How you can Transform Obvious Indications of Burnout into Fulfillment


Signs, Symptoms and Solutions for Job Burnout

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Recognizing the Early Signs of a “Burnout” | Dr. Robert J Wicks

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What Parental Burnout Looks Like (and How to Avoid It)

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Emotional Burnout

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The Science of BURNOUT! | Kati Morton

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Burnout Vs. Depression How To Tell the Difference

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Burnout Is Now A Legitimate Diagnosis: Here Are The Symptoms And How To Treat It | TODAY

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You can consciously change your workload, says life coach Susie Moore. Tell yourself you will not volunteer for extra things and will say no to everything that’s not necessary, she suggests. Tell yourself you will not volunteer for extra things and will. Feeling and identifying the signs of job burnout is a powerful way to arm yourself with the strategies and resources needed to prevent it from bringing you down into the trenches of despair.

When Marie-Cécile’s burnout with her work hit, it was so bad she couldn’t get out of bed. The experience made her completely reassess how she approaches work, relationships, and boundaries. Enforce reasonable work hours, including encouraging breaks.

Help assess workloads for those who may feel pressured to work beyond normal business hours. Encourage social support and respect among team members through video chats. Be an example of an employee who creates time for work, time for rest and time for play. With burnout, I’ve personally noticed the effects spill into other areas of my life, and that’s when I knew I had to get it under control.” If you feel exhausted at work, treat your feelings as a.

2. Signs you’re suffering from burnout (and how to diagnose its source) The main signs and symptoms of burnout to watch out for; How your workplace is causing burnout: Common risks associated with feeling burnt out; 3. Coming back from burnout: The best strategies and tips for recovery. No one can expect change if its need and routes aren’t well-known. This means publicizing the nature, causes and – most importantly – signs and symptoms of burnout. That in turn means developing trainings for teachers to help them recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout. This has to change.

The ripple effects of burnout can be profound, so it’s important for you to recognize the warning signs in yourself and others. Here are 9 warning signs of burnou. Nurse burnout is a physical, mental, and emotional state caused by chronic overwork and a sustained lack of job fulfillment and support. Common burnout symptoms may include physical or emotional exhaustion, job-related cynicism, and a low sense of personal accomplishment. • Help organize and prioritize work into manageable and clear expectations.

These changes can help rebuild energy over time and aid in recovery. Many of the approaches found in Accommodation Strategies may also help support employee productivity to avoid burnout.

List of related literature:

For example, take the time after the burning ritual to write affirmations or write lists of positive aspects about your life right now.

“Shadows Before Dawn” by Teal Swan
from Shadows Before Dawn
by Teal Swan
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Banishing burnout: six strategies for improving your relationship with work.

“Stress Consequences: Mental, Neuropsychological and Socioeconomic” by George Fink
from Stress Consequences: Mental, Neuropsychological and Socioeconomic
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Find that defining moment or moments or period when your energy cycle stopped being positive and fulfilling, and became negative and draining.

“The Joy of Burnout: How the End of the World Can Be a New Beginning” by Dina Glouberman
from The Joy of Burnout: How the End of the World Can Be a New Beginning
by Dina Glouberman
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Burnout is worsened by not coping adequately with these emotional responses or taking the necessary time to process experiences, review goals, and recharge batteries by addressing the need for self care.

“Textbook of Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition” by Joanne Wolfe, Pamela Hinds, Barbara Sourkes
from Textbook of Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition
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When you have cleared the negativity from the emotion, complete the corresponding positive aspect listed at the end of each clearing process.

“The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness” by Inna Segal, Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
from The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness
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Burnout is at the final stage of the model and expresses itself via the three dimensions of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, or personal accomplishment.

“Educator Stress: An Occupational Health Perspective” by Teresa Mendonça McIntyre, Scott E. McIntyre, David J. Francis
from Educator Stress: An Occupational Health Perspective
by Teresa Mendonça McIntyre, Scott E. McIntyre, David J. Francis
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Mood is determined differently here than the way I proposed in Chapter 5: First, Em combines all the top-level positive emotions, e.g., joy, hope, happy-for, etc., summing their intensities as follows:

“Affective Computing” by Rosalind W. Picard
from Affective Computing
by Rosalind W. Picard
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When burnout begins, the employee’s sense of engagement begins to fade and a corresponding shift occurs from positive feelings to their negative counterparts.

“The Burnout Companion To Study And Practice: A Critical Analysis” by Wilmar Schaufeli, D. Enzmann
from The Burnout Companion To Study And Practice: A Critical Analysis
by Wilmar Schaufeli, D. Enzmann
Taylor & Francis, 1998

First be concerned with catharsis, with cleaning out your mind, throwing everything out, so that you become empty and vacant just a passage for something from the beyond to enter.

“Meditation: The Art Of Ecstasy” by Osho
from Meditation: The Art Of Ecstasy
by Osho
Diamond Pocket Books (P) Limited, 2003

When the emotions are balanced then this cycle continues in a positive manner and is known as the ‘construction’ cycle.

“Daoist Nei Gong: The Philosophical Art of Change” by Cindy Engel, Damo Mitchell
from Daoist Nei Gong: The Philosophical Art of Change
by Cindy Engel, Damo Mitchell
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2011

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  • Yep, I am counting down my 6 days till I am gone. I have worked in a doctor’s office for many years and we are all way overworked, underpaid and not enough people to help. Patients suffer as well as employees and no one really seems to care so bye bye.

  • i ACTUALLY BURNOUT while working in a company and doing my masters studies starting from the panic attacks, psychosis, and enentually end up living with my parents at home. Now, I just having panic and fear just from the thought of working or getting a job.

  • I’ve been thinking that I’m dealing with burnout right now. This video almost solidified a couple viewpoints that affirms what I thought. It was good to know that the symptoms of burnout and depression are similar because that’s what I thought I was feeling, but felt that it wasn’t depression. Also…my mind blew open when you talked about how we can feel guilty on the negative feelings, even when the positive feelings are a tangible thing. I’ve been getting many compliments on what I’ve done at my job, but don’t take time to acknowledge probably because I’m viewing/nitpicking the negative out of it. The “i could’ve done this better” or “I need to work on this”. That has been such a constant going on that it makes me feel better knowing that that is also a sign of burnout.

  • Heck, I could have really used info like this a few years ago. I was burning for what felt like that whole year. Talking about those neurological changes, it scares me. But I understand it better now. Why I used to lash out at all my friends. Why I would just sit in corners rocking back and forth. Why I felt the urge to just go and kick a tree sometimes. I thought I was losing my mind. I suppose it was more like my mind was changing under me, knowing what I do now.

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  • Well done Kati! Great to see how your channel is growing, and just getting better! We met about a year ago at MGM waiting to go on camera. You gave me some courage to start my channel.

  • I’m definitely burned out! I’m just over it. I need a break from eveverything. Its manifesting into anger and some hormonal depression.
    Thx for this video Doc ��‍⚕️

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  • * People can hold up well against stress if they are getting satisfaction from their work
    * The way to reduce burnout is to either change the environment or the individual
    * To cope with the work setting, set time boundaries. Don’t be infinitely available.
    * Prioritize sleep
    * Exercise
    * Meditation. Headspace.

    * Consider changing companies or jobs

  • I was really negativity primed by the last micrOOoHglia video of this guy but… this was more average than the last video. Unfortunately, like with the last video and many of these assotiative studies, it’s unclear what the cause of the association is. It’s e.g. unclear whether feeling disconnected with your kid is a mere consequence of being disorganized. Or the other way round, your personality is more prone to having difficulties relating to others in general. Well, yes, there’s an association… but what exactly have we learnt here?!
    Regardless of this, I’m not faulting the speaker (unlike last neurobiology upload)

  • I have been working 50+ hours at my job for years. Not to mention not fitting in well with the culture at my job.
    As Im now 50+ the rigors of all this is taking its toll on me physically. Thank you for a great video!

  • I like when he touches on human evolution not preparing us for this. This is something I’ve thought a lot about. We’re all supposed to conform to a cookie cutter 9-5 lifestyle and there’s so much emphasis put on “the hustle.” But we’re all so different with totally different needs and lifestyles that work best for us, and the 9-5 hustle doesn’t adapt with that diversity. The biggest tragedy is that instead of questioning the system itself, we just blame ourselves when we experience burnout. This has defined my twenties and I wish I had realized this truth much sooner.

  • Thank you so much for this! It’s so so so relatable. I have been a YouTuber for 7 years and just listening to “what it is” makes me feel relieved, like… oh I’m not going crazy ☺️

  • I had a question. What if anything burns you out? I match a lot of burnout in that if I can relax and do whatever I want I feel okay and I am able to relax, but then the second school starts back up I feel burned out in a matter of weeks or sometimes days. Also, it isn’t just school. It is like if I have to do anything in my life and I can’t just relax and do nothing, I start to get stressed and anxious and burnout. This is where I start to feel a more general hopelessness as if no matter what I do, I can never be content. I am always just going to suffer unless I am able to remove responsibility from my life which isn’t possible. I am also in the process of getting diagnosed with ADHD, so maybe it has something to do with that, but idk. It is hard to figure out what’s going on in my brain when different things match parts of different disorders, but nothing perfectly.

  • Key to life is to live a simple life. “Go to school, get married, have kids, get a mortgage, get a well paying job to sustain this life style”….it goes on and on. Simple life is best.

  • 3:50 The Sunday evening dread is what brought me here. I have a great paying job that pays bills, but I don’t like being there. It’s now Sunday evening, and it’s the last day of a 2 week break from work. I was giddy for the first week, but I began feeling depressed about going back. I think I’m just burned out. I’ve held this job for 15 years and have reported to the same director, who has no desire to develop her direct reports. Everyone reporting to her is basically there to help her succeed in her role. She continually hires external people to fill senior roles and does not promote anyone existing in our division into these roles. The only way up, is to leave. I guess I’ve had enough of my job, but I feel afraid to leave and start over.

  • I’ve suffered from depression at times in my life especially as a teen and young adult when I had major breakdowns. A really toxic work environment in 2011 really messed me up though, and in general, the work I was doing burned me out over a course of 14 years, so now I’m trying to retrain into something less demanding.

  • Thank you for this. I was starting to feel crippling burnout earlier in the year (a mix of a long commute and a toxic and isolated office environment) to the point where I would consistently oversleep, and feel like I had to physically drag myself to work each day. I was trying to figure out how to address it with my employer by advocating for a partial remote schedule when the pandemic hit. Once allowed to work from home full-time due to the shelter-in-place mandates, my overall mood and attitude to my work improved significantly. Now forced to return to the office, my anxiety levels are suddenly back up, and I’m having mood swings, episodes of sleepless and diarrhea, plus brain fog on the days I have to go in. It’s becoming pretty clear that a minor adjustment in my schedule isn’t going to fix this, and I need to find a long-term solution in the form another job.

    En daar zat Cavia weer op kantoor. Buiten woei het, en er tikte een tak tegen het raam.
    Kim mailde: ‘Maar wat is er dan gebeurd?’
    ‘Enzo moest ineens terug. Vanwege de raad van bestuur. Maar verder was het heel leuk.’
    Gelukkig had Enzo haar meteen gebeld toen ze weer in Nederland waren. En hij had gezegd dat ze snel weer gingen afspreken. Maar ze wist niet of ze hem nu moest bellen of juist niet.
    Kim begon met rollende ogen haar aandacht te vragen maar omdat Ruud dit soort onderonsjes altijd meteen doorhad, mailde Cavia snel: ‘Later.’
    ‘Daar hou ik je aan!’ mailde Kim terug. 
    Even later kwam er ook een mail van Roy binnen, waar alleen maar in stond: ‘Wat hoor ik nou?’
    Meteen daarna zei Ruud ineens: ‘Zo Caaf, heb je de banden met het moederconcern even lekker strak aangehaald?’ Hij lachte.
    ‘Hm,’ zei Cavia.
    Het was stil. Kim mailde: ‘Hij heeft het niet van mij.’
    ‘Ja, mag ik even iedereens aandacht?’ klonk het ineens uit de hoek van Stella. ‘Harm-Jan van IT komt voorlopig niet meer op het werk omdat hij een burn-out heeft, dus als iemand nog een neefje heeft dat iets van IT weet…’
    ‘Hè?’ zei Kim. ‘Harm-Jan?’
    ‘Wilde hij dat zelf wel?’ vroeg Cavia achterdochtig.
    ‘Nou, dat laat ik even in het midden,’ zei Stella. ‘Maar in algemene zin kan ik erover zeggen dat we hier werken met mensen die gemotiveerd zijn en er voor de volle tweehonderd procent voor kunnen gaan, en anders zoeken we naar een oplossing.’ 
    ‘Maar hij komt toch wel terug?’ vroeg Kim. 
    ‘Daar gaat de bedrijfsarts over,’ zei Stella, ‘maar de kern van mijn boodschap was dus: áls je een werkloze nerd kent… graag melden.’ 
    ‘Burn-out is natuurlijk ook gewoon een ander woord voor aanstelleritis,’ zei Ruud. 
    ‘Nou Ruud, dat moet je niet zeggen,’ begon Kim, ‘ik ken iemand die helemaal niet meer kon ademen, echt!’
    ‘Als je helemaal niet meer kunt ademen, dan ga je dood,’ zei Ruud. ‘Wat uiteindelijk ook een oplossing van het probleem is.’
    Het was even stil.
    Cavia’s telefoon trilde. Een sms. Van Enzo.
    ‘Ik kan best lekker koken,’ stond er.

  • This is a tough one for me, because I had a depression diagnosis before I started a job, but I did okay for a while there, a couple of years( even though I never really felt as if I fit in, never felt part of the team). After a while, I became so unhappy there that I started going in late, missing days; I would complete my work on other days, at night, though. I ended up having a major depressive episode, with hospitalization, and while I was in the hospital, just before I was to discharge, I developed some severe anxiety at the thought of going back to the job. I’d never ever experienced that before. So, I’m just not sure what to call that.:-/

  • Okay. So I’m depressed and burnt out. I changed jobs because I knew the one I had was burning me out, but then 4 days into training for my new job, my new employer got rid of me. I tried to look on the bright side, and consider my unemployment an “unplanned vacation.” I tried to take it easy, and “reset.” I tried to think of a new plan. I tried to stick to a routine and pull myself back together. I simply can’t shake the feeling that anything I try to do simply won’t work because I’ve been the problem all along.
    I get it, Dr. Marks. You would put me on anti-depressants. Problem solved. Now, can you prescribe me anything for no mental health insurance coverage?

  • Modern culture places too high of an emphasis on reproduction. From my own anecdotal observations, I’d guess that under 30% of Americans are mentally qualified to actually raise children, and about that percentage have genes that might be beneficial to future generations. My own parents should not have been allowed to have kids. They’re both too self centered, typical of the baby boomer generation. And they’re genes did not produce very good results either.

  • I am just thankful Dr. Marks that you made videos such as these. I sure am suffering from something.

    I feel like I am losing it everytime I am in distress. My doctor said I am having anxiety so I am happy I was able to watch your videos.

  • Idk if im emotionally brunt out bc i dont know what i can stress about? I dont really think about the corona so idk and im 12? So-? But i feel overwhelmed and get headachesfor a couple weeks now i dont feel like tidying my room or taking care of myself i stay in bed all day and cry? Why do i get angry so easily bc idk why i just hate that and i stay in my room all day? So i get rest but i still feel like shit so i don’t know anymore i feel numb at times i just want to talk to someone but at the same time i don’t wanna annoy people sorry im prob just lazy and annoying sorry if you read that all:(

  • My parents didn’t even show up to my Highschool graduation…. they still Tell me how stressful it was to ignore me. Not everybody should have kids.

  • I’ve felt de personalized and unappreciated at work. The people are toxic. I’m not legally getting paid all I’m working for. But with covid going on and no vehicle I’m limited to a small town and my only option would be customer service. I quit customer service after 8 years because it drained me of having any self worth. I really don’t want to go back

  • Also very cool when you think about the amygdala getting larger and the impact on the prefrontal cortex as it relates to some of the more impulsive symptoms of burnout like absenteeism, ethical issues, and irritability. The enlarged amygdala is pushing impulsivity!

  • Took care of an expensive fake baby like 2 years ago for a high school and i burned out but he 1st time it cried, i shall never have kids. Pressed the kill switch

  • Thank you. I quit my job today after my manager told me my work had become crappy. I realized she was right. I haven’t felt engaged with my job for 6 months or more. Have been unable to focus, write, and feel apathetic. I didn’t realize I was burnt out until my girlfriend described that my brain fogginess sounded like burn out.

    My question is, has COVID made it more difficult for people to tell the difference? For a while I thought the epidemic was what made me depressed. But putting in my two weeks has already shifted my mood a bit.

  • I have this problem and it is multiple by the situation of chronic debilitating pain. I was not a perfect parent but I was 85% better to my other children. My last child is only getting leftovers. She is also my hardest child to raise because, she is smart, headstrong. She had so much energy, we all have a hard time keeping up.

  • Hi there, thank you for your message. 2 years ago I suffered a mental breakdown/burnout and was hospitalized for near suicide. It was from being over worked and heart broken. I am 29 now. Can I fully recover? Thank you. I am currently seeing a phsycologist and phsyciatrist, I’m just terrified about going back to work

  • My husband always is in automatic it scares me specially if he’s driving I know he is in that mode when he starts repeating his own words time and time again I can predict what he says before he does is there a link?

  • Wow, thanks. I’ve been confused about the difference.

    I now understand I’m in a burnout phase. I have so much work piled up and so many missed deliverables that I don’t see myself catching up. The idea of someone even talking half of my workload would make me happier.

  • This so correct. The burnout can trigger a depression. That’s what happened to me 1 year ago. I felt totally trapt in a job that was not fulfilling in any way that I couldn’t function any more. I was 62 years old and had no perspective. Afther 2 1/2 years I finally got better. I’m retired and doing good.
    Thank you for the clear information ����

  • Currently reducing my burnout by simply living day to day and trying not to focus on the future too much because that’s a great source of anxiety for me! But then again seeing the bigger picture also helps?? Also lots of naps and cuddles when I’m at home from work.

  • For me, it really helped to know that we can suffer from burnout from things not necessarily job-related like being a stay at home mom or maybe even studying. Because there were times in my life when I was going through this and I wasn’t working at that time. I had no idea why I was being so… emotional. Naturally, if the amygdala is enlarged, it’d make things like anger outbursts or even crying spells that much more common and it helps me understand myself better. Thanks Katie, really helped <3

  • Misdiagnosed. I was misdiagnosed. Burned-out I was, not depressed; because my brain was overloaded when using an SSRI and Remron. Which changed who I’m in a matter of two weeks.

  • Very nicely produced video!
    Camera, sound and editing is great!
    (Also liked the animations)

    I long thought burnout was the same as exhaustion disorder, but your videos have helped make them separate!
    Is exhaustion disorder a thing in the US?

  • I’m almost crying from watching this video. As a self-funded PhD researcher, I’ve been incredibly driven and engaged in my work but in the last couple of months my supervisor has turned against me, discarded all my work and made me feel completely worthless. Most of my thoughts now revolve around feeling lost, empty and dumb. And for the first time in my life, I’ve lost all interest in what I do.

  • Glad to find your videos today. I’m having a burnout recently, I think. At some point, I can even skipped a meal just because I wanted to sleep. I’ve tried to set boundaries now. Looks like it kinda worked, but not too consistent since I still can feel guilty about it.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with dysthymia(10+ years ago), but I think I’m experiencing burn out (probably have been for a couple years). I’ve said for 4 years that my job doesn’t utilize any of my skills/strengths and requires that I work harder to compensate for my weaknesses. Plus, I’m a single parent who receives no outside assistance, no child supportno government assistance. My parents have offered watch my kiddo for a few hours a week so he gets a break from his after school program (i.e. while I am at work). That’s it.
    I thought I was depressed but…. when I do get away for a little bit. It feels SO NICE.
    Thank you SO MUCH. This was very helpful. Time to make some scary changes….

  • growing up with a burnt out parent is especially hard. it sucks being a kid and feeling like your parent doesn’t love you or want you.

  • This is sort of unrelated but this is the only place I can think of to ask this. My friends mom drinks a lot and is abusive but my friend still loves her mom and doesn’t want to tell cps. I don’t know what to do and how I can support her.

  • Thank you so much for this video. My 19yr old daughter was 5150 and 5250 due to a hypomania episode she never had displayed before. She was diagnosed w BD and we are devastated. We are supporting her and you made me understand w all of your videos! Thank you.

  • I had experienced burnout and it brought me to the point of contemplating suicide. After an anxiety attack from the heavy workload & loss of heart in what I was doing I had a wake up call. I always thought I was never doing enough and after taking a break to step back. I realized how great I do have it and I am now seeking ways to really have a full life outside of work. Also, to actually enjoy the fruits of my labour which has paid off in ways I couldn’t realize in the dread of another work day. So far, I am feeling a lot better now. But, thank you for touching on this topic in such depth. Super excited to watch the rest of this series.:)

  • More activation or activation at abnormal times makes sense. As far as I recall, that’s what happens when we are consistently over-aroused. The amygdala becoming bigger, due to it’s overuse, is logical as well. If it does become bigger, does that mean efficiency is decreased? And, if efficiency is decreased, would an appropriate treatment be in the efficient use of fight or flight system?

    Okay, so follow me on this logic:

    Working through a phobia is liking working for the effective use of fight or flight.
    When to use fight or flight is learning the effective use.

    However, if we never allow the phobia to fully develop, fight or flight is working effectively.
    Yet, we may be able to develop a more efficient use of the fight or flight system.
    To do so, we must be able to rationalize fears before they become full-blown phobias.
    So, slowly developing the understanding of a smaller and less intense fear to be irrational is the process of developing an efficient use of the fight or flight system.
    It becomes more efficient in the sense that we are able to decide by the mechanisms at which we previously utilized for any novel fears.
    That is, we are better prepared to understand which things are worth fearing and which are irrational fears.

    This doesn’t really apply to burnout quite as easily. But, it may have some importance in situations in which people are not able to leave their profession as easily. Being able to rationalize the steps for being able to leave a burnout situation may be important. What do you think?

  • I’d need a lot longer than a week of stress-free living. But it would definitely help. I actually feel pretty optimistic, but only if I had time to de-stress. I’m just glad I’m not in a pit of depression.

  • im burnt out yet i don’t know that i am. and now that i know that i am burnt out, it is already leading me to depression. any ways to help?

  • I think burnout is as much a societal problem as an individual one. It would be interesting to ascertain what the baseline norm of not being burnt out is, how many would fit that criteria? It’s clear that at times of recession, burnout will be an epidemic in some sections of society, The needs to survive as opposed to the tendencies to strive are maybe as prone, where the immediate and pressing needs of sufficiency are barely achieved or need constant repeated efforts to do so. Having some sense of possibility and choice are human needs and this for many is in scarce supply.

  • Thank you for this video. I wonder what does a person do if they are battling depression that has lead to feelings of burnout and its a cycle of suicidal thoughts the desire to run away but then the idea of a holiday makes you think “whats the point!?” I hope you can advise. Thank you

  • I’m the father of a 16 year old, a 13 year old and a 6 year old. I could have told these researchers about parental burnout without all the trouble of doing a study. It is real. It sucks. Therapy helps.

  • My passion is art. I started drawing for as long as i can remember, and i’d draw all day and night. It was really fun to do, but recently i’ve been feeling unmotivated to draw. Not even just sketch. I felt painful to draw or paint anything and for some reason i can’t think of anything to draw anymore.

    It might be art block, but i’ve never had such an intense unmotivated feeling before. I’m getting worried that i might be losing interest in my passion because it’s the best thing about me. I’ve invested so much into my passion.

    I need help. Is there any advice? Or this burnout kinda thing just part of the journey? Should i just keep my mind off my passion for a while? I really need guidance.

  • this is a great video, but what if your character and temperament don’t match well with the culture and demands of this generation? (not just work but this time period in general?)

  • Not taking two 15’s (which together is 30 minutes) and never guaranteed a lunch (another 30 minutes). That is why people avoid healthcare. Way too much paper work and such a lack of resources and misuse of facility money. Retail workers have more rights then nurses or doctors.

  • This was very helpful. I’m bipolar and deal with depression often. But lately I’ve been dealing with really bad burnout. Like thinking about work just makes me feel gross. I get overwhelmed and just need to walk away. I actually talked to my boss about taking a break from work for a few weeks to reset myself and come back feeling mentally better and better to be around since I work with customers all day.

  • it’s strange because due to a recent life event, i feel like prior to it I had burnout that has now spiralled into low-level depression. But it’s probably best to consult a doctor irl than self-diagnose, thank you for the helpful comparisons!

  • Such a growing problem these days…. There are specific skill sets to manage burnout, including 1) set some boundariesat work and at home 2) step back from the situation to gain some clarity. Often we are too close to the situation to get correct perspectives 3) find an accountability partner or coach to help you stay accountable to your boundaries. It’s easy to fall back into old habits without someone to report back to! These three steps can start you on a path to regain some control in your life. I’m a women’s burnout coach and can share more proven techniques that have brought profound clarity, peace and productivity to my students. Offering a masterclass exclusively for women: Basing Burnout and Reclaim your Life. If you are interested in learning more, reply directly to me below.

  • my emotion is out of when i watch tv my emotion get connected to tv or to anyone anywhere beside me.what should i do.please tell me.

  • I’m burned out…I feel so sad right now as i type this. I never got the chance to travel ANYWHERE. Soon as i was about to book my first trip, covid happened now I’m stuck here. I work at the unemployment office so my workload quadrupled almost overnight. I’m blessed to have a job but I need a vacation. I wish I would’ve had the chance to travel before all this happened because I know things will never be the same…

  • You speak very well. I have been burned out now for almost two years with my high stress/high paying job. I feel ok when I’m off but the dread and depression quickly sets in just thinking about my return to work. The environment in my work place is very negative, moral is very low. And that’s the total opposite of how I am and try to be. My salary is very good, I have 10 years in now with a good amount of vacation time and decent benefits. That makes me scared to leave. I have a family of 5 and I constantly weigh my options for leaving. In the end I keep coming in doing just enough to stay off the radar. I feel unfulfilled and I hate myself for now doing something about it. I just dont know how. Thanks for letting me vent here

  • This video described so much of what I experienced in undergrad and grad school. I went to a local school and I was never a good fit but I always felt so frustrated but after classes were done, I’d feel ok, not great but just fine. This explains so much. Thank you

  • I adore all the animation/cutaways that’s in here, really helps to visualise all this brain talk! Finding this series super interesting, thanks Katie ☺️

  • When your eldest is a boy and he has a three years younger sister, they reach puberty at about the same time.

    It meant war started at breakfast each day for about a year. Parenting before that time looked like a piece of cake in retrospect.

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  • What about burnout from a childhood of emotional abuse/emotional incest? Or does that fall into the longer term camp and get labelled depression?

  • Here in Sweden we have special clinics for burnout, and the criteria is different than these three you describe here. It has to do with changes in the brain (this has been proven) where you experience memory loss, you can’t concentrate at all, information just doesn’t stick, you can forget where you live or where you are going sitting in the car driving the same road you do every day etc. It’s scary stuff. The body simply “stops functioning” and you can’t get out of bed or you pass out due to exhaustion. It’s so much more serious than “you don’t feel like going to work”. Recovery, if you have a serious burnout, can take years. It doesn’t need to include depression, but some people have that at the same time. This is a serious syndrome, if you really have burnout syndrome it wont matter how much you WANT to get back to work and life, it wont help with positive thinking or just a little rest. It’s a serious, serious syndrome that needs to be taken very seriously. But it’s positive that this gets more recognition in other countries as well. Many get diagnosed with depression, but that is a different thing.

  • Working long physical grave shift hours and let me tell you that by the end of my shift I feel like I am stoned and drunk…it really sucks the life out of me when it comes to cleaning because my car is filled with garbage…I am literally Oscar the Grouch lifestyle, but on my days off I make sure to get plenty of rest and I deep clean like crazy

  • I had to kick myself out of my mother’s house because I had burn out for a few years. My mental health is a million times better now. ��

  • well hi Kati and thanks a lot for all your videos, i like them, you’re so comprehensive and kind, that’s basically what everyone that struggles with mental issues likes to receive!
    don’t know if you’ll read this but i’ve dealt with dysthymia and chronic pains through almost the biggest part of my life, but i’m still struggling to have proper diagnosis and treatments and sometimes it’s just really hard for me also to do the simplest things not only emotionally but also phisically, due to a chronic tiredness that sometimes seems to hit very bad and harder.
    i was wondering if you could make a video about chronic fatigue syndrome and its correlations with depression and anxiety, you know, just to understand how to deal properly with that kind of issues, i’m trying my best to be conscious and self-aware of all my problems.
    thanks a lot and greetings from Italy! <3

  • Hi Kati! I love your videos and you’ve helped so much with seeking help and processing my BPD diagnosis. I was just wondering if you could do a video talking about the highs that come with BPD. We always focus so much on the lows, but I do experience “manic” symptoms as well. I’m also planning to talk about this in my next session but I’d love to hear you speak on it! Thanks for everything that you do!

  • I really needed to hear you speak on this topic. I’m feeling everything you said I want to close my company completely. Things are getting worse daily!! My personality is changing no appetite, no sleep, no sex in 12 years I’m pissed off quite a bit and frustrated in every way possible. It’s almost like I’m dying a very slow and Extremely Painful Death!

  • I have both, I think. I know I’m depressed I’ve been diagnosed but I also think I have a burn out. So this video was quite weird for me��

  • From what I gathered from your videos, I definitely have burnout (I’m a CPS social worker) and experience anxiety/panic attacks related to the burnout. I plan to incorporate exercise to help alleviate some of my symptoms, as well as other tips you mentioned. Praying for relief. Thanks for your videos Dr. Marks.

  • The thoughtfulness, introspection, humanness (is that a word?), and depth you go in your subjects kept me tuned in. Your back and forth “pain in the ass” is what made me subscribe. Honestly, thank you for these videos.

  • Back when I used to volunteer at a rabbit rescue I was told that burnout is very common in the rescue world (and also that vets have a high rate of suicide). Seeing so many bad cases and animals dying despite your efforts, as well as the emotional effect of witnessing neglect and trying to educate ignorant/stubborn people. It all gets too much…but then you feel guilty for feeling that way because the animals need an avdvocate and continued support. It takes a lot of emotional and mental strength to be involved in that world.

  • My Mom repeatedly would say how I seem in a rut. I wonder if it is more of a burnout thing. I tend to look at this reality in a very simple way with a view on it being eternal. And we are all linked through this eternal reality. The implications of that eternal reality are such that I feel in no rush to do anything. It may seem like apathy to an outside observer and perhaps it is. Or perhaps a form of nihilism although, within the confines of life, I do think there is meaning. In any case I find I must push myself out of this eternal way of thinking and force myself to focus on more immediate things to get myself to take action. Or maybe my brainy mind finds all manner of reasons to be a slacker?:D Idk about myself at times but I do not see this life as anything more than a vessel I currently find myself in and, in an eternal sense, I have nothing better to do anyway since there is no way out of any of this ultimately. This reality may be simple but it’s also strange which is partly the point. Anyway, love your videos as always. Very informative and insightful.

  • Thank you Kati for creating this wonderful video and giving me some tools to use. This is a wonderful topic to talk about. Please do more video on this wonderful topic.

  • Fantastic content, Kati; thank you for sharing! So glad to have found you and your videos… Just subscribed (Although I would subscribe just to hear your beyond bodacious laugh!)

  • One quick question, what are the effects, consequences if you use cannabis, “schrooms” or all those supposed medicinal drugs while being on Abilify or BP meds??? Thank you in advance for your response.

  • I was so interested to hear that burnout takes some time to recover from. I had a horrible couple years at work. Even though this year is immeasurably better, I’ve still felt burned out. I am looking forward to much more from this series! ♥️

  • Uh huh…great suggestions unless you don’t have anyone who will take your kids for awhile and you don’t have the money to send them anywhere.

  • i’d love to see more research on parental burnout with disabled kids (i was one). they constantly have unmet needs, not enough resources and are put on pedestals as being inspirational. my mom raised me alone, with another kid, while on welfare and going through nursing school. NO ONE should have to do that without help. parental burnout can disrupt attachment and affect the mental health of the kids, as well

  • THE ANIMATIONS!!! Also thank you for this video. Im struggling with a job i love and pays well but recently has become quite grueling to go to. Funny how this popped up just in time.

  • My man ruined the entire episode’s finish when he said to go be distracted in a Facebook group rather than have a meaningful talk with your family.

  • 1) If your kid has more than one extracurricular activity, that’s too many. Find their passion and nurture it. It will feel more fulfilling to both of you and will make both of your day less stressful.

    2) While they are doing their thing, do your thing. Stop trying to fit more crap into your schedule. Just breathe. Things will get done eventually. It’s ok to be selfish for an hour or two.

    3) Our kids just want a good parent. They don’t care if we aren’t perfect.

    4) You want happy kids and your kids want a happy parent. That should be your goal. Forget about what society will say; as long as everyone at home is healthy and happy, it will be ok.


  • The problem is there are quite a few employers out there that don’t care. They will work you until you break and just get someone else. Yes you can just quit but that is sometimes easier said than done.

  • I work at a residential facility as a therapist. I’ve been battling burnout for months. I really feel, as a newer therapist, that I have to take my knocks and show I’m worth my salt, but the job is highly unstructured, sometimes genuinely dangerous, boundaries are problematic, and has a high workload. Despite a rotating effort to maintain a work-life balance and self-care routine it keeps slipping in favor of work and I have been getting sick often. But most other people think what I’m doing is so wonderful that it seems like I’d be betraying the community by leaving and I don’t know that many would support the choice. I’m also not sure it wouldn’t be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  • This burnout happened to me in psychiatry. I found the hospital had a strong emphasis on paperwork and hospital administration. I found that the practice was too focused on starting a medication and sending the person on their way. The support outside the hospital was thin and people commonly came back to the hospital (revolving door). I didn’t have a sense that we were doing truly saw people as people and addressed root issues (many people came to us with this small hope that we could really see them and help them address these root issues). I am still making sense/meaning of it all.

  • I’m a step parent and I certain have been feeling burned out. I have no kids of my own and trying to help raise 3 girls is very tough. I’m 26 and they are 12, 10, and 7. Somedays are harder than others

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  • Cool, I’ll just send her to daycare, or a relative, or hire a babysitter…. Oh wait, no, everyone is in lockdown and I’m entirely stuck with her 24/7…

  • It’s expensive here in japan to see a therapist. It was hard for me to keep weekly visit to a therapist. I couldn’t afford it.
    I’m not sure whether I got recovered or not…

  • Random video idea: could you compare and contrast BPD (borderline personality disorder) and RAD (reactive attachment disorder)
    Love that you are talking about burning out. I definitely felt this way when I had a lot going on at home and went straight to college after graduating high school early. I ended up taking most of the year off and it helped

  • It takes a village. Being there to love and care for the kids in your life, especially when you are not the parent, probably helps out the parents a lot.

  • This is so interesting! Like you said, a lot of people experience burnout these days, but knowing you’re not making it up or over exaggerating makes a huge difference. Thanks for sharing:)

  • My older children blame the youngest, for my BURNOUT. Definitely my health is declining and is a huge part of my BURNOUT. I am young in age and should not be out of energy to take care of my children but the chronic pain keeps me exhausted. My family is paying the price for my Bad Chronic Pain and Extremely Exhausted.

  • What about people dealing with burnout from daily stresses that they can’t avoid? Due to inescapable home circumstances, or the way they are treated by all of society, or disabilities? Talking about ways of helping with that would be cool.

    There are so many factors in someone’s life that affect every moment of how they socialize and how hard they have to fight to get their needs met and very often they, really actually very much, are not something that person can control or have any affect on. So often we are given the advice of avoiding stresses or “removing ourselves” from the situation… but for some of us that situation is a perpetual condition of our whole lives, so advice from healthcare professionals that actually address that would be cool. Call it “harm reduction” if you need to, but professionals seem downright afraid to discuss ways of coping with inherently stressful or abusive circumstances because they want to push people into getting out of them… or the advice focuses on way of trying to communicate your needs to others, which is great, and the focus, culturally, should be on the person causing the problem and not the victim, but sometimes that isn’t an option, on an individual level, and people stuck in a situation like that still need and deserve help. Not everyone can access the personalized care of being able to talk to someone themselves about their specific circumstances, and most professionals don’t want to hazard broad statements that aren’t “get help and get out”, so some of us get lost in that crack.

    And often the abusive situation or emotional harm or stress isn’t even coming from another person, more than a whole system or their own body. Sometimes when someone has a certain kind of disability or trauma, normal seeming situations and normal seeming responses can become inherently abusive to them, or be highly stressful in ways that others can’t do much to cooperate around, or that they aren’t well equipped to deal with. A person can’t escape their body, or the way society treats them on a whole, or even how 90% of people will be prone to treating them because of common biases, no matter who they surround themselves with. Sometimes one person’s disability or trauma clashes poorly with another’s, but they are still otherwise the healthiest and most supportive people they each could be around, and they need ways of working around that or coping with it until they can work out a system.

    There are times when depression, anxiety, or burnout may just be “occupational” but when that circumstance is also a permanent fixture that you, in a very literal sense, can’t do anything about. I really think there’s a place here for somewhat generalized advice on ways you can combat the effects of these things when you can’t remove yourself from a source of stress, abuse, or hardship. There are also people who cannot tolerate medications for various reasons or who can’t process medications in general, and advice for how they can try to take control of their own brain chemistry would be very helpful, but often questions about that kind of thing are “fielded” or treated like it’s coming from a place of just not wanting meds, or not “thinking” they can change the circumstance, rather than it being a literal impossibility. It would probably help a lot of people to have a healthcare professional acknowledge that and teach various ways of coping and reducing harm when you are in a circumstance that is life long or long term and is beyond your control.

  • This opened my eyes, i now know why im always lethargic and not motivated enough in job i was so passionate about. The guilt theory ������

  • I have 3 kids, my youngest is 3. The parental burnout is real!! ( i love them more than anything, but yeah, we need breaks sometimes!)

  • I don’t know what to do? I experience depersonalization from time to time. I am very forgetful and disorganized ( all my life long).

    I have mental hyperactivity, problem focusing etc… my md prescribed me add meds which is helping me a lot with school and my therapist thinks I’m having a burnout only so far…

  • Those surgeons who organised a strike sound like brave strong people. It’s not easy to stand up to authority or try to change a way a society is structured when you know something is wrong. It’s easier to bow your head, do what you’re told, be a “good worker”, and suffer. This guy sounds like he has a balanced life. He works but isn’t overloaded.

  • I love my daughter but I really cannot stand kids I am an absolute introvert while she is an absolute extrovert and she tires me out so freaking quickly it’s not even funny.

  • Dr. Marks, when you described the scenario of going away to relax and having your pile of work taken care of by somebody else, I literally felt all my muscles relax thinking about it. I am on a few days of vacation right now and thinking about the growing pile of work waiting for me is impacting my vacation time.

  • Sad I missed this, it didn’t hit my sub box �� Love keeping this discussion going though. I work in residential behavioral health and I love my job, I love impacting the lives of my clients and seeing their growth but it’s so easy to get burnt out when they go through aggressive/combative spikes in behavior.

  • I know you wont see this but….Thank you. Thank you. I went threw a bad burn out. And never quite understood it. Or I’d have people tell me that “a burn out is nothing”. Or to “sick it up and stop being lazy”. So thank you. Thank you for once again making me feel like I’m not alone. Thank you for educating all of us. You are incredible <3!!

  • ……… I’ll just say, we live in a world where a license is required to drive and u cannot do so alone until 16 yet, anyone can have a baby and no one is there to help(if they have no personal social network) or ensure that the baby(who grows into a child still having hefty needs) has the required resources, dhs is a joke on the day to day hustle and bustle of “REAL LIFE” and how it realistically works and the days realisticflow of life internally. Especially in a child’s mind. DHS is simply NOT helpful and they do not function on the level of a child’s mind, in the nd the children suffer alone in the gaslighting perspective from surrounding adults that they have any and all resources they need, “just ask!!”

  • I’ve been a jailer for a year and a half and I started going through burnout after my 3rd month. I have my good days and my bad days

  • Thank you for another great discussion Kati. It’s very comforting to know that professionals such as yourself and Dr. Lieberman are able to explain these issues so openly and simply. My thoughts are that feelings of burnout and depression are normal in our lives as humans. I think that what is so important is how each of us develop a sense of self awareness and instinctual confidence when we go thru those feelings, and it is so important that during that period, almost step outside of our body and mind to take an objective look at ourselves as it is happening. Then, we can see how it is possible to overcome it by acknowledging it, accepting that it is normal to feel that way, and gain perspective which is what will help us rid our ill thoughts. Almost like riding an ocean wave. We can survive it if we just believe that we are capable of handling it. And always knowing that we are not alone. Ever. ��❤️

  • Another great video, thank you Kati! It really helps me understand the difference between depression and burnout and many thanks to Dr. Lieberman, for his contribution. I really enjoyed watching this conversation and one highlight (and maybe eyeopener in some way) was, that he said, that burnout is probably another form of depression.
    And that burnout is not only work-related, but also relates to bad relationships.
    Thank you Kati, keep up your great work your channel taught me a lot and helped me so much, also in evaluating my therapy!

  • This just makes me wonder: are people who are more vulnerable to depression, due to being genetically predisposed and whatnot, also more likely to experience burnout?

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  • Gosh I have both! I have worked at home full time with my baby since we was born and he will two in March! Being a stay at home mom alone is a full time job and I am doing both! It hasn’t been easy! A lot of people say, “wow that’s a blessing” and while it is!! I get that because I’m happy I am with him versus a stranger, but it is NOT easy! I can’t give him the time he needs and wants and then I can’t step away from my job either since I have dead lines to reach with what I do. It’s hard and it’s a pull each day! I’m burned out because working at home makes home not feel like home. I feel like home is work and work is home! It also gives me cabin fever as I hardly leave the house! I work, take care of little one, cook, and clean! It’s not easy.. rewarding, but hard! I also lost two uncles back to back one in June and one in August(maternal uncles). They were brothers and both died unexpectedly and that threw me in a whirlwind of depression and fear! I was very close to the last one we were only 6 years apart. I also developed Graves Disease after having my child and then the health anxiety came on! Ugh ����‍♀️ my only hope is God! You really do help me thank you for your time in all this!

  • when you have lost your way in life and have nothing left to give or offer, when your prayers are not heard and are forced to live in a old building that is falling down and are stranded at home month after month with out any human interaction up on the top of a mtn.. when your days are consumed with trying to gather wood and slowly starving to death all alone.. when you have worked year after year with no reward and just keep slipping closer the edge day by day.

  • Once we recognize the symptoms are cause by burnout we can be more conscious about how we react to them. Next time I feel road rage I’m going to try to control the way I react to it by saying ‘calm down!! This is just your amygdala enlarging” and see how I react.:)

  • The best way to avoid parent burnout is not being a parent at all. Do not put more human lifes to suffur in this world. Just enjoy the world when still isn’t over.

  • I really like how you’re your natural self in your videos and you don’t really try to be a perfect person just because you’re a psychologist! Thank you so much! ������

  • I am so sick of people thinking burnout is just “being weak”. Why go through life suffering and miserable, for what? Bragging rights to say how “tough” you are?

  • I definitely have this and I’m looking to work for myself every job js the same so you’ll burnout where ever you go folks gotta start becoming they’re own boss

  • I think I have been experiencing burnout for the past year and it’s becoming very apparent this past week. I’m a fifth year college student ready to get out of college but unfortunately I’m not getting out very soon. Not only did I switch majors from music education to music performance and still planning on getting my masters in music therapy, I can’t take an insane amount of classes like the rest of my colleagues can. I do well with obtaining 12 credit hours a semester when I usually start out with 19. This past week, I haven’t been able to do my homework because I’m not motivated to. I have been telling a few friends that I want to drop out of the semester but they all told me not to do it. I’m trying to keep myself going but it’s only the middle of the semester and it’s only going to get worse from here.

  • I was the 4th of 5 children, both my parents were tired of everything and barely were there to educate and take care of me and my little brother.
    Ended up relying on grandma for literally anything I needed help with and actually spent the most time there
    There’s was no one to punish me or help me at home, I pretty much had to educate myself. At the age of 4 I had to cook for myself, do chores on my own, go to parent meetings alone, always study alone. I was the only one to blame if I failed at school as there would be no one to scold me.
    On the other hand, my siblings didn’t have the same sense of responsibility, they started smoking really early (13-14), they did drugs, had bad influences and all failed at school.
    I hope that parental burn outs and depression will be taken seriously in the future, there needs help for both the parents and their children.

  • Lets not forget the brain is Neuroplastic and can be restored to a much more healthy balance with the right therapeutic help and self care. There is always hope for a better mental health future.

  • I’m not a parent but I’m a nanny. I’ve NEVER seen my bosses parent their kid. At this time of crisis-they still get to go to work and I am left with their child for 2 months straight now. No school, no activies, limited outside time, none whatsoever. The 2 of us trapped in a small apartment every single day and I am at the end of my rope! This is why I never want to have a child. help

  • well thats interesting i must have been burnout i had most of the symptoms as a support person to my sister and i work full time i was starting to loose control of my sense of self weird pains started to happen its mostly gone as my sister has been in hospital for the passed month but stress is still there loud an clear oh makes so much sense now thank you

  • It’s extremely hard being a divorce dad. Have to find time time to earn money for Child support and spend time rental support. And maintain relationship. With kids and. Life a place of your own and mom telling the kids your the worst.
    Saying a deap. Getting sent to jail not paying all money owe but Don’t have. Did you know Joe Biden brags about not allowing men struggling to pay Alimony and child support to declare bankruptcy.
    And dealing with homelessness.
    And everyone society putting in realistic goals and calling them debts so what prks every is to men and systematic oppression

  • Yes! Finally someone said something! Parents ( mothers usually) around me are always tired. They refused to leave their kids with a relative, refuse to hire a cleaning service and prepare all meals for the kids ( even if the kid can make a sandwich by himself). The fact is that they have been taught that the mother who enjoys her time is a bad mom. They’re basically don’t want be judged harshly by others.

  • Maybe getting kids could be avoided for unstable persons through bringing up this topic in school. People still tend to romanticize the idea of being a parent. And don´t forget that our ancestors would laugh at some of you “exhausted parents”.

  • Thank you for this video. I have bipolar disorder and this video has helped me a lot to clarify the trigger for my depression episode recently. I need to move to a different company to work for.

  • We need a substantive change, not BS about how we are making a difference, are doing a good job, are appreciated for all we do. It’s like the current state of politics: enough with the promises, we want real chance…or retirement either one works.

  • Just make sure you don’t “talk it out” to one who has decided NOT to have children. We understand that parenting is hard, that’s the main reason why we don’t want to deal with such problems. Hence we don’t want to deal with your problem either…

  • Parenting burnout is absolutely real. Self-care is key to fighting burnout, but finding time and energy for that, especially if you’re a single parent or have a spouse with a heavy work schedule, is damn near impossible.

    I imagine there’s a lot of burnout happening right now with parents stuck at home with their kids for weeks or months straight with nowhere to go and ideas for activities dwindling. Especially with many families experiencing financial distress.

  • Uh, I don’t like this series. All those annoying animations, I forget to listen. I love the usually Kati Morton vids 1000 more. Interviews, though, is a good idea, but it makes me calm seeing the people who talk. All best

  • Honestly I think a lot of parents experience burn out due to their social structures collapsing after having children. Most people tend to keep less connections after marriage and even less after childbirth. I feel like if they were able to keep their connections or form strong new ones with other parents, they may have an easier time with raising kids. I know my dad (single parent) sent my siblings and I off to friends houses frequently on the weekends and during the summer time just so he had time to recuperate and get things done. My friends parents would do the same and send their kids to come visit us for weeks at a time as well.

  • I’d be curious to see how many parents experience burnout over the course of parenthood (especially those first seven or eight years)

    Anecdotally I’ve worked in childcare for 12+ years and nearly all the parents I’ve worked with have expressed or shown signs of burnout at some point.

  • I believe some depressed people may think they have burnout, but I actually stayed very darn optimistic during my burnout at age 32. It translated in severe memory loss, the complete inability to deal with minute amounts of stress/expectations and even some physical symptoms like reduced coordination and vertigo. The comparison with being unhappy about a job or feeling down really bothers me.

  • So that thing my doctor called post-partum depression… was probably (a fast/early) parental burnout.

    I don’t know what to do with this info. Good thing the treatment I got seems to have worked…

  • I want to see a doctor about how I feel.. but I AM scared what they will do. Will they laugh at me? I am from England and do not how it works, what do I do, I suffer with anxiety and depression. Please help me.

  • I believe I am burnedout from my University, I am near the end of it but I don’t see me finishing it. I just have 2 more courses to go, the two of which I failed last year. My parents think I am lazy, but it is not like I don’t like studying, I am still studing a lot on my free time I am constantly doing courses and workshops. People tell me to insist on it, because I am so close to ending it but I cant’ stand being in that place anymore, it is so unpleasurable and I often feel shamed and embarrassed of being there, most teachers act as if I am stupid or try to demoralize me and I really hate the idea of graduating there.

  • I have 3 kids and never had this “burn out” happen to me. I love my kids and love spending time with them. Is it stressful sometimes yes but that’s what being a parent is about. This burn out thing seems to be a newer millenial thing because their parents didn’t teach them anything. Call me a boomer if you want but I’m millennial generation too I just had good parents.

  • Hm… I have burnout I can confirm that, but I’ve been crying more than a normal person does and I do it like everyday. The only emotions I’d usually have are anger and sadness. I also hold on to my past incidents. Then half of the time I don’t feel like I enjoy what I use to enjoy but the other half I sometimes do. What exactly do I have then? Just a burn-out? Or a burn-out with depression..??

  • At the end of the day, kids’ behaviors are the leading cause of parental burnout. Parenting is easy if your kid is innately well-behaved. Some kids are just devils incarnate, whilst some are angels. ����

  • When it gets too much, I wait for the kids to go to bed, I head to the garage, grab the bong… and burn out until I’m not burnt out anymore.

  • As the world has entered global lockdown and caring for all children is now 24/7 by necessity. Don’t you think most of your suggestions are ridiculous! What MOST parents are looking for is looking for help now. Maybe you should have held this episode or reworked it. 0/10 for effort 0/10 for forethought, shame you are normally quite good.

  • New normal hand you a device eg laptop a code for: you’re expected to work 50-60 hrs or be “on call “. Technology helps and hurts us. Many people looking for a balance

  • I’m hoping in this series you discuss some lifestyle changes to help us manage our cortisol. I have done some reading on my own about adrenal fatigue which I think clinically make sense regarding burnout and I would be interested if you could touch on this in the series. For now I’m trying to add in more exercise.

  • Having a “mental health day” today from residency because I felt like I “wasn’t a person”. I woke up feeling a “boulder”. It’s hard to explain.

  • How do you help a person who was depressed to begin with, became completely burnt out, lost a child then became even more depressed? I quit my job, I left my home for 3 weeks with my husband and went to the coast. Half the time I was ok and felt better, the other half I was sitting at the beach and all I could do was stare into the horizon and wish my life wasnt mine. At this point I’m convinced I’m a high functioning depressed and just go go go.

  • The most interesting thing to me is that there is a psychological component and we could get help from a professional to reevaluate who we are, why we’re doing things, and what we want now.

  • Very concise and available video. It is unfortunate that billions of people do jobs that burn them out and don’t have any opportunity to quit because in the current system that would most likely strip them of their only, however sparse, income source. If one thinks deep about it, it’s no wonder the WHO expects depression to take the first place in global burden of disease. Johann Hari talked about it at great length on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

  • Parents: “No, having children is the best decision you’ll ever make.”

    Corona hits, everyone in lockdown at home with their kids
    Me: “So, how’s your best decision now?”

  • How to avoid it: by not having kids. Good thing I don’t have any kids. It would be a big waste of my time, my money and my energy if I did have kids.