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Metabolic Damage. Metabolic damage is the permanent slowing of your metabolism after dieting. Basically, when you start eating less, your metabolism will slow down. So your resting metabolic rate decreases because you do not expend as much energy for basal tasks needed to live.

For example, your heartbeat. The research wanted to answer this questio. “Metabolic damage’, or better known as ‘starvation mode’, is the phenomenon referring to the body’s physiological adaptation or natural response to long term calorie restriction or deficit,” Robbie Clark, dietitian and sports nutritionist, told HuffPost Australia. So saying metabolic damage or starvation mode “is a myth” is a lot like saying prediabetes is a myth.

Saying “adrenal fatigue does not exist” is a lot like saying “over-training doesn’t exist.” These are functional disturbances that have clinical signs and symptoms that. In fact, there is no such thing as metabolic damage. A study done in 1997 showed that hospitalized anorexic patients BMR’s increased significantly within just the first 2 weeks of re-feeding, which of course should not happen according to the metabolic damage theory. (1) If it is not damaged metabolism that leads to weight gain, then what does?

Metabolic damage is permanent metabolic slowing after dieting. When you start eating less, your metabolism slows down. Thus, your resting metabolic rate (RMR) decreases because your body doesn’t expend as much energy for all the basal tasks you need to live, such as making the heart beat, for example.

Metabolic damage is a myth. No aspect of what slows your metabolism during/after weight loss is “damage.” Nor is there anything that “permanently” makes you incapable of losing weight or keeping it off after you lose it. The starvation response is real, and adaptive thermogenesis/metabolic adaptation is one component of it. Metabolism refers to biochemical processes that occur within any living organism – including humans – to maintain life. These biochemical.

Metabolic damage. It’s every dieter’s worst nightmare. The theory of metabolic damage states that your metabolism slows down permanently, i.e. is damaged, after prolonged periods of being in energy deficit. What people generally refer to as “starvation mode” (and sometimes “metabolic damage”) is your body’s natural response to long-term calorie restriction.

It involves the. (And why some experts suggest “metabolic damage” is a real thing.) But nothing really has been “damaged”. Instead, their bodies have just become predictably more sensitive to various hormones and neurotransmitters.

List of related literature:

We also know that while these metabolic adaptations can persist long after weight loss has stopped, they can also be easily reversed by raising your calories, lifting weights, and eating a high-protein diet.24 And that’s true even for people who have already gone to extreme measures to drop pounds in the past.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
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Since muscle is much more metabolically active and burns seventy times as many calories as fat cells, losing muscle slows down their metabolism, making it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it, even while they eat the same number of calories.

“Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss” by Mark Hyman
from Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss
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In humans, CR has shown improvements in metabolic health, but the effect on longevity is still under investigation.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
from Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book
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It accounts for decreases in basal metabolic rate (BMR), muscle strength, and overall activity levels.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
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On the other hand, when you habitually consume too little at certain times of the day, your metabolism will slow so that more of the calories you consume at other times are stored as body fat, and your body will break down muscle tissue to make up for the deficit of food energy.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
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Unlike the metabolic alterations that are observed in a typical starvation state, cancer-related cachexia mediated by increased levels of circulating cytokines can cause patients to have increased whole body protein turnover and skeletal muscle catabolism.

“Nutritional Oncology” by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, Vay Liang W. Go, John Milner
from Nutritional Oncology
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Thelonger you remain in a calorie deficit, even whenit’s mild, the more your metabolism slows down, the more muscle you lose, the more your body becomes stressed,63 and the more your anabolic hormones decrease.64 65 66 Furthermore, there’sthe psychological aspect as well.

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
from Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded
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Unlike the potential limitations discussed earlier with CR and muscle mass, being in a state of ketosis can actually preserve muscle mass even in the presence of calorie restriction, meaning that cachexia (weight loss and muscle wasting) may not be as big of an issue under these circumstances.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
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Age, sex, stress, hormones, and body surface area can affect the BMR.

“Critical Care Transport” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), UMBC
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of concrete evidence, the person may believe increases their metabolic rate.

“Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing in the UK, E-Book” by Katie Evans, Debra Nizette, Anthony O'Brien, Catherine Johnson
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  • I have been hclf for a year now and maintained my weight at 58kg the entire time. I cycle/weight train 4-5 days a week and typically eat around 2000 calories of mostly whole plant foods. I haven’t been able to loose the last 4kg this entire time and am frustrated since the magical hclf starch weight loss seemed to skip me and I see so many slim people eating so much more than me! I have tried 1700 Cals (-200 from exercise) but nothing has worked and I fight going back to restriction everyday because I know it works!:( have any ideas on what I could do? Also I worry about not eating enough and slowing my metabolism (1300 cal) despite following my hunger. Thankyou!!!

  • So you stopped working out and jumped straight to eating intuitive? And you mantained your weight right? Should i expect that? I dont need a stress like a weight gain…it took me so long to lose because i was really overweight

  • Quick question: what’s a good method to combat the tiredness caused by being in a calorie deficit? I’m in like a 300 calorie deficit (i’m 5 ft female) but my weight loss has still been pretty slow I guess, and it’s been like 9 months now (lost around 8kgs) and I’m getting pretty exhausted all the time now, and I unfortunately can have only a very small amount of caffiene a day because I have a low tolerance to it which causes migraines:( (not even 1 cup of coffee a day). Anyone got any other energy-fuelling ideas?

  • Im a 5´8 (almost 5´9) guy, almost weighed 171 lbs a few months ago and about 1500 calories are my diet intake, making me lose about 1lbs (sometimes 1,5) per week. Didnt know this could be considered starvation, Im feeling fine with that tbh

  • I have suffered from losing weight insanely fast due to illnesses, Graves’ Disease and now Celiac Disease. After recovering from both I BALLOONED UP. I workout, power lifting and total body 3x’s per week and 1/2 hour cardio everyday, get enough sleep, etc… I eat clean as well.
    So now I am an XL when I was a Medium for the years I was suffering from Celiac Disease and didn’t know it.
    It sucks, but my muscles are forming and I have tons of energy now.

  • No matter what you look like, whether weight gain or weight loss, you’re still the best workout teacher I’ve ever had in my life and I thank you because my life is already better and I feel physically healthy ever since I’ve started your videos and I just thank you. Don’t think that a fit body will have the world accept you or praise you because you are already beautiful and you’re the healthiest person ever and just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re well being is what matters. God bless you Jesus loves you so much. As a father loves his own daughter, so He loves you. I have nothing to offer you but I do have this message of love of life and of hope to just deliver to you. You are so loved by the Creator of the universe. I just thank you for helping me. The void in the hearts of humanity can never be filled except by the Creator Himself. Only Christ can fill this void in our hearts. I’ve never experienced satisfaction and life but in Him alone. Anyway I just wanted to share that with you bc I want you to know how much you are loved and I really appreciate you. I’m not trying to convert you or nay thing but I just wanted to give you this message of truth and of love to you. I’m on my moms account haha, anyways have a good day Cassey, and again thank you!! ❤️❤️

  • I am having a hard time tracking my deficits because I do not know how many calories I burn.

    I am 5’ 11.5”, 215 lb, and 26% fat. My BMR is, then, 1900 Cal.

    I think my activity (based upon 24 hr with a Fitbit) puts me somewhere between needing 2900 and 3300 a day to maintain. I have been eating only 2000-2400. If I burn 3300, 2400 is not enough food, but 2400 is great if I only burn 2900.

  • Hey Cassey, I’m going through that phase right now where after restricting myself from foods and now trying to eat normally. It is very hard since I feel full, bloated but still hungry at the same time. I am a fourteen-year-old and has been misguided on nutrition so when you mean eat anything you wanted to, you mean eat a slice of cake every day eat pizza whenever, a hamburger, chips, and chocolate?

  • Well I’ve gone from 3+ meals a day without gaining weight, to about 1.5 meals a day and slowly gaining weight. Granted I was much more active during the 3+ meals period. Hopefully my workout routine will help my metabolism come back.

  • I already eat some bad food, along with good food, but I have only been eating one meal a day, and even fasting completely for up to 3 days at a time. I have noticed a big change in my metabolism, because I used to be able to eat one meal a day for maybe three days, and I would lose a fair amount of weight. Now I mostly just maintain my weight, even though I’m not eating very much throughout the day. I’m tired of gaining weight every time I decide to eat breakfast with my family. Can you give me any tips on how I can get back to normal? I used to be a skinny kid, but I also never ate very much growing up. I know I should eat normal, but I went so long without losing weight, and now that I’m a little lighter, I’m scared to gain it all back. What should I do? I’m also not exercising very much. Thanks so much, and I’m sorry if this is too overwhelming.

  • Wow really fascinating stuff! Thanks for this video! I was 200lbs and lost 21lbs and am still 23% body fat, haven’t lost weight in weeks, this video made me realizes few things a few truths I need to adjust.

  • I love the story at the last part… Maybe that guy is eating the wrong things… 2000 calories of healthy and low calories food is a lot…

  • Jeff,

    I have a friend of mine that has brought up a topic that seems to have some attention by some. Distilled water. His claim is that “Distilled” Water helps to lose weight. My argument is that substituting anything in your diet with a lower calorie substitute will assist in weight loss. I believe that there are no distinct benefits that are associated directly with distilled water other than the fact that it’s a 0 calorie drink.

    What is your take on this? Just curious to see if you have any feedback or if this is worthy of a discussion.


  • Been following you for a while, and honestly, you are amazing! Such in depth analysis, such inspiration to find out myself, so articulate, professional and respectful and honestly a very friendly aura that you can’t help but be drawn too! Thanks for your work!

  • There is a lot of variables. Type of food you eat (I can eat a lot more calories on keto and lose then I could on low fat and I was counting every calorie), muscle mass, types of exercising, female/hormones, age, etc etc. And we are not dogs. Do not eat the same thing like they do and they have different patterns.

  • You HAVE FUCKING METABOLISM DAMAGE �� yes I do fucking believe I do..I have dieting since I born..
    I’m so CONFUSED arrrgggg…Im on a keto diet I have lost weight in the past now I’m gaining because I’m listening all this keto specialists,I have fasted and kind of fuck up all my body and overeat after…IM SO FED Of DIETS…it’s like my body does what ever he wants….I have years of diet,eating disorders…ITS like nothing works with me keto did work but I had a break and regain the weigh I lost now I’m on keto again and I’m gaining…I took me 3 years to lose 2stones it’s not normal I think I lose weight to slow even doing everything right…Thank you for your video I think you kind of get it…I’m confused because some say you don’t need to count calories on keto but others say you do…I’m so confused…I know while I’m waiting my period I just fuck everything I suffer of pmdd similar to PM’s premenstrual sindrome…maybe I just need to be slapped..I’m so tired of diets..��

  • Yeah that’s what freelee basically anyone that gained weight on this diet got a “metabolic damage” according to her.That’s an excuse to justify her obsession with her diet.People often got slower metabolism than her,not necessarily “damaged”.

  • I’m a firm believer in metabolic damage. I was anorexia and bulimic from age 13-19 (and vegetarian). From age 20-34 I restricted calories eating anywhere from 800-1500 kcals per day. I went vegan at age 33 and I went high carb vegan at age 34, averaging 2500 kcals per day. I went from 125lbs to 141lbs. I have not decreased my calorie intake since and I am now at 134lbs. When you starve yourselve and restrict calories you teach your body to store fat. This may not be the case for everyone, but it is very real.

  • Bro, thank you so much for covering this topic. Most fitness sources focus almost exclusively on building muscle, but there are SO many people who don’t need to build muscle they need to cut fat, and there just isn’t nearly as much scientific information on fat lass as there is muscle building.

  • Dude your videos are amazing. I personally really love all the research and articles you include in the videos because that just helps me understand everything better. I really appreciate all the time you put into the videos and wish you the best.

  • Thanks a lot! I have been dieting since August of last year (even though at some points I would eat a bit more, but still dieting overall). Lost 45lbs since then and was having trouble loosing the final 10 lbs. Been stalled for the past 2 weeks even though I have gone from doing HIIT cardio 2 times per week to 6 times per week while still keeping a really low caloric intake of around 1700. So after 2 weeks of this being stalled at 156lbs did not make a lot of sense, but hearing about water retention does bring some hope. Also, these past 2 days I have been feeling ravenous hunger (probably from all the cardio). So I will take 1-2 weeks off of any sort of workout, and will eat to maintenance around 2400 calories. Hope this works!

  • I had been living on a calorie deficit for decades in the belief that you would lose weight. In reality you lose your muscle mass and keep your fat. For years I thought I had big hips in reality I have a thick muscular core. I was starting to have health issues last November and I think I probably had an eating disorder. I thought eating under 1,200 calories a day and being vegetarian was healthy but it was a problem. I started eating at maintaining and continued my regular training and have put on a good bit of muscle mass and have gotten my metabolism back up to eating at least 1,800 calories a day and i’am much healthier now.

  • I fucked my metabolism up when first started i didnt know how to do it it got to a point where i mataining weight on a lil over 1000 cals it just slowly goes back up if you are like me do it slowly and stay consistent i maintain weight on 1800 cals now i got used to it kinda force myself to eat sometimes to fix it

  • It is better to aim for feeling better. Fasting can kill your metabolism and can make you feel bad. I’m glad you were able to go back to eating and feel better after all the “disruption.” /figuring out how to recover is the hardest. Congratulations for finding your happiness!

  • Went from 130KG to 65KG from a pure 2 year restriction on calories. Went HCLF vegan and rapidly gained weight. I stuck to the lifestyle for 1 year and already my appetite is back to normal and my weight has evened out to a healthy & lean weight. Would like to tone up some more but once I get back to training it will come.

    I firmly believe in metabolic damage and hormone balance. HCLF vegan is the truth and that is coming from somebody who has been both obese and anorexic.

    I will never go back!

  • I actually love your entire mindset! I am currently on the same path of recovery and I started 2019 with your 100 ab challenge and actually became so addicted to feeling good during your workouts, I decided to stick to 30day challenges that won’t take longer 15 min-30min a day and increasing a muscle group by the month. I also no longer see food as bad or good (used to be anorecix 6 years ago, not allowing myself more then 300kcal a day and I was in highschool!). I love your entire brand so much. You went through so much and help others achieve their healthiest form by simple motivational pleasures. You are amazing!

  • This $#!+ made me laugh. There’s just something about seeing someone drown their over-dramatized sorrow by guzzling vodka….and Smirnoff no less. Much funnier than guzzling Grey Goose.

  • Starvation mode does occur if your body is primary using carbs as it’s food source, and you stop eating or miss meals. However it will transition to using fat stored on your body if carbs are absent, usually within 20-80 hours time. During the transition phase is when most people get the “starvation” effect. Although really, it’s just shifting power sources from external nutrients to internal nutrients.

  • So would it make sense to assume a caloric surplus triggers some sort of “metabolic healing” that raises your maintenance level? Would it be a good idea to test out dieting for a long period of time, followed by eating cleanly at a caloric surplus for maybe 1/3 of the time your cut was?

  • Never knew that metabolic changes due to reduced calorie intake was due to a natural downregulation in activity. Pretty much also busts the idea that a crash diet can permanently damage your metabolism.

  • Question: What’s your stance on eating fruit after a cooked meal?I’ve been vegan for over a year and I know what my body likes, and eating fruit after a cooked meal like potatoes messes with my digestion hardcore, but idk if it will slow down my weight loss or do nothing. Thanks for reading this (if you do)

  • I’m kind of ‘recovering’ from heavy calorie restriction. It all started when I gained weight at the age of ten, I am a diabetic type one since I was four and I was resistant to a certain insulin I was injecting at that time. There was a point were it was such a high amount that the injections couldn’t be filled with enough insulin for me. I needed five full injections, normal kids at my age and weight needed a half injection. It was crazy and no doctor cared, it went on for almost three years. Because of that high insulin intake I gained weight, I still wasn’t overweight just a bit chubby, until then I was always muscular and sporty. There was a solution but the weight wasn’t going down. I thought I had to diet, to the point where I was eating like max. 450 calories a day and burning 600 calories with cardio. That went for over 2 years. Now I’m 15 years old. I still have my period, but sometimes it’s only every two months and when I have it it’s just like two days or so. It’s a mess. Last year in March I started at 67. 1 kg. At my ‘best’ in summer I was 63 kg. I was eating so little, barely anything and didn’t even lose that much weight. Now I’m trying to eat a little bit more (500+-, slowly trying to increase the intake) but more protein in the calories. Now I am 67 kg again (btw I’m 165 cm), earlier this year I ate even less but gained weight��. At some point I just wonder how I survive, I am a competitive horse rider and do a lot of sports besides eating so little

  • He said that normal weight loss on McDougall Program is 2-3 lbs a week???? WTH am I doing wrong? lol my normal is 1 lb a week and I thought that I was doing everything right. I understand that I am not as “controlled” as the participants at the Center but that’s a big difference to me.  I am unfamiliar, are they also on an exercise program at the Center or is it with diet alone? Thanks Hannah!

  • Dear Hannah! Thank you so much to you and Derek for all the tips yesterday on the group live chat! We already started implementing them (especially salad before food I call it now GREENS BEFORE MEALS:D ) /xx Ula from London

  • If there was ever an argument for the existence of a starvation mode, it is the photos associated with that study. No way I want that to ever happen to me.

  • I agree with you and freelee. I have taken many biology classes, nutrition, and chemistry and they all say the same stuff. it actually does go with what you and freelee say. I don’t know how somewhere down the line the nutritionist change what science proves.

  • In my experience, I have done 6 clean meals a day when cutting with great and rapid results. 2nd to last cut I dropped from 215 to 187 in 3 months. This last cut I tried intermediate fasting(starvation diet) and a greater caloric deficit and it took 8 months to get similar results, went from 225 to 194 gaining about 7lbs of muscle. So I’m not a fan of the intermediate fasting fad.

  • hey Hannah, check out my video on going plant based! I mention you and Derek and link your pages also. so that if people have questions they can watch your videos! thanks for your inspiration and advice you give and has really helped me!!

  • so how do i fix my ”damaged” metabolism without gaining weight?
    i enjoy you’re funny persona btw, i was laughung even tho im sad atm lol

  • What helped me lose over 43 LBS fast in under 60 days was from the secret weight loss advice I learned in this video. a ton of people tend to over-complicate it and then has a reverse affect.

  • Thank you for all the grat videos on binge eating and the others on metabolic damage. On another topic. I am sure you have already seen this wonderful video, but if not enjoy!

  • This video is a reflection of my life. The workouts and calorie restriction, etc. It wasn’t for competition except with myself. It has been such a horrible mental journey through depression and frustration of having food as the enemy for weight loss and for a gut infection. Food has either caused me intense physical pain or a feeling of worthlessness. Several comments refer to the strength it takes to still be “happy and motivating” during such duress. However, it’s just what some people do. They do their jobs because they want to excel and have a job they love. Some people just don’t quit. Bless you for your integrity with this post. I’m at the point of discovering why my metabolism is so low (resting 1289) and searching for ways to recover from the damage I’ve inflicted upon myself. I’m just going to eat, do my work, sleep, and wait until I feel ready to hit the road for cycling and running. This is the first video (of yours) I have seen and it will stay with me for a long, long time. Cheers

  • December 2018 I was 330 lbs. I drank 2 liters of soda everyday, Jack In the Box, Taco Bell at least 6 times a week with frozen tv dinner type foods on the side. I cut everything out except a healthy protein, berries and vegetables. I also stayed consistent with a 20 hour fast. 1200-1500 calories on a daily bases. I currently weight 252 lbs. Just eat clean, be in a calorie deficit and you are good. Trust the process

  • Walking up the steps use to be such a good workout when I weighed 800LBS. Why dont I get the same pump from doing it now im 200LBS?.. you dumb

  • I have the same problem. I was stuck on endless cycles of binging and starving, now I just keep gaining weight. I hope the repair of my metabolism is not going to take 3 years like it did for Cassey

  • Starvation mode only kicks in if you’re literally starving (as in you’ve exhausted all of your body fat and your body is breaking down your muscles and proteins for energy). You’re not going to experience it when you’re 300 lbs and haven’t eaten for 7 hours.

  • But I lost 11 kg in 2 months with psmf and didnt lose strength. my bfp declined from 27% to 16%. normally it wouldve taken me 10 months to do this.

  • 0:00 Intro and topics summary
    5:13 What is metabolic slowdown/adaptation?
    9:02 Do bigger/fatter people have “slower metabolisms”?
    17:28 How to reduce metabolic slowdown when dieting
    19:04 Do refeeds and diet breaks help?
    28:45 Rate of weight loss (how fast to lose)
    32:48 Misleading/inflated “maintenance calories”
    36:17 Rapid fat loss/ crash dieting
    40:11 How should you train in a deficit? (Decrease load or volume?)
    44:40 Starvation mode
    50:58 Metabolic damage
    59:20 Reverse dieting

  • What about all the literature on fasting, insulin resistance, and ketosis? I think this guy just googled ‘starvation mode’ 30 seconds before this video started.

  • I saw this on news last week and immediately thought of you and Freelee! The curtain is being lifted, illusions are being destroyed. Thank you.

  • Thankyou so much for making this video! I am dealing with the same things that u have. This gives me so much hope; I feel so happy. You are such an inspiration!

  • Actually a good way to get your NEAT levels up without exercise specifically is doing things that put you on edge, watching horror movies and playing highly competitive video games etc. People with high natural NEAT (like myself) are usually very nervous, restless and highly cerebral/emotional people. If you are always chilled and at ease and never stressed, that might be a large factor in you gaining weight.

  • There is a difference between metabolic dammage and pernament metabolic dammage. When you hear metabolic dammage, you tend to think it is permanent, but it is not. Once you stop dieting, the metabolic just come back to normal. So just do it and dont think about it.

  • All of The Biggest Losers that ended up gaining back the weight have been citing some NIH case study of the show that suggests it is metabolic damage to blame in part.

  • Class Action Lawsuit is something I would sign up for.:) Optifast, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and the FDA for deliberately giving bad dietary advice to profit taxpayer subsidized (why a burger only costs a dollar, while a salad costs five bucks) Big Beef/Dairy and the diet industry.

  • I go through a million videos but skip through them but your videos are actually trusty so I don’t skip through them and I have been following the workouts and my arms are visibly slimmer and feel stronger! Yes I carry all the grocery bags in on one trip!������������������‍♀️

  • There’s a such thing as starvation mode. If you don’t eat enough your body will think it’s straving, and start storing fat. That’s why people need to eat a balance diet when excersing.

  • Cassey thank you for sharing your journey. I too felt the same way and experienced the same thing but couldn’t quite understand the reason. You are the most real instructor on YouTube. Your forever fan.

  • Whenever someone brings up starvation mode, tell them to ask the Jews and POW’s in nazi Germany about starvation mode…..
    Promise there wasn’t one single person that came outta those camps fat…..

  • If you repair your metabolism, will you eventually start to lose the weight that you gained when trying to repair your metabolism? I’m trying to repair my metabolism and I’m scared of gaining weight. My high school swim season is coming up so if I need to lose weight but I’m still scared of gaining weight from eating more

  • ….and here I’m working my ass off and learning to carb the fuck up so I don’t gain my weight back EVER!!! and be a good example for those that need a solution and pig out and never feel hungry AGAIN! The first time I tried being Vegan nobody taught me to eat A LOT aka EVERYTHING VEGAN! So what happened I fucking quit. Now I’m always full of Spinach or Kale and eating fruits and loving it. Is so different when you watch a little bit of these videos and educate yourself. Can’t wait to show myself in videos in a month

  • 10:00 might sound stupid but why would an obese persons RMR be so much higher than say a lean person? isnt stored fat just that, stored fat? or do you constantly need a calorie source to sustain it? to me id think simply breathing and being idle would burn the same calories regardless of size, just something i dont fully understand.

  • their bodys did not fight back, they just ate the same shit as they did before and prolly were totally burned out so that they stopped training too

  • Heya girlie I’m not RT4 and I don’t eat the way freelee suggests. I eat under 2500 kcals daily and exercise 4-5 times a week. l eat a mainly wholefoods diet, yet i have still gained about 7-10 pounds since becoming vegan. I come from a past of eating disorders if metabolic damage doesn’t exist then wtf cant i shift weight?

  • I think after 4 months you can take a diet break then do it again, it will be much better than grinding it through 6 months straight of caloric deficit

  • im 6’3 and weigh 217 and began my diet at 1800 calories and lost some weight but now im eating 1k calories a day and im not losing weight

  • Hey Jeff Nippard
    Coronavirus got me relooking for this kind of videos of yours.whatvdo you think of using two weekly days in a row of fasting as cutting days,with 5 days a week of maintenance?so the body may “tap” onto the fat during fasting, and have more carbs on those 5 days to replenish muscle and strength? Would still count as 28% deficit right?

  • Not saying metabolic damage doesn’t exist, but I think we can all agree that landing face-first in the tubs of icecream and junkfood after a diet would make anyone pile on the pounds.

  • Isn’t our body just a perfect machine? If we think that our body was meant to survive in conditions of deprivation of food (because, let’s be honest, 100000 years ago we didn’t have supermarket to get food), this is logical. If you’re leaner you’re a more efficient body and so your body spends less energy to do stuff, so if we were take into a primitive condition of life you woud have more chances to survive because with the game amount of energy you can do more.

  • these short term weight loss “fixes” don’t fix anythingthey only cause more damage. finally, the mainstream might be starting to catch on..

  • I’ve watched so many weight loss/muscle gain/fat loss videos and I’m still so confused. I’ve been bulimic for about 5 years now and recently for the past 2 months have been restricting calories down to 600-700cal a day. I started increasing my calories to about 900 a day and i’m working out 4-5 a week. My diet consists of fruits, vegetables, and protein. (Not a whole lot of fruit because they still contain sugar). I do about 35 minutes of cardio and then 30 min of strength training (abs, arms, legs). i can’t spend money on a gym because unfortunately their rates are crazy high. Am i doing this wrong?? Will i not lose fat/gain muscle this way??? Someone please help!!! I’m so tired of being my size but nothing seems to work. Please i’m desperate

  • NextLevelDiet really took my diet to the next level. Not only diet, but life. I can see improvements in many aspects of my life. Guys, you rock! #*Next Level Diet*

  • Thank you for this video. This is what I keep trying to tell fellow dieters who reflexively jump on the “starvation mode” myth. It’s something I think we dieters wish was true. But as you point out, while there are other reasons as well, the most obvious reason is just that people tend to be bad at tracking calories. I’ve been logging with MyFitnessPal for 2,235 days now, with losses and regains. If II eat fewer calories I lose, and if I eat too many calories I gain. It really does come down to that. I like your suggestion to try to take it slower to help avoid rebounds.

  • How much did u gain and did u loose the weight,
    U still look slim, I rebound 30 pounds over starting weight I went from 115 to 149..

  • I’m kind of ‘recovering’ from heavy calorie restriction. It all started when I gained weight at the age of ten, I am a diabetic type one since I was four and I was resistant to a certain insulin I was injecting at that time. There was a point were it was such a high amount that the injections couldn’t be filled with enough insulin for me. I needed five full injections, normal kids at my age and weight needed a half injection. It was crazy and no doctor cared, it went on for almost three years. Because of that high insulin intake I gained weight, I still wasn’t overweight just a bit chubby, until then I was always muscular and sporty. There was a solution but the weight wasn’t going down. I thought I had to diet, to the point where I was eating like max. 450 calories a day and burning 600 calories with cardio. That went for over 2 years. Now I’m 15 years old. I still have my period, but sometimes it’s only every two months and when I have it it’s just like two days or so. It’s a mess. Last year in March I started at 67. 1 kg. At my ‘best’ in summer I was 63 kg. I was eating so little, barely anything and didn’t even lose that much weight. Now I’m trying to eat a little bit more (500+-, slowly trying to increase the intake) but more protein in the calories. Now I am 67 kg again (btw I’m 165 cm), earlier this year I ate even less but gained weight��. At some point I just wonder how I survive, I am a competitive horse rider and do a lot of sports besides eating so little

  • Is is true that: if someone has a history of an eating disorder and then they restrict calories again in the future, their body will go back into that fight or flight mode and hold on to their fat storage… making them not lose as much weight as a person without the history of an eating disorder?

  • I hit “like” from the title alone.

    Edit: Nice. LOL!!
    Edit 2: I would not be surprised if Diddlyrider does his usual spin on this. He will say Doug isn’t fit like him and/or fraudlee, Kenyans or and people in Thailand that eat rice. I would also not surprise me if he says Doug says fruit and/or Raw ‘tll 4 makes you fat and then he tells us if it makes you fat how come him and fraudlee are so lean. I will be surprised if he ignores it.

  • Didn’t he basically describe “starvation mode” at 49:40? He described being in a calorie deficit but not losing weight. Removing the deficit caused the weight to go down.

  • I am doing1900 calories per day while I am 78kg and I dont lose weight I have 140g carbs per day 150g protein and the rest is fat, and I stopped losing weight i dont know why nothing changed.

  • For 3 years I have eaten 600 calories and now my metabolism is fucked up. If a day like only 100 calories more (700 in total) the next day at least I have a gain of 1 to 2 kilos (2 to 4 pounds)…. now when I feel very tired or I get dizzy constantly and i consume 1600 calorias (almost always what is considered clean food) I gain at least 3 kilos (9 pounds) and my heart starts to beat faster than normal, for this reason I have gone to several endocrine doctors to have an answer about what happens with my body and although I have done tests from head to head they have no idea what happens to me, have only found some levels of low vitamins or minerals such as potassium and iron. I am very careful with how many calories and what type of food I ingest, I mention it because some nutritionists that I have attended urgently believe that I am eating more than what I tell them I eat, you do not have to be a genius to know that 200 g of chicken plus an apple, 6 almonds, 3 cups of lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 1tsp olive oil and 2 eggs is not enough for someone to eat it all day. If the metabolic damage is not real like hell I’m experiencing this??

  • Despite the many detours and deviations from subject (i am sorry just an inpatient guy here) this video is actually very useful and thank you for sharing your experience.

  • This is a great video and I can definitely relate! I rate healthy all the time and when I go back to just eating clean and having rice, I balloon up!

  • I am obsessed with metabolism right now. Many years ago, I was eating only about 900 calories a day AND doing 1.5 hours a day of very rigorous Lifecycling at a gym…and my weight didn’t budge. Technically, I should have been losing a truckload of weight, but, nope. My metabolism slowed to almost zero and I just maintained at that!

  • Jeff would hate me for that but anyway, lets make your life easier “badasse’s”:
    5:40: metabolic adaptation
    9:00: do smaller people have fast metabolism and bigger people dont?
    10:35: NEAT concept
    12:05: leptin hormon and low testostern during metabolic adaptation
    14:25: individual differences in quicker metabolic adaptation
    17:35: can diet breaks fix metabolism adaptation
    24:45: how to attenuate the causes of low metabolism
    29:24: the best rate of weight loss
    37:20: loosing fat without losing muscle
    40:15: in a caloric deficit diet shift weight volume into more reps
    45:00: starvation mode and losing weight
    49:12: water retention and losing weight
    51:36: metabolic damage is recoverable
    59:00: have plenty of recovery time
    1:00:00: maintening your physic after your diet is ended

  • Wow, this explains my experience. I lost 30 pounds over a summer but I did it, not with a super restricted diet but I would exercise until I was dizzy and eat under 1,500 calories. After I lost it and went back to normal exercise and food. Ballooned and never been the same since…

  • I dropped 66 pounds in under 3 months sitting in a wheelchair with nothing but calorie deficit and then my weight loss completely stalled. Now I am at 225 gaining weight in the gym by building muscle mass below my unchanging fatty tissue. I have no idea how to drop the remaining forty-something pounds of excess, and watching this video didn’t make me any smarter… among many things, for example I have literally no idea what you’re on about with this overfeeding you keep repeating ad nauseam, lean this, lean that, single percentile body fat, etc. You make no sense… I’m doing 12-22 reps in the gym with medium to high weights on a 1800 cal diet, what do you mean tap out at 7? No comment…

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I spent 10 years starving my body and am finally recovering from my eating disorder and work out eat right but my body does not reflect it, it’s so frustrating

  • Dude…I have to be honest… You are f*cking hilarious! If people don’t get you, then that’s their fault. Keep up the great work! Funny AND informative…*thumbs up*

  • so if i lost weight to be quiet skinny, therefore if i do reverse dieting could i just stay at that weight forever? i dont want to get ripped but more of a slim body type is that possible?

  • so Eric said that eating more to lose weight isn’t a thing, but what about Stephanie in the ‘all in’ situation? She ate more and eventually lost weight. Did she go into a deficit?

  • If I weigh 220, I am around 18% body fat and haven’t ever dropped under 10 even when I was taking cycling very seriously as a teenager. Now that I have been weight lifting and eating a lot to gain muscle I have been dieting from around 20%. I believe I can reach 12% before it becomes really hard for me. Should I start implementing 2 non-caloric deficit days a week once I feel that I am plateauing in the body fat loss department? I am also doing 18-6 intermittent fasting to make the caloric deficit easier and some other health benefits

  • Thank you so much for this!!! I really needed it. I’ve been going through the same thing. I’ve been on this restrictive diet where i ate way less then 1000 calories and now i only gain weight as in without even doing anything. I’ve been trying to retrace my steps on how i did it, but nothing works

  • Didn’t u guys ask this Q to Dr. Michael Greger awhile back too? I believe he has a similar answer:-) #metobolicdamage is b.s. I feel bad for all that have been duped by this and continue to overeat. Glad u figured it out Hannah. Hopefully @juliaboer will see this vid.

  • I’m 6ft6, 35, and 240 lbs. 2000 calories and I’m not losing ANYTHING it’s ridiculous.

    So am I damaged? I am working out though. So I increased calories, now I’m just getting fat. I don’t get it…

  • So many great topics covered in this video. Feel free to hop around with the timestamps below and you can also listen on The Jeff Nippard podcast on iTunes/Stitcher.
    0:00 Intro and topics summary
    5:13 What is metabolic slowdown/adaptation?
    9:02 Do bigger/fatter people have “slower metabolisms”?
    17:28 How to reduce metabolic slowdown when dieting
    19:04 Do refeeds and diet breaks help?
    28:45 Rate of weight loss (how fast to lose)
    32:48 Misleading/inflated “maintenance calories”
    36:17 Rapid fat loss/ crash dieting
    40:11 How should you train in a deficit? (Decrease load or volume?)
    44:40 Starvation mode
    50:58 Metabolic damage
    59:20 Reverse dieting

  • Ya I went through that as well. I gained 100lbs over the course of three years and am now just starting to take better care of myself. I love your videos, they are fun and so relatable.

  • Oh man…. just when I thought I was the only one going through this! 3 years later, 20 lbs over weight. Appreciate you telling your story. People dont realize how much mental damage others face after competing. Caused me so much turmoil and stress!

  • I really especially dislike that second trainerHow could you suggest someone BOTH eat under 1200 AND eat ONLY six food species?! And all that exercise?!!!! They should be fired and banned. Disgusting bc ppl look up to fitness trainers. I am so glad you found a way to heal yourself You are so strong and beautiful

  • modest defecit calorie diets dont preserve anymore lean mass, the difference in the 5 week 5% weight loss vs the 15 week 5% weight was water weight. at the end of 15 weeks they were simply holding more water.

  • These people weren’t a ‘little’ over-weight, they were beyond a fucking joke. No sympathy for them. It’s not like they went a little overboard during xmas or something. It takes a long time to get that fat. You want to eat shit, then you’ll look like shit.

  • Just one criticism. This guy has a PhD in clinical psychology whose research focuses are self-esteem, relationship wellness, etc. He is not a biochemist, so why does his opinion on this subject matter?

    I don’t claim to know whether this phenomenon exists or not, nor do I care, but I don’t understand why this man should be considered a subject matter expert.

  • Mike thanks again for this podcast, interesting you mentioned Menno. My favorite podcast of all time was the interview from the man himself Jeff Nippard, between the four legends. Its like the “Dream team of fitness” it was Eric Helms + Menno Henselmans vs. Layne Norton + Peter Fitschen it was just an amazing podcasts that i will never forget, talking about reverse dieting.

  • I’m doing a 1270kcal diet right now and I’m stalling so bad in the past month I’ve only lost 2lbs pounds. I’m a young woman who is 5′ 11″ tall with a sedentary lifestyle. But idk what im doing wrong. It’s so frustrating because I weight everything I eat.

  • Diet doesn’t mean eating less food. It means caloric deficit. I can be eating alot more low calorie food and getting into a caloric deficit. While i can be just drinking a lot of coke nd just snacking daily on a calorie surplus

  • Did you lose your period while you were training? I haven’t had mine in nearly a year after accidentally being underweight, months later I’m eating more, at a healthy weight, and still exercising but it hasn’t come back:(

  • Wow, this is the most useful resource about weight loss I’ve found to date. Thank you so much for putting this out for free consumption!

  • I’m not even fat, nor ever been fat. Im only watching this video to help out my fat friends that started working out with me. Because i know nothing about loosing weight lol

  • Appreciate video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered Dinanlinson Trained Body Approach (search on google)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning how to control your metabolism to lose weight minus the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin after a lifetime of fighting got cool success with it.

  • anyone how if he has made a video on the other side of it? about the difficulty with gaining weight (what seams like a fast metabolisms)

  • Assuming that someone has this metabolic damage. Is there a cure? In other words if that person got onto the HCLF lifestyle how long before they got their metabolism back to “normal”? or in other words, is this damage permanent?

  • Sorry to barge in but I am just looking for some advice. To my understanding HCLF (which is what I strive for) is going to help me lose weight? I am just all over the place and am struggling a bit. I lost some weight (I started at about 175, I am 5’7ish) I have maybe lost 10-15lbs in about 8 months. It is going very slow but I believe for a while I was almost starving myself (1400-1500cal). I now strive for about 2,000cal HCLF vegan, just wondering if people have found this to work? I know I was doing it wrong and eating too little because I was breaking out like mad and no energy. For the past month I’ve eaten about 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat, not sure if that is in the right direction, not sure if I should contact a dietician? Any advice would be great!

  • I’ve not even watched the video yet but I just wanna let you know you looked better in the “before ” or “slow” picture in the thumbnail XD overly muscular guys look horrid. I think a combination of fat ad muscle looks good.

  • The majority of YouTubers are extremely biased on certain topics. Keto channels will say there are no negatives about Keto and bodybuilders say that its the only way to train, etc. Your channel and a few others are my favorite because your views always appear unbiased and backed up by research. I like how at the end of some of your videos it’s hard to determine which side of the argument you personally lean towards. You lay the facts on the table and give people the opportunity to make an educated decision for their lifestyle and goals. Too many people just want to be told what to do and who to follow. Thanks for always keeping it 1000! Keep sharing!

  • I just wanna ask do you only have to eat healthy things I’m just scared that my body will go back to how it looked before but I’m trying to not think negative, I wanna gain some weight and maintain that weight any tips?

  • Agree with what he says, people that eat caloric dense/processed plant foods when switching to a vegan diet will put on weight, they are eating more carbs more cals but also fats & processed foods = fat gain, they are not eating whole plant foods primarily higher in carbs only. For maximum fat loss that is difficult to shift Dr Lisle promotes raw calorie sparse whole plant foods through the day (300cal/lb fruits and non-starch veg) then a cooked veg dinner (again lower cals eg potatoes rice squash and veg) eat until satisfied eat (under 300/lb foods eg fruit & salad veg) first then veg +starch later/after. And move your body. This is in fact the basis of RawTill4.

  • I disagree, the first time I got really cut I went as low as 1600 cal a day plus 1 hour weight training and 35 minutes hitt training right after weight training. After a bulking phase, which I put on mostly fat I went for another cut knowing that 1600 cal a day was successful for me before, and I lost nothing. I was on that starvation diet almost a year. I think the study you mention was for guys who were first time dieters, after many times cutting and bulking I think the body adapts, and I am not fat ( about 12 % BF) but I can’t get rid of doughy lower belly.

  • I found you in late 2011 early 2012.
    Since the first day I subscribed to your YouTube channel, till even now; I have loved watching your journey, loved watching your business grow, loved the Positive Impact you made and still do make to my life.
    (My body has been doing this and is right now)
    You’re amazing!
    Thank you for your video!
    Much love from New Zealand x

  • Great video as per! Would be great to see a mbm video on iifym whether it actually has benefits or if it’s just an excuse to eat crap (If it fits your macros for those that don’t know)

  • IAM working out like hell trying different diets, drinking a lot of water doing everything right my thyroid is good m not having any pcos still iam not loosing any single kg… M In depression my bf broke up with me after 5 years relationship because he found smart girl.. I just want to die now..

  • totally agree with everything in this video, spot on. However I just wanna add that, once you’ve been extremely overweight or obese, it is much easier for you to put on that weight again compared to someone who has always been slim. When the body gains weight, not only do fat cells increase in size, but new fat cells are created, and once they are there, you can never, ever get rid of them, only decrease their size. So if a previously obese person starts gaining weight again, they have many more fat cells that start to enlarge in comparison to someone who has fewer fat cells from never having been overweight/obese. This is also partly why previously obese people tend to gain weight back much more easily than anyone else.

  • Can a person reverse diet by eating 1 block of chocolate extra each week? Soon you will have trained your body to burn an entire slab. That’s the theory right? Asking for a friend. ��

  • It’s important for all bodybuilders to fast at least 7 days in a row once a year for metabolic reset and cleansing toxins throughout the body and organs.

  • Adaptive thermo genesis not metabolic damage.
    Its like saying marathons cause cardio vascular damage when the increased capacity is an adaptation.
    You are full of shit whippet.
    Not jealous but tired of a stick insect using himself as an example of pseudo science in action.

  • Everybody has a slow metabolism, that’s why u exercise to speed up your metabolism. Also improving your breathing and blood circulation……

  • not all calories are equal. you can trick yourself into a false deficit or surplus. And we still have the way our body process the calories

  • Too bad you can’t get a hold of one of the “Loser’s” and transform them right here on youtube sustainable long term weight loss. Then get some lawyers and sue the snot out of the Biggest Loser. Its time all the lies and propaganda are DONE.

  • important, i like the try of being professional / science im witholding judgement if that is done properly enoth because i did not look into all the stuff here jet but thumbs up and thank you for the video =)

  • Informative video, for those who want a summary: calorie deficits work, youll lose weight regardless of metabolic damage. Just recalculate your BMR every few months to avoid eating the wrong number

  • As someone 8 weeks into a diet, I’m wondering how you go back to maintenance for a break. If you’re saying your metabolism down turns…. How do you know what your NEW maintenance would be for the break? I. E. How do you ensure you don’t accidentally end up back in a surplus?

  • I’m not sure about this. I am about to give up on this way of eating because I am SO bloated and have gained 3 lbs the 3 months I have been doing it. I’m not doing it wrong. I should have lost SOMETHING… The doctor checked my thyroid and it’s perfect apparently. I have a hundred pounds to lose and am losing hope. I literally eat beans, rice, potatoes and vegetables. that’s it. I don’t understand.

  • I have a fairly high body fat 18-22 I think but I also have a lot of muscle and cannot afford to not gain / lose any muscle mass while I cut down as I’m playing rugby at a decent level and trying to get to the next level any tips?

  • What’s your advice on supporting my reverse dieting efforts with an exercise program? I enjoy running but I was experiencing severe headaches due to muscle tension in my neck. This could be from dehydration, not taking in enough calories or pushing my performance efforts past my calorie intake for the run or a combination of all three. I believe reverse dieting can help me with these issues though I am interested in weight loss and as I mentioned, I like to run. I am willing to minimize my running days to once or twice a week (day 1 would be a run of 20 to 30 mins and day 2 would be intervals for 20 mins). I do a bit of strength training though should I focus more on strength training and if so how many times a week and time duration per session in the beginning?

  • yes cardio isnt good, did that, I was damaged without a caloric deficit. Sad, cause I also had no curves but yet looked like i was getting chunky. Too much low intensity running for girls is not good. This knowing now Im naturally curvy. Did swimming with that also.��

  • Oh man, my english is too bad to follow his voice:( Maybe someone can tell me what he said? Because it’s an important question to me.

  • Maybe they dropped the weight because they were all over television chasing a cash prize?
    Then when its all said and done they won or lost and who gives a fuck anymore?
    Thats how humans are.

  • Wow! Exactly what I needed! This is the best information on metabolism and reverse diet that I’ve found so far. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • This is so helpful. I have had ednos for 6 years and I get that it’s not just about food but I get so stuck in ‘food jail’. I’ve never even thought of it like that but I love how you described it.

  • Hey Jeff, just wanted to ask, I’m part of the group that is on a deficit just to cut down not for any specific thing and doing it slowly…Would you do diet breaks(1-2 weeks maintenance) as well as a one or two refeed days while Dieting slowly or would you just choose one or the other?

  • Thanks for the video. I’m at about 10 percent body fat now, eating high protein and sticking to a calorie deficit, But I’m now stalled at about 155lbs. I’m going to try some of your advice to apply it to my situation. Thanks!

  • 5″10, 180lbs, i eat 1000kcal a day and have done for 4 months, i cant lose weight, my metabolism is fucked lol, time to go back up, also i love the FFVIII tune.

  • I have an important question. I have been stuck on my weight for TWO MONTHS. But I look extremely different… I don’t know what’s going on. Can anyone help?

  • Wasn’t that study you mentiond at around 55 minutes is about the fatcell production? If so, that study actually proved that if you gain fat in a very rapid rate, you not just storing fat in your existing fat cells, but also create new ones. And more empty fat cells means more bodyfat percentage or more hunger on the same level of leanness as before the cycle. I think that can be considered as “methabolic damage”.

  • I find it interesting that you’re not approaching the subject from the keto diet philosophy or intermittent fasting, what about becoming fat adapted? Are the calories coming from meat and vegetables or from carbohydrates and sugars? If you’re eating the right foods and cutting out the wrong foods your body will begin to burn fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates.

  • How do I know what my resting metabolic rate is? I‘m doing strength training and cardio each 3 days a week about 1 hour, eating about 1500kcal, without losing any weight. I thought eating that much would be normal…BUT YOU GUYS ARE EATING 2000+ Calories?!

  • what you guys think about 6+2 or 8+2 diet? 6-8 weeks bulk and 2 week diet. Something like 8 week 3k calories and 2 weeks 2k calories. Im thinking about testing this out because last year i bulked like 9 months and after 5 months or so i was feeling so chubby it was really annoying and hit on my selfesteem. With that cycling I think it would be easier to keep the weight on point for a longer of time. Opinions?

  • Jeff you may to mention meal frequency as that plays a part in metabolism, just my 2 cents. You can actually eat more and lose body fat when your body is constantly fed 5 to 6 meals versus 2 to 3 meals.

  • I don’t think you can use the Minnesota research to much comparing today, as the participants seems to have a pretty normal fat percentage at the studie start. If you have a high fat percentage and you loose a lot of fat, the hormone leptin will fuck with your body and that is the main reason for today’s starvation myth.

  • WE ARE NOT ANIMALS, our body is not working the same as animals…JUST SIMILAR…
    as i have commented before and i do it ONE LAST TIME…of course no response was given previously because you are not open to communicate about it…
    you mind does effect your metabolism, what you think modifies your body…metabolic damage is not a physical phenomeon it’s mental, and he does not consider it in his “results” because he just don’t care about it’s significance.

    if you keep being this inconsiderate HCH, you will stay way behind reality.

  • The Dutch “hunger winter” is an extreme but nonetheless an example of metabolic damage not to mention other health issues and that was way back in 1944

  • Do you have a doctorate degree bro? You could easily earn one if you don’t have one. All it is is a bunch of peer reviewing of studies, then making your own. So, I’ve heard. I only have a bachelors, so take it with a grain of salt, but I don’t know why the PHD’s that told me the same thing I just told you would have lied to me.

  • Starvation mode is not real if you know what you’re doing. I lost weight steadily and kind of fast and kept it off with a 800 calorie deficit I was only eating 600-900 calories a day. I’m 5’2 btw. My metabolism did slow a bit after a couple weeks but I worked out and had “cheat” days where I ate around 1200 of healthy food and it went back up, then I started losing weight again normally. I totally don’t recommend it I was hungry half the time and never ate “bad” foods but to say you’ll not lose is ridiculous

  • Metabolic damage is real if you’ve been anorexicyour metabolism slows down to save you from starving to death. If you suddenly eat even healthy normal amounts of food again you will rapidly gain weight and usually a little more weight than before the anorexia or starvation started. I experienced this personally AND there is extensive study on this phenomenon. I can’t believe he’s “never heard of this” and is denying it is real.

  • Not necessarily, many people recovering from anorexia takes weeks and months to get to a healthy weight and most recovering anorexics don’t surpass their set point weight when they start eating again I sure didn’t haha

  • So if you off-set a super low calorie diet with intentionally scheduled 10 minute walks ever couple of hours, you should be able to counteract the reduction of NEAT? Thoughts to the people, who are smarter than me?

  • Thanks for explaining the concept. My PT mentioned I was on too big a deficit and I could get diminishing returns because of metabolic damage.

  • you know, i think what it is is people who are coming from a past of disordered eating are so used to restricting food that when they come to a lifestyle that says “eat as much as you want!,” they do eat as much as they want, and with full force. they are not used to eating so many plant foods which, of course, require a higher volume of food consumed for the same amount of sustenance. in addition, their mind and body are so disconnected when it comes to knowing what satisfaction and proper fullness feels like. therefore, they are clueless when it comes to knowing if they are satisfied, if they should eat more or less than what they have. this is the time when their mind is doing great deal of healing. once they repair their relationship with food, become more comfortable with their new dietary and other lifestyles habits (aka being pant-based and perhaps exercising a bit), accept their body unconditionally and love themselves no matter what, their goals and outlook on the situation may change. they start eating more for health instead of vanity. they relax and let food just be food instead of some controlling mechanism and form of restriction and guilt. and in doing so, they begin to understand when they are truly hungry and when they’re actually full. and they start eating less. their body naturally evens out.

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  • So, this is just a story about me. But I became very determined to get my weight down. I was at 128kg or abt 282 pounds. I ate from 500-800 calories a day. And anything that ends in over 50 calories gets rounded up to the next hundred, anything slightly over a hundred gets rounded to next 50 etc.. so I do not ever underestimate my calorie intake. I did heaving lifting 2 hours per day 4x a week(following some of your videos actually), with 3 days having 1 hour of cardio(kickboxing). My diet was high protein, almost zero carbs. Typically 2 scoops of almost no carb protein powder equating to 220 calories(for 2 lean scoops) which I would round to 250 and since I live in Japan I would eat measured(weighed) amounts of raw fish like Salmon or tuna and that would basically be it with an Egg here and there for some additional nutrition(I would season foods with salt/pepper etc.) For the first 2 weeks I lost weight very quickly dropping 8kg and getting down to around 120kg. However after this, though I continued training and saw either improvements or no change at all in my lifting capabilities I did not lose even half a pound for the next 2 weeks. I did consider water retention but the only way I had to check my hydration was color or urine. I would weight at the same time every day after using restroom etc. Seeing no results I decided to change things up, and up my over all volume of food significantly to increase my metabolism, and upped my calories to 800-1200 per day and added significantly more vegetables to my meals and keeping them high protein. I now typically see around 1 pound or so of weight loss per week which considering my size still seems rather slow as my maintenance calories from everything I can check is always above 3500. I have been doing this for about 2 months. I am 180cm tall, around 253 pounds with a decent amount of muscle mass.

  • Why did you not mention macros? Would you tell a body builder that 200 grams of protein (800 calories) would be as important as 200 grams of carbs, fats being equal?

  • I remember taking the second semester of school off the swim team when I was 15. I started becoming obsessed with losing weight and would exercise hard for 15 minutes (until I was tired) every day. I remember how unhappy I was and how I would always give in to my emotional cravings. So glad I recovered a year later when I resumed swim and also that learned how to work out on my own during quarantine watching these videos (with better results)! I also remember sneaking a bag of chocolate chips next to my bed at night those days pretty wild. Now instead of crazy dieting, I try to meet my daily nutritional needs with lots of vegetables! It feels great!

  • I find everyone to be strangely accepting of everything this guy is sayinghe has a lot of good info but some of what he’s saying is clearly not correct.

  • Should I increase calories if I’m doing 1200/day and have experienced a stall?? How do I know if I’m retaining water?? Do you do one-on-one consultations? What’s you fee?

  • Wowwwww….. just when all the medical advice tells us to drink water a lot, the obesity epidemic gets out of control…. and my metabolism goes to shit..i remember being like a garbage disposal and eating whatever i wanted…and almost never drinking water…certainly didnt carry water with me throughout the day at all…. i think i have been over hydrating myself, which has been fucking up my digestion and metabolism for like a decade….

  • I thought I was the only one. It feels like punishment. I can see how happy you feel to be free because I feel trapped and I cannot imagine what it feels like to eat ice cream without having more consequences than literally everyone else. It’s not fair.

  • Been waiting for this one!! It’s atrocious what the doctors, trainers, and coaches get away with on Biggest Loser. My heart goes out to these poor suckers.

  • Yo where are my other 3 chicks at?

    I watch a concerning amount of male fitness & aesthetic youtubers lol… While I may not be a dude myself, I find a lot of the advice given useful to everyone, and the guys presenting the info are charismatic, entertaining, and interesting. Just feel like I’m learning something when watching, and I feel more well versed in terms of social perspectives mens’ achievements, struggles, thoughts, and lifestyles. You can’t really get the same thing from watching content by women, aimed at women.

    Keep up the great work, Igor! Love your content.:)

  • So it all depends on your definition of “starvation mode”. Metabolic slowdown beyond what is expected by the weight loss, is a real thing.

  • I love this video so much! I am so tired of people telling me that I shouldn’t diet because if I don’t eat enough I’ll go into starvation mode. I remember when I was growing up my father even told me that I should never skip a meal because I’d be in “starvation” and end up retaining weight anyway. Thank you for sharing the research and scientific support against “starvation mode”!

    Anyone else have parents or other loved ones tell them this type of thing whenever they tried to restrict calories for weight loss?

  • I’m a girl, 20 yrs old, 158cm, I weigh 50kg, will I lose weight eating 1200 cals a day? I’m currently eating only 800-900 cals a day…:(

  • Body fat is not just an energy storage mechanism. It is an endocrine gland that secretes hormones and interacts with the nervous system. Thinking of it as just a storage Depot is to underappreciate it’s complexity.

  • I’m not in food jail
    But I exercise fasted cardio every morning five days a week
    Lift weights three times a week
    And do extra cardio two times a week. I rest on the weekend
    I also eat properly on the weekend
    But my weight is stuck for three months
    I went from 223 to 235.
    I’m not sure what to do

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  • I did a liquid diet (I did eat a serving or two of fruit and veg) for 30 days and I at no point stopped losing weight. I did decrease from a pound a day to about a 1/2 to 1/3 a day, for a total weight loss of 18 lbs. I assume some of the weight loss at the beginning was largely water weight, so I don’t even know if it slowed that much. I also found that because I did mine for so long and the level of calories was so low I didn’t rebound. It was almost impossible to over eat or binge eat afterwards. I had to work my way back up to normal caloric intake.

  • Ok but it is still a bad idea to eat less than bmr.

    And suppressing leptin is “starvation mode”
    You didn’t touch on thyroid issues at all.

  • How many people reading this can define what a Calorie is without googling it? i.e. what is What is it a measure of? I found that about 1 in 50 people can answer this without looking it up. Can you?

  • So I have a question, let’s say my Maintenance is 2000 calories, I eat 1500 calories and have a deficit of 500 calories, I exercise daily and burn between 500-700 calories. Do I need to up my food intake to compensate for the exercise, I dont want to do a crash diet, I want to lose the realistic amount per week.

  • Life long 55 yo cyclist here. Work with a 50 yo dude who did protein only starvation diets for years to slim up for body building completions. He cant rub two thoughts together. Retiring with good reason income and no brain. Not quite buying into carb up but, listening.

  • Metabolic Damage is a bad way to put it, there is no damage done when fasting. Some people can end up with more energy after fasting too, which is positive to metabolism.

  • And now all the vegan youtubers who made “metabolic damage isn’t real/Freelee made me fat” videos will make “See, metabolic damage IS real!” vids oh the irony.

  • After you said ‘I am so proud of me! I’ve never had arms like that before’ like a little excited girl I started tearing up! Thank you for sharing your insecurities and your tips. I started training with you on a regular in 2012 and after being away for four years, studying dance, I have finally found my place back here again❤️ your passion is contagious, keep it up!

  • M, 40yo, 5’11”, low physical activity other than 3 workouts a week (M, W, F), and BMR is SHIT (1800ish cal). I feel like in order to stay motivated during weight loss I’ve got to be losing a lb/wk. I’ve gotta SEE the progress to keep going.

    So I’ve got myfitnesspal set to 1790/day, which I eat between 6pm and 12am (IF) and I do a 36hr fast once a week just for an extra push.

    All of this is just kind of what I’ve stumbled onto through trial and error. But it’s torture and still takes a LONG ass time (6-8mos). I’m currently trying to diet down about 40 lbs to 150 so I can make room to build muscle with less fat in the way.

    I’ve done this exact thing in the past but I always end up giving up once I reach my goal weight and I don’t get on with the muscle building phase. Usually because of outside life factors (can’t afford all the protein, no gym membership, etc.).

    Last time I did this I was determined NOT to just give up and gain all the weight back after reaching my goal. But I did. Took me about a year and a half to gain it ALL back. 8 or so months of dieting torture from 198 to 154 only to turn around and gain it all back, ALL fat ��.

    Now I’m back at it again and I just don’t wanna give up this time.

  • I used to have Lymes Disease.
    Did a 21 day water fast killed the bug, and my metabolism at the same time.

    Gained twice as much weight that I lost during the fast.
    Took forever until my body returned to it’s lighter version.

    Finally hopped on the unlimited #RawTill4 banana-waggon and slimmed down, toned up and have SO much energy that I HAVE to exercise. haha

    So, Yeah. Metabolic Damage? It’s real.

  • Omg yet another reason I love this woman so much!! I am in tears right now…Cassey, I can’t thank you enough for saying all of this! This has been the hardest, most unhealthy year of my life and I am finally talking to a dietician and getting the help I need. Everything talked about here is exactly what I am learning! I finally feel like I am starting to get a grip on my unhealthy relationship with food. Finally feeling good just being me, enjoying my workouts again and getting good with food. I haven’t binge eaten or snuck food in weeks because I got myself out of food jail!

  • To be honest, that 2nd transformation in bikini is not even pretty. My opinion, but it just looks weird.. idk.. but the 3rd one looks perfect!

  • This video is so vindicating for all those times my partner dismissed me when I told him ‘starvation mode’ doesn’t make sense, the metabolism isn’t responding the food intake, it’s responding to body mass. This absolutely isn’t healthy, but I went from ‘thin’ to ‘skeletal’ within six months due to anorexia and continued losing weight after entering treatment, so hearing a 200lb person who’s never missed a meal explain to me that starving a healthy body will ‘stop’ weight loss just kills me. There’s an insane amount of cognitive dissonance when it comes to dieting.

  • I never measured my food intake. I just guessed. Turns out that’s what I was missing. I haven’t lost or gained weight in months until I statred measuring my meals for real. I’ve lost 5 lbs this month just by tracking my macros correctly

  • I’ve just found your channel recently and I’ve learned so much from you already. I’m down 50 pounds so far and I need to lose 30 ish more. Soon, I’ll be building muscle.

    Thank you.

  • I would really like to see a vlog about errors in tracking with fitnesstrackers like fitbit, garmin and smartwatches etc. Thanks for great Vlogs. Love the scince backed info!

  • Wanted to see if this was a thing, but your premise uses a completely different definition. I always understood starvation mode to be when you are using such a low calorie intake that your body begins consuming muscle either instead of fat or at an increased rate proportional to fat loss. Another way to say it is your body adapts to a hibernation style of storage where it prioritizes fat storage over muscle leading to a less lean appearance despite losing weight, which of course is disadvantageous to someone who doesn’t want to just lose weight, but look good.

  • interesting…. I consume 750 calories a day lol. Theres no such thing as starvation mode. Because from my own experience, the amount I calculated with the caloric deficit was 3 pound per week (1500 calorie deficit per day) and the scale always went down around 3 pounds and I would weigh at the same time in the day (morning, both dehydrated). I think its just some myth created to make people do fasting or too eat more. So it was probably created to make a profit by someone. At the end of the day calories in vs calories out is a law.

  • Thank you so much for this Jeff Fantastic stuff as always, but really cleared up a big one here for the masses.. quick question what’s your thoughts on the science behind metabolic slow down with increasing age?

  • I don’t agree, undereating can have an impact on hormones and hormones have an impact on your metabolism. I have noticed that myself, not with a vegan diet but not eating much and gain weight and now I am eating more calories and I loose weight. but why ppl gain weight on Freelee’s diet is nc they eat too many calories.

  • I’m watching this right now because I feel like I’m in my plateau stage… not losing weight. But also not gaining… it stops… my mind is confuse and Im losing my focus (losing hope and will). I have watched a lot of video. Its hard to workout alone. At first I enjoy it. But now I start getting frustrated specially now that I’m not losing anymore weight. I’m still not in my ideal weight at I still didn’t feel fit.

    I know this is not the right feeling. I just want to share this to you because I love you. I will not give up. I will still continue.

    Aside from pilates, I also do yoga. Sometimes cardio. Though I hate cardio but I know I need it specially now that I know, I am an Endomorph. I will try more to change this crazy feelings I have right now.
    More power to you Cassey! ❤❤❤

  • Haters will say the thumbnail is photoshopped… Guys, if you’d like to grab Lyle McDonald’s new women’s book (it’s seriously amazing over 400 pages and about 20 pages full of references) while supporting me in the process:

    Thanks everyone! New vlog on the way later this week from the Arnold weekend!!

  • I am 100% sure than slowing metabolism is true, but body always adapts if you give him more food, always. it could take even months but it always does.

  • The diet industry makes me so angry. All my teenage years I would yo-yo between 58 -72kg. When I was 19 I came across a low carb 1000 calorie a day diet. I did this for 5 months got down to 55kg and the of course crashed. In the June I was 55kg, by November that same year I weighed 95kg. I had high cholesterol and insulin resistance. I stuggled all last year to get this weight off and it budged a little but not a lot as I was still eating dead animals. I went high carb vegan this year in January and have gone from 87kg to 69kg. Now 21 I am happier than I have ever been in my life, eat more than I ever have in my life, have no health problems and have stop smoking. Yourself and Freelee truly saved my life I cannot thank you guys enough. ������. P.s if you see this would you please do a video on immunisation in Australia and how the government is withholding family benefits from parents who do not immunise their children. Thankyou love you guys so much you’ve helped me more than any doctor, dietitian or personal trainer ever could and you don’t ask for a single dollar. Keep saving lives guys xxx

  • Metabolic damage doesn’t fucking exist. Eat in a calorie deficit=lose weight, eat in a caloric surplus = gain weight.

    You are encouraging people to gain fat, and to create new fat cells, and it’s gonna be more difficult for them to lose weight

  • Thank you for this video! I used to be a little over 200 pounds, I recently lost 67 pounds in about 9 months. For the last month and a half my weight loss has completely stalled… I feel like it’s possible that it’s due to a complete lack of exercise (I used to exercise a lot) because the gyms have been closed due to quarantine, and I don’t like being outside, and I live in Nevada where it’s f***ing >100°F now that the gyms are opened again I’m going back. But anyway I just want to say I was feeling really discouraged and your video gave me the motivation to keep going (: so thank you!!

  • This is bullshit! If you want to be thin then do what the experts do. Who are the experts? Life long thin older people. I’m a life long thin person and what I have done all my life is simply not overeat. I weigh the same in my 50s as I did as a teen. As I became older and less active, even through hypothyroidism, I stayed thin by doing the same, not overeating. It’s not dieting; it’s simply about consuming ONLY the amount of food your body needs to maintain a thin weight.

    There are a many problems with fat people trying to become thin. One, and the biggest problem, is fat people have simply given greater value to eating as much as they want rather than being thin. Two, fat people are ignorant as to how many calories they are consuming. Here in America the restaurant portion sizes are huge and many fat people think you should normally be able to eat such portion sizes. Nope �� Three, fat people think that having a medical condition is their reason for being fat. Nope ��There is no medical condition that forces excess food into someone’s body. Four, fat people think they can exercise their fatness away. Nope �� Normal amounts of exercise will only address a small amount of excess weight. One would literally have to become a triathlete to address the excess calories of typically fat people. Five, fat people think that eating healthier food is the answer. Nope �� A lot of otherwise healthy food is high in calories.

    If you fat people want to be thin then you simply have to consume far fewer calories. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. You can eat whatever the hell you want and still be thin, just control the amount, which equals controlling the amount of calories. Denying yourselves many foods you enjoy is a bad idea. It’s why a lot of people fail on diets.

    One last thing, saying that being fat is unhealthy and unattractive for most people is not fat shaming. Those are simply facts, and especially the former needs to be constantly put out there. If some fat people are offended by that, too bad. Facts, the truth, doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings and should never be avoided because some people are going to have trouble accepting that.

  • I’m on the variable dirty bulk fasting macro flipping diet.
    In other words, I eat what I feel like when I feel like, and stop when I’m full. And then have a protein shake because BEEF CAKE!!!!

  • Like you said, a calorie is not a calorie. I’d like to see how much weight they would actually gain on bananas instead of high salt and big macs.

  • Bruh if somebody doesn’t want to deficit as big as you do, that doesn’t make them a pussy. I eat 2200 to lose a pound a week (I run long distance) and I think that’s fine. I see the results so why would I need to do more than that?

  • I think the way you defined starvation mode is not particularly helpful. Of course, at some point, you can reduce calories so drastically that you will literally starve to death and your weight, both muscle and fat, will have been constantly going down until the moment you die. The point for normal people looking to lose weight is that studies do show that when you simply attempt to eat less and move more that over a 5 year period you will end up at the same weight as when you started. The lose of lean muscle mass on these crash diets is exactly why you don’t encourage people to do them. What you should have been looking into is the sorts of diets you recommend and see how that affects metabolism and those studies are quite clear.

  • Really, really miss the daily videos. I enjoyed the day-in-your life videos with the dogs and the bike riding and shopping. Just not the same anymore.

  • FUCK this last 10lbs of lower stomach fat. I never imagine it would be this diffcult to lose weight once your lean. I went from losing 5lbs a week to 1 lb. I do Keto + 18-20hr IF just to lose 1 lb in a week. But hey, atleast I can finally say Im healthy af.

  • When recovering from an eating disorder metabolism damage is real and psychologically regaling fat to your body set point is definitely a struggle

  • Hi there!
    I’ve been through the same kind of thing but I’m still plateau-ing.. I’m affraid of gaining so much weight when I’m going to eat normal food again..
    For how long did you eat like ‘normal’ before you went back to clean again? And did you still workout alot?
    Thank you so much for the answer I was looking for this whole time!

  • It makes me really happy to see that in the three different sets of pictures of you that you showed, you looked progressively healthier the heavier you were. You looked happiest in your heavier pic, too.
    It really shows that what matters most is living healthy and and happy, rather than the number on a scale.

  • I’m trying a water fast for about 50 days. I hope to get a ton of fat off plus stubborn water weight. By drinking a gallon of water per day, I hope to keep it off. My doctor said that going plant based is great for hormonal changes in women. The bones shrink, the face collapses and the brain shrinks too! The muffin top expands and becomes weak and bigger. I’m going to maintain my weight loss goals by going Vegan. They say that meat is high in saturated fat. Also, low grade meats at Mc Donald’s causes artery blocking. ��������������������������

  • no shade, but I kind of prefer the slow look better:D

    I guess because I’m just used to that look, being surrounded by guys in the trades

  • Glad that i fine your video, Cassie. I’ve been on a diet for a month, and I loose about 4 kg. I’m eating like 800 calories/day, and exercising way too much. But after that, i can’t even lose weight again, even tho i’m eating less. This time i know there’s something wrong.

  • I’ve watched this video twice, and the ending gives me the motivation to stop overthinking and start doing. Thank you so much for all of that. So far I’ve lost 25lbs, and I want to keep going. Keep making good content

  • I’m new into macros. I’m a girl, I’m not too big or too skinny but went to a nutritionist because I want to lose weight like 6 lbs. I’m small. I workout three times at week but my sleep is not so good. My nutritionist gave me a meal plan where I spread the macronutrients throughout the day but only eat my carbs around exercise time. I lost 1.5 lbs in two weeks. I’m want to look leaner and show more curves, shred, tone up kind ok. I’m doing 6 meals at day etc. So, is this the way to increase my metabolism and a way to lose weight, and get leaner? I mostly do weights

  • If being on low calories doesn’t stall weight loss, why do bodybuilders who are tracking meticulously see such great results from scheduled refeeds or carb cycling?

  • 90 % of dieters gain all the weight back. when I heard that it made me immediately want to start helping people get into a HCLF vegan diet. how disheartinging is it gain All the weight back and then some.

  • If I am getting this correct…my body is a total asshole. To step it up I went from kind of dieting and working out 15 minutes a day to fasting til noon (skipping breakfast) eating protein meals and very little carbs until after my evening workout (which I changed to a 2 hour power lifting program which is exhausting 4x a week and circuit cardio 3 days a week. It was the extra long workout that did the trick. Plus my strength has gone threw the roof even though I have dropped about 50 lbs, 1-2 lbs every week or two. The extra long working out thing is working good while the previous strategy of eating less calories didn’t work very well when I was working out less. I also now get more sleep..

  • I don’t know about damage and I hate to say it, but I did gain weight on the McDougall Program years ago when it first came out. I love the McDougall stuff, followed it to a T, but still……

  • I have personally always referred to “starvation mode” as a terrible metabolic adaptation myself, meaning when you diet too hard and your body turns to muscle to use as energy = starvation mode (or catabolysis). Which I would say is a sign of a poor diet strategy.

  • What helped me lose over 40 LBS quick in under 75 days was from the secret weight loss tips I learned in this video. A LOT of people tend to over-complicate it and then has a reverse affect.

  • I think the reason people don’t lose weight at first going to a plant based diet is because they are over eating on calories, but perhaps eventually with a new found energy and lack of addiction to shitty processed foods they eventually don’t eat as much or/and pick up a fitness routine.

  • THank you Cassey!! This is so inspirational and I give you so much credit for being so open and honest about a very serious problem. Thank you!

  • I used to over eat after being told to smash in the calories and as long as it’s low fat, I won’t get fat.. I gained so much weight. Now I only eat when I’m hungry. Even if it’s only a little calories that’s what my body wants. I’ve lost weight too

  • Excellent video! I’ve always had enough common sense to know that “metabolic damage” is a bunch of B.S. I watched my sister for 2 decades recover from an eating disorder so bad that she was institutionalized at a couple of different points. She has since then had a child and keeps her weight and eating at a healthy level. I’ve never seen metabolic damage.

  • I don’t understand you recommend losing 0.5-1% of body weight per week but the people in the Minnesota starvation experiment lost around 24% of their body weight in 24 weeks which taking the higher side of the range seems about right.So that percent of weight loss per week could be right for someone but could be less or more for someone else depending on their initial body weight.

  • I was hoping he would talk about intermittent fasting and very low carb diets and metabolism. It took me 8 weeks to loose 10 pounds. I still have 15 to go. I have lost 30 pounds in 4 months. I just took a week long break and now an getting back to low carb 2 meals a day again. I am not weighing myself. I find it better for me if I weigh only once a month.

  • The article I read on these findings, in an Irish ‘health’ magazine used the information to state that once people become obese they can’t lose weight. GAAHHHH!!!

  • Hey Cassey! I’ve been following you since forever, so I kind followed your growth as a person and professional, you’re a fantastic person, keep up the good work ��

  • So in order to fix your metabolism, you need to eat some carby foods like one day a week? I soooo feel you on the “Even if I ate bad I was losing weight JUST TO PLAY WITH ME.”

  • This is interesting I have a food phobia over this. I gain weight easily after anorexia. I dont move much due to exhaustion’ makes sense. You can see why I wondered. I will have to prove that this is correct. I gain weight extremely easily I eat 1350 calories running 10 k 3 times a week 10,000 steps a day and I gain up to two pounds some weeks. These are the weeks I’m upset. The fat stays on. I think its legit weight. I have put on a pant sizes in 3 months my waist is bloated too.I can only wear baggy dresses and they have to be sleeveless as my arms are too big I could buy an xl but i find that hard. My hips aren’t quite as large makes me bigger in photographs. As a result I have become very afraid of food. I cant eat it. I am told if I eat 1200 and run 10k a day I risk going into heart failure but my weight is out of control. My waist and abdomen are in unhealthy ranges. I used to be ripped and eating loads and then this started happening. My stress increased in 2016. Id eat 400 calories extra burn them off and no weight gain then I started gaining weight over a certain number of calories. Prove me wrong,. I eat 1800 max ( I tried burning through walking and running) I gained weight. This is on the days I run 10k and walk 10000 steps.daily I have doubled my body fat and I also have so much body fat Im not in ladies clothes anymore. Im 103 pound I gain some weeks (put on 2 this week). Stress seems to be cutting my metabolic rate drastically. I was disgusted as I had no takeouts and nothing in my house that would add up to that kind of weight. I have no metabolism whatsoever. I had a low weight and I hate the people who made me gain weight I am facing a very obese future. I am at risk for losing bone density and diabetes. My body fat is 33 per cent insanity. I do eat a lot of sugar and fluid retention. I also have a sleep issue. I have cut back on these and I am terrified eating 1350 calories. I think under this will probably risk my life.

  • People tend to obsess over their weight while dieting, but IMO should pay more attention to body fat percentage. There are many variables that factor into your overall bodyweight. If you’re only watching the weight scale, it may look like you’ve hit a plateau when you’re actually building muscle while burning fat. And if you’re trying to lose weight, your real goal should be to reach a healthy body fat level, not some arbitrary number on a weight scale.

  • can you pleaasee do subtitles on the whole video you’re going to upload?? I can’t understand everything he’s saying because of the sound quality…:/

  • I went from 6’1″ 236 lbs to 173 pounds while being on a 500 calorie deficit for 14 months. I lifted heavy weights 4 days a week and 2 days of basketball. I lost 13% body fat. If you want it you make it happen, if you don’t you make excuses. It’s that simple.

  • The first study you cite included only males. Would be better to cite a study including both male and female OR cite a second study that included women. Thanks.

  • Minnesota’s Starvation Experiment does not apply to bodybuilding for 3 reasons:
    1) Their diet was shit, 1600 kcal of pure CH (potatoes, macaroni, bread), no fats, no protein, so they lost a ton of musle. Also no fats so their hormonal profile became awful.
    2) They didn’t train their muscles, so they lost a ton of muscle.
    3) A lot of them were already in low fat % (the more fat you have, the less your metabolism slows down)
    A normal human being, eating 1500 kcal of a good diet, with proteins, fats and CH, and training strenght may have metabolic damage, sure, but not 20%

  • Great to hear the whole cycle I went through myself. Thanks for talking about it and now I understand better about what was going on ��

  • What’s the big deal about metabolic “damage”.. you have to eat less.. the problem is if you have the same hunger… I’ve heard hunger also decrease.. so its all good 😉 There is no damage it’s just the magnificence of the intelligence of our body adapting. Cheers

  • I lost 53 pounds in 4 months doing next to nothing, now I am brisk walking and now I stop losing weight, When I went from 750 calories to 850 calories I began to slowly lose more weight. Great Video!!

  • Hello, I am facing problem like u pls tell me for how many time I have to give up my exercise to boost my metabolism BCOZ I gain too much fat on my thighs ND tummy

  • how can i lose my last 8 lbs. my body is staying at 180.. if i can get to 172 i would be ripped. but i cant lose any more weight. my body says no..

  • If you look at the China Study, it says that “per kilo of body weight, the caloric intake was 30% higher among the least active Chinese than among average americans. Yet, body weight was 20% lower” (99) Calorie restriction is obviously bullshit. Anyone who disagrees, just know that the science says otherwise.

  • I don’t know, I seriously damaged myself working out way too hard and calorie/carb restricting to the point that I developed hypothyroidism and hormone problems. I’m eating a very clean whole foods plant based diet now but I have gained weight. I was so thankful to hear about other women who had gained initially but after healing the weight came off. Now I’m scared this is all crap? lol ahhhh, hmmm. I guess we’ll see:S

  • I think metabolic damage does exist or something like it, but it is not permanent. I had anorexia nervosa, and when I started eating again, I gained weight quickly…too quickly. When someone is starving, the body becomes super efficient at not burning calories. However, the keyword is starving. I think people who have been in concentration camps experience a similar phenomena.

  • this video makes no sense. starvation mode doesn’t exist yet you explain the proof of how it works and how to avoid it. You don’t even have a definition for what starvation mode is

  • There’s a girl on YouTube called Nutrition by Victoria where she talks about how she gained 60 lbs on a hclf diet coming from a past of eating disorders. She didn’t quit but stuck to the hclf diet and subsequently lost 30 lbs which brought her to a fit and trim weight for her height. It took her a couple of years but its a testament that metabolic damage exists. She gained weight that she needed to gain and then lost what she didn’t need after her body healed.

  • Perhaps people aren’t gaining fat weight when they finally start eating enough, perhaps it is water weight. I hope so because after going vegan it took me like two weeks and my thighs were rubbing together and my stomach (once flat) is literally sticking out pretty far now. I don’t understand how this could just happen all of a sudden when I stopped eating meat and dairy. Before I wasn’t eating much at all (maybe 1800) but now I’m not even eating more than 2,000-2,500 so I don’t think this man is right saying it’s just because we are eating too many calories. I also work out more now than ever and I am seeing no results after like 8 months.

  • yesssss. it’s tragic how so many vegan youtubers won’t even put a half of an avocado in their salad bc they think that will make them gain weight, instead of the thousands of calories.

  • You guys know WAY more than I do bout this stuff BUT I know that for MY body, the only way I can lose fat is by running. As soon as I restrict any calories, nothing happens.
    I had 2-4 pounds I wanted to lose to get the six pack and dieting got me nowhere. I even did a 5 day fast and didn’t lose ANYTHING!…. the only way I lost it was eating normally and then running. I ran 20 miles a week. Presto… abs. I was even eating sugar and bread again… still worked. Crazy, crazy, crazy…. and I’m 47

  • I’ve been restricting my calories to 400/800 calories for 3 months! And got diagnosed with a fkin eating disorder ���� im 16 and i really do hope my metabolism gets better.. Idk how damaged it is… I would always take multi vitamins everyday and eat some protein…

    But i doubt that helped my metabolism at all:( my fear is gaining too much weight from it.. Any help guys?

  • Just finished a low calorie diet. 28yo male, 5’9″. From 208 pounds to 166 pounds by eating 1700-1900 cals a day. (It too 4 months) Kinda hungry all the time though. Am I permanently damaged now? What can I do?

  • Thanks for this important video Hannah. There are people out there who think you can eat unlimited calories and lose weight even though it’s debunked by science. Maybe this video will snap some of those people out of it.

  • Yes I’m not coming from an English speaking country too and it’s such a shame I can’t hear what the he says cause it seems to be very very interesting… I would never find this kind of information on my language ��Could you please write subtitles for this video for those who can’t understand what he is saying. I think it’s easier for people which are coming from an English speaking country, they can much better understand what he is saying because they can feel it even intuitively. But there are also so many foreigners on your beautiful channel so it would be very helpful for them!:)

  • Harley, thx for you opinion, it’s true every one knows it and is known by the yoyo-effect. You can call it what you want, maybe Loolapalooza-Syndrom sounds better? Fine, let’s call it Loolapalooza-Syndrom, doesn’t matter which name it has, it stays the frickin same. That’s why you should do diets on a long term and not a 1000 calorie deficit per day…

  • Thank you very much!
    I think I’ve also heard you say in one of your podcasts that muscle growth stimulates water retention due to glycogen stored in muscles. So basically when we start working out we gain weight due to muscle growth AND water retention. I dont remember if it was you who said this, but in case you didn’t, do you agree with that statement?
    (I’m sorry if I misquoted you.)

  • Great video, small nitpick you are not ( 6:05) “subconsciously” stopping to move around and fidget, you are unconsciously stopping to move around and fidget. Your subconscious really doesn’t figure in it at all or so I hope for your sake 😉

  • I’m surprised that fasting isn’t mentioned all, if you do an intermittent fast instead you don’t slow down your metabolism at all. You only slow down your metabolism if you’re eating food that’s less calorie dense, not if you don’t eat at all (say skipping a meal or two).

  • I was 315 10 months ago. Now I’m 255. I’m eating 2000-1900. I weight lift about 1 hour a day and do cardio for about an hour. Home boy probably has damage. But that just means I have to work even harder.

  • thank you sooo much for all the quality videos and interesting topics with real medical experts�� for all the effort you both put into this and into your chanels �� you are looking fantastic Hannah and I wish you the best!

  • I follow a plant base diet for health reasons for 4 years now,..I run 5 miles a day…( 5 days a week ) eat wholes foods, I think I eat around 1500 to 1800 calories a day…( 3 great meals and 2 healthy snacks ) work with a personal trainer 2 times week…Light to medium weights..but I have gain 30 pounds…when I was eating animal products, I never work out ( well sometimes )..but never really gain any weight..( I was always 125 to 130 all my life )..but my health was terrible..( stomach problems after eating meat ) and I was always anemic….now Im very healthy, I feel great..but 30 pounds is a lot…but still I will not go back eating the way I used to..any ideas…Love you guys:)

  • Great message and story. Everyone has gone way too overboard with dieting and extreme exercise that they’re really damaging their health. Metabolism is one thing but people have thyroid damage, hair falling out, not sleeping, right through to hypothyroidism and worse. There’s an easy way to test if your metabolism is low, you can do it at home. ��

  • I always thought that starvation mode was the lowest point someone training and dieting can go before losing muscle mass at all. Those Starved men had clearly lost muscle mass and a lot of it. How low can you go while still having fat reserves without losing muscle mass?

  • Can we all agree that our metabolism is changed by the diets we eat and the activities we participate in? Is there anything we can agree on? One day of eating plants isn’t going to do anything, but eating them everyday and incorporating exercise when possible, can become something.

  • could you do a video on how to train your body to be a fat burner rather than a fat storer? You and freelee bring that up a lot and I’d like to hear it in more depth:)

  • Thank you for going so in depth in the metabolic damage / recovery section. It was very insightful and, in all honesty, it gave me some hope, guidance and peace of mind.

  • What about your metabolism slowing due to under eating or increasing metabolism with muscle gain. I always thought metabolic damage as slowed metabolism. So not really damaged, just slowed.

  • Actually Harley, this is probably the best evidence of your correctness in regards to food. It really verifies much of what you’ve been saying.

  • Thank you DR. Lyle!! So nice to hear the truth spoken so well. I Yo-yo dieted for 30yrs. Went on a plant based diet lost 30 lbs. 3 yrs. ago and have not gained any back. No restricting,just eating PB. If anyone would have ‘”metabolic damage” it would be me!

  • Hi Jeff I’m 18 y/o 190 cm and weight 87kg i want to do a reverse diet i have been eating for the last 5 months 1000 calories each day and last week i lost 1.3 kg and the week before 1kg what do you think i should do?

  • I really appreciate you inviting a professional to speak about that…I respect Freelee for her overall contribution but it really bugs me how much misleading information she keeps on sharing on this topic. Looking at her physique it is easy to get beguiled into thinking that eating 3000 cal per day, despite your age, frame, height and activity levels, would get you to 18% body fat…Now it really sounds ridiculous to me but back then I really trusted her message…

  • ok let me tell what i learnt in collage when i was studying to become a pharmacist and please tell me what i missed in this whole thing and where im wrong if you see im wrong with a little explanation maybe. i hope there will be a pro who can explain everything i missed.

    The source of energy of every cell in the body is sugar for atp, of course protein and fat can be converted in sugar in the liver. So the highest demanding organ in sugar is certainly the brain, we want him to get the sugar that it needs 100% of the time. So first thing it will consume the free sugar in your blood that you just ate, then it will consume the sugar stocked (glycogen) in liver, muscle. Once that is gone it will take the fats, convert them into glucose in the liver and them the brain consumes the new sugar. Then the last step is the catabolism, protein from the muscles and the used transformed into sugar in the liver also to feed the brain. Then your muscle mass diminishes.

    with big muscles, all fibers contract each time you use the muscle to walk etc, so there are more cells to feed (more glucose to burn for the energy ATP) so the sugar used will not be available to later be transformed into fat (no weight gain) when the glycogen stocks will be full. That is what is called metabolism, a high one with bigger muscles. With the destruction of muscle mass during the catabolic phase caused by not enough eating, every step you take will burn less calories because less cells need to be nourished so the glucose not used to usually feed all the big muscles in sugar so it will be turned into fat for stocking the energy (weight gain)…..

  • im trying to gain muscle, im 15 years old, 5″11 and weigh 145 lb, i happen to have quite a fast metabolism, it do be kinda hard to eat a lot doe

  • That mind shift realization is AMAZING.
    My restrictive diet made me believe i will gain 20 pounds if I ate a banana. (My fave fruit) I am certain I disrupted my metabolism and I’m trying to heal however I feel like I cannot not workout…even though I currently eat below my BMR. I’m trying to increase calories little by little. I will achieve BALANCE

  • Two year lifter and I hover between 215 to 220 lbs eating whatever I want (within reason junk food, candy, or soda). I go eat a clean 40/30/30 2000-2200 and I drop to 205 and stall. Only way I’ve ever gotten under 200lbs. (one time) is when I start doing stupid stuff like <30G carbs. and <1600 calories.

  • God knows I had to cut my damn banana cos I “couldn’t have that much” now I eat freaking 2 of those, and nothing has happened! NOTHING, no weight gain, not getting fluffy, what happened was.. I ate 2 bananas, and sometimes I eat none and sometimes I eat mangos. Yes,those were my “off limit” food cos “too high in sugar” pffff

  • Idk Igor are you sure that the results of that old study have anything to do with metabolic damage. It seems to me that they starved the subjects which made them lose a lot of muscle mass and that in turn lowered their maintenance calories but it doesn’t seem that the difference of 25% that they discovered is quite accurate. What I mean is isn’t 1850 cal maintenance normal for someone with a body weight of 135 lbs? Even without taking their height in mind it still looks alright to me and i think that they might just have made some errors in their calculations maybe. If the difference was really 25% doesn’t that mean they were expecting the maintenance calories of a 135 lbs man to be around 2300 calories? And if their metabolisms did go back to normal after they reintroduced more calories to their diet would that not be cause by the participants regaining their muscle mass afterwards? Also from a survival standpoint wouldn’t a lowered metabolism be like the peak of evolution? If one could lower his bmr in order to sustain the same body mass but with fewer calories wouldn’t that be considered a good thing although it seems impossible when put this way? And doesn’t a decrease in bmr also mean a decrease in appetite? Please let me know what your opinion is on the matter. Is it possible that there was an error in the study?

  • makes sense to me….it’s a common ‘excuse’…I haven’t seen enough scientific data to believe this…and I’m exactly the type of person who’s been there, done that a thousand times. I was in my 50s when I dropped 40 lbs in 4 months…because I WORKED HARD, and i got fat again, because I ate like shit and got lazy. No other reason…none. I’d like to see what Dr. Greger says about this. If i can find any literature, I’ll paste the link. I’m sure it runs parallel to Dr. Doug’s.