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Gua sha scraping causes tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin to burst, so many people experience significant red or purple bruising. The technique itself is not typically painful, but. In addition to relieving muscle pain, there’s even evidence to suggest that this press-stroke treatment of the skin can help boost your immune system, explains board-certified acupuncturist Elizabeth Trattner. The scratching and scraping can send signals locally to the skin and modulate defensive functions, like fighting off the common cold.

Proponents of cupping therapy claim it can relieve pain and muscle soreness—but does it really work? We talked to a range of experts to figure out the benefits and side effects of cupping. By this time, cupping practices had become well-established. Over time, the practice of cupping expanded to treat abdominal pain, rheumatic pain, muscle strains, headaches, asthma, and. The technique itself pretty much consists of intense scraping of specific areas of pain or discomfort, usually on (but not limited to) the back, neck, or shoulders.

The centuries-old practice is. During scraping, your physical therapist will use a tool to gently “scrape” back and forth over any muscle tissue where you may be experiencing issues. This serves to reduce soft tissue muscle restrictions. Scraping can be beneficial to patients with scar tissue, fascia restrictions, strained muscles.

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to. Watching glass cups pull skin and muscles upward might not look like the most comfortable experience. In fact, it can appear unsettling, especially to someone who’s never tried alternative medicine before.

However, contrary to how it looks, cupping and scraping are actually very effective treatments for a handful of conditions. Gua sha may reduce inflammation, so it’s often used to treat ailments that cause chronic pain, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as those that trigger muscle and joint pain. It can be used to treat muscle aches, pains, stress, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, and much more.

The cups can be left in place for the whole treatment, or with the aid of a lubricant on the skin.

List of related literature:

Both cupping and scraping have drawn a lot of attention from other health care providers, such as physiotherapists and massage therapists, as their use becomes normalized in the West and their mechanisms of actions are better understood by health care practitioners.

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Ice massage is another method of cryotherapy.

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It is the repeated pumping motion to circulate metabolites for removal that has made sports massage so popular.

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The palmar/plantar flexor tendons, ligaments and soft tissues are evaluated for swelling, heat and pain.

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It is an excellent liniment to massage into stiff, sore muscles because it penetrates deep muscle layers to promote the circulation of qi and blood.

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If the problem is tension in the neck, a sore muscle, tennis elbow, or cramps, nothing is more effective than the residue-free massage of urine into the skin.

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Where tendons or muscles would rub against bones or ligaments, bursae may be present to reduce friction or prevent damage to the muscle or tendon.

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Elbow and shoulder joint lameness is rare, but horses may exhibit pain when the biceps brachii, intertubercular bursa, and other muscles are palpated or the shoulder joint is flexed, from muscle soreness secondary to primary carpal lameness.

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Although application of cold compresses is commonly used initially following a musculoskeletal injury, its purpose is to relieve pain and reduce swelling, not to relieve muscle spasm.

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For subacute pain and muscle spasm, it is typically applied as ice massage or cold packs.

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  • the fuck his blood is actually fucking drying up that is not how this works and the fucking blade SERIOUSLY YOU ARE CUTTING HIM WITH IT IT SHOULD BE STERAIL NOT COVERED IN BACTERIA FROM YOUR FUCKING FLOOR

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  • I used the back of a butter knife and some CBD oil and just worked on my neck and shoulders myself. I actually do feel better, not cured, but I have some really bad scar tissues from a parachute accident. I need to buy some real tools. LOL.

  • Why is it called treatment they are literally cutting and hurting him to “heal or help” him? And literally waiting for a good pint out of eight in his body just from him back each time to harden and take out…

    I want jello now

  • I’m pretty sure alex jones talked about these vampire people who parade around as humans. Why would you put yourself into their care?


  • Gua sha is truly the BEST medicine! Such a fantastic way to reduce inflammation and practice self-healing. If anyone is looking to purchase gua sha tools head to to take a look at our full range of products.

  • he literally lets the ointment cream make direct contact with the patients open blood wound…..that cream is definitely infected ��

  • What an absolute crock of shit. How do people even believe this insurance banger’s bullshit?

    Your body doesn’t product scar tissue like that.
    Your body produces scar tissue to heal open cuts. Scar tissue doesn’t grow hair from it. It can’t because it’s a type of skin. So if me building muscle caused scar tissue I’d have 20 fuckin years of it everywhere and no hair would be growing from me.

    And you can’t just “break up” scar tissue by roughing it up. It’s permanent.

    You don’t heal an injury by causing more bruising that’ll now also need to be healed.

    I mean there’s not one remotely convincing piece in this con man video.

  • This is nothing new to Asians. It may be to westerners. I do this to my hubby when he’s sick. It helps. There are other treatments beside popping pills or chugging cough medicine.

  • Hi! Thank you for sharing this. But I really don’t see how the use of these manmade metallic tools can be better than the use of human hands/knuckles/fingers/thumbs and the ability for a therapist to self-adjust the level of intensity and pressure according to what they are able to feel (“knots”, fascial restrictions, muscle tension, etc).

  • In Cambodia we do that all the time. It kills some blood cells but doing this will help our body to produce new blood cells that will help fight the disease. Sometimes we do that instead of going to the hospital it cures cold and fever etc.

  • In my country we only do it when you’re sick. But normally normally bruise that much and you have to apply oil, usually coconut virgin oil to avoid (air getting into the skin: a belief). The westerners are taking it to the extreme.

  • an immediate relief of pain?   could it be that you are creating other pain that takes the attention from the pain you came in to extinguish?

  • Actually my mum used this technique for pain treatment for herself and for friends. Good to know that this ancient treatment is still being used today!

  • Can we just use a wrench? And is it just for scar tissue, or does it help trigger points, elongating muscle, resetting muscle tone, etc?

  • As someone who paid hundreds to do a cupping course, I find this therapist’s practice unacceptable and a threat to those of us who follow the correct rules and regulations of safety and hygiene. I fast forwarded and so missed the part where people are saying he dropped the blade and then continued to use it without cleaning it. However, he also wasn’t wearing gloves and therefore exposing himself to contracting/passing any blood diseases if he nicked himself. He also should NOT have put the tube of whatever it was directly on the patient’s cuts. He should have used a spatula (not that we use creams the preferred choice is black seed oil). regarding the hygiene, I can’t believe what I’m seeing!

  • I grew up with this in my Cambodian culture. We just call it “coining”. I had it done once but my parents parents had me do it on them when they felt sick.

  • How does this apply to live tissue?
    How does application of subcutaneous force equal results in superficial force?
    Why are we begging the question that you’re finding adhesions? Have you tested that in a cadaver by mapping them and then dissecting to find what you mapped?

  • I love your videos, but this is not an evidence based intervention.

  • Great info and video Brent, how many times per week and area can we apply IASTM? Also if someone has headaches that are caused by muscle tension. Can we apply IASTM when a person is in pain?

    Thank you

  • Is this treatment available to patients in Northern California?
    Can this treatment be used for large-size adhesions?
    Is this treatment okay for level six spinal fusion?
    Thank you..I’m hoping I found my treatment for chronic pain!

  • I dont know how this works but i think that its not good to drop the ficking blade on the floor and start cutting human flesh with it like nothing ever happend

  • Great job Eric Smith you doing awesome job brother keep doing your things all your hard work and achievement will continue pay off at end for you brother

  • Holy effing crap. It went from the cadaver to the guy on the table and I seriously thought he was dead. Stomach churned through most of this video lol.

  • Been doing this since i was young. Had to wear long sleeve or anthing tht might would not reveal my back to shool everytime my mother do this to me when im sick. Reason is because we were afraid people will think its abuse.

  • I’ve been having this “treatment” since I was a little kid. My parents almost got into trouble for it since they thought it was abuse. Luckily the principal knew asian tradition but this needs to be known. This and “cupping” are not new, they’re old eastern remedies that people believe in and it should be made aware.

  • Hi Doctor,

    Thank you for the amazing video, I was wondering if I can use your video as source and credit your web site on one of our IASTM landing page?

  • Cupping is proven to be bullshit. The bruising doesnt mean its healthy either lol or is a broken bone also considered Nice recovery

  • I appreciate your videos and desire to educate. I’m having a hard time finding any good evidence showing that adhesions are physically “released” and lead to “tissue specific treatment leading to better outcomes” (and what kind of outcomes? Feeling better, short term, long term, function, subjective pain scale) any more than tissue specific exercise itself. With time and money being variables, could you possibly refer to the sources that would dictate that someone should pay for this treatment versus participate in graded exercise or rest for the involved tissue? It’s a continual debate and you’ve obviously chosen a side, but I’d like to have your thoughts on that. Thank you!

  • This is helpful but the semi dissected cadaver as a demo seemed very unnecessary and could use some kind of “coming up we’re about to see a cadaver” so I could have opted out.

  • actually the main idea of cupping is to remove the old red sells from the body allowing body itself and body defense system to work by itself producing new fresh red sells that gives a great result, so applying the cups only does help but not even 30% of the required result.

  • That is nothing new, we do it when we get sick,that shit hurt so much your cold for whatever you got go away. My theory is that it hurts so much neater you or whatever sickness to got don’t wanna deal with the slow pain that is coining.

  • I’m a hairdresser and I have terrible adhesions around the base of my thumb. Could I use this technique on a small area like my thumb?