I Attempted Mindfulness Meditation, Here s Things I Learned


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I Tried Mindfulness Meditation, Here’s What I Learned. by Kevin Gray. March 26, 2018. 1 Comment. Meditation is having a moment.

Well, several moments strung together to create what’s essentially a movement. And while it’s still mired in some confusion and woo-woo stigmas that associate meditation with robed monks and coordinated chanting, meditation has reached the. I Tried Meditation For Anxiety Like Camila Cabello & Here’s What I Learned.

On the final day of my meditation experiment, I learned an important lesson about my anxiety. In acknowledging that. Mindfulness meditation is the formal practice of mindfulness. The intention of practice is to help us regain stillness and mindfulness in places where there is no distraction.

The more we practice, we will become better at intentionally being mindful when we are going through our day to day life. Photo credit: Source. I’ve learned much in my short time. I’m no expert by any means, but for anyone curious about taking up meditation or just might be looking for some advice, here’s a rundown of what I wish I.

Although I only tried meditating for three days, I noticed a clear change. Here’s what I learned. Meditation Can Be A Great Distraction. When procrastination levels hit an all-time high, I find myself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook for hours on end. Since Headspace landed on my phone, in my free time I heal my mind.

I can give my. What I learned about mindfulness meditation is that it certainly can help you focus on your inner self. It allows you to explore and reflect on your emotions and issues. Some, that you weren’t even aware you had. It is like going with a torch and shining a healing light on the soul.

There’s something very therapeutic about it. Even Interrupted Meditation Benefits the Mind, Body, and Soul—Here, How to Embrace Distraction Meditation is a tried-and-true stress-reduction tool. Try these steps for building a consistent practice, even when interferences inevitably arise.

I learned mindfulness meditation from world-renowned martial artist Yang, Jwing Ming. From what I can tell from Jobs’s description of his meditation, Yang’s method is. “The most important thing about mindfulness or meditation is practice,” she says. “It’s a very similar practice to physical exercise; you can’t expect to have the full benefits of exercise if you’re not doing it regularly.” #6 I’m sticking with it. I can’t say that meditation has completely changed my life. The researchers found that the depressed individuals who learned mindfulness techniques, including meditation, showed significantly lower levels of a specific stress biomarker in the body.

This could suggest that meditation can help how you feel over time, while also leaving a measurable impression on your body on a cellular level.

List of related literature:

Did you find anything particularly enjoyable, or challenging, in this meditation?

“Teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion Program: A Guide for Professionals” by Christopher Germer, Kristin Neff
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A free guided audio version of this meditation is available at www.ElisaRomeo.com/MeetYourSoul.

“Meet Your Soul” by Elisa Romeo
from Meet Your Soul
by Elisa Romeo
Hay House, 2015

There are countless wonderful resources available to learn more about meditation (some are listed in the resources section on my website).

“Find Your Courage!: Unleash Your Full Potential & Live the Life You Really Want” by Margie Warrell
from Find Your Courage!: Unleash Your Full Potential & Live the Life You Really Want
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I found that even though I did not align exactly with these words, the meditation worked beautifully.

“Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care” by Ann Marie Chiasson, Andrew Weil
from Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care
by Ann Marie Chiasson, Andrew Weil
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One of the pleasantly surprising benefits from meditating was how relaxed I became after discovering my inner guide.

“The Lightworker's Way” by Doreen Virtue
from The Lightworker’s Way
by Doreen Virtue
Hay House, 1997

Did you find your first meditation easy or difficult?

“Path of Practice: Ayurvedic Book of Healing with Food, Breath and Sound” by Maya Tiwari
from Path of Practice: Ayurvedic Book of Healing with Food, Breath and Sound
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That gave me the key: put meditation first.

“Like a Thousand Suns: The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living, Volume II” by Eknath Easwaran
from Like a Thousand Suns: The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living, Volume II
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It is recommended that one learn this technique from a transcendental meditation teacher.

“Encyclopedia of Women's Health” by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
from Encyclopedia of Women’s Health
by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
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10:15–10.45am: Mindfulness Meditation: Breathing as an Anchor to the Present The basic elements of mindfulness meditation are explained and practiced—contact with the body and the senses; attention to breathing; and attention to the wandering mind, in order to bring the mind back to the breath.

“Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies: Theory and Practice” by Jared D. Kass, Ellen Mullin, Janet Surrey, Joel Gluck, Merryl Rothaus, Nancy Beardall, Bonnie Gabriel, Debra L. Kalmanowitz, Anna Lagomaggiore, Schwanbeck, Sidney Trantham, Zoe Arlene K. Avstreih, Jennifer Tantia, Michael Franklin, Lucia Minerbi, David Payne, Caroline Peterson, Gabriella Ventrella, Karin von Daler, Shaun McNiff, Laury Rappaport, Pat Allen, Paola Luzzatto, Patricia Isis, Jürgen Fritsche, Fiona Chang, Daniel Herring, Emily Tara Weiner, Denise Grocke, Gemma Oldrini, John Fox, Carolyn Van Dort
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Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013

Meditation also led me in different directions.

“Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness: Easy Read Comfort Edition” by Deb Shapiro
from Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness: Easy Read Comfort Edition
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  • Grateful and entertained thanks from Italy!

    P.s.: I read the transcription of this on your website and I laughed a lot when I reached the “Makes me feel fabulous” point:’D Ahah!

    Thank you very much.

  • Thanks! This is very helpful! BUT don’t be so self conscious or allow yourself to be embarrassed abt any of this. You are on your own path, who the hell cares what others think cause those who judge you for this coolness you have discovered are people who don’t realize how disconnected they are. Eventually they will be slapped in the face with what is reality. So wear your new brain proudly!

  • Isn’t the point of meditation to help got you centered? It does to me! To focus in on the present moment, to get right with the universe. Not to be stuck in your thoughts, emotions, problems, etc. But rather to help get to an objective frame/state of mind, to see clearly the direction to take if needed. Just some thoughts to mention.

  • What I love about mindfulness is that you truly live in the present.

    This means even if you catch yourself for the 10,000th time on a long, meandering train of thought, so long as you return your focus on observing your thoughts devoid of all judgement this very second, it is a second well-spent being mindful.

  • Wow you have changed, your heart is shining, you are calmer, you are more connected to your higher self and the words you speak are from that higher place. Gratitude for your honesty and courage. God is stillness

  • This was really to the point and such a surreal experience I felt and understood how being mindful can impact our life and instead of us overthinking and depending on thoughts to guide us we just learn to be more present and live and laugh and live more which can only be done in the present tense and all these are something that only our consciousness or an entity above our conscious and sub conscious can achieve… dwelling is the source of unhappiness just let go live and live more in the present. Really grateful for this.

  • I have trouble sleeping because of restless legs so i started meditation and this was the first one i did. this has helped me a lot and relaxed me completely before bed.

  • Thanks to Swami Vivekananda and bow down to Lord shiva first who took these Indian culture to foreign country and suffer so much and second one Who is the Creator of YoGa and Meditation and all Internal Therapy of Human Body.

  • This is so good because I got chased by wasps the other day but lookly I did not get stung all day I have thought a wasp would be around the corner but this has helped me so much thank you I love you ��

  • Loved doing meditation just beacause of headspace. I loved the voice. I had it for 2 yrs. please reduce the price so everyone can afford it

  • Nathaniel is so humble in everything he says, you can truly see that he just wants to enjoy and experience life. A true student of the universe.

  • I came here after reading a study that correlates mindful meditation to strengthening of the connection between the amígdala and the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex and shrinking of the amygdala. And another study that implicates the connection between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex with procrastination.

  • Chase, love your style man. Have to agree with Taylor on some of those points.

    I tried mindfulness meditation because of your video and loved it. I’ve never felt so calm and aware. While I am sometimes a “bro”, I’m still confident enough that I told all my friends to try it. I don’t give a crap if they don’t think it’s cool.

    You should tell people they’re not a man if they can’t tell other friends about it. (this gets you more subscribers) Or that girls will find them sensitive and love it.

  • guys i don’t want to be that guy that say it will fix every problems in your life, but it did literally fixed every problems in mine

  • i think praying can replace meditation it gives the same effect of letting your brain think in the background “sub-conscious” and absorb the information better, and as a Muslim i do that everyday since i was 7 or at least try my best to:).

  • Every religion has meditation because it is part of praying. Yoga with meditation would be great. I followed yoga book but stopped because I read Christianity is against yoga because it is a work of ‘devil’ I was confused.

  • My friend texted me all panicked saying she’s having anxiety and her tryphobia was acting up and since we are in quarantine I couldn’t really find a way to calm her down so I am just sending her a bunch of headspace videos to try to help ��

  • Да, всё именно так с мыслями и происходит. Стоит только зацепиться за одну и тут же страх, или беспокойство, злость, обида, месть и прочие вспыхнувшие от этой мысли эмоции тут же захлёстывают.

  • Meditation doesn’t give you everything you want. It rather destroys the desire to want something and feel the happiness in everything you have.
    As rightly said, To want is to suffer, to want nothing is bliss ��

  • I take ADHD medication, and it tends to make my heart POUND. This morning the pounding was quite bothersome and wouldn’t go away, so I decided to try some mindfulness. My mom has always recommended meditation to me, but I’ve just brushed it off and never really tried it. But now that I did… whoa.
    It was such a special experience and it genuinely helped to calm down my heart rate. Thank you so much for this video, I’ll definitely try this again very soon.

  • Been suffering from anxiety and that has made me so weak internally. Been doing this!! Love this! But I have a silly question what kind of sounds around us do we have to hear as mentioned in this meditation? As I get distracted by them.

  • I’ve just started mindfullness meditation practice. I’m not trolling here but, really. You make it seem like such an unappealing process. I wouldn’t want to start meditating after watching this. If you’re concerned with demystifiying meditation why not mention all the scientific research that prooves the usefullness of this practice. They’re teaching US Marines to meditate to deal with pain and stress. They’re real men wouldn’t you say?

  • One of the reasons to subscribe no bs like “smash that subscribe button”, “like, subscribe and share”, “hit the bell icon”.
    Simple, clean, authentic content.

  • Meditation. The word itself scares most people away, because sadly, like with many other words, a kind of heaviness has been added to it throughout the years. Something that should bring peace and delight, first was something that only “guru’s” did, and then it became overly popularized, as the next thing that you should have tried. Meditation is just a word. Don’t scare away from doing it because of the meanin that other people have added to it. IT is a very personal thing. a very personal experience, and the thing is, it actually has nothing to do with anyone else than you.
    It is about focusing your mind in such a way that it doesn’t jump around anymore like it normally does, and eventually becomes still.
    But even if you don’t manage to still the mind, it doesn’t matter. Every decrease in activity of the mind, to me is a form of meditation. So never give up on it, it’s truely worth it.
    So much, that I can say in all honesty that I wouldn’t trade that skill of calming the mind for any amount of money in the world. Especially since I know I can have both �� Dont let anyone tell you that this way or that way is the “only good way”. That doesn’t exist. The only good way is the way that suits you, period. As long as you find a way to calm the mind. Love and respect to you all����

  • I’m trying to quit smoking and every time I feel an urge I pull myself back to this video and the urges are able to just pass right by. I’m so grateful.

  • Hahaha… At first i was a little upset and thinking that you are talking a little judgemental about other people and the subject, but I appreciate you take it seriously and I also can understand you now a little, it’s often so hard to be understood by other people about this subject because in the western world we have a lot of predjudge towards this topic(s)…
    Good tips:) and funny stool you have there:)) nice you helped yourself about the crossed legs problem

  • Try to combine the Tibetan bowl chakra sounds with the meditation session.It helps in my experience..
    It’s been just 1 year of meditation for me as well..give a try ����️

  • I recently start meditating, may be like a week ago… I am so tired recently with my studies and work. Stress lead me too severe maigraine often…. So i started meditation before sleep… Whenever i does meditating, i feel so calm and atleast 50 % stress go away from my mind…. Getting fast sleep comparatively, coz i have insomnia… Meditation is really awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  • I have tried it multiple times, but the last time after I have been practicing consistently for 1 month (which happened about a year ago), I started I would get high from this. Then random highs throughout the day, some pretty intensive. Then almost a full-blown peak experience when watching the video on stage turqoise from Spiral Dynamics.

    I had to stop then, but maybe I should try this again.

    And the thing is, from 1 month onward if you sit for 20-25 minutes of zazen you can glimpse the no-thought state far more than 90% of the time. ( https://youtu.be/QNBRDvaRrdA?t=362). And these moments are fulfilling.

    Overall meditation is a cool thing to do if you do it right

  • I was broken into pieces the moment I confronted my weakness. I was agitated by the fact that I had reacted in such a way when the person had not even been speaking to me directly

    I frequently encountered these situations, and the following was my fleeting mechanism:

    1. I listened to music or watched a film to shift my focus away to something irrelevant

    2. I went to a nearby cafe.

    3. I made unnecessary phone calls with friends and gloated about something

    I continuously practiced physical relaxation methods instead of choosing to escape. The coffee shop truly was the optimal place to practice. I realized why I had wanted to go home early before. At home, no one would attack my vulnerability.

  • I started meditation listeninf to the Mindful15 podcast, really good for beginners. Also for habit building one of the best ways: tie it with another habit! Like after you brush your teeth every morning, or whatever works for you

  • Espero que tengas mucho dinero para vivir haciendo tonterías, porque lo que haces no sirve para nada (bueno, quizás para ganar subscriptores). Nada de lo que dices tiene que ver ni remotamente con una meditación seria. Todos los cambios experimentados son físicos, mentales, transformadores, casi un cuento de fumadores de cannabis. La meditación es otra cosa y, al contrario de lo que dices como dices, no es mejor en la mañana o con deprivación de sueño. No estás cualificado ni de lejos para acreditar este tipo de práctica. Por favor, vuelve a tu casa pero no vuelvas a tu psicoterapeuta, porque es un fraude. Thank you for watching

  • has anybody else’s body started rocking back and forth while meditating? when i practiced it years ago, my body would sway back and forth. the first few times i tried to stop it, then when i let it go it got so intense i was almost involuntarily doing sit-ups.

  • Try not thinking and talking about yourself so much. That’s what’s making you unhappy. Go and volunteer for a charity and think about someone else.

  • I have been facing social anxiety from a long time.. The therapist has recommended me to perform Mindfulness Meditation, and it really feels good

  • Hi All,

    I created The Best Meditation Relaxing Music Ever with Kaleidoscope Illustration Visualizations.

    You can use this Music for yourself, for your meditations or your yoga practice. If you work as a therapist, use it as a

    background music during your sessions. This music is also perfectly suited for autogenous training or hypnotherapy. During

    a massage or wellness treatment 432 Hz Music can lead to an even deeper relaxation.

    Click the URL link to watch the FULL video https://youtu.be/ubboy5FPmFk and feel free to comment.

    Thank you

  • Damn…this is my first time meditating..so here are my thoughts:
    1. It was the quickest 10 minutes of my life
    2. At one moment i stopped feeling my bed and i felt like im flying and rotating..it was weird
    3. It was kinda nice, ur voice is best

  • I suggest you to not meditate with mantras and you shouldn’t think that meditation will awake your soul and u can connect with your inner self.its really very bad thing. you are already awakened by the lord. So idont think meditation helps. This will destroy yoy

  • I’m a teacher and I really appreciate Andy and his team for teaching me how to have spaciousness at this time. I’ve told all my colleagues about this program! Thank you!

  • I read about mindfulness years ago but never successfully reached it and maintained it as I do while listening to this, indeed your voice is so well adjusted to this kind of guides.

  • i cant tell you enough….i can thank you enough. My mate turned me on to you and these meditations and since then they have been a game changer and a life saver. They have pulled me back from the brink of total panic attack and utter heartache and despair. They are so grounding and centering. 1000 thanks

  • Whenever I am done meditating and open my eyes, I see these “floating orbs” dancing about and they look so beautiful. If I zone out my vision they become clear, but when I focus on the 3D world they disappear. What does this mean?

  • Here is my new meditation, chill out, sleeping, hip hop, relaxing,and classical music channel try it, Thanks a lot for your attention ��

  • We can’t change what happens in the world.
    WE can change what happens in life

    We can feel good or we can feel bad. The option to feel good belongs to me, it does not belong to the world.

  • Hey. Sometime it’s hard for me to function, for example this morning was tough because of panic attacks. Yet, I still have to manage a lot of things in my life, as I’m in charge of many projects because I always want to push my boundaries and not let me be dictated by my anxieties. Still, sometime it is very tough, and this morning, this video helped me through it. Thanks.

  • THIS IS AWESOME!!!! You’ve created such a real-world connection to what so many people think is too mystical. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • I am all over the places some days, And some days I am so happy that any job, any money, any partner have given to me. I am 32 years old woman, and I reach to freedom only through meditation.

  • For whoever reads this✨: You are worthy. You are smart. You are capable. You are beautiful. You matter. You freaking rock! Now go spread your magic light��✨�� This is a sign, follow your heart, be your awesome self, the world needs just you�� ps. small youtuber here✨

  • I tried this for the first time today, and even though I don’t feel sad at the moment, I opened my eyes with a tear on my cheek and I didn’t notice it unitl I opened them

  • I once stopped meditating for while, when my ex was like “it’s just sitting down, sorry but it’s stupid” if i gave criticism for anything she did, she totally started to rage, cry and threaten to leave. When i pointed out, that she can’t disrespect something i did, she was all like “I have rights to say my opinion”

    Stated to notice her narcissism right after i found a way to get rid of her and started to meditate more again.

  • I immediately got transported to a mountainous valley. I tried to hear his instructions, but my mind wouldn’t move from the valley. I was sitting on a rock by the river, lush green tall trees, clear sky with shades of blue. I could not follow anything. I wonder Sir, why it was so hard for me to come back to the reality (presently I’m in my office, in a hospital). I was pulling myself back in my chamber, but my mind wouldn’t move an inch away from the valley. And then suddenly I moved to the ocean, calm, blue. Visualised an old couple, cooking very little food, just as much to stay alive, in there tiny wooden cottage by the sea.

  • As I do this, I feel the turbulence inside myself. Does anyone experience this as well? Probably coz I have felt so overwhelmed by my environment and at the mercy of external forces for such a long time that I can’t even remember what peace inside feels like.

  • Breath meditation is the best thing I have ever done for myself, I have been doing meditating for six years now and now I have no worries, I don’t think about past issues nor second guess the future, no more stress, no more temper, no more moods, I now do 30 minutes a day and that is every day but when I started I was doing up to three hours a day but I was in serious need of stopping my brain stressing as my BP was 222/111 and heading for an early grave, I have also not had the cold or flu since I started meditating, just another fantastic side effect of Anapanasati (breath meditation) good luck.

  • 🙂 meditation is merely form. If you understand what it means to meditate, you wouldn’t be saying any of those. Do you know why you put your hands on your lower dantean? 99% of meditators would know about this. It is to ignite heat in the lower dantean.

  • I love this. Perfect to help sleep. I have to go to the hospital despite the C virus so this is helping me relax especially with current events. Thank you.

  • “… and when you feel ready just gently opening the eyes again”

    Andy I’m doing this for quite some time. Thank you for your hard work related to Headspace app. Have a lovely day everyone

  • Hi I’m relatively new to mediation and found this one great. Would you suggest I breathe in for 4 secs and out for 6 all the way through this? Any other tips would be welcome, thanks honest guys.

  • Love this. Buddha spent six years meditating on the essence, causes, and cures for human anguish. In the end, he came to the realization that suffering is not caused by ill fortune, by social injustice, or by divine whims. Rather, suffering is caused by the behaviour patterns of one’s minds. Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens)

  • Should be re-titled ‘How to Meditate for Pussies Who Are Insecure About Their Masculinity’

    Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a fuck if someone caught him doing transcendental meditation? Think he gets embarrassed talking about it?

  • I know this is way old but I couldn’t help myseslf…
    Great vid, personality, humor, message. Bingo!

    But…..man you gotta just own what you are trying to relay.

    If taking a moment for yourself to ground from all the bullshit and business of Life is an embarrassment, then does that mean it is sane to take pride in letting all of that get the best of us and cause us anguish?

    mmmm, not por moi. ^_^

    Keep making vids dude, you’re enjoyable!

  • I’m trying to be more consistent with 10 minute meditations.. with some videos it drags on and my mind starts to wander.. this meditation was perfect, I felt everything mentioned in the video and feel at peace ❤️

  • HI chase…cool simplistic instructions…by the way what kind of camera did you film this with? really interesting background and focus….

  • you can’t you can’t control things that happen in your life but you can control how does how those things affect you and your mindset and with me meditation you take 30 seconds away from your normal day life to reflect on those thoughts so they don’t overcome you.

  • I’ve been feeling stressed for 1/2 years and then my therapist recommended headspace so I did the basics but sadly I can’t afford to pay. So I’m searching them on YouTube and it’s really helping. Thank you!

  • The thing is… I meditated 9:47 minutes and when i was unware of time, the next video started wich is: Guided Meditation Blissful Deep Relaxation by: The Honest Guys. And i just meditated another 18 minutes without knowing it… Being calm is what i desired since i was a kid, and now, after months of meditation, finally i understand many things thanks to meditation and knowledge.

  • 2:50 and I wanted to smash my head against a wall. I got my own problems and here you are reminding me for two and a half minutes that, Yep, it’s as bad out there as in my own head. So, no from me.

  • Not sure why I wasn’t subscribed to your channel man, all your stuff is pretty EPIC, thanks for sharing this and no, I won’t tell anyone I want to start meditating LOL

  • Remember what meditation means:
    A technique that aims to achieve spiritual progress, in which the practitioner, in a comfortable position, focuses his attention on a thing, or an image, to then gradually empty his mind of thoughts.
    Apparently it’s great that you can empty your thoughts, the question is what do we fill this inner void. Because there are serious people who have reached a performance and I confess that this gap must be filled with something. Or we strive for fullness, we seek to fulfill ourselves and this can only be in a relationship with another person. Or meditation involves an impersonal relationship, and it is very dangerous because exposing myself to the unknown empties me to become the abode of demons.
    How do I check if this meditation is beneficial for me? Also in relation to the other, if the other one bothers me, if I put myself in the center and I don’t put the other one in the center, selfishness works. I despise the other, it bothers me that he doesn’t thank me when I help him, I didn’t get rid of pride.
    If I truly love, I am willing to suffer for the other.
    Or all Protestant and neo-Protestant beliefs bypass the cross, flee from suffering. So it is clear that although by their sincere desire to reach the target, which is close, they can never reach it. They can never reach fullness, but they are deceived.
    Our target must be a person in order to be able to fulfill ourselves in the relationship. This person is Christ Jesus, He is the living God, who responds to my love for Him. It can’t be otherwise. The Eastern beliefs propose to us an impersonal God of great deception, gradually you let yourself be possessed by spirits foreign to the True God, who will reveal themselves when we are sincere and willing to verify whose spirit we are.
    Behind any energy, or state is a spirit. And if we are not tried enough and do not have an experienced person, or clergyman, to help us recognize the spirits very easily we can be deceived. Demons can appear as light, as angels, as heat, as cute humans or animals, and so on. The demonic work disappears at the call to prayer of the name of Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, or at the making of the sign of the Holy Cross.

  • “It’s never going to go well when you talk to somebody.” Really?

    I see what you’re trying to do but you’re smart and funny enough that you could pull off a more nuanced message like, “Unless you believe otherwise, there’s nothing unmanly about meditation. In fact, if manly men like you start owning it, this badass technique might start to go mainstream, just 5000 years after Buddha first cracked it.”


  • Does mindful meditation take practice? I just started listening to this video 3 days ago, and am planning to start every day with it, but I really struggle to keep my thoughts at bay and focus

  • As a rigid materalistic and a scientist, I hated the idea of meditation and anything linked to spiritualism. Over the last couple of months, I started to realize that it might be more than just matter and now I just finished my first meditation ever. I’m feeling healed.

    And I have a short question for anyone that can answer: I was 99% peaceful but there was a moment I felt terrified and wanted to open my eyes and felt anxious. Is it something that a beginner can experience?

  • observing my mind running on fear all day long, with all these completely irrational fears, is wild. but then you learn to let go, over and over again, until you get to love, and you become who you truly are. a loving soul.

  • ive told all my close friends about this app already. without fail, i fall asleep after 10 minutes every time and my sleep is sooo deep

  • I know meditation is not the answer but it helps us clam our minds which is very imp. At least we are trying. No one is perfect. Anyways folks sending you love and blessing from Scotland. Have a lovely day. You all are most welcome to come and see what I do here in Scotland:)

  • Meditation is well explained in Gnostic teaching cause meditation is not only sitting down but in every moment of our life it can be done

  • How would you describe the sounds used at the end of the video (and throughout the entire video, honestly)? I really enjoy these sounds. They are so calming and relaxing to me. I’d love an hour long version of them or something to help me sleep but I’m not sure what they’re called so I can’t find anything. lol.

  • The music in this is so wonderful. The whole thing has helped me calm my overactive mind. I look forward to dropping in to this magical world. Thanks

  • It’s great to learn about your experiences with meditation. As an amateur meditator, I feels you! Oh que difícil aveces. I’m hoping you consider doing/trying something on the Buddhist insight dialogue guidelines which I’ve found incredibly profound since like you, I like things practical and framework-y. Me pase una gran parte del día viendo tus videos!

  • The Honest Guys, you have been a true inspiration and are somebody we look up to in our journey to help people’s mental health by using meditation!

  • I knocked out halfway through the video and I wasn’t even looking for something to make me sleep it just appeared and I had the best sleep

  • I’m very much gloomy from few months as I can’t contemplate on my studies and my studies are an integral part of my life….so one my closest friends endorsed me to try mindfulness meditation. I don’t know whether it will support me or not as I m commencing it from right today, I just endeavor it comforts me to concentrate and to not allow bullshit thinkings come in my psyche. Plz God
    This should help me!!!!

  • I clicked this vid because I really wanna take ” meditation” seriously but After the ” you stupid idiot,you can’t even focused on your breath…..” I can’t stop laughing,Please make more videos:)

  • Mindfulness and Happiness: a different perspective from affective neuroscience.

    Being in the moment, or being mindful, has as its major entailment a state of rest, which affectively is a pleasant state. However, happiness, if defined empirically as a combination of pleasure and arousal, requires but a simple modification of mindfulness practice to elicit both affective states, and can easily be mapped to simple neurologic processes.

    Hypothesis and proof below.

    HYPOTHESIS: Dopaminergic activity will stimulate endogenous opioid systems when the latter are in a non-suppressed state.
    EXPLANATION AND ‘PROOF’: Activity that involves continuous positive act/outcome discrepancy or novelty (productive or meaningful behavior) while the covert musculature is inactive (a resting state) will result in heightened feeling of pleasure and arousal, or ‘eudaemonia’, ‘flow’, or ‘peak’ experience. This derives from the observation that neuro-muscular tension (or stress) inhibits endogenous opioid (pleasure) release, while relaxation accentuates it, the latter permitting opioid systems to be further stimulated by dopaminergic activity (arousal) elicited by meaningful behavior.
    The reason this explanation does not appear evident from general observation is that its counterpart as ‘flow’ or ‘peak’ experience is described through literary metaphor and not scientific language and obscures the independent and dependent measures that accurately describe it. The virtue of this explanation is that it is easily testable by anyone. Just get into a relaxed state (mindfulness protocols are the best way to do this) and then exclusively pursue or anticipate pursuing productive activity for periods of a half hour or so, and voila, you will have a flow or eudaemonic experience. It is that simple.

    I offer a more detailed explanation in pp. 47-52, and pp 82-86 of my open source book on the neuroscience of resting states, ‘The Book of Rest’, linked below.

    This above book is based on the research of the distinguished neuroscientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan, a preeminent researcher and authority on dopamine, addiction, and motivation, who was kind to vet the work for accuracy and endorse the finished manuscript.
    Berridge’s Site and his article from ‘Scientific American’ magazine on the neuroscience of happiness

    Meditation and Rest
    from the International Journal of Stress Management, by this author

  • Really enjoyed this and especially how he kept reminding us that those thoughts will come and that it’s okay. Because that’s exactly what I was experiencing of course!! Followed.

  • For whoever reads this✨: You are worthy. You are smart. You are capable. You are beautiful. You matter. You freaking rock! Now go spread your magic light��✨�� This is a sign, follow your heart, be your awesome self, the world needs just you�� ps. small youtuber here✨

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    I listened to this everyday when I first started mediating and now that Im getting back into the practice of mediation I have come back to help get me started in mediating well again to make it a life long habit.

  • More food for thought: When you tell someone to keep quiet about this, you’re actually insulting them, implicitly saying, “Who you are in real life, behind closed doors, should be kept a secret from the world.”

    Kind of flies in the face of the whole warriorship concept behind the technique.

    Let me know if you want to chat more, would be happy to you are clearly doing something great. You can reach me through my site (google 21 Switchbacks).


  • Nice video. I’m meditating about 10 mins a day for about 3-4 months. I keep my mind open for possible benefits and am persistent for now. Yet, I’m not sure I can recognize any actual benefits yet. Meditation is well backed by science, that’s why I will continue with it. But the absence of any noticeable benefits for now sometimes makes me wonder if there are no exclusions from the rule. Maybe meditation isn’t equally beneficial for everyone. In general, I’ve always been very peaceful, thoughtful, introspective and contemplative person. Maybe meditation would somehow do less for me, than for others…

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  • Hi, I start meditating at 15 once I refused to be catholic, I got satanist and it gets me in meditation
    After months of meditation, even before falling asleep I tried to focus on the breath i get very self confident and truly aware of the perspectives of the whole world.
    I stopped for a year maybe, meditating just once every month or less..but the awareness was still in me, my mind asked me to meditate but I just refused the feeling,
    Now I start meditating more often, as i did in the past, dmt technique (really important to get u in the theta waves) and all the staff
    All this for telling you..no matter how often u do, no matter for which reason
    Now I have no religion, I am spiritual..meditation have teaching me so much, about nutrition, people and most of the time ab myself
    Start doing meditation for having self confidence, as u get more confidence with your body after a month workout u can do the same after a month meditation
    Is a powerful way to charge urself.
    The world will be perfect once all of us start meditating every day for self consciousness

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