Is Weight problems Genetic Or perhaps is Unwanted Weight Gain Brought on by Diet


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Sometimes genetic mutations causing obesity may also be accompanied by mental retardation, reproductive problems, or other health related issues. Obesity is an issue that is not divided by clas. “Obesity is a very complex disease, and many factors can contribute to it and cause it, including genetics, behavior, and environment,” says Naima Moustaid-Moussa, PhD, director of the Obesity. A November 2017 study in the International Journal of Obesity, for example, found that people with a higher genetic risk of obesity tended to gain more weight from age 20 on than those. Monogenic obesity is a condition in which individuals with specific mutations in a single gene can lead to obesity.

Polygenic obesity, on the other hand, the more common form of obesity, refers to obesity that is caused by the combined effect of multiple genetic. Obesity is a chronic lifelong condition that is the result of an environment of caloric abundance and relative physical inactivity modulated by a susceptible genotype. For those who are.

In a recent study published Jan. 24 in the PLOS Genetics journal, university researchers in the United Kingdom compared the DNA of 1,622 thin volunteers, 1,985 severely obese people, and a. Genes contribute to the causes of obesity in many ways, by affecting appetite, satiety (the sense of fullness), metabolism, food cravings, body-fat distribution, and the tendency to use eating as. Here’s how obesity and type 2 diabetes are linked and how to manage your weight with the disease. Body weight plays a key role in diabetes, and vice versa.

Type 2 diabetes can cause both weight loss and weight gain, depending on how your body is reacting to insulin. “Obesity, Unfavourable Lifestyle and Genetic. Weight. There is the following rule of thumb for the calculation: Basal metabolic rate women (in kcal) = 0.9 x body weight in kg x 24 Basal metabolic rate men (in kcal) = 1.0 x body weight x 24 Men have a.

While it is not known exactly how the genetic variant promotes weight gain, it is believed to increase the appeal of high-calorie foods and reduce the feeling of fullness after a meal.

List of related literature:

Although the mainstream of obesity research continues to focus on genetic, metabolic, and physiological factors in weight gain [1], the obesity epidemic is most likely caused by a profound change in dietary behaviors.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
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The question whether some humans are genetically obese may be divided into two parts: (1) does genetics cause an obese person to deposit a greater amount of food energy into adipose tissue; and (2) can genetics cause an obese person to have an increased desire to eat food.

“Nutritional Biochemistry” by Tom Brody
from Nutritional Biochemistry
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Obesity develops as a consequence of genetic-environmental interactions, such that genetically prone individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume larger amounts of dietary calories are at higher risk.

“Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil Essentials of Medicine E-Book” by Ivor Benjamin, Robert C. Griggs, J. Gregory Fitz, Edward J Wing
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In common obesity, mutation in a single gene contributes only a small degree of risk; development of the susceptibility to becoming obese is strongly dependent on the interaction with environmental triggers.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
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In other words, obesity may be caused by a hormonal or metabolic defect determined primarily by genetic inheritance, but the epidemiology tells us that this defect is triggered by environmental factors.

“Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes
from Good Calories, Bad Calories
by Gary Taubes
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While genetic factors can lead to weight gain and obesity, rapid social and environmental changes have been identified as major contributing factors to rising obesity levels in children and adults.

“The SAGE Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood Studies” by Daniel Thomas Cook
from The SAGE Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood Studies
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Obesity and overweight are caused by genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors that result in weight gain.

“Global Health 101, Fourth Edition” by Richard Skolnik
from Global Health 101, Fourth Edition
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Although genes play an important role in determining food intake or energy metabolism, low physical activity caused by a sedentary lifestyle and other environmental factors may play the dominant role in many obese people, as evidenced by the rapid increase in the prevalence of obesity during the past 20 to 30 years.

“Pocket Companion to Guyton and Hall-Textbook of Medical Physiology: First South Asia Edition E-Book” by John E. Hall
from Pocket Companion to Guyton and Hall-Textbook of Medical Physiology: First South Asia Edition E-Book
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However, genetic factors are only contributory and susceptibility factors in obesity, with dietary behavior identified as the main factor responsible for the huge increase.

“Sabiston Textbook of Surgery E-Book: The Biological Basis of Modern Surgical Practice” by Courtney M. Townsend Jr., R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox
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The cause of obesity is multifactorial, resulting from an interaction between genetic and environmental factors, and is not regarded in all cases as being simply due to overeating or lack of exercise.

“Underwood's Pathology” by Simon Cross
from Underwood’s Pathology
by Simon Cross
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  • Some people just burn foods faster I guess. Me and my younger brother eat about the same amount of food around 3000-4000 kcal per day. But he’s 53 kgs @ 162cm and I’m 105kg @ 192cm.

  • Obesity is 100% genetics. Fat people almost never lose weight and if they do they regain their “normal” weight in just a few short months.

  • I eat 5+ times a day (besides my dessert and other small meals) but I’m still thin (not skeleton thin but ectomorph kind of thin). Docotors have got it all wrong there are several factors that cause obesity besides overeating… I am a living witness (and no, I don’t have HIV)

  • True my dad was skinny and my mom fat and both worked hard in tire factories. We all ate the same meals every day. My mom was big boned and fat all her life. I took after my mom with large bones and large calves that I could never wear boots even when I was young and thinner. My pants had to be tailored because my legs were too big even though I only weighed 225 lbs and was 6′ 8 inches tall..

  • My parents were fat, ate food common to the era, and were obese. I ate natural foods, exercised, and did not have HAVE THIS PROBLEM!

  • I think we are genetically predisposed to a certain level of propensity for food. I have 4 cats, all are happy to “come to eat”, but the black cat always “stops” eating after half a can of cat food.
    The fatter cat cannot have enough and she eats other cats’ food. Children who are not “picky” about food tend to become fat latter in life. So, in some ways, one can say that if you were in
    an environment where food is limited.(eg three plain food meals in jail), you would tend to be skinny.

  • @Quex01
    Actually in a similar video I was arguing with a guy that denied that the US had an obesity problem; also he refused the idea of the government to ban unhealthy lunches for US children, and all the issue about soft drinks causing obesity was junk science. Well the guy pretended to convinced me that genetics is the problem, the guy lose credibility when I noticed that he is libertarian even he was convinced that it was good to eliminate government legislation on traffic

  • Many studies concluded that many factors weighed (no pun intended) in the current obesity crisis we are witnessing.

    Those studies determined there are 7 causes whom lead to obesity (eating habits, exercising, genetics, sleep, etc.). But, genes isn’t the sole problem here.

    Which explains why the obesity rate went from less than 3% to 42% in the USA in less than 75 years.

    I was a former obese (I’ve lost 100 pounds since) and you have to work on what lead to your weight gain.

    Sorry for my English mistakes.

  • Your ancestors ate deer, goat, cow, fish once or twice a day and they fasted many times a year.

    But we eat sugar and starch and canola oil and chemicals 5 times a day and NEVER fast.

  • Hi! Anyone heard about the Fat Combust Factors (do search on google)? Ive hear some amazing stuff about it and my brother burned lots of unwanted fats(:

  • Also notice how she says “obesity correlates with a lot of other metabolic diseases”…correlation isn’t always causation, just seems like a rookie thing to say

  • Surely Hypothyroidism only accounts for Weight Gain only in the period that it is left untreated.

    As soon as you are prescribed Levothyroxine, Armour etc… and your TSH, T3 and T4 levels are back up again, then your Metabolism and Weight Loss ability is back to normal again?

    In summary, if you have been treated (which is usually a pretty simple process), shouldn’t you have stopped having Hypothyroidism a long time ago?

  • I have loved how the way you have explained it, especially how you explained about its various aspects and tried to spread awarenss. I have treated one of the worlds most obese patients and hold multiple records for helping the patients reduce their weight to as much as 250 kgs. You can check them out in my videos. The point here is, it is growing. I see around 100 patients every day now and the number is just increasing. It is important we take measures now for a better tomorrow as obesity leads to many dangerous diseases. You can know about various safe treatment options for obesity here: ​​

    To further know more, I have written a blog about it: ​​

    We must hold up to a healthy life and if anyone needs help with obesity feel free to connect.

    Good work once again!

  • I have maternal relatives specifically females that are quite physically fit and within the means as far as weight and height ratio goes as youngsters but somehow once they reach womanhood their bodies undergo extreme transformation into obese mode

  • Is she about to be attacked by something? I hear like growling or somthin… maybe its because I’m listening on head phones.
    Great information though.

  • everyone is capable or gaining and loosing weight. energy in and energy out. you know eating and being active. if it is true that they say its genetics. then why don’t we see pictures of fat Jewish people in concentration camps in Nazi Germany???? and before u say they were not being fed. they were being fed, just very little. but oh wait what about genetics??? lol

  • It may be at least in oarents’ training of the child; emotional eating is taught and is not necessarily eating for health and fueling the body.

  • My husband’s grandma is fat, his mom is fat, his aunt on the mom’s side is fat, and his half-sister is fat but my husband, his dad,and half brother are not fat..i sort of think it’s a genetic curse on his mom’s side that effects women…but then again my mother-in-law is lazy

  • Well thank you doctor, why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait! I have! I also have to deal with having Hypothyroidism, MS, & a food addiction, yet I still make myself exercise & I try eating right. The point is why should it matter to anyone else? If it’s not your problem mind your own business.

  • @britturk123 it’s not really genetic, people get obese because the industry wants them to be. You’re eating highly processed junk and will crave for it, eat too much of it because your body won’t get nutrition out of it. Skip Every Fast Food Store and prepacked food and you’ll eventually be full much quicker than with fast food and eventually lose weight. Fat and Sugar works like a drug, don’t underestimate them, if you’re addicted you HAVE to get fat 😉

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  • @MTC2k11 I slightly disagree but only 5% everything else you say 95% is fact. Obviously as you have said the eating of all the crap is down to us and again as you have said we are being manipulated to overeat by the industry who have found an easy way to make money by addiction tactics i e sugar and fat taste good and are addictive, but its all down to us fattys really and genetics plays only a very very small part so we cannot blame it for our bulging wobbly bits lol.

  • Hi, have you come across Bellyfattack yet? Simply look on Google. There you will find a good free video by a successful medical professional revealing the right way to eliminate unwanted fat. It helped Melody to burn her stomach fat. I hope it helps you as well…

  • My family are all obece and i believe in genetics dictating my greed but it is ultimately me or my family who over eat and put on weight so what christine is saying is 100% right its a tiny ammount due to genetics and big part due to greed and actualy over eating.

  • It doesn’t help when the BMI chart which was designed for a totally different purpose. According to the BMI chart Michael Jordan is obese!

  • @tgfunky, the thing to do is to reduce the consumption of foods that fatten you more readily, especially starchy foods. Reduce those. Eat meat, fruit, vegetables, water, BudSelect55,… And live to perform physically, or just eat less, and eat well balanced. You’re a machine, consume only as reasonably and enjoyably necessary.

  • Hey there! Have you thought about intellectus diet (google intellectus424dietcom)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  • I’m obese & no it wasn’t a choice! Who in their right mind would willing “choose” to be criticized, humiliated, & treated like a second-class citizen? I’m obese because my metabolism is slow due to having Hypothyroidism. Many Americans have this disease & don’t know they do. For those that don’t most likely have an addiction to food. Stop judging unless you know of what you speak. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

  • How about studying what all the people in your sample are eating rather than what their genes are? Obesity is a LIFESTYLE choice, not genetic.

  • Obesity is a choice. And in order to solve it and/or prevent it, discipline is needed. If you know your metabolism is weak and you gain weight easily, then don’t eat junk foods all the time. Only eat healthy foods and don’t eat large meals. Eat small portioned meals every 2-3 hours. Drink clean water. No drinks with sugars because sugar is your worst enemy. Either filter your own water or buy some fruits and make your own juice without any added sugar. Also, exercise regularly. Workout for AT LEAST 45 minutes. Anything less than that and you’re only burning 50 calories at most.

  • @zeno57 you need to the see the luz, and learn how to spell lose with out spelling loose. If you let the dog loose, you might lose it.

  • I love how a study comes out from the University of Michigan that basically says “yes, obesity has genetic links” and all of the people in the comment section are angrily thin/fitsplaining how the UoM and this woman is wrong, this woman who is a scientist and has an M.D. Ph.D, that is, who has studied this kind of thing for years and yet somehow she is wrong! So hilarious! Sorry but I am going to believe this scientist over these fatphobic thin/fitsplainers.

  • I totally agree with this! I also think that we have to consider that not every food gets digested the same. The energy of a banana isn’t digested the same as that same amount of energy in a chocolate bar…

  • You can see in children the difference. My side of the family is pudgy but my husband’s side is thin. My children do not normally turn down food, ever. His (my step children) will happily go most of the day without eating or mentioning food. There’s definitely something in the brain that helps thin people to not desire food as much, or to be satisfied with much less. I’m not a scientists but it’s pretty obvious.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Pradeep. My wife often complained of obesity. She always used to say that she is getting fatter day by day. She was very depressed, we were not able to understand what to do. Then I saw about Planet Ayurveda on YouTube and told her that its Thinner you pack could end the problem. I immediately ordered a Thinner you pack and give it to my wife. She used this pack as prescribed by the doctors of Planet Ayurveda. You will not believe it at all, within 30 days its difference started showing. Today my wife is getting 2 months using the thinner you pack and she is very happy with her body now. Thank you very much Planet Ayurveda and thinner you pack.

  • This video makes a lot of very large claims that don’t present all the realistic variables of what might be causing those…wouldn’t say this is accurate

  • @Naughtygoodgurl5000 if you have a slow metabolism, then eat less calories, work out more. Getting in shape and looking healthy isn’t supposed to be easy, even though it might be for some.

  • Thank GOD for you Tabitha. I’m in recovery and I’m all in, fully committed. This obesity fear just hit me since I’m eating only all the food I’ve been forbidding myself to eat. THANK YOU ��

  • During my time in recovery and most of my ED, I had to literally force myself to move and eat, as my body’s genetic response is to hibernate and conserve energy by eating in extremely small quantities, as I was only eating around 400-600 calories a day during the lowest point of my ED.

  • Would love to get rid of the use of the terms “overweight” and “obese” and particularly “morbidly obese” because those terms pathologize weight.. we don’t call someone who is tall “overheight” or “morbidly overheight”, do we? <3

  • I was over fed as a kid…and i could eat tons without a thought. And my body defintiely falls into hibernation as a response.
    So. Terrifying combo of genetics for women esp.

    Hence i yo-yo dieted for 30-some years.

    And now. A bit into recovery, im 200lbs+, my bmi is probably around 45% (bcuz its been that numerous times before), and i went from a diet induced size 12 to a 24 in about 6 months.

    And im in my 40s. Single.

    So. My mental state is a giant mess atm. Accepting my body as is…a foreign concept and utterly difficult.

  • Obesity is NOT a metabolic condition, otherwise we would see obesity rates like the ones we see in America, everywhere in the world.

  • I really want this to be true but I’m scared it’s not. Because my dad became morbidly obese and very ill becauseof it and he never restricted and didn’t want to. He never used to be that way. He was pretty thin most of his life. But then he changed and would eat like straightup chunks of butter on toast and things like that and anything tasty but in excessive quantities. And he said it was because he wanted nice things and foodtastes nice and so why shouldn’t he. But he wasn’t hungry. He said he wasn’t. He just wanted to consume nice stuff. And he still has that attitude and my mom has to help him be careful because he almost died. I’m ery scared that I will do the same because when I was a kid, I would eat just to make myself feel better, even if I felt sick from overeating. I did not diet before my eating disorder started. So is this only true for some people? I don’t understand.

  • Wish you could talk to government and health specialists who keep going on about an obesity crisis!! Maybe then they would actually learn a thing or too. Your words and understanding would be so beneficial for these people to hear!!

  • I completely believe in the migration response theory but always just wonder where does it fit in this theory when you are a person who severely restricts but do not over exercise at all? I have severe persisting anorexia for 14 years but never over exercised or never binged once.