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Sleep Expert Dr. G Explains the Sleep-Sickness Connection. If you’re feeling run down, a lack of sleep might be to blame. Your immune system depends on the right quantity of high-quality sleep to function properly. Spend too little time between the covers and you run the risk of throwing off your immune system.

Sleeping sickness, also called African trypanosomiasis, disease caused by infection with the flagellate protozoan Trypanosoma brucei gambiense or the closely related subspecies T. brucei rhodesiense, transmitted by the tsetse fly (genus Glossina). Sleeping sickness. Without adequate sleep, those “warriors” either work too hard or not hard enough. If they aren’t properly working, there is a greater chance of sickness. In fact, a 2017 study, published in the journal Behavioral Sleep Medicine, found healthy college students suffering from insomnia had a poorer response to the influenza vaccine than their peers without sleep issues, increasing their risk of getting the flu.

“Sleep deprivation is a stressed state,” Gamaldo explains. “Your body feels like it needs to hold on to more calories to survive.” While one or two sleepless nights won’t throw your hormones out of whack, Gamaldo notes that regularly spending fewer than six hours per night in dreamland triggers hormonal changes that lead to weight gain. Dr Giresh Kanji’s new book outlines the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and the long terms risks from poor sleep such as dementia, heart disease and early death. Dr Giresh Kanji then outlines the habits that will improve sleep. This is an easy-to-read book for laypeople on sleeping well.

Sleep Expert Dr. G on Athletic Performance and Sleep. Despite a negative connection between sleep deprivation and performance, research showed that two nights of fragmented sleep did not affect heart rate, oxygen consumption or core body temperature during high-intensity treadmill sessions. In other words, a perception of fatigue tanks.

Sleep Expert Dr. G Explains the Sleep-Sickness Connection | Wellness | MyFitnessPal. Wellness Wednesday! Read about the importance of getting 7 9 hours of sleep daily. Not getting enough sleep could be throwing your immune system out of whack.

If you’re feeling run down, a lack of sleep might be to blame. Burbank: (818) 238-9865 | Glendora: (626) 852-1865. 2701 W Alameda Ave. #606, Burbank CA 91505.

175 N. Pennsylvania Ave. #4, Glendora CA 91741. “Many of the key components of the immune system have sleep-regulatory processes,” Gamaldo explains. “In other words, for the immune system to do what it needs to do, you need sleep.” The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get 7–9 hours of sleep per night. There are more benefits to getting enough sleep outside of feeling. Sleep apnea and snoring are often caused by excess weight, so losing weight could help you sleep better. 07/05/2018 Dr.

G’s successful program consists of.

List of related literature:

Sleeping sickness is associated with altered sleep architecture.

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Sleep dysfuction in patients with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: prevalence and response to GERD therapy, a pilot study.

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He also noted return of normal sleep–wake cycles with successful treatment of the disease.

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Her symptoms are those of sleep apnoea — collapse of the airway in sleep — but this has already been ruled out by a sleep study performed in the referring centre, and repeated by my colleague.

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new study by Maiken Nedergaard provides what sleep researcher Charles Czeisler calls the “first direct experimental evidence at the molecular level” for what could be sleep’s basic purpose: It clears the brain of toxic metabolic byproducts.

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This finding implies that CCK syndrome B receptors and sleep.9 that CCK induce acts behaviors on the periphery including the CCK satiety A and Recent research revealed a strong correlation between chronic NREM sleep and decreased insulin sensitivity.

“Palliative Medicine E-Book” by T. Declan Walsh, Augusto T. Caraceni, Robin Fainsinger, Kathleen M. Foley, Paul Glare, Cynthia Goh, Mari Lloyd-Williams, Juan Nunez Olarte, Lukas Radbruch
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This theory helps explain the widespread nature of the patients’ symptoms and its association with sleep disturbances.

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If the person has a sleeping partner, it is often the partner who reports the nighttime symptoms.

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Changes in brain morphology in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea.

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  • The internet has ruined so much for us
    Now ppl can’t even pay attention and be interested in another person’s talking
    Without 20 somethings that got raised by fandom culture trying to make it about s h i p p i n g uwu

  • Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, shall I name more diseases that can’t be attributed to the gut? These are neurological disorders. Getting old is a disease!!!! Is your diet going to stop you from getting old? Looks like it hasn’t helped this quack.

  • Charlatan! Just a few red flags: 1) Not healthy himself 2) Wants to sell you products 3) Claims to have THE solution 4) Doesn’t know his biology aka is talking out of his ass.

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  • He totally left out the part of the immune system that contributes to delayed hypersensitivities the adaptive immune system H4 pathway, and T cell immune response. Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome is one manifestation. 20% of the world’s population is allergic to nickel, yet none of the health gurus out there ever address the presence of nickel (an element found in the earths core) in our food nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains. What is the point of targeting lectins as the culprit, when nickel is just as bad especially for the 20% of us who are already sensitized to it? Cobalt is another example. I can get better with a low lectin diet, to a point many high nickel foods are also high in lectins. But a lot of low lectin foods are also high in nickel, and my gut issues and inflammatory illnesses did not fully resolve without addressing dietary nckel. In fact, once I did the low nickel diet, I introduced some high lectin, low nickel foods, and in fact, I tolerate those foods just fine. Nobody every talks about this very serious problem. Lots of science out there from Denmark and Italy. SNAS is even covered in the EU REACH initiative, but here in North America we follow some sort of blind track set in front of use by “gurus” who profess to understand the immune system and the gut, yet they only ever present one part of the equation.

  • Dr. Gundry is a wealth of information. However, his recommending shell fish is a big mistake because shell fish are part of the filtration system of the water. That is why biologists examine the toxin levels in shell fish to determine the toxin levels in the water.

    If you want good clean wholesome foods, stay away from scavenger meats that clean the waist matter of this earth.

    Also, in a new video of Dr. Gundry he is telling people to stay away from all meats. He actually states that meat is the first food to get out of your refrigerator.

    Maybe this interview should be updated to avoid conflicting information.

  • This is BS. There are causes for everything, and they are different for different health problems. Theories mean very little. It is the results that count.

  • Is it possible that GH levels are partly correlated w/ positive outcomes observed in children and young adults?

    Would there be potential for GH therapy in treating adults?

    Has GH therapy been used before in similar application and if so what were the results / where can we potentially find more info?

  • The egg yolks is ok, I agree….I use 3 yolks to 1 white. And grass fed/ grass finished beef, �� love fish, and green veggies, olives and berries, plus some nuts and seeds, also love avocados. Trying to eliminate Dairy (Arthritis) and grains/gluten (issues with them as well), fasting some (2 meals a day) red Palm oil! I’ve heard of that! �� I’m definitely a “Sugar addict and Carb addict and junk food junkie, probably sliding into Insulin Resistance) use Olive oil and coconut oil and red lettuce, yes! All good stuff! ����

  • I’m not saying the research is wrong but then why are the millennials (who sleep 3-4 hours or even less) not getting infected as much as the elderly

  • Idk what you guys are talking about, this 70 year old man looks great for his age. I really appreciate all of the info provided in this video and glad to have found someone to aspire to look like when I am 70.

  • This man is a businessman than a healthy life style man..old man didn’t make enough money all his life? he is enjoyin the money and the big lifestyle of the rich..look at his belly!
    He doesn’t look so good being on his recommended diet..he is over weight! look at the size of his gut…and his neck….he needs to lose at least 30 pounds.! stop eating olive oil! two spoons of olive oil has over 240 Calories!Fuck!

  • THanks again and I do hope the Chinese Authorities find those lawbreaking vendors of the illegal wildlife animal sales and put them in life prison for Manslaughter OR give them the death penalty for causing this manslaughter and HUGE EXPENSE and ECONOMICAL LOSS TO MANY!!!!!

  • Great video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered Millawdon Impulsive Wish Trick (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great exclusive product for getting rid of insomnia minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate after many years got great success with it.

  • Sugar and sugar products are the killer. People in the west are too stupid to eat correctly. That’s why all fat people are stupid.

  • So we can’t eat fruit? To live till 120? All life with sacrifices? Not eat than those 10 or 12 things? Making cocktails with olive oil and Chocolate? I rather prefer to live for 85 and have a good life, eating everything. Dr. Gaundry better you research in order to eliminate all lectintes from the food. Give me a break!

  • Education system: If you manage time enough, you can get the healthy 7-8 hours of sleep.
    Education system: So here’s 6* hours’ worth of homework (*6 hours if you completely understand what you were taught), it shouldn’t be hard.
    Students stare back in 10-hour school-day, some in house chores, some in long travel hours. Meals and showers and exercise also need to be done…
    Education system: it’s the procrastination and laziness!

  • Everything sounds right…..Except that we (the Human Race and the Earth) haven’t been here Billions of years. [If you believe the Bible that is, and I do, we’ve been here for about 6000 (plus maybe 20 or so) years.] Just my beliefs….Science isn’t always correct. The LORD is always correct. (Again….that’s my beliefs.)

  • I’ve been behind on my sleep that I sometimes get weird thoughts something is wrong with me and I Google and these scientists doctors scare me more, so I just pray and discipline myself to stay home and get some good old fashion sleep and it works. OTC sleep aids every now and then and catching up on sleep leave phone alone.

  • ❤����Thank You for providing this video and so much critical information! You are wonderful to care about saving lives..and you are definitely saving lives for all of us who will follow your advice about getting proper sleep. You are a Hero!❤����

  • Sir, I am satisfied with your process of suggestions. It is very much importan.i have one request you how to prevent snoring disorder.please, comment on this.thank you sir ��

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  • It’s not ‘just sleep’ Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables provide nutrients—like beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E—that can boost immune function. Because many vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based foods are also rich in antioxidants, they help reduce oxidative stress.

    Beta-Carotene: Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce inflammation and boost immune function by increasing disease-fighting cells in the body. Excellent sources include sweet potatoes, carrots, and green leafy vegetables.

    Vitamins C and E: Vitamins C and E are antioxidants that help to destroy free radicals and support the body’s natural immune response. Sources of vitamin C include red peppers, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, mangoes, lemons, and other fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E sources include nuts, seeds, spinach, and broccoli.

    Vitamin D: Research shows vitamin D supplementation may reduce the risk for viral infections, including respiratory tract infections, by reducing production of proinflammatory compounds in the body. Increased vitamin D in the blood has been linked to prevention of other chronic diseases including tuberculosis, hepatitis, and cardiovascular disease. Food sources of vitamin D include fortified cereals and plant-based milks and supplements.7

    Zinc: Zinc is a mineral that can help boost white blood cells, which defend against invaders. Sources include nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, beans, and lentils.

  • Yes, I believe this doctor and his mission, but, his product is too expensive. I’ll just cut out most sugar and exercise more and eat better instead.

  • I’ve been through the education system a few times (and there were some sleepless nights, no doubt), but the worst is being in the military. They literally coach you on how to survive on 5 hours or less of sleep, which is just NOT effective!

    They loaded me up on Ambien, after I had a breakdown because I couldn’t sleep (which worked miraculously) but, now that I’m out, I can’t get a prescription because it’s “addictive, and you won’t be able to sleep without it…”

    Okay, MF’s.. that makes sense.. put me on medicine that helps me sleep because I just CAN’T fall asleep (while I’m enlisted) then tell me you can’t put me on Ambien because it causes addiction and I won’t be able to fall asleep without it, after I get out..
    I wasn’t able to sleep BEFORE they put me on it! This drives me NUTS! ��

  • Lectin: any of a group of hemagglutinating proteins, found primarily in plant seeds, which bind specifically to the branching sugar molecules of glycoproteins and glycolipids on the surface of cells. Certain lectins selectively cause agglutination of erythrocytes of certain blood groups and of malignant cells but not their normal counterparts; others stimulate the proliferation of lymphocytes.

    Not 100% BS but >95% BS.

  • Every human being, become your own doctor! The more we listen to those of certain
    knowledge, the more we understand the spectra of experiences and diversities of others.
    The more we should thirst for our own medical knowledge and understanding. Complex
    is the word of the day.

  • Dr. Gundry said that mouth wash causes ones blood pleasure to increase. I take BP meds and

    I have my own blood pressure monitor. It did not cause a increase or spike in BP.

  • I used to fall asleep right away then sleep hard and staring a few years ago I still fall asleep easy but I wake up then go back to sleep all night long

  • If he performed 10,000 surgeries during his practice.. which means he has to do it every single day excluding weekend for 38 years straight. Does it make sense to anyone? If he graduated from med schl in 1977, you don’t just become a heart surgeon. He also quit Loma Linda quite awhile ago. Which means he didn’t work 38 years straight. Kind over exaggerated here.

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  • I’m skeptical that you can reduce all diseases to one cause. I eat a fair amount of lectinsa tomato/day most of my life, peppers, chicken and some meat and I have never had a health issue. I’m also skeptical of him personally. I recall that he said that he used to eat a pound of M&Ms at one time and was, what, 80 pounds overweight? More than 80? I find it hard to accept dietary advice from such an individual.
    Nothing new about lectins. I can recall Dr. Mercola talking about them 10 years or more ago and other doctors that he used to interview.

  • “sleeping helps you to fight this off”
    Me who gets between 2-4 hours of sleep a night and has done for the past 15 years = Chuckles I’m in Danger!

  • A lot of what Steven Gundry says is very good in regards to what he has learnt in his years as a doctor in every area of his expertise, but it is a pity he evolved from apes. I am very happy to be a child of God

  • At this point i’m still very shocked with the negative result i got after suffering from hepatitis for so long. Thanks once again Dr.ademiso on youtube for your medication

  • You are your own doctor ONLY if you listen to your stomach and pay attention to what it tells you, rest is BS even when it comes out of our fked up health system, or greedy doctors. Don’t forget, in our capitalist system of government everything turns around money not human life.

  • But in 2020 Dr.Gundry is fat again…
    doubble chin…much bigger then in 2017.he is promoting Raw Meat ❓��
    Dr.Neal Barnard,Dr.Michael Gregor/Dr.Mec Dougall are still lean and Healthy..

  • I always fought with one of my roommates in college. I could only sleep if it was cold, and she would in the middle of the night ALWAYS bump up the heat while I was asleep. Everytime without fail I would wake up in a ball of sweat from a nightmare, I told her it was seriously effecting me…….now I know science tells me its right that the heat was causing my nightmares but she would just do it anyways. I resorted to putting tap over the thermostat.

  • Thank you so much!! I have been a mess since I’m asthmatic and finding your video has brought me to a better understanding of how this viruses works.�� But I will say my asthma still worries me. Thank you so much for your time in putting these videos together!

  • I have been using sleep product from naturekindness .com for over a month now. I feel so much better now because of relaxed and good sleep. Definitely try it!

  • I sleep 9hrs a day. Ppl around me tell me all the time how am I wasting time. But I really feel well rested only after 9hr sleep so I ignore them. After 30years it turns out my inner feelings were right. Who would guess that…:)
    I would also like to point out that I do not know what was the last time I really felt sick…

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  • For all the fools who fall for it and buy this crap like I did, be sure to comment on here and tell everyone what HORSESHIT BULLSHIT his supplements are!!!!

    Corporate America’s Finest Skill is the ability speak Bullshit & Lies in a timely convincing manner and if they can’t dazzle you with brilliance they’ll baffle you with bullshit!!!

  • Please help me. I am just curious. I went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 3am. I just suddenly noticed that it was already 3am but I was still not satisfied. I mean I didn’t know if I really sleep or just a fake sleep. Please answer me. Did I sleep?

  • I eat last meal at 6-7pm and then eat breakfast in the morning in the same time(12 hours interval all the time), but I when I ate too much wild fishes, I had mercury poisoning and many people do, but they never checked it. Hg high in blood destroy the guts and and you can harmed many organs like kidney from mercury in your systems. Real organic foods are not easy to found and very expensive and those are only for Dr. Gundry, Bill Gates and Donald Trump(but he eat junks)

  • Even if i sleep at some point during the night I’m still exhausted during the day and need to take a nap or two if I’m not working. When I work I just push through but I just want to sleep all the time! It’s inconvenient.

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  • Yor a neurologist for how long?, I’m sleepwalking for more then 30 years… and non of that or other stuff works… so yeah i can tell you not even today neurology is at it’s level!!! Keep on trying!

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  • Almost everyone has gut issues it seems. And most eat poorly. You youngsters criticizing his double chins, get back to me in 40 years. You may have an enlightened perspective. Always move forward.

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  • all things in moderation… your body’s reaction to meals/foods….loose weight!…cut out simple carbs and sugars…or cut down….as long as your A1C is in a good range….try to eat natural foods… much as possible….olive oil is getting rave reviews form many doctors……Eat a variety of foods that don’t spike blood sugar…..that’s the middle road for most of us…..the nutrition debates never end….

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  • Is there any new published reports on clinical trials proving or disproving efficacy of Ivermectin in treating Covid19 infected patients?

  • I am always tired during the day I have been tested for narcolepsy and I am diagnosed with delayed phase sleep disorder I an currently on circadian and Ritalin la 10mg and about 5-8 hours of sleep

  • I think Dr Gundry is the only guest on the show who has been invited twice.
    He’s good, but a bit too restrictive with the diet.
    On the other hand, Mark Hyman allows you to eat much more, but still healthy.
    If you have a disease, yes, you should be restrictive.

  • All that science and they didn’t mention how highly effective 5 mg of Seroquel, 7 mg of mirtazipine or 3 mg of doxepin can be. Sometimes a lot less is more. And Trazodone does cause day-after grogginess.

  • I dont understand what these comments are talking about. I have a couple of honors and ap classes and I have never been up past 12 for academic reasons. 8 hours every day. Yall are doing something wrong

  • I have recently been lacking of a great rest since I reached my adult life. This sleeping program has shown me great outcomes even on my first Seven days of usage. I’d never thought I can attain Eight hours of rest once more. This plan is certainly incredible. It tells several factors along with a remedy for diverse instances of sleeping disorders. It has plenty of choices or options for you to select from. I discovered Google and found this guidebook on a website.. It is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • She is too aware of her own body language because if her phsychology knowledge so none if it is natural as she is trying to show the perfect attentiveness when he talks and smiling when she feels its suitable not because it made her smile you see creases in the eyes when you genuinely smile, she is sat facing him tilting her head she is using all the techniques she knows to come across likeable and agreeable, hard not to be like that when you have their knowledge your constantly aware of what your saying through body language, it’s also a curse, sometimes it’s better not knowing someone is pretending to like you some things are better not knowing!

  • The judgmental way he talks about night shifters and “paying a price” is unneeded. Everyone would be dead if he nigh shift nurses refused to work nights. Just saying.

  • wow this guy loves the sound of his voice… at 04:55 he literally interrupted her, they didn’t cut that out of the frame. Why does he have to add to her answer every time?

  • About nightmares I think it’s weird cause I’ve always had nightmares as a child don’t know why and now on quarantine I’ve been having nightmares more often so I have this feeling of danger even before sleeping cause I think I’m not going to sleep really well:/

  • I have been having sleeping problem for almost a year. I can’t have deep sleep, always having pains in my hind head, memory alertness etc. Took a lot of sleeping pills but to no avail.. Someone should help me out pls.

  • I heard the term evolution used a lot. Can someone please prove to me that evolution happened besides that we looked similar to apes. I dont think peoññe realize the lack of evidence of evolution.

  • OK, so Im up at 2.15 watching this and several questions arise.
    1. Whats the significance of 9pm bedtime? Is it the ‘Witching Hour’? as opposed to 11pm? Is it only related to the time u must wake to start the next day? eg, sleeping 8 hours from 9pm-5am vs, say, 1am-9am.
    2. If you go 2 bed late but sleep in late too and still get 7+ hours sleep will that be ok?
    3. If the best immune response is in that first few hours sleep, would waking after, say, 4 hours then going back to sleep for another 4 hours give u an advantage? I mean if u re-set your sleep clock to give a double dose of slow wave sleep, would that mean more healing than if u just slept a solid 8 hours including REM sleep?

  • Interesting on the egg yolk. Dr Sears claimed the contrary. Stating they are one of the worst foods we can eat because of the arachidonic acid content…
    Another food guru/medic of the time..

  • I never hear sleep experts address intermittent awakening…the focus always seems to be on falling asleep, or awakening too early and unable to go back to sleep. But what about waking and falling back to sleep multiple times during the night? So if you get 7-8 hours totally, but the sleep has not been continuous — what health effects might that cause? And how to remedy it?

  • I have questions on how these scientists know these things. Like how do we know that black holes even exist if you can’t see one in space

  • 6:00 idk personally i stayed awake all night then went downstairs at around 9am and i was so tired i tried to stay awake with all my might but nope i just fell asleep and slept throughout the day

  • wow Rebecca is really checking you out. She can’t take her eyes off from you. Nevermind about sleep… Can you teach me your way?

  • I wonder if doctors/ researchers could isolate Coronaspecific Antibodies from people who recovered from the infection to give them as passive immunity?

  • Great video.. I’ve had so many problems with my sleep and my circadian rythem then I tried this course and it’s really been working, If you guys want you can find out more about it here

  • She keeps looking at him probably because it was supposed to be both of them talking and taking turns answering the questions. He kept dominating the discussion and even interrupted her. In short, he talked too much and pretty much made her the pretty voice asking the questions. Definitely, not the expert that she equally is.

  • I wake up every 7 minutes with wooed dreams in between without heavy sedation. Does any one know anything about such awful sleep as this?

  • Autoimmune and dementia are mostly caused by immunizations too. You would never put all the metals and human or monkey cells into a blender and drink it so why would you shoot it into your body?? You could actually get it out of your body faster drinking it. Just saying.

  • I ordered 2 bottle’s of Bio complete 3, For gut health, they took the money..and NEVER sent the product..They claimed they didn’t get the money, But it was taken out of my Bank Account, I am having a hard time getting my money back..Do not order from this company..

  • I loved this video. This really helped me feel like there was something we could “do” to help protect ourselves. But then I saw this article that said that increased markers of innate immunity was led to worse outcomes. Any thoughts?

  • 22:40 “France banned corn for human consumption” another half truth. They banned genetically modified corn or GM corn. This guy has to be more careful with what he says.

  • For the love of god. I wake up 20 times a night. With waking nightmares. It takes me 3 hours Every single night just to fall asleep. The only thing that can put me out is if I drink too much and take Benadryl on top of my anti depressants. every night I get ready for bed and ask myself if I’m ready for the Freakshow. And then I just say fuck it and try to sleep. Every single night I wake up 20-30 times sweating and thinking I’m gonna die.

  • U didn’t mention the rythmic movement disorder.Its similar to the one where the leg moves but instead it’s when you either rock yourself when u sleep or bang you head when you sleep.Ive had this fromwhen I was a toddler.(I’m a head banger). I used to be ashamed of it cause my friends used to make fun of me.Some of them thought I was posesed.But I’m not ashamed of it now although it gives me headaches in the morning…sometimes

  • Thx so much! I appreciate actually understanding how our immunity works while rested or sleep deprived. I knew that getting sufficient rest was important, but not why. As someone who stopped being able to sleep well 1 year ago (3 hrs or less at a time, with multiple times getting up), I stay exhausted all of the time. I have diabetes, so everyone just thinks that that is the cause. I will try to get rid of the daytime light. Maybe it will help.

  • For viewers of this update. Keep in mind that even some horribly fast-growing functions (like n^4, i.e. n-to-the-fourth-power) will look visually like they are leveling off in a logarithm chart, because they don’t keep up with an exponential, such as 2^n. So one needs to be careful when looking at a logarithm chart and seeing that it is concave downward visually, it still may be a function that is growing at a rate we won’t be able to live with. That said, at the time this video was made, the actual functions did look like they might be starting to level off. Of course “might be starting” ain’t saying much.

  • I will say, as someone with ADHD and anxiety, sometimes watching stuff is the only way to shut your thoughts off, so if you feel you have to watch something to sleep, just do it. Whatever gets the job done.

  • I don’t agree with him on the evolution, I do agree on adaptation, there is no concrete evidence on nothing been evolved from one species to another.

  • Yep…peanuts (gave them up) live cashews (but, not eating them) tomatoes and beans and night shade vegetables (not eating them) I’ve listened to his advertisements….alot of interesting things I’ve learned! ����

  • For more than a decade already, sleep problems has been part of my entire life. Immediately after utilizing this sleep for one week, I was able to gain 8 hours of sleep each night. The health of my sleeping habit has urged me to stop using the plan. My sleeping disorder has lastly vanished thanks to this program.. I got this guide on Google.. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • That feel when you can’t sleep longer than 6 hours lol.. been ill recently and it’s the only time I’ve been able to sleep 8+ hrs but when I’m well, I can’t sleep longer than around 6 and I’ve had worse periods of only being able to sleep 3 hours.. I feel bad for those with worse and Insomnia! So not fair to say we can all just get it, I wish I could sleep longer(and that’s with improving sleep hygeine). I’ve had times where I’ve had my 8 hrs sleep and times with poor and I haven’t noticed much correlation between sleep and getting ill EXCEPT that often times the night before I get ill I have poor sleep and typically this happens after a hard training day aswell where my immune system would be suppressed, so I do think sleep is a factor but only one piece of the puzzle! Just to clarify I’m not trying to justify not sleeping much, I do believe we should get as much as we can to normal considered levels.

    The one thing that kept me from not getting ill at all(after a bad bout of getting URTI’s upto 7 times a year) was 6 min cold showers after my work outs 5-6 days a week. It’s hard but I didn’t get ill once for 3 years, then I cut them down.

    Great video anyway, I love the explanation as I hate URTI’s so much everytime I get ill I become an arm chair immunologist lol

  • Yes, sleep, and that’s exactly what medics are not allowed to do, especially on required 24h shift, at least in some countries. And the government is still not doing much about it.

  • Totally important. After all, that’s human’s immune system that should fight against infectious diseases. Good sleep and rest, good nutrition, good exercise the basic ABCs for living healthy. The complicated things here are: how? One of my suggestions would be: deep breathing and meditation

  • Take cimetidine, it is proven to enhance this immunoresponse shown on the video by increasing the availability of disease fighting factors like CD8 and NK cells and increase activity of NK cells as well as the antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity. Cimetidine has been used to successfully restore immune function in patients with malignant disorders. You may get cimetidine over the counter pretty much anywhere. Stocks are low right now so a little patience will be required. Oh me I’m not with the CDC although I use to work in the field of disease animal research. Your welcome. I am not saying this is a cure by any means only that it can boost your immune response.

  • Very nice video^^, can you make a video on what vitamins / nutrient biomolecular pathways that can enhance the immune system. Thank you so much for this. Would you mine me translating this video in our dialect to help educate more people?

  • This combine 16 virus reminds me of Y2K, a lot of hysteria over nothing. I think I’ll sneak out and buy some toilet paper. ������������������

  • There’s something to be said for living in the suburbs (or actually moving to a small town in a rural state, which is what I did) where you may have to commute, but you have SPACE between you and other people.

  • I am 47. I have slept walked since age 6. Insomnia so bad I have been awake for three days and averaged 3 hours on a good night. I have broken limbs and left the house. I have been on medicine for almost 20 years for neuralgia. It helps me nap throughout the night. The things we take for granted. My sleep talking is waking my whole house. I’m sure my autoimmune problems stem from these sleep problems. Thanks for this post. Sleepless in Boston

  • is the best natural sleep herb formula I’ve used. Its been 3 months now and I’ve never looked back. My sleep quality has improved so much. I can’t thank my mom enough for finding a natural herbal remedy for me.

  • @MedCram Medical Lectures as a NUC, i will share your info2 questions: if one goes to sleep 2am but sleeps 7-8 hrs will circadium rhythum still be adversely affected by going to bed later & waking later as sunlight will be in room while still asleep? Will using blue light filter on electronics help to lower effect of light affecting delay of circadium rhythum? ideally, we all turn off electronics 2hr before 10pm sleep with not even a nightlight! �� Thankful I stumbled upon your vidsgot to catch up & share them. GBU! Hope ppl take your advice & build their immunity as best they can..

  • Strengthening your immune system is a double-edged sword with this virus due to the SPECIFIC AREA of the lungs it infects. A massive immune response will easily kill you in your sleep from inflamation of the small lung passages. You need a hospital and a few weeks quarantined. This virus is not like your typical cold virus.

  • This was AWESOME thank you! I did know sleep (or lack of sleep) affects the immune system, this was an excellent presentation you are a remarkable Instructor! I teach my Driver’s Ed teen students, about circadian Rhythm and remind them to get sleep for safe driving vs drowsy driving. Thanks for explaining-drawing the cells, antigen, etc. THANK YOU!!!! X 100!

  • We can also increase the functional reserves of the body, so that when the immune system is in a battle with a new pathogen the body can endure the challenge with minimum discomfort and in the shortest time possible:

  • The only deaths to have occured are mainly in the elderly and extremely ill infected.
    It’ll have died down or completely halt by the end of this year period.

  • OCD shoppers if your that worry about this virus you would not go to the supermarkets and do your shopping online becoming a hermit is not good for anyone lol

  • I have a constant redness under my eyes, and have been told by a dentist (oddly enough) that I probably have sleep apnea. If I can resolve this, could my complexion return to normal, or is it too late?

  • so my albuterol inhaler (prob has Epinephrine in it?) will be preventing my immune system to full do its job? And my Symbicort inhaler as well??

  • Dr. Seheult’s coronavirus updates should be on China’s vast social media and watched by the widest possible viewers. This is an invaluable contribution to humanity.

  • So are you saying you can’t get SWS sleeping if you go to bed at 12 Am? Isn’t SWS just the first few hours of sleep? So you should be able to get it from 12 Am to 3 am say?

  • Hi, thanks for the video. Is it possible to find specific markers for the CV-19? If yes, is it also possible to train the cells in our immune system or introduce genetically modified cells to detect that marker in order to kill the virus?

  • Hi, I have some question. Quenching the body at low temperatures like for example expose body for the cold temperature in cold water (walruses) is helping to increase immunity/resistance causing the injections of corona virus? Did our body will be more resistant to infection and there will be no infection or possibly the symptoms of infection will be a lot of smaller and our body faster regenerate and recover?

  • cna ekg cpr phlebotomy home health aid certified frim aress academy in Southfield MI polygraph that.. 2008 red cross CPR trained… mrs Holmes teacher

  • I`ve had issue with sleep my whole adult life. I started out this sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it Seven days ago and recognized good improvements on my sleep. I’d never thought I could accomplish 8 hours of sleep again. This is a very beneficial plan. It states some reasons and a solution for different cases of insomnia. So you could choose what works for you.

  • I frequently take very-cold showers. Ive read in many places that it boosts your imune system.

    At the same time, your research here seems to indicate this is not the case.

    Because cold showers make the body have an adrenergic response… as such epinefrine aka adrenaline.. is released a lot because of the termal shock.

    Now if epinefrine in high concentrations.. has the effect of inhibiting the imune response as you shown…

    This will mean that cold showers will lower imunity and not increase it.

    This would be in contradiction with the stydies ive read.. dont have links now but they are googleble.

    So should i stop taking cold showers?

    Also exercise. Intense cardio will increase adrenaline in the body. That means by what you say is that cardio exercise lowers imunity.

    How valid are this causal links im describing here?

    Is my reasoning wrong and why? Or is your findings wrong.. and where are the pieer reviewd studies.. or any stydies you have to support this. This things should not contradict.

    Im not a a physician so cant be sure but you can already see this causal links better then me and say one or the other. Thanks:)

  • For anyone who’s interested: Center for Disease Control’s Sleep & Sleep Disorder is available here! ��

  • Curious that only touched upon display screen use operation as, eye-strain (Asthenopia, WHO ICD ) commonly exacerbated by sub-optimal screen ergonomics linked to Computer Vision Syndrome, Screen Fatigue including repetitive stress injuries (RSi’s) have long gone unaddressed regardless, of eye-strain, CVS etc, now classified as an age diverse Global Pandemic although, the methodologies for adapting, customising or optimising screen ergonomics has been known or should have been known since the mid-90’s. Bizarrely, in the UK this subject has been avoided by health & safety agencies and employers even though the debilitating symptoms account for at least a 20% or 30 days loss in productivity let alone over-exposure contributing to sleep difficulties and daytime fatigue, increased errors, mishaps and potential safety critical omissions.

  • Very good presentations… QQ>> Since sleep helps to remove amyloid plaque, does anyone know if there have been any studies to confirm a causal connection between caffeine and AD? The countries with the most coffee consumption (Finland, and the other slavic countries) also have the highest incidence of AD. The opposite also holds true: the countries with the lowest coffee consumption have the lowest incidence (china and other countries that live long enough to have AD). The reason for this that caffeine has a long half life of 6-8 hours so a cup of Starbucks venti (450 mg caffeine) will still leave about 100 mg of caffeine at sleep time reducing the effectiveness of sleep’s amyloid cleanup.

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  • I’m of the view that all life on earth evolved from microbes, one cell at a time, from the interactions with different microbes that developed alliances and evolved into more complexed organisms. We are made up of some 50 trillion cells a community of cells and our body hosts the presents of some 500 trillion microbes, our body is a vessel built by microbes to support them. And the evolution of our physical Structure is largely from billions of years of incremental changes as our bodies learn to adapt to new exposures to microbial life such as other viruses and bacteria. The process of child development from conception is like a map of the evolutionary process.

  • Dr. Neylan great advice about the wake time in bed I am going to try this!! thanks so much! also can you expand on the use of xyrem in narcolepsy please is this the same thing?

  • please do a lecture on parasomnias I believe it is such as incessant sleep talking and screaming,sleep waking,false awakenings ect.ect. thanks

  • please do a lecture on parasomnias I believe it is such as incessant sleep talking and screaming,sleep waking,false awakenings ect.ect. thanks