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All the climbing you did to get here is not gone, for it has taken you higher. All we can ever hope for in life is to continue to grow, as people, in our career, with our relationships and more. That’s why there is a fine art to riding out a plateau, and it starts by simply enjoying your view. The Fine Art of Choosing Your Battles. by Daina Lynn April 7, 2019 “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

The Fine Art of Overcoming a Plateau. by Daina Lynn June 2, 2018. We all hit. 3 Tips on Overcoming Learning Plateaus from David Foster Wallace. “You’ve got your Despairing type, who’s fine as long as he’s in the quick-improvement stage before a plateau, but then he hits a plateau and sees himself seem to stall, not getting better as fast or even seeming to get a little worse, and this type gives in to. How to Overcome Plateaus. Take risks.

Growth comes when we stretch past our comfort zone. The big reason many people (especially high-achievers) plateau is because they don’t like to fail. Instead of taking on challenges that will help us grow, we. Shop for plateau art from the world’s greatest living artists. All plateau artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Choose your favorite plateau designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more!By switching up the exercises and decreasing the frequency of more draining ones, it helps you avoid hitting a plateau for how much you can lift (for a while, at least). Drawing on the theory of constraints, this process works because it avoids one lagging muscle group becoming a bottleneck to progress. If your efforts to get past a weight-loss plateau aren’t working, talk with your doctor or a dietitian about other tactics to try. If you can’t further decrease the calories you eat or increase your physical activity, you may want to revisit your weight-loss goal.

Appreciate the weight you’ve lost. The fine art of observation and humour: how these caricatures show the lighter side of life. A sense of humour is sorely needed during difficult times. Branch out and try a style of photography that you generally don’t practice.

The key to overcoming a photographic plateau is the realization you need recharging once in a while. It’s a normal part of becoming a stronger and more capable photo maker. Read more from our Tips & Tutorials category. Fine Art. Fine Art Collection.

The Fine Arts Collection includes 1,900 works by important Native American and Anglo-American artists, many who lived and worked on the Colorado Plateau. A strength of the Fine Arts Collection is its holdings of Native American works of art. The Native American artists represented in the collection are important for their individual achievements as well as their.

List of related literature:

Maslow referred to this as another kind of plateau experience.

“Spiritual Diversity in Social Work Practice: The Heart of Helping” by Edward R. Canda, Leola Dyrud Furman, Hwi-Ja Canda
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I believe the key to overcoming a plateau is to be really stubborn, and really patient.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
from The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted
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Maslow calls this a “plateau” experience.

“Zen and the Brain: Toward an Understanding of Meditation and Consciousness” by James H. Austin
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A plateau can exist only if you’re focusing on the end goal more than the process.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
from Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life
by Drew Manning
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When you hit one, say to yourself, “I’ve hit a plateau.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
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The only way to break through this plateau is to change things up.

“The Intangibles of Leadership: The 10 Qualities of Superior Executive Performance” by Richard A. Davis
from The Intangibles of Leadership: The 10 Qualities of Superior Executive Performance
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And if you’re like me, the challenge comes when you start to plateau.

“Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga” by Baron Baptiste
from Journey Into Power: How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga
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This lack of progress toward recovery is commonly called a plateau.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
from Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery
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For some clients who are working hard to lose weight and achieve certain goals, this can be called a ‘plateau’.

“Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way” by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
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Discouraging as a plateau may be, you can’t let it beat you.

“Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution” by C. D. C. Atkins
from Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution
by C. D. C. Atkins
M. Evans, 2002

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  • i have to say i love your video, and i really motivate a lot..
    on this point i really practice a lot violin but because i love this instrument i really love my progress with the time.. the most important i think is have a really strong mind setup and work everyday for that goal.
    i always push foward and work hard… my hearth is full of love when i take my violin..

    have a great year dude and really thanks for your’s videos dude

    Cya bro

  • Such a helpful vlog and absolutely not boring at all! Loving this whole diet series ���� you look amazing! And it’s Inspiring me to continue with my dieting!!

  • Can someone help me? Are you really not supposed to eat below your bmr calories? My bmr is 1556 calories and I usually eat 1300 to 1400. Is that okay? Should I increase my calories a bit or just keep going?

  • I’ve been at a plateau for 2 months now, stuck at 150 lbs (I’m 5 ‘2). It’s hard to keep going after checking the scale every week and seeing nothing change. I am learning to also pay attention to the nonscale victories. I have been consistent with my diet and will continues to be. I have lost 46 pounds in 7 months so far. Maybe will start weighing in only once a month to keep my confidence from falling. JUST REMEMBER YOU GOT THIS!!

  • I am 70 5’1″ and was 236 on June 1. Back and neck aches. I have been eating meat, lots of veggies, and fat since then and am now down to 213 and feel so much better! My goal is 150 even though I too might need to lose more but, I will deal with that later.

  • I’d like to know the science behind these types of phenomena and why they occur. Because it sounds crazy that you’re dieting /exercising and not losing weight! Maybe your body is just taking a break, weight loss is hard work. Like it’s just chillin for a bit.

  • IMPORTANT REMINDER: It’s easy to get preoccupied with the number on the scale and want do what it takes to make it drop, but adding more exercise and calorie restriction to an already restrictive diet can negatively impact your metabolism and hormones. A weight loss plateau can mean many things. Keep up whatever healthy lifestyle changes you’ve implemented and keep in mind that physical and mental health is more important than a number on the scale! Take care of yourselves, Narwhals. You can do this. ��

  • This was so encouraging! It helps know you (the pro) struggles with the same things, especially during mom life, iso life, and temptations from your family! I’ve been cooking for my family and eating the same things, but I leave out most carbs and add extra vegetables. That way I’m not cooking 2 different menus at each meal! Has helped tremendously. Also realizing with your TWS spreadsheets how helpful it is to see patterns around your cycle. Anyway, thanks again loving this series!

  • I’m so thankful for this channel and these videos, they’ve really helped keep me motivated to stick to more healthy eating and exercise habits!

  • good video. I am learning to play the Cape breton fiddle (canadian scottish). I can fully relate with these point. I started more casually like a dabler would, because I wasn’t sure how good I would get. I think enjoying the music and getting involved in the community are the best ways to keep going.

  • I’m in my 8th year of violin and I want to go to conservatory and even though I’m not a beginner, this video is still super interesting

  • It’s interesting how much I am learning from your weight loss videos, Dr. Berg, even though I don’t need to lose weight. I get a mild form of insulin resistance, though, which is really scary in my case because I’m built well, so I don’t have the weight gain to tip me off. If I hadn’t watched your weight loss videos I would not have figured out that I have insulin resistance.

  • i do monthly cheat/refeed days but also body progress pics and/or body measurements! i started my diet a little over a month ago. not i lost 2 lbs, gained 2 lbs, but i lost inches around my body, including 3 around my waist. i have noticed more definition, and i’ve been using the same bikini for a weekly progress pic so honestly i don’t touch the scale often, though i do it a few times a month.

  • Agree. The other thing that you didn’t confirm is if the person was actually weighing and measuring their food, or just eyeballing their servings. In addition, if exercising, muscle gain may be offsetting fat loss, so a plateau is really defined as perhaps three weeks without losing weight or measurements.

  • simply due to body dysmorphia I’ve found that even if I DO lose weight, I still feel like I look the same. And, if I don’t lose weight and show non-scale progress, I still think I look the same. I’m very much the type of person that just has to trust the process and one day I look at myself and realize that I look completely different. Since I see myself every day, I don’t notice small changes because I assume that anything different is just a fault of my own vision LMAO

  • Been on a plateau for almost two weeks, I just want to hit my 55lb goal but It really feels like something is keeping me from getting there!�� It’s discouraging

  • You are so right about the fulfilment and gratification you get through the journey of mastery. You’ve just gained a loyal subscriber��

  • after struggling with my weight and going through a 2-3 year binge and restricting cycle, i believe my metabolism had slowed down a lot. i want to try and lose the weight i gained over last summer (around 20lbs from binge eating) in a healthy way instead of starving myself but its so hard. if anyone has tips on what i could do to get past this, i would really appreciate it.

  • We both went to basic training at Fort Jackson! Neato! I didn’t know you were in the military, Dr. Berg. I’ve been watching your videos for a year now and had no idea. Thank you for all the time you take to pass on knowledge.

  • Stress could cause plateau but I literally can’t stop stressing about how i’m not losing any weight when i’m cutting out so much calories and its only leading me to binge

  • Really great video. One of the best I’ve watched. Nobody else has touched on the more mental/psychological aspect of the violin. It’s an extremely underrated part of mastery. Until I watched this video, I always wondered how I’m supposed to progress and whether it’s normal to have periods of no improvement as I’m experiencing right now. But you gave me peace of mind that it is and so now I feel I can push through it. Thank you!

  • I was set on having a binge and was planning a grocery store trip for later. Then I stopped at the dollar store and the cashier mentioned her 26lb weight loss to me (because she kept having to pull up her pants). It was like a sign… no binge today

  • I love these videos,it somehow makes me productive,I could clean my whole house listening to these videos and it distracts me from snacking

  • I tend to focus on my progress in measurements more than scale wise but sometimes it’s confusing. I’ve lost and inch off my waist in the last couple of weeks but nothing on the scale. So confusing

  • So excited for next weeks video!! I’m having the same issue and not sure whether to take a diet break or keep in the deficit. I am much more relaxed on my calories on Saturdays & Sunday’s (1500cal M-F, 2700 Weekends w/6 days intense circuit training) which I thought would work as its own diet break??

  • Ook! [I was so anxious about the lack of progress on violin that after 2 years switched to cello. And doing much better. Sometimes a change is good.]

  • I sooo wish your videos had normal volume, it’s always so very low and hard to watch/listen, can you and will you please keep this in mind? It’s super hard! and frustrating! Thanks

  • Hey Narwhals, hope this video helps �� if you have any weight loss topics you’d like me to cover, let me know below! Join our Reddit Community:

  • Will i loose weight eventually after the plateau? I’ve been stuck for a week, but i keep my calories in check. It’s really stressful, but i don’t lwt myself under eat and starve for the sake of losing. I’m new to weightloss, and i’m fairly worried this i’ve hit maintenance calories and i won’t lose weight anymore.

  • This is absolutely fascinating and explains so much also really appreciate referencing to source material as for insulin index, what a find! Huge thanks!:)

  • This video is exactly what I needed. I’m going through a plateau right now. I’ve been eating right, walking 3.5 miles every day and counting calories, so I don’t really think I’m doing anything wrong. Just gotta push through.

  • If you don’t like calorie counting, try just food diary. It really makes you realize how much you are eating and aware of every snack. I use to go to mindless eat until I got to lazy to put it down in my diary so I won’t snack. And wait for REAL hunger

  • I just chalk it up to salt/water intake. I don’t care about losing weight so long as I’m losing fat so I focus on keeping the diet the same and keeping active throughout the day. It sometimes happens that I’ll be stuck at a weight for like 6 days and then drop 6lbs in one day and not come back up. It’s not linear so whateves

  • I had a 3 ish week plateau. Broke it this morning with a wooosh, yayyy ☺️ It’s so hard but you have to keep going, and take measurements!

  • Very Awesome!!  Again, I love it.  I shall call your concept here:  The DOH concept ( Dabbler, Obsessive, and Hacker).  I would like to here more of this from you.  I love your DOH concept.  Eddie  L. Hodges/ Philadelphia, PA  USA.

  • Good luck to everybody with their fitness goals! If anyone cares, I’m documenting my journey on this channel so that I can help motivate others and keep myself accountable. Cheers!

  • Im stuck /plateau..i lost 20lbs and now 8 days steady at 2 lbs loss??.and am 1 meal a day, at week 5 and 3days no cravings, still energetic,

  • Soooooo, u said we know about BC pills… No I don’t.. is that good or bad for lowering estrogen? It’s in the list next to cinnamon so I’m going to assume I should stay on my BC pills????

  • Guys!!! you’re amazing (Chris and you) what an important tips you gave us!!! For this kind of video, I keep the faith in my fitness journey!!! Greetings from Chile

  • I’m in a deficit right now, I’m trying to reach 120lbs, I’m currently 132. It makes this process easier that you are doing the same thing! it’s pushing me to keep going and not doubt myself.. your videos couldn’t have come at a better time! ��

  • I disagree. Finding what your the weakest at. And traning that is the fastest way to improve your climbing. Targeting your strongest trait is a waste and is for show offs. Your only gonna be as strong as your weakest link.

  • Guyton says ” fat is utilized almost exclusively for energy everywhere except in the brain” what does it mean. Then how brain is gonna survive on a keto diet?

  • Wouldn’t you recommended a structured re-feed if you hit a plateau instead of sticking to calories that aren’t working for your body? 2 or 3 days of higher calories won’t make you put on weight, but when you drop back to your deficit, your body will be thanking you for it and you’ll start dropping weight again. You hit a plateau because your body has adjusted to the low calories you’re eating.

  • Hey! New here and just wanted to say I absolutely love your content! I have an extremely aggressive sweet tooth along with gluten and dairy intolerance so the bit of cookie turning into “release the kraken!” comment is all too real for me lol

  • Do you think you are over tracking? If you weighed less frequently you wouldn’t see these daily fluctuations and be discouraged? I’m no expert just pondering

  • This is so helpful Soph! I’m the exact same at the moment, seeing lots of results and I’ve currently lost about 2.5kg but now my weight is going up and down all over the place. I took your advice and I’m taking an average for the week and that’s helped my mindset so much! When I get my period I’m the same, I also tend to have quite a bad binging series in these few days. I think next month I’m going to plan a refeed window around my period. One thing I’ve found help with the scales is having lower sodium as I’m not holding on to as much water, you probably already know this though �� love you ��

  • I’m a new subscriber! So happy I found u. Love your goals and content you share. I am also in a deficit and playing around with what foods work and don’t. I changed my entire diet to cater to cleaning my skin and now I’m experiencing so much bloat. But like u said, trial and error and sticking to something long enough to track and record so I can compare will really help! I notice u don’t take protein powder, is there any reason why?

  • My biggest advice like I commented on a previous video, is to try reverse dieting. The slow increase in your daily calories will focus more on speeding up your metabolism, and will reignite the fat loss process. I’d suggest researching it further, but it’s working for me. Sticking with my deficit just kept me at the same place for weeks and I was just frustrated

  • Refeeding/Going back to maintenance for a few days usually works wonders. If you just started a new workout routine, you also have to keep in mind that the first couple of weeks you may gain muscle/water weight due to your body adapting to the new routine, while still burning fat.

  • Girl!! I’m so confused!! This video is SO unhealthy and not like you? Your promoting restriction and that is so unhealthy and damaging!! The reason you have stopped losing weight is because your body was put into shock by hour extreme calorie restriction and now it’s learnt to survive on your new calorie level….I love a lot of your videos but this one is not good or safe advice. X

  • I go to boarding school and still practice three hours a day…. don’t even have time to worry about what and why I’m doing this to myself.������

  • Hey Sophie ✌�� will getting your period effect your weight/looking “puffy” if you’re on the birth control pill? Loving this series so much ☺️��

  • Y’all call a 3 week weight loss stall a plateau, try 6 months of being stuck at 145lbs (and yes, I’ve reduced calories further, reversed dieted and upped my calories slightly, switch to low carb, more cardio etc nothing has worked)

  • I’ve been loosing weight consistently for two weeks now and I KNOW the weight is eventually going to fluctuate or plateau. I’ve mentally prepared for it but I didn’t know what my plan of attack was when it did happen. So THANK YOU. This is EXACTLY what I need to feel IN CONTROL and responsible for my journey.

  • It’s simple but not necessarily easy, calories in and Calories out. If u want to be in even more of a deficit to lose weight, you have to do cardio! Cardio and CICO is ��

  • Omg this was enlightening!! Just at the same struggle, before period and weight not changing! This was the message I needed. Stick to the calories!!! Trust the process, thanks Sophie x

  • I have to disagree with the “dont up your calories because you’ve hit a plateau”, a diet break for a week of eating back at maintenance will help maintain your maintenance calories point and stop the body from adapting to lower calories. Being too aggressive can hinder results

  • have you considered doing diet breaks?:) There’s a lot of new research saying that if you eat in a deficit for 5 days and at maintenance for 2 days, you keep your metabolism high:)

  • Loved this week’s update:) it’s so hard but it’s so inspiring to see you practicing what you preach and getting it done even if it’s shit in the short term. I would say for me I always feel watery and bloated twice in my cycle first time is about 2 weeks before then again around a couple days before and continues for about 2/3 after I get it and I always see a big drop after that when I know I’ve been in a deficit. So I’m sure it’s also hormonal and you’re gunna see those results ��

  • Let’s talk how to bust through a plateau on keto. More questions? Ask us below.
    + If you’re on Instagram… please follow me @TarasKetoKitchen

  • I know you’re probably right and it’s most likely due to your cycle coming. But you can try temporarily increasing your cals. One thing I’ve always noticed is that whenever I have a plateau (I typically eat 1200-1400 on a deficit), it’s usually because my body is kinda sick of the deficit, but then I’ll increase my calories to maintenance for a week or so and whoosh! I’ll drop a big number, like 2lbs down. I don’t know what it is but this happens every time. My body easily gets annoyed when I’m in a deficit for too long ����‍♀️.

  • Your next 2 months are going to be better than your last 8 months. Your blessing is coming. Just don’t give up so you can see how you will look like and how you will feel in your new body.����

  • I’ve been at a plateau for the whole of July, but I’m staying dedicated to my journey. These videos are so motivating knowing other people are like me:)

  • Who else just absolutely LOVES Sophie? ����‍♀️

    You, among a couple others, have inspired me to create my own channel and I’m loving it! Why didn’t I do it sooner?! Thank you  ������

  • My son was never heavy set..he got type 2 and lost so much weight and looks to me muscle.. now he’s on insulin shots.. what can he do.. bc he’s so thin how can he gain muscle fat and keep sugar low and maybe get off all medications??? I hope you have time to read this comment.. or maybe one of your employees.. thank you..

  • Its definitely the “Keto Bread” I recently started experimenting with making.
    2 eggs with baking pounder and yogurt. Blended together and baked. I was stuck at 266 for 4 days straight and as I decided not to make it today im down to 265.8 �� im 6 feet tall.

  • Plateaus isn’t what you think it’s. If you’re ACTUALLY eating at a deficit you’ll lose weight, but sometimes weight loss will stall (I don’t know the exact reason, maybe has something to do with water), but after give or take a few weeks you’ll lose what you were supposed to lose during that “plateau”. It happened to me multiple times, you just have to be patient even if scales don’t move but you for sure know that you are eating the same stuff that you were eating earlier (during weight loss).

  • Hi guys love your channel great information. I have been on a keto diet but kinda fell off the path and just can’t seem to find my way back on path..I have such a sweet tooth…

  • i feel like my mindset is obsessive, and when i try to practice i act like this, but mostly i’m a dabbler. even though i’ve been playing for a long time i’m not very good

  • Quick question. I’ve been doing Keto (following every principle) for two months. I am stretching my intermittent fasting to longer periods. (Normally daily around 18 hrs, then 6 hours of eating, mostly one meal). I’m trying to consume my 7-10 cups of greens/veggies daily, but I can’t do this in the middle of my fasting, right? What if I go much longer, like 36 hrs (fasting). Just pick up the greens/veggie eating when I break fast?

  • Anybody out there trying picked up a violin for the first time at over 50 years old? Its like learning to ride a unicycle while juggling while balancing dishes on your head..all the while trying to sing well.. grrrrr

  • Hello Eddy, if you have the time would you like at my 8 and a half month video, is this good progress for that length of time, I have no idea, I don’t have a teacher and have had no lessons.

  • I swear to god I feel like I’m being watched or the government is on me ��. I was on a weight loss plateau for a week and half and it was stressful. But remember focus on the visual and not on the scale.

  • I have been eating keto style since 1st jan 2018 doing if and having 2 or 3 meals a day. I get v hungry between meals so not cut down to 1 meal a day. I have not lost weight and recently gained 7lbs. Depressing much.

  • this video is insane so nice i found it. i would save it and check it time to time.
    I am trying to become a music teacher to survive. But my main reason is improving because I just like the intrument and I found life meaning in just trying to improve.

  • One can use these ideas learning any skill. The 3 different backgrounds in the video were a good metaphor for this topic reaching a plateau.

  • I’m over 50 I want to be on a steady up linear curve. I want to be a solid, good intonation intermediate player. I don’t want to learn fancy symphony skills. I don’t want to be slowed down by classical doctrine. I’m playing Celtic, Folk, and Gypsy, not classical.

  • I’m confident nutritional deficiencies are behind weight gain, people eat less and only worsen the deficiency, when they eat more they eat the wrong foods never reaching a nutritional homeostasis.
    I can’t say exactly what the deficiency is but I suspect thiamine, choline, or any one of the many minerals such as chromium. I can only loose weight when eating boat loads of organic bacon..
    Fasting and the ketogenic diet only took me so far, and I often gained weight when fasting (long term weight gain).

  • Thank you Chris and Heidi for giving the first 1 month for only 1$. So kind!! I was always afraid for the taxes… “what if i choose the one month for 15$ and pay more money” now i feel more comfortable to buy it!!

  • Thank you so much for making this video. As someone who has played the clarinet for going on 5 years and is picking up the viola for the first time (there are very few videos on viola that I could find so I got stuck on the violin side of youtube) this was very helpful!

  • Fellow females: download a tracking app (i use clue but any works) and just refuse to weigh yourself during the 48hrs before your period’s first day and on the first 3 full days of your cycle.

    Life is better this way

    You can also do what I do and take a whole week break from weighing & measuring yourself every month. My emotional wellbeing has improved AND I get a less distorted image of my progress since discontinuing tracking my physical gains & losses at any time during the last 3 days of my cycle and first 4 days of my period. I still use apps that allow me to fitness track and food diary and combined with my dietary restions it’s more than enough to keep me accountable during this week

    Also keep in mind: If your a female with the ability to menstruate/ovulate monthly then your BMR elevates slightly ABOVE BASELINE at the start of your luteal phase. So if the week before your period starts your average daily calories are a little higher than usual (say 50-100kcal a day worth) don’t beat yourself for snacking more than expected for a few days in this phase before your period starts— its very possible you didn’t even ‘set yourself back’ any more than one day if at all because your slightly increased BMR helped even out.

    The BMR calculators on health sites and the TDEE calculators in fitness apps do NOT take this modest rise of BMR into account even if it asks your sex. If they did the calculators yield less accurate calculations for women who are dealing with; anovulation, amenorrhea, highly irregular or infrequent ovulatory periods, below-typical hormonal rises or progesterone levels, or peri-/present-/post-menopausal states. It also couldn’t be standardized for menstruating women not dealing with these issues since the luteal phase a varies in length from woman to woman (some women have luteal phases that are 8 days long, in rare instances women can have phases over 16 days). Our individual luteal phase length also doesn’t remain constant throughout life

  • 15:12 to 15:25 are you challenging me hun I told you last time to stop �� showing your self in your high waisted black thong underwear your black thong underwear I mean you don’t understand hun my daughters are watching your videos and you think it’s ok to show off In your poor black thong underwear that I feel sorry for. Thongs come from plants and you think it’s funny to have that black thong underwear suffocating inside your big butt chafing and you sweating in your black thong underwear

  • Thanks for making me realize that I’m in the “obsessive” phase. Because of this, I started having severe loss of motivation because I was becoming too anxious whether I was gonna make it or not. You made me realize that when I practicing, I should focus on something without stress, and just try my best with a clear mind. Thanks once again!:)

  • I thought I had plateaued, but I realize now that when I compared my loss and inches per month I haven’t yet.. Feb.26 2019 ( 200 lb. ) Mar.26.180 (20 lb ) Apr 26 168(12 lb.) May 26 165(3 lb) June 26 157 (8 lb.) July 26 155 (2 lb ) August 26 today 150 ( 5 lb. ) so. 50 lb. gone. 10 inches off my waist.. I went from a size 16 to a 12 Jeans. I am hoping to lose 15 more lbs. but not in a hurry..I am so thankful that I have kept a Daily Journal since I started.. I know I will never go back to eating like before.. This is my Life now.. It Works! So, if I ever do Plateau I have the info to break it,, Thanks Dr. Berg!

  • My period is in a few days haha so I needed this. I’ve always been aware you can weigh a bit more before it starts but when trying to lose weight it can be such a bummer. Bloating really doesn’t help either.

  • I’m only thinking about starting to learn the violin, but I gotta say, as a dancer and a writer, this stuff is (un)surprisingly applicable!

    I’ve known all three pitfalls all too well on both of my creative journeys. I’ve been struggling recently, having hit major plateaus in both writing and dancing, so this video came about just at a right time.

    I will definitely be pondering all that you said. Thank you!

  • How important are the competitions and are they age related? Are they like a school exams, that you have to have a certain level by a certain age? This turns learning the violin into a race. Will your career snuff out if you don’t get there in time? Can you “miss the boat”?

  • What a great video Eddy! Your advice can be used not only for learning the violin or any instrument, but can be applied to ANYTHING in life. How can you be so wise so young?

  • You. Are. My. Hero. Seriously. I’ve been playing the violin for 7 years and i don’t get to make great progress and play free and how i want. I ask myself multiple times if i should give up, but i can’t. It litteraly drains all my passion and my patience. I find myself under pressure and actually being overwhelmed. So thank you, Eddy. Thank you for understanding. Thank you so much for giving me hope and for helping me. I will apply all your advices.

  • how are you not famous. been watching tutorial vids but you’re the only one who gives advices like these. thank you so much! hope more people could watch this.

  • That’s a great book! I had seen you reference it in other videos, and always wondered if you had read the book. Way to go man! Thanks so much for uploading these videos!

  • Violinists usually don’t realize how much their NONviolin lives impact them. Often a slight change in their nonviolin lives results in a massive improvement in their violin playing. The best way I’ve seen to “break” a plateau is to look at one’s nonviolin life and see if there are changes to be made. A violinist is a whole PERSON and so what one does when not playing the violin has a huge impact on that person’s violin ability.

  • Eddy… I think I was to obsessive… it has been 8 years now and I am thinking to go the music academy again… is it possible to have a 8 year plateau?

  • But wait, you’re leaving aspects out. Not every violinist who has a change in career will be a conductor. Some are working as waiters, others in factories. Music should generally be an amateur thing and it should be free. It should not be a forced thing in any way and it should not be a money thing-especially not a big money thing as it is now. But what’s music in our society? It has divided our society. The old master is kinda fascist leader, the musicians are chained to their notes and the audience is a mass of nobodies who are passive. I’m always like, “No, I’m not coming to your concert if it’s no jam session.” I hate to be passive-nobody should be passive. Our society is nuts and our music world is a nut house.

  • Yes, “anxious” and you know what? It come from to high standards. It’s not just a problem in classical music, now it’s also in jazz, pop etc./etc. And of course it’s everywhere in education. You always have to be better, better, better… never good enough. Our whole system is crazy.

    Right now I play ancient music and I play it my way. In case I will play classical music one day, I will cover it, play the theme (maybe adapt/change it a little) and then improvise my own variation. And doing this, I grow SLOWLY-not fast, I wanna go indepth. And I’m absolutely sure, learning SLOWER is always learning DEEPER.

  • The problem is the high expectation of classical music. Classical music made our music inhumane. Classical music is designed for very few people to make it and many people to fail, because the technical standard is so hysterically high. To me this is total overdo and unnecessary. I’ve experienced that as a singer at young age. My teacher said, I was very talented and gave me the advice to study voice. This failed due to sudden heath problems and after that I was to old. Today I think I was lucky, having studied the long history of vocal fails, including Maria Callas. It happens all the time: they discover a young talented soprano, give her too difficult parts to early and burn her out. The Opera is a furnace to burn talents. As I feel now, the Queen of the Night is crime, for there’s no soprano in the world who could sing the high notes without force, which is always harmful to the voice.

    I tell you what I do today: I steal Mozart’s Tamino Air and transpose it for female voice. And I change the lyrics, which is kind of funny. I do it my way, without stressing my voice. On violin I started a year ago and here I play the recorder sonatas I played years ago on recorder. If a phrase is to difficult, I change it. At Handel’s time, the pre-classical era, stealing, adapting-covering-was a normal thing. Let’s go back to reason and see music as a natural thing to express ourselves.

    I practice a lot, but I can cut down on it any time. Because I’m my curriculum. It’s a good thing, to work on chords, for it make you free. You basically understand how music works and can be your own master.

  • You answered so many questions for me! Things going on with me didn’t make sense but now It totally fits. I’m doing Keto going on two mos. now with intermittent fasting and I LOVE it. Makes my body happy. Lost 32 lbs. so far.

  • I am currently going through a plateau, and the most practical way to solve this is to keep going! �� I usually hate cheesy advice but think about it this way, when you are going through a plateau you only have 2 options, give up or keep going! If sticking to the diet plan doesn’t cause more discomfort, then why not keep going!

  • Awesome, is the video!!  I love your concept of tolerance, concentration, practice, and patience combined. I will follow your concept.    I need to better my bow change (to avoid hitting the next string), and squeak (aiming for a clearer tone). Can you make, or recommend a video, or something?   Eddie Hodges/ Philadelphia, PA  USA

  • I just watched RSD Julian’s video a few days ago using the same book talking about similar concepts about mastery. You reinforce these ideas for me. Thanks:)

  • Coming from a young person of your age, this seems to be really matured thinking. Congratulations and best of your luck in your future musical career.

  • A reminder that plateaus pass. I was stuck in the 330s for almost 2 months, 6 months later I’m in a plateau at 240. Just take this time to appreciate everything your body has been through and everything it does for you.:)

  • when you live life not expecting, but instead being grateful, its a lot more beautiful.

    That mentality has pushed me to never quit skills I have developed, and I hope to develop them my whole life.

  • Very well said… Came here today because I was feeling down while coming out of a “shitty” practice set. I get frustrated… My mentor gets frustrated and the playing was getting from worse to worst. For someone to be able to spot on articulate what is going on is very helpful so thank you.:)

  • Very well said Eddy. These points can be applied to so many other areas of our lives too.
    These are the things that no one really teaches you when, they are making you learn something. Thank You for this video.

  • This video just helped me identify the source of the struggles that I’ve been going through for so long. Thank you so much for making this!!!

  • Thanks for this video. I use to think that obsessing with my violin was a good thing. 2 or 3 weeks before my violin exam i was locking myself away in a practice room for 6 hours a day (recess, lunch, after school, 7pm to 11pm and sometimes before school) this isn’t counting orchestras and ensemble. Now i can see the bad effects it has on my social life. I didn’t spend time with my friends for a long time(school exams then violin). It’s now holidays and i feel kinda lonley. I had break downs during my 2 or 3 weeks of obsessive violin playing. I felt unhealthy disappointed in myself when i didn’t play well during recitals, lessons and piano rehearsals. But i felt that i had to intensively practice because of school exams taking away my violin practice time. To be honest, i don’t think i would have passed or done well in my violin exam without the obsessive practice i did. I hope you see this and give me some advice. This video has helped me so much.

    Kathryn Soen

  • I’ve plateau’ed a few time now. What have seemingly helped for me was taking a day off from working out. basically doing nothing at all. I ate mostly watermelon and I doubt I ate 1000 kcal worth, but I also did absolutely nothing and just gave my body a chance to rest up completely. I can’t say this is advise that’ll help anyone else, but it has seemingly worked for me.

  • This video is so powerful and I wish I had discovered this when it was first released. This applies so much to all areas of my life. I am somewhat of a ‘dabbler’ and I never realised. My dabbling was always for years as a teenager (I put in the time before changing or managed multiple aspects) but more recently it’s become months.. one month I’ll focus on one thing then next another. I put it down to wanting to be able to do lots of things but not having the time to do all the things. I’ve always jokingly called myself a ‘Jack of All Trades but Master of None’ now I see that this is down to me and the approach I take to plateaus. Now the questions is do I pick one thing to focus on and put aside all the other skills I’ve acquired? How do I pick a suitable long term goal for me without losing out on areas I’m also interested in? I’ve never been able to set myself long term goals just short in the now ones. Is this detrimental? From a mediocre/poor clarinet, guitar, drum kit, piano playing, horse riding, attempting to get fit, confused, way too close to 30, teacher. facepalm you’d think as a teacher I’d know all this and have done something about it already? Writing this comment has been cathartic at least. Thank you for videos like this.

  • wow, at 9.57 he draws attention to a page in his 30 year old physiology text book. ”what is the role of insulin in switching between carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.” and the answer to that; when the glucose concentration is low, insulin suppression is suppressed and fat is utilised almost exclusively for energy”.
    It’s mad that this was known and yet low carb was still being pushed as a strategy for weight loss. It’s like that film, The Prestige.

  • It’s still shock me just how a lot of people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets even though lots of people using it. Thanks to my personal mate who told me about this. I’ve lost a ton of weight.

  • How much time does it take normally to hit a plateau. I’ve lost 15 kgs in one month but now the weight loss has sort of stagnated for a week! What should i do.
    I am having about 1500 calories my BMR is about 2000.

  • since I’m working from home now, I’ve been listening to many of your videos.I’m 42, 5’3. I was 140 in January, in March I lost 4 pounds to 136, and I got plateau, so I restricted more carbs/sugars (I was eating apples/oranges, now I have to cut them off from my diet). I’m only eating around 60g carbs, and eating only OMAD and IF, cut off snacking to only keto friendly snacks when in my eating window (I made videos on these too), I finally broke the plateau, and lost more, as of today, I’m 132 now, I’ve lost 8 pounds since January!:) Now I’m stuck at 132, need to do more to break it again! My goal is to get to 125, which was my weight 8 years ago…sounds like a long way to go….

  • Dr. Berg, you are simply wonderful. I am trying to lose the 25+ lbs gained during my undergraduate and graduate studies. I have watched at least 10, if not 20 or more of your videos and your information is so valuable. Thank you for caring for your patients, your viewers, and actually teaching us how to heal with healthy habits and quality knowledge. Hope you are staying safe during the pandemic!

  • Was in a plateau for almost two months. Refeeding and stopping exercise helped a lot. Woke up one day and saw I’m five pounds down, my new lowest weight. 35 in total.

  • Hey I’ve tried to calculate my macros on so many calculator websites but i get told different information so at this point i don’t even know what my deficit calories/macros should be. Do you have any tips? Loving these videos xx

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear a lot of people lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (search on google).

  • I can’t tell you how timely this is!! I just debated stopping my weight loss because the scale was moving and my totm was making things worse. Glad to see I’m not alone!!

  • This video is definitely amazing! It helps me remember of times when my wife used Custokebon Secrets to lose 17 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Many people want to lose fat, but we also require to stay healthy, which is what exactly Custokebon Secrets given.

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on different youtube videos and I thought they were scams. However after my mate follow it, and finally lost a ton of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. You should not take my own word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  • Hi Dr. Berg I love your videos and i love the way you explain it. I decided to write because I am soooooo disappointed and frustrated. I am 51 years old female and i started Keto diet 3 weeks ago and sometimes i even do 16:8 fasting; I test my ketones with urinary strips and i’ve been in ketogenic state for over 2 weeks now and today i weigh myself for the first time to discover that i only only lost 3 kg which put me down because i’ve been starving and didn’t touch any carbs in 3 weeks like not even fruits(berries). So what am i doing wrong???? please help

  • Your first glycemic index chart doesn’t seem to jive with the later glycemic list. Look at jellybean, fish, beef, etc. A tad confusing.

  • Dr. Berg, I generally do not snack during the day and most days I do not eat breakfast. So why is my metabolism so slow? Why do I have IR when I eat more meats and I have pretty much cut out breads and starches from my diet?

  • I love your videos girl ����
    But… in my mind your calories are super low!
    I like how you stick to your fatloss goal, but keep this in mind:
    If you eat so low in calories, you will not achive this goal longterm! the human body resists a chronic deficit… unfortunately i also had to have this experience.. ��
    It is hard but longterm you will push your cortisol levels and they will make you look watery etc….
    “calories in calories out” does not work that way! Girl you know all this.. I eat around 2500 calories every day and I look more lean than I was in the past with dieting on 1700-2000 calories. I have more weight, yes! But my curves and abs look nicer than my body with chronic inflammation.. Many women feel the same way… every body is individual and unique, but i also think health is more important than a look or abs… it is your goal but eventually you can make a change too ��
    I expected binge eating and hunger all the time after years of dieting (on higher calories than you!)…
    now i still love weightlifting but eat more. And my look is better AND i can maintain my physique longterm. I am so much happier now. I hope you don’t just keep my advice in mind but also act so that your body can recover… stephanie buttermore have set a good example with her “all in” journey. Abbey sharps advice is also very helpful. And missfitandnerdy did a lot of explenation videos on the subject of calorie restriction and how to really get lean, too.
    Hope you notice that i mean it well and not instructive and feisty! I love you and the vibe in your videos ❤

  • How much exercise is “too much” if you’re sedentary? I’ve already started Keto and IF, and would like to start exercising but I don’t want to make my IR worse by overdoing.. Anyone know how much is too much?

  • Are you saying if we are ir we cannot loose..doing Ket o but no loss inmonth..diabetic.high cholesterol..high blood pressure..thyroid issues..what to do..have tried if for having 2meals but no change..what to do?

  • Watching this again a year later as I’ve stagnated after losing 15 lbs doing Keto with no animal/animal byproducts consumption. I gained back 5 lbs after adding back bread!

  • This video is the only one that I am all ears throughout Eddy’s talking. This message literally just shoots me at point blank, even though I’m not a musician but it is very much applicable to learning anything. Thanks Eddy

  • Bad insulin! Bad!

    Go to your room!
    Did you know that if you take the i and n

    out of the word insulin

    and put T in their place

    it spells the word insult

    and in a sense insulin is an insult to all of us

    who are trying to lose weight LOL

  • At 26:53; Dr Berg, what kinds of fish give different insulin index…33% vs 59%? I really love fish, and I really need to know which ones are suitable fir ketogenuc diet. Thank you in advance.

  • OMG this came right on time!! I literally have been on a plateau this week and a half and it’s been really worrying me. Thanks LukeNarwhal!

  • one question i have is,,, do you think having zero calorie energy drinks are bad for you and make you ghold onto weight actually gain weight bad i iknow but i have 2-3 a day and i notice i am holding onto my weight and i am not losing at all….. seems like it is making me binge on sweets more bc of the artificial sweetener should i cut them out cold turkey?

  • Whats helping me is changing the time of weighing myself. I used to weigh myself every week, and now I have changed it to every month instead. I don’t allow myself to measure or weigh myself until it’s the day to, and if I’m bloated, I’ll postpone it. So much of it is mental so please take care of the mental as much as you take care of the physical. Weight loss takes time, it always has and it always will. You won’t see your ideal weight just because a week has passed.

  • I made Dr. Berg’s sugar free chocolate with seeds recipe today…so easy to make and a delicious treat to end my meal. Thank you Dr. Berg you are saving my life with this plan.

  • The demoralising thing about weightloss for me isn’t the scale, I can sort of get past that. It’s not losing belly fat, I can see I’m losing it in other parts but you can always see your belly in front of you and it looks no different from day 1, which is really demoralising and makes me want to quit despite everyone saying I look slimmer.

  • I’m confused though.
    Surely science is science, if you eat below your calorie expenditure you have to lose weight. Energy is energy, energy doesn’t just come from nowhere…??? For example, you eat 1500 calories and you burn 2000 calories a day = lost energy (lost weight) Please help me understand as the video sounds great but I’m not fully convinced….

  • I am frustrated on Keto. I have not lost anything. I started with a 5 day water fast and broke my fast with keto. I lost 18 pounds on the water fast.
    1. I workout 4 days a week
    2. Barely in Ketosis (1.5) even after fast
    3. I do intermittent fasting 16/8
    4. No more than 1500 calories a day
    5. No sugar or white foods
    6. I have a significant about to lose. Over 100.
    7. Been on keto and IF for one month.
    Should I try having some carbs? Im nervous about that. Also, my sugar cravings have gone away. I don’t know what to do. Please help!

  • Wow 3 months too late but only cralwed up 3 lbs so there is still hope
    Went from 228 to 197 in 4 mo period
    Primarily major Diet Changes. Hit 197 boy Platue at 197 for 365 days
    And and even if I went over on calories, oh by bout 500 calories id still get away with murder when id return the next day to the exact eating habits.

  • I was so disappointed that at the end of this video there was a pitch for money. Dr Berg, please don’t take advantage of those of us that can’t afford Drs visits regularly and really do want to be healthy naturally. ��. I know there are those that will say you have to make a living too but we all know that you are successful in your practice and with your best selling books. This just made me want to cry… if you’re just like everyone else..

  • Talking like a true father��❤ thank you for the message. I really want to play and master the violin, i always have this vision of me just letting out all my emotions through the violin whether its sorrow or joy. I kind of know that the journey is really rocky but thank you for the insights


  • Every time I watch one of your videos I see another reason my diets have never worked and most were set by a nutritionist ��this one is literally full of bad news bombs and lies we have been fed ��������������

  • Eddy, I just wanted to Thank you. I have been playing the violin for over 3 years. I self-taught my self and you and Bret help a lot.

  • I remember the first time I dieted. I was 16 and weighed about 115 at 5’7”. My friend said I had a dimple on my upper leg!!! What???? That started my lifelong dieting and I cannot lose weight now. I have been on a pretty strict Diet for almost 2 months. 1200 calories and then switched to Keto 8 weeks ago. Three pounds is all I have lost. �� 65 yrs old now.

  • Wow. Hands down best video of explaining insulin and insulin resistance. Thank you so much. I’m showing this video to everyone I know. Thank you

  • I do have to say that a shot of BCAA proteins in the morning of my first day before I start an extended fast helps get there without cravings/hunger A LOT. Minor insulin spike be damned!

  • Hello Dr. Berg, can you make a video explaining the differences between glycemic index and insulin index. Which one is better used as a guide for staying in Ketosis and weight loss?

  • Dr Berg, I get super hungry after I consume stevia. I can’t find any research regarding that. But it’s crazy how much and how fast it makes me want to eat more.

  • Hi fed up with the fat reduction techniques you tried and couldn’t identify the right solution.Then simply just type in Google as: “Hack2LossWeight” to notice all the weight loss tricks.

  • your video is amazing but it lacks the colleration of fat and high carbohydrate foods together, can you make a video on that? thank you!

  • If I am drinking coffee with sugar free creamer and Stevia throughout the day without eating anything else…is this considered snacking and working against me trying to turn insulin resistance around? Thank you!