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New research has suggested that this theory that meditation makes you less aggressive, less prejudiced, and calmer may be a myth. A team of scientists says that it does not make people more compassionate. Related 146 Yoga Quotes to Keep You Centered With the studies done, I personally think that they are sniffing up the wrong tree.

But it appears the respected monk could be wrong. For scientists have revealed the trendy Buddhist practice does not make you more compassionate, less aggressive or prejudiced. Meditatio. Meditation DOESN’T make you a calmer person: Buddhist practice leaves people just as aggressive and prejudiced, reveals study Meditation has long.

For scientists have revealed the trendy Buddhist practice does not make you more compassionate, less aggressive or prejudiced. Meditation, incorporating a range of spiritual and religious beliefs, has been touted for decades as being able to make the world a better place. However, researchers from the UK, New Zealand and The Netherlands, have found meditation doesn’t change.

‘If every eight-year-old in the world is taught meditation, the world will be without violence within one generation,’ the Dalai Lama claims. But it appears the respected monk could be wrong. For scientists have revealed the trendy Buddhist practice does not make you more compassionate, less aggressive or. A new study now claims that the trendy Buddhist practice of meditating does not make a person more compassionate, less aggressive or prejudiced. For decades, meditation that incorporates a range of.

For scientists have revealed the trendy Buddhist practice does not make you more compassionate, less aggressive or prejudiced. Meditation, incorporating a range of spiritual and religious belief. M editation does not make you a better person according to a new study despite widespread claims that meditation can make you calmer and more compassionate towards other people. Researchers have. That’s exactly what we do in meditation.

We’re becoming conscious of what we’re holding on to so we can make room for the peace, the calm, and the happiness we seek. The trick is: Don’t fight the negative emotion that is coming up in meditation. It’s a sign that you are noticing what you’ve outgrown and don’t need to hold on to. Meditation is like kryptonite to stress, with the primary side effects being increased happiness, better sleep, and more creativity.

If there ever was a perfect solution to dissolving stress, it would be daily meditation. 7.

List of related literature:

It does help, however, if the place you have chosen for meditation is relatively quiet, peaceful, uncluttered, and restful.

“Meditation and Its Practice” by Swami Rama
from Meditation and Its Practice
by Swami Rama
Himalayan Institute Press, 1998

Meditation will cause you to be more patient and less angry.

“How Your Mind Can Keep You Well” by Roy Masters, Dorothy Baker
from How Your Mind Can Keep You Well
by Roy Masters, Dorothy Baker
Foundation of Human Understanding, 1978

This indicates that Radha believes that meditation makes a person less aggressive.

“25 Years UPSC IAS/ IPS Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers 1 & 2 (1995-2019) 10th Edition” by Mrunal
from 25 Years UPSC IAS/ IPS Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers 1 & 2 (1995-2019) 10th Edition
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Meditation tends to make you calmer, more spacious, and more relaxed — at least most of the time.

“Meditation For Dummies®” by Stephan Bodian, Dean Ornish
from Meditation For Dummies®
by Stephan Bodian, Dean Ornish
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The more you tame your aggression, the more mindfulness you develop.

“The Bodhisattva Path of Wisdom and Compassion” by Chögyam Trungpa, Judith L. Lief
from The Bodhisattva Path of Wisdom and Compassion
by Chögyam Trungpa, Judith L. Lief
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So if a person can really relate to the simplicity of the practice of meditation, then automatically there is an absence of aggression.

“Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism” by Chögyam Trungpa, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
from Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism
by Chögyam Trungpa, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
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Most people get out of temper the more they practice meditation.

“Each Moment Is the Universe: Zen and the Way of Being Time” by Dainin Katagiri
from Each Moment Is the Universe: Zen and the Way of Being Time
by Dainin Katagiri
Shambhala, 2008

Aggression takes many other forms, and the early years of meditative training can modify only some of these.

“Zen and the Brain: Toward an Understanding of Meditation and Consciousness” by James H. Austin
from Zen and the Brain: Toward an Understanding of Meditation and Consciousness
by James H. Austin
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Most people associate calmness with passivity, but the peace that meditation brings releases energy.

“The Art of Joyful Living” by Swami Rama
from The Art of Joyful Living
by Swami Rama
Himalayan Institute Press, 2003

Meditation will become your very nature when you give up attachment, anger, and pride.

“Living with the Himalayan Masters” by Swami Rama
from Living with the Himalayan Masters
by Swami Rama
Himalayan Institute Press, 1999

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  • For more than a month I obsessively think about having a dog. I used to have dogs, but I always consider myself a cat person but things changed and what I need is a companion and a pretext for long walks.
    Now I think I will do something that my daughter had practiced when she was small: walk with an imaginary dog (we used to have two imaginary great danes and an equally imaginary poodle) first to calm myself. And then get a dog ����

  • People preaching about God here please shut up I don’t think u realise ur making me want to kill u too. I’m saying this through anger so I probably don’t mean it so sorry if I offended you

  • I can’t get over that Yorkie! He’s so cool and gets to go off leash the whole time. I could be bias since I have one myself though.

  • Ceaser im in scotland running the hills with greyhounds then whippets and i just love that someone like urself took their lives upon a human ive spent all my life with animals all my life ive known great dog owners wat do i say ive not got the money to open my own ranch im quite envious as here there is nothing like in america but we hve our own way all my life we always walked in a pack and everything that goes with it rabbits deer elk stoats watever i wish i cld relay to everyone the naturalness of animals keep going ceaser great work u open peples eyes that the way it should be x

  • My father always steal my money and didn’t tell me until i found it and it’s makes me so angry. I collect the money for all the time and he stole it without telling me:(

  • I had a bad day and was trying to find something to meditate to.. stumbled upon this and clicked in because of the thumbnail.. best decision ever!! This is the most effective meditation I have ever did!! Instantly got me laughing so bad �� I love whoever made this thank you ����

  • This helped me a lot. Michael Angelis the narrator of Thomas and friends died a few days ago and that made me very sad but this does help me feel better.

  • Just got off the phone with some massive Karen B%TCH giving me the run around. Thank you for this quick and mindful meditation. F%ckin B%tch

  • When i play this my dog gets up, cuddles on top of me and sighs with utter content before going to sleep in safety…. Bravo Christianan utter gem! As an empath and all around sensitive person living in a particularly hostile geographical area i tend to soak up some of the anger and negativity around me regardless of my efforts (working on moving asap). Your method using the shoulders and breathing is amazingly effective. My only wish as an insomniac is that it were longer…. but i am still discovering more of your work each night. Thank you kindly and i hope you are having a lovely day. biglove

  • I feel fear, sadness and anger. I want to cry, kill and run… I am a Medically retired Army Infantry that was blown up by an IED I lost my left leg below the knee. The femoral artery (Latin: arteria femoralis) is a large artery in the thigh and the main arterial supply to the lower limb. It enters the thigh from behind the inguinal ligament as the common femoral artery, a continuation of the external iliac artery. was blown out. According to paper I have died 7 times… Idk if that background information will help but I cant… idk deal I cant handle it im thinking of trying group but I still want to blow up Any advice?

  • I lost my AirPods.

    Why am I angry over that? Shut up

    I just am, it’s very infuriating, I have only one AirPod now, no charging case, no left AirPod. I’m pissed.

  • Spit in a client’s food and came here to make sure i dont escalate it. He insulted my cooking, a pride of mine since I’ve been cooking for my family for the last 10 years and consider it one of my best skills. It hurt to have a man who can’t wipe himself insult one of my favorite things to do. It hurt that what I considered good food wasn’t up to his over expectations. Not to mention I’m on hour 12 of a 16hr shift.

    The dissapointment and high expectations reminded me of my pops. I can’t even bring myself to call him dad anymore. I remember feeling like I’d never live up to his expectations or the church’s practically my whole childhood.

    I’m scared for my job now. There’s a camera in his home, and although I doubt they play the tapes back they could. It’s covid 19 season right now so I’d probably be instantly fired and blacklisted from working as a caregiver again. This is my first job. I’m 23. My mum and I keep the morgage and bills afloat.

    I’m really feeling stupid for allowing my anger to control me.

  • I need to listen to this because I pushed my friend because she was yelled at me this better work and i already go to anger management classes

  • I find it difficult to believe that meditation causes people to be angry or agitated.:S I have never felt this way meditation makes me feel so peaceful and full of bliss.

  • I’ve experienced a feeling of agitation and not exactly anger. Like there is a monster within me that needs to escape. A friend actually recommended visiting a exorcist LOL. But even before following the pointers in this video, meditation had a lot of positive effects on me.

  • Anyone have any sure fire ideas on how to stop a male neutered maltese from pee peeing on the floor? We let him out at least 10 times a day and give treat when he does as he should. About 5 years old.. Making me crazy. Too old to keep wiping up pee pee. We are old and cannot walk ourselves muchless our dog. Is that the key to him not peeing in the house?? We have to walk him? We in trouble then.

  • This was going well until he said count backwards from 500…and kept talking. It made me more frustrated that I kept losing count, and that I could either focus harder on counting and miss everything he was saying, or give up counting and just listen.

  • Ha ha…so much more effective than anything else! Positive yet realistic…it really makes me feel better when I repeat the words fuck it over something like what a beautiful day. The latter just isn’t true and I feel frustrated when I try and can’t feel better trying to embrace a beautiful day that I know isn’t going to be beautiful. But breathing in strength and the working on the ability to say ah whatever, is so much more helpful! Thx!!

  • Ceasar Millan This is how to understand the universe and its workings through dog training.
    Random Customer Yeah…..ah…. right…..yeah okay…..aaaa aha….yeah.. right ��������

  • This is nice because I have the loud screams today my mom told me to clean up my room I didn’t want to so I put it i a back pack and hours later my dad dup’s it on my bed so my mom thought I had did it so I get angry and scream a couple of times and after I still have some anger so I listing to this it helps

  • In one of the episode of Cesar Milan, he said, ‘children and animals
    behave differently with different people’…I need to see that
    episode…does anybody know which? Please really want it…help!!

  • Trying to let go of one thing then he gets to the stupid stairs and I’m pissed about my chronic pain bc stairs are really painful to go down….I never have luck with guided meditations lol

  • This really helps. Christian I’m sure your Intuitve. As you always seem to touch upon on what I’m feeling. I was concerned about someone. During the pandemic. This man is a nightmare. I thought he was so nice. But he wants everythjng his way. He constantly annoyed with everyone. In fact he looks down his nose at people. Because he has good to finances and his own house. Lol he worries about people not wearing masks. I told him forget about them. And make sure you wear yours. Lol we walk twice a day for exercise. So today are disagreeing. I told him familiarity breeds contempt.

  • I really want a dog, a Labrador,but I have been scared of them since I was 7 years old now being an adult with four kids I think it’s time to start creating the right relationship with dogs and hope I can learn to trust them. Thank you, your videos and the right approach really helps.����

  • I’m a cashier and a lady screamed at me today for helping another person before her when the lady I was helping was there first and she was an irate bitch. Maybe she should try this meditation it helps when insane customers make my life harder. Swear the god some people just possessed by the satan himself

  • Cesar I have a broken back and a pelvic that has healed the wrong way. I can’t walk with out pain so I can’t walk my dog and she’s 11 yrs old. I love her so much but can’t walk her. Please help me.

  • Once again so soothing. I generally don’t like music in the background but loved it in this one. I will listen to this often. Thank you!

  • Great video, Tom!  Thanks!  But, what was that weird loud buzzing/humming noise that lasted throughout? Is there a way to edit that out or at least turn it way down?

  • Thank you so much for this video.

    I’ve been trying to incorporate guided meditation into my routine before sleep. I found myself today very, very irritable and angry.

    It does look like repressed emotions. My dreams would also support this thought.

    I will keep with it and get through it

  • I had a Kelpie that hated Dalmatian, didn’t like spots. The first time she saw one was the same as the last time she saw one ☝️

  • This was so helping and calming… Please make more like these, the counting method calms me so much and also makes me feel asleep easily.
    Thank you so much for this.❤️

  • channals: wow, i have an idea. lets make a song with 1 loud ass note with an occasional FUCK OFF YOU LITTLE SHIT ding every 2 seconds
    me: daring today are we?

  • If I saw him at a store trying them on…”shhh!” Finger snap. No! Lol I love you bro! Great job always! But I would rub your nose in skinny jeans lol I know it’s petty. Big deal. Whatever.

  • Pray for meeeee. I am soooo angryyyyy right now. I feel like I am surrounded with so much negativity. I dont want to feel this way. I just want to cry. I am crying. It was soooo painful. ��

  • I felt very angry, jealous, back answering to others, not feeling like talking to others after meditating for 1 hour. What Tom Cronin told about how to release the anger after meditating.
    I want to ask about the anger which comes after meditating

    Is this happens because i am just new in meditating or I am a beginner?

    or as I meditate for some time or days these anger will not occur after meditating the angry thoughts will get lesser and lesser as I keep practising for some time or days?

    Or The anger will occur every time after I meditate?

    What is it can any one one help me.
    My doctor has suggested me to meditate as i am suffering from anxiety, depression, Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue, Psychosis.
    Is it safe for me to meditate?

  • I will try this one as I have to interact with three individuals who get on my nerves. No motivation no drive. Just constantly wining. It’s very hard for me to find my centre on a daily basis. I do find however since doing Christian morning focus mediation. I feel less anxious. As i never no what they are going to say and do next. I have been walking away from them and spending less time in thier company. As when they leave I can’t focus properly as I’m so angry at their antics. Then I bring it home.

  • Getting old is scary, i mean the moment you knew like no one is there but you.
    you live with crowded people outside but inside you are all alone

  • Dude stop messing with ur phone a pay attention to Cesar..his phone is more important than his dog..Plus his hat sucks!! Yankee fan with a Boston Terrier??

  • Thanks. Kinda helpful. I have a Boston 6-7 likes to walk with me everyday. but does pull me like wanting to take me on a walk. Until I yell. Really voicetress also when other dogs come around I don’t hear any other dogs that loud. No biting and really potty trained so she’s really smart. Any suggestions?

  • I need somebody like you here, in Argentina, my dog got trapped between vaccines and lockdown I was able to take her out after almost 5 months, but she is scared, she broke the leash twice, and run, she is scared of other dogs, one of the times a dog came and bite her, I got nervous as hell, she doesn’t know how to cross the streets, I didn’t take her again I’m scared as hell, but she needs to run, walk and socialize but there’s nobody doing this in my city.

  • “Any person capable of angering you becomes your master; he/she can anger you only when you permit yourself to be disturbed by them.” Quote by Epictetus. Ask yourself, am I happy for this person to become my master, or would I prefer to remain my own calm master?

  • Please make a tinnitus section, there are 50million people with it. No cure yet meditation is the only thing that can help, you will get alot of new subs

  • Your voice sounds very much like Chris Martin (lead singer of Coldplay) which may have been part of the reason I was so relaxed. But aside the point, I adored this meditation. I fell into a minor nap but just enough I could hear you and meditate. It was beautiful. I felt so relaxed afterwards. Thank you for all your hard work ❤️

  • I feel terrible.. My mother doesn’t pay attention to me she is busy on her phone always.. And always tells me what to do.. I have my jee in January and she doesn’t care that she should help me in studying.. I can’t focus on anything due to so much stress… I m feeling angry and exhausted… I am fed up of her.. Even if she makes coffee she tells me ki Saas k ghr jana h bccho ko dekhna h ldkiyo ki life kya B’s itni hoti h I want to pursue my dreams not end up being in the kitchen… ������

  • Thank you so much! It really did help me today I woke on the wrong side of the bed and no matter what everything seemed to go wrong. This helped me let it all go…. thank you! Thank you thank you! I’ll be sharing this one for sure!!

  • A calm commercial started playing while I fell asleep watching YouTube videos and the persons voice made me wake up in a bad mood lol!

  • I’m 34 and I carry so much anger towards my parents mostly my dad his drug abuse and abusive behavior towards my mother has ruined me and I haven’t been able to let go all these years I wish I could yell at him how much I hate him and he’s still a disgusting person

  • I have been highly irritated lately, and it seems like I’m starting to notice more of people’s dump senseless comments and it really bothers the hell out of me and I don’t know why and I don’t know where it’s coming from.

  • So many dog lover in the world, 1.18 million is way too less subscribers, please don’t only watch, but subscribe…pity I don’t have dog, I got traumatized being bitten, but I do love to watch Cesar ��

  • My mind and body did exactly what the voice told them to, as if I had no control over it. Made me feel my anger to the point of crying, then was completely relaxed. Incredible.

  • Thank you..thank you for this piece of wonderful information… Somewhere i have been searching why at times,that anger and frustration after I meditate releases and there you go its all answered…:) God Bless U Sir:) Thank u again from the bottom of my soul

  • That is me right now. I feel like I was angry at myself in the last 3-4 days. With a 20 min meditation in the morning it came up and now I am at work watching this with some anger in me. I feel like being aware and still keeping positive matters once this is over.

  • The time is coming. Stood to much of prick’s picking on other’s. Especially when the prick is a grass. So that he can get away with the shit he dose. This morning was the last straw. Hope this helps me.

  • An amazing message of how we can all let go of that negativity we have trapped in our subconscious. With all that gone, there is only room for positivity and tranquillity.

  • This didn’t help… Why are you making us focused on what we are pissed about? I should of read the comments before doing this… Thank you for making my mental health WORST!!!!!

  • If you need a Boston Terrier to calm down then your pathetic ass should get an American Bulldog to sit around and do nothing all day.. a Boston is too much for you..

  • Thank you, trying to cope with my neighbor who has no respect for anyone. Been suffering for months with this and only get one day to try sleep in as on a sunday i have to be up for church at 6am. Im already starting to chill out a bit. x

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  • I’ve been listening and practising these meditations for a week now and sometimes i feel that my mind just floats outside my body away from the anger, frustration and stress and when i return back all these things are gone and i feel so much better. Thank Headspace for your guidance.

  • I saw a vedio in which the darkest side of the people was seen… Is the vedio the people hanged up a cow 15-20 feet up with the help of a crane and then they threw the cow rigorously and sometime she was dead.. from 1 month or something my mind is disturbed����..I always end up crying when I recall that incident in my mind….����

  • I just exploded minutes ago emotionally and physically and it felt great, INCREDIBLY satisfying and relieving……..ive lost thousands, hurt lots of people, and been in lots of trouble in my life because of my anger, (truth be told, it was always hard to control myself, but i probably COULD have held myself in check more, but i just didn’t WANT to control myself) and tbh, looking back, (and looking at my destroyed home right now) it was all worth it because the ALTERNATIVE would have been worse…..

  • I need to calm down ASAP because when I get mad I become a bit psychotic and I can’t control it it’s like a demon inside that is stronger and gets way more mad than a normal human can

  • Im here because i need a way to get my mind off how insensitive and rude my mother can be toward me when im having an anxiety or anger attack. She picks at my weak points and when i cant stand it i lash out and start crying, calling her names telling her that she does nothing to help me (which is true). I need a way to calm down after she makes me feel like its all my fault. I know that after every anger attack our relationship gets weaker and weaker and i can see that she no longer loves me how she did before. It makes me have panic attacks thinking about how one day she’ll get tired of me and no longer want to speak to me or love me anymore. I need a break from my life and i need someone to hear my side of the story for once.

  • I tried to listen to this, but my bird started screeching halfway through. Kind of made me angry. But that’s not my bird’s fault. I guess next time I’ll try using my noise canceling headphones.

  • I fell asleep to this and woke up in a really bad mood. Been crying for the last hour �� hopefully that’s just a release and I’ll feel better tomorrow

  • If you can get the 5 dollar app. It has longer versions and they don’t disappoint. Have it on my phone for occasional meditation sessions

  • This is beautiful. My therapist recommended this video when I told him that I had decided that ‘fuck that’ was my new motto! Thank you!

  • Cesar should hold a giant ‘personal growth session’ for all the misguided, lost, some even sociopathic children amongst BLM, and AntiFa. Hell, should do it for each generation of lost SJW-taliban souls, from the Boomers, the Gen-Xers, to the Millennials, to the Zoomers. Imagine that world, where children don’t blame everyone else with entitlement, but seize the power of self-actualization and growth based on individual success and merit, and not be tricked into Balkanization based on race, gender, etc.

  • Not condoning Curtis’ behavior but leave your cancel culture outside of Cesar’s reputation. He works for the relationship of a human + dog. no matter the dog, no matter the human

  • It’s my Birthday and I hate this day as my husband and son have passed away and I’m estranged from my other 2 children. What’s to celebrate any shitty day��

  • Cesar is pretty fantastic, but he is so far advanced in his understanding that ordinary people may find his training hard to implement. It is simpler to use food as a reward for most dog owners. Nothing makes a dog pay attention like food, particularly if you offer things like cut up hot dogs. Victoria from “It’s Me Or The Dog” is good with training using food. The right exercise and training with food will go a long way with almost any dog.

  • this is the best meditation seriously. Being honest is the best trait of a human being imo. When you had a bad day just meditate “FUCK THIS SHIT. I NEED SOME PIZZA. FUCKING DAY SUCKS.”

  • I feel like anger is just the inner struggle to avoid feeling sad. Anger might give us the benefit of feeling in control, or a sense of self-righteousness as a defense mechanism. Sadness can be debilitating; anger gives us energy (albeit negative, destructive energy) to carry on with life. Maybe this is why we tend to get angry as a first resort. It feels justified, but the one who carries the anger suffers the most for it. I hope all of us here at this helpful meditation will find compassion for ourselves that can be carried forward into the world.

  • You are phenomenal Cesar Milan.Like to watch your videos.Had two dogs in past.When they past away I said to myself that I’m not gone have more dogs,Cuz it was so hard for me to loose them.But now l decided to have one.Adore them,can’t live without my furry friend.Thank you for what you doing.������������❤️❤️❤️

  • I meditate very often, more than ever before. Trying to be here and now, observing… And I feel like my ego (without a seeming reason) became depressed recently or desperate, even cold in interaction with people sometimes. �� But on the other hand I clearly feel it’s not me, it’s ego.

  • I almost hurt my brother because he is already at high school but he still isnt that good at reading. He always plays games. I came hsre to release my anger… i just dont want him to end up with nothing

  • Boston terriers, pugs, dogs with that type of face structure can suffer in heat or excessive activity. What would you recommend as far as exercise limits for these breeds? You are very much respected and loved Cesar! ❤️

  • I love how cesar so much on how he teaches people to makes some change for their dogs. So that dog can be a better dog one day but i hate it when the owner of the dogs keeps denying it fetch.

  • This comes into my world every few years and it ALWAYS heals my life:) here I am again…. my girls are now teenagers and HOLY SHIT…… I thought I needed this then…. I did…. but I REALLY needed this tonight….. from my heart I thank whoever made. This originally and who posts this….. lol….. woooooo… mutha fuckin sahhh……


  • After listening to this, I punch at my hubby’s punching bag at the end of each day. I’ve found myself more at ease and find it easier to sleep to.

  • Very helpful. Today I’ve been the most tense/angry I’ve been in months. After this I feel calm and peaceful. After hours of rage/angst. Thank you

  • As soon as he was like ok now imagine your arms by your side on the staircase. I was like oh heck naw! My butt just had a burst of anxiety.

  • This information is inaccurate. Catharsis, the strategy in this video, only causes a person to become more angry than before by teaching your brain that this behavior is okay. this strategy will make you a more violent person in general whether you express it on a punching bag or on a human being. It’s like masturbating, you’re really just priming the pump so to speak.

  • Why do you really think homeless people do better because they walk a lot? Sorry that upsets me.. because they have a pit bull in control?.��

  • these stories and stuff are nice to read when you’re trying not to break stuff:). Real talk tho i get mad over small stuff, all you guys are probably here for much more legitimate reasons

  • I wish you had my girl Cree, GSD possible mix, for a time. She doesn’t like other dogs, took my husband to the ground and dragged him to get another GSD on lead. I had her under control at one time, then had to be in the hospital for a month, not the same dog when I got home and I was in no physical condition to work with her and still to this day, I’m no longer strong enough to get her started on her way of discipline. She missed out on a lot as a puppy due to many surgeries she had to go through, elbows and 3 major eye surgeries, end result loosing her eye. I’d do anything for her but she needs to be in the right hands and environment.

  • I have watched Cesar and would love to help me with getting the dogs to go poop in one side of the yard. I need help. I have an XL Bully and a chilhuahua mini. The little one won’t eat around the dogs. There is also another older dog that is 15 years old chases the Bully. How do I stop this behavior between the dogs??

  • The best meditation I ever did. I used this as a follow up to the Deepak Chopra anger clearing meditation. And this made me cry, brought me back to a deep layer of the inner child. I did more meditations after this. But this one brought me deep healing, release and understanding of self

  • I’m so glad Cesar has overcome his hardships, and has now ‘tweaked’ his life to make it something that is CLEARLY devoted to what makes him happy in his heart.

    Good to have you back mate. Let’s make this world a better one one-K9-at-a-time ������

  • I closed my eyes to listen to this and so i can calm down but after i closed my eyes i remembered why im listening to this and its making me so frustrated and now i have tears like a freaking loser

  • I’ve often experienced these feelings when I’ve meditate and I’ve always though it was because I was meditating wrong. I’m glad I found this video, time to go look for a punching bag or a construction site:)

  • @Cesar Millan, What did you mean that a 15 min walk is an insult to a dog? I take my dog for two 15 minute walks and one 10 minute walk a day. Is there something wrong with that?

  • I am in love with this. I was incredibly angry but open minded to this working, and this is no fake. This is beautiful work and has completely helped. I love this.

  • i get angry in almost every thing but when anger tries to get out there peace guard trying to make them a peace civilian thanks for the song

  • Imma play this everyday and night to relive my anger issues i just have suicidal thoughts screamung st me to do it even tho something is blocking me for it to not happen

  • I’m here because my brother lost my charger and refused to find it and I can’t make him find it or I will get shouted at so now it’s the middle of the night and I can’t charge my sh*t

  • 5:30 gurl, it’s not about me shouting at people. I’m just laying awake here at 5am because I can’t forgive certain people for fucking up aspects of my life. I just want to not be so angry for so much of the day.

  • I was so angry. I just wanted to fucking throw my phone and I just cursed the universe. I didn’t mean it but it was like I unleashed a fucking demon.

  • No one:
    Literally no one:
    Me: getting itches all over my body ������
    Great video tho. It’s really relaxing! I do this every night and really helps me to let go. ��

  • That was amazing and really took me out of my head while making me conscious and aware of my body and emotions. The music in the background really helped too, I felt like I was in some unknown jungle and laying on Earth. Wow, what track was that?

  • This really calmed me down.
    However, one of the semtences kinda triggered me, when you called anger an unhelpfull emotion and when you said that I don’t need to feel it ever again.

    I used to thing that way about anger, and tried to supress it as best as I could, until my therapist told me it was unhealthy. Its absolutely normal to feel angry. Anger is there to show you when someone oversteps your boundaries. Its not an “evil” emotion. I used to feel really guilty when I got angry and thought I was a bad person. But thats not a healthy way of thinking about it. When you step on a cats tail, she will get angry for a moment, hiss at you, then will calm down and let you pet her. She is not a bad cat for hissing at you, it was a natural reaction because you stepped on her tail.

    So anyway, I didn’t really like that you made anger out to be unhelpful. But other than that it was calming, and maybe this is just my own problem that I get triggered by it.

  • Get the Calm app.. best mindfulness app out there!’
    Tamara tslks me to sleep at least 4 nights a week!
    I have raging ADHD and my racing brain gives me terrible insomnia… which makes my Adhd even worse!

    I’m always asleep well before the end of the session now ❤️

  • Just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart ���������� love from India
    Do advertise more this in India
    My country people need to know this

  • Fantastic video Tom, I’ve never heard of people being frustrated by meditation but thanks for sharing this with us so we know what to do when this happens to us, because eventually, everyone will face some frustration one way or the other.:)

  • The second emotion is what causes the most suffering underneath the anger is usually hurt guilt or shame. Most of us feel guilty and ashamed or even frustrated with ourselves simply because we got angry in the first place our society taught us that anger is bad but it is not it is a normal healthy human emotion that must be expressed and dealt with the root cause

  • I was very angry csuse of some narcissists who I have go NO CONTACT with STOLE money from my account,and now I have NO money and must wait 3 weeks and live in a toxic narc infized,noisy and stressful environment.��.Very FRUSTRATING and thats caused an emotional blow out…�� -I do that meditation for to CALM down and be mindful again…��

  • Listening to the music and reading the comments calm me down. Was so upset and angry, just don’t know why little things make me angry. Noisy neighbors making hell lots of noise, feel irritated and frustrated but cannot do anything about it. Feel trapped when feeling helpless. Hope the next person who read my comment can become more calm and relax. I got out of hell from reading others’ comments. I guess you just need to put the focus on other people then you can get out of the mess you are in. All the best and stay chill to all who visited this site.

  • Before watching this I was frustraded about my girlfriend whom just broke up with me and over U$ 25.000,00 I had on debt… and now, after watching this, I can tell you: the debt its still there and im still frustraded. Lol.

  • I listen to it it worked till I got to school I nearly killed someone and got sent to detention and they serviced and now……….

    I’m so sad I didn’t want her to be rude to me she said I was fat today and then that is what happened

  • I’m just angry due to menstrual reasons. So hormones. The smallest things are making me frustrated. I recognize this, but it doesn’t change the fact that if someone talks to me I want to shoot lasers at them with my eyes. Anyways, the tinging noiseis it a bell or a triangle? Isn’t it supposed to calm you with rhythm? Anyways it’s ear-piercing and disruptive to the rest of the music. It’s stressing me out and making things worse. This is stupid. Hahaha everything is enraging right now. This opinion might make someone bitter. Not trying to pick a fight, I just thought that maybe this might be humorous for people.

  • The first 5 minutes of this video encourages one to feel very negative. To much time spent on acknowledging the pain… just get in quicker ti the positive.

  • I really needed this, i’ve been plagued with body ache ever since i started meditating. I never knew i had to do the cleaning on a physical level as well. Thank you

  • This was one of the most important episodes I watched! Because I just realised I NEED to learn to be disciplined and calm. I have the exact same case and I can see this will be a long path, not just a one day training… �� Thank you Cesar! Bless you!

  • I need an affirmation that makes me angry so it has a reverse effect…when it wears off I have a lifetime of non angry. I’m angry now I do no anger affirmation and two days later I’m doubly as anger n stuck for life….if I do a reverse effect
    ….I should have a reverse effect in feeling opposite when anger is over.

  • This may seem pity but, I’m here because
    I hate how my mom compares me with my brother, I hate it.
    She says stuff like “don’t be worse than your brother”
    And my brother is h o r r i b l e.
    So, for her to say that hurts.
    I always feel like screaming, but I have no where to scream.
    I want a therapist, but, I can’t get one.
    So, I guess this music is my only choice

  • This really helped me calm down. I was full of anger at the start of the video and with breathing in after the chim then breathing out with the next twords the end I was calmed.

  • Please share your thoughts and if you’d like to receive ongoing guidance join us for monthly coaching for less than $1.90 a week by clicking here:

  • im frustrated that i always have to be the bad guy. it’s been this way forever and and im just sick of everyone doing it, because it’s so easy to make everything my fault.

  • I feel like I’m trapped in a world of anger. I wanna scream and punch something, but I stay silent and keep all my anger in. That’s what makes it bad I trap it in so it builds up and one day I’m gonna snap, it’s all gonna come out. My mind is full of anger and sadness, sometimes theres happiness, but mostly anger, stress, worrying, sadness. I dont know why I’m just trapped in this house of anger. There’s names and sentences on the walls of things that wanna make me kill someone, punch something, or scream. I’m NOT diagnosing myself with anger issues, anxiety, or depression, I’m simply saying how I feel daily.

  • I do own a pet. Allergy to dander. Love watching your show helps me understand. When I was in 4th grade I was bitten on my stomach, she had a new litter. Was protective. Even lost a tooth in my stomach.

  • Just here to say what I did personally counting backwards I struggle with and that was making me more confused so I didn’t do that and I sat crisscrossed I felt my body slowly falling when he started saying heavier and heavier down the stairs and I breathed in and out my mouth the whole time my body is so relaxed and slow after doing this

  • yes my anger is pretty bad and sometimes i lose my control and end up screaming at my kids for no issue at all. feel so terrible and miserable. hope i can learn to calm down which is very important for me at this phase of my life.

  • People think I’m dumb and they don’t think that I’m careful enough and it’s just angers me that they don’t think I could be trusted with things and it makes me feel bad that they don’t trust me with things for example I am with my family and they were talking about this creepy app and I knew what they were talking about so I’m just like what’s the name of the app and they said no Bc ur gonna try it and I tried explaining it to them and they didn’t listen and it just makes me really mad and I cry when I’m mad so I’m over here sitting on a family members couch trying not to cry

  • This was amazing..reached the calmest place… and the meditation just ended with me right there..body felt light, mind calm, breathing slow and more anger, frustration. I was at 333 in my count back.. still at the bottom of the plush spiral staircase..ahhhhhhhhh

  • Anyone reading this, who is suffering mental illness, tragedy, lockdown stress, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, hurt, any pain know these things: YOU ARE LOVED, you are here for a purpose, you have gifts and skills within you that the planet needs, you belong. You matter. Things will get better. God loves you. Earth loves you. There are people who love you and whose lives you have made a difference too. Keep strong. Keep going. Let go of anger, bitterness. Receive goodness, receive Love, receive strength from the Source. Don’t give up. Ever. <3 <3 <3 Love Y'all!❤️���� never give up you're dreams! Good Luck! And copy and paste this message if you agree!��

  • He’s right I don’t know how well it works with the Devine but if they have a sense of humor like the rest of the world should then it’s great unfortunately I know it’s to short mostly for beginners. He made me laugh as well that was nice but fuck it I’ll give it a shot and see what happens to much shit to cover in a shot period

  • Hii headspace I recently made payment through my card for headspace premium. After I made the payment first time there was some error and payment could not be made after that I tried 2 time and the same error appeared. But when I checked my account payment was deducted 3 times from my account. My head space app still said the payment had not been made. Please help. Namaste

  • When I first begin meditating I felt nothing but peace and calmness.
    But as I begin to get into deeper states of meditation I felt so angry.
    I don’t like feeling like this. Thanks for the tips

  • I am facing a serious issue right now. I kind of became so sensitive lately, i just realised. the people around me are just frustuating to me, I knew like how my mom dad and everything can irritate me especially the way my mom do thing, speaks. I can see she isnt perfect, she sometimes act like an evil person, greedy and twisted and I dont like the way my sister act, she is always stooping on the phone, chats with unnecessary people, and often sleeps late and dont do her work on time. I can see the house is unclean but no one bothers to do the cleaning. the things i arranged are all taken here and there, Maybe i became too sensitive, and I know i love this persons like deeply but it hurts, like it hurts, i cant control

  • Today I got FRUSTRATED and almost reach the boiling point caused of my EVIL narcissistic mother who is still gang and proxystalking, spread FALSE rumours and SMEARCAMPAIGN that I am a thief which is FALSE..
    I do that meditation and REKEASED that NEGATIVE emotiin and avoided ANGER reaction, instead outburst came the tears..
    It must be a RELEASING and surrender moment instead to react with anger which make things worse..
    THANK you ����

  • I’m so angry and so frustrated my mom chases all the women outta my life I had a girl I was with but she declared all the time she was using me taking advantage of me any chance she got and now all she does is fight and bicker with me and it’s like she’s not happy I’m alive parents force me to take medication and if I don’t I don’t have a place to live at I get headaches all the time cause she yells and bickers at me 25-10 I swear the woman yells at me in my sleep along with my dad I had moved out but had to move back in because my mom didn’t want me moving back and forth and now there is no place available for me at all my ex abuser won’t even leave me alone she keeps coming back and forth in my life my ear constantly hurts my doctors force me to do things I don’t want to do at all my house constantly creeks like there’s a dead person in it all my exes won’t leave me alone no matter what I say to them I just want a punching bag most times I want to be left alone but can’t even get peace and quiet I had old friends threaten to kill me and I just wish the best for them my best friends I can’t even talk to them about stuff any more cause it seems so much of them in a hassle anything I wanna do is a no even I don’t wanna do half the things I wanna do or say I just want a good happy healthy productive life everyone hates my music everyone hates my artwork I feel like the most hated person in the world I made mistakes people won’t even let me let go of I just want to be blessed in life

  • I”ve been very pasionate about meditation and for three years i never skipped a single day without meditation, now i don’t even need to start my meditation,sometimes i sit around 8 hours being in absolute bliss, but there are massive consequences that come with this,only after three days after releasing the energy i’m full of negative energy again,i have alot of suicidal thoughts,but last time it felt like i have less emotions,i didn’t react to the pain so much,i hope this means that it will finally come to an end,if you see this please tell me what should i expect,i can go through alot of pain for my goals but there are limits…

  • When I get panic attacks, I wanna scream but my body won’t let me and then I get a cold or hot rush all over my body that paralyzes me and then I start sweating and panting and crying and shaking. I feel as if the world is about to break me in half and shred my feelings. I can’t breathe and it feels like I’m gonna puke but then I feel hot and dizzy. I start having dark thoughts and thinking about things that won’t happen and I start panicking more. Then it’s like my whole world is crashing down and all I can do is just stare in a puddle of sweat and tears. It sucks. I’m only 12 but I got these after something horrific happened in my life (I prefer not to say). It’s like a cold sore. It just keeps coming back. I hate this feeling and pray every night that it will get better but nothing has worked. I guess I’m screwed for life and my friends and family just tell me I’m ” overreacting ” It sucks