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Your Exercise Plan // Find your why, learn to set smart goals

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Behavior Change to Improve Exercise and Health Habits

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SMART Goal Setting 101 | How to Set & Achieve Your Goals

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AlphaGo The Movie | Full Documentary

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INSTANTLY Increase Your Winrate With These 10 Settings League of Legends

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This is why there are countless articles out there on how to set your own SMART goals and even why it’s a skill commonly taught to a small degree in classrooms. Learning the importance of goal setting and the benefits of sticking to those goals can be the defining factor determining whether we truly embrace the importance of goal setting. For sustained lifestyle changes, feel free to set long-term goals to keep the big picture in mind.

However, break down the long-term goal into a series of smaller short-term goals in order to track progress and keep yourself motivated. Write your SMART goal down. This will allow you to go back to your goal to reference and review. Setting “SMART” healthy eating goals is a great way to help you feel and look your best. “SMART” stands for goals that are: specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-framed. Setting “SMART” goals can also help you achieve bigger goals you may want to set for yourself over time.

Use these 10 “SMART” goals below to get your inspired. small changes and continue to focus on the big picture of living a healthier lifestyle, not just losing weight. Start with these tips that focus on making better food choices. As these strategies become habits, work to set new goals for yourself to make more positive changes to achieve a healthier weight.

Mix it up! Top your pizza with. A good goal-setting strategy is the SMART goal checklist. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. “Having a vague goal like ‘eat healthy’ or ‘exercise more’ can end in frustration, Long-term behavior change is more likely if you start small. If you haven’t had much experience with goal setting or haven’t achieved goals you’ve set in the past, don’t be afraid to try again using these tips.

Choose an activity you’re likely to follow through on. And consider getting help. A wellness coach or life coach can provide additional support. Share; Tweet; Nov.

30, 2016 See more In-depth. 3. Get SMART Goals. Setting small goals that are achievable will lead to success. And success breeds success. So, before you know it, you’ll be living a heart-healthier lifestyle and feeling great about your achievement.

The best way to make sure you are starting an eating plan that will be successful is to make sure your goals are SMART. SMART goals are meant to address all of your major job responsibilities. When setting a goal, be specific about what you want to accomplish. Think about this as the mission statement for your goal.

This isnt a detailed list of how youre going to meet a goal, but These imply the direction that you want a. 1. Introduction. Goal setting is an important element in physical activity (PA) and dietary interventions. Goal-setting techniques are effective in helping individuals initiate and maintain health behavior over time (Shilts, Horowitz, & Townsend, 2004).Meta-analytic results suggest that participants in goal-setting conditions significantly increase fiber intake, report fewer dropouts in.

Once you reach your goal and deadline, reevaluate and set a new goal! It’s all about progress, not perfection, and there is always something we can improve on when it comes to health and fitness. 4. Don’t leave your healthy-eating goals to chance.

I rarely say NEVER or ALWAYS, but this is an exception to that rule.

List of related literature:

Realistic goal-setting is so critical to making successful lifestyle changes — such as adopting the DASH way of life — that even though we walk you through how to set SMART goals in Chapter 4, we had to touch on goal-setting again here.

“DASH Diet For Dummies” by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
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The goal is to promote preventive services, healthy lifestyle behaviors, and measurement based on a national index to assess health status.31 The strategies developed by the workgroup endeavoring to achieve this goal will form the future of population health.

“Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness” by David B. Nash, JoAnne Reifsnyder, Raymond J. Fabius, Valerie P. Pracilio
from Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness
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Agree that these improvements should serve as goals for the following six months.

“Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Gallup, Marcus Buckingham, Donald O. Clifton, Gallup Organization
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The goal was listed as “promote health and reduce chronic disease risk through the consumption of healthful diets, and achievement and maintenance of healthy body weights”.

“Public/Community Health and Nursing Practice: Caring for Populations” by Christine L Savage
from Public/Community Health and Nursing Practice: Caring for Populations
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Secondary goals should be set for Domains 2, 3, and 4.

“Effective Supervision: Supporting the Art and Science of Teaching” by Robert J. Marzano, Tony Frontier, David Livingston
from Effective Supervision: Supporting the Art and Science of Teaching
by Robert J. Marzano, Tony Frontier, David Livingston
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Make great health the #1 goal.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
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Two goals for the 2010 objectives emerged as a result of these sessions: (1) “Increase Years of Healthy Life,” which was retained from the Healthy People 2000 goal, and (2) “Eliminate Health Disparities,” a stronger version of the Healthy People 2000 goal “Reduce Health Disparities.”

“Medical-surgical Nursing: An Integrated Approach” by Lois White, Gena Duncan
from Medical-surgical Nursing: An Integrated Approach
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These goals should be charted and the patient advised as to whether the goals are realistic and achievable.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
from Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult
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Health behavior Stage 1: Change needed Thinking about change Planning for change Some change made Regular healthy behavior Item score 10.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
from Health Opportunities Through Physical Education
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Behavioral goals are the ones to focus on instead of number goals such as losing 20 lb.

“Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine” by James M. Rippe
from Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Can you please go over and fill out Activity #4 to show us an example? OR you can use weight loss as an example again please. Thank you!

  • This is the most beautiful documentary I have seen in such a long time. There is so much potential, so many unexplored things. Love it totally.

  • Oh my goodness I have my work cut out for me! I’m headed over to my laptop to start some serious downloading! Thank you thank you thank you! ����

  • So I have my player attack move on cursor and the toggle champions only, but when I go into practice mode, my attack move will still target minions. Is this how the interaction is supposed to work or am I missing something?

  • Ohhh Alexis you are the bomb dot com. This is exactly what I needed and I love the way you present & deliver the material. You always motivate me to follow through and do the work. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO TO HELP SO MANY!!!

  • Well games make graphics better as they progress
    Just minecraft’s graphics have become more pixelised
    And they look more cooler now

  • He didn’t even tell us where to go to activate colorblind mode… I’ve been looking for 10 minutes (outside the game tho so there might be something different in-game)

  • I can’t thank you enough for this video. I’ve heard of the SMART technique before, but never really felt like diving into it because for some weird reason I didn’t think it would be useful for me. Or maybe I was simply being lazy, who knows? Nevertheless, thanks to you now I know what I would miss out on. I’m gonna improve my goals and I think that this year is gonna be MINE in terms of achieving them! Thank you thank you thank you! And btw, you are a great teacher!

  • In my opinion what you have to understand about AI is that it is really better named ‘Pattern Matching’. If you challenge Alpha Go in Checkers or some other simple game you would probably beat it because it hasn’t been programmed with those patterns. It is not intelligent.  Its matching patterns and making a choice. Call it amazing storage retrieval if you like. As John Lennox (professor Mathematics Oxford) says in 2084 a bee can make a bee-hive and store honey, a beaver can make a dam and catch fish but a bee cannot make a dam, and a beaver cannot make a bee-hive. A human can do both because it has intelligence. Alpha Go cannot do anything beyond pattern matching and could not do either of these tasks that you or I could with not too much effort. Think about what it would take for it to do such a (relatively simple) task, add another, and another, and another everyday tasks we do all the time, and you will begin (I imagine) to appreciate just what ‘intelligence’ is and how amazing the human brain and mind is! Just putting it out there. Enjoyed this though. D

  • Lee Sedol playing that ‘God’s move’ which was believed 1 in 10 000 humans would play guess that move shows how humans are still different from machines. & Well done AlphaGo team! One of the best documentaries I’ve watched.

  • You could also bind the F1, F2, F3, F4 keys to ALT+Q, ALT+W, ALT+E, ALT+R. The “attack” move to SHIFT, and the self-cast to SHIFT+Q and so on. Those are my settings, sorry for my bad English, have a good day.

  • Thank you very much. I can see the changes from the first match i played after i saw tha guide. I t hekoed me a lot. Like i was noob with akali and now i am just getting better. To news to this guide when you you have a match against or with akali go and check that guide out and more the match-ups. And if you want to check only the champion you are at the lane chech the desrciption. IT has the Time he starts talking for that match-up..

  • For these humans to feel proud to defeat a fellow human with their own creation is something I can’t understand. I think i’m too ancient for this A1 thing.

  • There are so many people misunderstanding why Lee Sedol retired(maybe due to lack of translation of his interviews?)

    Lee Sedol did not retire because he felt he couldn’t defeat AI. To him, the introduction of AI destroyed the meaning of playing Go as art. Lee Sedol mentioned, in numerous interviews, that he learned and grew up playing Go as an art piece that two players create together. He said the art of Go cannot be determined by a win or loss. You may win or lose but you still create an art piece with your opponent. It’s almost like a conversation you have with your opponent.
    AI destroyed the art of Go, thus its culture as well. AlphaGo was not a player whom Lee Sedol created an art piece with. He also said that when professional players play against AI programmes, they tend to ‘follow’ the AI’s moves, rather than ‘building’ the game together players are no longer artists. So as an artist, Lee Sedol just couldn’t continue playing Go, that was not art anymore.

    It can be difficult to undestand Lee Sedol’s retirement if you don’t understand Go as art. Go was art, war, wisdom, conversation, and so many more things and the AI turned it into a game.

    Source: (use Google translate if you’re interested)

  • Imagine if we applied the same concentration and depth of thought to life as we do a simple game. It’s translatable in a sense but not realistically progressive. But then you have to ask yourself what progression for us is

  • Someday a Computer will be built! It will be asked is there a God! It will respond ” THERE IS NOW “

  • This gives me mixed feelings about this technology. As a person in the tech field, I was fascinated by this idea making AlphaGo. Now I am not sure this is what I really want to see in the future. Especially at the time, Lee Sedol keeps looking at the opponent even he is not the one he is fighting against. He did that cuz he has been doing that and communicating with opponent is a part of the game.

  • How to break your Minecraft world.
    Allow cheats, load the world and type in the chat, tp @s or tp-your Minecraft name and once you do, type in tp @s 30000000 1000 1000.
    Three then seven zeros and one thousand twice:D

  • Hii Kevin I’m a desperate player trying to play LoL correctly and I wanted to drop the game since everyone is so good at it and you gave me motivation to continue learning and playing well. I’ma watch your videos to learn more and thanks for being awesome! Stay who you are and you are doing an amazing job:))

  • he didn’t go to think for 30 minutes he was consulting with the Chinese communist party about this new AI… I am kidding i probably watch too much spy movies xD

  • I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. I bet them a $1,000,000, which is about the amount I have in lithium and rare earth shares, plus some bitcoins I earned from a meth lab I set up. A cool mill. Easy money? You know no-one would dare, they know it is bullshit.

  • Thanks to this Guide. My first time playing the new Akali on Normal Blind Pick gave me an instant Quadrakill and a 18/6/8 KDA. Best Akali guide so far:)

    (I was faced against a lvl 6 Akali in mid but was able to actually outplay the enemy XD)

  • Whoops! Uploaded two versions of the same video. For those who didn’t see it, you didn’t miss much! Just 10 minutes of black screen!

  • I agree it could learn on its own, but mind of a lot of brilliant people was involved in the development of alphaGo. Machine Learning and AI is nothing without the witty input from human beings!

  • If I pitted a human weightlifter against a bobcat (one of those little dirt movers), everyone would say ‘hey thats not fair, of course a machine can lift a greater weight’. Thats how ridiculous this match is. Oh BTW did you know how much LeeSidol earned for three days work? almost 200,000 USD! Where did all that money come from? FROM YOU LOT YOU GULLIBLE FUCKING SUCKERS. It is not real science at all, but merely entertainment, just like world championship wrestling is not real wrestling, just wrestlemania theater. Imagine if you were sitting down with someone who REALLY thought HULK HOGAN was winning wrestling matches. You would (correctly) think them a FUCKING IMBECILE!

  • Hi i have a problem or smth. When im b-ing and i press with mouse down to bar with gold my champ stop b-ing and move what i can do to disable this?

  • During laning phase against a ranged mage, assuming the jungler is occupied and not ganking, do you want to play aggressively and lead with your E?

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  • This is not real AI, this is as far from real AI as it is possible to be. I thought we moved beyond mere chess playing programs in the late 1950’s. I’m so fucking angry. These cunts are swindling scheisters, con-artists, dirt-bags who are exploiting the vacuum in real AI talent. If you are watching this and feeling impressed, YOU HAVE BEEN HAD!

  • One day AI will be paired with a protein assembling machine. It will create viruses that change the course of human history. Thousands of years from now a new species will wonder who or what created them and who created the advanced machinery in the past.

  • Tip for people that do boats to move villagers:get 2 boats and put the villager in one boat and then if u want to go up a block just move the boat with the villager in the corner and put the boat up the block as close as you can next to the boat where the villager is and then break the boat the has the villager and it will instantly go up the other boat

  • How can I download the texture pack? I tried with the link in the description but it said that the page was forbidden. Is there a new way to download it?

  • One army of people to win against one brain.
    I admire the achievement and the hole respect for the alpha go team but the body language movement after losing tell’s almost everything about our future as human race. At the beginning technology it will be blessing after technology will cross that border the human race will start to wakes but it will be to late for saving us? Only time will tell and also human behavior what future it will be for human race against technology (A.I.).
    Very good documentary.

  • pro tip for people who are new! put on a full set of diamond armor as well as you need to be holding a diamond hoe and then go hug a creeper. the creeper won’t blow up or kill you since you’re wearing diamond so it thinks its harmless.

  • At the time that he played alphago, Lee Sedol was top 5 in the world. he had just played for a world championship and several domestic championships in the last year.
    But the reason they selected Lee for this match, is move 78 of game 4.
    Most other go players do not play that style of game. A game that can gamble on a very complicated fight requiring tremendous creativity to see a way through.
    At that point only Sedol or Ke Jie, could have defeated that program.

  • That was actually said in the video but I’ll repeat it this was joked out. NUMBER 1 TIP FOR CLIMBING:

    1) Press Enter to open chat
    2) type /mute all
    3) Press enter to mute all your teammates
    4) Win the game

    In fact I bet if Riot did experiment with removing chat and gathering data about toxicity levels it would show that it became much lower. While in the past chat was really needed since voice communication was not introduced in games at all now it’s completely redundant and only leads to people arguing there and loosing games due to spoiled mood. If I really want to communicate I’ll add a friend and communicate verbally.

  • I don’t know how good it is or not, but if they have 2 or more mages i like getting SV.. i find it good not only for the MR and HP but also for the extra sustain passive

  • Oh my God thank you so freaking much, my game was laggy as heck and I didn’t even realize it. I turned up the Gamma and turned down the brightness and now it looks amazing, along with all the other changes everything is so much more easier, your channel freaking saved me. Thank you.

  • “After a couple of hours of hardwork, I have managed to get tons of recourses” *notices his pickaxe durability hasn’t gone down by 1 bit.*

  • when you are at the pinnacle among your peers, it is very difficult to improve further. It is only after meeting a much stronger player and in the midst of defeat that one can find new perspective and insights to finally move forward and improve. I can see human emotion is very much part of a human player, that can either be debilitating or energising.

  • How doyou do the e q instant passive. Were u able to do it because you e’d yourself into q maximum range? or is it a bug where you q at any distance and you still get passive proc. Did they patch it or am i not doing it right. Edit: I was able to pull it off but not consistently I think you have to q the same time e pushes u to q’s max range then at this point u have the passive before the e is done? Is it possible to do the instant passive proc when you are closer to the enemy in q range already?


    කෙසේ වෙතත්ඊට වඩා අඩු වහාම අදාළනමුත් වඩාත් සහජයෙන්ම කනස්සල්ලට පත්වනඑය සොයාගෙන ඇති ගැටලුවක් ඇති අතරඑය ප්‍රශ්නයේ ඇඟවුනේ ඒ කවුද

  • Mumbo: starts a new world and doesn’t die once and finds a bunch of iron and diamonds
    Me: starts a new world and dies three times and loses all items and doesn’t even find coal

  • I think game 4 was a merciful lose and game 5 was designed to just win slightly, since after 3 games, things were clear already, after all, it doesn’t need to kill someone’s pride or even a nation’s pride. Truly amazing.

  • just out of curiosity, is it better to have the camera locked into your champion? i literally downloaded the game yesterday and i played a co-op game and was confused as to why the screen didn’t scroll with my character and it really threw me off

  • They can program an AI that can beat the best Go player in the World but they cant stop subtitles going top centered, top left, bottom left, bottom centered all the time.

  • Makes sense he lost game 5 simply on the basis that he felt too much relief after winning game 4, thus had an mental letdown: valleys always follow on from high peaks.

  • You Inspired me to be akali main. Watching you use akali make me want to use akali because youre so good. Youre so skillful and That makes me want to be akali main

  • AI, just like fiat will be parasitic to the general population and only benefit those in power. Thankful my time here is almost over. I enjoyed being human..and will as long as it lasts. Sad state of affairs.

  • My knowledge of Go is very limited. I know how to play, but I’m not very good. But having played other competitive thinking games at high levels like this, I completely understand the significance of making “God moves” like move 37 and move 78. Its hard to really grasp the thought process of the two players when you are just spectating, but they have a very deep insight on what is happening on the board. So to everyone outside, they might look at those moves and think they seem strange, but for the players, they know exactly what they are doing.

    The best moves come from unconventional methods that wouldn’t “normally” pan out well, but in the current situation they end up becoming optimal. AlphaGo’s loss in Game 4 was exactly what might happen to a human player under these circumstances. Lee made a play that disrupted it’s flow of the game, completely changing its thought process. Its very hard to recover from something like that, and so AlphaGo cracked under pressure just like a real person would. If anything, this documentary shows just how important innovation and outside-the-box thinking actually is. And to think that A.I. can also do this, like it did with move 37, is pretty scary.

  • AlphaGo showed, in my perspective, what I’m learning with computer viruses/infosec: everything is about humans in the first place. Awesome doc!!! Almost cried when Lee won the game… I love AI but I know I’m still human when I ‘deep inside’ was cheering for Lee!

  • Lol I just died in my survival world all my 46 diamonds burned in lava I’m to mad to go back so i’m starting a new world f in the chat

  • I think alphago or the team gave him one game, because it gives humans hope. as opposed to 5 straight blow out. even though we all know deep inside AI will eat our lunch soon.?

  • Great advice! The only thing I would change is that instead of suggesting to beginners to write down 3 goals… recommend writing down all your goals for each priority (a brain dump) and then picking the top 3. ��������

  • 42:20 after Lee Sedol’s first match loss, there’s a 15 min commentary by the announcers that goes over the moves and some of the things Lee Sedol had said during the game:
    Match 1 15 min Summary Google DeepMind Challenge Match (commentaries on the other games in the match are also available)

  • Tbh as a Qiyana main, I LOVE playing against Akali. Its so hyped up! Like I dash at her while she is dashing at me, then we both shroud at the same time….AH, what fun. Idk about high elo, but all the way down here, Akali gets most of her kills out of lane against Qiyana, I feel she outbursts Akali

  • 11:40
    Mumbo: And oh if you want to go up a block you’re gonna have to place a piston underneath cuz there is really no way we can go up
    Water Bucket: Am I a joke to you?!

  • did i forget to mention $170,000 lee sidol earned. Alphago put their share into charity. lee sidol? He bought a mclaren P1, A yacht and some teenage hookers. WHY? because he’s not stupid like you all.

  • This is a terrific, meaty video! Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed, practical process including the fact that priorities can change, and how to handle that. When it comes to systems why have them, how to set up and maintain them, what roadblocks can develop you are excellent. Also, I was totally charmed by your tone of voice when you said, regarding subscribing: “What are you waiting for?”. It was the perfect blend of encouragement, invitation, and confidence in the value of your offering. Happy New Year! You are such a worthy ally

  • Whenever you get all mooshy about “another success for science” stop for a minute and think about who is going to benefit from that “success”.

  • Thanks so much for this video. Breaking down goals to get them really well-planned is really hard to do sometimes.

    I can’t seem to find the workbook. There’s nowhere to put the email in the page I pulled up. ❤️

    I appreciate the really clear breakdown. Thank you!

  • The Ultimate Akali Guide is FINALLY HERE! This is the POWER of becoming a great Akali!:

  • I’m struggling with what an establishment or institution is. Maybe I’m hyperfocused on goals? Mine would be me, my family, learning music, learning French, and saving the environment, does that sound wrong? I’m not sure I’m understanding. ��

  • Nice Professor Akali thank you Man you Rely do all this to be good play with Akali am Rely Happy before i Watch sameone like you Man Thank you For all 2:23:51 and you tell how too play with akali and how we beee Good with Akali am Rely Thank you ^^ GG Brother <3

  • i would like the video even if it only was the parts about matchups, i remember missing this type of information a lot back when i started playing

  • Consciousness gives you imagination which gives you move no. 78 Humans are one step ahead always because as Lee said One time is enough to beat AI. And destroy their core.��

  • I am having alot of trouble against lissandra as every time i go in she w me, e away or uses her r to dodge my r… then i get ganked a lot bc of her good gank setups

  • Computer has no ego. All it cares is that it wins but not by how much. As long as it wins. wasn’t scared of losing points to gain the win.

  • I’m a d1 kat one trick and decided to start grinding akali. So far demoted to d3 but am back in promos to d2 after about 15 games w her

  • Wow this is the most detailed guide you will ever find on YT!
    The amount of time and knowledge spent on this is ultra massive.
    Thank you Professor Akali for this guide! <3

  • Bro, this is such an under appreciated guide. Can tell you put a lot into it. I heard you mention the guide on your iron-challenger-coaching prank, and thought I’d check it out. Much love, homie. Thanks for all the content you put out! Love watching your vids.

  • And i always wonder why people have zero map awareness…. I just forgot i turned my map to maximum long ago and it’s actually small as the inventory…. well…. get rekt myself

  • Tip: U probably will need 10 iron instead of 9 to make a shield,a shield is very helpful and will protect u alot especially when u dont have armor

  • i had 500k+ mastery and they brought this akali and the new runes made her trash and ive stoped playing her but this guide might helped one day to get back at her and start playing her again

  • But… if everyone turns off emotes to remove distraction, then there won’t be any point in using them anymore, which means there won’t be any point in buying them…

  • Professor Akali: She is the most rewarding champion in the game to pick up and master as a main.

    Riot Balancing Team: Am I a joke to you?

  • I love the fact, that DeepMind wrote the algorithm thanks to which AlphaGo learn itself on they own mistakes. To me it sounds like win by Lee Sedol was the last win which human being can achieve in GO.

  • 1:15:16 a thought-provoking statement was made “If AlphaGo thought it was winning and it couldn’t convert that win, that means it wasn’t actually winning.”
    I don’t think that’s true, but tricky to say why. When an opponent has the lead, we tend to say that they’re winning at that point in time. If each time a player got ahead that it instantly meant they would win the entire game, then it would not be a fun or skillful game. So, no, failing to convert a lead into a win doesn’t mean ‘they weren’t actually winning’, because a game of skill involves being able to overcome an opponent’s lead along the way. Especially in a game like Go, where there are way too many possible moves to calculate the rest of the game, it would be impossible to determine ‘actually winning’… i.e. other than in hindsight, if a player won a game then you could say they were ‘actually winning’ all along, even at times when behind in points during the game.

    some other thoughts:
    I think we’d like to assume that a game of skill isn’t determined right after the opening or first few moves, if the result were inevitable, there would be little need to play the whole game through.
    I was doing a thought experiment: imagine a fictional game (other than Go) being played for hours where, on the 2nd to last move, Player 1 has a 99% chance of winning, but during the next turn, Player 2 puts down one piece and wins the game… would that be considered skillful? I suppose it would depend if it was an extremely difficult move to think of making, that only like 1 in 10,000 players would make.
    Conversely, going back to the earlier statement, what if at the beginning of a game, Player 1 puts down their opening move, then Player 2 takes an hour concentrating on their turn and finally places their piece… what if like in the previous example, it took tremendous skill to foresee all the moves that would take place, yet their choice of position ensured that they would win in the end… I think that would be skillful.

  • I’ve not played since 2013/14 and as a returning playing i find it hard to track everything going off and identify which champions I’m actually playing with and against…

    What’s the best graphic settings to reduce fluff and particle effects? Also can you disable skins? So I can identify champions easier?

  • Everytime someoen says “X is fed off of my team” I immedietly get turned off from a video, Where were you when they got fed off of you team? IT’S TEAM, not you and them.

  • what i like to do i go speedrunner style wander off your base and use flint and steel to burn animals in your path prob the easiest way to get food because its already gonna be cooked

  • Before: Curse them I got demoted because of my dumb team.

    Now: Fck it I lose because a random poro appears in top of the head of my enemy that makes me lose every trade. XD

  • I listened to this while playing internet Bridge…. and as I saw little or none of the human behaviour and interaction, which from the comments below, seems to have been inspirational, or was, at least, portrayed as such by the documentary makers for obvious reasons, I can tell you: Be scared. Be very scared. These people understand little or nothing of the can of worms they are opening and even if they did, they couldn’t stop themselves.

  • ACTUALLY because lol is so toxic there is never anything useful in the chat only noob this noob that l2p uninstall ur bad useless bla bla bla adc feed its support fault and so on i play like /mute all and then unmute the pings I got chat restricted once because of trolls.. They got no punishment for trolling feeding so on but i got chat restricted because i talked too much on the chat basically u can’t get banned in league of legends unless u write in chat ”kys” or being toxic i can ensure u that afkers get no bans troller nope nothing only if ur toxic on chat and btw many people doesnt know that u cant ask other people to report only 1 report is enough:D

  • Scary thing about this all is that there is a large group of humans happy and excited that the machine/AI they created beat another human, who was top if the game. If that isn’t a scary allegory for the times to come, then i don’t know what is.

  • 1900: chopping trees with you fists? Ha, like that would ever happen!

    0:41 I can’t chop this tree with my fist… huh, that’s weird

  • So when I A click rather then just clicking A on a target and letting go i have to click A and Left Click with my mouse. Does anybody know how to make it so that I just have to click A on a target and then release rather than clicking A on a target, Left Clicking, and then releasing? if there is a way to turn this off. (Like Quick Casting with abilities and items)

  • instead of killing mobs for raw food, get flint and a piece of iron and make a flint and steel and burn the mobs for already cooked food (speed runner tip)

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  • Sylas Scriptures Ult Steal Outplay out now!!!! Come Learn Sylas the easy to understand way and follow Sylas’s Scriptures.

  • ive tryed to make an iron farm… its so HARD i hate it so much i would rather go mining!
    i dont have that kind of detacation yet i really hate watching tutorails it just so ANNOYING when i do itt wrong

  • Good video! Glad to tell you my why. I want to be strong for the rest of my life for myself and I need to be strong for my husband who is unable to do some things.

  • Hey, I am 36 years old and last year I had a child so my stomach is big and I am breastfeeding is well, can you please give me information about what to do to just get rid of the fat in my stomach but I don’t want to lose another fat of my body

  • Had to rewatch second half with captions put them on at the start. Very interesting, love the way the machine has taught the players to think differently.

  • i have the weirdest key bindings you will ever see. Q E R for abilities, F for Ultimate abilitg, ( W for nothing ) I have big hands I cant put all my fingers in a row on QWER, flash on V, the second spell on T, Space bar for item active, Y for camera lock unlock. Don’t ask why, that’s the most comfortable settings for me. xD lol. ward on 4 key, other items active on 2, 3, 5… and i turn off Quick cast for any ability that would need holding the key, like Sion Q, so I actually have to press twice.

  • My “why” I am currently in a hole, I can’t motivate due to depression and lack of ability. I have been unable to exercise for 2 years because of injury. Due to my injury I have been prescribed steroids. I’m sure you are familiar with the side effects of steroids. The weight gained has increased my depression and I feel like I can never get my life back.

  • for the f keys LS showed that you can either use a elevated position and not let your wrist touch the desk or if you have big enough hands you can just press them

  • I would like to loose 25 lbs. I’m already walking 3 times a week for 1 hour. Stopped all sugar and reduced carbs but have knee issue ascwell. I need an exercise routine that i can do indoors that can help achieve my goal. I want to be fit overall.