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Lack of Fitness Contributing to Depression and Suicide? Mass school shootings, teen suicides, bullying. These unfortunate realities slap us in the face hard every time we turn on the news.

Given the high risk of depression and suicide in returning service members, the Department of Defense (DoD) is advised to collaborate with local Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help develop physical and mental transition plans to ensure continuity of care between the service and civilian life. Exercise reduces suicide attempts by 23 percent among bullied teens Date: September 21, 2015 Source: University of Vermont Summary: As high schools across the. Conclusion: in the last 20 years, few progresses were done in showing the efficacy of exercise on depression, due in part to the persistent lack of high quality research, in part to clinical issues of management of depression in late life, in part to the difficult to establish the real effectiveness of exercise on depressive symptoms in elderlies.

A major cause of suicide is mental illness, very commonly depression. People feeling suicidal are overwhelmed by painful emotions and see death as the only way out, losing sight of the fact that suicide is a permanent “solution” to a temporary state—most people who try to kill themselves but live later say they are glad they didn’t die. Depression, especially in middle-aged or older adults, can co-occur with other serious medical illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Depression can make these conditions worse and vice versa. Sometimes medications taken for these physical illnesses may cause side effects that contribute to depression.

“In depression, social isolation typically serves to worsen the illness and how we feel,” Ilardi says. “Social withdrawal amplifies the brain’s stress response. Social contact helps put the brakes. Another way about thinking of suicide risk and depression is to examine the lives of people who have died by suicide and see what proportion of them were depressed. From that perspective, it is estimated that about 60 percent of people who commit suicide have had a mood disorder (e.g., major depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia). Depression can make you less motivated to do things.

A lack of motivation may be caused by depression, or it may be caused by something else. Learn more about the connection between depression and. Suicide is just behind accidents as the leading cause of death for young adults.

Suicidal depression may lead to extreme actions. Learn what it looks like.

List of related literature:

Depression is not the only area in which fitness level plays a role.

“The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement” by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Vaughan Kippers, Laurel T. Mackinnon, Marcus G. Pandy
from The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement
by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, et. al.
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Are lower levels of cardiorespiratory fitness associated with incident depression?

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
by Judy Foreman
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

Effects of aerobic and strength training exercise participation on depression.

“Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition” by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, Wesley E. Sime, David H. Barlow
from Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition
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As if it’s not bad enough that it causes the athlete’s fitness to slip away, depression may also set in, especially since so much of an athlete’s life is tied to being physical.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012

Frustration, depresSion, and loss of physical fitness are common.

“Shorter Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry” by Paul J. Harrison, Philip Cowen, Tom Burns, Mina Fazel
from Shorter Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry
by Paul J. Harrison, Philip Cowen, et. al.
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Depression is associated with poorer adherence to the medical regimen and to cardiac risk factor modification and rehabilitation, and depressed patients are more likely to drop out of exercise programs.

“Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 2-Volume Set” by Peter Libby, Robert O. Bonow, Douglas L. Mann, Douglas P. Zipes
from Braunwald’s Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 2-Volume Set
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Of course, when you’re depressed, exercising is difficult, because fatigue and lack of energy are so common in depression.

“Coping With Trauma: Hope Through Understanding” by Jon G. Allen
from Coping With Trauma: Hope Through Understanding
by Jon G. Allen
American Psychiatric Publishing, 2008

So consider asking someone else to exercise with you; having company can encourage you to get going and reduce the isolation that is common in depression.

“The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!” by Linda B. White, Steven Foster
from The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!
by Linda B. White, Steven Foster
Rodale Books, 2003

Over exercising (exercising several times a day at training levels that are at or near maximal can contribute to depressed moods, eating disorders such as anorexia and other compulsive problems).

“Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and Their Families” by Donald Meichenbaum
from Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and Their Families
by Donald Meichenbaum
Crown House Publishing, 2012

Achieving physical fitness is not a prerequisite for depression lift.

“Stop The World, I Want To Get Off” by Bernard Baron Delfont, Anthony Newley, Anna Quayle, Jennifer Baker, Susan Baker, Queen's Theatre (London, England: 1907-), H.M. Tennent Ltd, Marigold Music Ltd
from Stop The World, I Want To Get Off
by Bernard Baron Delfont, Anthony Newley, et. al., 1962

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  • I loved this talk so much, i listened to every word and will listen again. I also really like your posting the papers in the videos I always pause and read them. Keep up the good work.

  • I respect this woman so much! She is a role model to all of us especially those struggling with health issues and mental health issues. Bless you Sarah!

  • Shrooms and weed are the drugs I used (responsibly) The shrooms showed me I still hadn’t dealt with my childhood trauma and I was doing things in my life that were setting me up to be disappointed. Do not take them if you’re in a down spell. Be in a good mind set first

  • I wonder why Jordan is crying??? Did someone he knows commit suicide??? Or did he himself suffer depression?? Been there and back…. Failed attempts.. Plus my dad managed to shoot himself. So I guess I have experience on the 2 sides of the coin… Its suffering and grief one way or other…

  • I have no reason to complain of my blessed life, but this pain doesn’t stop. Someone please help. I would love to be normal. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  • I’m ugly not phisically good as my friend’s I’m single and got rejected many times……. I’m now drug addict to weed marijuana and ciggs. I don’t like my family and worst of all everybody think’s I’m the one to blame…..��

  • 47:16 this whole minute just blew my mind! You can BLOCK the adaptation from exercise? Even after you’ve just done the workout? WTF?

  • I’ve thought about suicide, many times in fact. All manner of methods and ways. I can’t bring myself to do it. I won’t stand for the shame and betrayal of offing myself. My depression is a shadow, possibly a result of my split personality as a result of childhood sorrow. My personalities are somewhat split into the Freudian model of things, the id, ego and super ego and they all argue. The ego always uses the first person and the others use third person. I’ve tried counciling and it didn’t work because well I didn’t put in my share of work. Thats all on me and it’s made my life hell. I’m just left feeling like a ghost, hollow and faded. I don’t intend to end my life though sometimes I have the notion that having to carry on is a sentence, my punishment is I get to live with the shadows in my head

  • I love you i just ended modern family im really srry you got trough that im like 15 and ur the purest girl i have ever seen much love ✊��

  • Try AMare GLOBEL it will get rid of depression or any type of mental I’llness. It’s a all natural mental wellness supplement company. Buy the AMare fundamental pack plus. It’s backed by doctors, psychologist and science

  • I have severe depression. It’s really bad for my age, actually. What sucks most about it to me, is when people ask you if you’re ok. I always say I’m fine when really, I’m not fine at all. It really sucks because you let this stuff weigh you down.

  • I want to tell everyone 2 ways to overcome the depression that I am using and are transforming my life.

    I stopped crying in secret in the bath, I feel smart, full of hope for life, super motivated, willing to talk to everyone, call people, be with people, super energized, full of disposition, no laziness, only positive thoughts (the negatives can’t stay☝️��), well it is all the exact opposite of what everyone here is feeling and living!

    One is chemical and the other is psychological:

    1. Maca mixed with ginseng of Costco, but don’t take the indicated dose, take only 1 capsule a day because it is enough and it will last 6 months, for only about 30 dollars I guess!

    2. The other is an advertisement that passed and I clicked and I felt everything I just had above-mentioned but without relying on chemistry (even though maca and ginseng are natural). I found someone who believes more in me than myself, making me believe it too, and have the courage to put the finger in my face and shout: “LET’S GOOOO, TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW, GO FORWARD”
    I think that all depressants are procrastinators too��

    Don’t make a mistake, this is not an ordinary program, it is a guy who just gonna blow up your mind and make you move!

    It was unbelievable for me, because I was watching it and imagine hundreds, but the price was the same!

    Don’t believe me!

    I felt it, but I don’t know if it works for everyone!

    It’s working for me and I need to share with the world!

    PS.: maca takes about 3 weeks to start working!

  • I was born shocked I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at 7 I’d had enough I attempted suicide I failed and it scared me I have since experienced a suicide and seen the consequences for 63 years I have had to fight depression unaided Jordan Peters on is the best person I have ever listened to he is a complete genius sadhguru Ben shapiro eckhart tohl to name but a few should govern the world I’ve such for Jordan inspiring man god bless you xxx

  • Take a cold shower, stop eating inflammatory foods(pizza, dairy etc.), do a dry fast and you’ll definitely feel better. Helps me everytime.

  • Thank you for such an important video! My boyfriend mother had the same issues and had a really hard time. She was able to cope this situation by doing autogenic Training and I’m happy bit worked.

  • Love both of these people. Brilliant. Rhonda, I’m just curious, but for someone with depression or anxiety. What labs/urine tests do you think should be manditory for an MD to request you have done? Before jumping to the anti depressants? Thanks! Keep up the great videos.

  • how do i stop depression i try to get over it but i cant sometimes when i think about hat happend to me that made me deppresed i start crying…….dont judge me pls…. it has been gowing on before chirimas but winter to this day. for a such a young age of mines i think that for kids its more harder then teenegers or adults but idk

  • I know God is real and I feel Gods love and do my best to spread it. But depression still comes and goes in my life intensely, and it hurts.

  • Rhonda Patrick, i would really want to hear your opinion on Ray Peat and his the type of diet he recommends to increase body temperature and heart if you’ve read his work?

  • My best friend on earth committed suicide on September 6, 2013. I am devastated to this day. As o e who suffered physically and with depression, im a strange way i u derstand? He was suffering so badly. But not even I ever got a clue. He had it, but….i waste very last person who spoke to him. In hindsight, he told me but didn’t tell me. And, I hate myself for not getting a clue. I could have kept him.on the phone or called someone else. But not even I got a clue. Suicidal people speak in metaphors. And I, as a writer, should have gotten it……and didn’t. He hung himself hours after i spoke to him in the wee hours of the morning. I was later informed and….i fell apart. Screamed. Pounded a stucco wall with my fists;….and collapsed. Life has never been the same. As previously stated, I do not fault him. No, not one bit. He was so sick. And, so proud. Too proud. God bless Jeff Houston Killer Soudec forever and always. Some beautiful day……
    We shall meet again…….
    Loving and missing the best friend I ever had( have), my Houston.
    Love always,
    Raquel Tokyo C.

  • Depression: kill me
    Anxiety: let me stop you right there
    My brother to anxiety: let me stop you right there
    Memes to my brother: let me stop you right there

  • If you have depression I would highly recommend trying to exercise regularly. I know it’s hard to force yourself to exercise, but I joined my school’s cross country team to force myself and it changed my life.

  • If you hate your job change your job. If you hate your life change your life. Talk to people who have a good track record and get some insight about how it can be done.

  • bipolar disorder isnt “cute” or “quirky”. its staying awake for days on end and being full of paranoia and making decisions that you regret for years. its going from a terrifying high to a downward spiral of depression that makes getting out of bed feel like climbing everest. its taking medication that makes you feel constantly sick just to think clearly. its not just mild mood swings. its feeling like theres something wrong with you constantly because you don’t know how anything is going to make you feel, or when the scale will tip next. its not fun, its hell.

  • So if we could break that piece down about heat/cold shock for sensitivity. Could you do the Sauna and follow it with an ice bath or a cold shower for a compounded effect or stick to one over the other

  • Your skin is not paper don’t cut it
    Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it
    Your neck isn’t a coat dont hang it
    Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it

    I am still fighting with depression.
    Take my energy.
    You have a life no reasons to end it
    Please know there are allways people who love you

  • the best motivational book I’ve read so far

  • Content side..I feel this realness..I feel being at home..being real.talking normally..when we go out we have to be fake and happy all the time and not how we really are as people..we judge ourselves and people judge us..there are a few people who understand but the rest is very cruel. And we get sad because of it. Im half western but I feel connected to my asian side..this feels good

  • Can the effect of sauna on the inflammation and depression be also be produced by atmospheric temperature? I am asking because where I live, the summer day time temperature very commonly reaches 44 degrees Celsius, and a half hour walk outside even under shade is not pleasant!

  • I have bipolar disorder, and it’s killing me, because, it’s not only depression, it’s a lot more, and it’s worse, and, I can’t explain it to my parents, because, I’m scared that they don’t understand, or they think that I’m putting an act just to make them not getting interested in me, so, I started to keep it a secret. Although I don’t know if I could have schyzophrenia, because, I can hear and see demons in front of me, and, i don’t read horror books and never watched horror movies. So, it’s great that I’m watching crash course, so that I can know what kind of disorder I have and I can diagnose myself.

  • I’ve been researching endogenous opiates too. What’s sooo interesting, if you take exogenous opiates long term… it will slaughter your testosterone leading to hypogonadism, which leads to depression, fatigue, etc. But if you take nalaxone (opiate blocker) it raises your testosterone & overtime alleviates depression, fatigue, etc. The body seems to treat opiate agonists almost as a hormone suppressor, and opiate antagonists as a hormone booster. Which is just so interesting. All these opiates doctors are giving to patients… its really no different than giving hormone injections in a way we’re screwing up their hormones for life. Yet where doctors know how dangerous it is to stop actual HRT… noone ever talks about this with opiates. And doctors really talk so damn much about the role of dopamine & seretonin for depression… but rarely do we dive deep into endorphins. I’ve been on and have taken everything… opiates absolutely destroy dopamine/serotonin agonists for depression. But the biggest bottleneck here seems to be hormones. If you’re not making enough hormones naturally, you’ll never get the endorphins you need. I just wish we wasted half as much time researching endorphins as we do serotonin or dopamine & the link to hormones & also how inflammation drives hormones down which also drives endorphin production down.

  • People who suffer from depression/anxiety etc, my advice to you would be to do a combat sport, i.e. boxing, kickboxing etc,

    You wont regret it trust me.

  • I had some really fun times being manic in my early 20s…Looking back I realized that was not me at all. Then I had an episode last year and omg I was about to be hospitalized because the paranoia was bad.

  • Kim, you are so awesome for sharing your story and helping others.I had severe pregnancy depression due to some medical problems (hyperemesis gravidum, etc) and voluntarily hospitalized myself. God bless you

  • You lost me on collagen peptides. You should know that digestion breaks them down. I am tired of being led down rabbit holes by so called experts

  • To whoever is reading this, you are loved. You are blessed. Your dreams are manifesting as we speak. Time is on your side. Everything will work out in your favor. May you find more love, peace and prosperity. Keep shining your light in this world. We need you and we love you.


  • i have been trying to find a video to explain to my parents how deppression works cause they still think I can just “tell it to stop”

  • i’m scared to talk about my feelings to people because of the ones who take depression and sadness and made it sound trendy and ‘quirky’.

    so here i am, undiagnosed and scared to tell anyone.

  • Great interview. I met Dr. Raison on several occasions years ago in Fresno when he spoke at pharma-sponsored dinners. As I recall he addressed the treatment of major depressive disorder with Effexor XR. As a result of your videos I have ordered a portable sauna from Amazon, started sprouting again, and resumed whole body vibration exercise.

  • paz hasta n las tormentas d los momentos difíciles….como el vidro d sia… i have mental issues but my faith strenghtens me… I wish in those moments the hardeat to be healed and be kept safe…to find stabilty balance harmony homeostatis LOVE to give and receive….

  • I have this friend.. I’m pretty sure she doesnt have depression but, she broke up with her online bf and now she seems so sad she recently sent me a mesg of her book saying stuff shes feeling and one of the words says she wants to die. How should I confront her she seems so sad?

  • I have pretty much watched all your interviews Dr. Rhonda and I have to say, this man is by far my favourite, bloody fascinating!! After the first hour when he started going down the ‘spiritual’ wormhole I was completely engrossed!! Please Please PLEASE if you read this, can you do a podcast on inflammatory bowel disease and I.B.S? I have seen the interview with the Sonnenburgs and also bought their book but the diet they prescribed caused me gut issues. Thank you and keep up the good work, you truly are doing an amazing job!! If I ever had a daughter, I would want her to grow up to be just like you!!

  • “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by A$$holes.” William Gibson

  • This is one great video… There’s so much truth in everything that Kim had spoken and so much its shunned out… Ppl are hesitant to understand the psychological reason for certain extreme actions.. This video is an eye opener for many women to understand the various changes that’s happening within them.. Hats off to the strong lady…

  • watchamadoodle! new word added to my vocabulary special thanks to Dr. Raison. it sure beats Ms. Poppins’s Supercalafajalistickexpialadojus

  • It works the other way too though, why should i stick around despite my suffering just to please others? Surely they want the best if they do care for me? what if not being here anymore is the best thing for me?

  • you guys could’ve spoken about the effects of vitamin d on melatonin and the sun exposure and its effects on reducing depression. you guys also missed some key points on dark chocolate and turmeric being strong antidepressants and good for alzheimer’s and other brain disorders. there was a lot missing in this video.

  • Thank you for doing this video so powerful! What an amazing and brave woman to tell her story. Suffering from this myself I understand her struggle and pain.

  • the paranoia when im manic is one of the worst things it got so bad once to where i was out at 2am once i thought i was being followed because there was a street light behind me and i tried to jump a fence at a closed golf course

  • who put this vid together’ a lot of good looking people acting a bit sad….the screen should be blank or white ‘ no musick and ye I’m listening to it for help? good luck mr Peterson for all our sakes

  • hi dr rhonda patrick, i saw your video lectures in the philippines, i think with dr Achacoso and i read about jennifer doudna’s work on gene editing but i love your work more on nutrition and biochemistry.

    ive been on depression for many years and just found out on webmd that depression and cardiovascular is linked.

    i like to know your facebook page cus i like to listen more on health and wellness through nutrition and biochemistry because biochemistry is the foundation of nutrition on how food nutrients affects genes and combat cardiovascular disease.

    hopefully if you could have another conference in the philippines not just in manila but also in cebu. im from cebu, philippines. i love to listen your lectures. thanks for everything!

  • My thing is, I’ve always wondered and contemplated that maybe I have depression, and maybe I really do just have it as bad as people with depression, but I also don’t wanna be one of those people that self-diagnoses themselves with depression just to be different

  • Wuau I didn’t know about her health problems, watching her on Modern family and being so funny and gorgeous you never would expect that somebody Like her was suffering so much. She really inspires me

    open link to know How to be depression free, safe & be protected from Corona or Covid-19 _Check and remember to subscribe.

  • Im scared of death and my mom is the only reason i havent killed myself. She gives me everything and I don’t deserve it. I know if I’m drunk enough I can do it. I realized that alcohol is the key

  • Please do a video on nootropics. I would like to hear your take Huperzine-A which is in the alpha brain supplement. I have discontinued usage of 200mcg after 4 days after hearing it could have a bad long term effect on the acetylcholine receptors. Both Huperzine-A and Caffeine are reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitors but I’m guessing Huperzine-A is that bit more potent..

  • I’m at a point where i wont mind sleeping knowing I wont wake up ever, its like I’m alive cuz I didn’t die. its not like im depressed I don’t think so its just there is nothing i look forward to, life feels so empty.

  • I thought they found (mostly) a cure. Lack of sleep, depression, hair loss are all linked to the drop in progesterone levels after birth. It can be treated with over-the-counter progesterone cream. This, alone, is enough to cure most symptoms in most women. Of course, sometimes it is caused by additional issues, but Joanne, you should report on the current ways to treat it. The science is readily available and there is absolutely no reason for severity with progesterone therapy.

  • I was in a dark place past couple years but thankfully I can say it wasn’t to the point of being suicidal or involved with any drug use. It was all psychologically getting to my head where I had to let out that anger inside of me out. School stressed while parents/family fighting over the dumbest things kept piling in my head. While all that is going I’m sitting locked in my room contemplating a million things at once. I began to learn that I can’t control my own destiny like I thought I could and had to accept that life has things that I simply can’t control. That mentality helped me ease off that stress until today. I just wanna make it in life and see others around me succeed with positivity ❤️

  • God, isn’t it bad enough your in mental torment without being made to feel guilty about wanting to end it. That is evil. In my experience, the ones that are left are the ones who’s nastiness caused it.

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  • I started watching the show few weeks ago and it’s mind blowing just to think that sweet funny full of energy actress was constantly struggling with serious physical and mental pain. There are no words to describe her courage and generosity for sharing this. Wish her the best

  • For listening full episode visit “” site and our youtube channel “vasupati official”��

    Rest episodes are already aired on these links:-


  • Talking is all I’ve been doing but nobody helps. I would love to get treatment n get a start (not restart because I never had a chance) in life

  • I really enjoyed this segment! Great job Joanna, I loved your questions! And i applaud this lady for speaking about something that was hard for her! It is definitely not easy to tell people that you are going through some stuff!

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  • Hi Dr Rhonda, I have watched this episode an embarrassingly large number of times. I have purchased Dr Raison’s book and as soon as studies finish for the year I’m going to read it. I love the interviews you do with some of the people you speak with. Thank you for providing this content. ��

  • Dont waste time your precious time on earth.
    Come towards Islam and one true God (Allah in arabic). True meaning of life and happiness is with Allah alone and Islam is what guides you to Allah (God).
    Read about Islam,study the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (Sahih hadeeth) and may Allah guide you to the truth and protect you from the hell fire.

  • I suffer from severe depression. The world does seem very dark at times and unbearable. The people around me tell me I’m exhausting and I need to change to be socially acceptable. I’ve realized that people dont really care unless it’s too late. I’ve tried anti depressants but they didnt work. I cant keep.a.job because of my depression. The co workers just see me as a negative person and the real world doesnt care about your depression. So I am truly alone. But that’s okay. I have courage. I’ll walk through the darkness. We can do it. Together. One might think why am I taking my time to write this? Well I have alot of free time and I feel alone. Im thankful for jordan peterson.

  • Oh Joanna, hats off to Kim for speaking out.. Even i have been through the same thing. Being a working mom and like Kim said i did not ask fr help. And i realised no point in me trying to be a super mom. i learned to let things go and started asking for help. And i am at such a better position now.

  • ❤️Sometimes there’s no cure, you just live in pain. One day I was pretty much in a catatonic state of depression and I went to pick my son up from school and he got in the car, and he knows how bad it is. He said, did you roast anyone good today? I smiled from a place a million miles away, because I did and it was ridiculous I was still alive at all and that was what he looked forward to hearing about.

  • To talk about this is so incredibly brave, it had to be hard. I think it is a much needed topic to be discussed though. People still try to push depression under the rug and ignore it. But this woman’s story can help others to understand to be kind and helpful to new mothers, check on how they are doing. People need to have open and honest discussions with those they care for and make sure the ones they love feel heard. Also, serious props to the husband for being there for her during these hard times. The love there is a beautiful thing!!

  • This guy made this while in his manic state, I would like to view a video in his depressed state please add click line. Because it might be more helpful than this spin wobble

  • This was incredibly important for is to hear. To Kim, thank you so much for having the great courage to tell your story. You are a true inspiration. <3

  • I had all those symptoms for about a year and a half then finally got diagnosed with severe depression some months ago. I am undergoing psychotherapy and feel much better now. I still have bad days but they are lesser than they were before and I barely have suicidal thoughts now. My doctor says I may heal naturally soon.

    I encourage any one going through this to please reach out and get help. You are loved; you are strong and you will get through this.

  • And you get to the hospital and they lie on you, make fun of you, treat you like you are a joke. No thanks. I ain’t doing that again.

  • No matter what economic or social circumstances you’re in, if you have your health (at least relatively speaking) be so so so grateful. Heart breaking hearing Sarah’s story, but glad she recovered.

  • She is so brave. Thanks joanna for bringing up this topic which is usaully a stigma in the society. Nobody talks about depression openly and some dont even know they are suffering from depression. If someone is depressed, dont think he or she will get better in just one day.. Support them instead of pushing them to get better. When you are depressed you just want someone to understand what you are going thru. I hope people will talk about depression more. Postpartum depression is real and if it is not treated in time then it can turn into postpartum psychosis.

  • One of my family friend had this depression after her first baby. I know its its reaaly hard to see your love one in this situation.

  • What if my life is not worth it…what if you have a whole army after you…what if there’s no chance at to prove anything….im a target to them….im theyre prey, I’m theyre trophy…im the end game….why should I still be here…why would anyone wanna live when they u have that on your back everyday…i dont wanna be here anymore…they are hunting me…they want me to suffer

  • Once I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I actually had felt some relief I knew why I was feeling the way that I was wasn’t able to get out of bed take care of my children in home like I wanted you sometimes just your husband and your children are enough for you not to do it

C) Spiritual Level
Learn to be aware of the omnipresence of the Spirit, the “Noumena” behind the phenomena, the Substance that inhabits everything, immanent and transcendent God. God is not just the Creator, He is everything: consciousness> energy> matter, cause and effect, alpha and omega.

-Science and religion
-Cultivate Hope (Letter of S. Paul the Romans 8: 18-23)
(theological virtues: Faith, Hope, and Charity).
-Detachment from the past, objects, roles,and people (not to confuse love with emotional attachment). The ephemeral is not real, the Real is permanent, eternal, and infinite.
-Develop universal compassion (Video is in Spanish)
    -Fight the inner battle that we all carry within (Battle of Kurukshetra in the Bhagavad Guita) between truth and falsehood, soul and ego, creation and destruction, light and dark….
-Do not take life too seriously, life is just a dream, a game (God’s Lilac):
What is life but a dream? Lewis Caroll
We are made of the same fabric as our dreams. William Shakespeare
If you want your dreams to come true, wake up! Ambrose Bierce
In this dream world, when someone tells what they have dreamed, the story is also just a dream. Chinese proverb
    And the greatest good is small; that all life is a dream, and that dreams are just dreams. Calderón de la Barca
”And, whether it is true or a dream, to do the right thing is what matters / because it may be true / if not true, doing the right thing will get you friends / for when we wake up”. Calderón de la Barca
Sleeping I dream what I dream when I am awake. My dreaming is continuous…
So much life in a dream! So much dream in a life!
Traveler, your footprints are the only road, nothing else. A.Machado
Plato drew in La República the foundational image of the cavern, where prisoners in the cave take for real the shadows that an external bonfire casts on the wall.

-Unselfish service to others (charity): volunteering, parish, online activism (seeing God in everything), everything counts.
-Divine attributes: Love, Goodness, Truth, Beauty, Peace, Perfection, Holiness, etc.
-Know God as the Absolute, Eternal, Infinite, Almighty and the One
-Deep knowledge of spiritual laws, of the path to perfection and Self-realization (Spiritual Enlightenment).

    -Soul powers as instruments of consciousness to get out of depression and reach happiness, freedom, and feel safe:

1. Memory (remember that we are children of God, He sustains us, loves us unconditionally, we belong to Him, we are part of Him). Memory of his Word (gospel and religious Scriptures of different religions). Be grateful for all the gifts received.

2. Understanding (wisdom and knowledge of Reality, of Truth, of the way forward, what is Life? Emotional Detachment, separation of soul and body, we are not the body (the brother donkey that called St. Francis) but the soul that manifests in a body, like light in a light bulb or water in a well. (Spanish)
We are a local manifestation of a universal field: we are one, we are Him. (Hindu Advaita Philosophy).

3. Will: Determination to seek God, live to please Him (Christian concept of charity: God is all, we are one), live to love Him with our heart, pray continually, speak to Him, ask for His protection).

    -Make a small altar to pray in a corner of the house reserved exclusively for it.

-Know different paths of spirituality (sadhana):

Mosaic Law and Gospel (good news: we are children of God).

Lectio divina: lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), oratio (prayer) and contemplatio (contemplation of the Spirit in everything): (Spanish)

Raja yoga, Kriya yoga: Eightfold path of YogaÓctuple_Sendero_del_Yoga.aspx (Spanish)

The four noble truths and the noble eightfold Buddhist path: (Spanish)

Stoic philosophers, Advaita philosophy (uniqueness, omnipresence of God),…


Beneficial activities: (Spanish)
Level 4 Music: Religious (Gregorian Chant, Choral, Christmas Carols, JS Bach Masses, GF Haendel, WA Mozart, etc.), devotional music (Hindu sankirtan, etc.)

Religious and mystical reading: Bhagavad Guita, Upanishads, Patanjali, “Autobiography of a Yogi” and complete work of Paramahansa Yogananda, Book of Psalms (Spanish)
Proverbs, Gospels, Parables of Jesus (The prodigal son, The Sower Mt 13: 1-23, The wheat and tares (TE REFIERES A LA PARABOLA DEL TRIGO Y DE LA CIZAÑA, VERDAD?), The lost sheep, The mustard seed, etc.), Beatitudes, “He and I” by the French mystic Gabrielle Bossis, Anthony de Mello (complete works), Thomas Kempis (Imitation of Christ), St. Juan de la Cruz, St Teresa de Jesús, works of the Italian mystic María Valtorta (The Gospel as it has been revealed to me) (Spanish)

    Miguel de Molinos (quietism), Persian mystic Omar Khayyam (“The wine of the mystic”) (Spanish)
Sufi mystics, eastern and western mystical poetry, etc.

    Movies and documentaries about the lives of saints:
“Friar Broom” (S. Martin de Porres) (Spanish)
S. Isidore the Farmer, S. Francis of Assisi, S. Anthony of Padua, S. Rita of Cascia, Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Jesus of Nazaret, Gandhi, “Awake” (Paramahansa Yogananda), films about the Virgin of Fatima, Lourdes (” Bernadette ”, etc.), Molokai (Father Damien) etc.

“A Course in Miracles” with Jorge Pellicer (biologist) (Spanish)

Today’s Gospel: (Spanish)

”I am” (Spanish)

  • If you suffer from chronic depression or anxiety, read the free book The Sudist Way at or on Google Play and Apple Books. It’s the free, natural way to beat depression without any meds or therapy. Take care and stay healthy!

  • Friends and family aren’t professionals that can help you effectively with mental health issues. Even lots of counselors aren’t trained enough to deal with the type of depression chronic pain life gives you. It has to be a specialized therapist who can guide you trough CBT and/or DBT so you learn how to deal with those issues yourself. And that’s what she means is all her, no one can do it for you, it’s a LOT of self work.

  • I believe the way I’m acting is a bit unusual compared to the people I know. And I would really like to know if it’s something but my parents won’t let me contact a psychologist so I’ll never know��

  • omgosh im listening to this at work and dammit i nearly ugly cried lol Thanks so much to u 2 beautiful ladies to spread more awareness and understanding��

  • When people say, “you must be so happy!” Because you act happy all the time but little do they know, you have the worst depression anxiety. And to top it all off have an eating disorder

  • I have major depression along with an auto immune disease. I now understand why I never get sick with flu or any other virus. I’ve been dealing with both diseases for more than 10 yrs now and not once have I gotten the flu or even food poisoning.

  • I had bad postpartum depression after I had my daughter 7 years ago. Between feeling overwhelm and isolated from my former life. I couldn’t talk with my family or friends without feeling judged. Thank goodness for my OB, she kept checking on me and one day showed up at my home and I cried out to her.

  • Im having suicidal thoughts right now ive done everything he said i take pill i went to therapy i smoked weed i did everything and im tired �� im just ready to sleep forever that all death is just sleeping forever

  • Psychiatrists are good for nothing. They don’t ever search for cures because they get paid for prescribing anti-depressants. Disgusting.

  • When I became suicidal from mis-prescribed anti-depressants suicide seemed like the best thing I could do for everyone. I thought it would make my ‘family’ happy. I still think it would thrill them and that they would view my death as a success on their part but I no longer wish to make them happy.

  • The cruelest voice when you’re depressed is the one in your head. I fucking hate it and I’m so tired of it. I idealize suicide all the time but I could never break everyone’s heart that way. I’m scared that voice will shut out my rationale and I’ll carry it out or try it

  • since I started suffering from depression I developed allergy and I actually get sick more often, what’s the reason if my body has a higher level of inflammation?

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  • Wait. Yes, a manic episode can lead to impulse buying. That’s actually par the course when it comes to symptoms. But “I bought all the snake kits because I was convinced of a rattlesnake epidemic” isn’t a sign of mania, it’s a sign of a psychotic disorder. Being convinced of a rattlesnake epidemic is a delusion. That makes it much more in-line with something like Schizofrenia.
    There is “schizoaffective” Bipolar (which is, incedentally, what I have: Schizoaffectibe Bipolar 1) where psychotic behavior accomponies the mood disorder but mania still isn’t associated with delusions, in this case. It USED to be referred to as simply “Bipolar with Psychosis/Psychotic Behavior,” but they decided to change it to “Schizoaffective” because, you know, there aren’t enough misconceptions about the term “Schizo” prevasive in our society already.
    Anyway, this “Schizoaffective” behavior is stuff like hallucinations which is obviously a trait shared with psychotic disorders: BUT, in a person with a psychotic disorder, those hallucinations are accomponied with a delusion. The individual BELIEVES that what they are seeing or hearing is real. A “Schizoaffective Bipolar” individual will, most often, be PAINFULLY aware that they are hallucinating and that the thing they’re experiencing ISN’T real.
    THIS is what they mean when they say “Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy.” A person with a psychotic disorder believes there isn’t anything wrong with them. They have delusions. “I’m not crazy, I really was abducted by aliens! You have to believe me!” or, “God has entered my body, my body as my size.” Bipolar is a mood disorder, not a psychotic disorder. A bipolar person doesn’t have these kind of delusions.
    So, buying all the snake kits “because I believe there’s an upcoming rattlesnake epidemic” is a sign of a psychotic episode. Impulse buying from mania is more like “I have to have this. When will I get the oppurtunity to get this again? If I don’t get it now, maybe I wont want to get it the next time I have the chance.” Even if you aren’t aware that you’re manic (typically because you are undiagnosed or don’t fully understand your condition) that “maybe I won’t get it later” is indicitive that you do, on some level, recognize that you do think differently from time to time.
    Also, and interesting thing that’s a bit hard to wrap your mind around, is that a person with a psychotic disorder may not even hallucinate what they believe they saw. They simply believe they did. My friend that had schizofrenia, for instance, had a delusion that he was reliving his life. He believed that he saw himself die in all manner of different ways; but, obviously, he couldn’t have hallucinated that. He believed that he had already done the thing he was doing, and had seen his future because he already experienced it in a previous attempt at life. This is the more pervasive aspect of a psychotic disorder called “dissociation.” Imagine you’re sitting in a chair, and suddenly, you’re in a different place and watching other people go about their daily lives. You aren’t hallucinating this. It’s not something you’re actually seeing. It’s something independent of your reality a hallucination would be hearing a voice, or seeing a person that isn’t there. It’s something that’s happening to you, in that moment, in your current consciousness. But a person with a psychotic disorder believes they’re seeing whatever it is during this dissociation even though they aren’t.

  • But i feel like if i tell them then my mind is like” they dont care sont bother telling them no one does” ao i want to talk about it and just get it out but my mind says no what should i do plz help??

  • My beautiful brother, if this video had existed then, I would have sent it to you..It might have said the thing you needed to hear. I didn’t do so well in my efforts. Well not well enough ��

  • omg….i just came to know abt this depression…thanks Joanna for this inspiring video, more courage to Kim n blessings to her husband!!! becoz of him, she is alive…

  • I had my colon removed in the 90s
    I have been incurably depressed for over a decade. I feel like i am headed for a catatonic state. No doctor i know had mentioned any of this. Where can I start? I feel paralyzed right now. No drugs have ever worked on me and drugs is all that is being offered.

  • Engaging and highly informative. I really appreciate the fact that nothing is simplified, in fact all of the slides added amplify the information density. This video required my full attention and I even went back and reviewed many segments and some slides/overlays I paused and read carefully.
    While watching the part about every meal being inflammatory, in preparation for possible infection or toxic insult, I immediately thought that argued for Intermittent Fasting over Caloric Restriction.


    B) Mental and Emotional Level
    -Learn to think and feel correctly. To do this:
-Be aware and knowledgeable of the mind’s five dimensions: sensory (manas), intellectual (buddhi), emotional (chitta), ego (ahamkara) and soul (atman).
-Improve self-esteem by moving away from victimhood and self-pity. Feel good about your personal achievements. Be grateful for what you have and for any help that you may receive, etc.
-Cultivate self-control (study from Dunedin New Zealand University).
    Do not continually dramatize, complain, or blame. Do the right thing. Take care of yourself and others.
Eliminate bad habits for mental health: desires, adherence to negative thoughts, vanity, selfishness, etc. (Spanish) (Spanish) (Spanish)
-Cultivate positive thoughts, fight intolerance.
-Always see the good side of things.
    Avoid 1) seeing bad news on TV, media, etc. on a daily basis, 2) seeing violent or amoral movies, 3) people, conversations, or environments that are negative.
    -Relate proactively with friends and family who are positive, enriching, and capable of understanding your problems.
Remain calm and active
-Distinguish between pain (objective) and suffering (subjective).
    -Know the law of cause and effect (karma) to better understand pain and suffering. Discover that pain caused by an accident, illness, crisis, etc. purifies karma and promotes mastery and skill.
-Be tolerant of other people’s defects and weaknesses.
-Rise above worldly problems and deal with them without emotional involvement.
-Cultivate virtue as an essential path to happiness.

Beneficial activities:
Level 2 music (intellectual and happy): (jazz, zarzuela or operetta, good quality pop, etc.) and level 3 music (morally and emotionally enriching): classical (e.g.,: Beethoven’s 9th symphony “All men will be brothers”), etc.), soundtracks from inspirational films (e.g., from composers: John Barry, Leonard Bernstein, Ennio Morricone, John Williams, etc.)

Enriching readings: “The Little Prince” by Saint-Exupéry, “Juan Salvador Gaviota” and “Illusions” by Richard Bach, books by Elizabeth Kübler Ross, Ekhart Tolle, Jorge Bucay, Jorge Adoum, etc. Uplifting poetry for the mind. Pre-Socratic Philosophers
classic (Spanish)
stoic (Spanish)

Inspirational YouTube videos and lectures: (Spanish)

Cognitive psychologists such as Alberto Soler, Rafael Santandreu, etc. (Spanish)

Doctors like Dr. Mario Alonso Puig (Spanish)
Philosophers like Alfonso López Quintás, professor emeritus at the Complutense University (Madrid, Spain) (Spanish)

Speakers like Dyer Wayne
Ekhart Tolle, (Spanish)

Facundo Cabral
Euge Oller

Movies about exemplary real-life people:
“Alive”, “The walk” (tightrope walker)
“Amelia” (Amelia Earhart, aviator), “Woman Walks Ahead” (Sitting Bull painter Jessica Chastain), “The Bridge of Spies” (Tom Hanks, spy swap), “Always by your side (Hachiko)”, “In Search of Happiness” (Will Smith loses his job), “Untouchable” (wheelchair), “The blind side” (rugby player), “Invictus” (Nelson Mandela), “Captain Phillips” (Tom Hanks ), “Erin Brockovich” (contaminated waters), “The king’s speech” (stutterer),
”Monuments men” (Nazi paintings), “Pelé” (footballer), etc.

Uplifting documentaries and videos about Nature, science, the Universe, quantum physics, NDE, etc.

  • Good job.keep working and succeeding more in psychology. I suffer from bipolar disorder and you know the best surprising thing is that yesterday I visited to the psychologist and I was told I am suffering from that and today I watched the video. I had seen this video some 6 months ago without knowing that this was my exact problem for which I was looking for.
    Conclusion: bipolar is hard to identify

  • Stand on that edge long enough no longer afraid of the abyss…. IV fought and fought since that switch went off in my head at dad hung himself may 1st 2003 and thru yrs I’ve been angry he beat me2 it but then other me knows it did to me and how he didn’t even try and that’s all I’ve done is try understand my darkness and self hate..I buried it my 20s living my version of rockstar life and my 30s I worked 60hrs a week and hunted and lived the country boy life I was always meant to in my mid 40s trying clean and sober and I’m completely broken and I thought was hard when I had vices it’s unbearable most days and my poor momma.. the worry I’ve put her thru for 44yrs of my life…I will figure this out..I have to..but I’m scared..I’m almost as old as my dad was when he left’s a blessing and a curse loving and being loved as much as I do and am

  • is a depressed persons suffering less important then the potential suffering of a griefing prrsons? after all said person could ass well get hit by a car.

  • can you please stop posting notes during the video? I have to stop and read then unpause to listen everytime. its so annoying. just keep the link below. we’ll read it. we promise.

  • I don’t think i am deppresed i am just sad Like i am bored I play games they are fun but now they are not I am just over all really sad

  • Oh honey….this touches me. I had depression so sooo bad after first baby. Crying and same symptoms…I did not get help as I did not know how to ask for help or to know it wasn’t right. I somehow got thru it though. But years later I learned I’d been in a depressed state just going through daily life numb..I’m better now and not ashamed of it. Life is hard.. and I’m still at times drawn to self hate but making myself focus on love and that I am important wraps a blanket of warmth around me. Thanks for sharing!

  • I don’t know what I am going through but I’m just stuck btw sadness,anger etc. Nothing is improving my mood,I feel like nothing will get better even if get help… Even the things I want the most are not relieving me.

  • You almost cant even describe bipolar disorder, you only can fully understand if you have it. But even then you cant make sense of it…..

  • Wow incredible story I cannot believe that this will be happen to a mother actually I have 2 kids..Pray and Faith to our God Almighty ��☝for all the mothers out there.��������thumb ups for this video joanna❤

  • I suffered from depression after my first child. It was so debilitating and horrible. I suffered for a few years until I couldn’t take it anymore. I truly was just functioning and going through motions. I wasn’t living. I cried out to the Lord because I knew He could help me. He totally delivered me 100%. I no longer have any problems with it. Thank you, Lord!

  • Thank you so much for sharing. Joanna, you are wonderful and insightful for this interview. I love your channel. This one of the most important videos I’ve seen recently.

    Kim Boey, you are beautiful and a wonderful mother for being so open. I don’t have children, but this is an important message. Women go through this. Your story is invaluable.

    I honestly cannot thank you both enough.

  • Great Interview/podcast Dr.Rhonda Great Work! Love the information regarding certain topics about things I’ve never heard before. BTW you look stunning:)

  • I like Jordan Peterson, but I disagree on that. It’s bullshit.
    Most people have fucked up lives and no amount of therapy, pills etc will fix them.

  • So very brave of you to share your story❤❤I’ve dealt with depression most of my starting around 15 years of age. Its a hard thing to keep going when you are stuck in a dark dark hopeless place and no one seems to see you there. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Celebrities have changed their lives from misery to happiness
    Jennifer Grout become Muslim

    sinéad o’connor become Muslim

    US Rap Singer becomes a Muslim Kristen

  • I love the Ellen show so much. The way Ellen makes it easier to talk about and listen to stories on difficult experiences like this is a real gift.

  • Thank you so much for all the LOVE you’ve shown Kim. She’s an incredible and courageous woman and I’m so glad to know that her stories are helping you and other people out there. Let’s not hide away or feel ashamed, but rather, let’s open up and support each other through the journey. Lots of Love xx

  • every health issue is something difficult believe me try dealing with heart disease lung disease. seizures. girl. please. my pains are nothing compared to yours. try loosing your friends too I mean you’re a celebrity. and amazing life nothing compared to this. sounds like spoildness. you don’t know what it’s like dealing with strong pains like I do. you have all the money for doctors who can help you. not many of us do. and have doctors taken away. yea what a depression life you have

  • Light is stronger, than any darkness. Folks that have… SERIOUS FAITH, know that!…. Dr Peterson:….. Real problems, with serious depression…. bad, anxiety disorders etc?… those afflicted may have to find a simpler, less stressful, intelligent…. refined, life even sometimes, more house bound…. to recover!… Friendship, community, volunteerism, spiritual growth, prayer are super beneficial….. and helpful for depression. We don’t get everything we want in this life, but we can trust God…. will be with us on our journey….. however fragile, too broken,…. we may think it is??…. when we are too young, or sick,… to see out of it!

  • He cares so much for people he will never ever know. I’m incredible grateful of this man. I heard this lecture over five years ago in a different order and I can now say since 2019 I haven’t had any depression. I’ve finally found myself and even in less than great times it’s never any dark sadness anymore. Because I’m happy to be me. Much love people, I hope you find yourself and love yourself too

  • She and Ariel Winter are such great performers, they swap each others persona on the show. Double for Sarah since had to soldier on with her health condition.

  • Because of my Chronic Illnesses, I have majorly struggled with depression. Been sick for 1 year and 9 months now. People need to talk about it!! Share your struggles!

  • I have a bipolar girlfriend, that through the course of 5 years we spent more time broken up with me than in a relationship. But still she always come back and beg me because she wasn’t herself when she broke up. Now I already know her, I don’t even care when she breaks up, I know she always come back, but it was a lot of suffering at first. Her parents tend to literally lock her inside the house, so she doesn’t spend money she doesn’t have or go on into a promiscuous behavior. Still she is by far the best woman I ever knew, her happiness is contagious, she dances a lot, she is euphoric, she accepts everything I say, when she is in this phase. Those are the best phases of my life as well because her mania is contagious, she forces me to dance and enjoy life. Her love knows no bounds, she declares her love for me very publicly on social media, the only problem is that her hate also knows no bounds and from time to time she decides, out of nowhere, she hates me, and there we go again. Her parents also swing in their mood, from thinking about me as the cause of her problems at one point, to thinking that I’m the only man she is allowed to meet at the other. But she showed me what is happiness, the best moments of my life were by her side, no matter what she does I can’t even get angry. We are together now because she saw me with another girl and went into a rage, and she was also with another guy. She cried so much and talked so much about me, the guy gave up on her, and then I also broke up with the girl I was with, since this girl didn’t like me anyway, so we went back together. When I put her in my profile as my girlfriend my family doesn’t even respond anymore on facebook, they already know it won’t last long, hehe, although she always talk about marriage. And I’m truly happy, I really learned how to enjoy her best behavior and ignore the rest. She is being medicated, was diagnosed, so I hope that this time she behaves better, but if she doesn’t whatever, I wouldn’t want her any different.

  • Anyone suffering with suicidal thoughts just know you mean a lot you are you mean a lot you are meant to be here and cannot let negative emotions consume your life and happiness you got to keep strong no matter how hard it may seem

  • I was depression once because poeple would bully me in a game and I would cry then I start to fight back then I’m good but it a long time when I depression I would stay in my room with music thinking about my cousin the moved away then cry about that I miss my cousin but I’m ok now don’t worry but when I was depression I never laugh much my bother would say to fight back to my bullys and yeah I never took a shower I sink but now I’m ok and happy

  • It’s good to know that even the rich and famous struggle just like everyone else. And the fact that they share their journeys makes you love them even more. It’s humbling����❤️

  • Hey there I’m just gonna talk about my feelings here. Writing down how I feel is almost impossible cuz no words can describe what it is. I just feel bad whenever I see myself in the mirror like I can do better visually. I wanna look pretty, I wanna be fit. Those two thoughts have burned me alive I tried starving myself for a whole day, and when it’s time to eat I feel guilty of what I ate even if it was just a sandwich I will go to the bathroom and threw it up. I’m trying to train myself to stop this habit, and honestly sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t, but I hope in the future I’ll stop this nonsense once and for all. And that’s it thank you for hearing me out, I don’t wanna burden my friends with these thoughts, and worry them so I will just say it here and forget about it, you can do the same by writing what’s worrying you down here maybe it will take some of that weight off of your shoulders ��

  • How do I help someone with depression? I’m fighting my own demons here but I’d still like to learn how to help my fiance. She deals with extreme sadness, lack of motivation, all the other things. I try to be there when she needs me, try to get her out of the house, but im not sure what else to do

  • Exercise is very important, and I really push myself to do it when depressed. It’s not a cure-all, certainly, but it helps a lot. By the way, is that Richard Simmonds there at 7:45? 😉

  • I’m bipolar type 1 but I don’t do depressions my mood fluctuates to extreme mania to euthymic phases, I have an extremely high tolerance to medication even in my euthymic phases I feel high, anyone else?

  • Does cannabis help with inflammation? Any research on it? Once I stopped using cannabis recreationally and started using it strictly after a workout and strictly before bed, and it’s done wonders for muscle soreness


    please. listen to me. i know from experience and so do millions of people!!

    omg i swear, it DOES get better and even if you have nothing at all, come to the comments of a sad song and connect with all the other people experiencing the same feelings and struggles and you!!

    whatever you experience in life, you will never be alone there are 7 billion people on the earth, you are one of them how incredible is that?! you are living, breathing, you have endless possibilities!!

    you are trapped in a horrible, depressed but if you try to make one difference and you cut off or escape toxic things in your life then you have to power to change!!

    you are so beautiful and even though i don’t even know you i want to reach out to everyone feeling so terrible. when i am older, i hope to work with mental health helpline or charities ect. i want it make someone else’s life better please hold on, it ALWAYS gets better but you just cannot see that right now because you are blinded but this sick, nasty things called depression!!

    i am begging you so much to hold on,

    life IS BEAUTIFUL but you can’t see it because of your unfortunate circumstances.

    if you hate your life, change it, as much as you can!!!

    you, more than anyone, has the power to do that!!

    you won’t believe me because i haven’t explained it very well�� but coming from someone who went through a terrible mental health time and came out the other side with an extremely healthy lifestyle and mind and immense appreciation for life and opportunities, i am telling you that life gets better!!

    please seek help and please help yourself, there are so many people willing to help you get through your struggles!!

    please, hold on ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ if anyone is struggling, talk to the other people in the comments they are here alongside you for the same reason xxxxxxxx <3

    you are loved by people and i can not tell you enough how much your death would impact people around you as well as your community of you killed yourself. DO. NOT. DO. IT.


    there is so much more out there than you can see and if you just give life one more chance completely start over, mentally, physically, environmentally, socially, whatever!! but don’t kill yourself it will never have been worth it



  • Depression will never go away just gotta know there is something good on the other side. But it is a fight for your hole entire life, everyone has it. others just can cope with it or either ignore it until one thing comes along and breaks it. Stay strong

  • Having bipolar, I remember vaguely helping some boys in my class barricade the door of the classroom to stop some girls coming in despite being the goody two-shoes in the class.

  • Sometimes people hide it extremely well. If you ever think that someone you know is struggling with something, talk to them, reach out, just let them know you’re there if you need them. Don’t regret not making sure.

  • Just exercise, oxygen
    Eat raw fruits and vegetables for a few months
    Get away from her. Profiteer loser
    You all got more info than these 2 can give you in 50 years, in fact these 2 are incompetent

  • Thanks for this. It’s an essential view for anyone considering parenthood through birth or are already there. Having been through non post partum depression, I understand when you say that judgment is everywhere you turn and it’s often from people who have never been in your situation. What do you do if these people are your support system? I know this is a very real thing and it makes me very apprehensive about motherhood. How do you prepare yourself for it? Especially if you plan on having more than one? If it gets worse each time, what gets you through the second and third time?

  • Easter Egg: When Hank mentioned lavish, expensive shopping sprees, ( 0:37) look at the shopping cart and there’s John’s book “The Fault in Our Stars.”

  • Seeing all these people commenting how their disorder is so severe they can’t do anything, my symptoms aren’t that severe but it’s enough to not let me accomplish anything and being normal on the outside, normal enough for a psychiatrist. If I’m not sad about it it’s because I already gave up on life, but I continue to act as if I cared.

  • This video is what a manic episode kinda looks like. I would have gladly watched this for 15 minutes if it meant he slowed the hell down.

  • Two weeks ago was my partner of eight years funeral, she took her own life… I found her and lifted her warm but lifeless body from the rope and tried to resuscitate until the medics arrived they tried for a further half hour… I’m crying writing this so I can’t say anymore… I just have dark feelings like never before

  • Have they got this the wrong way around? Because the opposite direction is very powerful and very obvious ie people with metabolic syndrome get fat and this leads to depression, mainly from the fear and frustration of powerlessness in controlling one’s weight ie one’s fundemental appearance and attractiveness.

  • Suddenly I felt sad after looking at myself for too long in the mirror.Then I wanted to kill myself and now I can’t think straight.

  • I had my first son at 17 and was married at 18 I was really depressed then I had my second baby at 22 and I was depressed the entire time it’s just now that I feel better I stared working out and trusting in God thank you for sharing this is a real problem and some people don’t understand God bless you

  • Dynorphin/Kappa Opioid Receptor Signaling in Preclinical Models of Alcohol, Drug, and Food Addiction.

  • Thanks for sharing Kim…great interview Joanna!! I am past my childbearing years, but it helps me understand others if they go through this…

  • Thank you for opening up. It means a lot to us out there with depression. I don’t have children yet but want them but I’ve already gone through phases of really bad depression so I’m scared that I’ll get postpartum depression. This will help me in the long run

  • I could be completely off my rocker here, but it seems the reasons for depression are similar to pruning a tree. When you prune a tree, you damage it initially, but it regrows new stems and over time gets stronger. But if you cut too much off, you damage the overall health of the tree and cause it to slowly die instead of get stronger. Too much stress on the human body over time does not help in the long run, but short term stresses can help make humans stronger.

  • I really loved this video and very well explained. I was suffering from Depression for a long time. I got to clear my thoughts and move ahead overcoming Depression with the help of #RicckyKa

    I would also request everyone to also watch the video from #RicckyKa on Depression and Mental disorders. It’s really very good and gives all the solutions to overcome and avoid any mental brain related disorders.

  • Heads up to you. I can understand ur pain. I was also going through the same things but i control myself. Love u god bless u alwys to you and to your child

  • I never heard about this depression before Jo. It was really helpful to know about new things. Also how strong she is to manage that kind of situation. Love you and Thank you

  • I really enjoyed this interesting conversation with Dr. Charles Raison. Thank you Dr. Patrick for publishing this interview. I listened to the Podcast in my commute back and forth from work.

  • Wow, this is fascinating. Ive been thinking on these terms for years and now to see this come out is very interesting to me. Makes me wonder if we know this stuff in the back of our minds in terms of a biological programming. And for that reason led to seek it out. Great info here.

  • He is very wrong about practices like meditation, running, heat therapy, cold therapy etc not being like regular anti depressants. All emotional states are biochemical states. Aerobic exercise will upregulate dopamine and serotonin 5ht1a receptor. Meditation induces dopamine synthesis and changes the brain so that pe the amygdala shrinks which will lead to a lessened tendency to release crh under stress. All these practices are doing is trying to achieve a biochemical high. The ultimate goal is like he says to achieve a physiological state wherein you no longer need a crutch to be happy. You could call it enlightenment.

  • I overcame chronic depression. My recovery from depression began thanks to spirituality. I became obsessed with changing my life for the better. I researched and questioned everything. I fell in love with healthy living. It made sense. After just 2 weeks of full on healthy living I felt alive again! I highly recommend to try plant medicine, especially a plant called Wild Kratom. It gave me a huge boost of positive euphoric energy everyday. Also try Ashwagandha. Much Love! Never give up.

  • There is a cause for everything. It is vital to find and eliminate the cause if you want to recover. I can help you.


    There are 3 basic principles:

1. Receive support from family and friends who should listen, understand and love the depressed person.
2. Seek professional help (diagnosis and adequate therapy).
3. Understand that depression will improve or heal with time if you are patient, prudent, and determined to fight it. To do this, you have to gradually improve your surrounding environment and personal circumstances on three levels:

A) Physical Level

 Be active and improve your inner well-being.

 Have a healthy diet (Omega 3 ALA, DHA and EPA, proteins, vitamins, few carbohydrates and sugars, Q10, minerals: magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, good hydration, etc.), anti-inflammatory diet
preferably vegetarian, etc.

-Quantity and quality of sleep, not sleeping too little or too much (7-8 hrs. for most people), go to bed at around the same time and get up at the same time, having dinner at least two hours before going to sleep, etc.

-Receive enough sunlight, schedule daily walks outside, contact with nature, physical exercise, etc.

-Maintain upright body posture, straight back.

-Practice Hatha yoga, Tai chi, Qigong, etc.

See documentaries, video tutorials and books about it.

Level 1 music: rhythmic, virtuosic (ex: Cameron Carpenter, Yamandu Costa, Hilary Hahn, virtuous children, etc.), fun music, joyous soundtracks, for example:
”7 Brides for 7 Brothers”
“The Magnificent 7″
“Mary Poppins”
“The Sound of Music”
“Chitty chitty bang bang”
“Les Demoiselles de Rochefort”
“Singing in the Rain”
Joyful John Williams Soundtracks (In Search of the Lost Ark, E.T, Star Wars, etc.) E. Morricone, etc.

  • Depression is a PHYSICAL DISEASE. It doesn’t come from the brain it comes from the BODY.

    1. Do NoFap (completely annihilates depression/anxiety) (for real) (

    2. 100% Quit Sugar (

    3. Follow a lowcarb ketogenic / carnivore / primal way of eating. (eat mainly just meat/eggs/raw dairy/seafood)

    4. Always get sunlight when possible. It has a direct effect on the gut/mood.

    5. Some amount of exercise might very slightly help. (not certain about this one)

    6. Depression is a symptom of malnutrition.

  • That was such a powerful interview. Thank you so much for being able to share such a vulnerable side of you Kim. I cried so much when you were telling us how you felt because I could feel how deeply the depression cut you. I really want to know more about how you managed to heal. I know Joanna asked and you said it’s definitely not a sudden change, and you just got better over time, but what were the baby steps towards climbing out of depression? Did you tell yourself anything to change the perfectionist mindset you had that was fueling the guilt you felt? Did your family say or do anything that helped even in the smallest way? Did you do any activities that made you feel a little better, even for a moment? Sorry if these are silly questions, just want to understand more. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your story.

  • Idk if i have depression but sometimes i ask myself
    “Why am I even alive?” “Should i just kill myself so i can finally rest?”

    Seriously, depression is no joke. Those who fake that they have depression are real scums.


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  • Anyone here know online jobs that easy to earn money and the work aren’t hard at all.. pls reply.. im a college student that need money for this pandemic. Thanks for you kindness

  • The carry and the unconditional love of my wife and the promise to her that i will fight and stay is the only reason why i am still here.

  • 7 of the 10 emotions “defined by psychologists” are negative. How else will you justify prescribing expensive anti depressants without a comprehensive blood test. The weak are preyed upon by the pharmaceutical industry

  • i go from dancing to a song, to crying about my hopeless life (and lost loved ones) to listening to music and painting to being too emotionally drained and just eat and binge watch, all in the span of roughly 12-14 hours. i tried a attempt, i’ve attempted many times by now, only to be stopped by my dad. Feels nice to say this out at least…

  • Hey Guys, take courage, you can do it. I’ve made a video with some inspirational quotes. Please check it out

  • The reason that suicide is illegal in many countries is due to religious reasons and also because the political class and the economic system need alive citizens to exploit. Without alive citizens there’s no economic system or a priviliged political class.

  • Very nice interview, again. It’s great to see passionate scientists. I would like to point out one small reference mistake: at 1:09:36 you link the quote to Hashikawa, Naoya 2017 but as far as I found it belongs to Lieberman 2014. Correct me if I’m wrong! Again, amazing content as always. Big fan!

  • Dr Charles alludes to using NIR infrared to warm people up, but as Dr Mercola has talked about NIR infrared does more than just warm people up (such as charging the mitochondria and producing exclusion zone water). Dr Charles may need to test these other possibilities by warming people up without using NIR wavelengths and seeing if this affects the results (if he hasn’t already).

  • Both Dr. Raison and Dr. Patrick are extremely intelligent and eloquent. There are many people who are incredibly intelligent, but they’re unable to communicate their ideas.

    I’m making changes in my diet and exercise routine to see how I can better my major depressive disorder.

    Great work!

  • dr raison is brilliant, I felt so much at home watching this wondeful talk. thank you rhonda for this youtube channel, it has been a life changer for me

  • Thank you so much for sharing this story. It made me cry a lot. I think it is very important to talk more about this kind of depression to help mothers with these issues and to not shame these women anymore.

  • Banyak org kaya..atau pengusaha depresi..karena mereka mengubah gaya hidupnya lebih cepat dari pertumbuhan bisnisnya..banyak yg depresi..karena sering menyepelekan segala sesuatunya..

  • Insanely fascinating! This is fronteer research, and will make headlines in five or ten years. Nothing makes sense until you see it through the lens of evolution.

  • I’m afraid I’ll have one too many life failures. I’ll be too old to succeed or start over. My choices for even getting by will be few to none. Suicide starts to make sense.

  • As it becomes cool to be an atheist or indifferent to Jesus
    As we kick Him out of our lives
    Depression is inevitable

    God will bring meaning to your life
    A reason to wake up each morning
    Life will be exciting once more

    God is good
    Stop believing the lies you hear about Him

  • Brought here by WIL’s (What I’ve Learned) latest video. This is great information, I did learn a lot! Most of the main topics that Dr. Charles spoke in here are in that short video, from the depression-inflammation relation to the higher chances of survival of the depressed person.

  • M 28 I was in depression since 2015 after my long term relationship brk up symptoms are i start to hate myself i loss self-esteem. i became so sensitive. I take things so deeply n take it negatively.i avoid people. I like to stay alone at home.sometimes feel like killing myself.wat comes in my mind is m a looser.going thru depression for so long i develop gastritis.Evn now m stil in depression but not like dat of starting.m trying my best to overcome by myself. Hopei wil overcome it soon.
    One smal tips for who r going thru depression is avoid negative people or frnds who tries to pull u down.

  • You tell them to go to the hospital’s, where Doctors mock them. That’s what doctors do. Tell them to read the Bible,noone wants to die, they just want out of this horrible place. If the place you go for taking your life is worse than here, you won’t go.I know because I pray everyday for God to take me out of this nightmare, one day He will. You may laugh, but the reason I stay here is the fear of disappointing God, only He can give life, and only He can take it away. And there is a hell, not because God is mean, but because we are wretched, that’s why the world is this way, Noone’s a saint and all contribute to the mire. The great thing about God is that He sends us a Saviour who will walk with us, and a spirit to comfort and help us. But you have to seek God first, He doesn’t force His self on anyone. This is the only solution. Even Jesus agrees with suicidal people in the sense that He acknowledges the world is corrupt and full of evil. It’s when you lie to children and raise them in a fairytale that hits them squarely in the face as an adult.

  • I would like to hear/watch more videos about mental health and fitness and what workouts are specially effective and why. (I’m not a native English speaker so I apologize for any grammar mistakes there might be)

  • i tried talking but my own sister told its just a call for sympathy
    my mother asked me to not do all this drama in front of her:((
    they don’t think something like mental health even exists
    keep fighting ppl we will get through this❤️❤️

  • My Uncle committed suicide and left behind his wife and 3 sons. The Wife committed suicide over the loss a few years later. 3 Sons left with no parents. All 3 of them are now in jail due to crimes.
    This is what suicide does.

  • My grandfather committed suicide when I was 15. The mark it left on all of us will never be removed. I went into a straight hard core dark depression for over a year. (No sweet 16). My father still is trying to process what happened over 20 years later. My first thought when I heard my grandfather committed suicide, if I had known I could of saved him….I would begged & pleaded.

  • Why do i cry out of nowhere and feel like i have nothing and feel like no one ever is there for me and why do i think sometimes of suicidal thoughts

  • For years I saw a social phobia during my youth as something that made me weak. Granted it almost brought me to death when I was 20 but I got out and achieved great successes for multinationals, found a great wife and two lovely sons. Now I have written a book to help others with social anxiety and donate the profit to charity. The boy with the cheap running shoes is now available on Amazon.

  • Thank you Kim for sharing and thank you Joanna for putting this up. Kim, a great respect to you, no one could understand the pain that you been through and your courage in speaking out this loud. Thank you and I am glad that you fully recovered, take care and wishing you all the best in life.:)

  • I’m not sure people were dying of wounding infections. In his book, “Land of The Spotted Eagle” Luther Standing Bear describes horrific wounds that his tribesmen, the Lakota, suffered in battle, but often survived under primitive conditions. They seemed to think little of it. I do not understand this. I’m just making an observation.

  • Hi Joanna’h can u give us idea of ladies how to handle menopause depressions and as well hot flashes and various other emotional part during that period

  • Omg..I can assume that..this pretty lady is very brave and daring to share that..thanku very much sharing this..I can be aware abt this in future..and can tell many of my family ladies..luv u joh….:)

  • Truly excellent and informative video, next time please slow down speaking. I am going through Mania and you truly made this almost impossible to listen.

  • You are so brave! This makes me want to get help! I busted out crying when I heard u in pain! I’m a first time single mum too that lives on my own it super super hard!!! Xxxxx

  • A few weeks ago I cut off all my friends because I thought they would be better off living without me, I just feel like everyone would benefit if I was gone:(

  • For someone with major Clinical depression this was hard to watch, but really important for people to see. This is a serious and life threatening illness, and we shouldn’t wait till people are ready to jump off before we help them. My number one fear is becoming a mother, I don’t know how depression will compound with post partum depression.

  • I’ve felt every single one of these things, I’m on vacation right now and all I can think in my head is how everyone is excited and happy around me & I feel numb then after being numb I’m angry and I end up having excitement & then I don’t feel a thing again..

  • Unified purpose is not self conflicting, and is inspiring rather than dispiriting. Expansive and reintegrative rather than divisive and segregative.
    A self-conflicted state is the predicate of a defensive adaptation to our own belief our existence is separated isolation.
    The specific form of such a polarised reactive conflict with true being, gives rise to our development of consciousness, and culture as models of meaning or assigned significance. A nocebo effect can kill without any empirical basis or mechanism. The mind AS its own reality assertion is an experience of self defined limitation, conflict and self deprivation. The mind as an extension of the qualities of being is in a sense gotten out of its own way to no longer block communication in the total sense of knowing, being and creating. The power of creating is lost to any attempt to wield it as a sense of persona control as a split identity under coercive or wishful struggle. However, in unselfconscious joy is the gift of an innocent perception that is a healed perception. This may be ‘lost sight of’ or covered over by the interjection of the attempt to grasp, possess or hold onto it which is a shift from meaning to form-assigned associations.
    Perhaps this focus of attention cannot be understood in the context of the attempt to manually unravel and align the complexities of what is after all a total communication looked at through very specific parameters.
    The desire to heal to be truly helpful is never wasted and there is much to discover as part of challenging what has been operating as a negatively reinforcing self-world belief. But the underlying movement is to be get a better ‘handle’ or adaptation under coercive thinking, but to wake up to it, recognize its lack of relevance or meaning to who we now recognize ourselves to be and release it by the embrace of a true or unconflicted being which of course is not other than being the ‘best’ or true of You as you are uniquely and recognisably being the uncovering and sharing of.
    The underlying energetic of Rhonda is a communication of the qualities of active willingness that invite a presence that calls forth a like response. Depression can be contagious but only joy calls forth a unified response.

  • Powerful story. Thank you for sharing.
    I am having a baby in about 5 weeks. My mother and aunt both had postpartum depression and I’m terrified of it but hearing more people speak about it helps!

  • Appreciate Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard about Lammywalness Erase Depression Guide (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome one off guide for beating depression without the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my good mate called Gray at very last got amazing success with it.

  • I like Peterson but i dont agree on this with him. At least not with everything….What if your family doesnt care or you dont have a family
    ..or friends…literally nobody….i hate when people turn suicide into something selfish….people would do anything to keep you alive but do not care about your suffering.
    For example i would rather die than end up on a street,job less. And theres a possibility ( because of the current circumstances with the virus and all)
    People should stop looking at death as something bad. For me death was always an option to escape once the things go really bad.
    ….it makes me feel better to know that there is always this last escape.

  • The only thing that gets me though this life, is that I can end it myself at anytime.. Cascade effect.. alive or not are we really living? The system is broken and it needs fixed. Sorry in advance if I can’t do it in this lifetime. One love ��

  • Very good content.

    Around 48:00 does it mean that taking anti-inflammatories can take away the benefits of exercise and lift weights?

  • Telling a person with anxiety/depression to “get over it” is like telling a crippled person to get up and start walking. It just doesn’t work that way.

  • My father sadly took his own life several years ago. Dr. Peterson is exactly right when he says those left behind really never recover. I read several books in the aftermath trying to just understand why he made that choice. Was it because he didn’t feel that I loved him enough or that my brother loved him enough? There’s 1 million questions you ask yourself when a loved one commit suicide. I remember a statement in one of the books that I read that said this, “Those that commit suicide die once. Those they leave behind die a million times “

  • People with depression should watch this video and leave a comment. It’s very important:

  • Is ADHD a mood disorder? I mean I experience emotional dysregulation

    Edit: I feel like I totally lose control and act very crazy. Anyway I also have PTSD, anxiety, and depression. So maybe the emotional dysregulation is worsened by those other disorders

  • Depression: Part of my own brain is trying to kill me. But not all of itthe primitive survival instinct is still there, separate from whatever frontal cortex screw-up creates this internal civil war. It is easy to pretend nothing is wrong, especially when the condition becomes repetitive (as in SAD, not covered here) or chronic (dysthymia, also not covered here). Nobody really wants to talk about it, whether they have it or are around someone who does, because it is basically a black hole that sucks in any attempt to counter it. Worst misery imaginable. Who wants to touch that if they can avoid it?

  • It just goes to show, don’t judge people when you really don’t know what they’re going through. She’s extremely brave opening up to the world of what has been happening to her. Sending love and support her way!

  • OMG you talk tooooo fast we’re not English speakers but we wanna learn something. The way u talk is really annoying and makes me anxious

  • Postpartum depression is very real. I didn’t think I could get it and I did. Everything she said is so true. So glad she’s fully recovered!!

  • Thank you for this. I heard so much and was told by my doctors all the time to just eat right and exercise and I would get better. I got no real help until I admitted myself to the hospital because I was scared for my life. At that point, I was counting every single calorie and working out six days a week. Nothing helped me until I got on medication and regular therapy. My postpartum depression went undiagnosed for 9 years until it led to major depressive disorder.

  • Sarah which part of your body has a Fistulla on it cause I know how painful it can cause my mom in on dialisis too plus have to deal with that for more of 16 after my little sister was born and its took me 6 years attempt her through dialysis too

  • does anyone know the name o the song when she walks in? I love that song I have to know! (it”s not in this clip, just right before)

  • Yes, when it’s your own parent, in my case, my farther, he committed suicide, he shot himself, but for us left behind, not much fun.

  • Being alone makes it worst, OPEN the door let people visit you even if your hair is messed up and you haven’t showered…they will help hold the baby while you have a hot bath and bring you meals. Emotions are temporary I kept reminding myself this is a PHASE A SEASON not my forever. also Psalms 40:1-3 I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD.

  • As someone who has depression and anxiety(not postpartum) it’s pure insanity. Think of the feeling you had when you got the news that someone close to you died, that’s anxiety and mornings are the worst. It’s so irrational and scary because you know nothing is wrong, but your brain makes up scenarios and thoughts that you can’t escape from. You are basically being abused by your own brain 24/7.

    I’m still at the early stages of seeing a therapist, and some days are better than others, the important part is that you talk to someone, because you can’t trust your own self at this moment. Get help, it’s not shameful and you are not alone, millions of people around the world suffer from depression/anxiety, it’s a sickness it’s not something you can fight alone and it is definitely not something you can fix by “cheering up”. Break down, scream, curse, but talk to someone you trust.

    So many people can relate to this beautiful woman, but remember there is hope even if your own self tells you otherwise.

  • I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety; the last two years have been the absolute worst years in my life. I was living out on my own and trying to start my life with school, work, and with high hopes of getting married. For so many weeks I remember so many days where I questioned “is today the day?”. I would call my parents and tell them about what’s going on, mind you they lived in a different state, and it was just… hard. I took this job that travelled and I was a lot closer to my parents, I had to quit that job because my suicidal thoughts had become so overwhelming and so they picked me up and I lived with them. A couple of weeks living with them, they just wanted to monitor me but they didn’t know how bad the situation had become and I was on the edge of ending my life already. I explained to my mom some feelings and she finally understood that if we hadn’t taken immediate actions, suicide would be the only answer for me. That night, she called for a therapist and a week later I was able to finally go to group therapy. Now I’ve been going for about 3 months and it’s helped soooo much!

    The point is, talk to someone for the help. I promise the help is there, IF you are suffering… know you don’t suffer alone nor do you have to. Do everything it takes, I tried everything and nothing worked except going to therapy. Telling someone exactly how you feel by voice or even by writing out your feelings when you are down is the best first step you could ever make.

  • I’ve self harmed and been treated with therapy but I’ve never gotten why. I still can’t stop despite going to therapy but have never been diagnosed with depression, I just dont get it

  • Listening to this, I think of Steven Pinker, and all other singers of the progress gospel… Modern times have disrupted so many deep rooted biological processes. We have not simply progressed in a linear way from those times. In many ways we regressed..So beautiful to see a blilliant scientist interested in health solutions of ancient peoples.

  • I wanted to kill myself for a long time. I almost did, but I got better. If anyone cares, here’s how I did it. I started telling myself I am happy, I am loved, I am important, I am worthy of love, I am beautiful, I radiate love and kindness, and I am capable of anything. When I said these things, I didn’t believe any of it. I didn’t feel like I believed it either. Regardless, I wrote these affirmations down everyday and told myself these things everyday. It helped so much and it allowed me to build and emotional foundation that I’ve stood on till this day. Please remember that you are strong, your are worthy of love, and you are capable of absolutely anything… even being happy. I love everyone reading this message. Stay safe!

  • Did anyone else appreciate the lockdown because u could finally have the perfect excuse to not see anyone and just be depressed at home?

  • You’re not alone, reach out for help, there’s always someone out there who loves you, who wants to help
    You’re valuable, special and unique, don’t give up on yourself, you still have time ♡


    please. listen to me. i know from experience and so do millions of people!!

    omg i swear, it DOES get better and even if you have nothing at all, come to the comments of a sad song and connect with all the other people experiencing the same feelings and struggles and you!!

    whatever you experience in life, you will never be alone there are 7 billion people on the earth, you are one of them how incredible is that?! you are living, breathing, you have endless possibilities!!

    you are trapped in a horrible, depressed but if you try to make one difference and you cut off or escape toxic things in your life then you have to power to change!!

    you are so beautiful and even though i don’t even know you i want to reach out to everyone feeling so terrible. when i am older, i hope to work with mental health helpline or charities ect. i want it make someone else’s life better please hold on, it ALWAYS gets better but you just cannot see that right now because you are blinded but this sick, nasty things called depression!!

    i am begging you so much to hold on,

    life IS BEAUTIFUL but you can’t see it because of your unfortunate circumstances.

    if you hate your life, change it, as much as you can!!!

    you, more than anyone, has the power to do that!!

    you won’t believe me because i haven’t explained it very well�� but coming from someone who went through a terrible mental health time and came out the other side with an extremely healthy lifestyle and mind and immense appreciation for life and opportunities, i am telling you that life gets better!!

    please seek help and please help yourself, there are so many people willing to help you get through your struggles!!

    please, hold on ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ if anyone is struggling, talk to the other people in the comments they are here alongside you for the same reason xxxxxxxx <3

    you are loved by people and i can not tell you enough how much your death would impact people around you as well as your community of you killed yourself. DO. NOT. DO. IT.


    there is so much more out there than you can see and if you just give life one more chance completely start over, mentally, physically, environmentally, socially, whatever!! but don’t kill yourself it will never have been worth it



  • Then Christ Jesus said: “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
    Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
    For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

    Matthew 11: 28 30

  • This is Off Topic: You once said on Joe’s podcast that drinking black coffee breaks the fast. Did you later find out or come to the conclusion that it does not? See, there’s a abnormal large pool of people who say drinking black coffee does not break the fast, and I recently saw this older clip of you talking about that it in fact does. Trying to remember all the Joe’s episodes you were on; I started to wonder if you weren’t the one who later changed their mind about black coffee?

  • Im and artist and try to use creative expression to help me with my severe depression and anxiety and advocate for creative therapy and mental health. instagram: @n.c.bennett

  • ” The other thing about antidepressants is there’s some data, there are some data that the longer you take them, you may become more and more reliant. You may need them to feel good. There’s some evidence that they may induce a vulnerability, so you have to make a decision in your life, you know, are you going to to be Rhonda alone, or are you going to be Rhonda plus Prozac? And that’s a weird thing.” -Charles

    What’s this data he’s referring to?

  • I’d LOVE to see Charles Raison and Rhonda Patrick have a chat with Jordan Peterson, so you have both the physical and mental, clinical part of depression covered for a full spectrum analysis.

  • If you take something to make you feel “normal”
    You may be solidifying your current state.
    If you take something to make you feel good,
    You are exaggerating your feelings.
    As hard as it may seem,
    Do nothing.
    The more you think, The more you think.
    I am an alcoholic. I know.
    1 DUI, 2 Rehabs, 3 Moves.
    What’s next?
    I’ll tell you.
    After 7 likes.

  • The conversation started interesting and informative, and then it got waaay more interesting when he started talking about the historical strategies for self transformation. Wasn’t expecting the whole thing about psychedelics! Want to get his book

  • I have been rapid cycling for years without knowing that I had a disorder and recently I noticed that changes in the diet are doing an extremely good job in ending depression and even experienced recession before the quarantine. I hope this diet helps you too: it includes absolutely NO sugar or sweeteners (no honey either), no gluten, no coffee, no smoking or alcohol, no drugs (I don’t mean medication) and no junk food. Eat fresh food and do sports (try to do it daily) and hobbies. Make sure you get enough of each vitamin and mineral from your diet as you need, because the lack of those may make you feel week and therefore make depression more likely. A dietician can help you look into it as it is a very complex subject. There is nothing wrong in taking supplements (for example calcium, magnesium and zing, if you’re lactose intolerant). If you can’t eat fruits, use more vegetables and super foods instead and discuss the issue with a dietician to find out more about recepies and supplements.

    Try to live a calm peaceful life and think about the good moments, not the bad ones. Boost your confidence by showing yourself your qualities and talents. You are special and you can be normal. Be patient, changing your lifestyle may take time, but isn’t time all we have right now?

    P.S. I know it’s very hard for the people who live with us and our close ones. When I need help I use an app called Wysa. It’s free and it helpes me feel better right away. It saves my friends and family a lot of headaches and pain. I really hope you find this useful.

  • So…i am sad but i don t know why…i want to Cry every second but i don t understand why cuz nothing bad happened to me except everybody is calling me fat

  • Hi, thanks so much for doing what you do. I have made several significant lifestyle changes through listening to your content.

    I do have a question related to Cruciferous veges.
    I drink a daily shake of raw vegetables with a base of unsweetened almond milk.

    The exact combination changes depending on what I have handy, but is usually comprised of broccoli, cavolo nero kale, broccoli sprouts, carrot, silverbeet and whatever else i have around (cinnamon, garlic, olive oil etc)

    I do not cook any of these ingredients, with the only preparation being a quick rinse to remove any soluble residues. Recently I heard about the potential effect that goitrogens can have on thyroid function. Supposedly Broccoli and Kale have harmful levels of goitrogens and cooking them reduces these levels by a third.

    I am unsure if cooking is neccessary, I have read several conflicting opinions. I assumed that my diet would be rich enough in iodine to offset any potential negative effects but am now second guessing myself, as several people seem amazed that I drink kale and broccoli raw.

    Should I cook any of these ingredients? And if so, wont this reduce the sulforaphane content?

  • Totally commend Sarah, I’ve been at that state I even took the next step but my husband saved me. It’s nothing to be ashamed off if you have problems, society needs to change the stigma around mental health issues and more people would get help ����

  • You can also switch off all light sources before going to bed and use candles instead. It works insanely good for me, even if used for just a couple of minutes.

  • im not depressed, i just feel like there’s no point to life and i want to die. can’t though because it would kill my mom in return.

  • well…I am going out on a limb. I would ask that this comment be taken for what it is. I have a different look. constantly, being cheated of a quality of life that one has worked for, has had taken away, not by my own doing, but by discisions of others I.E. politicians that steal my income, savings, retirement, in the name of helping others. siblings dying at the hands of someone elses poor deciscions, wife who quit to help someone else, and it drags on and on and on….never ending, always working, no vacations, days off or rewards that make it worthwhile…how is that a quality of life that one should be happy with, should look forward to, should be satisfied with?… I am waiting for my mother to pass… and then I hope to have the courage to rid myself of this aweful hell hole. and for those that will “Miss me”… they’ll move on after all me leaving won’t end the world, just my disgust with it.

  • I am a survivor of childhood cancer, you think I’d be happy about it right. Now don’t get me wrong at first I was but that’s only because I didn’t realize yet what I’d lost I didn’t realize I’d lost apart of myself along the way. I lost the kind hearted happy child I used to be and without him I’ve felt hollow inside and have been looking through the darkness trying to find him and if he’ll forgive me foe losing him there. ( I know talking in third person is a weird way to put it but it’s the best way I know to describe how i feel ) I started my fight at 5 years old and thought I’d won 7 years later after I turned 11 turned out I’d only won the battle but not the war. For the past 10 years I’ve been wondering why it even had to happen to me It caused me nothing but misery an yet stranger still is I actually miss having it, I miss going to the hospital, I miss getting my treatments what does that say about me dose it make me weird? I know my mother, sisters and the rest of my family cares but they don’t really understand how I feel how could they, they didn’t experience it they way I did. It’s only been the last few years that I fell into my depression or that I’ve come to realize anyway. An I’ve begun to think I shouldn’t even have survived after all that way I’d be free of this depressing sadness in my heart. Why I’d I live I’m not good at anything, I have no friends, I’m not the smartest, I’m not that strong, what can I offer the world? Cant even remember the last time I was genuinely happy an sure I’ll get a chuckle now an then but the feeling never lasts it’s like lighting a match in the middle of a dark room an watching the moment burn away. An I doubt I’ll ever find love so what is left for me to live for I’ve got nothing left. Also my doctors have told me that it could come back or I could get sick again in other ways, low odds but still I’ll forever live with that in the back of my mind. An it’s not like I want to die to end my pain but I also don’t want to keep living like this anymore. There’s so much more I could go on about but I’ve gone on long enough I’m not looking for pity just getting it off my chest to anyone who wants listen if only temporarily. If you’ve read up to this post I thank you for taking the time to listen.

    If there is a god I ask why did this have to happen to me or anyone else for that matter especially for children.

    Finally if and that’s a big IF I ever find a partner and am rescued from my darkness heaven help me should anything like this happen to any child I may have in the future.

    Good night-

  • The cause of depression is Billy eyelash bad guy lol

    This is a joke obviously I hate depression fakers they are just kids who are looking for attention because they watched a bart Simpson edit lol

  • Maybe you need this

  • Thanx for sharing. I’ ve got two beautiful kids, and it was hard after giving birth. Very impotant to open up and ask for some time And space, and that doesn’t make u a bad mum. Good bless to those beautiful people who stay by ourside no matter what!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I’ve had severe depression since I was 11, I am 46 now. I never give up in trying to find ways to help with my depression. I have some health issues I’m going to see a Dr about aside from the depression. Its good to see/hear others stories.

  • I love Sarah so much. Hope the best for her. And I don’t want to believe that she’s 28 because she still can play a highschooler…