Like Game Titles You Might Really Possess a New Gaming Disorder


World Health Organization considers ‘Gaming Disorder’ a unique mental health condition

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‘Gaming disorder’ now designated as mental health condition

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Like Video Games? You May Actually Have a New Gaming Disorder Before you get all bent out of shape and yell that gaming isn’t a mental health condition, I’m thinking the same thing. The World Health Organization, or WHO has stated they have included “gaming disorder” in its. On May 25, the World Health Organization officially voted to adopt the latest edition of its International Classification of Diseases, or ICD, to include an entry on “gaming disorder” as a.

Gaming disorder is characterized by a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour (‘digital gaming’ or ‘video-gaming’), which may be. Gaming disorder is a newly classified condition in the WHO’s ICD-11. However, it is likely that only a small percentage of people who play online and video games will meet the criteria for gaming. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now classified gaming disorder as a mental health condition. WHO defines gaming disorder an addiction to playing video games.

Consequently, this new disorder is included in the 11th edition of WHO’s International Classification of Diseases Manual. Gaming disorder is similar to other addictions, such as gambling addiction or substance abuse. WEDNESDAY, Dec. 27, 2017 (HealthDay News) People who play video games excessively may soon find themselves diagnosed with a mental health condition. In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO).

With this new update, gaming disorder—which includes unhealthy behaviors involving both Internet and traditional video games—has been added to the ICD’s section on addictive disorders. But what. There has been a lot of hype in the media over the last few days due to renewed interest in the concept of a psychiatric disorder involving video games. This has come in response to the WHO releasing details of the beta-draft of the ICD-11 which includes proposed diagnostic criteria for “Gaming Disorder”. It may help to start by asking yourself a few questions: Does your video gaming get in the way of other important things in your life, like your relationships, your job, or going to school?

Do you. To be designated as a psychiatric disorder, video gaming would have to be affecting people’s lives in a number of negative ways. Here are the DSM V criteria for Internet Gaming disorder.

List of related literature:

It becomes pathological for some people when video games start producing negative life consequences.21 Overall, studies examining pathological video gaming show good reliability and validity.

“Children, Adolescents, and the Media, An Issue of Pediatric Clinics E-Book” by Victor C. Strasburger
from Children, Adolescents, and the Media, An Issue of Pediatric Clinics E-Book
by Victor C. Strasburger
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

If so, then excessive gaming may be a symptom of the other disorder, and not itself a stand-alone diagnosis.

“Pause and Reset: A Parent's Guide to Preventing and Overcoming Problems with Gaming” by Nancy M. Petry
from Pause and Reset: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Overcoming Problems with Gaming
by Nancy M. Petry
Oxford University Press, 2019

Problematic gaming is also found in individuals who have other psychiatric disorders like ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

“The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology” by Alison Attrill-Smith, Chris Fullwood, Melanie Keep, Daira J. Kuss
from The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology
by Alison Attrill-Smith, Chris Fullwood, et. al.
Oxford University Press, 2019

Another similar behavioural addiction, Internet gaming disorder, has been listed in the research criteria of DSM-5 (APA 2013), indicating that this potential disorder requires further research.

“Internet Addiction: Neuroscientific Approaches and Therapeutical Implications Including Smartphone Addiction” by Christian Montag, Martin Reuter
from Internet Addiction: Neuroscientific Approaches and Therapeutical Implications Including Smartphone Addiction
by Christian Montag, Martin Reuter
Springer International Publishing, 2017

Depending on the outcomes of these studies, Internet Gaming Disorder may or may not become an officially recognized disorder in future editions of the DSM.

“Moral Combat: Why the War on Violent Video Games Is Wrong” by Patrick M. Markey, Christopher J. Ferguson
from Moral Combat: Why the War on Violent Video Games Is Wrong
by Patrick M. Markey, Christopher J. Ferguson
BenBella Books, Incorporated, 2017

Such studies have prompted the World Health Organization to propose a new mental disorder labeled “gaming disorder.”

“Management Today: Best Practices for the Modern Workplace” by Terri A. Scandura, Kim Gower
from Management Today: Best Practices for the Modern Workplace
by Terri A. Scandura, Kim Gower
SAGE Publications, 2019

Taking such studies into account, “Internet Gaming Disorder” was added to the Appendix of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5, American Psychiatric Association 2013).

“Game User Experience And Player-Centered Design” by Barbaros Bostan
from Game User Experience And Player-Centered Design
by Barbaros Bostan
Springer International Publishing, 2020

As more and more research is conducted on the condition, including identifying the factors associated with gaming addiction, there is the possibility that IGD will become an official diagnosis of a mental health problem according to the APA.

“From Smartphones to Social Media: How Technology Affects Our Brains and Behavior” by Mark Carrier
from From Smartphones to Social Media: How Technology Affects Our Brains and Behavior
by Mark Carrier
ABC-CLIO, 2018

Pathological gaming as a syndrome suffers from some of the same issues as internet addiction; that is to say, a lack of clear standards in diagnosing, defining, and measuring the phenomenon.

“Encyclopedia of Mental Health” by Howard S. Friedman
from Encyclopedia of Mental Health
by Howard S. Friedman
Elsevier Science, 2015

Internet gaming disorder explains unique variance in psychological distress and disability after controlling for comorbid depression, OCD, ADHD, and anxiety.

“Video Game Influences on Aggression, Cognition, and Attention” by Christopher J. Ferguson
from Video Game Influences on Aggression, Cognition, and Attention
by Christopher J. Ferguson
Springer International Publishing, 2018

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  • 2:34 sleep patterns???? But if we have to work all night, then it is ok!
    the smart people show up to comment. The real gamers have no clue this is a real thing.

  • Gaming addiction is real. It was my escape growing up. Anyone out there ignoring their problems, you can reach out to me. Best of luck

  • I’m actually offended by this video u can be addicted to anything but why blame it on games these people are probably lazy people who can’t look after their children

  • When you think that having a child is going to affect your playing and not the other way, that’s when you’re messed up and need help.
    I’m happy that you’ve turned you’re life around.

  • This makes me so mad. Gaming disorder is fake they are just fun things to do. This is ridiclous they should use their time researching important things then just saying this about video games.

  • It’s a hobby.
    Not a reason to nag your children to try and spend every moment with you.
    If you have a problem with it it’s easy to quit, then solve said problem.
    Don’t try to pinpoint all your problems on gaming because it’s easier than actually targeting the real problems (of which some you caused). Would it be fair to make up a “being an invasive parent disorder” because you invade their private lives for hours on end? No, it wouldn’t. So you deal with your own problems and only try to “help” when necessary, and we will do the same.

  • What about social media? Facebook? Twitter? Instatgram? I guess those
    are totally fine. Hopfully, the next one will be attention seeking
    addiction is an illness for girls…

  • This makes me so mad. Gaming disorder is fake they are just fun things to do. This is ridiclous they should use their time researching important things then just saying this about video games.

  • Video games are my escape from the real world, away from all the stress in life, listen NEWS i fuckin hate life, video gaming helps me stay happy, the WHO can take this disorder and shove it up there fucking ass, quit taking away everything we fucking love, it BS leave everyone alone

  • This makes me so mad. Gaming disorder is fake they are just fun things to do. This is ridiclous they should use their time researching important things then just saying this about video games.

  • This is basically a Scandinavian propaganda video to shit on video games. These are obviously people with serious life problems. This is not even close to the majority of gamers. People can have a productive life and play games just how people can have a productive life and watch movies or watch sports on TV.

  • Video game addiction exists folks, but you dont have it just because you play games. You most likely have it when games are impacting your normal life in a bad way. I also dislike the fear mongering of the media, but there is nothing wrong to include it in the ICD

  • Well, if anything, it is thanks to video games that I never been in trouble with the law since it limit my exposures to society’s dangers.

  • So I’m mentally ill for dealing with my depression with video games, thats bad? Then ill just become an alcoholic or smoke like you boomers, shut up

  • oh i read books for 6 plus hours a day to the point that i ignore everyone around me
    so is book reading also an addiction
    watching to much tv is an addiction
    listen 2 to much music is an addiction
    enjoying to many cute things is an addiction lol not really or is it?

    so whats next
    oh its normal to get a sex change as transgender is no longer classified as a mental illness
    clown earth this world is a joke try laughing at it all an stop taking everything so seriously

  • Its because of fortnite people have became to addicted to it that the fact that everyone has to blame the entire gaming industry all because of 1 game that people only played for a couple of months

  • For some people……video games are the only good things in their lives…..People are sociopaths by nature….they can be abusive…corrupt…Think of the holocaust, war, terrorism, rape, pedophilia, slavery…..What are victims of criminals supposed to do? Associate with other people? Even after what they did to people like me? That is the last thing I or anyone in my situation would want…..Video games help me exist….I don’t have suicidal thoughts-trust me and thank the video games. Which do you prefer? A dead kid, or a happy kid who plays a little too much video games?

  • At the end of the day. If a child isn’t doing their homework, ect. It’s their parent’s fault for being incompetent, not videogames

  • Glad I don’t game anymore. But I realize I’ve sorta replaced it with music (headphones), reddit, social media, and YouTube. Nah, fuck this. Not me.

  • Everythings a mental health disorder to the media the elites are just mad that people would rather game or watch a movie then pay attention to their nonsense politics.

  • Ahhh fuck these people man. We all have enjoyments an we all like experiencing them feeling again An again. People are making career An futures off of these games. The guy just had his priorities for the games an decided to get help because he wanted to stop. That was him re evaluating his priorities an making a different call. It’s not an addiction it’s a popular choice.

  • You are putting Nintendo and YouTubers out of business. With the “ ‘Gaming disorder’ now designated as mental health condition” thing

  • Hahahaahahahahahahaahahahahah this is the funniest thing in the world you know it should be a world record of the funniest joke the whole world

  • Yeah, yeah blame videogames yet again for shitty parenting. Listen nobody pay attention to this bullshit, if you’re a doctor or studying to be one, don’t fucking consider them mentally ill if a fucking child loves videogames. Don’t turn a hobby into something that is going to be seen as a fucking illegal drug. If you want to blame anyone, I say again blame the parents for not setting limits on gaming when kids are younger and for not encouraging their child to find other hobbies or instill into them a desire to go and do other things. If people playing videogames is a mental illness now, what about their parents who sit infront of the fucking TV all day while their kids play their games? This is by far the most idiotic “medical discovery” I’ve ever heard. Fuck off with that shit and let people enjoy their fucking games you dimwits. On another note videogames do WAY more good than harm, they have been studied to show people who play games improve in their social skills, have increased mental cognition, good reflexes, and it help’s relieve stress. To back peddle on all of that and just give mainstream media a big fat fucking cock to suck on as it agrees with their agenda on targeting anything to do with videogames. I am this upset because this is a fucking attack on a community of millions that encompass a vast majority or people from many ethnicities and cultures, and to say those who love the appeal and lifestyle this massive community makes is “mentally ill” then just rip apart your fucking PHD’s your Doctorates, just stop being a medical professional because you are grossly incorrect.

  • Glad to see some peps have a sense of humour but real talk naming it a “disorders” just to profit off multitrillion world wide industry; well played doc

    have you ever had a hobby that you enjoyed so much that you for got to eat somthing or thought it was a escape in reality to decompress from work?? Focus should be why people try to escape to different reality not labelling them as potential addicts or homicide its 2019 we still have this religion type of belief?? WHO no pun intended are you to tell me that i have no self control? i work out at 6 in the morning go to work 9 to7 and come home while at work i even think about gaming and i just crash and play video game on weekends and no im not married leave the marriage out of this!! Leave famliy matter to Famliy experts there is actually a doctors and counselors for that not some rich organization trying to make a new PhD to set back humanity as a whole

  • sometimes I feel like im horribly addicted the stories, like after I finish one I immediately start looking for another one. and if a story isn’t finished ill think about it the entire day till ive finish. im even still thinking of stories ive read years ago and even tho I know I should use my time for better things its difficult to close the computer.

  • Isn’t this kinda irrelevant since streaming and esports are big now?
    Sure if u re just wasting time playing games its bad.
    But you can waste time in any field.
    Dota pros and various streamers are earning enormous amount of money from playing video games.

  • It’s interesting to see how there were other issues going on for the players. The father was trying to be special and good at something, the wookie was getting an emotional connection from her non emotional boyfriend, the assassin lost his brother and used the game from school to de-stress when hew wasn’t playing. I’m glad to hear they started working on those issues.

  • Probably the most accurate description of video game addiction I’ve seen in a while, one that doesn’t have crazed newscasters or clickbait parents with “does YOUR child play Fortnite?” articles, and fear-mongering stats about violent video games.

  • I’ve been playing games since the mid 80’s on and off and agree that it’s a way to escape the harsh reality of life. For me the worst feeling is when you realize what you’re doing is making you feel worse. One day I realized this and deleted my Warcraft character’s and gave away my bank alt guild and gold, it still took a couple years for the feeling of wanting to play to go away. Everything in moderation

  • Are you kidding me? I think you guys have no clue why people game in the first place. First off just to make things clear gaming is like any form of entertainment like watching a show or watching a movies therefore to call gaming a disorder is like calling binge watching movies and television show a disorder. People have many reason why they game just like people who like watching certain television shows or movies do. What I find it ironic is that you are saying gaming causes distress to the one playing. That literally makes no sense. Because there’s a lot of people who game specifically to relieve stress from long day of school or work. Now I not going to go in the details how gaming is beneficial for people because you can find that online pretty easy.

    Now if you’re saying that people who play games like 10 hours straight have problems than I would agree. But that’s minority of the gamer out there that play games that long of duration. Most gamers only play about 2 hours max just for fun which I do.The problem is that you’re calling out that gamers just like myself have a mental disorder. Calling some form of entertainment a mental disorder entirely isn’t justified.

    I mean literally my grandmother used to play Nintendo games when she was gaming with Nintendo NES way back than in the 1980’s and she old like her 60’s. She did it because she found playing mario really fun and I bet she wasn’t spending all of her day on just that. Are you going to say she has mental disorder.

    If anything mental disorder in digital age it’s over use of social media platform because everyone now in days are actually really addicted to that. There’s infact clear science that using social media makes you more antisocial, it give negative behavior throughout the day and can even lead to depression. Hmm I wonder why you don’t consider social media usage mental disorder there’s literally more users use social media than there is playing games. Go on a train or public space you will see most people not gaming but instead twitting about their day and not paying attention to their surroundings. People who use social media sometimes don’t even sleep for checking out what goes on their feeds. This ridiculous honestly I hope the World Health Organization realizes how wrong they were about this. Just because you guys don’t like gaming and think it leads mental disorders doesn’t mean it is, you guys have to have facts back that up. Also you guys have to stop being biased because you guys hammered gaming since you guys do not game and didn’t hammered the real addiction of social media since you guys use such thing. This is ridiculous..

  • If I have a disorder, fine. Then let me apply for federal disability, get money, and parking plaque so I can park in spots for disabled people.

  • Games don’t ruin lives, people ruin their lives with games. Hate when people say “X” game ruined my life for 5 years. Don’t get me wrong, I played 6-8 hours of WoW most days during my first 2 years of undergrad, and I totally sympathize, but you can’t get out of it without taking some responsibility.

  • baseless, also SOURCES PLEASE! games have taught me too look in every nook a cranny for the truth, so forgive my ‘disease’ if you come across as a mouthpiece of ‘conceived facts’

    Also, as gaming has around 2 billion consumers and is the biggest market in the world in terms of media entertainment i guess it makes sense for Psychologists to invent this disease in order to capitalise on all the misinformed parents who take there kid to therapy the dollar signs ching much like the loot boxes of AAA titles in the eyes of these hacks.

    Also lets look at how the world is portraying itself and realise that kids maybe spend most of there time indoors for parents are fearful of leaving children out of there sights, particularly in big cities like London where the media portrays a lawless land of knives’ and gangs’. also social media has made IRL contacts much less convenient and with every kid age 8+ now having a social media account of some form they are under much more pressure then previous generations to fit in leading to higher rates of depression and suicide/ self harm

    So you raise a population of Facebook depressed teens who’s image and social status are scrutinised by every like, upvote and retweet. over bearing parents who don’t leave them out of there control and then you put them in front of something where none of that matters and expect them not to escape there abysmal outlook on life and the future?

    Please, you want to save these kids from disorders, just refuse them a social media account. i dont have one closed it down years ago, best decision ever. i have more time for games:D

  • I find with any addiction you don’t realise you’re addicted until it’s too late, you’ll wake up one day and realise most of your friends have forgotten who you are, or you realise you spent more time gaming then you did with your family. You might choose your addiction over your girlfriend or going to a party. You might realise you’ve spent thousands of dollars on alcohol and that you’ve been going on nights out every weekend just to get drunk sometimes even on your own. You’ll just come to a realization one day that you’ve made a mess of your life and you’ll feel ashamed of yourself for letting your addiction get this far when think about all the progress you could’ve done it that time wasted, but hey we’re all young and stupid once and if you’re having a good time doing it more power to you, but when it starts burning away your money, time with family, social life and even work life, it’s time to put the pad,bottle or cigarette down.

  • video game addiction > video game disorder > video game disease

    -_seriously? this organizations credibility in my eyes tanked when you started supporting transgender myths and lies like being assigned a gender at birth.

    now? now your credibility is about to hit rock bottom with me.

    stop moving the goal post, you quacks!

    now…onto this video.

    2:06 wipe that shit eating grin off your face!

  • I don’t think that many people who commented here listened to the entire video or understood what is being said. He explained the difference between a gaming behaviour (a hobby as people called in comments) and gaming disorder (an addiction that negatively affects someone’s life). Same as there are people who drink alcohol and are not alcoholics and then there is a small number of people who develop an alcohol use disorder. So, this small number of people who develop these rare disorders need treatments, need programs, they need help. Making it an official disorder will help with developing these programs and making it available to those who need them, to those who are suffering, to those who want to get help.

  • HAHAHA you might want to disable comments… and fire this asshat lmao what an idiot… People play video games because it’s an escape from the world, and entertaining! It requires actual skill. This might actually win the most downvoted video on youtube! GG rewind 2018.

  • Whatever….. everyone has pointless hobbies that they enjoy, that is the meaning of life (Enjoyment). Is fishing for 10hours pointless…. yes? but plenty of older people have no issue with that…. is sailing a boat pointless…. yes? But a lot of people like doing it? Gaming is the same, its something that bring joy to millions of people… its cheap and easy to get into. Yes people take it too far, but ultimately they are in-control…. there is no physical addiction to games…. you can stop with 0 side effects….. unlike drugs ect… so its not actually an addiction.

  • ” “The statement of the International Preparatory Commission may be summarised as follows;
    Studies of human development indicate the modifiability of human l behaviour throughout life, especially during infancy, childhood and adolescence, by human contacts.
    Examination of social institutions in many countries shows that these also can be modified.
    These newly recognised possibilities provide the basis for improving human relations, for releasing constructive human potentialities and for modifying social institutions for the common good…….Thus prejudice, hostility or excessive nationalism may become deeply embedded in the developing personality without awareness on the part of the individual concerned, and often at great human cost.”

    “Perhaps the most important contribution of the social sciences in their joint approach to the urgent problems facing mankind is the recognition of the plasticity of human behaviour and social institutions and of the resistance of each to change. In order to be effective, efforts at changing individuals must be appropriate to the successive stages of the unfolding personality, while in the case of a group or society, change will be strongly resisted unless an attitude of acceptance has first been * engendered”

    {Engendered Try engineered…} en2 (also em-)
    prefix within; inside: encyst | endemic | embolism | empyema.
    Greek genēs ‘-born, of a specified kind,’ from gen(root of gignomai ‘be born, become,’ genos ‘a kind’ beget )
    “Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship. World citizenship can be widely extended among all peoples through the applications of the principles of mental health.
    The concept of world citizenship implies loyalty to the whole of mankind. Such new loyalty need not conflict but rather embraces traditional loyalties to family, community and nation, which alone are no longer sufficient for the protection of the interdependent peoples of the world.””

  • Do they really understand games? or media culture? how about sns? internet? golf? football? that standards fit all of the people who focus on one thing.

  • Maybe we should ask why are some people fleeing to a game world? Is it not reasonable to do so when born into a world with un-written and un-fair rules, permanent consequences for any mistakes (unless your born one of 0.01% who are wealthy), and there is nothing effective you can do about it that is (within the law/rules). What if you are born poor and no mater how hard you work (as making others rich) you will always be poor and in debt. You can only beat a person so many times before they stop caring. Video games can be a temporary escape or reprieve from the lash of life

  • I hated playing League but I played it anyway to the point to where I blew off my girlfriend constantly and we eventually broke up. Still refuse to play any videogames besides the occasional 30 minutes of Banished if I really have nothing to do. Shit sucks because it caused me to neglect what I needed for a game that I didn’t enjoy playing.

  • Quite awhile ago there was a game that I was really addicted to and would play for hours but one day I realized I was playing it for too long so I stopped playing it so much simple but I guess some people out there don’t have that self control and now have to have video game addiction as a disorder

  • Wow from a glimpse i can be considered addicted… i play when i know im bored of video games but i just like getting on to talk to my friend, sometimes i play a game that i actually enjoy playing whilst talking with him. But im very very fortunate that i have friends and family very close. To those who have an addiction. Its fine to play 30 hours or at whatever time. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember games are there to have fun. if you get bored and it feels like a chore to plays videogames then just leave and do what you want. Your not obligated to doing anything you dont want to.

  • I like the expression of the games that hooked them. Interesting how they are all MMOs. EverQuest, Star Wars: Galaxies, and World of Warcraft. I think it’s interesting how these addictions are obvious in MMOs. People replace their life with this virtual one. However, I think it hides that many people are addicted to shooters or racers or any other game. It doesn’t seem as obvious because they don’t have this whole other life, but there are a lot of people who spend 30+ hours a week playing COD. Video game addiction is real and pervasive.

  • i stopped gaming when i was 16 years old. i was fine at first but i started to have withdrawal systems. I felt giddy at times and even un-content with myself. Felt like i was wasting, had difficulty staying awake even when i slept a full 7-9 hours of sleep. So i turned to drugs, thanks to drugs i am no longer addicted gaming. Thank you drugs for turning my life around

  • Let me get this straight, your new world order coportate cohorts who create the games and sell them to kids to hook children for their profit are mentally sound.
    WHO and UN have a disorder.

  • Yeah the irony of this post (oops, the one below about youtube addiciton and then watching this doc) on watching a doc on gaming addiction! There’s something intriguing about the frame that a screen provides, the “boxing in of reality” that excludes everything out side the frame. Why is our attention captivated within the screen, a Siren for it? There’s a “primary” reality going on all around the frame, and what’s within the frame is STILL based on primary reality. What is the disaffection the gloom -with it (it only “migrates” into gaming, drugs, etc), and then why is a boxed in frame (even a whole gaming world) more appealing for a while? There’s the idea of “getting somewhere” (e.g. game levels, college degrees) that maybe is the same as what we used “out there” for, but it hasn’t worked out for the world. And addicts are the ones who show this most graphically, going “into” screens, and putting drugs “inside”, and boxing oneself into one behavior like gambling and sex. But in/out duality is fake. The “out there” was always a game, that like this doc, when based on getting becomes disheartening. Family, education, jobs, money, can all be empty when I think I am based on them (need them). But filling those holes can feel “full”filling, and drugs and gaming can provide that “filling” feeling faster (but not long, and less and less). It’s a hard message, within this primary reality or its screen-contained virtual ones, that presence is all I am and I am already creating this present scenario, whether it’s “primary” reality or the game scenario. It’s my unwitting identificaiton as a separate avatar that is disaffecting. It HAS to get it’s separate! But if we-as-presence admit THAT primary disaffection, that admission reformats everything no matter where/when that admission happens. Primary reality is no better. If that admission happens in gaming addiction that is more real than the zombified primary reality. BUT, primary reality is our most shared oned, where we can walk among any remaining zombies and GIVE the one presence we AllReady share. No game or screen can be more fun than ALREADY BEING IT no levels or alliances to attain and sharing from within the game THAT centeredness. And the avatars will live out their life more peacefully their “getting needs” seen to be more readily filled than by the seeking while identified AS an avatar. Then all the youtube videos, gaming, drugs, etc we will not be victim of, but let them be used as we find us-Presence using them. We won’t unconsiously be framed in ourselves (as consciousness boxed in by a body) and driven to find the right frame for us to be happy in. We’ll join everything, here and now, and give ourselves gladly AS the here and now because there are no frames or borders.

  • People get addicted to everything. Literally, everything. The only reason this has come to light and been accepted into the official textbooks is because of it’s prevelance and popularity as a topic over the last decade or more. The actual threat of video games as an addictive device is just as much of a threat as anything else, and I personally see this as part of the circle-jerk to further demonize video games in the eyes of the general, non-gamer public.

  • Pre-COVID -19: The World Health Organization made video game addiction an official mental health disorder. (USA Today)
    During-COVID-19: Games industry companies have a global audience we encourage all to ​PlayApartTogether. (USA Today)

  • So if I started of playing football then I drop it because I’m more interested golf, that’s bad?
    You know professional video gaming’s a thing right?

  • Lmfao and apparently social media isn’t a disorderif you guys want to outright attack gaming as a whole, please be fair to others as well

  • This resonates with me a lot, my dad had a gaming addiction to distract himself from being with my mom, which he hated. He would play World of Warcraft every single day after he got home, and on his days off he would be playing it nonstop. If we walked in and tried to talk to him, he would yell, and it would be even worse if he died while we were trying to talk to him. He would play for hours and hours and hours, wouldn’t talk to us at all so we all tried to play the game too, to connect with him more. He basically made us into his own little miners, he would go to work and he said we could play the game as long as we would do his mining route in Sholazar Basin for titanium back in WotLK. We would do this for him, it seemed like he didn’t even really care about us, and this lasted from late vanilla early tbc to about midway through Mists. He moved onto other games, and it wasn’t until I was 16 (he started when I was around 7-8) that he realized he had a problem, and that he had been absent for the majority of our lives. Wouldn’t come to any events of ours, no concerts, no sports games, nothing like that. Eventually my mother divorced him, but he cried when he realized it, and he vowed to be a better father. He hasn’t gotten back to a normal life, though. He gets home from work and the immediately jumps onto Diablo 3 until he goes to sleep. He recognizes he has a problem but he thinks he’s too old to fix it, since he’s going into his 60s. He figures he’ll be dead soon anyway, so there’s no point in fixing it. It’s a very sad thing, what this can do to you. It’s very much real, and this video is a very nice way to open people’s eyes to it.

  • Im a gamer and i use games to make freinds and be happy cause im bullied in school and out of school

    Plus i get better at school from games

    You dont think about the good things about it

  • Wow, did any of the angry commenters stop for a second to listen to what the video actually says? Not everything is or can be a disorder. And nobody is attacking your hobby-merely acknowledging that a kind of pathology arises from self-destructive gaming behavior. Duh.

  • Can’t tell for sure whether I am addicted or not. Probably yes. On the other hand not sure if there is any other way. Even for these guys. What else could they do given all the circumstances? Is it really their choice, whether the circumstances shift to a critical moment where a change is possible. When you gain enough willpower or hope to take the jagermeister and spill it then move in different direction to something you probably have noticed recently.

    Let’s say I stop playing video games right now at all, nothing is going to change. Same shithole, same “no-power”, nothing at reach. Isn’t it better to preserve some joy and happiness in life than going mad through pure suffering until the right moment comes? Would I be correct if addiction is a way of waiting the storm out, trying to preserve sanity?

  • Unfortunately, the dislike ratings reflect how deep is the addiction is going though people’s minds. I know enormous number of families are suffering from this disorder whether the member is a husband or child. My parents helped me to survive from this illness or drug addiction similar to alcohol or drug addiction. Gamers after playing video games constantly, will start having terrible symptoms such as: isolation, mind degradation, foolishness…….
    The main reason of why gamers have such narrow mind or less intelligence because when mind is moving with the game instead of the body constantly, it will create a dilemma in the brain because of your body still fixed and your mind is moving with game, which would cause brain damage similar to what the health organization says about this illness. Please dont do my parents mistake and don’t buy a video game to your child because of you love him instead let him learn a sport play guitar read book or watch movie……. so you can save his life from becoming a loser playing video games in your garage or basement in his 30’s please.
    Gaming industry is a huge market with lot of money like billions, but this market is similar to any type of substance disorder like drugs or alcohol.

  • If you struggle with a video game addiction there are thousands of people out there who are willing to support you. You’re not alone.

  • The first time I played fortnite I played it a lot because it was new people were playing it and I didn’t feel alone but that first time I clutched a squad win my friends and me exploded into joy and I felt wanted so I kept playing and got better than all my friends and I kept winning kept being needed and wanted so I started to ignore life at school no matter how good I did nobody liked talking to me or congratulated me for anything I was the outcast the one that nobody cared if I was there but with the games it was different people asked me questions wanted my help to get a win and I liked it so I continued to do this but after time the game got boring I got so good I didn’t have to try so I stopped getting better and people started to catch up and I wasn’t needed anymore but I kept playing just hoping that I would get that clutch win and people would care again so I did this for almost 3 years getting home from school and playing till I went to bed after a while I stopped playing fortnite but I look back and I realize I didn’t even realize I did that for 3 years but I wasn’t even having fun just ignoring my family and friends and I will be 18 in 3 years and I’m scared I have no more time don’t ignore it like me get help if your addicted

  • Only 3%. I’m one of the 3% and have been heavily addicted for almost 3 years. It is a real thing. For most it’s not. It really isn’t. But like alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming can definitely have similar effects.

  • ABC listen I was sick with the flu my nurse at my school asked me “ do you play video games” my response was yes she tried to talk my mom into taking all my stuff electronically away for a month and here I am 1 day later on my phone and PlayStation good try. Ps is been playing for 7 years and I see all the time people trying to Blaine video games for everything and I expect my disability cheek

  • You can call me a hater and you can call me an idiot but i do not take this very seriously at all. These “stories” all sound made up by a team of people trying to replicate what “gaming addiction” is like. It is a real thing but its not a mental disorder, its an emotional disorder. Im not hating on this video but i cant help but realize that all of these stories are missing a real personal touch and instead feel like i can see the man who said (what if we did the subject of school grades getting bad with gaming and then getting better once they stopped) im not trying to expose or call out the makers of this but i very much doubt these stories come from any real gamer. I understand what this video is meant to do but i do not like the false claim of real people. It should have been titled (Here are a few examples of gaming addiction shown in a way that might appeal to gamers better then a big page of text)

  • whats better then gaming is love with your girlfriend/boyfriend it can be one of the best things to have and to know that that person knows you and you need to spend a lot more time with them or this 8:22 will happend but i love gaming but i would put family first and job 2nd and gaming 3rd

  • But I was a good school kid I never called in sick because my mom I would be in trouble because I was an only child back then but when I have a little sister when she grew up we play game with each other it was fun but not all the time.

  • The old game is empty because of New game and gaming devices one are developed and it looks fun and popular so other people flock to it like a magnet which is true my first game experience was a flying shooter game on a old computer that my dad own I used to play on it for some time with game CD with a learning concept it was really fun so that’s how I was addicted to playing other cool games I enjoyed it.

  • apparently, there are gaming disorders. but apparently, TRANS people, PEOPLE WHO ARE BORN THE OPPOSITE GENDER THAT THEY THINK THEY ARE. IS COMPLETELY NORMAL EH?

  • Back in 2007/2008 i sat 12-18h/day playing TBC. I was aware that i played too much but what else could i do? I had no job nor girlfriend and i was one of the best mages at the server during this time. I had fun, extremely fun. I still play WoW but on a much smaller scale but who knows how it will end when Blizzard are releasing Classic this autumn….

  • Lol interesting waste of time documenting this…people can become addicted to alcohol, harmful substances, healthy subatances/activities, creatively imaginative and strategic social games and various forms of technology..shocker! Who fucking cares, is anything being done to make reality a more livable place? No? Then stfu or help people.
    Oh no you have a pregnant girlfriend and that might make you regret your situation and take time away from your passion/addiction..yeah that’s life and deal with it. I dont see a single case of someome gaming to such an extent that they lose their homes, family and jeopardized their health. Ive heard of one kid (if its true) that didnt stop gaming for a few days without rest and died but seriously that was just a stupid mistake on his part and I dont recall addiction being part of was just a gaming marathon with circumstances that dramatically affected his health and he didnt know what would happen.

  • I’m kinda scared by this video. I feel like I should not even touch my computer because a large organisation declares it to be a disorder. Has anyone tried to stop for a period of time? Is it better? Do u get bored?

  • Yeah i can understand these points, i mean in all seriousness the world we live in is a complete shit heap. Humans are probably some of the shittiest animals on this rock and mostly the reason for each others misery. As someone on the outside looking in, sorta feel bad but meh. Thats life lol. “We could build each others houses, but what would i get out of it… We could give each other food, but what do i get out of it. By the way see this shitty line on this map and this crappy square with colours and symbols. Ill kill you for it”. Thats humanity deal with it.

  • I read a lot of accounts and interestingly I believe I have a different reason to love gaming so much… Which some of you creatives might share.

    From 5 to 10 I played lego all the time. I would build the new piece my parents bought me, play with it “as intended” for a while, then build my own stuff.
    When Potery and other activities like those would come up at school i was so happy, I’d let my imagination run. Writting essays was a great pleasure for me, while most other kids dreaded the exercise.

    But video games where just sooooo good at captivating my mind.
    I’d start playing SC2 just because I imagined strategies around certain units.
    Same for CoH 2, Dow, Dow 2…
    I played LoL for 5 years and got to Diamond 2 playing unorthodox builds and non meta champions.
    Sank a thousand hours in different Total Wars trying out different army compositions.
    I quit engineering school, went thru depression, massive video game addiction…
    All the while I was “fluent” in playing the piano, but creating music is such a hassle compared to trying out a new build in LoL for example…

    Oddly enough, when I discovered Dr. Mew my life turned around completely, my curiosity led me to waking up to the fakeness of history, the realness of spirituality, the truths behind health, diet, many things I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon.
    I’m about to go to Australia start my life again with my best friend. (We’re french, 24yo)

    The itch has not gone away, video games give you infinite opportunities to be creative, with very little effort required (especially when you are an experienced gamer, you get good at new games pretty fast, it’s like learning a new instrument in less than a week, especially since the drive to do so is insanely powerfull!!)

    To quench my thirst I read Marcus Aurelius’s Mediations, read accounts of people who got addicted, such as this video…
    I think I’ll learn to play Go. It doesn’t have the chemical and psychological triggers that video games have (at least not to the same extent), but it’s infinitely deep, and seems to be a beautifull way of expressing creativity while having to work for it.
    I’ve also installed FL Studio, just need to correct some latency issues when playing the piano and gonna make some beats with my best friend (who can’t play music but has a very good ear).

    I’m excited about the rest of my life, even after losing so many hours to gaming, the lessons I’ve learned from it are absolutely worth it.
    I’m sure many of us share this thrist for creativity, it’s very human after all. Don’t be afraid / doubt that you can create / model your own real life, I’m absolutely positive today that it’s not BS.
    We’re doing it all the time.

  • We live in a society where playing video games is considered a mental disorder, but cutting your dick off and pretending your a girl is expressing yourself

  • I like purchasing new video games, but I never find it pleasing to play them like I do with the one game I always come back too. It’s like I force myself to get into the gaming scene, but I no longer feel that feel good moment like I used to when I was a teenager. I played with friends and family and eventually it would just be me against the world. Alone. The game I always come back too is For Honor at the moment and I love this game because, for me, it’s a game I know I can enjoy and entertain myself for a good hour or two and get back to important things that matter most. It’s a fix to suppress my addiction, and I like it this way because I have enough time to enjoy other things other than video games.

  • I mean, I’m 15. I have friends, I go out sometimes etc but if I’m not doing that I’m playing on a Minecraft server and I have a sort of god-like status on there so it makes me feel liked (of course there are people that despise me but whatever) I don’t think it’s an addiction but I’m willing to take anyone’s opinion on my hobby and if it’s an addiction. There’s a lot of other reasons why, like my life is unhappy generally (and I don’t think it’s clinical depression it’s just sadness from like, events with my first and only love that happened nearly two years ago) but yeah, idk if that’s normal or not but oh well I’m young ����‍♂️

  • I just want to say, that when I was growing up in school life was difficult for me. I hated myself, I hated my life and video games saved me. I was able to experience and learn things, meet incredible people, and look forward to something. I know video game addiction is real, but you know I just remember coming home from school and playing games. People will see that as a problem, like why didn’t I get involved? Go out and do things..
    Well that was hard because I had depression, anxiety. I was young and felt trapped. and had to deal with school bullies…
    Escaping into the video games helped me, otherwise I don’t know if i’d still be here…
    I love video games, it stimulates my creativity, and my imagination. it’s limitless there.
    I agree though, that your life should be balanced. I’ve learned to focus on myself, but never lose the things you enjoy doing. life is too short. if it makes you happy, do it

  • I recently got back into Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, and got ridiculously addicted. When you’re addicted like this, nothing else in the world seems to matter. Yet after playing for 5 hours straight, you’re not exactly happy because you know you shouldn’t be spending your time like this.

    It’s tough. I think it’s important to have other things going on in life, and step back every once in a while to re-examine priorities.

  • I know I’m late but I’ll still type this comment, I’m swedish myself so do not get angry if you see any spelling mistakes.

    I like to think that people play games to escape reality but then again games are so much more, from my name and profile picture you can probably see Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2
    That game made me feel so much, I was laughing at the jokes and crying over some scenes even.

    You can get addicted to anything, to watching movies to playing games to even have the best grades in school or to eat or blah blah blah there’s so much.

    People should try to balance their lives of course but just like everything else games have much meaning too
    People who make games put so much time in them and often their love too

    I like this though, it is the truth but you have to know that the word game doesn’t stand for bad.

    But now everyone plays games, kids and adults and it’s getting worse since the world is how it is.
    But that’s the way it is I guess, again games mean a lot too. You can have much of everything and not just games, enjoy yourself and play a lot but think about the people you love and other things you love to do.

  • I can confirm gaming addiction is a mental disorder, my brother keeps playing and screaming while playing games past midnight that even the neighbors can hear him, we’ve told him to keep it down but disregards whatever we say and continues with the same behavior.

  • The amount of evidence and studies opposing the idea of implementing a gaming disorder in the WHO are not irrelevant and should not be ignored the studies started by this organization are simply a waste of everyone’s time and money!!!

  • This is why i don’t play online multiplayer games, single player non online games are more manageable and you don’t get drawn in and absorbed as much, once a single player game ends, it stops and you move on.

  • I returned to a Minecraft server recently, it was an avatar type server and it was really fun in like 2014 or whenever the show was going on. It used to be full of people, but when I returned it was pretty much dead. My old base was there and was raided. There were only around 14 people there, was truly sad. Everything had died ��

  • So if I play games for 4 hours a day It’s a disorder. if I watch netflix for 4 hours it’s okay because that’s what normied do right?

  • I grew up playing games. I didn’t have a lot of friends and got picked on a lot. I fell in love with SNES and PS JRPGs. They gave me the stories and experiences I was missing in life. I played a lot, but it didn’t really cause any problems. When I was in college, I got addicted to Guild Wars. Again, I was still able to function fine most of the time. When I graduated, however, I fell into gaming addiction HARD. I would wake up and log in. I would be there until I was too tired to continue. I ignored all my friends and the girlfriend I was living with. I barely ate. I moved back with my parents and felt like a total loser. It took years to get back to a point where I felt any confidence. Then I got sucked into games again and neglected friends all over again. I’ve been able to manage it for a while now. I remember how disappointed I felt losing whole days to gaming. I began feeling accomplishment from doing small tasks around my apartment. Fixing things, building things, cleaning. I’ve actually been able to play games for a few hours here and there again, and not get completely sucked in.

  • Pre-COVID -19: The World Health Organization made video game addiction an official mental health disorder. (USA Today)

    During-COVID-19: We’re at a crucial moment in defining outcomes of this pandemic. Games industry companies have a global audience we encourage all to ​PlayApartTogether. (USA Today)

  • omg how horrible, people that are singled out and don’t have a social life, connect with their computers more, than they do with their loved ones,which in term, makes everything worse… woww how shocking!

  • w-h-o:playing video games is a mental dissorder
    also w-h-o: thinking that you belong either to the opposite or any of the imaginary genders is perfectly normal.

  • Generally, this pisses me off big time. We cannot simply let some opinionated organization discourage us from gaming. It’s a way of life for many, and we should stand our ground for it.

  • I have been a gamer for at least 30 years. Apart from travelling and sport activity, playing good video games is as good as reading and watching documentaries or history movies. And after all it’s better than drugs, alcohol, brothels, sex with strangers, crimes, politics, polluting, fighting or spending money on more and more food and clothes.

  • Well so now WHO passed it. Lemme comment on this old video
    On the topic of precedence, what I am concerning about is WHO precedence. Problem gambling is more impactful as you have people gambling in casinos to children drawing loot box items(and the consequences are far more bigger sometimes). Plus the last part of the video can be easily taken out of context by tabloids or any bad journalism, which is quite a commonplace nowadays.

  • Any deviation from the status quo is a disorder these days that they will happily put you on pills for.
    Also, playing games when bored, anxious or depressed is a sign of gaming disorder.

    I’m starting to side with the scientologists

  • Anyone know the games they are talking about. I dont like MMORPG, but just find it interesting to know. The big guy WOW, the girl maybe star wars themed mmo? Anyone any ideas?

  • This is more hated because some idiot chose to say something dumb this is more hated than YouTube rewind a decision is a decision and this is funny on how many people would yell out loud ����news makes propaganda and lies along with other people forcing decisions to everyone and yes no one wants to be controlled by anyone. There is no such thing as a stupid Gaming disorder that is propaganda to stop people from gaming.

  • make playing games a reward for yourself when you’re done doing your real life stuff. even if you lose your beloved MMR because your wife called you, stop the game. Just come back on it later when you have time.:)

  • I know a guy whos additcted to playing video games,doesn’t work and lives in someone else’s house.hes 35 years old,thinks the world is against him and think the world owes him everything because he’s had nothing in life.he lives in maile,oahu and quite frankly…a.professional leech

  • People just replace it with other vices, but they cant see. Some with girls, some with drugs, some with religion, we all kill ourselves in our own way.

  • is this a fictional video? if all what was mentioned is true, what are the games each individual played? i know the one guy who said he reached lvl 60 fast played probably wow

  • Why does gaming need to be singled out? It’s just addiction. Addiction to anything can be bad. If you have addiction of any kind get help or start limiting yourself. Labeling this disorder just gives parents and uninformed people something to point to and makes them think the games are the problem.

  • After playing wow, LoL, and TF2 for a solid 10 years of my life (13-23) I finally realized that I had a problem. When I was younger my sister and I took turns playing wow on a single laptop. I played when I got home from school until I slept, and she played from when I went to bed until the early morning like around 6AM. I used to have such a strong addiction I would wake up early and try to convince her to sleep so I could go on before school. There were many instantces where I went through withdrawl symptoms such as on family camping trips. I would bring wow magazines about the upcoming lich king expansion and reread it front to back for the entire trip. If anyone tried to talk to me or make me do something I would be very short with them and try to get the tasks done as soon as possible to get back to the magazine. I didnt do anything creative that I loved to do such as drawing or playing piano anymore because there was no time for it after spending 8-10 hours a day playing games.

    The best advice this gave was to just quit and see how it feels. I did the same a few years ago and have been enjoying my free time a lot more. I went through an existential crisis and added up my played time I had on all these games and it made me sick. Nearly a year and a half of my life was gone and it didnt seem possible.

    Creating something with your own hands is very satisfying and moving back into hobbies such as drawing and woodworking has given me a lot of joy. Reading fantasy novels before bed helps with those old desires of getting immersed into a world

  • I don’t watch ABC for shit but this time they are actually bringing up something real. All these thumbs down and comments defending video games are pathetic cause they show how serious the problem is. The only reason I know it’s a real problem is cause my exgfs son is now 24 and a complete disaster. He played video games his entire life against my advice and got nothing else accomplished. Nothing whatsoever. In fact when it came time to finally be a man around 20 and get up and at least get a job, he went completely schizophrenic, hearing voices and threatening people and stalking a lady. He got arrested for his behaviors twice and is now on forced medications which are only making him a zombie that sleeps all day. His mom is a retard cause she did not listen to me and still refuses to. boys are supposed to grow up doing activities in The Great Outdoors and doing sports and learning responsibility and yes being forced to go to school to learn discipline. she let him just stay home when he wanted which was pretty much every day playing video games and doing some kind of joke at homeschooling. and I warned her that he’s never going to learn any responsibility or discipline. So now she slaves away at multiple jobs so he can sit at home stuffing his face and pressing buttons on a controller like a zombie. His generation is fucked. Zero testosterone, homosexual, radiation box addicted zombies.

  • Clearly you are not understanding the underlying causes: A person might spend too much time listening to the same music because he’s suffering from a mental illness, or repeating the same activities that put him or her into a ‘safe zone’ as a symptom of something else (e.g. depression). Let’s just ban random stuff we don’t understandsurely people are not going to manifest the same repetitive, obsessive behaviours (which interfere with their day to day life) and channel their illness into some other media.

  • The biggest flaw is the misuse of the term ‘Violent Video Games’. There has to be considered the differences between online gaming, offline gaming and whether this supports teamwork or not.

    It is absolutely absurd to assume that a person or kid is inclined to show this specific behavior in a social situation because he participate in ‘violent video games’.. There isn’t any argument that supports this correlation nor shows any facts that people who play ‘violent video games’ have this process of thought and behavior.

    18:57 19:00
    This is NOT true. This speaker clearly has not participated in gaming and there is a huge difference between a single player game and an online multiplayer game. Behaving aggressively is not rewarded, especially considering if this is online with other people.

    42:00 42:10
    I quote: “Some parts of the game you have to work in a team. Well, that teamwork aspect, because if you think them as your friends, you are getting social support for behaving aggressively right? So maybe that increases the aggression effects. Or maybe because you are working as a team, you go in with the pro-social motivation to help your team, maybe that mitigates the aggression effects. We don’t know the answer…”

    I know the answer, play the actual game! The game in his example is entirely based on playing with (or against) other people. Nothing indicates that if you consider some players as your ‘friends’ (stated by the speaker) that you are getting social support, validation or recognition for behaving aggressively. This is not true. If he actually participated in any of the games he showed during the speech he could have known this fact. If you decide to play an online game such as he showed in his examples, you can’t expect any validation in this. Just as in real life, you are dependent on others within the game and aggressive behavior is not tolerated by any community and these players are regarded “toxic players”. The anonymity that we gain from being connected to the internet is most likely playing a role as well.

    The speaker’s argument is a fallacy and it’s throughout the entire speech.

  • Eight years for me; the first seven were spent playing at least 10 hours a day, every day. It got to be a chore. I’m finally selling my gaming computer and break that shit once and for all. “Dailies.” Ha. I was chatting with one online friend not long ago. He is a Pandaren through and through, and had a big affinity for turtles. He said he was depressed, and I asked why. He said that he had to do this one quest that involved killing turtles, to progress. So he did.

  • I’m a gamer. Yeah right… I don’t believe those nutjobs out there. Using gaming to gain public interest or favor, and money.

    I know from experience that most of that ‘mental health’ or ‘psychological’ system is a joke and most of it is pill pushing. Basically from what I’ve experienced most of those, so-called ‘psychiatrists’ and ‘psychologists’ are quacks and are cold, arrogant, false-hearted, liars, careless, mean-spirited, sinister, greedy, money-hungry, manipulative, sleazy, hypocritical, and evil. They don’t actually even know some of the things they say and will even lie toward or against people.

    Even commit perjury against people, like the female quack did, in my presence, on the stand in the courtroom. It’s not just the quacks that are the way are I described either, but also others who work in the same trash dumps. I have had other terrible experiences too.