Israeli Scientists Claim that they can Have Discovered relief from Cancer


Israeli Scientists Claim to Create Miracle Drug That Completely Cures Cancer

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How ‘cure for cancer’ claim is full of red flags

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Outlets Spread Report About Cancer Cure Without Verifying

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VERIFY: A cancer ‘cure’ within a year?

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Moffitt Cancer Center: Dr. Luca explains Israeli Scientists Claim of Cancer Cure

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Cure for cancer? Israeli scientists say they may have found one

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Verify: Have Israeli scientists really found a cure for cancer?

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What is certain is that the scientists who said they would have a cure for cancer in one year didn’t meet their goal. And that is not only a shame; it is chutzpah of the highest order,” he. Cancer experts and others in the United States and abroad were less than enthusiastic about a team of Israeli scientists’ statements that it would cure cancer in.

Cancer deaths decline 27 percent over the past 25 years, Dr. Manny attributes this to better screenings and treatments A group of Israeli scientists say a cure for cancer. JERUSALEM (JTA) — A team of scientists at a biotech company in Israel claimed that they will have a cure for cancer — all cancer — within a year.

Sadly, their claims. A team of Israeli scientists claim they will likely develop a cure for cancer in the next year, The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday. The new treatment is being developed by Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies under the leadership of CEO Dr.

Ilan Morad, according to the report. According to The Jerusalem Post, Israeli scientists say they have discovered the cure for cancer and will have it ready within a year’s time. “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer,” said Dan Aridor, from Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. JERUSALEM, Israel – A team of Israeli scientists believes it may have found the cure of all cures to finally end cancer. “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer,” said Dan Aridor, chairman of the board of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi).

A team of scientists in Israel says they’ll likely have discovered a cure for cancer in the next year. The Jerusalem Post reports the small team led. A small team of Israeli scientists think they might have found the first complete cure for cancer. “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer,” said Dan Aridor, of a new.

Foreign cancer specialists are criticizing claims by a team of Israeli researchers who say they have developed a concept that will pave the way to a.

List of related literature:

the stage to promote new tumor growth.27 Researchers in Israel had a similar finding.

“Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally” by Chris Wark
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Israeli health researchers have made significant contributions in cancer, immunology, cardiology, brain, orthopedic, plastic surgery, and the treatment of burns.

“Global Health Care: Issues and Policies” by Carol Holtz
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The second mechanism of chemical carcinogenesis, discovered by Dr. Isaac Berenblum of the Weizmann Institute in Israel, is referred to as “b two-step carcinogenesis,” or “> initiation and promotion.”

“Encyclopedia of Cancer” by Manfred Schwab
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The Israeli press hastened to publish the discovery, to great genetic joy.

“The Invention of the Jewish People” by Shlomo Sand, Yael Lotan
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Molecular anthropology meets genetic medicine to treat blindness in the north African Jewish population: Hum Gene Therapy initiated in Israel.

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Indeed, the cancer cure has been known for decades, and cancer patients need to be intelligently skeptical of any orthodox treatments still in use.

“Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses” by Brad Olsen
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What put the research on the front pages of the New York papers was that three doctors at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital refused to participate when they discovered that the informed consent form signed by the patients did not disclose that the injections contained live malignant cancer cells.

“Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America” by Gerald Posner
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But there’s no conspiracy to suppress these cancer cures in Germany.

“The Only Answer to Cancer” by Dr. Leonard Coldwell
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Biomedical research not only in Israel but in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and Morocco increasingly has incorporated Arab herbal medicine into its purview of investigation.

“Introducing Medical Anthropology: A Discipline in Action” by Merrill Singer, Hans Baer, Debbi Long, Alex Pavlotski
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In confirmation, it turns out that bacterial infections are effective in the treatment of cancer; 449 cases are cited that were cured of cancer when the patients suffered from bacterial infections.

“Cancer and the Search for Selective Biochemical Inhibitors” by E.J. Hoffman
from Cancer and the Search for Selective Biochemical Inhibitors
by E.J. Hoffman
CRC Press, 2007

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  • The greedy wont stop producing and selling cancer causing
    items!! Zantac, GMO’S, glyphosate,etc,etc,etc Zantac is a fairly new
    one discovered to cause cancer,but its been around a long long time!! It
    takes a long time for them to find out with most things,theyre too busy trying to make money!! Not to mention a
    teenager came up with a early detection test for pancreatic cancer. No
    scientist had ever discovered it!! But basically how can you cure
    something that ppl keep making and selling to the public!!

  • If they give out the data, they know that Big PHARMA druglords will come wage war on them. I will believe Israel before I believe the controlled media!

  • If they have a cure, why not praise this group of doctors instead of all the negative responses? Answer…… BIG PHARMA looking to put a stop to it

  • What works on mice does not mean the miraculous cancer treatments would work on people. Human beings have completely different immune systems than mice and we are also a lot bigger than mice.

  • Today’s doctors and pharmaceutical companies do not want, I say it again do not want to cure cancer. It’s their money maker. They been receiving money from the American public since 1950, and here these two guys in a small laboratory came up with a practical theory that needs to be proven. I am sure the pharmaceuticals have already developed this, but they will not release it! I just hope these two guys don’t get bored out by the money grabbers. ( pharmaceutical companies, and a great of doctors and surgeons)

  • This panel of “experts” call it a none story. Is any of them an actual scientist in this field? Is the fact that is already working on lab animals is a non story. Or the human trials begin in a year. Scepticism is OK, but these are propagandists

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  • Wait till the Chemo Mafia comes after the scientist who made it. They will prob say ooops we was wrong!!! Then the chemo mafia slides millions to the scientist.. Years later… Oh we was wrong… The cure wasnt effective

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  • I hope that a cure for cancer like that arrives sometime in my life before I die. It would be wonderful that this new miracle drug did cure all types of cancers at all four stages and never return again.

  • Clinical trials are often idiotic. Take a recombinant virus and develop a vaccine & then enter clinical trials. In the time it takes to test the vaccine the recombinant virus mutates!

  • To me 10 years is taking way too long to develop a drug for cancer. I always with that everything was 3 to 6 months and it was approved for all humans to use everywhere.

  • Sounds like a typical canned response from a U.S. medical “expert”. I bet this drug will turn out to be the real deal and it will not take very long to get to market in Israel. This is what U.S. citizens are up against their own medical mafia who are bleeding cancer patients dry with massive price gouging and conflicts of interests making mega billions of $$ to keep cancer patients sick. Long live Israel!! and blessings to this highly gifted scientist!

  • Yet when you go into a hospital or talk to your primary doctor about it they tell you not to believe it or don’t get your hopes up… interesting isn’t it… but in all fairness over the years they’ve said a lot of different things about different cancer drugs that have never panned out…. go figure…

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  • 7-10 years away from government approval?!? Why don’t we run a story on why it takes so long for a government to approval a cure? Imagine how many will die in those 7-10 years because the FDA is paid off by chemo companies.

  • They knew the cure since, they didn’t release it because they get more money by treating it than curing it. Heartless and greedy people

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  • Cancer treat

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  • There will never be a cure for cancer because it’s the most profitable business in the world and cures for cancer are being kept secret!!! Vitamin B17 is the cure and yet it’s banned so quickly. It’s all down to money!!! So many peaple cured cancer with vitamin b17! We live in a very corrupt world where millions of peaple die of Cancer! Cancer makes too much money for these greedy business men who are controlling this business!!!

  • No, if you want be cured, you need go to israel. Why should israel give this cure up for free. Antisemitism is on the rise worldwide. Governments do nothing to stop it. There will be no information or paperwork released, that would be very stupid. Israel gave the world the cellphone, look what the world did with it.

  • Old news we been had a cure for cancer in the U.S way back which the CIA did NOT allowed to be in practice due to BIG PROFITS!!! It’s all about money and populations control.

  • My uncle just died on Friday, November 1 and while I found out too late to help him his cancer spread like wild fire and it was too late to move him anywhere, but from August to now Nov. 2019 I found out that there are clinics in Mexico ( that have had huge success with patients in stage 4 cancer. They just celebrated 12 patients who have survived and have thrived for years beyond their visits to the clinic. Look up Dr. Antonio Jimenez he has a wonderful book with the 7 principals used at the clinic in Mexico. I wish I had known my uncle was sick when he was first diagnosed (he refused to tell anyone) because there could have been hope for him.

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  • There is a video showing proof…..During,or after Hurricane Katrina,the Government had a bunch of mobile homes made for ppl to live in that had lost their homes….Well they later found out the mobile homes were toxic due to making them poorly. But they didnt get rid of them!! They are still lived in and sold to different ppl!! How,again,can you get rid of toxic products and cancer when the greedy dont care!! And each case is different! Which means they’d most likely need many different cures!!

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  • Thank you Dr. Nandi you are smart and brave!!! here is an article by Dr Morad and Dr Itzhaki about MuTaTo Page 16

  • What a negative attitude. I have heard about Israel’s progression in the development of a potential cure and I pray for all affected. Nothing is impossible.

  • Let’s assume that the drug will work. I guess people who are commenting must be multimillionaires cheering for the sick rich people. Can’t you really imagine price of this personalized cure? Your loved ones will suffer and die just like anyone else while you are being milked by greedy organizations.

  • Unfortunately I and every body else shouldn’t believe you either with all the crap MSM has been desperately trying to feed us over the past 2 1/2!years. You so called journalists have done a fantastic job making your selves completely irrelevant not to mention hated worldwide and personally I can’t wait for specific journalists who where actively working with the intelligence agencies taking concert, sport events, gift cards, airline flights to and numerous other kickbacks to push the narrative that comes @ 4am every morning that Donald J. Trump is a spy for the Russian Gov. true enemies of the people. SCUMB like Zucker and several employees on air will be charged with subversion. Complete morons like Mr Maddow, and the race baiting Don Lemon and many others absolutely without a doubt knew the dossier came from HRC and Glen Simpson and where and still are trying to divide this nation by trying to control there BS narrative. YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR REPUTATIONS BACK NEITHER WILL THE DOJ, FBI and every LEFTARD in the House and Senate but most of them will be headed to GTMO or the EXECUTIONER for crimes against humanity, espionage, human trafficking. Every one in the news media even Fox News (.controlled opposition) has zero credibility with the public at best and some companies will not survive the fallout from what’s to come. The pendulum is on its way back and we are on offense. PANIC IN DC! This is about good and evil and MSM your on the wrong team!!


  • I just want it to be true that they really have found a cure,but fast track it thought…must be something in it,just cos everyone is using the new Buzz Word “Fake News”,

  • Its REAL. Big pharma funded this news cast. What he said was that the cure can be developed in a years time, approval is what can take 7 to 10 years which is correct even for any drug

  • Hope Israel scientist found a cure for this deadly disease and cure millions suffering from it and most importantly they should beat the conspiracy of big pharmas who spread false propaganda using science journals like they did against our Indian siddha and Ayurveda medicines which has a cure for every disease

  • This bs these devils been fighting cancer for 60 years billions off waisted stolen money for nothing.The cure is natural and had been proven.They end dead the natural healers are being killed.A natural cured 9 of 10 patients gov. shut him down for one not completely cured.Government hasn’t shown one person completely cured.The body count in the hundreds.Gov. Biggest scam since global warming.

  • You would think this would be in the news everywhere with everyone talking about it everywhere! Government would be fastracking etc…so makes this hard to believe….

  • Chemotherapy industry makes more money than tobacco why would they give you the Cure their chemo business will go down the drain they use their money to fight big Pharma dirty bribery to get rid of the Cure that’s why this cure isn’t talked about no more they are trying to sweep it under the rug and pretend this cancer cure never happened

  • The only one who can cure us of this disease is Allah. It is God who created us and we are all decedents of Adam. Every disease has a cure and God is all knowing and all seeing. Allah is forgiving and caring; seek health from Allah. May Allah one day grant humanity a cure for this disease. Ameen

  • Don’t be so quick to judge, this was not fake news this is a real thing. Take a step back and let’s see who will get the most amounts of money from big pharmaceuticals… fox? CNN? They will try to shut it down because people in this world are so corrupt. Let’s just all go into this with a open mind.

  • Help make Tampa’s Medical Row more safe at

  • Prevention & Cure for Cancer. My Mom had cancer Cured.
    Look up the Hunza people, among the longest living people in the world they do not develop cancer. They consume apricot kernels on a daily basis. The Hunza people are considered living proof of the health benefits of apricot kernels, based in the remote Himalayan region near West Pakistan, they are traditional apricot farmers and are believed to consume 200 times more B17 than Westerners do “about 30 to 50 apricot seeds per day”. Apricot kernels Cure and Prevent cancer, it is the amygdalin, vitamin B17 within that has this effect. Check out the documentary (G Edward Griffin a world without cancer the story of vitamin B17) I believe is the title, I have playlists on my channel. If interested let me know I will send you some links. The old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away is True when you consume the whole Apple seeds included. Also check out the video titled (how to cure cancer with apricot kernels) muscular guy shaved head blue tank top in the thumbnail, Man in the video cured himself of bowel cancer, doctors gave him two months to live, Cured with bitter apricot kernels and bromelain which is a pineapple enzyme, digestive enzyme, he was taking 600 General, Digestive, Units, to Aid the absorption of the apricot kernels. He had No conventional treatment chemo, radiation, surgery or other treatment of any kind. He has been cancer-free for years now. Just a heads up guy makes a negative racial comment but video is worth watching.
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  • I think these reporters are being a little dumb, saying it’s not a big story because it’s going to take years to develop is asinine. Drugs take years to develop not necessarily just because of government red tape. If the basic method and physiological function of the medicine looks promising and has never been done before, than this could really be a big deal.

  • So it’s statement should be. Imagine a cure for cancer. No peer review, means it may be fraudulent. Just like diagnostics on a chip.

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  • you guys seriously suck. I watched the entire interview. The guy said it could be available in a year if they got sufficient funding. You cut that part out. who is the fake news

  • As a 2 time cancer survivor & someone who has lost so many friends & loved ones to cancer, I pray to God that this information may be true. I want to see a cure for cancer. I don’t want anyone else to suffer the pain of the cancer, the pain of treatments, and the pain at the loss of loved ones. I want to see a cure before I die. Amen.

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  • He’ll die under mysterious circumstances and his research will disappear. The drug companies make lots of money treating cancer. They DO NOT want to cure it! Watch and see.

  • My daughter has stage 4 cancer and has fought it with organic food’s for 4 1/2 years, she also believes in a God who cares for all people. I pray God will bless Israel and allow them to find a cure!

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  • There are alternative treatments for all kinds of cancer in all four stages, but the healthcare industry wants to always rely on Big Pharma because they make more money. It is such a shame.

  • Oh my God way would it take so long for Approval….. thats crazy. Either it works or Not. I believe this man has the cure but he know the America goverment wont give him the Approval. Its not fake news its real because they had the cure for cancer back in the 40s but they cant make any money by curing people. Plus its called depopulation people. They have be killing us for years. We need to fight for this cure in Israeli.

  • “10 years away from even developing a drug” You just witnessed fake news. He said it take 7-10 years for APPROVAL of a drug. The problem is not science, it’s the State.

  • Plot twist They been had the cures. Dr Sebi cured all cancers, Aids, blindness, you name it (NATURALLY) brought his patients and paperwork to court as proofhe won, &he wasn’t a doctor. There is patent # for the Aids virus, how sway��. That means it was createdin a lab. They do not make money off of healthy people they will never be interested in releasing thus info to the public. Every so often they want to give the ppl “false hope” to keep there faith alive. I’ve worked in healthcare almost 10 yrs I see them bullshittin folk too damn often..

  • Fuck clinical trials. If its a legit treatment roll it out for the terminally ill. I’m quite sure the terminally ill don’t care about side effects!

  • This little Israeli company, AEBi, applied for a clinical trial with FDA here in the US. I truly hope they will get approved soon. You can email them, and it’s manager, Dan, answers right away.

  • Please after this, we need brain tumors also drugs, because please are suffering in this world because of sickness, may God continued help them to achieve it,Amen

  • Dominating headlines? Barely a word said through Mainstream news sources? Sounds like it might be extremely disruptive to conventional treatments.

  • I pray Israel will give us this for the world….but….good luck with the funding from the large pharmaceutical companies, especially if it really works!

  • The healthcare industry will never allow this to be released if it is true. They make more money treating cancer then they do by curing it.

  • You conspiracy theorists are so damn stupid and annoying!! If anyone found a cure for cancer it would be impossible to “hide” it, as it would be the biggest medical breakthrough of all time. No matter the effort, something that huge could never be kept under wraps I don’t give a damn how much the chemo industry makes.

  • Instead of being surprised that so many organizations picked it up, why don’t you follow up and contact them and find out whether it’s a funny story. We all know that the pharmaceuticals and the surgeons do not want a cure for cancer. Did you work for them?

  • Pity they didn’t take years to develop lab to preclinical trials for the harmful vaccines that are a blight on society today. Causing massive amounts of health issues in all countries and waiving any detrimental side effects of these vaccines to any court trials by the Gov’t. Whats up with that eh? I’ll trust something coming out of Israel before I trust anything coming from US or China etc.