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Research Says: Go Camping for Better Sleep. Everything from jet lag to social media to an eventful weekend full of late nights (otherwise known as social jet lag) can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm — that natural schedule your body keeps when it comes to sleep. Science Says Camp Sleep Is Good for You Trying to improve your sleep quality? Get back to nature. If you’re sleeping outside, you’re doing it right.

Research Says: Go Camping for Better Sleep Everything from jet lag to social networks to an active weekend break packed with late evenings (or else called social jet lag) could wreak mayhem on your circadian rhythm– that all-natural timetable your body maintains when it concerns sleep. A new study shows camping can help people sleep better and get internal clocks back on track. New research out of the University of Colorado-Boulder shows that spending a weekend camping can reset our circadian rhythm and return our bodies.

After their week of camping, researchers measured the subjects’ melatonin levels again. The researchers found that the onset of melatonin shifted. THURSDAY, Feb. 2, 2017 (HealthDay News) Spending time in the outdoors may improve your sleep, a small study suggests.

Researchers found that a week of winter camping reset the body’s “clock. In fact, a study published in the journal Current Biology found camping can reset your biological clock, helping you sleep more soundly. “I love sleeping on. Researchers examined campers for a week and found that sleeping away from artificial light helped reset their circadian rhythms and made them less groggy. Being in nature is good for your mood. The outdoors are crucial for your mental health, especially if you’re a city dweller.

Acupressure is a relatively new subject of scientific research. However, a handful of studies suggest that it may be a safe way to get more or better sleep.

List of related literature:

A single camping experience has little long-term impact, whereas repeat camping experiences influence future environmental attitudes and visits.

“Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society” by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd
from Kraus’ Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society
by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd
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Several suggestions can be made for persons who report difficulty with sleep in wilderness settings: no napping, no caffeine or alcohol, regular exercise, comfortable sleeping space in a tent or cabin, reassurance regarding wild animals, and a regimented wake time.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
from Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
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Researchers from the University of Colorado found that a weekend of camping outdoors with no exposure to artificial light, reset the circadian rhythm, allowing the subjects to follow better sleep cycles on their return home.[4]

“Chief Wellbeing Officer” by Steven P. MacGregor, Rory Simpson
from Chief Wellbeing Officer
by Steven P. MacGregor, Rory Simpson
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Nevertheless, a tradeoff exists between nocturnal and diurnal activities.

“Herpetology: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles” by Laurie J. Vitt, Janalee P. Caldwell
from Herpetology: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles
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By our definition “camping” should include a minimum of one night spent outdoors, which distinguishes it from daytripping, picnicking, and other similarly shortterm recreational activities.

“Outdoor Recreation: Environmental Impacts and Management” by David Huddart, Tim Stott
from Outdoor Recreation: Environmental Impacts and Management
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Lastly, sleep research should embrace ecological and evolutionary systems and move into wild environments.

“Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture [2 volumes]” by Robert J. Hoss, Katja Valli Ph.D., Robert P. Gongloff
from Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture [2 volumes]
by Robert J. Hoss, Katja Valli Ph.D., Robert P. Gongloff
ABC-CLIO, 2019

But camping gear improvements have come along way in the last couple of decades and camping now can be a pleasant event with proper planning.

“Lucille and The XXX Road: Around The World Man & Motorcycle” by Jim Oliver
from Lucille and The XXX Road: Around The World Man & Motorcycle
by Jim Oliver
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Usually the bed is the last thing a novice in the woods thinks about, and it is perhaps the most important, for a bad bed will do more to discourage camping than anything else.

“Wildwood Wisdom” by Ellsworth Jaeger
from Wildwood Wisdom
by Ellsworth Jaeger
Shelter Publications, 1999

But camping also reminds me of fun, laughter, and saving money!

“Frugal Living For Dummies” by Deborah Taylor-Hough
from Frugal Living For Dummies
by Deborah Taylor-Hough
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Hypoxic sleeping devices or tents have also been proposed.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
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  • I`ve had trouble with sleep my whole adult life. I`m on day 7 of this sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it) and already feel much better. I rested for 8 hours last night, for the very first time in ages. This is a very helpful plan. It states a few reasons and a solution for different cases of insomnia. So you can choose what works for you.

  • So true about the ear plugs. But being able to sleep yet remaining alert is a skill that will also come with experience. Great video, thanks Luke.

  • agree with you about pillow. a good pillow, then it does not matter if the surface is a little awkward. I prefer headphones / earmuffs over ear plugs. With ear plugs I hear my heart rate as well as breathing. It’s angry bird that’s raging.:)

  • It’s so awesome to listen to two scientists talking about a fascinating subject, and you can just see and feel their enthusiasm. The way Rhonda’s eyes lit up when Matthew was talking about the effects of cytokines on sleep. It’s someone finding a new piece of the puzzle, or a confirmation of a theory or bigger picture that is being confirmed by an expert. Lovely to see. F*ck yeah, science! ❤

    I will definitely rewatch this one (and get some sleep on it of course!), since it is filled with so much nuggets of knowledge.

    Thank you for this amazing conversation!

  • I have been able to sleep better oy on alternate nights, for one day my body feel all tired and spent and for one day I feel refreshed, recouped and recharged….any one to share views and help me please


  • I woke up one night at home i was still very groggy and tired. I just stumbled out and did a wee. It was a strange experience there was this light emanating from the toilet it seemed to be switching on and off. The next morning after a cup of coffee i realized i had peed in the fridge.

  • I’m a 3rd shifter (12am 9am) i don’t see how this type of study would benefit me or my fellow grave shifters. How about doing a video about the sleep patterns and issues involved with working while everyone else is sleeping.

  • So how does this affect our worlds Dr population who are expected to work stupid hours and are prone to all of these mental and physical problems. How does this affect the Dr’s vs staff or patients? edit: I would like to add People who slept outside had lots of light from stars and the moon as I recall there must be an ok level of light at night

  • i have to have a fan on to go to sleep because I just like the noice because if there is no noice, I will go mental and have panic attacks xD

  • Great video.
    I’m in the UK so don’t have bears or any wild animals to consider but its just my opinion that I disagree with your advice on ear plugs. I find it difficult to get off to sleep even in my bedv at home and I don’t want anything disturbing my sleep and always use ear plugs.
    The chances of being attacked by some axe wielding nut is just paranoia.
    Choosing a pitch that’s hidden away will hide you from view and help.
    For additional warmth, I use a nalgene bottle and put boiling water in it then enclose it in a dry bag at the foot of my bag. This releases heat through the night and you then have warm water for your first morning brew.

  • In a nutshell for the people who have no time for 2.5 hours of great information: More and more has it been proven that sleep affects nearly EVERYTHING mentally and physically in us humans: memory, motivation, social behaviour, industriousness, creativeness, open-mindedness, perseverance, empathy, the ability to enjoy things, the willingness to live, stress, muscle gains/losses, fat gains/losses, appetite (more sleep = less ghreline = smaller appetite), strength, endurance, explosiveness, response time, recovery, ability to develop new motor skills (musical instruments, sports, crafts etc.), the strength and regeneration of our immune system, the agression of auto-immune responses, inflammation, oxidisation, blood pressure etc. It’s arguably the longest list of benefits from anything imaginable. Good sleep has great synergy with everything else we do right in our life. On the other hand, bad sleep will diminish our gains from whatever we try to do right (supplements, diet, training etc.). Good sleep is heavily underrated. Even I don’t get enough sleep (6,5-7h of real sleep). It can be hard to break bad habits when you get closer to middle age, but we have to try, because more sleep can seriously influence our life’s general succes.

  • Welcome, stay as long as you like, you are always welcome here…
    Relax, you have more priorities than to be reading right now.

  • Man I have so much stress and anxiety from not sleeping enough I even have shortness of breath and heart palpitations. I so tired but cant sleep… I need help.

  • Omg. You can recall your dreams ( some ) by a discipline. When you wake wrote down everything you can remember In 6 weeks you’ll remember many of them
    2 hours Ha ha ha ha
    2 idiots. Pass again

  • When winter camping, I found it intelligent to keep my next day’s clean clothes in the bag with me. Pulling on 15 degree underwear or socks is NOT pleasant.

  • 23:23
    Ever since I’ve started sleeping the recommended time, not only do I feel better, but I also remember pretty much all of the dreams that pop into my head. A lot of them are quite scary, especially when they’re gritty like I like them to be, but I can’t for the life of me understand why I get up around two too three times during the night. Although I simply relieve myself on the toilet and quickly fall back to sleep again, I feel like I would be perfect for Matt to put me on any sort of testing machine.

  • About to put this on for the third time while doing some manual labor. Completely fascinated and grateful that the rest of my life will be changed from this.

  • Oh my gosh.. I LOVE IT!!!

  • When interacting with others your immunity better damn well be up regulated because those people may be sick. Sounds like a contagious plague would spread faster when everyone has enough sleep and approaches others more closely.

  • this brings back some great memories of camping and my bro and I meet some new friends from the other site and we spend the night toasting marshmallows and the sky is so clear there are so many stars and we chat and laugh and for just that moment, nothing else matters but the company, the camp fire and the stars.

  • If this camping trip includes my soulmate, who I haven’t even met yet, and a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar, then I be willing to give up most of electronic devices. I’m a songwriter, so I usually record my music on a computer, and wind up sleeping  for 2-3 hours, or not at all.                          

  • I’ve always been a big fan of sleep. I’ve been doing it almost every day for as long as I can remember. I’m happy to learn that it’s also good for you.

  • This episode has nearly 30 clips! Crazy, right? Here are some of the highlights…

    [FMF Clips] The importance of light and dark for improved sleep

    [FMF Clips] REM sleep’s role in creative solutions, dream inspiration and wisdom

    [FMF Clips] Temperature triggers sleep and influences sleep depth

    [FMF Clips] Sleep deprivation may be correlated with increased impulsivity and psychiatric disorders

    [FMF Clips] How gut microbiome is affected by circadian rhythm and sleep deprivation

    [FMF Clips] Alcohol and other factors that negatively affect sleep

    [FMF Clips] Evidence shows blue light from screens anxiogenic and detrimental to healthy sleep

    [FMF Clips] Sleeping pills correlated with increased cancer risk and decreased brain plasticity

    [FMF Clips] Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI) as an alternative to sleeping pills

    [FMF Clips] Sleep deprivation leads to a preference for carbohydrates and sugary snacks

    [FMF Clips] Lack of sleep linked to glucose insensitivity and pre-diabetes

    [FMF Clips] Chronotypes: Your natural propensity to be an early riser or night owl

    [FMF Clips] The four pillars of sleep: depth, duration, continuity and regularity

    [FMF Clips] REM sleep vs. deep sleep and their importance for cardiovascular and emotional health

    [FMF Clips] Circadian regulation of sleep leads to better health outcomes in infants and elderly

    [FMF Clips] Identifying age-related vulnerability windows for early life prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s

    [FMF Clips] APOE4 allele linked with impairment of deep sleep and deadly sleep apnea

    [FMF Clips] Lack of deep sleep linked with amyloid-beta build up in Alzheimer’s disease

    [FMF Clips] Lack of sleep decreases immune system effectiveness

    [FMF Clips] Exercise-induced acute inflammation & heat induced immune responses as pathway for good sleep

    [FMF Clips] Sleep deprivation leads to a drastic decrease in learning

    [FMF Clips] Learning events are ‘replayed’ at rapid speed during deep sleep to reinforce learning

    [FMF Clips] How sound and smell are tied to learning, and the connection to sleep

    [FMF Clips] Why do we selectively remember dreams?

    [FMF Clips] Sleep deprivation linked to loneliness

    [FMF Clips] Anxiety, cortisol and meditation and their effects on insomnia

  • Hi Shona in 28.30 he talks of some people at ucla doing loneliness research. He didn’t name them. Would be great to know who they are…

  • This scientific dream talk is BS. Lack of sleep does not cause loneliness. Stress causes loneliness. And stress is most often related to a host of psychological issues. Bad nutrition is also linked to psychological issues. Lack of Sleep does not cause people to anti social. Stress does this as well as keep you up at night.

  • Spent the night at a Missouri campground in the Ozarks last summer. It was July. I dont think the temp dropped below 90°f all night.

  • awesome awesome video! I’m a backpacker/hiker and I just started my youtube channel. I would appreciate it if you checkout my channel. Thank you in advance for the support.

  • Well let me be the first to tell you I’ve tried the less clothes in a sleeping bag both in hot and negative weather and it didn’t work for me. I only ever buy cheap sleeping bags so I assume that’s the problem lol but now usually use a wool blanket so ����‍♂️ also hot water bottles is the best trick for super cold weather! I’ve sleep in feet of snow and many nights in the negatives and hot water bottles could save your life. One by the feet and one by the head.
    Tip for bedtime I’m the cold is eat a big dinner/meal it will help keep you warm.

  • You are so right. Many years ago my brother and I picked up some tomato stakes and a couple of blankets, went to the mountain and made our own tent with the stakes and blankets. Feet sticking out, we slept. Sometime in the middle of the night. The still of the night. Noise. Dang we told each other it was a bear and just stayed quiet and stiff. It was some small animal. There aren’t any bears in Palomar Mountain. 1996 a mountain lion was in my campsite went after a raccoon that was eating my trash that I forgot to pack and stow away. I would say one makes up their mind that your going to camp out. You have to sleep so just get used to it. Before you know it one will be sleeping under the stars. Nice video.

  • know what? I would actually give up my computer for a week to not have it so I’m just lying down for 5 hours hoping to get to sleep, then having to seemingly immediately get right back up again.

  • This guy is impressive. He just spit out detail after detail from so many different studies and experiments for over 2 hours. No question about how much he knows about his area of study. Great interview!

  • Dr Walker’s views on leptin are strange. Overweight people do not suffer from a lack of leptin, in fact they are swimming in it. This is why attempts to cure obesity with a leptin pill have failed.

  • For millions of years, in order to survive being alone or separation from the pack or tribe, requires low sleep, heightened alarm state, heightened aggression state.

  • I like to dig a shallow depression in my tent spot that corresponds to my HIPS. A little HIP-HOLE sort of simulates a depression in a mattress. It’s always disconcerting for me to feel like my ass is higher than my head. All those other tips are great and I fully concur, ooo-rah. I do hate pissing the remains of 16-year-old scotch though, but WHEN I DO, I take a special DEDICATED Nalgene in the tent with me so I don’t have to get up off the ground half asleep and go out in the cold to wee-wee. Just don’t fumble it or your buddies will laugh at you in the morning and your night’s sleep will be effectively OVER. Camping over 65 can be fun, but I REALLY hate getting up off the deck. THANKS!

  • i have one golden rule for this. The more I hike the day the less I sleep because i am just overcharged so much. Nevertheless, really great advice and I am sure they work great. Cheers for the post.

  • Thanks for uploading needed this cant wait to start camping��⛺��i always have to listen to a fan to sleep gonna get a small tent fan battery powered.

  • This is baddest phase in the life of all humans, hope it passed soon and we all celebrate the life at it’s full & enjoy the Beauty of nature rather destroying it.����

  • Eating a warm meal before bed helps. Not only is it a warm meal but the heat from your body breaking down the food and digestion helps to keep you a little more cozy.

  • Why, for the love of Hippocrates! do even health professionals talk as if coffee consumption is “a given”!
    Coffee is NOT good for you!

    1.) The caffeine in coffee increases catecholamines, your stress hormones. The stress response elicits cortisol and increases insulin. Insulin increases inflammation, and this makes you feel lousy.

    2.) Habituation to caffeine decreases insulin sensitivity, making it difficult for your cells to respond appropriately to blood sugar. High blood sugar levels lead to arterial deterioration and increased risk of mortality related to cardiovascular disease.

    3.) Unfiltered coffee has the highest amount of beneficial antioxidants yet also leaks the most diterpenes into your system. These diterpenes have been linked to higher levels of triglycerides, LDL and VLDL levels.

    4.) The helpful chlorogenic acids that may delay glucose absorption in the intestine have also been shown to increase homocysteine levels an indicator for increased risk of cardiovascular disease, which tends to be elevated in diabesity.

    5.) The acidity of coffee is associated with digestive discomfort, indigestion, heart burn, GERD and dysbiosis (imbalances in your gut flora).

    6.) Addiction is often an issue with coffee drinkers and makes it really difficult to rely on the body’s natural source of energy. Ask any coffee drinker about how it feels to withdraw from coffee, and you will mistake their story for that of a drug addict’s…

    7.) Associative addictions trend with coffee who doesn’t immediately think of warm, frothy sweet cream and sugar when they picture coffee? Surely the business of coffee has inspired a culture addicted to the sugary, fatty tastes of what has become more of a meal than a drink! That morning latte is the epitome of food lacking nutrition density yet packing energy!

    8.) 5-HIA, an organic acid and component of the neurotransmitter serotonin (the happy chemical) seen in the urine tends to be elevated in coffee drinkers, which means they may be at risk for lower levels of serotonin synthesis in the brain. Serotonin is necessary for normal sleep, bowel function, mood, and energy levels. It is a vicious cycle, as caffeine can disrupt sleep and promote anxiety and depression. We all know someone who tends to be tired, wired and over-caffeinated!

  • Another tip, put the electronics down, better yet… don’t bring them at all. Playing on your phone and watching movies disrupts your bodies natural sleep progression. As the sun sets your bodies internal mechanisms start getting you ready for sleep. As soon as you look at a bright screen… you’ve ruined the cycle.

  • for the past 200 years, every animal that has attacked a man has been IMMEDIATELY hunted down and killed. So the gene for attacking humans is very scarce. It doesn’t get passed down to their offspring.

  • Hello dr. Rhonda I am a pharmacist and I work overnight in a 7 on 7 off pattern. I switch my sleeping to get normal sleeping on my days off. But I am struggling with sleeping averaging 5 hours daily. Can you make a video for people like us on how to mitigate the effects of night shift or how to improve day sleeping? Thank you so much!

  • Aside from spending hundreds on a fancy sleeping pad, are there any back-country techniques for minimizing pressure on your hips while you sleep? This tends to be what keeps me up the most. I have a sleeping pad, but it’s not thick enough to provide me joint comfort.

  • Kicking back listening to the thunder; the perfect way to spend the evening.
    What sleeping tips do you have for your fellow backpackers/campers?

  • i have a low profile tent with a camo net over the top hidden by bushes nothing will see me unless they are standing on it….also i live in england we dont have bears or big cats to worry about just sheeps and cows

  • I recently purchased Matt’s book after seeing him talk on JRE. This was also a great episode (as usual Rhonda). But, what I really want to say is that Matt’s book has been the best solution for getting my kids to sleep at night; I’m not kidding, 10 minutes tops! There must be something hypnotic about the large number of long slowly rolling sentences.

  • A pint of Jagermeister always helps me sleep start drinking it start drinking it before dinner and by bedtime I’m always ready to hit the bed or pad in this situation

  • Thanks for this Luke. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who sees Humans as a threat and that animals are not. I live in England in a large town but grew up backpacking. It’s amazing how many people I have taken out with me and they are awake all night because there is an Owl in a tree or something. I actually feel safer sleeping in a tent in the countryside than I do in my own bed in a town.

  • First rule of staying warm..dont get cold..
    its hard to warm up after you get cold..
    easier just to stay warm and notice if you start to get cold.warm up quick.

  • Great tips! I really use the warm bottle in the sleeping bag. In Sweden the warm summer days can have really chilly night temperatures.

  • I am french… Before going to bed in my sleeping bag I like to use a washcloth in hot water,to rub me with it,it helps me a lot to sleep well. Thanks for your nice tips! Allways precious…

  • Now imagine that everything you know is partially true because you use neuronal cells to determine what is true and what is not and that is your brain opinion but the brain is kinda recent thing. First organ who made decisions was the heart and we never ask the heart anymore. Those neural cell that you can’t control, what they try to tell us? The dream of any stem cell is to becoming a brain cell. Why the cells tell us: we are here? Is the brain only a hard disc and processor or the most important function is an antenna? Like you have short term memory and the rest of the information is in a dimension unaffected by time so it can be accesses instantly. How and idea is possible to form if all we know is only in the brain? You have dots of experiences and you connect them, you connect 2 of them and the third one came from that timeless dimension (let’s call it consciousness) and that is how and idea is formed in a triangle. The other part is that your pituitary gland have a connection with the earth Schumann frequency. I can give you a tip: what fire camp, sunset and candle light have in common? What he said is kinda old news, what you also need: Sleep from 22-6 in a dark room, no light, ocean wave sounds on a very, very low volume, a pressure point blanket (the body will feel protected and it fell like a hug that will enhance the release of endorphins over night), one pillow between the legs (knee) and hugging one pillow in the arms, the bed should be hard as wood and you should sleep on your back without pillow under your head, you need to have one big plant in that room, no eating from 18-22(it will help your lymphatic system a lot), no electronics from 21:30-22.

  • Sorry I was high and thought you meant a window screen, and I was like wtf? im a little high to now just not as high. Marijuana is bad kids.

  • The world has lost touch with love, peace and happiness. It’s high time we go back to where everybody is happy with one another and not fighting against one another. For those suffering, be rest assured you will be ok eventually. Peace and love to you all.

    Another excellent piece of work to relax and sooth the mind. Keep it up!! ��

  • Good tips for the newbies, Luke. Also, don’t be afraid to just drape your unzipped sleeping bag over you like a blanket if you get too hot.

  • earplugs help to keep the bugs out of your ear. My brother and my father, just at home, got a moth and a cockroach looking thing in their ear, respectively and both required hospital runs. Need warm oil to pour in there, killing them without making them claw/beat on your ear drum.

  • Make your girlfriend/ wife/ significant other wear socks to bed.nothing makes your sleep colder of more miserable than her ice cold feet touching your warm legs or butt! goes for home sleeping too

  • As nice as it might be awake don’t sleep next to a waterfall. I use earplugs if I’m having a restless night but Scotland is safe. I can’t imagine usa is any fun with all the issues people mention.

  • I recommend drinking water and topping off your hydration level then waiting the hour while going to the bathroom. I do that same thing I’ll know I’m getting tired or know when I’m going to sleep or try to plan it I’ll top off then call it quits.

  • Hey Luke, haha great to see your videos again, as I took a 5 month long backpacking trip, I have some catching up to do, this is the first video that caught my eye lol. Completely understand everything you said here, I never have to worry about people near me where im camping at, I have gotten scared plenty of nights from hearing animals outside my tent. I just stuff a stuff sack with some clothes and it makes a perfect pillow

  • Nicely done. Speaking of homeless folk, my mom knows a fellow who has been living outside for most of his life in the north east. When it’s really cold, he makes a small tunnel in the blankets over his head for his breath to get out. This “tunnel” captures much moisture (and heat) as it passes in and out, thus recycling/reclaiming one of the largest ways we lose heat otherwise (breathing away moisture and heat).

  • I want to let you all know about my number one tip to getting a good night sleep I’m the woods, but a gentleman never tells… ������

  • I agree when sleeping in sleeping bag. I was taught to put my clothes in the bag as well. So I can wake up and have warm clothes to put on.

  • Awesome video, he explains the connections so well! I am a Psychopathology student currently writing a paper on the effects of sleep (deprivation) on later obesity. This helped me so much. Thank you!

  • 4G, 5G and smart meters will effectively keep you from deep sleep, major reason for severe lack of quality sleep these days, hence Alzheimer’s, cancer and other diseases


  • I agree equipment is very important to good night’s sleep another trick that works well that my girlfriend uses to sleep well is to imagine bears mountain lions or other scary critters clawing you face off or other or other gruesome acts to your personage that works great for her

  • “Some people carry a handgun. If you carry it concealed, that is fine.” No. The 2nd Amendment does not stipulate that you HIDE exercising it. If you choose to carry, do so in a way YOU are comfortable with and suits your needs (and follows the laws of where you are… some are actually a violation of the 2nd Amendment, but that is another matter)…. PERIOD. Be safe, God bless, and exercise your Rights legally, not simply in ways that may not “offend” or “scare” others. Your actions are what is important, not simply the sight of a firearm. As someone who open carries daily…. yeah, not an issue.

  • is funny that i came with this idea of camping as the way to naturally get back the good sleep people deserve a long time ago and never did it…lol it makes alot of sense.

  • Whiz high on trees in a large perimeter around your site to mark your territory.
    The scent height intimidates all the predators stalking you at night….
    And snoring is an evolutionary trait that frightens predators away while you’re helpless & unconcious…. the louder the better. ( my wife bought this)….

  • re: Headlamp around the neck. I find it works better in camp to wear the headlamp upside down around my neck. It still allows me to see but it doesn’t blast people in the eyes and it can be adjusted to light where I need it, but the adjustment is reversed since the light is now coming from below my line of sight whereas it is above my line of sight normally. You’ve become my favorite outdoor channel, BTW. Thanks to Shawn Kelly for telling me about you.

  • Really? What AV software are you using?
    I guess there are viruses in some cracked/torrented programs, but this is freeware and there is definitely, 100%, no virus in it if you got it off the original page.

  • We have always brought ear plugs. They can be really nice to have when sleeping with noisy neighbors, storms, or in high winds when your shelter is flapping like all living hell and keeping you awake. Always a time & place.

  • In my early camping experience I always fought with weight vs comfort. Sleeping all night and sleeping well is so important that I carry the extra weight necessary for my sleeping comfort. No matter how lite the load if I don’t sleep well the trip becomes a laborious, dreadful experience. A great night of sleep makes all the difference in the world.

  • Spot on with downgrading clothes I’m usually boxers and a tshirt in my sleep system that being said I put my uniform in the sleeping bag with me it’s another layer to keep me off ground little bit of comfort and in the morning when it’s freezing your uniform is warm n u can change while still in your bag. Also instead of headlamp you can crack a chem light in your sleepingbag n if u need light you grab that can’t loose it in your sleeping bag. Also we typically can’t have fires so I’ve used hot hands for my feet at night. I also jam 2 sticks into the ground by me and put my boots on it upside down to dry them out and deter critters from climbing into them.

  • I lay in a dark bedroom for hours and hours and I’m still wide awake.  So I give up and go on my computer, rather than waste hours trying to sleep when I can’t.

  • This is an amazing video. I think the audio might be limited/compressed or gated too much. I can hear the levels pumping and breathing while you are both talking in my studio headphones. Someone may have tried to process some noise out and set the threshold out of range of the quietest ranges when you’re talking. It’s hard not to notice and pay attention. (Audio engineer). Thanks Rhonda!

  • Do you use air mattress or pillow, or those portable beds with legs? I found them bulky to bring, but it is sometimes too hard to sleep on a hard ground.

  • Is there a way to get all this sweet information distilled into a 5-10 minute version? The titled clips are super great but is there a way to make a whole interview summary? Keep long videos for the egg heads and make a little time stamped summary at the end for the layman! Just a suggestion! Joe Rogan brought me here lol.

  • Question: WHY use a tarp instead of a tent? There are affordable tents available. I’ve seen other videos in which people use a tarp. Space in one’s pack would be the same or maybe less with a tent.

  • Perhaps you’re trying to be humorous, but human waste, liquid or otherwise, should be well away from your camp.
    It’s basic hygiene.

  • Luke, I love how you narrate each of your videos. You don’t just give advice and leave it at that. You give advice and then give your reasoning. I’m hooked on this channel! If you ever come closer to the Nashville area, please let me know so I cant buy you a beer.

  • Usually when I go camping I tend to get a pretty good night sleep better than I usually would at home but it’s always guaranteed with me the first night I’m not going to get very much sleep it always happens and the rare times that it doesn’t happen is when I am literally so tired I could fall asleep standing up.

  • I like to keep the lights on when I go to sleep so that the demons don’t get me. Because everyone knows that monsters are scared of table lamps.

  • What are your thoughts on using a warm weather bag in the summer? Is it possible to have a bag that is too warm considering you can always sleep on top of it? Thanks!

  • Dont skin down because you will be cold. Ive done it and was cured of that bullshit in Graffenwehr West Germany in December 1991. Ive been homeless and living outside for 15+ years (Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington and North Carolina.) and you need layers and plastic is the best outer layer. Yeah! Plastic like what your new matress comes in! Ever see a greenhouse with a quilt cover? No. Theyre plastic.

  • I’m curious to know how a combination of sleep deprivation and a lack of social development/interaction can have an impact on individuals who suffer from autoimmune disorders. Does a chronic lack of these two factors increase the potential for people to develop such disorders? And if so, can treatments be created to reverse the impacts of these factors? I really enjoyed this video, thank you so much for the content!

  • Oh boy! Golly! Very informative. I was very happy to see you had a new video. One of the greats for sure. I’ve got much research to do. Thanks!

  • This is way overkill for us. When we go camping we set up a tent and use blankets under the sleeping bags. Then we proceed to cook out catch and drink beer until we crash. Sure beats the hell out of lying awake at night wondering if an alligator is going to get you. (we live in a swamp)

  • I have a fitbit watch that tracks my sleep patterns. It shows that I wake up often when sleeping in a tent or shelter. I will try to post pics here to show you the difference.

  • Bed socks! Or a clean pair that you’ll be wearing for the next day.
    I find it’s almost impossible to get BACK to sleep with cold feet. Go to sleep with a fresh warm pair and you’ll only be woken for pee time.

  • While sleeping in foxholes during Desert Storm I started to put my poncho on the ground, sleeping mat on top and then my woobie blanket. I would lay on that, zipped my sleeping bag all the way down and then drape it over me, like an upside down cocoon. Slept like a baby… until it was time to walk the perimeter and check the guards, one person awake in every hole… Fun times…

  • when its cold and its time to sleep, put your boots inside your sleeping bag down around your feet. when you wake, theyll be warm and your feet will not painfully freeze once you put them on. this even works with steel toed boots.

  • I was feeling so distressed before listening this thanks for posting such things it’s so helpful love you all guys who appreciates others with valuable words

  • So they just lack self-control? Then it’s their own fault.

    The people who can’t sleep, because of constant nightmares? That’s another matter, because they’ve got history.:o

  • The cause of natural killer cells reduction in bloodstream after sleep deprivation is probably the same as reduction after exercise (
    Indeed, the lymphocyte mobilization response observed during exercise appears to broadly mirror the differential expression of beta-2 adrenergic receptors on lymphocytes: natural killer cells > CD8+ T cells > B cells > CD4+ T cells, including regulatory T cells (81, 86–88). Upon exercise cessation, the classic biphasic exercise response is next characterized by a dramatic decrease in the frequency of lymphocytes in the bloodstream.
    During the stress natural killers and other cells moves into tissue in order to survey, if cells are damaged.

  • Look up Andrew Santino on YouTube.. The title is “all the birds”… You’ll never hear a bird in the woods ever again the same.. I know I don’t.. But you laugh every time man… I can’t go hiking or camping without laughing at least once a day about that or thinking about it.. Thanks for the video as always.. Wish I could donate but things are tight.. Till next time.. Thanks

  • All good tips but my favorite is to shove my German Shepherd dog into my sleeping bag like a big fluffy warm teddy bear, we both sleep good until a real bear comes into camp!

  • Half fill your hot water bottle. Then when you have to pee fill her up without even leaving the warmth of the sleeping bag. Try not to spill obviously. Then just slip it outside the tent for emptying in the morning. Sweet dreams campers.

  • Some interesting tips. Everybody has their own tricks when it comes to sleeping warm and comfortable. I guess it depends on your specific needs. I still enjoyed the video.

  • Can you please make a vídeo about the first treatment ever aproved for postpartum Depression. Its called Zulresso (brexanolone) sintetic form of allopregnanolone. Cant find a doctor that make sense of it. Thanks

  • Great tips but this should have been called how to stay warm not how to sleep better since most of the advice was about warmth. On my last trip we endured 75 mph winds all night long. I just popped in some headphones from my mini i-pod and that helped me sleep since it drowned out the wind. A pillow, whether inflatable or just your clothes wrapped in your fleece is a vital part of my sleep system. Overly tired muscles from a really long day on the trail are probably one of my main causes of a bad night sleep. Stretching and a soak in a stream or lake helps with that. Being at high altitude without proper acclimatization is probably the number 1 cause of insomnia. Camping the first night at the trailhead at high elevation and sleeping not more than a 1000 feet higher each night two strategies to help with high altitude insomnia.

  • The condensation is a big problem, especially when there are really hungry mosquitos out there. You are forced to keep all openings closed and then you are getting killed by the condensation and great humidity inside. I get headaches from that. Are there tents with a mosquito net build in?
    Any great tips to reduce condensation?

  • Hi, if your reading this don’t have a have a reason to wake up tomorrow on the wrong side of the bed. Have a peaceful night and sleep

  • I wonder if centenarians have the same marked decrease in deep sleep as, say, the 50 year olds yall were talking about at approx 1:37:00 (or a little before)…

  • When people lived 24/7 in our real home sunrise and sunset were our alarm clocks. People who have set hours should  stick to their biologic clock. If you use a surplus ( olive or camo) canvas tent bring an alarm. Mine is so dark it is easy to sleep well into the next morning. -Christopher

  • Is reading alot of books called an addiction? do you say “He spends 10 hours a day reading Books. he must be an addict? NO!”
    Reading books is not social. its anti social.
    You emerge into a world. with no other people in it.
    Games on the other side, can be social games. multiplay games..
    So gaming is good and social..
    Why is Gaming reguarded Bad, and reading books good?

  • Avoid Mountain House Chili Mac before getting into your tent unless you really want to recreate the Hindenburg disaster…just sayin’.

  • This sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it) works. I have endured insomnia all of my like, seriously, since infancy, have utilized various medicines, but this plan is the most effective tool I`ve found for breaking the cycle of sleeping disorders. I used this guideline consistently and been able to reach my objective of having a much better sleep.

  • This sound is so soothing and real that I am feeling drenched while actually sitting indoors.
    It has such serenity to it that I felt the temperature of my room fall by a couple of degree just listening to it.
    Reminds me of the days when I used to go trekking in the monsoons in the Sahyadri Ghats near Pune, Maharashtra.

    Is it weird that I listen to this music even during workout?

  • Great talk, what a shame this guy still believes in the Flu shot, yikes so progressive in so many other facets and trapped in the stone age of the Flu shot…..eek!

  • My electronics are my life! My babies! Never going without them. Especially since my friends all moved away after high school. My phone, PS3, and PC are all I have. lol Sad but true.

  • That’s funny but you are right people spend tons of money to live like homeless people
    Also how do i stay warm in a hammock with just a blanket cause i don’t have an underquilt or anything

  • I agree in general about the earplugs, however I had one experience when they may have saved my life! I was canoeing on Lake Superior once and came into a bay totally exhausted one evening. There were no other campsite choices that I could make to as the lake was too rough. Unfortunately the site had signs up saying it was closed due to problem bears. I found lots of bear sign back in the woods, but I only had enough energy to string up my food and set up my bedroll under a bugnet. I knew it was wrong but I was so tired I put earplugs in because I didn’t want to be on edge all night. In the morning, after a wonderful sleep, I found a well worn set of bear tracks in a circle around me, about 3ft away, and a bear had taken a dump under my food. In hindsight, I”ve learned to never get overly tired in the wilderness if I can help it, but I still wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t had the earplugs?

  • Thank you, Rhonda, for doing these great interviews. I rewatch them and take notes, and try to implement the advice. You are a treasure.

  • The head up-slope advice is invaluable. Use the bubble level app on your smartphone if the slope is difficult to determine. Acid reflux from all that spicy camp food can be horrible.

  • Great video. I love how you did this. I just subscribed I’ll look forward to more. I do follow your rule of stop any drinking of fluids at least an hour and of course for me because I’m a lot older than you sometimes two hours before going to bed.

  • I just got home form this frist weekend of August, I was at a 30 hour Airsoft milsim event, and I am sleeping so much deeper, and my eyes are not red, its easier to fall asleep, this video makes lots of scene =)

  • Sound advice, just wondering where you’ve been camping to have all these issues with other people? Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far. I do have a gun and permit to carry, just don’t want to deal with the extra weight. Nice editing with the bird BTW. I like how you zoomed in on it and then went back yourself without a brake in it’s song.

  • okay so i try not turning on the lights when it’s going to be dark just a candle or so. because i REALLY have an issue with sleeping

  • I’ve been deprived of a great rest since I reached my adult life. I am on day 7 of this sleep medication and actually feel greater. I’d never ever believed I can achieve 8 hours of sleep once more. The strategy how to heal insomnia is certainly amazing. It says a few explanations and also a medication for diverse instances of sleeping disorders. It has lots of alternatives or options for you to pick from. I discovered Google and found this tip on a website.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Great video, we have subscribed to your channel.
    Check out our outdoor adventure videos.
    Subscribe to our channel below.

  • The Jordan Peterson of the sleep world. So much fascinating information that ultimately ties it all together. Fantastic episode.

    I know of Dr Patrick through Rich Roll. This interview made me a subscriber.

  • There is so much love here that it brings tears to my eyes. Today’s the day. Whoever needs to hear this…today’s the day you start living. Don’t give up. Look how visible you are right now to someone you’ve never met. Choose love. Choose life. I believe in you. ��

  • I sleep with my Buff pulled down over my head. No need to twist it into a cap, just pulled down, with a long tube flapping about like a Smurf.

  • For some reason I sleep better in the school year, (8-6 hours consistently) but during summer every 3 days or so I sleep from like 11-330 and can’t go back to bed? I’m confused

  • Have you heard the story about Cardinals? Legend has it that they are loved ones you have in Heaven visiting you. Yes that Cardinal is singing to you!

  • greetings, what i do is i dig a shallow pit the size of my body of course and lay some hot rocks in the bottom and spruce or pine bows over top a good thick layer and my sleeping bag over top and sleep nice n toasty all night.

  • Bears not near as destructive as mice. They will chew right through your tent if you leave oreos in there at night. Also raccoons can eat right through a plastic tote and igloo ice chest in one night. Yep. We hang all our food now but no bears near us. Hehehe

  • Honestly, this happens whenever I go on vacation electricity or no. I think it’s because I don’t spend 4 hours watching DNews on the computer before bed when I’m away from home.

  • Considering layering down and not up; I disagree.

    See. I am sleeping in tents for over a year now. Like on a daily basis. Im a backpacker, dont judge me.
    And when the nights were cold I would get up and get an extra layer of insulation and that ALWAYS made me feel warmer. Sometimes not enough! Especially before I had my proper sleeping bag.

    But! Never sleep in the clothes you spend the day in either. Especially after having sweated. If you hiked or worked and you go to bed you will be cold. Because water cools you down. Sweat is water. So sweaty clothes cool you down.

    So what I learned and recommend; have a second set of clothes to sleep in or atleast change your body layer!

    THAT makes a real difference.

  • Now if this helps me to stop shaking from stress, it’ll be a success. Wish the chimes moved. Good for meditation. Im 83 years old and looking for emotional and physical relief.

  • Please comment more on your “no ear plugs” advice. Recently camped on the AT with my son. 15 minutes after we got quiet something was walking in the woods nearby. Stepping on sticks at times. Sounds just like a person but I knew it could only be a deer. I’d make a sound so it would go away. 15 minutes later the walking starts again. This repeats several times until just after midnight. Are you saying I can’t ignore the sounds of a human walking in the woods? What do you do then?? This deer didn’t leave until it was in camp and I got out and had a face to face talk with it. Literally.

  • Pretty Good! If you need outdoor work light for your night, please be free to contact us:

  • One of the most important things i didn’t hear you say is check your weather often,and make sure your sleeping bag is rated for the temperatures you are going to sleep in,most important don’t let homeless people see where your camping at and bears are not shy they will smell you long before you see them so what ever you do don’t give them a reason to come in your tent like keeping food or honey in your tent i bring a small tarp wrap my food in it a tying it up and pull it in the air from a branch of a tree the higher the better makes the smell up in the top of a tree

  • My 12w old baby and I fall asleep to this every night.

    I use to have the fan going.. but it was much too cold in winter and my sinuses would feel gross.

    The soothing rain has been a perfect replacement and the dim light from this video helps me to see while changing and feeding her.

    Love it.

    Sweet dreams.

  • I play this every night for my children when they go to bed and without a doubt thwy are asleep within the space of me reading 2pages of a book. I love the sound of rain, its always be so relaxing and comforting for me.

  • Who the fuck is this guy, and which state does he come from? Bear in mind that prior to ten or fifteen years ago, unless you were a Cub Scout or from the states of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, or Colorado, you didn’t backpack or hike. This is a fact, although people will deny it and misrember their childhoods because hiking has become so trendy and hipster. And now every flatlander from Alabama, New York, or Ohio has a hiking channel, and is giving advice.

  • “Women need to pee more often then men, thats a simple fact”. Sorry, that is not att all true. (If the woman is not pregnant). It is definitely very personal and age can be an issue but it is certainly not connected to gender.

  • Regardless of how you spend your days, know that you are loved. Always. Infinitely. That no matter how alone you feel (and you will sometimes), there is somebody somewhere who is thinking of you, wondering about you, and hoping you’re doing well. There is someone cheering for you, hoping you succeed. There is someone who misses you and loves you. Don’t ever doubt that.

    Blessings to all who read this.

  • 00:06:27 How pulling an all-nighter decreases learning capacity by 40 percent. Study.

    00:09:07 How sleep is important for long-term memory because during sleep, we shift memories from the hippocampus, the brain’s vulnerable, short-term storage reservoir, and we move them out to the cortex, the brain’s long-term storage site.

    00:13:22 How sounds, when played at sub-awakening volume and coupled with certain learning can be used to contextually strengthen memories during sleep… a bizarre and fascinating phenomenon. Study.

    00:16:42 On a similar note, how exposure to odors during learning and then again during sleep can create this exact same selective-enhancement of retention. That’s right — smells and even sounds can reinforce memories even while we sleep. Study.

    00:24:27 We also talk about a possible explanation as to why we do not remember dreams.

    00:26:37 Dr. Walker’s research showing how loneliness is a type of viral social contagion that is promoted by sleep loss, which was demonstrated by experiments that showed people who were sleep-deprived distanced themselves from social interactions, and were, in turn, shunned by other people. Study.

    00:35:57 We discuss how the amygdala, the brain’s emotional center, is 60 percent more reactive after sleep deprivation due to a dampening down of prefrontal cortex function. Study.

    00:39:37 The effect that genetics plays in anxiety and poor sleep.

    00:40:52 How the body’s fight-or-flight mechanism is amplified in people who have insomnia.

    00:45:57 The role of daylight during the day and darkness during the night in improving sleep and circadian rhythms and strategies for using this to our advantage.

    00:56:07 The fascinating way heat can manipulate the production of crucial slow wave sleep which has been demonstrated by changes as small as fractions of a degree.

    01:09:57 How shorter sleep duration has been shown to reduce natural killer cell activity to 70 percent of normal, which, due to the function of natural killer T cells, really suggests chronic sleep deprivation may increase cancer risk. Study.

    01:12:07 How people averaging less than six hours of sleep at night are four times more likely to become ill after being exposed to the flu virus. Study.

    01:16:27 How poor sleep overall increases sickness rates, impairs glucose metabolism, and even decreases testosterone levels.

    01:29:55 How people deprived of sleep for 36 hours show an increase in the amount of amyloid-beta found in their cerebrospinal fluid by as much as 25 to 30 percent and the crucial role that slow wave sleep plays in helping us clear amyloid-beta. Study.

    01:36:17 The importance of deep, slow wave sleep, which begins to decline as early as our 20s, ultimately being cut in half by our 50s, and declining even more — to the point that it is almost undetectable by the time we’re in our 80s, according to Dr. Walker. Study.

    01:40:38 Some of the limitations of most sleep trackers when compared to polysomnography, the gold standard of sleep science diagnostic tools.

    02:00:53 How the beta cells in the pancreas become less sensitive to high glucose levels and other cells in the body become less sensitive to insulin when a person doesn’t get enough sleep. Study 1; Study 2.

    02:05:37 How people who sleep poorly tend to eat 200 to 300 calories more per sitting than those who sleep well and overall have more desire for caloric rich food — a phenomenon that, overall, tracks with a generalized pro-metabolic disorder quality that is associated with poor sleep and shorter sleep durations. Study 1; Study 2.

    02:10:17 How certain dietary macronutrients may differentially affect sleep. Study.

    02:11:17 How poor sleep disrupts the gut microbiome. Study.

    02:21:17 How one cup of coffee in the evening can decrease deep sleep by about 20 percent — an amount that Dr. Walker suggests is equivalent to aging by 10 or 15 years.

    02:23:02 How alcohol may have a short-lived sedative effect, it tends to fragment sleep, and suppresses REM sleep.

    02:29:37 How ambien-induced sleep resulted in a 50 percent loss in the learned connections made during the day in a specialized rodent test of neural plasticity, as well as some of Dr. Walker’s other concerns about sleeping pill use in general. Study.

  • Levelness and warmth are important but also quiet (ear plugs), darkness (blinder), head support (pillow), and availability of comfort items (headlamp, entertainment device (in case of insomnia)). Also, if wind, rain, or snow are a possibility, make sure the tent is prepared as best as it can be (varies by tent and circumstances).

  • I can personally attest to this. I have had insomnia since I was a child. When I spent 30 days in the desert doing survival training, after one week, I was tired about two hours after sundown and woke with the sun each morning, on my own without an alarm, and feeling more refreshed than I ever have in my life. I wish I could do it again, because it reverted as soon as I went home. It’s 6am and I haven’t yet been to bed from yesterday.:(

  • Energy to keep your pee warm? That’s funny! Your pee is isn’t going to cool off in your bladder, therefore will not take extra energy to keep it warm. If anything, it stores heat which is lost if you pee. But you can lose quality rest, and fail to replenish, if you do pee pee dance all night.

  • Such an interesting talk, I have learned so much! Thank you!
    I am left with one question though… If I work 8 hours in a day (9-5) and I want to study (before work or after or both) in order to change my career, how should I organize my sleep and studying, since it is recommended to sleep before and after learning? I do enjoy a good night sleep and waking up early, but I am willing to try anything that would help me be focused and efficient.
    I would appreciate thoughts from anyone who has some ideas. Thank you. ��

  • Matt Walker is brilliant. He just a steamroll of sleep science knowledge and data. His recollection and precision of explaining the current sleep science is immensely impressive, and to my current current awareness is the most informed. Thanks to him I’m committed to getting a non-negotiable 8 hours of quality sleep per night coming from an entire like of sleep deprivation and horrid quality, commonly sleeping less than 6 hours a night.

  • I just want to add this, I’ve camped with my family for a long time. I will say that an open cell air mattress with no foam will let the cold from the ground through. A good way to use an air mattress without getting cold is to place a piece of foam, or maybe a beach mat between the air mattress and tent floor. This will help block the cold from the ground. I have definitely noticed a difference between using something and not using something to block the cold from the ground.

    I understand that for backpackers, they may not like that unwanted extra weight, but, if it helps you get a good night’s sleep, I figure it’s worth it.

  • Yeah right, in the wilderness when my bladder is full, I’m nice and warm, when emptied, I can get the shivers due to the instant heat loss.

  • give me a pigeon, a type writer, and a few good books and I will trade my social-media/email surfing and video watching to an electronic-free lifestyle so I could live better.

  • Went to bed in 20°F weather in my thermals and a beanie with a military 3 pc bag… Woke up freezing my ass off and ended up adding sweats and a sweatshirt. Night 2, i slept with the added clothes and slept well. Screw sleeping in base layers only when it’s cold!

  • Is this…it is! It’s a conversation between matthew walker and rhonda patrick? Fuuuuhck…..see, we don’t need joe fuckin rogan after all….shit, I look forward to hearing every word of this!

  • I used a stuff sack as a pillow with my socks and smoking jacket. Didnt keep them completely warm but not freezing when i put them on in the morning.

  • My going to bed ritual has been hot water bottle in my bed, bath room, cotton head wrap folded diagonally and wrapped over my head then to crawl under my wool blankets.

  • …………-_your not half bad kid…..not at all. if your ever in Amsterdam holla at me. your will know the secret the universe when you smoke some Einstein kush 0.o

  • I like to keep a weapon close by. You know, for that imaginary monster that doesn’t exist. The one you’re thinking about all night, keeping you from sleeping.

  • You seem like one who could help me. I just started hiking and camping. Friends told me I should put my glasses inside my boot to protect them from damage while camping. I tried this, but it makes my boot very uncomfortable on the trail. Especially when the little shards work their way through my thick wool socks and stick in the bottom of my foot. I can’t see nearly as well when I’m not actually wearing my glasses and this method doesn’t seem to protect them from damage at all. What am I doing wrong?

  • I’ve been a soldier for well over 10 years and spend so many nights sleeping in nature.. these tips are the same we use.. I sleep only in my boxers, it feels cold for 10 minutes max snd then it gets hot in the bag..:)

  • These are spot on. I can personally attest to the layering down idea. I slept in near freezing temperatures in just a light sleeping bag just fine. Laying on my back was the warmest position because it allowed my bag to retain its loft and do its job. If I rolled over on my side I found that the parts of my body pressing against the bag got cold. Thanks for the tips!

  • Hey Trace, I’m a security Guard and work nights but by the time i get around to my days off my body clock is completely nocturnal and makes spending time with family and friends a difficult experience! Any ideas as to what can help me getup and reset my body clock quicker that a camping trip?

  • I just found your videos, and you’ve got a new fan… almost solely because you get right to the point! Unlike 99% of other youtubers, thank you!

  • So much info, so many questions! 1) Does the light we need early in the day come through corrective lenses (glasses) or car windows? 2) We make less melatonin as we age, is supplementing melatonin a good idea? 3) How do naps fit into a healthy sleep pattern (I am over 60, so I am questioning for my age group, but interested in all age groups) 4) Binaural beats can help stimulate Delta waves, are they a good idea while we sleep? 5) Re: the lower temperature at night info: Does just not using blankets help out for those without air conditioning? It would be awesome if you could answer these questions on a follow-up session. Thanks for another great podcast!!!!

  • In the age of zombies and scary movies…I highly recommend that you “do not” watch “camping” horror movies. I’ve been camping for 30plus years, alone most of it and I mentally prepare each and every time. I second the comment about people are what you should be weary of (unfortunately). Animals? Not a problem….

  • Comment if you brought sticks from the backyard and put the phone with the fireplace video on my daughter told me to try it out lol

  • If you did not prepare well and you sleeping system is not rated high enough or needs replaced, you will need to layer up to stay warm. That’s the except though. Learning the hard way.

  • Well that’s depressing. So you’re saying people who are naturally polyphasic sleepers should just expect a diseased filled early death: /

  • Thank you for another incredible video Rhonda.
    Dr. Walker speaks so eloquently and with such passion that he was able to talk about sleep for hours on end without making the audience the least bit drowsy!
    The world is very fortunate to have both of you and I personally am grateful for how you have both enriched my life. Thank you again.

  • Man, I love those tips from you. I would add what works well for me, it made a difference especially during my first overnighters: get acclimated to nature. When you’re just sitting in front of your tent in the evening, enjoying the campfire, the stars, whatever nature has to offer, then you will be much more in “outdoors sleeping mood” and also feel much more comfortable when getting into the sleeping bag.

  • Who is this interviewer? So refreshing to hear an interviewer who is informed and can actually contribute to the discussion, rather than just reeling off a list of questions!

  • Problem I have is that when camping/backpacking, I sleep less on my side and more so squarely on my back and my lower back SCREAMS with pain halfway through the night. Really… it’s immobilizing. I’ve tried putting something under the small of my back (shirt rolled up, socks etc.) and have elevated my knees with same…and have same issue. I recently purchased a WellaX sleeping pad because it was advertised to address this problem, but unfortunately this did not solve the problem. Looking for more/better suggestions. Thank you!!

  • Light a fire for a man and keep him warm for a night.

    Light a man ON FIRE.. and you keep him warm for the rest of his life…

    And even longer…

    …if he’s a Democrat.

  • I am a great fan of a pitbull bed warmer and security system..good cuddlings and great company and can carry their own food and drink

  • This was one of the most fascinating podcasts I have ever heard!
    Incredible information on our single most important and underrated growth and healing mechanism, Thankyou!

  • 10:15 man says something mildly intelligent, woman stands up without any comment and leaves the interview for a few seconds, analyze.

  • Dry a tinder bundle by the fire the night before and keep dry overnight, preferably in your bag or in a plastic bag overnight ready for your morning coffee.

  • I give up electronics all the time to camp. Love camping! Though I haven’t been able to go in a long time. It’s too expensive to go camping anymore. And I don’t mean I buy a whole stuff, I mean by traveling to a good camping spot is costly. There’s none close by where I live that are good. Or cheap.

  • A few mental note takeaways. 1.) You can increase your recall by playing sounds and smells associated with certain memories in your sleep. 2.) non rem aids short term memory, rem helps with long term and also idea making and creative problem solving 3) you can potentially wake yourself up during rem (maybe by loosely timing an alarm based on sleep cycle) that will make your dreams (creative rem associations) more recallable and available to your memory (could be inventions or answers to problems you couldn’t solve in there!) 4) sleeping sufficiently before and after learning are critically important to learning

  • Great tip to kill two birds with one stone -> If you have to pee during the night, just get your trusty bottle and pee into it. Close it very tightly and put it into your sleeping bag. It will save your gas, solves the “getting up at night because you need to pee problem” and it wont burn you… I did that many many times. Just get over it… Your own urin wont hurt you…

  • How many more times will I have to hear that “the body spends energy to warm your pee” myth? By the same logic a full fridge would use much more electricity than an empty one because there is “more stuff to keep cool”.

  • Don’t have sex where you work and don’t urinate where you sleep. It enrages the nature Bears will sue you. Be sure you film within walking distance to your vehicle! Is it full of fuel?