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I’ve been a huge proponent of using exercise as your antidepressant instead of running straight to big pharma. Exercise helps us get healthier, naturally increases our “happy chemicals,” and helps us improve in every aspect of our life. Don’t let what I just said be an attack on you if you take antidepressants. The data suggests therefore that exercise can be a natural antidepressant in patients with MDD.

Duration, Frequency, and Intensity of Exercise Research has shown a range of results with respect to how often and how intense exercise should be in order to work as an effective natural antidepressant. Exercise not only increases blood flow to the brain, but it releases endorphins, the body’s very own natural antidepressant. It also releases other neurotransmitters, like. Modern living tends to sever your connection to the natural world, and many are now starting to recognize just how important a connection with the land is for health and happiness.

Health benefits associated with gardening run the gamut from stress relief to improved mental health, better nutrition and of course, exercise. In fact, some suggest. Timing is everything.

Exercise at a time of day that is most convenient. Do not exercise on a full or empty stomach or just before you go to bed. People with depression often suffer from insomnia, and night time exercise can leave you feeling energized when you want to sleep. If possible, exercise during daylight hours to also benefit from sunlight.

However, even just 10 minutes of exercise can boost your mood for a few hours. Studies show continuous, rhythmic exercise like walking, swimming, yoga, or dancing provide the most benefits for depression relief. 9. Based on research, aerobic exercise is the preferred form of exercise for patients with major depression.

There is also some research support. In a word, Yes, exercise can replace antidepressants, but I wouldn’t do it without consulting your doc first. If the side effects are a problem, try a.

Some were given Zoloft (Pfizer’s trade name for the antidepressant setraline), some 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, and some both. After six months, the group who exercised without also taking Zoloft did better than the other two groups. Now that’s a curious finding given Zoloft’s professed purpose.

Regular exercise may help ease depression and anxiety by: Releasing feel-good endorphins, natural cannabis-like brain chemicals (endogenous cannabinoids) and other natural brain chemicals that can enhance your sense of well-being Taking your mind off worries so you can get away from the cycle of negative thoughts that feed depression and anxiety.

List of related literature:

Regular exercise has antidepressant effects that are as effective as psychotropic medications or psychotherapy for mild to moderate depression, making it a worthwhile adjunct, or even alternative, to traditional depression treatments.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

The comparable antidepressant effects demonstrated for exercise relative to SSRI are particularly important, because exercise may represent a more cost-effective, accessible, and acceptable treatment for some individuals compared with more traditional treatments for depression.

“The Handbook of Stress Science: Biology, Psychology, and Health” by Richard Contrada, PhD, Andrew Baum, PhD
from The Handbook of Stress Science: Biology, Psychology, and Health
by Richard Contrada, PhD, Andrew Baum, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2010

Likewise, exercise can be the active form of treatment for those who have started antidepressant or antianxiety medications.

“Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
from Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being
by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
Oxford University Press, USA, 2011

Exercise positively influences the same brain hormones (that is, endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine) as antidepressant medications, but exercise is likely even more effective than drugs for treating depression.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
by Sheri R. Colberg
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

But while the group getting only Zoloft (sertraline hydrochloride) saw their depression lift quickly, by 16 weeks of treatment, exercise was just as effective in reducing depression.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
by Judy Foreman
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

About a third of the patients who initially improved on Zoloft combined with exercise were depressed again, whereas 92 percent of those benefiting from just the exercise were still doing well.

“Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting” by Terrie M. Williams
from Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting
by Terrie M. Williams
Scribner, 2008

Unfortunately, most physicians recommend antidepressant medication first and only consider other lifestyle variables (e.g., stress management, counseling, or exercise) if the patient complains of side effects of the medications.

“Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition” by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, Wesley E. Sime, David H. Barlow
from Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition
by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, et. al.
Guilford Publications, 2007

Direct comparisons of exercise versus drug therapy (sertraline) for major depression showed exercise as a powerful mood enhancer.185 Subjects performed aerobic exercise on a treadmill 3 times per week and were followed over a 12-month period with respect to Zoloft therapy, exercise and Zoloft therapy, and exercise

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Additional benefits of exercise are that it is more easily accessed, less expensive, and results in fewer side effects than taking antidepressants.

“Varcarolis' Foundations of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing E-Book: A Clinical Approach” by Margaret Jordan Halter
from Varcarolis’ Foundations of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing E-Book: A Clinical Approach
by Margaret Jordan Halter
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

Although you may someday be able to stop taking antidepressants, exercise—and proper diet—are a lifelong commitment, especially if you are prone to depression.

“The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom” by Henry Emmons, MD, Rachel Kranz
from The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom
by Henry Emmons, MD, Rachel Kranz
Atria Books, 2006

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  • I was on zo loft for only two months and I stopped cold turkey and dealt with so many problems with my head. I was in the hospital about three times a month and they couldn’t tell me anything. Fast forward months later I’m still having head problems but less intense but my anxiety returned higher than it was before. Panic attacks as I’m driving as I’m using the bathroom, scared to even leave my house. I turned again to antidepressants, this time Lexapro. I still have very high anxiety just less panic attacks. I want to get off all of it so badly but I don’t know how to cope with my anxiety. I only been on Lexapro for a week now and plan on weaning myself off already cause this whole process just scares me.

  • I’ve been taking 50mg Prozac and it seems that I don’t have this symptom.. But I’m really scared if I do. I’m still a virgin and I’ve been able to have orgasms and everything seems to be working, but idk if it could be more powerful or stronger if I was off it. I’ve been taking Prozac for more than 5 years and it seems that my sex drive has been stable.. Although I am a female and have been only getting orgasm feeling worth of up to the average of males.

  • Wow most people DON’T!!! have troble coming off? That is Bull Shit. More like most or all people have a ruff time comming off. Those antidepressant drugs are highly addictive they’re just as bad for you as Ritalin. Bloody poison is what they are

  • This video is giving VERY uninformed info. The effects coming off of psychiatric drugs aren’t some normal anxiety, etc. It is SEVERE severe more than your normal anxiety. It is anxiety times 10000. The dizziness is beyond normal. Hallucinations and severe suicidal ideation and even homicidal ideation is COMMON. A lot of people coming off these drugs become psychotic and aggressive. This cutesy video is not telling half the story. Very inaccurate.
    Plus, your depression comes back because the drug only masked the symptom. And the depression can come back HARDER than it was.

  • Help! I have been on liquid Prozac for many years now, but in general have been on antidepressants for at least the past 10 years. I’m a 51-year-old man, previous to taking the anti-depressants I had a very powerful sex drive, and a very healthy and enjoyable sex life with my spouse, but now I have 0 Sex Dr. at all, I can’t even get a full erection much less have sex, and it’s driving me absolutely crazy. Long story short, because of Crohn’s disease I’ve had 37 surgeries they have left me with only 5% of my entire G.I. tract, which is why I take the liquid Prozac, as most pills just go right through me and are not absorbed, but my depression is severe along with crippling anxiety as well as PTSD. The medications do deal with the depression, anxiety and PTSD, but leave me feeling like a robot, the only emotion I can feel is absolute misery. Over the years I’ve tried 12 different medications until I found the Prozac in liquid form that at least killed the crippling depression during which I was extremely suicidal, but now I cannot even feel real happiness anymore. I sleep sometimes 18 hours a night, and have absolutely no desire to even get out of bed in the morning, my entire life is falling apart and I just don’t know what to do anymore, even my psychiatrist can’t help me, as we tried every possible solution, and nothing is working. I’m no longer suicidal, but I’m just miserable, but not depressed, does that make any sense? I honestly don’t know what to do, because of my health I was forced to go on long-term disability six years ago and quit the job that I absolutely loved, working as a laboratory and medical imaging technician at a local trauma centre here in Toronto. I was not prepared for the onslaught of loneliness, going from being surrounded by hundreds of people a day to being alone, with nobody to talk to, day in and day out as all of my friends and my spouse are out at work. It’s more in my mind can handle, and I’m absolutely desperate for help. My psychiatrist is doing everything he can, but if he is coming up empty, then what am I supposed to do? I do exercise a lot, especially because I’m down to only 138 pounds, and I’m 5’11” tall, and all my life I’ve always been a stocky guy, but because my body can no longer absorb nutrients because I haven’t got enough intestine left, exercise is the only thing keeping me alive, along with a lot of multi vitamins I have to crash into a powder, and those nutritional drinks like boost. If anyone out there can offer me any solutions or suggestions I would be so appreciative. Going back to sex for a moment, I forgot to mention that I am a gay man, and that actually is a major factor, because my very first surgery back when I was 21 was after my large intestine ruptured and they found cancer on my ruptured colon and in my rectum, which they had to remove and stitch shut forever. Basically it’s the equivalent of having a woman getting her vagina stitched closed, completely destroying the one part of sex I absolutely enjoyed the most, and while there is more to sex then just intercourse, it was a hard pill to swallow it only the age of 21, and it’s only gotten worse since then. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  • I think my SSRI gave me my low libido AND diabetes. Not in my family, and blood sugars have been creeping up since I started taking Paxil 10 years ago. Wondering if there is a connection.

  • I’m actually a bit worried then. I started with my SSRI when I wasn’t sexually active yet, but when I became I noticed I have a really high sex drive. Now I’ve just quit taking my medication and I already feel my sex driven getting higher. It in my case used to cause some unhealthy behavior in relationships. I hope I won’t be finding out I’m some type of nymphomaniac girl.

  • I took antidepression for 6 months, as a result i lost my libido and don’t orgasm anymore, i stoped taking it for almost 4 months from now and still have the same problem. What would i do!?

  • When she says you can just change your medication dosage and yada yada yada who told this lady that everybody is running around with a personal Prescription Pad? What country does this lady think she lives in? A real doctor would be talking about the root of these causes not Band-Aiding symptoms with medications that have side effects worse than the initial problem. Somebody’s being paid off by the Pharmaceuticals organizations and it’s pretty evident. You will get no healthy societal living with this type of mentality. Stop letting monsanto’s poison everybody’s food and then maybe we’ll see a reduction in depression issues.

  • If i ever need to lose a boner i will merely listen to this! No more thinking of poop to ger a softie! ill think of her anti love lmao

  • yep and the sexual dysfunction side effects are permanent after stopping the SSRI’s! plus they don’t disclose this… i’m suffering from pssd

  • Doctors used to want to help you, now they are just a bunch of pill pushing bullshit artists. These drugs are dangerous and highly addictive made worse by the disinformation portrayed in crap like this video.

  • I’d say difficultly achieving orgasm is the main sexual complaint. Especially frustrating for men trying to rub one out.
    Not all SSRI’s are created equal. If you can’t nut on Zoloft, then try Luvox, if that’s not much better, then try the Prozac.

  • I stopped taking them like 4 days ago because i couldn’t jerk off properly now ive fapped 3 times in day.
    But i think im getting withdrawal symptoms.

  • I have basically no libido whatsoever. It was bad before antidepressants, I’m practically asexual now, which sucks when you’re married and your wife wants sex.

  • Not all antidepressants change the balance of neurotransmitters. Drugs that truly work maintain the balance while increasing the levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine at the same time. Sadly, no one is willing to prescribe them these days:(

  • I’m on 20 mg fluoxetine been on a long time 4 years ish doc saying just stop but I don’t believe them as I had bad experience coming of citalopram it made me crazy so I’m going to go to 10 mg after Christmas

  • No matter which anti-depressants i have been prescribed, they all make climax almost impossible to achieve and sex is ‘boring’ due to the lack of sensation.

    Feel healthy?

    Such a tough/bad decision to have to make

  • I KNOW for a fact Cymbalta destroys a person. You become a shell of who you were. This drug nearly DESTROYED my life. I said enough is enough and after 20 some years stopped taking it. Withdraw was HORRIFIC. 6 months later I am a happy, sexual wife!!!!! Yes I had lost the ability to orgasm. I lost who I was. NEVER was I told of what this drug would do to me. NEVER was I told about the addictiveness of this drug.

  • That said Dr. If you end up with PSSD as a result there is little point to adding another little anti-depressant, because you are already fucked.

  • Hmm not sure if I should kick tea, to be honest. I mean I’d probably still drink green tea even if I kicked black tea, but I’m Iranian and drinking black tea is basically a cultural staple, it’d be like betraying my own DNA or something lol.

  • Look, the truth is that these drugs are not meant for most people. The true cure is clinical treatment with psychedelics and CBT. You also need to be consistent in growing past your negative habits and learn to be more self compassionate. It takes time; the longer you have suffered, the longer it will take to get better. One step at a time, you will get farther in your improvement. On your bad days, it is tough to see the light from deep inside your hole so focus on your treatment when on your better days when you are stronger. The better days and better feelings will throw off the imbalance in the other direction and outweigh the bad ones. There are many different reasons for depression; take a good look at yours and try to identify where yours comes from because some situations are better than others; one who suffered from bullying is different than one who suffered from rape…my point is, a lot of us have a better chance at breaking free from this illness so take that into consideration to help motivate yourself. You are closer to a better life than you realize. There is land beyond the black cloud that shrouds your ship, lost out at sea.

  • This is terrible, use a vibrator!? Yeah, deaden your nerves to normal stimulation so it’s difficult to achieve orgasm when you get off the drugs.

  • It is obvious from enough documented cases that there is something wrong with SSRIs and that SSRIs can cause sexual side effects that can persist even if the drug is stopped. As is so often the case, there was no immediate scientific explanation for this, but it has now been proven that SSRIs cause epigenetic changes, i.e. they switch certain genes on and others off. Some of these changes are obviously positive in the context of depression, but there are also obviously negative changes in the context of reproductive function and sexuality, which are negative. Similar epigenetic changes also occur when, for example, children are sexually abused, as a result of which they have an increased risk of depression throughout their lives. For some users of SSRIs, these epigenetic changes are obviously reversed, for some they are obvious for the rest of their lives. Those who are affected seem to have more to do with genetic predisposition than with things like regular exercise or sex. A little ridiculous this advice in the video, because how is someone supposed to have sex 3 times a week when he has no need for it? The whole thing looks more like a bad barter deal, you get rid of the temporary depression but in the worst case you have lifelong sexual problems, which you didn’t have before (and which then lead to new depressive effects and reduced quality of life).

  • I hate antidepressants. They help some things, but I hate them with all they can do for side effects. It’s a hard bargain if you need them. I’ve been on over 33 medicines, so believe me when I say I can talk about these with immense amounts of interpersonal experience.

  • Over 6 years for me and the erectile effects are still with me. It destroyed a marriage and the ablity to form relationships, though these are not the only effects. I no longer appear to have the same motivations in life. I use to hike, cross-country ski, mountain bike these activities have also stopped. It’s like I don’t really enjoy anything any more. Of course can’t get any treatment or even be taken seriously with my complaints. Like it was only 6 to 8 weeks of Zoloft and Abilify. Kind of like my life ended at that point never to return.

    Tried everything thing she suggests. None of that stuff works.

  • I was on them 2 years ago.. I found it difficult to climax (even on my own)..:(

    OFF them now.:))��������
    Edit: Please Belive Me when I tell YOU’s ALL YOU WILL Get OFF them and FEEL BETTER!!✅��������

  • I wanted to kill myself for a long time. I almost did, but I got better. If anyone cares, here’s how I did it. I started telling myself I am happy, I am loved, I am important, I am worthy of love, I am beautiful, I radiate love and kindness, and I am capable of anything. When I said these things, I didn’t believe any of it. I didn’t feel like I believed it either. Regardless, I wrote these affirmations down everyday and told myself these things everyday. It helped so much and it allowed me to build and emotional foundation that I’ve stood on till this day. Please remember that you are strong, your are worthy of love, and you are capable of absolutely anything… even being happy. I love everyone reading this message. Stay safe!

  • I took anti depressants and they worked instantly! I obviously needed them. I came off them, I was suicidal as I didn’t wean myself off gradually. I went back on them they helped a bit. Then again I stopped cold turkey. This time round I started a healthy diet and exercise! I DON’T NEED ANTI DEPRESSANTS!! ♥️��

  • I went to the doctor for my physical and I told them about my anxiety and depression. Like the video, I didn’t think I deserved to feel sad or anxious, and a lot of times im afraid I dont know I’m faking it. I have panick attacks everyday and detach from reality a lot. I also feel worthless when I make a mistake. But when I dont and I’m just busy with my family I feel great for the most part. I still have a hard time accepting its not my fault and that the brain is an organ,, meaning that taking Zoloft is no different then taking medicine to help your heart or your kidneys. I feel a lot of anxiety writing this because I’m not trying to be an attention seeker, but I just need to vent. Anyways, I got prescribed Zoloft and I have to go get it tomorrow. I’m terrified honestly. Thanks for reading; I hope you have a great day. Thanks for the video!

  • Don’t take antidepressants only if u feel suicidal or paranoid because withrawal from these pills is a helish experience none of these drugs are curative change your lifestyle a live a stress free life and deal with your emotions alone.

  • After years of being on antidepressants I decided to just stop. After 4 days I was experiencing anxiety, night sweats, muscle cramps and terror. I went to the chemist and a naturopath told me to take these herbal tablets three times a day. I thought at the time that she couldn’t be serious to think that something herbal could fix this withdrawal problem. But after 24 hours ALL the symptoms disappeared, it was a miracle. I took them for two months then decided to stop them as well. No withdrawals and I have been tablet free ever since. The tablets were Kava Calm (Karva 3g and Passionflower 1g each tablet) that I took 3 times/day. No stress coming off antidepressants.

  • I know people they seem to work for. If they don’t help you I’d recommend coming off them with help from your doctor to slowly lower the dose. I took them for 12 years before I weened off them as they did me no good, just dulled other parts of me. They are painful to come off after a long time, I was ill for a good two years but I’m glad I did it, I’m happier off them and not dulled in anyway. Stoic philosophy helped me, the art of letting go and living in the here and now. You should treat your mind like your body, exercise it to keep it trim.

  • Oh dear,God….dangerous, addictive drugs that dull you down…worst medications in history of medicine. If you want a fast track to cognitive decline even at a young age and a certain road to dementia at a later age, take xanex….one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs.
    Your drug pusher in a white coat is more than obliged to diagnose and dispense you on your road to hell.

  • I was 13 or 14 when I first started antidepressants and I remember going to pick them up at the pharmacy one time and the tech said I was really young to be taking them which I think about a lot now. The thing with me is that I’m now too dependent on my antidepressants and I don’t think I’ll be ever be able to live without them which is unfortunate and I personally find it sad for myself. I’ve also switched meds again and again and have been given more meds to my daily routine and it was just…. never enough. I’m now 19 and I know I’m definitely a lot better than i was 5 years ago but I don’t think I’ll ever get off of antidepressants

  • Quiting antidepressives, in my opinion and for myself, I guess a period of a couple to several years. I’m on Zoloft(sertralin) for the moment and I have eaten them for many years. Felt well over the last 7-8 years. Lowered my dose from 150mg to 50mg in 1,5 to 2 years. And last New Year I got my depression back. Worked, got worse, sick at home, got a little better, of to work again, got worse, sick at home etc etc. Drew my head against the wall again and again, so to speak. I have a very physical demanding work sanatize asbest so now I’ve been sick att home for a couple of months. Have gone up to 200mg of Zoloft(Sertraline) and finally a can see a little light in the tunnel, so to speak. So did I do right cutting down from 150mg to 50mg in 1,5 to 2 years or was it dead wrong??? Maybe, maybe not?! It might seem like it was. 1,5 to 2 years of cutting down 150mg to 50mg, to short???? Maybe for me?! Do I have to eat this medication for the rest of my life? Well if it’s so I’ll do it. The medication has worked pretty well for me except for when I started with it and first got much worse before I got any better. What’s the hen or what’s the egg? So to speak. Do I really need this medication or will I be able to quit in the future?! Time will tell. Right now I’m stuck with it slowly getting my head out of the big, black hole. Thank you for great and educational videos. I just subscribed. It’s clear that the brain can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time. Best Regards Mark E Gunnardo!

  • I got put on Paxil which had made everything so much worse. And then my doctor switched me to Zoloft and it completely saved me. Along with therapy of course

  • I’m only eleven at the moment, but I have to go to therapy or else I can’t focus in school. It is also hard to be completely honest in therapy. My therapist recommended pills for me, and now I’m worried.

  • Here’s the thing I have gad and chronic depression and the whole “I didnt want to talk because it’s not in my culture” I’m guessing this dude is referring to american culture but I got help pretty much right away and stigma of mental health pretty much all the time comes from pre conceived notions from yourself that you make up in your head and frankly I dont see it. Culture in America is dependent on yourself like people say english is not the official language really that says a lot so although my experiences are not the same as him I believe it’s not anybody’s fault but your own or his to have not got help. I understand people are nervous about these things but it’s really you being in your head too much

  • Anti depressants are ok but I highly recommend having therapy with the medication. I have had family members that took anti depressants and her life got very dependant on them with her conscious realising. It’s tough to have to go through so much in life and been labelled as clinically depressed can just increase the illness. Looking after you’re mental well being and soul is crucial in keeping you alive inside.

  • So, you you go to the doctor, they run a quiz on you, label you as depressed, and hook you on pills.
    Why not try only psychotherapy first?
    Some people need these medications, sure, but it should not be the first line of treatment.

  • I jus picked up my prescription Celexa my Doctor prescribe 20 mg I wanted to take one skip a day… take one skip a day…. what do you think

  • Wow I can relate so much but anti depressants is still not the answer
    I have all the symptoms you have
    But I deal with it my own way
    I have major depression too and I just know it

  • I must have medicines so I can sleep. This dreadful sleep problems has troubled me for Nine months. I acquired this sleeping plan from a health practitioner. In only 5 weeks of employing this sleeping plan, I got the best sleep I never ever had. Folks who have suffered with sleep problems for quite a long time should also test this. My sleeping habit every evening has improved substantially. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. Name of the tip is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Been on Lexapro for 17 years and have tried stopping 3 times, unsuccessful nightmare each time. Can’t afford the downtime to handle the discontinuation symptoms as I have a demanding career. I’m taking a very small dose these days, too small to be therapeutic but too big to abruptly stop. Going to have to gradually cut doses over the course of a year probably. It’s a terrible feeling knowing I am so hooked on this substance and would completely crumble without it. Drug companies know exactly what they’re doing.

  • The best way to stop them is to use tapering strips made in the Netherlands. You can have them made to your and your doctors’ specifications.

  • Kudos for the Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard about Lammywalness Erase Depression Guide (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive guide for beating depression fast without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my BF at very last got cool success with it.

  • The editing makes it seem her priority is the pt stay on drugs. If her priority is the pt stay on drugs 3 weeks longer, then emphasizing this again at the conclusion would help.

  • I’m sure of one thing! God will not forgive those who made these crap! And those who market them will not be saved either! Knowing very well that they destroy a person’s mental stability! Who works in the pharmaceutical industry and knows how to produce these poisons, you will have eternal damnation, because you are killing people!!! Stop while you’re on time! And to those who are suffering from these drugs, do not tire of praying!

  • Im debating wether to start taking antidepressants I’m fourteen and i struggle with suicidal thoughts, self harm addiction and bad body image. I have been prescribed lovan and idk if i should take it.

  • Dealing with depression since i was a child, i got a little better when i was in the system but now as an adult I don’t know if I should try to get medication or not because I live somewhere where feelings aren’t really talked about at all but I don’t seem to get better

  • The problems causing me depression aren’t the worst in general.. it’s a breakup and my relationship was something that totally gave me a new life. I loved and I loved good. But things happen badly even if you give your best. I’m majorly affected.. I cannot even describe really. It would sound foolish and whoever reads this will probably suggest to move on or take time be happy and all. The thing is that it’s the toughest when you’re all by yourself. The only person you were relying on, just left you and didn’t even care to look back. I cry my eyes out to sleep every night.. wake up and there’s this sudden heart drop moment where I realise I’ve no one. Everything i was doing had a reason before but now I’ve got none.

  • I know they don’t work for everyone but I’ve found that Zoloft has really saved my life. I don’t expect to be on it forever but at this point in my life it’s my favorite of the medications I’ve been on. I’ve had to be medicated for severe depression since I was 9(I’m 19 now) and it’s a combo of therapy and meds as well as overall life changes and I still struggle daily with mental health. Everyone try to remember that it takes time and a lot of work outside the meds to get better.

  • Does anyone have any experience of coming off Fluxotine 20mg? I have been on and off this medication for around 8 years now. The doctor has advised to take one every other day for a few months and then stop.
    What are peoples thoughts on withdrawing and the best way to do it? I feel scared when I think about coming off but I also want to be able to manage myself.
    Look forward to hearing your experiences…

  • I had ‘PSSD’ before they invented PSSD. I took antidepressant’s 28 years ago; this was a very big mistake. I am now seeing the same psychiatrist I saw for this 15 years ago. Back then he told me I needed to work-out more at the gym! My sex drive disappeared within several days of starting SSRI’s, and that was the last time I had sexual desire. More recently, it was suggested that I try Peptides (PT141), which I have, and this has given me some hope. When I take Peptides, I have some sensation in my penis; it is like the numbness leaves – it feels fantastic. However, there is still no sexual desire. The amount of relationships I have had to finished because of PSSD is now in double-digits. Before PSSD had a name, it was almost impossible to explain to women, I think I love you, but I just don’t really feel anything for you in the area of sexual desire. I do think Peptides will be part of the solution in the future. I know PSSD impacts women, too. My heart goes out to them. I am a psychotherapist these days, and I think my work helps me to find a degree of acceptance. However, I would like to reclaim my desire again, one day. I think ‘Big Pharma’ have a lot to answer for! Please keep the faith, we know a lot more these days than we did 28 years ago. I am grateful to Dr Rullo for releasing this video, it’s good that she is prepared to talk about the subject. However, to tell someone who has had their life destroyed by PSSD to add more antidepressants to the mix probably isn’t the best advice. If I could go back 28 years, I would had stayed with the depression, at least that comes and goes.

  • I just learned that I am depressed (it sounds so weird saying that) but I am skeptical of taking medication for it if you know what I mean. I try to pull myself out of it and have people helping me or whatever, but it just doesn’t really help. Could anyone offer some advice please, I have been struggling in school and have lost a lot of sleep and really need some help.

  • Just the proudest. I’ve said it to your face and I’ll say it here you’ve worked so hard to improve in mind, body and spirit. I have nothing but admiration for your commitment to reaching your best life possible. ��

  • Antidepressants won’t cure a terrible life, excercise, sleeping better, eating healthy and actively seeking to improve interpersonal relationships helped me 100 times more than any medication ever did. The sad truth is most people don’t have clinical depression their lives are just a mess

  • My psychologist just said I’m showing “some signs” of depression,referred me to a psychiatrist today.They just didn’t tell me what exactly I have but prescribed me fluoxetine! Even though I don’t focus on the diagnosis …I’m just a tiny bit curious of what I’m going through

  • weed made me more depressed and i cant see this being much different after the effects are gone so you should research more before hoping into this because doctors certainly don’t know everything. I dont either but some people probably think they do.

  • I got prescribed antidepressants a week ago and I really don’t want to take them but… lately I’ve considered giving in and taking the whole bottle at once. It’s still up in the air

  • When I was diagnosed with Depression/Anxiety, I just signed myself into a Mental Health Hospital at 16. It was my decision. They prescribed me Lexapro, but it wasn’t doing anything for me so I stopped taking it. I’m now 21 and am dealing with it myself. I finally have a job again and am feeling great.

  • I became allergic to mine and had to stop abruptly. I had hot flashes and high anxiety. Decided to try ashwagandha. It’s not magic but it made things less bad.

  • I’m 15yrs old, and have just been set antidepressants to take, honestly not sure what I’m suppose to expect, all my family has taken it before, but I’m new to it. I hope this medication helps in some way:/


  • I have depression ocd and anxiety. I’ve been told to get a therapist as well as have me on antidepressants. When my gp asked me about if I wanted to kill myself I could speak. I don’t know if the pills will help, but I hope they do

  • I am so proud of you Scott. Truly. Know that out there is a person praying for you and loves you for what you have done for me. You’ve changed my life for the better. I can’t thank you enough.

  • I’m so happy for you. I saw a few of your videos back in 2014 and you helped me very deeply. Coming back to see what your up to. Well done man

  • I would like to ask something very serious. Two months ago, i quit antidepressants with my own decision, without agreement from the doctor. From then, my brain is full of negative thoughts, i feel that i cannot concentrate, something like a huge fog in my brain and i am not in the mood for anything. Is this because i quit the medication or not? Now that i have started taking them again, will i recover?

  • Buzzfeed promoting antidepressants that lower testosterone and lower masculinity. Next up: “soy lattes the most racially tolerant beverage”

  • “most people dont have side effects coming off of antidepressants but some do”.

    Considering the availables studies, more than 50% of people comming off of antidepressants will have (lasting) side effects, so that sentence should be reversed.

    How can this be considered information?

  • If you people are doubters of what he said, then how come that’s the biggest thing your remembering, must have some sort of question in your mind. If failure wasn’t around every corner how could it exist period. I think just the difference of opinion can insinuate a failure.

  • I was on amitriptyline for 6 weeks to treat migraines.
    For the first 2 weeks I was on 12.5mg The 3rd week 25mg, at this dosage I began to feel drowsy all the time and worse then when I first started so I began to taper off.
    The 4th and 5th week 12.5mg
    The 6th week 5mg.
    I began to experience withdrawals in the 5th week. Nausea, headaches, and Insomnia. The insomnia has progressively become more severe with each night me getting less sleep. I hadn’t experienced any dizziness, hallucinations, or any psychotic episodes so that leads me to believe either my withdrawals arent as severe or it hasn’t peaked. It’s only been 1 day since my final 5mg dosage.
    How long will these withdrawals last considering i only took them for 6 weeks. I know I tapered off quickly.

  • I took Zoloft to help my headaches and anxiety. I was 25 mg for a while then switched to 50 for a day or two and went back 25. I fully stopped taking them. Five days after taking them I felt really bad headaches and nausea. Lots of dizziness and light headedness�� anxiety was horrible shaking and trembling!! And now my throat hurts. For a second I thought I had corona but there just flu like symptoms of getting off the meds I guess


    If you know someone who is taking a psychiatric medication, you owe them this information. Psychiatrists are informed by the FDA and drug companies which have provided untruthful and fraudulent information regarding akathisia for 50+ years. Once this is triggered there is no help.

  • Ive struggles with anxiety mostly and some depression from isolating my whole life. I’ve been on a lot of different medications I was on zoloft for about 4 years and got off of it cold turkey about 3 months ago. The withdrawals we’re horrible but what’s worse is the anxiety and depression coming back. It’s really been a struggle but it is so worth it because of all the terrible side effects of SSRI’s. Am trying to get back on benzodiazepines Nit so many harsh side effects and they work better for me but the problem is finding a doctor who isn’t going to think I am “drug seeking” as that is what most doctors say when you tell them Benzos work for you. Otherwise I’d rather just be anxious and depressed and try to cope with it. Lord help me

  • Can someone tell me what over the counter drugs i can take. I’ve been suffering from anxiety worse than usual, my chest feels heavier than usual and i often get nauseous.

  • I’ve been on sertraline 24 years they said there were ni side affects tried to get off several times to no avail to scared now even though don’t think there working now now on 200mg

  • I’m still on antidepressants at the moment and I’m doing ok with them. I’m not ready to come off them at the moment but can someone tell me what it’s like and the process of coming of them??

  • My life is done. I came off them, then I feel fucking uncomfortable and brain stop running. When I back on them I feel illness and not like myself…. Fuck… It is so terrible. Who experienced same as me?..

  • This is how psych drugs remodel the brain. This is one of the best explanations that I have seen:

    How Psychiatric Drugs Remodel Your Brain:

    “A lot of people, including healthcare practitioners; in fact, most peopleare operating from entirely the wrong paradigm, or way of thinking, about these meds. They’re thinking of them like aspirin-as something that has an effect when it’s in your system, and then when it gets out of your system the effect goes away.

    That’s not what happens with medications that alter neurotransmitter function, we are learning. What happens when you change the chemistry of the brain is, the brain adjusts its chemistry and structure to try to return to homeostasis, or biochemical and functional balance. It tries to restabilize the chemistry. For example: SSRI antidepressants work as “serotonin reuptake inhibitors.” That is, they cause serotonin to remain in the space between neurons, rather than being taken back up into the cells to be re-used, like it would be in a normal healthy nondrugged brain. So the brain, which wants to re-establish normal signaling and function, adapts to the higher level of serotonin between neurons (in the “synapse”, the space between neurons where signals get passed along.

    It does this by removing serotonin receptors, so that the signal is reduced and changed to something closer to normal. It also decreases the amount of serotonin it produces overall. To do that, genes have to be turned on and off; new proteins have to be made; whole cascades of chemical reactions have to be changed, which means turning on and off OTHER genes; cells are destroyed, new cells are made; in other words, a complex physiologic remodeling takes place. This takes place over time. The brain does not grow and change rapidly. This is a vast oversimplification of the amount of adaptation that takes place in the brain when we change its normal chemistry, but that’s the principle.”

    “When we stop taking the drug, we have a brain that has designed itself so that it works in the presence of the drug; now it can’t work properly without the drug because it’s designed itself so that the drug is part of its chemistry and structure. It’s like a plant that has grown on a trellis; you can’t just yank out the trellis and expect the plant to be okay. When the drug is removed, the remodeling process has to take place in reverse. SO-it’s not a matter of just getting the drug out of your system and moving on. If it were that simple, none of us would be here. It’s a matter of, as I describe it, having to grow a new brain. I believe this growing-a-new-brain happens throughout the taper process if the taper is slow enough. (If it’s too fast, then there’s not a lot of time for actually rebalancing things, and basically the brain is just pedaling fast trying to keep us alive.) It also continues to happen, probably for longer than the symptoms actually last, throughout the time of recovery after we are completely off the drug, which is why recovery takes so long.”

    “With multiple drugs and a history of drug changes and cold turkeys, all of this becomes even more complicated. And if a person is started on these kinds of drugs at an early age before the brain has ever completely established normal mature functioning-well, it can’t be good. (All of which is why I recommend an extremely slow taper particularly to anyone with a multiple drug history, a history of many years on meds, a history of past cold turkeys or frequent med changes, and a history of being put on drugs at a young age.)”

    “This isn’t intended to scare people, but hopefully to give you some idea of what’s happening, and to help you respect and understand the process so you can work with it; ALSO, because you are likely to encounter many, many people who still believe these drugs work kind of like aspirin, or a glass of wine, and all you need to do is stop and get it out of your system. Now you can explain to them that no, getting it out of your system is not the issue; the issue is, you need to regrow or remodel your brain. This is a long, slow poorly understood process and needs to be respected.

  • NO SSRI ANTIDEPRESSANT SHOULD BE ON THE MARKET TODAY -MANUFACTURERS STUDIES SHOW THEY DO NOT WORK ANY BETTER THAN PLACEBO!!! SIMPLY PUT…THE RISK FAR OUTWEIGHS THE BENEFIT. I remain continuously amazed how few know so little about what we have already learned over the past almost three decades about antidepressants…it is as if the news was never even released! 

    First you should know their approval was bribed. Here is an interview with the doctor who did that for Pharma confessing what he did:

    “I indirectly contributed to the death of… people, whose shadows now haunt me.” Meet Dr. John Virapen, the man who bought/bribed Prozac’s approval, thus swinging the door wide open for the approval of this whole family of antidepressants…..

    This will help you understand why none of them work which is basically they got it all backwards because Serotonin was never low in depression or anxiety or anything else You would want to rid yourself of, it was elevated! Here I am explaining that to the FDA in their September 13, 2004 hearing with a long list of symptoms of ELEVATED serotonin:

    And here is the doctor whose research made them possible and who warned against them clear back in 1997!!!

    PLEASE read this blog which I put out seven years ago last month that will clearly explain why….

    FIRST PLEASE NOTE:  As many of you are attempting withdrawal without knowing much beforehand….According to the FDA ANY abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant can cause suicide, hostility, and/or psychosis whether increasing or decreasing the dose. Never even cut your dose of your antidepressant by even half as the risk is too great! Brynn Hartman, comedian Phil Hartman’s wife, had her dose cut in half just three weeks before shooting him while she was in an unconscious state after which she shot herself. (The wrongful death case against the antidepressant manufacturer has been settled in behalf of the Hartman children for the loss of their parents.) Brynn Hartman suffered the most deadly withdrawal effect known as the REM Sleep Disorder where you act out your nightmares in a dream state. Antidepressants have been found to be involved in 86% of those being diagnosed with the REM Sleep Disorder (See our group on that deadly withdrawal effect, REM Sleep Disorder, here:

    The only safe way, and the least painful way, to withdraw I have found in 25 years of working with those on these antidepressants is to go very very very gradually down off of these deadly drugs. I believe that is true due to the strong steroid effect of the drugs. Whatever the reason it is dangerous to withdraw rapidly or abruptly and almost always sets you up for failure and an even longer term withdrawal. No one wants you off this drug more than I do with what I know about them, but SLOW and STEADY is the key to success with antidepressant withdrawal. Here is a long list of natural alternatives found to be very helpful during withdrawal or to prevent ever feeling a need for an antidepressant:

    And I also have an hour and a half long withdrawal CD/MP3 with all the information we have learned on safe and less painful withdrawal over the past 2 1/2 decades which you can find on our website at:

  • Just got on the same medication, been really rough patch for me. Been doing therapy and everything but had to really get help when my sleep was being drastically affected. I’ve accepted that I needed help and I’m ready for the journey each day to get better

  • You did it, Scott. Your story is both incredibly brave and a showing of cautious preparation. I hope your personal experience inspires courage and success in others who are doing the same but haven’t made it yet. 12 years is a long time, but we understand the journey. Weirdly, anxiety and depression are a gift when the mind, body, and spirit open up to them.

  • Your face always reminds me of someone very close to my heart but i don’t know whom I’m talking about but what i know is “very close to my heart” seems like i know you from soooo long ❤️ more positive vibes and love

  • hello guys have been a longtime member of this channel and there is this antidepressant product i really really wanna share with you guys its helped me so much and since i used it i got my life back!! It helped cure my depression! To get this product click the link below

  • I am so done with being on prozac. I am tapering next monday. I am literally tired 24/7. I can sleep almost all the time. I don’t care if the anxiety and depression come back. I’d rather be dead than living like a fucking zombie. I will go to every corner of the earth to find a cure for myself naturally. FUCK YOU BIG PHARMA

  • I is difficult to stress how long it may take to get off this stuff. They do in fact create a real chemical imbalance. Go as slow as you feel necessary. It is totally up to you. You know better then your doctor.

  • The whole doctors/psychiatrist thing is the thing putting me off. The way I’m treated the bureaucracy its just not worth it Any more.

  • I lost my job,,,I lost my friends,,I lost my apt,,,almost lost my life cause of cipralex…well it was very easy to take antidepressants,,,but the big problem is when you decide to stop them…

  • Hi guys in on antidepressants but I was thinking about stop taking them all together because I’m getting forced into doing things I don’t want to do but if I stop them I feel worse I stopped them once and I almost killed myself what should I do

  • Until psychiatrists begin to take samples of their patients’ brain chemistry to send to a lab and have it analyzed to see if said brain chemicals are “normal” or somehow abnormal, it can FACTUALLY be said that there is NO EVIDENCE to substantiate the theory that mental illnesses are the result of some chemical imbalance in the brain. It really is that simple. Don’t let them fool you with their fancy rhetoric or their round about responses. Always, and I mean ALWAYS steer the conversation back to this one question. “How do you know the patient has a chemical imbalance in the brain if you have not in any way sampled, analyzed, or measured the patient’s brain chemistry?”. Don’t let them get away with circumventing this question.

  • I had general anxiety disorder for about 6 years. I started taking antidepressants. The Medication definitely helps it short term, especially if you’re feeling really low.

    But it’s NOT long term, and come off it slowly

  • Real long term depression is not caused by physiological malfunctioning of the brain.
    This stupid idea is big pharmaceutical propaganda that wants to sell you their Dope!
    Depression is rather a spiritual illness.
    It is the result of not being able to find a meaning in life to find the meaning for your own existence in this world.
    When there are things like a good career,friends,family,economical stability less chaos etc the average fellow human being usually has the luxury and the ground to keep himself entertained,distracted and engaged in this materialistic domain providing so an escape or a temporary shelter from the painful profound existentialism issue. When confronted with tragedies and sufferings one is intrinsically inclined to seek for a meaning that would justify and validate the struggle of dragging alive through that hell…when there’s no longer a point of existing then eternal sleep seems like a fair destination.
    Even those who seemed to have made it in life couldn’t escape depression and many “highly successful individuals” committed suicide as well. Fot many even the “safe comfortable life” is not enough to make them immune from depression.
    As for antidepressants thank you but no. I will stick to pot. At least it’s less addictive and won’t give me erectile dysfunction!

  • Have these people also tried meditating for 15 minutes a day and going for regular walks outdoors? You need some clarity to explore and evaluate your mental state.

  • Major side effects. I tried cold turkey & within 3 days I wanted to die. Bertigo, migranes & nightmares. I went back on & have been trying to wean myself for a couple months. I still have a 3 month supply to try to wean off my 40 mg dose. I’m down to about 18 mg now but still have headaches. I’ve started magnesium & potassium with a few other suppliments because I’m also fighting high BP at the same time. It’s not an easy course.

  • Tried lexapro for a short time after a geographical transition where i was isolated from friends and family. A move for a job, not jail. Lol. That was 4 years ago. On pristiq as of yesterday for depression now, and other issues after a bad divorce. He talks about his behavior very similar to how i feel. I want to pull myself out of the way i feel, compared to how i want to feel. Stay positive. Seek help when you need it.

  • Her suggestions should be tried BEFORE resorting to drugs, not as side-effect relief AFTER the fact. Everyone agrees that exercise, for example, is very important; for a doctor not to have discussed these things with their pt before filling scripts is direct result of the efforts of Big Pharma and corp. hospital industry

  • What a fucking lie! I was on paxil for 10 year i stopped cold turkye 1and a half year ago stil going treu hell you can’t imagine STOP TALKING BULLSHIT

  • All antidepressants kill libido. It is chemical caste ration….have you taken them. If no stop telling people it’s not the antidepressants yes it is….I am four years post withdrawals and still no return of sexual function.

  • Misinformation your doctor always tells you to stay on because they don’t want responsibility for the pain of getting you off. Contrary to this vid, the sooner you can come off the better, the longer you are on them the harder it is to come off. The longest you should ever be on is 6 months. Taper s-l-o-w-l-y 10% of previous dose per month doctor tapers are always too fast. See for best protocols.

  • Why doesn’t this weird little video just come out and admit it: antidepressants are physically addictive and stopping causes awful withdrawal? It’s creepy how this video invokes authority to skirt the issue…

  • I asked my doctor if I could come off but they keep making me take them and it really pisses me off. They think I want to come off because I feel better. I want to come off because I don’t want a little pill controlling my life.

  • i have MDD and ive had depression for a very long time…ive been taking pills etc for over a year and over…ive seen a therapist and Pshycologist and let me tell you…neither them or the pills help me so thats bullshit…when i heard her saying the depression stops after a year i was like LIES you wish it did. but perhaps i have more than anxiety or depression going on thats another thing i beleive i got only partly diagnosed…this is like hell for me i want a new brain and this world is filled with people who dont take this shit seriously and dont seem to want to help enough…i mean the fucking chick was a zombie and sadly i had a more of a Mania thing going on dearing that time and her office somewhat made me uncomfy with the christian stuff…she was just so bland…she legit didnt seem to care…like at all…so mg life is a hell right now im going threw withdraw because i cant afford my pills…things like this make it seem like its that fucking easy and its not! so ill like to ask you all…stop downplaying mental illnesses…you understand my ass…not everyone can recover right away…not everyone is those people who are like so…

  • sugar IS key to good mental health as it helps with serotonin and dopamine production. EVERY cell in the human body runs on sugar. Jordan peterson cut out carbs and he WENT TOTALLY BONKERS! Look at JP now….

  • really need to get off this lexapro. the side effects are just too annoying, even after 4 years on the drug. Im afraid my depression will return even though ive been better for a year or so now

  • I am going to ask my GP if I can come off them at my next appointment. Hopefully, she’ll let me. I don’t like being drugged up.:/

  • I have been on antidepressants for almost 7 years and I desperately want off. I take 25mg of Zoloft daily, I have tried to cut it in half and it was hell. I ended up going back on it and still feel so defeated.
    I want to feel and heal more spiritually and I feel like it’s holding me back. I want to face my demons head on and be more creative.
    Thank you for this so much.

  • Do you realise how precious you are you God? Jesus is real. You are so important to him. You are irreplaceable. Trust him. All is well. You are so loved.

  • If you’re taking them taper very very slowly. I cold turkeyd 4 years ago and I’ve been in hell ever since. I’m trying to plan my suicide now but I need to make sure I get it right. No one will be able to help you if u get severe withdrawals, everything makes u worse and you’ll want to die everyday.

  • My Dr cold turkeyed me off sertraline and put me on mirtazapine a week later. Still suffering 2 years later. Tried 6 or 7 other antidepressants and an antipsychotic that gave me akathisia. I don’t know how to get better suicidal for a year now, my emotions are gone just non stop terror unbearable every day every second. I do not know what to do to survive

  • I started taking zoloft 4 days ago at 25 mg. Could you suggest the best way to ween of it? By the way I’m getting off of it because the side effects are too scary for me. I hear some people hear voices and I’ve been so paranoid of that happening to me.

  • Taking anti depressants was one of the worst things I’ve ever done. I told my dr I didn’t want anything with really bad side effects or withdrawals. She lied to me and put me on Paxil. Any time I miss a dose I get brain zaps and even vomit sometimes. I’ve been trying to get off them for months and it’s been really bad. I can’t work or barely do anything. I can’t even think straight.

  • Hey I was on anti depressants for 5 years???? and cane off easily no withdrawal and feel great it is all fake and a placebo and lies blah blah blah no advice take control of your life people. The effects are worse staying on it all mind control no disrespect to the narrator but have you been on them

  • I think it should be emphasised that much is contributing to the ability to feel safe enough to come off:

    1. potentially less work and therefore less stress due to covid 19
    2. Less in person appointments/ meetings / social anxiety producing situations due to covid 19
    3. Maybe getting more sleep, more peace/alone time due to covid 19?
    4. A relationship is a big one! (Congrats) this is an emotional anchor..
    5. 12 years of experimentation into proper diet, food, medicines, trial and error living… this is a big one it takes time and growth and maturity to reach this point:)

    Well done and good luck!

  • Anti depressants are essentially Ecstasy, ppl don’t realize this, and some ppl who are on anti depressants do use E recreationally, and that’s a fkn horrible combo, your natural Serotonin levels will just be drained af!

  • Just started feeling these insane “brain zaps” all over my body and have been researching why this is happening only after a few days of stopping my SSRI (Lexapro, Escitalopram). Never have had this issue. Im medically trained and educated and had no idea myself it would be SO bad. I will contact my doctor to work with him to stop these but I will NEVER go back on these due to how awful I feel on withdrawal. Thank you for making this video ive been doing extensive research and this seems to be the logical conclusion. Doctors should not be downplaying these side effects and should all be very well educated on it. Thank you.

  • I am so happy to see this issue addressed. I have had a terrible time trying to come off zoloft. It seems like all psychiatrists seem to just make me feel like my response to discontinuing the medication are very exaggerated. And yes, i feel very VERY intense mood swings, brain zaps, lack of energy, digestion problems, insomnia, etc etc even though im not thrown into any psychological crisis, i can obvere the very clear and intense symptoms. I will now to try to wean off of them very slowly and also check out the book you mention. thank you so much:)

  • I really want to get off the remainder of Nardil that I’m on but I’m terrified of doing so. I hear once you’ve been on an MAOI in permanently alters your brain. I know I can’t keep going like this either. This medication has the worst side effects and it’s even changed my overall Personality.

  • Hi Doug… I feel as though I am going to taper off setraline which I just discovered is Zoloft! My dreams have become very vivid and too intense they have begun really disturbing my normal waking life…

  • I was on Clonazepam for 15 and weaned myself off. It took me two years but I succeeded!! I’m now trying to get off 7.5 mg of Mirtazapine. I don’t know if I should cut the pill or do titrating. I have only been on Mirtazapine for a few months.

  • Still fm 13 years m on medication and m feeling better a 6 months back, nw m tapering my pills,,, yes cause of side effects I decided to stop,, bt I know should not stop suddenly,,, so m observing my body mechanism and behavior,,and m focusing in dat manner,,, life style I won’t sit one place more than hour,,, I ll keep changing place, m traveling,,specially towards nature, a positive energy, I ll keep reading, different kind of books, music player and Bluetooth earphones r my best buddies right now, and yoga,,,, Yoga s best diverting and self control tool for our body, cycling also awesome, self boost up,,, and writing my emotions in the manner of poems also helping me,,,, I think within 2 months I ll cope up my neutral life������

  • You have to be a informed customer. Prozac has a long half life. From experience I was taking 10mg and by the 9th day I had tremors and nausea. I started to take it every other morning so like Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tues ect. And so far I’ve been more calm and energized. Everyone’s metabolism and diagnosis is different so talk to your doctors about this because serotonin syndrome is very real and something you never want to experience.

  • I ended up in the ER from one effexor pill. They did not know what was wrong with me, my whole body had spasms. Later on, on prozac got akathisia in my legs. Now I know I had the same on effexor but more severely.

  • Beautiful Video! I have left antidepressants after taking for more than 5 years. However I just have to kick them off abruptly for I became more suicidal and attempted thrice suicide by overdosing myself with them. I do not remember any withdrawal symptoms except I lost much weight and it has nearly damaged my immune system. I feel these antidepressants should not be used for more than a month or so. More than that is fatal to every part of your life!

  • I drunk alcohol during withdrawal week 4 and I complete blacked out and I’ve been feeling horrendous!!!!!!!!!!! For a while 5 days, dizziness, insomnia,,, I’m asleep but I’m awake! No energy atall,, any tips or advice!?

  • i’m having terrible nausea and stomach problems. i’m completely off them now and i understand that i went off them too fast, should i go back on them? these stomach aches are unbearable

  • I wish my doctor told me what I was getting myself into if I knew I wouldn’t of took them I started 1 month ago tried to wean after a week couldn’t cope but my panic disorder got worst so I have just stopped I was only takeing only 25mg 4 days after my last pill I couldn’t sleep with fear heart feeling like its jumping hot flashes nausea body aches all over high anxiety.i hope I get better in a few days I refuse to put anything else in my body good luck everyone

  • Antidepressants should be considerated. However, there are habits that are shown to have at least as strong of an effect as medicine. Cold showers, excersise etc.

  • One thing I know for certain is that nothing in this world exists that can take away the emptiness in your heart that causes the depression.
    Most people with depression long for something they dont understand or can grasp, but it always feels like that there is something that you are missing in order to get rid of the depression, even if you have everything in this world your heart can desire, the depression hits you. So the only conclusion is that nothing in this world exists that helps you get rid of depression, because even if you have everything in this world, you still can be struck down by depression.

    So people try things out, anti depression pills, alcohol, drugs whatever comes in their mind, and some things might work, but not like forever. It will always ultimately come down to one, and only one and the same end: once the body, mind or soul is filled up with the distraction you use to get rid of the depression, the distraction loses its effect, you need either way more of that distraction or find a new one. The true goal to get rid of depression is to just realize, that the longing of something you miss does not get away by searching in things you can find in this world, because they are only a temporarely solution, that let you just run away from the depression fast, but once the energy to run away from it gets reduced by using the same distraction over and over again, the depression catches up again with you, and bites you even harder.

    Its an never ending circle of different attempts of getting rid of depression, while being in the circle you actually can see the ultimate end of the depression coming closer to you the older you get. Because sooner or later you die. And that is the last and only seemingly right conclusion of people with depression who tried all things out that they can try out to get rid of depression, while being on that never ending circle. And people with depression realize that fast. The end of depression and the only working end is in their eyes suicide.

    And reaching that point, where no more hope is left, where every attempt to get rid of depression failed and that the only one solution is suicide, it is at that point, where most of the people with depression find another permanent solution, that washes away their depression in an blink of an eye and renewes them and gives them strength to never be again beaten up like that by the beasts and sdemons attacking and attacking them again and again wearing them down and tear them apart. They suddenly become strong, and patient and of course they get hit by depression, if not even harder, but they are able to endure it and fight it. And they dont fight it by searching worldly distractions, they fight it direcetly in the name of jesus christ they cast it out and they walk their lives with jesus christs blood. How many people have overcome things that would crush everyone and given up and said they turned to jesus? And suddenly they are strong?
    Thousands of thousands of drug addicts, criminals, human scum and so on testifying that they found jesus and he saved them? (Edit: Thats also why jesus was eating with those “tax collectors” and sinners, and i mean probably the scum of the society surrounded him, thats why the pharisees tried to tell jesus that he is nothing better than them and talk bad about him, but he was surrounded by them because they needed his help, they were beaten up in this world and they needed him. And he let them because they came out of desperation and he gave them new strenght and forgiveness, because the knew they where ill and they needed a doctor, but the pharisees didnt knew they where ill and so thought, they dont need a doctor.)
    No one can deny that. Jesus told us that if you truly seek him with your pure naked heart, then he will show himself to you. If you are half hearted attempt to pray to jesus to find him just out of curiosity, then why should he answer? To fill your curiosity? Why does jesus overwhelm people with his love and forgiveness only when they are so weared and beaten down by this world, because their last cry was truly out of desperation, out of their full heart that they cant anymore, they cant hold on longer for one second. So if you truly want to find jesus, you better go to him and pray in your heart that you dont want to be beaten up so hard that you call for him out of desperation, so to avoid that you ask for his forgiveness, or you try your luck watch this jordan peterson movie and make your own luck, till your soul get so beaten up that you cant take anymore and then you go to jesus, but i hope its not to late then, because sooner or later, everyone will get to the point where they turn to jesus, bend the knee and confess that jesus is lord. Only difference is that some of us do it willingly and with love, and the others do it willingly but with fear. And with fear I mean a lot of fear.

    “As surely as I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow before Me; every tongue will confess to God.” That are words straight out of god’s mouth, and he even makes it a promise with:”as surely as I live,…”…

    To make it even more clear:
    “By Myself I have sworn; truth has gone out from My mouth, a word that will not be revoked: Every knee will bow before Me, every tongue will confess allegiance.”
    The god that forbids us to swear on anything, because we cant change anything, says:”By Myself I have sworn; truth has gone out from My mouth, a word that will not be revoked:..”
    that makes it even a more serious promise that this god is very clear with his promises and if he says something, you can be very certain, like 100% certain, that it will happen, exactly like he said…

  • Im a female 38 years im on lexapro 10mg and the reason why I will see my doctor and stop them this week cause I’m losing alot hair and my hair start looking terrible thin. NOPE NO MORE ANTIDEPRESSANTS FOR ME

  • Hi there. thank you for posting this. i started taking effexor about 12 years ago. I was diagnosed by a GP as suffering from mild depression. I was started on 75 mg. Unfortunately at the time I didnt do the research on other natural ways to treat depression (exercise, meditation etc). Later my dose was increased to 150mg. prior to taking effexor i was an excellent sleeper. slowly over time that changed. i have no idea if effexor was the cause. about one year ago i decided to come off effexor. i was tapered over about 6 weeks. I had no idea what i was in for. i felt depressed far worse than when i was originally put on effexor but it was the feeling in my skin that made my life a complete misery. the sensation in my skin is very difficult to describe. i once watched a documentary about people who came off hard drugs like heroin and they described how their skin felt which was a very close description to what my skin felt like. i was in such a bad way i decided i needed to see a psychiatrist. they had never heard of the skin sensation but surmised it had something to do with my severe depression. i was put back on effexor. my dose was increased gradually to what im on now which is 375mg. my depression eased as did the skin sensation. sleep was non-existent so im now on 1/2 zyprexa, 225 lyrica, diazapam and imovane. so of course i feel like I am much worse off then before. I wish I had researched tapering over a long period of time. My plan is to do just that but very, very slowly whilst supporting my brain with exercise, good nutrition and engaging in activities that make me happy. I hope my story helps anyone out there who is considering coming off their medication or are going thru a difficult time.

  • DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor before adjusting or changing any medication. I prepared for years to reach this point in my life. As mentioned in the video, this is my own personal journey and my experience we’re all different in our methods for well-being and mental wellness.

    Please like this video if you enjoy the new unedited style and offer/song at the end. Honestly, I’ve never been happier and more excited for life. It’s something I am extremely proud of and cannot wait to share more in the future with you. There is A LOT I didn’t mention in this video, specifically about supplements I’m taking, more detailed diet and my meditation practice. This is all being documented in my journal multiple times per day. I’ll be doing a podcast episode about these details, as I’m enjoying that medium a lot more. The episode will go into detail. Sending you all love!
    Podcast Links:

  • I have been taking a depession medecine for 2 months and a half………by 2 taps a day…..I want to stop what should I do?
    Please tell me……

  • Thank you for your videos Doug. Hope you know that you help a lot of people all over the world:) I will start tapering off Sertraline soon.
    Greets from Europe, Austria.

  • Coming off serdep 100 and experience a lot of dizziness, anxiety and have a huge appetite. At least I haven’t experienced insomnia compared to getting insomnia whilst on serdep.

  • Hey Doug, I started with some accupuncture treatment and it helped me a lot, among other positive life style changes. I then decided to get off 25mg of sertraline, cold turkey. Omg, in 24 hrs, I started with the strongest migrain and nausea. That’s how quickly the withdrawal symptoms started for me. I knew right way what the problem was and got back on it. I couldn’t even think straight due to the migrain pain and overall stomach upset and sickening feeling. I am now researching on how to taper off the meds and came across your video. A God send. Thank you. 10 months, here I go. This will not hold me back. Good luck to all of us.

  • I suffered a lot of trauma as a child. So I’ve had lots of anxiety depression panic. I managed to stay clear of antidepressants in 2000 I had a SAH. Still stayed clear of them In 2014 took 2 years to go through court it was long and stressful my father went to prison for the abuse on me. Still I stayed of antidepressants then I had skin cancer Still I stayed of antidepressants. Last year 2019 I was told I had lung cancer I had my right lung removed. I fell for the antidepressants ended up on mirtazapine. What a nightmare. I have tried to stop taking them I think I done it to fast stopped them last Friday. Haven’t had a full night sleep all week I’m so tired. Haven’t had any support from any dr they say just stop them. Tonight I’m going back on them just so I can sleep. Then I’m going to give it another go at coming of them a lot slower.

  • Believe in yourself. You’ll get better! I promise. As long as you think you can get better you will… Just be yourself, That’s all you need to do ��

  • I imagine his view has changed a bit now. For some of us severe depression is the inability to see a future. A month… Some of us it is by the hour we fight, it takes away tomorrows.

  • I’ve only recently found out that I have depression. It’s honestly not like I originally thought it was going to be. I kept on comparing myself to my friends who have depression, but it’s different for every person. It’s taken me a while to admit it to myself. I thought that if I accepted it, I was basically accepting defeat, and I am a very stubborn person who doesn’t give up easily. I have come to terms with it and I accept that I have depression, and the only way to get myself feeling better is to take the first couple of steps. I just started taking antidepressants and I plan on surrounding myself with positive friends. I’ve always been optimistic and depression will not take that away from me! I have the power to make my life into what I want it to be.

    Just so everyone knows, depression is not weaknesses or end, it’s just a bump in the road that you can overcome no matter what!

  • I thought what you said about the breathing was interesting, I have depression and kinda have the same thing with my breathing. I’m not like gasping for air or anything and the doctor says my lungs are healthy but I still feel sort of like I have to work harder than I should to breathe. I sigh a lot and do this weird thing where I feel compelled to slowly blow out my exhale like you’d do if you were smoking.

  • We have a very similar story in regards to coming off antidepressants. It also stayed in my system for 4 months the I knew I was off them completely.

  • If you get off the medication sexual comes back like within a few days. But you’d have to find alternative ways to deal with anxiety like exercise, diet and healthy relationships.

  • Psychiatrsts just know side effects of ad thats already there in books, hate those talk about SSRIs everytime like they are the magic pills for every anxious, depressed ones

  • I have been taking effexor for 18 yrs for social anxiety that has caused me agoraphobia (fear of panic attacks when out alone) well as GAD and depression. My life has never been normal. Cant even work or drive. Or get married lol…. I took 75 mg. Which I know is a lowish dose. But I need to change them. I keep reading it causes cancer. That they all do. Now that depresses me even more because I need them. I was born a wreck basically. All my life have had these conditions. Effexor has only helped with the nausea that the anxiety would give me, when I would think about it. I have put on 21 lbs….. I want to wean them off even, for 2 yrs if I have to. I need to research on how to do this over a long time, as when I miss just one dose, I get body zaps let alone brain zaps lol..
    Though I am sure my dr may start me on a new one as I wean off the old one. I would love to know if anyone has found an antidepressant that has helped them with social anxiety and agoraphia, especially. Anyone taken, say, Escitalopram/Lexapro? Thanks..

  • Dear Dr. Bloch,
    I had taken Citalopram (escitalopram) 5mg + Trazodone 12.5mg per day… I really want to quit so I have taken Citalopram 2.5mg once in two days. But the day I don’t take, it causes withdrawal symptom… how can I quit anyway… could you please reply even though this video was uploaded pretty long time ago…

  • I successfully managed to come off Luvox after almost 30 years of daily 100mg doses ( prescribed to me for to help combat anorexia and depression), I did this by tapering very very slowly over a period of roughly 1.5 years (under my doctor’s supervision), it was a fairly smooth process with the occasional bout of depersonalisation and tremendous itching at night but, thankfully, no brain zapswhich I had experienced in the past and, I can attest, are really debilitating and frightening.
    I feel relieved to have managed to discontinue use of the drug without any major problemsI still get the occasional bout of anxiety now, but have a lot more coping strategies than when I was younger and can get through them better than I used to.

  • well I was on citalopram 20mg for 3 days only, it was pure physical and mental hell, but today, 4 days after last pill, I still don’t feel 100%. One day after quitting I became dizzy, and this stays with me to this day. Stomach cramps, pains and tinnitus still here too, but those started literally hours after I took 1st pill, so I’m just waiting those out. But dizziness is ridiculously stupid, although it’s not entirely citalopram’s fault, I woke up dizzy week before and had a few dizzy secconds for the past week, but not like that lol.

  • I am from Germany and I was “lucky” to be sent to a clinic to treat depression. There I was put on different SSRI and also had the same experience like you, called akasthesia or whatever. I couldnt sit, I was restless, also I was very depressed that moment, it was so bad. But the philosophy of that clinic was, that it is a hospital for people with mental problems (like a hospital for people with broken bones), so we were not allowed to go outsside. However, with that resless feeling, it was like hell for me not to be allowed to move. It was like hell to be in a developed country inside a hospital because you suffer of depresssion, than they give you medication which makes everything worse and than forbid you to go outside, like a psychiatry, which it was not. It was really unpleasant.

  • JP as much as I love him, is just too far for me on the materialist spectrum of reality, I guess he identifies himself as a scientist?

  • I’m on sertraline (zoloft) 100mg tablets & have been since I was 19 (now 26). I’m reaching a point in my life where I want to come off this medicine, because I dont believe its affecting me anymore. But I am absolutely terrified of any potential withdrawal symptoms. I expressed this to my psychiatrist. He said he would start weaning me by taking 75mg, then 50, then 25. He told me it would take a while.

  • HORRIBLE withdrawal symptoms, mostly feeling like I had a severe flu as well as horrible anxiety that just wouldn’t stop.  Bead count method is the only way to go and all doctors need to get onboard with this.  Sloooooow bead count method.  May take a couple of years to get off (2-3 even) but its better to do it slowly than to suffer.  LOVE your videos.  So very helpful.

  • Do you exercise? Yes, I run 4 days a week, walk at least 6kms daily and resistance train.4 days a week
    Did you eat well? Yes, wholefood diet
    Did you fix your life? Yes, broke up with my ex and started studying to get a career.
    Still have crippling anxiety have so yeah I’m taking SSRIs now haha

  • My parents think I have depression cause I never want to smile or laugh and they want me to talk to a professional about it and I’m a little afraid if I say what I want and need to say does anyone know if its good to talk to someone or not

  • This understates the problem to an irresponsible degree. This video should be taken down.
    The worst part of withdrawal (call it what it is!) isn’t anxiety. For me, it’s probably feeling like I can’t get out of bed. When I finally do, I feel clumsy and slur my speech. Runners up are the brain zaps, the onset of diarrhea after every meal, or the “vivid dreams”, which you would call nightmares if you were being honest.
    Delete this shit.

  • Doug, I had an awful experience of coming off my medication just recently! I advised with the doctor that at 5 mg of Lexapro I would go from 2.5 mg to 1.25 mg to 0.625 mg and then drop off to 0 mg. The physician declined and said that 5 mg Lexapro > 2.5 mg > 0 mg should be sufficient. Dropping from 5 mg to 2.5 should be immediate and then after a week on 2.5 mg, I can stop. I thought this was crazy! I tried, because doctors have more experience and it FAILED. I didn’t think anything of the symptoms. I went from OK to increased anxiety, crying spells (sadness, even though I’m NOT depressed), slight panic attacks, horrible nausea, brain zaps, nightmares every night, insomnia, you name the rest. I wrote them down and emailed my doctor and she recommended I allow the symptoms to ride its course…..seriously? So, I’m going to be doctor Diaz and do my own course. 2.5 my for 4 weeks, 1.25 for 4 months weeks and so on. I have only been on the medication for a year. Like you said, patients aren’t being heard and it’s quite sad! Why did I get on them in the first place? 3-4 panic attacks a day, out of nowhere, always on edge and extreme health anxiety. Of course, I think the medication has helped, but I’m not in that stressful college stage anymore. I just want to come off of it safely and efficiently!

  • Doc gave no idea how to ween BUT FO TO YOUR LOCAL PHARMACIST THEY KNOW BEST doug pls doc know nothing about weening off. Best to advise going to a pharmacist

  • For more than a year I suffer from a major depression. For months it was like a hell in my head and I was sure this hell would continue for the rest of my life. Since 4 weeks I’m on lithium and I think this medicine helps; I have hardly suicidal thoughts and my mood is a bit better. I’m not there yet but I can imagine a life without depression. Keep on doing the good work Doug!

  • There is not one psych doc who i will ever trust They just guess all guess work on 10 mg of lexapro i want off anyone have a good tapper??

  • My teenage son was advised by his psychiatrist to go cold turkey to get off Wellbutrin. He had over six months of terrible nausea and missed a lot of school as a result. I’ve heard that the digestive tract is lined with neurons (“the second brain” some researchers now call it) and contains most of the body’s serotonin. Some antidepressants are given off-label specifically for key digestive disorders, in fact. I’m therefore not surprised that digestive issues can be a major symptom of antidepressant withdrawal.

  • I find out that my problem is not Depression and I have one great Doctor who monitor my condition But my main concern is the Media Related Distress like public Humiliations, Public Bullying, Public Awareness and ETC with complications of what I experienced recently with regard to Public Personalities Humiliating me on local TV. It’s very traumatic, I am helpless I don’t know what to do. The psychological trauma I experienced due to this Big stressful events and my situation. Could you please help me and please do something to save my life from there anger and rage? Please brought it out from High Authority to be able to save my life. Please Please do something about my situation here in Philippines. Thank you in advance.

  • What is your opinion on neurofeedback/Biofeedback? I’ve had a doctor tell me this is a cute for anxiety/panic attacks. What are your thoughts on it? Thank you and love your channel!

  • I am 16 and will be going to an appointment to be diagnosed and I feel like it is all in my head and people will think I am doing this for attention. My friends will want me to go Out with them and I tell them I can’t and they will tell me to just get over it and I often feel like I’m not doing anything with my life and wasting time in my bed watching YouTube I know antidepressants won’t solve all my problems but I’m hoping they can at least help my anxiety

  • I saw this title & said I got to say something. I was doing so well so my shrink discontinued my Prozac & I ended up in a hospital. So my advice is to NEVER discontinue an antidepressant.

  • I guess this is were I messed up…. Took Citalopram for over a year. They changed me to Prozac cause Citalopram kept me bloated all the time and excessive yawning but I hate it Prozac the first week and just quit it all together. 5 months and I was fine.

    But I think I’m relapsing and not sure what to do.

  • I like your videos but I think this is potentially very damaging and dangerous to post and thus suggest. I once quit sertraline cold turkey and it was the worst experience of my life. Truly I’ve since tried different antidepressants and since then I’ve tapered off the ones that didn’t help and that is much better way to do it.

  • Ive been on sertralin 50mg for 6 months. I told my doctor that i Wanna quit and he told me to just stop taking everything. Shouldnt i lower the dose to 25 for awhile?

  • I had all these symptoms
    Was horrific
    I was only on Zoloft 6 months

    Was horrific coming off it

    I would never recommend to anyone to take any antidepressants

    Coming off symptoms lasted 6 weeks

    Passing out
    Panic attacks
    Over eating
    Dark dark depression
    I thought I had developed CFS bedridden couldn’t move my legs

    I just came off it in 3 days although

    I’m ok now

    I take
    St. John’s wart
    And Proxan by metagenics
    Getting better and better

    Yet I feel Zoloft damages the brain
    I felt I had brain damage!

    I feel they damage the brain

    I wish I had of done it over months

    I wish I just had of stuck to naturopathy

  • I tried to get off Lexapro last week. I broke my pills in half and day 3 was really awful. I had a terrible headache, nausea, insomnia, and hot flashes. I went right back to the full dose. My doctor said to switch medications to Prozac which had a slower half life and is easier to stop.

  • Thanks goodness I found this channel on YouTube. all the words you say are so meaningful for me. Thanks for helping to rebuild confidence. You are a great person. From Honduras.

  • I quit antidepressants and antipsychotics 5 years ago. And it has been a struggle here and there but I feel proud of facing my challenges in my life instead of numbing my reality. Diets, fitness, doing my activities have helped me find meaning in life

  • You don’t even know what you’re talking about.It’s not easy to stop taking them as you said.There are lots of people who are suffering because of stopping to take their antidepressants abruptly.Please think about educating yourself before giving some information in front of an audience who think that you’re good at what you’re doing.People think that you know everything about what you’re saying.But the truth is you often mislead people.

  • Amazing! Congratulations. How long ago did you quit? I’m absolutely stoked for you, sounds like all those pieces of the puzzle fell into place. One day, I’m gonna be where you are:)

  • This is my first week without SSRI’s. I had the exact same “push-off” experience happen, ran out and thought, I’ll give this a try. One day off, I had opinions, thoughts, and feelings, now, that weren’t there before. My passion is back. I’m back. I did need anti-depressants for a long time period, but if you can find that inner strength and love to come off after that period is over, I hope that you can do so. Day six, and the early relapse symptoms were nothing compared to the zombified emptiness I felt before. I called them my “Nothing” pills because they literally made me feel nothing at all.

  • I’m so happy for you dude, I subscribed years ago when I was at my lowest and to see how far you have come makes me feel so optimistic about my own mental health journey

  • I was on antidepressants for a year, then I lowered my dose to half for a few months, then I quit cold turkey. I quit because they made me woozy, tired and affected my sex life. I had no withdrawal symptons whatsoever. I find that antidepressants neutralize your emotions, which is a great thing if you’re feeling REALLY anxious or depressed, but if you feel just a bit low or a bit “meh” antidepressants are not a good idea because they will knock you off and give you some ugly side effects. Just try exercise, meditation and natural remedies. Antidepressants are for heavy duty depression/anxiety scenarios.

  • Hey Scott! really appreciate ur videos. I was on Paxil 10 years with break of 1 year i was as well twelve years of my life on antidepressants. When i was twenty it was kind of relief for me during high school as i was suffering from depression and anxiety. But i thought it was a mistake not to search first for different ways as cognitve therapy and so on. Later on in university my symptoms started again so decided to go on antidepressants without even questioning it. Then 10 years on paxil before i withdraw from it, my life was quite well with a lower dose but i said to myself if i dont make it now i will never do it. I was expecting withdrawal symptoms and so on. I found strategies to cope with it. But still 2 and a half years i am still struggling, if u have been such a long time on medication, it is really hard to readopt. I changed my life a lot to cope with it but every now and then there is still the question whether to take it and maybe to get on with life maybe on a lower dosage? It is hard to say how about ur experiences has anybody been on it for so long and stopped it successfully or would u recommend if anxiety and depression are reoccuring it would be better to stay on it forever?

  • therapist diagnosed me with depression, finally gonna start antidepressants after 19 years of feeling like this and feeling like i could handle it but ive reached my breaking point lol, thank you for the video

  • I foolishly stopped effexor cold turkey and ended up extremely suicidal and in the psych ward, it was the scariest experience of my life-what withdrawal did to my thoughts/feelings-i couldn’t trust myself for the first time in my life. I started taking them again in the hospital at a lower dose and tapered off in a safer healthier way and it took me years to recover from that experience. I won’t go back to anti depressants ever again because they didn’t help and actually hurt me but for those they do help I think they are great, but I strongly urge you to heed the warnings about not going cold turkey, I was hospitalized with about a dozen other people whose story was almost same as mine and 2 attempted suicide where they previously weren’t ever suicidal…scary shit, please just be responsible and safe and taper, it’s not worth the risk to lose your life when you could just slowly taper over a month or two ��

  • Hey, so you have zero withdraws going cold turkey because you’re mentally prepared for it? I’m a little confused. I’m tapering off some boss after being on it for eight years, I’m doing a slow taper, and I’m experiencing heightened anxiety, bad stomach issues, dizziness, and more. I also meditate. Any advice? My diet is terrible it consists of pasta and cheese. Thanks!

  • I went cold turkey and was so excited to be getting off them. My cat died and I just broke down. It was so horrible. The withdrawals are no joke. I had to get back on. I just went way too low. Maybe next time

  • I feel like my anxiety symptoms are taking me apart I can’t breathe or I feel super panicky like I can’t swallow or bad panic attacks. Should I try meds? Docs say it’s all anxietyn

  • i am so happy for you!!!!! it is not easy to quit them!!! wow!! i take half of my medication now and the withdrawal effects were crazy. at the time i was at uni and i missed class for more than a week. My psychiatrist was so so supportive and told me to keep going because the effects are completely normal. in about two weeks my body was used to it! i have been taking them for almost 2 years. baby steps count!:)

  • After serious study into antidepressants I would not ever want to take them. These psych Drs are mad! They gave me seroquel 600mgs for sleep! It’s a drug to treat schizophrenia! It has ruined my life! Watch out. It’s the nicest Drs that will hurt you because you believe they care. By the time you take the drug long enough for them to work. The 6 to 8 weeks. You are then addicted. As my Dr said seroquel is not addicting. Let me tell you you may never get a minutes sleep in a weeks time without it. You will not be able to sleep. I was hoping Jordan would have said something more positive. The Drs say I can no longer take my Xanax. Too dangerous. So now I have to start taking a antidepressant. I’m not depressed. And then how do I know they won’t take this new drug away in the future as they are my Xanax now. I was told 26 years ago I would never have to worry about getting them but here we are. From what I’ve read and discovered antidepressants are way more harmful to the brain than Xanax. I just want to taper off. They don’t make that much money though do they. These new antidepressants and mood stabilizer are both black box warning. Why an I even considering harming my body and brain!!!! Love heals more than anything. Please don’t just blindly trust these drugs or those that prescribe them. Watch some Dr Peter Bregan videos. He’s a wonderful kind and caring man. Also a shout out to Armando Favazza. The best psychiatrist I’ve had through all of this. I will always miss you. I was very fortunate to have had him. Wish I could have kept him as my psychiatrist.
    Love you talks and thoughts Jordan Peterson.

  • JAMA 2000 DR Starfield johns hopkins U ” 108 000 deaths from properly prescribed drugs” ” high heap of hazards of modern mediicne iatrogenic causes are 3rd or 4th leadin gcause of death orthodox allopathic doctors are killin gpeople
    life saving is Maharishi ayur veda [[ avant garde oof integrative medicine e.g. Jim Brooks MD ‘s book ]]] and

  • I can relate to this so much. I’ve learned to stop fighting against anxiety and depression. To just sit with it and feel it. It passes. I will feel good again and amazing too. Nothing is permanent. ��

  • You have to make a choice between having a normal sex life or functioning brain. There is no one size fits all with this medication as the side effects can outweigh the pros when you are in an intimate relationship. Most people can achieve an functional life through dietary modification, sleep adjustment and living an active life. I believe these medication can help you discover your interests and what makes you happy, which leads to greater life satisfaction. However, i dont believe regulating your brain with heightened seratonin release is safe long term. This medication should be used as a tool to lift that cloud that hovers above you.

  • It looks to me that people are asked to stay on a drug that gives them side effects long enough to get addicted and the brain damaged. The Pharma wants people to be addicted and if people quit at the sign of side effects, they won’t give it enough time to get addicted. These drugs sometimes cause suicide and homicide. Shame on doctors for pushing this crap on people. Drug dealers.

  • Hey! I’ve been on medication for mental illness for about 6 years now and I thought I was one of those “medicated forever” people, but watching your video gives me hope that after all the hard work I’m putting in I can possibly live without them, one day when I’m ready and much healthier!

  • Oh wow, watching this just really lifted me up. I am so happy to hear your message. Your videos are really touching, there is so much truth and sensitivity. I love it! And thank you for sharing the song, I had goosebumps all over.

  • Thank you for this wonderful video Douglas. I was treated with anti-depressants for 20 years and they made me sicker and always pooped out. I started getting panic attacks, which I never had in my long life, from the way the doc switched me cold turkey from ad to ad and at one desperate point a benzo
    was added which nearly destroyed me. Please be careful and find safe prescribers. I was able to find a lovely nurse practitioner in Portland who helped me taper off all my medications and it took over 3 horrible years. But I did it and if I can, anyone can.

    I’m finding myself depressed again, but I’m not sick from the anti-depressants which made me develop worsening mental health.

  • Happy for you Scott. You have happiness written all over your face in this video. Coincidentally I have very recently come off antidepressants, and was also on them for 12 years. I did the taper down though (doctor recommended). Dose got down to zero two weeks ago and I’m doing OK. There have been some withdrawal symptoms but nothing I haven’t been able to cope with. Like you, I am REALLY happy to be medication free.

  • I did same thing a couple months ago. Just stopped taking that trash. I went to home country to do some business, where I met some old friends, drink, and went to party, what I wouldnt even consider doing before. Meet a girl who I talked openly about panic attack, anxiety, depression, and all.. I took medicine for 10 years. She asked me did it help. I thought deeply about it… Actually NO!! It didnt help at all?!? I was taking it for more than 10 years and I felt same!! So she suggested just to quit. I was afraid, cuz my doctors told me I cant just quit, it take time, but I did it, and I’m glad I did. You just need some good friends around you, extra supportive partner and everything will be OK… Yeah babe.. I’m drug free!! 😉

  • Scott, how long has it been? That’s a very important point in your video that you did not point out. You look and seem so happy. And I do not doubt it. I too have gone on and off of SSRIs over the years many of times cold turkey. The withdrawal was awful but on the back end I never felt better. Until about 6 months later when I basically crash and burn. I hope it sustains for you but I worry that you’re having a bit of high mania. However, I never felt numb when I am on my SSRIs.I actually felt so much better. And had so much joy. So as you did say, everyone’s experiences different. PS, I also never did all the diet changes like you mentioned. So, that could have a massive effect.

  • You are an inspiration to us all Scott! which medication were you taking by the way? im currently taking escitalopram and i plan to also quit on my antidepressants once this whole pandemic blows over but i will do it gradually tho

  • I quit Seroxat cold turkey fourteen years ago. I suffered brain tremors, sickness and disorientation. Those side effects told me that the drug was nothing but poison. Never again.

  • This video brought tears to my eyes Scott, happy tears. Everyone’s journey is so different, and am so happy that coming off them has made you feel happier and well. That’s beautiful. So happy to be supporting your channel �� i have learned so much from you even if im not always on the live streams damn, �� but I’m here! And yes to the songs to end the video, its a beautiful way to connect.

  • I came off them was only in them six months but it has been the usual self concordance back again ever since, and that was 7 years ago. But when I was on them I felt a constant motor out dynamo feeling inside which felt awful as I was lying still trying to get to sleep. Felt a bit crazed and arms n legs jumped. Horrible xx

  • Good evening everyone.. this the disease is not doubt a chronic disorder and can have chronic can take ayurvedic treatment which will not cause any side effects and you can prefer Planet ayurveda’s depression care pack for better reuslts. unlike allopathy medicines, this will not cause any side effects. this will definitely go to help in managing symptoms naturally.

  • I’m taking paroxetine for 1 year and 8 months now I started with 20m/day and my doctor told me to decrease the dosage to 10mg and it did not work I had very severe symptoms then he told me to take 20mg each other day and it was horrible so I decided to decrease my dosage by my own I cut a very small piece of the pill with a cissor and I take the rest it was like 18mg and then I cut more pieces very small pieces every 2 or 3 months and now I’m at 5mg/dayI I was a at 20mg 1 year and 8 month ago and I had pratically no symptoms when decreasing the dosage with this method
    my advisee:
    don’t listen to your doctor listen to your body and decrease the dosage by your own start by cutting very small piece of the pill and take the rest of the pill each day continue with this method for few months then cut more pieces until you stop this drug completely because your body need to retreive his natural fonction very slowly not like your doctors are saying to you and it’s a very long process

  • Most suicides actually happen at this time of withdrawing medications or quitting medications cold turkey. Not even because of the depression itself, but the side effects is literally hell on earth

  • I got diagnosed with major depression too, like a month back. I asked my doctor for a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist, but instead was prescribed lexapro. I tried them for a month but I had way more outbursts of crying and more suicidal thoughts. I knew in a way it was making my depression worse, but I kept hoping that maybe it’ll just help if I take it consistently and longer. But after four weeks of taking them, two days ago, I impulsively overdosed on the rest of what was left in the bottle. I went to the ER, I felt extremely dizzy and my focus was blurry. But everything was alright, and I’m still here today. But all I’m trying to say is make sure you realize what medication works for you and what doesn’t. If you need help, your loved ones, family, and friends are there. Just talk to someone if something’s not working out or if you feel low or you need help. Someone will always be there for you❤️

  • Chemical butchery….. and now they are complacent because their drugs make billions annually so there are no better ones in the horizon

  • I took an edible for the first time and I had panic attacks for 2 months and then depression. Nobody believed me, doctors were almost amused by what I had told them and it made me feel upset and lonely. Eventually I was put on an antidepressant 2 months in. I scroll across youtube and there are other people who either took a medicine or drug that had the potential to cause a hormonal/chemical imbalance. I really think doctors should do more research and take patients seriously when necessary.

  • I have never taken antidepressants,just wanted to be myself. I use exercise,and writing stuff down.I,m proud of what you have done and achieved by doing so.

  • Congratulations! Well done for being strong of doing opposite from what society always exercised and seen as norm. Very inspiring!
    Ps nice song

  • So The Take Away Is:
    For SOME people, the steps you can take to improve yourself are…
    1) Seek professional help and allow them to properly assess your unique, individual needs
    2) Address the biological by finding a medication that works for you with the help from you doctor
    3) Address the psychological by using therapy with a professional to work through unhealthy thought processes, coping mechanisms, tramas etc
    4) Once you feel yourself improving, address the external struggles by making lifestyle changes that push yourself, but not too much all at once
    5) Blend these all together and change/improve upon things such as diet, exercise, routines (like good sleep hygiene and goal setting), healthier relationships, mindfullness, hobbies etc
    6) Now that you have a bad ass tool kit by mastering what is best for you body, mind, and spirit… consider easing off of those medications after consulting with your doctor… you might surprise yourself ��

    This can be a challenging and lengthy process (that is more extensive than just the things I’ve mentioned). I’ve been working on it for years and I will be for years to come. We’re all in this together. I believe in you. Keep on keeping on.

  • This was amazing!!! I almost cry too!!!! I’m so happy for you my friend!!! And again, giving us hope, which is what we need the most!! �� God bless ����✨

  • The only reason why I went unto SSRI’s was for Anxiety, and I was pressured into taking them and the thing that I learned whilst being on them for a short time, was that my body felt numb and lifeless which is why I gave em up. Side-effects were horrible and I’d rather be stuck with Anxiety than to feel lifeless and numb.

  • Going off cold Turkey is very dangerous, but I am glad that you had success with coming off of them. I take meds because without my meds I am not stable. Withdrawals are not always horrible, withdrawals were not bad at all, I came off of Paxil, but I was awesome. Make the choice with your doctor and your own heart.

  • I have been tapering lexapro from 10 mg into small dosages since 7 months ago and Ive been happy with the results. You can feel the symptoms of tapering down but very low compared to doing it abruptly and last for short time. Right now Im in 3.75 mg and Will continue tapering off slowly.

  • i 100% agree with this video. its like living with 50% of emotions. When u start feel all emotions u feel like u live again. And from that moment u know u dont want to take it again.


  • “Support from my family, doctors and partner Lauren”. No point in listening any further. You have the relationships and love in your life to overcome depression. So many people are alone and do not. This definitely made me feel worse. Anyone can stop antidepressants when their triggers (loneliness, isolation and lack of connection) are gone. This is smug bs.

  • For everyone here depressed, try using Kratom and Phenibut. Works wonders when used in moderation. I’ve never even been depressed and they still made life a joy to live.

  • I just saw your collaboration with BigKnowHow and I’m glad I became aware of your channel!:) thanks for all you do ‘Peggy’ 😉 ����

  • I am off Cymbalta after 15 years, it’s been two weeks thru sheer determination and prayer, I didn’t discuss it with my doctor he would have weaned me by reducing the milligrams.which meant staying on it longer.YES the withdrawal has been severe.but every passing day I feel improvement.

  • Thank you JBP.
    Try eating more celery sticks and work like bricklaying or gardening.
    Sunshine cures everything.
    Best Wishes to you all.

  • “Just stop if it doesn’t work” = doesn’t always work. As Dr. Peterson now knows, these drugs are harder to come off of than heroin.

  • OH GODS he drank the kool-aid: “Insulin for diabetes = antidepressants for depression” is the oldest chemical myth trick used by psychiatrists and pharmaceuticals. Lilly started it E. Fuller Torrey continues it.

  • Sadly, Dr. Peterson has paid the price of “medical interventions” and suffered benzo withdrawal meltdown (and I’ll bet the SSRI didn’t help, either). As with so many, the longer one is on them, the more different drugs they try, the more likely one is to suffer ill health from them. This can come in the form of odd maladies like ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, autoimmune-like disorders, headaches, sexual dysfunction, the list is endless.

  • They give rat poison to people who still have their life scattered, and after that they have their brain shattered. Venlafaxine withdrawal day 5, but I’m hanging in here because I realised I rather have my bad thoughts back than have no thoughts at all.

  • Last point is so powerful “antidepressants can only help you so much if you have a terrible life” I don’t think I have a terrible life, but I feel terrible and unworthy of a good life. Henceforth I’m gonna proceed with the drugs, wish me luck bois…

  • Anti depressant can save your life, if youre seriously depressed, battleling with suicide thoughts everyday in darkest hole you need energy, hope and without meds youre too far gone to have the strenght to start changing youre life towards light.
    All the best and power to people struggling with depression that is a dark and horrible state to be��

  • After recently learning that he (Jordan) was on SSRI’s for over a decade, and then benzos for 2 years which almost killed him I’m convinced that we materialize our reality according to what we believe. Careful what you choose to believe. “Professionals” and their opinions can be deadly.

  • Peterson is addicted to clonezepam thats why he reccomends them. Lab synthesised chemical compounds will come with great a great toll on body and mind. Stick to shrooms and weed if you are gonna take anything nothing else.

  • I would definitely advice against stopping antidepressants even if it’s slowly done. I.was doing very well so my doctor told me to discontinued it abruptly. I relapsed & ended up in the hospital. I reiniated the antidepressant & slowly I got out of the hospital. NEVER DISCONTINUE ANTIDEPRESSANTS.

  • You don’t just stop antidepressants if you find they’re not working after a month’s mark. That has the potential to fuck up your life forever.

  • Hi Scott! So pleased for you that you have moved into a new phase. I’m actually on the flip side, I have to begin taking medication at this stage in my life as my job is now at stake because I’m so unstable. I’ve been fighting people for years because I’m so afraid of taking them and then having to go off them but this video gives me hope that I can start some treatment and when I am ready it WILL be possible to come off them and I just need a little help at the moment. Thank you very much for this information. ��

  • WRONG antidepressants ‘fix’ nothing just mask real cause of depression. The longer you take it, the more you’ll need to sustain the masking. One day you’ll want to get off and, even with micro tapers, you’ll experience really bad withdrawals. Why do you think this guy ended up in Russia in a coma? After being misdiagnosed by so many Drs?! The drugs he’s promoting here are the very same ones that nearly killed him!

  • Exactly! “No I’m not that happy I’ve been taking these pills so a while now and sure I’d rather not have to. And yes of course I’ve tried other things first. But would y’all prefer me to have killed myself?” Just fuck of and let people decide this for themselves.

  • It’s sad to see some of the things Peterson says nowadays. I think the man is legitimately intelligent, and he’s well educated. This weird political tryst with American right wing reactionaries, the tragic situation with addiction…. I just hope that the good things he’s said and done reach the right people, without the justification of hierarchies and bullying. Hopefully this guy really finds himself.

  • Don’t take them if you don’t actually clinically need them. They can ruin you. If you have moderate depression sleep well, exercise, eat healthy, and be have a group of friends.

  • Now he’s got benzos mentally & physically torturing him. No one should take psychiatric drugs for any reason. They’ll show you a side of Hell you never even knew existed. My heart & soul is with Jordan on his journey to get well. It will be the hardest thing he’ll ever does in his entire life. Believe me, we know how your suffering, we know what it’s like to have our central nervous system rammed through the meat grinder, then it wants to know if we’re strong enough to survive. we’ve been there too. Psychiatric drugs are far more dangerous & deadly than any street drug and do far more damage. If people only knew. I wrote a book about them ‘Psychiatric Iatrogenic Illness & Benzo Withdrawal Syndrome: Why don’t we matter’ that will probably never get published. Chapter 12 Legal Torture Centers the epidemic of deaths from inmates being withheld their benzo in jails across America upon admission forced to die from their cold-turkey benzo withdrawal while being beaten by jail personnel. And if this won’t make you cry, I don’t know what will.

  • Dear sir
    I have stopped my medication away from 2.5 months. I have a dizziness and i treat it now. But sir my concentration and hard thinking have been gone away. Im frustrated. I took zoloft only for 5 months. Can u say will this concentration come back as earlier. I am a teacher. Just 22 years.

  • Hi Scott I am on antidepressants from a year.. I was feeling better i skip medicine for a day i also thought it is going to be fine if i quit but then withdrawal happen. i was the worst feel i ever had..

  • Prozac didn’t do much for me I dont think, but a few years ago I was on zoloft and it was interesting. It was like my ocd mindset went away, and I felt like I could see through other peoples bullshit much easier.

  • His ideas are so well structured and convincingly delivered that I am in constant admiration of how articulate and intellectually sound he is, when I listen to him.

  • Sounds like I got leeward in to a trap, screw this perseris medication, I took the injectable which was prescribed and now I’m having vivid dreams, trouble breathing, anxiety, I feel like I have a ball in my throat everyday and it’s hard to sleep, I’ve been having side effects since I started this medication a month ago, I’m just hopping these side effects don’t last forever because the drug should be out of my system by now (the drug lasts a month so literally the worst month of my life, scared to take another medication again).

  • I’ve tried 4 differents anti-depressing pills. One of them make me aggressive, start fight all time the time. I never had into any sort of fight in my life. The very first day I can trully said I’m not depresse anymore is when I done 6 dry gram of psylocibin ( magic mushroom ) It does a reset in my brain and I never ever felt depresse anymore.

  • i’ve been on setraline for 3 days, do you recommend that i stop its helping get my life together so far cleaned my room less worry any help?

  • All the problems of humanity lie on meat consumption. Our digestive track is the one of a fruit eater. When we eat meat it rots in our intestines and it gives us all of our diseases… Follow the channel robertmorsend on YouTube… It is the channel of dr robert morse… He teaches us how to eat and how to live…

  • Pschiatrist medication made me worst my life was hell i couldnt sleep and anxiety and disorder movement it cause brain damage it mess with youre mind

  • I have finally put away the pride(or stupidity if you choose to view it that way).

    I’m 28, and quit the family business do to personal reasons. Now I’m Filing for bankruptcy in the next couple weeks. Have no job or even have motivation/care to get one. Lost my car two weeks ago to repossession because of no payments and as unfortunate as it is, I love to use it as an excuse not to look for a job. I Am now completely broke and hardly care. For the past 5-6 years I have steadily become less and less social to where i have ruined many relationships and do not have the care to pursue any others. I don’t leave the my home and rent out the second bedroom as means the pay the mortgage and keep the power on.

    After starting therapy I have learned a lot over the past 6 months about myself. The sexual abuses, the manipulation, childhood traumas, and my denial for ever wanting to try an antidepressant due to my drug filled past and the loss of my best friend(even though it was opiates that we were into). I have an appointment on December 17 with a doctor to start my first antidepressant. I’m not expecting too much because truthfully I’m a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy and a pill can only do so much.

    This video has been one of the many I have watched of Jordan Peterson’s and I will continue to do so. It is a weird feeling being able to relate to something on every single aspect of life going wrong that he mentions… it is also weird that I’ve brought probably 75% of it on myself. What makes it the most weird is I don’t care and yet still have some sort of belief that one day I’ll wake up and change it all. I don’t expect much from antidepressants, but I’m curious to see if they spark me.

    Thank you guys for letting me vent and keep the great content coming.

  • I’m not gonna tell someone not to take antidepressants, but I would highly recommend that you first try therapy and see if working on unresolved issues help your mood.

    I feel like prior to that, people were just putting me on random medications. I didn’t break through my depression until doing EMDR therapy

  • Currently tapered 20->2.5mg escitalopram over the last year. And I swear… The lower the dose, the worse reduction symptoms I experience. They pass over time, but this video is a total misinformation!!!

  • The best explanation of AD use for oth cases! Thanks!
    Recently I’ve tried explain this issue to the exgirl in the same manner and it works. Sadly she decided to stay victim.
    I think AD is some kinds window that opens the eyes to the way to feel life differently, same with light drugs like cannabis. And then your have to take your things together without having to cut your throut

  • the boy i love got me and his ex pregnant at the same time; he found out about her first and was over the moon, ready to plan out his life with her. when he found out about me his plans were ruined. he talked me into keeping quiet, and just as i was accepting he would never be there for me and my baby the way he was going to be there for her, i had a miscarriage. i can no longer have children. i was so ready to care for my child without him and it felt like such a horrible, horrible injustice to have the opportunity of even having a family taken away from me. i haven’t felt happy in so long. i’ll never get to enjoy bearing children for the man i love in the future. i no longer see the point in living, but i have to keep going for the people who love me, even if living is pain

  • This guy is on meth. Dont listen to this crap.

    If you want to get over depression, start working out and eating right. Not this carnivore diet BS. Plenty of fruits like apples and blueberries, high in B12 and Choline. Exercise is vital.

  • If you have your life together, then yeah the antidepressants might help, but I know from experience, when your life is in shambles and there’s no direction, no friends, or anything at all, then the meds don’t do anything for you except give you extra energy

  • Hello Douglas, I would like to recommend a manual that helps people taper off benzodiazepines, not exactly an antidepressant but still worth to read.
    It is called The Ashton Manual by Professor Doctor Heather Ashton.
    Thank you so very much for your videos and just for you being you!
    Kind regards, Marianne Winia.

  • I just started ADHD meds but was resistant to taking antidepressants.The fact I’m in more control over my life and thoughts is making me happier each day. I have nothing against my adhd but it does make it significantly harder to do anything when your also depressed.Sorting my own life out is is it’s own antidepressant.

  • My opinion, on any sort of drugs like this?
    It’s broken me once.
    And I’m very well remember it.
    Avoid it at all cost come off of it
    at any cost.

  • The more I hear about treatment for mental health, the more I start to believe in Tom Cruise and Scientology. Some treatments are worse than the affliction.

  • this is the most I’ve agreed with jordan peterson, now if only he’d have the same view about trans people. the way to “fix” the problems caused by being trans or having dysphoria is transition

  • I’m on a drug right now I’m trying to wean myself off of cause my depression is getting stronger and stronger.. and my doctor won’t listen to me, he talks about politics and gun rights when I go in there about my depression lol.. but I’ve been having extreme episodes of extreme sorts, worse then I’ve had my whole life while on this.. and I need off of it, I’ve cut the amount I’ve been taking in half and it’s been a couple days now, I had a depression mental break down lastnight:,( and I just feel helpless!

  • Hell no man… My brain is like “ready.. UP!” And my Dick is like “Sir yes sir”! And ready to go!

    Edit: SSRI work on me instantly!! Within a few hours.

  • Honestly antidepressants saved my life and all the changes in my personality have only been for the better, they’re starting to lose effect though and I’m terrified of going back to how I used to be because I was actually suicidal unlike a lot of people prescribed antidepressants

  • I’m sorry. With all due respect how old were you? Dont you read side effects? Yes, I understand it’s the docs responsibility but you are not all innocent on this. It’s just common sense to read side effects???????

  • I was on an antidepressant for a week and a half and stopped it immediately when I was sitting at a meeting and saw myself standing to my right out of the corner of my eye and the “me” to my right wanted to hurt everybody in the room. I was still present and observed this and panicked. I liked the people in the room and knew that and left the room, called my husband and he said….get off of the antidepressant. I went back to the doctor and he didn’t say anything good or bad…he just picked up his recorder and said something to the effect of patient presented hallucinations. I wasn’t depressed….but my BP was creeping up at that point in time due to stress. I still have BP problems now almost 20 years later. Crazy world. BTW…..I now realize that I self medicated with both exercise (swimming laps) AND sugar. I would exercise and then pop a donut in my mouth. I have since taken myself off of sugar and eat a pescatarian diet. I just with that they would fix my BP spikes.