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Ranking the Best and Worst Sleep Positions. About the Author. Julia Malacoff. Julia ( @jmalacoff ) is a seasoned writer and editor who focuses on fitness, nutrition, and health. She’s also Shop Under Armour.

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Check out the rankings, below, from best to worst. 1. On Your Back. Though it’s not the most popular position—only eight percent of people sleep on their backs—it’s still the best. By far the healthiest option for most people, sleeping on your back allows your head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position. Sleeping on the left side in particular is ideal because sleeping on the right will push some internal organs together, causing discomfort and lower nutrient flow to the baby.

This position is also best for those who have sleep apnea, decreasing the likelihood for your tongue to impede your breathing. The Best (And Worst) Sleeping Positions. Reviewed by Donna Schwontkowski, DC, MS. According to experts, sleeping on your back is the best sleep position for your body and overall health as it tends to keep the spine in a neutral position and allows the mattress to. But snorers, beware: Supine is the worst of all the sleeping positions if you suffer from sleep apnea. “Your throat and belly are being pulled down by gravity, making it harder for you to breathe,” explains Dr. Andrew Westwood, assistant professor of clinical neurology at.

Note: side sleeping is one of the most natural sleeping position for the majority of people.Turns out that 47% of all Americans sleep on their side, usually in the fetal position.Women are more likely to sleep like this; 54% of all women in America sleep on their side, usually curled up, while 39% of men prefer to sleep like this. For young, healthy people, sleep position is less important, Salas says. “But as you get older and have more medical issues, sleep position can become positive or negative.” Consider these factors before you switch off the light: Back and neck pain: When it comes to alleviating pain, sleeping on your back is a mixed bag, Salas says. For. Though experts commonly agree sleep is imperative for improved physical and mental health, is there a wrong or right way to catch those Zzz’s? Are there best and worst sleep positions? bistroMD is analyzing and ranking the best and worst sleep positions!

The Worst Sleep Position: On the Stomach Waking up on the wrong side of the bed may be attributed to sleeping on your stomach. For. Your preferred sleep position and pillow greatly influence your posture and chronic pain. If you have neck, shoulder, back, or other pains—or want to avoid them—consider this infographic’s. This Is the Best—and Worst—Sleeping Position for Facial Aging, According to a Doctor This Is the Best—and Worst—Sleeping Position for Facial Aging, According to a Doctor.

Sweet dreams and sweet skin. By Hana Hong. May 14, 2020 Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

List of related literature:

Positioning: Keep the head of the bed elevated 30 to 45 degrees; avoid the supine position; maintain a neutral position for head and neck alignment; avoid neck flexion ii.

“Core Curriculum for Critical Care Nursing E-Book” by JoAnn Grif Alspach, AACN
from Core Curriculum for Critical Care Nursing E-Book
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For these reasons, when the patient is confined in bed in one position, either lying supine (face upward), side lying, or prone (face downward), the patient’s position should be changed every 2 hours.

“Introduction to Physical Therapy for Physical Therapist Assistants” by Olga Dreeben-Irimia
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Obtain a firm mattress or bed board; use a flat pillow when sleeping to avoid strain on neck, arms, and shoulders; sleep in a side-lying position with knees bent or in a supine position with knees and legs supported on pillows; avoid sleeping in a prone position.

“All-In-One Care Planning Resource E-Book” by Pamela L. Swearingen
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(Rate each indicator of Sleep: 1 = severely compromised,2 = substantially compromised, 3 = moderately compromised,4 = mildly compromised,5 = not compromised [see Section I].)

“Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care” by Betty J. Ackley, MSN, EdS, RN, Gail B. Ladwig, MSN, RN
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Insomnia Middle 0 No difficulty 1 Patient complains of being restless and disturbed during the night 2 Waking during the night – any getting out of bed rates 2 (except for purposes of voiding)

“Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health” by Lee Baer, Mark A. Blais
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The most successful modifiable risk factor, though, is the prone sleeping position.8 SIDS rates decrease dramatically when parents are educated to the safer sleeping position of side-lying or supine.9

“Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor: Protocols and Algorithms” by Thomas A. Souza
from Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor: Protocols and Algorithms
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Sleeping on the right side is the most relaxing; on the left, most digestive; on your back, disturbing to Vata; and on your stomach, disturbing of everything.

“Prakriti Your Ayurvedic Constitution” by Robert E. Svoboda
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IfI sleep on the right hand side of the bed, then I’m facing her when I’m sleeping, and ifI sleep on the left hand side, then my back is to her most of the time when I’m sleeping, and so I always sleep on the right hand side, and she sleeps on the left hand side.

“Two in a Bed: The Social System of Couple Bed Sharing” by Paul C. Rosenblatt
from Two in a Bed: The Social System of Couple Bed Sharing
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Lying prone with a pillow under the abdomen Lying on the right side with the chest tilted downwards to an angle of 20°.

“Essentials Of Orthopaedics & Applied Physiotherapy” by Jayant Joshi
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On the other hand, sleeping on your stomach is considered the worst because it exaggerates the spinal arch of the body and may cause strain.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
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Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

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  • I have a rotary cuff injury (tear) and I like to sleep on my back with my arms above my head. After watching this video I am not sure this is the best sleeping position. Please can you tell me what is the best sleeping position for this. Thank you.kindly.

  • Ok but how can I tell my sleeping body to stay in the position? I start off sleeping on my back perfectly and then I wake up in the morning on my stomach, head to the side, one leg out, hand behind my back(?)

  • I sleep on my back flat with no pillows even on my head… Just a blanket. I do that because when I sleep on my side my hands and feet feels like it’s losing blood. Looks like I have low blood pressure

  • You claimed, sleeping on your stomach is not good for you. I disagree. I sleep better on my stomach because when sleeping on my stomach I do not snore, which accounts for better sleep for me. Sleeping in this position also keeps me from getting jabbed by my wife for snoring. LOL

  • First off I’d like to say you guys are great and I thoroughly enjoy your channel. My question is: After an accident over 8 years ago, the chiropractor I went to highly recommended I stop sleeping on my stomach. So now I sleep on my back with a pillow underneath my neck and a pillow underneath my knees. Is this a good position? By the way due to this sleeping position I no longer suffer with headaches or shoulder pain and knee pain. I forced myself to sleep like this. The only time I have knee pain is when I don’t put a pillow underneath my knees and that’s rare.

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  • I am a side sleeper. And I was told by the doctor I need to sleep with my head elevated due to heartburn. So we bought an adjustable bed. I still sleep on my side but now my back is out of whack. I cannot sleep on my back. Just can’t. So how can I position myself properly on my side with my head elevated? Help. My lower back is killing me.

  • I’m in my 70s. I mostly side sleep, but move around a lot in my sleep. Will side sleeping with those extra pillows keep me still?

  • I use the optimal position but my shoulders and arms are pretty big and they push my chest up so it’s like something stuck under me pushing my arm and then my chest up. I wonder if my mattress is too firm.

  • I have trouble sleeping with my wife. I sleep much better with my girlfriend. When the three of us sleep together I prefer to be in the middle. With a pillow under my head and one between my legs.
    The dog sleeps in that chair to the right side of the bed. Everybody seems pretty happy.

  • Pfft! Like I would stay in a single position all night. Every morning I feel lucky when I wake up on the top my bed, and not in the floor…

  • Can u help me how to stop asthma while sleeping I always end up waking up again and again and when I woke up in 02:00 I can’t sleep again

  • And now, I’m going to spend more time thinking about my terrible sleeping position then sleeping, thanks a lot for telling me all the horrific side effects of sleeping on your stomach, and you telling me that as long as I’m not soar when I wake up was not reassuring, and when I can’t get comfortable on my stomach I want to sleep on my right side, WHY!?! SCISHOW I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!

  • I sleep on my side with all pillows like what is demonstrated. But, the problem is that
    I am tossing in bed all the sleep time. So, all the setup fails in 1 hour. What shall I do?

  • I sleep face down, forehead on a Japanese pipe pillow (plenty of space to breathe) with another hard pillow under my chest to prevent arching my lower back. No snoring. Sleep well.

  • I enjoy all of your informational videos. I have DJD and have had 29 knee surgeries and most recently my first hip replacement. I must have at least a gallon of Cortisone in my body and my spine has lots of disorders beginning with S Spondylosis, Spondylesthesis Facet something-or other.:*) I have trouble finding a comfortable position sleeping and have tried some of what you just suggested, but don’t know how to keep the pillows in the desired position as I also have RLS. I tend to be most comfortable on my side but none of the pillows stay where I need them to be. I have a knee pillow, but as soon as I move, so does the pillow. I tried strapping it in place with a Velcro strap I made, but the pillow still twists out of place. Sorry for the long-winded message, but I will really appreciate any guidance you may offer.

  • When Ancient Ayurvedic Sages Knew about real health, less interest seemed to be the issue. Now the 21 century is trying to get to the same goal that the Ancient Sages had already attained even with the critiques from their society of people who existed from that time that did not seem to understand well of it.

  • I have recently increased my pillow height & my neck & shoulder strain has improved greatly….too lower pillow for me strains my neck…one size does not fit all eh.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis and, I sleep with a back brace. The right side touches my armpit and the left side goes down to my thigh. Would that have a negative effect on the sleeping positions you advised???? I usually try to sleep on my back. I used ur advice. But, will it hurt my back more???

  • I want to ask if this is okay. I have Levoscoliosis so I sleep on my right. What I do is I put pressure to my rib cage to move forward and I feel my spine pulling to the right position. If I sleep on the left vice versa. I put pressure on my ribcage backwards. It helps me breathe easier and feel better. I’m not a doctor, this is just what helps me feel better.

  • oh my god… I was really concerned about a pain in my left armpit, but I just realised… I sleep on my back, with my left arm resting over my eyes! so it’s almost certainly crushing the nerve:O that’s really comforting. I thought it was breast cancer or something o-o

  • The body pillow (the BF pillow), takes the weight of your higher arm off of the rib cage, so you breathe better. Instead of without it; trying to raise that weight with every breath.

  • what about the good old sleeping on your back with just one pillow under your head that provides proper neck support? One thing i do notice is that i always wake up with my neck turned to one side. Have no idea why.

  • I’m not gonna lie… I thought the wholes were for you to lay your face straight down and breath through them Ik stupid but imagine if there’s was something made for that

  • I am 14 months into dealing with bilateral frozen shoulders…pain is intolerable at night, can’t sleep but a couple hours at a time.
    I take an ibuprophen, fall asleep when it kicks in and wake with shooting pain. Stretch my arms, read, watch youtube videos, take another ibuprophen…see? No real sleep. HEEELLLLP!!!!
    P.S. I did 6 months of P.T. which ended in July.

  • Thanks to Admin for Sharing these information’s related to Pregnancy. I bookmarked your Link and Shared in Facebook. Keep Sharing such good Articles. Addition to your Story here I am Contributing few more Similar Stories.







  • According to Islam sleeping on your right side is the best..
    Even science is agreed with that but your video is showing the wrong information..

  • Yes, I sleepj in all the wrong positions and pay the price for it, but how to you retrain a near 60 year old body to stay where you put it when you go to sleep

  • Sprained my neck and broke some ribs on 18 April. Getting worse by the day. Please help. Can’t sleep or eat, now under 100 pounds.

  • I tend to sleep on my belly or my side. I only ever sleep on my back if I’m having back problems and I just really don’t want to mess anything up too bad. Though the most comfortable position for me, is on my belly.

  • I use to always wake up with dead arms LOL I had to use one arm to lift up the dead arm. Back in my 20’s. I am a stomach sleeper with a very flat pillow. I put my left arm to my side and my right arm tucked up on my right side bent at the elbow facing left. I may flip at night and wake up facing right. I just cannot back sleep.

  • Docter Joe can you tell me why when I like sleep on my chest in the night my bottom rib realy hurts it’s be like 2 weeks and it steel hurts and I’m only 8

  • Hello! I have an S curve (left lumbar and right thoracic curves) and a chiropractor told me not to sleep on my “affected” side. What side is that?

  • Good to know! I sleep on my side with the pillow between my knees also, knock right out and sleep for a good four hours solid. Room not too warm, keep bedding light but warm, nice cool pillows, no restrictive clothing or jewelry and remove the watch. (Being a woman, this also includes any underwired garments.)

  • Thank you for this �� i really got trouble sleeping because of my sleeping position. Is it okay to sleep on the floor without any pillow?

  • Hello, i had knee replacement a year back.. However i was not happy with the output. My knee aligment has gone and i am in very painful situation. I am Hlab27 positive and 33 years old. Can you please let me know, if any surgery will be required or by physiotherapy this can be corrected.. I cannot stand staringht in morning

  • I have intense nightmares when I sleep on my back. Many people I’ve talked to concur. I think sleeping on the stomach stops most sleep disorders from snoring to sleep apnea and sleep paralysis.

  • Hi… Ma’am I Hv qus plz reply me….. I feel pain in my left arm, low in underarm left side of neck and back near about sacpula and left front of chest between breast can u plz tell me it’s spodlitis Aur smthing else

  • I am a side sleeper and for the last year I’ve been dealing with severe neck and upper back pain. I usually wake up with a headache. I actually have a headache now most days because of the pain. I tried so many different pillows to support my neck but nothing works. I’ve also tried putting a rolled up towel under my side to support my lower back but that makes me feel like I have to go pee. I try all the neck stretches you guys talk about in your videos but unfortunately nothing is giving me relief. I’m exhausted all the time because I’m not getting good sleep because of the severe pain I’m dealing with.

  • Hi. I just found your channel. I’m excited and I don’t know how should I start for avoiding more scoliosis. Please help me how should I start I mean with which video. Thank you

  • What is it called when you get a nightmare shortly after falling asleep on yoru back? I’ve had this and heard of this a lot. ALso does meditation cause nightmares in everyone??

  • I had tried out one of her positions for sleeping (the sleeping on the side) and it was one of my best nights sleep I have had. Although I have only done this for one night I had noticed that my rib hump wasn’t as prominent. I’m going to continue sleeping like this to see better results:))

  • The first one at 3.45 I sleep like that every night and I do get really bad headaches I won’t be sleeping in that position again cheers guys.

  • ive been trying to go to sleep for the past 3 hours.
    also been trying to fix me sleep schedule and actually be up in the day instead of night

  • Hi, I’m an English teacher! It’s “Brad and I.” The general rule is that if you take out the other person referred to in the sentence, the sentence should still make sense. So, if you were only speaking for yourself, you would say, “I am not above bragging.” Putting Brad back in the sentence, you would say, “Brad and I are not above bragging.”

  • Correlation is not causation. I sleep that and never suffer from headaches in general. It’s much more likely the headaches are from fitness/diet/stress or quality of sleep in general, not the position.

  • Im probably the only one, but I HAVE to sleep on my back. For some reason everytime I sleep on my stomach i would have sleep paralysis and its scary af. There was this one time I slept on my stomach and had sleep paralysis when my face accidentally moved into my pillow, it was soo scary because I couldn’t move, breathe or even yell for help, but luckily I was able to somehow wake myself up before I probably would’ve passed. After that I’ve slept on my back ever sense, even when I would fall asleep in class at school, I would have to somehow sleep sideways and not facing my desk or I would have sleep paralysis again������‍♂️, its annoying but Who can relate��?

  • I’m like a rotisserie chicken when I sleep, start on my back then go to my side, then on my stomach, where I end up… who knows???

  • My arms from elbow Down to tip of my fingers will go so painfully numb by morning when I wake up I can’t use them half the day cuz the pain after makes them so weak. Does anyone know what the frig is happening to me it also happens when I’m sweeping or driving

  • I’ve got plumb bobs, levels, straight string lines all over my bed. I don’t sleep, until I’ve got perfect alignment. I’ve been averaging 1.5 hours of perfect sleep every night!! (Getting aligned takes a bit)

  • hello i do hope you reply this but if my left ribcage bone(sorry if its wrong) is sticking out, which side am i sleeping more on? please help and btw great video!!

  • Hmmm….. As a young (up to date) physio I do not agree with this AT ALL. The body is made for moving and does not have to be in a “neutral position” all the time. A lot of nocebo talking here. People… the body is strong. If you are experiancing problems while sleeping, a 1000 extra pillows won’t change your problem. Something else is going on. You would probably need to get your body stronger or more flexible. But hey! You can also take 5 pillows on holiday with you, So your neck won’t break of arm won’t fall off.

  • Great video I have been trying hard to get some great inputs for a good pillow and at last I have found one btw every part of our body is so wonderfully crafted to be at ease but why the neck isn’t why is it that we can’t sleep without a pillow or is it that we were created to sleep in sitting position?

  • Great video thanks. Is this helps decreaseing spine angle or just for not allowing it to get worse? I’m 20 years old is there any chance i can have a straight spine without surgery?

  • Hi! I woke up just now to leg pain and I’m not sure why? Is it maybe because I’ve been sleeping on my side for too long, because that’s my natural position? Any help? Please answer asap, I need sleep ��

  • 0:58 honestly, with all the different variations of english we can’t rightfully judge someone’s english usage as it is a language, and for many reasons!

  • My fave positions to sleep:< for me it's so comfortable and it's easy to sleep on those position. Can't believe I'm sleeping in a wrong way.

  • Very much affected during lockdowm as my expected date of delivery is may 10
    Clothing bag is empty
    When will online delivery be open

  • I sleep on my stomach because I just can’t fall asleep any other way but will try to start sleeping on my side because I’ve been experiencing lower back problems when waking up.

  • Anyone waking with a sore neck in the morning?

    I’m a Physical Therapist who’s passionate about trying to solve the underlying cause of my patient’s dysfunction. I’ve put together a video outlining why sleeping on your stomach isn’t the true cause of morning neck pain, despite how it often feels, and what you can do to stop it for good!


  • I can’t remember the last time I slept on my front or back. My neck doesn’t like the face down position and my lower back doesn’t like the back position, unless I deliberately rotate my pelvis to lessen the “gap under the back” effect.
    Now that I’m thinking about it all, I injured my back for the first time on a trampoline at 15yrs old ��, and then again at about 30 and again at 40-ish. Oh and my neck was involved in a car crash or two in my 20s.

    Are we all just naturally idiotic?

  • So I had to research this to make sure and a couple nights ago I was sleeping in different positions and I was not able to breathe so this is very helpful thank you so much.

  • Dr. Jo….are there any good pillows for semi and high fowler sleeping if you don’t have one of those fancy beds…or a best position to facilitate it?

  • Hello Bob,
    Thank you a million times, for the shoulder pains exercise.
    Oooh, that painful pain just left after 3 to 4 days. The chest out one, just a micracle.

    Thanks. Am Abundant from Ghana

  • I sleep on my stomach and have horrible headaches I’ve tried to fall asleep other ways but they never work how can I change the way I sleep?

  • It’s “ if you like Brad and me”….to know which to use break it down.SO you leave out “Brad” from that sentence and think what would I say….. “ if you like I “? NO that’s clearly wrong “ if you like me “ is right! So obviously it’ must be “ if you like Brad and me”…. hope that helps!


  • I tend to fall asleep on my stomach, but then shift to my left side or back while sleeping and am in either of those positions when I wake.

    I don’t know why I tend to fall asleep best on my stomach, but after watching this I am glad I tend to shift during sleep to a better position.

  • I sleep in the ideal sleeping position but I sometimes wake with numbness and tingling in my hand that I have been sleeping
    Why is that and how do I remove it

  • I always sleep on my stomach, but I also move alot. I had 2 surgeries left shoulder labrium tear and right knee meniscus tear. I have to keep my knee bent or it would feel really uncomfortable and it’ll start to hurt.

  • I cannot for the life of me ever feel comfortable sleeping on my back or front. I always sleep on my side, mostly the right and someone who suffers from acid reflux i can confirm sleeping on my left side helps with it.

  • I am most comfortable on my stomach but I have SERIOUS back tightness in the mornings. It’s not as comfortable but I wake up best while sleeping on my side with a pillow propping me up. Something about the pressure on the front of my body is most comfortable hence the pillow.

  • Sorry but side sleeping destroyed my back.. the only time i can go a week without back pain is when I force myself to sleep on my stomach. Back sleeping almost always fucks with the arch in your back on most beds. Side laying is the worst for your back unless you keep some support pillow or something below your ribs but that will bend the hell out of your spine.

  • I have an AC joint injury from being a dental hygienist. I need help. I can’t get any help right now due to covid-19 and self diagnosed myself via online but I even have this bony bump on top of my left shoulder where my bra sits. Ahhh

  • Do fat ppl need more pillows? Fat person here lol. Cause i’m my shoulder gets in the way if i try to sleep with 1 or 2 pillow. But then my neck also hurts if i sleep with 3 but then my shoulder isn’t in the way.lol. ��

  • Yess i have scoliosis.and i really feel comfortable when i put pillow under my knees.i also have youtube channel❤️��support me wth ur subs❤️��

  • I have searched for info on the best usage of a pillow, and there is a lot of sources but none is quite “scientific” would you guys look into it?

  • I get what you guys are doing but the position at 6:35 will put your left arm to sleep. I woke up one morning terrified because I could not get the feeling bk in my arm/hand for a’ hr. Truly the scariest feeling ever to wake up thinking you just might’ve cut all blood flow to arm and may not ever work again..

  • For anyone watching in 2020 with back problems, it is now well known amongst chiropractors that memory foam is very bad to sleep on. Get rid immediately. Get a firmer pocket sprung one.

  • I do the pillow between the knees, but I noticed that every time I roll over then, I wake up more because of having to rearrange the pillow again. So I am waking up 3 to 4 times a night minimum. Suggestions?

  • This was so inspiring to finally get off the pot and start sleeping with a healthier position. How long does it generally take for the body to become accustomed to the positional changes?

  • Hypothetically, how would a human evolve if they were forced to live on a planet with a 22hr cycle, or a 26hr cycle? Or even something extreme like 35hr rotations?

  • I’m always afraid to sleep on my stomach or put my hands on my stomach because it usually gives me nightmares…
    Guess my body just doesn’t want my stomach being touched, so it punishes me

  • So three minutes of very little information sandwiched between a minute and a half of ads. Thanks so much. You’re really getting to cable TV levels here.

  • Is there a reason why certain people (myself included) prefer it to be cold (68F or lower) at night in order to sleep and others can sleep with the A/C set at 74F or higher?

  • Is this available for scoliosis after surgery?? Because i am a scoliosis girl i had 105° and after the sugery i have 55° and i still have problems with my sleeping position please tell me if it possible to try those positions for my case

  • 6:40 i do the opposite, I move my shoulder behind me. I feel like it sort of stretches my chest and its actually very relaxed. Try it out you might like it

  • Has there ever been research on how sleep position effects the colon? If you’re on your right side you’re putting the full weight of your abdominal organs on the ascending colon. If on your left side it’s all on the descending colon. Is there a “better” side?

  • After not sleeping on my stomach for only a week or so, it feels as if I quit smoking! My chest has opened up more, neck isn’t stiff, back isn’t in pain. Crazy to think I’ve been sleeping on my stomach for over twenty years.

  • I have two equal 45 degree curves (L lumbar, R thoracic) in my spine as well as a pronounced “normal curve” I guess, the way it was explained to me is that I basically have 4 scoliosis curves. I haven’t been able to find a comfortable sleeping position for a very long time despite trying everything, including the ideas in this video. Any suggestions anyone?

  • It’s 2am. I don’t know why I’m here but one dude is holding a giant skeleton penis, and they’re talking about the internet when it looks like the 90s. Realisation: I’ve traveled to an alternate reality.

  • I used to sleep on my stomach and side (and lying on my stomach still feels relaxing and comfortable), but after a car crash that gave me TBI, I wake up to roll over constantly throughout the night. It’s gotten better so I don’t notice it as much (or maybe don’t do it as much… there’s no way to know!), but it’s still really annoying:/

  • Can confirm Sleeping on my left side is 100% better than on my right. In fact, if I’m sick or have a migraine, lying on my right side is guaranteed to bother me, while lying on my left helps me numb the pain and get comfortable enough to sleep.

  • Im 12 and I went to my family doctor.They haven’t told me how my spine is lined up but they told me I have scoliosis.Is there a way for me to figure out how my spine is lined up?

  • helped me get quality sleep back in my life after back pain and injury. dont forget, pillow to support knees and help align pelvis!! life savers you to are!!

  • I am suffered from congenital scoliosis….I am 20 yr old….can I get rid of totally from it….I have uneven shoulder…..plz help

  • You said that you have a left lumbar and a right thoracic curve. You said if someone has a bigger thoracic curve, it’d be better to sleep on their left side. How can you tell which curve someone has? One doctor mentioned to me that I have scoliosis, but I never thought about the difference between which way the spine curves. If my left shoulder is higher than my right, does that mean I have a left thoracic curve (and possibly a right lumbar curve)? I’m wondering if I could figure out which side is better to sleep on for me, because (like you) I end up falling asleep easier on my side than on my back. Thank you!

  • 1:41. “As you can see, it’s a really really awkward position.”
    No, it’s is the best way for me to get to sleep and doesn’t look awkward at all!

  • Why does it feel like gravity is pushin me to the left side it’s annoying cant sleep because I am tryna be EVEN, but can’t ah..I don’t know if it’s my bed or me.

  • I can’t sleep with these props.. Tell me what should I do ���� and sleeping on back whole night is also not possible.. So what should I do? Make my curve even worse? ����������

  • Hello Yogaberry, i have a question i hope u will answer. I’ve been to body therapy where they found a scheuerman. However, I think more it looks like I have scoliosis, one of my shoulder blades is swollen and sticks out, it pulls up in the neck and out into the arms. My hip is crooked and it is felt in the knees, at the same time with an overwhelming daily fatigue. Does this sound like scoliosis?

  • For me, sleeping on my belly really messed up the vertebrae in my neck over time. I’ve had all kinds of issues with my right arm for 8 years until a doctor noticed that the problem wasn’t my arm but indeed my neck. Now I have to (mainly) sleep on my back and I have gotten a lot better!
    It’s really weird how much the way you sleep can affect you.
    Love the show!

  • Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) prohibited us to do not sleep on stomach 1400 years ago. Reference:-
     “It was narrated from Qais bin Tihfah Al-Ghifari that his father said: “The Messenger of Allah(ﷺ) found me sleeping in the masjid on my stomach. He nudged me with his foot and said: ‘Why are you sleeping like this? This is a kind of sleep that Allah dislikes,’ or ‘that Allah hates.'”

  • I flip throughout the night, ending up in just about every position imaginable. One morning, I woke up on my knees and forearms. My sister has pictures of some of the contortions I’ve ended up in of a morning… I still need to find a way to delete those.

  • I love to side sleep, but for decades the pressure on my shoulder has been uncomfortable to me. For long time I slept with a pillow under my rib cage, which necessitated having three pillows under my head. Now I sleep on my back with a neck roll under my neck only.

  • One question. Why we need pillows to sleep ������������? Reply me because I myself can’t sleep without 3 pillows. I need a biological answer not that we feel comfortable with it because that’s not a biological answer.

  • Where I live, we have woodden squares called beds, often with a thing called mattress inside.. I can definatly recommend that, much better than on the floor and really confy ��

  • Do other people with scoliosis get a weird crack effect when they rotate their shoulder? Sometimes it feels like it’s grinding and it’s unpleasant although it doesn’t hurt. I just want to know if this is linked to my scoliosis

  • What’s amazing is as a muslim we have been told what the best position for sleep is by the prophet pbuh. Very similar to what is being suggested here always unbelievable.

  • Lol at first i thought these guys seemed knowledgeable. But the more I watch it, everything is “bad” for you. Do they know you actually change position during sleep? What kind of porcelain doll would ruin their skeleton from falling asleep on the side?? Saw another video where they said you shouldn’t do crunches because it’ll ruin your lower back.. LOL if you cant raise your upper body, or fall asleep on the side, without experiencing problems, sorry to say your health is TERRIBLE….. I don’t know if this channel is primarly for elders, or people with disabilities, but most these advices are hilariously dramatic

  • That’s how I sleep on my back! I use a memory foam travel pillow so my head can stay still hahah I use a memory stuff animal on my lower back and a pillow underneath my knees, my body feels so relaxed ��

  • I’m 23 and was a stomach sleeper for most of my youth till I’d say 21 and these 2 years that I’ve been sleeping sideways on my left side I’ve seen so much improvement in my posture and in digestion which I’ve always had a problem with. A plant based diet and yoga/meditation also is helping with the healing process. Thank you guys so much for posting these videos these are worth gold.

  • If i sleep every way every sing night ebery night each postition I do nothong happens to me i n each morning i wake up and nothing happens tk me im normal

  • Hi Jo
    How are you. I always wanted to know how to sleep properly, because I wake up with my neck hurting. I did watch �� your video on this. Thankyou for sharing. I am a side sleeper like you.
    I do like that special pillow you have. Where can I buy that at? It look �� comfortable.

  • Idk why, but ever since I went through my scoliosis surgery I’ve found it the most comfortable to lie on my back. Before, I always lay on my stomach or side. It doesn’t feel very good anyone to lie on my stomach since I’m now very stiff and feel like I’m stuck in that position if I even try. It’s still comfortable lying on the side, but knowing I’ll get a lot of pain in my neck and upper back the next day makes it less worth it. I’m now finally comfortable with lying on my back. (I have 35° Rn btw, around 65-70° before surgery)

  • First night I eliminated one of two pillows I could hardly move in the morning. I was in terrible pain. Even had trouble breathing. I had to take two Tylenol immediately! Any thoughts?

  • Thank you for a very thorough analysis and attention to scoliosis I also enjoyed your interview with Dr Loren Fishman. First and simply, I cannot lie in any one position for very long so I vary it, including finding relief by, I am afraid, occasionally lying on my front. Scoliosis is a problem with me particularly because I am a professional violinist who has had to give up performance because of several accidents whose therapy is constantly undermined by the muscular imbalance of my scoliosis. Despite the very thorough practice and understanding of movement and relaxation that I have undergone and, indeed, teach, these injuries keep working against this. I have two shoulder problems so unless I have a high pillow when lying on my side it hurts my shoulder. When lying on my back I do, as you suggest, rest my head on a lower pillow. I cannot comfortably put something underneath my spine, however, because I have a swollen spleen from another condition and a trapped nerve in my back means that if I rest my legs on a raised pillow this causes pressure on the back of my thighs which again is uncomfortable after a very short time.

    Therefore I simply keep changing position all round! I also have to get up frequently in the night because of another condition. However, I do not worry about this, I simply read, or do a crossword, have a drink or a piece f fruit and return to bed when ready.

  • Thanks! I have an S-curve with the worst curve being the right thoracic curve. I do well with sleeping on my left side, but lately it seems like my right shoulder and arm shlumps forward as I lay there all night. I have issues all day with my shoulder wanting to go forward like that. Any tips? Pillows?

  • I’m a teenager..and when ever I woke up in the morning…my whole uper back and chest along with my neck starts paining….plzz tell me it’s cure…

  • all the ordinances of daily life have been taught by prophet Muhammad SAW has been scientifically proven. one of them sleeping position like this.

  • I have a queen size with two pillows I sleep sideways, resting my head on the opposite pillows I should me sleeping on, if that makes any sense

  • Tried sleeping with pillows under knees. Every time i turn over have to rearrange them. Spend half the night dealing with pillows. I sleep on my right side.

  • We recently found out that my cousin had scoliosis and now my mom wants me checked. Is there any sleeping positions to just prevent it all together?

  • Of course the worst sleeping position is lying on ur belly lol that makes sense I’ve been sleeping like that my whole life and I have scoliosis

  • I can’t sleep on left side, as it pain….I have had the habit of sleeping on right side now…

    Please advise why left side especially left breast pain.

  • Thanks I like your video
    But I know it before you your video because I’m a Muslim the prophet Mohammed my peace be upon him says you should sleep on your right side,, ��

  • Im with scoliosis spina bifida but first also occulta and since i was 7 years old i did surgeries till 18 and i have sth elastic throughout my spinal cord… now im 21 but i dont know what exercises to do. I don’t know how to move my body or anything else. Looks really difficult and im afraid of doing it

  • I am a stomach sleeper. 40yrs of sleeping on my stomach minus three 9mth pregnancies. It’s the only position I can fall asleep in. How do I change that???

  • Hope those videos will help me,I have scoliosis and wanna remove it with exercise.I am 24 years old DO you think it is possible to remove it at this age

  • I got a question is it okay If I do the lying with my back position even if I don’t have a scoliocis? “sorry for my bad English I’m from Indonesia”

  • HELP! HUGE KNOT! i watched your other vids on knots, but they don’t really help me… this is the biggest knot i’ve ever had! i do sleep like that… all 3, i’ll fix it starting now! but my question is how do i get the pain out!? everything makes it worce!

  • i have a S curve and it is 150 degrees I cant do my surgery right now because of this covid 19 situation…. my doctor is in another country so I have to travel and as you know we cant travel at this situation so what could i do to help my spine till i do my surgery

  • I have like 60 degree curve,but I don’t feel any pain��Its almost been a year since I was diagnosed with this problem,but no sings of pain!

  • I can only seem to sleep on my stomach. So to avoid my arms falling asleep and experiencing the numb tingling feeling, I leave them at my sides and one leg up to give me a slight tilt. Oh so comfy and doesn’t allow for the neck to over extend. ������

  • WOAH you just nailed my sleeping position and it was the “not do this” one������ i have scoliosis with two curves, i got surgery on the upper one (i got a metal bar, sorry idk the technical terms!!) and the lower one is free, and i’ve been trying to change my life lately because i’m 18 and i can’t do a lot of stuff that i would like to do just because i am not taking care of myself, so i’ve been trying to change my habits lately, this was very helpful!!! im going to try and train myself to sleep on my back

  • Hi guys i have a 38° thoracic scoliosis at 17 and i know it… sucks having to remember to keep a pillow here a pillow there when you just want to SLEEP but yeah. We have this condition and this sleeping positions are more of getting yourself COMFORTABLE while sleeping. Scoliosis is kind of a hassle really but we learn to live with it until it doesn’t feel so anymore.

    Also, check out some stretches!! It’s important that you try to do it everyday just so your spine don’t get tense and weaker or something.

  • Well, of course I’ve been sleeping wrong. And yes, my whole posture is conpletely fucked up because of it, Im constantly walking weird and my shoulders and other body parts are uneven. Lucky me.

  • my left side waist is curvier,its worst now…i guess its because i lie on my left sides nowadays alot…and i cant lie on my back its uncomfortable how to fix this?