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Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

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Exercising When Sick: Should You or Shouldn’t You? The answer depends on what ails you, experts tell WebMD. For example, exercising with a cold may be OK, but if you’ve got a fever, hitting the gym. A speedy recovery is always the goal when you are sick, but it can be hard to know when it’s ok to power through with your normal gym routine and.

When You *Should* Work Out While Sick Here’s the catch: Certain kinds of calming exercises—like walking, stretching, and light yoga—may actually help ease certain conditions such as colds, menstrual cramps, or constipation. If you’re experiencing signs of a common cold (like a scratchy throat, sneezing or a cough), then it’s quite possible to get a workout in. A moderate, low-impact workout of 30 minutes or less can actually help to fight infection as it boosts the immune system. [Brendan] Are you aware of any benefits to exercising while sick with a cold or flu? [Dr. McQueen] A rule of thumb is to exercise when symptoms are above the neck and to limit exercise when symptoms are below the neck, or when fever, diarrhea, or vomiting are present.

While it’s always important to listen to your body during exercise, it’s more important than ever while you are sick or recovering from an illness. Be sure to stay hydrated, monitor your exertion level and keep checking in to see if what you are doing is making you feel better or worse than when you started exercising. “If you’re feeling fatigued or excessively tired, it’s better not to work out when sick,” says Dr.

Ali. “Save your energy to allow for your body to feel better and recover.” “Decide if you’re up for exercising, or would feel more comfortable reserving your energy,” offers Dr. Marcus. Consistent, moderate exercise and resistance training can strengthen the immune system over time. So, by all means, train hard while you’re healthy. But single high intensity or long duration exercise sessions can interfere with immune function.

So take it easy when you’re feeling sick. If you have symptoms above the neck, like coughing, sneezing, sore throat, or nasal congestion, you can probably still work out. If you have symptoms below the neck, like vomiting, chest.

I f you want to protect yourself from colds and flu, regular exercise may be the ultimate immunity-booster. Studies have shown that moderate aerobic.

List of related literature:

My general rule of thumb is if all your symptoms are from the head up—primarily a runny/ stuffy nose—then go ahead and enjoy a moderate workout, but not an intense one.

“The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health” by Travis Stork M.D.
from The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health
by Travis Stork M.D.
Gallery Books, 2010

One major concern here is the potential risk of viral myocarditis (a viral infection of the heart muscle); exercising during a viral infection may increase the likelihood of developing this potentially fatal condition.

“Immune Function in Sport and Exercise” by Michael Gleeson, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
from Immune Function in Sport and Exercise
by Michael Gleeson, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2006

If you’ve got a cold and your symptoms are mostly above the neck (minor sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, etc.), it’s okay to exercise, moderately.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
by Judy Foreman
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

During an episode of the flu you will not have the energy to exercise and should rest.

“The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” by Sherry Torkos
from The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
by Sherry Torkos
Wiley, 2010

While sick, it is important to understand that you can exercise, but only to the point that you do not get worse afterward.

“Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness” by Neil Nathan
from Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness
by Neil Nathan
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Exercising when you are sick lowers the body’s defenses.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

Older adults should not exercise if they • are feeling unwell or have a fever or acute systemic illness (e.g., bronchitis, respiratory infection, rheumatoid arthritis) • have new or worsened symptoms (e.g., pain, dizziness, breathlessness, unsteadiness)

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults
by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
Human Kinetics, 2005

I totally understand the desire to exercise when sick.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Instead, go home and get warm and, hopefully, ward off a chest infection that might compromise your training for several weeks.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

The general consensus among physicians who regularly treat athletes with colds is that it is safe to exercise, as long as the symptoms are located above the neck (runny nose, sneezing, scratchy throat).

“Sports Science Handbook: I-Z” by Simon P. R. Jenkins
from Sports Science Handbook: I-Z
by Simon P. R. Jenkins
Multi-Science, 2005

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  • Sarah Good To see that you are getting better. That must have been hard… I was wondering where you get your active wear.. I love your leggings, especially the black and white…

  • It’s funny because the “listen to your body” works really well for my skin care as well
    Like.. really think.. does my skin feel like it needs this mask today? Don’t do it because it’s a “three week thing” or whatever

  • Too much strain on the heart to do any exercise or sport that raises the heart rate if you’re body is fighting an infection. Long term health your better to just leave it!

  • The main thing to think about is consider other people. The gym is just one big petrie dish as it is, so it is not very kind to take your cold there and infect other people.  Once the infective time is over then of course you can go back but PLEASE stay away while infectious. The same applies to work, stay away if possible. Studies show that more work days are lost by people taking their colds to work and spreading them around their colleagues than if they stayed home.

  • thank you as always glad the cold is better -you guys are young wait til you get older then everything falls apart going to be a cold wis. this week

  • If you’re sick, stay home and workout to your own level/availability… BUT, please don’t go to the fitness center or gym spreading germs/illness…. Thank You…

  • I get a low grade temperature and body aches when I overdo exercise. I normally rehydrate, but this time I used the L-Glutimate and it worked like a charm.

  • Nice Video!! but I think the upper/lower body rule isnt that correct. Right now I have a sinus infection and in the beginning I continued to work out and became even more sick. Saw the doc yesterday and now I got to take 10-14 days off.

    I think that you should stay at home even with a regular cold or even with a running nose. Just take 2-3 days off until you are at 100% again and then kill it at the gym. Otherwise it may become worse and you´ll make many others sick at the gym.

  • As someone who’s tried to tough out a workout when sick, I highly recommend against that. Weights were down, couldn’t do the weights I usually do, overall a bad experience.

  • This guy was benching just over 400lbs the other day. These 2 younger guys was saying how sick the guy was benching. I thought how was he benching so much if he was sick. Then I found out sick means cool. ��‍♂️

  • I love this video! Please do more chit chat videos, ❤ I literally have you on my Bluetooth and I’m cooking in my kitchen and listening to you the entire time.��

  • I typically only skip workouts if I have a fever or I’m throwing up. About five years ago I had the mumps and I worked out every day. Probably bad for my fellow gym rats, but I didn’t really feel all that sick.

  • The big dilemma for lifters, bodybuilders is can I take time off without losing everything?! I’ve had the worst series of bad-luck illnesses past 3 months and after being in best shape of life, hitting PB’s, got myself a hernia. From there. post op I got an infection in wound, then endless colds and viruses. Long story short, I have repeatedly gone back to gym too early. Each time I’m feeling great, hit the weights, then come down with another virus a few days later. It’s all linked. The workout hits my struggling immune system and something has to give. Your body can’t fight a viral infection and deal with the stress of rebuilding muscle. Advice based on personal experience: look at the bigger picture. If you do this workout while sick, will you be in a better place in next week or worse? Michael Douglas, the actor said: ‘If you’re sick, try to enjoy it.’ Rest, like the big man here says.

  • Hi lee iv been off for 6days as iv come down with cold and ear infection I fill like iv lost my build. Im not very happy with myself.

  • im bulking and can barley eat because my throat is so swollen.. fever, headache, body aches, hallucinations and all of that.. lost 10lbs so far cant beat this mono im suffering

  • This has helped me a lot. I’ve had severe breathing problems in the past couple of months, and a large reason for it after ‘checking in’ is because of neglect of certain aspects of my life. As a result, I’ve been feeling depressed over everything, including my inability to work out. I’m not feeling that bad about it now. Thank you.

  • It was my bday 2 days ago, and I got mono, a sprained foot (right when I was running better than ever), a rib cage pain that randomly happens when your 16-35, and my period….. I was stuck in my house and just wanted to eat all the good stuff in my kitchen. IM WITH YOU

  • If you’re sick but if it doesn’t stop you from working out. Workout at home, because if you go to the gym chances are that you’re gonna spread around what you have. So please think of others and not just yourself. I will do the same when sick.

  • I have Spondylolisthesis (L5-S1). I never do deadlift and squats…. apart from this…. Is gymming is overall dangerous for me?

  • When I workout, I start salivating heavily and coughing. I feel painful tingling in my back of my head to the point that I have to stop. I even feel like I’m going to faint so I sit down for a minute or two.

    Drinking water doesn’t help. I drink plenty of water and I eat healthy homemade meals.

    I even tried eating more per meal to see If that would help, only makes me full. doesn’t do anything more.

    I even begin feeling tingling in my legs and fingers too when workout out at the gym too.

    I’m only 24 years old this year…I’m not skinny. I used to be wrestler and cross country runner too.
    I’ve noticed at the gym that my skin is also unusually very very dry too.
    My lips are not necessarily chapped but my arms and legs get very dry and stay that way all day.

  • Have you watched ‘What the Health’ on Netflix? If so, can you do a video talking about your thoughts. The video is crazy and changes peoples views!! Highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Great advice lee, I’ve had a cold all week but I’ve still been working out, it does make you feel better after a workout but a few hours later it comes back:(.

    You should do a video where it is a normal vlog but there is a q&a implemented in it,so like we would see what u did throughout the day but every few minutes or so u will answer a question (a bit like ur 5 healthy habits or how to stop bloating videos), this is just a suggestion in case ur looking for ideas!!!!!

  • Hey Sezzy, your an amazing, positive, energetic person (so contagious even on the other side of a screen), but have you ever experienced a period of life where you were totally tired, like all the time? if so could you do a possible vlog? Thx hun

  • I wonder if this is what’s happening to me because I’m a 18 months post chemotherapy and radiation for Triple Negative Breast Cancer treatments. I’m trying to start exercising again but even after yoga I come home and lay on the couch for hours after.

  • I’m not sick or anything but is it possible to do too much exercise in one day? For example, tomorrow I want do a 15 min cycle to play tennis for an hour and then cycle back and I’d love to do a workout too but then I don’t know if I’m doing too much? I’m really trying not to lose weight too, that’s the last thing I want!

  • Thank you soooooo much you just solved my puzzle. i have missed running in the past few days and have been feeling awfully guilty. now i know what to do

  • I want to have your diet and listen to my body just like you because i have bad hormonal acne to and i switched from pill to plaster wich has helped me a lot. But not 80% more like 50%. But if i listen to my belly it craves winegums,salami’s pizza,kfc,Dr pepper, spareribs �� and i do absolutely not like avocado or coconut. I dont know why and because this channel i tried to but i cant stand the flavour off coconut and the taste off avocado for some reason. Life is so hard you have to make choices i want a healthy life but i love my fatfoods too mutch �� besides spending time att the gym when working full time and family stuff i just dont think healthy life style is ment for me but i do want to. #storyoffmylife������

  • imo, if you are sick in any way, stay home. do yourself and the world a favour. germs are going to spread. so recover first. period!

  • Back in college one day, I went to my springboard diving class and told the coach (Michigan State’s esteemed Charles McCaffree, whom the pool is now named after) that I had a cold so I didn’t think I should go in the water. His mocking response: “Oooo, he has a cold, so he can’t go in the water.” I spent the next hour diving. Old school.

  • Really nice that you put this out today! I was just wondering about this since Ive had a flue since friday. Great video keep it up man:)


  • Is this then related to feeling the urge to gag when exercising? Every time I would go to the gym and lift some weights I felt the feeling of wanting to gag a few reps in?

  • I can’t even work out when I feel semi-decent and I’m supposed to be in the gym with low key cold/flu? Smh. There is such a thing as overdoing it with the gym rat thing.

  • I just love your honesty! �� glad you’re feeling better! I had a spider bite on my knee once and did the same thing! �� ended up with a big open wound when the venom worked its way through my flesh �� life lessons. �� and remember! We don’t mind your friendly banter or “keeping your company”

  • Hey girl, I’ve just started watching your videos and there great fun. I would really love it if you did a little talk about superfoods, cause there is just so much choice and I’d like to hear your thoughts on your favourites! X

  • This is exactly how I was feeling. I had sprained my ankle badly last year and the recovery time was very long. Now I started working out again and I am sooo grateful to be able to walk, move and exercise again. During the time it wasn’t possible, I felt so depressed and realized that we take so many things for granted. I discover your videos some weeks ago and I have to say that I love them!! The way you motivate people, it seems that you always have a great word in the right moment! THANK YOU and I’ll continue to follow you:)

  • There was a period of time where my tooth was aching incredibly and i was taking ibuprofen for it. Would going to the gym in such cases also be bad?

  • how about the diet? i recently got sick. And i just can’t handle those brown rice, chicken, eggs, and those steamed veggies while i’m on a recovery…


  • Great answer. Thank you sir.
    I have just allowed the flu to catch me, and it is not great but I try not to let it get completely.

    Just to add (if I am correct). If you are going take a break from workout just make sure you eat healthy, just because you do not workout does not mean you completely lose it.

  • I love you so much and i love you’re videos because i feel like i can relate to you to the point that you understand me!!! I just wanted to ask you were your shirt is from. LOVE YOU!!

  • I had a cold (neck up) last week and I could not even do yoga at home (couldn’t breathe due to stuffy nose became a mouth breather yuck).

  • Thanks for this man! i always thought sickness would hold me back alot and would ruin my hardwork, but now i know how to take advantage of this fucking sickness!

  • My goodness, girl, you’re soo right!! Check in with yourself to review your lifestyle.. and don’t take being able to work out for granted. BOOOOM!

  • I’ve been on and off in the gym for about a year and a half now, and without a bit of exaggeration, I get sick right after I start back up in the gym. I always thought it was just a random coincidence, but it’s happened too often… After watching this video I would guess that there’s a link between my immune system & working out? I don’t know what to do… I always lose my progress because I take 2 weeks off after being sick like a dog. Vitamins? Immune boosters?

  • I don’t get sick after working out, but I would feel completely exhausted & dizzy for the rest of the day only after doing a measly 20 bicep curls. I was in better than average shape at the time, but I had to put a stop to my training it because of the exhaustion. My doctor couldn’t find any serious issues with my health after running tests. I did look into using L glutamine with minimal improvement. Puzzling. Has Anyone any clues as to what my health issue could be?

  • Thank you so much for this! I don’t get the flu or a cold, but I always start vomiting, and have to sleep it off. I was an instructor, and had to quit because of it.

  • I had a microbiology professor who said your pores are open when you exercise so if you use a common area like a gym it’s easier for bacteria to enter your system.
    Edit:shout out to the folks who don’t wipe down the machines when they are done ��

  • You have such a good vibration, I love listening to you and working out with you because you have great power of encouraging me and lifting my energy through those videos. One question can we relate this “from neck down” also with our menstrual periods in the month? I’m aware, of course, that’s not sickness but there are some serios manifestation going on inside our women sistems that sometimes we really feel sick. So working out during period also no? Thank you. ��

  • Thank you so much and it’s true I remember that one time I was sick and didn’t stop doing exercise and got worse, I needed to take a couple of days to my body

  • If someone has the flu and is on Tamaflu, rest. Someone has strep throat, and is on antibiotics, rest. Someone has Bronchitis or Pneumonia and symptoms such as fever, wet cough, fatigue, dizziness, headache, sneezing, phlegm factory, rest. Don’t screw off nutrition, illness ain’t a warrant to eat like shit.

  • Dear Kit, I’ve just found your channel, and chose one video on it. And it is very funny that you captured this video in Budapest, and I live in Budapest:) I love your videos! I am going to do all your workout videos in the next few week! I wish you all the best! Lilla

  • Thanks, i got two week under some hard flu, so i’ ll rest until heal my body thats the best advise you gave me, this morning when i woke up i couldnt even walk, so thanks so much.

  • “if you just got a sniffle or something you can probably work out anywhays” sigh i came here hoping i wouldn’t have to work out bc of my lil sniffle

  • A day after you post his video I see a simple on my collar bone, never have I had a pimple there but I still thought it was a pimple. Me not learning from your mistakes and squeeze it, days later I find that it’s an infected spider bite ��������‍♀️��

  • You assholes are the reason im sick now. Stay your sick ass the fuck home. Oh and wipe down your fucking machines you gross fucks.

  • But L-Glutamine crosses the blood brain barrier and will increase glutamate levels.. a problem that people with bipolar have.. believed to be something that contriutes to their condition’s problems. I’ve also felt terrible taking the normal high dose. Can you take a on L glutamine.. glutamine supplement and achieve the same effect as described for this purpose?

  • I’m in no way downing exercise, but most people do too much. Especially the long distance runners. I used to do it myself. Most people don’t replenish what they’ve lost from working outminerals/trace minerals. To stay in shape you need to clean up your diet,do intermittent fasting, and moderate exercise. In the long run, intense exercising works against you. There’s a reason most athletes die sooner than non athletes.

  • PERFECT TIMING! I was on a roll going to the gym 6 days/week for the past 3 weeks getting ready for my vacation and i got sick so i haven’t been in a week. as much as i wanted to go i know it was best for me to take a week to rest my body.

  • When I started jogging at 48, I told myself I would do it 7 days a week without fail. At an early point I got a bad sore throat like I never had in 20 years and body aches and chills and stuffed up. On top of that it was a cold Autumn day with pouring down rain and a lot of wind. I got really angry and went out in it getting soaked and not caring if I got worse or dropped dead. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from keeping my schedule. I was perfectly fine when I woke up the next day, and hadn’t been sick after that for years. Didn’t know anything about L-Glutamine. My body must’ve said, ‘We better make some L-Glutamine for this guy; he’s mighty serious!’

  • I have lupus and take meds to suppress my white blood cells. when I work out hard I ALWAYS catch a cold and get sick immediately! I cancelled my membership. Maybe I’ll get it again and take this supplement.

  • I always without fail get a headache after I work out! May be my adrenals, losing sodium and water to quick? Dehydration? Frustrating!!!

  • Great video! Myself, I always stay home and let myself rest!……and the other thing that nobody has mentioned is the “courtesy” to our other fellow gym goers! How selfish is it to go to the gym spreading all those germs to people who aint sick:/ just because we selfishly dont wanna miss our workout! Drives me nuts when I see that!

  • Unless you are like a pro bodybuilder or athlete and absolutely need to stay on track I would recommend taking a day or two off even if you have a cold. Or just go for a walk or something. Who feels like doing intense exercise when you are sick and feel like shit.

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  • Glutamine? Maybe I should try that. Actually dealing with that now. For me its stomach problems. It always happens when I overtrain and go through stress. I can push my body hard if I’m not dealing with emotional/psychological stress. Lately I moved and I’m having alot of trouble with hiring a new employee. Working a physical job. Coming home and working on the house then dealing with money problems and fighting with the wife who’s stressed to the max too. Then boom. I have stomach ulcers again. The way I’ve always treated it was stop working out. Maybe doing yoga or something relaxing for a time. And focus all my energy on attacking the main stressor in my life. And cutting back on all other psychological demands for a bit. Like wearing the same clothes everday kinda thing. Then when that emotional stress is back to low again then I can ramp up my training. Maybe Glutamine would help with this? I’ve heard it has gut healing properties. Might need to pick some up

  • From my point of view no matter of having just a little cold or whatever, doing cardio is a thing that you NEVER should do when you are sick

  • When I push myself too hard and not enough rest between my sets, I start to cough / gag. Edit” I typed that before watching video…he literally means I don’t get sick.

  • I’ve got a sinus infection (that’s from the neck up) and i almost passed out trying to work out i hit my head hard when I fell and now I’m stuck in bed DO NOT WORK OUT WHEN YOUR SICK

  • Good stuff man. I typically look at it as if I have a fever I stay out, if I’m dealing with a cold or something like that I just suck it up.

  • Twice, after a few weeks of strenuous exercise, I had an ms relapse. That tells me that ms is caused (in part) by a chronic viral infection. The intense exercise (stress) lowered my immune system and the virus knew it was a good time to attack.

  • I still get good workouts when I’m sick…but i have a home gym, so the stress situation is probably different for me than most people. Something Lee didnt touch on is that the muscle repair system is tightly linked to the immune response that combats sickness, so your soreness might be increased the next day. Definitely over-supplement with vitamin C for a few days and lift as slowly and stress-free as possible. Take it easy and “enjoy it” is the best advice. Don’t go for any PRs.

  • Hello, I’ve been feeling like crap lately with stuffy nose, terrible sore throat and dealing with my 3 year old’s old!!! I’m in a 90 day transformation challenge..and Ive notice that I feel even worst as I’m trying to warm up. Thank you so much for your advice, Ive waited this long to build these pounds and not do NOTHING to change 4 years ago, I’m sure my body can wait until I fully recover.☺

  • Dr Berg, could you please make a “day about exercising” video series? Like out of each 2nd week, a series only about exercising i.e endurance which includes jogging, cycling, swimming (simply endurance). Anyway, I know it’s not that simple but who knows you find it doable. Good night

  • I just had the worst chest/tri workout today..a fever was building up.My head hurts like hell rn and i feel like vomiting.Barley even ate today,hopefully i get better because i feel like shit rn,and i HATE missing out a day at the gym.

  • Had to miss a couple weeks this past January because of a nasty cough. I was just imagining coughing on the bench and losing my grip.

  • L glutamine is the best complement I have taken for my chronical gut pain, I suffered all my life and after 2 weeks of L glutamine I don’t have any gut pain anymore! It’s a miracle for me! I continue to take it daily and I feel better than never before ����

  • Hey Lee thanks for the great advice, what are your thoughts on training while having anxiety? Have recently quit smoking marijuana after 15 years of heavy use and suffering with bad anxiety n depression. Have a hard time eating and sleeping, losing strength and size quick causing even more depression. I realize you may not have experience in this area and hope nobody ever do, just wondering if you can give me some advice on this in theoretic sense.. as if to put yourself in my shoes, i know there a medications for such things but against pills, not going back to marijuana.. you think l should stop training for a while or push on like i am

  • A couple of vlogs ago, Sarah showt her agenda/planner. I cannot find the vlog anymore, but does anybody know where it’s from?? Thanks

  • I have a hard time slowing down even when my immune system is lagging. On 3 hrs sleep, I still did the 1 1/2 hour workout and stayed up for 18 hours. Now I have a cold sore. I am sure the chocolate protein shake and nuts triggered it also. I’ll pull out the L-Glutamine. Thank you Dr. Berg

  • Hey great stuff! can you give advice on good rotator cuff exercises? or ways to help recover an injured rotator cuff? thank you:-)

  • I get headache if I do running on treadmill. N then by end of the day I get migraine. So I have to prep myself a lot of I have to do exercise.
    I feel very tired and so out of energy that I couldn’t sleep in night. Can you make a vedio on why exercising Makes you feel less energetic and why it leads to headaches like migraine n sinusitis.

  • Hi Gumby! This video is very timely, because I’ve come down with a sinus infection. I know this because I’ve had one before, but I have not always been smart enough to take it easy and let the nastiest symptoms pass, and then it would end up dripping down into my lung area and cause bronchitis. At first I would think, oh, I feel better from getting some hard exercise, and then the next morning I’d be like, no, I do not. I have been doing some of the more gentle yoga (not the more strenuous power yoga routines that I so sometimes) and sleeping a lot. And you guys just reminded me that I have a digital sports watch that counts the seconds on my bedside table, because I learned long ago in college that as an athlete, you should take your resting pulse using your alarm clock, and if your pulse goes up something is amiss. An alarm clock with a second hand is hard to come by in our digital age. They didn’t tell us about O2 saturation, but I can tell if I am not breathing right and there is not as much as my body is used to.

  • I never comment but wanted to say that you’re amazing! The way you talk about your health makes it so relatable and I become more inspired every time I watch something from you! Well that and the fact that we share the SAME NAME, duh.:D

  • Got a blooming cold right now, feeling miserable and so tired. Left work early because of it. Definitely no gym today. Drinking green tea with lemon and honey. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow. This guy is spot on, btw. Thanks for making me feel better about this dude.

  • Pulse oximetre = British. Pulse oximeter = English. Not sure if you were kidding or not, Bob.:) You are such a joker. Good, common sense video! I would add if you have muscle aches and/or chills since they usually are the precursor to a fever.:p

  • i wish i loved the gym as much as you seem to. i did at one point but i have no motivation to work out anymore, when i need it most.:/

  • I went to the gym while I’m sick, didnt worm up properly coz I wasn’t breathing like normal. Did some squats and back workout That caused Sciatica, now I have big problem!!! There’s only two options only,
    it takes many years to get better or operation,
    Now I can’t lift heavy weight:((
    Plz plz plz do not go the gym when you are sick!!!

  • People don’t clean the gym equipment after sweating and snotting all over them. That’s my theory. I also get sick every time I take the bus or metro for an extended period of time, especially in the winter.

  • you should do a video on alcoholic beverages. the harms & benifits (if there are any lol) on your body. the type of alcohol you drink, what you try to stay away from. for someone who wants a healthy fitness lifestyle. obviously the answer is to cut it out. but everyone likes to have fun once in a while and it would be super interesting to hear a video on your opinion and health expertise on it!

  • Good advice! Having recently been sick myself and I can only agree with all you say. I usually keep it simple when asked about this: fever or sore throat? then don’t workout. sniffles? sure, do workout, but keep it on the light side. It’s a long term thing to train, so one shouldn’t be overly concerned with short breaks. Think of it as recovery time.

  • Great video! Oddly enough, I’ve had some of my best workouts when slightly sick, like a cold or something, maybe because I was extra determined not to let it ruin my workout. Rule of thumb though, if you have even a slight fever, stay home! 

  • Man, I think it has to be stated that most of the time exercise is going to make you feel way better and improve your energy levels and mood! I hope this vid doesn’t prevent people from exercising!

  • My sister feels like she needs to throw up every time she starts exercising. Do you know anything about what might be causing this?

  • After getting over a cold a few hours later, I went to the gym. I noticed I had the least energy and couldn’t do anything In repetition. After a few minutes i stop and took a hot shower. I began to feel faint. everything fading to  black, just a small blurry circle I could see through. I put my swimming shorts on and left the shower using the wall to support me walking. I felt like I couldn’t breathe as much. And it felt like I was about to drop to the floor. I knew I needed to get somewhere cold. I noticed a small area near the pool entry door. A corner with a vent and ac coming out. I sat down to the floor back against the wall and leaned my head closer to the vent onto wall eyes closed. After like 5mins of relaxing. Two people was in front of me stooping down asking me if I had fell down and was I okay, did I need water. I was happy my vision came back. A few more people rush over one on a cell phone letting me know he already called the ambulance. I’m like I’m okay everyone I got a bit dizzy and needed a cool place to sit. I just got over a bad cold a few hours ago and thought I could workout. My bad. I got up on my own and eventually went back home. It is not the best idea to go to gym if you have a cold…I am thankful some good people were around and took notice.

  • i have pain in my neck like shit i cannot even drink water because is painful. I don’t have fever or something just a little pressure on my head and a little dizzy.Should I go to the gym? Today I am going to the doctor.I forgot to mention i cannot eat enough because when I am sick i am not hungry and I eat just a little.I will lose muscle if I don’t go to the gym and I eat lower cantity of food for like a week?

  • Thank you so much for this video I am always getting sick after I go to the gym and doctors are No help in solving the issue. So I’m going to try this

  • Haha I’m allergic to exercise (literally), the B vitamin regime and fasting is helping so much ♥️ we aren’t sure yet if the increase in catecholamines is causing the anaphylaxis reaction or if the reaction is causing the catecholamine release.

  • Wow! I’ve never had a doctor address this! I have asked why this happens to me all of my life and they all just say they have no idea! Really?! If I start very slow and build up, I do fine but stressed or overdoing exercise I immediately get bleeding gums, achy and flu or cold symptoms! Thanks so much!!!

  • as a us marine hes full of as he says crap sick hurt sore tired there is never an excuse to stop training PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY G.O.M.L.

  • Well I think we should not miss our daily routine for fitness training and diet when we are lightly sick. However we can alter the diet and perform some light or just warm up work out to keep up the regular training. Protein Granola bars can be really helpful in sickness case to get energy. Also, we must have rest and can skip the workout if health does not allow to do so.

  • Came from Scott Herman’s channel. Hope you guys can grow to have as big an audience as him! The alien animations are adorable haha

    I always tend to overdo it on cardio when I’m sick just to prove to myself that I’m not a wuss lol. That’s probably pretty silly. But sitting and doing nothing makes me feel even more physically and psychologically burned out, so I think a long fast-walk is the best thing to get my body going without overstressing it.

    I don’t lift-I can’t imagine how irritating it must be to be sniffly and congested and try to lift weights.

  • Another example is many people have inadequate nitric oxide levels due to overtraining and high ammonia which throws Urea cycle out of balance.

  • Ur videos until now were nice and some of em even helpful,
    but im sorry, this one isnt only unbeneficial but also irresponsible.

    you are not a doctor and posting a video using terms like:  sick from the neck-up (wtf?) with confident recommendations is simply abusing ur force in the youtube community.

    everyone has a different body and the advice here is highly-highly specific, atleast mention that fact in your ritual.

  • Last month, I was feeling quite iffy one day, went to workout and then felt dizzy afterwords. Made it home and then passed out for an hour. Felt hot and shivery. I took my temperature and I had a fever of 100.5. Slept the rest of the night. Bottom line: not worth it although when I have a cold or even a low grade fever (between 99.5 and 100), I do workout at normal intensity and have no issues.

  • I’m interested in exercise and women’s health…. Every woman is different yet we all struggle with hormones (some worse than others)
    I notice how sluggish and weak I can feel during PMS and throughout my cycle. Should we tone down our exercise or step it up at this time?
    Continue to be well, Kit.

  • Dear Dr. Berg,
    I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for all the informative daily videos. I have been struggling with some condition, which is I faint/lose consciousness for 1-3 seconds, when I experience even small amount of heat/ physical exhaustion/ crowd/ lack of oxygen. I do a lot of mental work but lying down with the ac turned on, to avoid fainting. I have been facing this ever since my childhood and now I am in my late thirty. This happens when I am outdoors or indoors. I would be so grateful to you for providing any insight regarding this issue. I assume that there are other people who have similar condition. So, I would like to request you to please make a video on this. I have very high regards for your expert opinions.
    I hope you have a wonderful day,

  • Surprised there aren’t more views on this video. It’s that time of year again, and this was just what I needed to convince myself to just stay home and kick back. Thanks Lee

  • Thus message still helps me a lot Kit. Thank you for boosting our confidence and sharing loving words about respecting your mind as well as your body.

  • Feeling so bad right now �� I’ve had a manic few days and can feel myself getting sick so decided to have a duvet day. The problem is my dad came to visit me yesterday and bought loads of cream cakes that need eating today and there’s leftover BBQ food �� literally have to eat them.

  • When I work out, it’s hard to stop. The endorphins. (a group of hormones secreted within my brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides which activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing a high.) They really kick in for me. Yesterday, I had 13,204 steps on my counter. I wasn’t tired at all… until my head hit the pillow, then it was lights out for 9 hours.

  • You are my best inspiration!!! I honestly have so much love for you and your videos, you have helped me so much it’s indescribable! I really hope one day you come to the UK cause it will honestly be the best day of my life❤️!! I want to start vlogging I have created a fitness page I just need to get the confidence to start �� just want to say you have been a huge part of my life and my own fitness journey and thank you so much! ��❤️

  • My neighbour’s.. 2 brothers living together. Eating together. Very similar work / stress And sports preference.
    Practically the same diet.
    Yet younger brother is deficient and relies on supplements and older brother gets it all from food. I am Baffled