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Are humans meant to eat MEAT!

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DEBUNKED: “Humans Are Designed To Eat Meat”

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Are humans omnivores, carnivores or herbivores?

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Humans Are Not Designed to Eat Meat!

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Are We Designed to Eat Meat? Milton Mills MD

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When humans began adding meat to their diet, there was less of a need for a long digestive tract equipped for processing lots of plant matter. Slowly, over hundreds of thousands of years, the human. Eating meat also curbs cravings for unhealthy foods, fattening snacks, and sweets. We Are Meat Eaters Homo sapiens are meat eaters. Period.

We have incisors to tear meat, and molars to grind the meat. If we weren’t supposed to eat meat, wouldn’t you think our mouths would look more like an herbivore’s mouth?The addition of modest amounts of meat to the early human diet came with the discovery of fire, which allowed us to lower the risk of being sickened or killed by parasites and bacteria in meat. This didn’t turn our ancestors into carnivores but rather allowed early humans to survive in areas and during periods in which plant foods were unavailable or scarce. Science, nutrition, and epidemiology have shown us that we are not meant to eat meat and if anything, to avoid it completely.

Society continues to have this crazy misconception that we are somehow meant to eat meat. This cannot be farther from the truth. People.

By nature, humans are meat eaters, and our bodies are designed for it. We have incisors for tearing meat, and molars for grinding it. If we were meant to subsist on vegetables alone, our digestive system would be similar to that of the cow, with four stomachs and the ability to ferment cellulose in order to break down plant material.

Research suggests that meat-eating probably began by scavenging-eating the leftovers that carnivores had left behind. However, our bodies have never adapted to it. To this day, meat-eaters have a higher incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other problems.”.

I encounter claims that humans were designed to eat meat — that it’s in our genes, that we have teeth made for eating meat, that we need meat to get all the right nutrients — all the time in casual. But this time, it meant going after meat. This article has been adapted from Marta Zaraska’s book, M eathooked: The History and Science of Our 2.5-Million-Year Obsession With Meat. We want to.

The meat-eating that we do, or that our ancestors did even back to the earliest time we were eating meat, is culturally mediated. You need some kind of processing technology in order to eat meat. So I don’t necessarily think we are hardwired to eat meat.” There’s Something About Dairy. Humans started domesticating cattle only 10,000.

For this crowd, it has become an article of faith that not only is meat-eating bad for humans, but that it’s always been bad for humans—that we were never meant to eat.

List of related literature:

It has been claimed that meat-eating was vital to humankind’s early development; that without the consumption of raw flesh, the mental development of humans would have been diminished.

“The Heretic's Feast: A History of Vegetarianism” by Colin Spencer
from The Heretic’s Feast: A History of Vegetarianism
by Colin Spencer
University Press of New England, 1996

Advocates of the meat-eating hypothesis have themselves noted that humans differ from carnivores by our having small mouths, weak jaws, and small teeth that cannot easily shear flesh.

“Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human” by Richard Wrangham
from Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human
by Richard Wrangham
Profile, 2010

While there is no doubt that meat eating has had an important role in human physical and behavioral evolution, we can only speculate about when, how and why humans began to eat substantial amounts of meat (Stanford and Bunn 2001).

“Should We Eat Meat?: Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory” by Vaclav Smil
from Should We Eat Meat?: Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory
by Vaclav Smil
Wiley, 2013

Indeed, it was not until the past two hundred years that most people in the Western world had the opportunity to consume meat daily.

“The Sexual Politics of Meat (20th Anniversary Edition): A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory” by Carol J. Adams
from The Sexual Politics of Meat (20th Anniversary Edition): A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory
by Carol J. Adams
Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

The inclusion of meat protein in the diet saved early humans at least two million ‘chews’ a year – which is a lot of spare energy for other things.

“Food or War” by Julian Cribb
from Food or War
by Julian Cribb
Cambridge University Press, 2019

Stephen’s point is that although meat eaters are responsible for the death of the animal they eat and for the loss of pleasure experienced by that animal, they are also responsible for the creation of more animals, because if no one ate meat there would be no more animals bred for fattening.

“Practical Ethics” by Peter Singer
from Practical Ethics
by Peter Singer
Cambridge University Press, 2011

Indeed, we are led to wonder why fire was introduced for cooking if other animals were our natural diet.

“Sins of the Flesh: A History of Ethical Vegetarian Thought” by Rod Preece
from Sins of the Flesh: A History of Ethical Vegetarian Thought
by Rod Preece
UBC Press, 2009

Some scientists theorize that we became directed meat eaters in part because we learned how to cook; others posit that our eating of meat resulted from

“A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement” by Wesley J. Smith
from A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement
by Wesley J. Smith
Encounter Books, 2012

However, it’s not clear that early humans, who were surrounded with abundant megafaunal animals and had the technology to kill them easily and then preserve the meat, were going without food often.

“The Carnivore Diet” by Shawn Baker
from The Carnivore Diet
by Shawn Baker
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

They point out that humans and human ancestors are distinguished not so much by meat eating as by the versatility of our diet: we are able to procure and digest an unusually wide range of foods.

“The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause” by Susan Mattern
from The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause
by Susan Mattern
Princeton University Press, 2019

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  • Me watching this w ibs having horrible diarhea because i struggle digesting basic fruits veggies and gluten because everytime i try to eat them they come out as i had eaten then except more discolored but still intact ������ like seriously my gut has only been able to handle meat. Dont get me wrong i love zucchinis and i really enjoy tomatos but i really pay the price for eating them. The only way i have managed to eat veggies is if they are completely blended and then simmered for a long time. I remember once i tried gazpacho. It was yummy but like 30 mins later i almost died.

  • You are not an archaeologist. You are a financier to kill animals. An anthropologist and archaeologist should not eat meat. Stay in your restaurant, chef!! ������

  • A HIGHLY smart and intelligent woman. Stating facts that are so obvious but try telling meat eaters this. Every time they use the teeth argument it makes me cringe because our alot of herbivores have similar teeth structures, but no carnivores have similar teeth. Animals that eat meat do so to survive otherwise they would die. Plant eaters THRIVE because the earth PROVIDES. Maybe at some point in human history there was extreme climate change that limited plants and humans used our knowledge of cooking to make animal flesh digest. The practice was probably never abandoned because it became normal. We can do alot of unnatural things we shouldn’t, like smoking and same sex relationships Thought that’s just my thought not fact.

  • Thank you doctor. That was an amazing video. Oh yes..I am gonna add a lot of fiber n veggies to my diet. Wouldn’t want a pipe going inside me that long:)

  • These videos are so important and informative. I so badly wish I could send them to my family, but they get so angry at me any time I send them something remotely vegan. They say that I don’t have the right to impose my opinions on other people. ��

  • What do you mean some of us quite literally evolved to drink milk. If there was no benefits to milk then we wouldn’t have evolved to drink it.

  • I constantly have to explain to people on either side of the vegetarianism coin that we evolved from frugivores. Our ape ancestors would have eaten almost exclusively fruit. Eating fresh meat pr drinking another animal’s milk is unnatural, but so is eating bitter vegetables. It’s a good thing that we figured out other diets, because we couldn’t survive on that today, and there’s no way we’d have evolved to this point on fruit alone.

  • I think a lot about the ketogenic diet is not correctly stated in this video:

    First: Ketogenic does not mean eating meat! You can eat a vegan ketogenic diet.
    Second: The human physiology is not like a classic meat eater like a tiger, true, but not like plant eater either. We are Omnivore. look up hebivore vs carnivore vs omnivore before you believe this guy.
    Third: Ketosis not equal starving, it’s fat adaption. Starving comes way later.
    Fourth: Ketogenic diet ISNT mainly for fat loss, it’s for improving energy, get off sugar addiction, mental clarity the brain prefers ketones over glucose. Weight loss is only a side effect.

    Please please please STOP misinforming people. Once again, ketogenic has NOTHING to do with eating meat, dairy what so ever.

    So @PLANT BASED NEWS: You asked for feedback. Now, I’m asking you to give some as well. Much appreciated and interested, thanks and all the best.

  • bitches please. this is why I question the intelligent of people compared to ancient human. do they even fucking questioned about hunting for meat like: We ShOuLd StOp EaTiNg MeAt?
    if we werent designed to eat meat we wouldnt eat it as when we were close to animals you stupids. it calls instinct and you should go research for that shit for more interesting topic instead of this shit

  • We wiped out super predators with nothing but spears and arrows, we killed everything that posed a significant threat to us to the point that even sharks don’t intentionally hunt humans.

  • I dont agre with this at all if the conclusion is we are herbivores, she is concluding based on the comparison of carnivorous animals to our omnivorous state.
    Saying animals have a bigger jaw and shit, how can you conclude based on that?
    You know what… the question that matters the most isnt what we are to determine what we really are…
    The question is how did we acquire our omnivorous characteristics, thats the broader question no one talks about.

  • To all hunters ( from someone who had an NDE) remember this: when you cross over, when you die, you will feel everything the animals you’ve killed felt. The fear, the pain, the wrong. Because it is wrong. Prepare for serious agony. Life is short, death is forever

  • Humans are not deigned to eat meat. This video is all fluff. If you are designed to eat meat then go out and catch something with your bare hands and eat it raw, fur, bones and all like meat eaters do. No seasoning, no weapons, no vegetables, no fire. Go ahead.

  • I think you got it.

    We are omnivore opportunists. I’d phrase it: “have we adapted to meat eating”.

    And you and I share the same perspective on technology, accelerated evolutionary change, etc

    Here are some facts:

    What kind of digestive systems do our closest relatives that are herbivores in the animal kingdom have?
    Gorillas, chimps, orangutans and other monkeys who are mainly herbivores have what’s called a cecum. It is in their digestive tract, and it is used to extract protein from the plants they eat by fermentation. The cecum in humans has atrophied and is useless. That’s why we call it an appendix. So humans don’t have the ability to ferment plants very well to extract the protein like other primates do.
    Humans also have a highly acidic stomach. Our stomach pH is about 1.5. That’s for digesting meats. Most carnivores and scavenger animals have acidic stomachs with pH’s between 1 and 2.
    Most herbivores have a higher normal stomach pH’s than humans, and all primates do too.
    Human digestion is not designed for only digesting plants. If it was, our stomach pH would be higher.
    84 percent of vegetarians and vegans go back to eating meat. Do 84 percent of meat eaters go back to a vegan diet?
    If the human digestive system is like I described, and cannot extract enough nutrients to maintain muscle and overall health, you would expect to see vegans becoming sicker and sicker the longer they stayed on the vegan diet. The expected reason would be because since the human digestive tract cannot ferment vegetables like herbivores can without a functioning cecum, humans who only eat vegetables should lose muscle, lose weight and not look very good.
    Do we see any of this in the hardcore vegan community?
    Of course we do! It’s not very hard to find sickly looking vegans.
    We also know vegans design some vegetables to look like meats to make them seem tastier.
    Do meat eaters design meat to look like vegetables to make trick themselves into satisfying them?
    One of the reasons vegans go back to eating meats is because of meat cravings. Do meat eaters go back to being vegan because of plant cravings? What are cravings telling somebody? Are meat cravings which vegans have not natural? Is mother nature stupid?
    Since humans have digestive systems that have limited ability to ferment vegetables for nutrients, what is left that humans can eat? It’s pretty clear that the design of our digestive system is for eating meats.
    Is their any anthropological evidence of humans eating meat in the past? YES! and it’s easy to find.
    Is their any vegan societies that have lasted for hundreds of thousands of years, like their are meat eating societies?
    It’s pretty clear that meats have been a normal part of the human diet for hundreds of thousands of years.
    Just look at our digestive system, our history, our biological cravings and common sense.

  • Obviously we are not born to eat meat. Millions of vegetarians and vegans who have a very good health speak another language than people who are involved in the meat industry. To not let go of something is an addiction. You can be addicted to nearly everything. But you cannot buy yourself a new life or love or friendship.

  • It make smuch more sense that we simply picked a mango from a tree. Hunting and preparing meat takes way too much energy, and what do you get out of it? Artery clogging cholesterol, unhealthy fats, excess protein which we dont need? We are herbivores just like all other apes

  • 0:27 so you could say that all birds, lizards reptiles (smaller then crocs obviously) and bugs, cassowarys can kill people but with 2+ people we can easily destroy them in a fight, jaguars and wolves use teamwork it’s not cheating

  • I know I sound extremely retarded right know, but if it’s dangerous for us to eat raw meat, doesn’t that make us natural herbivores?

  • He doesn’t seem to practice what he preaches. He looks quite portly to me. He probably doesn’t know he has refined wheat allergies.

  • One problem. Evolution is pseudoscientific bullshit! The human body is screaming intelligent design! Mitochondria are quantum computers! There’s a vortex in our left ventricle and a magnetic field around our brain and heart! I don’t understand why so many intelligent people buy this garbage. There is no evidence humans evolved from anything! Hell, no species has ever evolved into another species… period! Wake up people! You’ve been deliberately brainwashed to hide a creator!

  • This is SO good. There are so many factors that play a part in how we
    evolved. People often over simplify it to the benefit of their own
    argument, but the bigger picture is the only thing that is valid. Thanks
    for this.

  • im saying this human teeth are not fully flat also i never heard humans killing animals with our teeth also we dont have claws we have thumbs it so useful to make bombs guns spears guys what lets say the human is 5,5 foot long then out gutt will be 55 foot long cows gutts are 110 foot long and dont mind me but 2.5 million years ago people ate meat cant you see that on the pictures of most thing that they build im not hating vegetarians and vegans on any way im just saying humans are omnivores

  • A few carnivore videos on YouTube are destroying the vegan movement (i.e. “Why I’m No Longer Vegan” videos). This documentary is going to destroy their paradigm completely.

  • Karma knows address, it will come after you.
    What you do, comes back to you.

    Cow doesn’t eat flesh, cause cows teeth are like human teeth flattened.
    Lions have four pointed teeth two upward and two downward to kill animals and pull flesh.
    God’s has given everyone there own features like birds can fly, human can’t.
    Flower can spread scent but human child can’t do that.
    Tomatoes internal structure looks like human lungs. It’s beneficial for human body.

    Cashew nuts looks like stomach, it’s beneficial for stomach.
    God’s has given hints and scientists prove the same.

    Coronavirus is lesson that earth cannot be taken granted.
    To kill animals, make concrete road, cutting forests, lakhs of factory spilling waste water in river and ocean, nuclear energy made by various countries and put hazardous chemical in ocean and kills lakhs of fish and sea animals.
    We just did wrong.
    We have to face the cruel face of nature.

  • This guy is just another person you have dug up with outdated information who still thinks that animal products are bad for us. He is so out of touch with recent research it’s not true. The ketogenic eating approach is not new as it has been around since the fifties, much longer than the vegan movement.

  • So does that mean that if the human stomach were in fact more acidic than a cats it would be a pretty clear indication that we are carnivores? Because it is. It’s like triple the acidity level, I just looked into it lol
    Wtf is a medical intuitive anyways? Is it what it sounds like it is? A guy that guesses about medical stuff?

  • It’s so true �� I used to have problems with Digesting and I quit meat i lost 6 kilos I also feel great,I don’t have digestive problems ��

  • A very interesting history lesson, which after 40 years of working in field of diet, nutrition and herbs (not drugs) for healing, makes a lot of sense!

  • The problem is socialist centralism. Small farm holdings have been decimated. Huge farms owned by huge corporations have completely over shadowed independent small farmers. These corporations get bigger and more powerful through regulations which are designed solely to eradicate competition. These regulations are dusguised, cloaked under the guise of fairness and safety. Only yesterday a man in the UK was arrested for eating a dead squirrel. Imagine the quality and variety of organic home prepared and killed food was available everywhere. Where supermarkets were replaced by hundreds of local markets. No longer would our food choices would be dictated to us. This system is called capitalism. It is not about greed, it is about no regulations to stop people farming and trading openly and voluntarily amongst themselves.

  • This has to be the least convincing talk about vegetarianism i have heard from a professional. Very sporadic false equivalence I have heard from a doctor.

  • Don’t forget Most Gay People and Christans Don’t Sopport Real Equality OR Love Eather if they eat meat Funny TRUTH Though and being Raciest is good human Nature ☺ also being selfish is good for Servial so its good to steel to whether it’s money or someone Else’s Life obviously
    I Learned something New
    Today. I’m glad I found this channel

  • I choose not to eat meat out of love for the animal, not myself. Wolves supplement their meat diet with fruit and vegetable matter. They willingly eat the berries of mountain ash, lily of the valley, bilberries, blueberries and cowberry. Other fruits include nightshade, apples and pears. They readily visit melon fields during the summer months.




  • many shills on this thread..if you all eat meat..what are you doing here..this is intelligent stuff..not for dumbed down dead flesh eaters!!

  • You people do realize, that human is omnivore creature… That can eat both meat AND plants… We just can choose these days, what we eat… Did you think we had that option couple of centuries behind?

  • she must be a vegan, save the animals… she is so wrong. anyway the human jaw is nothing like a cow, our teeth are actually razor sharp, and we do have fangs.. less noticeable. meaning we are designed to shred meat when chewing. the evolution of man has always been chasing meat as a primary diet, and only when they couldn’t catch meat the female species would dig out roots and greens. we are natural omnivores, we are not and nothing like herbivores. our body cannot sustain its vitamins need without meat, and to prove that you just have to look at a vegetarian and look at a omnivore and see who looks healthier.

  • 5:25 He tells us that the bible says “Give us vegetables to eat, and water to drink” (Daniel 1:12). Presumably, Milton’s point is that we should not eat animals. Hmm, interesting. The bible also has this to say about eating meat: Genesis (9:3), God tells man: “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything”. Oh, dear! 5 minutes into a 1hr 25 minute talk, Bible Boy shoots himself in the foot! Now, I’m not refuting the case for eating a plant-based diet (I’ve actually been doing it myself for a few months), because the evidence seems to be in. But, if some fantasist with imaginary friends is going to get up on a stage to do a talk on the subject, maybe he should leave that silly book out of it, because it has no place in any science-based lecture. As we’ve just seen, he’s barely started talking, and he’s already exposed a blatant and embarrassing contradiction from the Buy-Bull! Contradictions in the bible?? Surely, not?!

  • yet the ignorance on youtube meat made us human…? probably unethical violent….THE Iceman Inheritance.. clues to western mans racism violence & sexism neanderthals etc…

  • Thank you for this! I found out about it from the Invisible Vegan doc. The stomach acid, gestation periods, and brain/energy consumption blew me away.

  • I agree..not only not designed to…not meant to..animals want to live is not pure too it are what you rather be made of pure fruits and vegetables than stinky meat

  • I don’t know why, but I remember my school, something about eyes up front means Predator, to see depth like cats and dogs, Predator, don’t know mate, and I remember that, people eat brains and hearts, I know I’m Mongolian and yes I remember something like, that fruits and vegetables don’t grow in winter

  • Comparing humans to any other animal is completely pointless. We are so different in our evolution from anything else on this Earth.

  • While this presentation is very informative and well performed it also risks crossing over into pseudo-science. Humans are radically different in their evolutionary history to the animals you’re comparing them to. While comparisons might not be useless they’re not that useful either because the evolutionary strategy of the hominids as seen today with a single remaining species is unique. There aren’t common classes of animals you can make comparisons to. We don’t have great examples of predatory hominids or grazing hominids that operate the same way as the two classes of animals you have presented. Those animals have evolved repeatedly along easy paths where as the path humans have taken is highly unusual in many respects.
    Humans are neither good herbivores or carnivores. We don’t do brilliantly eating raw plant material or meat. We are apex predators. yet we cannot be compared to the predator groups chosen for this presentation. The human brain means you can make a snare or some other simple means of capturing prey and all the adaptations that a wolf or lion might need go out of the window. With the human brain or even an intermediate between man and animal then suddenly you have many more low energy means of success at your disposal. Our evolution long ago became somewhat generalist and not specific unless the highly specialised species examined here.
    If a human hunts an animal they do not operate as a wolf does. We would watch the animal and come up with many strategies. Unlike the wolf we can become increasingly successful with less and less effort. We can use strategy and tools. For example, we can work out how to chase a herd so a few fall from a cliff or to dig a hole, cover it and chase a herd over it. The intelligence of humans and the ability that brings is so extreme that it’s like a super power compared to animals though it’s under appreciated as few people experience or observe a traditional lifestyle that’s closer to what humans would have experienced during their evolution.
    Humans come from primates that were generally herbivores however primates aren’t grazers. They take choice picks, for example, fruit, which are easy pickings for a species evolved to be able to scale trees and reach the high nutrient sources that are harder for other animals to reach if not impossible. There’s some optimisation toward more richer food sources and the ability to get them.
    Hominid history became unusual long before the people you see today. For example, the ability for hominids to use fire is believed to date back to at least two hundred thousand years ago though some suspect that this might date back further to more than a million years ago. The minimum is ample time to impact the evolution of our gut so that we do not need the same adaptations as traditional predators to digest meat.
    This is a rather substantial problem as human ingenuity stunts many of the normal evolutionary adaptations that would be required if moving into a certain roles such as predation. The result is an animal that appears to have moved into predation a very very long time ago but due to the ability to use tools, traps and tactics didn’t develop as predators normally would and remained unspecialised. There are however some strong hints. The arm appears to have adapted to better throw in a way that would be most useful for hunting (though fighting is an alternative theory) that appears to have evolved more than a million years ago. The human body is remarkably adapted for throwing a spear. Why in that case would we need claws, teeth or a centre of mass optimal for throwing ourselves?
    Human anatomy is very poorly represented elsewhere in the animal kingdom. Bipedal locomotion for example is very rare. Having soft skin and no fur is very rare especially in animals the size of humans. There’s very little to go on for comparison. What we do know is that evidence shows humans hunting and eating meat for hundreds of thousands of years because there are animal remains that attest to this. It’s more likely a recent hominid adaption but at the same time it probably goes back a couple of million years. Many primates however do take a bit of meat on the side so some capacity for eating meat likely existed during the human primate split.
    Going back to primates you have another problem because the body plan is heavily adjusted to roaming around in trees for extended periods of time over prolonged distances which would further constrain some of the adaptations compared to the more ground based animals chosen. Another mistake is relying in history. History doesn’t start until farming starts. In evolutionary terms it is only around ten to five thousand of the most recent years out of millions of years. The areas where farming took off were highly specific, they were areas of limited size and limited food supply where farming became the only efficient option. There’s a reason why farming and civilisation took root so strongly in the middle east. The circumstances of the terrain and climate there including over time created very high pressure to go from hunting to farming. Those circumstances forced people to resort to more efficient means of subsistence than hunting and foraging.
    Because primates were more foragers than grazers they can’t support the huge numbers seen in herd animals. Humans are highly adaptive however. When we encountered situations where we needed to support large numbers but the terrain meant that was not viable through hunting and foraging with small bottled up regions then we converted to grazing but again the evolutionary signs are hidden. Rather than roaming and grazing on the most widespread vegetation which we’d need major gut adaptions for we instead took more easily consumed plants and made them into crops with fields and fields of them, we also made them adapt instead to us to be selectively bred to be more easily edible! The most widespread plants tend to be less easily consumed which is why they’re widespread. We instead made easily consumed plants widespread rather than either die out or adapt guts able to consume whatever is more available.
    Given that human ability often defies evolution the use of existing examples of evolution is limited.

  • great lecture, and somewhere around the middle he said something about using science as a scientist and leaving his belief in god out of it
    now i gotta say their is nothing that i respect in a person than having the ability to keep whats professional professional and whats personal just that, big thumbs up

  • Well for me
    Mostly vegetables/fruit/legumes=
    -Toxic stomach aches
    -Shitting an abnormal amount of times per day
    -Inconsistent poop/diarrhea
    Mostly meat/fats/animal products=
    Stomach feels neutral
    Poop is more consistent and digestion feels better.
    So I think I’ll listen to my body and it’s natural requirements.

  • Monkeys are our Distant relatives whether you believe it or not that’s why we share a lot of characteristics. And they eat meat from time to time so…..

  • Average stomach ph of adult humans ranges from 1.5-3.5. This is not weak, this highly acidic, the closest animals with similar PH values are all scavengers or carnivores. A healthy cat’s PH values are between 1 and 2. A cat shouldn’t eat packaged raw chicken for the same reason humans shouldn’t; they can get salmonella just as we can. We’ve contaminated our entire meat supply with sickness, that’s why we don’t eat raw meat.

    We do not have sharp teeth because there was no evolutionary pressure in our past to create those when we had our brains, opposable thumbs, and tools. We don’t have claws, but we do have elastic shoulders which are adapted for high velocity throwing. No animal can throw objects (such as a spear or rock) with anywhere near the speed or accuracy of a human, that much is a fact. No animal can endurance run and sweat like us either, we are also uniquely gifted in that category, and that allowed us to be persistence hunters. We can pick clean every last scrap of meat off of a carcass with our fingers and break open bones and skulls to access the marrow and brains.

    We came from the same family tree as other primates, so we once had digestive systems similar to theirs, but as we diverged our stomachs changed. We lost much of our cecum, which is what other primates use to ferment plant fibers and absorb energy from the byproducts. We also lost intestinal volume as we moved to a more calorie dense diet. Simply put, we gain less from plant foods than we do animal foods.

  • @ 37:11 sec. “We have a flattened non-aerodynamic body.” Say what? Apparently he hasn’t seen the plethora of land walruses running around this planet. They are anything but flattened looking.

  • No, omnivorous, there is a very substantial difference between meat eating and having a primary vegetarian diet with small amounts of meat at the side. There are some creatures better suited for scavenging than for hunting live prey. Look to chimps. Most of their diet is vegetarian, but they do eat insects, arachnids, and so on, and even occasionally pick on corpses when they find them. Crows/ravens are the same. I won’t buy into rather obvious lies with a clear cut agenda behind them.

    Edit: Rabbits and horses have swivel ears, too. It’s not just wolves and lions. And humans weren’t designed to sleep on their feet. Have you ever seen a human with hooves? Most of their time is spent laying down flat or especially sitting. Try to eat grass and see what will happen.

    Marine mammals largely have hairless skins, too.

    Name an animal outside of humans that is bipedal and has no wings nor a long tail. Face it, humans are an abnormality to all laws of nature and evolution.

    And the argument of natural vs unnatural carries less weight, as animal domestication and electrical mains are not natural, and venom and gamma rays and UV are perfectly natural.

    Humans and horses are largely social creatures. So are the omnivorous apes and ravens I mentioned. And so are dolphins and orcas. exceptions to every rule.

    Mills is religious, too. I don’t trust religion and what it entails very much. Blind faith without evidence is a very dangerous thing. And veganism seems a religion all its own right. There is loads of evidence we should reduce meat and dairy consumption and too much of them give us clogged arteries, but arguments there is no benefit is a blatant lie. Caucasians, British, Irish, and Baltic nations in particular tend to thrive on dairy well into adulthood where all else get diarrhea from it when taken by gallons daily.
    PS I hate milk and see the stuff as an unnecessary expenditure, and loathe the whole industry.

    How hard is it to grasp the concept of in between? This info contain more truth than lies in its presentation, but the info is cherry picked.

  • We do NOT have flat teeth for grinding. We also do not have the fangs for tearing meat primarily. We have omnivore teeth: like a dog, rat, or pig. Chimps and gorillas still eat 2-3% meat and we need it too. Otherwise Vitamin b12 wouldn’t be a vitamin!

  • I hope these Vegans are planting their own foods and not relying on shipped products. And I hope the commentors are true vegans and not prescatorians(excuse if misspelled)!

  • Thank you so much! So clear and well explained. I am just beginning on this journey. The programming is so strong. I LOVE the point about Elephants! It’s hilarious that we believe we need meat. Dairy is Yuk!

  • A person eats meat and so he or she makes a profit for Bunge, Monsanto and Cingenta (whose products are used in crops that feed animals). Then this person get sick and makes a profit for Bayer, Hoescht and other great farm industries. Health is bad because it’s no profitable.

  • 41:57 He goes on at some length, about our huge brains…and, yet, he believes in fantasy stories and imaginary beings! How ironic!

  • So much misinformation that i wonder if this guy is an doctor. Or he shouldn’t be one. Seems like it was alot easier before to become a doctor…
    Very important to mention about so much about carnivores, but humans are no prey. We hunt in packs, a singel human is a prey, just like a sick or injured animal. We dont need to be able to run, as we use tools.We are not the only animal using tools, but we moved away from sticks and rocks, also developed a advanced language. No other animal have manage that
    Herbivores can see almost 180 degrees on both sides on their heads, have excellent smell and hearing. Humans have neither.
    Herbivores also only see black and white… Carnivores sees colours, now let that sink in for a moment. Human eyesight is also movement based… Now let that sink in for a moment.
    This is known facts, been for decades. IF something moves and its in your eyesight your eyes will focus on it automatically, its a KNOWN fact.
    The Neanderthal was more armoured than the modern human, it is showed that they had stronger bones, more muscle mass and had redused pain receptors, they could take a beating, but breaking a leg or an arm was a death sentence then, just as it is for carnivores.
    Modern man or Homo Sapiens cook their food, yes we do, we are the only animal who does. Therefore we dont need strong jaw muscles or teeth or specialised guts for raw meat as we dont eat raw meat. We are also the only animal who started with agriculture… Now let that sink in for a moment. Also our brain development increased when we stared to cook our food.
    That made human evolution not needing to be armoured like the Neanderthal or like previous human hybrids. As modern human used more advanced tools that where more advanced than stones and sticks.
    Also when humans hunted easy prey was like the carnivore example, hunting sick and injured animals, today is trophy hunting, it cant compare to early modern human living.
    It is also showed in research that language came from the female population as humans are pretty vulnerable as children, so females was gatherers and the men hunters, and as carnivores, hunts where not always successful. But the total energy gained from a kill was worth the hunt, as plants dont cut it in the long run. Can just refer to Africa today, where many eat a plant based diet, but eating animals as soon they get their hands on one, and they are Vitamin A deficient. thanks to the plant based diet they consume to gain energy.
    Also human babies cant be longer in the vom than 9 month, as the head gets to big, and the baby desires more energy than its possible for the mother to get.
    Damn basic doctor knowlege…
    Also herbivores babies can run from the second they hit the ground, he forgot to mention that… Can human babies do that?
    No they are pretty helpless like carnivore babies. Also not many carnivores lives in packs so they need to have many offsprings as many will die, herbivores lives in packs and can protect their young, and no need to have many offspring.
    And lets continue with eyesight and night vision, humans are a day creature, not a night creature.
    A cat are more active during the night than the day for example. So who need a good night vision then?
    So are wolfs, large cats and so on, doesn’t mean that they cant hunt or do stuff during the day, same as humans. But then again, humans hunt during the day and then we need better eyesight during the day than during the night, its called evolution.
    Also wolfs have a pretty good smell as well… they are the primal dog…

    So if this was delivered as a school assignment, he would get an big F, as its all wrong even in 2007!
    Just freaking common teachings in normal schools, and when a doctor dont know that, I would be scared, very scared, because what more can he be wrong about.

  • This is bullshit. Veganism is not a sustainable diet. It’s only barely possible because of GLOBAL trade and human efforts over 10,000 years to breed suitable food. Eat raw wheat, legumes, grains or cruciferous vegetables in high quantities and we get sick. We don’t need to chase things down because we have the extreme adaptation of THROWING. We can throw and trap better than any other animal on the planet. We don’t need to chase.

  • fat in your blood is by cholesterol and to clog your heart it must entered through clotting factors.damages your arterial wall and your body want to mend much like you want to mend a cut so it sends calcium etc to help this caused by all sorts of factors one of them is obese

  • The biggest and strongest animals are plant eAtersss!!1!1! Yes but they are also the fattest animals so with the same line of reasoning we should not eat only plants cause we would gain fat.

  • We are omnivores cause we are able to digest both meat and plants so ima just keep eating meat and plants and obesity happens when you eat to much meat

  • If we are not designed to eat animal foods, then that makes us herbivores by design: and so is it our made Nature. And it is then that there be no need to claim ‘veganism’ as an ideology or religion that one follows, as Melanie Joy would have us believe that it is. Herbivores don’t follow a religion called herbivourism and vegans are all claimed to do just that and yet we are the same animal a herbivore is a vegan right…? Is it just that there is no word ‘herbivourism’ to describe the activity of herbivores or was the ‘term’ veganism coined to hang the charge of doctrine around its neck and so supplant the natural, creator given, behaviour that truly defines the human in respect of their diet? To be a created herbivore does not deny the free will to choose otherwise just a means whereby you can come to know of what you are not. This is what humans have yet to learn what they are not, of what is wrong in their behaviour…

  • Why do people crave meat though and i have been on a candida fruit and veg diet and still feel down not having eat. How would we in the UK survive the winter there would be no fruit or beg around if we lived naturally with our supermarkets. Native American Indians and Eskimos live off meat in the wild or they would die.

  • Are we designed to eat meat?

    Yes you god Damned troglodyte, that’s why we have fucking canines. That’s why our bodies are designed like most omnivores. If we were herbivores d you think we’d have front facing eyes? Herbivores have eyes on the side of their heads (See literally any horse)

    Do we have eyes on the side of our heads? No we fucking don’t. Wanna know another animal that has front facing eyes? Dogs. And what are dogs? Omnivores.

  • Were humans. At the top of the food chain. Dont compare us to elephants or lion. We can cook, they cant. Without cooking we couldnt eat 95 PERCENT vegan foods but can eat raw meat AND we wont choke because its slimey. In conclusion were omnivores.

  • When I was in my mother’s stomachs she ate fruits and vegetables with only a little bit of meat. I’m probably fine, but it depends.

  • Dr. Mills is completely wrong. Drinking milk, eating meat, etc., just like any other food, affects everyone differently. Dairy and certain animal flesh, admittedly, will have ill-effects on individuals, but since humans are adapted to consume anything, each individual will have certain restrictions in their diet.

    For instance: Gluten is a good source of protein for people unless they are allergic or sensitive to it. Removing it from your diet unnecessarily is not “good for you”. You’ll be missing out on a good source of a food substance.

    Making blanket statements about the food ALL people should or shouldn’t eat is stupid, and nothing but snake-oil salesmanship.

  • We still have four partial fangs in our mouths.evolution. we have the intelligence now to be humane and eat soy and other sources of protein rather then slaughtering animals

  • This is a load of pseudo science.. there’s plenty of evidence of our ancestors and other hominid species in Africa that says we ate meats and plants

  • Humans were vegan for the vast pre history. At 2 millions years ago though we started eating meat. It’s also close to when tool use started to advance significantly. Human brains started growing the same time of around 2 mil years ago. These herbivore traits we share with other species are relics of the time way before 2 million years ago. With high intelligence, pack hunting, language, tools, trapping, teaching etc. animal products are a no-brainer in terms of energy spendarure per energy gain. Intelligence is why we don’t share as much physical features with predators. We hunted with intelligence vs physical advantages. So the real question is… Did we adapt to eating animals in 2 million years? I’d say yes but it’s arguable. For the explosion of carbohydrate availability with the 12k year old explosion of agriculture though, I doubt we’ve adapted to high amounts of refined caarbohydrates. My ancestors hunted mammoths to extiction, they never had veggies in the winter. I’m feeling great on keto omad. 100% energy 24/7, can fast days without losing cognitive capacity. I’ll never spike my toxic insulin on a regular basis ever again.

  • My eyes were closed from veganism for 32 years.
    I used to think of the movement as a joke.
    I’m so glad I woke up to what now seems like common sense.
    Thanks joey carbstrong for starting me off & thanks to vids like this for confirming the truth.

  • If We were designed to eat meat, God would have told Adan and Eve at the creation of the world to kill animals for them to eat, but he gave them a plant based diet. And they lived over 900 years of age without eating meat.

  • That’s amazing! Thank you for this I am a Seventh Day Adventist and I thank God for directing me to work on my health and learn it’s apart of our religion. God is Good all the time. Good luck everyone. Prayers up. Since watching What the Health and Game changers I’ve considered becoming vegan and Have been for 5 days�� I feel great. Everything I was taught in Keto helped me lose a ton, I know Vegan is opposite and will tackle what I’ve already created. TYJ

  • the mentality thing is not evidence what so ever. Wolves go for what they CAN get but they would choose the biggest if they were guaranteed to catch it safely. If the wolf chose between two “dumb” zebras the wolf would choose the bigger one. Humans would go for young mammoths back in the day but now we have the technology to get whatever we want. We don’t choose the one with the “most prongs” we go for the biggest one which can efficiently feed the most people. This man knows stuff but he’s grasping at straws with these pieces of “evidence”

  • A quick way to tell a predator (meat eater) from a prey (plant eater) animal is the placement of the eyes. Predators have forward facing eyes designed to focus on prey and see in 3D to allow depth perception. Prey typically have eyes placed on the sides of their head to give a much wider field of vision to let them see approaching predators. Their vision isn’t normally as sharp as a predator’s but sense movement very well.
    Since humans have forward oriented eyes, we evolved to be predators, and are in fact, omnivorous. The proteins and nutrients in meat are more condensed and therefore more efficient to eat, but we still require fiber and other nutrients not found in meat.
    Enjoy the foods you like. Being omnivorous means we can eat a huge variety of food. Every single one of us will die eventually anyway.

  • That was interesting to see his inside of the gas area. So I was thinking about how it works on the camera instead with colors to record. So it was the only thing happen.

  • My thoughts. Maybe we where not designed to eat meat. But we are lucky enough to have it if we want it. If you want to cry about cows being murdered what about other humans being murdered in 3rd world countries? What about the destruction we are doing to our planet? Ocean life being poisoned? Plastics killing billions of sea creatures? I think there’s a bigger debate these vegans are missing. There’s far more important issues than cows being killed, chickens getting beheaded…

  • A quick Google search before I watched this a article by the BBC chimpanzees regular hunt mainly for red colobus monkey… so who is wrong?
    The most compelling point was that omnivores don’t get Atherosclerosis but i will look that up.
    Its kinda weird that yall quoted a cardiologist instead of a dietitian or who studies evolution. Although i do see the connection since cardiovascular disease is a big issue with eat too much meat. But thats the thing eating too much meat is what causes it not meating at all, or am I wrong?

  • Oxygen became expensive, I can’t breathe momma…aaaa aaah….
    Oxygen became expensive covid-19 outbreak
    Oxygen became expensive if it ain’t cigarettes than it’s weed they are selling for them youngsters to them youngsters in 2020
    This is really a world destruction and the human race is becoming a disgrace

  • The green revolution of about 10,000 years ago was no help to someone like me who is allergic to gluten. I eat carnivore and feel fine.

  • I am a vegan…. I don’t and I can’t see cruelty with innocent animals…..I mean how can you take life of someone only because you are feeling hungry…. what will be the difference between human and animal then

  • But if you believe in the bible the lord said we can eat meat even christ ate meat at the feast of dedication. He also said we can eat fish

  • intersting i am agreeing with this article now. Eating animals brings disastrous result as its whats going on atm. she gives a perfect explanation on what a human must do to remain healthy.

  • Thats so stupid we may not have the teeth but we got the brain to use tools so we can eat it
    Why do we do things differently than other animals bc of our well developed brain



  • For anyone who argues that meat is okay because humans are omnivores and it’s in our nature, remember than animal carnivores are ecologically sustainable, but 8 billion human carnivores are not…

  • If you were not designed to eat meat you would not be able to read this sentence. Consuming meat created your brain. Humans only ever developed higher thinking as a direct result of meat eating. You know what humans weren’t designed to eat? Artificial dietary supplements. We didn’t have those back then.

  • So just because we are more advanced and not as primitive as most omnivores and carnivores we are herbivores? Last time I checked a blue whale doesn’t have claws, sharp teeth, pant to cool off but they are carnivores. The only thing she said that makes sense was about atherosclerosis.

  • What….an…..idiot! Let’s mention some carnivores shall we? Nearly every species of fish. No claws, no teeth in many. Most whales which have baleen not teeth and no claws. Squid? Beaks no claws no teeth. Octopus? Don’t see any teeth or claws. Eagles hawks ospreys? Beaks no teeth, talons no claws. Some no talons or teeth. How about snakes. Teeth? Claws? Millions of species of insects without teetht or claws. Spiders? Fangs, no teeth no claws. How about mosquitos that feed on the blood of mammals. No teeth no claws. This talk is so fucking ridiculous he should lose his license to practice if he’s an MD. What a joke. Wake up vegans! Humans used their BRAINS to hunt you idiots! Yeah humans weren’t carnivores because we couldn’t run as fast as a cheetah. Moron! Jesus, this is worse than a lecture that the earth is flat. Did this guy get his MD degree from a cracker jack box?

  • If you wanna be vegan, go ahead, but don’t try to convince us we’re herbivores. Tryna make the world revolve around your beliefs��

  • DIG this video. Could you let me add the option of Portuguese captions to it? I am building a company in Brazil and I want to remarket the image of organic showing the primal benefits to our health of sustainable meat.

  • No humans or animals should be eating animals but animals don’t know better unlike humans they know what’s right from wrong but they still do it God made us perfect we are the ones that make the wrong decision to eat meat killing and eating animals is a sin animals are not food they are friends neighbors and family love your neighbors like yourself

  • What is the proof that it is from meat and not processed crap plant foods? Are we just supposed to trust him because he is a doctor? We would like a proof.

  • Hate to criticize the doctor but he is wrong about dogs getting sick and dying from plant based diet. Growing trend for dogs to eat vegan because they actually become very healthy! Mine dogs are proof to me as they eat a mostly vegetarian diet.

  • We don’t have sharp teeth, so we weren’t designed to eat meat. We don’t have fins, so we weren’t designed to swim in swimming pools. Don’t get me started on ‘we don’t have wings, so….’

    We do have eyes and brains, so we should do more independent reading on the subject and not fall for the most cozy, comfy and feel-good, but sophist, arguments.

  • Humans used to have tails but we don’t anymore do you know why? Evolution, we didn’t need tails anymore that’s why we have a tail bone but no tail, humans got smarter bc we started cooking our food which prevented disease and provided more nutrients than eating food raw due to our intelligence and not eating raw food we didn’t need the teeth of other animals

  • We’re supposed to be frugivores, but the amount of eat we’re eating is much more than our relatives. Chimpanzees eat lots of termites and an occasional monkey.

  • Comparing an elephant to human? Wtf!? Completely different evolution! We have completely different physiology. what’s right and healthy for one species isn’t right for others…

  • I raise ducks in suburban Australia. Meat, eggs, fat and free lawn mowing. Take charge of your food supply with backyard ducks:-)

  • Total bunk. Read this article written by a man who had most of his intestines removed, thereby witnessed EACH MEAL as it passed from his stomach to a tube outside his body.

  • So I would like to know how to make this stuff taste good. Animal organs does not sound appetizing and I don’t know if it ever will be…unfortunately. And how do we slow down time to do all of these things? Soaking grains, fermenting foods, etc. The general population will not have a lot of time to prepare food like we did back then because of our fast pace living conditions now. Wish I could live like this….but I almost feel like I’d have to be rich to do all of this…to have all the time on hands…

  • Decent presentation here though there was some stretching with some of his analogies. His medical knowledge is a real bonus that compliments this lecture. However, it is sad that he thinks evolution is false. He must understand that his colleagues accept evolution due to the preponderance of the evidence, not because they don’t wish to believe in a god. In fact, you can do both. Studies show that most medical doctors and biologists actually do have some type of faith. Religion simply has no place when medical researchers and scientists are using natural scientific methodologies to interventionally heal people and discover natural facts about our world. Lastly, there are many bible verses which support eating meat so he may wish to stay away from quoting the bible as an authoritative source on nutrition. Otherwise, this is a pretty good lecture here.

  • Fucking morons
    Human started making fire and tools over a hundred and seventy-five thousand years ago
    You don’t need to be born with sharp fangs and claws when you have a powerful��
    Your fangs and claws versus my tools and ��… Who wins this fight

  • Millions of years ago we had teeth that could pull meat from flesh but because of evolution we can’t do that anymore so we use knives and we cook the meat to make it tender smh

  • We really do not resemble herbivores at all. Like all carnivores we have front facing eyes to search for prey whereas herbivores have eyes at the sides of their heads to watch out for predators. We also have incisors and canines to dig into meat. We also ate meat for our whole 2 million years of existence which would lead evolution to design us for meat. Also the fact that our species can even digest meat suggests so as no herbivore can digest meat. And yes our canines are short but definitely not blunted
    We also have a stomach acid pH of 1.5 like omnivores

  • All Humans have eaten animals since the beginning of time, modern day diseases started to show up after the inception of modern food processed industry of processed sugars, processed carbohydrates based foods. Processed junk and oils, get your facts right…and stop making things up

  • Actually we live in cities but we naturally have sharp teeth to eat plants though but we live in cities so we are weaker but my teeth different my canines are fully pointy

  • How silly. I eat lots of raw meat including the so called ‘tough cuts’ of meat not perceived to be tender. It is a complete fallacy that raw meat is tough to tear with our teeth. Completely totally untrue.

  • Amazing, professional presentation..! Thank you Dr. Mills.. our respects.. we have been educating & inspiring evolve souls about the importance of veganism, no only for optimal wellness but to achieve enlightenment & spiritual growth. I myself am big fun of the saying: that “one is what one eats”. I was born & grew up in a holistic life way, dear mother is 95 years young..! what blessing, honor & privilege to be her daughter..!!! I will be even more grateful each day.. THANK YOU DEAR MOTHER.!
    Also. we would like to mention here someone who was of great importance in this matter: Mr. Horace Fletcher. The great masticator.. or head of FLETCHERISM.. Dr. Mills knowledge & researches & experience are a big complement & continuation to Mr. Fletcher “movement”. 

    THE GLOBAL HOLISTIC ORAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION (H.O.H) finally would have a complete team to strongly bring out the tremendous importance of this information to humanity. Until the focus on oral health’s anatomy, physiology, etc, don’t become essential in achieving complete wellness, it won’t happen.. please forgive me if it sounds too pretentious, it’s a truth.. I am so grateful that the Hypocrites health institute brought Dr. Mills in as part of the team of this prestigious entity.

    Blessings Dr. Mills..we give you our greatest aspects.. That your light continues giving you more & more shine, so many will smile for life with natural teeth, healthy gums & fresh breath for life.while in total balance. 

    Thank you.

  • It’s better, and easier, to peel skin fron an animal carcass than try and cut it off as Bill and his son are doing in this video. Grasp, pull, peel. Use a clenched fist to separate the skin from the body in the tricky places, and only use a blade when nothing else works. Also, the skin should be taken off before the carcass is eviscerated, it’s way easier and gives better end product. Thw skin is more useable and easier to clean for tanning afterwards too.

  • what are his thoughts on the evolution of human anatomy with cooked food? many people make the argument that cooked food is the reason for our small canines, our reduced jaw strength, and our lower stomach pH levels. our ancestors (pre-dating australopithecus) were plant based. yet this is usually never brought up when people discuss evolution and cooked meat consumption (making it seem like primates always ate raw meats, but that’s not true). it would be really interesting to see what research can be done to compare our herbivore ancestors to our current anatomy and what cooked foods and the introduction of meat did to our bodies.

  • Debunked!? This is beyond stupid. If this guy is a doctor he probably knows that. But then you should follow the money.
    The fact that humans fully digest meat and absorb more than 95% of it is evidence that meat is the optimal food for humans. Elephants are big and strong and so are gorillas. That is because they can ferment fiber and other plant matters and absorb energy from it in the form of fatty acids. Humans can do nothing with fiber but shit it.
    Case closed.

  • Here you are you incredibly f*cktared imbecile even your vegan biologists can tell you humans are NOT herbivores

  • He is a religious fanatic. Humans can eat meats without any problems. Eskimos don’t eat nuts and fruits.
    He is a hindu fanatic.

  • The majority of this is wrong. The definition of Omnivores is either an animal that eats plants and animal sources or one that can get nutrients from plant and meat sources (the only debate might be whether this makes vegans herbivores by chosing not to). Also atherosclerosis occurs in pigs as well as other primates that eat bugs and such so that point is demonstrably ignorant.

  • thats bullshit, how can people be so brainwashed? babies drink milk, should we cut off the milk and give them carrots? thats not how it works, they will grow unhealthy and sick. you know why you poop when you eat fiber, vegetables and that type of stuff? because you DON’T DIGEST it. Our digestive system is made to digest meat, preferably raw meat, organs and animal tissue, you know why when you eat a lot of meat you don’t poop that often? because you DIGEST IT.
    I was vegan for 6 months and you know what i felt like? i was cold because my body didn’t had the fat and calories enough. I was always tired and losing wheight.
    that’s how nature works, we need to eat animals. If you don’t want to kill animals, good for you, but it won’t make you more pure than others.
    Thats the most ilogical thing i’ve heard and there is no proof behind that, and i was stupid enough to believe that.
    eggs make life, why? because they are so nutricious, do carrots,seeds,potatoes create life?
    why mammals drink milk and not carrot juice?
    why kids are afraid of vegetables and your green stuff? because they know that it is not edible.
    but don’t get me wrong, changing from veggies to some soy burguer wont make you healthier.

  • Looks like more vegan propaganda. Human beings are biologically omnivores. Animal products taste so good because our bodies know what they need.

  • Before the inception of sin, the original state of creation was like this:

    Genesis 1:29-30

    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

    30  And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.
    See the later state of the sin-infested man:

    Genesis 9:2-3

    And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.

    3  Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.

  • Lol we can take bites of raw meat and chew (or not) and swallow it. Our stomachs have 1.5-3.5 pH level of acid, very acidic. This guy is full of shit.

  • Anyone that’s says humans are designed to eat meat. Let me see you all go in a grocery store and eat a pice of meat chicken, beef or pork raw right out the package I’ll wait you can’t you can not digest it

  • I’ve seen chickens killed bare handed, and fish killed, scaled, gutted, cleaned, seasoned and cooked start to finish. I’ve never butchered or killed an animal to eat it but I have prepared raw meat and cooked it from scratch.

  • I would say we are not designed to eat meat but cooking does take away the danger of what comes with raw meat the way I see it is eat what is in your environment and available just balance meat with healthy portions of plants and whole carbs and stay away from sugar and refined foods

  • And who’s to say that we are designed to eat plants, grains?
    They make me feel like shit so it obviously isn’t for everyone. Not to mention that all these things have been modified so that we would be able to eat them. Meat on the other hand has also been modified but not to the extent of plants.

  • You know… The idea that humans need sharp teeth and big jaws to be predators is really really silly. Humans ALWAYS hunt with weapons. It’s part of the human biology to use weapons. It’s part of the human biology to cook with fire. We need to look at how humans ingest and hunt meat rather than how other animals do it. It’s silly to compare a lion to a falcon and say “Falcons don’t have teeth, so they obviously are not predators”. They use their talons. Cooking meat makes it softer, cutting meat makes it smaller. We need to look at how humans fare with cooked meat, and how our ancestors ate meat to know how our biological relationship with meat should be. My guess is that occasional meat is how we evolved, but we DID evolve to eat meat.

  • Nothing that supports that we’re physiologically set up to eat meat…. Ummm, the need for b12 which we didn’t know was possible without meat until extremely recently. If you gotta take pills to survive that’s pretty clear physiological proof that it’s not your natural diet

  • the China study was an observational study, which means you have to take it with a grain of salt. I’m a vegan, but we can’t have it both ways. We dismiss observational studies all the time, until one says something we like. It’s like the Ornish diet that gets pumped as the only diet ever proven to reverse heart disease. This was not a controlled study, and the Ornish program was much more than diet. So, why did heart disease improve? Was it the diet? Was it the relationship counseling? The stress reduction techniques? We as vegans latch on to this meaningless stuff that has never been proven, and we say it has been proven. Ornish made a career out of taking a bow for bad science.

  • The main reason human beings evolved to have big brains was because of eating meat and bone marrow if we’re completely vegatarin we would have four stomachs and are eyes would be on the sides of our heads

  • Scientific answer: Frugivores.
    That’s right, we were most likely supposed to eat fruits specifically, maybe meat occasionally, but usually fruit.

  • It’s not about what we were designed to eat but we can positively healthfully evolve and adapt to eating. Of course that’s a very slow process but evolution never stops. So case in point the Europeans have adapted somewhat to dairy as well as many Indians but I don’t think we’ve really adapted to heavy doses of carbohydrates and we do better on meet and animal fat and would probably look or be a lot different if we were adapted to grains as the major supply of our calories but overall I think we’ve adapted to being omnivores obviously enable to survive on anyting if not thrive on it definitely compared to other species that absolutely cannot take certain macronutrients or food sources

  • Just eat soursop when you have that(vegetables and fruits) in abundance, and just eat meat when you have(fish and the neighbours chickens..haha) hunted that down in abundance!

  • We Humans are not carnivores, we don’t eat raw meat, and we are not even supposed to eat raw meat as it would mostly make us sick.
    Carnivores like lions, bears, and other predators have a very small intestine, so the raw flesh they eat passes through their system quickly, not allowing the bacteria enough time to set up an infection.
    But we Humans have a longer intestine,
    however, the reason we can eat meat is that we cook it, killing any germs or viruses that may live on that piece of raw meat,
    and by cooking meat, it also releases more calories and makes it easily to digest the nutrients from that food, and cooking it makes it easy for our stomach to digest the meat.
    Look, we Humans also can’t eat grass like a cow or horse does, because we can’t digest it, so in that sense we also aren’t Herbivores.
    In short, we humans can eat meat because we cook it, making it softer and easier for our stomachs to digest.

  • “He’s wrong because he’s not healthy” Fun fact for all y’all, there’s no single healthy body type, body type is strictly dependent upon what you use your body for. This doctor very likely spends more time researching than he does working out, hence the body type being large. (which btw is definitely the opposite of the malnutrition y’all yap on about)

  • But human is also unique in its ability to prepare food. Maybe that makes meat products easier to digest. Biologically we are closer to herbivores but perhaps our unique ability in prepare food indicates that physiological evidence cannot be the only thing to look at

  • You just controdicted yourself. Which is correct. Carnivore and omnivores do NOT develope artherosclosis. Or it does. One or the other. Either animals get it and we get it or animals don’t and we don’t. Make up your mind. Or tell the truth.

  • cellular respiration does not work like this sir!! if this was the case we would not require a digestive tract in fact we just wouldn’t need to eat. I mean we can get all the amino acids we need from the free floating atmospheric gaseous molecules….right???

  • I was with him till he talked about getting protein from the air. It’s actually the bacteria in their guts that slowly digest the plants and turn them into amino acids. Everything else he said was correct tho. Humans are optimized to run on carbohydrates and it’s partly the reason we have trichromatic vision which helps us spot ripe fruits. Carnivores, on the other hand, have dichromatic vision bc their prey actually blends into the environment so they focus on movement rather than color.

  • …and what happens when human beings insist on continuing to eat what is not natural for them? One of the clearest examples is what we are experiencing now: NEW CORONAVIRUS.
    Humans do not eat meat for physiological reasons, but it is a mental disorder. A need for feeling superior to others and to think that other beings must submit to our will, no matter how much they must suffer for it.
    In a very brief way, we can say that speciesism and racism drink from the same source.

  • Would you like to explain to me why I’m a Carnivore and I can run a mile in 6mins 5k in 21 mins I can bench press 100 kg and hold my breath for 2:30? I’m 7% body fat. I’ve only just got back into training. I have no cravings for junk food. I’ve almost cured my mental illness. I’ve cured my asthma and my sex drive is through the roof. I’ll listen to my own body thanks.

  • You see… my question was how did humans acwuire the so claimed tbat characteristic carnivore part? Some how I ended uo clicking this video.
    This vegans are nugging me the fuck off.
    Thats the ultimate and million dollar question.
    How did humans know they can eat meatM

  • Let me just say this the pH of human stomach acid is about 1.5 while a lions is 2.5 humans the only great apes to eat a large amount of meat (us) is the most Intelligence and actually are teeth are designed for eating flesh you could bite your finger of like a carrot but your brain wont let you hurt yourself

    To start I recommend dr Milton Mills to go on a carnivore diet to lose some weight and quit all the carbs so he doesn’t need to drink water all the time.
    So, we can conclude that we are not wolves. But are we herbivores?! Just look this video and you see that we are more alike the wolves than the herbivores! Wolves are standing on their toes, herbivores on their nails! Not all off us are balerina’s. Watch his picture of the skeleton of the cat comparing to the skeleton of the elephant. The one of the cat is much more similar then that of the elephant.
    Also his story about the hunting carnivores are only successful 5%, so, our ancestors where better hunters!
    Then the brein, I don’t understand what he tries to prove there. Humane have a very big brain and yes it needs a lot off energie, meat provides a lot of very easy to digest energie. So, like all the carnivores (having bigger brains then herbivores) we do very well on meat.
    “Our slow speed and poor endurance are most usefull for escaping stinging insects”?!?!!!!!
    After this sentence I realise I am waisting my time….. WHAT A BULLSHIT

  • Now, was this guy on grass fed meats? Was he on zero carb or a carnivore diet? I want you to do study on those people please cause I don’t have colitis anymore said the Doctor and I’ve been eating steak and eggs not grass fed and liver RAW! for about two years now. I’m very healthy now. If everyone ate this way then the doctors and the grain and sugar company’s will loose their jobs now wont they?

  • There is quite a bit of evidence that if we did not climb down the tree to eat proteins our brain would be ape-size and without youtube!

  • This is old, but I’m just going to say this: Humans are the best throwers in the world. Why? Because we kill and eat animals, big animals.

  • This is a great, comprehensive, professionally presented video. Thank you so much, I will share it! I wish more people understood how we are biologically designed to eat.

  • You the Vegan diet is biblical. The three or four Hebrew boys Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Daniel. Read the story on how the king Nebuchadnezzar, that capture them wanted them to eat his rich Delicacies, but to shorten this he allowed them to continue to eat the way they were custom to, eating food from the EARTH. After the three years they were in better shape, physical and mental than the king men.

  • This video is total bullshit. I love it though. The more zombie looking, rotten toothed, skin rashed, sucked up cheeks, bugged eyed vegans are out there, the lower the price of my ribeyes. Go vegans!

  • “Artherosklerosis affects only herbivores” Hmmm, I doubt that argument is a good one. 1. How was that tested? 2. There is a theory on Cholesterin which says that it is not the culprit, but we need it. Cholesterol/in goes inside the arteries to repare damage. We know, that Oxalate christals damage the arteries, so, what if they are the culprit. Herbivores eat many foods rich I oxalic acid. Therefore “testing” it by giving carnivores a fatty diet and saying: “hey, they don’t get artherosklerosis” is not the right way to prove it. A good experiment would be to give carnivores plant foods and see how they do. I bet they’ll get artherosklerosis much faster.

  • Human’s by their nature are omnivores, we developed and evolved on an animal & plant based diet. If people don’t want to eat anything derived from animals for moral reasons then that’s fine, but unless you have a specific allergy, don’t bring up arguments which say that being a herbivore the healthier option.

  • Nah were omnivorous ive been clean plant based vegan for 5 years i had skin rash and hair fell out did not get better with vegan diet but i started eating meat again small amounts now doing much better I believe we need little animal products not absolutely eliminate

  • We only eat altered meat “COOKING” that’s why we eat meat today without this invention what do you think people used to eat “RAW FLESH?” lol smh no way. we most likely ate fruits and vegetables.

  • This is an insult to the vegan intelligence. Answer this: how do herbivores obtain B12 via a natural diet? Can humans obtain B12 in this way? Understand the answers to this an you will see that humans are not herbivores.

  • He looks high as fuck lol I’ma vegetarian but I don’t think eating meat is completely bad it’s how it’s prepared my grandfather died at 107 ate meat everyday so I dunno what to tell you

  • Debrah McCabe This is totally biased information! Humans aren’t the only omnivore. Take bears for example, THEY HAVE CLAWS! What other animal in the animal kingdom apart from primates have hands? We don’t have all flat teeth like most herbivores, we don’t have multiple stomach like most herbivores do, the ph in our stomach is similar to carnivore, NOT herbivore. Rabbits are herbivores, they DONT sip, neither does many other mammals. Like how biased can you get????

  • interesting video. I am not convinced about the conclusions though. Correlations does as we all know not imply causation. The fact, that we CAN live on meat, even exclusively, to me, says something about our options. All the abilities our biology gives us seems to give us the option to choose except from the c vitamin, and probably other nutrients found in plants. but this isn´t the same as to say, that a plant based diet is our “true nature” or anything like that. We are survivors. If people decide to live as vegans or the like, is completely up to them. Just remember to do your research, before wearing the halo. If your cucumber is imported 1000 of miles away, it would be better for the climate to eat the neighbours cow. so all is relative, just do you

  • This is interesting and all but chimpanzees are literally classified as omnivores plus she even said it in the very beginning of the video that animals eat things that they’re meant to be able to eat if human beings weren’t meant to be able to eat meat we wouldn’t be able to digest it properly. And I know some smart ass is going to be like well we have to cook meat first you don’t have to cook all meat actually and we also have to cook certain vegetables as well or they would kill us or at least make us sick.

  • If we lived naturally with no supermarkets how would we survive the winter without meat? no fruit or veg in the UK would be around, question answered yes eat meat but a well-balnced diet and more fruit and veg, especially in the summer.

  • Your information about vitamin C is wrong, if you don’t eat carbs you don’t need much vitamin C, also there is vitamin C for example in lamb’s liver.

  • This man is the most stupidest man in the world. The Inuit people (aka Eskimo) exclusively eat meat, there are no trees ther, no plant grow in snow. This man is dumb dumb dumb.

  • Based on ALL observations and multi-species digestion function studies we are omnivorous carnivores. No amount of superficial observations or other differences between species can change that fact.

  • Can you eat meat? Yes? Can you eat vegetables? Yes?.. Well you are omnivorous. I can eat meat and vegetables without get sick so I’m omnivouros… It isn’t difficult.

  • I hate how people say vegans are healthy its pathetic eating imitation meats and additives to get nutrients its disgusting we arnt designed to be vegans I have 2 friends who went only a week vegans and are now healthy vegetarians therefore eating nuts honey fruits eggs dairy but I mean you do you no wonder vegans are wierd lol it changes your mood alot Ik meat is for pure pleasure but we arnt apes just like bears they eat plants and meat we have enough biteforce to chew and tear meat but like I said we are omnivores by choice and we are healthy so but vegetarians are a good choice we can be both being omnivores can cause less carbs and sugar let that sink it

  • People can choose a diet entirely made of plant products or a diet having both plants and animal product(in varying proportions of each item) and can add in some edible insects too, largely influenced by their personal choices along with area they’re living in, people around, type of food available, etc.
    》》There is no need accept someone else’s advice in this matter without thinking of what you want to do.《《

  • we are not designed. we are evolved so some of the foods we eat were survial pressures.meat just takes its toll if you overindulge

  • Processed meat is only eaten by Western countries.
    In middle East and also in India and Pakistan they eat fresh meat just after slaughter.

  • What a lot of shit. Good for retarded slaves, aka vegans. We are meat eating machines, our guts are design for meat eating.
    You mentioned a wild fruits and berries..come on, show me in forest how long you can survive on eating wild fruits, berries or nuts…not long becouse its not nutritious, caloric enough to survive. Meat is the optimal food for humans.

  • Saying humans were not predators is straight up wishful thinking, sorry. You’re just pulling that out of your ass to support an ideology, it’s a cheap and very bad argument. Go look at a cave paintings, rock shaped spear points, or prehistoric pair of fur shoes. We’ve been played the role of predator for 2.5 million years, when meat was introduced into our ancestors diet. We’ve been hunting things and wearing their skins for at the very least 780,000 years(The first tool used to scrape hides was dated then)

    We are “designed” to be variable depending on what is in our environment. If you live in a cold region with very few plants, you’ll rely solely on meat, like the Inuits. Nothing is unnatural about eating meat, this is a terrible argument for veganism

  • Meat is for flavour and nutrition. Same flavour & nutrition can be achieved from other sources; and in equivalent or better proportions.
    Look, think in an ape man’s manager’s shoes.
    Death has been ‘made’ notorious enough.
    Goats, lambs etc are, particularly, not efficient sources of meat anyways.
    Similarly, milk can be generated from other (non animal) sources.
    Livestock creates a lot of problems.
    Humans first.
    Or rather, “let’s make humans great again.”. ��

  • Dr milton mills is brilliant. I referenced his work when another person referenced a man named Heath Motley DC WHEN HE DEBATED ME ONLINE. This Motley was a fool. He isn’t even a REAL PHYSICIAN LOL.

  • Heretic.
    Fact: Our predecessors we’re eating animal proteins through 2.6 millions years of evolution what allowed us to became homo sapiens.
    Fact: We do have a digesting system that is biologically adapted to digest meat by the evolution and even find it difficult to absorb it from plants for the sake of a lot shorter guts than herbivores.
    Fact: Overcomsumption of animal protein products may lead to many diseases mentioned by a “doctor”. I’m living example of healthy human eating much meat, however I limit red meat in my diet, eat eggs every day, not frying meat in deep oil and my blood pressure, holesterol, blood sugar are almost always completely perfect.
    Fact: We also have a set of predators tooting and canines that are made not for chewing banana. The canines we have, have decreased because we’re not longer (for the past half million years) eating raw meat but cooking it.
    BTW: “Animal protein is toxic to humans and eating it habitually will lead do diseases” Tell it to your all anemic vegan friends for not being able to compensate many important nutrients that are hard to find in the vegetables. Also many people can’t easly absorb iron in supplements, for that reason one of my friends had to start eating meat again.

    Now I’m expecting my comment to be quickly erased. Doing that will ensure me that you have no arguments to conquer mine, therefore I’m right and you just don’t like it. Instead kindly please, join discussion with me, i like to hear what other people have to say.

  • So i don’t know what i am (i eat eggs but no meat and milk) so whatever i am, here is my 30 sec opinion. I think vegans and meat eaters are all biased. I just do what feels logically right for me…. take seeds for example, plants use seeds to pass on their genes… so our digestive systems were never supposed to process beans, seeds and grains and when i eat that shit the lectins inside fights my system… so i dont know how the hell we suppose to be eating these vegan protein..

    The real diet we were suppose to eat was/is fruit, fish on a rare occasion, eggs on rare occasions and here comes the big one…. insects!! I can’t see myself eating a raw potato when i am in starvation but i can see myself eating raw eggs and raw gutted fish.

  • Eskimos eat meats and saturated fats and they don’t have cancer, heart problems. I didn’t eat any plant for last 35 years. Doing great. 70 ears old, still working.

  • I’m not against plant based but if what he is saying is true why does he look so unhealthy? Plus Even meat eaters know dairy is no good for you. So I don’t know why he talk so much dairy.

  • Dr Mills is always amazing ❤️. SIDENOTE you people are annoying lol one second you’re saying Bernard Greger Kapler Mcdougal are “frail” “sick looking” “need to have more fat on them to show people vegans are healthy” but then in the same breath say Mill is fat ��when he’s not. He was in a accident too & Also black people have a very different genetic built so our bodies aren’t like Caucasian, Asians etc. Just listen and pay attention to the MESSAGE

  • So much idiocy here. Whether or not anybody wants to believe it humans are borderline full blown CARNIVORES. Molars and gallbladder are closely resembled to wolves as well as our small canine teeth. Most herbivores have a very small or non existant gallbladder with very close to alkaline stomach acid. Our stomachs are 100,000 times more acidic than a baboons stomach. We can’t digest cellulose or any type of fiber what so ever; not even a little bit of fiber. So why the hell are we eating it? Show me one human that takes 48 hours to digest its food fully like a cow does. Show me one human that has multiple stomachs and who chews in a circular fashion to break down plant matter. We digest food in only a matter of a few hours. Our eyes face forward like apex predators and have depth perception for hunting. This clown comparing elephants to humans saying the biggest animals eat plants so we must be able to be healthy as well. That literally makes no sense what so ever. Big gut and small brain = herbivore. Big brains and small guts = carnivore. Look at cats big and small, they are some of the most intelligent, cunning and deceptive predators on the planet. Look at how a group of lions will box off an area around prey so they can’t escape while instinctively communicating with the other lions about where they are in the ambush. I’m not saying herbivores are not smart in some ways but I’ve never seen any herbivore calculate or scheme up a plan that good ever. We are carnivores by way of 3 million years of evolution. We are super predators. If you think other wise you are just fooling yourself.

  • The fact that most people use the excuse that we have “canines” so we are meant to eat animal flesh and their excretions is just unbelievable!! First off, we couldn’t tear and properly digest raw animal flesh (or even kill them with our mouths for that matter), yet let alone tear an envelope with our teeth!! Secondly, the largest canines on the planet belong to herbivorous animals like the elephant, or the rhino. The whole we have canines for the reason of eating corpses argument is totally irrational, denial, and absolutely hysterical

  • The elephant eating elephants is a silly comment but yes elephants are not eating animals for nutrients. Humans don’t eat humans..derrrr. A point I thought he missed was that humans are also emotionally intelligent which would make them not want to inflict pain on a living being; we get sad when we see cows crammed into a truck because we can feel how they feel. Very nice video. I like to add nutritional yeast to my bag of potato chips for b12:) also if my breakfast is eggs and sausage I feel tired all day, when i eat plants i feel energized most the day.

  • you just debunked yourself, human intestinal tract is just around 4x body length, that of a carnivore. I believe us to be omnivorous, however a solely plant based diet is not nutritionally sustainable and has been proven not to be countless times.

  • HEY VEGANS ����

    DID YOU KNOW? ☺��







  • Every animal is designed to eat meat and will do so given the opportunity.
    Your body constantly takes itself apart and rebuilds itself, in order to do that it needs to be able to metabolize animal cells.
    If it knows how to metabolize something, it knows how to digest it.
    There are lots of videos of herbivores eating meat or scavenging, and all mammals including herbivores eat their afterbirth.

  • I’m keto but I agree dairy is toxic after infantsey because we loose the ability to process milk, he us also completely uneducated about keto, human body makes all the glucose it needs, fats and proteins are the only essential nutrients the human body needs to consume, only processed sugars and processed carbohydrate foods cause the issues hes talking about, cancer is triggered bye high amounts of glucose and only feeds on glucose, cancers have been completely reversed and cured by the keto diet, logan sneed had stage 4 brain cancer and is cancer free because of his stricked keto diet… ketones are a much better cleaner fuel for the brain and it runs even clearer on it, when babies are born there ketone levels are five times higher then what vegans are trying to say is healthy, there just plain wrong, vision has nothing to do with the human food source, this video is completely narcissistic and biased. Nothing he says actually makes any sense whatsoever

  • If we are vegetarians the whaT is all that acid doing floating about in our stomachs when all the omnivores have little or no acid in their guts.

  • note: iam not cherry picking for every claim in health there is criticism not just health but others aswell CLAIM: THIS IS AWFUL VID

    idiotic partially.’elephants don’t eat elephant tissue to build muscle” let me say somthing elephants have a much different body structure and they are herbivores so there digestive system is much more different from us and there diet and how they get there energy from the food. i have a question why do babies drink milk if its “cigarette” the babies should be dying left and right. your are not correct just because some is a expert doesnt mean there always right you have to fact check something your accepting as a fact should be entirely true not just blindly believe in. about osteoporosis in one pound of meat theres 27 milligrams of calcium laughable! in one pound of blueberries 28 grams of calcium LOL! in one pound of salmon 41 grams of calcium one pound(453.6 grams)of milk 567 grams pretty good in one pound of cheese 3.272 grams….. plus cheese has vitamin d on 8 fruits it had low amount of calcium zero or almost zero vitamin d facepalm why? are you even a expert this is just horrible did you cherry or what am i wrong? i hope yes cause this is just crazy like did you do Additional research?

  • Humans were designed to eat meat. we have acidic stomachs, just like a carnivore. This guy is just repeating the myths. Herbivores absorb short chain fatty acids while humans cannot. this guy is just ignorant of facts and pushing the vegan agenda. he is lying about the acidity level of humans. he’s just repeating what he’s been told by other vegans, without mentioning any studies. vegans always talk about teeth and claws, and forget that humans have a huge brain for making tools. look how weak this guy looks.

  • Monkey: human cannine ratio shows, that people are going towards the plant based food. Human digest system works fast with plants then meat. Sometimes we digest meat more then 2 years, red meat especially. Why all cooking books have cover picture of fruits and veggies? Because they are psychological food for people. Fruit is sweet and wants to be eaten, for seed to be shited, and for plant to be spread. Veggies are not sweet, and they don’t want to be eaten frequently, so they hide in the ground, sometime they are sour and crunchy. For those who are vegan, or becoming one, shows that some people didn’t kill their brain cells consuming meat and they can think for themselves (to evolve and adapt). Eat veggies and lower your risk for getting cancer. And yes, this video deserves like.

  • Sure take advice from the unhealthy, fat, badly ageing, lier who makes it up without evidence to support his claims we are herbivores. He is no expert, he might be a self proclaimed expert but he knows nothing about human anatomy and physiology other than what his PhD in chiropractic care taught him.

  • We in India avoided meat eating from thousands of year until the Islamic invasions and Christian missionaries started to manipulate our culture…as our elders said the type of food u eat is the way ur mind will become and that foods qualities do start manifesting in your body

  • The planet seems to be bi-polar, while half of it is finally realizing what we should be eating for good health and that it isn’t the cause of cancer or heart disease, the other half wants us to go vegan.

  • Vegan bring up stupid arguments like Nails and Teeth why they don’t look like lions. They never had any use for them (tools, fire) that’s what caused stabilized selection. Also Herbivores is very broad in its self, as foregut herbivores are far truer to a pure herbivore, unlike the hindguts who can eat far higher sugary fruits (like omnivores and carnivores) and cant process tough material as well as the foregut but can still process cellulose (WE CAN NOT). Also there is no right or wrong way to nature in speciation many that were generalist evolved to eat more plant base or the opposite many evolved to eat more meat. By vegans logic the Panda Bear shouldn’t exist

  • I absolutely agree with this! Since going vegan six months ago I can’t even tell you how amazing I feel. ������ I Feel so energetic I hardly need coffee anymore to get through the day. I challenge any meat eater to go plant-based for a month and then say that we’re not herbivores. You are going to feel so different and amazing!

  • Funny we are made to live to about 35-50 years of age. We delete the natural cycle with manufactured drugs and healthcare. Then are told that we need to live even longer. But society crushes older people. Making them work longer. Giving less health care. Rising cost of just surviving the retirement age. You name it and it gets harder when your old. But still people want you to live. Not in life but in some kind of weird pet scenario. All to watch and make you suffer while telling you to be thankful.
    When it’s my time to go. I’ll go happy as anyone else.

  • Thanks for bringing that up! Every time I ever choked on food it’s always been meat, especially bacon with all the rough stringy fat and stuff.

  • Archeology is made of assumptions, just like ancel keys’ shit investigations. We found some skulls and placed them in line from the biggest to the smallest, then made some guesses and finally called it science)))

    Who cares of what was in the past? Who can find it out for sure? Nobody! We must do experiments instead of…fucking those skeletons

  • Alot of what Dr Mills says appears to make sense. All in all a very good talk, I love the way he says what he says. Unfortunately off topic. It does not answer nor discuss the question “are we designed to eat meat?”

    He has researched carnivores and herbivores, but what about today’s homosapiens? Some of us do well on a plant based diet and some of us do not. Some of us do better on a carnivore diet and some of us do not. I experiment to find out what works better and worse for me, at this point in my life. Some of what worked well for me in my 30s no longer works for me as I approach 70.

    The title of this talk is are we designed to eat meat, not if we are designed to hunt meat as predators. Actually combining our physical abilities (limitations) with our mental abilities (advantages) made us and make us dangerous predators. We may have started off as herbivores with larger stomachs and smaller brains, but at some point in our evolution stomachs became smaller and brains became larger, enter the omnivore. No mention of omnivores?

    I don’t agree that carnivores preselect their prey prior to the chase. On occasion maybe. If they did preselect they would have a higher rate of success. In most cases they initiate the chase and underway it becomes clear who the sick and the lame are. It is not uncommon for an animal to injure itself, break a leg, during the panic of the chase.

    The talk identifies two groups, carnivores and herbivores/humans. Carnivores/humans and herbivores/humans is a much better fit. Some of us thrive as carnivores, some of us as herbivores, and some of us as omnivores. How come omnivores are not mentioned?

    Remember the title? This talk does not discuss OUR ability to EAT meat. Are WE designed to eat meat? Absolutely yes! We may choose not to, but some of us are well designed to eat meat, and some of us thrive on meat alone. We can intermittent fast and in fat adapted mode we can go for days without eating. And we have learnt how to use knives and forks.

    The story on environmental impact is a great topic for further discussion, but has nothing to do with the title of this talk. Are we designed to eat meat? Yes, we are designed to eat meat, alongside other animal and plant based foods.

  • Humans are carnivores, the main source of food for herbivores is grass, do you eat grass from the ground? Or you eat man made fruits and vegetables which will not grow naturally in nature, but I’m sure I can cut off a bird’s head with my teeth and eat it raw without any problem, any of you people who says humans are herbivore just prove it eat grass like other herbivores and show us how you can survive with your herbivore diet.

  • This humans shouldn’t eat meat argument falls apart when we look at chimps. Chimps will hunt monkeys when there low on iron. Humans should eat meat but only a small amounts. The other argument that we have to cook meat to make it more easier to chew and digest is almost a pointless argument as well because we have to do that to most of the none meat items we eat. Try eating a bowl of patatoes raw and see how you feel. Most of the time we don’t cook food to make is easy to eat, we cook food because it taste better. Humans use tools we make to do almost everything so saying we don’t have the natural tools to take meat off the bone is stupid as well.

  • I’m brand new learning �� vegan! I’m falling in love with vegetables especially broccoli ��!! Nd nuts �� I’m loving walnuts! It like a whole world opened up to me way more better than eating meat! And my libido has woken up more shocking my husband now with how much more romance in the bedroom area now! Husband told me yesterday that I look better happier healthier I’m like a completely different person he’s even now considering going vegan too! Been trying for a baby so maybe this year it’ll finally happen I’ve heard changing diet helps with that! Who knows! Hoping can also get off some of my medication soon!

  • Eat raw meat and organs for 90%+ of total caloric intake and true healing comes, not from cooked grain fed shit every once in a while

  • I dont eat meat but he lost me when he said he believe in evolution. Alot of people hate God meat was introduce to our diets the problem is meat is tainted now and in Exo 20 it does teach the lawful meats to eat. Ecclesiasticus 37:29-30
    [29]Be not unsatiable in any dainty thing, nor too greedy upon meats:
    [30]For excess of meats bringeth sickness, and surfeiting will turn into choler.

  • We literally have canine teeth which is made for guess what MEAT. I can’t believe this, this doctor should know humans are OMNIVORES, not carnivores nor herbivores. And we know this because of our teeth. This man needs his facts checked because he so, obviously has a bias.

  • Admittedly I’m very cynical, but I don’t believe the dietary changes will ever occur. Physicians will be kept in the dark, and those who break ranks will risk being ostracized or losing their licenses. As in any totalitarian society, they will have to keep their recommendations secret. Keeping people sick fuels the multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry. That’s precisely why any lifestyle that truly does resolve disease is squelched. If you wonder why studies are rarely done on people eating Keto/ZC, it’s because they are afraid of what it will reveal, so there’s no funding for it. And if any are done, getting them published is an uphill battle. And the fact that a plant-based diet is promoted by the government, world agencies, and the media is perhaps political proof that it will lead to a sicker population.

  • The main reason we humans became the big brained animals we are was because of eating meat and bone marrow if we were totally vegatarin your eyes would be on the side of your head and you would have four stomachs

  • why do you think the early humans even started eating meat, and know were saying it’s not necessary? I am vegan mostly for the animals but i know it has a lot health benefits, but i have that question��

  • On the closing words of this video; I hope so! Better sooner than later. Silently hoping I’m going to be around to see signs of it.