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Opioid Drugs, Part 2: Addiction and Overdose

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Surviving an Opioid Addiction

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America’s Epidemic of Opioid Abuse

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How Did Opioid Addiction Begin?

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Chronic Pain, Heroin, and the US Epidemic of Opioid Abuse | #UCLAMDChat Webinars

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Women and Opioid Addiction A Growing Epidemic

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Substance abuse is a growing public health concern in the USA (US), especially now that the US faces a national drug overdose epidemic. Over the past decade, the number of drug overdose deaths has rapidly grown, largely driven by increases in prescription opioid-related overdoses. Substance abuse is a growing public health concern in the USA (US), especially now that the US faces a national drug overdose epidemic. Over the past decade, the number of drug overdose deaths has rapidly grown, largely driven by increases in prescription opioid-related.

The United States has the world’s highest drug overdose death rate, chiefly because of opioids. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, every day more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. More than 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. Opioid abuse is not literally an infectious disease. However, the crisis of Opioid addiction and overdose in the United States is comparable to any epidemic in the recent history of the industrialized world.

Every day in the United States of America, about 130 people die from an Opioid overdose. The True Cause of the Opioid Epidemic New research supports the idea that economic distress led to an increase in opioid abuse. But some say the origins of the epidemic.

Opioid Overdose Crisis 2018 data shows that every day, 128 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. 1 The misuse of and addiction to opioids—including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl —is a serious national crisis that affects public health as well as social and economic welfare. Opioid Epidemic Dealing with opioid addiction is one of the most significant issues the U.S. health system faces today, and nurses are playing a key role in our nation’s efforts to deal with the crisis. One Epidemic – Three Waves Drug overdoses in the United States have now surpassed other leading causes of death like AIDS or motor vehicle crashes, even when they were at their peak. The opioid overdose epidemic has come in three waves: Increases in deaths involving prescription opioids.

Combatting the Opioid Overdose Epidemic. Resources. The number of drug overdose deaths decreased by 4% from 2017 to 2018, but the number of drug overdose deaths was still four times higher in 2018 than in 1999. 1 Nearly 70% of the 67,367 deaths in 2018 involved an opioid. From 2017 to 2018, there were significant changes in opioid-involved death rate.

Devastating consequences of the opioid epidemic include increases in opioid misuse and related overdoses, as well as the rising incidence of newborns experiencing withdrawal syndrome due to opioid use and misuse during pregnancy. Understanding the Scope of the Epidemic; Opioid Overdose Opioid overdoses accounted for more than 42,000 deaths in 2016, more than any previous year on.

List of related literature:

The existence of opioid addiction among physicians, nurses, and health care professionals, for example, is many times higher than that of any group with a comparable educational background (Gilman, Goodman, & Gilman, 1980; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1999).

“Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide” by Robert R. Perkinson
from Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide
by Robert R. Perkinson
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The crisis snowballed, and after a crackdown on overprescribing “pill mills” across America made the prescription versions more difficult to obtain, desperation led many users to turn to stronger (and cheaper) narcotic painkillers such as heroin and fentanyl, drugs that can cause instantaneous death.

“Mitch, Please!: How Mitch McConnell Sold Out Kentucky (and America, Too)” by Matt Jones, Chris Tomlin
from Mitch, Please!: How Mitch McConnell Sold Out Kentucky (and America, Too)
by Matt Jones, Chris Tomlin
Simon & Schuster, 2020

The second wave began in 2010, following an increase in heroin use and addiction, which are thought to be related to the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to curb prescription opioid abuse.

“Anesthesia Secrets E-Book” by Brian M. Keech, Ryan D. Laterza
from Anesthesia Secrets E-Book
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This thoughtful review describes the factors involved in the development of the opioid epidemic in the United States with escalation of therapeutic opioid prescribing and associated adverse consequences.

“Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia E-Book: Foundations and Clinical Application” by Hugh C. Hemmings, Talmage D. Egan
from Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia E-Book: Foundations and Clinical Application
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In recent years there has been growing concern over the so-called ‘opioid epidemic’, that is, the increasing prevalence of addiction and abuse of prescribed opioid medication (RCOA 2018).

“Neale's Disorders of the Foot and Ankle E-Book” by J. Gordon Burrow, Keith Rome, Nat Padhiar
from Neale’s Disorders of the Foot and Ankle E-Book
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Prescription opioid misuse has reached epidemic levels in the United States, largely stemming from ubiquitous use of opioid analgesics for chronic pain despite known health risks including overdose, dependence, and addiction (Chou et al., 2015).

“The Oxford Handbook of Emotion Dysregulation” by Theodore P. Beauchaine, Sheila E. Crowell, Sheila Elizabeth Crowell
from The Oxford Handbook of Emotion Dysregulation
by Theodore P. Beauchaine, Sheila E. Crowell, Sheila Elizabeth Crowell
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In the late 1990s, doctors thought people would not become addicted to prescription opioid pain relievers, unlike the case with nonmedical opiate use, such as heroin, for which addiction is common.

“Mosby's Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage E-Book: Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Pathology” by Sandy Fritz, Luke Fritz
from Mosby’s Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage E-Book: Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Pathology
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The health care professionals interviewed described their progression of opioid use that led to becoming addicted.

“Addiction Medicine E-Book: Science and Practice” by Bankole Johnson
from Addiction Medicine E-Book: Science and Practice
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Prescription opioid diversion, misuse, and addiction are at epidemic levels.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
from Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book
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Both clients and providers are now seeking alternatives to opioid pain medications, whose use and overdose rates have reached epidemic proportions (CDC, 2016).

“Occupational Therapy in Community and Population Health Practice” by Marjorie E Scaffa, S. Maggie Reitz
from Occupational Therapy in Community and Population Health Practice
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  • If you have extra pain meds, make sure you keep it because it’s easier to die these days than to get a script for opiates. This country has gone full circle when it comes to treating pain. Horrible.

  • I’m a chronic pain patient and this war on opiates nearly killed me, by hindering my ability to control my documented chronic pain. You NEVER hear about an elderly compliant person dying from an OD!

  • I hate the fact that sometimes doctors just wanna throw pills at people to solve problems without thinking about the problems the opiates cause. My Dr put me on tramadol and told me it was non habit forming and safe ect…and then a couple years later BAM! Studies coming out left and right about how tramadol is addictive and dangerous to where they had to schedule it. Makes me feel like I’ve been trapped by my doctor.

  • I got addicted to narcotic pain pills and I now have 2 years clean and I didn’t use no vivitrol, no suboxone, no rehab, no meetings. No nothing.

  • I didn’t realize that opioid addiction was such an epidemic. The statistics that Dr. Carroll gave were truly shocking I feel as though it would be ethical to give prescribers guidelines as how best to avoid opioid addiction developing in their patients. For example, they should initially try weaker painkillers, such as ibuprofen, or other pain management techniques and only move up to opioids when a patient claims the safer drug is no longer working. They should also really monitor how quickly a patient is using their prescription drugs, and if they are seeing any other providers, to guard against patients who are using their prescription illicitly. Prescribers should also have an informative chat with all their patients that they prescribe opioids to, about how addictive they can be, and to only use them when you are actually feeling pain. I remember I was prescribed a strong painkiller when I had my wisdom teeth out, and no one ever discussed with me how dangerous this medication could be – honestly, I don’t think my mouth hurt badly enough to qualify the quantity of intense painkillers that they gave. I believe in this case, the doctor’s duty to benevolence and nonmaleficence outweighs a patient’s right to have input on what sort of medication they receive. With an addiction epidemic like the one Dr. Carroll showed statistics on in his video, we really need to be more cautious when handing out controlled substances like opioids, because doing it too often or without proper warning could greatly alter a patient’s life.

  • Do you have any idea what kind of horrors this narrative you are pushing has and continues to cause??
    Are you aware that since crackdown policies on opioid prescriptions have been enacted, heroine deaths have risen by 45%??
    You are forcing desperate and broken people out of a medically controlled and regulated situation and forcing them to either become criminals or kill themselves.
    How many more lives have to be lost and or destroyed before this will be acknowledged????

  • https://www.weightandwellness.com/resources/articles-and-videos/sugar-aches/

  • I find it odd that despite all the talk of the proliferation of heroin in the U.S., and even specifically my hometown to the point that my high school had to watch a video on heroin abuse right before prom, heroin is one of the few illegal drugs I’ve never heard anyone dealing or using in high school.

    Pot, prescriptions, LSD, cocaine, and MDMA are all drugs I know at least some people did in my school, but heroin just didn’t seem to exist. People would joke about “black tar” heroin on occasion, but I’ve never heard of anyone doing it or selling it.

  • Very informative video nice job but I have a questions. Is the opioid -> interneuron -> dopamine pathway really the “liking” pathway or is there a more direct system? Recent studies have shown that dopamine has been dissociated more as a craving and “wanting” neurotransmitter while opioids cause pleasure and “liking.” Within the nucleus accumbens, activation of dopamine receptors did NOT cause more pleasure, but activation of mu opioid receptors did increase hedonic value. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2756052/

  • I’m sorry I’m no doctor… But I live with chronic pain for an awful long time. And so long that I actually requested death with dignity. On more than one occasion to my doctor before she finally gave in and gave me some pain relief. the only thing that stopped this pain opioid use. And I cut mine into quarter pieces and halfs. I’ve never had a problem with this medication but others seem to do… But I’m sorry if you ingest alcohol caffeine sugar or any of those substances you’re eating an abusive substance so oh well we see things differently and I see doctors as the enemy….. and I know you’re a doctor… But many doctors have been wrong before. I just think you’re another Doctor Who wants to take a jab at the chronic pain patient here

    To all the Doctors with your high medical degrees can fuck off with me… I know what my body needs to keep going and if you cut me down from my medication I can’t function and I’m bedbound. Sometimes I wish the doctors would know what it’s like. Then I think times would change

  • my 76 year old dad, who has been suffering from Peripheral neuropathy and lupus, for the past two decades they’ve prescribed opiods in different levels to treat the pain, the past five years we hit the sweet spot with the fentanyl patches and my dad has been able to actually move without assistance. the DEA just recently came in and seized my dad’s pain doctor’s entire practice in midland texas for prescribing opiods to patients who tested positive for marijuana. Now my dad is forced to go through rehab, since no other doctors are taking in new patients out of fear of the government, and since my dad has been dealing with multiple chronic diseases, the withdraw might kill him. He’s never even came close to overdosing. This is the result how out-of-hand this “war on drugs” has gotten.

  • You know, usually I’m grateful for the reason and breath of fresh air that this channel brings, but this topic is a sore one for me.

    Last April I broke my leg in an accident. I BROKE MY LEG. A bone fracture, in this instance, is a diagnosis that isn’t and wasn’t subjective. I held in my hand an x ray that clearly showed the two places in which my bone was snapped. My leg clearly showed the bruising, swelling, and misshapen evidence of something clearly wrong. When the orthopedic doctor gave me something-codone and it did nothing for the pain at all simply made me incredibly tired and I mentioned this to the nurse, from that moment on I was blacklisted and shunned. It was horrifying, embarrassing, enraging, and overall just a disgusting display of expectation bias and lack of compassion or professionalism.

    To be clear: My offense was being honest with my doctor. My reward was being treated like a criminal.

    Yes, addiction is a problem. But so is pain, and denying treatment for pain to those in need is just as awful as denying help for those who are addicted. And this doesn’t even recognize those who have comorbid conditions of pain AND addiction.

    Yes, we need to find better ways to treat pain, and ways to help those who are addicted, but moreso than that, we need to STOP with the stigmatizing of any pain treatment! I’m still, over a year later, mentally dealing with what I went through during that ordeal (and yes, I sought help from a mental health professional who also was horrified); the way I was treated, the pain I had to endure (“Take a tylenol”, was the nurse’s advice), barely making it 2 hours at work before breaking down sobbing, and the absolute terror of feeling so helpless as to consider suicide to escape that torturous hell. Over a broken leg. What year is this?

    I know now that a competent, responsible, and compassionate medical professional could have should have simply tried a different chemical formulation of medication to attempt to ease the pain even a little bit, or referred me to someone who could help me; but due to the constant war cry-slash-false alarms of “DRUG SEEKER!!!” I dealt with all this BS. And that is why it makes me very, very angry when people harp on things like reducing access to pain medication for those in need.

  • These are in All Narcotic Medications that can change the moods to bad behaviors & make a High Sex Drive. I know, cause I had to use my ID to get the Narcotic Medication from the Pharmacy for pain after having a baby & during a Toothache. Yes, it does ease pain & I was also moody & very Horny too. ��

  • Your wrong chronic pain has not been in the news it has been ignored time and time again how old are these people are they chronic pain patients…this is the narrative nothing to do with chronic pain patients. Whet are your numbers on people dying from chronic pain or suicide because of untreated pain..lets panic and fear monger..then trade one crisis for another..legitimate pain patients that responsibly take these meds

  • this guy is an idiot. maybe the population is getting older. and there might be more people on the planet. could the fluoride in the water have anything to do with it or the genetically altered food or processed food that causes obesity cause more pain in the population

  • Ohhh stock photos of drug use are always so cringe >_for that amount money. Having an opioid Rx can earn them money and still get them heavier drugs to teatr their pain. And with the prevalence of both now, it’s no longer a dark alley or in-the-streets thing to obtain heroin. It’s easy to get it in the suburbs. And to sell your Rx’s in the suburbs. And police aren’t really looking for people there….they have bigger fish to catch in the cities….so it goes on and on. If the overdoses and ER-requiring withdrawals weren’t alerting everyone to the epidemic, it likely would’ve grown further and faster with no one the wiser. It’s a multifaceted deep, deep problem.

  • Opiod addiction is a very old addiction, it was wide spread in harlem and spread to other cities. This was mainly blacks who were incarcerated for drugs in large numbers. Well it spread from “those people” to the white population whose addiction was called a sickness to be treated. Same thing with marijuana blacks jailed whites doing it seemed harmless now small amounts made legal.
    Mainly whites are doing fentanyl so overdose treatment is standard by emts.
    Most whites don’t end up in jail with a record like the blacks did.
    America seems to keep making the same mistakes of not nipping destructive behavior in the poor and black areas because they dont believe it will spread to them.
    Psychopaths are running unchecked in some black areas i.e. drive bys random killings, and some decent blacks of whom there are many, are running for their lives and their kids lives, not to mention the well armed gangs continue unchecked.
    White folks shaking their heads about “those people” again.

  • I been on my meds for over 13 years and never had a problem with them now they have cut me down and I don’t even do anything now its shitty they people have ruin it for me I was up and moving intil they cut me if the people that take to much they causes the rest of us to be in pain why should we pay for them being retarded

  • I actually think that something is very wrong with the medical community presently. I feel I’m forever coming into a witch hunt in respect to opiod use. I’m not suggesting that there is not a problem there is a huge one. The USA consumes approximately 85% of all the opioids produced worldwide. A population that is approx 330 million on a planet with 7 billion people. Do you feel you are the best person peer etc to preach to the rest of the world concerning best practice. Perhaps get your own house in order before you preach even if it is good advice. Opioids & it’s many derivatives have been used as far back as records of mankind exist. It’s an incredible complex issue on many different levels I’m happy to discuss if you pm me. On a personal note 26 years ago whilst driving down a one way street in Italy a driver suddenly pulled across in front of me. I was on a motorcycle she was in a bmw. I lost & fractured 4 vertebrae in the Thoracic spine T4T6T2T5 2 in the Cervical C4 C6

  • they are lying about their stats….crewel suffering to people who are already hurting…..none of their business!!!!..dictatorship…govenment officals got paid off!!!!!!!!…DEPOPOPULATION WEEDING OUT THE WEAK AND SICK….PLAYING GOD….STEALING HIS CREATIONS FOR PAIN RELIEF FOR HIS CHILDREN

  • Doctors are paid and incentivised to push as many as possible, it’s “legal drug dealing”. Look up County Lines crime in the UK,, it works the same way but its illegal. People with money and power pushing their drugs to desperate people. The addiction provides guaranteed repeat custom.

  • Oxycodone has saved my life. Taking them for 20 years, I’ve never asked for a higher dose and I’ve never taken more than prescribed. Yet because of people who abuse them, I have to worry about my Dr retiring. I can’t move to a warmer safer climate because I’m worried I won’t find another Dr willing to prescribe them.
    I’m ok with government dealing with the ” opiate crisis”. But there has to be a way to handle it without media scare tactics and handcuffing doctors

  • If you want to quit drugs without any pain, side-effect with natural things I can assure you that you will not have any painful symtoms…which natural things I give that can be given to anyone because it’s natural…I am also a heroine addict so I know all the problems of a heroine addict….I assure you that I am not a fake one I want that no one suffer from this….
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  • All this BS CDC garbage is just an excuse to take over the industry. Big bonuses for admins. All talk and lumping people with heroin addicts, asserting that bogus premise of honest chronic pain users use heroin. Sure there are some dysfunctional people out there, but now patients are “criminalized” for pain remission. They advertise “Safer and More Effective” treatments according to CDC handouts. Only problem is that there are NO treatment alternatives being presented. Nothing ISN’T more effective. 80% of heroin users abused prescription drugs, probably, but they won’t tell you what percentage of prescription drugs become addicts. They go after the docs and scare the hell out of the public with hype not legitimate facts that are useful to make informed decision. Where is the promised more effective treatments? Why is pain now a crime? All this may, might, maybe tripe. They are willing to let chronic pain patients to be pushed to heroin, they even admit it! They don’t mind chronic pain patients as collateral damage. We are the “hopefully some later” “middle ground” that will never be administratively acceptable.

  • Awareness of drug addiction is one of the best trending issues all over the world. In your interview, it’ll definitely benefit to all. I’ll share with all.

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  • im 18 and im in so much pain. doctor gave my hydrocodone for 2 years and now its been 4 months without them. have 3 slipped discs. doctor was like I never seen anyone like this especially at 16. EVERYDAY ITS HELL GOING TO SCHOOL FOR 8 HOURS. pain when I wake up,sit down, walk, sleep, eat, shower, and much more. now I just get Tylenol. doesnt help at all and I take like 1100mg of it everyday which is messing up my liver and kidney:,(

  • The government has a history of screwing everything up because of the internal compromises & sell outs that anything trusted to them just ends up in disarray & the government was NEVER intended to have that much power in the 1st place but because of tax payer funded studies over decades the government has learned how freaking incredibly stupid the masses actually are & how to distract & manipulate them that football, american idol, what brad pitt did last week is more important that how much control the school where your child goes you stupid ignorant mind numb drones. The day of reckoning is coming. Look at the soft coup that is playing out right in front of our very faces with a political party possessing so much power that they can use their power bought & paid for political mind control counterpart the media to try to unseat the 1st US President in 40yrs that is trying to help you ignorant self absorbed intellectually stunted drones that defend the very people that have documented histories that an 8yr old child can google & find a plethora of proof of, & our children are being raised by millions of people like you, or at least as much as your self made government allows you to influence your children that your self indulged self centered me me me selfs secretly can’t stand in the 1st place because all of your worthless lives you’ve been thinking that the world revolves around your mediocre disposable ass. Wake up & realize how much you’ve handed over before you lose what little you haven’t given them yet or feel the wrath of the person shackled next to you that finds out that you were part of the people that voted for polices that allowed this country to be over run, to be taxed higher & higher, to be criminalized for what was legal the day before, etc. The day is coming people that all of us will think the way our founders thought & some of us will fight for our lives, for our childrens lives, for our futures against not only an oppressive invasive government but the people that allowed the government to have that power in the 1st place.

  • Our politicians make SO much money from pharmaceutical lobbyists that who’s more to blame…. the pharmaceutical companies or our own government?

  • sooooo heroin was discovered was first synthesized in 1874, we knew about the effects of morphine and codeine prior to this as well, yet big pharma didnt look at that and say, well you know what this shit is strong enough as it is naturally as an opiate. nope, they wanted to make it stronger,. more powerful more addictive matter of fact let’s isolate the strongest fucking alkaloid we find in the plant, and multiply the amount of diamorphine we originally got from the poppy latex by 100x so that the diamorphine gets metabolized into morphine. We can get them double addicted. wait hold on, then after that we can make an even more addicting syntyetic opiods like methadone and suboxone so we can “help” everyone we fucked up because of our greed. but will they buy into tge same bs twice? when we got them hooked on morphine, heroin was supposed to be the safer alternative and supposed to help relieve withdrawals caused by morphine. hence the name heroin. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re stupid enough to buy into it as long as we make it sound like something completely different. we’ll be alright

  • So, please tell me WHY they are targeting chronic pain patients who have NO record of abuse and follow ALL the rules!? They are creating more heroin users by cutting off these patients! People who never have abused drugs and whom never would have gone to look for illicit substances are being forced to do so. I never thought chronic pain patients would have to go to the streets for pain relief rather than suicide, but this is EXACTLY what is happening! Just look at the data of those who died.

    We NEED people to fight for those of us who are now in so much pain and bedridden! We were given back a quality of life in the late 90’s with these meds, and now that’s been taken away. We patients all burned out and have been fighting with insurance companies, jumping through hoops and dealing with arrogant Doctors for DECADES! Please help us to stop this nonsense. It’s as if this was ALL by design, and that it’s being used to get rid of old people, people on disability and patients who use a lot of medical resources, which I do not, but am being hurt by these “policies,” not LAWS!

    SOMEONE at the CDC, FDA and DEA PLEASE inform all pain clinics and Drs that it’s OK to provide pain relief and to stop cutting off patients who need it. If Dr’s are THAT worried, have patients sign a paper saying their family will not and can not sue them if the patient happens to die with meds in their system. It should be the patients choice!

    Also, beware, Amazon, Warren Buffet and JP Morgan are set to privatize Medicare/Medicaid and are going to try to steal it! they are making a “non-profit” are using the same talking points as the “Medicare for ALL” movement is making. “we can negotiate prices and cut out the middlemen.” That’s what Medicare and the VA already do! This is TOTAL BS and privatization leads to monopoly, which leads to safety cuts and problems, transparency, forced arbitration so as to deny recourse for medical malpractice victims, discrimination, and far worse!

  • What I’d like to see though is tackling this problem WITHOUT treating chronic pain sufferers like junkies. This is a huge problem for someone who’s already suffering from depression from being in pain all the time, to be looked down upon just because they are using their medications responsibly to manage it, or even worse, when some cowboy doctor decides to just take someone off their pain meds completely and ignore treatment history that led to those prescriptions in the first place.

  • To anyone going through addiction, here’s how I got clean. I was prescribed an SSRI and started taking it the same day I stoped use opiates. This was my 5th time goin through hell, but I have been able to stay clean and havent had a thought about drugs since I wasnt clean. Hang in there, there is hope! U just need the right tools.
    I didnt believe in nonsense like this when I were using, but the same day I started taking my SSRI I didnt suffer the hell after not taking my opiates

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  • If your talking about heroin” known as a opioid” people became heroin addicts due to many reasons” Forced tapering, untreated pain, alcohol abuse, Government overreach and idiot psychiatrist” writing barbaric opioid guidelines.

    Addiction is the last thing a CPP has to worry about.

  • Cognition and Opioids
    As an adjunct to this video on opioids, it is important to understand that increasing opioid levels in the brain can be achieved through simple cognitive protocols. This by no means is a ‘cure’ for addiction, but it can help ameliorate cravings when opioid levels are low. The proof is in the pudding or in the procedure of course, and I ask the readers forbearance with this observation, explanation, and the more detailed procedure presented here and linked below.

    An Observation and Modest Proposal
    Individuals who engage in tasks that have a consistent and high degree of ‘meaning’ (e.g. sporting events, creative activity) commonly report a feeling of high alertness and arousal (but not pleasure) that may be construed to be due to the activation of mid-brain dopamine systems as a result of moment to moment perception of positive act/outcome discrepancy. However, a significant subset of these individuals also report a feeling of pleasure or bliss, but these reports are characteristic only in non-stressed situations when the musculature is relaxed. Since relaxation engages opioid systems in the brain (and covert neuro-muscular activity inhibits them), and because opioid and dopamine systems can co-stimulate each other (with dopaminergic activity scaling with the salience of the outcome, as well as attendant pleasure), blissful states require the simultaneous engagement of resting protocols and meaningful cognitive states, behaviors that can be very easily replicated in day to day life.

    A more detailed explanation (pp.47-52 and 82-86) of this position in the following open source book on the neuro-psychology of resting states. It is based on the work of the distinguished affective neuro-scientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan, who was kind to vet the work for accuracy.


  • The New World Order, as written in the Georgia Guide Stones is reality.
    Keep praying to false Gods and wolves in sheep clothing. See how far you going.

  • I was looking for tips on how to use heroin for pain. Since being cut off from my regular meds. I hope everyone involved in perpetuating this alleged opioid crisis gets hit by a drunk driver a has to suffer chronic pain for the rest of their lives. I have no quality of life and hope I will just die soon. Good job assholes. You really saved a lot of people ��

  • America before this problem is solved. you are going to have to endure the pain but please think very hard do not take up heroin if you do your life will be destroyed forever take heed my friends

  • I have to put my 2 cents in,Ok l have had 2 back surgeries and a neck surgery (cervical fusion),in my lumbar spine I have DEGERATIVE DISC DISEASE and Spinal stenosis, I have been told that I will need to have a LUMBAR FUSION in the future,I guarantee that 9 out of 10 people in my situation would be on OPIATES, also My PAIN DR has cut my dosage in half and I have NOT once thought of doing HERION!!It really irritates me when I hear, PAIN PILLS IS THE GATEWAY TO HERION!! THX ��PEACE

  • I’m so down on my luck just lost my job…risking losing my apartment next $doughboa23 is my cashapp anything would help…plz anything ���� I’m also now 3months clean

  • Most everything we do in life would be considered unnatural. We drive cars instead of walk, we use phones and computers to communicate instead of using our hands or mouths or we cook food using a microwave or eat processed foods and take medication for varying issues. Example: You go to the doctor for high blood pressure and they prescribe you a pill to help with that issue, yet you cannot take a pill to be out of pain so you can live your life, you have to alleviate pain the natural way.

    So, we have the ability to help people get and stay out of pain, yet all the people in power don’t feel we should be able to use it…. What a time to be alive.

  • This is a problem because our lovely american government wants it to be. I hate it this should be priority number 1 or 2 not twitter beefs FUCK

  • What propaganda this so called opiod crisis is everytime you see the media they show a bottle of prescription pills not heroin or illegal fentanyl simply cause there is no one to sue for billions it’s all about the benjamins not concern for peoples well being get real

  • I wonder if this has anything to do with the war on terror. Didn’t the Russians also experience this problem after invading Afghanistan? Americans are getting the dope, the chinese are getting the rare earth metals, islamic warlords are getting the cash.

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  • Glad I never had a opiate habit. Opiates are connected with feeling Ill and having an upset stomach for me, But more than just an upset stomach because I drink until I feel sick often and I still drink and want to continue.

  • If you are the leader of a illegal drug cartel, would hope
    for more Americans to become addicted to legal opioids, the price of this legal
    medication would soon become too expensive for daily maintenance, will soon be
    forced to purchase the more cheaper street substances of which your livelihood depends,
    have only to sit back and wait for the customers to come banging on your doors…Pharmaceutical
    manufactures, prescribers, and dispensaries, all become top earners on the backs
    of the addicted…and this is the sad part to report, law enforcement gains can
    be included, infringing on civil liberties of us all…with massive search-and-seizure
    invasion’s of our homes and privacy, and I would be remiss if another top earner
    is not included, expensive drug rehabilitation centers…all providing a toxic undesirable
    mix into our lives…

  • If possible, alternative treatment & doctors should be carefully sought out. “Treat disease through diet by preference, refraining from the use of drugs; and if you find what is required in a single herb, do not resort to a compounded medicament.” Baha’i Faith


  • Just be this lady and all will be well -> https://www.sciencealert.com/a-woman-who-feels-no-pain-amazes-scientists-and-she-thought-it-was-normal-until-she-was-in-her-60s

  • This is what the elite want. Just Legalize marijuana for them. It doesn’t make you depressed. It helps with pain or whatever illness you have. Helps you lose wieght or gain weight. Helps you focus, enhancing performance in daily activities. It’s completely harmless. Just people think it’s evil because it’s been labeled as the devils drug, but in reality it’s not it’s pills ��. Save yourselves

  • Before we start excuse the English I am French speaking living in Texas
    go tell that to my pain management doctor when after I received 4 shut
    of something in my spine. The last shut cyatic pain started to be
    excruciating also head hake that would not stop. I try to call Dr Limm
    my pain management over 20 time leaving message no answer no response.
    Blood pressure push up to 200 and the pain event worst. At the beginning
    he told me haa we will inject you to see what nerve and then we will
    kill them that should take care of the pain. I am missing 6 disc in the
    lower back and they told me they are gone… no way they will come back
    and Limm agreed to it after reading MRI and doc note. Anyway he never
    got back with me until 2 month later I receive a letter with 4
    with code on it that I did not knew what it meant…
    Hey finely he will kill the nerve. So little I knew. the day of the
    first appointment I get to is office and sit 00 half a hour. then call
    me and say I have to pay $1400.00 on the spot and I ask why? I have
    great insurance because at my age 62 I am still working I try at least
    and do not wont to collect social. The nurse tell me is for your
    deductible and the shut what shuts I ask. Limm told me he once will
    inject to find if it would work and then kill the nerve. I try to call
    and leave message they are all save and record in my phone. Scare to
    erase the proof of my despair. I tell her what happen and tell her it
    almost sent me to the ICU once again. 2 month before that I spend bone
    week in ICU for blood pressure over 275. I cannot have that anymore it
    does not work did not stop any pain at all and cause me more pain
    excruciating headache and problem with blood pressure.

    Ho she
    said lets me go ask him… she come back and whisper to me… The
    doctor said he cannot do nothing for you then just go back to your
    regular doctor… Yeah I was not good to him anymore because I did not
    accepted to be with the 15 peoples in the back waiting for these shut
    that he do each day… that is way to manage pain make $21000.00 a day 3
    days a week.
    H 4 never had any attention to burn the nerve he just
    wanted a cow to milk for money. That what you created and in the mid
    time I feel so lost ready to give up. and still suffer like crazy with
    no hope to stop it. no life at all I sit with a heating pad seeing my
    house getting filt of trash. I just try to clean my kitchen It took me
    26 hours and still not finish was working 5 minutes and resting 20 and
    taking 4 Ibuprofen revere hours or so. Social none. I just go work come
    back and sit pay child support and start over. You know one thing!!!!
    At least went I add pain medication I was not suffering and I had a sort
    of life but idiot like you who do not know nothing about pain except
    maybe once they had a paper cut on there finger want to make man kind
    suffer and be abuse by other man calling them self pain management
    DOCTOR Yeah I lost everything having to sell everything I own car gone.
    All I have left is a job and I cant barely make it anymore. Let me dye
    of overdose if it happen at least I will stop suffering. You are no
    God! Why you want me to suffer that much? I don’t event know you

  • WAIT…. So you’re telling me that because “I don’t have cancer or a broken leg” I have “no right to feel BETTER”?! You should see me without my pain medication! Oh wait, you WON’T because I would be in my bed all day wishing for a better life…

  • Doctors should tell patients to kiss more, basically, and get out of polluted air. There’s a human pheromone cure for opioid addiction. It lifts the appetite off of your shoulders in 8 seconds, no withdrawal symptoms. Buy it on eBay on sale for 500 bucks (access to protocol, pheromone is free). You must get rid of the aversive sentinel sub-pheromone vapors first which we do.

  • just take ibuprofen. I’ve had a compound fractured arm and my wisdom teeth out it cant be too bad just taking ibuprofen. I mean my mom and oldest brother had their lives ruined by opiods.

  • I have been in constant pain since I got clean 23 years ago. However I told the quacks no to this crap. CBD and gummy bears are safer. Dr feel-good doesn’t care if they kill you. Say No. Epidurals help.

  • Opioids kept me from ending my life after trying every other option for my chronic pain. I have NEVER abused my medication, but the second someone hears I’m even taking them, I’m automatically assumed to be an addicts. I wish these idiots who are trying to take this lifesaving medicine away from people who actually need it could walk in our shoes.

  • 17 year user here,. 10+ on. Methadone for various lengths of time ”depending how long I could afford it, or until I lost transportation to the only clinic in the city over 15 miles away, or whatever” but you’d be stable for a couple years, start getting your life back and then BAM you can’t pay the 100 dollar weekly fee, and the clinic cuts you off and HELL descends once again, and everything goes to shit… In 2015 I shot myself in the chest, 100% ready and expecting to die… I wasn’t going to do it anymore, couldn’t do it anymore… My neighbor heard the gunshot and came into my apartment, did CPR and all that and I was taken to hospital, put in medical coma for 11 days, woke up shocked to be alive and my sister comes to my hospital room and says do you want to move to England and stay with mom? ”who I hadn’t seen or spoken to since I was a little kid” but where treatment and methadone is completely free, shit, everything regarding threatment over here is LIGHTYEARS ahead of the US… Since I have spent years in there and now 3 years here, the difference is SAD… For all those poor souls back home who don’t have the same opportunity I was given… Even with this raging epidemic, I KNOW America won’t help its people the way it’s desperately needed… Pigs will fly before treatment is given freely and made available at pharmacies

  • I watched this at first three years ago when it first came out, but now my life has changed and I have found myself studying the opioid crisis and the war on drugs. Thank you for making this, it is helping me a lot.

  • NOT OPIOID ABUSE! ITS ILLICIT OPIOID ABUSE, which accounts for most of the problems since 2000!

    There is NO PRESCRIPTION OPIOID EPIDEMIC. Rx opioids are in such short supply that many pharmcies and hospitals can’t get them, thanks to the DEA.

    Politicians are to blame for the current situation, which is why every other developed country is breaking with the US over drug policy! US politicians… are playing doctor, which is illegal under federal law!
    The REAL shocking truth is all the lies people actually believe about opioids!
    You’re not doing anyone any favors by lying about what really happened. This WAS NOT PRESCRIPTION FENTANYL! THIS WAS ILLICIT FENTANYL (from China) WHICH (ALONG WITH HEROIN) IS THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF ALL OVERDOSES SINCE 2000.
    What you’re doing is intentionally hurting CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS who can no longer get life restoring opioid pain medicines to treat: cancer, ALS, MS, and every other chronic pain condition.
    This false reporting has caused a skyrocketing number of suicides among chronic pain pts, esp US vets who have been forced off all opioid pain meds. We have no quality of life and are given no options medically other than incredibly expensive and invasive procedures! We’re backed into a corner with no options but to suffer, die, or turn to the street. THE RATE of ABUSE among CHRONIC PAIN PTS is a MERE 0.3%! YES ZERO POINT THREE PERCENT. LOWER THAN ANY OTHER GROUP!!!

    As a doctor, you in particular should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for this shoddy reporting. I hope your pain comes back tenfold and you can’t get the help you need like so many of us who now have no life because of all the lies people are telling/repeating without doing your due diligence!
    WHY dont you report on the fact that the ONLY group of people the US government encourages, recommends, facilitates, and funds getting treatment with OPIOIDS ARE OPIOID ADDICTS! Why don’t you report that the only group of DOCTORS given a govt issued waiver (free pass) to PRESCRIBE OPIOIDS ARE ADDICTION MEDICINE DOCTORS?! Who often have NO experience with ADDICTION or PAIN MGMT! Why don’t you report on the fact that the “CDC guidelines” were written ONLY BY THESE DOCTORS WITH NO INPUT FROM PAIN MGMT DOCTORS?! People like you make all the problems worse, so take a f*ING now. Are you happy with yourselves?
    Quit lying and spreading false information. You’re as much to blame as anyone every time a CHRONIC PAIN PATIENT TAKES THEIR LIFE because they have no help, no options, no life.

  • They don’t say if it’s prescriptions per month or per year? I’m telling ya, a lot of this is propaganda being used to justify more abuses by the officials. Look at the raw data, see and read everything you can on this, look at the history of laws and how they relate to Congress and the DEA, and this is not what it seems! Now that it’s moved into the white population too and all classes of people, they will start using that BS legal thievery to frame people they don’t like and take all they have, like many Docs who were arrested for treating pain. Government SHOULD NOT get involved between patient and Doctor b/c pain control is NOT one size fits all!

  • I used heroin and methadone everyday for 24 years. Then I became homeless and very ill. I had no car, money, friends or phone. I had my 3 year old daughter by my side the entire time and was soley responsible for her upbringing. I did not go to any form of rehab, meetings etc. I am now ten years clean. My EBOOKS are FREE for two more days. Please visit elizabethmoldovan.org for the link to amazon.

  • More government DEA and CDC propaganda. People are dying from heroin and fentanyl. So much disinformation on prescription medication. Adults do substances because it fills a need. Children stray off the path of reason because they are too young to know what to do in life. DEA is a shadow government anymore. Good medical practice is being impeded by them constantly. DEA and CDC both work in tandem. DEA has not stopped heroin from being smuggled in the country since it was created in 1973. What a joke. Now they go after doctors since they can’t stop the people from what they want a little relief from the struggles of life.It didn’t happen during the 1920’s prohibition (look what crime that created) and it won’t stop now. This is America and you should be able to call your own shots when it come to relief from pain.

  • This is all well and good and all, but what can you do about chronic pain instead of opioids? I’d infinitely rather be dead in five years from opioid overuse than have to live another 50 years in the amount of pain I’m in.

  • I lot of misinfo. People prescribed pain meds FOR pain don’t get “high” and don’t “up” their doses. They find the proper med or combo (best tolerated and works well) and stay at that dose for years or decades without needing anything to change. They do not go from Doctor to Doctor, or steal and have never abused in the past are not going to the streets. Not unless their cowardly Doctor cuts them off and they’ve gone through withdrawals but their chronic pain they suffered from in the first place is still there, then maybe. It’s that or suicide b/c they’ve lost all quality of life.

  • And the criminals will move on,,People like me that has been injured,,Like my neck broke-my back broke-seven surgeries,,6 heart attacks..3 stroke’s..So you think just live with the pain? Maybe nothing will happen to you? Or maybe a load of SREEL will fall you Crush you like me?? ASS HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How about alcoholics, where is the outrage for that which kills way more than opioids. This is all a lie constructed by government because they don’t make money from pain meds. Wake up this is only hurting people who really need medicine for pain so if you have never lived with pain no offense but please shut your mouths

  • disassociating cancer “pain” and long-term Pain really boggles me. The pain doesn’t go away and it consumes your life. But, because physicians start chemotherapy drugs that deteriorate the patient with cancer causes pain; hence it’s ok to use opioids then. I would never discredit cancer, but to discredit documented reasonable biomechanical discrepancy is ignorance…

  • Please, talk about low dose naltrexone (LDN) for chronic pain and its potential use for reducing opioid tolerance while under treatment.

    Opioid agonists alone tend to be a valid treatment only for short treatment of acute pain. But when used for chronic pain, it seems to be a better idea to combine an agonist with an antagonist (like naltrexone) in order to reduce mu-opioid receptor desensitization.

  • Aww…poor white people.
    Maybe politicians should simply make opioids illegal, just like weed.
    Then, create a new profile for the resulting lawless low-life “junkie” white, middle-aged, well-dressed….
    Then, cops can simply turn up and shoot them.

  • I have been on Hydrocodone for 10 years and I’m not addicted. Of course I don’t snort or do anything stupid. Only take these as directed.

  • Personally, I would have NO quality of life without my opioids. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with a bunch of co-morbid conditions and rely on Norspan (buprenorphine) patches for my all-the-time, never-goes-away pain (which reduces, but doesn’t come close to eliminating it) and oxycodone for my breakthrough pain (again, this reduces my pain, but doesn’t eliminate it). My doctors started encouraging me to start opioid therapies when I was 17, but I held off as long as I could, until I was 24 and rendered largely bedridden by my pain and other symptoms. The right pain management strategies (of which opioids are only one small part) have enabled me to study Human Genetics at university and actually leave my apartment for fun reasons, instead of just doctor appointments and emergency department visits for dislocations, fractures and serious infections. The idea of having my opioids taken away, forcing me back to my previous bedridden “life” absolutely terrifies me. I’d lose everything I’ve worked SO HARD for.

    My point is that although opioids are over-prescribed in general, for many of us, they are an absolutely necessary part of our broader pain management. It is crucial for any strategies that aim to reduce opioid abuse to prevent collateral harm to those of us who genuinely need these medications. I’ve lost more than one chronic pain patient friend to suicide because some MORON of a doctor decided they “shouldn’t” be on opioids and blocked their access to adequate medication. Living with severe chronic pain is only possible in the longterm with the right management plans and those do tend to require opioids, whether we like it or not.

    If a plan to combat abuse involves making it even harder for those of us with severe chronic pain to access adequate opioid therapies, then that plan is going to kill a significant percentage of us.

    Ultimately, what we need is a better alternative to opioids for managing chronic pain.

  • I read an interesting article on Linkedin that talked about how the heroin problem is so bad that it is driving some companies to automation in areas they didn’t even want to because they can’t get enough employees who pass drug tests.

  • this is so extremely disturbing and tragic the enormous loss of life caused by opiods  and other prescription pills that either need to be taken and people get hooked or in so many cases don’t need t be taken but people take them to get high the loss of life caused by this and by people killed as well as the injuries accidents and danger facing so many motorists by people riving on opiods or other prescription pills is extremely high destructive and tragic so much more and better must be done to prevent this insanity. I’m outraged by how little and innefectively when so much more and better should have been done over 20 years ago to stop these horrible tragedies proactively I urge many to get iv


  • Yeah, docs want to save their asses. My mother has severe pain due to some health issues. We just moved to a new state and there aren’t any doctors that will prescribe her the opioid medications she was on because of the “opioid abuse problem” in the state.

  • As someone with chronic pain I can assure you that the side effects of opioids pale in comparison to the life destroying effects of chronic pain.

  • opioids don’t work for chronic pain!! study after study after study shows this. we need to get these low life drug addicts off the drugs by stop prescribing any to them and stop giving the junkies narcotics in the ER!!

  • here’s a bigger problem, our authorities lock up users. they’ve waged war on drugs and whoever uses them. they act like they care so much but they capitalize on those poor souls. these people need serious help not prison time.


  • This is total garbage I been on opioids for 25 years they worked just fine,now fako Doctors say they dont. The reason why people go to the streets is they are being cut off their own pain meds,they go to the street for their relief.. The CDC,FDA and DEA are now running the prescription meds. This guy is a idiot and has zero experience in pain.They say folks are dieing from opioids well that is not true it is a combination of stuff that ODs folks.

  • This man showed a chart that showed heroin deaths was lower than prescription drugs deaths you me to tell me that a heroin is safer than prescription drugs give me a break

  • Thank you for covering this topic. Opioid and Heroin abuse in my community is becoming an epidemic as well. The statistics are shocking and it’s alarming to learn that in 2013, more than 10,000 Americans died of Heroin overdoses and 19,000 because of Opioid overdose. I’m sure the numbers for 2016 have increased ever more. Because opioids not only help to relieve pain, but produce feelings of pleasure, people who are prescribed them can easily and quickly become addicted. I think prescribing opioids is something doctors should be very cautious about, however I understand that while there are those who abuse these drugs, there are also many individuals who need them and can have a better quality of life while taking opioids that relieve their pain. For this reason, it is often times hard to distinguish between those who really need the drugs and those who are likely to abuse them. Because pain is subjective and doctors can not adequately measure the amount of pain that someone is experiencing, therefore it is difficult to decide who needs them and who doesn’t. I hope that in the future there is a way to restrict these addictive drugs further and to overcome the epidemic that our country is facing due to overdoses.

  • Thanks for good quality content, usually I get bored studying about the analgesic drug, but this was a very smooth and calm learning experience

  • Pain is a bad thing! If you have terminal cancer or life threatening traumatic injuries you’d be on your ass screaming for morphine!

  • Also, you say opioid treatment is not better than other options? What options? There are SSRIs and SNRIs, anticonvulsants and tricyclic antidepressants. That’s about it for chronic pain relief. I’m on the maximum dose of Efexor for mental health reasons and it has done NOTHING for my pain. I can’t be prescribed any other of the above mentioned drugs because of the interactions with Efexor, which is the only antidepressant that has “worked” for me. Also the side effects of the above medications can be truly awful, worse than opioids in a lot of cases. A friend of mine with fibromyagia tried amitriptyline, gabapentin and pregabalin and all of them made her feel so much worse.

    So please, enlighten me as to what else can treat my chronic joint pain. I’m 20 and I can barely walk on crutches. I will almost definitely be confined to a wheelchair later in life. I’m in a waiting list for physiotherapy. My illness is disgustingly under-researched and under treated as most doctors have no clue about Ehlers-Danlos (especially multi-systemic involvement). And if I sound angry it’s because I am. I’m disabled and treated as though I’m a drug seeking junkie. That is NOT okay.

  • Living with chronic pain is not preferable to anything. Depriving people of pain relief for the sake of the small percentage who become addicted is NOT OKAY. I would not wish my condition on my worst enemy.

  • As someone that suffers severe chronic pain and is prescribed opioids to
    manage it, the lack of effective alternative pain management and the
    life destroying effects of chronic pain cant be understated. I can say
    with absolute certainty that I would not still be alive today without
    effective pain management. Yes, drug addiction is a bad thing that hurts
    people. But lack of effective pain management WILL kill people, people
    that have no opportunity to quit an addiction like a drug addict does,
    who have no emergency button to stop an overdose like heroin addicts
    have with naloxone. The pain is constant, the afflicted has no choice in
    the matter, no means of fighting the pain alone without treatment, no
    responsibility for causing their pain because of poor choices they made,
    they are just profoundly unlucky

    When we have an effective pain management option besides opioids, by all means, ban opioids and lets use the alternative, no one that is on opioids for treatment wants to be, they have nasty side effects (most concerning to me is inhibiting neurogenesis). But right now we just dont have an alternative. It isnt the fault of people who legitimately suffer chronic pain that there are people that dont suffer chronic pain that abuse the same drugs they legitimately need. It isnt fair or just to punish those who are simply unlucky to have legitimate chronic pain to spite those who use drugs for recreation

  • Remember people, humans have been using all these bad addictive drugs for all of recorded history and beyond. For much of that time these medications were unregulated. Until the 19th century. Keep in mind the reason most these drugs are banned is due to racism.

  • I don’t see why they don’t put a system in place like for medical marihuana or better yet in my state allow people with chronic pain to have access. Instead of just saying drugs bad have an open dialog not just between doctors but long term pain sufferers as well. I’ve had RSD for 15 years and without a way to lessen the symptoms Id be in a different statistic, suicides.

  • Medical doctors prescribe opiods to caucasians to relieve minor pain. Medical doctors will not prescribe opiods to black patients for three reasons; they may become addicted, sell the medication or could care less about relieving a black individual pain. Even after major surgery.
    Racism is a terrible issue in America.

  • What’s the worst pain this doctor has been in? I can tell you not a lot. My torso was opened up, so my stomach could be reconstructed, three months I was in the hospital and the pain was indescribable. Every four hours I was given the maximum does of oxy, for three months. I walked away with no addiction. But I thank God for opioids. This doc can take his opinion and shove it. I’ve had many pains since and its been almost impossible to get oxy, I am done with pain because I’ve felt the absolute worst of it.

  • You forgot the skyrocketing suicide rates among real patients in horrible pain who cannot get help anymore. I’ve had 5 back surgeries and never got addicted to my meds and robbed a liquor store. For 2 years I had loose hardware in my back and the doctor had to remove metal shavings in my back when he recently removed it. For those 2 years I begged for help and the loose hardware and metal shavings didn’t show up on the x rays and mri. Nobody would help me with the horrible pain. It was so bad I began planning my suicide because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. Finally a doctor agreed to open my back up and rework things and that’s when he found the hardware loose and metal shavings. THEN they understood how much pain I had been in!! After surgery I got 2 bad EKG readings and my blood pressure kept plummeting. I was on the verge of cardiac arrest at 35 years old. The heart doctor at hospital concluded that I had been living in so much pain and stress for so long that my heart was simply ready to give out. He called it literal “ broken heart”. Fortunately as they got my pain under control and I’ve recovered some the past month my heart has returned to normal with no problem.

    Moral of the story is the “ opioid crisis” nearly killed me!!

  • i am so angry that my 17 year old nephew went to the dentist to have 4 wisdom tooth removed and the dr.gave him 40 pills of Percocet and he is getting addicted,i am upset that this dentist will give my nephew these narcotics pills,he’s just a kid and can’t concentrate in school and has tremendous body aches,he can barely wake up to go to school,i told the doctor to give him 800 milligrams motrin instead but he did not listen,these doctors shouldn’t give minors opiods medications..something has to change.

  • I hope you will also talk about or have a note about the consequences for severely disabled people with rare diseases like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (many of my friends have this debilitating condition). Their doctors and specialists have exhausted all other means and they rely on opioids as a last resort while also being very careful with them. They also do not want their side-effects but are in so much pain they can barely do anything.
    However, more and more stories from different states come out since opioids have been on the guilty seat from such responsible severely disabled people who are now refused opioids but given absolutely no alternatives. They are also directly affected by ill-informed decision makers (State Legislators) who implement one-rule-for-all laws that affect what little quality of life they have. Or even their pharmacies mess up their dose but they have no recourse to have it fixed in the system, until their next renewal due to the law, especially the home-bound. I know this group are more the unicorns than the zebras and horses (love your analogy) but they should not be forgotten. Thank you.

  • I was prescribed percocet once for the first two weeks that I had a severely broken ankle. (It was broken into literally every piece.) I… was not a fan. On one hand, it did help me keep the pain in my leg at bearable levels. BUT I had the weirdest nightmares the entire time I was on it. No thank you. Do not want.

  • Heroin maintenance has been profoundly effective, in conjunction with a change in laws, and well funded rehabilitation efforts, overseas. There hasn’t been an overdose death in Switzerland since the legal status was changed, and these programs instituted. The solution is abundantly clear.

  • One thing that would make a MASSIVE dent in the problem of opioid abuse would be an alternative to opioids for treating chronic pain. Those of us with severe chronic pain simply cannot live without proper pain management and opioids almost always play a role in that (along with many other things, such as SSRIs/SNRIs, physiotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, learning what your pain exacerbators are and how to avoid them, etc.). It’s simply not possible to combat widespread opioid addiction without giving chronic pain patients an alternative to their current opioid medications.

  • if somebody is watching this and actually learning something they need to just go shoot themselves, it’s idiotic to think that anybody could at one point rely on painkillers for survival. it’s common sense if your body is feeling pain it’s simply using that feeling to communicate with the parts of your body that it needs to repair and heal. if you turn off the pain signal and your body isn’t using it to communicate with damaged areas your body will not heal and from that once the pain killer effects wear off the pain is just going to come back and continue where it left off.

  • I am curious as to what kind of regulations there should be and whether or not they should be on the doctors who prescribe them. As a pharmacist, I I have seen how the regulations on our end of things have gotten so strict, (i.e. we are fined THOUSANDS of dollars for missing one check mark on an order form) but the problem only seems to be getting worse. We are often painted as villains because doctors can write prescriptions however and whenever they would like, but we often have to refuse based on when they can legally be filled. Do you think tighter regulations on how and when doctors can write scripts would be helpful?

  • I hope that we will discuss some other options for pain management than just opioids. My low dose oxycodone works for me, but I’m open to other ideas.

  • in 2009 I had surgery. I was in the hospital for 5 days after. I was given OxyCodone and morphine for the pain, I didn’t like the OxyCodone because of the side effects so I stopped taking it. I used the morphine drip only sparingly. I was told by my nurse that most adults in the unit chose to take the drugs because of he affects. I didn’t see the point, I didn’t have euphoria when I did take it. I was sent home with 30 10mg tablets, I used only one and disposed of the rest through the medication drop off that the local police department was doing. I evan walked there, which was about three miles as I wasn’t allowed drive.

  • Another thing that might help is alternative treatments for pain management. If 1 in 3 Americans are suffering from chronic pain, it seems we need some serious solutions. I’ve never heard ANY doctor, in all the years I’ve tried to find help for the chronic pain I was born with, suggest a pain management technique other than counseling (which doesn’t help, because, geniuses, talking about how much pain I’m in doesn’t magically make that pain go away it only makes me think about it and focus on it more, which is WORSE! Duh!) or opiods (which I don’t want because they’d have to put me on massive doses to have any effect at all, and I don’t want to live like that) or treatments that I can’t have because of other health problems (like chiropractors or acupuncture). Seriously, not everyone is like me and willing to face day-in and day-out being slowly tortured to death by their own body! Give people some other options or they will keep running to opiods in a desperate plea for relief!

  • I disagree with your proposal for uses beside noncancer pain. Temporary use for post surgery pain should also remain allowed. However, for chronic pain it should be avoided. If I end up with chronic pain and a doctor recommends it, I would turn it down since that seems like addiction would become unavoidable.

  • After breaking my thumb last year I was given oxycodone for pain but since I really don’t like anything interfering with my ability to have a rewarding bowel movement and I never really had much pain I didn’t take them. I did think it was strange that the night shift pharmacist at the hospital gave me a funny look when I asked about how to dispose of any unused pills.

  • I find it incredibly hilarious and simultaneously shameful that euphoria is considered an undesirable side effect. “Oh no, this stuff makes you feel good, we should ban it.”

    I get that using opioids can run the risk of addiction. But that doesn’t mean that the really really good feeling that you get from shooting up heroin is a bad thing. It’s all of the other side effects that makes it a bad thing. The euphoria itself is fucking amazing.

  • Kratom is a plant related to caffeine and bonds to opiate receptors in a similar fashion as other opiate painkillers, but with less long term negative side effects. It’s completely legal and unregulated in the United States, and here in Washington state it can be purchased in smoke shops or gas stations. It helps with pain, and it helps people get off more dangerous drugs. Spread the word!

  • I’m over 70, and wrecked my back working as a contractor for half a century, and I’ve got the MRI’s to prove it. I’ve been taking oxycodone for nine years under the care and supervision of a licensed doctor, and never had a problem with them. They don’t get me “high,” and I’m not looking to get high… I don’t even smoke or drink. I just want to be able to get out of bed every day and function at some level close to normal without being in pain every waking minute of my life. My dosage hasn’t changed in years, and I budget my meds more strictly than I do my money.

    Every year the BS I have to go through gets worse. It’s not enough that my trained and licensed doctor, who has first hand knowledge of my condition and my ability to manage my medications responsibly, oversees and controls my medication… I now have to have my insurance company as the final arbiter of how much medication I’m allowed to have. Not my trained and licensed doctor!

    It’s absolutely ludicrous that real chronic pain sufferers with demonstrable physical damage are being lumped in together with junkies injecting heroin, Fentanyl, and anything else they can get their hands on, as well as young and healthy people buying and misusing pain medications on the street. There is NO correlation between legitimate chronic pain sufferers and junkies!

    This so-called “War On Drugs” has never prevented those so-inclined from buying drugs illegally, and those are the people most likely to overdose and die. Quite honestly, I doubt that most chronic pain sufferers give a damn about the junkies, for all the problems they’ve caused the rest of us.

    By taking away much-needed medication from those of us who have to deal with unrelenting pain every day of our lives, how many of those people will turn into junkies themselves trying to get some relief, and how many will end up committing suicide? I guess you have to be one of us to have any empathy or appreciation of what it’s like. It seems that politically, opiates are the “Flavor of the Day”.

  • The problem at it’s core is this. There is no better alternative for an opiate out there for pain relief. (This even includes Marijuana. It’s not as magical as some would lead you to believe but it does work for some types of pain no doubt)

  • I really don’t feel that the use of the word “epidemic” to describe this phenomenon is entirely appropriate. This isn’t an infectious disease or some random coincidence. It’s a product of cultural and institutional factors.

  • Very informative video. Thanks! Helped me understand my withdrawal symptoms which by the way are by far the worst feeling you can experience. I was over prescribed Opioids in 2006. I was on large doses of hydromorphone for about 18 months after back surgery and when I finally got help from a specialist, he changed my medication to Morphine. 300 mg a day of slow release. The specialist said it was a huge step going from hydromorphone to morphine. I was told by a nurse that terminal cancer patients don’t get that much morphine. Obviously, family doctors where not educated well enough and Perdue didn’t help things. I ended up going down to 100 mg a day after a cortisone shot that relieved my pain for a month and have been on that dose until July 2018. I had attempted to wean off 3 times without success but in July 2018, I started again with the help of cannabis oil. CBD and THC. I got down to 50 mg a day by the end of January 2019 and in the last 2 weeks was persuaded by my doctor to accelerate my weaning off. Unfortunately, this proved to be too quick for me. I had such severe withdrawal symptoms that resulted in 12 days of hell. During this time, I was so agitated, sad and anxious that I literally had only 6 hours total of sleep in 12 days. Sleeping pills and Valium did not help or clonodine which is used to lower blood pressure during detox. Two days ago, my Doctor and I decided to slow it down and I am now at 30 mg a day and still using cannabis to help. I am still weaning off but at a slower pace to try and reduce withdrawal symptoms as much as possible.
    I have searched for long term effects of morphine usage on the web but have not found much on using this medication at high dosage for over 10 years.
    If anyone reading this has experience high morphine or similar drug for 10 years or more and have been able to get off the medication, please add your story in a comment as any positive results from someone would give me hope.

    Good luck to anyone out there in the same boat! Keep the faith and get help. Believe me when I say it can’t be done alone.

  • what is the rate of suicide among chronic pain sufferers? Maybe I’m just a big baby, but even mild pain that lasts for several months at a time is enough to make me really cranky. I can’t begin to imagine how I’d handle long term severe pain. Perhaps the risks of opioid abuse aren’t as bad when contrasted against other negative outcomes?

  • Unfortunately the pain meds I’ve been on before only made me nauseous, no euphoria and very little pain control. Ibuprofen control pain about as well without the nausea. Any idea why these medications would work so differently on some but not others?

  • When are you going to acknowledge that the majority of prescription opioid overdoses are caused by the acetaminophen/paracetamol added to the pill to discourage abuse?

  • This is why other countries don’t have a opium crisis

  • Are we willing to have 100 million people suffer from chronic pain at the cost of 47,000 deaths from opioid abuse? As a society we’re willing to live with almost that many car deaths and gun deaths, given the benefits we believe we get from cars and guns. The answer would seem to depend on what we value more (lack of chronic pain for many or life for few) and the alternatives to opioids, including how well the alternatives work.

  • honestly id rater our junkies be using a clean and (relatively) safe drug rather than shitty adulterated street chemicals. At least they can keep their dignity with a quality controlled substance and move on with their lives rather than their lives being all consumed by buying the very expensive street drugs peddled by evil people. Also its time to stop putting acetaminophen in that shit. everyone knows it does nothing for pain its just to keep people from taking a lot

  • Key points here are simply wrong. I wonder why. At the end of this fake presentation we find out why.
    The historic addition rate of less than 1% has not changed since records started being kept in the late 1920’s in the US. Opiate Drug addiction rate has not changed in 100 years.

  • This channel is incredible. I hope it gets millions of followers, your content is easy to understand yet covers such complicated topics. 10/10!! You rock!

  • I think more adults are using is because of the timing. In the 70’s it was psychedelics, 80’s cocaine, 90’s and 2000’s ecstacy, and now kids and young adults are stupid and doing them at a young age. I don’t even know how they are getting them b/c that crap wasn’t around when I was a kid. It’s probably our own government.

  • Wonderful two-part presentation. Very
    well done.
    It appears that there
    are still few genuine
    ‘killing’ medications-
    proper to date. Strangely
    enough, just about everything people use for both acute and chronic pain
    do not actually target the pain or even the symptoms at all. The list of said pain relievers is near endless. They are probably more accurately referred to as counter-irratints. It may sound odd, even counter intuitive, but aspirin may be the best authentic pain reliever. Symptoms themselves are actually targeted by aspirin.
    Whether your using weed, watching a good comedy, or using a strong prescription medication, the pain is not being targeted, your brain is.
    People are different, so whatever is used is best something which is tailored to the individual, but good luck. And don’t get me wrong, for many suffer’s aspirin alone ain’t gonna make it. I know-I know.
    It’s so super to see someone go the length to help explain what it is that is really going-on in thier bodies whilst suffering.
    Really Great, thanks so much.

  • Yes, forced tapering, which the whole country is undergoing (at least some areothers are just being thrown to the curb) is not as easy as they want you to believe. I have been tapered down to the point where I couldn’t make it to my Dr.s appt. so I could get my refill in 2 days. He had reached that dose that made it impossible for me to take care of myself, and put me in pain 24/7. I was on an ” acceptable” dose, by the gov’t ‘s standards, but this pain clinic was/is cutting everyone down to zero pain meds. I must find another Dr. who will not only be O.K.with prescribing Opiates, but will bring me back up to where my pain was best managed and I had been on for more than 2 yrs. Or else what am I going to do? Go to an assisted living arrangement? I’m almost 62, but why go there when if I was able to manage my pain I wouldn’t have to? It’s sadly crazy.��������������

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  • I really enjoyed that video on caffeine you made! Can you make one on the effects of amphetamine stimulants on the brain and how they compare to caffeine?

  • they should give addicts herion not methadone!!! it’s safer and better for you and stops addicts doing crime!!! all the doctors know this so why is it not happening???

  • Can you make a video about esketamine on depression. thanks ^^. really love your videos…

  • Opioids are over-prescribed. Some people live with severe chronic pain and people abusing it makes it harder for people that actually need it to get it. Secondly, cannabis is a great analgesic and it is not physically addictive like opioids. Lastly, physical therapy should always be used first and to its full extent before we start prescribing any drugs.

  • IMO the only way to fix the problem is alternate meds that are on the same level or even better at controlling pain. It’s a big ask to assign the role of fixing this problem to doctors who’s job it is to reduce pain and suffering. It’s like taking a fireman’s hose away and giving him a squirt gun to go fight a fire. Sure there are illegal and corrupt pill mills out there that should be dealt with, but I think most doctors are doing the best job they can with what they have.

  • I had brain surgery a few years ago in an area heavily effected by the opioid crisis, and the doctors gave me 250 pills of percoset. I never took any. My neurosurgeon advised me to smoke weed instead despite his inability to prescribe it, and high cbd indica strains helped manage my pain without destroying my life like opioids did to so many people around me.

  • https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-americans-from-opioid-use?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

  • Thanks to the blatant corruption in congress its unlikely that the opioid crisis will stop in the near future.


  • Great video, especially liked the addition of the background of the crysis and what can be done against it. Well researched, I’m willing to wait a while for this quality content:)

  • I was just prescribed hydrocodone, and frankly I don’t need it, even the nurses said I don’t, actually they said “You shouldn’t need to take it, but it’ll help you sleep”. I mean I get I just got out of surgery from a jaw infection but I’m fine with ibuprofen as for now, now I get the whole opioid epidemic…

  • Happy new year everyone! I was hoping to get this done before January but alas I overestimated myself. Sorry for the very long wait and thanks for all your patience and support in 2018. Here’s to looking forward to another year of med videos! I’m planning on posting another video in February, so stay tuned:)