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Overcoming Body Dysmorphic Disorder will help you gain a better understanding of your condition so that you can begin recovering. Based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this book offers practical exercises and worksheets to help you target the cause of your BDD, begin to change the way you think about your body, and prevent future relapse. Filed Under: Facial Scar, Overcoming Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Vanilla Skies.

September 12, 2016 By Stephen. Intrigued by a scene of Tom Cruise disfigured after a car accident, I paid $2.99 to rent Vanilla Sky on Amazon Prime. How to Overcome Body Dysmorphic Disorder By definition, there is no cure for Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Although science says this to be true, I believe there are ways you can overcome and move past the disease.

As someone who struggles with body dysmorphia, I am here to say that there is hope for those who suffer. Everything You Need to Know About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment; Do I have Body Dysmorphia? Get the Facts on Body Dysmorphic Disorder Symptoms; 7 Types of Depression You May Be Experiencing; Your Complete Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment; Overcoming OCD: 5 Things You Need to Know About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People with BDD may believe that surgery could help them to feel better, particularly if the surgeon they meet specializes in the body part that seems to cause the most distress. But often, surgeries don’t make people feel better.

After all, the problem doesn’t lie with physical anatomy. About Stephen and About Overcoming Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Hi, my name is Stephen.

And I am a lifelong sufferer of BDD. This is my journey to overcome body dysmorphic disorder and my body image problems. If you are going through the same, know that you are not alone and that there is light at the end of tunnel. Overcoming Body Dysmorphia: This information package is designed to provide you with some information about body dysmorphic disorder how it develops, how it is maintained and how to address this problem. It is organised into modules that.

Overcoming Body Dysmorphic Disorder will help you gain a better understanding of your condition so that you can begin recovering. Based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this book offers practical exercises and worksheets to help you target the cause of your BDD, begin to change the way you think about your body, and prevent future relapse. Inside the magazine was an article by Liz Brody about Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). The article described the symptoms, possible causes, and treatment for the disorder.

There was a five-item self-diagnosis questionnaire and a list of 10 common symptoms of the disorder, from the book by Katharine Phillips, The Broken Mirror: Understanding and. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) or dysmorphophobia is categorized as a chronic mental illness or anxiety disorder characterized by extreme concern about one’s own physical appearance. If you have BDD, then unfortunately it’s only natural that your social life, career, family, and interpersonal relationships will suffer.

List of related literature:

Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder: An Essential Guide.

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I’ve written this book for people who have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and for their family and friends.

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Successful treatment of the underlying body image disorder may be helpful for deterring future AAS use; however, individuals with muscle dysmorphia may be reluctant to admit that they have a condition requiring treatment, as is often the case with other forms of body dysmorphic disorder.

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We will shortly be publishing a self­help book on overcoming body image problems and body dysmorphic disorder as part ofthis

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If you are not already seeing a therapist about your appearance concerns, and you have any doubt about your ability or willingness to try self-help, please find a qualified therapist with experience in treating body image concerns like BDD; you’ll find guidance on locating such a therapist at the back of this book.

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder Central: http://www.bddcentral.com.

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See Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) Beck Depression Inventory BED.

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What To Do: Realize you can have BDD even if you think you don’t—that it’s typical for people with BDD to think they’re truly ugly and don’t have the disorder.

“The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder” by Katharine A. Phillips
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  • Came here to cry because, my stomach is gross. I’m not as beautiful as my friend. I’m terrible jealous of my her since she has a full butt and pretty breast meanwhile I’ll never have either:( <\3. All my weight is concentrated in my stomach and it makes me look like a bloated little man. It’s so bad that I kind of resent my friend for liking her body. Mostly bc she’s the one I confided it in and always brushes it off when I come to her sad. Like I really wish they would tell me I’m beautiful too but they don’t:( People say to workout but really I know I’ll never see the results

  • i feel like my body is not mine it’s not fair why… why can’t i feel comfortable with myself alone in my room when no one else is watching when i have on baggy clothing when i’m under the covers, when i take a shower, when i go to the pool, when i look at pretty girls. why do i judge my body so much, the body that tries to keep me alive everyday. why do beauty standards affect everyone in a bad way but are still so popular

  • Thank you for this. I just came across this. I cried as I watched I was so triggered. I took a test and scored 15/20 for BDD. I am going to look into therapy.

  • I’ve suspected I had this for years stemming from the 4th grade (my cause hands down is my bitch of a mother; don’t ask) and I’ve experienced all the symptoms from the DSM-5. I’m a psychology major about to get my master’s degree soon but I’ve never been diagnosed and I’m telling you it’s so hard living with this. Sometimes I literally have a mental breakdown because the thoughts/feelings get to me and sometimes it gets so bad I just want to end it but not today not ever Satan.

  • Does only beautiful people have this disorder? Im confused because i feel this everyday probably because im actually ugly, nth to do with the disorder.. ��

  • Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance — a flaw that appears minor or can’t be seen by others. But you may feel so embarrassed, ashamed and anxious that you may avoid many social situations.

  • Listening to what your saying I can relate so much and I feel like I suffer with this. I get so emotional on times over how I look, I feel mentally incapable and drained.

    I hate the way my eyes look, I have skin that hides the corners of them and then I have hooded lids and I have reptilian like skin under them. Hardly complimented by any lashes and the ones there are thin and short.

    I hate my nose, it’s bulbous on the end and the bridge is wonky. It’s also covered in blackheads that come back almost instantly after being removed.

    My lips are big but not wide enough, and when I smile they become none existent revelling my gapped teeth.

    My jaw seems to be missing some bone as while I run my fingers along it, it dips in but you won’t be able to see that because visually I have no jaw.

    My forehead stretches way to far and is littered with lines that add on age.

    My cheeks are way to big and droop way to low.

    My eyebrows are pathetic.

    My tits seem to hate each other.

    My stomach seems to get bigger with each sit-up.

    I like my hair although I wish it was curly.

    My skin is awful.

    I beat myself up daily over these things, and more, finally I might understand why. Thank you.

  • I’m self harming over BDD
    It’s over a tattoo cover up and you can see the old tattoo. I’m very anxious and end up self harming to forget about it.

  • everyone tells me that i’m so beautiful but i never see it bc i can only see the things on me that don’t look right, i have mental breakdowns constantly and literally just cry even if it’s not that i just know that i’ll find something else i don’t like eventually

  • I have this disorder for almost 10 years, and unfortunately it became worst than ever! i had some good times, but now it’s just bad. and nothing helps no pills no CBT no hospitals nothing
    just a living nightmare

  • i dont even go out with my family for anything.. theyre so dissapointed in me for it but i just dont want people to see any part of my ugly self..

  • im so scred geting older so scred im not excepting it!! i dont want wrinkles or that my face will fall…:(
    im verry scred i waske up every morning with fears of geting older i have so many nightmares that some one kills me and stuff
    and i hate my face, i wish i could cut it off
    gay guys arent attractive to me. no one is attractive to me i wanty to die asap

  • What‘s really crazy to me is, I genuinely feel like I have this to a certain degree but it‘s weird because I do also have people telling me they were jealous or even reluctant to meet me and talk to me because they thought I was one of those „basic/pretty girls“. I am quite tall and quite slim, I work out quite a bit so I can see where they come from. But to me, them not talking to me and being meaner to me actually made me feel like they weren‘t talking to me because they felt that I looked disgusting or revolting. I have the same way of thinking whenever I think about talking with strangers, my teachers ect. I always think they would be disgusted by my appearance. It‘s so weird.

  • There’s a close friend of mine that I might be catching feelings for. She struggles with BDD a lot and is very open with me in our conversations about how disgusting she feels when she sees herself though she is honestly a very attractive lady. I came here in hopes of finding a way to support her. I’d like to know anything that wasn’t mentioned in this video for those of you who find this comment.

  • I’ve suffered BDD, OCD hair pulling, self harm ( cutting), joint/ muscle pain since I can remember. Been on AD since giving birth to my son 34 yrs ago.I am now 54 years old. I have seen Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists galore and so here’s my question. Why has no one been able to officially diagnose me with these problems or has ever had the common sense to refer me to research programs or experts that can really help? If I was a child today, I would be diagnosed with every trendy acronym under the sun..

  • idk if i have BDD and i don’t want to self diagnose. i’m rlly insecure about my weight and stomache, i’m always comparing myself to everyone, they just look so perfect and have flat stomachs. not even my jeans can cover the fact my stomach sticks out, ive started skipping meals and making myself feel sick so i don’t want to eat. i don’t know what to do, my family’s already had to deal with my anxiety and being scared to go to places and i don’t want to put all of this on them:/
    edit: i ate, i regret it rlly badly. now i’m gonna get even more fat

  • So I beat this disease by whenever I look in the mirror I just look at the eyes and nose so I can see my face at normal size. Sorry for my English and I hope you can understand ❤️��

  • The way she described sitting next to the girl on the bed released such a weight off my shoulders, thats exactly how it feels being next to a person while have bdd. its this disassociating feeling of your body not being your own, and like how it physically moves and sits and feels and how ur comfort with it immediately changes when ur around others or your reflection.

  • do autistic people have this as well? PLEASE, someone correct me if I’m wrong I really am trying to learn. but I have seen some people with autism say that they have a hard time identifying people’s emotions throught facial expressions. is this the same thing? or are they non-related? thank you in advance for whomever answers!

  • It affects me so much. I hate it, I feel like I will never be happy in life. I can be happy for 1-3 days at most then something will ruin my mood

  • I have a asymmetrical face. You can literally measure the degree of asymmetry and mine is severe. I don’t think I have BDD. I know how messed up my face is.

  • I’m literally watching this after crying becuz I was hiding and not joining in on a good time downstairs because I don’t want to be seen in a bathing suit especially with beautiful fellow women around. Living with this has become so debilitating. I’ve even pushed my dearest friend away… Not cruelly or disrespectfully… But just avoiding being around her because she’s just so beautiful… I always just feel so incredibly inadequate and disgusting. I cry because when other women are around I know how either invisible I become and why or because of how absolutely undesirable I look and feel beside them.

  • I’ve been suffering from BDD for eight years now. It is the hardest thing I em have ever had to go thru. I feel depressed and embarrassed to be seen. Sometimes suicidal. I’m trying so hard but I can’t help but want to give up bc I see no light at the end of the tunnel.. I don’t know how to remain optimistic when I feel I’ve never made progress.

  • My biggest fear is that I’ll never be desirable and won’t have a happy love life because of how I look. I can’t even wear red lipstick because my teeth look yellow. My nose is big. My hair is flat. I’m panicking because being pretty costs so much money…

  • Thanks for sharing sister, I was suffering from this most of my life and today I am letting go of this disorder and it feels good, I realized that worrying about one’s physical appearance is a delusion and suffering from this is really makes life hard. Let go of it brothers and sisters, embrace how you look and don’t let your happiness or confidence come from your physical appearance. Think about how people of all different physical appearances are happy so why deny yourself that happiness. We gotta let go of this as a humanity and say good bye to it forever. When I was living in the middle east nobody cared about their body image, nobody really excersized too much, especially not bodybuilding. People didn’t really have eating disorders, people just ate food and loved it and enjoyed. Guys it’s kind of a curse to have this…. May God cure us all from this! Think about how many people who you came across, that didn’t fit that fake image of beauty out there yet are happy. Guys we been deceived…. The body image industry is one of the largest, they messed us up so they can gain some tee bucks…. We cannot continue letting them mess up. Let’s recover today.

  • I am now past 20 years old, and l have had BDD for years l now realise. Going out without makeup scares the SHIT out of me, and l just want to hide. I feel like l look pale, sick, and much more. To others, l seem to have it together, body and face, but they only ever see me with makeup on. I often think to myself l’ll never find someone that loves me, and if they do, it’s for something l’m not. I will try to seek help. x

  • I know I don’t have BDD because I showed my sister a picture of my nose to show her how bent it was and she laughed at it and agreed with me. I’m going to literally peel the skin off of my face

  • i’m not entirely sure if i have BDD but i obsess over some body parts for months or even years. e.g. I have been obsessing over my shoulder blades (which i think stick out too much) for quite a while now and even have trouble going to the gym or wearing tight clothing because i’m scared that other people see them so i try to always sit very straight and straighten my shoulders. Through that i get very tense shoulders and am uncomfortable a lot. Sadly, i can’t afford a therapist or a person who cant dagnose me so i’ll never be sure if i really have BDD

  • Im 12 years old and I always tried to change and lose weight for about 2 years now. I always look at myself and compare myself to everyone around me, especially my family/friends. I always starte in the mirror for hours and hours and crying every single night bc I hated how I look….idk if I have Bdd or not

  • I’m sorry if this sounds superficial, I know the idea of the video is not about it, but you are literally angelically dazzlingly beautiful, like an etheral celtic fairy <3 I don't think I have BDD, I literally clicked to be able to look at you )) But saying this I realize sometimes we don't manage to feel beautiful no matter how much someone else honestly compliments us and how lovely what we see in the mirror is. In my case I think it's a soul/mind thing and not body, even when someone says I am physically attractive, nice, etc. I feel like I don't let myself believe it or accept anything good, because I'm not content with what's inside (and not my looks). It's sad..

  • Man, why must teens have to feel all this crap? I THINK MY BODY AND MY FACE ARE UGLY! My arms aren’t skinny enough and so are my legs. I am so disappointed in myself

  • I think I have it because when I was younger I would look in the mirror and loved what I saw. I thought so highly of myself and the one day someone told me I looked ugly and I questioned my beauty. So every imperfection I had I sought to fix it. In my mind I am convinced that if I fix this problem I would be more beautiful and thus more accepted

  • I have had body dysmorphia for years now. At one point, it was so bad that I wouldn’t go out with my friends at all because I wouldn’t want to be the “ugly one” in the group. I recently deleted Instagram and stopped following all that super model life stuff and it has helped me greatly. This way I don’t get the chance to compare myself that much. I don’t know how much sense this makes to someone without this condition but I hope everyone with this condition won’t get bullied.

  • I might have this to a small degree, I’m a guy and I always wear clothing that covers my entire body arms and legs are never showing even in warm weather

  • The letter really frightens me, I feel the same exact way, I feel like I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been but everyone else tells me I look thinner but I don’t feel thinner either

  • I just figured it out, i have always beem this ways looking at the morrow for hours and hours even if I was on the passenger seat of a car, I whould just lay my eyes in in that mirrow the entire time, now I CAN SPEND the all day infront of a mirrow doing my hair, make up, cleaning my skyn, nails, I probably dont go out unless is extremly nedded I am always late because of that and once Im in the street lets say a boutique or pass trough a mirrow I avoid it, makes me anxious,,makes me sweat and because of sweat I am thinking my make up doesnt look right, my hair, I just wanna get home, sometimes I have felt about to pass out it is horrible,

  • I have a disformity and people treat me different because of it. Doesn’t matter how nice I am and how happy I try to be. This goes beyond our mental state. It’s bad when others make you seem different even when you try not to focus on it. ��

  • Sometimes when I look in the mirror I feel a little queasy or out of body, especially when I’m wearing certain clothing that doesn’t feel like me. I also am very fixed on the uneven skin tone patches on my face and always try to get new products that would get rid of them. I always suck in my stomach when im out its a habit by now because I feel huge lol and I like baggier shirts. would this be considered BDD? anyone else go through what I do?

  • I have high cheek bones….i always hated it…..i shave twice a day and workout constantly because i feel that would make up for it….i stayed drunk because that made me feel attractive…..it started years ago as a dark skin male growing up in the 80s and 90s….women would make fun of me and girls alwaus liked my light skinned friends even my cousins wouldnt take me when they went to meet girls…..i need help

  • what if it’s observable by others. and others think the same. stop trying to make really ugly people believe they are not and start teaching people how to accept being ugly and that physical appearance is not everything in life.

  • It’s easier said than done bit it really really helps to not look in a mirror like with me its acne and I try more and more not to wear makeup if i look in the mirror i will stare for hours and then not go out x

  • I know how it feels, I suffered bdd for 7 years it fucked me up. I had no support system, I didn’t tell anyone my parents they cant support it medically anyways… I just cry silently everynight and I prayed to God to just let me die cause I don’t want to take suicide. Last year was the last kick of bdd Im doing well now. to all of those who suffer bdd always take b complex vitamins everyday and eat foods that are rich in b vitamins, its my only medication somehow it helped with my emotions I hope it helps everyone.

  • BDD really does suck, I’m 15 years old and I absolutely hate the way I look. I see myself as a freak, a monster, I’ve been bullied before and in toxic relationships and now I’m permanently affected, I’m never going to be a whole man.

  • Thank you for putting this out there and talking about it. I’ve been going through this for years and I feel so alone like I’m never going to recover.


  • I think I am going through this now and people are so ignorant oh it’s fine stop it you are beautiful but they don’t know how hard it is to go through this. It does consume your mind. I don’t want to feel like this who does but it happens. The mind is a puzzle indeed.

  • I avoid the mirror when i change clothes or shower. I change my clothes often because i feel exposed to judgement about my body. It’s getting really bad, and I don’t know what to do, or where to begin.

  • i got this on my recommendation and i watched the video and didn’t even know this was a thing. My family and friends tell me how my skin is clear and how skinny i am WHEN ITS NOT TRUE i have terrible skin and fat thighs and no jaw line and i need to change it people say i’m doing it for attention but it’s true i’m not skinny and i don’t have good skin. they just don’t understand. there is so many flaws in me and no one sees them but they are literally there and it’s so hard because all i think about all day is my body no matter what and how much i compare myself to other I CANT CONTROL IT! i never tell anyone because they won’t understand and i’m probably to young

  • Anyone else get those people who say ” Oh stop complaining and fishing for compliments ” But I can’t argue because I get scared people will judge me and yeah compliments actually bother me anf if I ever like tried to explain this to anyone that’s what they say and it pushes me down as my standards get higher and I fail but I keep trying. Even though it feels hopeless and I don’t want anyone to know that it’s a struggle so I put on a mask. I’m legit scared someone’s going to reply that I’m lying and I just want attention or something along those lines thank you for reading this I’m struggling right now and this sorta helps I guess. Have a good day.

  • I have this and nobody knows not even my family only one of my friends and I hate my hair so that’s when I decided to give myself bangs thinking my bdd would go away and it would be better but I was wrong it only got worse and worse and my parents still don’t know until today I tried asking my mom to help with my hair and she tried and I got really mad with it so I went to my room and stayed in there and my mom was planning on going to a store with my other siblings and she started calling me and I didn’t answer until she came in my room yelling for me to go with her and I really didn’t want to because my bdd was stopping me so I told her that I didn’t want to go because she never helps me fix things and she got mad so I began crying and I could tell that she felt something when I started to cry and so we started arguing until she just left me alone in my house..��

  • God I feel so alone with BDD. I’ve been crying this entire video because I’m just so relieved I’m not alone with these thoughts and feelings. All the isolation isn’t just me y’know

  • I’ve recently just heard about BDD. I just thought it was normal to suffer with these constant thoughts. I feel so stuck like I’m never going to be free of this. I’m crying currently because I’m so lost on where to go now. I don’t think I will ever appreciate or like the way I look no matter what I do to change myself. It’s depressing.

  • Awesome video!!gives so much hope& understanding for ppl struggling& those like our youth, etc., who’ve yet to struggle. Awesome ending.

  • i have a really hard time giving anyone eye contact, ever. And telling me it’s ok, makes me feel worse, because i know its not ok.

  • I looked at the eyes and then done toward the mouth. With that being said, I obsess over my body, my face, my hair to the point where I don’t look in mirrors, won’t take pictures, I get depressed, anxious, etc. I feel the face test in the video may or may not be accurate on its own. I’d be interested in doing a full exam though.

  • I’m not exactly sure if it’s BDD Or not, but I struggle with Anorexia (Diagnosed by a doctor) And I am currently underweight and I feel fat and see myself as fat in the mirror, while my family and my mum’s friends literally always have to point out how skinny I am, does it sound like BDD Or just insecure/different body image issues?


  • what I have seems different it’s so weird:( I feel the need that everyone including me has to be perfect or else they are unworthy. (depression feeling) gives me anxiety attacks
    (insecure, lack of confidence, lack of identity)

    *never satisfied by looks (leaves me depressed)

    I really don’t know what I see when I look in the mirror I can’t notice if I’m pretty or not and even if I am I feel the need to be PERFECT. It’s so consuming I have panic attacks because of it:( what is this??

  • Just recently came accross a small documentary I guess about BDD, and apparently people who suffer from this see or perceive faces differently than someone who does not have BDD they track eye movement of a person when an individual evaluates the face of others, and certain areas of the brain of someone with BDD light up as well. Not sure if this type of evaluation or assessment is available in the US but in the documentary the research was being done in the UK which I think is amazing because I think it’s something very hard for people to believe or understand.

  • must be awful being this trapped in to delusions and deceptions not even realizing one bit what you truly are and what all this truly is

  • You are a straight 10/10 and I’m not telling you that because I want you to feel better. I might have BDD too and what you’re saying sounds like me. It’s so odd to see a beautiful person like you claim she’s ugly or misshapen. You have full lips, nice big white teeth, a nicely defined jawline and high cheek bones and you have good skin (I can see a few pimples but overall your skin looks tight not loose or anything). I wish I looked like you so I could just tell myself hey Chris you’re not ugly it’s just your BDD. But I think in my case I’m actually ugly.

  • At times I feel okay with my body but I am obsessed with weighing myself and dieting to feel good because there’s some sort of high I feel when I shed a pound it hard to explain

  • Idk if I have it but recently I’ve been extremely hard on myself. I thought losing weight would help but it only makes me hate myself more. Last night I was feeling really suicidal but I ended up just going to bed. I’m sick and tired of waking up everyday hating myself…

  • I’ve had body disorder for years it started when I was around 12yrs old my nose was slightly different I was made fun of I avoided public places and went out when dark in my late 30s had plastic surgery on nose it helped slightly but when I look in Mirror I see ugliness I’m forever outing cothes on it’s a living hell having this disorder no matter what inside you feel so abnormal you have to love yourself to conquer this.but like me it’s impossible to feel love when all you see is self loathe.

  • I have severe BDD. When I leave my house all I can think of is my face and how ugly I feel it is. I ask myself every day why do I have to struggle with this terrible mental illness. It never goes away, it’s always lurking and ruins my days. I want to break free already. The meds work to a certain degree but I can’t keep on going like this. This isn’t life and this is not what I want.

  • I just can’t help it. I cried so hard while watching ths, from thnkn bout how Im very much disgusted by my own body. No matter how many compliments I received from others, I always ended up thinkn that they’re just lying to make me feel better.

  • Although it makes me sad that so many people deal with this, I feel a little better knowing I’m not alone in feeling this way. Stay strong guys.

  • I’m not diagnosed with bdd but every second of everyday I think about my weight, appearance, food ect. I’m just so tired about being so concerned and always thinking about how I look all the time, it’s so truly exhausting and I just want to life my life in peace, I’m so tired of it all and as horrible as this sounds I sometimes aspire to have an eating disorder, I know how horrible it sounds and I know I should idolise or glamourise it but I feel like there’s no other way, I used to make myself throw up after meals but I stopped after I got caught for it. It’s like I’m in this toxic relationship with my body and mind I’m constantly battling with self hate. I’m just so over it and I want help but I feel like I can’t reach out to anyone because nobody in my family gets it, I always get told I “look fine” but no matter how many compliments I get in a day, I still hate the way I look and I feel like nothing can change that. I want to have control with my body and I’m really trying but it’s so hard to just love myself for who I am. I really do want to change and just be happy but nobody can help me, I have so much self hate building up inside of me and It feels like I’m going to explode, I’m so so so so over feeling this way it holds me back from so much, it really has knocked all my confidence down, I’m so in love with the idea of loving myself but I just can’t because I don’t love myself.

  • not checking yourself out too much in the mirror really helps becuse I’ve did it and I missed myself that i don’t judge myself much when i looked into the mirror…I have 4 mirror in my room, one is the tallest and biggest, one is half size of that, one is makeup mirror and the smallest is I put near my bed…so whenever I didn’t check myself out that much I realized I’m not harsh on myself too much

  • I dont have BDD because I am clearly ugly. IT IS such an INSULT when girls like Melanie thinks she’s ugly. It makes me feel like society sees me as a hideous beast.

  • This is awful to suffer from. I’ve had this since I was quite young. I look in the mirror constantly..but I avoid photographs like the plague. If someone sends me a photograph of myself I get extremely angry and then I drop to an extreme depression.

    Has effected my social life..I will change my outfit ten times..then will cancel my plans and stay in ���� oy ve!

  • What really helped me is looking at other bodies n imperfections n realizing I still found those people beautiful and loved them, also that that imperfection is in the grand scheme of your body n who you are. No one is truly worried about you, but you

  • I don’t know what my problem is…but I used to compare others and my body…since my hands /arms /forarms and legs /calves are bigger….and my face and belly is slim….I used to compare it with others… others may gives some good comments to make me comfortable…but inside me..I still feel bad for myself.. because I also want slim hands and legs like normal people have….and I use usually don’t want to show my hands..I actually didn’t want to be in front of people….i just feel uncomfortable.I d k If I’m overthinking..

  • To accept and opening talk about own BDD problem is the 1st step toward rehabilitation. Be a fighter, you will be out from this one day!

  • I suspect that I have had BDD since I was about 12. I used to look at myself in the mirror and scrutinise my face. I wanted to look like Leonardo DiCaprio. I measured my looks against his and compared and scrutinised it all. When I was 18, I saw myself on video and went into the toilet and cried for 10 minutes at least. I am 34 now, it has got marginally better. I saw a video and picture of myself lately. I can’t get it out of my head. I saw my butt and thighs in my jeans and I hated it. I hated how short I was, how curvy I was blah blah blah. It goes on.

    My BDD doesn’t impact socialising, but it does impact how I dress and my whole identity. I have lived life in a very dissociated and ambivalent way. I don’t know how to dress. I hate my body so much that I have no idea what to do with it and how best to dress it. I have no idea because anything I dress in, I look terrible in. So, I might as well not bother trying and, in fact, not bothering allows me some breathing space because the moment I do bother, I then get painfully obsessed with how I look. Am I avoiding myself somehow? I don’t know.

    Some of us don’t just think we are ugly; we think we are weird. I think I look abnormal, like an alien. I feel that most other people are lucky and the more I see myself, the worse it gets. I just cannot accept how this insecurity has impacted how I look. I just look plain… plain clothed, dark clothed, hair back, no make up. Some gender dysmorphia doesn’t help, either.

    I hope that in the future things can work out. What comes out the woodwork is how terrible I look. I look like this small, tiny, pathetic, wide, stout woman. I am constantly envious of people who are taller and slimmer. I’m not even fat! But my shortness and curviness makes me think I am…

    BDD is also confusing for identity. I have no idea how to identify with myself. How do I even start? What do I wear to make me feel good? I haven’t a clue. All I know is that I want to be more comfortable within myself, then maybe naturally I will start to form a more fixed identity rather than force it by temporary illusions.

  • I relate to this 100%, it’s insane… my sisters always say “I spend too much time in the bathroom” Obsessing over my skin and tweezing every little hair I have on my face and body etc, it became obsessive. What helped me a LOT was actually becoming a cosplayer. I get to be other people and escape myself, and it feels amazing. It’s also helped turn my confidence around tenfold. I’m so grateful <3 Thank you so much for this video, it's so important.

  • BDD tears me down. No matter how much weight I lose I see fat in the mirror. Every time I get complimented it feels like it’s a backhand complicated. It sucks.

  • Lots of teens self dxing themselves based on this video. They don’t realize that it’s not just being self critical on a certain feature, everyone is like thatit’s that you break down in front of mirrors. You can deliberately avoid mirrors for days. The thoughts are constantly in your head, and it makes you fall apart like this lady did in this video.

  • BDD ultimately lead to my gorgeous girlfriend leaving me after 4years, i was relieved she left because she can find a better looking man, also relieved that she didnt have to be seen with me and relieved i no longer have to leave the house except for work as i can hide behind my uniform

  • I block and avoid and eventually I know I’ll die just like everyone else in this world so in the meantime just completely avoid people and go in and out of stores as fast as possible when absolutely necessary my friends are horses, cats, dogs and any being not of the human genus

  • If your face is not properly developed, you’re going to consider yourself ugly and other people will consider you ugly. All you need to do to correct your face is to correct your lifestyle, make it more healthy, your body will gradually rebuild your face overtime. They are calling natural human perception of beauty(hence health) a disorder, because they want to normalize ugliness(unhealthiness).

  • Yesss we know she’s pretty but body dysmorphia is when they focus on a flaw they have or a nonexistent one and thats all they see it’s as if they believe everything is wrong with them it’s a hard thing to live with

  • Its incredible how she can say the other one is beautiful and her self is ugly.. The blond woman is just a normal looking girl, and you my dear look like a supermodel in comparison.. We can do so much good in the world if we stopped spending time on something as frivelous as looks.. So I love that they have found out what is actually going on, so there is help.. I have lived this for almost 40 years, and looking back at the very few pictures I have of my younger self, Im sad I didnt appreciate my looks back then, because now Im even worse, since Im older… It is exausting… The few times people snap photos of me and laugh, makes it all the more worse… They say they laugh because I dont look like my photos, that I am just wildly unphotogenic, but that doesnt help at all..

  • i have had bdd for a few years now and i have actually just realized that i in fact have it. i feel like eyes are on me in every room that i go into, just staring at my figure, nose, eyes, lips, legs, hair, and every other little thing on my body. i also feel like my skin is disgusting. i feel like my nose is crooked and pointy. my arms have too much fat on them. my forehead is way too big, people tell me that all the time. the only way i escape thinking about how i look is through comfort characters.
    i have to go to my friends party in a few days at the lake, i am absolutely terrified to go out in a bikini. i already check how my stomach looks in the mirror every five minutes, how am i going to feel when i’m being judged by every person at her party? i feel like im screaming and nobody notices. i’ll feel trapped inside a cage,while everyone is looking.
    i told my cousin that i had bdd today and her reaction was ” just go eat “, she was the first person i ever told, now i’m terrified to tell anyone else. i want help but i can’t talk about it with anyone because i’m ashamed of it. other people tell me, “you’re so skinny! ” ” why don’t you eat? “. my grandma asked me last summer if i was anorexic. that’s why i am scared to ask for help, because i feel like they will think i’m lying and tell me im so skinny once again. i want this other version of myself to leave me alone and let me live my life without thinking about what i look like. but how am i supposed to escape myself?

  • This video truly breaks my heart yet relieves it all at once. Having Body Dysmorphic Disorder is such a difficult thing to live with. I personally never noticed it until I began studying psychology, but it worsened when I transferred into another major. I hope they Can development more tools to be able to live a healthier life. ��

  • Thank you for being brave I suffer this I’m just finally coming to terms with having this I was bullied and abused badly at school and home however it brought on BDD I hate my entire face I hate my body I never wear makeup I dread my own face I say good morning ugly when I brush my teeth I cry often don’t leave my house I always feel bad about myself compared to everyone I tried to get plastic surgery and the surgeons did not operate they said that I have a beautiful face and mentioned this problem omg my entire face I hate even though plastic surgeons told me I was beautiful I see my face as hideous and a monstrosity I isolate myself and have for the majority of my life I have anxiety attacks about leaving the house

  • If I tell myself I’m pretty and ok with my body, I instantly feel like I’m jinxing myself.
    When I’m confident about my appearance in the back of my head I think “your not really hot your fooling yourself your still ugly”
    Jesus so lame

  • Funny really, I want to show my partner your video. But you’re too pretty and I’m scared he will think you look better than me. BDD ����

  • After watching this video and others like it, I’m convinced that I have struggled with this since I was about 8 years old and just never knew what to call it. It feels so much freer and like I’m not crazy knowing that other people have also felt this way.

  • I never went to any expert. But I know I have it.. It is so annoying. I’m 5 ft 9.2 inch tall and I’m taller than the girls around me. Always struggled to put on weight. Even if ppl compliment me that you look good it feels like they are teasing me or saying this to me just for the sake of saying, or just because that I don’t feel bad. I feel inferior. Always feel like why I’m this tall. Sometimes I became so awkward when someone says “you’re so beautiful”, and it feels fake. I’m working on it all by myself. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but it’s really difficult for me to believe that I’m beautiful. And ppl don’t understand it.

  • My ex had told me I had this disorder. Though I’m not entirely certain I do, and though I feel confident most of the time, the moment I look in the mirror it’s really upsetting. I’m technically obese but whats crazy is even those who are larger then me (like my ex) are just so much prettier and not as BIG as I am (even if they are larger). I just feel SO fat and sure, I technically am, but I’m so hard on myself and always think others of all shapes and sizes are so beautiful. I feel this way too, until I look in the mirror. I see a person I don’t FEEL I am.

  • I have really bad bdd. It fucking sucks. I’m 21 and I want a nose job, eyelid surgery, breast job, new teeth, jaw/neck surgery, completely different hair, different skin type, weight loss, different eye colour, different eyebrows, different lip size, wish I was shorter, my smile is very unappealing. I photoshop and alter every photo I post since I was 16 now I’m nearly 22. There’s not one real photo of me on my social media. I hate myself. Sometimes I want to leave my boyfriend as I feel he will just leave for someone hot. Sometimes I want to die over my looks. I’m genuinely afraid of getting older, cause I’ll just get even uglier. When people ask me out I believe they are desperate, it’s their last resort. I will never feel beautiful, even on my most beautiful days.

  • I’m sobbing. I’m so overwhelmed from hearing someone explain how I feel. I couldn’t go to my friends tonight because I kept checking myself in the mirror and feeling like a monster like I’m so disgusting. I couldn’t leave the house. I am supposed to go on a boat tomorrow and I feel so terrified. That everyone will be staring at me and judging me. I haven’t been able to stop crying. I live in a new house without a/c in my room and it makes it even worse because I’m lethargic and feel even more gross. People I’ve talked to about this always tell me I’m wrong but I just am so crippled. I just started seeing a counselor. I hope she can help me.

  • When she said about pimple on the nose, absolutely right. Lol. For someone who never break out, I had a massive painful pimple on my nose two weeks ago which felt like it was growing and it left an awful spot. I feel absolutely gross about myself.

  • I hate feeling this way. I don’t completely hate the way I look, I just obsess over my appearance, and getting extremely frustrated if I can’t change a flaw. I hate the way my face is flipped, I love how I look in the mirror.

  • Every second my mind is thinking “I need to loose weight”, “It is almost September what are your friends going to think about how fat you are”, “Please don’t eat today”, “I can’t believe I just binged and ruined everything”, “I am going to starve myself for a month”, “why did she call me pretty doesn’t she have eyes”

  • I was called ugly at school regularly, had boys openly look disgusted at me and kids or kids parents commenting on me eating a lot. Once I was going to an outdoors concert when I was around 10 and I’ll never forget walking through the doors and a boy seeing me and screaming in disgust then running away. For a joke, a girl I knew who was there had told him her really good looking friend was arriving soon and he was disgusted when he saw me. People have stopped reacting to my looks/commenting for years now apart from the odd comment and my worrying of being ugly consumes all of my social interactions, I just feel gross all the time. I’m so desperate not to be an ugly person in my looks and behaviour but it feels like if I don’t worry so much I’ll not be good enough and I’ll be rejected by all. I can identify with those who have body dysmorphia but it feels different as in if I were carefree, I’d have the worst outcome. I’m on my periods and feeling v self critical and don’t know where to put my thoughts

  • can someone help me figure this out… idk if I have bdd or not but I hate my appearance so much that I feel genuine distress whenever I have to take a picture, and dread/feel upset about having to see it/other people seeing it. I constantly check the mirror and worry about whether my nose looks big (I’ve always wanted a rhinoplasty), or whether my eyes look too small/tired, and my feelings about my body itself are a whole other thing. The sight of my body sometimes brings me to tears, and I have a negative association with changing rooms because I feel like I always look like shit in clothes I try on. I’ve had people tell me I look good and have even had multiple people confess to having feelings for me/being interested, but I have never believed them or just thought they were interested solely for my personality. I’m literally in a relationship right now and I never believe my boyfriend when he says I look good; I always feel like he’s just saying that or believe that he just has bad taste (which I always feel so horrible for thinking but I can never help myself). I’ve been dieting and exercising for two and a half months now and I constantly feel distressed about the fact that it seems like my body hasn’t changed at all, despite the fact that other people tell me I look skinnier and that the scale shows that I’ve lost weight. I keep pushing myself to exercise more to see results but I feel like it’s helpless because my body just won’t change no matter what I do. I’m trying so hard to not let myself develop an ED or anything and make myself worse but I also want to finally see results after working so hard for so long. I don’t know what to do anymore

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve already been diagnosed with this through all the psychiatrists and psychologists I’ve seen, but I didn’t realize it was what makes it harder to sus out what people are thinking.

  • . I feel like there are days that I think everything that I have and that I am is cute or adorable but after months or weeks of having that kind of mentality I dissociate from that kind of Idea. I would feel ugly or worthless sometimes. I don’t think it’s bipolar since we’re talking about self love and appreciating your body. it’s kinda weird that I feel like i’m the only one going through it. but yeah I am existing

  • I’m very young but i think I may have it. Whenever I pass by a mirror i have a habit of looking at my face to make sure and convince myself I look nice, I really don’t like to take pictures on my regular phone camera because I am obsessing over my eyes. I believe that one of my eyes is smaller and crooked/slanted and it makes me look very ugly in regular photos, i have to use the instagram camera. I ask my mom and everyone about my eyes and they say it isn’t crooked. I don’t understand, i tell them no, because you can clearly see my eye is crooked in the pictures but.. I’m thinking maybe I’m just seeing that only for me. After that i started to stare at my face more and now it looks like my whole half of my face with that eye might be not symmetrical to the other side. I always pick at my acne and still pick at it if it already dried up. People say my eyebrows are good but I really want to change them because to me i think they are too round and look too thick on me. The other day i had a whole meltdown because I was comparing myself to a celebrity that is insanely pretty and also bonus the celebrity has the same name as me so i get super conscious that i don’t look like her. Before my first zoom meeting i was supposed to do, i started getting anxiety and had a whole breakdown and crying because my computer quality is bad and i thought i would look horrible on camera with my face to everyone else on there so i ended up having to miss the meeting. I also nitpick other stuff about myself. Like how my nose looks big from the side, my jawline, my double chin. Also how the shape of my teeth are with my mouth and how it looks terrible for me to smile. I’m still currently very obsessing over my eye in photos a lot. It makes me so ugly in pictures but my mom says she’s does not see it. ��I also get jealous that on instagram everyone else’s friends hyped them up on their photos and i don’t really get that expect my family members, maybe once from by bff. But still i feel jealous my other friends get pictures from their friends like “����” or “so pretty omg ������… And i just look ugly and weird… ��

  • Its weird, im kinda headfucked. I dont care about being beautiful. Id rather do or have something that i earned rather than just born with.

    But im confused. I have had a few get really obsessed. Like to the point it damages my life but im nof beautiful. Definitely not that level. Not even close. Yet these people hacs literalky stalked ne and its because they saw me. Its not my personality because youd have to watch someone to know their personality and so to inutially start watching thar person, you must have been attracted to them literally.

    So i dont understand. I think i have bdd but i trust my perception at the same time and objectively i find myself totally averahe. Wouldnt say ugly but deffo wouldnt say gorgeous. Not tge kind that should get noticed that much and that intense. I thought maybe it was a vulnerability thing cause predators luke that but i was actually pretty confident when it started with each of them actually.

    So mh question is, if you have BDD do you like actually see someone else in the mirror? Am i seeing my own version of my face? Do we look completely differebt than what we see… Cause that sounds fucking crazy to ne but i dont understand the other facts thar i know.

  • I had to cut relatives out of my life I don’t have any friends on Facebook I use it for messenger or nature photos it’s the only thing I can do outside is hike in the forest thanks so much though

  • I think I have BDD like im 100% sure because ive been crying every single day cause im been seeing things on my skin even minor things. And I cry in the bathroom and my family makes fun of me for it and every tiny thing I see I start getting anexious and start crying and I hide my body from myself CAUSE I HATE THINKING LIKE THAT like omg im probably gonna deleate this comment cause it seems bad for my buisness but I had to rant

  • Heyy. Thank u so much for this video. I’ve been crying through the hole video cuz I could seriously relate to it. I was planning on taking to a therapist but I was a bit hesitant about it. But after I watched ur video i’m definitely going to talk about it and get help. You’re so beautiful i can’t understand how u can to view urself like that. I hope I will get to where u are now one day. Thank u<3<3<3

  • I’ve suffered from BDD for most of my life. I started thinking this way since the age of 18 which is common age for the condition to begin. I have had much happiness but also my life has been marred & blighted with it. There was nothing about it during most of my suffering. I have noticed that people with BDD tend to actually be good looking. Thank you

  • I have been belly checking after pregnancy for 5 years now and the same with my skin and eye bags�� I’m 56kg and still see myself as fat

  • Just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she feels the same way on the inside anyone can be gorgeous and still have a voice to say that they don’t like what they see in the mirror.

  • “they see faces different”
    This is… not completely true I am convinced, depending on how you understand “different”. I believe the doctor means it in a way of the face actually LOOKING different to them because of different eye movements. If this is true, I am convinced this is false.
    The different eye movements comes from over analyzing the faces or bodies of others, they don’t see it “different” in the sense of seeing a different picture, but the way they look at the picture is different. That is also why the prefrontal cortex is much more active, it is the analytical thinking part of the brain. I think this comment section proved me this point even more.
    And I hope some people don’t understand it the other wrong way around because ahhhh, “seeing different” can be interpreted perfectly reasonable in both ways.
    Unnecessary comment? Maybe lol

    Im out

  • My wife is struggling right now. She has struggled for since before we met. Idk how to help other than reassure her that I’m here for her and want to help however I can. I tell her I love her even she doesn’t lover herself, and that I don’t see what she sees. She is in fact very healthy. We both work outdoors and get exercise that way. She doesn’t each much. We have been going a bit hard on sugar lately, which has contributed to some weight gain. She still looks healthy, but doesn’t see it, and it makes her not feel good about herself. She hates herself sometimes, and it’s really hard to hear what she says about herself, its makes me sad.

    So I’m hoping to find ways to help via videos and books. If anyone has some resources of any kind, I’d greatly appreciate.


  • I feel like i have it I’m really really skinny and flat, i always compare myself to other girls and i hate to look at my full body pictures it makes me feel bad ��

  • I was the girl at school boys dared each other to date. Ive been overweight, had acne, a humped nose and glasses for most of my life…somedays those memories still make me cry. But Ive lost 50lbs, got contacts, cleared up most of my acne and am making arrangements for a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation later this year. I’m taking a huge chunk out of my college fund but nothing in my life has ever made me feel so happy. Please dont give up friends ❤ there’s always hope.

  • I’ve never been diagnosed but watching this video scared me bc of how much I related to it. The fact that she was brave enough to let herself be recorded amazed me. I can just imagine what she’s thinking. Just going outside is hard enough but having a camera on you that follows you and records all of you sounds so overwhelming. I hope the treatment helps her

  • She lying she does not have it. it’s common for people who wanna sell you their shit to tell you that they went through same thing. that’s a scam!

  • Melanie is such an honest, beautiful soul. I do think that I also might have some form of BDD, but the first step to recovery is admitting it. Thank you for making this video.

  • This problem is getting bigger cause of the society image we’re facing, you know, all the “perfect” figures we see that most are photoshop in some level…even if you don’t have this disorder you can feel overwhelmed sometime…

  • I haven’t been diagnosed but I feel like I have bdd. Can the person switch their perceived “flaws” and be fixated on them? I.e. I go in phases that lasts weeks or months where I fixate mostly on my nose and feel so disgusted, then I switch to fixating on my shoulder width (I’m a female), then my calves, etc.. to me, if it’s not one thing then it’s some other body part that I’m worrying about

  • i think i have BDD.. all i can think about my body i can’t stop looking in my mirror and comparing myself. i want to starve myself.

  • There is a clear and urgent need for people and families trapped in this position, and where there ultimately is no recourse for guaranteed public help without the fear, or the stigma, of rejection.

    Not nearly enough studies have been done, regarding BDD, to show that cosmetic surgery with a prior evaluation and realistic expectational outcomes, and which there is anecdotal evidence to suggest can be a very effective solution to those who suffer from this crippling disorder, and where previous therapeutic strategies have failed.

    Governmental bodies, including Social services, are inadequately equipped to help, understand, or to cope with people and families trapped under these devastating circumstances. And yet there appears to be no way, or authority for them to either emphasize this urgency, nor to communicate it to the proper facilities, or any other branch of public sector services which could and can help people, trapped in the financial and the psychological deadlock of this position and who cannot afford to help themselves.

    The burden of fault here does not lie with the individual, but rather with the state too broken and inadequate to help those who are unable to find the aid or compassion necessary to amend these struggles anywhere else.

    Yet, despite current psychological strategies, and the discouragement of cosmetic surgery for those suffering from this disorder, it continues to have the highest suicide rate of any other mental illness in the world, underrecognised and misunderstood.

    Perhaps it is time to rethink and to re-evaluate our approach, and our way of thinking towards this, and so that people might be given the chance to not only live, but to ultimately find happiness and acceptance in their own bodies.

  • I literally convinced myself I wouldn’t fit in a rollar coaster. That is how bad it has gotten. And I still think all the time that what if I was right. What if I actually am that fat.

  • studying up on this out of curiosity and this is heartbreaking. i wish she could see how beautiful she is. it must be so exhausting to live with BDD. i don’t know how treatable this is, but at the very least i hope she’ll get better and find good and healthy ways to cope

  • Interesting. My doctor believed I definitely suffered from BDD, with the extra anxiety of being unsure of my gender making us both unsure if it was that but I’m usually overly accurate about people’s emotional state and intent.

    However it takes a great energetic toll on me and I NEED to be in the room with them. I need to add up body language, energy, tone of voice etc. But the energy toll and amount of information I needed to run against eachother made sense, since I have Aspergers and should be bad at reading people.

    Thankfully my first intent interest, as a baby already, was facial expressions. I’d stare at the TV and mimic their expressions, and since we had a mirror in view I’d apparently look over to see if it matched. I’d also always run to the mirror when I got older, to see which face I would make if angry or sad. I unfortunately forgot ‘happy’, so I look like incredibly strained on photos. xD

    But I’ve went from hating mirrors, yet anxiously checking myself to make sure I didn’t look TOO awful every time I passed one, to only loathing my body and face in the mirror occasionally.
    I can only guess it’s due to my current meds for other mental unhealth, as well as 15 years of almost daily selfie-taking for exposure therapy. Something that was also helpful was mirroring my left side and right side into two faces, then when I was anxious as all hell I tried it with people I find to be aesthetically pleasing and… things started shifting.

    Even more intriguingly it gave me a splitting headache to look at those mirrored faces for a bit. Of the same kind I for some reason get if I do art exercises that target both brain halves. It’s as though my brain and eyes are struggling. Something that makes sense, looking at this video.

  • This disease is just so awful. Everyday I wake up, look in the mirror and I can feel tears in the corner of my eyes. Every single time I see something different in my reflection. Sometimes I’m thin and I have some hope. sometimes I’m so huge I have to look away because I’m scared of the sadness and shame I would feel looking at all of myself. I spend hours staring at the little things that drive me wild. I never stop thinking about it. My weight is always in the back of my mind. My acne is always in the back of my mind. My entire physical existence is constantly gnawing away at my mental health. It never ends and I wouldn’t wish BDD on my worst enemies.

  • I had this disease but I beat it by whenever I look at the mirror, I just look at the eyes and nose so that I see my face at normal size. Btw sorry for my English I hope you can understand ☹️��

  • Within the first two minutes, I am crying as if I’m looking in a mirror. I’ve never been diagnosed with BDD, but I also never mention it to anyone. I just genuinely mentally destroy myself every day and keep people away from me emotionally as a result.. like if someone found out how I think, that I’d be shunned…

  • Off-topic: I love this journalist. This is not the first time I watched her but she is very human in approaching topics. I think that’s why they let her do the psychological topics. She seems genuinely interested and compassionate.

  • The only thing I like about my entire body is my eyes. And that’s the COLOR of my eyes. My eye sockets are disgusting. I have hooded eyes and gross, dark circles that make me look sick or tired all the time. (I’ve had people ask if I’m ok because “you look tired”. Nope. That’s just my face. Thanks, tho.) But my eyes are just one thing. I hate… everything about me. As I age, I’m finding it harder and harder to like myself. I never have, but it’s only getting worse the older I get.

  • The hours I spend just looking at myself in the mirror sucks. I was anorexic for a while and now that I’m older it has jumped over to not being big enough. I’ve learned to live it but some days are horrible and I wish it would just go away

  • I never really understood why I get SO UPSET literally anxiety/panic attacks just by looking in the mirror sometimes and I’ve spent hours in front of a mirror desperately trying to make me feel pretty or sometimes even as a child I would look in the mirror and be legitimately surprised at my face like what? That’s not me! and even have anorexia like practices where I’ll not eat for a day or two and then go back to normal..not sure if I’m actually anorexic but some people have called me that as a joke for not eating that much around them…now recently I think that it’s this disorder but idk I just wanna know what’s going on because I’m sick of being like this and anxiety/depression sucks and I just wanna watch spongebob now lol

  • I’m 19 and I’ve been dealing with thoughts like this since I was in 4th grade… that was when I started not eating all day and then eating once I was home and alone. Then that turned into binging because I restricted so much and was afraid to eat in front of people.
    My home life was terrible, mental mother angry dad. I started missing more and more school until I dropped out in 11th grade. Than a year ago I started exercise because I was tired of being fat and lazy. I lost lots of weight and ate healthy but nothing works. I still feel ugly and fat:( and I don’t have friends and I just feel so lonely.. woke up today hating myself so that’s probably why I’m letting go of all this baggage in this comment. Ugh I just wish this would stop.

  • I’ve had this since I was 12. I was bullied a lot in middle school and boys would call me ugly almost everyday. And that shit is still with me to this day. Body dysmorphia and social anxiety made me develop agoraphobia as well so I haven’t really had a life in a long while. I’m way too obsessed with my appearance and I can’t handle being out in public too much because I fear I’m too weird or ugly to fit in society. I’ve been single my entire life too and I blame that on my appearance. I just feel like no guy would ever be attracted to me

  • but why is it that it’s always the most attractive people that have this disorder? The ones with the most beautiful bodies & faces. Like how much more attractive do u need to be. I’m super self conscious and although this might not be the same, I actually have something to complain about, which is my pudge from having my belly stretched out beyond repair with exercise due to giving birth 4x. It’s just frustrating u know.

  • I used to have a fit body I was comfortable in, I worked hard to lose some weight and looked great for once, until my way older sister started poking my boobs (was 15 at the time and she was 22) and calling them mosquito bites. I was a c cup but she made me hate them, the following summer I binge ate as much as I could and gained 20kg really fast, now I’m left with big boobs I hate, stretch marks and excess weight. Saddest part is I recently realised she just wanted me to gain weight and not be thinner than her��

  • She’s so brave. As someone with BDD the idea that my body could be immortalized in film terrifies me. Bless her for showing her story.

  • I wonder if something like this could help teenagers, especially teenage girls, find out if they are transgender or have body dysmorphia. The two things are very similar. Lots of teen girls are detransitioning because they’ve realised they’ve confused dysmorphia for dysphoria.

  • I have BDD and I’ve had it for quite a while. Right now I just had enough of that mean voice inside my head telling me I am gross, too fat or ugly. I am trying to love myself for who I am. I find it helpful to just stand in the mirror naked and just look at myself and sum up things I like about my body. Just looking at myself has helped me realizing how my body looks, because I always have avoided looking at it. I really want to thank you Melanie for helping me through your videos. Just by listening to your voice and following your life it helps me feeling a little bit happier everyday. Thank you, you’re such a beautiful and amazing person inside and out

  • i hate it when they say its treatable cuz its not you might be a little more confident but you cant change the way others think about you

  • i haven’t been diagnosed but i think i have bdd i’ve always seen myself as a 600 lb girl even tho i have never been over 250 lbs. i can’t even look at pictures of myself bc i instantly hâte them and they make me so insecure. it took me years to actually go on online dates and even with that i had rude ass people telling me all my insecurities. i have days where i don’t even leave the house bc i don’t want people to see how ugly i am. i want to protect everyone’s eyes from seeing this hideous monster. i hâte it. i should see a therapist

  • I used to think i have this but i realised im just genuinely hideous, because the things that im so self conscious about and hate so much about myself arent imagined. My nose is genuinely huge and other people can confirm, but when i talk about my long midface, high hairline, expanded facial planes, lack of distance between eyes, THEN they say that im just “overthinking” those things. But they NEVER say im imagining them

  • I was very bullied as a child over my appearance. Other students made up horrible nicknames for me, which I’m not going to share. The whole school treated me. like an outcast and tried avoiding me too. I have really bad social anxiety and I’m obsessed over my appearance. I always feel bad and will never accept the way I look.

  • If you hate your face there are surgical options available such as facial feminisation surgery, for example. Transgender people have this procedure to reduce gender dysphoria.

  • Hi everyone. I have been struggling with my body image and generally how i look for quite a while now. I am just recently speculating that it could be BDD. I’m not going to go into detail of what i think about myself, but all i can say is that i wish i didn’t have to feel this way. I haven’t told anyone about this. I want to talk to my mum about it but it seems impossible for me right now. I’ve struggled with and still struggle with anxiety and depression and OCD. It’s exhausting. I finally thought that my anxiety and depression was slowly improving but now i just feel like it’s starting all over again. I don’t really know what to do. Any advice?

  • I’ve been sobbing while staring in the mirror everyday for the past I think 3months… I just started googling about it because I thought there must be more to it than just hating my body. But after watching this video I feel kind of self-diagnosed… I’m in tears right now because your diary entry really does hit home and I feel so stuck and helpless now… anyway I’m going to actually finish watching this video to find out what to do. Thanks in advance Mel x

  • I’ve had this since I was 12 and I’m 14 now. Noone tried to help me they just laughed and called me dramatic. It’s literally wrecking my life and has lead to an eating disorder, depression and effecting everything I do
    Edit: I’m better now I was talking about when I had an eating disorder, still struggle with it but it’s not as bad

  • Im not here to self diagnose, but im like 99% sure i might have that..im just too scared to get tested. Im afraid i wont like the results

  • i think i have this but every time i tell my grandma she says theirs nothing wrong with me and im being dramatic. i cant look in mirrors or take pictures like i used to i cant go out and im terrified of going to school next week. its ruining my life and no ones helping

  • Unfortunately, i struggle with BDD and have been struggling with this since I was 12. Recently, I cut off contact with an emotionally abusive ex boyfriend who made me feel bad about my appearance/body at the same time he objectified me.
    Never get yourself involved with someone who makes you feel bad about your appearance. Leave them. You do NOT deserve abuse ❤

  • So finally understand what body dismorphyia means never experienced such I love my body can’t remember a time I ever thought about my body NEVER EVER! my Potbelly is the only thing that i ever thought and that can be sorted if i became serious about working out….such things don’t bother me what bothers me is the poor and less privileged in the society those are the things can drain me off so fast..not my body never

  • Let’s all stay positive that this can and will be treated hopefully there will be thorough research for the treatment of this disorder.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience on such a raw and personal level.
    These feelings have really impacted my life and I’m finally ready to seek more knowledge and gain some skills.
    You were the first person I have stumbled across.

    Bless you

  • The problem with asking close family or loved ones about how you look is that they just lie to protect you. So as a man I don’t tell anyone because there’s no point. It just makes me look weak. I’m not going to look for reassurance from my partner because I’ll just be a whining weak manchild.

  • All my life I wondered why am I so much more insecure than my other friends, what’s wrong with me and now I know exactly what I have

  • This video came randomly and this is the first video I have seen of you and you seem like such a genuine amazing person, I can relate to this video so much especially when you said that you have to want to help yourself and seek help. I just wanted to say Thankyou!

  • This just made me realise how much I want to spend time on the beach.. And how I’ve been making up stories of why I like the hills more..

  • For the past two years I have been very depressed and have dealt with major anxiety. I felt so down and terrible about my appearance it led me to become homeschooled and I stopped seeing my friends for a long time. I even had lots of suicidal thoughts, which led me to self harm. I know all these comments are mainly about the body, but am I the only one where it’s all about my face? Take note, BDD isn’t just about the body it can also be the face. I just feel so alone, from my nose to my eyes I tear apart every feature on my face. Just wanna know if anyone else is struggling with BDD but having more issues with their face.

  • Even lips nails teeth etc.. I find flaws in every bit in my body Nd I cry for hours in front of mirror looking at my flaws.. I hav BDD from like 7-8 yrs. Nd everything in these BDD videos are true.. I really hate myself.

  • I have had BDD for so long but I always get compliments likes “you look fine”.. that’s never enough. They don’t see what I see in the mirror

  • This is happening more and more due to social media, everyone famous for 15 minutes, hollywood, no more real connections and social Connections, and the internet and u know it all

  • The gym is the only place I feel good. Even after massive physical change after 2 years of Bulking and people telling me that I look huge I still feel small and if feels like it’s never enough

  • I feel this way deeply. I have gotten so deep into this that I have asked my mom if I could have rhinoplasty. I’m only 14. I have constantly wanted to change my appearance. Obsessively. I exercise now a lot. I was also diagnosed with Scoliosis earlier in February and shortly after had surgery to correct it in March. This only elevated my body dysmorphia. People tend to think your self-centred just because you always notice those little things and it drives you to insanity it feels sometimes. I wish I could combat this quicker, but it’s a never ending thing in this time of my life. I really hope I can overcome it and be happy with myself. I play with makeup all the time with the excuse that I’m doing it for fun. But all of that is a lie, simply to cover up the fact that I want a smaller nose, or different colour eyes, (contact lenses) etc. I don’t know if many younger people are here, but man, all I can say is it is so difficult dealing with this at only 14.

  • I actually have no clothes. I have to wear nearly the same outfit everday. Obviously washing it every night. Because im scared of clothes. I hate my reflection when i go shopping i want to boke. I cant pick clothes and when i try fings on i look stupid and want to smash the mirror.

  • After countless rejections this term makes sense to me I check every mirror I could possibly find at home or on my way home! Not because I absolutely adore myself it’s because of the fear!! The fear of of getting rejected once again The thought that!! am I at least looking okay!!?!! I am laughing right now but these words are tears driven!!

  • I believe my handsome 16 year old is battling this. I’m having a very hard time watching him go through this. We have an appointment with his PCP next month. I will address it’s. Hopefully he can get the help he needs. It’s very heart breaking. He’s known by everyone to be so handsome but a bout with acne changed everything. He’s done so much to clear it up and it looks great, but he still isn’t satisfied. It’s very sad to see him go through this.

  • I’m curious if some people w/BDD may view faces normally, but not the full body or a specific area of concern for the patient? Or vice versa with the face being their targeted area, but not the body. It’s really interesting and I feel like it may be applicable for my experience as a person with severe deformity(s) that affects my entire body for the most part. Not only do I have scoliosis (I’m fused T4-L3 w/S curve of 48 degrees on top and 52 on bottom pre-op, though my spine has rotated within the rods and the bottom curve has worsened), I also have a shorter version of marfanoid habitus. A short and boxy torso with very long, skinny extremities. Chicken legs, for sure. From the side, I look extremely thin, but I am Spongebob from the front. We’re not even going to talk about my rib hump or wonky tatas. But then, I’ve also worked as a model so I almost feel I’m not allowed to have these feelings. The woman in this program is gorgeous and I think that is what makes me think I do deserve to take this seriously and seek treatment. So thank you to her and I hope she is able to find some peace.

  • I’m not trying to self-diagnose but I’m pretty sure I have BDD and I feel like it would be more helpful if people were actually attracted to me, but every time I try to convince myself I’m pretty I fail because I realize almost nobody else thinks that I’m attractive. idk if I’m making sense. I just know that it would be easier if I actually was pretty and just over exaggerating

  • I have this without question. Mine drives me absolutely up the wall because I know whatever flaws I see are minor and no one would really notice but it doesn’t stop me from getting anxious, depressed and obsessive about them. Many days I’ve gone to lengths of simply avoiding mirrors or reflective surfaces to not catch a glimpse of my face. I glance just one thing and suddenly fixate on it and stress about it. It stays in my head for days. I’m at my wits end!

  • Ugh my face is so crooked:( the right side of my face is like higher than the other side idk how to explainlike my cheekbone is higher so my eye doesn’t have an ‘undereyelid’ so my eyes are different!!!! when i take a pic i can tell so much it’s so annoying it look like i’m beat up, if someone punched me in the eye. i explain so my friend and bf but they say they don’t see it or can’t tell but i just feel like they’re tired of me always talking about it and crying lol

  • I have this fear inside of me that what if I don’t have BDD and the problem is just that I’m simply ugly, and if I tell someone I think I have it, they might just think “no, she’s just ugly”

  • Guys i don’t know if I have BDD or another dissorder, or low self esteem. So pls help me and tell me what do you think.
    Until the age of 8, I was accepting my looks, thinking I was pretty. But until the age of 9 i started struggling with issues. It started with my height, then with my face, then with the way that my body looks. Now I have all of them. I’m extremely insecure. I will spend 10 minutes in the mirror, thinking what I would like to change to my face, checking my flaws, and it caused me to create more and more insecurities. One time I decided to start a diet and exercise. During exercise I would cry a lot because I knew that I had an extremely wide waist and an extremely wide stomach. Then I started to eat only 3 times a day, and I would drink water instead of eating food. Then I gave up, and started eating a lot. I think I’m fat so here are my measurements: height: 4’11 weigh: 90 pounds. I know I’m fat and y’all guys will tell me:( I hate my looks and I cry about it everyday. I have extreme headaches and sometimes I feel like something is inside my chest, and I kinda struggle to breath. I can’t get rid of these thoughts: You are ugly, you are fat, you need plastic surgery, you will never be pretty, exercises will not work. You have a wide waist. You have a fat stomach. You have a hairy body. Basically, I even struggle to sleep, because of my thoughts. I’m physically very tired. My heart hurts. I will never feel like I’m pretty. This is the body that I wish I had, but I don’t have motivation to eat healthy or work out. Skinny waist, flat stomach, curvy hips. I searched about my ugly hip dips, and it showed that man find them untractive,. You guys will say: Im pretty sure that you compare yourself to celebrities. But no, I comprare my myself to people around me. I see people 1 year older than me, or younger that have a perfect body. One time, I was scrolling through tiktok, and I was crying seconds ago because of my looks. Then a gorgeous girl with a flat stomach, perfect waist, curvy hips appeared in my fyp. I saw her comments, she had 40.1 k likes because of that body. People were giving her compliments, and I felt extremely insecure, because I would only get 5 likes, from the people that I liked their posts. So basically, I’m ugly. I went to my bathroom, and started crying and having a mental breakdown. I’m also only 12, so please dont attack me for my age or words. Also sometimes i scratch my face, or kick my stomach because i hate the way i look:(

  • I see my self as ugly, my hair, spots, freckles, I wish I was good looking like others but I can’t look at people nor look at my self l, I would kill my self if I could thats how bad it is, I get people say I’m ugly and look at me in a nasty way

  • BDD consumes you, you can only see that flaw, THAT FLAW, you arent yourself. You are the flaw no matter what. It paralyzes you, it drains you, you cant do anything because your only thought is THAT FLAW.
    Its really awful

  • i can relate this made me so scared because i have all of these symptoms, obviously i will not self diagnose myself. but thank you for making this video because it inspires me to tell my parents how i’m feeling especially on this topic. thank you♥️ love you, stay safe Xxxx❤️

  • I think it’s a crossover of high anxiety and low body image /bdd. But for the last two days I’ve really decreased the amount I’m eating. The corona virus is completely attracting all my attention im becoming so obsessed with every little possible ache or tickle or cramp and sometimes I don’t even know if I’m experiencing those sensations but this is literally how I’ve been for like the past two weeks, and I feel the reason I’m not eating enough is because I’m so scared to do even basic every day tasks because in those moments I’ll actually be focused on something else other than the corona virus and that honestly terrifies me because I feel like if I eat something, have a bath etc. I’ll start feeling ill and then next time I’ll be reluctant to do that activity again because I feel like I’m not focusing enough on my corona virus worries. Went off a bit there but I also feel like I’m embarrassing my family by being so fat and ugly.

  • I always love to see myself,my face and hair to mirrors. Even during my high school years.
    When i entered my 1st year college and middle of second semester. I just stopped my education. I jailed myself at home for 3 years because of acne.. And all i did was watched tv, slept, took a bath, chat using my mobile phone and especially look at the mirror all the time. As in every hour,everyday.
    I researched and used many beauty products and went to different dermatologist and face spa but they were just promoting their services and products which i used and didn’t cure my acne.
    Those 3 years, 2006,2007,2008 until mid of 2009.
    I was invisible and gone from the eyesight of my friends and relatives. I was alone at home in my room, watching tv.
    Till I used a product which cured my acne and upto now. 2020 i still use it. The product is OLAY.
    I am not here to commercialise the product but i am.just speaking from experience
    After 2009, i started to go back to study again and finished my degree so i work as a teacher now.
    ….and even upto now, at i need to have little mirror in my bag wherever i go. At the faculty and during my rest after teaching in front. I have my mirror on my table and my students always see me looking at my mirror and i dont care at all. And i dont care at all because i am their teacher and i am the boss in side the classroom. (joke.. ) my students think that i am just vain… Thats just it but they do not know and other people too, do not know that i have this disorder.. The BDD.
    I ALways use my mirror while walking on the street, when im at the cr. As in everywhere. But its just like 1 minute or seconds then I will keep it right away.
    Thats true. When you said.. Bdd focusses on particular part of its body. And they tend to exaggerate the flaw which is not flawless or thinning of the hair.
    BDD has a huge negative impact to ones life. Beforw I was extrovert but after the depression, i become introvert type of person. I started to read books alone in my room because life was so boring that time.
    I read grammar books and novels especially ANN RICE books.
    But my mind will never stay for that long.. It told me to go out but my appearance was not good enough to be appreciated by many.
    BDD is actually misinterpreted by other people who want to study it..
    Actually people who have defects with particular part of the body tend to have low self esteem and sharp, negative judgement of other people are our weakness.
    We live in the world that full of superficial and everyone wants to see perfection in the body so thats why they say whatever they see. And these things are our weakness so it tends us to always look at the mirror and put some remedy on the flaws.
    If only people are not rude enough and will not treat us differently, of coarse we will not hide ourselves to hidden places.. Or even hide the flaws using caps and make ups.
    If people are just kind to all. We can really face this world with confidence.
    But. The people do not behave the way they should be to just lift others up.
    Thank God. He gave me a solution to my problem thats why now i can face the world and help myself and my family too because of my job as a teacher with slight bdd.
    Whenever i see people with bdd, of coarse i know how to spot one.
    I will always befriend them because people with bdd really needs attention and understanding. Someone who will be there, even though they are ugly, they just need someone or people to understand them, join them and the wanted to feel they are not alone and appreciate their existence and to feel they are belong.
    One day, i will make my own channel on youtube for bdd and beauty tips.
    Love lots bdd people. God Loves you.

  • the way people with BDD over analyze faces in public is very relatable, except instead of over analyzing faces others might over analyze others emotions, expressions, what they say to you, etc.

  • I have body dysmorphia and I wish I looked like her. Everyone around me look perfect and flawless but I just look like an ogre. Like every time I see these body dysmorphia videos it’s always someone beautiful. Maybe I’m just actually ugly and maybe body dysmorphia is a “pretty people” disorder.

  • I’m obsessed with my teeth. I’ve always had straight teeth but as a woman in 50s my dentist said it’s not unusual for our teeth to have moved, and get crooked. I hate it so much, even though my family and friends say I look fine. I never want to smile or talk much where my teeth are noticeable. I want braces more than anything. Could that be a form of bdd?

  • It’s weird how I only got to research about BDD too late lmao. I’ve looked up articles and videos regarding BDD and I could relate to everything to how I felt when I was younger and especially those times in the morning or when I had to go out where BDD would hit me and I would panic and keep going through clothes but I only felt ugly in all of them and would just helplessly cry about it and looking back, i’m glad i have friends who was there for me and would constantly reassure me and i slowly accepted and trusted them about it. Now, I still have a habit of constantly checking myself in the mirror to the point whenever im at school, my school friends would sometimes get annoyed by it but I know that I’ve definitely improved from my situation and hopefully I fully will

  • We made such progress with calling out the photoshopping of models in ads and holding companies accountable for not setting an unrealistic body standard. But now with these Instagram models it’s worse than ever: gen Z is constantly exposed to this shit

  • Something that has helped me cope with BDD is separating my body from my mind. So when my brain starts to tell me how disgusting and disfigured I am, and how life isn’t even worth living if I have to look like this forever, I stop myself and remember that this isnt fair. It’s not my body’s fault that it got stuck with a sick mind. It just reminds me that I need to be kind to this body because it doesnt deserve to be bullied. I would never be cruel to others for these things, so why should I be so cruel to myself? I’m a human too, and I deserve the same respect I give everyone else.

  • Stay away from people is what I have decided I have put up with so much bullying all of my life and as an adult I have put up with being bullied about what I look like I have been told on many occasions I look like Julia Roberts/ Angelina Jolie even a plastic surgeon said it when I tried to get surgery to escape being me my BDD was brought on by abuse and bullying my entire life and people may say what’s wrong with looking like Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie well people say they are ugly and they call me ugly they say I look like them but say they are ugly too angular too pointy chin I was the ugly girl at school people where ruthless and as an adult I get compared to those actresses and called ugly and people say they are hideous too I got off of social media I refuse anymore to interact with people they are horrible and if I had not of been bullied I wouldn’t suffer these anxieties that are so painful I wish I wasn’t born I put up with stalkers who bothered me just simply to bully me and again the bullying happened my entire life from childhood to adulthood till even recently and I’m done I’m not giving anyone a chance to come any where near me to give them a chance to bully me if I avoid people as much as possible it’s the best if I go out in public because I have to get groceries I’m not going to allow them to come physically close if they stare at me I’ll turn my back or if they say something I’ll push a shopping cart into their legs I don’t want people to come close to me anymore I have had some upsetting triggers and yep everything is shut down forever for good NEVER again will I go on social media and never again will I fall for people being nice to me they want to get close to bully me that’s all they either want me to do something for them give them something or be mean nasty and abusive so no it’s not happening I have been bullied about my face and my body and nobody is going to be allowed to come near me

  • I am constantly comparing myself people around me and on social media. It makes me hate myself so much, I’m only 14 though so I will grow. But I’m scared I’m going to gain heaps of weight when I go through puberty. I fucking hate having BDD.

  • i keep comparing myself with my friend who is much prettier than me. i keep thinking about what others think about me. maybe they think that im ugly. i have a flat mole on my forehead in the middle between my eyebrows. ive been so insecure about it. i felt people would just look at my mole rather than my eyes when having conversations. i always looked up in the mirror for more than 30 minutes to convince myself that im pretty but that wasn’t enough. lot of my friends always say that im cute or something like that but i dont trust them. they’re lying. i hate myself. i know if im ugly or not. and im ugly

    sorry my sentences were just like 5 year old kid would wrote. english is my second language btw

  • I feel like i have facial dysmorphia, i genuinely dont know what i look like, i dont if what i see in the mirror is what everyone else sees, i get a picture of someone ik put it in front of the mirror but for some reason when i do the same with myself i dont believe i look like that… idk if i look like i do in the mirror fr or pictures or in snap i really dont know. And when i say i look ugly or this or that, ppl call me an attention seeker and invalidate my feelings

  • I started to grow grey hair at about 13 years old and gradually grew more over time and it really took a huge toll on my self-esteem throughout my teens. I would get teased about it and it would be very embarrassing that I’d always pull out my grey hair when I’m alone in front of a mirror to try and eradicate them… But of course to no avail. I stressed so much over this I grew more. Now that I’m 24 I am balding and do not work because of this condition I have. I found out I have ADHD as well but my biggest fear of socialising with others is that they notice that I’m balding as it is getting pretty obvious now. I don’t know what help I should seek out and who to talk to.

  • I have BDD to the point that I hit myself in the face until I am black and blue. And yet (not to brag, although I am constantly, neurotically looking for validation) I’ve had many people, including random strangers, compliment me on how hot/good-looking/”gorgeous”/”beautiful” I am! Still, I won’t even post on Instagram.

  • I actually kept listening to you read your diary entry and I burst into tears at the relation. It’s exactly how I’ve felt most of my life, especially growing up and making comparisons of myself to everyone, especially my best girl friends. I still struggle with this a lot in my day to day life

  • The answer is YES. i’ve had BDD severely forever. i don’t think about anything except how i look, everyday is a new thing that i never stop thinking about. it makes me HATE myself. i’ve delt with eds as well depression, and of course i’ve been in and out of pysch wards and iop. multiple s*icide attempts, self h*rm, isolation. i know all these things are problems that i have, yet for some reason i just don’t feel like i’m mentally ill, or i’m not mentally ill enough to deserve help. i feel guilty like people have it worse then i do. so i go in and out of regular therapy because i always feel like therapists don’t actually care about what i’m saying and they just want they’re pay check. PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE RELATES bc i just poured my heart out in this random comment section.

  • I’m pretty positive I don’t have it and that I’m just rather ugly and have features I strongly dislike about myself, but I suppose if I work hard enough I could gather enough money for plastic surgery of some kind to fix the things I dislike?

  • I literally just realized i most likely have this omg and its scary..everything you said i feel the exact same way. Funny because i see you and you look perfect to me.

  • She made me even more insecure about myself, I have a big nose, outstanding ears, PALE skin, I also HATE my chin and jaw. I cry myself to sleep every night. My insecurities are doubled up cause of my social anxiety. I cant even go out in public without knowing what I look like or How I act like. I dont have this disorder but I relate to this alot.

  • ppl only commenting about how BDD makes you insecure over yourself are overlooking it also makes u over-analyze OTHER ppl, which can cause you to isolate yourself (like they mentioned in the video) & is obviously a major problem. Like imagine being scared to go outside because u think everyone is judging you

  • When I was very young to my teens I had Body dysmorphia. In high school to college I gained weight and became over weight for the past two years now I was and still recovering from anorexia… even tho I have my issues I found a new beauty in my self and other people. Of being unique.
    I’m pregnant now and I wish all women how suffer anything similar. Life is not worth suffering over your Self-esteem❤️

  • My friends say I could be a model,(exaggeration ik) my crush may have kissed me out of nowhere, my doctor says he sees no facial asymmetry (yeah FN RIGHT), one co worker even said I’m like a modern day james dean out of nowhere and it weirded me out. yet when I look in the mirror I see a fucking monstrosity, especially in pictures..so whenever I’m out in public, that horrible picture that I took is all I see inside my head. To the point where I almost committed suicide twice…I’m in real bad shape…
    I have been called ugly before….but I would never call anyone else ugly cause i know how bad that shit hurts.

  • I have lost a lot of weight but I still feel fat and ugly. I still go for those muffin tops and baggy clothes thinking that if anyone sees my fat they will think how gross I’m. ☹️☹️ I don’t wanna disappoint them. I don’t make friends I feel like they will make fun of me. I feel like everybody looks at me and thinks look at her she is so fat and ugly. But people actually say wow you have lost weight you look amazing but I feel weird.

  • My God, I’ve never heard another person describe exactly what’s gone in my head for years now. It comes and goes, some days I feel so damn good about myself and then one morning I see myself in the mirror and I go right back to square one. Always seeking a way to fix it.

  • I’m self harming over BDD
    It’s over a tattoo cover up and you can see the old tattoo. I’m very anxious and end up self harming to forget about it.