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In fact, there might be a legitimate, biological reason for the infamous ‘mid-afternoon slump’ — and your circadian rhythm might just be behind it. WHAT IS YOUR CIRCADIAN RHYTHM? Also known as our ‘biological clock,’ our circadian rhythm is basically the cascade of body processes that controls when we wake up and go to bed (or at least feel energized and sleepy).

In fact, there might be a legitimate, biological reason for the infamous ‘mid-afternoon slump’ — and your circadian rhythm might just be behind it. WHAT IS YOUR CIRCADIAN RHYTHM? Also known as our ‘biological clock,’ our circadian rhythm is basically the cascade of body processes that controls when we wake up and go to bed (or at least feel energized and sleepy). There are six main causes of an afternoon slump: A natural response to circadian rhythms, which typically make us most sleepy from 2 to 4 a.m. and 1 to 3 p.m. An underlying metabolic disorder such as pre-diabetes or insulin resistance, reactive hypoglycemia, and polycystic ovarian syndrome Getting too little sleep on a regular basis.

The mid-afternoon slump is a very common occurrence, and it’s primarily a result of our body’s natural rhythms. Specifically of note are the circadian rhythms, which affect our metabolism. Research shows that people have the lowest energy levels and the worst moods in the period between 1 pm and 3 pm, hence the name ‘mid-afternoon’ slump. At Everwell Specialty Pharmacy, we have a team of experts who can help you identify the reason for your mid-afternoon slump and offer you advice on ways to prevent your daily struggle against mid-afternoon fatigue from ever happening.

Clocking Your Energy. Afternoon slump can be caused by a number of seemingly small things that all add up. The mid-afternoon slump usually begins two hours after lunch has been consumed. Lunch is considered a big factor of the energy lags experienced during the afternoon because of.

The Real Reason Behind Your Mid-Afternoon Slump Do you feel like you turn into a sloth every afternoon when the clock strikes 3? If you ate a bagel for lunch, a drop in blood sugar may be to blame — but that’s not the only culprit behind your sudden. Indeed, the mid-afternoon slump is so common in workplaces that we almost take it for granted. But the psychology behind why your desk job makes you so damn sleepy isn’t nearly resolved. The Real Reason You Feel Sleepy in the Afternoon.

Unfortunately, a mid-day slump can leave you guzzling too much caffeine or reaching for sugary snacks to give you a pick me up. To avoid potentially unhealthy habits, try these lid-lifting tips instead. What do you rely on for a mid-afternoon energy boost? Join the conversation below. And no, the real reasons behind Hollywood’s box-office woes have nothing to do with there being too many sequels.

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List of related literature:

Absence is a phenomenon that can reduce organizational effectiveness and efficiency by increasing labor costs.

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You might have noticed, for instance, that you feel happier and more invigorated in the afternoon than in the morning, or that you are energized in the morning but fall into a slump in the early evening.

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As simple as it sounds, keeping a regular schedule of activities—particularly, a regular rise time—produces better sleep and a better mood, because it sends cues to your body clock to keep it working optimally.

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The Japanese sleep researchers Yoichi Tsuji and Toshinori Kobayashi have termed this “the breaking point”-the period of the day when most of us feel the highest level of fatigue.

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Reducing the workload in the morning decreases my potential stress levels and means I’m better prepared to cope with the unexpected things that so frequently occur with our youngest kids.

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  • Hope you all enjoy this one!

    In case you’re looking for some good study music, here’s my playlist on Spotify:

    YouTube version:

    Lastly, it’s good to note that afternoon slump is definitely affected by the quality of the sleep you’re getting. So here are 7 things you should stop doing at night:

  • I play some COD Modern Warfare in those breaks, and I find that I don’t really feel like playing it for longer than 45-60mins, which is just great. I usually feel relaxed, as well as “energized” (cause of the fact pace of the game) after.

  • Hi, Thomas:)
    Ana from Spain, with siesta culture, specially on summer.:) I don’t take naps or siestas the rest of the year, but in summer it’s almost inevitable, with above 40ºC below shadow:(
    It’s scientifically demostrated that hot decreasses brain function, so siesta makes sense. And in Andalucía it’s almost inevitable too, that’s why exterior workers (construction, and so) start their job at 7 a.m.:)

  • However if you have impaired glucose tolerance this study says it is better to have carbs in the AM.

    “the avoidance of carbohydrate-rich meals in the evening in people with impaired glucose tolerance should be recommended. In line with this recommendation are previous studies showing that an increasing carbohydrate intake at the expense of fat in the morning seems protective against the development of diabetes and metabolic syndrome”.

  • I’m a Muslim and in one of the teachings of my prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) he mentioned some kinda sleep called the Kailulla which is an hour to two hours sleeping you can have it usually between this time10:30am-1:30pm an hour or more
    The purpose of this type of sleeping is to make one day two days just think about it yourself ��
    I highly recommend it even if you are not a Muslim

  • I don’t like how you seem to cater towards students or small business owners. Most of us are still at work at 3pm during the slump and have no choice but to keep working.

  • I am on Keto and have lost 75 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. I was an athlete in high school at 220lbs and ballooned over 300lbs after college. Over the span of 15 years, my weight fluctuated and I got a serious case of the “dad bod.”

    Then I started Keto and began listening to Thomas religiously.

    For the first time in my life, I was never hungry and actually had to make an effort to eat while on Keto. I recently began a heavy weight lifting regiment with cardio throughout the week. My muscles are defined and for the first time since college, my veins are popping. However, my appetite is through the roof. Although in my opinion, I still could loose a few more lbs, my weight has completely stalled.

    It appears (at least for me) exercise equals increased hunger. This contradicts the study referenced by Thomas.

    Any input or thoughts would be helpful.

  • Hey, video is really awesome but tell me that should I sleep more than 2 hours in afternoon because I feel too too tired and extreme headache in order to stop sleeping why is that so happened with me only can I get rid of it in any way I am a teenager I must need to study instead of sleeping but as you see it’s almost impossible.

  • Honestly, just none of these things really work for me… I’m working to figure it out but, nothing has been consistently working for me.

  • Ive just had the worst afternoon slump! So funny at 6:20…. So me today. By the way, you really motivated me so much in your Day and Weekly planning videos. Thank you x

  • The power nap doesn’t work for everyone.
    I’m one of those people who already needs at least one hour to fall asleep during the day, no matter how sleepy I am. So I wouldn’t know when I’ve reached the 20 minute mark ����‍♀️

  • I wonder if that was a coincidence or not because, I came across this video randomly when I was about to fall asleep in afternoon (funny). The video was super helpful.

  • 12am-7am you’re asleep which means you’re tired
    7am-10am you wake up after sleeping
    10am-1pm you have lunch
    1pm-4pm you start feeling tired after eating lunch
    4pm-7pm you have dinner
    7pm-12am you feel tired anyways since it’s nighttime so then you go to sleep

    It pretty much repeats

  • Also the gyms are the most empty during the afternoon time.. so with less people around you can get your workouts done quicker and that would save time

  • Great video! Thank you so much. I was wondering if it was possible to have a “What i eat in a day” type of video. I would love to know since you always look amazing!

  • My work is so inconsistent. We aren’t on the same shifts everyday so there’s some days I have to wake up at 3:45am to open, 9 am for the MID shift, or stay up until after midnight for the closing shift. It’s taken such a toll on my mental health and I’m not sure what to do ):

  • I feel like I’m missing out on so much of my life, I literally fell asleep around 6 today. It’s almost 10 pm and I didn’t even have dinner. It also doesn’t help that I can’t just sleep through the night because I just naturally wake up before then.

  • Actually when you are correctly hydrated, your pee is not yellow at all. In the morning it’s understandable because most ppl don’t drink at night for obvious reasons but at daytime it can actually be clear.

  • Power naps should be around 30 mins and they will vastly improve your productivity and naps of that length should not affect your sleep unless done after 7pm

  • Ate salmon and a salad for lunch. Spent the day walking outside. It’s the afternoon now and I’m super sleepy.
    Also, If it’s hot or sunny or really bright I get even more sleepy!

  • I recently quit caffeine and sugar, and I can attest to the value of the green drink as an energizer. I use a different brand, but it still helps. I also take my vitamins with it right before I go to work (I work graveyard shift. Talk about your 3 o’clock slump!) Health-wise, I still have a long way to go, but I believe your advice is spot on!

  • 1 don’t eat lunch carbs
    2 avoid food sensitivities
    3 get natural daylight daily
    4 careful with coffee and sugar letdowns
    5 eat powdered greens
    6 breathe
    7 be hydrated

  • RE: walking meetings, I highlight meetings in my calendar in which I’m mostly listening and do those meetings on my treadmill desk when working from home.

  • I find very useful and empowering the Blinkist app. They recap pretty much any book, in 15 minutes audio. There’s a free plan and you get 1 free book per day, but there are also paid plans and you can choose the book. You get to sit dow, relax and rest your eyes and back (computer can kill…), while someone else tells you the main takeaways of a book. I mean, that’s brilliant. I love it. ������

  • “my belly is feeling really joyous right now because I had a power packed lunch.”

    Why is this so hilarious? (maybe I’m just really tired lol)

  • Morning foamy! Ive just treated myself to a nice lil monday morning lie in! Fingers crossed there be No crashing for me this afternoon ������

  • I always sleep at 5 o clock in the evening and wake up 9 o clock in the dark!!! Which ruins everything how much ever I tried to not sleep I automatically fell asleep

  • Want to learn more about this topic?
    Check out Dan Pink’s book which is all about the science of timing:

  • I never feel like reading during the noon. I feel asleep automatically without my notice and then I wake-up and realize I shouldn’t have slept.

  • Always love your informative videos. Just got your 10 day detox and Eat well without dieting book. I am down to only one cup of coffee…that I have yet been able to let go (hello security blanket) but I’m working on healthy changes. Thanks!!

  • It’s so great watching you you are so relaxing. I still say you are really photogenic do some modelling the photographers will love you!:)

  • You don’t know how much this helped! I’ve learned how to get charged for the morning but have been having brain fog in the afternoon. Thank you.

  • I think my sleepiness is due to my school after 8 hours I come home and sleep for like 5-6 hours and then I can’t sleep anymore which is really messing with my sleep schedule

  • Hey thanks for your tips:) you’re so cute and sweet. I have a tip I want to share: GO VEGAN for the earththe animalsand your own health and energy.

  • hello joy,its always v inspiring watching ur videos.i want to ask is whey protein is good to take, & can u recomend a good brand.

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  • You’re adorable and so helpful! Also, I love that wallpaper behind your head! Where might we find the Greens plus?? I live in the states, so Whole Foods perhaps? Or online only?

  • Hi Joy! I love your videos. Thank you for everything you do. Could you pls do a vid about acid reflux friendly recipes? It seems like so many gluten free dairy free recipes use spicy things and tomatoes and citrus for flavoring. How can I flavor my food when I’m so limited? Ideas?

  • What works for me best is taking a break from the work and stepping outside to have some sunshine, and doing the activity that I love and drinking water.

  • Great tips! Can you make a video on ways to boost your immune system during the winter months? Everyone is getting sick around me.

  • Amazing tips on how to have a more productive day. I have to concentrate on one major task at a time or I start feeling myself getting overwhelmed.

  • Does anyone know if i can take Theacrine and St John’s Wort together? I have been off caffeine for almost 5 years now and have been trying to find something that I can take with my St John’s Wort that provides me with similar energy that caffeine use to give.
    Anyone have any Ideas or suggestions?

  • Question about Theanine supplements. I have found pure Theanine supplements, but also ones with Inositol. What is Inositol? And is it good or bad for Keto?

  • Thomas, I have no appetite or desire for food even when hungry, which has caused me to stop eating keto. What can I do to get back to being fat adapted again and have interest in food again??? Please HELP

  • 1. Push carbs to later in the fay
    2. Take theanean and theacrine instead of coffee
    3. Listen to Binuaral beats for five minutes
    4. Walking and standing intermittently

  • i had trouble following him… what is he talking about? i crash at noon on my days off but I’m super active and im prob in keto

  • “the sun was always in her eyes”
    “The sun was in your eyes”
    “Stardust in my eyes”
    “But her eyes”
    Just saying, your eyes must be “the size of the moon” to fit all this

  • I would love to push my carbs for later in the day, but what if i workout early in the morning and break my fast right after that?? Can i still not eat after my workout and wait until like 4-5 pm?? Wouldn’t that be bad for the gains?

  • When you talk about switching to theacrine and theanine later in the day, are you talking about just taking those as supplements or is there an actual drink of some sort that you’re consuming?

  • How do we get those things you were talking about for the brain? I dont think you told us that?? I need this advice so bad! I crash hard everyday and can sleep for a good 2 hours no prob.

  • Hi, Thomas, i was wondering if the studio or set, where you guys shoot your videos, is the same one where the guys from 40+, shoot theirs?

  • Thomas…would’ve liked a good link for the binaural beats {mentioned at 6:15} Does it matter which device I use to hear it?Love the 5 minutes every hour info { 7:55}

  • I commented on a video 30 minutes ago that I have a mid afternoon anxiety spike while fasting…. your the man thanks for keep it relevant!

  • Could you address the question of keto eyes? Please take a look at this vid by Vegetable Police: I think a lot of your science based videos and was wondering if you also had “keto eyes,” and was a tad surprised to see that you do seem to.

  • Awesome video Thomas, i really needed this cause i face it everyday. I do clean fasting. i wake up @ 5 am and during 10 am i feel this crash. I take a power nap and go back to work. but now i will try your fantastic tips. Thank you so much leader.

  • Nutritionist recommended stewed apples twice a day (2 tbsp) thoughts? She said it contains pectin which releases IAP which protects the body and doesnt allow toxic bacteria? Have you heard of this any thoughts?

  • I’ve been using the keto low carb diet approach, and I’m a truck driver, over the road truck driver, that and dumbbells and pushups and exercise, I was able to lose 50lbs. I also use the intermittent diet approach everyday. I feel great and feel like I’m more focused and more productive when at home.

  • Gluconeogenesis is an on-demand function. I don’t believe that eating more protein has anything to do with an increase in blood glucose.

  • I am usually wary of just popping back supplements with weird names. Has anybody given Theacrine a try? and if so, where did you source it from (Brand? Pill? Powder? Tea?)

  • “the anti-fatigue effect of theacrine was associated with the regulation of brain glucose metabolism and the inhibition of phosphodiesterases.”  So, would ketone metabolism in the brain instead of glucose change the effect?

  • You just described my dream Beveridge. So, where can I get some. You got a connection for the good stuff??? Yo, hook me up. Lol, no really!!

  • I only start eating at 1 so the sugar from the kiwi’s combined with almonds and (dried) cherries makes me push through this slump

  • In Asia, EVERYBODY, my entire company, all the employees and bosses nap for 30mins after lunch, done.
    But great video, it’s very interesting and helpful.

  • Good lord this was way more helpful than I expected, thank you SO much! I’m currently in an afternoon slump. Or even a day slump. Week slump? Hmm…. trying to tackle a university assignment and realising I’ve been staring at my student notes for a good ten minutes until my eyes glazed over! I’m off to grab a tea and start the pomodoro effect! Thank you! xoxo

  • Usually get the afternoon slumpt after I ate so from 3/4 to 6 (thanks GOD is summer) I take a break and then back to work in the evening.

  • 200hz in one ear and 210hz in the other ear would most likely cause an overlap with a total frequency of 410hz. Very nasty high frequencies.

  • Our society is backwards. We used to wake up Before Sunrise and return home and finish all our work by High Noon. It’s no wonder by 1 and 2 p.m. we feel exhausted.

  • Hey Thomas, new to the channel but loving it so far. You’re an inspiration! Quick question. Will lemon juice added to my green tea break my fast?

  • Not sure if you’ve covered this topic before, but a great topic to cover would be how to deal with sickness while on Keto and/or IMF. I recently recovered from a nasty stomach bug, and found myself with lots of questions while dealing with it.

  • In addition to the physical activity, little things like getting a little sunlight, or listening to Rage Against the Machine’s first album can also improve wakefulness.

  • Nice tips! However I definitely disagree with the power naps. I can’t take power naps it makes me wake up feeling more tired then before I took the nap

  • I never actually realised that napping is not sleep i.e. being fully unconscious. I always thought there was something wrong with me when I couldn’t “nap”, so stopped trying to do it altogether. Thank you so much for this!

  • Many people simply suck down a cup of coffee or have a monster to smooth over the rough spot. A power nap is better though, and cheaper. Some people can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, I wish I was one of them:(

  • I feel like when I sleep 6 hours a day is perfect for me because if I sleep any longer or shorter I’m just a zombie the next morning but 6 hours I just feel normal, I mean normal as only a little bit tired because I just woke up.

  • What I normally do is watch anime the whole time and stop right at 4, do workouts and then take a bath and start studying while sipping tea around 5:30.. if I manage to get comfortable in that position I could continue till dinner time

  • In Islam, we have a prayer at noon which is kinda like meditation(you have to not think about anything avout your life other than the prayer), and noon time nap is encouraged, and it is encouraged to eat 7 dates early in the morning, the sugar in dates is not like white sugar, it will last the whole day

  • Sleep at the same hour, wake up at the same hour, 6 to 8 hours sleeping. Eat healthily and workout at least 40 min, walk or bike daily, if working out change the exercises day by day….s.

  • Thanks for this video!! I was actually having extreme laziness after my lunch period. Now I know the reason!
    A power nap is something I need the most ��

  • I get this after noon slump but I’m still in school and I can’t go outside or anything do you have any tips for us people who are still in school.

  • When you’re narcoleptic so you’re tired the whole day anyway (but yeah it’s the worst around 2-4pm for me, glad I’m allowed to sleep in school)

  • While all that is true you are oversimplifying human body and mind second you underestimate the importance of adrenaline and focus.human mind can do don’t waste your 4 waking hrs guys and believe in yourself an a+ is an a+ even in middle of the night

  • “We experience a large drop in energy, particularly between 2 and 4 am, but we usually don’t notice this drop in mental ability because most of us are asleep.” cries in insomnia.

  • This is kinda true I get up by the time I get ready drive to work and clock in I’m good to go my energy is up after lunch I feel sluggish and done with the day. When I get home I find my energy is back up for a bit but falls quickly towards night

  • I usually take a two hour nap from 1pm to 3pm. However I’m up at 4am and my mornings are quite demanding plus I tend to just get 5-6 hrs of sleep at night.

  • Because our ancestors were gatherers/farmers and there was 1-4pm break to avoid “hottest” sun expose period, for over 20 thousands years.

  • ExCept,,,, I Like my Post Lunch 15-20 minute “Power Nap”! As a matter of interest… When/IF I Do this Again,,, Post Work Day, just 15 20 minutes,,, I’m LOADED with Energy,,, for a Good Concentrated/Spot training,,, Before a Dinner…

    But that’s just me! If TIRED gonna come after Lunch and Work Day,,, I’m not gonna Totally fight it off. But!!!

    I’m NOT that Bright in the Brain Anyway. So I Need ALL the Down Time,,, I Can get!!! LOL!!!

  • I dunno about you, but I’m fine. It’s early mornings at work which is where I’m tired.
    By 2pm, I’m at the gym wearing myself out before I finish work at 4pm.

  • Without any scientific research and evidence, claiming that lots of surgical operation failing in hospitals between 1pm -4pm is just mental speculation….you are just scaring docile people., U should do something good and stop fooling people.

  • I love this! I’m definitely a morning person, but once it hits 1PM I really tend to slow down. By 3PM, I feel like it’s all over. I try to take a nap at 3PM each day for 10-20 minutes (no more than 20 if I do want to keep being productive that day). But the thing that REALLY helps my productivity in the afternoon is changing location. If I’m working at my desk, then I move to the kitchen table. If I’m working on the 2nd floor of my academic library, then I move to the 3rd floor or to a coworking space downtown, etc. That change of location always helps me refresh and feel like I’m getting a new start.

  • Great video… but… let’s look at cultures who take “siestas” or “afternoon naps”. In places such as Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Spain, etc… businesses are closed after lunch for an hour or two and employees take naps (schoolchildren also take naps at this time). It’s because apparently, our bodies are naturally made to sleep for four hours, wake and work for four hours, then sleep again, then wake again… it fits in with our agrarian/hunter-gather past rhythms…

  • i wake up everyday at about 6am and go to sleep at about 11pm, also i have school until 3pm and if i sleep 15-20 min in the afternoon i just cant get up and have to sleep AT LEAST 3 more hours, any tips? i also kinda hate to go for a walk…most because nobody would come with me since they are busy or tired

  • To sum up:
    1. Set email off hours
    2. Clean your desk in 5 minutes
    3. Go for a walk either by yourself or with someone else
    4. Get a short nap
    5. Pomodoro technique
    6. Read self-help book
    7. Focus on one thing

    I find the number 2, 5, and 7 are most helpful to me. Thank you so much!

  • so if a company implements these rules they will become very effective. maybe. it would be awesome to have a workplace with frequent breaks. maybe even walks or some kind of easy activity. ping pong or something

  • I was watching this video just before my afternoon powernap. I find motivational vidoes just before the nap inspiring. They somehow manage to get deeper in the brain and make your inner self scream for action.

  • I see why I always fall asleep after school, my family are vampires pretty much and NEVER open the blinds and I get yelled at when I do. And also my room is in the basement so there is 2% natural light down there

  • I just want to say thank you, Thomas, for wearing a shirt that supports first responders. Nurses, paramedics, police, and firefighters rarely ever get the recognition they deserve for being daily heroes. If you see/know a nurse or paramedic, give them a hug and thank them for their service because they’ve seen alot of f*cked up sh*t and they deal with it every day so that WE don’t have to.

  • I can never force on fighting afternoon crash. id just fall asleep but not indulging it as something to enjoy, it is something that’s just little for necessity. slowly let my mind on conscious while falling asleep and aimed just short while and be determined in it. after 10 minutes i got recharged and energized and perform daily tasks better. forcing on afternoon crash to stay awake makes my mind even slow and blur for the day.

  • Love this and completely needed today! I catch myself taking a “break” by watching YouTube channels like yours to help motivate me to get back to the grinding! The 5 minute break is a must and I absolutely love the tip about caffeine before the nap…I think that’s crucial. Keeping a full time career and also starting a new side hustle (YouTube vids) makes it even more important for me to keep these tips in mind. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Im a power napper, All the way! 10-15 minutes and I’m a new woman! Thanks for the tips. The afternoons are a killer for me. Especially when my ADHD kicks in and I lose all focus, and my list goes out the window for 2-3 hours. (whoops).

  • I’m currently Learning Advanced Swimming under a coach. I go for training everyday since a month and we usually swim for 3 hours.
    After which I completely get drained and I sleep. How to avoid this?

  • Love the book idea! I use the pomodora technique all the time. I use the app called Brain Focus which times you and the breaks! ��

  • I stay productive by physically moving to different places whether it’s from one coffee place to another or one place to another within the office.

  • Awesome tips. I do the power nap a lot and it really works! I learned the pomodoro (sp?) technique from you and it is similar to something flylady does. Setting a timer really helps me!

  • Typically for lunch I have 3 eggs, peanuts, broccoli, sweet potatos, carrots and hallumi. Then I drink lactose free milk have Greek yoghurt and chug down a protein shake. I still get the slump, though that could be the three coffees I also have but hell will freeze over before I give up my beans.

  • Working night shift I sleep part of the day I am up by 2pm in the afternoon I know I work hard on the job if I would do the same at home all bases would be covered!

  • My cat is very distracting, his name is meow meow, he wants snacks, snuggling, massaging, drinking from the tub… and more snuggling!

  • It’s 2pm and I’m so glad I found this right now. My cats won’t stop talking to me right now. I have to go live in an hour but I just wanna nap

  • As I work from home, I sometimes find a change of scenery is the best thing for me to beat the afternoon slump. I head to a cafe or to the YouTube space here in London to work and there’s something about the new setting that perks me up again!

  • I bought your book on Audible. It is awesome. Does it have a pdf? You do say in the book there are certain things we need to see. Thanks,

  • I love to have my desk setup with dual screen and have a tv show on the second monitor while I work I love to have something going in the background the dead air kills me and will unfocus me. I like to read a chapter in your book when I need to take a break.

  • Your so cute!
    Okay not productive feed back
    But ya know they say listen to things that make you happy to help you start a positive day and That was yoi being cute with your dog. I cant have one And mine was loved but is gone so Give her some extra love for me! You’ll miss her, not to get tou down… Just a fact and I know you know it. You’ll look back at videos and Be like omg baby girl! And later ones like Omg she was so old…

    I have a scar on my nose
    We met one christmas morning I’d never seen a dog she’d never seen a home or a human child and in her excitement at realizing I was HERS we met face first with the force of her enthusiam. (No one will ever love you that hard its a once in a life time match)

  • I love the Clean Your Desk tip, but what I actually do is to organize the mess BEFORE lunch. I take the last 5 minutes from the first period to get things organized so that when I return, I have no distractions.

  • Absolutely loved these tips.. this has been something I’ve been facing a lot lately and I feel like after 3pm I don’t get anything done! I’ll try these, for sure!!

  • I am massive p!atd Fan but only now I’ve realized that it changes from 4/4 to 3/4 at:


    Feeling as good as lovers can, you know

    Yeah we’re feeling so good (missing beat)

    Picking up things we shouldn’t read

    This makes the Musik kinda interesting, bcs it isn’t sticking with the same principal the whole time

  • I have been loving the Pomodoro method… didn’t know what it was named but glad you introduced me to it…. lost my lil sidekick a month ago… she didn’t let me talk to other people either LOL… enjoy Lucy XO, Kelly

  • My mom always argues with me because I fall asleep when I have to take care of my sister and they blame it all on my sleeping schedule even though I fall asleep at like 10 but I always crash after school and what I hate is that my bro stays up until 5am but they don’t yell at him only me and he is the biggest so why can’t he take care of her then during the afternoon if he knows that I always crash in the afternoons???

  • Thank you Amy for the advice! Seriously now I have my excuse for my caffeine and my power nap. I shall try this advice because I really need all the help I need.

  • I do schedule my workouts and most of my home/busy work in the mornings and then any meetings of possible in the afternoons so that I have to be out and about and moving around! Of course, I drink plenty of caffeine…. way too much… I should cut back lol �� thanks for the tips!

  • I think my favorite tip was the nap tip! Lol and I’ve actually been doing that lately it really does help! Especially when you have a baby!

  • I love short naps. BUT they can be dangerous if you let it last too long. the biggest help for finding motivation is watching you or sunny lenarduzzi. you guys have such great tips that I want to start on them asap:)

  • The Power Nap advice is really good. I actually heard that back in 2016 or something like that by Jonathan Glapion in an interview from One Fantastic Week. And as an artist I usualy have a working schedule that goes from 8h to not unusual 16h of work everyday and that often includes weekends too. So being capable to have a quick nap during the day that is capable to reacharge you enough to keep on track with all the commisions and projects that you’re doing is really good. For me, Power Nap is the Holy Grail of productivity and I really recomend it and reenforce her advice on that.

  • I had to replay it 3 times because I was slumpin’ and falling to sleep. So coffee and two power naps I should be good to go. LOL great video…..

  • When I come home from work I take a nap, I really can’t sleep until dark, no matter how tired I am….Amy how did you know, my desk is am mess?

  • Got my oil changed today, so there’s that. ✔️�� I’d like to try the pomodoro method again, but without the technology. I tried using an app with music on a timer, but I think putting my phone in another room is much more helpful for me. Having my phone right next to me is too distracting. I need an old school wind up timer. ��

  • I just bought your book, Amy! Though my content is comedic scripted rather than vlogging, I still find your work ethic and marketing strategies very helpful. I found you through “How I Plan my Videos” and was hooked. I am now using a giant calendar and some post it notes to plan my videos a month or two in advance. Keep being awesome.

  • Amy, your videos are literally the best. Thank you! I actually caught myself in a semi-afternoon slump earlier and cleaned my desk because it was bothering the HECK out of me & coincidentally found it’s one of your tips.:)

  • great tips Amy love the power nap and the caffeine before taking it to help with the groggy feeling that can happen also love the pomodoro technique

  • Also, this might sound a bit weird, and it definitely won’t apply to everyone, but I find that doing something creative, like sketching for a few minutes or painting, can really rejuvenate me.

  • Yeah after teaching all day and doing the after school program it gets tough to plan/edit/shoot some videos. This video has a lot great advice! I definitely need to chug down some coffee before a power nap otherwise it becomes a short sleep (3 hrs) ha-ha!

  • It’s one in the afternoon
    I haven’t left my room
    I should probably dooooooo
    I’m not doing so good the way that I’m lazyyy
    When it’s 1 in the afternoon

  • I think I need morning quiet hours for emaila great idea. I always have to remember that it’s ok to step away from my email for a bit. Thanks, Amy!

  • Listening here the songs of all time now and always as long as possible, ouvindo aqui as músicas de todos os tempos agora e sempre enquanto for possível ����✌����


    Se that hashtag productivity? DON’T CLICK ON IT!

    It’s a trap you’ll spend the rest of your day watching those videos and your ‘Watch Later’ list won’t get cleared in a year.

    I warned you.

  • “When it’s nine in the afternoon”
    When all of the clocks are broken.
    The minute hand on all of the clocks are pointing at 12 so the hour hand should be pointing directly at a number.
    But the Hour hand is pointing half way between 8 and 9
    So the clocks are Broken
    With the minute hand being on 12 the hour hand should be at 1 number
    “When it’s Nine and 5.62 minutes in the afternoon on a broken clock” would not be as catchy though.

  • I love that you emphasized protein for lunch! I’m studying natural sleep-deprivation treatment, so in addition to helping avoiding the afternoon crash, eating protein for lunch (& breakfast) and, perhaps, not so much for dinner will make sure that the increase in body heat from protein metabolism happens long before your body is cooling in preparation for sleep. Great video!


  • My sister walks into the room while i’m listening to to song.
    “Why is Brandon Urie Singing and vacuuming his bed while leading a marching band with everyone having a mustache and living in a sugar wonderland above the clouds with everyone wearing an animal mask?”
    Me: This is how all of P!ATD’s music videos go.
    My sister: walks out of the room without another word

  • Alternative title:
    Welcome to the Colourful Parade
    Welcome to the Crack Parade
    Welcome to the Therewerestillmembersintheband Parade

    Just kidding. It’s just because I just quit Northern Downpour so I a lil sad.

    Or just Nine in the Afternoon ’cause this is the Panic! Parade and not MCR’s:3

  • I find that a small snort of cocaine or quick hit of crack or meth in the afternoon boosts my energy levels until my carnivore dinner at 7p.m.
    It also makes me feel good and I know, because my I-watch tells me so.

  • Great tips! My favorites are getting up and stretching or walking or reading a quick chapter of a book. And clean the desk! This one is essential, things need to be neat before I can do anything productive ��

  • Just sitting here in my childhood home (had to sell my condo… lost my job) reading COVID news from around the globe waiting for 9PM to roll around when the guy I like is supposed to come and “distract me” cough and this song came on. LMAO. Creepy? Or a little on the nose?

  • the title of the video is not what is inside of the video. gotta change that title to What boosts your energy level after a short nap!!!

  • Is there any guidance for night ship working. I need to work in the night and sleep during the day. And I always end up messing them both up.

  • Look bro, my school starts at 8:00am to 4:45 I’ll reach my home by 5:30 I’ll eat some shit and i want to take a 30-45 min nap and sleep at 10:30pm and woke up at 3:00am
    How about my freking schedule

  • Thomas, you are not remembering the obvious here. The crash, slump or whatever is solved by a nice siesta. Here in Mexico, works for many. But really though, thanks for this. Really good info.

  • yesterday I spent 2 hours at the gym (10am-12nn, took my lunch at 12:30 and was super sleepy at 2 in the afternoon and so I sleep from 2-5pm.
    Amma tell you to not do this because l couldn’t sleep early last night, my usual sleeping hours is from 10pm to 7am, I couldn’t sleep until 2am.

  • That’s why we need a siesta or a qayloola (arabic word for siesta). Or something akin to it in which you take a short power nap to recharge or just rest.

  • I love your videos….nice soft narrators voice with great sound effects…animation…and bite size 3 to 4 minute video = ��✔��������

  • Just some constructive criticism: The title should say “Should We Sleep in the Afternoon?” I realize that you guys are international, but I feel like I just needed to point this out.

  • 2:30 can’t you just eat a egg that thing is filled with essential amino acids. You can take something els for the irons like a mettle bar. Your teeth will thank you.

  • I love this channel overall and this video is no exception, ton of info with a pleasant animation, but those transition sounds are way too loud for my taste and they kinda disrupt the flow, I’d suggest to leave them out next time:D anyway thanks for the video.

  • Same about the bubbly. I like bubbly, Waterloo, lacroix, and Pierre. GIVE ME ALL THE CARBONATED NATURALLY ESSENCE WATER OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!

  • I sleep 9 hours a day (im 16 years old) but I wake up at 7:30 and then i always feel so tired until like 11am do you have any tips for me? Btw nice video

  • But I sleep in the afternoon after I come from school and sleep more than 15-20 minutes and still have a good sleep at night. How? I hope you will answer. BTW great video.