Risks of Competition – Why Top Physique Competitors All of a sudden Pass


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Dangers of Competition Why Top Physique Competitors Suddenly Pass We’ve seen it time and time again. A top physique competitor or bodybuilder goes to extremes prepping for a show. The demands of contest prep are not for the weak of heart. With the growing trend of competing in bikini, physique, figure, and bodybuilding, many competitors step on stage with good intentions, but for the wrong reasons.

Think peer pressure, social media influences, or a feeling of obligation. Researchers wanted to find out what happens to them health-wise during the four month pre-competition period, along with how well they recover from the strict dieting and increased training. This is unique, because most studies involve fat people trying to lose weight and then maintain that healthier weight. Fitness competitors are different. With the increased popularity of social media, it seems like everybody now wants to do a physique show.

Should you be doing a physique competition? Are you at a level that makes it acceptable to. There are many questions to consider when thinking about participating in a physique competition. Scott Keppel, former body building competitor and Owner of Scott’s Training Systems has worked with a variety of individuals.

His skills and expertise cover a. Most important things learned from competing in physique This is the second video of the series of interviews with National Physique competitor, Fitness Model, Author and Owner of FitEnomics.com. Weeks 12-9: Cardio.

Yes, there are a few genetic freaks out there who have such naturally high metabolisms that they do not need to utilize cardio as a fat-burning tool leading up to a competition. However, for the rest of us mere mortals, cardio is a necessary evil.That said, there should never be a need for excessive amounts, which will only serve to burn of lean muscle—a. Many Men’s Physique competitors use gear. I also know many that do not.

At a local level, you can place, and possibly even win (depending on the size of the show) as a natty. I’m proof of that. However, I know a few national competitors and a couple pros, and they all use at least something during their prep.

5’7″ is a perfect height to compete. The dangers of diuretics are generally unnecessary for contest preparation. Whichever method you choose in order to get ready for your next contest, please be diligent and do your research thoroughly on what you are doing and do not take your gym buddy’s word for it.

2) Competition is a true test of your skills. You’ve attended countless classes, drilled for hours at a time, perfected your techniques, built strength and flexibility — why not put all that to the test? A fight can gauge where you are in terms of technique and athletic ability.

List of related literature:

Competitors who are not very muscular may think they must belong in men’s physique rather than in bodybuilding.

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Inan arm­wrestling competition, subjects could selecta stronger, weaker, or equally strong opponent.

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Whereas competitors in the 1960s tended to be way too smooth at contests, in the 1970s a lot of bodybuilders showed up so depleted and emaciated that they were often described as looking “near death.”

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from these two early competitions, therefore, all modern physique tournaments evolved.

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The rise in popularity at this time of strong-men contests focusing on brute strength gave way to wider audiences for bodybuilding, focusing on the body’s aesthetic value (Alvarez 2008: 37–45).

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These physique contests include testing specifically for steroids and other bodybuilding drugs.

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Motivation regulations are also predictive of young performers’ appraisals of their physique.

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The psychological effects of training are clear to Marc: Not only do clients have better body images, but their increased confidence is also seen in their becoming more outgoing.

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Female competitors complain that criteria change from one contest to the next: full-blown muscularity, hardness, and mass may prevail in one contest; the next week the very same competitors will receive widely divergent placings because a smaller, softer, more conventionally feminine look is being enforced.

“Freakery: Cultural Spectacles of the Extraordinary Body” by Rosemarie Garland Thomson, Rosemarie Thomson-Garland
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Bodybuilding contests arose because of the need for this validation.

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  • How do the judges get chosen for these events? Looking at the judge the got knocked out his loafers, it’s clear their not chosen for being retired “hall of famers”. It’s gotta just be some weird, old, pervy trust fund inheritors that have a gay fetish for guys that look like their biceps have become a large inconvenience in their ability to put food from the plate to their mouths using utensils. Anyone have actual knowledge of the judging process as I’m actually curious after watching that tickling competition documentary on HBO where a old wealthy gay guy fucks with the lives of countless dudes trying to make a buck not knowing what they were getting themselves into…

  • John Meadows is such a real dude. He’s polite, Honest, Very Knowledgable, Likes to see people succeed and Isn’t just some douche that screams curse words in the gym, and brags about his physique although his is absolutely incredible. Keep doing your thing John we appreciate you, and you as well Jeff Nippard.

  • What I’ve learned from these videos so far:
    -Snorlax, my least favorite Pokémon, is very good competitively
    -the first gen Eveelutions were basically completely usurped by the legendary dogs from gen2

  • That first synthol leak was nasty as fuck �� but I would think that it leaking puss from your delt would hurt but the way that the guy handled it was just honestly kinda funny he just walked off stage lmao��

  • This is actually the only channel i can deal with the small ad infront of it, since you’re always going straight to the topic without talking about this and that.Also, thanks for not putting in 5-second ads every 2 minutes!

  • If jeremy buendia was performing in the competition, they wouldnt be able to win against him…he was and he is the best man physique����

  • anyone who insists that Jeff is not natural has probably spent very little time training methodically, intensely and consistently. dedicate a few years to training this way and you’ll be amazed at the gains you can make without any enhancements.

  • Ive been binging on both guys videos over the last few weeks & have taken so much from the videos. Thanks so much gents

  • Sadic Always comes off and carry too much water on stage. I had rooted for him so many times, in men’s physique, in classic physique but I guess he is just an Instagram star not more than that similar to Sergi Constance

  • I truly believe buendia is the best evogen will ever have every workout he showed spirit whilst andre and others athlete are like quite shit don’t get motivated by those

  • Jolteon is my least favourite eeveelution… To me it’s a Pokemon that should face backwards to be an iron barbs or rough skin equivalent ability… I don’t like the spikes…

  • Imagine seeing that last one irl, 100% sure many people thought it was a joke or trick or something, its so surreal that someone kills themselves in that way.
    Like no way that just happened.

  • honestly that fact even till today that you will never have a full set of special attacks with jolteon is the reason why it sucks for me. 110 special attack is kinda wasted because of it’s moveset

  • That last guy though, Damn! He straight up just committed suicide right on the spot. He jumped right in his death hole.. Geezes, good Lord! May God have mercy on his soul…

  • There NOTHING worse about any of this… Blah…. Blah…. Blah….! You want to see worst….. come to my neighborhood! When a free food truck try to leave the church parking lot! All hell break loose! Death, fatality, fist fight, and shooting occur! ������������������������������������������

  • #5 almost happened to me on the basketball court. I jumped as high as I could to block a shot. The guy that I was trying to block bumped me in the air. I came down, head first. Lucky, I still had my arms up in the air. My hands and elbow hurt for days afterwards. I can laugh about it now but…

  • Wish I could have this legend train me naturally. I bet I could make some crazy gains if I had him pushing me every day for a few months.

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    for more invigorating automation, follo me on iG at peopledork

  • Hey, Nick, Im pretty sure the leak in that guys shoulders was water based winstrol. Also, the guy doing the backflip had done it many times onstage but this time he had socks on and it changed the traction of his feet which threw the whole thing off by enough that he landed on his neck. Just thought id lend what info I did know on these 2 incidents. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Came from the future:

    In Gen VII, Jolteon is bad in RU because that tier is now fullfilled with bulky Pokémon that Jolteon can’t break easily, even with Specs Thunderbolt. Furthermore, it is not very bulky, has a shallow movepool and, like in some Gen II teams, it is outclassed by Raikou. So, expect Jolteon to be in NU in Gen VIII:(


  • Frankly I no longer care about looking jacked as fucked, I’m just doing what I do cause I enjoy it, and the gains follow. BUT…I have thought about using steroids to help with recovery time and performance. I enjoy weight training, but also combat sports. So if I do a solid work out, my performance in boxing or BJJ is severely impacted for a couple days afterwards. I’m hoping using steroids will allow me to enjoy all of my hobbies will less of the pain and time restrictions.

  • That video of that stupid meat head killing himself with a backflip is hilarious hahaha can’t stop laughing. Stupid fucker… bodybuilders are pathetic and that video of him dying was funny

  • By far my new fav channel to watch on YouTube. As someone who has a degree in exercise science Jeff actually tells everyone the science and physiology of how the body works like you have to in school w scientifically backed studies and not just “bro science” like most “experts” #MadRespect����

  • Wow, no wonder why Yellow had it as the hardest Eeveelution for Blue, the old Eevee Brothers episode having the electric dude saying Jolteon is the strongest, and as a kid, I never really paid attention to it. So, maybe that spiky Pokémon could use a hug!

  • Andre must’ve stolen the lighting or something cuz he looked amazing, all his muscles were round asf and those abs were literally popping

  • jolteon is the best pokemon ever
    for me becouse he is tough and
    in the eevee family and the
    eevee family has the most
    members of its family he is
    my top-1 favorite pokemon

  • And now it’s not even used in the gen 8 meta, as the loss of Hp Ice, Hp Water, and Hp Grass made it worse, now countered even more by Pokémon such as mudsdale, sandaconda, and diggersby

  • Today they announced the preliminary tier list for Pokémon Sword and Shild and Jolteon is currently in NU��.Hope it will find a nice place somewhere in the meta. There is no Hidden Power available by now, however it gets Weather Ball as a TM move. So maybe it can be used on a weather teams for extra coverage.

  • Quite the tank. I remember the time I was having a double battle and I used discharge on it and the random Charizard beside me just sat there while the aegislash and altaria infront of us got OHKO’d

  • So I really enjoy these videos and watching you go through all these pokemon and how great or uh not too great they were but Would you ever do a series of How good are they Now? How good is Jolteon/( Other Pokemon) Now?

  • For reference, more modern RBY has Jolteon usually run thunder wave, thunderbolt, rest and double kick. This is due to double kick allowing it to do 30% to Chansey (60% of Chansey’s hp with crits, on a crit rate of 25.39%) this means that, with rest clearing of paralysis and a paralyzed Chansey, Jolteon usually beats it in the 1v1. This pseudo-check to Chansey does lose out on coverage over Exeggutor but good play allows you to block the sleep and with how common ice type moves are, this weakness is manageable. The decreased presence of golem also helps it out a bit as predicting what ground pokemon your opponent might be using is easier when the only option in the game that is used regularly is Rhydon. Overall, RBY Jolteon has been seeing more usage now and is quite a good pokemon when played right.

  • 00:22 00:24

    Except the producers of the anime

    Red’s Jolteon won only ONE battle, oh and lost to a water pokemon
    Sparky’s Jolteon lost
    Ethan’s Jolteon gets hurted and is not seen again
    Satsuki’s Jolteon lost to a freaking pikachu
    Volker’s Jolteon lost
    Flashback Jolteon lost and was abandoned by it’s trainer…i hope it’s in pokemon center waiting for a new trainer:'(
    Jolteon (Sw/Sh episode 2) blown away by Lugia

    :'( poor fennec kitty

  • You didn’t mention Krookodile as a UU counter? There must be some reason I’m missing, because Krookodile’s bulk, ground typing, and high attack would send Jolteon running for the hills in a one-on-one

  • FSG: Jolteons are fan fav eeveelutions, and they were good
    ShoPro: Cool story bro, Jolteons are our butt monkeys
    Jolteons: We hate all of you:'(

  • Here’s hoping they give the Eevelutions some major buffs in gen 8, secondary baseline abilities, actual HA’s that help Jolteon/Umbreon/Flareon and some additions to each of their movepools, oh the things i would do for EQ Leafeon, or Glaceon not being a “defensive” based ice type (chuckles).

  • In my mind. Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon are legendaries. Jolteon is best. I usually used Jolteon when I play Pocket Monster Games.

  • after watching this i must say imho iam disappointed with john,he says he dosent judge people but what about the example hes settting for young guys getting into the weight game,look at how many body builders have died way before their time from steriods,john i think you have to ask yourself is it worth your life?? and what you see on stage is not real those guys are juiced

  • 0:00 Intro/disclaimers 3:26 Interview begins John’s competition history and background 6:50 Have you lost any passion for the sport? 8:07 What is the “Mountain Dog” training philosophy? 12:59 Exercise sequencing discussion (order of exercises) 17:45 Injuries and longevity 19:37 Specifics and training examples of exercise sequencing 24:50 Dealing with genetic limitations 30:35 What is the role of steroids in breaking through barriers? 35:15 Health effects of steroids (steroid-related deaths in bodybuilding?) 37:48 Cycling steroids discussion 42:25 Natural vs enhanced approaches to training/nutrition 44:16 Advice for teenagers/newbies? Should you max out natural potential first? 48:49 Is there a healthy way to use steroids? 52:23 The “slippery slope” argument against steroids 54:00 Are there genetic differences in response to steroids? 56:35 Does bodybuilding attract idiots? 58:36 3 scenarios should they use steroids? 1:04:05 Can you “outwork” bad genetics? 1:06:22 How do you improve weakpoints?

  • I’m due to your channel but incorporating John is awesome.
    And i think you are awesome too.
    I started with your deadlift video trying to use them to heal my back with proper form

  • Jeff, the speed stuff that you were explaining at some point is pretty easy to understand under Newton laws. The goal is to increase the power of the muscle (maximum muscle fiber ).
    P=F*S Power is equal to the multiplication of the Force and the Speed
    So you have the choice to do heavy then F will increase (F=m*G m: Mass and G is the gravitational CONSTANT).
    Or you can increase the Speed. Double the Force and keep the speed constant or double the speed and keep the Force constant will lead to the same number of muscle fibers….

  • Nr1.100% Natural Muscle Person vs Nr.2 100% Steroids,etc… Muscle Person! Both same size and age… In a competition of strength… I will bet my money on Nr2 guy… Human body alone naturally just cannot go as far as someone with ”Extra adds” it will… And I am not talking about Stamina or other stuffs… just about pure raw strength…

  • @ 31:00 John brings up natty’s that recover super fast. That’s me. I’m a retrain after 7 years away. I’m following a total body hypertrophy split that calls for four recovery days a week but I really question if I need em or if I’m missing gains. Any advice?

  • John is I think the only person I’ve heard say som I’ve said for a while: no matter what, being too heavy sucks, even if you’re jacked.



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  • Meadows is the man. One thing he does with his content is he talks to the person on gear and the Natty. He then has advice for both sides and acknowledges both need different practices. It’s not ridiculously drastic but he knows the Natty can’t do as much volume and has to be in tune with nutrition and consistency. It’s nice to see. Some say this is the way for everyone and that’s just not right. A Natty can’t train and recover like someone on gear. A Natty can still get fairly big or very lean but not both to the extreme.

  • Jeff, I always respected the hell out of you; but the way you interviewed John, I respect you even more. You’re such a good dudeeeeee����

  • Absolutely great interview. I’m John’s generation, only discovered his channel recently, though I knew of him bodybuilding wise. Love his take and what a gent of a man. Jeff, I knew of you but I was very impressed with the way you flowed with the conversation asking intelligent questions and letting a super knowledgeable man speak. Top drawer

  • Did anyone else see in generation iron 3 when he was doing a rear biceps pose and the judges were like Andre move up and he turned around and started yelling at them hahah pure gold

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  • These fools are steroid gobbling bodybuilders they are not “men’s physique” people! The Hell with this two-bit bodybuilding contest!

  • Imagine having a jolteon with timid nature, quick feet, higher speed iv, knows agility, holding toxic orb, jolteon is the fastest animal In galar and alola.

  • kind of sad to see how massive and ripped these physique guys have become indicating rampant steroid use and rest of the chemical training aids.i believe the original idea for this class was something totally different?i know what i am talking about so don t start with oh, they are all naturals!

  • This is fucking awesome! Would like to see more of these with the likes of Neil Hill, Hany Rambod, and Chris Aceto. I would watch the shit out of that

  • Sadiq has the worst back of all….and the midsection has no definition….Sadiq needs to focus more on his back and midsection if he wishes to place higher!!

  • Sir u teach awesome and it’s okay to cross time limits.sir we want you to take your time and not hustle in the last, doesn’t matter if the discussion is more than 30 or 40 or 50 minutes.We would love to learn more from you.��
    Hope you will look into it.
    Loads of love and respect to you sir��