Increased Chance of Early Dying Among Older Ladies Who Eat Foods That Are Fried


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Nutrition and Cardiovascular Mortality (Kim Allan Williams, Sr., MD) Jan 5, 2017

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Study: Fried chicken tied to higher risk for premature death

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Why eating too many fried foods could lead to early death

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Foods such as fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish were associated with a higher risk of heart-related death, particularly among younger women in the study (aged 50-65 years old). The researchers. Foods such as fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish were associated with a higher risk of heart-related death, particularly among younger women in the study (aged 50-65 years old). The researchers.

Regularly eating fried food is linked with a heightened risk of death from any cause and heart-related death, among postmenopausal women, finds a US study in The BMJ today. Foods such as fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish were associated with a higher risk of heart-related death, particularly among younger women in the study (aged 50-65 years old). Regularly eating fried food is linked with a heightened risk of death from any cause and of heart related death among postmenopausal women, a US study published in The BMJ has found. 1. The researchers say that reducing consumption of fried foods, especially fried chicken and fried fish or shellfish, could have a positive public health impact.

According to a new study, fried chicken and fried fish or seafood are particularly detrimental to women. In fact, these items can increase your risk of death by as much as 8 percent. The stud. A new study links regular fried chicken consumption – one serving a week or more – to a 13 percent increased risk of premature death, at least among older women.

Researchers looked at nearly. Those chips you’ve been snacking on may actually be killing you. There is a 14 percent risk of early death with every 10 percent increase in proportions of ultraprocessed foods consumed, according. The New York Times: Fried Foods Tied To Heart Disease In Women Eating fried foods may increase the risk of heart disease and death in women over 50.

Researchers used health and dietary data on. Those who reported eating at least one serving of fried food per day had about an 8% higher chance of dying early, compared to women who said they did not eat any, according to the study. They also.

14% of children aged 1 to 2 years and 16% of pregnant women are iron deficient. Fewer than 1 in 10 US adults and adolescents eat enough fruits and vegetables. 6 in 10 young people and 5 in 10 adults consume a sugary drink on a given day.

US diets are.

List of related literature:

The WHO predicts that 35 million people each year will die of NCDs such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.1 Rather than common pathogens, the so-called Western diet— the modern, processed diet consisting of fast food, frozen meals, and soft drinks—is considered to be the root cause of NCDs.

“International Food Law and Policy” by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
from International Food Law and Policy
by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
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Whereas Spitz et al. (2000) found no significant protective effect of cruciferous vegetables against lung cancer incidence in former smokers, Zhao et al. (2001) showed a protective effect in nonsmoking Singapore Chinese women who were GSTM1 null.

“Nutritional Oncology” by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, Vay Liang W. Go, John Milner
from Nutritional Oncology
by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, et. al.
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For example, in industrialized countries, 75% of the people over 65 years of age die from CVD and cancer (Knoops et al., 2004), and most of these deaths are directly or indirectly related to excessive fat and calorie intake.

“Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling: Physiological, Performance, Growth, Longevity and Ecological Ramifications” by Thomas T. Samaras, Andrzej Bartke, Christopher David Rollo
from Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling: Physiological, Performance, Growth, Longevity and Ecological Ramifications
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The crude mortality rate among anorexics is estimated at 5.6% per year, approximately 12 times higher than the annual death rate for all causes of death among females aged 15 to 24 in the general population.

“Encyclopedia of Death & Human Experience: 1-” by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck
from Encyclopedia of Death & Human Experience: 1-
by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck
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However, concerns have arisen over the health implications of eating fried foods, including the production of potential carcinogens and, in industrialised countries, their contribution to obesity and the health problems associated with this (see section 19.4.3).

“Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice” by P J Fellows
from Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice
by P J Fellows
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Among postmenopausal women, some increase in risk was observed with the variant genotype but little modification of risk by reported dietary intake [13].

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
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This increased risk may be a due to Western lifestyle, improved sanitation (the so-called hygiene hypothesis), or consumption of “convenience food,” that is, processed, fried, and sugary foods.

“Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nursing Manual” by Andreas Sturm, Lydia White
from Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nursing Manual
by Andreas Sturm, Lydia White
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A symposium on TOS was held at the EUROTOX ’96 Congress.167b A larger poisoning event had occurred 20 years earlier in the Netherlands where approximately 50,000 consumers developed food-associated toxic erythema called “margarine disease.”166d This inadvertent condition was ascribed to a novel emulsifier in margarine.

“Food Storage Stability” by Irwin A. Taub, R. Paul Singh
from Food Storage Stability
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In another study, healthy premenopausal women who ate small amounts of wholegrain (but still less than one serving per day) for 2 years, concentrations of hsCRP were on average 11.5% lower than those who ate no whole grain at all.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Elsevier Science
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Elsevier Science
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They showed that this traditional food pattern was associated with low rates of death attributed to coronary heart disease and low rates of death from all causes in middle-aged populations (Keys et al., 1986).

“Olives and Olive Oil in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson
from Olives and Olive Oil in Health and Disease Prevention
by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson
Elsevier Science, 2010

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  • Almost all “kidney disease” is due to hypertension and diabetes, two conditions that low carb diets prevent and cure. Argument over.

  • Immunizations are just part of the pharma control mechanism and NOT part of REAL health. Vaccinations are also a critical part of the destruction of metabolic health.

  • Found reference to hyperthyroidism in cats over the last 40yrs. This would tie in with the introduction of dry manufacture foods for cats

  • Well if it was already known to increase the rates of cancer and heart disease this story shouldn’t be lauded as some genius breakthrough in science.

  • The side story you shared about your cats should be a separate video for all the cat lovers out there. (time mark 2:54 to 4:44). If this is true of cats, can the same assumption be made for dogs? My wife insist mixing rice with my dogs food, saying that their stools are too soft, more starch will fix it, but I know dogs and cats are pretty much 100% carnivores, so I fail to see the logic in feeding them more carbs, if anything, they should be eating 100% protein in my option.

  • Thank you so much for this in depth presentation. Experts from the Low Carb community usually assure that increased amounts of protein are not a risk for kidney function but never explain why. You just gave us these explanations. Thank you!

  • With my experience with type 2 diabetes and a low carb /keto pregnancy although nutrition is supposed to be the first thing they focus on it was far from that. I was told by the Endo in my first appointment that it was inevitable that I would end up on insulin even though my blood sugar levels were low and on target. I was given a prescription for long and short acting insulin and sent to a diabetes educator straight after the Endo appointment to show me how to inject the insulin and was told they would tell me when I should start it. I was taught how to deal with hypos (having 15 g of sugar like jelly beans or coke). When I was like yeah that is not going to happen I’m not going to end up on insulin anyway and that was more was sugar that I have in 3 days they referred me to a dietitian. I had already dealt myself with hypos a couple of times before pregnancy and knew how to get out of it without needing that much sugar with macadamias and some Stevia/eyrithritol dark chocolate. When I saw the dietitian she told me I had to eat fruit and other things that I haven’t eaten in years. When I said no that would raise my blood sugar, which the whole point of me going to the Endo etc was to keep it low. She said and I quote ‘we would rather you eat the food and we bring the sugars down with insulin’.
    Needless to say I didn’t follow their advice. I didn’t end up on insulin (even though the diabetes educator was insulin trigger happy with a few morning glucose levels). I didn’t have a large baby like they told me I would and I had an hba1c of 4.8.
    I think it is easy for them to just dole out the crap advice and medication and not worry about what people are putting in their mouths because it is in the too hard basket. The sad thing is that many follow the advice not knowing any better and end up with worse outcomes all in the name of eating crappy carby food.

  • Fantastic presentation, thanks so much. & Extraordinary how that low dietary protein.8g/kg recommendation came about, based on such low numbers & skewed gender. Most people don’t even know that it’s a minimum level, not even an ideal. Far out! (&Good on you Sarah for rescuing those two lucky felines!)

  • Great work! I followed you on twitter for updates. Especially research about high protein intake on non-diabetic participants, such as glomerulonephritis or those that belong to other13%.

  • Fish is fool of pb and we never eat that much fish all this countries are killers of people by poison and poisonable food, communists was truth this countries don’t care about people,they look they do but they killig as like chickens, they protending they give you all but they have good plan and end of story they strip you are on 50 of everything..and they also waiting with open mouth when you give up your home, this health system and politic system play bylet rulet..shits.. nothing is your,they can take whatever they want,even your own freedom some like communists and plus they have all world population under control by Facebook and go just point this yes this not,I am just suprice why they let people born and don’t make limitation like China and they don’t will need to kill as like mad cows..

  • The real deal? Our bodies are as natural as plants. We are not science we are unprocessed and unaltered minerals, created from earth by God. Man created science (Medicine) to manage our health complications caused by processed and chemically developed foods. Medicines can’t and don’t cure it ONLY manages our physical failures, caused by man. Someone for a long… long time made it legal to trash our foods, that’s killing us and causing health complications. And that health complication? Allows them to make money selling us their scientific medicine, that can’t heal us but simply manage our concerns until we die.

  • 4:03 What was her point about excess carbohydrates leading to obesity?
    Excess dietary fat will also lead to obesity. Even excess protein can lead to obesity.

  • It’s the effin’ seed oils, stupid! Even insinuates as such by suggesting olive oil. We used to fry our foods in tallow and lard. Now grain oils.

    But here’s the real error. A thirteen percent increase is statistically nothing. That’s right, nothing. For epidemiological data, the kind used for all these erroneous conclusions, there should be a 200% difference to make a scientist take note. That’s right, 200%

    And those eating a lot of fried foods, what other poor health habits do they have?

  • Avoid fructose? My diabetes doctor told me to juice fruuts daily, been doing that a year, now have NAFL disease, diabetes is worse and out of control.

  • There is only ONE combination that works well for homo-sapiens. Fat Protein, NO carbs,
    Ibuy the increase and so does Ted Naiman. Fructose CAN ONLY be process by the liver same as alcohol and NAFLD is seen. Ref. Lustig.

  • (Indicative of why I am single in a world of vast amount of women) That is a women I would willingly go home to. Hot damn on her intellect ��

  • Kidneys stones are caused by high oxalate in diet especially from grains. Insulin resistance also causes it. Speaker please learn more. Sally Norton is a good source.

  • Great presentation Sara, thank you! So many factors to consider. I wonder how metformin affects the kidneys? What about sirtuin up-regulators like oleic acid or resveratrol?

  • Checking their immunizations? I would like to see the double blind, placebo (not a toxic false placebo) studies of those immunizations as I have yet to find one. I would even settle for a study the general health of the vaccinated compared to the fully non vaccinated to demonstrate who has more chronic diseases. It is a very dangerous doctor that thinks it is a good idea to inject anything into the body of a pregnant woman, unless it is critically required to save that woman’s life, especially any drug, such as so called immunizations, none of which have ever had a safety study, where the control group did not receive a toxic substance. Informed consent should include the fact that no safety trials were done, and a list of the side effects, which are many.

    Does this doctor give HEP B vaccines to babies? Does he think babies are going to have unsafe sex or share needles? How are we raising our babies now is they need to be protected from sexually transmitted diseases before they are even walking? We all need to critically think, question, discuss every topic, eliminate advertising mantra and bring back freedom of speech.

  • Interesting though that at 43.38 it says that lacto ovo vegetarians have the lowest risk of heart disease. But he only showed these numbers, he didn’t talk about it though. Why?? That goes against the rest of his speech so it’s very strange that it was 36 percent lower risk for lacto ovo vegetarians against 26 percent for the vegans. How is that possible when every other studie he talked about said the opposite????? I really don’t like that he chose not to comment on these numbers, it’s very conflicting! I can’t eat completely plantbased/vegan… everytime I do I get horrible, absolutely crippling hot flashes with intense anxiety that completely ruins my sleep and life in general and I even lost my period and went into early menopause! I’m a nutritionist and I eat correctly with sufficient calories and nutrients. I actually was vegan for ten years when I was younger but suffered severe health consequences then too. Now when I eat pescetarian again my hot flashes went away and my period is back. I’m still concerned about the eggs, dairy and fish I eat though and I wish I could go completely plantbased/vegan again but everytime I do it just gets horrible… So what can I do then? But when I saw that lacto ovo vegetarians had lower risk of heart disease than vegans it calmed me down a little…but when the rest is his speech was about how bad it is…? Confusing!!!!

  • For the adventist health study 2, the 4 health conscious groups are about the same in terms of longevity: 1. vegans, 2. ovolactovegetarians, 3. eat seafood about 4x a month. 4. eat animal products about 4x a month. The 4 health conscious groups do have better longevity than omnivores who eat animal products more than 4x a month. Vegans should take b12 supplement.

  • I’ve been eating a lot of junk food and my clothes don’t fit on me anymore but now I learned my lesson I won’t eat no more junk food I eat apples right now I ate mom’s Arenas in Orange

  • My friend has three cats, all 3 are obese and have urinary problems and diabetes problems. Nice to hear the reason why! Thank you.

  • Wow, what an in depth analysisso much of what is considered fact is in fact opinion and we should embrace knowledge as it unfolds instead of parroting faulty paradigms.

  • Excellent information! Thank you. I can never hear too much about actual double blind nutritional studies. Too bad some of the participants will recieve nutrition that results in higher mortality.

  • There have been numerous articles written that now debunk the notion that eating lots of protein causes kidney disease. The only people that still perpetuate this myth are those who have not updated their knowledge, or dishonest vegan activists who have a vested interest in demonizing protein because animal foods are richest in protein, and have it in its most bioavailable and complete form. As Dr. Huen showed here ( 12:00 12:20), if hunter gather tribes can eat large amounts of protein and professional athlete can eat many times the RDA for protein, and not develop renal dysfunction, then the notion that protein has a deleterious affect on the kidneys is flat out wrong. The myth about protein adversely affecting kidney health comes from studies where an elevated protein intake showed problematic outcomes for those with PRE-EXISTING kidney disease. To extrapolate from that phenomenon to assert that increased protein consumption will lead to kidney disease in a person with normal renal function is about as erroneous as claiming that because walking on a fractured leg exacerbates the injury, therefore walking for healthy people is bad.

  • Thank you for this information my husband was a stage 3 went on a carnivore diet now its improved stage 2. Border line diabetic now normal hbp 4 pills a day now 2 half pills. Diet does matter.��

  • Thank you for this presentation. My father died of end stage renal disease nearly 10 years ago, and this kidney disease was brought about about by being a type 2 diabetic. If we only had the information that we have today, with reference to the efficacy of low carb diets to reduce the very cause of his renal disease, he might still be here with us today. Moreover, his quality of life would have been so much better by not having to have endured regular exhausting dialysis, then getting a transplant which held up for about 8 years, and then falling back into regular dialysis again before his untimely death. Glycemic control, which no other diet besides a low carb diet can so quickly correct, is imperative for all people, especially those with renal dysfunction