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Sleeping 6 Hours is Healthier Than 8 Hours? (Sports and Bodybuilding)

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Why You Need An Extra Hour Of Sleep

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How much SLEEP do you need for Muscle Growth & Fat Loss?

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PRIORITIZE SLEEP. “Sleep and exercise are both incredibly important for your body, but if you have to choose one it has to be sleep,” says Amy Leigh Mercree, a wellness coach. “Adequate amounts of sleep gets your body the time it needs to replenish and refresh your cellular functioning. A similar study of over 200,000 middle aged people, published in 2015, found that if you slept less than seven hours, replacing one hour of walking or exercise with one hour of sleep was linked to a seven percent greater mortality risk. And if you slept more than seven hours, swapping exercise for sleep was linked to an 18 percent greater risk.

Both the CDC and American Heart Association recommend a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every week. Along with your seven-plus hours of. You Need to Prioritize Sleep While it may sound like a good idea to get up extra early to get a workout in, your quality and quantity of sleep is just as important to your body. If you have to choose one or the other, you should choose to sleep.

“Sleep and exercise are both incredibly important for your body, but if you have to choose one it has to be sleep,” says Amy Leigh Mercree, a wellness coach. “Adequate amounts of sleep gets your body the time it needs to replenish and refresh your cellular functioning. So Should You Sleep or Workout for an Hour? If you are getting less than 7 hours of sleep, you should get in one more hour of sleep instead of working out.

If you are finding it impossible to get in a workout — maybe try a shorter, full-body workout like P90X3, 21 Day Fix, or T25 to get a tough workout in 30 minutes or less. Your Sleep Plan. So if you got seven to eight hours of sleep the night before, get up and hit the gym! But if you’ve been clocking less than six hours most nights that week, you probably want to savor that extra. Sleep doesn’t just impact your workout and ability to build muscle, sleeping less than 7 hours a night has been linked with a greater risk for health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, an increased risk for weight gain and higher mortality.

Plu. So some might be fine heading to the gym after just six hours of sleep, while others need the extra rest time. And missing out on necessary sleep is bad news. It can cause us to eat more fatty.

Athletes in training should sleep about an hour extra. You can go to sleep earlier, or take an afternoon nap, says Jim Thornton, president of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. How Sleep.

List of related literature:

Working out 3 to 6 hours before bed, on the other hand, will help you maximize the benefits of exercise on sleep, since the body actually increases deep sleep to compensate for the physical stress of your workout.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
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If time is an issue, substituting a half hour of cardiovascular exercise or strength training for a half hour of sleep is a great trade.)

“The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal” by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
from The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal
by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
Free Press, 2005

If you’re busy with work, travel, or family and are not getting sufficient sleep, adjust your exercise program and do lowto moderate-intensity workouts until you can return to your normal sleep patterns.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
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It makes no difference how many hours of sleep you think you need.

“Seth Speaks (A Seth Book): The Eternal Validity of the Soul” by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts
from Seth Speaks (A Seth Book): The Eternal Validity of the Soul
by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts
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would refresh your body: exercise, a nap, going to bed early?

“Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us” by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun
from Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us
by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun
InterVarsity Press, 2009

b Sleep 1st: After evening training (10 pm, light blue bar), subjects displayed significant performance improvements just 12 h after training following a night of sleep (10 am, dark

“Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects” by Sudhansu Chokroverty
from Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects
by Sudhansu Chokroverty
Springer New York, 2017

Sleep is just as important as exercise for the body.

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
from From XL to XS: A fitness guru’s guide to changing your body
by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
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Sleep for an extra thirty minutes or workout.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark, Limited, 2010

No matter how much rest you get you continue to feel exhausted.

“Constructive Living” by David K. Reynolds
from Constructive Living
by David K. Reynolds
University of Hawaii Press, 1984

Late afternoon or early evening is the optimal time to exercise if you want a good night’s sleep, because your body will be rebounding (cooling) a few hours later, which promotes good sleep.

“Anger Management For Dummies” by W. Doyle Gentry
from Anger Management For Dummies
by W. Doyle Gentry
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  • Sleep cycles are in 90 minute cycles IIRC. So sleeping 7-1/2 on the low end to 9 hours on the higher end…. Guess 10 1/2 on the extreme end.

  • Lol I fast a bit in the morning and then shove in food at night when hunger craves comes in it helped my sleep a lot I didn’t even know it would help

  • “A bunch of bad shit happens and no good shit happens.”
    Epic summary hahaha:D
    Very interesting video!
    Might be interesting to do a follow up on how to effectively improve sleep since it’s such an important factor. I know it’s covered to hell and back on the interwebz but separating fact from fiction is where you tend to do a far better job than most of those random websites 😉

  • what about the French foreign legion? they have hardly any sleep and still are one of the hardest armed forces on the planet. the training they go through is brutal and they seem to still be ok well most of them anyway lol

  • Arnold Shwarzenegger has had no intention for growing, right? That’s why he slept 6 hours…”Yeah, but you are not arnold..” since I am not Arnold how come some of his things are useful and some are just not for me? Double standarts and matter of perception…

  • Hey Thomas, you should investigate the correlation with multi phase sleep, which give you 4 to 6 of hours of sleep, through the day, like 4 in the night and 2 at evening and so on. Great channel and congrats on you 1M in the other channel video, amazing video

  • Thanks for this, it was motivational. A lot of the stuff mentioned in the video were already known to me but thanks for the reminder:)

  • Big brandon carter….. Big? Dude this guy is scrawny as fuck!!! And also his abs look like somebody inserted play dough under his skin. Fuck this big headed moron

  • I haven’t slept all night I took a nap at like 8:30 pm it’s now 5 am and I’m going to hit legs I’m gonna come back home sleep until 11 then do upper body because I didn’t go yesterday wish me luck

  • Thomas, I cant sleep unless i get so tired that i fall asleep and that to near 2 am n I wake up at 7.30. How can I increase my sleep time and quality?

  • this doesn’t really make sense to me. When you havent slept and your CNS isnt recovered anyhow, why should you tax it by doing high intensity workouts? Also youre less concentrated and high loads require mire concentration to keep proper form, so theres more risk for injury.

  • How about someone that is a rotating shift worker, I work day work one week and the next week I am on night work. These are 12 hour shifts. How do I regulate my sleep pattern?

  • It seems like there is more and more talk about how you can’t store up your sleep.  Sleeping 10 hours a night on weekends and 6 hours a night during the week doesn’t even out to 7 hours a night for the week.  In reality you would perform well on the weekend and not during the week with this sleep schedule.  Do you agree?  I think I’ve wrongly looked at sleep as recovering from past workouts rather than preparing my body for my next workout.  The night sleep you get before a workout is the one that will affect that workout the most.  If you get 10, 10 and then 6 hours of sleep the night before a workout, your body is going to perform mostly based on that 6 hours of sleep.  6, 6, and 10, you’re going to perform mostly based on that 10 yours of sleep the night before.  I’m starting to plan the volume and intensity of my workouts based on the amount of sleep I was able to get the night before. While I understand that sleep is important for the recovery of muscles, I think it’s more important for preparing your mind and body for the next work out.  There is obviously some overlap.

  • Any tips for insomniacs? I have the time but trying to extend the period of time i spend sleeping is actually just expanding the period of time I spend staring into the darkness in my room.

  • What are your thoughts on Stan Efferding’s video about Vitamin D? I think he titled it something the “the steroid that everyone should be taking”

  • I try to sleep 8 8.5H but i wake up natrually after 7-7.5 Hours (30 45 minutes before My alarmclock). So what can i do?

  • I smoked weed for 8 years… More or less everyday… And I smoked alot.. destroyed my life.. I would advice anyone not to start or to quit.. I been clean for a year now but i still feel the effects.. Cmon bros be smart!!

  • Hey Brandon this video makes a lot of sense, but I do have one question. I regularly get 8 hours of sleep a night but some nights I have to stay awake to study and accomplish homework. So my question is if I don’t get 8 hours once in awhile will it affect me that much?

  • Does sleeping an extra hour per day also apply for polyphasic sleep (=sleeping e.g. 8 hours at night and 1 hour during the day)?


  • Even when I’m lifting and being super active, if I sleep 9-10 hours a night, I’m a groggy piece of shit. Slow to shit, slow to shower, no appetite. 8 hours has always been money

  • Could you talk about sleeping more vs forcing yourself to sleep more? I find that when I’m not sleep deprived I wake up naturally about 5,5-6.5 hours after I fell asleep. Would there be any benefit for me to force myself to sleep more? When I do I only manage to sleep in 10 min intervals. FYI, I’m primarily a musician, not an athlete.

  • frig i sleep 12 hours a night 4 nights a week, 3 nights a week totally varied. but when i sleep in i always fall asleep in my favorite class. when i only have 2 hours of steam im about to jump outta my socks lol

  • Please keep making videos. I love the frequency and quality.

    I have a question about how fast progress can be made. A great deal of strength progression programs are based on 4 week cycles. Is it reasonable to sustainably hit a PR, be it reps or weight, every 4 weeks? If not, how can we adjust our program to ensure we still get stronger at as fast a rate as possible?

  • Bruh I’d rather be awake so I can do things that I need to get done than sleep an extra hour when I can function perfectly FINE with less than 5 hours of sleep

  • hahahaha i watched maybe 20 of his videos good guy and i say thia cuz he makes common sense to me which is the only thing i respond to in life

  • Yo, Elliot. If I don’t feel and look bigger after a workout does that mean I didn’t grow as much muscle in my workout?
    I’ve been experimenting with calisthenics in my routine with some dumbells and I used to get a lot more swollen temporarily after working out. Now, I still workout just as hard and long if not harder until I can’t even do another dip, but my arms and chest don’t really feel or look very bigger afterwards.

  • Rich Froning, who, whatever else you think about him, works hard everyday and is very fit, says that he sleeps 10 hours per night and that he could not do what he does without that much sleep to recover.

  • Fuck my sleep brah… for no reason had a full sleeping beauty environment and suddenly yesterday had insomnia with no reason and only slept for 3 hours fml…

  • Hmm… I sleep for more than 4 hours, but less than 6, and I am fine… anything more or less than that, and I am the one person you do NOT want to mess with the slightest.

  • I get about 6-7 hours of sleep at night
    Yet I’m still tired. I can’t really make more time for it as I have to be out the house early and I have homework every night.
    Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do?

  • Great video Greg, as always. 6 hours a night for me. Work, one kid/another on the way, and trying to train. Something has to give… Will have to try and up my sleep.

  • If you’re excising the physical body than yes, I would say 7-8 hours is healthy but if not, I would recommend 6-7 hours. It’s been timelessly proven by countless studies that those who sleep 8 hours or more die far younger than those who don’t and also age far quicker as well. The human body is comparable to a machine. If you use a machine actively and take care of it, it will undoubtedly outlast one that is sitting in storage. Mentally also you will be far sharper than a person who sleeps 8 or 9 hours. Life is incredibly short as it is, why waste it unnecessarily by sleeping more. Sleeping 3 or 4 hours is detrimental to one’s health but I feel 6 hours is the ideal number. Again, if you’re really using the physical body, than perhaps 7 might be the ideal amount.

  • I usually get my 8-9 hours but the problem is that I have to wake up so god damn early. Even though I get enough sleep I feel tired and shit because I have to get up at 6 am in the morning. I wish I had a job where I could wake up at like 8 or 9…

  • People with fibro can sleep an hour more or an hour less and still wake up unrefreshed and be tired throughout the day. Its terrible.

  • Achieve The Health You Deserve:

    Hey! Thomas here, and today I’m bringing you another science-back way to effectively build muscle…but this time, it’s regarding the importance of sleep!

    That’s right, how much sleep we get each night may actually be MORE important that the foods we are eating!

    Any trolls, inappropriate comments, or spam will be removed from the comments and banned from We strive for a great troll-free community here, and we’d love to have you as a part of it.

  • Good information. I recommend watching RSDTyler’s video about sacrificing sleep in your 20’s and 30’s in order to ‘crush it’, as a kind of counterweight.

  • Some times because of work I have to be up for 24hrs straight then I get out for about 7 hours and have to go back so I just sleep for like 3 hours those days take caffeine hit the gym go back to work then when I get done with that shift I’ll just pass out for 12 hours after that

  • Do you think it would be a good idea to use blood flow restriction bands to built muscle? I got really short bicep and calve muscles and I just want to speed up the peak growth on them.

  • Okay i woke up at 630pm its now 630am and i am about to go to the gym. Will pre workout give me a heart attack on an intense chest day when i have been awake so long?

  • if u have bad sleep patterns and sleep only 4-6 hours a day what can you do to make up for the bad sleep pattern for muscle building.

  • I usually sleep 4-5 hours a night I haven’t came across any problems, but could I benefit from sleeping just a little bit longer, if I am trying to gain some fat?

  • hey man can you answer this question? so I work out but at night it can be 10:00pm or even 12:00,1,2,3am is this bad? I smoke marijuana but that’s when I work out I’m juss like fuck it ad last nite I worked out around 2 and didn’t stop till it was 4 is it bad to work out that late?

  • I don’t agree with the ‘celestial bodies changing my physiology’ that sounds like new age doctrine which biblically speaking is deception

  • ok, I´ve been looking through the comments and it looks like 80% of them are in those 5%
    and now I am gonna feel bad for posting this because I don´t want people I´m just one more of those people
    I actually AM on those 5%
    I spend 3 months only sleeping 3-4 hours per night and still be perfectly fine during the day, sometimes even more energized than when I slept the whole night
    I many times didn´t sleep for the whole night and was still fine and fresh during my day of school
    but oh well, you´ll probably just think I´m lying like all of those other guys that want to make themselves look “special”

  • untill there is a considerable downside to weed you might aswell, and i think people with insomnia couldnt give a shit they just wanna sleep

  • wow Brandon, ur a great presenter. Loved your video about sleep and the way you have researched and talk and compare to the studies. I totally agree to you. Every persons body is different based on their activities. I want to see more videos. Ull be a top presenter on stage.

  •  You should never do intense physical activity when you didnt get enough sleep instead, you should take it easy that day and wait for the next day. If you ignore your body, you can possibly hit a point of exhaustion where you no longer feel tired. Thats where things get scary and things like mental breakdowns and hallucinations kick into place

  • ive gotten chronic ismonia(1-3 hours a night) the past year and i’ve lost almost all of the gains ive worked for the past 4 years..wahoo..

  • Greg quick question: In a months time I have to take an exam for university entrance but the problem is that it’s during the three weeks of the year that I’m in the army. Therefore I won’t be able to sleep more than 6 hours exept for saturdays. How dramatically do you think the impact of this is going to be regarding my performance during the exam? And do you have any recommendations?

  • You put out some of the best material. I have a question. I’ve looked around and seen that most people seem to suggest powerlifters stay between 10-15%. It’s always unclear if this is at competition or different for a bulking and cutting. I guess what I’m asking is what does research indicate would be the ideal range to drop to and then rise to if this is a process.

  • 7-8 hours / night is perfect for me.. if I sleep less than that, I feel shitty all day.. not even high dose of caffein works to freshen me up.. but sleeping more than that is even worse.. I feel really weak and dull all day

  • I’m the same way man. I try and do some cardio when im super tired and just push my body to exhaustion in weights. then right before i go to bed ill either smoke or take melotonin. that usually gives me 8 hours. Insomnia sucks, and some people just dont get what its like to have it.

  • Why would one want to sleep 5 hours? Because that way you gain 3 hours daily your whole life long, meaning around 10 years in total. Any idea how much you can do with that time?:))

  • The one thing I can do (positive and time burning) with my wasted time when I can’t sleep is be creative…insomnia boosts that, not inhibits it.

  • i dont agrree with,, sleeping helps to do better in test……………. see there r 2 option that u can study whole night n write the test or study half night n write test….. the 1 studing whole night will get better marks…………..

  • Ive slept 5 or less hours a night for 16 years due to work.working 6 days a week for 10 to 12 hours a day i also start dreaming immediately with recall of dreams even if i just nod off. don’t know if this normal.

  • I am in the military in special unit and i have 2-3 hours sleep daily. Woke up 5 a.m. and come back 5 p.m. after a hard day 99% of the time. Everyday i keep fighting with myself to get to the gym to eat right. I see my body falling apart and i m coming back a little all the time. Its very fucked up. My power my testosterone my face. BUT I KEEP TRYING.

  • Personally, I think some need atleast some sleep.  I’m not sure what it would be good to cut down that.  It would be good to be careful.

  • God bless you Jesus loves you so much repent and trust in the lord and you shall be saved thanks for your information about training without sleep

  • The hell? If I magically got an extra hour of sleep, I’d go back an hour again. I don’t have time for your sleep shit, I can run on 4 hours just dandy. Do people seriously have that much trouble staying alert throughout their day?

  • My sleep schedule is fucked. I’ve been sleeping from 3-6 hours a day and the most I’ve gotten in this year so far was 9 hours and that was 2 months ago.

  • Awesome video and channel! I’m definitely subscribing.

    I wanted to ask what your thoughts were on how to periodize training when cutting, especially for physique athletes getting towards the tail-end of their prep?

  • I can’t see how people are able to sleep 8 hours. My typical night is 5 to 6 hours, if I’m really tired it might be 6.5 hours. I never set alarms, and I go to bed the same time every night, and just wake up after 5 to 6 hours. I lift hard or do cardio most days, but that’s all my body will sleep. I constantly hear we need 8 hours of sleep a night, but I don’t know how people are able to sleep that much. I gave up trying to force myself to lay in bed trying to sleep more years ago, and now just accept that’s what I’m going to sleep.

  • I work rotating 12 hour shifts, so I average about 6 to 7 hours during my work week. It’s impossible to get a full 8 hours. Taking 1mg to 3mg of melatonin 30 minutes before bed, and keeping my bedroom very dark seems to help in terms of maximizing my sleep the best that I can. I work out 3 days per week sticking with full body workouts every Wed, Fri, and Sun. On non-training days Mon, Tue, Thur, and Sat, I’m able to get that extra hour of sleep (7 hours) which helps with recovery.

  • I have a friend who sleep only 4-5.5 hours a day and he is big and muscular as fuck.He is only 5’5, and have a big broad shoulders and back.

  • Hi!
    Can you make a video for sleep hacks or for some more advanced tips for better sleep? I am wearing the Oura ring and collecting a lot of data, but actually, do not know what to do it or what is its true potential. I think that sleep tracking has become more and more popular due to many different devices, but I think that studies have also shown that the people who track sleep afterward stress more about it and actually end up having worse sleep.
    I would like to know something new that is not about cold temperature, blue light, eating too late, melatonin supplement.
    Thank you!

  • …In another buzzed video, they say that insomniacs are more creative, and people in general when sleep deprived are more creative.
    Plus, Thomas Edison used to hold a bunch of metal beads while trying to sleep on a couch so when he did fall asleep they would fall on the ground and wake him up instantly, and that was when he had the best ideas.
    I get so confused when they contradict their own facts tbh

  • Sleep is the most important thing in order to gain muscle. Lifting weights with little sleep is a very ineffective way to gain muscle. Just don’t listen to this guy he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Its pretty obvious at the beginning when he is talking about the nervous system.

  • My coworkers laughed when I told them I would build muscle with “Elite Muscle Formula”, but then I showed them the results. Go Google Elite Muscle Formula to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  • +Brandon Carter For the last 6 months since watching this video, I’ve been trying my best to get at least 8 hours of sleep. However; I always wake up before my alarm goes off. On the weekends when I don’t need to get up at a specific time, I’m still up by 8 AM no matter what time i sleep. Mostly I can only get about 4-5 hours straight of sleep. I’m never tired throughout the day and I have loads of energy. is it possible that i may be unique in this situation? What advise can you give me to sleep 8 hours straight? Would really love your advise. Huge fan of yours.

  • I find people don’t put enough effort into getting quality sleep. This is a good topic. Perhaps another good video would be on what actions people can take to get the sleep they need. I know one of the most important is to have a regular time to get to bed.

  • yo BBC what’s up man I’m 13 years old and 12 inch biceps is that any good for my age I’ve been working out for 1 year how long have you been working out. Could you please tell me some tips on like suplements, or working out for younger ages.

  • That’s 5% of people that sleep faster thing is true. I had a roommate that would sleep maybe 3 or 4 hours a night 6 days a week and was never tired, but he did sleep in from like 2am to 11am or noon on Saturdays

  • i function better, the less sleep i get xD 
    like if i go to bed at 10pm, and have to wake up at 7am, i am SOO tired and i just want to sleep for the next 14 years xD but if i go to bed at 4am and have to get up at 7am, i will get up and, the first 5 minutes im gonna be like “urgh….more…sleep…” but then im like “Wooooh! party!” like, i get so happy and more energetic the less sleep i get xD 
    2 weeks ago, i did an allnighter from friday to saturday, and i was so hyper/energetic till 8pm xD 
    that means, i woke up at 8am on friday, was up until 8pm on saturday, but damn i was tired when i hit my pillow xD 

  • simply stunning!. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad:P. i am telling you, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. have a try and enjoy:) >>

  • It’s not the quantity of sleep that matters, it’s the quality. 

    Think about it. I will leave it at that.

    Ok, ok. I can’t help myself I will explain. If for example, somebody has sleep apnea and is getting poor quality sleep then they will obviously have to sleep for a longer period of time to try and make up for not sleeping well. But somebody who goes into a deep restful sleep can get as little as 5 hours and wake up rejuvenated, energetic, and happy. The sleep apnea was just ONE example of why somebody may not be sleeping well, there are many reasons. Maybe too much caffeine, maybe a bad diet, etc… Telling somebody how much sleep they need is like telling somebody what they need to be eating or not eating. It’s different for everybody. If you are obese, maybe it’s good for you to eat a salad. If you are anerexic maybe a slice of pizza isn’t such a bad thing.

  • Anything more than seven hours causes me to wake up exhausted (yes exhausted, not tired).  Five to seven hours causes me to wake up tired.  When I take power naps (two to four hours), I wake up feeling refreshed and with enough energy to participate in a marathon.  They do say that the body is better equipped to take two four hour sleep cycles than a whole eight.  It’s true for me apparently.

  • 0:43 That’s wrong. A study showed that by being sleepy your brain is more creative. 
    1:40 is wrong too:D wtf why am I keep watching these dumb videos.

  • Thomas! You briefly touched on something I can not solve. I’m tired all day but then around 8 at night my heart rate goes up, mild anxiety and falling to sleep sucks. You barely said how to fix this just that IF would help. Please tell me how to fix this!

  • It doesn’t only matters sleep length but when you start. I heard saying that 1 hour of sleep before midnight is worth like 3 hours of sleep after midnight..

  • you can adjust your mic input with audacity. Watch playback level and don’t let the bar go in the red zone.
    Your input is great but it is hard to watch with all the clipping

  • Hey Greg, when u say sleep faster, do u mean by going in to deep sleep faster?

    I’ve noticed that for the past year or two I’ve been sleeping just about 6-6.5 hours only and felt completely fine,
    whereas years ago if I could not get a full 8-9 hours a night, I’ll be like a zombie in the next morning.
    I’ve also realized that I’ve been dreaming a lot lately, and by this I mean every night, power nap included.

    After some researching I’ve found out that REM-SLP is a deep sleep, but you won’t go in to that stage until 60-90 mins of sleep
    but I’m sure that I would get them even in a short 10 mins nap,

    This really makes me wonder that if dreaming a lot (deep sleep) is the reason behind my lesser needs for sleep?
    and why I’m not like anybody else?

    Been trying to find the answers, reading articles and journals, still, couldn’t find the answer anywhere:(
    Plz help out, appreciate a ton

  • Work with mice earlier this year (Zhang et al. 2014) showed that periods of extended sleep loss cause extensive oxidative damage, and malfunction of cellular mechanisms that deal with oxidative stress, in parts of the brain responsible for wakefulness, alertness, motivation, attention, as well as functions like pleasure and reward.  While the study does not specify what amount of sleep is appropriate, the correlation for the negative effects of sleep deprivation is humans is easily drawn.  GET YOUR SLEEP YALL.
    Brandon, you mentioned in an earlier video that you take melatonin.  This is a smart thing to do for people who may have to work long hours or overnight.  Melatonin has been shown (Zhang et al. 2013) to ameliorate the negative effects of sleep loss to a significant degree.
    Plus that shit makes you sleep like a rock.  Love the videos, thanks man.

  • I can say first hand that lack of sleep is horrible for one’s physique and performance. I’m a police officer and every 4 months switch from days to nights. I’m married and have kids, when I’m on nights I’m constantly switching from a day to nights schedule, I’ll sleep 5 hours one day, then work all night, get off sleep 3 hours, stay up for 8 or 9 hours, try to sleep thsr night but can’t, then have a day off of normal sleep, then try to stay up half the night so I can sleep some during the day so I don’t fall asleep at work, usually can’t. I’m tired as hell all the time, physique has went to shit, can’t lose fat, just bad all the way around. So if you can, SLEEP!

  • fantastic video Greg. I’ve been slightly obsessed with fixing my sleep as it relates to training lately. if I can only sleep 7 hours overnight but grab a 1-2 hour nap would that bring my sleep total up or does it need to be consecutive? any studies done on % of REM sleep that has maximum benefit (for athletes?). i started using sleep as Android to track my sleep performance, time and amount of REM sleep. any studies done on how much alcohol consumed how closely to sleep and how it negatively affects it? any mattress recommendations or additional sleep tips? (i’m likely going to grab a bear mattress soon and just added blackout curtains to my room)

    basically you could do a whole video on everything you know about sleep and how it relates to training and I’d think it’d be freaking awesome and very helpful to the strength training community.

    thanks for running the most badass sports science site.

  • I believe prolonged continuos sleep can be negative. It’s best to split up sleeping to at least 2 sessions. Also sleeping cycles are important to acknowledge when you want to improve the quality of sleep

  • Brandon, you have inspired me to start up my own channel, I am from Sydney Australia, I have decided to start my
    Channel and hopefully have the same impact you do on people in the future, my videos are very basic at the moment but I’m working on it:) thank you Brandon for helping me find something that makes me happy, you are a legend:)
    I hope to get a reply from you:)

  • Sometimes I fall asleep at 10, sometimes at 12, but I still wake up around 6 in the morning 90% of the time… Of course I try falling asleep again, but it only works every 10 000 time. And it never feels like I’ve got enough rest:P

  • yo BBC what’s up man I’m 13 years old and 12 inch biceps is that any good for my age I’ve been working out for 1 year how long have you been working out. Could you please tell me some tips on like suplements, or working out for younger ages.

  • For 1:40, I think the consensus has changed. It’s much less than 5%. Unfortunately, it’s closer to zero. Sleep neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Walker: “The number of people who can survive on six hours of sleep or less without measurable impairment, rounded to a whole number and expressed as a per cent, is zero.”

  • But how are you supposed to sleep 10 hours if for example, you wake up automatically at 8 hours or 7, and you cant go back to sleep? I feel like some parts of sleep we can control, but the waking up must be natural, because even if i go to bed early i still fall asleep roughly the same time and wake up with about 7-8 hours of sleep

  • I have Narcolepsy and I take Xyrem to sleep… and, i get like 6 hours of sleep every night; give or take if I’m lucky… in 3 hour intervals off of the Sodium Oxybate (Xyrem) which is a liquid solution. I’m missing Orexin in my brain. And, yeah any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. My ENTIRE circadian rhythm is perpetually screwed up. NO MATTER what I do.

  • Can you please tell me HOW CAN you sleep how much time you want??? I cant sleep more than 6 hours, i just wake up hungry or wake up rested and + im having hard time falling asleep some days.. What should i do when i just cant fall asleep? I feel like laying in bed all day..

  • Great video and informative as always! What is your take on napping during the day if you were sleep deprived the night before? I remember reading a scholarly article that mentioned how a power nap can bring performance back to normal if an athlete did not sleep enough the night before.

  • I have a question. tldr Does lowering your carbs and fat substantially while increasing proteins a lot have any kind of effect on testosterone levels?

    I heard from a youtuber (raduantoniu) that professional bodybuilders have very low testosterone levels when they are close to competition days, he claimed in general trading carbs and fats for a large amount proteins have little effect on muscle growth and can cause big hormonal imbalance. I was wondering what your input would be on that.

  • fuck that, how you sleep and what you eat are your building blocks, If a job is hurting my sleep or food I quit that job. Get your priorities straight damn.. sure workout when you’re exhausted and age terribly.. society is so backwards, most focus on the wants and the possessions when the focus should be on the needs, the well being, and the community. fuck this answer, the right answer is get better sleep.

  • It’s almost not possible for me to get a full 8 hours every night due to certain commitments. But I do get chances to have a nap normally after lunch.
    So if I sleep 6 hours at night and 2 hours in the day, is it still counted as 8 hours?

  • When I have to go to school (twice a week or 3 times every other week) I sleep about 5hours. Other days I try to sleep 8-9 hours, but at the weekend sometimes I sleep 12 hours or more. It’s interesting that if I sleep a lot(like 12hours or more) I wake up tired and I’m tired all day.I don’t get it, how this sh*t works, but that’s not cool. If I sleep 8-9hours I wake up tired as well, but I’m not that tired that day. I don’t know how much should I or everyone else sleep, but I think it’s between 6-10 maximum.

  • It’s been a long standing practice for top level track and field athletes to sleep a full night (7.5-8.5 hours) and add another hour and a half during the day (usually after lunch) to be able to recover from the training volume. Although, from what I’ve been told, they have 12 to 14 training sessions a week…

  • There are times you feel sleepy before heading the gym but when you lift heavy weights your stronger than you think. Sometimes your weak when you have completed your sleep. Foods also helps a lot the food you ate the day before hitting the gym.

  • topic for tomorrow: why can you build strength while on da caloric deficit (what is happening to you) and to what deficit degree is it still possible.

  • I think it depends on you. when your body doesn’t gets enough sleep, you will be tired and feel down and weak the whole day ( even with coffee)
    I need 8 hours sleep at least, even 7 hours are not enough.  When im sitting in the university and just had 6 or 7 hours last late, man i can’t concentrate or listen to the professor for shit, can’t even keep my eyes open and i make less gains than during the vacations, where i can sleep about 9 hours a day.

    But some people are fine with just 4-6 hours.  ( i would fuck myself up)

  • Its true. You gotta first accept how hard this is to do. Thats the difference between you and elliot, why he looks like that and why you look like you, is because of this reason. Try to find motivation with your heart and not your mind and even then itll still be hard.

  • Greg, what do you think about pre, post and intra workout meals and snacks. I train near fasted in the early mornings and experimenting with small amounts of pre workout, fruit, hydration. Different small things seem to make a very big difference at this time of day, and especially if I’m training fasted but had a great well rounded meal and sleep the night before.

  • Went straight to genetics? Godbless
    Missed the boat on this.
    Failed to mention sleep hygiene( circadian rhythm)
    Alcohol consumption on REM
    Light exposure and hormone response

    But by all means on the offset and the applicable genetics…

  • Hi greg i recently was diagnosed with an acute shoulder impingement, what are some ways after I get back in the gym I can prevent this from happening again? I am running a 3 days a week sheiko program and need to strengthen my lower trapezius. Overhead shrugs a good start? Thanks in advance. and btw your bench program got me to 2 plates finally!!!

  • Ever since I was a baby I needed at least 12-14 hours of sleep each night, when I was I baby I would sleep, then my mom would wake me up at 6:00pm and feed me and change me then I sleep til 6:00 the next day and so on…

  • Why not just sleep till your body wakes up by itself im guessing that would be better for your self rather than wake up half sleep cuz that makes me more tired

  • I’m glad, I never get the full eight hours and so many people I know wonder how I even function. My girlfriend can’t get by on less than eight, just one bad night and she’s a zombie. I do think it effects my memory though.

  • Curious your thoughts on skipping breakfast vs skipping dinner in regards to circadian rhythm optimization and whether or not it’s good to suppress cortisol in the morning with food?

  • Since it’s been 2 months already. How are you getting on? I would have told you to experience it yourself because “everyone is different”. Are you still suffering from Insomnia? I’m currently getting very little sleep myself but I plan continue working out regardless.

  • When I was in high school I would get only 5 hrs of sleep most nights. After how many nights does the side effect of sleep depravation plateau? It cant be indefinite, linear graph as I would have become a vegetable, but instead I continued to improve in sports and video games, even though I felt tired as shit so I’m not part of the genetically endowed group

  • what are you talking about men?? are you personal trainer? coz if you really are you know you must sleep 8 hours after a workout and of corse you dont have strength if you are aweke for a 24 hours so is not gonna do good to you if you try to workout…(EAT/SLEEP/WORKOUT/)

  • I workout with weights 23 time a week and am 50 years old. Been doing it since I was 17. I have not slept for more than 3 hours straight for the last 33 years. I will wake up every 15 minutes,sleep 15 and so on. Stayed in bed for 9-10 hours a night struggling. I finally went to a sleep therapist. She said I am lying in bed too long and that I am not tired when I go to bed. If you normally sleep 8 hours and stay in bed for 11 of course you won’t sleep and get frustrated,making your sleep worse! I now sleep around 6-7 hours a night and sleep much better! It is no longer fragmented but 2 good sleeps,with only one wake up. She also said to meditate half an hour a day,which helped a lot. Didn’t Arnold and Franco sleep 6 hours when they trained together? Everyone is different I guess. Six to eight hours is normal.

  • I also have a physical job and I have to have a 20 40 minute nap every day before a workout if not I simply burnout during the gym workout after like 30 minutes. Napping has been a miracle for me.

  • Sleep cycles are in 90 minute cycles IIRC. So sleeping 7-1/2 on the low end to 9 hours on the higher end…. Guess 10 1/2 on the extreme end.

  • I once heard that it is also possible to get those 8 hours in two sections of a day. So 4 hours two times. Not sure why anyone would do it, but just curious if anyone else have any knowledge about this.

  • I work in an outpatient clinic. My biggest fear of moving to a hospital setting would be less time to train and less sleep from being on-call.

    I have a random question what drives vascularity and are more vascular lifters more efficient at lifting? Is there any correlation between vascularity and strength?

  • Listen this. I’m in high school now its a 2 week break and I was thinking about changing my sleep schedule and I honestly. In the 1st place you think like a ima do so much work if I get up 2 hours earlier. But sometimes in reality you are like what am I gonna do in those 2 hours?? And after I finish the things I nedded to do in those 2 hours what will I do? Probably waste time on yt videos. Stop watching this bullshit sleep as much as you want to. And realize this already every single human is different or same in a different way the studies have shown that ppl who…… Bla…… Bla…… Bla are you do human that studies where done on?? No so sit there and don’t even wait for the studies to be done on you you make yourself your own study and don’t share it with others in educational purposes because we are all different so stop.

  • Ok but how would it be if you sleep like 6 1/2 hours (during the week because of kids or work) and nap another 2 hours over the course of the day? How is napping affecting muscle growth/fat loss?

  • it depends on many factors Arnold Schwarzenegger only had 6 hours of sleep a night… Nikola Tesla had 2 hours a night, similar to Leonardo DaVinci. Prime Minister of India only gets 4 hours a night. Quality of sleep is more important than quantity. Research with 1 million people recently showed that 5 hours of deep sleep is much better and healthier than 8 hours of sleep. There are many ways to increase deep sleep some of which are:
    Sleeping and waking up same time everyday.
    if you take daytime naps make sure they are 30 mins or less and that they are scheduled/regular.
    Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants.
    Getting good sunlight during the day.
    Avoiding blue light a couple of hours leading up to bedtime.
    No big meals 2-3 hours before bed.
    Having cold room temperature.
    Blocking external lights such as alarm clocks.
    Blocking out noise (one way is listening to white noise to drown out other noises, or just shutting all ur doors)
    Relaxing mind and body (deep breaths, visualization, meditation etc.)
    Exercising regularly but not right before bed.

    Do research for more ways (maybe some I haven’t mentioned)

  • Can you still build/recover muslce when you only have a max of 4 hours of sleep a day? 18 hours a day im up due to work load, other 2 hrs, gym this even healthy?

  • ahaha no and being a homophobe and insulting people over the internet is pretty ignorant behavior so if anything you are the ignorant one or at least act like you are. good day to you sir

  • Thanks Greg! Easy to understand and very informative as always. I want to ask the same question as yesterday: how should you train on a cut for an intermediate lifter?