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Unlike many supposed superfoods, this one might actually be worth the hype. Blue Majik is a proprietary extract of spirulina, a freshwater algae that’s become popular itself in the past few years. This surge in algae acclaim expands way beyond color — the product is high in protein, low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals. Well, unlike Pixy Stix, it turns out that Blue Majik is actually supposed to be good for you—like, immune-boosting, superfood status good for you.

And the formerly niche health food has gone. Strikingly blue, Instagram-worthy, and touting numerous health benefits; Blue Majik is the latest superfood blowing up the nutrition and wellness world. But, what the heck is Blue Majik and does it really live up to the health hype?

What is Blue Majik? Blue Majik is a proprietary extract of Arthrospira platensis, also known as spirulina. Blue Majik may be a great natural alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Especially in cases of chronic inflammation, joints or muscles pain, headaches and migraine.

Ongoing consumption of NSAIDs such as Advil, Alieve, Aspirin, Excedrin, Ibuprofen and. Blue Majik, the secret ingredient behind these creations is all the buzz right now, and you’re likely wondering what it is and why all the hype? Keep reading for everything you need to know about this magical blue powder.

What is Blue Majik? Derived from Spirulina, Blue Majik is a chemical-free extract of the blue-green algae Arthrospira. Blue majik is actually derived from spirulina, a proprietary extract of the blue-green algae Arthrospira platensis.

Much like green spirulina, Blue Majik is prized for being nutrient dense; full of. What is Blue Majik good for? Blue Majik is said to be rich in iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin A. It’s a handy plant-based supplement for vegans or vegetarians who might otherwise find it difficult to get enough B12 and iron through their diet.

Some of the potential health benefits of Blue Majik include the improvement of digestive health and thyroid function and the reduction of inflammation. Blue Magik will leave you feeling energized and less inflamed, as it provides protein, B vitamins (especially good for all you plant-eaters out there like myself), and serves as an anti-inflammatory. It’s aesthetically pleasing and inspires my creativity. Wait, but what the heck is Blue Magik?

Blue Magik is an algae. While spirulina is great, and Blue Majik does contain a few other ingredients, it may not be all that it’s hyped to be. Plus, this stuff costs $60 for 30 packets. So, I’d say go for the pure spirulina if you’re looking for a blue-green algae supplement.

We needed to find out for ourselves whether the live blue algae latte was worth not only the hype, but also whether at eight bucks a pop it’s worth it full stop.

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  • ya know what else does what she is showing? blue food coloring! she ain’t adding great enough amounts of anything to have any other effect that to much shit blue

  • Why are they only basing their decision on the financial aspect? They are doctors they should at least examine the medical benefits/harms.

  • Lets just grab trendy “super foods” and remove all the health. Don’t forget to chuck in expensive objects for no reason.

    Yep to make this special drink we will be using… shells but not just any shells… pearls! Pearls are shiny balls of nacre, what makes them special is that they come in spheres so can be used for pretty jewelry!! Now lets take those expensive pearls, and smash them to bits to make…. expensive calcium!! Now if you can’t afford the “pearl” label, you can substitue regular shells, and smash em, they have the exact same ingredients.

    Up next “Blue Majik” wow, catchy name isn’t it? Now go get some nutrient and vitamin rich spirulina. Got it? Cool, now extract the blue pigment and leave all the nutrients and vitamins behind. Perfect! A lovely blue pigment for your food with next to no nutritional value.

    Wow!! Aren’t we so healthy!

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  • You know it’s not fictional magic but Real Majik™ cause they spelled it differently….. is Tasty doing Flat Tummy Tea laxative recipes next? Pearl powder and Blue Majik………… unsubscribed, bye

  • This was the dumbest take ever. He never mentioned the health benefits and says it’s a bust because it’s expensive!? Health is an investment

  • OMG!!!!
    Tequila –
    Blue majik +
    = all good!
    Next video:
    Pork sausage and chocolate –
    Blue majik, pearls and stevia +
    = Perfect healthy recipe!

  • doesnt the alcohol kill all the benefits? alcohol in moderation i understand is good for the body but i wonder what it does to the blue majik.

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    Reconsiders life choices
    “Why did I do this?”
    “This tastes awful”
    “Remember the money remember the money”
    “What have I done?”

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  • How do you explode a bullshit detector? Run this video trough it!:D
    C’mon. You really want to believe this stuff even if you know it’s not true, right?

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  • The most ancient, powerful and nutrient dense food on earth is Marine Phytoplankton! Blue Green Algae is second only to Marine Phytoplankton.