave me exercises, medicines, corrected my sleeping position and I tried to maintain them and that worked out except a few months later again it stroke with unbearable pain. I went to many doctots. They said its nothing. Well if its nothing why does it hurt so bad. PLEASE DOCTOR YOU HAVE TO REPLY THIS COMMENT. I AM SUFFERING SO MUCH.HELP ME PLEASE

  • studies..
    ive heard about a studie that concluded that people that sleep on their backs are more social.
    this studie says the opposit.
    hmmm, which ‘studie’ to believe?

    in this studie:how many people with and without a certain condition, did they actually monitor with equipement on their heads.
    they compare so many conditions… it would have taken tens of thousands ofpeople to compare all these things.
    i doubt they used tens of thousands of people.

    studies.. take em with a grain of salt.

  • One of the sunnah (the way of the prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H was to sleep on the RIGHT side in a lateral sleeping position using his right hand to support his head

  • When I enter into a competition prep for natural bodybuilding, I always need to track my sleep. What I have found helpful was using a Samsung Galaxy watch. It allowed me to see what my sleep patterns were like including how much R.E.M sleep I was getting

  • I don’t get why people mention the prone sleeping position if all they’re going to do is talk about sleeping on your back and side.

  • Hi Michelle I have relentless fibromyalgia and neck pain is something I deal with much of the time. This is excellent advice as always. I prefer to sleep on my side. Many thanks.

  • I heard somewhere that if you sleep on your back, you are more likely to get nightmares or sleep paralyzes.
    And then I thought about it but I indeed had nightmares sleeping on my back and a lot of sleep paralysis.
    Ofc I also had a lot of stress back then, but it was less when I slept on my side or stomach

  • سبحان الله… الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم اخبرنا ان ننام على الجنب الايمن♥️
    In islam it is preferred to sleep on your right side❤️

  • I have a cervical type pillow with memory foam that’s supposed to support my neck. (The pillow has a small hill on one side and a larger hill on the other and the center is dipped down….if this makes an sense.) I still get neck pain, so I’m questioning if the pillow works.

  • I love sleeping on my back but I can’t actually do it because 80% of nights that I do, I get repetitive sleep paralysis. I also don’t use a pillow and haven’t for years, for the purpose of straightening my back (though I know people have different theories and opinions on it)

  • Yes…. this is how my neck pain started. The HARD pillows at the Palms Place casino in Las Vegas. One night of my neck at a 45 degree angle and this started my neck issues. I am much better now after watching BOB & BRAD!!!..LOL!

  • I can see the towel thing choking ppl on their sleep and maybe that’s bad. Especially in older ppl… And then getting confused and not being able to undo it. Maybe there’s a product that is secured that won’t do that like a light neck brace…

  • The guys ted talk starts by saying how ingenious the brains lymphatic system is. Compared to the body. Then says it works in exactly the same way, just separate. What a tard.

  • The sleeping posture of the Prophet (pbuh) was perfect…if you dont know about this sunnah…just look it up… it’ll sum up the video for you…

  • I bought one these many years ago but stopped using it.
    It’s too stiff and conventional pillows are better.
    Key thing is to change your pillow once it goes flat and wont fluff up.

  • I switch to every position exept on my back. But I do wake up with the worst neck pain sometimes, I have to just break down and take some asprin.

  • This was taught by prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Actually, More actions muslim do before sleep. such as doing the ablution, recite three short verses, then take a right lateral sleep. they were prophet Muhammad’s behaviors. Unfortunately More muslims rarely practice them.

  • People in the comment: it’s 2 or 3 am
    Me watching this at 4:30am: ��️����️
    (Honestly tho it aint a competition about whose sleep schedule is the most wack)

  • I’ve never tracked my sleep before, but i do used to worry about sleeping on my back rather than on my side as i was said that it is much better and prevent neck from freckles

  • The prophet Muhammad told us to go to sleep on our right side and he would rest his face on his hand(s).

    This seems to fit quite well with the info presented here, that this is the best sleeping position.

  • Me: waiting for positions*
    Me: Stop talking about snoring i wanna know how Am I suppoused to sleep when Idk which position to choose

  • I’ve been getting really really bad nerve pain headaches for over a month now and after I watched your videos I now realized that its not just a problem I have to live with. Going to be getting these pillows and trying them for sure.

  • I was offered a sleep analysis for free for some reasearch and appreantly i only snore and wake up when i sleep on my right side. I assume it has something to do with reflux but not sure. It allso said i slept 95% of the night on my left side. I thought i was a stomach sleeper but they did not agree.

  • If you are having chronic neck pain please see your Dr and do not assume it is just how you are sleeping. It could be something more serious such as herniated discs, arthritis etc.

  • I am from India. Thanks a lot. I was suffering from long time but now I awake up fresh in the morning. Thank you so much once again. ��

  • Genesis 28:10-11
    And Jacob went out from Beer–sheba, and went toward Haran. And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them for his pillows, and lay down in that place to sleep.

  • i have always slept on my sides, i just feel super uncomfy sleeping on my back lol
    however, i’m one of those ppl who move a lot in my sleep, so i alternate sides

  • I can only sleep on my side. When I was young, sleeping on my back caused sleep paralysis, so that sleeping on my back now almost causes a panic attack because of fear that may happen again…

  • I sleep with a partially rolled bath towel. It allows my head to go back but supports my neck. I used to wake up with headaches often, now I rarely wake up with one.

  • I’m 22. Every morning when I woke, I feel severe back pain. And in the middle of the day also I used to feel the pain. It’s causing very much discomfort to me. Kindly suggest me what should I do?

  • What if you all tonight between sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side through the night? Thanks in advance for letting me know the answer exclamation

  • As a female, sleeping on my stomach was not comfortable in the chest area. And, as I grew in my chest area, sleeping on my side was sometimes also uncomfortable due to accidental pinching as well as all the weight shifting to one side. Then, in my late teens, I got upper ear peircings, which were uncomfortable to sleep on, aka the side. So, I trained my body to simply sleep on my back to avoid pain. But, lately I have been having trouble sleeping, so maybe I will try and sleep on my side more and see if there is any improvement.

  • Sleep on your right side hand below your head and dont stretch your leg.
    Its the islamic

    When the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) laid down to sleep, he would go on his right side and place his right hand under his right cheek. Sleeping on your stomach is not permissible in Islam

  • Wow could my headaches at the base of my skull ive had for 20 years with no answer from the doctors be fixed by simply how i sleep!!?? I will take on your advice and see thanks ��

  • I was really hoping they would say it’s a scam because I bought a very similar, quality pillow and I could swear it makes things much worse.

  • I recently had surgery that has required me to sleep on my back with a couple pillows for support. It felt comfortable at first but has since caused me to wake with neck pains and head aches.. I should have known because I’ve had nerve blocks done that helped with my neck pain immensely. Thank you for this video to remind me that two pillows is two much. You two are the greatest. I’m so happy to have you two to help me with my problems. You both have helped me so much in so many cases. Thank you, Holli

  • I have a ton of kneck and upper shoulder pain. I use the contour pillow, but upside down. It seems to be better for me.
    One question tho. I ride a sport bike every day. Being in that position all the time, could that be causing a long term problem?

  • I cant fall asleep except on my stomach, bad habit. I turn my head all the time as my neck gets tired, have headaches too. Ive tried many times to stop just so hard to fall asleep

  • It’s 2:50 am my neck has been bothering me for two weeks, I open my phone and this pops up in my YouTube feed… Are you two watching me?? You always seem to post a video of the exact problem I am having at that moment!!

  • I have been sleeping straight on my back since last 10 years without any pillow under my head but small cushions on both sides of head. About 90 percent of times I never change my side and slept in same position throughout the night. Though I use to have a deep sleep but every morning I use to have bit stress on my lower back… So I started using one pillows below my knees which keep the knees bit high. It helped me to sleep better sleep. But I always suffered from memories issues specificaly not remembering names.. After watching this video. I think my sleeping posture may be the reason behind it.

  • I’ve always slept on my side sleeping on my back is nearly impossible, and I only do it when I have a stuffy nose and multiple pillows stacked to help me breathe better (although that was a few times and I haven’t so in years) otherwise, I can’t sleep.

    I’ve also never snored in my sleep, so, that’s something-

  • Other people in the comments: wow interesting, I never knew that about sleep. cool!

    Me: yeah, yeah. Cool. but like, is thatis that japanese i see? could OP be half japanese or learning japanese or maybe they-

  • So glad I found this channel today. A lot of these types of channels are posers using anecdotal experience. You actually take the time to go through the science so I’m happy to watch ads here:)

  • I’ve been getting tight pain at the back of my head and neck and the pain has gotten worse. My mum says it’s probably the way I sleep or my pillow but like how do I fix that?

  • Hello Doc,

    I wake up with neck pain almost everyday! Like a lot! I tried many pillows! All kinds and still suffer from neck sore the next day… When I wake my neck cracks when I look left and right! It gets better after I crack it though. Get headaches from it sometimes…

    What’s your recommendation to my problem?
    Thank you Doc

  • Sleeping on your tummy isn’t recommended because it constricts ur breathing and elevates your heart rate. The best position is to sleep on your side (with a pillow between your knees) to improve ur sleep quality which can prevent arthritic issues and enhance your mood over time. Sleep is so important but don’t stress about it just experiment with a firm mattress and a memory foam pillow and see the difference. Sweet dreams 😉

  • i have a neck pinch nerve and I alway sleep on my left side but i feel my neck/head is pressing down on the pillow alot. my chiropractor say its ok to sleep on the affected side but i am really doubting him,
    can you give me your opinion isit ok to sleep on affected side? thx

  • Yeah i admit, i sleep on a wedge on the couch with a neck pillow wrapped around my neck all night due to my systolic heart failure and it helps me breathe but the only really bad thing is i miss laying flat on my pillows i have on my bed and without this neck pillow but it sure alleviates my pinched nerve in the C 6-7 area (also has a pinched nerve in the T-4)…
    Do you have a wedge u recommend i try out.. the ones i have bought from bed bath and beyond just do not give me the angle this 10 in 1 wedge does well on my couch.. but misses my bed however sleeps better on the couch.. suggestions Bob and Brad.. love your stuff here.. i gotta get caught up on what u have posted lately.

  • I am a side sleeper (converted from a belly sleeper). I wanted to sleep on my back but its harder to fall asleep on my back. I found a pillow with sewing in the middle so that the perimeter of the pillow is higher than the middle, providing neck support. Its great but just weird that major brands dont carry this design. I got it from a brand thats not well known at all.

  • I got this one on amazon. It is the sweet spot between soft and firm. Slightly softer. Comfort & Relax Ventilated Memory Foam Contour Pillow with AirCell Technology, Standard, 1-Pack Standard Size (Measures 24″ x 16″ x 4.7″/3.5″). Ultra Soft Removable & Washable Cover 65% polyester and 35% tencel; Breathable Inner Cover Jersey fabric. I paid $27.99 You are to replace any memory foam pillow within 36 months. Tempur-pedic gives me head and neck pain. Way too firm.

  • So, I always sleep on my stomach and I always use a very thick pillow LOL I was doing the opposite of everything this video says hahah Thank you miss, I’ve learnt a lot

  • Years ago, my first college biology teacher told me that, if one could do it, sleeping on one’s belly was the optimal position since it aligned one’s organs properly from an evolutionary standpoint.

  • Hey Michelle it’s been an year I have this pain on the occipital and parietal side of my head whenever I lay down on my bed… Neither pillow or anything has done something to relieve this, could you please provide me with some tips on the matter? I would like to know possible names of this problem so I could search it up for myself…

  • Do you need a contour pillow? Unanswered.
    You might be surprised?
    I was really hoping you would answer what your title promised.
    I personally have a contour pillow and do not like it. I’m going to try the cradle me cervical pillow.

  • Please make a video telling us if those booty, hands and legs shaping exercises (that other YouTubers do) are good for our body???

  • Hey everyone, still haven’t officially started the sleep tracking experiment particularly because I haven’t found my Garmin (tucked away in a box somewhere moved recently). Also looking for a good way to monitor sleeping position. Will update on my instagram @jeverett.whativelearned

  • Thankuuu soo much for explaining the details of these pillows n that was interesting about the broken heart ��anyways lovely watching you guys ����

  • I have TMJ dislocation problem. Please tell about sleeping position which would suit me best. Your massage n exercise videos on tmj dislocation were really helpful.

  • You guys are the cutest! Love your vids. There is a new contour pillow out there, I’d love to hear your feedback on. It’s a little different in the respect that it has a cradle area for your head and a slight slope for your neck leading up to the contour. The pillow is by Rovia Health. Hope you can do a review on that one…seems even better!

  • As for side sleepers…the pillow depth will depend on how wide/narrow your shoulders are. Use the proper thickness helps…it took me a lot of tries to get the right thickness. I buy pillows that zipper to add or remove filling. Thanks guys!

  • I found a contour pillow that fits me well at JC Penneys. It was on sale for $15.99 and I used a coupon I got in the mail so that I paid the whopping price of $6.35. It is memory foam, not too dense, and has no chemical odor. I have seen other comments about having a sore neck after use of the contour pillow. Another therapist on youtube said that initial soreness is normal as one’s muscles adapt. Do you concur?

  • The best contour/ neck pillow is one from Ikea that they no longer sell, I wish they did! It’s the best pillow ever but getting old and I should replace it soon.

  • HI there, Ive been using a dunlopillo contour cervical latex pillow for about 5 days nows because I have been experience slight headaches when i wake up as well as a sore neck. For the last 5 days the pillow doesnt seem to have improved the problem and on some days my neck seems stiffer than normal. Is there a transition phase when using a cervical pillow where things get worse before they get better? or should just switch back to normal pillows?

  • I’ve always slept on my side, it just comes naturally for me but lately I’ve been having awful back pain and when I lay on my back, it gets better. haven’t noticed less pain after waking up, though. I’ll try to sleep without a pillow (on my side) and see if I get results. thank you for the video!

  • So very true, especially most people watch tv or tablet in bed. I am a side sleeper, need thick memory foam. ��I am making similar video for pain relief on my channel, welcome to check them out.��

  • I slept with my new contour pillow last night, lower end under my head. It was brutal…my neck this morning. I hope it’s just because my body has to get used to it. I have DDD and I cannot find any sleeping position that is comfortable for me.

  • I used to have a lot of problems with “pillowage”: too soft, too low, too many, etc.

    Then some years ago I bought a pillow filled with the husks of some sort of grain (I cannot remember which precisely). Anyway, I would highly recommend these to anyone. You can add or subtract filling via a zippered opening and get the “heighTH” just right for your own head and neck. They are also very good in that you can “scrunch” them up to get the best position for falling asleep (filling that neck concavity for example) and they retain that shape for a long time.

    It certainly gives me a good night’s sleep.

    P.S: Step 1 don’t have a TV in the bedroom. It is bad for sleep in all ways.

  • Your channel is too big, and your advice too useful, to be recording audio with a potato instead of a pair of lavs or at the very least a cheap shotgun mic.

  • Sucks to only be able to fall asleep on your back. The only reason why for me is that it gets to warm and then i can’t fall asleep unless im on my back with my legs sticking out of the covers

  • I got a contour pillow at Target for about $30, and it really helped with my neck pain from degenerative disc disease. I tried several of these pillows at a bed store, but they were very expensive. The one I got started out hard, but has gotten softer over a few months as the memory foam molded to my head and neck. It goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a pillow that gives you good support.

  • Hi, you guys! I watch your videos frequently. Thank you for all your good information. My mom has one of those pillows. She will not use it or give it  away. It is, I think, one of those embarrassing purchases one makes in life. I did try it once or twice but I think it is rather too low a pillow for my experience. I broke both my shoulders in the past few years and have learned to sleep on my sides rather on my back or stomach.. This pillow is very supportive to your head or neck but somehow I do not feel it is comfortable. Also I have a question.Can someone who has been diagnosed with Osteoporosis  be cured of  it?

  • I love topic. This is one of my major discussion on pillow sleep. I use very strong hard rubber or stone in the pillow to sleep. It also depends on the body texture soft or hard. It is versatile. And it also works perfectly for the body.