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In addition to giving your muscles a rest, active recovery also provides a wealth of other advantages. For example, studies show this type of recovery may help clear blood lactate in the body, which means you could reduce post-workout soreness and fatigue, while also prepping your muscles for better endurance. Your body needs rest to recover and get stronger from hard workouts. Rest and active recovery (including gentle cross-training) are both tools we can use to achieve our fitness goals. A rest day.

“You should place more emphasis on sleep during rest days,” says Thieme. “It’s such an important part of the recovery process. It helps muscles repair, recover, and grow stronger.” Our experts recommend getting more than seven hours of shut-eye per night. Active Recovery. Then there are “active recovery” days. On these days, Thieme explains, “You remain active but use less intensity than you.

While both are good for optimal recovery, it’s often misunderstood what’s the difference and when to use a rest day versus an active recovery. Here’s the deal, your body needs rest to recover and gain strength from a hard workout or intense game. Both rest and active recovery are both tools you can use to reach your athletic goals. Light weights or whole body vibration can be good ideas for active recovery days. Under most circumstances, active recovery is better than passive rest, however if you’re injured and you accuse pain whenever you attempt to do a complex movement or to lift a dumbbell or do some cardio exercises, it’s better to opt for passive rest, and to stick with very light forms of physical activity, like walking.

Recovery involves chemical and hormonal balance, nervous system repair, mental state and more. There are different factors such as sleep, diet and hydration that can all be beneficial, but one of the most effective methods of helping the body (and mind) recover is through active recovery. Well, it depends on what you did on your two active days.

If your active days included high intensity workouts, your rest day should be a full rest day. If your active days included low or moderate intensity workouts, you should consider an active recovery day that includes yoga, playing a sport or a taking a longer walk. Now for recovery. The day after some spirited sport play or a tough workout, you may rise feeling sluggish and is if your limbs are made of concrete. This is never a good feeling.

But you’ll notice that after you’ve been up and moving for a few minutes, you’re feeling a bit better. Active recovery is often considered more beneficial than inactivity, resting completely, or sitting. It can keep blood flowing and help muscles recover and rebuild from intense physical activity. In conclusion, a good way to look at rest days, is to treat them like you would the rests between intervals – make the most out of them.

If you are planning an active recovery session, approach it deliberately and with a plan; this will allow you to continue hitting your following training sessions with the appropriate intensity and desired stimulus, resulting in extra fitness!

List of related literature:

Even on rest days, you can engage in active recovery, which is far more effective than passive, unengaged recovery.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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Note that recovery does not only mean days of rest without activity.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
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It’s important to note that recovery doesn’t just mean taking time off to rest.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
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If active recovery is more effective for the highly trained athlete, then it stands to reason that passive recovery—complete rest, as in a day off without a workout—is better for those who are less well trained.

“Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life” by Joe Friel
from Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life
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In some cases, a recovery day should be a day of rest or a day of cross-training.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
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The rest days are for recovery and are essential to prevent the negative effects of overtraining.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
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By definition, your “best days” in recovery are the ones where you accomplish the most work.

“Resurrection After Rape: A Guide to Transforming from Victim to Survivor” by Matt Atkinson
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Planned days of rest are also important to the periodization concept because recovery is allowed which can prevent overtraining.

“Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts” by William J. Kraemer, Steven J. Fleck
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But so is taking a more serious approach to rest and recovery.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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Active recovery can save time in the recovery process, but it is not a substitute for rest.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
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  • Hmm… when I sleep more than 6-6,5h I’m feeling very bad… Training/running 6 times a week tho. I think you can supplement sleep with exercise. I also eat less than 20g of carbs per day:)

  • I think your method is great and I am going to adopt some of the workouts. And by the way I love this video it explains to us a lot of what u do which I love!!!!!

  • #AskGCNTraining IMHO, you cant prepare for climbs on the flats. Besides the lower/power cadence of the climb, there is also the overheating due to lower speed/airflow. Also, concerning the rest/recovery: why not spend some quality time inspecting/cleaning/repairing you bike? Save your money on workshops/gym, and strengthen your bond with your bike 😉

  • Love the videos. Should you be getting UCI approved frames or does it even matter? Planning on getting a new bike but none approved frames are cheaper and fits better on the budget. Like Cube Attain GTC bike for example. #torqueback #AskGCNTraining

  • Whoaaaaa Emma. Hard not to love Dr. Emma. She’s very articulate and very apt at explaining scientific researches in easy to understand terms! Not to mention they went the extra miles (kilos) to search the article in the first place to respond to a seemingly simple question too. Chapeau.

  • You asked if we wanted to see anything. Then…I want to see toomey win the 2021 Cross fit.
    You are a real true blue legend girl!!!!

  • Never use cold for recovery! You want more blood flow bringing nutrients to sore muscles. Icing will reduce blood flow. Cold only helps the pain but doesn’t help recovery.

  • #torqueback My question is why does gcn never respond to all the complaints from your subscribers on the Spanish videos sent to English speaking audience?

  • Hey Seth, just watching this as I’m injured at the moment but really comforting to hear you’re advice:D thanks for all that you do, you are truly awesome! ���� seek beauty, work hard and love each other �� ��‍♂️ ❤️

  • Easy days are 4 miles 8:30 9: 00-minute pace. I’m really trying to slow down and get above that 9: 00-minute pace. Active recovery days are typically just working with resistance bands for my legs and push up and pull ups for upper body and core!

  • just entered the nobull shoe contest! am i too late?!?!?..thanks for the great videos tia….shane: state of decay 2 is the only game i play!

  • AskGCNTraining I did not yet have a very long ride like an over 100 plus Ks. How do I increase my endurance or is there a way to increase my long distance power without doing one?

  • I’ve heard a lot of athletes and coaches talk about the CNS, what does it mean to not be “taxing” on the CNS? What’s a good resource to read more about what the CNS does in training?

  • #tourqeback I am preparing for an endurance race that is at altitude (LoToJa). I live at sea level and I want to know if there is anything that I can do off the bike that will help me acclimate. I will arrive at altitude 3 to 4 days before the event. Are there things that I can do at sea level before arriving? Are there things that I could do after arriving?

  • I have a question about power to weight ratio. Comparing an 80kg rider with a 20min power of 480w (6 w/kg), and a 60kg rider with a 20min power of 360w (also 6 w/kg), surely the 80kg rider would be quicker up a 1% gradient due to the much greater power. Therefore, I’m assuming that the 60kg rider would be faster up a 20% gradient. Is this true? If so, is power/weight ratio more of a guide than a perfect measure?

  • Hey GCN however the winter is coming and i’m going to enter in a under 19 Team and i’d like to start training with power… what do you recommend? A great indoor trainer or a powermeter?

  • #AskGCNTraining is it possible to measure my FTP/Vo2 Max without a power meter/Vo2 meter? I weigh 75kg i can average out 160bpm, i measure 175cm and i weigh 75kg

  • I wear a headband when riding. All the time. I hate sweat getting into my eyes especially when I know I have a chance of beating my PR on a steep climb ��

  • There is no such thing as overtraining. There is only under-recovery. Most people who think they overtrained simply don’t recover well enough. Rest days are important.

  • I know it’s a bit of a semantic argument but the whole ‘rotating mass’ vs. stationary mass is a bit misleading. Looking at it extra-close the most important part is lowering weight as far as possible from the centerline. Therefore, hubs are important for weight but much more important is the composition of the wheel and most importantly of all, the RIM! If I were looking for lightweight wheels (not for aero or anything else) I would much rather know how much the rim, nipples and spokes weigh than the hub (unless we’re talking about something that is truly heavier like a Rohloff or other internally geared hub but that is a different reason completely for choosing a wheelset).

  • Seth, love your advice and encouragement in that no matter what your pace is, you are still improving on your aerobic health which is the most important thing. I think an easy day would be more of jogging or even walking a few miles while an active recovery day is more of a smaller run and then doing some extensive stretching and exercising your whole body from head to toe. Again, love the videos!

  • #askgcntraining Hi, GCN! I’m sure this gets asked a lot but if I only have 1-2 hours a day for training, am I better off doing 2 split sessions a day at higher intensity or one longer session at 80-90% intensity compared to the split? I used to do 2 split sessions (commutes to work! 😉 ) but now that I work from home, I can more or less choose when to go, although due to other obligations I generally have no more than 2 hours available. I generally have been doing 2-4 1 hour sessions flat out with a couple recovery rides a week and just got back from a 40 mile ride and feel utterly exhausted in a way that my 1 hour time trials just can’t get me feeling, hence making me wonder the benefits of the longer sessions.

  • very good content. you need to relax and give a more natural delivery to the info. watch between your cuts,, feels forced and you never blink. you will get more comments if viewers don’t feel lectures. Good start though!!

  • If I run a long slow day and if I follow that with another medium day, I find that running on the medium day will create a bigger improvement than if I rested the second day. This is based on two sets of this on two different weeks.

  • To stop sweat in your eyes apply a strip of vaseline just above your eyebrows and the sweat will run down either side of your eyes.

  • Awee Tia, I know this video is rather old but you’re so sweet, about sending shoes out you seem so humble and grateful for everything that you have! I love your YouTube channel sm, I learned about you when I watched the fittest on earth movie and you’re so strong and beautiful!! I’m praying for you, may the LORD keep you and guide your steps and strengthen you very day more and more, God bless you!!

  • I find it so hard to have a rest day as don’t get that amazing feeling. It’s the day before my triathlon and literally forcing myself to rest.

  • If you have no mountains to train on, here is the solution. A smart trainer, a trainer road or zwift training plan. On trainer road there are dedicated climbing plans to help you out.

  • Rest or recovery, it all depends on why you ride what kind of riding do you do. I really don’t care about speed or racing, I like to ride as far as possible, the more km’s the better. I do zero ride rest days, short coffee cafe rides, plus cross training days (swimming). Works for me.

  • Awesome upload like always. Shocked that Bridges is not totally relaxed in the water, now I don’t feel as bad about being a weak swimmer.

  • #AskGCNTraining I recently started commuting to work on my bike, about 22 km each way. On days where I commute to work, should I still do my regular training in addition to that? I don’t know if the commute is intense enough, but I also don’t know if I will be fresh enough to put in as much effort as I should during training, or if it would lead to overtraining. If I should be training in addition to the commuting, any advice on how to make the commute more intense/closer to training so I only have to commute on those days I go to work?

  • hey ry,
    I think it is also important to mention foam rolling. Since I made this a daily habit, my recovery skyrocketed and all aches and pains went away.
    Great video by the way:)

  • #AskGCNTraining I did not yet have a very long ride like an over 100 plus Ks. How do I increase my endurance or is there a way to increase my long distance power without doing one?

  • Thanks Bridge, great information. “your out put is too high and you are not too relaxed in the water” what I would think is that you can live and or sleep in water being a seal, lol. I appreciate your videos and look forward to them.

  • Great tips as usual Ryan. On my active recovery days I make it a point to just move, play and have no focus at all on accomplishing/progressing in anything. It’s important to make time for that sort of thing.

  • I want to ride more during winter now I got my brand new bike, but I live in Belgium. Have you got any tips for me to keep on training during winter? #AskGCNTraining

  • Advice on traing for hills on the flat is all very good. But there’s a couple of bits that you can’t replicate. The additional load on your body to maintain balance a (much) lower speeds (in my case sometimes barely more than walking pace!). there’s also the aspect of going from a steep downhill, round a tight corner (often strewn with gravel, rotting leaves, potholes and cow shit) and being faced with hitting a steep wall with very little momentum and in too high a gear you can only really practice that by doing it.
    There’s also a mental aspect. When I’m riding out with a quicker group, I’m fine on the flat and gentle hills keeping up, even pulling on the front. But as soon as it gets above 5% or so, its like I’m pedalling backwards. I just can’t seem to maintain the output when it gets steeper. On flatter strava segments, I’m often in the top 5% of riders, but on any uphll segment I’m down around the 50% or worse. I know I’m not putting out my best power, as my heart rate never gets close to the maximum I can get when flat out on the flat. I max out at about 165-170 on a hill, but will be 175-180 on a flat course.
    when I see a 20% wall rising in the distance (I live in the Lake District so LOTS of them) I struggle. I seem to end up at the cadence that matches my breathing rhythm. But too high geared and I grind to a halt. I know losing a stone or so would probably help, but my weight is staying resolutely at 13.5st irrespective of the amount of exercise I do or what I eat. Maybe I’m just dense 😉

  • #askgcntraining Weather is still rubbish “Down-Under” so can you create an indoor Training Video for a Trackie Sprinter to keep me motivated until summer please:-)

  • Thanks for the tips Seth. As a streak runner I haven’t taken a day off in 806 days. My usual “rest” days are Monday’s and Friday’s with a slow 5k (my daily minimum). I have a mental block with the gym…I just loathe being in them. But will try some of these out to make my Monday an Active Recovery Day.

  • Could you comment on how to train six days a week? How do you program it to avoid overtraining and so on? I would like to train more frequently but I want to go about it smartly. Goals are hypertrophy, getting the handstand, and increasing lower body mobility/flexibility ( splits ). If it is too much to answer without just buying one of your programs, I understand.

  • What does your typical week look like work out wise? I’m new to crossfit style training and would like to understand the structure behind a week of work outs to you. Thanks!

  • #AskGCNTraining question to Emma, how to use Zwift while training for ultramarathon? I run 4-5 days a week, should I do Zwift workouts in between running days or zone 2 all the way?

  • What type of watch do you use? The white one? Also I have been reading your book it’s great. I love keeping up with what your doing and CF during this stay at home time, it keeps me motivated! Your story is so inspiring and I love your chill person ���� Are you actually mailing out a pair of your sneakers? Maybe autographed? I’m a size 8! [email protected]
    @evenprettierbyalex come visit Reebok 1 in Boston and look me up ��

  • My commute is 25 miles each way and i can currently manage it twice a week plus weekend rides. I generally stick to zone 2 on the way in but I find i’m tired on the return journey and don’t feel i get a quality session in; struggling to hold sweetspot and ftp intervals. Is this a sign i’m doing too much on my commute into work or getting my nutrition wrong in the day? #AskGCNTraining

  • Brilliant Josh!! Just the kind of advice I needed! I’m not a one that likes a day off from the gym so this kind of workout will be perfect ������ thanks Bro ❤️ coming back faster, stronger, better! #payingtheman

  • #AskGCNTraining Hey GCN! What is the most efficient way of traning if you only have 6 or 7 hours every week when training for an endurance event? Should you do a 100 k ride every 3. day and then rest the other two days, or should you rather split the training up so you have a 35 k ride every day? What do you think??

  • #askgcntraining I often do interval sessions. When I’m finished with the intervals I like to do a sort of time trial to go home. Pretty much an effort that I can sustain for some time but that starts to hurt after a while. Is it any good to do that or is it better to go home with an easy spin after your hard interval session?

  • I actually took a complete day off today, my calves feel tight after a tough tempo run and a long trail run with a good bit of vert yesterday. I foam roll everyday:) the tip is to stop on the tender areas for 30sec, then move a little and return for another 30sec if it still feels tender.

  • Awesome video! How long do you stretch on active recovery days and what type of stretching are you doing? What stretches? Thank you very much for sharing so much valuable content

  • The guy needs to stop looking at the computer…. its like he doesn’t even know enough, or didn’t prepare enough to explain. Odd how uninteresting these guys are to watch compared to Sy.

  • When CrossFit athletes are going to the games do y’all have trainers who do your programming or do those people just come up with their own programs.

  • Love The Videos! Been looking up Josh Bridges motivational videos before my workouts �� Helps me push harder when I’m feeling lazy!

  • #AskGCNTraining I did not yet have a very long ride like an over 100 plus Ks. How do I increase my endurance or is there a way to increase my long distance power without doing one?

  • #torqueback How does the women’s pro peloton deal with menstruation? Do the teams have to track their rider’s cycles or do they insist that all riders get on hormone controls? Do they just ignore the subject and hope for the best?

  • I know the information on sleep is out there, but did you by any chance listen to Joe Rogan’ s podcast on sleep? Btw, I do wallsits while brushing my teeth with timer. Good efficiency!

  • active recovery for me is weights and yoga, which actually incorporates a lot of the stretch and balance movements you use. Easy is anything under 5 miles. Love the mizunos, I currently run in the inspire and wave rider. Today, a 5 miler in the beacons, first run in shorts and T shirt since last fall woo hoo! Spring!

  • Hi folks With regard to localised pain, I find that I get pain in my neck and traps when riding. This hampers me when I tuck into more aero positions (drops/tri-bars) as it’s painful to look up & ahead at the road. What do you think could be a likely cause? I’m definitely at the lower end of ride frequency/distance so I wonder if it could be a matter of my body adjusting as I feel my positioning is good with loose bent elbows, relaxed upper body and majority of movement in my legs alone. I’m 6ft riding a 58cm 2013 Trek Madone 4.2
    Any advice would be much appreciated big fan from Ireland. #Torqueback

  • #TorqueBack I have an endurance geo bike (Giant Defy) currently with stock wheels and all the spacers under the stem. What would provide more aero gains lowering the stem to get a more aero position, or deep section wheels? Would it look stupid to have deep wheels on an endurance frame?

  • My suggestion for training for hills without having any hills?  Ride in the same body position you would if you were climbing.  If you plan on climbing while in the drops, train that way.  If you plan on climbing on the hoods, then train there.

    Also, make every pedal stroke count.  Be conscious of it.  NO recovery pedal strokes.  Push on every one.  Go, go, go, go, go…

    I wouldn’t worry too much about training at lower cadences unless your bike is over geared for the hills you intend to climb.

  • #AskGCNTraining hi guys, I live in an area where there are hardly any flat quiet roads. Mostly rolling hills. Can I still do an FTP test and would it differ from a typical FTP test on a flat road?

  • Hey Josh I have 1 question for you
    If you had to have 1 piece of exercise equipment what would be most beneficial to you?
    Assault bike or
    Rowing machine

  • #torqueback When might the UCI allow filming bike races using drones? My sense is it would dramatically expand our views and enjoyment of bike racing. (They’ve already been introduced in rowing, with a safety rule that the drones not fly directly over the boats.) I think the skills of the present-day camera crews are impressive, but with drone coverage television viewers would get to see far more action, including inside the peloton, of different groups of riders around the course, and so on, which we really can’t get now with the current combination of motorcycle and helicopter. All that said, my impression is that the UCI changes direction with the nimbleness of an ocean tanker. Perhaps GCN can give it a shot?:)

  • What vegan protein do you recommend? As someone whose never used it before I’m finding it so hard to navigate the world of protein powder!

  • #torqueback Is there a middleground to the ceramic speed derailleur rollers and the nylon cogs with metalbushings you get from the likes of shimano?, I mean a sealed ball bearing wouldn’t hurt?

  • agree, mental recovery is also very important to stay motivated to push the body into higher zones. Whatever and where ever you go to feed your soul. thanks for discussing this

  • Interesting you felt sore/tiered after a long fast effort in the adios. I run a lot with adios and have done for 3 years but very little over 10 miles apart from racing the half. I randomly done 18 miles a few weeks back in them and felt fatigued the next couple of days, I have done the same distance or longer since in Boston’s and felt nothing like the same level of recovery was required.

  • Hi! It is rare to see training tips adapted to different age groups. I am 45 years old and clearly notice how my body changes. I’ll recover more slowly, losing explosiveness and mobility, to name a few. I read an article now about a man of my age who uses short sprints on max 15 seconds up hills as an important part of his half marathon training. Is this something a half-old cyclist can learn from? Do you have any suggestions on how to include such sprints in my training and how they should be performed? #AskGCNTraining

  • Another great show! I’ve also been mean to compliment Emma on how amazing a bike ambassador for cycling she is. Thank you. Come to northeast Tennessee next spring and enjoy the blue ridge mountains and the parkway. The southern hospitality will be overwhelming. Bring all the guys also.

  • You’re an amazing champion, a great person with a kind heart, the best thing is how Shane is the source of all that is great that comes out of you. ������������ j.k. You guys rock. Tia you’re awesome!

  • What is the most breathable mask I can wear while cycling? I’m not concerned about smog it’s mostly because I like to ride bike paths that are around wooded areas and I’m sick of inhaling entire swarms of day flies when I’m between efforts. My current mask is too stuffy and often fogs up my glasses. I’d like something that doesn’t restrict air as much. #torqueback

  • #torqueback Dear GCN! I’ve bought my first ever road bike this March (Bianchi Via Nirone 7), which I love. I’m planning an upgrade for next season, but I’m torn between getting a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (which is a lovely piece of tech), and a new pair of wheels to replace the factory Shimano RS010s. Which upgrade would you go for if the budget for the wheels is 700 pounds at most? Thanks for any input!

  • I don’t really do recovery days. a nd I think that is bad for me. I tend to do a 6 7 mile per day in a pretty high tempo 3.30 per Km,
    and I have some sore days when my 7 mile is done in a way slower time than 3:30 /km. And aI think I should do these recovery easy days. thanks for the info.

  • Thanks for sharing the exercises I am increasingly interested in strength, flexibility and balance.

    QD I usually go for a relatively easy run (I don’t often manage to go any slower than 9 minute pace though), and then try to spend longer than usual stretching and doing other exercises. I do all of that at home at the moment, but am considering joining a gym.

    NB when you were discussing the London marathon in the live stream, I think that someone said that the time difference between you and the UK is 6 hours. While that’s correct at the moment, we have a daylight savings change coming up at the end of March in the UK, so the difference will be 7 hours.

  • I chuckled when you said 900 calorie post workout meal. I would look like the Goodyear blimp if I ate that regularly. #over40problems

  • Biggest bang for the buck would be to get clip-on aerobars.  Ride comfortably, longer, and faster.  More hand positions: yes, you probably can still ride on the ‘tops’ just by grabbing the armrests if need be.

  • Pardon the snarky comment from a Yank. Is this show Ask GC Anything, as it seems your presenters always call it, or is Ask GCN Anything, as the written title would indicate?:-) Actually, Emma pronounced it as it is written in her outro.

  • For the guy who has sweat drip in his glasses it’s a running trick but would work for him rub a thin line of Vaseline just above your eyebrows the sweat follows the line around and drips down your cheeks missing your glasses

  • I know many people pointed it out before, yet it cannot be stated often enough: Emma is such a great addition to the team. She provides valuable information and backs it up with proper research thanks for explaining the benefits of active recovery in such a great way!:)

  • #AskGCNTraining I did not yet have a very long ride like an over 100 plus Ks. How do I increase my endurance or is there a way to increase my long distance power without doing one?

  • Junior, it depends on your goals. For example, right now the only thing I focus on is getting the one arm handstand and that means that I must work on it 6 days a week sometimes twice a day. I’m not focused right now on muscle growth. I’m focused on skill acquisition.
    However, when my focus changes the way I workout will also change.

  • i have a 62 mi gran fondo coming up in 8 weeks and i need to train. however due to my current work schedule i’m only able to ride my bike on the weekends (or at 3am on the weekdays). what’s the best way for me to train for the gran fondo? as i don’t have an indoor trainer (still saving for one) are there other types of workouts or training programs i should look into? #askGCNtraining

  • #TorqueBack I’m a very heavy rider (nearly 100kg), what pressures should i be riding my tyres on? Is there a rule? Plus what are the best training I can do on my bike to help with weight/fat loss? #AskGCNTraining

  • #AskGCNTraining I know winter seems far away but how could I train my endurance on a turbo trainer without spending hours in the saddle?

  • Thank you for this video. Even when my muscles hurt so bad, I try to fit in a workout because mentally I just think I have to be active everyday in order to achieve my goals but in reality it is more about being aware of what your body needs. But it definitely helps hearing this from you! Good luck in your race.

  • I could not get up in the mornings if it weren’t for my Philips sunrise alarm clock. I highly recommend it. I was worried that it wouldn’t wake me up, but I’ve been using mine for 8 months and it has never failed me.

  • Having read your book twice getting into mindset of champions i can understand why you have an active recovery day. Following your amaizing holistic physical mental approach all the way from Malta Europe

  • #AskGCNTraining i am going on an extended vacation that I cannot bring my bike with. What workouts can i do traveling with no equipment to keep my cycling fitness from suffering? Keep up the great work GCN!

  • Seth I just got the Pegasus 35 Nike for 79 dollars on Running Warehouse you inspired me to buy this shoe I was just waiting for a deal. Run on

  • #Torqueback I have been cycling by myself for awhile now and want to do group rides. What is the best way to find and take part in group rides?

  • Nice Vid!!

    Can you do a video on what kind of training you do six times a week contrary to working out three times a week(bodybuilding) regarding recovery, muscle growth etc.?

    Asking this because I thought it is better to work out 3-4 times a week to get enough rest since muscle growth happens mostly in the state of recovery.


  • Hi josh how do you assess your need to back off by soreness, tiredness or more in depth assessment i.e drop in performance, heart rate etc? All the best bro ����

  • Rings 1 did not specify what to do on active recovery day, could you be kind enough to give examples of ring workout I could do to target individual muscle groups but not to train to exhaustion. Thank you

  • If I could, I’d run 5x a day but my knees and shins are do prone to injury. So I’m forced to only run 3x a week end and do strength training on the other two. I’ve been getting less injured now so rest has definitely helped ��

  • Move. I’ve been walking. My right knee gives me a hard time. Will try the exercise to strengthen knee. Wet snow makes great snowmen. God bless.

  • Love the enthusiasm! I’m a fan of the channel. Started running recreationally recently and love my Mizuno wave inspire 14s. I also foam roll everyday! Lost 65 lbs with burpees and change in diet. Now I’m finding my love for running with help from your channel!

  • I was a bit shocked at first when josh he doesn’t like to swim. I was like but….you’re a seal!!!! But then he explained why which I can understand….

  • Coming from a fellow runner, how are you able to buy so many shoes on a budget? I would like to train in more expensive shoes but I just don’t have the money to invest in the real beasts of the running shoe market. Thoughts?

  • Move!

    QD: As a beginner I’m just getting into active recovery/rest days. I use one day out of the week as an easy cross training day/ active recovery and I think it’s propelled me to become a better, more efficient runner. My rest day (once a week) I’ll wear compression sleeves and put my feet up and just take it easy! More than just a physical rest, it also serves to help me from becoming burned out.

  • I live in a place where temps over 30* C and high humidity are all too common. I find that there’s only one good solution to sweat on your glasses in in your eyes. It’s a headband called the Halo. It has a rubber strip on the inside that prevents any sweat from getting to your face. I have several and alternate them on consecutive days.

  • QoD For me, an “Easy Day” is a non-workout or long run running day…like 6-8 miles at a nothing-fancy pace. And an “Active Recovery Day” is running 0-3 miles and going to the gym to lift. I do my regular pre-run dynamic warm-up every morning (regardless of how much I’m running), and foam roll and stretch nightly. I can’t skimp on that “little stuff”, or BOY do things get tight!

  • If during a long-distance flat time trial, such as those which take place during a grand tour, the Olympics and World Championships, do you think that if every rider were forced to ride on standard road bikes with standard kit (i.e. helmet, shoes, jersey etc.) that the final standings would be the same as if they were to all ride using bikes and kit specifically designed for time trials? #torqueback

  • You should consider donating some old pairs to people in countries that don’t have access to shoes. It is a very big deal in those areas to not have footwear because many parasitic infections in those areas enter into the body via bare feet. Just an idea if you are feeling philanthropic.

  • Hi!! Great video!! Greetings from Miami, FL! I was recently laid off but your videos have inspired me to continue exercising and working out, bringing my best foot forward! Thank you ����

  • I love how the whole editing was low key, until the video game part and the editor was like “here’s a chance to show all my motion graphics skills”. By the way my game is, The Legend of Zelda BREATH OF THE WILD.

  • Hi Tia, do you know if the crossfit games will go ahead this year, would love to watch you win it again. Hello from South Africa ��

  • yea imma keep partying now by myself until i FINALLy see you. and then once i get you preggo, ill stop the drugs and start my get-in shape mode

  • Ive done 65 miles off road biking and walking this week, over 5 days, plus light weights, i am 60years old now, and today being Saturday is my rest day, i normally hit this week in week out, winter or summer, i love exercise, you are a Fantastic athlete. I do not really like to rest up esp when the weather is warm and sunny, i train along the coast in Kent, in England, it is Beautiful, plus you hardly see a soul, kind regards.!!

  • #Torqueback #AskGCNTraining recently started riding with a Garmin. Purchased the edge 130 simply for the Strava live segments. I don’t race and only ride for fitness. Will I benefit from a heart rate monitor? And perhaps even power meters? I find the set up interesting but do I need it?

  • As I’m getting my first bike computer soon I’d like to know if there’s a pacing strategy involved in doing an ftp/fthr test #AskGCNTraining

  • #torqueback Hi GCN, do you have some advice on how to deal with cycling related (or at least triggered) prostate issues? Since i started riding 2 years ago I developed (or triggered) chronic pelvic pain, also called chronic prostatitis, and it has already kept me off the bike a few months in total. I already changed saddles a few times, got my position checked specifically for this issue and I already took all kinds of prescribed drugs which help a bit but dont make it disappear. Any advice would be most welcome, thanks!

  • I think when you just sit around and are passive all the metabolites don’t really get flushed out. They just kind of collect in your lymphatic system if that makes any sense? Not sure if this is even scientifically correct at all but that’s sort of my imagination coming into play…

  • Just found this channel and just what I was looking for! I’m going to be one of your best disciples learning through your videos. Thanks for the hard work putting these videos.

  • Hey all, I have a question, or two, about fasted training. I have recently become a father and turned 40 so no doubt the pounds are about to start piling on as I eat more and cycle less (at least in the short term). Lots of people talk about fasted training to stay trim and Olly is using it for his everesting training. I’ve heard differing opinions about how long/far you have to ride before it takes affect. However, I wonder if the important metric how many calories you burn? #AskGCNTraining

    My commute to work is about 40km. Depending on my route and effort level Strava tells me I burn between 800 to 1000 calories. Will I see any benefit from fasting (without breakfast) and how will my previous night’s dinner affect the training and effort required, say a lentil salad vs a spaghetti bolognaise?

    p.s I’ve done this a few times now with Emma’s banoffee in a pint waiting at the office:D

  • #torqueback from a fellow female 5ft1 rider. I want to transition to shorter cranks. Riding 170mm atm and experiencing slight discomfort on 70km+ rides (ramming your knee into your chest down at the drop bar position is really no fun and makes breathing way harder…) Is there any scientific sound recommendation which length to go for? Can’t decide between 165mm Shimano cranks or the variable Rotor ALDHU which give you options down to 150mm? Thanks for your input!

  • I love the wave plate technology from Mizuno and actually run in the wave sky 2 as my long recovery shoe, but have never liked the overlays and have always wanted them to get into a knit upper. They’re also such a durable, workhorse brand.

  • Training is important to me because I can focus on both my strength and weaknesses like handstand push ups, double unders and sometimes stretch in the mornings and evening. BTW you are fantastic Tia was recently watching fittest in Dubai on Netflix look outstanding. Hope you and Shane are both staying safe and well.

  • Watching her come out of her shell over the years was cool. 2016 “the boys are going to trample us” 2019 “the boys better get out of my way”

  • #askgcntraining Do you think training 3 days in a row is beneficial? For example: Monday off, tues/wed/thurs on, Friday off, sat/sun on. Some say it’s helpful others says you’ll get burnt out. I’ve been wanting to get the view of a qualified and experienced cyclist:)

  • #TorqueBack On the podium at Bink Bank Tour Matej Mohoric seemed to have both the Dutch and Belgium stripes on his sleeves. Since he is from neither country and hasn’t won their championships is this a clothing mistake?

  • #AskGCNTraining I did not yet have a very long ride like an over 100 plus Ks. How do I increase my endurance or is there a way to increase my long distance power without doing one?

  • I train with power, but in winter on winter bike with HeartRate Monitor. FTP is 340 and FTHR is 165 (max. HR is 186). I am 39 years old. This is taken during normal conditions, but lately, as it is very hot, heart rate is much higher, I keep getting notifications (after longer high intensity rides) that I should correct my FTHR (lastly yesterday) to 169 (so it measured for an hour or 20min-5% to that amount). Is this then my new FTHR also for winter training, or does HR in these extra hot conditions not count, as one gets tired earlier and therefore HR is higher? Should I have two FTHR, one for winter and one for summer (if needed)? #AskGCNTraining

  • Emma, I don’t live in Bath but have visited lots as my daughter went to uni there. I found lots of big climbs, Weston Hill (Landsdown hill), Shaft road are just a couple for example. You should try the Bike Bath for other great climbs.

  • #Torqueback is 21 years old too late to become pro? And if it’s not, how do I start? My clavicle is completely healed now BTW, thanks for your help guys!

  • That’s because it will depend on the person.

    The purpose of our programs isn’t targeting specific muscles. We focus on learning skills and the muscle are a byproduct of the work.

  • I’d go for recovery spins if it were dryer around here. I can’t be bothered to go out in the rain just to spin the legs for an hour, it takes an hour to clean the bike.

  • Excellent topic today Josh Bridges. I’ve been doing CF just over 3 hrs. and there’s still so much to learn and your content today, was as directed at me… ��. That’s how I felt today, because I’ve been doing WODs lately with more volume, as i work on my weaknesses but, active recovery is so important. Good stuff ����

  • If you don’t have hills where you are, a short looping route will simulate one on a windy day. Part of the way you’re into the wind, and then you’re out of the wind for roughly and equal amount of time. Try to maintain a constant cadence.

  • I really like your videos as you really know what you are talking about and also provide references, they are very helpful. Thanks a lot!!!:))