Only 23% of U.S. Adults Get Enough Exercise


How Exercise Can Be Better Than Meds

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Study: Kids not getting enough exercise

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only 1 in 5 adults gets enough exercise

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How Much Exercise Should You Get Each Week (According to the Research)?

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CDC: adults don’t exercise enough

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CDC: Only 23% of US Adults Get Enough Exercise

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Heart Disease Prevention: What You Need to Know

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U.S. Customer Service Only 23% of Americans Get Enough Exercise, a New Report Says only about 23% of adults ages 18 to 64 are hitting both. The report from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics found only 23 percent of Americans are meeting the federal standards set in 2008 for time spent exercising.

Ten years ago, the. 28.8% of men meet federal exercise guidelines, compared with 20.9% of women. (CNN) About a quarter of US adults meet guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise in. The report from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics found only 23 percent of Americans are meeting the federal standards set in 2008 for time spent exercising.

Ten years ago, the. We’re already not eating enough fruits and vegetables. On Thursday, a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says we’re not getting enough exercise either. Just 23% of US adults get enough exercise, CDC reports About a quarter of US adults meet guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise in their spare time, according to. According to a new report, only 23% of Americans are meeting all national physical activity guidelines..

It is known that regular participation in physical activity lowers the risk of many chronic conditions, NCHS states. It’s recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly, in addition to muscle-strengthening activities at least two times a. CDC: Only 23% of US Adults Get Enough Exercise – CBS Miami About a quarter of US adults meet guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise, according to the CDC’s National Center for Health. Less than a quarter of Americans are getting enough exercise, based on federal standards. Only 22.9% of U.S. adults from 18 to 64 met 2008 guidelines for.

Problem: Only 27 % of U.S. adults get enough leisure time exercise to achieve cardiovascular fitness. Choose 3 adults at random. Find the probability that at least 1 of the 3 gets enough exercise.

My Specific Question: So I found the probability of all three not getting enough exercise. P(3 adults, not enough exercise) = (0.73)^3 = 0.389.

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  • How is this in anyway surprising or news worthy? And why? People are lazy and don’t like things that are hard. Modern society in general lacks mental fortitude.

    And exercise isn’t fun if you haven’t been doing it. Blaming it on genetics just sounds like an excuse, “oh my genetics don’t allow my body to reward me with the same amount of chemicals as yours does”. Exercise is a routine, and the more you build it, the more rewarding it becomes.

  • Yes. Exercise has always been much better than meds in most cases. I’m glad that science is starting to catch up to this but they are still far behind in many other things. A healthy eating lifestyle and meditation done correctly is far better than meds too. The emotions of love and joy and the list goes on. People are just lazy to live that kind of lifestyle and instead think and act in ways that cause stress which is the mother of almost all illness.

  • exercise studies could be reliably done with the military, where soldiers do pt (Physical Training) for a set period every morning of every work day.

  • Just play around. Making working out a chore is the reason it isn’t fun. try to be generally more active. Go for a walk after meals, try not to sit for 8 hours a day if you can help it and do something every week or two that makes you sweat & breathe heavy. yes, sex is an option. Just don’t think not knowing how is an excuse we all want to live long productive lives and doing nothing is not going to help. It’ll make you feeel tons better. You’ll have a clearer mind when you’re done. k. I’m done.

  • Anthony, speaking of the beard… PLEASE END THE MADNESS. I will send you a razor, free of charge, if you will just shave that thing off your face. It makes you look much, much older. I know that beards are the new ‘hipster’ thing, and supposedly women are supposed to like them, but it depends on the guy, and his age, and this is one woman who wishes you’d go back to clean shaven. JMHO FWIW, anyway.

  • I’m absolutely an advocate for exercise. It’s changed my life, and I’ve watched my mom over decades of medical prescriptions go from out of shape to having diabetes and now things are so bad at times it just seems like her system just wants to shut down. I can see how medications can have a positive effect if they’re used properly, but in the case of my mom it’s really just so many doctors passing the buck to the pills to solve problems that over time, they just create other problems…

  • Exercise is better than meds, Beer is better than running. I love the 21st Century, lets ditch meds and exercise and stay healthy off beer.. Bro Science

  • Yes, but you get a much bigger high if you do 40 minutes. And an even bigger one if you do an hour. It feels so damn good and lasts for so long that I don’t want to go a day without it. But yes, 20 mins makes a big difference to how you feel.

  • I work in a Pharmacy, and we would probably go out of business if people ate better, exercised, and lowered their stress levels. Too me it’s crazy that someone would rather swallow a horse pill of potassium a couple times a day, that just eat an effing banana. And most drive up to our counter in their little motorized obesity carts….

  • Maybe but it still doesn’t follow that drs will intenchonally do a second rate job just to make some one else (drug manufactures) more money. So, Yes, Drs are human too and being such tend to care for others and want to help. Medical doctor is not a perfesion that draws a lot of psychopath/sociopath but like everything else. I’m sure there are a few. Besides. Doing a half-ass job kills ones reputation and that is not in any doctors self interest.

  • That is… A LOT. We only have 24 of those in a day. 8 are for sleeping. 8 more working. 1-2 hours traveling, eating, and taking care of bodily needs. 17% of my free time every day doing something I don’t need is quite a bit. If you live an average life span, and spend 1 hour a day exercising, you will spend almost 3 years exercising over your lifetime. I prefer pills.

  • I heard a report recently, on CBC radio, that pharmaceutical companies pay some, medical students tuition. It’s probably happening in the U.S. too.

  • I don’t think prescribing exercise earns doctors or pharmaceutical companies quite as much money as medicine and surgery. That might be a bigger reason 😉

  • How do you explain that 60 years of research has not shown a causal relationship between dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular disease? How do you explain the cardio-protective effects of cholesterol in the Framingham study? Statins do reduce cholesterol but the positive effects appear to be related to reduction of inflammation not the reduction of cholesterol. Genetics is the medicine of the future. Continuing to demonize cholesterol is past doctor dogma.

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  • I’m a fourth year pharmacy student. I study medications all day long. And I can legitimately say that we can essentially cure Type II Diabetes with exercise. If people will do it.

  • Yeah, it’s because of how many poeple in America are taking medicines that bacteria and viruses are starting to become immune to all medications.

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  • This country is WAYYY over medicated. I went to the clinic some months ago for a lingering headache and they gave me meds for the headache as well as constipation pills, nasal spray and cough syrup. I took just the headache pills with some hot tea went to sleep and woke up fine the next morning.

  • Doctor says my cholesterol is high and wanted to put me on pills, I told him to keep his death pills with horrible side effects and I’ll start exercising which I have done, ain’t getting on that take this pill for life train!!!

  • Drs make money from meds. People prefer meds as a quick fix to their ailments, thanks to work, school,& life in general. Laziness is also inevitable.

  • I just thought it sounded ridiculous because this channel releases solid content on a seriously regular basis. Abandoning it because one of three hosts, whom you’ll almost certainly never meet in real life, is no longer hosting roughly around one-third of the videos idk, it just seems petty. Then again, so would leaving without saying goodbye LOL

    I’m going out on a limb and saying it’s just temporary:)

  • I don’t think it has as much to do with doctors prescribing meds to make more money, but more to do with the fact that how is a doctor supposed to TRUST their client to just exercise and eat right? If they give them meds its a direct remedy, instead of relying on the patient to live a healthy lifestyle, which they most likely won’t

  • I think the point of that video was A). to show that people need to have moderation and that having fun is important and B). a joke because he does say that the findings were by a beer company.

  • When I was a kid to my early teens I never took medicine always just waited it out and now I’m lucky to get sick at least twice a year haha

  • Exercise being more important that pills should be common sense! The lack of exercise is probably what lead to the health issue in the first place.

  • My mom doesn’t always let me borrow the car so i can’t get to the gym. i make several trips up the stairs to take a pee so I think I am good with exercise for the most part.

  • lazy + they make money from the pills. thats why. its all about money. if they keep us lazy, then they know we’ll have problems later which we’ll have to come in and give them more money for more pills….

  • Working hours should be reduced to 5 or 6 hours at the most. The only reason we work so hard is that our employers want to be rich off of our backs.

  • the ultimate “move” for beginners and fitness gurus? Squats. all kinds of them. They’ll help your core, your glutes, quads, hamstrings, your entire back. Especially for those of us who live increasingly sedentary lifestyles you can combat the damaging effects of too much sitting. If you’re unable to do a standard squat, use a large medicine ball against a wall and keep your feet wider than your hips out in front of you to help build the leg muscles up and then over time you’ll get there.

  • Doctors prescribe medication because it makes them money. Why prescribe something a person can get for free when you can charge them for something else

  • Hey! DNews, I wanted to ask, for people who are from a foreign country, could you put subtitles?

    My dad watches almost all your videos, but always has trouble understanding.

    I don’t know how it works, but you think you could put subtitles if possible?

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  • It’s just easier. Invest tons of my time into something utterly boring when I can just pop a pill. Done. Thank you pharmaceutical companies.

  • The gym is highest priority in my life. I’ve often said exercise cures, especially depression etc. I cant understand how anyone who is smart, intelligent would choose not to exercise. Parents too, you owe it to your children to be healthy and active. Come on people, wake your bodies up!!!

  • Gyms can quickly turn you off to the idea of exercise especially if there are a lot of people who are already “fit” there and you don’t feel comfortable or feel judged just when you walk in. Instead, find friends or social groups on facebook that are there to encourage you, or join you. Turn it into a group thing and share the journey together!:)

  • sit-ups aren’t actually that great for you. There are other exercises that do way more than a sit-up would, and running outside when its below freezing doesn’t work for some people. To get a proper workout you need to go to a gym or have some gym equipment in your home. You need to exercise your entire body throughout the week. My gym membership costs quite a bit but it’s the only gym in my shit hole town worth going to.:/

  • I suspect that this study was funded by the exercise industry comprised of Gyms, Manufacturers of exercise machines and guilds of the ‘trainer’ industry. Good meds will beat exercise in too many cases for this study to be credible.

  • Can you do a video about the importance of drinking enough water. I use to have a lot of back pain and was tired a lot and I stopped drinking pop for water and I get an hr less of sleep and am rarely tired and have almost no back pain.

  • Chronic illness such as arthritic conditions, some are lucky if they can do / attain moderate levels of activity. A local arthritis support network can assist you with your workout & making new friends.

  • This isn’t a new study. People have known this for years, even decades. Dr. Drew has been saying it since AT LEAST 2003 on Loveline.

  • I think its a bit of convenience together with the 24/7 society we have created. Out ultimate dream and vision of wealth is comfort. Thus the Jetsons life comes to mind and a pill a day keeps the doctor away sounds easy. Out mindset should be that being physically on the move and living with nature should be considered the ultimate wealth.

  • Exercise is supposed to help depression. But if you’re depressed you rarely want to move. These are the cyclical problems that we have.

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  • Bang hit the nail on the head with that last comment. Money controlling medical science. A doctor could tell you to go run and work out, but that won’t put money on the pharmaceutical companies that also cut him a check. Now it is also our fault because we are lazy. But I’m sure that if we didn’t have the medications we would get up and work out more often. Both ends are at fault, us and pharmaceutical companies. My opinion… Yes I’m fat too.

  • in my health class we watched a movie called forks over knives which is a scientific study on how people who have to take 12 different pills a day and they switched to a plant based diet (vegetarian/vegan) and went down to 1 or no drugs a day with just a decent amount of exercise and a plant based diet watch it on Netflix it will change your life

  • free energy is out there. Check out Nicola Tesla’s work. He invented free electricity from the earth with no wires, invented an electromagnetic flying saucer, and death rays. People speculate that haarp is some of the work Tesla did.

  • Depends on what you want to do to your health. Light exercise and light alcohol both improve your health. The stay home and drink beer is a joke.

  • If a doctor were to tell you to work out because it would solve your health issue, then that doctor would lose money, and god forbid that happen! Doctors are as bad as mechanics these days. They’ll prescribe you crap when you have nothing wrong and when there is something wrong it takes 5 visits to even figure out the problem.

  • i think the reason that doctors are more willing to prescribe pills is because they make more money off it than they would if they recommended an exercise regimen, not to mention the fact that over prescribing pills makes them less effective overall & people need them more & more