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Truth about Wildcrafted Sea moss. Pros, cons & impact on our oceans.

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Is seamoss worth the hype?

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In Ireland and Scotland, sea moss is used to make a sweetened milk-based drink, and others add it to smoothies for a quick nutritional punch. POTENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS OF SEA MOSS “This variety of seaweed is particularly rich in minerals and antioxidants,” says Amy Goodson, MS, RD. And is it worth the hype? Sea moss—aka Irish moss—is a species of red algae found on the Atlantic shorelines of North America, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. Historically, the seaweed.

Sea moss is a type of algae, which has been part of the human diet for thousands of years. In addition to being consumed historically in places like the Caribbean and Ireland, sea moss has been. Improve Skin. Some people apply sea moss gel topically to heal wounds and soothe burns, eczema, and psoriasis.

Research shows that one component, citrulline-arginine, can protect the skin in extreme weather conditions, increase skin energy levels, and enhance metabolism and cell growth. A lot of us have heard about all the benefits that sea moss contains but is it REALLY worth the hype? Is golden sea moss more beneficial than purple sea moss. Revealing the Hype Behind Sea Moss: 5 Benefits of Irish Moss.

Recently there has been a lot of chatter on which vitamins and supplements to take to boost our immune systems and promote good health. However, in the holistic realm of medicine sea moss has been the new craze online. Although it is said that sea moss has been around for decades, widely known in Carribean households, you might be new. Irish sea moss, also just called Irish moss or sea moss, is a red algae highly regarded for its purported curative properties.

Growing evidence shows great promise for this sea treasure. Advertisement. Irish Sea Moss: Health Benefits Beyond the Hype. Actually, raw sea moss is the world’s only plant-based source of thyroid hormones. If that was all it did or contained, that’d be enough to realize its value for thyroid health.

But there’s more. Both Irish moss and bladderwrack contain high levels of iodine –. In its simplest terms, sea moss—aka Irish sea moss—is a type of red algae believed to boost your health and enhance your skin. While it lacks significant science to back up the benefits, experts say it has some stand-out advantages, and other cultures have turned to it for years to improve health. What to Know Before You Buy Sea Moss.

Before you buy sea moss it is worth considering a few factors beyond just the price. Origin, cultivation techniques, environmental impact, local laws, local ecology, local economics and a few other factors are what we consider before buying sea moss.

List of related literature:

It’s marvelous stuff (Chilean moss is equally good).

“Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Most Exotic Plants” by William Cullina
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If you can accommodate it, it is one of the real gems among the bryophytes.

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intimately depends on the kelp, is wonderful.

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Although it works well on moss, it does not work on algae (see Chapter 12 for more details).

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It has proved to be successful, with many birds using it each day, but I have found that algae build up very quickly on the surface covered by the water.

“Does Anything Eat Wasps?: And 101 Other Unsettling, Witty Answers to Questions You Never Thought You Wanted to Ask” by New Scientist
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It is very weedy, with a muddy bottom, and is best fished from a float tube.

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It has been highly rated in national turf trials for having good summer density and dark green color.

“Grass Varieties in the United States” by U.S. Dept. of Agricu
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For a short while you can spend hype, but it is not very liquid and it will disappear all too quickly.

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Although Irish moss doesn’t grow in those warmer waters, Deveau discovered that another red seaweed, Eucheuma cottonii, was a fine substitute.

“Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us” by Ruth Kassinger
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There is much that is good about it, but in the end analysis, aquaculture is not magic.

“Nature's Services: Societal Dependence On Natural Ecosystems” by Gretchen Cara Daily, Sandra Postel, Kamaljit Bawa, Les Kaufman, Charles H. Peterson, Stephen Carpenter, David Tillman, Paul Dayton, Susan Alexander, Kalen Lagerquist, Larry Goulder, Pamela A. Matson, Harold A. Mooney, Rosamond Naylor, Peter Vitousek, John Harte, Stephen H. Schneider, Stephen L. Buchmann, John Peterson Myers, Joshua Reichert
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  • Thanks. What are your thoughts on the Chondrus Crispus variety vs Genus Gracilaria? From what I’ve read the Chondrus is traditionally known as “Irish” because it’s grown in cold waters near Ireland and was used as a food source during the Irish Famine and has slightly more nutritional benefits.

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  • Wait so a whole lot of people are using the fake seamoss then if thats what it looks like and almost all the brands are lying about being wildcrafted

  • I am getting ready to attempt to do a detox and healing trial I have blood clots I have blood clots on my lungs and I have one in my left leg…

  • Just ordered mine today:) thanks for the discount!. prices and shipping not bad ����.. just have to be patient and wait 2-3 weeks ��

  • I’m dealing with the same fatigue issues. Just added sea moss to my smoothie for the first time and it definitely gave me a quick energy boost. Also, I can feel it working in my gut.

  • St. Lucia SEA MOSS “When quality is a factor”

    Instagram @HelenOfTheSea
    Ray (347) e309-8757

  • Wow after watching this, I realize just bought 600$ worth of fake seamoss. People are sad out here and misleading ��. I have a business and this is disheartening because my trusted local seller is always sold out.

  • Hey Paul. What’s up King. Left you a comment on one of your previous videos, but never got a response. I’m searching for a good school to peruse a herbalist certification. I’m from the Caribbean (Dominica), so guess my best option would be an online program. Maybe you can steer me in the right direction. Blessings.

  • Hi if you are looking for �� Sea Moss that is the real deal�� Please take a look at our site. We specialize in quality, not the toxic, radioactive Sea Moss many sellers are providing from China that is sold on Amazon and other sites. We are truly about health and wellness and we care about our customers. Please click the link for more information.

  • I don’t recommend ordering seamoss from vital vegan that he recommend. It took 2 months for my order to get here. They did not communicate and update me at all. Did not know what was going on.

  • Great seamoss capsules here capsules here
    Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Dr Sebi Sea Moss capsules 100 Vegan Capsules •Best Around•

  • Yana, thank you so much for reviewing my decant of PRM! After wearing it myself off and on for a few weeks, I find that your take on it is very much in line with my own. Yes it is enjoyable and quite pleasant and fits more into a designer mode then niche. It works well with my skin and I have received some compliments on it, but in the final analysis it is not groundbreaking. And of course it is priced too high I’m afraid. The two alternative choices you mentioned are ones that I will definitely seek out as summer is rapidly approaching.

  • I have authentic wild crafted Irish sea moss coming in from Jamaica WI within 7-9 days. Inbox me for pre-orders and or any other beneficial herbs that I carry ���� [email protected] Thank you Scott for letting it be known that there are plenty unauthentic products out there.

  • Good evening. I enjoyed watching your video and learning about Sea Moss. I’ve been Vegetarian since March of this year and I really wanted to incorporate more healthy options. I just placed my order and I’m looking forward to receiving my order. Thank you for your knowledge and God Bless ����

  • Just got my order in!!! Excited to add to my smoothies daily ���� packaging looks great and the quality of the moss looks so fantastic ��

  • Thank God I live on one of the islands where we have an abundance of it. I get it from locals for really cheap too.

    If anyone wants, message wombanwarrior on IG. She can arrange to send it over to you

  • Have you ever heard of Wixar Naturals Seamoss plus Capsules?? They’re on amazon and this is my first time trying Seamoss but I want to get the real thing

  • They ain’t shit!!!!! I have been waiting for my order from vital vegan for 20 days!!!! 5 to 7 business my ass BEWARE of these type of black business ✌

  • Work on your presentation my man. You’re repeating yourself a bit too much. More factual evidence rather than conjectural. At first appearance, looks like you’re just trying to sell your merch. I’m actually skeptical of vitalveganic now but I’ll still check them out in my search for good moss. Still, thanks for the video and your efforts, if you’re genuine it’ll shine through, keep doing more.

  • Does the fake sea moss have any nutrients?? I just bought a 2 pound bag and I’m not sure about it, but still want my money’s worth

  • This has helped a lot just didn’t want to buy to fake stuff just put my order in for the large bag of your seamoss. Thank you so much Bless up!!!!

  • I placed an order for seamoss from your company yesterday. I ordered seamoss from a different company and when I went to prepare a seamoss gel with it, it turned into gel during the soaking process. The water turned thick like gel and the seamoss formed into a thick, clumpy, gel like mass. �� In all the videos I’ve watched of how to make seamoss gel, that didn’t happen. So anyways, I’m waiting on the seamoss from your company so I can finally make seamoss gel. �� Thanks. ✌�� & ❤

  • Wow! I didn’t think about the ecosystem from this perspective. I learn about the benefits of seaweed, and notice that it puts me on 10 when consumed; but over the years I’ve innately consumed less. I don’t always know why I get thoughts, but when my intuition calls I answer. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why.

  • real or fake?? whats your thoughts?

  • Hey man so I was just in New York I did stop at no strand health food &juice bar and bought sea moss how do u feel about that sea moss they sell?! Need to know man, Red went there in one of his videos saying all the herbs and stuff you need is there, so I went when I can up this weekend to do calisthenics and I got sea moss from there


  • Just found this video because I’m trying to eat more healthy now. This was very informational, and your skin looks beautiful sis. I’m a new subbie so I will be looking forward for more new content vids!❤

  • I ordered some sea moss and sour sop leaves from vital vegan 3 and a half weeks ago. Im still waiting and the customer service is non existence. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  • My husband is from Trinidad, he and I live in Canada. We can only buy our sea moss at the West Indies store. We don’t have access to fresh sea moss. I recently watch a video where Dr. SEBA was saying much of the same as you are saying. What brand is best to purchase or what would you recommend? I am interested in health benefits and would prefer to have the natural.

  • Pool grown seamoss is not fake i tried it and the results it gave was tremendous and very noticeable..Just because its pool grown doesn’t mean its fake its just not wild crafted that’s it

  • Wow after watching this, I realize just bought 600$ worth of fake seamoss. People are sad out here and misleading ��. I have a business and this is disheartening because my trusted local seller is always sold out.

  • “Let me make a video so ppl buy my natural ass sea moss” I’m not mad at the marketing strategy cuz it’s not at all bad this videos could of just been way better lol

  • Videos extra long for no reason could potentially be way shorter but he doesn’t wanna get to the point just to extend the time of the video lol

  • Thank you for the information. I’ve had CMOS that was extremely salty and the last one I just purchased had very little salt. I thought it was just the opposite. More salt means more natural less salt mean less natural. But now I know and plan to use the CMOS that I received. After that I will definitely try yours. There’s also a brand out there that smells absolutely horrible like bleach. Even after preparing it so everyone please be aware. Check out the return policy is on Amazon before you purchase it. Because that one had no returns. God bless you

  • Greetings i just got rid of my long time Genital Herpes virus permanently with herbal remedies want to no how i cured mine email me privately [email protected] Are you suffering from HPV any DISEASES,this is Real and legit

    Herpes, Cancer, Als,Hepatitis, Diabetes, Sicklecell, Weight loss and more!!

  • Keeping your hands in your face can be the culprit for bumps because of the germs, try to keep your hands out of you face because it may irritate it❣️

  • I would definitely try it, I just need to find someone who sells seamoss in Tennessee or somewhere I can purchase and have it shipped to me��lol. I liked the results, definitely can’t wait to try. Lol watch dem vocals nah������

  • #UnFucWidAble…❤����❤���� love ur merch 2! Will DEF try the SeaMosseating and masking. Please��..”what is a zzz’s schedule rt now???” I’m on the COVID19 graveyard shift����������

  • Now I feel guilty eating this grilled cheese at 2:45am �� I’m over this lockdown but now I dont know how getting back into the flow of what my life use to be like for me would be, I een ready for that. This seamoss ting sounds interesting, I’m an experimentalist so I’d try it. I think your mouth area feel tighter that your forehead because the skin elasticity is different around your mouth; it can move more allowing us to talking laugh pout etc, ya forehead skin only be going up n down like when you say “huh?” Lol makes sense to me but what do I know I’m not a skintologist. Ok now I’m rambling. Time for my bedtime cookies then Netflix lol yes my sleep pattern is also in da Get-toe ����

  • I celebrated Monday and zoom parties aint my thing either ��. I had sushi and cake with my husband. Oh and we did a painting from The Big Picture. Imma try birthdaying next year

  • DEF, I will be trying the mask, ingesting it is weird but great. As for the Gemini ish lol i feel you bey. My bday was on the 23rd (which was the Saturday), lawd we were in a proper lockdown. It was as best as it could be, but I’m not counting this year lol ��‍♀️ *TAP the LEO* ��

  • Hi, i felt this is truly a genuine video, a genuine person, sharing great information, rare to find on youtube lately. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the vid..a newbie to buying sea moss..

    Anyone watching from the UK?? If yes, where do you buy your ‘quality’ sea moss from?? Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for sharing your herbs list. Will defo check out the links!

    For all those in the UK, where do you buy your “genuine” sea moss from?? Any links/recommendations will also be appreciated.

  • Thank you for explaining it.. I just started taking it and was very concerned. How much should be taking and when should it be takin?

  • Erm read this first…
    Your welcome..p.s.the increased libido has also not be proven in scientific studies

  • The earth gave us everything we need for health like if you agree ���� also look up moringa powder its cheaper & just as effective

  • What is the amount of carbohydrate in sea moss? That is a big concern for me since carbs are the leading cause of weight gain? Also, what is the amount of iodine per serving? I put the gel in my coffee daily. Where can I get a copy of the table that you showed in the video? Thanks.

  • You touched on some great points!! Now in JA they have certifications and training to ensure proper protocol for harvesting Irish Seamoss

  • Blessings �� n good video all the same ok but I just wish you’d really researched this lie which is 100% Deception ie KELP SEA WEED fraff no good for nothing not even animals feed on it it’s that useless bro bless you all the same ��

  • My family member Paul it only has TRACE ELEMENTS bro not enough to give a baby mouse nutrients bro pls understand what I’m saying ok go research what I say DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT ok these papers you say have been written up on it well you need to check who n where these came from too anyway to shorten what I’m saying I’m saying it’s a placebo effect due to it ONLY HAVING TRACE ELEMENTS my bro bless you all the same but 3 grains of oats will give you more than 10 litres of this placebo effect fake lie which is sea moss ie kelp ok Bless ��

  • Hey Paul! I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now. I am finally trying to get my life right… lol. My question for you; I recently bought some sea moss flakes. I wanted to know if I prepare as the other sea moss. It looks very different to me. I am new at this and I want to make sure that I don’t mess up! Thanks in advance!

  • Sea moss is amazing. I heard about it years ago when I first became vegan, but didn’t really pay it much mind… I was still pretty ignorant to the value of investing in health. I have sea moss extract and powder. I haven’t been able to get the actual plant, due to availability here in the US… I’m still watching so I may drop in to comment again, but I just wanted to tell you that you have such a captivating voice, and manner of speech. I want to say it’s sexy but I feel like that would be disrespectful to the power of frequency. But my reptilian mind thinks it’s sexy ������‍♀️ I appreciate you Paul ���� I’m glad I found your channel.

  • Hello Paul! 15 year sea vegetable harvester from Eastern Canada. Great topic into today’s video. I have noticed at least 3 different types of eggs that grow in the irish moss. I always leave the Irish moss plants that contain eggs. It’s too bad you live on the other side of the planet as I would Love to send you some of my Irish moss or the holy grail of Dulse (Dark Harbour’s finest). I plan to make some short videos in the future of the harvesting/drying process. The world seems to enjoy dulse soft and pink and chewey which us locals consider disgusting for the most part. We prefer to eat it dry and crispy, but the major sea vegetable companies could never deliver the product consistently to the outside world. Cheers and keep up the informative videos Sea vegetables are the best fuel for our body and minds!!

  • I had a very heavy cycle also. However, since I am done with having children, I opted to have an endometrial ablation. It was covered by my insurance due to how heavy my cycle was. Ask you doctor for the best recommendation for you. Had I known before now about seamoss, I would have tried that. I have ordered some and will incorporate it for the other issues, weight, fatigue, and mucus. I really want this to work for me. I have asthma and I want to stop these meds.

  • Best wishes to you Vanessa, Please stay very safe as you work the Frontline, Your Community looks forward to your new videos and your knowledge…Fully stocked Raspberry leaf Dry or Fresh available. 1000% organic. (video )

  • Who ever is behind this video has no idea what seamoss is… SEAMOSS is a term Dr Sebi has created… seamoss is not sea weed so do a thorough research before speaking on something someone has created….. I’m a product of Dr Sebi formula

  • Very fair take on this perfume, also think too expensive for a generic normal good smeller! Goldfield & Banks are a young brand in this market, and will surely learn going forward in their progression. Love that you also present better alternatives, Yana. ����

  • Wow, this is definitely something I have not heard of or thought about. I will definitely be doing research on farmed sea moss. Sustainability is important to me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Yes thank you for the video. I did some research, wow amazing stuff. It’s sold out most places but I found some on for those of y’all searching. Thanks for the idea

  • I was reading something online that sea moss has a lot of iodine can cause thyroid gland inflammation and even cancer. Anybody have information they can share on this?!?

  • I drink it as a tea with the pineapple core, ginger, and lemon juice. Boil it into a tea, then strain. So GOOD for arthritis.
    Wow didn’t realize it helps with sleep. I didn’t know why I was sleeping better.

  • Thank you so much for what you guys are doing! God’s work! I was very sick my unhealthy & alcohol consumption. I used Irish Sea Moss & started internment fasting & it changed my life. I’ve just ordered your product for the first time, I was paying more for an inferior product. Super stoked to find your product! Can’t wait to get ��

  • Hi bro a few weeks ago you sent me a London link for sea moss I lost my phone and lost the link. Can you send it to me again please…

  • Great honest review. I was glad that I only bought a sample instead of dropping $180 on PRM. No performance, no projection a total skin scent. Lastly my nose finally nailed the scent down to a Nail Polish remover vibe or that chemical smell you get at a nail salon LOL. Just my two cents, but I know some reviewer out there will make that connection. Looking forward to more of your reviews.

  • Interesting you make this video I just bought some sea moss from and the site mentioned the same thing about over harvesting and farm raised sea moss. I guess I made the right purchase. Great video thanks.

  • You hit the bullseye. You articulated my feelings precisely. I think this perfume like the others from this house are being hyped because each one is being featured as having at least one unique scent original from Australia, and this is unique. It’s a new house from Down Under, which is a rarity, and all noses are on it. But I think they are a little over priced.

  • Your skin is flawless, and your so fairy like��…plus you remind me of KarrucheI am getting that sea moss sis ����I need all the tips and I trust your judgment ����new subscriber here ��

  • I would want to as it seems like a fun project.. but there wasn’t must difference. Like you said skin care does takes time. I think I would mostly do it for the softness (probably rejuvenating-ish) effect, because these quarantine 4-hour naps ain’t cutting it ����

  • I agree completely, there are much better options for 30 or 40 dollars. There is no reason for this one’s popularity. I feel it of basic people wanted a niche they could attach to.

  • How do I prepare the seamoss? I heard you cook it and turn it into gel. Is that the only way? How long does the sea moss and the gel last? Does it expire? And also how to store the seamoss B4 & after I turn it in2 gel?

  • I thought you said Lemon if I’m not mistaken I think CB said key limes are betterThere’s a lot of fruit out there and vegetables that are not good for you research

  • Were you still taking the iron pills while taking the sea moss to boost your levels during those months or did they rise strictly from the sea moss?

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I also have uterine fibroids and very, very heavy periods, to the point where I have to have blood transfusions (my haemoglobin went down to 5). I am looking forward to trying the sea moss and having a much better quality of life.

  • Hi guys. I am over in St Lucia where the best quality seamoss is grown naturally. Link me if you are interested in obtaining quality.

  • How interesting. I’ve been taking sea moss for about 2 -3 months and I hadn’t even realized that my cycle has changed for the better, until this video. I’ve had long, very heavy periods my whole life and now I see a huge difference.

  • Thank you Yana, I enjoyed hearing your perspective on this fragrance as well as SmurfyGurley’s review of it. Sometimes the hype dramatically increases the expectations we have ☺��

  • Those of clear european descent should be SHUT-OUT of the wildcraft (both sustainable-wild and natural-wild) seamoss industry both as consumers and definitely as harvesters/distributors/owners because their colonization and disease-like effect and progression on the planet has caused the extinction of land plants comparable to the mineral content and nutritional value as that of seamoss which is one main reason we’re resorting to seamoss as a last rich-mineral-content-source in the 1st place. Europeans can stick with pool-raised OR seamoss from their polluted waters and leave the water sources of the indigenous be for the benefit of those who’ve already had colonialism imposed on them.

  • Thank you. Really enjoying your videos. We buy Wildcrafted Sea Moss that has been carefully collected from the shore once its has been washed in. This is done daily. no guarantee supply, but better for the ecosystem

  • I wanna used this media to appreciate [email protected] for giving me more life again, was diagnosed of Herpes after the use of doctor_saibu herbal medicine I got cured. He also cure sickness like Hepatitis, Bp, Skin disease, Stomach, Ulcer, Asthma, Fibroid, MS, waist pain, Breast cancer, Hynia, Affliction, Chest pain, HIV, Hsv1and2, HPV. Call or WhatsApp +2348064438762

  • Thank you so much for a wonderfully informative video. We have a seaweed company on the coast of Maine-let us know if you would be interested in trying some of ours!

  • Your skin is beautiful!!! Thank you for a full review with proof of your results. Thank you for your transparency as well. Def going to order some

  • Dear thanks for sharing your experience, I am going through the same what you mentioned, I can’t put it in words but I will follow the opinion,love from UK.

  • You make that top look amazing. You provided great alternatives. I love Amongst Waves and FITS as well. PRM was a pleasant scent, but just didn’t work on my skin. Thank you for sharing your thoughts an the amazing alternatives.

  • Bro do you know any good source to buy seamoss please? I just bought some came from the USA and I can clearly sea its the pool grown one and i am not taking it. I need some sea moss like now, or do you have some to sell?

  • Is this carrageen? It is abundant in Ireland, I have picked and used it alot. There is traditional/ancestral useage of Carrageen and other seaweeds for health. I wonder if Seaweeds/minerals with an oilish medium, (seaweed) help us recover a pathway of nutrients to the body.

  • I can literally relate to digestive issues bloating, acid reflux > GERD, feelings of indigestion everything. Taking care of digestive health is vital to wellbeing. I just acquired some sea moss gel and will be using it in my gut formula that I make for curing acid reflux/GERD. Thanks for sharing!

  • OMG,THANK YOU For sharing!!! I’m a 49 yr.old female with EVERY symptom you mentioned. I ordered a sea moss supplement inspired by Dr.Sebi and baby the first 2 has changed my life!!! My energy has been restored,I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED to see how it transforms me and my health ❤����

  • How does it tastes? I know someone who makes and sells it, but I’m like ��. It just don’t look �� eatable. �� Heard it’s very healthy for you. Thx4sharing! ❤️

  • Wow, Great minds think alike king. I briefly mention this as my reason to why I don’t buy it often (vid releases tomorrow).

    Great thorough explaination here as usual. Respect ����

  • Why you beautiful woman tkl about bf not husband preserves yourself, if you don’t have a significant others how can you take it bucz you mention it boost your sex driver I drink seamoss however I make into a drink with different ingredients Irishmoss

  • I really like it for guys. Just ordered it for my son in his twenties for his birthday. I think it leans for the less mature guys. Great summer scent. Falling into the Sea is good too. Like Pacific Rock Moss better though. It is too much money but my son adores it and splurged for his birthday. Love your channel and watch all your videos.

  • Say it sister! I haven’t tried PRM but Daniel sure did a really good job with Amongst Waves. Personally, I find it really difficult to create a long lasting “aquatic” nuance in any scent without using synthetics. Conventional aquatic/marine/sea/water notes typically give me a headache and many of the more inexpensive ones tend to smell a great deal like a floral green apple accord. The alternative is to either use melon, or combine a citrus and sage opening with geranium in the mid while using only trace woods (or none at all) in the base. The result, if not predictable, is poor longevity. Oh well, I’m confident that someone will come up with a creative solution for the “aquatic dilemma” sometime in the future. Always appreciate your take Yana. Smiles!

  • For hyperpigmentation dont add it to your jell that your gonna eat you can cause it’s good for weightloss too but turmeric is great for dark spot also cayenne

  • “Get on Birth control” I feel like that is rehearsed among st the health industry. Birth control is not the solution, may help clear acne, but not in the long run. It alters hormones big red flag. I am so glad you did research. Your symptoms were symptoms I had, I just didn’t go to a doctor about it, I didnt know what it was so I changed my diet and did not know what was wrong with me.I drink just water had to cut the sugar go to plant based whole foods not vegan modified replacements WHOLE FOODS, and celery juice in the mornings. No more symptoms. I have been scared to go to health facilities, minority women just seems to have issues when we leave there if we ever do as some die for what ever reason overall. Not to be extreme, but I appreciate your video. Young women do not have these conversations which we should, you can save someone’s life. Thanks! I will also try this too. I have hypothyroidism just working on a healthy lifestyle.

  • Oh my goodness! So thankful I found you on YT. I’ve experienced everything you mentioned (fatigue, severe anemia, passing clots, etc.), yet there is no trace of fibroids. I’ve taken iron supplements to no avail and my doctor even suggested infusions (but ain’t nobody got time!). I’ve started taking black seed oil to help with my overall and menstrual health. Thankfully, I have seen improvements. I am definitely going to buy some sea moss on my next grocery run. Thank you for sharing your story and educating! ��

  • as messed up as it sounds maybe its kinda good they have fake seamoss out there. I mean i believe there is enough for everyone and all but doesn’t mean everyone truly deserves it

  • For anyone who is interested in purchasing raw sea moss, gel and elderberry syrup you can visit my website: Also you can check out my instagram @alkalineislifeshop

  • Mucus kills I stopped smoking ciggarettes about 5 months ago getting back with my twin flame and just ordered capsules and 4 ounces of the raw I cant wait to see the findings……..