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Are humans meant to eat MEAT!

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Humans Are Not Designed to Eat Meat!

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When humans began adding meat to their diet, there was less of a need for a long digestive tract equipped for processing lots of plant matter. Slowly, over hundreds of thousands of years, the human. Eating meat also curbs cravings for unhealthy foods, fattening snacks, and sweets. We Are Meat Eaters Homo sapiens are meat eaters. Period.

We have incisors to tear meat, and molars to grind the meat. If we weren’t supposed to eat meat, wouldn’t you think our mouths would look more like an herbivore’s mouth?The addition of modest amounts of meat to the early human diet came with the discovery of fire, which allowed us to lower the risk of being sickened or killed by parasites and bacteria in meat. This didn’t turn our ancestors into carnivores but rather allowed early humans to survive in areas and during periods in which plant foods were unavailable or scarce. Science, nutrition, and epidemiology have shown us that we are not meant to eat meat and if anything, to avoid it completely.

Society continues to have this crazy misconception that we are somehow meant to eat meat. This cannot be farther from the truth. People.

By nature, humans are meat eaters, and our bodies are designed for it. We have incisors for tearing meat, and molars for grinding it. If we were meant to subsist on vegetables alone, our digestive system would be similar to that of the cow, with four stomachs and the ability to ferment cellulose in order to break down plant material.

Research suggests that meat-eating probably began by scavenging-eating the leftovers that carnivores had left behind. However, our bodies have never adapted to it. To this day, meat-eaters have a higher incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other problems.”.

I encounter claims that humans were designed to eat meat — that it’s in our genes, that we have teeth made for eating meat, that we need meat to get all the right nutrients — all the time in casual. But this time, it meant going after meat. This article has been adapted from Marta Zaraska’s book, M eathooked: The History and Science of Our 2.5-Million-Year Obsession With Meat. We want to.

The meat-eating that we do, or that our ancestors did even back to the earliest time we were eating meat, is culturally mediated. You need some kind of processing technology in order to eat meat. So I don’t necessarily think we are hardwired to eat meat.” There’s Something About Dairy. Humans started domesticating cattle only 10,000.

For this crowd, it has become an article of faith that not only is meat-eating bad for humans, but that it’s always been bad for humans—that we were never meant to eat.

List of related literature:

It has been claimed that meat-eating was vital to humankind’s early development; that without the consumption of raw flesh, the mental development of humans would have been diminished.

“The Heretic's Feast: A History of Vegetarianism” by Colin Spencer
from The Heretic’s Feast: A History of Vegetarianism
by Colin Spencer
University Press of New England, 1996

Advocates of the meat-eating hypothesis have themselves noted that humans differ from carnivores by our having small mouths, weak jaws, and small teeth that cannot easily shear flesh.

“Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human” by Richard Wrangham
from Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human
by Richard Wrangham
Profile, 2010

While there is no doubt that meat eating has had an important role in human physical and behavioral evolution, we can only speculate about when, how and why humans began to eat substantial amounts of meat (Stanford and Bunn 2001).

“Should We Eat Meat?: Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory” by Vaclav Smil
from Should We Eat Meat?: Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory
by Vaclav Smil
Wiley, 2013

Indeed, it was not until the past two hundred years that most people in the Western world had the opportunity to consume meat daily.

“The Sexual Politics of Meat (20th Anniversary Edition): A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory” by Carol J. Adams
from The Sexual Politics of Meat (20th Anniversary Edition): A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory
by Carol J. Adams
Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

The inclusion of meat protein in the diet saved early humans at least two million ‘chews’ a year – which is a lot of spare energy for other things.

“Food or War” by Julian Cribb
from Food or War
by Julian Cribb
Cambridge University Press, 2019

Stephen’s point is that although meat eaters are responsible for the death of the animal they eat and for the loss of pleasure experienced by that animal, they are also responsible for the creation of more animals, because if no one ate meat there would be no more animals bred for fattening.

“Practical Ethics” by Peter Singer
from Practical Ethics
by Peter Singer
Cambridge University Press, 2011

Indeed, we are led to wonder why fire was introduced for cooking if other animals were our natural diet.

“Sins of the Flesh: A History of Ethical Vegetarian Thought” by Rod Preece
from Sins of the Flesh: A History of Ethical Vegetarian Thought
by Rod Preece
UBC Press, 2009

Some scientists theorize that we became directed meat eaters in part because we learned how to cook; others posit that our eating of meat resulted from

“A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement” by Wesley J. Smith
from A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement
by Wesley J. Smith
Encounter Books, 2012

However, it’s not clear that early humans, who were surrounded with abundant megafaunal animals and had the technology to kill them easily and then preserve the meat, were going without food often.

“The Carnivore Diet” by Shawn Baker
from The Carnivore Diet
by Shawn Baker
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

They point out that humans and human ancestors are distinguished not so much by meat eating as by the versatility of our diet: we are able to procure and digest an unusually wide range of foods.

“The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause” by Susan Mattern
from The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause
by Susan Mattern
Princeton University Press, 2019

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  • Me watching this w ibs having horrible diarhea because i struggle digesting basic fruits veggies and gluten because everytime i try to eat them they come out as i had eaten then except more discolored but still intact ������ like seriously my gut has only been able to handle meat. Dont get me wrong i love zucchinis and i really enjoy tomatos but i really pay the price for eating them. The only way i have managed to eat veggies is if they are completely blended and then simmered for a long time. I remember once i tried gazpacho. It was yummy but like 30 mins later i almost died.

  • You are not an archaeologist. You are a financier to kill animals. An anthropologist and archaeologist should not eat meat. Stay in your restaurant, chef!! ������

  • A HIGHLY smart and intelligent woman. Stating facts that are so obvious but try telling meat eaters this. Every time they use the teeth argument it makes me cringe because our alot of herbivores have similar teeth structures, but no carnivores have similar teeth. Animals that eat meat do so to survive otherwise they would die. Plant eaters THRIVE because the earth PROVIDES. Maybe at some point in human history there was extreme climate change that limited plants and humans used our knowledge of cooking to make animal flesh digest. The practice was probably never abandoned because it became normal. We can do alot of unnatural things we shouldn’t, like smoking and same sex relationships Thought that’s just my thought not fact.

  • Thank you doctor. That was an amazing video. Oh yes..I am gonna add a lot of fiber n veggies to my diet. Wouldn’t want a pipe going inside me that long:)

  • These videos are so important and informative. I so badly wish I could send them to my family, but they get so angry at me any time I send them something remotely vegan. They say that I don’t have the right to impose my opinions on other people. ��

  • What do you mean some of us quite literally evolved to drink milk. If there was no benefits to milk then we wouldn’t have evolved to drink it.

  • I constantly have to explain to people on either side of the vegetarianism coin that we evolved from frugivores. Our ape ancestors would have eaten almost exclusively fruit. Eating fresh meat pr drinking another animal’s milk is unnatural, but so is eating bitter vegetables. It’s a good thing that we figured out other diets, because we couldn’t survive on that today, and there’s no way we’d have evolved to this point on fruit alone.

  • I think a lot about the ketogenic diet is not correctly stated in this video:

    First: Ketogenic does not mean eating meat! You can eat a vegan ketogenic diet.
    Second: The human physiology is not like a classic meat eater like a tiger, true, but not like plant eater either. We are Omnivore. look up hebivore vs carnivore vs omnivore before you believe this guy.
    Third: Ketosis not equal starving, it’s fat adaption. Starving comes way later.
    Fourth: Ketogenic diet ISNT mainly for fat loss, it’s for improving energy, get off sugar addiction, mental clarity the brain prefers ketones over glucose. Weight loss is only a side effect.

    Please please please STOP misinforming people. Once again, ketogenic has NOTHING to do with eating meat, dairy what so ever.

    So @PLANT BASED NEWS: You asked for feedback. Now, I’m asking you to give some as well. Much appreciated and interested, thanks and all the best.

  • bitches please. this is why I question the intelligent of people compared to ancient human. do they even fucking questioned about hunting for meat like: We ShOuLd StOp EaTiNg MeAt?
    if we werent designed to eat meat we wouldnt eat it as when we were close to animals you stupids. it calls instinct and you should go research for that shit for more interesting topic instead of this shit

  • We wiped out super predators with nothing but spears and arrows, we killed everything that posed a significant threat to us to the point that even sharks don’t intentionally hunt humans.

  • I dont agre with this at all if the conclusion is we are herbivores, she is concluding based on the comparison of carnivorous animals to our omnivorous state.
    Saying animals have a bigger jaw and shit, how can you conclude based on that?
    You know what… the question that matters the most isnt what we are to determine what we really are…
    The question is how did we acquire our omnivorous characteristics, thats the broader question no one talks about.

  • To all hunters ( from someone who had an NDE) remember this: when you cross over, when you die, you will feel everything the animals you’ve killed felt. The fear, the pain, the wrong. Because it is wrong. Prepare for serious agony. Life is short, death is forever

  • Humans are not deigned to eat meat. This video is all fluff. If you are designed to eat meat then go out and catch something with your bare hands and eat it raw, fur, bones and all like meat eaters do. No seasoning, no weapons, no vegetables, no fire. Go ahead.

  • I think you got it.

    We are omnivore opportunists. I’d phrase it: “have we adapted to meat eating”.

    And you and I share the same perspective on technology, accelerated evolutionary change, etc

    Here are some facts:

    What kind of digestive systems do our closest relatives that are herbivores in the animal kingdom have?
    Gorillas, chimps, orangutans and other monkeys who are mainly herbivores have what’s called a cecum. It is in their digestive tract, and it is used to extract protein from the plants they eat by fermentation. The cecum in humans has atrophied and is useless. That’s why we call it an appendix. So humans don’t have the ability to ferment plants very well to extract the protein like other primates do.
    Humans also have a highly acidic stomach. Our stomach pH is about 1.5. That’s for digesting meats. Most carnivores and scavenger animals have acidic stomachs with pH’s between 1 and 2.
    Most herbivores have a higher normal stomach pH’s than humans, and all primates do too.
    Human digestion is not designed for only digesting plants. If it was, our stomach pH would be higher.
    84 percent of vegetarians and vegans go back to eating meat. Do 84 percent of meat eaters go back to a vegan diet?
    If the human digestive system is like I described, and cannot extract enough nutrients to maintain muscle and overall health, you would expect to see vegans becoming sicker and sicker the longer they stayed on the vegan diet. The expected reason would be because since the human digestive tract cannot ferment vegetables like herbivores can without a functioning cecum, humans who only eat vegetables should lose muscle, lose weight and not look very good.
    Do we see any of this in the hardcore vegan community?
    Of course we do! It’s not very hard to find sickly looking vegans.
    We also know vegans design some vegetables to look like meats to make them seem tastier.
    Do meat eaters design meat to look like vegetables to make trick themselves into satisfying them?
    One of the reasons vegans go back to eating meats is because of meat cravings. Do meat eaters go back to being vegan because of plant cravings? What are cravings telling somebody? Are meat cravings which vegans have not natural? Is mother nature stupid?
    Since humans have digestive systems that have limited ability to ferment vegetables for nutrients, what is left that humans can eat? It’s pretty clear that the design of our digestive system is for eating meats.
    Is their any anthropological evidence of humans eating meat in the past? YES! and it’s easy to find.
    Is their any vegan societies that have lasted for hundreds of thousands of years, like their are meat eating societies?
    It’s pretty clear that meats have been a normal part of the human diet for hundreds of thousands of years.
    Just look at our digestive system, our history, our biological cravings and common sense.

  • Obviously we are not born to eat meat. Millions of vegetarians and vegans who have a very good health speak another language than people who are involved in the meat industry. To not let go of something is an addiction. You can be addicted to nearly everything. But you cannot buy yourself a new life or love or friendship.

  • It make smuch more sense that we simply picked a mango from a tree. Hunting and preparing meat takes way too much energy, and what do you get out of it? Artery clogging cholesterol, unhealthy fats, excess protein which we dont need? We are herbivores just like all other apes

  • 0:27 so you could say that all birds, lizards reptiles (smaller then crocs obviously) and bugs, cassowarys can kill people but with 2+ people we can easily destroy them in a fight, jaguars and wolves use teamwork it’s not cheating

  • I know I sound extremely retarded right know, but if it’s dangerous for us to eat raw meat, doesn’t that make us natural herbivores?

  • He doesn’t seem to practice what he preaches. He looks quite portly to me. He probably doesn’t know he has refined wheat allergies.

  • One problem. Evolution is pseudoscientific bullshit! The human body is screaming intelligent design! Mitochondria are quantum computers! There’s a vortex in our left ventricle and a magnetic field around our brain and heart! I don’t understand why so many intelligent people buy this garbage. There is no evidence humans evolved from anything! Hell, no species has ever evolved into another species… period! Wake up people! You’ve been deliberately brainwashed to hide a creator!

  • This is SO good. There are so many factors that play a part in how we
    evolved. People often over simplify it to the benefit of their own
    argument, but the bigger picture is the only thing that is valid. Thanks
    for this.

  • im saying this human teeth are not fully flat also i never heard humans killing animals with our teeth also we dont have claws we have thumbs it so useful to make bombs guns spears guys what lets say the human is 5,5 foot long then out gutt will be 55 foot long cows gutts are 110 foot long and dont mind me but 2.5 million years ago people ate meat cant you see that on the pictures of most thing that they build im not hating vegetarians and vegans on any way im just saying humans are omnivores

  • A few carnivore videos on YouTube are destroying the vegan movement (i.e. “Why I’m No Longer Vegan” videos). This documentary is going to destroy their paradigm completely.

  • Karma knows address, it will come after you.
    What you do, comes back to you.

    Cow doesn’t eat flesh, cause cows teeth are like human teeth flattened.
    Lions have four pointed teeth two upward and two downward to kill animals and pull flesh.
    God’s has given everyone there own features like birds can fly, human can’t.
    Flower can spread scent but human child can’t do that.
    Tomatoes internal structure looks like human lungs. It’s beneficial for human body.

    Cashew nuts looks like stomach, it’s beneficial for stomach.
    God’s has given hints and scientists prove the same.

    Coronavirus is lesson that earth cannot be taken granted.
    To kill animals, make concrete road, cutting forests, lakhs of factory spilling waste water in river and ocean, nuclear energy made by various countries and put hazardous chemical in ocean and kills lakhs of fish and sea animals.
    We just did wrong.
    We have to face the cruel face of nature.

  • This guy is just another person you have dug up with outdated information who still thinks that animal products are bad for us. He is so out of touch with recent research it’s not true. The ketogenic eating approach is not new as it has been around since the fifties, much longer than the vegan movement.

  • So does that mean that if the human stomach were in fact more acidic than a cats it would be a pretty clear indication that we are carnivores? Because it is. It’s like triple the acidity level, I just looked into it lol
    Wtf is a medical intuitive anyways? Is it what it sounds like it is? A guy that guesses about medical stuff?

  • It’s so true �� I used to have problems with Digesting and I quit meat i lost 6 kilos I also feel great,I don’t have digestive problems ��

  • A very interesting history lesson, which after 40 years of working in field of diet, nutrition and herbs (not drugs) for healing, makes a lot of sense!

  • The problem is socialist centralism. Small farm holdings have been decimated. Huge farms owned by huge corporations have completely over shadowed independent small farmers. These corporations get bigger and more powerful through regulations which are designed solely to eradicate competition. These regulations are dusguised, cloaked under the guise of fairness and safety. Only yesterday a man in the UK was arrested for eating a dead squirrel. Imagine the quality and variety of organic home prepared and killed food was available everywhere. Where supermarkets were replaced by hundreds of local markets. No longer would our food choices would be dictated to us. This system is called capitalism. It is not about greed, it is about no regulations to stop people farming and trading openly and voluntarily amongst themselves.

  • This has to be the least convincing talk about vegetarianism i have heard from a professional. Very sporadic false equivalence I have heard from a doctor.

  • Don’t forget Most Gay People and Christans Don’t Sopport Real Equality OR Love Eather if they eat meat Funny TRUTH Though and being Raciest is good human Nature ☺ also being selfish is good for Servial so its good to steel to whether it’s money or someone Else’s Life obviously
    I Learned something New
    Today. I’m glad I found this channel

  • I choose not to eat meat out of love for the animal, not myself. Wolves supplement their meat diet with fruit and vegetable matter. They willingly eat the berries of mountain ash, lily of the valley, bilberries, blueberries and cowberry. Other fruits include nightshade, apples and pears. They readily visit melon fields during the summer months.




  • many shills on this thread..if you all eat meat..what are you doing here..this is intelligent stuff..not for dumbed down dead flesh eaters!!

  • You people do realize, that human is omnivore creature… That can eat both meat AND plants… We just can choose these days, what we eat… Did you think we had that option couple of centuries behind?

  • she must be a vegan, save the animals… she is so wrong. anyway the human jaw is nothing like a cow, our teeth are actually razor sharp, and we do have fangs.. less noticeable. meaning we are designed to shred meat when chewing. the evolution of man has always been chasing meat as a primary diet, and only when they couldn’t catch meat the female species would dig out roots and greens. we are natural omnivores, we are not and nothing like herbivores. our body cannot sustain its vitamins need without meat, and to prove that you just have to look at a vegetarian and look at a omnivore and see who looks healthier.

  • 5:25 He tells us that the bible says “Give us vegetables to eat, and water to drink” (Daniel 1:12). Presumably, Milton’s point is that we should not eat animals. Hmm, interesting. The bible also has this to say about eating meat: Genesis (9:3), God tells man: “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything”. Oh, dear! 5 minutes into a 1hr 25 minute talk, Bible Boy shoots himself in the foot! Now, I’m not refuting the case for eating a plant-based diet (I’ve actually been doing it myself for a few months), because the evidence seems to be in. But, if some fantasist with imaginary friends is going to get up on a stage to do a talk on the subject, maybe he should leave that silly book out of it, because it has no place in any science-based lecture. As we’ve just seen, he’s barely started talking, and he’s already exposed a blatant and embarrassing contradiction from the Buy-Bull! Contradictions in the bible?? Surely, not?!

  • yet the ignorance on youtube meat made us human…? probably unethical violent….THE Iceman Inheritance.. clues to western mans racism violence & sexism neanderthals etc…

  • Thank you for this! I found out about it from the Invisible Vegan doc. The stomach acid, gestation periods, and brain/energy consumption blew me away.

  • I agree..not only not designed to…not meant to..animals want to live is not pure too it are what you rather be made of pure fruits and vegetables than stinky meat

  • I don’t know why, but I remember my school, something about eyes up front means Predator, to see depth like cats and dogs, Predator, don’t know mate, and I remember that, people eat brains and hearts, I know I’m Mongolian and yes I remember something like, that fruits and vegetables don’t grow in winter

  • Comparing humans to any other animal is completely pointless. We are so different in our evolution from anything else on this Earth.

  • While this presentation is very informative and well performed it also risks crossing over into pseudo-science. Humans are radically different in their evolutionary history to the animals you’re comparing them to. While comparisons might not be useless they’re not that useful either because the evolutionary strategy of the hominids as seen today with a single remaining species is unique. There aren’t common classes of animals you can make comparisons to. We don’t have great examples of predatory hominids or grazing hominids that operate the same way as the two classes of animals you have presented. Those animals have evolved repeatedly along easy paths where as the path humans have taken is highly unusual in many respects.
    Humans are neither good herbivores or carnivores. We don’t do brilliantly eating raw plant material or meat. We are apex predators. yet we cannot be compared to the predator groups chosen for this presentation. The human brain means you can make a snare or some other simple means of capturing prey and all the adaptations that a wolf or lion might need go out of the window. With the human brain or even an intermediate between man and animal then suddenly you have many more low energy means of success at your disposal. Our evolution long ago became somewhat generalist and not specific unless the highly specialised species examined here.
    If a human hunts an animal they do not operate as a wolf does. We would watch the animal and come up with many strategies. Unlike the wolf we can become increasingly successful with less and less effort. We can use strategy and tools. For example, we can work out how to chase a herd so a few fall from a cliff or to dig a hole, cover it and chase a herd over it. The intelligence of humans and the ability that brings is so extreme that it’s like a super power compared to animals though it’s under appreciated as few people experience or observe a traditional lifestyle that’s closer to what humans would have experienced during their evolution.
    Humans come from primates that were generally herbivores however primates aren’t grazers. They take choice picks, for example, fruit, which are easy pickings for a species evolved to be able to scale trees and reach the high nutrient sources that are harder for other animals to reach if not impossible. There’s some optimisation toward more richer food sources and the ability to get them.
    Hominid history became unusual long before the people you see today. For example, the ability for hominids to use fire is believed to date back to at least two hundred thousand years ago though some suspect that this might date back further to more than a million years ago. The minimum is ample time to impact the evolution of our gut so that we do not need the same adaptations as traditional predators to digest meat.
    This is a rather substantial problem as human ingenuity stunts many of the normal evolutionary adaptations that would be required if moving into a certain roles such as predation. The result is an animal that appears to have moved into predation a very very long time ago but due to the ability to use tools, traps and tactics didn’t develop as predators normally would and remained unspecialised. There are however some strong hints. The arm appears to have adapted to better throw in a way that would be most useful for hunting (though fighting is an alternative theory) that appears to have evolved more than a million years ago. The human body is remarkably adapted for throwing a spear. Why in that case would we need claws, teeth or a centre of mass optimal for throwing ourselves?
    Human anatomy is very poorly represented elsewhere in the animal kingdom. Bipedal locomotion for example is very rare. Having soft skin and no fur is very rare especially in animals the size of humans. There’s very little to go on for comparison. What we do know is that evidence shows humans hunting and eating meat for hundreds of thousands of years because there are animal remains that attest to this. It’s more likely a recent hominid adaption but at the same time it probably goes back a couple of million years. Many primates however do take a bit of meat on the side so some capacity for eating meat likely existed during the human primate split.
    Going back to primates you have another problem because the body plan is heavily adjusted to roaming around in trees for extended periods of time over prolonged distances which would further constrain some of the adaptations compared to the more ground based animals chosen. Another mistake is relying in history. History doesn’t start until farming starts. In evolutionary terms it is only around ten to five thousand of the most recent years out of millions of years. The areas where farming took off were highly specific, they were areas of limited size and limited food supply where farming became the only efficient option. There’s a reason why farming and civilisation took root so strongly in the middle east. The circumstances of the terrain and climate there including over time created very high pressure to go from hunting to farming. Those circumstances forced people to resort to more efficient means of subsistence than hunting and foraging.
    Because primates were more foragers than grazers they can’t support the huge numbers seen in herd animals. Humans are highly adaptive however. When we encountered situations where we needed to support large numbers but the terrain meant that was not viable through hunting and foraging with small bottled up regions then we converted to grazing but again the evolutionary signs are hidden. Rather than roaming and grazing on the most widespread vegetation which we’d need major gut adaptions for we instead took more easily consumed plants and made them into crops with fields and fields of them, we also made them adapt instead to us to be selectively bred to be more easily edible! The most widespread plants tend to be less easily consumed which is why they’re widespread. We instead made easily consumed plants widespread rather than either die out or adapt guts able to consume whatever is more available.
    Given that human ability often defies evolution the use of existing examples of evolution is limited.